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Church the Way it used to be

May 7, 2014

Dear Pastor, Friends, & Supporters

Since Gina arrived home in February on furlough, we have been in prayer regarding where the Lord might
have her serve. Before leaving Africa, she had the opportunity to go and visit missionaries Adam & Carol Rich
and their ministry in Zambia. Bro. Rich is a missionary that our church has supported for the years he has been in
Zambia. After correspondence & communication with Bro. Rich and his pastor, and much prayer, we as a church
are excited about the opportunity for Gina to come alongside of the Richs and be a servant in their ministry.

My wife and I have had numerous opportunities to spend time with Gina since she has been home and we
are confident that God can greatly use her in Zambia. In addition, she is currently working on completing her
certification of Teaching English as a 2
Language, thus equipping her with another tool she can use as a

Gina will be leaving this fall (likely in September/October). We have agreed to a one year commitment for
Gina to be at the work in Zambia. This will give Bro. Rich time to evaluate her place and further involvement in
their ministry.

Your continued financial support through this time of furlough & transition is greatly appreciated. As she
prepares to go to Zambia, we are taking time to plan a budget for her to ensure her needs are met while she is
on the field. If for some reason, you are longer able to support Gina, please let her know. If you would like to be
a part of Ginas support team, please inform her of your intentions so we can plan accordingly. If you would like
to have Gina in for a meeting between now and the end of August to see the new opportunity God has given her,
please dont hesitate to contact her.

Attached is a letter from Bro. Rich, the missionary she wil be working with, and a letter from Gina. We
appreciate your partnering with us in reaching the African people with the Gospel of Christ. If I can be of any
further help to you, please feel free to contact me.

In Christ,

Pastor Chris Starr
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
(717) 927-9227