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I dedicate this thesis for my family, my advisors, my

lecturers, and my friends. I thank and give very special gratitude
to my beloved parents (Fuadi Usman & Muryani) whose words of
encouragement and push for tenacity ring in my ears. Thank you
very much for all of the things, mom & dad. I love you so. My
brothers A. Rifki, SE., Evan Saputra, SH., and Defri Zaldi, S.Pd.
thanks a bunch for all supports, prays and all of the things. What
a blessing to be your sister. My little princess, Ashila faiza Rifki, I
love you.
I also dedicated this thesis to my thesis advisors, Drs. Muslih
Hambali, M.L.I.S & Fiftinova, S.S., M.Pd. for the guidance so I can
finish this thesis. Then, for all my best friends who have supported
me throughout the process, Cimi, Ayank Eka, Igot, Bik cirli,
Eyenyod, Iim, Mona, Ibrahim Novri, Didik R. Amin, Nyun, Eka
Maruko, Tika, David, and Ka Doding, YOU ROCK, GUYS!
And the last but not least, I dedicated this work to the best
person I ever had, Mesa Riansyah, S.TP. for being there for me
throughout the entire program to earn the Bachelor of Education
(S.Pd). thank you for your endless support, continual care, and
attention. Thanks for being a person who always stands beside
me. You have been my best cheerleaders, Hami..
Trying something makes you eligible to hope, and No success gained without
pain and effort (BP)