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rachRootSequence takes the value in the range of 0 to 837 and the default value is 386.

It is
recommended to set the parameterrachRootSequence to different values in neighboring cells to reduce
the probability for false RACH detections.
From3GPP TS 36.211a relation between the cell size, described by the parametercellRange, and the
number of RACH root sequences needed for a cell has been derived, below table.

As an example, ifcellRangeis set to 10 in a cell, this means that the required number of RACH root
sequences is equal to 6. Applying the default value 386 forrachRootSequencemeans that the sequences
386, 387, 388, 389, 390 and 391 will be used in that cell.

The number of RACH root sequences needed for planning a cell increases with the cell range. Only in
cells with sizes of 1.5 km and less, all 64 preambles can be generated from one single RACH root
sequence. This is because the number of preambles generated is dependent on the length of the cyclic
shift value for preamble generation, which in turn depends on the cell radius. In asmall cell a short cyclic
shift can be configured, but in larger cells larger cyclic shifts are required. Hence less number of
preambles can be generated from one RACH root sequence and multiple RACH root sequences have to
be used in the cell for generating 64 preambles.
For a cell of 15 km size and more, the values ofrachRootSequencein adjacent cells must differ by at least
10 between any two neighbors (and at most 827 since there is a wrap-around between the first and last
value in the value range) in order to eliminate overlap. For cell sizes of 3 km and less, the values can
differ by 2 between any two neighbors and a larger re-use of rachRootSequencecan be used.