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he inspiring words from the documentaries of 12th Gyelwang Drukpa, Common

World Uncommon Path- Meeting of genius spiritual masters in person is an
epoch of conflict and confusion has become the most difficult endeavor in modern
day-life. Our exceedingly environment conditions our mind to think that a
spiritual pursuits are not very much important. So we always feel our success in life should
be measured by the level of material gains, rather than by the level of our spiritual
understanding and spiritual contentment. Eventually we become stranger to ourselves,
devoured by the avarice of desires and thus drifting away from our frantic happiness and
drowning deeper into the ocean of sufferings, clinging into a dream like existence.
In the past, many great masters had arrived one after another to help the spiritual
practitioners to break free from the habitual cycle of re-birth and death, and now many
good masters are arriving one after another possibly for other worlds, where their
teachings are more beneficial or where their presence is appreciated. So precious
opportunities slip us by, and we continue to live in a samsaric life of ignorance and so
affiliated to perpetual agonies.
However, some of us are very much fortunate to be able to meet and learn from handful of
these genuine spiritual masters. These uncommon masters are still teaching in our time
patiently waiting for us to gradually progress towards spiritual destiny.
The divine wisdom of these uncommon masters is felt important in this modern day life.
Of course, they have appeared every now and then and have reached every corner of the
world, in hope of helping the sentient beings who are obstinately wandering in the life like
People are becoming old, becoming sick and death is taking us apart certainly without any
hope and to our knowledge-when, where and how? Yet, we keep preparing for our whole
life, obstinately clinging to the egoistic desires in search of comforts, honor, wealth,
pleasure and excitements, which, rather culminates our sufferings further, just to meet an
unprepared death. To cease ourselves from all those suffering are thus to free ourselves
from the worldly affairs and desires by following what was said in Buddha dharma.
Happiness is the ultimate destiny of every living being. All beings wish to be happy and
free from the torments of killing each other. Though the scientific development and the
abundant material progress may alleviate the temporary effects of dissatisfaction, such as
external means can never be totally eradicate its fundamental cause. Dharm is the only
profound weapon left with us to realize the ultimate happiness.