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Cast Iron Load Rating

All castings manufactured by US Foundry are proof load tested in accordance with the
destructive testing protocol below, and are assigned one of the following four load rating
Non-Traffic:These castings are intended for areas such as sidewalks, terraces,
and other areas not subject to vehicular traffic loads.
Medium Duty:Castings bearing this designation are able to withstand occasional
vehicular loading, but are not intended to receive heavy highway
traffic. Applications include driveways, parking lots, and ramps.
Heavy Duty:These castings are manufactured to withstand highway traffic loads,
exceeding AASHTO H-20/HS-20 specifications (wheel loads of 16,000 pounds
with a tire contact area of 8 x 20) 25,000 pounds proof load in accordance with
CID A-A 60005 or 40,000 pounds proof load per AASHTO M-306.
Extra Heavy Duty:For traffic applications requiring even greater load bearing
capability, or where increased safety factors are necessary. When castings in
this load rating designation are required, please advise loading conditions
including total wheel load, tire contact area and tire pressure.
Designation Load Application
Minimum Proof
Load Test
Non-Traffic Sidewalks, terraces 1000 pounds -
Medium Duty Parking lots, driveways 18,000 pounds -
Heavy Duty H-20 Traffic
25,000 pounds
CID A-A 60005
Extra Heavy Duty Concentrated loads _ _

Destructive Testing Protocol
Proof load test is the recommended method for determining a castings load
performance. This testing procedure is detailed in Federal Specification CID A-A 60005
and AASHTO M 306. The fundamentals aspects of the test are:
A specified load is applied over a 9 x 9 contact area at the center of the casting.
The load is held for a period of 1 minute.
The cover, grating or frame is inspected for cracks or permanent deformation.
Any crack or detrimental permanent deformation will cause the castings to be
Most tests are performed with loads greater than those specified, even to
Referenced Specifications
There are several published specifications that are available to assist designers in
specifying iron castings.
It is the responsibility of the designer to determine if one or all of these specifications
are appropriate for a given application. These specifications are referenced as follows:
Federal Specification CID A-A 60005 Frames, covers, gratings, steps, sump and
catch basin manhole
ASTM-A-48 Standard Specification for Gray Iron Castings
AASHTO-M 105 Standard Specification for Gray iron Castings
AASHTO-M 306 Standard Specification for Drainage Structure Castings
* ADA Americans with Disabilities Act.
* FAA AC 150/5320-6c Federal Aviation Administration

Steel Products Load Rating
H-20 AASHTO H-20* wheel loads (16,000 lbs distributed over a
10 x 20 area with 30% impact factor).
Pedestrian loading of all our standard steel products
equals or exceeds 300 lbs per sq ft. (Not to be used for H-
20 conditions.)
280 P.S.I. (LBS. PER SQ
Load criteria are based on a linear reduction from 280
p.s.i. for a 2 foot span to 80 p.s.i. for a 10 foot span (ref:
FAA AC 150/5320-6c).
*Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, 17
Edition (2002)