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Gurmukh Singh OFFICE:

Advocate House No. 138,

Phone No. 2612662 Mobile: 09779908640 Chandigarh - 160047

Ref __________________ Dated: 12.05.2014

Registered A.D./Speed Post


Shri T K Washim Ahamed,
Flat no. - 307,Adonai Plams,
BDS Garden, Gedallahalli,
Hennur, Banglore- 560078
Karnataka (India)


Under the instructions and on behalf of my client, Daffodils
Human Resource Consultants; I hereby serve upon you legal notice of
demand, inter-alia on the following grounds: -
1. That my client provided you a placement service, which was
required by you.
2. That it was agreed at the time of the above mentioned service
that you will pay the required fee.
2. That you issued one account-payee cheque to my client
bearing no. 72710 dated 17.03.2014 for Rs. 50,000/-
4. That my client deposited the above said cheque with its
bankers i.e. Bank of India, Sector 7, Chandigarh on 06.04.2005 but the
same was returned dishonoured vide dishonouring memo dated
06.04.2005 with remarks INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. My client on dated
07.04.2005 from the Bank received this information regarding
dishonouring of the cheque.
5. That upon receipt of the information from the bank
regarding the dishonouring of the cheque, my client contacted you and
requested you to clear the outstanding amount of cheque so outstanding
against you due to the dishonouring of the above said cheque but you
have failed to do the needful till date.
6. That you knew very well that in advance that the above said
cheque was bound to be dishonoured for want of sufficient funds in your
account, you with malafide and fraudulent intention issued the above
said cheque in spite of the fact that you did not have sufficient funds in
your account and as such you have committed an offence punishable
under Section 420 Indian Penal Code.
I hereby call upon you to clear the amount of Rs. 1,50,000/-
of the dishonouring of the above said cheque within fifteen days from the
receipt of this notice failing which I have further instructions from my
client to proceed against you in the competent court of law and in that
eventuality you shall be held responsible for all the expenses of litigation
to be incurred by my client in prosecuting you.
Copy of this notice has been retained by me in my office for
further reference and necessary action, if need be.

Dated: 19.04.2005 (Gurmukh Singh),