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AglaSem Admission

Code No.101/102/EGK/UM/2012
Time : One Hour] [Max. Marks : 100
[Min. Marks : 36
Attempt all questions
Each question carries Two marks
English Language
(10 x 2 = 20 marks)
Read the passage given below and pick the best word to fill in the blanks by marking with a
pencil in the appropriate box in the ANSWER SHEET against the appropriate question.
The brain can be divided ________1_________ two hemispheres - the left and the right. The
left hemisphere is largely logical and _______2_______ controls functions _______3______
the learning of words, logic, numbers, analysis and lists. The right hemisphere is ______4_____
emotional. It helps ____5____ perception of rhythm, pictures, imagination, colours ____6____
dimensions. In _____7_____ people we have _____8_____ the left or the right brain more
developed. Successful people, ____9____, combine both for effective learning. ____10____
use the total brain, the left and the right.
1. (i) from (ii) into (iii) to (iv) against
2. (i) its (ii) his (iii) it (iv) her
3. (i) like (ii) like in (iii) like to (iv) like from
4. (i) most (ii) only (iii) very (iv) more
5. (i) a (ii) the (iii) an (iv) only
6. (i) and (ii) or (iii) because (iv) since
7. (i) all (ii) most (iii) no (iv) most
8. (i) neither (ii) both (iii) either (iv) together
9. (i) however (ii) notwithstanding (iii) because (iv) since
10. (i) He (ii) She (iii) They (iv) Us
AglaSem Admission
Code No.101/102/EGK/UM/2012
(5 x 2 = 10 marks)
Pick the best option that gives the best meaning of the underlined phrase and mark in the
appropriate box on the ANSWER SHEET.
11. Most of the important ventures in our country have turned out to be white elephants.
(1) very precious (2) profitable
(3) expensive and useless (4) necessary
12. Till the end, the World cup was a touch and go situation.
(1) risky (2) invisible (3) free (4) delicate
13. Life is not always a bed of roses.
(1) comfortable (2) fragrant (3) artificial (4) sad
14. Sudhir is his mamas blue eyed boy.
(1) rare (2) foreign
(3) favourite (4) different
15. A lot of people in the company are in the black list.
(1) considered valuable (2) considered untrustworthy
(3) unknown (4) very well known
(5 x 2 = 10 marks)
Pick the best option to fill in the blanks in the sentences given below and mark in the appropriate
box on the ANSWER SHEET.
16. The pollution in the atmosphere ____________________.
(1) rises (2) is rising
(3) rose (4) was rising
17. The thief _________ when the police reached.
(1) has left (2) had left
(3) was leaving (4) is leaving
18. It ____________ since morning today.
(1) is raining (2) was raining
(3) has been raining (4) had been raining
19. My friends ________ since morning today. They are tired.
(1) are working (2) have been working
(3) were working (4) working
20. Looks like we ___________ to win.
(1) are destined (2) have been destined
(3) is destined (4) had destined
AglaSem Admission
AglaSem Admission
AglaSem Admission
AglaSem Admission
AglaSem Admission
AglaSem Admission