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Who are the four signatories of RA9292?

Carnot principle has how many reversible

A diver picks up a rock at the bottom of the pond
and finds that it is heavier when he brings it to the
surface. This phenomenon follows ____
It is a chain of command where commands are
forwarded from the top authority to lower
The distance travelled by a car skidding is
proportional to ___
Which of the following is NOT a pure substance?
PIEV Stands for

On top of a building a ball made of 10 kg of iron

and a small stone of 30 g were thrown down at the
same time, when they reach their final velocity
which of the following is true?
What is the color of pure copper?

Franklin Drilon
Jose De Venecia,
Oscar Yabes,
Roberto Nazareno
Archimedes Principle
Scalar Chain
The square of its velocity
They have identical

Which of the following is a Ternary Compound?

Republic Act 9292 was approved on

Potassium Chloride
April 17, 2004

Everyone knows that when you whirl a ball to a

string the balls speed will stop when it does not
reach the critical value. What is the critical value?

The Square Root of the

Product of Length of the
string and the acceleration
due to gravity
Wrought Iron

Pig iron is refined and worked to remove and clear

impurities and produce a pure iron. This would
traditionally be worked into ___
A part of the ear where sound energy is converted
into electrical signals interpreted by the brain
What is the value of the Universal Constant in

Commercial copper has how much impurity?

Which of the following are NOT processes of the

Carnot Principle?
Farsightedness is corrected by what type of lens?
Which has high thermal conductivity and low
electrical conductivity?
What type of shear is applied by Scissors and
What method applies the principle of separating
substances by the difference in sizes of their
What does V in PIEV stand for?

Van der Waals equation state has how many

Rainbow is formed by
Copper is hard to weld because
Who proposed that stress is proportional to strain
in 1678?
Mu-metals are made from


This material is found in small microwave tubes


Mica is available in

What is the reaction where the properties of the

matter change?
Alloy of Gold used for low current


Sound is faster in water than in air because it has

a higher
The speed of light is the same in every inertial
frame of reference

Farsightedness is corrected by ___

Electron plus Muon
A metal with more than 5% limit of elongation
before fracturing is said to be
Violation of the code of ethics in R.A. 9292 has a
penalty charge of

Convex lens
Not Less than P100,000 and
Not More than P1,000,000

2 Adiabatic, 2 Isothermal
Convex Lens
Direct Shear

The Reflection and

Refraction of the sunlight
in a raindrop
It has high conductivity
Robert Hooke
Nickel Iron and Copper



Noble gasses


Specific Heat

It is the transfer of energy through electromagnetic

waves when there is a change in the electronic
configuration of the atoms
It helps improve the efficiency of the catalyst in a
chemical reaction



It is the energy needed to raise the temperature of

a unit mass by one degree
What is the value of the Universal Constant in Nm^2/kg^2
It is the science of designing a system and
environment where people can work and live in
safety and convenience
Which of the following is true about the colors of
light in glass?
In a endothermic reaction, a shift towards the
reactants occurs when the amount of products
___ and the temperature ____
It refers to the combustion when mass is removed

They have filled np and ns and are stable



Microscopes use ___

A metal with less than 5% limit of elongation
before fracturing is said to be
Charge of Hydrogen
Violation of the code of ethics in R.A. 9292 has a
penalty of imprisonment of

Red is the fastest and
violet is the slowest
Increases, Decreases

Amber Mica and Ruby

Bulk Modulus
Einsteins Second
2 Converging Lenses
Not Less than 6 months
and Not More than 6

It states that it is impossible to achieve 100%

efficiency of a machine and not all heat entered
transforms into work since some of it is rejected.
The acceleration of an object is directly
proportional to the applied force and inversely
proportional to its mass This is
An engine which uses gas as fuels
High Carbon Steel has ___ percent Carbon
This occurs when gas escapes through a small hole
in a container
A formulation of the second law of
thermodynamics, stating it is not possible that, at the
end of a cycle of changes, heat has been transferred
from a colder to a hotter body without producing
some other effect on the surroundings
The ability of a material to be bent, drawn, or
formed before fracturing
Which of the following is the process of
Ultimate Strength is
Used in kitchen utensils

Kelvin-Planck Statement
Newtons Second Law
Internal Combustion
Claussius Statement

Solid to gas
The Maximum Stress to
break the material

____ is the disintegration of an engineered material

into its constituent atoms due to chemical reactions
with its surroundings


It deals with the calculations on the transfer of

energy and transfer of materials
When temperature is increased while the volume is
kept constant
All organic matter has


As an object falls the sum of the potential and

kinetic energy
What atom can quickly attract an electron?
Gun metal is how many percent Copper?
Heavy water is used in a nuclear reactor to
Metal wires are placed on the door of the microwave
oven to
Speed of light in water is ___ x 10^8 m/s
The resistance to twisting
Rad is the amount of radiation absorbed by the body
and is measured as __ Joules per kilogram
Eccentricity of orbit is inversely proportional to the
When two systems are in thermal equilibrium with a
third system then they are in thermal equilibrium
with each other
When a ball is thrown in a parabolic trajectory,
which is true when it is at the point of highest
Convection is only true for
What can be cut to brilliant pieces and is very hard
and abrasive?
States that volumes of gasses with the same
temperature and pressure have the same number of
____ failure caused by repetitive loading and

Pressure increases

Remains the same

Slow down the neutron for
use in nuclear fission
Reflect the microwave
Universal Gravitational
Zeroth Law of
Both the velocity and
acceleration are NOT equal
to zero
Avogadro Law
Fatigue failure

A colorless liquid is poured into a beaker with a

glass rod. The glass rod seems to immediately
disappear. This is because
What material is used in modern supermagnets
because of its high coercivity?
BG means
Oxygen Free High Conductivity (OFHC) Copper
has ___ % Cu
The Quantity of matter entering a system is equal
to the Quantity of matter leaving the system. This
A car driving around a circular track at constant
velocity has

The energy needed for ice to turn to water

Nickel-coated Copper can only be used up to ___
degrees Celsius
Silicate crystals have the shape of
A material of steel, this material alloyed protects
it from corrosion
Wood is usually used as telephone poles for
transmission lines and cannot be used as a
conductor because it has a dielectric strength of
___ V/m
Who studied the amount of electricity used in
electrolysis and the amount of reactions?
Most abundant of the Noble Gasses
It states that the vapor pressure of an ideal
solution is dependent on the vapor pressure of
each chemical component and the mole fraction
of the component present in the solution.
Pressure is inversely proportional to the speed of
the fluid and the pressure is inversely
proportional to the elevation of the fluid. This is
explained by ___
A reversible process where the pressure is
How can you improve the stability of an object?
An atom is unstable because
Microwaves are useful for their
PH levels above 7 are
It is a company formed by a few members and is
created informally
What is the boiling point of Oxygen? Express
your answer in degrees Celsius
Muntz metal is made of ___ parts Copper and
___ parts Zinc
It states that not all heat entered into the system
can be converted into work some of it is rejected

The index of refraction of

the glass rod is the same
as the liquid
Birmingham Gauge
The Law of Conservation
of Mass
An acceleration directed
towards the center

Heat of fusion

Michael Faraday
Raoult Law

Bernoullis Principle

Lower its center of
The number of neutrons
outnumber the number of
Short Wavelength
- 183
Second Law of

A transfer of energy from an active surface to an

adjacent less active surface


Transfer of energy through fluid motion

Which of the following is the best conductor of
The ability to absorb energy without failing


Which of the following is NOT a conductor of


Distilled Water


The energy in the elevation with respect to the

acceleration due to gravity
In an exoergic process there is

Potential Energy
Gain of Kinetic Energy

When on impact the kinetic energy changes but the

momentum is conserved it is a ___ collision
For a belt system the service factor should be in the


It begins with a rising plume of magma and the

spreading of the seafloor and it is responsible for the
formation of oceans and the growth of continents
Which is a measure of intensity?

Wilson Cycle

What has the same atomic number but different

atomic weights?

Derivative of ammonia and has a foul odor

This is used to measure achievement in Total
Quality Management System
Friction is greater when ___ is increased
Paraffin Hydrocarbon which is colorless
Why are there only two hydrogen atoms in a
hydrogen gas? This is because of
It refers to the impossibility of finding the exact
location and velocity of subatomic particles
It is a covalent bond of atoms with different
What metal is used in high resistance thermocouple?
An atom becomes positively charged when

The enthalpy change for any chemical reaction is

independent of the intermediate stages, provided the
initial and final conditions are the same for each
route This statement is known as
A body floats on the water. Which of the following
is true?
A load applied with an initial velocity where the
kinetic and potential energy are reduced
Which of the following cannot separate a
Homogeneous mixture?

1.0 1.5


When heat is absorbed by the system the system

When the speed of the car doubles its kinetic
energy is
It states that, at constant pressure, the volume of a
given mass of an ideal gas increases or decreases
by the same factor as its temperature on the
absolute temperature scale
Concave mirrors blur the images from a distance.
This is called


Components which are parallel to the area of

This remains constant when heat does not enter
or leave the system even when work is done and
pressure and volume changes, but it quickly
changes when even the smallest heat enters or
escapes the system
A nuclear reactor used to obtain energy
When the disturbing force is equal to the
maximum friction the system is in
When pressure is changed

Exclusion Principle

A measure of resistance to change in velocity

It is a force of one Newton over one square meter

Uncertainty principle

It is a material with many non-localized electrons

that allows it to conduct electricity and conduct
Single Payment Present Worth Factor



Polar bonding
It loses electrons

Hess Law

The buoyant force is equal

to the weight of the body
Impact load

Those who will deliberate and rate the board exam


The board of examiners and

the PRC Commissioner

When an object in oscillation has a force applied at

the pivot point of oscillation what happens?
It is the study of motion without reference to the
forces which cause the motion

No reaction at the pivot


A number of digits taken into consideration for the

accuracy of a value
In R.A. 9292 how many articles are there?
It is the conductance gained when a mole of a
substance is dissolved

Significant figures

Which management level is responsible for strategic

planning involving the entire organization?
During rain the safety of the curves on the Roads of
Manila is reduced to __
The disadvantage of this type of organization is idle
Resistance to shatter impact

Which of the following is a binary compound?

Molar Conductance
ALL management levels
Impact resistance

Hydrochloric acid
Four times as great
Charles Law

Spherical Aberration
Shear Stress

Power of Reactor
Impending Motion
The freezing point

Why does Sodium react more violently in water

than Lithium?
According to the Engineering Code of Ethics,
when you are employed in a company and you
wish to engage in a business which will be in
direct competition with the company what would
be the ethical thing to do?
It is used to measure blood pressure

Because Sodium is more

Inform your employer of
your business

20 N load is applied on a table the table exerts a

As the frequency of sound increases the ___
Those taking the licensure board exam with only
one failed subject are allowed a removal exam on
the failed subject if the subject has a score lower
than ___ but not lower than ___
Which of the following is a requirement to be a
part of the board of examiners

20 N upward

Has a wavelength of 0.3m to 10 ^ - 4m


70 , 60

Must be a resident of the

Philippines for 5 years
before appointment

How many zeroes in the number 0.00040040 are

significant figures?

What happens when the Adhesive property of a

liquid is greater than its Cohesive property?
How many sections are there in R.A. 9292?
It is the measure of energy in reaching under the
surface to get the molecules above the surface
and form a new area
The orbitals of a subshell must be filled before
they occupy in pairs
What is the value of the Universal Constant in
Brass is hard to weld because

The liquid will tend to

stick to the solid
Surface Tension

Which is NOT a property of Molybdenum?

Hunds Rule
Zinc evaporates
It has a very low
tendency to oxidize

The maximum safe stress of a material

Working load

Resistance to indentation by the perpetrator


It is brittle, has a high resistance to heat and is an

insulator to electricity
It is the measure of light output in Lumens per watt


It is the managing of produce in order to minimize

Cannot be used on machine and is hard to weld
It is the ability to resist deflection
Which of the following has the highest melting
The packing factor of BCC
Wiedemann-Franz Ratio
The point where a material can no longer return to
its original form after the load has been removed
During a traffic accident the police find the skid
marks of the car and measure its distance and they
were able to find out the coefficient of friction on
the road is 0.5. What do they need to do to find the
velocity of the car?
What is NOT a property of commercial copper?
What equation is used in finding the distance of

Light Efficacy
Quality Assurance
White Cast Iron
20000 30000
Elastic limit
Find acceleration of the car

It has up to 2% impurity

When can the construction of a radio station

Which is true about the coefficient of rolling
A member of the Board of Electronics can begin
his term when the member has
Is a combination of materials which has the best
properties of each material
Most Common type of cast iron
Brass is not used on concrete because
Brass has ___ lead
Material used for high heat dissipation and has a
flat surface
Highest point on the stress/strain curve
Gravity of oils used in transformers
Coefficient of dry state friction of cast iron on
cast iron
A member of the Board of Electronics has a term
of __ years from date of appointment or until
their successors shall have been appointed and
qualified and may be reappointed for another
What atom has the highest potential?
What equation is used to find the eccentricity of
orbit where C is the space constant, h is the
elevation, G is the universal gravitational
constant, and M is the mass of the Earth?
It is the motivating and interaction of a potential

An activity taken by an organization with the

intention of gaining information on a potential
Normal stress is ____ of shear stress

Market Research

Type of IC manufactured on glass or ceramic


Maximum theoretical limit of Poissons Ratio for

a uniform triaxial stress
Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. This is

When using Silver as a conductor voltage should be

kept low and current should only be
This was derived from to determine the velocity of
viscous fluids
It is where the kinetic and potential energy has
changed but the momentum has been conserved


Shear stress is ___ of normal stress

Amperes circuital law states

When an object remains in its displaced state after

being moved from its original equilibrium position it
is in ___
Acetylene is made of
Which of the following is NOT true about
homogeneous solutions?
According to Section 2 of RA 9292, the state shall
therefore develop and nurture competent, virtuous,
productive and ___ PECE, ECE and ECT

Within __ years from the effectivity of R.A. No.

9292 on May 28, 2004, the Board shall issue the
corresponding Certificates of Registration and
Professional Identification with and without
examination for successful applicants for
registration as ECT

Equal to that

Newtons Second Law

Inelastic collision
The H integral of a closed
loop system is exactly equal
to the direct current
surrounded by the loop
Neutral Equilibrium
Carbon Hydrogen
Particles settle at the
Well rounded

Benedict-Webb-Rubin state equation has how

many constants?
What is the difference between Sodium and
Which of the atoms is luminescent?

EC Alloy has ___ Aluminum

When heat from a solid conducting surface
interacts with a fluid the energy is transferred
It refers to the point where there is an appreciable
elongation or yielding of the material even
without any increase in load
According to Section 43, the IRR shall take effect
after ___ days following its complete and full
publication in the ___ or in any newspaper of
circulation in the Philippines

All records and results of the Board Exams shall

be held by

When the permit to

construct has been given
by the NTC
It has a unit of length
Taken an oath of office
Grey Cast Iron
Thermal coefficient is not
Less than 1%
Tensile Point



First law of
Half that
Sodium has a higher first
ionization energy and has
a smaller atomic radius

Yield Point
15, Official Gazette

Professional Regulations

It is the type of stress which is caused by forces

acting along or parallel to the area resisting the
It is the energy needed for a material to change its
investigates the relationship between the structure of
materials at atomic or molecular scales and their
macroscopic properties
a solid material whose constituent atoms, molecules,
or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern
extending in all three spatial dimensions
Light is scattered by colloidal particles
It can be used to predict the major product of the
addition to an alkene.

This illustrates a project schedule that is useful and

valuable for small projects and shows the late-start
and early-start dates of the terminal elements and
summary elements of a project
Allows organizations to develop plans on how to
make improvements or adapt specific best practices,
usually with the aim of increasing some aspect of
The study of the quantum behavior of atomic nuclei
Coefficient of static friction for a dry condition of a
cast iron to steel
An energy that has an enthalpy change condensed to
gaseous and ion to crystal

Shear stress

Chemical Energy
Materials science

Tyndall Effect

Gantt Chart


Lattice energy


Ratio of Shear Stress to Shear Strain

It is the same as inelastic collision where Kinetic
energy is lost
It is the interconnection of leads on the circuit

Modulus of Rigidity
Endoergic collision

Appropriation of R.A. 9292 is stated on Section ___

Project Manager essentially contracts the functional
manager to complete the project
Which of the following is true about activation

Matrix Organization

A special type of polymers set that decompose

rather than melt upon heating
What does the x-axis of the Goodman Diagram
Monel metals contain ___ % Carbon
What refers to the energy change accompanying a
mole of electrons being added to the mole of
gaseous atoms or ions?
The standard salt used in redox titration
Gradient series increases by G each year until T =
N, which time is equal to

Le Chateliers Principle

Possesses an extremely low thermal expansion

and low thermal conductivity. It is used when
thermal shock is a concern in the finished product


Markovnikovs Rule

It is the product of the breaking down of feldspar

silicate and is common in Earth

Which is true for inelastic collision?

Coefficient of dry state friction of steel on graphite
The amount of radioactive material needed to
continue the nuclear reaction
It is the push-pull force directed along the coaxial

If a chemical system at equilibrium experiences a

change in concentration, temperature, volume, or
partial pressure, then the equilibrium shifts to
counteract the imposed change and a new
equilibrium is established.
What is the value of the Universal Constant in
It refers to the different structural forms of the
same element and can exhibit quite different
physical properties and chemical behaviours.
A solid that lacks the long-range order
characteristic of a crystal and does not have a
definite shape.


Arrhenius Equation can be

used to determine activation
energy reaction
Critical Mass
Normal Stress
Static Tensile Strength
Electronic Affinity
Mohrs Salt
(n 1)G


Amontons Law
It states that in an ideal gas, when volume and
number of moles are held constant, the pressure
and temperature of a gas are directly related.
It is the measure of the change in velocity over
It states that heat flux is proportional to the
magnitude of a temperature gradient

Average acceleration

Fourier heat of

Functional managers have control over the

project, Project managers coordinate the project
An organization with an advantage in technology
Coefficient of dynamic friction for a dry
condition for a groove rubber on a pavement

Weak Matrix
Functional Organization

It is the allowance for the Board of Electronics

compare to chairman of the Board and other
member of the council
Elemental solid with a single face
Coefficient of static friction for a dry condition of
a steel on an asbestos face steel
Consolidation of R.A. 9292, House bill no. ____
and Senate no. ___
Transition temperature of Low Carbon Steel
The project manager has complete control of the
It is the partial evaporation where there is lower
pressure on fluids that pass the throttle valve

General Appropriation

What is the resistance to sliding?

What is the average speed of charge carriers?
What is the ratio of the rate of change of stress to
Observance on the study of photoelectric effects
by Einstein confirmed
Which is not a vector quantity?
The energy associated with the random,
disordered motion of molecules or the kinetic
energy within the molecules
The point where there is a deviation from the
straight line of the stress/strain curve
An acid solution of unknown capacitance is to be
titrated to a standardized hydroxide. What should
be added to the solution?
Load at the center with force acting at both ends
The moment diagram of a beam is drawn by a
triangular diagram


5224, 2683
-200 to -700
Projectized Organization
Flash Evaporation
Drift speed
Tangent Modulus
Photon aspect of light
550 kg weight
Internal energy
Proportionality limit
A sample of hydrogen
Bending Stress
The beam carries the
concentrated load on the

Ester fluids are seldom used in high-frequency

capacitors. What is the major drawback of Ester
mining.. cleaning of mineral
What... safely... calculate return of investment
brass welding


It has poor...
Ore Dressing
Invest on safe dividend and
receive dividend each year
Bending Stress
35? 42?
Modulus of Proportionality
Arc process

Rubber on graphite
Steel on graphite
[ (1+i)^n 1 / i(1+i)^n ]
anticipate the needs and wants of consumers

Uniform series...
Space constant is 1/meter

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