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Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook

Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
Welcome! My name is Carl.
Did you know it's no coincidence that you are here? The same
power of attraction that brought you here now, is the power of
attraction that you can harness, by using your wonderful
imagination to create highly energised positive imaginary
experiences, to pull your objectives, goals, desires into your
physical reality for you to experience in the N!
"""even if you have never done this kind of #$%& learning before"
This little booklet is called' What's it all about? and overviews what the
"Abundance Visualization Trainin" ( )n c o ns c ious * ind Tr a ining course is, and
how it teaches you to be c om e y o ur o w n c re a t iv e po w er centre so that you can begin
experiencing some magnificent and positive changes in your life"
!o let's et started...
Abundance Visualization Trainin "! #nconscious Mind
This course is training for your )nconscious *ind which is why + call it ,)nconscious
*ind Training-" The use of deep states of relaxation .$lpha and Theta/ allows for the
new information to be easily and effortlessly input and programmed into your
)nconscious *ind"
0rom then on you will be easily able to direct the use of this new programming
,1onsciously- and you will be able to ,Direct &our )nconscious *ind- to achieve things
for you whilst you carry on with your daily life" &ou will develop the ability to
communicate effectively with your )nconscious *ind"
$y the time you ha%e &inished this trainin
you 'ill ha%e de%elo(ed
Visualization)"mainary *+(erience !,ills
that most (eo(le only dream about ha%in.
&ou can then use this language of the mind ,2isuali3ation4+maginary #xperiences- to let
your )nconscious *ind know what it is that you desire to c o ( c re a t e and experience in
your life"
This is an ,N(going- life skill that is transformative" nce you start to develop this
new skill work regularly with it and seek to continuously improve it"
+t is not hypnosis or subliminal"
+t re5uires your conscious participation which is why it works harmoniously" 1onscious
and )nconscious 6armony is what gets you what you desire to experience"
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
#nderstandin and -oin
7$bundance 2isuali3ation Training7 is a 5uick and easy guided imagination training that you
can learn 5uickly and practice it and use for the rest of your life"
+t teaches you to utili3e the greatest power that you have within you, which is your
+n fact you will learn how to develop a harmonious relationship between your conscious and
your )nconscious *ind so that you can direct it to bring you what you desire to experience in
your life"
7$bundance 2isuali3ation Training7 is a 7Doing +t Now7 course and has been designed this
way to help defeat procrastination, and get you moving fast"
!hat + would like to offer you in this course is both an 7)nderstanding7, which is what the
conscious mind seeks, and a 7Doing7 which is the only way that your )nconscious *ind can
give you what you want"
This is not simply a guided +magination4visuali3ation course, it is a complete series of guided
imagination and visuali3ation trainings that are designed in a way that you learn to
communicate effectively with your )nconscious *ind"
!tart With The . Mind Trainin Audio/s 0lus 1ead The
Manuals and Also !tart readin)listenin to the The 2a'
and The 0romise Audio or eboo,.
The course comes with 8 *ind training audio9s that you listen to when you start" &ou can
listen to there as often as you like" They are designed to provide some learnings and ideas
for your conscious and unconscious minds to work with"
+t also comes with some very pertinent and highly useful bonuses" The :aw and The
;romise $udio book contains what + believe to be essential knowledge and wonderful
success examples that will assist you in getting the most form this course"
+ would highly suggest you also review the videos that you saw on the website prior to
investing in this course" + have also made a review version available in the members area
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
The Trainin Audio/s
The methodology of ,)sing your +magination-, also called 71reative 2isuali3ation7
and creating 7*ind ;ictures7 and the first two audio's talk about 7!hat &ou picture
in &our *ind 7 and 76ow to 1reate *ind ;ictures7"
The third audio is called 7Tap,Tap,Tap7 and powerfully demonstrates how you can use
the power of repetition positively and harmoniously to impress your )nconscious
*ind with the desires that you wish to experience in your life"
The fourth and fifth audio's demonstrate ways 76ow you can really make use of that
+*;<T$NT =>? of your mind that most other people don't use7"
The sixth audio explains how i m (o r t a nt 7<elaxation7 is in the creative process" +f
you currently find it difficult to relax 7$bundance 2isuali3ation Training7 will
definitely and easily teach you how"
The seventh audio discusses .+f you set a money goal/76ow much is the right amount
for you to aim for as your money goal7" This is important and will help ensure your
The eighth audio is an inspiring story and an excellent example of 76ow
opportunity can come to you7 and <#*#*@#<"""" the )niverse has unlimited ways
A so allow the way that is right for youBBB
Having listened to the above audios you would now have the understanding...
1. &ou h a v e a n un limi t ed su c c ess p o w er w it hin y o u which, --when you learn how to use it
correctly-- , will give you whatever you desire to experience in your life or something
even better"
2. To access this power 5uickly, easily and positively you must use the "2anuae o&
the Mind" " !e call this creating 7+maginary #xperiences and 2isuali3ation7
3. To achieve $N& goal in life"""you must consistently, persistently and effectively impress
upon your )nconscious *ind what you desire until it's a part of who you are" Then
you can move to your next desire"
3our 4iher !el& and #nconscious Mind
5no' 4o' To Ma,e 3ou As !uccess&ul
As 3ou Want To $*...
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
...And 'hat you consciously don't already ,no'6
you can instruct your #nconscious Mind to &ind
and do &or you!
The fact is that your 6igher %elf and your )nconscious *ind knows exactly how to make you
successful in $N& and all areas of your life" .&our )nconscious *ind also knows how to make
you unsuccessful '(/
&our )nconscious *ind is infinitely intelligent and loves you unconditionally, but
over the years it has been confused as to what it is that you actually want from life"
%o on a day to day basis your )nconscious *ind does what it thinks you want it to do and
it does this relentlessly"
@ut it doesn't always seem to give you what you actually want"""does it?
Think about this"""
0or as long as you live"""
""""you can and do, #2#<&D$&, stake your life on the fact, that you think your )nconscious
*ind is going to give you #C$1T:& what you wantB
&ou get up in the morning and proceed through the day to get what you want"""not what
you don't want"""
!hilst your )nconscious *ind is performing it's duty <#:#NT:#%%:& """your
conscious mind"""
observes, directs, performs actions and enjoys .you're getting what you want/
or observes, complains, does nothing and doesn't enjoy .you're NT getting what
you want/
3ou may ha%e e+(erienced any or all o& the &ollo'in7
&ou want to be wealthy and rich"""" but you can't seem to get beyond a certain level"
&ou want to be healthy and fit"""but you can't stop eating the yummy, tasty junk food"
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
&ou want a perfect relationship"""but you keep ending up in one that not 5uite right"
&ou want to pursue a career that you love""" but you keep doing your current job to
pay the bills"
&ou want to be happy and joyful but life seems to keep serving up a big portion
of unpalatable experiences"
!hy is it that no matter how hard you try""""
""""you cant you seem to get #C$1T:& what you want?
"t's sim(le...
#ven though"""&) know what you want .perhaps you do"""/
"""there is a bigger part of you that doesn't 5uite understand"""
+t's the =>? of your mind that most people don't know how to
use""" +t's your loving servant"""your )nconscious *indB
Therefore, to experience what it is that you T<):& in your 6#$<T want from life"""
you need to input some new instructions so that your )nconscious *ind can
<#:#NT:#%%:& follow your new instructions and you can experience the happiness and joy
of living that you are really seeking"
4o' do 'e do this?
!e learn and use the 7:anguage of the *ind7, more specifically"""
&ou learn to use the 7language of &)< !N )nconscious *ind7
!hich is, of course, creating specific and positive visuali3ations and imaginary experiences
to input new directions in a way that is right for you""""
D""$ND receiving feedback and directions which you can then follow enjoyably to the outcome
of your dreamsB
&ou may think this sounds simple"""and it isB
"n &act it is e%en a lot o& 8#9!
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
!te( :ne)-ay :ne Audio7
"Ma,in 3our #ni%ersal Connection"
;Time7 <= Minutes (lus (re(aration u( to >= minutes?
%tep ne4Day ne begins with a little preparation, about E> minutes, which is listening to the
7+nvisible 1ouncil7 and 7*ental @rownies7 audio's again"
$ND There is an 7$ction %teps *anual7 and a 7Daily 1oaching $udio7"
6aving done that, you simply find a nice comfortable chair in a place you won't be
disturbed and listen to the guided meditation called""" 7*aking &our )niversal 1onnection7
7<elaxation7 is one of the 7*)%T 6$2#7 habits to ac5uire to %;##D ); the manifestation
process and this audio is the first step" .+ explain the 7$ttracting ;ower of <elaxation7 in
one of the *ind Training audios/
4ere are some o& the 5*3 (oints that are co%ered and interated in the
"Ma,in 3our #ni%ersal Connection" meditation audio7
:earning to relax your body and mind 5uickly and easily
1onsciously and unconsciously connecting with the )niverse in ways that are for your
highest goodF
1reating a harmonious relationship with your )nconscious *indF
Directing your )nconscious *ind to make you successful in what it is that you have decided to
focus onF
Gathering your success resources and making them available to youF
1onnecting with &)< !N True $bundance power and expanding itF
pening your mind to receive ideas that are right for you and if +t is appropriate these can lead
to money ideas and money opportunities
$llowing yourself to receive ideas that are right for you, including money ideasF money
$bundance energy and money flowing to you and through youF
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
Directing your )nconscious *ind to ;repare your 7+nner $bundance 1enter7F
:ooking after yourselfF Taking care of yourselfF
#ven while you sleep you )nconscious *ind is lovingly helping you and making changes for
your highest goodF
&ou and &our )nconscious *ind are now harmoniously working together" 6ave fun with thisB
#njoy the processB 1ongratulate yourselfB :ove yourselfB
6aving fun and enjoying life is the
way to speed up the manifestation
process" +t is raising your energy
and your vibration"
9.$. +f you feel the need to play this audio more than one time over a period of days, then
do so" ;lay it as many times as you like and have the intuition to do soB That would be an
inner communication from your )nconscious *ind and part of the learning process is to
listen to and understand your inner communications" +n other words learn to :+%T#N when
your own intuition is talking to you"
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
!te( T'o)-ay T'o Audio7
!ettin #( 3our ""nner Abundance Center"
;Time7 @= Minutes total?
%tep Two4Day Two is the start of the 7Guided 2isuali3ation Training7" &esterday was a
7Guided *editation7 and today is a 7Guided 2isuali3ation7"
&esterday + was guiding &ou and your )nconscious *ind @)T from today on &) are
harmoniously working with and directing your )nconscious *ind during the process" +
will still be guiding you, but you will be actively 7doing the doing7"
Today you are going to set up your 7+nner $bundance 1enter7 which is a focal point in
your minds eye"
+t is a place that you can go to in your mind and by repeatedly doing this you are letting
your )nconscious *ind know that whatever you do in your 7+nner $bundance 1enter7and
whenever you go to your 7+nner $bundance 1enter7 it has a special importance for you"
This is a really fun audio to do, so approach it with
a childlike enthusiasm and ;lay,;lay,;layB
Here are some of the things that you will be learning to do:
:earning to relax your body and mind 5uickly and easily" .#ach time you do this you
are teaching your )nconscious *ind to give you a creative relaxation state more easily/
1onsciously and unconsciously connecting with the )niverse in ways that are for your
highest goodF .#ach time you do this you are re(affirming your connectedness with the
2isiting and setting up your 7+nner $bundance 1enter7
1reating your own 7;ersonal $bundance %pace7
*anaging your $bundance, $ttracting *oney and 1ash 0low
1reating %omething 2ery %pecial in your 7+nner $bundance 1enter7 that you will use each
time you visit and for your 7+maginary #xperiences7 and co(creation
1reating ama3ing ways for opportunity t o flo w t o y o u so you notice it
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
1reating ama3ing ways to use the abundance and money that flows to you" &es, you flow
money through your life" +t is the flow that is all a part of abundance and teaches you to )%#
*N#& not hoard it or be scared of not having enough" .Think of a naturally clean flowing
river A that is the way you want to be with your money and abundance mindset and inner
harmonious programming/
$llowing yourself to receive ideas that are appropriate for you and for your 6ighest Good
&ou and &our )nconscious *ind are now harmoniously working together"
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
!te( <)-ay <)Audio <7
Visitin 3our ""nner Abundance Center"
"ncreasin 3our Abundance6 Attraction and Money
;Time7 A@ Minutes total?
The first step today is to play the 771oaching $udio7"
This is a progressive course and we are working to master a simple few steps that have
been designed to empower you to create your own visuali3ations and imaginary
%o today you will be visiting your 7+nner $bundance 1enter7 again"
+n today's audio + am using less words"" + am just guiding you to go here""" do this""" do that
""" gently reminding you of the steps to take"
nce again, it is you and your )nconscious *ind that are creating your experience
harmoniously together" #ach day as you do this you will be developing your
There is no right or wrong " !hat you are doing is using the 7)niversal 0ormula for
%uccess7""" creating 7*ind ;ictures7 and then tailoring it so it's just right for you"
#ach day that you practice your visuali3ations you are building one of the most powerful
and tranformative 7%uccess 6abits7 known to man"
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
!te( B)Audio B7
Visitin 3our ""nner Abundance Center"
"ncreasin 3our Abundance6 Attraction and Money
;Time7 A@ Minutes total?
#ach day, until you have the concepts you are using easily accessible in your conscious
mind, play the coaching audio first"
Today's audio is a little bit shorter and there are more space for you to act on your own
and create"
<emember""" your )nconscious *ind learns instantly and the knowledge, information and
techni5ues you have gained so far is already available to you, so you can draw on them at
will" Hust askB
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
!(ecial 0ur(ose Visits Audio/s
The %pecial ;urpose 2isit $udio9s include'
#ni%ersal Mani&estin
#ni%ersal Mar,etin
!(ecial 0ur(ose Visits
"nstallin "nner Coy 4a((iness and !el& 2o%in
2auh 3our Way To The $an,
1*M*M$*17 Many o& 3our "!uccess !,ills" are already
im(rinted in your #nconscious Mind6 And 9:W... 3ou
are learnin to access them *asily!
:earning to visuali3e and create mind pictures and imaginary experiences is like learning to
ride a bicycle"""
The first step is riding the bicycle, with training wheels, and the parent holding the saddle"
Then the child learns to ride the bicycle with training wheels on it's own"
Then after the child has gained confidence the training wheels are removed and the parent
runs along side holding the saddle just in case"""
$fter some practice"""maybe a few hours or days"""the training wheels are off and the
parents have let go and the child is riding the bicycle freely on it's own with the parents
nearby for assurance"
Graduation is when the child simply jumps on it's bicycle and goes wherever it desires,
master of it's own journey"
All the coachin that you 'ill need is com(rehensi%ely
co%ered in the Abundance Visualization Trainin
Members Area6 The "Action !te(s Manual"6 the " -aily
Coachin Audio's"6 The Trainin Audio's and The
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
02*A!* 9:T*7
8irst...<ead The *anuals and set your objective .Goal/
;lay The 8 Inowledge audios
;lay the 7Daily 1oaching7 audio's before listening to each day's guided visuali3ation"
The 7Day Two 1oaching $udio7 is the most comprehensive as + guide you through and
make sure that you understand each step of the process of setting up your 7+nner
$bundance 1enter7"
2isuali3ation and creating imaginary experiences is all about relaxing and guiding the flow
of your consciousness to what you desire and working with your )nconscious *ind, which
absolutely knows how to do this"
&ou are asking your )nconscious *ind to help and it will"""
%o allow it to be creative"""allow it to give you some great ideas"""
"""maybe even some that will make you laughB
&our )nconscious *ind can make )niversal 1onnections for you and absolutely knows
how to make you successful""" when and +0 you learn to listen to the guidance your
)nconscious *ind gives you"
This is a fun training"
6ave fun(fun(funB
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
A Cou(le o& "m(ortant 9otes7
* a sy 1 e l a + a t i o n is one o& the "*ssential "nredients"
8or *88*CT"V* Communication
'ith your #nconscious Mind
<elaxation is a must have skill to ac5uire for 7%uccess in your life7"
!hen you learn how to relax""" the doors of your )nconscious *ind and the 7+nfinite
)niversal 1onnections7 that it has will open for you"
The good news is that relaxation is an #$%& skill to learnB
!hat took people a good portion of a lifetime to learn in the past can be accessed today at the
click of a button"
:isten to the audio as + explain all about the 7%tates of *ind7 that you need to access to
communicate easily with your )nconscious *ind in a way that it understands"""7The :anguage
of the *ind7
&ou'll learn about the 7$lpha7 brainwave state which is the gateway on the border of your
)nconscious *ind through which &)< communication becomes simple and effective"
7$lpha7 is in fact the dreamlike state that all of the great teachers agree is necessary
to powerfully and 5uickly communicate your desires"
The upper reaches of 7$lpha7 are the 7+n the Jone7 state that great sportsmen use to
take them to victory again and again"
:uckily for us, through the use of modern technology, we can access this normally
elusive states of mind Kuickly and #asily, without having to become a monk or spend
years in meditation training"
The relaxation audio will explain all this and more to you in less than L minutes in a way
that you can easily understand"
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
The "!u(er Abundance $ooster"
0rom time to time, in the beginning, you may feel the need for an extra bit of 7something7
an extra 7@oost of That $bundance 0eeling 7 to put a big smile on your face and a knowing
in your heart"""
This is an audio where you will re affirm your universal connections an really get in the flow
and open your mind to receive"
&ou can do this audio if and when you need some uplifting" +t is a version of the day one
audio and will have you uplifted and feeling abundant in no time at all"
This too is a training and if you feel the urge to do this audio more than once"""do itB The best
time to play this is before sleep"
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
6ow To rder
The 7$bundance 2isuali3ation Training7 1ourse
:rderin 3our Co(y :& Abundance Visualization is !im(le7
M/ +f you were recommended to this site by a friend then click on the link that they gave
you" They will ear a commission for referring you to $bundance 2isuali3ation Training"
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window will open on the ,rder ;age- of the $bundance 2isuali3ation Training
website" Then click the ,$dd To 1art- button for ;ay;al or 1redit 1ard payment"
Abundance Visualization Training - By Carl Bradbrook
3our 9otes7