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The complete ‘I am’ quotes of
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Dedicated to my Guru Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Pradeep Apte
These quotes have bee compiled from te boo!s that cover almost
all the dialogues of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj"
#$ I Am That edited by Maurice %rydma
2. Seeds of Consciousness edited by &ea Du
3. Prior to Consciousness edited by &ea Du
4. Consciousness and the Absolute edited by &ea Du
'$ The Experience of Nothinness edited by (obert )o*ell
+$ The Nectar of Immortalit! edited by (obert )o*ell
,$ The "ltimate #edicine edited by (obert )o*ell
-$ $e!ond %reedom edited by Maria &ory
.$ I am "nborn edited by )radeep /pte
#0$ &leanins from Nisaradatta edited by Mar! 1est
2ther *or!s that are mostly e3positios of his teachigs li!e" The
$lissful life by (obert )o*ell4 Pointers from Nisaradatta
#ahara' by (amesh 5alse!ar4 I Am That I Am by Stephe
1olis!y4 Son of I Am edited by &erry 6at7 ad the AS#I ( I Am
That e3cerpts compiled ad edited by Miguel8/gel 9arrasco have
ot bee referred to$
/part from his teachigs4 all these te3ts give a lot of iformatio
o Shri Nisragadatta Maharaj$ Some other boo!s that may also be
of iterest are" The )isdom teachins of Nisaratta #ahara'* A
+isual 'ourne! published by Ierdirectios4 The ,ast da!s of Sri
Nisaradatta #ahara' published by :ogi impressios ad Self
-no.lede and Self /eali0ation by Nisargadatta Maharaj4 edited
by &ea Du$
This collectio of all the ‘I am’ quotes of Shri Nisargadatta
Maharaj have bee prepared to be used as a device to get focused
o the ‘I am’$ Most of these quotes are as such4 *hile some have
bee prepared by resortig to cocateatios for maitaiig the ‘I
am’ theme durig a dialogue sessio$ / more codesed versio of
these quotes compiled ito ;<# quotes *ith brief commetaries
appears as The Nisaradatta &ita.
/ccordig to me4 oe of Maharaj’s dialogues require ay
e3tesive e3positio4 ayoe *ith a reasoable amout of
itelligece ad of course4 a deep iterest i the subject ca
uderstad *hat he is tryig to say$ I assume that most of those
*ho use this te3t have already read all the te boo!s =or should I
say ‘scriptures’> used for these quotes4 ad if ot all at least4 I Am
That4 *hich is the primary boo! =scripture>$
Quote Source and Sequence

#$ I Am That" # to ,.
;$ Seeds of Consciousness" -0 to #@.
<$ Prior to Consciousness #'0 to ;;0
@$ Consciousness and the Absolute" ;;# to ;'.
'$ The Experience of Nothinness" ;+0 to ;.'
+$ The Nectar of Immortalit!" ;.+ to <@#
,$ The "ltimate #edicine" <@; to <.+
-$ $e!ond %reedom" <., to @'#
.$ I Am "nborn" @'; to ';#
#0$ &leanins from Nisaradatta ';; to ',;
1as it ot the sese of ‘I am’ that came firstA Some seed
cosciousess must be e3istig eve durig sleep4 or s*oo$ 2
*a!ig up the e3periece rus" ‘I am8the body8 i the *orld’$ It
may appear to arise i successio but i fact it is all simultaeous4
a sigle idea of havig a body i a *orld$ 9a there be the sese of
‘I am’ *ithout beig somebody or otherA
Go deep ito the sese of ‘I am’ ad you *ill fid$ Bo* do you
fid a thig you have mislaid or forgotteA :ou !eep it i your
mid util you recall it$ The sese of beig4 of ‘I am’ is the first to
emerge$ /s! yourself *hece it comes or just *atch it quietly$
1he the mid stays i the ‘I am’4 *ithout movig4 you eter a
state4 *hich caot be verbali7ed4 but *hich ca be e3perieced$
/ll you eed to do is to try ad try agai$ /fter all the sese of ‘I
am’ is al*ays *ith you4 oly you have attached all !ids of thigs
to it8 body4 feeligs4 thoughts4 ideas4 possessios ad so o$ /ll
these self8idetificatios are misleadig4 because of these you ta!e
yourself to be *hat you are ot$
The ‘I am’ is a useful poiterC it sho*s *here to see!4 but ot *hat
to see!$ &ust have a good loo! at it$ 2ce you are coviced that
you caot say truthfully about yourself aythig e3cept ‘I am’4
ad that othig ca be poited at4 ca be your self4 the eed for
the ‘I am’ is over8 you are o loger itet o verbali7ig *hat you
are$ /ll defiitios apply to your body oly ad to its e3pressios$
2ce this obsessio *ith the body goes4 you *ill revert to your
atural state$ 1e discover the atural state by beig earest4 by
searchig4 equirig4 questioig daily ad hourly4 by givig oe’s
life to this discovery$
1hat ma!es the preset so differetA 2bviously4 my presece4 I
am real for I am al*ays ‘o*’4 i the preset4 ad *hat is *ith me
o* shares i my reality$ The past is i memory4 the future D i
imagiatio$ There is othig i the preset evet itself that ma!es
it stad out as real$ / thig focused i the o* is *ith me4 for I am
ever preset4 it is my o* reality that I impart to the preset evet$
(efuse all thoughts e3cept oe" the thought ‘I am’$ The mid *ill
rebel i the begiig4 but *ith patiece ad perseverace it *ill
yield ad !eep quiet$ 2ce you are quiet4 thigs *ill begi to
happe spotaeously ad quite aturally4 *ithout ay iterferece
o your part$
To !o* the self as the oly reality ad all else as temporal ad
trasiet is freedom4 peace ad joy$ It is all very simple$ Istead of
seeig thigs as imagied4 lear to see them as they are$ 1he you
ca see everythig as it is4 you *ill also see yourself as you are$ It
is li!e cleasig a mirror$ The same mirror that sho*s you the
*orld as it is *ill also sho* you your o* face$ The thought ‘I am’
is the polishig cloth$ Ese it$
1hy ot tur a*ay from the e3periece to the e3periecer ad
reali7e the full import of the oly true statemet you ca ma!e" ‘I
am’$ &ust !eep i mid the feelig ‘I am’4 merge i it4 till your
mid ad feelig become oe$ 5y repeated attempts you *ill
stumble o the right balace of attetio ad affectio ad your
mid *ill be firmly established i the thought8feelig ‘I am’$
1hatever you thi!4 say or do4 this sese of immutable ad
affectioate beig remais as the ever8preset bac!groud of the

Do ot bother about aythig you *at4 or thi!4 or do4 just stay
put i the thought ad feelig4 ‘I am’4 focusig ‘I am’ firmly i
your mid$ /ll !ids of e3periece may come to you D remai
umoved i the !o*ledge that all perceivable is trasiet ad
oly the ‘I am’ edures$
No *ay to self8reali7atio is short or log4 but some people are
more i earest ad some are less$ I ca tell you about myself$ I
*as a simple ma4 but I trusted my Guru$ 1hat he told me to do4 I
did$ Be told me to cocetrate o ‘I am’ D I did$ Be told me that I
am beyod all perceivables ad coceivables D I believed$ I gave
my heart ad soul4 my etire attetio ad the *hole of my spare
time =I had to *or! to !eep my family alive>$ /s a result of faith
ad earest applicatio4 I reali7ed my self =‘s*arupa’> *ithi three
years$ :ou may choose ay *ay that suits youC your earestess
*ill determie the rate of progress$ Fstablish yourself firmly i the
a*areess of ‘I am’$ This is the begiig ad also the ed of all
To !o* *hat you are you must first ivestigate ad !o* *hat
you are ot$ /d to !o* *hat you are ot4 you must *atch
yourself carefully4 rejectig all that does ot ecessarily go *ith
basic fact ‘I am’$ The ideas" I am bor at a give place4 at a give
time4 from my parets ad o* I am so8ad8so4 livig at4 married
to4 father of4 employed by4 ad so o4 are ot iheret i the sese
‘I am’$ 2ur usual attitude is ‘I am this’ or ‘that’$ Separate
cosistetly ad perseverigly the ‘I am’ from ‘this’ or ‘that’ ad
try to feel *hat it meas to be4 just to ‘be’4 *ithout beig ‘this’ or
‘that’$ /ll our habits go agaist it ad the tas! of fightig them is
log ad hard sometimes4 but clear uderstadig helps a lot$ The
clearer you uderstad that o the level of the mid you ca be
described i egative terms oly4 the quic!er you *ill come to the
ed of your search ad reali7e your limitless beig$
1he you see the *orld you see God$ There is o seeig God apart
from the *orld$ 5eyod the *orld to see God is to be God$ The
light by *hich you see the *orld4 *hich is God is the tiy little
spar!" ‘I am’4 apparetly so small ad yet the first ad the last i
every act of !o*ig ad lovig$
/ll is secodary to the tiy little thig *hich is the ‘I am’$ 1ithout
the ‘I am’ there is othig$ /ll !o*ledge is about the ‘I am’$ %alse
ideas about this ‘I am’ lead to bodage4 right !o*ledge leads to
freedom ad happiess$ The ‘I am’ deotes the ier *hile ‘there
is’ deotes the outerC both are based o the sese of beig$
The sese of ‘I am’ is your o*$ :ou caot part *ith it4 but you
ca impart it to aythig4 as i sayig4 I am yougC I am rich4 ad
so o$ 5ut such self8idetificatios are patetly false ad the cause
of bodage$
Give up all questios e3cept oe ‘*ho am IA’ /fter all the oly fact
you are sure of is that you ‘are’$ The ‘I am’ is certai4 the ‘I am
this’ is ot$ Struggle to fid out *hat you are i reality$
‘I am’ itself is God4 the see!ig itself is God$ I see!ig you
discover that you are either the body or the mid4 ad the love of
the self i you is for the self i all$ The t*o are oe$ The
cosciousess i you ad the cosciousess i me4 apparetly t*o4
really oe4 see! uity ad that is love$ 1hat do you love o*A The
‘I am’$ Give your heart ad mid to it4 thi! of othig else$ This
*he effortless ad atural4 is the highest state$ I it love itself is
the lover ad the beloved$
The impersoal is real4 the persoal appears ad disappears$ ‘I am’
is the impersoal beig$ ‘I am this’ is the perso$ The perso is
relative ad the pure beig D the fudametal$
5y focusig the mid o ‘I am’4 o the sese of beig4 ‘I am so8
ad8so’ dissolvesC ‘am a *itess oly’ remais ad that too
submerges i ‘I am all’$ The the all becomes the 2e ad the 2e
D yourself4 ot to be separate from me$ /bado the idea of a
separate ‘I’ ad the questio of ‘*hose e3perieceA’ *ill ot arise$
2 a deeper level my e3periece is your e3periece$ Dive deep
*ithi yourself ad you *ill fid it easily ad simply$ Go i the
directio of ‘I am’$
9lig to the oe thig that matters4 hold o to ‘I am’ ad let go all
else$ This is ‘sadhaa’$ I reali7atio there is othig to hold o to
ad othig to forget$ Fverythig is !o*4 othig is
/t the root of everythig is the feelig ‘I am’$ The state of mid
‘there is a *orld’ is secodary4 for to be4 I do ot eed the *orld4
the *orld eeds me$
5eyod the mid there is o such thig as e3periece$ F3periece
is a dual state$ :ou caot tal! of reality as a e3periece$ 2ce
this is uderstood4 you *ill o loger loo! for beig ad becomig
as separate ad opposite$ I reality they are oe ad separable4 li!e
roots ad braches of the same tree$ 5oth ca oly e3ist i the light
of cosciousess4 *hich agai arises i the *a!e of the sese ‘I
am’$ This is the primary fact$ If you miss it you miss all$
Fverythig is a play of ideas$ I the state free from ideatio
=irvi!alpa samadhi> othig is perceived$ The root idea is ‘I am’$
It shatters the state of pure cosciousess ad is follo*ed by the
iumerable sesatios ad perceptios4 feeligs ad ideas4 *hich
i their totality costitute God ad Bis *orld$ The ‘I am’ remais
as the *itess4 but it is by the *ill of God that everythig happes$
The cocetratio o ‘I am’ is a form of attetio$ Give your
udivided attetio to the most importat thig i your life D
yourself$ 2f your persoal uiverse you are the ceter D *ithout
!o*ig the ceter *hat else ca you !o*A
My advice to you is very simple D just remember yourself4 ‘I am’4
it is eough to heal your mid ad ta!e you beyod4 just have some
trust$ I do’t mislead you$ 1hy should IA Do I *at aythig from
youA I *ish you *ell D such is my ature$ 1hy should I mislead
youA 9ommosese too *ill tell you that to fulfill a desire you
must !eep your mid o it$ If you *at to !o* your true ature4
you must have yourself i mid all the time4 util the secret of your
beig stads revealed$
It is right to say ‘I am’4 but to say ‘I am this’4 ‘I am that’4 is a sig
of ot equirig4 ot e3amiig4 of metal *ea!ess or lethargy$
)ractice =sadhaa> cosists of remidig oeself forcibly of oe’s
pure ‘beigess’4 of ot beig aythig i particular4 ot a sum of
particulars4 ot eve the totality of all particulars4 *hich ma!e up a
5e cotet *ith *hat you are sure of$ /d the oly thig you ca
be sure of is ‘I am’$ Stay *ith it ad reject everythig else$ This is
The oe *itess reflects itself i the coutless bodies as ‘I am’$ /s
log as the bodies4 ho*ever subtle4 last4 the ‘I am’ appears as
may$ 5eyod the body there is oly the 2e$
1he I say ‘I am’4 I do ot mea a separate etity *ith a body as
its ucleusC I mea the totality of beig4 the ocea of
cosciousess4 the etire uiverse of all that is !o*$ I have
othig to desire for I am complete forever$
1ords betray their hollo*ess$ The real caot be described4 it
must be e3perieced$ I caot fid better *ords for *hat I !o*$
1hat I say may soud ridiculous$ 5ut *hat the *ords try to
covey is the highest truth$ /ll is oe4 ho*ever much *e quibble$
/d all is doe to please the oe source ad goal of every desire4
*hom *e all !o* as the ‘I am’$
1he I repeat" ‘I am’4 ‘I am’4 I merely assert ad re8assert a ever8
preset fact$ :ou get tired of my *ords because you do ot see the
livig truth behid them$ 9otact it ad you *ill fid the full
meaig of *ords ad of silece8 both$
Self8remembrace4 a*areess of GI am’ ripes ma po*erfully ad
speedily$ Give up all ideas about yourself ad simply be$ Stop
ma!ig use of your mid ad see *hat happes$ Do this oe thig
thoroughly$ That is all$
The fact is you$ The oly thig you !o* for sure is" ‘here ad
o* I am’$ (emove the ‘here ad o*’4 the ‘I am’ remais
/ll I ca say is ‘I am’4 all else is iferece$ 5ut the iferece has
become a habit$ Destroy all habits of thi!ig ad sleepig$ The
sese ‘I am’ is a maifestatio of a deeper cause4 *hich you may
call self4 God4 (eality or by ay other ame$ The ‘I am’ is i the
*orld but it is the !ey *hich ca ope the door out of the *orld$
2ly your sese ‘I am’ though i the *orld4 is ot of the *orld$ 5y
o effort of logic you ca chage the ‘I am’ ito ‘I am ot’$ I the
very deial of your beig you assert it$ 2ce you reali7e that the
*orld is your o* projectio4 you are free of it$ :ou eed ot free
yourself of a *orld that does ot e3ist4 e3cept i your imagiatio$
The sese ‘I am’ is composed of pure light ad the sese of beig$
The ‘I’ is there eve *ithout the ‘am’$ So is the pure light there4
*hether you say ‘I’ or ot$ 5ecome a*are of that pure light ad
you *ill ever lose it$ The beigess i beig4 the a*areess i
cosciousess4 the iterest i every e3periece D that is ot
describable4 yet perfectly accessible4 for there is othig else$
‘I am’ is ever fresh$ :ou do eed to remember i order to ‘be’ /s a
matter of fact4 before you ca e3periece aythig4 there must be
the sese of beig$ /t preset your beig is mi3ed up *ith
e3periecig$ /ll you eed to do is to uravel beig from the
tagle of e3perieces$ 2ce you have !o* pure beig4 *ithout
beig this or that4 you *ill discer it amog e3perieces4 ad you
*ill o loger be misled by ames ad forms$
/ll tal! of ‘gaa’ is a sig of igorace$ It is the mid that
imagies that it does ot !o* ad the comes to !o*$ (eality
!o*s othig of these cotortios$ Fve the idea of God as the
9reator is false$ Do I o*e my beig to aother beigA 5ecause ‘I
am’ all ‘is’$
My teacher told me to hold o to the sese ‘I am’ teaciously ad
ot to s*erve from it eve for a momet$ I did my best to follo*
his advice ad i a comparatively short time I reali7ed *ithi
myself the truth of his teachig$ /ll I did *as to remember his
teachig4 his face4 his *ords costatly$ This brought a ed to the
mid4 i the stilless of the mid I sa* myself as I am D uboud$
2e has to uderstad that the search for reality4 God4 Guru ad
the search for the self are the same4 *he oe is foud all are
foud$ 1he ‘I am’ ad ‘God is’ become i your mid
idistiguishable4 the somethig *ill happe ad you *ill !o*
*ithout a trace of doubt that God is because you are4 you are
because God is$ The t*o are oe$
1he ‘I am myself’ goes the ‘I am all’ comes$ 1he the ‘I am all’
goes4 ‘I am’ comes$ 1he eve ‘I am’ goes4 reality aloe is4 ad i
it every ‘I am’ is preserved ad glorified$
I am o* ,@ years old$ /d yet I feel that I am a ifat$ I feel
clearly that i spite of all the chages I am a child$ My Guru told
me that the child4 *hich is you eve o*4 is your real self
=‘s*arupa’>$ Go bac! to that state of pure beig4 *here the ‘I am’ is
still i its purity before it gets cotamiated *ith ‘this I am’ or ‘that
I am’$ :our burde is of false self8idetificatio D abado them
all$ My Guru told me D ‘Trust me$ I tell you4 you are divie$ Ta!e it
as the absolute truth$ :our joy is divieC your sufferig is divie
too$ /ll comes from God$ (emember it al*ays$ :ou are God4 your
*ill aloe is doe$’ I did believe him ad soo reali7ed ho*
*oderfully true ad accurate *ere his *ords$ I did ot coditio
my mid by thi!ig" ‘I am God4 I am *oderful4 I am beyod$’ I
simply follo*ed his istructio4 *hich *as to focus the mid o
pure beig4 ‘I am’ ad stay i it$ I used to sit for hours together4
*ith othig but the ‘I am’ i my mid ad soo peace ad joy ad
a deep all8embracig love became my ormal state$ I it all
disappeared 8 myself4 my Guru4 the life I lived4 the *orld aroud
me$ 2ly peace remaied ad ufathomable silece$
Do’t you see that it is your very search for happiess that ma!es
you feel miserableA Try the other *ay" idifferet to pai ad
pleasure4 either see!ig4 or refusig4 give all your attetio to
the level o *hich ‘I am’ is timelessly preset$ Soo you *ill
reali7e that peace ad happiess are i your very ature ad it is
oly see!ig them through some particular chaels that disturbs$
/void the disturbace4 that is all$ To see! there is o eedC you
*ould ot see! *hat you already have$ :ou yourself are God4 the
Supreme (eality$ To begi *ith4 trust me4 trust the teacher$ It
eables you to ma!e the first step 8 ad the your trust is justified
by your o* e3periece$
The best is the simple feelig ‘I am’$ D*ell o it patietly$ Bere
patiece is *isdomC do’t thi! of failure$ There ca be o failure
i this uderta!ig$
No use rebellig agaist the very patter of life$ If you see! the
immutable4 go beyod e3periece$ 1he I say remember ‘I am’ all
the time4 I mea come bac! to it repeatedly$ No particular thought
ca be mid’s atural state4 oly silece$ Not the idea of silece but
silece itself$ 1he the mid is i its atural state4 it reverts to
silece spotaeously after every e3periece4 or rather4 every
e3periece happes agaist a bac!groud of silece$ No*4 *hat
you have leart here becomes the seed$ :ou may forget it D
apparetly$ 5ut it *ill live ad i due seaso sprout ad gro* ad
brig forth flo*ers ad fruits$ /ll *ill happe by itself$ :ou eed
ot do aythig4 oly do’t prevet it$
%irst !o* your o* mid ad you *ill fid that the questio of
other mids does ot arise at all4 for there are o other people$ :ou
are the commo factor4 the oly li! bet*ee the mids4 5eig is
cosciousessC ‘I am’ applies to all$
The ‘I am’ is a thought4 *hile a*areess is ot a thoughtC there is
o ‘I am a*are’ i a*areess$ 9osciousess is a attribute *hile
a*areess is ot4 oe ca be a*are of beig coscious4 but ot
coscious of a*areess$ God is the totality of cosciousess4 but
a*areess is beyod all D beig as *ell as o8beig$
1he you follo* my advice ad try to !eep the mid o the otio
of ‘I am’ oly4 you become fully a*are of your mid ad its
vagaries$ /*areess beig lucid harmoy =‘satt*a’> i actio
dissolves dulless ad quietes the restlessess of the mid ad
getly but steadily chages its very substace$ This chage eed
ot be spectacularC it maybe hardly oticeableC ad yet it is a deep
ad fudametal shift from dar!ess to light from iadvertece to
There is the body ad there is the Self4 bet*ee them is the mid4
i *hich the Self is reflected as ‘I am’$ 5ecause of the
imperfectios of the mid4 its crudity ad restlessess4 lac! of
discermet ad isight4 it ta!es itself to be the body ad ot the
Self$ /ll that is eeded is to purify the mid so that it ca reali7e its
idetity *ith the Self$ 1he the mid merges i the Self4 the body
presets o problems$ It remais *hat it is4 a istrumet of
cogitio ad actio4 the tool ad the e3pressio of the creative fire
The tagle *hich is etirely belo* the level of cosciousess ca
be set right by beig *ith yourself4 the ‘I am’4 by *atchig
yourself i your daily life *ith alert iterest *ith the itetio to
uderstad rather tha to judge4 i full acceptace of *hatever may
emerge4 because it is there4 you ecourage the deep to come to the
surface ad erich your life ad cosciousess *ith its captive
eergies$ This is the great *or! of a*areessC it removes obstacles
ad releases eergies by uderstadig the ature of life ad mid$
Itelligece is the door to freedom ad alert attetio is the mother
of itelligece$
There must be love i the relatio bet*ee the perso *ho says ‘I
am’ ad the observer of the ‘I am’$ /s log as the observer4 the
ier selfC the ‘higher’ self cosiders himself apart from the
observed4 the ‘lo*er’ self4 despises it ad codems it4 the
situatio is hopeless$ It is oly *he the observer =‘vya!ta’>
accepts the perso =‘vya!ti’> as a projectio or maifestatio of
himself4 ad so to say4 ta!es the self ito the Self4 the duality of ‘I’
ad ‘this’ goes ad the idetity of the outer ad the ier4 the
Supreme (eality maifests itself$
There is o ‘I’ apart from the body or the *orld$ The three appear
ad disappear together$ /t the root is the sese ‘I am’$ Go beyod
it$ The idea ‘I8am8ot8body’ is merely a atidote to the idea ‘I8
am8the8body’4 *hich is false$ 1hat is that ‘I am’A Eless you
!o* yourself4 *hat else ca you !o*A
/ll hags o the idea ‘I am’$ F3amie it very thoroughly$ It lies at
the root of every trouble$ This ‘I am’ idea *as ot bor *ith you$
:ou could have lived very *ell *ithout it$ It came later due to your
self8idetificatio *ith the body$ It created a illusio of separatio
*here there *as oe$ It made you a strager i your o* *orld
alie ad iimical$ 1ithout the sese of ‘I am’ life goes o$ There
are momets *he *e are *ithout the sese of ‘I am’4 at peace ad
happy$ 1ith the retur of ‘I am’4 trouble starts$
It is because the ‘I am’ is false that it *ats to cotiue$ (eality
eed ot cotiue D !o*ig itself idestructible4 it is idifferet
to the destructio of forms ad e3pressios$ To stregthe ad
stabili7e the ‘I am’ *e do all sorts of thigs D all i vai for the ‘I
am’ is beig rebuilt from momet to momet$ No ambitio is
spiritual$ /ll ambitios are for the sa!e of ‘I am’$ If you *at to
ma!e real progress you must give up all ideas of persoal
1he I met my Guru4 he told me" ‘you are ot *hat you ta!e
yourself to be$ %id out *hat you are$ 1atch the sese ‘I am’4 fid
you real self’ I obeyed him because I trusted himC I did as he told
me$ /ll my spare time I *ould sped loo!ig at myself i silece$
/d *hat a differece it made4 ad ho* soo$ It too! me oly
three years to reali7e my true ature$ My Guru died soo after I
met him4 but it made o differece$ I remembered *hat he told me
ad persevered$ The fruit of it is here4 *ith me$
/ll directios are *ithi the mid$ I am ot as!ig you to loo! i
ay particular directio$ &ust loo! a*ay from all that happes i
your mid ad brig it to the feelig ‘I am’$ The ‘I am’ is ot a
directio$ It is the egatio of all directios$ Eltimately eve the ‘I
am’ *ill have to go for you eed ot !eep assertig *hat is
obvious$ 5rigig the mid to the feelig ‘I am’ merely helps
turig the mid a*ay from everythig else$
Tirelessly I dra* your attetio to the oe icotrovertible factor D
that of beig$ 5eig eeds o proofs D it proves itself$ If oly you
go deep ito the fact of beig ad discover the vastess ad the
glory4 to *hich the ‘I am’ is the door4 ad cross the door ad go
beyod4 your life *ill be full of happiess ad light$ 5elieve meC
the effort eeded is as othig *he compared *ith the discoveries
arrived at$
Bold o to the sese ‘I am’ to the e3clusio of everythig else$
1he this mid becomes completely silet4 it shies *ith a e*
light ad vibrates *ith e* !o*ledge$ It all comes spotaeouslyC
you eed oly to hold o to the ‘I am’$
5egi *ith feelig ‘I am’$ /ll else is either true or false4 it seems
real *he it appears4 it disappears *he it is deied$ / trasiet
thig is a mystery$ The real is simple4 ope4 clear ad !id4
beautiful ad joyous$ It is completely free of cotradictios$ It is
ever8e*4 ever8fresh4 ad edlessly creative$ 5eig ad o8beig4
life ad death4 all distictios merge i it$
The teacher tells the *atcher you are ot thisC there is othig
yours i this4 e3cept the poit of ‘I am’4 *hich is the bridge
bet*ee the *atcher ad his dream$ ‘I am this’4 ‘I am that’ is a
dream4 *hile pure ‘I am’ has the stamp of reality o it$ :ou have
tasted so may thigs D all came to aught$ 2ly the sese ‘I am’
persisted D uchaged$ Stay *ith the chageless amog the
chageful4 util you are able to go beyod$
%irst you create a *orld4 the the ‘I am’ becomes a perso4 *ho is
ot happy for various reasos$ Be goes out i search of happiess4
meets a Guru *ho tells him ‘:ou are ot a perso4 fid out *ho
you are’$ Be does it ad goes beyod$
Be *ho is beyod time D is the u8ameable$ / glo*ig ember
moved roud ad roud quic!ly eough appears as a glo*ig
circle$ 1he the movemet ceases4 the ember remais$ Similarly4
the ‘I am’ i movemet creates the *orld$ The ‘I am’ at peace
becomes the /bsolute$
Immortality is freedom from the feelig" ‘I am’$ :et it is ot
e3tictio$ 2 the cotrary4 it is a state ifiitely more real4 a*are
ad happy tha you ca possibly thi! of$ 2ly self8cosciousess
is o more$ 1ho *ould remai eve to say ‘I am the *itess’A
1he there is o ‘I am’4 *here is the *itessA I the timeless state
there o self to ta!e refuge i$
The *itess is both ureal ad real$ The last remat of the
illusio4 the first touch of the real$ To say" I am oly the *itess is
both false ad true4 false because of the ‘I am’4 true because of the
*itess$ It is better to say" ‘there is *itessig’$ The momet you
say ‘I am’4 the etire uiverse comes ito beig alog *ith its
Trust the teacher$ Ta!e my case$ My Guru ordered me to atted to
the sese ‘I am’ ad to give attetio to othig else$ I just obeyed$
I did ot follo* ay particular course of breathig or meditatio4 or
study of scriptures$ 1hatever happeed I *ould tur a*ay my
attetio from it ad remai *ith the sese ‘I am’4 it may loo! too
simple4 eve crude$ My oly reaso for doig it *as that my Guru
told me so$ :et it *or!edH 2bediece is a po*erful solvet of all
desires ad fears$
Ioo! at the ‘I am’ as a sig of love bet*ee the ier ad the outer4
the real ad the appearace$ &ust li!e i a dream all is differet4
e3cept the sese of ‘I’4 *hich eables you to say ‘I dreamt’4 so
does the sese of ‘I am’ eable you to say4 ‘I am my real Self
agai$ I do othig or is aythig doe to me$ I am *hat I am ad
othig ca affect me$ I appear to deped o everythig4 but i fact
all depeds o me’$
I the immesity of cosciousess a light appears4 a tiy poit that
moves rapidly ad traces shapes4 thoughts ad feeligs4 cocepts
ad ideas4 li!e a pe *ritig o paper$ /d the i! that leaves a
trace is memory$ :ou are that tiy poit ad by your movemet the
*orld is ever re8created$ Stop movig ad there *ill be o *orld$
Ioo! *ithi ad you *ill fid that the poit of light is the
reflectio of the immesity of light i the body as the sese ‘I am’$
There is oly light all else appears$
To be the poit of light =reflected as the sese ‘I am’> tracig the
*orld is ‘turiya’$ To be the light itself is ‘turiyatita’$ 5ut of *hat
use are ames *he reality is so earA
The sese of ‘I am’ is both ureal ad real$ Ereal *he I say ‘I
am this or that’$ It is real *he *e mea ‘I am ot this or that’$
The ‘I am’ ad the *itess are ot oe4 but *ithout oe the other
caot be$
Give your heart ad mid to broodig over the ‘I am’4 *hat is it4
ho* is it4 *hat is its source4 its life4 its meaig$ It is very much
li!e diggig a *ell$ :ou reject all that is ot *ater4 till you reach
the life8givig sprig$
The *itess ad cosciousess appear ad disappear together$ The
*itess or the sese ‘I am’ too is trasiet but is give importace
to brea! the spell of the !o*C the illusio that oly the
perceivable is real$ )resetly for you perceptio is primary ad
*itessig secodary4 revert it to ma!e *itessig primary ad
perceptio secodary =The ‘I am’ is just a device to revert>$

Ioo! at yourself steadily D it is eough$ The door that loc!s you i
is also the door that lets you out$ The ‘I am’ is the door$ Stay at it
util it opes$ /s a matter of fact4 it is ope4 oly you are ot at it$
:ou are *aitig at the o8e3istet paited doors4 *hich *ill ever
6eep the ‘I am’ i the focus of a*areess4 remember that you
‘are’4 *atch yourself ceaselessly ad the ucoscious *ill flo*
ito the coscious *ithout ay special effort o your part$ The
perso merges ito the *itess4 the *itess ito a*areess4
a*areess ito pure beig4 yet idetity is ot lost4 oly its
limitatios are lost$ It is trasfigured ad becomes the real Self4 the
‘sadguru’4 the eteral fried ad guide$ To go deeper4 meditatio is
essetial4 the strivig to go beyod the states of sleep4 dream ad
*a!ig$ I the begiig the attempts are irregular4 the recur
more ofte4 become regular4 the cotiuous ad itese4 util all
obstacles are coquered$
/ll that happes4 happes i ad to the mid4 ot to the source of
the ‘I am’$ 2ce you reali7e that all happes by itself =call it
destiy or the *ill of God or mere accidet>4 you remai as *itess
oly4 uderstadig ad ejoyig4 but ot perturbed$
5efore you ca say ‘I am’4 you must be there to say it$ 5eig eed
ot be self8coscious$ :ou eed ot !o* to be4 but you must ‘be’
to !o*$
The subtle body is created *ith the emergece of the ‘I am’ idea$
The t*o are oe$ It is mometary$ (eal *he preset4 ureal *he
over$ 9all it empirical4 or actual4 or factual$ It is the reality of
immediate e3periece4 here ad o*4 *hich caot be deied$
:ou ca questio the descriptio ad the meaig4 but ot the
evet itself$ 5eig ad o8beig alterate ad their reality is
mometary$ The immutable reality lies beyod space ad time$
(eali7e the mometariess of beig ad o8beig ad be free
from both$
The ‘I am’ is at the root of all appearace ad the permaet li! i
the successio of evets that *e call lifeC but I am beyod the ‘I
/ll the glories *ill come *ith mere d*ellig o the feelig ‘I am’$
It is the simple that is certai4 ot the complicated$ Someho*4
people do ot trust the simple4 the easy4 the al*ays available$ 1hy
ot give a hoest trial to *hat I sayA It may loo! very small ad
isigificat4 but it is li!e a seed that gro*s ito a mighty tree$
Give yourself a chace$
I *as taught to give attetio to my sese of ‘I am’ ad I foud it
supremely effective$ Therefore4 I ca spea! of it *ith full
cofidece$ 5ut ofte people come *ith bodies4 brais ad mids
so mishadled4 perverted ad *ea! that the state of formless
attetio is beyod them$ I such cases some simpler to!e of
earestess =li!e repeatig a ‘matra’> is appropriate$ /fter all it is
the earestess that is idispesable4 the crucial factor$ ‘Sadhaa’ is
oly a vessel ad it must be filled to be brim *ith earestess4
*hich is but love i actio$ %or othig ca be doe *ithout love$
Delve deeply ito the sese ‘I am’ ad you surely discover that the
perceivig ceter is uiversal4 as uiversal as the light that
illumies the *orld$ /ll that happes i the uiverse happes to
you4 the silet *itess$ 2 the other had4 *hatever is doe4 is
doe by you4 the uiversal ad ie3haustible eergy$
Theoretically you al*ays have a chace for self8reali7atio$ I
practice a situatio must arise4 *he all the factors ecessary for
self8reali7atio are preset$ This eed ot discourage you$ :our
d*ellig o the fact of ‘I am’ *ill soo create aother chace$ %or
attitude attracts opportuity$ /ll you !o* is secod8had$ 2ly ‘I
am’ is first8had ad eeds o proofs$ Stay *ith it$
:ou have to go *ithi$ 1hatever great thigs have happeed i
ature4 ho*ever po*erful4 still they disappear right here$ These
situatios appear ad disappear$ This is actually abstract4 *hat is
solid here is the !o*ledge ’I am’$ The see ad seeig4 disappear$
I tell this oly to those *ho are prepared to liste$ 1hatever
appears is boud to disappear$
The greatest appearace is the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ It is ivisible
before the birth ad after the death of the body4 ad *hile it is
visible it is a solid thig$ May great sages have appeared ad
disappeared because of the po*erful seed ‘I am’$
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is time boud4 all your !o*ledge sprouts
from the cocept that you are$ This ifiitesimal seed cotais the
uiverse$ :ou miss the poitC you do ot uderstad me properly$
This priciple ‘I am’ I am tellig you about agai ad agai$ /ll
questios *ill be over oce you solve the riddle of ‘I am’$
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is the soul of the etire *orld$ The *itess
of the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is prior to the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ Try to
uderstad yourself as you are4 do ot add ay qualificatios$
The ‘I am’ is the sum total of everythig you perceive$ It appears
spotaeously ad disappears4 it has o d*ellig place$ It is li!e a
dream *orld$ Do ot try to be somethig4 eve a spiritual perso$
:ou are the maifested$ The tree is already there i the seed$ Such
is the ‘I am’$ &ust see it as it is$
:ou are separate from ‘I am’$ ‘I am’ is itself a illusio$ The
!o*ledge ‘I am’ ad the *orld are tric!s of Maya$ There is o
substace i them$ There are o *ords actuallyC you spea! *ords
for your satisfactio$
The ‘I amess’ is pulsatig ‘I am4 I am’$ The feelig of ‘I amess’
is there because of the essece of the food body ad vital breath4
*he these are goe the pulsatio of ‘I amess’ *ill ot be there$
5eigess goes ito o8beigess$
5ecause of the !o*ledge ‘I am’ *e coduct all activities$ I the
morig *he you *a!e up you get the first guaraty4 that
covictio of ‘I am’$ The because you are ot i a positio to
sustai or tolerate that ‘I amess’ you bestir yourself$ :ou get up
ad move aroud here ad there ad the activity starts$

That attetio of ‘I amess’ is al*ays there i the *a!ig state4 but
*e are ot alert to *atch it$ There is o other attetio to be
follo*ed$ 5e attetive to that attetio ‘I am’$
Deal *ith the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ This ‘I amess’ is there first4 is’t
itA D )rimary$ That ‘I’ must be there before you receive this
sic!ess of ‘sams!ara’ =obstacles>$ Iitially you have to uderstad
that the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is a product of the food essece$ 1he
you !o* that you are4 the *orld also is$
The Guru4 God4 ad your o* !o*ledge D these three are oe$ If
you !o* that4 you become quiet$ Guru meas !o*ledge ad
!o*ledge meas ‘I am’$ The ‘I amess’ is itself the Guru$
That state i *hich you *ere before you acquired this !o*ledge
‘I am’ is the real state$ 2ly after you got this !o*ledge you
idetified *ith the body8mid$ 1hatever you have acquired4
icludig the body8mid4 that *ill go4 ad it is useless4 ad that is
that$ 5ut your origial state4 before you acquired the body4 is the
Truth4 is the (eal state4 ad it *ill remai$
The begiig ad the ed of this uderstadig is the !o*ledge
‘I am’$ The begiig of cocepts started *ith the primary cocept
‘I am’$ Bavig *adered through all the cocepts4 ad rejected
them4 you have to get rid of this last or the first cocept$
To start *ith you have to be i that beigess or ‘I am’ *ithout the
body sese$ :ou feel that you are the body o* but *he you
abide i that beigess you *ill !o* the ho* you are *ithout
the body sese$ 5ut do’t forget4 at the same timeC that body ad
the vital breath are very ecessary$ 2ce you uderstad these
three etities correctly =body4 vital breath ad the message ‘I am’>4
the you are apart$
This !o*ledge ‘I am’ comes to you after your body is bor4 after
that the body of childhood gro*s o its o* ad becomes old$
1hat remais i the ed is oly oe thig ‘I am’$ So all through
life you have to remember to ivestigate *ho is this ‘I am’$
2ther*ise birth ad death *ill have o meaig for your
beigess4 because that beigess *ill also be dissolved after the
death of the body$
To uderstad more clearly ta!e the e3ample of the dream *orld$
:ou are i deep sleep ad suddely you feel ‘I am’ ad that ‘I
amess’ creates a dream *orld$ Similarly this maifest *orld is
created by that ‘I amess’$ :ou *ill reali7e this later i the search
for truth$ The last progress *ill be for you to trasced this ‘I
amess’ ad get stabili7ed i the ultimate$
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is the first igorace ad *hatever
!o*ledge you acquire *ith it is igorace$ Go bac! to the source
of your igorace$
1hatever is called God or Self is because there is the beigess4
the feelig that ‘I am’$ That is the fudametal priciple4 the basis
of all your !o*ledge4 but you are idetifyig yourself *ith the
1ith greatest iterest you get absorbed i your Self$ 5y givig
attetio oly to your ‘I’ cosciousess you ca reach it$ 1ithout
givig attetio to the body but to the sese ‘I am’$
The cosciousess that has come out of the five elemets4 through
the body4 is the quality of beigess4 the !o*ledge that ‘I am’$
That state of beigess *ill perish$ There is o ecessity for
follo*ig ay particular path4 everythig is the same$ Thi! of that
*hich is the ceter of the cosmosC do’t let your attetio stray i
ay *ay from the !o*ledge of beigess4 ‘I am’$ 6eep o
!o*ig that ‘I am’ ad through this isistece you *ill !o* the
state you *at to reach$
5efore this !o*ledge ‘I am’ appeared o you4 you *ere
absolutely uattached$ /s soo as this !o*ledge da*ed o you4
you became attached to everythig aroud you$ 2ly that false ‘I’
is attached$ Fverythig is just happeig ad that false ‘I’ is ta!ig
the credit for doig thigs$
/ll this coceptual cycle is created by you because you have the
cocept ‘I am’4 *hich you must eradicate yourself$ 1he you are
i deep sleep is there ay e3periece of pleasure ad pai or birth
ad deathA 1hat does that meaA It meas that the cocept ‘I am’
has vaished$
:ou must meditate o that ‘I am’ *ithout holdig o to the body
ad mid$ /s you ursed at your mother’s breast *he you *ere a
baby4 so must you urse at this ‘I am’4 the !o*ledge of your
beigess$ (emember ad meditate o this also ‘I have o fear4 I
am beyod fear’$ I am tellig you that this fear *ill gradually
lesse ad *ill go completely4 because I say so$ The medicie for
that fear is my *ord$
The /bsolute state does ot !o* itself4 but the /bsolute is offered
ad opportuity to uderstad itself through the food product4 the
‘I am’$ The very core of all atoms is permeated by that !o*ledge
‘I am’$ Fmbrace all the atoms of the uiverse *ith the feelig that
all of them have come iside us i the form of the !o*ledge ‘I
:ou are so used to support of cocepts that *he your cocepts
leave you4 although it is your true state4 you get frighteed ad try
to clig to them agai$ This is the meetig poit of that immaet
priciple ad the Fteral4 the borderlad$ 1hy is the itellect
pu77led hereA That beigess *hich you are e3periecig is
meltig a*ay$ 1he the cocept of ‘I am’ goes4 itellect also goes$
So the itellect gets that frighteig e3periece of ‘I am goig’$
1he you become oe *ith that !o*ledge you *ill reali7e that
the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is the very Guru of the uiverse$ Do’t ma!e
use of aythig e3cept the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ %orget everythig
else$ 9osider a magificet tree *ith may braches ad leaves$
Go to the root ad ot the braches$
The ‘I am’ cootes the three states4 *a!ig4 dream ad deep
sleep$ ‘I am’ meas that you are these three states4 *he these are
goe the memory is also goe$
The appearace of the primary cocept ‘I am’ is the begiig of
duality$ I started coutig *ith myself4 before this coutig starts$
That has o umber$ That is the /bsolute$ 1ith that little
movemet ‘I am’ this coutig started$
1hat you must *itess is ot your thoughts but the cosciousess
‘I am’$ Fverythig is a e3pressio of the ‘I am4’ but you are ot
thatC you are prior to the ‘I am’$
There is the true /*areess4 from *hich comes cosciousess4
*hich is your feelig ‘I am’4 be oe *ith your cosciousess ad
that is all that you ca do4 the Eltimate must come to you$ :ou ca
oly *atch *hat happes D there is othig you ca do to get it$
The Guru is the same all8pervadig cosciousess ‘I am’$ The Sat8
Guru has goe beyod all these cocepts4 icludig the primary
cocept ‘I am’$
There is o proprietor behid that feelig of a*areess$ It oly is4
it is beyod descriptio4 ad *ords caot be of ay use$ That is
the permaet state ad this maifestatio is oly its movemet$
Nobody becomes a ‘)arabrahma’4 obody ‘ca’ become a
‘)arabrahma’" It is$ 5efore the !o*ledge ‘I am’ appeared o
you4 that is ‘)arabrahma’$ If you revert properly4 the
cosciousess ‘I am’4 *ill disappear4 the there is o movemet$
1he you feel that you are separate from the feelig ‘I am’ is’t
there somethig or someoe *ho !o*s that there is a differeceA
%id out4 are you separate u!o*iglyA
/re *e all here because of our volitio to be bor or has this
!o*igess appeared i us u!o*iglyA This beigess has
come to you *ithout your !o*ledge4 but you are usig it
accordig to your o* volitio$ I *at to setece that ividuality
to death$ Is it ot justice that I proouce this seteceA So thi!
carefully$ The idividuality must go$ ‘)arabrahma’ is purest
justice ad Truth$
There are various types of charity4 but the greatest charity is the
reuciatio of the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ 1he you give that up you
escape birth ad death$ 1a!ig state represets activityC deep sleep
represets peace4 quiet$ 1he these t*o are preset it meas ‘I am’
is there4 but you the /bsolute are either the *a!ig state4 deep
sleep or the ‘I amess’$
1hat else is there e3cept the touch of ‘I am’A 1hy do you *orry
about discoverig Maya ad 5rahma ad all thatA Ederstad *hat
this priciple ‘I am’ is ad you are fiished$ That ‘I am’ is i
bodage because of cocepts$
I *at to ta!e you to that ‘I am’ cocept *hich is the last outpost of
illusio ad get rid of it$ Ederstad the quality of these cocepts$
1hat capital is available to youA 2ly the ‘I am’4 it is a product of
this five8elemetal food essece$ %irst you become the
cosciousess4 ad the you reali7e that you are the maifestatio$
The 5hagavad8Gita says that *e have five seses of !o*ledgeC
these are very subtle$ More subtle tha the seses is the mid4
subtler tha the mid is the itelligece4 ad subtler tha these is
the vital breath$ /d yet more subtle is ‘Be’4 the beigess4 the ‘I
:ou !o* you are sittig here$ 5e attetive to that !o*ledge oly$
&ust be i your beigess$ That !o*igess ‘I am’ has created the
etire uiverse$ Bold o to thatC othig has to be doe$ 2ce you
recogi7e that priciple it becomes traquil$ 5ecome oe *ith that
ad all your eeds *ill be satisfied$
I have bee very ope4 very e3plicit$ I’ve bee tellig you that you
are ot the body4 you are that !o*ledge oly ad that vital breath
is your coveyace4 a tool by *hich you carry out your activities4
ad the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is very subtle$ 5ecause of your
!o*ledge4 you are ad *orld is$
Do’t get ivolved i aythig4 stay i the cosciousess ‘I am’
ad do’t go o a itellectual bige agai$ 9osciousess idicates
to the cosciousess4 e3pouds the !o*ledgeC but you *ill ot
d*ell there4 you embrace the body$ The !o*ledge ‘I am’ tells the
!o*ledge about itself to the ‘I am’ oly$
:ou are *orryig because of the itellect4 but you have oly to
cotiue i that ‘I am’ *ith faith4 you have othig else to do$ :ou
are li!ely to miss that icidet if you try to use your itellect$ &ust
let it happe$ Bold o to the feelig ‘I am’C do’t pollute that state
by holdig o to the body sese$
Maya is the primary source of illusio$ /t that poit4 love for the
Self begis" ‘I am’4 the love to be$ Its e3pressio is all this
/fter deep sleep4 as soo as cosciousess da*s o you of ‘I am’
D that is the *itess$ 5efore that momet you did ot !o* that
you are4 there *as o *itess4 o !o*ledge of ‘I am’$
/s log as you idetify *ith the body8mid you are coditioed$
2ce you stabili7e i the !o*ledge ‘I am’ ucoditioally you are
the maifest ‘I amess’ D o more a idividual$ I the maifested
state of ‘I amess’ there is o questio of your doig4 because you
are o more a idividual$ 1hatever happes4 happes i your
cosciousess$ 1hatever happes through this4 you also !o* it
*ill happe4 but there is o questio of doig or beig aythig$
I the *omb that !o*igess is igorat of its e3istece4 the ‘I
am’ is ot preset but the ‘I am’ priciple is started there$ /ll
thigs happe u!o*igly4 but eve to uderstad that is very
difficult4 it is beyod our comprehesio$
The first film is *he that !o*igess appears o you$ I that
!o*ledge ‘I am’ all is cotaied$ 2ly i that film *he the film
started !o*ig itself4 ‘I am’C the you came to !o* all this$ Did
you !o* aythig beforeA
That !o*ledge ‘I am’ is bor out of love4 but the illusio has
ta!e such hold of it that love for the ‘I amess’ has goe ito the
bac!groud$ To stay *ith it has become icreasigly difficult$
1ithout the maifestatio the love *as total$
:ou are a ma because you idetify *ith the body$ If you do ot
idetify *ith the body4 *hat se3 are youA /fter leavig the body4
the vital breath ad the ‘I am’ merge ito the substratum$ The
*here is ma or *omaA
I my origial true state I have o form ad o thoughts$ I did’t
!o* I *as4 but suddely aother state appeared i *hich I had a
form ad thought4 ‘I am’$ Bo* did this appearA The oe *ho
e3plais ho* these appearaces have come about is the Sat8Guru$
:our first step is beigess" embrace the !o*ledge ‘I am’ be that$
I am tryig to spea! of my most itimate secrets$ &ust as the dream
*orld4 ucalled for4 has appeared ad you observe it4 similarly this
*orld4 ucalled for4 has appeared ad you are compelled to
observe it$ &ust observe$ Spotaeously4 u!o*igly4 your
beigess has appeared$ 6o*igly you do’t !o* ‘No* I am
goig to be’C oly after the formatio of ‘I amess’ do you !o* ‘I
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is the film4 the destiy$ %ially *hat is our
destiyA It is that birth chemical4 that film i *hich everythig is
recorded ad everythig is happeig$ 1here are ‘you’ i thisA
1hat do you mea by studyA That meas you are oly tryig to
remember the cocepts$ 1hat I am sayig is that you become
cocept8free$ )ut a a3 to the cocepts4 icludig the cocept ‘I
This !o*ledge ‘I am’ has appeared out of love ad that love
comes out of e3istece$ 1he this !o*ledge has da*ed o the
Self it is absolutely happy but after the child is t*o or three years
old4 gradually it gets ivolved i ‘I’ ad ‘mie’4 ad gradually he
loses hold of the joy ‘I am’$ The result of this ivolvemet is that
he comes to the coclusio that he *as bor ad is goig to die$
There is o separate God to propitiate ad get thigs doe
accordig to our *ill$ 1ithout doig aythig you have the
!o*ledge ‘I am’$ Immese courage4 heroism ad covictio that
‘you are’ D that is ‘Ish*ara4 that is you$ I am givig you
istructios regardig your ‘begiigless beig’ but you prefer to
be that mo!ey form$ :ou are ot prepared to leave that form$
The maifestatio of the dyamic immaet Spirit is i the form of
the gua =quality> ‘I am’C it uderstads itself as ‘I am’$ The this
gua ivolves itself i the activities i the *orld through the three
guas$ That is the quality$
‘I am’ is a quality4 a attribute4 idicatig beigess4 but the Self is
ot a quality$ %or that Eltimate Self o *orldly !o*ledge is
ecessary$ 1ords are ot called for$ 5ut for the susteace of this
beigess4 these *ords ad *orldly !o*ledge is ecessary$
:ou are depedat for your livig o the stregth of your body that
it gets from the food you eat ad the essece of this food ad food
body is this cosciousess ‘I am’$ :our beigess is *ithi you ot
some*here else$
I the traditioal vie* 5rahma is supposed to have created the
*orld4 Jishu to maitai it ad Shiva to destroy it$ Is ot this
5rahma *ho creates the *orld the same as the 5rahma8radhra
out of *hich the sese of ‘I am’ comesA 1ho is this 5rahma other
tha the ‘I amess’$
The sese of ‘I am’ is al*ays thereC oly *he it idetifies *ith the
body it is called the ego$
The message ‘I am’ does ot have ay form4 desig4 or color$ So
log as ‘I am’ is4 this e3periece of maifestatio is4 oce that ‘I
amess’ disappears there is o e3periece$ 2ce this message ‘I
am’ appears i isect4 aimal4 or huma beig4 immediately the
maifestatio occurs *ith that beigess$ Iside ad outside is full
of maifestatio$ These tal!s are ot for geeral cosumptio4 or
the masses$
The message ‘I am’ has o form4 it is oly a food cotaier$ It is
there4 it has meaig4 you caot perceive it4 observe it$ The
message ‘I am’ is time8boud$ The priciple to *hich ‘I am’ refers
is beyod time4 timeless4 eteral$
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is the same4 *hether it is a isect4 *orm4
huma beig or a avatar =beig of the highest order>C the basic
cosciousess is the same i all of these$
There is o reaso *hy this cosciousess came about4 but oce it
comes about4 it caot stad still4 cosciousess is the same as
movemet$ That movemet ta!es place through the three guas4
*hich are iheret i this !o*ledge ‘I am’$ /ll movemet ta!es
place through these guas ad this cosciousess !eeps o
‘Satva’ is oly the essece of the five elemets ad i that is the
!o*ledge ‘I am’$ /ll that is still of the five elemets4 so ho* did
this come aboutA The my Guru told me4 ‘this is *hat you are’4 the
*hole storyC so from my o* e3periece I !o* that it is all
My Guru poited out to me that origially I had othig to do *ith
all this ad all I have *ith *hich to solve this mystery of life is the
!o*ledge ‘I am’C *ithout that there is othig$ So I got hold of it4
as my Guru told me4 ad the I *ated to fid out ho* this body
aspect came about *ithout my !o*ledge ad ho* aloe o that
ay other !o*ledge come about4 ad that agai is a result of five
elemets$ Therefore4 *hatever aybody thi!s he has4 is sheer
igorace4 ad I !o* it from my o* e3periece$
If this is igorace4 the *here is my beigessA My beigess is
i a to* *hich is o8to*4 i a place *hich is o8place$ Bo* did
this come aboutA 5ecause of the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 *hich is
igorace$ Maya4 *hich came about suddely4 *ithout my as!ig$
2ce havig come about4 this Maya li!ed *hat it had created ad
it *ated that beigess to last for all time$ Maya embraced it *ith
such fierceess4 that4 at ay cost4 it *ats to prolog the e3istece
of that beigess as log as it ca$
The beigess4 the ‘I am’4 is merely a istrumet4 it is ot you$ It
is a istrumet of !o*ledge4 ad that great istrumet of
!o*ledge is called God4 *hich is the quality of the food essece$
2ut of that aloe you *ill be able to see everythig else$
2e *ho is completely rid of comig ad goig4 ad fially4 oe
*ho is completely rid of oe’s very o* cocept that ‘I am’4 is
completely liberated$
5rahma meas the emaatio of the *orld4 simultaeously
cofirmig that ‘I am’$ I this 5rahma everythig is illusio4 but
*ho uderstads thatA The priciple that uderstads4 reali7es4 ad
*itesses is the ‘)arabrahma’$ 1itessig happes to the
‘)arabrahma’$ I this maifest state everythig is ever chagig4
othig is permaet4 ad all is illusio$
1he you are i deep sleep ad you feel that you are a*a!e4 the
dream *orld appears simultaeously$ 1ith the ‘I am’4 the *orld
appears i the *a!ig ad dream states$
9ocepts come ito the sese of beig ‘I am’ because of the vital
breath that causes the mid flo*$ Mid meas *ords4 so thoughts
are there D they are the cocepts$ Ioo! at your root4 the child
cosciousess4 ad fiish it off$
It is oly durig the duratio of the beigess that the *orld ad
creatio is$ This po*er is the faith i the primordial cocept ‘I am’4
ad that is the cocept that *eaves the *eb of creatio$ The etire
maifestatio is a appearace i this cocept$
:ou must come to a firm decisio$ :ou must forget the thought that
you are the body ad be oly the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 *hich has o
form4 o ame$ &ust be$ 1he you stabili7e i that beigess it *ill
give all the !o*ledge ad all the secrets to you4 ad *he the
secrets are give to you4 you trasced the beigess4 ad you4 the
/bsolute *ill !o* that you are also ot the cosciousess$
Bavig gaied all this !o*ledge4 havig uderstood *hat is *hat4
a !id of quietude prevails4 a traquility$ 5eigess is trasceded4
but beigess is available$
2 my true4 *hole4 homogeous state just a small ripple appeared4
the e*s came4 ‘I am’$ That e*s made all the differece4 ad I
started !o*ig thisC but o* I have !o* my true state4 so I
uderstad my true state first4 ad the I uderstad that this ripple
is comig ad goig o my true state$ 1hile i your case4 you ta!e
iterest i the ripple ad do’t ta!e iterest i your true state$
The cosciousess that ‘I am’ has created4 ad sustais4 all the
*oders i the *orld for *hich me ta!e creditC o the other had
this cosciousess has o cotrol over itself$ The priciple out of
*hich you have sprouted has tremedous po*ers$ Iord 6risha
has said4 ‘:ou *orship me4 be devoted to me’4 this meas *hatA
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ *hich is id*ellig i you4 *orship that
Iord 6risha said ‘/ll are my e3pressios’$ This !o*ledge ‘I am’
i each species is myself$ The very life force D lumious4 bright4
radiat4 id*ellig priciple is myself$
1he you got yourself separated from the /bsolute *ith this
idetity ‘I am’4 you felt fragmeted4 isolated4 ad that is *hy your
demads started$ I the /bsolute there are o eeds4 oly the
/bsolute prevails$ The truth is total 5rahma oly4 othig else but
5rahma$ I a total 5rahma state arose the touch of beigess4 ‘I
am’4 ad *ith that4 separatio started4 otheress has come$ 5ut this
‘I amess’ is ot just a small priciple4 that itself is the
‘moolmaya’4 the primary illusio$
If you *at to remember this visit4 if you have love for me4
remember this ‘I am’ priciple ad *ithout the commad or
directio of this priciple4 do othig$
The ‘Maya’ is so po*erful that it gets you completely *rapped up
i it$ ‘Maya’ meas ‘I am’4 ‘I love to be’4 It has o idetity e3cept
love$ That !o*ledge of ‘I am’ is the greatest foe ad the greatest
fried$ /lthough it might be your greatest eemy4 if you propitiate
it properly4 it *ill tur aroud ad lead you to the highest state$
Death is cosidered to be a traumatic e3periece4 but uderstad
*hat happes$ That *hich has bee bor4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’4
*ill ed$ That !o*ledge4 *hich *as limited by this body4 *ill
the become ulimited4 so *hat is to be fearedA
That feelig of love must be uderstood ad the love *ill ufold
itself$ Iove for the Self4 this cosciousess4 ‘I am’4 those *ho have
uderstood this as the true love4 have themselves become love$ /ll
has merged i them$
This illess that I have got is ot separate from *hat e3ists as the
body4 breath ad the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ This is oe budle4 *hich
has bee createdC *hatever happes is cotaied i that budle$ I
have bee separate from it before coceptio4 ad *ill cotiue to
be separate from *hat has bee created$
1hat *as coceived has gro* physically4 ad some of the
e3pressios of this !o*ledge ‘I am’ have achieved tremedous
thigs$ /t the ed of the time spa the magificet persoalities4
ad *hatever they have achieved D both have disappeared4
ho*ever log the time4 there is a ed to it$
1hat is *rog is that you cosider yourself to be limited to this
body ad shape$ 1hat !o*ledge I try to give is give to the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ i each of you4 *hich is the same$ If you try to
get the !o*ledge as a idividual you *ill ever get it$
That ‘I am’ is a cocept4 is to be uderstood *hile the cocept is
there$ 2ce it merges i the origial state4 *ho =or *hat> is there
*ho *ats to !o*A The illusory etity has disappeared$
1hatever I am tellig you4 is ot the truth4 because it has come out
of this ‘I am’$ The truth is beyod e3pressio$ I am ta!ig you
agai ad agai to the source of the sprig$ 2ce you go to the
source you *ill come to !o* there is o *ater4 *ater is the e*s
‘I am’$
Ederstad that it is ot the idividual that has cosciousessC it is
the cosciousess *hich assumes iumerable forms$ That
somethig *hich is bor or *hich *ill die is purely imagiary$ It is
the child of a barre *oma$ I the absece of this basic cocept ‘I
am’4 there is o thought4 there is o cosciousess$
/y embodied perso *ith the !o*ledge ‘I am’ carries o his
activities i the *orld *ith the ame oly$ That ier core4 the ‘I
am’ has o shac!les$ 2ce it is uderstood that I am that ‘I am’
oly4 ad ot this shac!led form4 the o liberatio is called for4
that itself is liberatio$
I this spiritual hierarchy4 from the grossest to the subtlest4 you are
the subtlest$ Bo* ca this be reali7edA The very base is that you
do’t !o* you are4 ad suddely the feelig of ‘I amess’
appears$ The momet it appears you see space4 metal spaceC that
subtle s!y8li!e space4 stabili7e there$ :ou are that$ 1he you are
able to stabili7e i that space4 you are space oly$ 1he this space8
li!e idetity ‘I am’ disappears4 the space *ill also disappear4 there
is o space$ 1he that space8li!e ‘I am’ goes ito oblivio4 that is
the eteral state4 ‘irgua’4 o form4 o beigess$ /ctually4 *hat
did happe thereA This message ‘I am’ *as o message$ Dealig
*ith this aspect4 I caot tal! much because there is o scope to
put it i *ords$
Most essetial is that !o*ledge ‘I am’$ 9laim itC appropriate it as
your o*$ If that is ot there4 othig is$ 6o*ledge of all stages
*ill be obtaied oly *ith the aid of this !o*ledge ‘I am’ %rom
the /bsolute o8!o*ig state4 spotaeously this cosciousess ‘I
am’ has appeared D o reaso4 o cause$
This passig sho* maybe li!eed to the follo*ig situatio"
suppose I *as *ell all alog4 the suddely I *as sic! ad the
doctor gave me medicie$ /fter three days my fever *as goe$ So
this stage of fever for three days is the ‘I am’ cosciousess$
F3actly li!e that D a passig sho*4 a time8boud state$
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is ot a thought but observes thought$ The
iermost4 subtlest priciple is that ga*ig priciple ‘I am4 I am’
*ithout *ords4 by *hich you !o* you are$ It has o form or
imageC it is oly beigess4 the love to be$
The ‘I am’ ad the /bsolute are ot t*o$ I the /bsolute the ‘I
amess’ comes ad the the e3periece ta!es place$ 1hatever is
happeig4 from the /bsolute stadpoit4 *ithout the !o*ledge ‘I
am’4 is very profoud4 ulimited4 ad e3pasive
Ivestigate that cocept ‘I am$’ I the process of tryig to fid out
your idetity or this spiritual search4 all *ill happe i the realm of
this cosciousess$ :ou fially stumble o4 or culmiate ito the
/bsolute ‘)arabrahma’ state4 *hich is desireless$
5efore the idea ‘I am’ sprouted4 you are4 but you do’t !o* you
are$ Subsequet to that there have bee may happeigs *ith
*hich you have started decoratig yourself$ :ou try to derive the
meaig of yourself out of subsequet *ords4 happeigs4 ad the
meaig of *ordsKthat is ot youKgive it up$ :ou are prior to the
idea ‘I am’$ 9amp yourself there4 prior to the *ords ‘I am’$
%rom deep sleep to the *a!ig state4 *hat is itA It is the ‘I am’ state
*ith o *ords4 later the *ords start flo*ig ad you get ivolved
*ith the meaig of the *ords ad carry out your *orldly life *ith
the meaig of those *ords D that is the mid$ 5ut before the ‘I
am’ ad *a!ig state4 that borderlie4 there you have to be$
/t most I *ould say ‘you *orship that ‘I am’ priciple4 be oe
*ith it ad that *ould disclose all the !o*ledge’$ That’s all I *ill
say4 but the subtlest part is this4 from deep sleep to *a!ig state$ To
abide i that you must have a itesely peaceful state$ I that state
*itessig of the *a!ig state happes$ :ou must go to that limit4
but it is very difficult$
If you have regard for me remember my *ords$ The !o*ledge ‘I
am’ is the greatest God4 the Guru4 be oe *ith that4 be itimate
*ith it$ That itself *ill bless you *ith all the !o*ledge relevat
for you i the proliferatio of that !o*ledge4 it *ill lead you to
the state *hich is eteral$
1hat is this !o*igessA It is the stamp or registratio of the
boo!ig ‘I am’$ :ou are boo!ig a flat4 *hich is uder costructio
but *here is the flatA It is oly the boo!ig$ Similarly this ‘I am’ is
oly boo!ig4 it represets your /bsolute state$
Discrimiatio is very ecessary to uderstad *hat I am sayig$ It
is oly after the arrival of cosciousess that *e try to uderstad
ourselves$ 9osciousess is the so8called birth4 birth meas the
three aspects" *a!ig state4 deep sleep ad the !o*ledge ‘I am’$
2ce I uderstad *hat this birth is4 the the *hole mystery is
solved$ Sice I have thoroughly !o* *hat this birth priciple is4
I *ill !o* very *ell at that happeig of so8called death$ I shall
observe the departure of the vital breath4 the laguage ad the ‘I
amessL4 there is o questio of death$
1ho is goig to give you eteral peaceA It is oly the su4 the ‘I
am’$ If you embrace that Self8effulget su everythig else *ill go4
but you *ill prevail eterally$
/ll your e3perieces ad visios deped o your !o*ledge ‘I am’
ad this itself is goig to dissolve$ %or this !o*ledge there are o
customers4 o devotees4 because they *at somethig cocrete i
their had4 but *he your !o*igess itself is goig to dissolve4
is it possible to hold o to somethigA
:ou live i the house but the house is ot yourself$ Similarly the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ is i the body4 but it is ot the body$ 1he the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ is ot there do you perceive or observe aythigA
6o*igess is !o*ledge ad o8!o*igess is also
!o*ledge4 but it has o form$ 9all that !o*ledge ‘I am’ as your
SelfC do’t call the body as !o*ledge$ The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is
the primary God4 meditate o that oly$
/ll those praises sug by the ‘Jedas’ are oly for that tiy little
pich ‘I am’$ The momet you start ma!ig a desig of that ‘I
amess’ you are gettig ito deep *aters$ This icese holder is
silverC you have the !o*ledge that it is silver$ 1hat is the shape4
color4 or desig of that !o*ledgeA If all !o*ledge is formless4
could there be a form4 desig or color to the !o*ledge ‘I am’A
9ould it be subject to si or meritA
I ever see! aythig from aybody else$ 1hatever I *at to get4 I
get it out of my o* beig4 I *orship that very priciple ‘I am’ ad
demad *hat I *at out of thatC because of that all these thigs are
I this process you4 as a idividual4 are ot left at all$ Try to
uderstad that ‘I am’ is a product of the ‘sat*a gua’4 food
essece product$ 1he you thro* out all the cocepts4 icludig
your primary cocept =‘I am’>4 the *hatever is4 is$ Stay put i
/ll this profoud tal! is othig but metal etertaimet$ /s you
go further ito spirituality you *ill reali7e that ‘I am’ is the very
God or soul of a ifiite umber of uiverses4 but the ‘I am’ is
agai etertaimet$ /ll my tal!s are coceptual etertaimet$
I the first fe* years the primary cocept ‘I am’ *as there4 but i a
dormat coditio$ Iater o it started !o*ig itself$ The ‘jai’
state is li!e the child4 *he the child did ot !o* itself$ The
apparatus through *hich that !o*igess e3presses itself is o*
quite differet4 but the priciple is the same$
The *orld of ‘Maya’ is built up of cocepts oly$ I caot charge
the *orld *ith givig me the paiC the *hole cause of the pai is
the !o*igess ‘I am’$ 1he this !o*ledge *as ot there *as
there ay pai or pleasureA
/ll your momets of spirituality are based o the ‘I am the body’
idea$ This !o*ledge ‘I am’ is goig to remai for a short period$
This *ill be very clear to you *he you remai i your real
positio$ Etil the accept *hatever cocepts of spirituality you
li!e$ Etil you !o* your true state you *ill accept all the
hearsays because you do’t !o* the truth$
:ou must maitai this !o*ledge ‘I am’ i proper order$ /ll the
dirt4 *hich is ot the to*el4 should be removed$ Similarly ‘I am’ is
the tool through *hich you get all the !o*ledge$ :ou *orship that
‘I am’4 remove all the adulteratio4 the dirt$
That !o*igess aloe poits out all the dirt *hich is imposed o
it$ Fve the space is ot as pure as the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ Iately
the *orld is very pureC it is redered dirty because you idetify
*ith the body$ Sice you do ot recogi7e your ‘I amess’ i its
purity4 you refer to various boo!s ad saits to get a idetity$
To !o* these seses4 to uderstad these secrets4 you surreder to
that very priciple ‘I am’4 ad that cosciousess aloe *ill lead
you to this$ )resetly stabili7e i the cosciousess$ If you do’t do
that4 your very cocepts *ill be very dagerous to you D they *ill
throttle you to death$ The !o*ledge you are4 is the very source of
all eergy4 the source of all Gods4 of all types of !o*ledge$ This
is the simplest method4 you !o* you are4 just be there$
:ou came here ad I tal! to you but I am ot cocered *hether
you come or go$ I am totally idepedet$ I4 as the /bsolute4 do ot
eed the cosciousess$ Total idepedece is merely to apprehed
ad uderstad$ My apparet depedece is o this cosciousess
*hich says ‘I am’$ It is this setiece *hich eables me to perceive
you$ This cocept I did ot have but eve the I e3isted$ I *as
there before this cosciousess appeared$
1he did this process of observig startA It started *ith the arrival
of the *a!ig state4 deep sleep state ad the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 all
rolled ito oe ‘I am’$ This is !o* as birth$ 1ith the so8called
birth4 this triad has come4 ad *ith its arrival observatio started$
Fveryday it is goig o$ The momet the ‘I amess’ comes it is
beig used for e3periecig4 observig etc$ )rior to the happeig
of this birth4 *here *as the ‘I amess’A It *as ot there$
:ou !o* you are$ 5ecause you !o* you are4 everythig is
happeig$ Go to that !o*ledge ‘I am’$ 1he you uderstad
*hat that ‘I amess’ is4 the the shell of mystery is bro!e$
)ose the questio from the stadpoit that you are oly the
!o*ledge ‘I am’$ The primary igorace is about our ‘I amess’C
*e have ta!e it as the Eltimate4 *hich is igorace$ 1e presume
that this cosciousess is the eteral4 the Eltimate4 *hich is the
mista!e$ This ‘I am’ priciple is there provided the *a!ig state
ad deep sleep are there$ I am ot the *a!ig state4 I am ot the
deep sleep D therefore I4 the /bsolute4 am ot that ‘I am’$ Ieave
aside this triad *hat are youA Ederstad clearly4 *he you !eep
aside the very istrumet of questioig4 *here is the questioA
1hich youA :ou have removed the ‘you’$
I repeatedly tell you that there is othig save this cosciousess4
the !o*ledge ‘I am’ D if you feel li!e *orshippig somethig4
*orship that4$ I am givig blessigs$ 5lessigs mea *hatA I am
givig cofidece ad courage$
9a ay of your cocepts grasp the total4 the EltimateA Bave you
uderstood that !o*ledge itself is igoraceA If it *ere real it
*ould have bee there eterally D it *ould ot have had a
begiig ad a ed$ No* the e3periece ‘I am’ is felt4 earlier
that e3periece *as ot$ 1he it *as ot4 o proof *as called for4
but oce it is4 lots of proof is required$
2e is the /bsolute4 t*o is cosciousess4 ad three is space$
1here there *as o !o*ledge ‘I am’ that is umber oe4 later o
there is the sese ‘I am’ that is umber t*o4 ad the there is space
D umber three$
Icrease the covictio that you are the formless cosciousess$
:ou develop your firm covictio that you are the total
maifestig uiversal cosciousess$ There is obody *ho ca
have the !o*ledge of the Truth4 the Fteral$ It is oe’s eteral true
state4 but is ot a !o*ledgeable state D you caot !o* It$ So8
called !o*ledge is boudless ad plety i the state of attributes4
‘I am’$ I this body is the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ 1he the body drops
do*4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’ *ill subside there oly D *hat remais
is the /bsolute$
5e oe *ith the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 the source of setiece4 the
beigess itself$ If you are see!ig that peace *hich is priceless4 it
ca oly be i establishig yourself i the cosciousess *ith
steadfast covictio$ 5y covictio I mea ever doubted4 firm4
usha!able4 ever *averig D have that !id of covictio i your
beigess$ Thi! of othig elseC pray to othig else4 ‘/tma
)rem’4 because of it everythig is$
I that body the ‘I am’ is tic!ig D that is the Guru$ :ou *orship
that ‘I am’ priciple ad surreder to that Guru ad that Guru *ill
give all the grace$ 1hat you call ‘I am’ ad birth4 you are ot that4
it is material$ The Eltimate !o*ledge does ot have ay
!o*ledge$ This !o*ledge ‘I am’ has appeared spotaeously4 as
a result of the body$ See it as it is4 uderstad it as it is$
This ‘I am’ is a cocept also4 is it otA /d you *at to hag o to
this cocept also$ This ‘I amess’ is ot goig to remai i your
associatio4 ad *he it goes4 everythig relatig to that ‘I amess’
goes$ 1he this is the state of affairs4 *hat is the use of tryig to
gai or assimilate !o*ledgeA :ou are stadig o a cocept ‘I
am’ ad tryig to pait that *ith aother cocept$
I have e3perieced all four !ids of speech ad trasceded them$
(arely *ill aybody follo* this hierarchy to stabili7e i the
cosciousess ad trasced cosciousess$ Startig from
‘Jai!hari’ =*ord>4 ormally *e liste to *ordsC from ‘Jai!hari’ *e
go to ‘Madhyama’ =mid8thought>C i *atchig the mid *e are i
‘)ashayati’ *here the cocept formatio ta!es place ad from
there to ‘)ara’ =‘I am’ *ithout *ords>4 ad fially from ‘)ara’ to
prior to cosciousess$ This is the lie to follo*4 but oly a rare
oe follo*s it D recedig4 reversig$
:ou must possess that cofirmatio that you are formless4
desigless ad ot oly rely o meditatio$ /l*ays isist o that
you are formless4 free ad ot coditioed$ :ou must hammer o
this costatlyC that is the practice$ :ou must have a strog
covictio that covictio meas practicig$ That covictio
meas ot oly ‘I am’ but it meas I am free from the ‘I am’ also$
Normally i the ame of spirituality4 !o*ledge is e3pouded$
6o*ledge is i the realm of five elemets ad it is tal!ed about as
real or ureal so log as the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is there4 it is a
product of the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ / ‘jai’ is that state from *hich
the *itessig of the !o*ledge ‘I am’ ta!es place$ I that ‘jai’
state there is o touch of ‘I amess’ =it is a quality8less state> ad it
is ot !o*ledge D !o*ledge meas ‘I amess’$
‘I am’ is oly a fe* letters$ Bas ayoe bee able to !eep this ‘I
am’ i his poc!et for all timeA If *hoever feels that ‘I am’ had
!o*ledge4 *ould he have cared to become this ‘I am’A No4 he
*ould have said ‘I do’t *at this cosciousess’$ :ou are ureal D
you !o* that you are D that is also ureal$ This sese of presece
is a utruth4 it is li!e a dream$
The ‘Iiga8deha’ is the seed4 the chemical4 the product of the five
elemetal esseces *hich give rise to ad sustai the
cosciousess ‘I am’$ &ust li!e the seed of a tree4 that seed latetly
cotais all future maifestatios ad e3pressios of the tree that
*ill sprout out of the seed$ :ou ta!e a foutai pe ad o the
paper you put a drop of i!4 so that drop is the ‘Iiga8deha’$ That
drop is the momet of coceptioC its e3pressio is the thought8
free state4 li!e space4 i the !o*igess state$ That ‘Iiga8deha’4
that little drop4 ad the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is the same$
It is ot importat *here you are4 oce you are established i the ‘I
am’$ It is li!e space D it either comes or goesC just as *he you
demolish the *alls of a buildig oly space remais$
If you do ot have the !o*ledge ‘I am’ *ho is goig to see!A :ou
must be4 oly the the search ca begi$ (emember the !o*ledge
‘I am’ D that aloe pervades everythig D be oly that ad give up
the rest$
/t the momet of death it is the culmiatio or termiatio of the
Self8e3periece4 ‘I am’$ /fter the termiatio of ‘I amess’ there is
o e3periece of !o*igess or ot !o*igess4 the
!o*igess is a quality of the material stuff$
/ll this !o*ledge has da*ed o me4 I am ot the !o*ledge$
The !o*ledge ‘I am’4 ad all its maifestatios4 are uderstood$
I uderstadig4 I am ot that$
To establish oeself firmly i the a*areess ‘I am’4 it is ot
ecessary to thi! ‘I am’4 ‘I am’$ Is it ecessary to thi! you are
sittig hereA :ou !o* that you are sittig here$ 1hatever ame
ad form there is belogs to that material ad that material is ot
you$ Do you aaly7e the problem ad *ith the firm covictio
decide that you are ot the materialA 1he the material
disitegrates *hat does the ame refer toA Does it have ay
sigificaceA 2ly oe i te millio goes to the cru3 of the
matter4 aaly7es *hat it is4 comes to a coclusio4 ad gets
liberated4 all by himself$ The oe *ho gets liberated is the
cosciousess4 there is o etity$
/s log as you are *earig this cocept ‘I am’ you *ill be
ivolved *ith all the cocepts$ 1he this cocept ‘I am’ departs
there *ill be o memory left that ‘I *as’ ad ‘I had’ those
e3periecesC the very memory *ill be erased$
/ll this process of commuicatio4 e3poudig4 etc$4 *ill go o so
log as this coscious presece is available4 ad all this is to
merely satisfy the cocept ‘I am’4 ad you the /bsolute4 are ot the
primary cocept ‘I am’$
That *hich you li!e most D is the ‘I am’4 the coscious presece D
but that is ot goig to last forever$ 1he the body drops off ad
the cosciousess is e3tiguished4 you eed to do othig$ 1ith
this uderstadig do *hat you li!e i the *orld$
The oly spiritual *ay to uderstadig you true ature is to fid
out the source of this cocept ‘I am’$ 5efore the sese of presece
arrived I *as i that state i *hich the cocept of time *as ever
there$ So *hat is borA It is the cocept of time4 ad that evet
*hich is birth4 livig4 ad death together costitute othig but
time4 duratio$
1he you are the space you are o more the body4 but *hatever is
cotaied i that space you are$ :ou are o* maifest D *hatever
is !o* D the space$ This space is !o* as ‘chida!ash’$ I
‘chida!ash this !o*igess is ‘I am’$ I the highest ‘)arama!ash’
there is o is or is ot4 It trasceds everythig$
The Guru tells you ‘Get rid of cocepts4 just be yourself’$ The
see!er havig uderstood *hat the Guru said gets rid of the
cocepts4 ad o*4 as the first step4 the see!er d*ells i the state ‘I
am’4 just beig$ %irst of all there is the !o*igess ‘I am’4
*ithout *ords4 *ith that !o*igess the *orld is$ No* *he the
see!er goes ito meditatio4 that !o*igess goes ito o8
!o*igess$ This is the highest state i the hierarchy *he the
body aspect is there because this !o*ig ad o8!o*ig are
aspects of the body4 ad body meas cosciousess4 ad i the
realm of cosciousess4 !o*igess ad o8!o*igess e3ist$
The /bsolute trasceds !o*igess ad o8!o*igess$ So4
o8!o*igess is the highest i the hierarchy of spirituality4 ad
the destiatio is the trascedece of !o*igess ad o8
:ou must !o* *hat this ‘I am’ priciple is$ It appears
spotaeously ad *ith its appearace begis the riddle of
coceptual life$
I deep sleep4 cosciousess *as i a dormat coditio4 there
*ere o bodies4 o cocepts4 ad o ecumbraces$ Epo the
arrival of this apparetly *a!eful state4 *ith the arrival of the
cocept ‘I am’4 the love of ‘I am’ *o!e up$ That itself is ‘Maya’4
The emergece of this beigess itself costitutes time$ Fverythig
is beigess4 but I4 the /bsolute4 am ot that$ I meditatio there
*as space4 *he suddely t*o forms appeared out of o8form4
‘)ra!riti’ ad ‘)urusha’ ad the quitessece of these forms *as
the !o*ledge ‘I am’$
There are o idividualsC there are oly food bodies *ith the
!o*ledge ‘I am’$ There is o differece bet*ee ad at4 huma
beig ad ‘Is*ara’ they are of the same quality$ The body of a at
is smallC a elephat’s is large$ The stregth is differet4 because of
si7e4 but the life8force is the same$ %or !o*ledge the body is
1he this beigess goes4 the /bsolute *ill ot !o* ‘I am’$
/ppearace ad disappearace4 birth ad death4 these are qualities
of beigessC they are ot your qualities$
1ho is tal!igA 1ho is *al!igA 1ho is sittigA These are the
e3pressios of the chemical ‘I am’$ /re you that chemicalA :ou
tal! about heave ad hell4 this Mahatma or that oe4 but ho*
about youA 1ho are youA :ou are ot this chemical ‘I am’$
Not a idividual but the !o*ledge ‘I am’ must go to its source$
2ut of the o8beig comes the beigess$ It comes as quietly as
t*ilightC just a feel of ‘I am’ ad the suddely the space is there$
I the space4 the movemet starts *ith the air4 the fire4 the *ater4
ad the earth$ /ll these five elemets are you oly$ 2ut of your
cosciousess all this has happeed$ There is o idividual$ There
is oly you4 the total fuctioig is you4 the cosciousess is you$
Eltimately oe must go beyod !o*ledge4 but the !o*ledge
must come4 ad !o*ledge ca come by costat meditatio$ 5y
meditatig4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’ gradually settles do* ad
merges *ith uiversal !o*ledge4 ad thereby becomes totally
free4 li!e the s!y or the space$ It is ot possible for you to acquire
!o*ledge4 you ‘are’ !o*ledge$ :ou are *hat you are see!ig$
Bo* amusig it is to see someoe *ho thi!s of himself as a
idividual4 *ho thi!s of himself as a doer or achiever$ 1hatever
is happeig ad the e3periecig of the happeig4 ta!es place i
this cosciousess *he the ‘I am’ arises$
Get to !o* that ‘I am’ *ithout *ords4 *hich arises i the
morig$ 6o*ig the Self4 abidig i the Self8!o*ledge4 is ot a
mere itellectual !o*ig$ :ou must be that4 ad you should ot
move a*ay from it$ (emai firm$
I the body the id*ellig priciple is the cosciousess$ /bidig
i the cosciousess4 it became all maifestatio$ No*
trascedece of the cosciousess has also occurred$ 1ith the
appearace of cosciousess4 the /bsolute !o*s it is4 ‘I am’$ This
is the e3periece$ There are other e3perieces o*4 i this time
factor4 but e3perieces are gradually droppig off4 icludig this
primary e3periece ‘I am’$ It is oly the cosciousess that is
goig to disappearC the /bsolute is al*ays there$
5ecause the ‘I am’ priciple is there4 it is movig all over$ To
recogi7e it4 you put o various uiforms i order to give it
idetity4 but the priciple is already there4 ad because of that
priciple you are egagig i various activities$ Eless you *ear
the uiform =the body> you *ill ot be able to coduct ay
activities$ 2ce you discard this ‘I amess’ uiform4 *hat remais
is the ‘)arabrahmaL$ That *hich is eterally curret is the
I this body is the subtle priciple ‘I am’4 that priciple *itesses
all this$ :ou are ot the *ords$ 1ords are the e3pressio of space4
they are ot yours$ Still further you are ot that ‘I am’
1he you bega !o*ig that you are4 you did a lot of mischief4
but *he the ‘I am’ is ot there4 there is o questio of mischief$
The ‘I am’ is abset oly i the state of ‘samadhi’4 *he the self
merges i the Self$ 2ther*ise it *ill be there$ I the state of a
reali7ed perso the ‘I am’ is there4 he just does’t give much
importace to it$ / ‘jai’ is ot guided by a cocept$
This body is li!e a istrumet that says ‘I am’4 li!e a aoucer$
)resetly you thi! you are the body8mid4 ad *hatever cocepts
you have gathered are flo*ig out$ 1he you begi spirituality4
you reject the body8mid *ith ‘I am ot that’$ The you come to
the ‘I am’ oly4 *ithout *ords$ The you are everythigC you are
ot cofied to the body$
The riddle of spirituality caot be solved by the itellect$ /t the
most4 your itellect ca provide you *ith livelihood$ 1hatever you
try to become4 that is ot you$ 5efore the *ords come out4 before
you say ‘I am’4 that is you$ :ou must be cocered *ith oly
yourself$ Do’t *orry about aybody else$ 1hat are youA
The capacity of cosciousess is somethig astoudig$ I did’t
!o* I *as4 ad the suddely I !e* ‘I am’$ This ‘I amess’ is
the po*er of ‘Maya’$
1hat is the most igraied habit you haveA It is to say ‘I am’$ This
is the root habit$ 1ords ad e3perieces are u*orthy of you$ This
habit of e3periecig *ill ot go util you reali7e that all this is the
domai of five elemets4 ad the e3perieces i the five elemets4
are ureal$ This ‘I amess’ itself is ureal$
:ou must give up the idetity *ith the body$ /bidace i that
!o*ledge ‘I am’ *hich does ot idetify *ith the body8mid is
the spiritual light$ Self8love ad ‘I am’ *ithout *ords are the same$
The sic!ess may come ad go4 but the self8love does ot go$
Etil you recogi7e ad completely idetify yourself *ith the
!o*ledge ‘I am’4 you *ill idetify *ith the body$ 1he oe
disidetifies *ith the body4 oe trasceds ot oly the body but
cosciousess as *ell4 sice cosciousess is a product of the
body$ The cosciousess o loger says ‘I am’4 ‘I am’$
1he you *ere ua*are of this message of ‘I am’ ho* did you
fuctioA The questio I put4 obody ca as*er$ /ll of your great
scholars4 people *ith a lot of !o*ledge4 have goe ito quietude$
That state of beig is commo to all4 *hich is the message ‘I am’
*ithout *ords$ 9hage is oly i the mid8flo*$ /ll the studies
you are doig are i the realm of mid8flo*$ The sese of ‘I am’ is
preset because of your birth4 through *hich you ecouter may
thoughts ad cocepts4 al*ays chagig$ )resetly the message ‘I
am’ is costat$
The body is ot you4 the ame is ot you$ The body is the food you
have cosumedC the taste of it is the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ That is Self4
the feelig ‘I am’4 that is the love to be$ Bo* ama7ig4 ho*
icredible4 it has o ame4 but you give may ames to it$ It is the
Self4 the love to be$ That love to be is all pervadig$ 5efore you
coceptuali7e aythig4 you are4 eve before the !o*igess4 you
:ou are afraid because you have assumed somethig as ‘I am’4
*hich actually you are ot$ Suppose you fid a diamod rig o
the road ad you poc!et it$ Sice it is ot yours4 a fear overcomes
you$ 1he you put o a idetity that is ot yours4 you are afraid4
but *he you are the pure ‘I amess’ oly4 there is o fear$
)resetly you are this ‘I am’4 but this ‘I am’ is ot the truth$
1hatever you are prior to the appearace of the ‘I am’4 that is your
real ature$
Do’t roam about4 do’t come here either$ /bide i the quietude4
peace4 stability$ Bere *e are ot egaged i ay buyig or sellig$
That !o*ledge ‘I am’4 *ithout cocepts4 is evo!ed or stimulated
by the cosciousess ad peace *hich emaate from this place$
:ou did ot have the cocept ‘I am’ i the course of the ie
moths i the *omb$ Ederstadig this state of affairs4 the
cocept ‘I am’ comes spotaeously ad goes spotaeously$
/ma7igly4 *he it appears4 it is accepted as real$ /ll subsequet
miscoceptios arise from the feelig of reality i the ‘I amess’$
Try to stabili7e i the primary cocept ‘I am’4 i order to lose that
ad *ith it all other cocepts$ 1hy am I totally freeA 5ecause I
have uderstood the ureality of that ‘I am’$
If you sit here quietly4 beig oe *ith the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 the
you are ot cocered *ith the *orld or *hat goes o i the *orld$
It is oly *he the cosciousess starts operatig ad there are
various movemets i the cosciousess that the behavior i the
*orld ta!es place$ 1he I am ot coscious of the e3istece of the
body4 e3perieces are ot registered$
The ‘mumu!shu4 is i !idergarte4 spiritually iclied4 but
idetifyig *ith the body8mid$ The ‘sadha!a’ is oe *ho has dis8
idetified *ith the body8mid$ / ‘siddha’ is oe *ho has stabili7ed
i the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 ad i the process4 has trasceded it$ I
this jourey you very *ell !o* *here you are$
The core of this cosciousess is !o*igess4 to !o* ‘I am’$ It
is ot a persoality4 ot a idividual$ It is total maifestatio$
5eigess is there4 it fills everythig$ Nevertheless4 this quality ‘I
am’ is the result of the material4 objective body$ I the seed the
*hole tree is latet$ I the droplet ‘I am’ all three *orlds are
squee7ed i$
The highest state is the state of a ‘jai’$ The first step is to be that
droplet =‘I am’>$ I the process of !o*ig that droplet4 you are out
of it4 ad that is a ‘jai’$ / ‘jai’ is ot obsessed by ay
calamities or ay problems4 because he has trasceded the ‘I am’
priciple$ Be *atches the play as a *itess$

The *hole uiverse is e3perieced i the cosciousess ‘I am’$ If
that is ot there4 *hat else ca ever e3istA This cosciousess is
beatig a drumC everyoe is carried a*ay by the oise of the drum$
1ho loo!s for the drummerA 1ho is soudig ad beatig the
drumA It is so ama7ig that o oe casts eve a glace at this spec!
of cosciousess$
The habit of cosiderig the Self as body has iflueced everybody
too much$
1orship the !o*ledge ‘I am’ as God4 as your Guru$ The
!o*ledge ‘I am’ is your Guru$ 5e i it$ Do you see the image of
yourself i the mirror first4 or do you !o* you are prior to thatA
1hich is firstA If you are ot4 ca you see your image i the
mirrorA Give up tryig to evaluate the real I or the couterfeit I4 but
associate *ith the ‘5rahma’4 I am the ‘5rahma’$
The letters ‘I am’ are *ritte spotaeously *ith a certai i!$
1hat is that i! *hich *as used to *rite that *hich you areA I
that i! *ith *hich the letters ‘I am’ *ere *ritte4 i that i! of the
title of ‘Tej Sesh 5hagava’ is cofirmed by the ‘Jedas’$ ‘Sesh’
meas the leftover4 the remais$ That ‘Tej Sesh 5hagava’ has
come spotaeously ad *ill spotaeously go$ The firm
covictio that I am this4 the three states D *a!ig state4 deep sleep
ad the !o*ledge ‘I am’ D are the aspects of that ‘Tej Sesh
5hagava’$ :ou are ot that$
The message ‘I am’ is there$ The mid flo* is also thereC it is ot a
persoality4 it is the cosciousess$ The very idea that you are the
body is ridiculousC the cosciousess is e3periecig its
maifestatio$ / rare beig *ill reali7e this$
The Eltimate you ca ever be lostC *hatever you have lost4 you
have lost oly *ords$ The Eltimate you !o*s or feels ‘I am’
*ithout *ords$ Through this ‘I am’ comes the *orld !o*ledge$
:ou are ot i isolatioC you are part ad parcel of the *orld
)resetly the feelig that you are is also memory$ To sustai that
memory of ‘I am’4 all these ra* materials are ecessary$ :ou are
ot that ‘I am’$ :ou are as the /bsolute4 prior to this ‘I am’$
2e caot see rays of light4 as suchC they reflect oly *he they
ecouter aother object$ Similarly ‘I amess’ is the iterruptio
because of these five elemets ad three ‘guas’$ That is *hy the
feelig ‘I am’ is feltC but *ithout the feelig of ‘I am’4 still you are$
Start *ith the body$ %rom the body you get the !o*ledge ‘I am’$
I this process you become more ad more subtle$ 1he you are i
a positio to *itess the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 you have reached the
highest$ I this *ay you must try to uderstad4 ad the seeds of
!o*ledge *ill sprout i you$
No* *hat is it that *e are cocered *ithA 1e are dealig *ith
the physical form4 *hich is made up of4 ad fed by4 the five
elemets$ I that form are operatig the life force =the vital breath>
ad this cosciousess that is4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’ or the sese of
beig4 the sese of e3istece$ The latter is the ‘setiece’4 *hich is
the gift of the cosciousess$
Fach of must say ‘I am’ ad reali7e it$ There is o ‘you’4 ad there
is o ‘me’4 as idividual etities$ Etil the ‘I am’ thought *as
there4 there *as o maifestatioC both came about simultaeously$
This !o*ledge ‘I am’4 this cosciousess4 has come out of the
prior state *he there *as o cosciousess$ The cosciousess is
a state *hich is o* *ith us ad because of *hich *e sufferC ad
before this cosciousess came4 a state prevailed *he *e *ere
ot coscious ad *hich *as a happy state$
Guru meas the ‘I amess’ itself4 *hich al*ays remids you ‘I
am’4 ‘I am’4 ‘I am’ D that is guru8guru8guru4 li!e the soud of a
motorcar startig$ It is a cotiuous remider that you are$
Is it ecessary that you should remember that you are =‘I am’>A
Spotaeously you !o* ad remember that you are$ That is *hy
you have come here4 have you otA It is because you are$ Stay put
I order to ot mista!ely hold o to somethig as ‘I am’ do’t
say I am this4 I am thatC just hold o to yourself4 you are4 just be$
&ust be ‘you are’$ Do you follo*A
:ou are the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ So if you *at to *orship4 *orship
that !o*ledge ‘I am’$ 5e devoted to that ‘I amess’ oly$ 1he
you do that4 other rituals become redudat ad useless$ %ially
*he you reali7e that everythig is useless4 everythig is
‘5rahma’4 it meas you are at the ‘)arabrahma’ level4 the
absolute level$ 1he at that level4 you *ill evisio everythig as
useless4 icludig the ‘5rahma’ because the ‘5rahma’ is also
reduced to illusio$ Therefore all these tal!s4 icludig my o*
*ill be reduced to illusio *he you reach the highest$
The oe *ho abides i that priciple by *hich he !o*s ‘I am’4 he
is the maifest$ Be abides i that maifest ‘5rahma’ all the
t*ety8four hours$ 1hether the body remais or ot4 that maifest
self8priciple al*ays remais$ :ou must cotiually remember4
‘che* the cud’4 that the !o*ledge ‘I am’ sigifies !o*ig all
gods4 all the ‘Jedas’4 it is the ‘5rahma’ oly$ :ou must
cotiually thi! about it4 ad should i the course of such
remiiscig4 the body drop off4 the4 that cosciousess *ill
defiitely be the highest$
:ou are sittig here" ‘you are’4 prior to *ords$ No* the hearsay
goes ‘I am’4 ‘I am’ meas the flo* of the mid has started$ No*
*hatever you say *ith that ‘I amess’4 through the mid about
‘you’4 you have represeted as yourself$ 5ut that is ot so$
The capital *e have is the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ 5ut *hat have *e
doeA 1e have haded over that !o*ledge to the body ad *e
say ‘I am the body’$ Thereby *e have reduced the totality4 the
limitless4 to the limited D a specified isigificat body$ /d that is
*hy4 beig uable to give up this associatio *ith the body4 *e are
afraid of dyig$
The vital force carries out all the activities$ The mid
commuicates4 ad the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is merely a *itessC this
is the actual state of affairs$ 5ut all these D that is4 food body
quitessece4 ad the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 the vital breath ad the
mid D these are all a temporary phase olyC so log as the food
essece is available4 the !o*igess *ill last$
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is the product of iteractio *ithi the five
elemetal state4 :ou are ot thatH :ou as the /bsolute4 are ot the
!o*ledge ‘I am’$
It is very simple$ The body ad i the bodyKit is li!e a coi$ 2
oe side4 you have the vital breath for ma!ig possible all activityC
ad o the other side is the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ 2ly *he the vital
breath is there4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is preset$ 1he the vital
breath leaves the body4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’ also disappears$ /d
both of these are the product of the food essece body$ I am ot
thatC this etire composite I am ot$ This you have to reali7e$
%id out *hy you are4 *hat is the cause of your beig ‘I am’A
/ctually you had o !o*ledge that you are or you *ere$ 5ut at
this momet4 you !o* you are$ 1hy is thatA Ederstad its cause$
:ou aloe !o* *hy you areC *hy is it offered to you that you are4
you aloe !o*$ Do’t as! ayoe else about it4 but iquire by
yourself$ Do’t bother about others4 *orry oly about yourself$
That !o*ledge ‘I am’ is the product of *hat4 is due to *hatA Bo*
ad *hyA Iquire oly ito this matter$
2ly that idividual *ho has lost his idividuality has merged *ith
the ‘)arabrahma’$ So the idividuality must go$ The etire *orld
moves o the basis of oe cocept4 ad that is ‘I am’ D the
fudametal cocept of oe’s idividuality$
Eltimately all these cocepts ca ad must be uderstood to be
false4 but the difficulty ad the essetial thig is to be coviced
that the origial basic cocept ‘I am’ itself is false$
The aim is to a*a!e yourself to the faith i the self4 ‘I am’$ That
is the etire purpose$ So *hatever is iductive to that developmet4
you may accept$ Suppose you have faith i a livig guru4 the4
accept a livig guru$ If you have faith i a guru *ho has left his
body4 accept that guru$
%irst of all4 this !o*igess appeared4 the !o*igess ‘I am’C
later o you embraced the body$ Bold o to this oly4 ad do’t as!
ay questios$ :ou came to !o* yourself4 ‘I am’4 to abide i that
itself is ‘bha!ti’4 the devotio$
5efore you occurred to yourself as ‘I am’C you *ere i the highest
state D the guru of the gurus D the ‘)arabrahma’ state$ Iater o
you started fillig up *ith all !ids of grosser matter ad you came
do* to the body sese D I am the body$ So4 all these impurities
have to be removed$ Etil the4 you have to stay put i the
:our fall started *ith the appearace of that beigess4 ‘I am’$
1ith the appearace of this !o*igess ‘I am’4 the e3t fall *as
embracig the body as ‘I am’$ /d the you gathered so may
thigs oto yourself$ Bold o to the state of !o*ig yourself as ‘I
am’ as the truth$ /ll other thigs you have gathered to yourself are
%rom the o8!o*ig state4 the first veil I too! *as that of ‘I am’4
that *as formless4 ameless$ 5ut I embraced the body" I got a form
for myselfC I got a ame for myself$ This *as the fall$ Therefore all
sages advise" Give up the shac!les of the bodyH ‘I am the body’ D
these are the shac!les$ Give them up$
This is o jo!e4 but you ca become ‘)arabrahma’ right o*$
2ly it is ot a commodity that you ca acquire$ :ou4 a hudred
years ago4 *ere the ‘)arabrahma’$ Give me all the iformatio
about that state of a hudred years bac!$ %ocus your attetio oly
o that cosciousess ‘I am’$ Do’t be led astray by all the so8
called spiritual disciplies ad rigmaroles$
1ho has the !o*ledge ‘I am’A Somebody i you !o*s the
!o*ledge ‘I am’4 *ho is itA It is very obvious that you !o* you
are4 but *hat or *ho is it that !o*s you areA
It is pure a*areess that !o*s ‘I am’$ 1ho ca uderstad that
illusory stateA ‘I amess’ is illusory oly$ It is ot a perfect state4 it
is illusio$ 1ho !o*s the illusioA / o8illusory state oly ca
!o* the illusory state$ 5ut *hat is the ecessity to say pure
a*areessA ‘/*areess’ meas pure$ Sice a*areess !o*s ‘I
am’4 it is otherC it is more tha ‘I am’$ That is the highestC there are
o gradatios i a*areess$ I the /bsolute4 the ‘)arabrahma’
state4 there is o questio of impure or pure a*areess$
:ou are ot the persoality or the idividual$ The quitessece of
this food4 *hich i tur is the outcome of the five8elemetal play4
is the taste ‘I am’$ ‘I am’ is ot a persoality or a idividual$ I am
addressig that priciple4 that touch of ‘I am’4 that cosciousess
*hich is the product of the food essece body$
Bo* ca you spea! or develop ay cocept uless the primary
cocept ‘I am’ is availableA This primary cocept begets further
cocepts4 that is4 all other cocepts occur to it$ Bo*ever4 *hatever
cocept occurs to you4 icludig the primary cocept ‘I am’4 is ot
the eteral state$
This primary cocept4 ‘I amess’ is dishoest4 because it is still a
cocept oly$ %ially oe has to trasced that also ad be i the
‘irvi!alpa’ state4 *hich meas the cocept8free state$ The you
have o cocept at all4 ot eve of ‘I am’$ I that state oe does ot
!o* that oe is$ This state is !o* as ‘)arabrahma’" ‘5rahma’
trasceded$ ‘5rahma’ is maifestC ‘)arabrahma’ is beyod that4
prior to thatC the /bsolute$ Do you uderstad *hat I am drivig
atA 1hatever you caught i your attetio4 that attetio should
evetually tur ito o8attetio$ The state that is fially left over
is /*areess4 ‘)arabrahma’$
1ith the arrival of the cosciousess4 it occurs to you that you areC
simultaeously4 ‘I am’ occurs to you or i your attetio$ So *he
the cosciousess is ot there4 attetio is also ot there$
Subsequet to the arrival of cosciousess ad attetio4
everythig else crept i$ The /bsolute state is prior to
cosciousessC it meas the ubor state$ Sice the ‘)arabrahma’
is the ubor state4 prior to cosciousess4 ca it have a iota of
Bo* ca you retai the pride that I am li!e thisA This ‘I am’
busiess depeds etirely o the food essece$ So ho* ca you
retai it perpetually D that I shall remai li!e this olyA To e3tract
ay essece4 *ater is very ecessary4 ad the *ater quality is
boud to dry up$
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is a primary cocept4 ad is also o8eteral$
The 2e4 the /bsolute4 *hich is eteral ad a*are4 *hy should he
*orry about aybody elseA
2ce you reject *hat you are ot4 *hatever fially remais4 the
leftover4 is yourself D your true ature$ )resetly4 *hatever you
!o* is ‘I am’4 this ‘I am’ is the product of the five elemets$ 2ut
of the elemets comes the food body ad because of the food body4
that ‘I amess’ is sustaied$ /d you are also ot that ‘I am’$ ‘I am’
is the taste4 the fragrace of this food body$ The ultimate ‘you’ has
o fragrace4 o taste4 o touch of ‘I amess’$
The scriptures say that *e have our ‘!arma’ ad our si ad that is
*hy *e are here4 but this is for the igorat masses$ 2e *ho has
reali7ed the self8!o*ledge ‘I am’ for him these stories are of o
The primary illusio is oly this !o*igess ‘I am’4 prior to that
there *as o illusio$ This very cosciousess is the source of
illusio$ This illusio or cosciousess or ‘I amess’ does ot
remai as somethig eteral$ It is liberatedC this o8eteral
cosciousess is liberated4 *he the !o*igess is trasformed
ito o8!o*igess4 that is liberatio$
To produce the source of the mid4 ‘I am’4 you must have the
igrediet of the five8elemetal juice$ If that is available4 the
sproutig of the mid ca begi *ith ‘I am’$ :ou !o* you are
before eve spea!ig the *ords ‘I am’$ Subsequet to the
!o*igess ‘I am’4 you say ‘I am’ by *ords$
/re you ot eve before you have spo!e the *ords ‘I am’A Stay
put there oly$ There begis your spirituality4 the foremost ‘you’4 ‘I
am’ *ithout *ords4 before the begiig of *ords$ 5e thereC out of
that gro*s the e3periece ‘I am’$ 1itessig happes to that
priciple *hich prior to your sayig the *ords ‘I am’$ There is o
such thig as deliberate *itessig$ 1itessig just happes4 by
:ou must aaly7e ‘death’4 the meaig of this commo parlace$
/t the time that death occurs4 the vital breath quits the body4
gradually leaves the body$ /t the same time as the vital breath4 the
mid ad the laguage also go out$ Simultaeously4 this quality of
‘I am’4 this ‘sattva8gua’4 the quality of beigess4 also departs or
goes ito oblivio$ 2ly I4 the /bsolute remais$ Stay put there
olyC othig happes to I4 the /bsolute$
Bere is a article before it came ito e3istece4 *hat *as its ameA
%rom o8beig ito the beig state4 ho* *as it observedA :ou just
felt that touch$ 5efore observig aythig *e feel the touch of ‘I
am’$ To reali7e that state prior to coceptio4 that eteral state4
*hatever that state is4 to abide i that is the highest$ No*4 for your
sa!e4 I attach a ame to it4 the ‘)arabrahma’ state D the /bsolute$
/ ‘jai’ !o*s that he has reali7ed *he he recogi7es his
!o*igess4 *hich is the sese of ‘I am’$ (ight here ad o* you
are i the reali7ed state$ 5ut you try to judge it through desires ad
mid8cocepts4 hece your iability to apperceive it ad abide i it$
I the ‘jai’ state4 there is o eed for aythig4 ot eve to !o*
oeself$ :ou are attached to the body8sesesC therefore eve though
you may attai a age of hudred years4 you still *ould crave for
more years$
2 the state of ‘o8beigess’4 the beigess appeared together
*ith maifestatio4 creatig a feelig as if ‘I am’C *ho that is4 is
ot importat4 oly ‘I am’ is importat$ The iitial hummig of the
beigess as ‘I am4 I am’ is the duality$ 5ut *ho accepts the
dualityA The ‘o8beigess’ accepts duality *ith the beigess$
The /bsolute ‘o8beig’ state4 by assumig the beig state4
becomes dual i maifestatio$
%irst you have *hat is called ‘atma8bhava’ D that is the ‘I am’
sese$ Iater4 this sese idetifies *ith the form of a body4 *he it
is called ‘aham8a!ar’4 the ‘I am’ form4 this is ego$ Fgo is ever a
title or ame4 but just a sese of ‘I am’ prior to *ords$ The *a!ig
state4 the sleep state ad the !o*igess ‘I am’ costitute a ego$
I the absece of these three states *hat do you thi! you areA
1hat *ould be the evidece of your e3isteceA
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is othig$ That !o*ledge is li!e a guestC it
comes ad goes$ :ou have come hereC you are very clever$ No*
*hat did happeA /ll the !o*ledge4 *hich you had collected
else*here ad brought here4 is redered useless ad redudat$ So
log as beigess is there4 all *orldly activities *ill go o$ 5ut you
o* reali7e that ‘:ou’ are either the activities i the beigess or
the beigess$ ‘:ou’ as the /bsolute4 are oe of these$
1ith the trascedece of the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 the /bsolute
prevails$ The state is called ‘)arabrahma’4 *hile the !o*ledge ‘I
am’ is termed 5rahma$ This !o*ledge ‘I am’ or the beigess is
illusio oly$ Therefore4 *he 5rahma is trasceded4 oly the
‘)arabrahma’ is4 i *hich there is ot eve a trace of the
!o*ledge ‘I am’$
%irst there *as o message ‘I am’ ad also there *as o *orld$
Istatly4 the message ‘I am’ ad this magificet *orld
materiali7ed out of ‘othigess’H Bo* ama7igH This message ‘I
am’ is othig other that the advertisemet of the Fteral Truth$
Bo* *as I i the absece of the message ‘I am’ D that is4 prior to
beigessA I provided you *ith the ame tags for that state$ These
titles are ‘)arabrahma’4 ‘)aramatma’ etc$C they are oly poiters
to the state4 but ot the state itself$ I the Eltimate they are
redudat4 e3traeous ad bogus$
The primary miracle is that I e3periece ‘I am’ ad the *orld$ )rior
to this e3periecig4 I abided i myself4 i my eteral /bsolute
state$ 1ithout my beigess D that is4 *ithout the message ‘I am’ D
my eteral /bsolute state oly prevails$
The eteral /bsolute state of mie prior to the beigess4 *he the
message ‘I am’ *as ot4 is supremely sigificat$ 1ho *ould have
*itessed the message ‘I am’4 if my priormost state of the ‘o8
beigess’ *as otA
If oe obtais ad relishes the ectar of the Iord’s feet4 the
‘chara8amrita’4 the mid ca be coquered$ This is called
‘maojaya’ D victory over the mid$ Bo*ever4 oly a true devotee4
a ‘bha!ta’4 a god4 ca obtai the ‘chara8amrita’$ 5ut *hat is its
relatioship *ith all beigsA It d*ells i the core of all beigs as
the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 the love ‘to be’4 the ‘chara8amrita’$
5ut ho* ca such a state be attaiedA 2ly if oe totally accepts
the !o*ledge ‘I am’ as oeself *ith full covictio ad faith ad
firmly believes i the dictum ‘I am that by *hich I !o* I am’$
This !o*ledge ‘I am’ is the ‘chara8amrita’$ 1hy is it called
‘amrita’ D the ectarA 5ecause it is said4 by dri!ig ectar oe
becomes immortal$ Thus a true devotee4 by abidig i the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ trasceds the e3periece of death ad attais
2ce you subside ito the cosciousess4 the factual state of
(eality shall be revealed to you *ith the !o*ledge that *ill
emaate out of you ituitively4 li!e sprig *ater$ This *ill eable
you to discer ot *hat is real ad ureal4 but4 most importatly4 to
reali7e *hat ‘I am’$ /d *ho could be that oeA Surely ot a
idividual *ho is trapped i the mid8shell4 but that oe is the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ D the cosciousess$
9osciousess is the sese of !o*igess ‘I am’ *ithout *ords4
ad it appeared u!o*igly ad usolicited$ 2ly i the realm of
!o*igess ‘I am’ D the cosciousess D ca a *orld be4 ad so
also a e3periece$ Bold o to this !o*igess ‘I am’ ad the
fout of !o*ledge *ill *ell up *ithi you4 revealig the mystery
of the EiverseC of your body ad psycheC of the play of the five
elemets4 the three ‘guas’ ad ‘pra!riti8purusha’C ad of
everythig else$ I the process of this revelatio4 your
idividualistic persoality cofied to the body shall e3pad ito
the maifested uiverse4 ad it *ill be reali7ed that you permeate
ad embrace the etire cosmos as your ‘body’ oly$ This is !o*
as the ‘)ure Super8!o*ledge’ D ‘Shuddhavijaa’$
No* comig to a very subtle situatio4 *hat is it i you that
uderstads this !o*ledge ‘you are’ D or from your stadpoit ‘I
am’ *ithout a ame4 title or *ordA Subside i that iermost ceter
ad *itess the !o*ledge ‘I am’ ad ‘just be’C this is the bliss of
beig D the ‘s*arupaada’$
)aths ad movemets caot trasport you ito (eality4 because
their fuctio is to emesh you *ithi the dimesios of
!o*ledge4 *hile the (eality prevails prior to it$ To apprehed
this4 you must stay put at the source of your creatio4 at the
begiig of the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ So log as you do ot achieve
this4 you *ill be etagled i the chais forged by your mid ad
get emeshed i those of others$
This true !o*ledge4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 is also redered the
status of ‘o8!o*ledge’ i the fial /bsolute state$ 1he oe is
established i this fial free state4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’ becomes
%or all beigs it is the same e3periece$ Farly morig4
immediately after *a!ig4 just the feelig ‘I am’ is felt iside or
the beigess happes4 ad therefore further *itessig of all else
happes$ The first *itessig is that of ‘I am’4 this primary
*itessig is the prerequisite for all further *itessig$ 5ut to
*hom is the *itessig occurrigA 2e that ever is4 eve *ithout
*a!ig4 to that ever8preset substratum the *itessig of the
*a!ig state happes$
/t preset4 ‘I am’ is i the beigess state$ 5ut4 *he I do ot have
the !o*igess of the ‘I am’ illusio4 the the ‘)oorabrahma’
or ‘)arabrahma’ state prevails$ I the absece of the touch of ‘I
amess’ I am the total complete4 ‘)oorabrahma’ state4 the
permaet state$ The borderlie of beigess ad o8beigess is
itellect8bogglig4 because the itellect subsides at that precise
locatio$ This borderlie is the ‘maha8yoga’$ :ou must be at that
borderlie4 that ‘maha8yoga’ state’$ :ou desced ito the ‘godo*’
of that state *hich has the title ‘birth’$
The sese that ‘you are’ is a big thig$ 1hat is most sigificat is
the fact that you remember your sese of beig4 subsequetly all
other thigs appear$ Farlier this memory ‘I am’ *as ot ad
suddely it appeared$ No* I e3poud o the spiritual tal! called
‘iroopaa’$ I Marathi the *ord ‘iroopaa’ is derived from the
*ord ‘iroopa’ =irope>4 *hich meas ‘message’$ Therefore4 to
deliver ay spiritual tal! that is ‘iroopaa’4 the primary message
‘I am’ must first be preset4 the *hatever esues from this
primary message *ill be the spiritual tal!$
This little cotaier of food essece is beig suc!ed by that
beigess4 ‘I am’ day ad ight$ The priciple that suc!s that
cotaier is ot the bodyC it is apart from the body$ This beigess
priciple d*ells i that food body itself$ &ust as the child suc!s o
the mother’s breast4 the beigess cosumes the body$
&ust as the salty taste is preset i the etire ocea4 the beigess or
the sese of ‘I am’ i the huma form has the iheret capacity to
be all8pervadig4 but havig beig coditioed D ad thereby
limited D itself to the body form4 it is iterested oly i protectig
ad preservig the body$
Bo* does oe recogi7e this ‘atma’A It is by uderstadig the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ D the ‘atma8jaa’$ &ust as space is all8pervadig4
so the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is all8pervadig4 limitless ad ifiite$
Bo* strage4 such a supreme priciple is treated as though it is a
bodyH /ll the sufferigs are due to this mista!e idetity$ If you
give the highest hoor due to it4 you *ill ot udergo either
sufferig or death$
To abide i the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is oe’s true religio D the
‘svadharma’$ 5ut istead of follo*ig it4 you opted to be
irreligious by submittig to the dictates of your cocepts4 *hich
led you to believe that you are a body$ This miscoceptio esured
oly the fear of death$
The fragrace or s*eetess of the food8essece body is the
!o*ledge ‘I am’$ It has o ame ad formC it is the ‘I love’ state4
the ‘I8taste’$ 5ut from your body8mid state4 you *ill go to
pilgrimages ad various gurus$ So log as the cosciousess is
there4 that hummig goes o4 ad *ho does the hummigA The
priciple *hich is hummig ad sayig4 ‘I am4 I am’ is itself your
‘&aa8yoga’ meas to iquire ho* this ‘I amess’ ad the *orld
came about$ To reali7e that ‘I amess’ ad the *orld are the same
is ‘jaa8yoga’$ Bere the !o*ledge ‘I am’ should subside i itself$
The primary occurrece is the remider ‘I am’ ad out of *hich
sprigs the laguage ad the tal!$ So4 *hat is this ‘I amess’A
(emember that it is i the primary remider ‘I am’ that the *hole
cosmos ad your body e3ist$ 1ho ad from *here is this sese of
beigA This has to be thoroughly ivestigated$ 1he this is doe4
*hile abidig ecessarily i the !o*ledge ‘I am’ D the sese of
beigess D a ama7ig revelatio *ill be made4 amely that from
your o* seed8beigess the *hole maifest uiverse is projected
icludig your body$ This supreme ad po*erful priciple4 though
beig itself *ithout form ad ame4 upo sesig ‘I am’ istatly
embraces the body ad mista!ely accepts this as its o*$ It cligs
to the body8idetity so quic!ly that the fact of its o* idepedet
e3istece is easily missed$
:ou are quite !o*ledgeableC o* uderstad thisC if you thi!
you are dyig4 it sho*s that you still idetify *ith your body ad
that your !o*ledge ‘I am’ has ot merged i itself4 *hich also
idicates that you have ot attaied ‘jaa8yoga’$ :our spiritual
!o*ledge therefore smac!s of impurity$ 1hile you are actually
the maifest !o*ledge ‘I am’4 you clig to a body as yourselfC
this is the impurity$’
Suppose a questio is as!ed of you4 *hat *ere you a hudred years
bac!A :ou *ould reply ‘I *as ot’$ That meas4 I *as ot li!e
‘this’4 that is ot li!e this preset ‘I am’$ 1ho =ad ho*> could =he>
say ‘I *as ot li!e this’A The oe *ho says this4 *as he ot thereA
The oe *ho *as prior to a hudred years *as ot li!e this preset
‘I am’4 but he *as ad is o*$
Do othig4 absolutely othigH &ust be4 be the !o*ledge ‘I am’
oly ad abide there$ To imbibe this4 meditate o beigess oly$
9atch hold of the !o*ledge ‘I am’ i meditatio$ I this process4
the reali7atio occurs that ‘I’ the /bsolute am ot the ‘gua’ ‘I
am’C therefore i meditatio othig is to be retaied i memory$
Nevertheless somethig *ill appear o the memory scree4 but be
ucocered4 just be4 do othig$ (efrai from graspig aythig
i meditatioC the momet you do4 otheress begis4 ad so does
duality$ Nothig is to be doe$ The all your riddles *ill be solved
ad dissolved$ ‘Moolmaya’ D that is4 the primary illusio D *ill
release her straglehold o you ad *ill get lost$
/t first ‘o oe’ is$ Istatly4 oe is4 ad the t*o$ The subject of
the tal! is" Bo* did these t*o reduce to oe4 ad fially to
othigA 2ut of othigess spotaeously the sese of beigess
is felt 8 this is oe$ Iater4 *he the sese of beigess !o*s ‘I
am’ duality begis$ The after the duality has arise4 the sese of
beig idetifies *ith the form4 ad so o$ /ctually to refer to the
sese of beig as ‘oe’4 is ot quite correct$ Sice i this state oly
the sese of beig prevails4 *here is the eed to say eve ‘oe’A
1ith the appearace of otheress =duality>4 both o$# ad o$;
appear simultaeously$ To say ‘somethig is’4 ‘I’ must be there
first$ If ‘I’ am ot4 I caot say ‘somethig is’$ So the fudametal
priciple of spirituality is that ‘I must be there4 before aythig
else ca be$ This ‘I’ is the beigess *hich if first$
1he you sit i deep meditatio4 your sese of beig is totally
ifused *ith the !o*ledge ‘I am’ oly$ I such a state it *ill be
revealed to you ituitively as to ho* ad *hy your sese of ‘I
amess’ emerged$ 9osciousess4 beigess4 sese of beig4 ‘I
amess’4 all are the same i you4 prior to emaatio of ay *ords$
This is a subtle poit4 so try to uderstad it clearly$ 1he I say ‘I
*as ot’ prior to coceptio4 the *hat I actually mea is that I
*as ot li!e this preset ‘I am’$ 5ut that ‘I’ *hich could discer
this must be there to judge the absece of the preset ‘I am’$
Shall *e call the !o*ledge ‘I am’ the guruA 5ut eve that
!o*ledge you are otH 6o*ledge ‘I am’ meas cosciousess4
God4 ‘Ish*ara’4 guru etc$ but you the /bsolute are ot that$
This is to be uderstood ad reali7ed that the ‘I am’ is eve before
the arisig of ay *ords ad questios i me$ )eople al*ays *at
a ame or cocept to idicate the state of ‘I am’ prior to *ords$
1he this is doe by givig it a ame4 li!e for e3ample 5rahma4
they feel satisfied$
5eigess ca act i the *orld oly *ith the aid of the body$ This
body is the quitessece of the five elemets4 ad the quitessece
of the body8essece is the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ The presidig
priciple of the *hole fuctioig is the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ This
!o*ledge ‘I am’ has to be correctly uderstood$
/ body maybe dar!4 fair4 tall or short4 but the id*ellig priciple
D *hich is the !o*ledge ‘I am’ D has o color or dimesio4 just
li!e the vital breath ad mid$ It is merely a ‘sese of presece’ a
feelig of effulgece$ /d mid fuctios li!e its vehicle or
medium for e3ecutig *orldly activities$
:ou should uderstad this clearly$ If oe thi!s oe is the body4
oe becomes a slave of mid ad suffers accordigly$ Therefore4
you should completely idetify yourself *ith the highest priciple
i you4 *hich is the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ This *ill elevate you to the
status of ‘brihaspati’ D the guru of gods$
1he the meditator forgets himself totally i meditatio4 it is
‘vishrati’ *hich meas complete rela3atio edig i total
forgetfuless$ This is the blissful state4 *here there is o eed for
*ords4 cocepts or eve the sese of ‘I am’$ The state does ot
!o* ‘it is’ ad is beyod happiess ad sufferig ad altogether
beyod *ordsC it is called the ‘)arabrahma’ D a o8e3perietial
5efore the emaatio of ay *ords4 ‘I’ already e3istC later I say
metally ‘I am’$ The *ord8free ad thought8free state is the
The !o*igess ‘I am’ is gradually felt by the child ad this is
follo*ed by the mid$ This ‘I amess’ or the feelig before the
formatio of the mid4 is the igorat8child8priciple4 termed the
‘bal!risha’ state$ This ‘bal!risha’ priciple has great potetial$
Bere ‘bal’ meas the food essece4 child8body4 ad ‘!risha’ meas
‘o8!o*ig’4 that is4 igorace$ 5ut it has the potetial to
receive4 respod ad react$ I am ot i this state4 the child
priciple4 ‘bal!risha’4 as I abide i the /bsolute$
/t preset you idetify yourself *ith your body ad mid$
Therefore4 i the iitial stages of your spiritual practice4 you should
reject the idetity by imbibig the priciple that ‘I am’ is the vital
breath ad the cosciousess oly ad ot the body ad mid$ I
the later stages4 the vital breath ad the cosciousess D that is the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ D merge i oe’s ultimate ature$
That ultimate state is !o* as ‘vishrati’4 *hich meas total rest4
complete rela3atio4 utter quietude etc$ The other meaig4 by
splittig the *ord4 *ould be4 ‘vishara =visra>8ati’ D forget yourself
i the ed$ That meas i the ultimate state4 ‘you8areess’ is totally
forgotte$ 1hether ‘I am’ or ‘I am ot’ both are forgotte$ This is
the highest type of rest D ‘parama8vishrati’$
1he I pleased my ‘I amess’ by uderstadig it4 oly the did I
come to !o* this ‘I amess’ ad i the process also discovered
that ‘I’ the /bsolute4 am ot that ‘I am’$ Stay put at oe place$
Bavig collected all the !o*ledge4 poder over it i seclusio$
:ou abide i that !o*ledge ‘I am’$ :ou should uderstad that
your destiatio is your o* self4 the ‘I am’$ It is the very source
of everythigC That ‘I am’ is to be reali7ed$ 5ecause ‘you are’4 the
cosciousess is$ 5efore you say ‘I am’ you already are$ ‘I am’ D
the *ord or the ‘I am’ feelig that you get iside you D is ot
eteral$ 5ut you are eteral ad aciet$
:ou have to stabili7e i your preset true ature4 ‘I am’$ /ll other
secodary ad redudat objects should be got rid of$ Do ot focus
you attetio o ay of these thigs$ The *hole process is to be i
your source$ /t preset4 *hat is your sourceA ‘I am’$ 9atch hold of
that ‘I amess’ ad be i it$ :ou have to reali7e your o* self$ :ou
must be at the borderlie bet*ee ‘I am’ ad ‘Not8‘I am’$
1he that *itess itself4 *hich is ‘I am’4 subsides4 *hat remaisA
1ith the *itess goe4 all other thigs have disappeared too$ 5y
the same to!e upo the arisig of the ‘I am’4 the *hole
maifestatio ta!es placeC these t*o are ot separate4 they are oe4
‘I am’ is the *itess4 the etire maifest *orld is because of this$
1he ‘I am’ arises4 everythig appearsC *he ‘I am’ subsides
everythig subsides$ No* this is *hat I am tryig to tell you4 but
you *at somethig else$ :ou *at somethig about your future4
somethig *hich is part of maifestatio4 but I am tryig to hit at
This ‘I am’ is a aoucemet4 it is ot the real4 it has come out of
somethig else$ 1hat the real is4 I am ot tryig to tell you4
because *ords egate that$ 1hatever I am tellig you4 is ot the
truth4 because it has come out of the ‘I am’$
1hile I am tal!ig about it =‘I am’> I ta!e you to the source of the
sprig$ There4 *ater is comig out i a tric!le o*$ This tric!le
subsequetly becomes a river4 a estuary4 ad fially the sea4 I ta!e
you to the source agai ad agai$ 2ce you arrive at the source4
you come to !o* that actually there is o *ater4 the *ater is
purely the taste4 the e*s that ‘I am’$
There is o e3plaatio for ho* this seed4 this cosciousess or
!o*ledge ‘I am’ has arise$ 5ut oce it is i e3istece4 it caot
stad still D that is4 cosciousess is tatamout to ‘movemet’$
/d all movemet ta!es place through the ‘guas’4 *hich are
iheret i the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ This cosciousess !eeps o
‘hummig’ D =Maharaj uses the Marathi *ord ‘gu8gu’4 *hich
meas the hummig soud or the hummig of the ‘guas’> D ad
e3presses itself through the three ‘guas’$
This ‘gu8gu’ =hummig> is *ithi the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 *hich
icludes the physical form$ The ‘gu8gu’ etity ad the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ ad the physical form D that *hole budle D has
bee created out of the five elemets$ So up to this poit4 the *hole
thig ca be said to be etirely mechaistic ad therefore pure
Bo* did I get this birthA That is the poit o *hich I persist i
fidig the as*erC I ‘must’ !o* this$ 1he I *as told ‘sattva’4
the *hat is ‘sattva’A ‘Sattva’ is the essece of the five elemets$
I that essece4 i that juice4 lies the !o*ledge ‘I am’C but all that
is still of the five elemets$ The ho* did this come aboutA My
guru told me the *hole story$ Thus I came to !o* it is igorace4
ad I !o* from e3periece4 that everybody is startig from there$
Thus *hatever has come about is sheer igorace4 ad *e are
othig more4 that is *hat my guru told me$
My guru further poited out to me the fact that the oly thig you
have ad *hich you ca utili7e to uravel the mystery of life4 is
this !o*ledge ‘I am’$ 1ithout that there is absolutely othig4 so
I got hold of it4 as my guru advised me4 ad the I *ated to fid
out ho* the spiritual aspect of ‘me’ came about *ithout my
!o*ledge$ 2 my pure /bsoluteess4 *hich has o place4 ad o
shape or form4 this !o*ledge ‘I am’ came4 *hich also has o
shape or form$ Therefore4 it appearsC ad it is oly a illusio$
This beigess4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 *hich I call
‘upadro’=meaig disturbace i Marathi>4 is the source of trouble$
I this ‘upadro’4 i this primary essece4 lies the !o*ledge ‘I am’
D you !o* that you are$ This quality of beigess =‘sattvagua’>4
the !o*ledge ‘I am’ caot tolerate itself$ It caot stad itself4
aloe4 just !o*ig itself$ Therefore that ‘rajogua’ is thereK it
ta!es the beigess for a ride i various activities4 so that it does
ot d*ell o itselfC it is very difficult to sustai that state$ /d
‘tamogua’ is the basest quality4 it claims authorship or doership
for all those activities coducted through ‘rajogua’$ This is the
play happeig i these three guas =qualities>$ /gai uderstad4
you are e3periecig this ‘sattvagua’4 the !o*ledge ‘I am$ This
‘I amess’ is e3perieced by you4 the /bsolute4 but you are ot the
‘I amess’$
The ‘sadhaa’4 the disciplie4 is oly this" The !o*ledge *hich is
d*ellig i this body4 the quitessece of these three ‘guas’ D the
!o*ledge ‘I am’4 ‘I am that’ D this is the iitial step$ :ou must be
oe *ith itC you must abide i that oly$ :ou have to thi! ‘I am
ot the body but I am that formless4 ameless !o*ledge
id*ellig i this body’C that =is> ‘I am’$ 1he you abide
sufficietly log i this state4 *hatever doubts you may have4 that
!o*ledge ‘I am’ itself *ill sprout out *ith life ad meaig for
you4 iteded for you oly4 ad everythig *ill become clear$ No
e3teral !o*ledge *ill be ecessary$
9ovictioH That is the oly techique for the ‘sadhaa’4 if you are
thi!ig of ay iitiatioKoly the *ords of the guru that you are
ot the bodyH That is the iitiatio$ Stay put there4 i that state$ It is
spotaeous4 atural4 that ‘shraddha’ =faith>$ 1hat is that faithA ‘I
am’ *ithout *ords4 *hatever you are that is the faith$ No* you
have to elevate yourself to the state of ‘5rahma’C this is the
coditio you have to develop$
1hat e3actly is borA 1hat is bor are three states" the *a!ig
state4 the sleep state4 ad the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 this cosciousess$
The body ad the vital breath *ould ot be able to fuctio if this
cosciousess *ere ot preset$ These three states *or! through
the three attributes =‘guas’>$ I very clearly see that *hich has bee
bor$ /d I also !o* that I am ot that *hich is bor$ /d that is
*hy I am totally fearless$ So this !o*ledge ‘I am’4 this
cosciousess4 this feelig or sese of beig4 is the quitessece of
the body$ /d if that body essece is goe4 this feelig4 the sese
of beig4 *ill also have goe$
2ce the body ad the sese of beig=‘I am’> goes *hat remais is
the 2rigial4 *hich is ucoditioed4 *ithout attributes4 ad
*ithout idetityC that o *hich this temporary state of the
cosciousess ad the three states ad the three ‘guas’ have come
ad goe$ It is called ‘)arabrahma’4 the /bsolute$
I that ‘)arabrahma’4 *hich ucoditioed4 *ithout attributes4
*ithout idetity D the idetity comes oly *he there is the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ D so if that itself is ot there4 *ho is there to as!A
This is to be uderstood ot by ‘someoe’ =*ith a body8mid
idetity>4 but it must be e3perieced4 ad i such a maer that the
e3periecer ad e3periece are oe$
1he the truth came out4 it *as foud that i a certai atom the
etire Eiverse is cotaied$ /d *hat is that atomA It is the
beigess4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ That cotais the *hole
The atomic cosciousess cotais the *hole Eiverse4 but yet he
=the ‘jai’> !o*s that he is ot that cosciousess$ So i that
case *hat pride ca he haveA Be is the /bsolute state4 i *hich the
‘I am’ cosciousess is abset$ If you meet ay ‘jais4 you *ill
fid it easy to recogi7e them4 for they *ill ot have ay pride i
their Self8!o*ledge4 sice they have trasceded that !o*ledge
also$ They say ‘I am ot this !o*ledge or this cosciousess’$
My statemet4 ad that of my guru4 is that childhood is a cheat4 it is
false$ The !o*ledge ‘I am’ itself is a cheat$ 1he the beigess
appears4 that love for e3istece is a result of the primary illusio4
that ‘maya’$ 2ce you come to !o* that you e3ist4 you feel li!e
edurig eterally4 you al*ays *at to be4 to e3ist4 to survive$ /d
so the struggle begis4 all because of ‘maya’$
This !o*ledge ‘I am’ has da*ed o you4 sice the *hatever
other !o*ledge you have acquired4 *hatever e3perieces you
have had4 *hatever you have see of the *orld4 has all bee
*itessed$ 5ut that oe to *hom the *itessig ta!es place is
etirely separate from that *hich is *itessed$
:ou base yourself o the body that you are o*4 ad do’t
uderstad its root$ That is *hy *e thi! *e are this body4 ad for
that you must do meditatio$ 1hat is meditatioA Meditatio is ot
this body8mid meditatig as a idividual4 but it is this
!o*ledge ‘I am’4 this cosciousess4 meditatig o itself$ The
the cosciousess *ill ufold its o* meaig$
This is the greatest miracle4 that I got the e*s ‘I am’4 have you
ay doubts that you areA It is self8evidet$ )rior to !o*ig that
you are4 *hat !o*ledge did you haveA ‘Dhyaa’ meas to have
a objective$ :ou *at to cosider somethig$ :ou ‘are’ that
somethig4 just to be4 you are$ &ust beig the beig ‘I am’$ :ou
meditate o somethigC that !o*ledge ‘I am’ is yourself$ /bide
oly there$ Bo* ca you as! ay questios at this poitA 5ecause4
that is4 the begiig of !o*ledge$
5y readig various boo!s ad listeig to everythig else4 you
caot become a ‘mahatma’4 but oly through that !o*ledge ‘I
am’$ Do’t cocetrate o the bodyC because of a body you call
yourself male or female$ &ust hold o to that !o*ledge ‘I am’ oly
*ithout body sese D beyod ame ad form or desig$ 5ut you
have to employ ame4 form ad desig for the sa!e of *orldly
:ou must have a firm covictio that ‘I am’ is oly that ‘I am’
*ithout body8mid form D the !o*ledge ‘I am’ purely$ :ou say
all these thigs4 but has the !o*ledge come *ithi the purvie* of
the !o*ledgeA :ou must have that full covictio4 *hatever you
may have said4 that is the truth ad that is ‘I am’$ There are o
techiques4 e3cept the techique that ‘I am’ the firm covictio
that ‘I am’ meas ‘I am’ oly4 abidace i ‘I’$ Do’t practice this
thig4 oly develop your covictio$
This covictio ca be stregtheed by meditatio4 ‘dhyaa’$ /d
‘dhyaa’ meas the !o*ledge must remai i meditatio *ith the
!o*ledge$ No*4 *hat is meditatioA Meditatio is the !o*ledge
‘I am’ remaiig i that !o*ledge$ There is the *a!ig state ad
the sleep state4 ad the !o*ledge that you are4 I e3ist4 ad I !o*
that I e3ist$ 2ther tha that *hat capital does ayoe have tha
merely !o*ledge ‘I am’A ‘Dhyaa’ is *he this !o*ledge4 this
cosciousess that I am4 meditates o itself ad ot o somethig
other tha itself$
1he you say you sit for meditatio4 the first thig to be doe is to
uderstad that it is ot this body idetificatio that is sittig for
meditatio4 but this !o*ledge ‘I am’4 this cosciousess4 *hich is
sittig i meditatio ad is meditatig o itself$ 1he this is
fially uderstood4 the it becomes easy$ 1he this cosciousess4
this coscious presece4 merges i itself4 the state of ‘samadhi’
esues$ It is the coceptual feelig that I e3ist that disappears ad
merges ito the beigess itself$ So this coscious presece also
gets merged ito that !o*ledge4 that beigess D that is
There is that ie8moth period i the *omb$ So *hat is the
cotet of the *ombA It is that !o*ledge ‘I am’ i dormat
coditio$ This is beig developed slo*ly4 so *ithi the birth
priciple everythig is cotaied$ That *hich is called birth4 the
birth priciple is ‘turiya’C the e3periece that you e3ist itself is
‘turiya’$ ‘Turiya’ meas *here the cosciousess is$ 2e *ho
!o*s ‘turiya’ is ‘turiyatita’$ That is my state$ ‘Turiya’ is *ithi the
cosciousess4 *hich is the product of the five elemets$ /d oe
*ho trasceds that4 *ho !o*s the ‘turiya’4 is ‘turiyatita’$ I
order to stabili7e i ‘turiya’4 you must !o* the birth priciple$
‘Turiya’ is al*ays described as the *itess state that sees through
*a!ig4 dreamig ad sleepig$ /d ‘turiyatita’ is eve beyod
This ‘I am’ cocept *as ot there prior to *hat you call ‘birth’$ So
as this cocept has appeared4 it *ill also go a*ay$ Bo* am I
affectedA I o *ay *hatsoever4 because it is ot true$ This applies
to all cocepts$ )rior to birth ad after birth4 *hatever !o*ledge I
have4 my o*4 *ithout hearig it from ay oe4 that is the oly
true !o*ledge I accept$ /d the proof lies i my guru’s *ords$
The body dies$ This meas *hatA It meas oly the thought ‘I am’4
that cocept4 has disappeared$ Nothig has happeed to the !o*er
of the *hole happeig$ So log as the basic cocept ‘I am’ is
there4 the coceptual elemet caot disappear$ It is the cocept
itself that has give various ames to itself4 but it is still the same
cocept$ 5efore this cocept of ‘I am’ came o you4 *ere you
happy or uhappyA 1as there eve ay feelig of happiess or
uhappiess or ay of the dualitiesA I the absece of the basic
cocept ‘I am’4 there is o thought4 o a*areess4 ad o
cosciousess of oe’s e3istece$
2rigially4 I am utaited D ucovered by aythig4 *ithout stigma
D sice obody e3isted prior to me$ Nor do I etertai ay cocepts
about somebody e3istig4 before me$ Fverythig is i the form of
the maifested *orld4 after the appearace of the !o*ledge ‘I am’
*ith the body$ Together *ith the body ad the id*ellig ‘I
amess’ everythig is$ )rior to the appearace of this body ad the
!o*ledge ‘I am’4 *hat *as thereA
The feelig ‘I am’ is the quitessece of everythig4 but I the
/bsolute am ot that$ That ‘I amess’ is the highest !o*ledge$
/d this is surredered here by the abidace i the actio$
So log as the cocept ‘I am’ is still there4 they =people *ho
cotact maharaj> have ot goe beyod or prior to itC they have ot
goe beyod the total maifestatio$ So o* *he people come
here4 I tal! *ith them4 from *hat level am I tal!igA I am tal!ig
from the level that you are cosciousess ad ot the body8mid$
I my state *hatever comes out is from the total maifestatio4 ot
from the poit of vie* of the /bsolute$ Bag o to that
cosciousess4 *hich is your oly capital4 ad do ‘dhyaa’ ad let
that ufold *hatever !o*ledge has to be ufolded$
/t preset you *rogly idetify yourself as the body$ 5ody is
give a certai ameC that is ‘you’C you cosider it to be li!e that$
5ut I say that i this body4 cosciousess is preset4 or the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ as I call it4 is there$ :ou should idetify yourself
as this !o*ledge$ That is all$
%or meditatio you should sit *ith idetificatio *ith the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ oly ad have cofirmed to yourself that you are
ot the body$ :ou must d*ell oly i that !o*ledge ‘I am’ D ot
merely the *ords ‘I am’$ /d the id*ellig !o*ledge that you
are4 *ithout *ords4 that itself you are$ I that idetity you must
stabili7e yourself$ /d the *hatever doubts you have *ill be
cleared by that very !o*ledge4 ad everythig *ill be opeed up
to you$
%orget all about physical disciplies i this coectio$ I am tellig
you that the id*ellig priciple ‘I am’4 the !o*ledge that you
are4 you have to ‘be’ that$ &ust be that4 *ith that !o*ledge ‘I am’4
hold o to the !o*ledge ‘I am’$
:ou !o* you are sittig hereC you !o* you are4 do you require
ay special effort to hold o to that ‘you are’A :ou !o* you areC
abide oly i that$ The ‘I am’ priciple *ithout *ords4 that itself is
the God of all ‘Ish*aras’$
If you idetify yourself as the body4 such a idetity must be let go
off4 sacrificed$ :our real idetity has o body ad o thought$ /d
that self4 the spotaeous !o*ledge ‘I am’ is *hat you are$ Sice
the self is ot the body4 the self is either male or female$ :ou
must fulfill the vo* that you are ot the body but solely the
id*ellig priciple ‘I am’$
1ith firm covictio4 you abide i this !o*ledge ‘I am’ olyC
bereft of body8mid sese4 oly ‘I am’$ If you d*ell therei4 if you
be that oly4 i due course it *ill get mature$ /d it *ill reveal to
you all the !o*ledge$ /d you eed ot go to aybody else$
The cocept ‘I am’ is the primordial ‘maya’$ /d that ‘maya’4 that
primordial cocept ‘I am’ requires support ad therefore God ad
‘Ish*ara’ have bee bor$ /log *ith that the *hole maifestatio4
the etire Eiverse4 has come upo it$ 2ther*ise4 there is
absolutely othig$ /d out of may ‘jais’4 there *ill oly be a
rare oe *ho !o*s the real ature of this primary cocept$
%irst4 the !o*igess !o*s itself4 !o*ig that ‘I am’$ /d i
the illumiatio by that ‘I amess’4 or that cosciousess4
everythig else is observed$ I have had to repeat the same thig
agai ad agai4 ad I do ot *at to ru !idergarte classes of
/ll this is the play of cocepts$ The primary cocept ‘I am’ appears
spotaeously$ It li!es ‘I am’C it loves that ‘I am’ state$ Devourig
ever more cocepts4 it gets totally emeshed i them$ /d *hat is
the source of all coceptsA This primary feelig ‘I am’$ 5ut ever
forget the fact that it itself is a cocept4 time8boud$ /d so it is all
metal etertaimet$
1hat equipmet you are havig is that ‘praa’$ ‘Epasaa’ meas
*orship4 *orship of ‘praa’ itself$ %or doig that *hat equipmet
do you possessA It is ‘praa’ itself$ /log *ith ‘praa’ there is that
!o*ledge ‘I am’4 or cosciousess$ These t*o thigs are available
to you to do aythig4 othig more tha that$
I the absece of beigess4 *he you did ot !o* about your
e3isteceA Nothig *as of ay value to you$ This memory ‘I am’ is
either true or falseC it is *ithout these t*o attributes$ That
memory of beigess oly appears to e3ist$
%or eteral peace you must d*ell i yourself4 !o* ho* this touch
of ‘I am’ has appeared$ /ll other !o*ledge is of o use i this
1here there is the vital breath4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is preset$
There beig o vital breath4 the !o*ledge of ‘I amess’ is abset$
Ta!e full advatage of the aturally available capital *ith you D
that is4 your life force ad the !o*ledge ‘I am’C they al*ays go
had i had$ (ight o*4 e3ploit it to the utmost$ /ll *orldly
activities are goig o oly because of the !o*ledge ‘I am’
together *ith that motive force *hich is the life force4 the vital
breath$ /d that is ot somethig apart from youC you are that oly$
Ivestigate ad study this e3clusively4 abide i that4 *orship that
1hat is this state before this !o*ledge ‘I am’ came upo meA
1he the !o*ledge ‘I am’ came4 the oe *ho is satisfied *ith
that *ill reach the state *here he cosiders himself God ad
‘5rahma’$ 5ut he does ot go beyod it or prior to it$ I the
ultimate state lies the prior stateC that is4 the state before this
!o*ledge ‘I am’ ever da*ed o me D the highest state4 the best
state4 the origial state$
I call a ‘siddha’ oe *ho has attaied the ultimate4 i that ultimate
state4 the devotee ad God4 the ‘maya’ =primary illusio> ad the
‘5rahma’ have disappeared$ /d4 there is o beeficiary or
e3periecer of all that4 because he is *ithout the cocept ‘I am’$
Be does ot !o* ‘I am’4 he does ot !o* that he e3ists i that
state4 that !o*igess is completely obliterated$
This primary cocept is the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 it is the mother of
all other cocepts$ I order to get that satisfactio4 you must fid
the source of this primary cocept ‘I am’$ :ou should give
attetio to the !o*ledge ‘I am’ ad meditate o that itself$
6o*ledge is to be got hold of !o*ledge oly$ This *ill produce
the seed4 *hich4 through this process of meditatio4 slo*ly gro*s
ito a big tree4 ad that itself *ill give you all the !o*ledge$ It
*ill ot be ecessary for you to as! ayoe *hat is *hat$
These t*o etities are available to you4 the vital force ad the
!o*ledge ‘I am’4 the cosciousess$ They appear *ithout ay
effortC they are there$ No*4 i order to be oe *ith ‘Ish*ara’4 to
uderstad the o8duality you must *orship the vital force$ The
that !o*ledge4 *hich is i seed form4 slo*ly gro*s$ /d the
see!er becomes full of !o*ledgeC i the process he trasceds
that4 ad the ultimate state is achieved$
‘I am’ itself is the *orldC it cotais the etire *orld4 that should be
your covictio$ &ust as i a dream4 *he you feel that you are
a*a!e4 but actually you are ot ad your *orld at that time is the
dream *orld$ Similarly this !o*igess =i the *a!ig state>
cotais this so8called real *orldC that covictio must come$ The
truth is that there is o differece bet*ee =dream> cosciousess
ad =*a!ig> cosciousess4 although they appear to be greatly
differetC all cosciousess is oe$
The covictio that this *orld ever e3isted ca happe oly to
‘)arabrahma’$ If this is ideed your covictio the you are the
‘)arabrahma’$ This thig aside4 you should discover ho* this
e*s ‘I am’ D the !o*ledge of your e3istece D appeared ad at
*hat momet$ Go to the source of it ad fid out$
The *ords of ‘praa’ sigify mid$ So ho* could there be mid
*ithout vital forceA This vital force ad the cosciousess =that is4
the !o*ledge ‘I am’ or the beigess ad the mid> appear
simultaeously ad al*ays e3ist together$
5efore descedig ito this ‘avatar’4 this !o*ledge quality *as
ot presetC !o*igess *as ot there$ The ‘I am’ *as abset4 ot
available$ It is a o8!o*ig state4 but after*ards4 the state
comprises all coceptual titles ad ames4 ad they are a perso’s
shac!les$ /y perso4 ay embodied perso *ith that !o*ledge ‘I
am’ carries o his activities i the *orld *ith shac!les of ame
2ce it is uderstood that ‘I am’ is purely ‘I am’4 formless ad ot
that shac!led body form D the o liberatio is called for$ To be
stabili7ed i that beigess4 *hich has o ame ad form4 that
itself is liberatio$
Ederstadig *hat that ‘avatar’ is4 Iord 6risha avatar meas i
essece abidig i that oly$ The oe is ot the body$ /d *hat is
the bodyA It is a mere aid for the susteace or edurace of that ‘I
am’ priciple$
The vital breath gets coditioed or maacled by the bodage of
ame$ It accepts the ame as ‘I am’C this is the mista!e$ That *hich
is decoditioed from ame ad form is ‘)aramatma’$ That *hich
is coditioed by the body4 mid4 ame ad form is called ‘jiva’$
The laguage of the vital breath is mid4 ad the mid is the
motive force for all activities$
If you are able to establish yourself i the vital breath as you are4
you become maifest$ The vital breath4 *he it is coditioed by
the body4 you call it persoality$ 5ut as matter the vital breath is
spread all over4 it is maifestC it is uiversal$ If you establish i the
vital breath as ‘I am’4 that i itself *ill get you there$ Do’t be
dishoest to your vital breath4 *orship it4 ad *he you do so4 it
ca lead you ay*here4 to ay heights D this is the quitessece of
my tal!s$ I such simplified fashio4 obody has e3pouded this
profoud teachig$
:ou are the !o*ledge =‘I am’> ad you do’t have ay shape or
form *hatsoever$ :ou are impersoal$ :ou are comprehesive$ :ou
are the maifest4 the Eiversal 9osciousess$ 1hat *ould happe
if you *et i search of that 9osciousessA The see!er *ould
disappear i the search4 because the ‘I amess’ is all there is$
/ll these thigs i the objective *orld are iseparable from their
attributes$ / attribute by its very ature depeds upo attributes$
That !o*ledge ‘I am’4 is also a attribute4 therefore4 the ‘I
amess’ oe *ay or aother4 also has to deped o somethig$
5ehid faith there is a primary cause4 the big cause4 *hich is the
!o*ledge ‘I am’$ The /*areess of my 5eig happeed
automatically4 it just happes4 the sproutig of the !o*ledge ‘I
am’ is prior to the formatio of the five elemets$
1he the ‘I amess’ appears spotaeously4 li!e a bolt of
lighteig4 the illusio of Self8love is bro!e ito five basic
elemets4 space4 air4 earth4 fire ad *ater$ 5ut this Self8love4 the ‘I
am’ maifests itself as Sattva Gua to the oe *ho accepts this as a
atural process$ 1he it is used for achievig somethig i the
*orld it is referred to as (ajas Gua$ 1he it is used to ta!e credit
for achievemets4 it is referred to as Tamas Gua$
The thig *hich attracts you most of all is your ‘I amess’$ :ou
*at to retai that ‘I amess’$ :ou *a to ‘5e’$ This ‘I am’ is *hat
you truly love most$ :ou *at to be alive$
That love4 that !o*ledge *hich gives light is the !o*ledge ‘I
am’$ %ocus o your beigess util you become established i it$
2ly the *ill you be able to trasced it$ :our focus at preset is
o air or the breath =addressed to the oe doig )raayama>$ ‘5e’
that beigess4 though4 this also is ot the fial step$
5e that ‘I am’4 oce you !o* *ho you are4 remai stabili7ed i
the e3periece of the Self$ 5e li!e /rjua4 /*areess of his 5eig
remaied *ith him costatly4 eve *he he *et ito the thic! of
battle$ 5ecause he *as *ith 6risha4 he could go ito battle4
!o*ig that there is obody *ho !ills ad o oe *ho is !illed$
The !o*ledge that is prior to thought D ‘I am’ D is covered by a
huma body *hich food *ith the vital breath ad !o*ledge of the
Self =)raa ad &aa>$ This meas that you are oly covered by a
huma body$ 2ce you reach that state of ‘I am’ through your
attetio you *ill oly be a*are of ‘That’ ad you *ill o loger
be affected by all of these tedecies =Jasaas>$ :ou *ill have
trasceded them$
:ou have to be oe *ith the Self4 the ‘I am’$ If you say !o*ledge4
it is just the same as iformatio$ If ecessary discard the *ords ‘I
am’$ Fve *ithout *ords you !o* that ‘you are’$ Do ot say or
eve thi! that ‘you are’4 just be a*are of the presece *ithout
thi!ig about it$
1ho says that he is aliveA %id out4 *ho is the 1itess *ho
‘!o*s’ that he is aliveA This is a*areess of oe’s e3istece4 ‘I
am’ prior to thought$ 1ho says ‘I am alive’4 *ho says ‘I am ot
alive’4 *hat is thatA ‘I am’ is ot somethig that ca be put ito
*ordsC it is the !o*ledge4 the /*areess before thought$ :ou
have to just ‘5e’$
5ecomig established i the /*areess ‘I am’ is all that is
importat$ Iater o you also trasced the ‘I amess’$ &ust as a
storm is a form created by ature4 similarly this ‘I am’4 this
chemical4 *as also created$ %orget about *hat I have told you4
because that is also a mechaical thig4 a chemical$ &ust be /*are4
ad the it *o’t matter if you die a hudred times$
The child has bee give a idea *ho its parets are4 but is just a
cocept$ Similarly the ‘I am’ is just a cocept$ The child has bee
give the idea that ‘Be is’$ %irst you must ivestigate ‘1ho is’ ad
*hat this ‘I amess’ is$:ou *at to !o* *hat the support is for
the ‘I am’A My parets supported meH 1he do these t*o people4
the husbad ad the *ife become paretsA It’s *he a child is
bor4 is that ot trueA 1here are the parets before the birth of the
childA /d *hat is the childA The child is the root of paretsC the
child is also the father of the parets$ 5ecause of the child the
parets are$ This sho*s ho* completely hollo* our egos are$
2ce the vital breath leaves the body ad this ‘I amess’ ceases to
e3ist4 the ‘I amess’ *ill ot !o* that ‘It *as’$ The ‘I amess’ is
ot permaet ad *ill forget its associatio *ith is body$
If you have questios4 as! the oe *ho *ats to !o*$ 9lig to the
questioer D that is your o* 5eigess4 or ‘I amess’$ 2ce you
have doe that people *ill approach you4 they *ill call you a
Mahatma or /admayi$
My Guru told me ‘Diviity’ =)aramatma> is *hat you are’4 I
heard it ad I accepted it4 I did ot *at to gai aythig4 I just
accepted it$ I ever !e* that ‘I’ e3isted ad suddely I *as a*are
that ‘I am’ this /bsolute Truth$ I had complete faith i the *ords of
my Guru ad the later o everythig happeed spotaeously$
I *as al*ays listeig to that sacred recitatio =&apa4 also !o* as
/japajapa 8 ‘So hum’> *hich *as costatly happeig iside me$
The primary cause of this &apa is the !o*ledge that you have of ‘I
This !o*ledge of ‘I am’ spotaeously appeared4 it is prior to the
formatio of the five elemets$ The /bsolute =)aramatma4
)aramesh*ar> is ot a*are of aythig$ The state of /*areess
comes later4 *ith !o*ledge of the ‘I am’$ The /bsolute has o
!o*ledge that ‘it *as’ =or that ‘it is’>$ 2ly *he the !o*ledge
‘I am’ spotaeously appeared could it be cocluded that the
/bsolute ‘*as’ or ‘is’
1ith *hat idetity do you judge me or judge yourselfA :ou
etertai the idea that you are goig to have differet births4 I do’t
believe i ay such stories$ I !o* ‘I’ ever *as4 that ‘I amess’
*as ever there for me$ I am the ubor state$
The ‘I am’ is sustaied by the food body4 that is4 our body4 *hich is
the food for the ‘I am’$ Fvery creature depeds o its food ad the
‘I am’ depeds upo our body$ 1ill you remember thisA
I have may photographs of my Guru here4 because my Guru ‘is’ I
!o* ‘I am’$ :ou presume that your Guru is a body8mid ad that
is a mista!e$ I do ot loo! upo my Guru li!e that$ Be is merged
ito 9osciousess ad I see him as that$
The ‘I am’ is there throughout his or her life eve if a perso lives
for a hudred years4 but the ‘I am’ disappears *he the body is
goe$ This is called death$
There is othig for you to do4 everythig just comes ito beig
ad happes$ 1hy are you cocered *ith *hat to doA :ou deal
*ith the *orld oly after havig 9osciousess4 *he the ‘I am’ is
there$ 2ce it is goe everythig eds4 it is all spotaeous$
1hat I am tellig you about the mergig of the ‘I am’ *ith the
Source is the real thig$ /s you progress ad get established i
5eigess you *ill uderstad that you are above the dreamig
ad *a!ig states4 as these pertai oly to your ‘I amess’$ 1he
the ‘I amess’ is ot there4 the tool required to observe is also ot
there$ 2ce there is Self8reali7atio4 the *hole riddle is solved$
%irst there *as the desire to ‘5e’$ %rom this ‘I am’ the air came
first ad the earth last$ The from earth came the vegetatio ad
may forms of life4 each havig this ‘I amess’$ 5ecause of the
five elemets you have the body ad i that body is the ‘I amess’$
5y chatig ‘I am 5rahma’ you become subtle ad escape the
sese of body ad mid$ :ou must accept that you are *ithout a
body8mid ad that you are subtle$ That sese must be istilled i
you$ I too! to this 5rahma state4 my 5eigess or ‘I amess’ ad
observe my body$
:ou must become iitiated ito the uderstadig of *hat I am
e3poudig to you$ I am tellig about the seed of ‘5rahma’$ :ou
have to uderstad that I am platig the ‘5rahma’ seed i you$
That ‘5rahma’ seed is your ‘I amess’ =5eigess>4 *hich sprouts
ito maifestatio$ That ‘5rahma’ =‘I am’> state does ot require
aythig to eat4 it has o huger4 because ‘5rahma’ aloe
embraces everythig ad all maifestatio is ‘5rahma’$ I am
tryig to raise you to that state$ Do ot thi! that you ca become a
reali7ed soul oly by listeig to a fe* tal!s$ :ou have to forget
everythig ad merge *ith ‘5rahma’$
1ho is it that eeds to uderstad this the most4 the !o*ledge
that ‘I am’A If you liste carefully ad imbibe the priciples4 you
*ill get rid of this body8mid sese ad d*ell oly i the ‘I
amess’ =5eigess>$ I order to !o* the li! bet*ee ‘I am’ ad
‘I am ot’4 hold o oly to the ‘I amess’ *ithout *ords4 ‘just be’$
1he hailed4 you respod4 there is somebody *ithi you that
becomes a*are of the call ad the eed to respod$ That beig is
the ‘I am’ ad he has bee there eve before that a*areess
The momet the ‘I amess’ e3plodes or appears4 all of space is lit
up$ The etire s!y is the e3pressio of your 5eigess4 yet you
believe that you are oly the body$ :our love for the body limits
your hori7os$ 5ut the momet those *alls come do*4 you are
oe *ith ‘5rahma’ ad the *hole uiverse$
The *itess caot ‘be’ i the absece of the !o*ledge ‘I am’$
1ho are you seeig if you are ot a*are of the ‘I am’A :ou have
covered everythig *ith this ‘I am’ !o*ledge$ The five elemetal
*orld is oly the creatio of this ‘I amess’$
5e alert to the ‘I am’ ad all other e3perieces *ill be trasceded$
The e3t elevatio *ill oly come *he you abide i the Self$
1he you are coviced that ‘all of 9osciousess is my Self’4
*he the covictio is firmly embedded4 the oly *ill the
questio of the e3t elevatio arise$
D*ell o the priciple =‘I am’> of that state for a sufficietly log
time$ /ll the greatess4 sigificace ad magificece of the etire
*orld is d*ellig i the priciple ‘you are’ ad ‘I am’ That is the
prop ad that itself is the greatess$ There is o other remedy4 o
other path4 e3cept implicit faith ad covictio i the Self$
Ta!e it that you are That$ ‘That’ meas o shape4 o desig$
1hatever you see pertais oly to That4 to your ‘I amess’$
Spotaeously ‘It is’H :ou are That priciple$ Do’t try to uravel
it *ith your itellect$ &ust observe ad accept it as it is$
1hatever is created is created by the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ Do ot
pursue this path of ruig after e3perieces$ :our o*
9osciousess creates everythig$ /ll greatess is because of the ‘I
am’$ There is o other path4 oly this covictio$ This is itH The
ame ad body arise from the ‘I am’
This !o*ledge is aciemt =’Saata’>4 it has come from Fterity$
%rom the eteral /bsolute4 *hich is ever there4 a seed appears4 that
seed is the ‘I amess’$ It appears spotaeously4 its remat is i
us$ This little seed =‘I am’> sprouts ad the *hole *orld is created$
I the case of a devotee =‘5ha!ta’>4 iitially the devotee does ot
*at to leave God$ Iater o4 eve if the devotee as!s God to go4
God *ill ot leave him$ God meas the !o*ledge ‘I am’$ The
!o*ledge ‘I am’ is God =‘5hag*a’>$
Sice everythig is ‘:ou’4 you ca’t cut it a*ay from you$ This
!o*ledge of ‘I amess’ is part of you$ Bo* ca you thro* it
a*ayA /d *here ca you thro* itA 1he you established i
5eigess =the ‘I am’>4 you reali7e everythig is ‘:ou’4 it is all
your creatio$
That priciple ‘I am’ is your illusio but the 2eess got rid of that
illusio$ The oe is *ithout body or mid$ The priciple of
2eess has o shape4 therefore male ad female have o shape D
this is the *eddig of the male ad female$ /t that stage the barre
*ome coceived ad progey is deliveredH That is the ‘I am’ state
ad that is the uiverse$ 5ut this 2eess is ot a state of illusio$
This !o*ledge of ‘I amess’ that is there i you cotais the
*hole uiverse$ The !o*ledge that I am e3poudig is to that
diviity *ithi you =the ‘I am’> ad ot to a huma beig$ The ‘I
amess’ *hich havig created the uiverse is d*ellig *ithi you
as the remat$ The very core of that !o*ledge ‘:ou are’ cotais
the *hole uiverse$
1he I tal! I refer to the ‘I am’ !o*ledge ad ot to me
persoally$ /s log as you are attached to ad idetified *ith the
body you *ill ever have peace$ 5ut oce you get rid of the body
attachmet you could be the !ig ad ruler of the *orld4 yet still be
at peace$
6o*ig that you are ot the body4 *atch the vital breath as a flo*
of the mid$ :ou are here i the spar! of ‘I amess’$ 1he you
ac!o*ledge the ‘I amess’ you become the spar!$ I am li!e space
ad do ot have a idetity D this is my ‘I amess’ from *hich all
the tal! is beig produced$
Eless you have the uderstadig of ‘I amess’4 there is o
progress$ 2ce you uderstad the ‘I am’4 there is othig further
to uderstad$ 1he your ‘I amess’ is goe4 together *ith
everythig4 the there is othig$ The that Nothigess is
everythig4 but there o oe left to say so$
This body is oly the food body for the cosumptio ad the
susteace of the ‘I amess’$ :ou have to remai i that 5eigess
or 9osciousess *ith firm faith *hile havig o idetificatio
*ith the body or the persoality4 or *ith ame ad form$ /l*ays
idetify yourself *ith 9osciousess4 it *ill ta!e a *hile for this
covictio to root4 but persist$
‘I am’ is there *ithout sayig ‘I am’$ ‘I amess’ *ithout thought is
love4 love is ot ta!e from the ‘I amess’ The Self becomes
maifest *he love gets established as the ‘I amess’$
The ‘I amess’ together *ith the vital breath appear spotaeously
*he the body is created$ The vital breath ad food body are
ecessary to sustai the ‘I amess’$ 1he the food body is dropped
by the vital breath the ‘I amess’ disappears$ 1here does the flame
go *he it is e3tiguishedA The same thig applies to the ‘I
‘I amess’ ad Maya are the *atcher ad the Iila respectively$ The
‘I am’ is ot ivolved i ay of the activity$ I am e3poudig this
!o*ledge from the ‘I am’ level4 though my ormal state observes
the ‘I amess’$
1he you get established i the 5eigess there o thoughts or
*ords D :ou are everythig ad everythig is :ou$ Iater eve that
ceases to e3ist$ 6risha made /rjua reali7e that the *hole *orld
is 6risha$ Be reali7ed that the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 *hich meas the
maifestatio of the etire uiverse4 spotaeously appeared o
These questios arise because of the coditioig of egoism$ 1he
you are i the ‘I amess’4 there is o egoism D it is completely
liquidated$ 9osciousess appears4 is see ad the agai is goe$
It is li!e air i the s!y$ The mista!e happes because *e cosider
‘That’ 9osciousess to be the idividual cosciousess$
‘I amess’ is *ithout ego$ The subsequet products are the mid
ad the ego$ The quality of ‘I amess’ or 5eigess is ituitio ad
ispiratio$ &ust li!e *he you have seed ad plat it4 it must
sprout$ Similarly the quality of 5eigess must sprout$
The active part is called Maya4 ad is due to the mid$ The iactive
part is called ‘I amess’ or )urusha4 *hich is just *atchig$ 2ly
*he you idetify *ith that *hich is statioary4 the )urusha4 ca
you become the *atcher of the ‘I amess’ ad all of its activities$
1ithout this ‘I amess’ the /bsolute does ot !o* that ‘It is’$
1atchig is ot deliberate$ 1atchig happes to the /bsolute oly
*ith the appearace of ‘I amess’$ The ‘I amess’4 li!e bioculars4
must be there ad available for *atchig to happe$
1hatever activities happe4 happe oly because of your ‘I
amess’$ They ma!e o impressio o the ‘I amess’$ &udgemets
li!e good or bad are aspects of the mid4 but if you are oe *ith
that ‘I amess’4 the at that stage the mid is ot there$
The *itessig of the ‘Ish*ara’ state occurs to Me$ ‘Ish*ara’ is the
maifestatio of the five elemets ad the uiverse$ The *itessig
of the ‘I amess’ occurs to the /bsolute$ / disciple =Sadha!a> *ho
is gettig established i the ‘Ish*ara’ priciple should ot claim
this uderstadig =Siddha>$
The etire maifestatio of your *orld ad uiverse is just the
e3pressio ad maifestatio of your 5eigess$ The
9osciousess or ‘Ish*ara’ is ot that of a idividual$ ‘Ish*ara’
meas the e3pressio of all forms$ This chemical4 this igrediet4 is
your ‘I amess’ ad it is sustaied by cosumig the food body$
The /bsolute is *atchig this ‘I amess’ that is sustaied by the
food body$ Is it clearA /fter some time passes i the *a!ig state4
rest is required4 so the ‘I amess’ goes ito oblivio$ It goes to rest
ad forgets itself$ :ou may ot comprehed e3actly *hat it meas
o*4 but as you get established i the 5eigess you *ill
uderstad ho*$
‘:ou’ are above the *a!ig ad dreamig states4 because those are
oly e3pressios of your 5eigess$ The *a!ig ad dreamig
states pertai oly to your ‘I amess’$ 1e are oly able to observe
because of the ‘I amess’$ 1he the ‘I amess’ is ot there the tool
to observe is also ot there$ If you are deep iside everythig is
goeH /d there is o ‘I am’$ The the ‘I am’ merges i the
The primary cocept is the ‘I am’4 out of it are created all other
cocepts$ :ou have come from the primary cocept4 so log as you
have the eed to be4 you have this prolific *oderful *orld ad all
the Gods are available$ The distictio bet*ee the *orld ad
5rahma has come because you *at to sustai your beigess4
the ‘I am’4 the maifest *orld is made importat by you because
you *at to be$ 1hatever *ithout it =cosciousess> is perfect$
2ly that is4 othig else$ My body is uiversal4 ot idividualistic$
1hat is this ‘I am’ busiessA Ederstad it ad be apart from it4
trasced it$ &ust be$
I do’t discuss 5rahma or MayaC I tell you my story *hich is your
story as *ell$ 1ith /tmajaa =Self8!o*ledge> the ‘I’
cosciousess is ot there$ The I do’t *orry about God or
illusio$ The ‘I am’ is the startig poit of both misery ad
)rior to the appearace of form i the *omb4 food stuffs ta!e the
form ‘I am’ ad that appears i ie moths$ 1ith birth the bodily
fuctios begi4 the child does ot !o* that it is$ /s the child
begis to idetify4 the sese of ‘I amess’ ta!es shape4 oly the
the mother ca teach the misleadig headigs li!e body ame ad
so forth$ )rior to the *a!ig or sleep state is the )arabrahma$ The
state *hich gives you !o*ledge is 5rahma$
The body falls do* but *hat happeed to meA %or that priciple
for *hich you get o reply4 is perfect4 *hatever as*er you get is
*rog$ If I thi! of this *orld4 *hy should I ot iquire about prior
to cosciousessA If I tac!le this questio4 I must ivestigate *hat
is this priciple of ‘I am’A I *ould prefer to play *ith that child ot
bor because eteral )arabramha ad ubor childre are ali!e$
I am e3periecig the maifest *orld but prior to it I e3periece
the ‘5idu’4 the poit$ 1he I am that 5idu4 everythig is4 the
*orld also is$ The 5idu ad the *orld are ot t*o$ ‘5i’ meas
*ithout ad ‘du’ meas t*o4 so4 o duality$ 5idu D the poit of ‘I
amess’4 I e3periece that$ 1hat is itA It is the very e3periece of
the five elemets ad the three guas D the *hole uiverse$ That is
my itimate relatioship *ith that ‘I am’ oly D 5idu oly$
1hatever is observed i the maifest *orld is your o* Self4 The
observer is ‘I am’4 It is a receptacle of the five elemets ad three
guas$ The etire uiverse is i activity because of the three guas$
The play of the etire *orld is based o the five elemets ad three
guas$ 5ut you clig to your bodyC the body is also a play of the
five elemets ad three guas$
The *hole life is edured ad sustaied by the !o*ledge particle4
‘I am’$ 1ithout ‘I am’ there is o life$ They are iterdepedet4 ot
oe *ithout the other$ I am prior to the ‘I am’4 *hich is true4
eteral ad immutable$ 5eigess4 *orld ad body are time boud4
your life is ot for ever4 it rises ad sets li!e the *a!ig ad
sleepig states alterate$ The totality of maifestatio thrives as
log as the beigess is there$
The five elemets disitegrate but I do’t disappear$ %or istace4 I
am ivited to some place to stay$ The room i *hich I stay
becomes my room4 but does it belog to meA /ll belogs to the
five elemets$ The essetial cotributio of the five elemets is the
‘I am’ the five elemets disitegrate4 the ‘I am’ goes ad a perso
is declared dead$ 1herever I go to stay I al*ays !o* my
permaet abode$
1hatever you observe4 you do’t require4 that priciple through
*hich ‘you are’ is greater$ I the *a!ig state ‘you are’ so you
have eeds4 i the absece of ‘I amess’ *here are the eedsA I
spite of beig4 ot havig the !o*ledge of beig is o8beig4
that state is a source of peace$
The sese of taste comes from the elemet earth4 perceptio
emaates from air ad soud from space4 but the primary cocept
is ‘I am’$ %irst *ithout soud you !o* ‘I am’ =as *he you
a*a!e from deep sleep>4 the you say ‘I am’4 *ith this comes the
eed ‘to be’$ 1ith the departure of the vital breath4 there is o
soud4 o laguage4 o *armth D its death4 death is also a cocept$
Nevertheless4 everythig d*ells i food essece quality =‘I am’>4
*he this disappears D it is all over$ To sustai beigess4 the
product of food4 *e eat food4 but that is ot your idetity$
The ‘I am’ is objective4 it is the ‘I am’ that ivestigates ad it is the
‘I am’ that disposes itself off ad stabili7es i Fterity$ The body is
made up of elemetsC the quitessece or quality =gua> is the ‘I
am’$ :ou repleish the food8body or ‘I amess’ *ith *ater ad
1hat is Ish*araA My Guru told me that the oe *ho is listeig is
Ish*ara itself$ The ‘I am’ is Ish*ara4 there are various ames give
to that ‘I am’ but that ‘I am’ is ot your body$ :our !o*ledge ‘I
am’ cotais the *hole uiverse4 presetly it is difficult for you to
believe4 so for the momet *orship it$ 5eigess cotais
everythig4 *orship that ad all your requiremets *ill be met$
Eltimately the !o*ledge is yours$
5eigess is the lord of the uiverse4 therefore4 all the time4 be
*ith the lord of maifestatio ad all your problems ad pu77les
*ill be cleared$ This !o*ledge that ‘I am’ ma!es perceptio
possible4 ma!e it you o*$ 1hatever you may *at4 just do this
=abide i the ‘I am’> ad you *ill have everythig$ I this
!o*ledge ‘I am’ is the etire uiverse$ 9osciousess is the lord
of all maifestatio4 oly because of the body that *e cosider this
cosciousess as a bodily priciple$
1ithout the ita!e of food4 there is o opportuity to say ‘I am’4
out of the essece of the earth sprouts vegetatio ad out of that
sprouts the ‘I am’4 reali7e this *ithout eyesight or itellect$ That
priciple li!es to cry4 ejoy4 ad laugh4 but you are ot that4 reali7e
this oly$ 5ecome oe *ith the ‘I am’4 the you ca trasced it4
the ‘I the /bsolute’ am ot the ‘I am’$
1orship the beigess4 *hich is othig but sufferig$ 1orship
misery ad it *ill become less ad less$ It *ill also help you to get
rid of miseryC this ‘I am’ is itself misery4 ma!e ay use of it as you
li!e$ If you li!e you may ta!e it as )rarabdha =Destiy>$
There is o differece i the types of ‘I amess’4 I e3periece
fatigue o*4 good health earlier4 but the commo factor is
beigess *hich has ot chaged$ /ll is illusio4 the ‘I am’ is
!o*ledge4 but it’s also a illusio4 say *hat you li!e4 othig
prevails4 e3cept the !o*ledge ‘you are’$ :ou presume that the
*orld has e3isted *ithout your beigessC your *orld is *ith your
arrival4 ot prior to it4 if you are ot4 your *orld is ot$
The tal! about myself is the tal! about yourself$ Iet ay *orthy
oe reach to ay heights4 ay*here4 but it is time8boud$ /y
heightH It is just a passage of time$ Time meas the Su D the *orld
is because of it D beigess$ The sum total meas ‘you are’4
beigess oly4 *he the !o*ledge ‘I am’ sets4 the *orld is
liquidated4 Nivritti D o message ‘I am’$
5ut I have already told you4 you are Ish*ara$ :ou have to have the
covictio that ‘I am That’4 a metal determiatio$ 1ith the
appearace of the !o*ledge ‘I am’4 appears the space ad the four
other elemets4 your beigess gives rise to them4 first beigess4
the others 1he you idetify *ith it ad stabili7e i the
beigess4 you are ot eve that$ I the !o*ledge of the &ai =or
the/bsolute>4 the *orld is all a spectacle4 the &ai is apart from
the !o*ledge ‘ I am’$
:ou are ‘That’ oly4 prior to them =cocepts ad memory> is the ‘I
am’4 further still *he you recede4 is the /bsolute$ 5ut most
people die *ith memory ad cocepts$ 1ho uderstads that
memory is ot operatig todayA It’s the !o*ledge ‘I am’$
Surreder to the beigess4 from it all movemet happesC go to
the source of the movemet *hich is the beigess$ Bammer it ito
yourself that your o* beigess is the paret of the etire
maifestatio$ 5eigess *ill help you i abidig i itself4
beigess is observed by the Eltimate =the /bsolute> that has o
seses4 o eyes4 but *itessig just happes$ I am itroducig you
to your o* beigess4 the first stage is to meditate o the
beigess4 abide i it$
1ith *hatever cocepts you hold o you go to a Guru4 if he is a
&ai he gets rid of all your cocepts$ 5ut *hat is the mai cocept
o *hich all depedsA It’s the ‘I am’4 the ‘I am’ is itself a cocept$
It is a basic source from *hich all other cocepts flo*$ Gettig a
firm covictio about yourself is to become a Sadguru =the oe
beyod the ‘I am’>$1hatever is termed as )arabrahma D the
/bsolute D is your true Self$
1hatever you presetly !o* is false4 if the ‘I am’ is there4
Ish*ara is there$ The ‘I am’ is Ish*ara’s soul ad Ish*ara is my
soul4 both e3ist together$ Ish*ara is *ithout limits4 I am also li!e
that4 li!e Ish*ara4 peiless$ No*4 just forget everythig ad fid
out ho* *ill you be o a permaet basisA /ll this tal! of God ad
yourself is just for !illig time$ Go ahead4 o God4 o I4 as log as
you have cravigs4 !o*ledge *ill ot be yours4 Ish*ara dies
before me$
)rior to birth there is o *a!ig4 sleepig or the beigess =the
!o*ledge ‘I am’>4 these three are bor ad are depedet o the
food essece$ 1he this essece becomes *ea!4 the three states
depart$ 1ho is bor or diesA I the absece of the three states4 did
you !o* GodA Did you !o* that you e3istedA
5y stayig i this !o*ledge =‘I am’> you ca dissolve the subtle
body$ The pill D the three states =*a!ig4 sleep ad beigess> D
dissolves$ The there is o comig4 till the the subtle body *ill
remai$ So log the food essece is there the ‘I am’ !o*ledge is
there4 oce the essece is e3hausted4 !o*igess goes$
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ is *ithi you *ith that covictio you
*orship$ 2e *ho meditates o the !o*ledge4 ‘I am’4 everythig
i the realm of cosciousess becomes clear to him$ Be lives
*ithout tellig it4 hece from this place4 you carry the covictio
about yourself that you !o* the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is God4 there
ca be o other gai$
Day by day your covictio that the !o*ledge$ ‘I am’ is God
must gro*$ Do’t care about the body4 by costat meditatio4
*he God is pleased4 you *ill have complete !o*ledge i the
realm of 9osciousess$ :ou may go ay*here4 but do’t forget
that the !o*ledge4 ‘I am’ itself is God$
Etil that voice =‘I am’> of cosciousess came4 I *as ot
cocered$ 2ce it left4 I *et too4 so be *ith the cosciousess
=the ‘I am’>4 all the teachigs are based o this$ This cocer for
the *orld is because of cosciousessC it *ill be there as log as
cosciousess is there$
The ‘I am’ is all4 the God4 just !o* that the ‘I am’ is God4 this is
the first step4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is yourself$ /ll other activities
*ill follo*C you just get established i the !o*ledge$ ‘I am’4 it is
the su4 ad all other activities are rays
The !o*ledge ‘I am’4 *ithout memories ad cocepts4 is
everythig$ The idea ‘I am the body ad mid’ is ot that
!o*ledge$ No effort is required4 the mai thig is that ‘you are’
=or ‘I am’> *he you liste to me ad stay there4 you’ll uderstad
that the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is idepedet of body8mid$
Go to the source ad be established there4 the4 there is o chage$
:ou might have read the Gita4 *ho is there to judge its soudessA
The !o*ledge ‘I am’ has to approve *hatever is said there$
Fstablish yourself i the Self4 *hatever you are prior to the ‘I am’4
get established there$ 1he this abidace i the Self is achieved4
all tal!s *ith soud gibberish$
This !o*ledge =‘I am’> is for each ma to uderstadig ad be
still i it$ 5y uderstadig the Self you uderstad the *orld4
*hat else is thereA :ou are as large as the *orld4 if you areC the
*orld is4 other*ise ot$ The trap of birth ad death is because of
the ‘I am’4 d*ell o it4 reali7e it ad trasced it$
The cofidece ad !o*ledge that ‘you are’4 o *hat does it
depedA 5eigess becomes o beigess ad o8beigess
spotaeously becomes beigess4 so *hom should *e questioA
:ou should yourself ivestigate itC *hat is the support of the ‘I
am’A 2 *hat does the faith that ‘you are’ depedA 1hy is there
beigessA 1hy am IA Bo* am IA )eople oly thi! of the body
ad mid4 the4 come death ad the faith ‘I am’ disappears$
%rom deep sleep you *a!e up4 that border is )aravai4 beyod
*ords$ 1he you move4 become coscious4 you feel ‘I am’4 the
mid ta!es charge4 *ords ta!e over ad you are embroiled i the
*orld$ )aravai is other tha laguage4 ‘)ara’ meas ‘other’ or
‘trasced’ D the laguage of just beig *ithout *ords4 but I4 The
/bsolute4 am ot that
The oe4 *ho tries to abide i the Self4 loses idetity *ith his ego$
The very idetity that ‘I am’ gets dissolved$ :our true idetity D
The /bsolute D is prior to the ‘I am’$ Bo* ca you provide a
uiform =the ochre robe> to itA
Fveryoe4 from plats to creatures4 *at ad !o* the ‘I am’ to be
there4 oce *e have e3istece4 *e *at it to cotiue$ :our
e3periece is because of the beigess4 the *orld depeds o
beigess4 is it happy or miserableA 1he your beigess is ot
there4 is it happy or miserableA
5ecome free from cocepts4 o cocepts4 icludig the ‘I am’$ The
‘I am’ is the primary cocept4 the primary illusio The primary
cocept itself4 for its susteace4 created so may substaces4 li!e
*heat flour ad *heat products$ 2ut of the touch of ‘I amess’
arose so may cocepts ad various ames$
Did you ever see the moo ad all before the appearace of the
beigess4 5rahma or this illusioA /lthough the ‘I am’ is ample
ad plety4 it is a illusio that iduces multiplicity$ This maifest
*orld is a dyamic play of the five elemets ad there is o scope
for a idividual$ &ust as a diamod radiates from all sides4
similarly i deep meditatio you *ill reali7e that you are this etire
My Guru taught me *hat ‘I am’4 I podered oly o that$ My
cosciousess appeared alog *ith my body form$ My origial
state is to be i that state *here there is o ‘I am’$ I am e3plaiig
my state of affairs4 from my stadpoit you must reali7e yourself$
The ‘I am’ cosciousess is the advertisemet of The /bsolute$
The /bsolute is u!o*4 *hat you call Ish*ara4 5rahma ad so
forth are hoardigs of The /bsolute$
I !o* that this maifest 5rahma or 9osmos is ureal4 time8
boud ad ustable$ The message ‘I am’ has spotaeously come
ad is the root of the maifested *orld$ The message ‘I am’4
caught hold of the body as its idetity ad sufferig started$ The ‘I
am’ happeed ad the *orld *as coo!ed up$ Fve this iformatio4
you got later4 *he the ‘I am’ came ito frictio4 recogi7ed the
body4 mother ad so o4 prior to that you did ot have the message
‘I am’4 you e3isted4 but you did ot !o*$
I that o8subjective state4 the subject started$ I the ifiite state4
the ‘I am’ state is temporaryC do’t give up your true stadpoit
other*ise you *ill be fooled$ To *hatever e3tet you *ould
coduct your search4 it *ould still be i the realm of ‘I amess’$
Do’t retai it =‘I am’> i memory4 the you *ill be happy$
9atch hold of that ‘I am’ oly ad all obstacles *ill evaporate$ If
you correctly uderstad me4 you *ill be beyod the realm of
body8mid$ May a times it happes that teachigs are
misuderstood$ 5ecause the ‘I am’ is there4 these questios arise4 If
the ‘I am’ is ot there4 o questios ca arise$ I the realm of ‘I am’
aythig is possible4 but if I *ere alert eough4 do you thi! I
*ould have bee i this bodyA The &ai is the oe *ho !o*s
that beigess4 the *orld ad 5rahma are ureal$ Bavig
uderstood the ‘I am’4 I trasced it ad came to the coclusio
that all the three etities are ureal4 ad the *hat more remais to
be liquidatedA The ‘)arabrahma’ is *ithout attributes ad I am
‘)arabrahma’4 I am ot the beigess4 the *orld or 5rahma
Maifested 5rahma is the ‘I am’4 *hatever priciple is prior to the
utterace of soud4 that priciple proclaims by itself$ 1hat I isists
is that you must stabili7e is that state$ The recitatio of the matra
‘So Bum’ must be for a very log time4 it is prior to *ords$ 1he
that ‘So Bum’ priciple4 is pleased4 that priciple4 represeted by
these *ords4 e3pouds !o*ledge$
The ‘So Bum’ &apa is icessatly goig o i your pulse4
idicatig ‘I am’ get i tue *ith it by recitatio$ That ‘So Bum’
eergy *ithout *ords is the ra* material of icaratios ad the
icaratios are the hoardigs of the primary priciple$ The
primordial priciple is ‘)arabrahma’C its advertisemet is doe by
movemet4 the stirrigs of ‘So Bum’$ 5y its movemet it is
praisig the primordial priciple4 that advertisig material is the
‘Moolmaya’ =)rimary Illusio>$ That icaratig priciple D the
‘Moolmaya’D gives !o*ledge to the icarated$
1hat is your core stateA I that true accomplished state4 there is o
scope for eve space4 let aloe the *ords$ I the process of
uderstadig my Guru’s *ords as to ho* ‘I am’ I reali7ed ‘I am
ot’$ I that state there is o ustruc! soud either$ I the process
of Neti4Neti =Not this4 ot this> it happes4 i the state of ‘I amess’
fially everythig disappears ad you get stabili7ed$ If you reali7e
ad stabili7e4 the eve if you are silet people *ill fall at your
The ‘I am’ is the oly God to be pleased$ 1hatever you presetly
!o* about God is oly bargaiig$ :our very e3istece or
beigess is the proof that God e3ists$ If I am ot4 God is ot$
God’s e3istece is due to the cosciousess4 the ‘I am’4 please it
ad it *ill lead you to its source$
Itelligece is iately there li!e fire i the match stic!$ The fial
culmiatio of the elemetal iterplay is the huma body4 *here
the touch of ‘I am’ appears$ 5irth is li!e a spar! comig from the
rubbig of stoes4 there is the elemetal frictio ad you have the
spar! ‘I am’$ The qualities of a 5odhisattva are due to the
!o*ledge ‘I am’4 but that is temporary ad so the perfect &ai
says all maifestatio is ureal4 oly ‘)arabrahma’ is real$
This body pac!et of the five elemets gets coditioed ito the ego
or idividuality$ 1he you trasced the body you d*ell i the ‘I
am’ =i maifestatio>4 at that stage you !o* that all is the five
elemetal play$ So log as the ‘I amess’ prevails or the ‘I am’ is
reali7ed it is also reali7ed that there is aother /bsolute pricipal to
*hich *itessig happes4 ad That /bsolute pricipal is beyod
The ‘I am’ is the cetre or the essece of the food body4 *hich is a
result of the five elemets$ 2ut of spacial activity there is *ater4
vegetatio ad so forth4 so ‘I amess’ is a culmiatio of the five
elemetal activity$ This ‘I amess’4 *heever ejoyed beyod the
body is your destiy$ 1he you d*ell i destiy as ‘I am’4 you
reali7e that it is ot your death4 but the disappearace of ‘I
amess$’ :ou just d*ell i it4 ad itself it *ill tell you its o* story$
1ho is a &aiA / &ai is oe *ho has come to a coclusio about
the ra* material of the ‘I am’ ad that he stads apart from it$ :ou
presume that you have a lot of !o*ledge4 yet you have ot bee
able to get rid of your idetity4 but eve if you !eep i mid just
t*o *ords =‘I am’>4 your job is doe$
:ou reduce your idetificatio *ith the body4 i that process the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ *hich !o*s itself4 *ill be clear$ If you embrace
the body sese4 there *ill be a lot of questios$ If the !o*ledge
‘you are’ is ot there4 *ill aybody !eep this bodyA The priciple
that rejects or gives up the body is your Self$
1hat do you mea by ‘I am’ or the feelig of ‘you are’A /ll the
ames relate to the ‘I amess’4 /tma also is its ame$ If there is
o ‘I amess’4 *hose ames ca these all beA :ou caot say this
ad that cosciousess4 your cosciousess is your *orld oly$ To
fully uderstad ad reali7e all this4 do meditatio$ That soud4 the
hummig ‘I am’4 is the Ish*ara soud$ It is a remider that4 you
are God4 but your reject the soudless soud by idetifyig *ith
the body$ 2 your o* authority4 i absece of the ‘I am’ priciple4
*hat ca you doA
Go to the root ad you coclude ‘I am’K yesK yesK4 you say ‘I
am’4 *ithout *ords$ Ivestigatio *ill reveal that it is a result of
the five elemetal play$ There is aother priciple that observes the
‘I am’ ad the elemetal play$
The ‘I am’ meas all this spectacle that you are seeig4 later4 you
also see that umber of uiverses are playig i that ‘I am’$ 1he
you uderstad all this verbally4 you may become a pseudo8Guru4
*hich is ot reali7atio$ :ou must reali7e that you oly observe4
ad you are ot that4 you are ot that ‘I am’ i *hich uiverses are
That =/bsolute> state is ot to be e3perieced4 about that you ca’t
spea!$ &ust be that state4 *hat is e3perieced is ot truth$ 1hat is
e3perieced is ot truth that is the primary problem$ I did ot !o*
that I *as i that state4 suddely I !e*4 ‘I am’4 thus all the trouble$
I that state there *as o !o*igess4 suddely ‘I am’ ad I
caught hold of the body$ My idetity of ‘I amess’ is the etire
maifestatio4 ot idividual body$ /ll the trouble bega *ith the
‘otheress’4 a quality that came *ith ‘I amess’$
1heever there is a problem you as!" ‘let us fid the state of
affairs as they are’4 do’t try to bluff4 ad the the solutio comes$
So i this fraudulet play of the maifest *orld I *et o to fid
the actual positio4 the ‘I amess’ meas *orld maifestatio ad it
is a time boud state4 so *hy should I botherA )resetly ‘I amess’
is bubblig ad challegig4 but all this is time boud4 pride *ill
go alog *ith the ‘I am’ =So Bum>4 later o4 ‘o8I am’ =No Bum>$
&ust try to be i that ‘I amess’ do’t try to put effort ad
cocetratio 1he ‘you are’ it is ‘I amess’4 *he ‘you are’ the
beigess is automatically there$ 1hatever ‘you are’ *ithout doig
ay effort4 be there$ Do’t try to iterpret ‘I amess’$ :ou are
*ithout the body sese4 *he you idetify *ith body8mid4 the
the trouble begis
The ‘I am’ i body form ca reach the highest state4 if you accept it
ad d*ell there you escape birth ad death$ &ust be i that
priciple4 there are o disciplies for this$ If you do peace it is
because you have sied i previous births4 but if you really come
across a sage he sho*s you your true ature$
The /tma has o birth4 this touch of ‘I am’ is a hoardig of the
/bsolute4 ad oly the advertisemet disappears$ The ‘I am’ is a
illusio4 temporaryC the oe *ho !o*s this !o*s the eteral
priciple$ 1hatever e3perieces you ejoy are a imperfect state$
:ou ivolve yourself i practices4 because the mid does ot let
you be quiet$
The ‘I am’ is i a dormat coditio i the *omb4 it is a igorat
coditio$ Bo* could it !o* itselfA /t three years or so the
!o*ledge ‘I am’ comes spotaeously *ith the formatio of
body$ /roud middle age it is at a clima34 *hile i old age the
quality of ‘I amess’ is dimiished$ The fially the ‘I am’
disappears4 ad idetity too is goe$
1hatever cocepts I give blast your cocepts$ I have presetly o
abudace of thoughts but oly those pertaiig to the ‘I am’$ /
commo ma he feels that his hopes ad desires *ould be fulfilled
so life if importat to him$ /fter listeig to the tal!s here all hopes
ad desires are ot fulfilled4 but you trasced them$
I the *a!ig state4 the *itessig state is al*ays there$ There is
o other 5rahma greater tha you4 accept this ad go4 you are the
greatest$ I that small roud cell is cotaied all the space4 i it the
9osmos ad earth are there4 that small cell is the priciple of ‘I am’
The momet it is there4 space is maifested4 the *omb is space
started from the small cell ‘I am’$
/ll multiplicity is maifested from the Ish*ara pricipleC it is
sproutig from the ‘I am’ priciple4 Ish*ara4 or ‘I am’ is the
maifest priciple$ If you do’t forget yourself for four days4 you
*ill die$ :ou did ot !o* you *ere4 suddely you felt ‘you are’
ad *ith ‘I amess’ you started coutig age$ 1he e3actly you
felt that ‘you are’A D*ell there4 poder over it$
I the body there is already that self8accomplished priciple ‘I am’
*hich is *itessig mid ad body4 it is either mid4 body or the
vital breath$ It has to be gradually reali7ed that this priciple has o
formC it is subtler tha the mid$ 5y mista!e the ‘I am’ accepts the
body as itself4 it is a e3clusive priciple apart from the body4 mid
ad vital breath$
If petty *orldly !o*ledge has o form4 the ca the !o*ledge ‘I
am’ or Ish*ara state have ay formA If you accept this4 the accept
it ad go ad do’t go else*here4 just d*ell there$ Iet ay activity
happe through your !o*ledge ‘I am’4 *hich has o form4 but is
its *itess oly$ The !o*ledge ‘you are’ has o form4 so also for
other !o*ledge$ ‘:ou are’ is the primary !o*ledge$
I am tal!ig about !o*ledge4 *hatever !o*ledge the ‘I am’ is4
it’s the !o*ledge$ :ou are livig to sustai that !o*ledge ‘I
am’4 hece you struggle$ If that !o*ledge is goe4 *hat iterest
could you haveA :ou are li!e a doctor ta!ig care4 the !o*ledge
‘you are’ is ourishig ad protectig the body$ (emember this4 if
you *at to remember me4 remember the !o*ledge ‘I am’$
/cestors told us to meditate o me4 remember me4 but they also
said that the !o*ledge ‘I am’ is me too$
)rimarily because of your idetificatio *ith your body4 you have
polluted God$ 5ecause of your associatio *ith body4 you have
fear of death$ There is o death oly the vital breath departs ad ‘I
am’ disappears$ 5ody is the susteace of ‘I amess’ or /tma$ I
say4 if you *at to remember this visit4 remember the !o*ledge ‘I
am’4 or remember the !o*ledge ‘you are’$
This ‘I amess’ quality is the Sattva gua =food essece quality>$ I
am The /bsolute4 I am ot that touch of ‘I amess’4 so log ‘I am’
is there *itessig *ill happe to The /bsolute spotaeously$ The
da* ad sulight deped o time4 but their observer does ot
deped o time$
The ‘I am’ i a child is dormat4 it does ot !o* itself4 but it is
there4 i due course it !o*s itself ad as a oe !o*s ‘I am’$ Go
to the root4 the begiig of the child4 *he you uderstad that
you are ot cosciousess4 stabili7e thereC uderstad ad get out$
‘I amess’ is there provided these stages =*a!ig or sleep> are
there4 by itself it caot be$ Simultaeously4 all these three stages
are a product of food essece$ I the absece of body sese4 is
there ay commuity of *a!ig ad sleep statesA Bave this
affirmatio4 forget spirituality ad d*ell there =i the ‘I am’>$
The body idetity caot get this !o*ledge4 the !o*ledge ‘I am’
must get this !o*ledge ‘I am’4 *he !o*ledge abides i
!o*ledge there is trascedece of !o*ledge$
:ou are beyod all desire4 *hich itself depeds solely o the ‘I am’
cosciousess$ Do ot attempt to suppress your desires4 simply
refrai from idetifyig *ith them D ‘I am ot this desire’$ The
desire *ill4 of itself4 disappear$ 1he all desire has vaished4
cosciousess =‘I am’> *ill also vaish D *hat remais is the
/ll actios are performed by the ‘Ish*ara’ priciple =‘I am’> *hich
is time8boud ad has its beig i the u!o*$ So *hat is there to
doA 1hy say that I do aythigA The ‘I am’ cosciousess does
everythig ad this ‘I am’ is othig but !o*ledge *ithout
attributes4 *hich is time8boud$
The greatest obstacle is the ‘I am’ gro*ig over your true ature4
*hich gives you the feelig ‘I am doig this’ ad ‘I am so ad so’4
so you feel beefited by this ‘I am’4 but you are really beig
cheated by it$
1he the cosciousess of ‘I am’ becomes pure =simply the ‘I am’
ad ot ‘I am this ‘or ‘I am that’> D you become ‘Ish*ara’ =God or
creator> ad the s!y becomes your body$
The ‘I am’ is the purest form of attribute =it ca be eve said to
have o attributes>$ 1he eve this pure attribute goes it is
‘)arabrahma’4 ‘5rahma’ =God or ‘I am’> meas that ‘the e*s’
has arrived$ 1he this ‘e*s’ has goe4 it is ‘)arabrahma’$ That
you e3ist is the primary !o*ledge$
This ‘I am’ cosciousess i its purity4 havig oly oe attribute
=that ‘it is’>4 is also !o* as ‘Sagua 5rahma’ =God *ith form>4
*hich is also !o* as the ‘Ish*ara (upa’ =form of the Iord>$ This
pure attribute of ‘I am’ cosciousess is called ‘Sattva =harmoy>
gua =elemet or quality> from *hich other ‘guas’ =qualities>
follo*4 *he this ‘Sattva’ dries up4 so does reflected
The cosciousess of ‘I am’ is the first ad foremost thig$ This
feelig =that ‘I am coscious’> comes to you oly because there is
somethig older or earlier to *hich this ‘I am’ cosciousess
appears$ /ll chage appears superimposed upo the chageless
:ou must pay attetio to the ‘I am’4 beig costatly alert ad
focused o the ‘I am’ oly$ The five elemets are oly a e3tesio
of your o* Self4 you must be fully acquaited *ith the ‘I am’ i
order to go i*ards$
This iterval bet*ee the begiig of ‘I am’ cosciousess =birth
ad *a!ig state> ad util you lose it agai =death ad deep sleep
state> is called ‘time’$ Time ad attributes are ot t*o4 but oe4 ad
both must pass a*ay$
That you e3ist =as a persoality4 the feelig or cosciousess of ‘I
am’> is a illusio4 therefore *hatever is see through this illusio
caot be real$ /ll of *hat I am sayig D this *hole discussio is
illusio4 beyod that you must proceed yourself$
:ou caot trasced activity util you retur to the Source$ That
you e3ist =i the ‘I am’ sese> is the illusio4 its ature is to divide
ad appear as may$ 1he the feelig ‘I am’ arises you attach
reality to the objective *orld4 *hich is costatly udergoig
trasformatio ad chage$ I !o* that it is ‘Maya’ =‘*hatever is
1he 6risha says4 ‘I remember all my past births’4 he meas that
he remembers ‘I am’ *hich is the fudametal feelig behid all
births$ There is o ‘I am such ad such’$
%rom cosciousess aloe *e are directed to act$ 9osciousess
appears o /*areess ad acts$ /*areess does ot act4 it is the
pure *itess$ The cosciousess of you4 or )ure cosciousess4 is
the ‘Ish*ara’ or God or ‘I am’ state i$e$4 Eiversal cosciousess$
This is ot persoal cosciousess$ The *hole *orld is created by
the cosciousess$ 1he this cosciousess is limited to a
idividual4 it becomes the ego4 itellect4 mid or ‘&iva’$
The ‘I am’ state has great potecy4 ad from this the maifestatio
of the uiverse has ta!e place$ /fter the ‘I am’ merges i the )ure
/*areess4 the etire uiverse vaishes as though it had ever
e3isted$ The first step is to go to this ‘I am’ state4 remai there ad
the merge ad go beyod$ Try to sustai this ‘I am’ state4 stay
ucocered by thoughts of both good ad bad$
There are millios of visios ad e3perieces preset i the seed of
the ‘I am’4 but beig aloof ad ucocered about them is the !ey
go beyod$ The most rela3ed state is this ‘I am’ state D free from
all fear ad a3iety$ The ‘2m’ is cosciousess or ‘I am’ itself$
2e must be i the ‘I am’ cotiuously ad effortlessly *ith the
idea8 ‘I am ot the body’$ /ll uhappiess is caused by claimig
‘doership’ of actios4 do ot claim ‘doership’ ad uhappiess *ill
vaish$ Fve the ‘I am’ is a mirage4 time8boud ad *ould
‘Sat8Guru’ is your true Self$ The ‘I am’ is the ‘Guru’ or
cosciousess i a body$ This ‘I am’ is *itessed by the Self i you
or the ‘Sat8Guru’ *hich is u8maifest$ The ‘Guru’ is the
maifested cosciousess$
9osciousess i its purity is ‘Turiya’ =pure ‘I am’ or the fourth
state>4 but I am beyod it ad livig i =as> the ‘Turiyatita’ =(eality
or the /bsolute>$
(epetitio of ‘Matra’ ta!es oe to the pure ‘I am’ state or ‘Sattva
Gua’ ad from there oe merges ito the source of all bliss4 ad
the4 all !o*ledge that you possess is laid do* or surredered
ad you merge *ith the /bsolute beyod all ame ad form$
Go to the ‘I am’ level ad d*ell there$ 5ecause you at the body
level revel i all these objective thigs4 but if you *ere to go to the
‘I am’ ad firmly abide i that4 the all these e3teral thigs *ill
lose grip o you$
‘There is obody else but me or my cosciousess’4 this is
‘/dvaita85ha!ti’ =No8dual devotio> D ‘I am’$ This is the highest
devotio D to vaish ad be lost or submerged i this vast
The /*areess of )ure F3istece got the feelig ‘I am’4 ad from
this seed this etire *orld or uiverse *as bor$
The first step is to go to the ‘I am’ ad d*ell there ad from there
you go beyod cosciousess ad o8cosciousess to ifiite
cosciousess$ I that permaet ‘)arabrahma’ state you become
completely desireless ad silet ad eve the thought ‘I am’
does’t arise$ The mid d*ellig i the pure ‘I am’ state is a very
subtle ad purified mid4 but (eality is beyod that$
The 9osciousess of ‘I am’ is the sole capital you have4 d*ell o
this ad othig else is ecessary4 all cocepts *ill disappear ad
you *ill be left uidetified *ith aythig$ %rom *here does the ‘I
am’ cosciousess come ad to *here it goesA This is to be foud
out$ 1he you *ere bor *hat e3actly happeedA D Did you desire
it4 or it just happeedA
To ear your livelihood you have to thi! about your practical
pursuits4 but oce they are over retur bac! to this thoughtless4
formless cotemplatio of ‘I am’$ Do carry out your activities but
remember that ‘:ou’ are Godly ad completely utarished by
these activities$ 1he you are i this ‘Ish*ara’ state4 all these
activities i the *orld *ill go o spotaeously$
/ll yogas ad practices come through the cosciousess of ‘I am’
oly4 *hich is itself a illusio$ 1hatever is happeig i this
illusio4 yoga4 ‘6udalii’ or aythig else4 is relative ad time8
%ood4 sleep ad procreatio4 this is happeig every*here i the
objective *orld4 *hether you are 9hristia4 Bidu or Muslim4 but
all these e3perieces are through the cosciousess ‘I am’4 *hich
is itself a illusio$
The etire objective *orld rises ad sets *ith this cosciousess ‘I
am’ *hich has ifiite po*ers to become *hatever it *ats$ 5ut
this agai *ould oly be a dream ad ot i (eality4 *here othig
has ever happeed or chaged at all$
The objective *orld is othig but a sport or art of this ‘I am’
cosciousess$ :our true ature is beyod this$ There is o itrisic
value i this cosciousess of ‘I am’4 e3cept to !o* ad reali7e
its illusory ature$
2ce *e have accepted the defiitio of (eality of beig that
*hich persists or is at all times the same4 the *e !o* that
(eality ca ever chage$ The objective *orld ad the
cosciousess of ‘I am’ =I deep sleep there is o feelig of ‘I am’>
is costatly chagig4 so from this *e ca ifer that *hatever
chages is oly a appearace ad ot a (eality$
Study the ature of this ‘I am’ cosciousess$ 2ce you uderstad
the ature of this cosciousess ad that it is utrue4 the all your
search is over4 there is o more effort required$
/s log you have a attribute you have desire$ %rom *here has this
attribute comeA It has come from this cosciousess ‘I am’4 but his
agai has oly appeared o your true State4 *hich does ot chage$
/y !o*ledge4 art or sciece4 comes through this ‘I am’
cosciousess$ :ou ca become perfect i ay art4 s!ill4 or sciece4
but this is still ultimately all false or impermaet4 for the ‘I am’
itself is a false or impermaet thig$ I caot really tell you the
story of Myself for It caot be e3pressed i *ords$
There is happiess ad uhappiess i this *orld oly because of
this cosciousess of ‘I am’$ This cosciousess of ‘I am’ is the
*orld$ 1ith the touch of this ‘I am’ cosciousess4 this *orld
comes ito e3istece$ 1ithout the ‘I am’ cosciousess4 you are
utouched or absolutely pure$ There is o cause or reaso for this
cosciousess of ‘I am’4 it has just simply appeared$
The ‘I am’ cosciousess i its pristie purity is the Guru or God D
2ce you have respect for this4 it *ill reveal all the ecessary
!o*ledge to you ad you *ill the uderstad that :ou are
beyod this ‘I’ cosciousess$
I truth the ‘I am’ cosciousess *as ever there4 so *he it goes4
*hat do I loseA Do I die or remai *hat I ever have beeA There i
that state4 there is o ‘God’ D o sese of separateess at all4 o ‘I
1ithout the itellect you !o*4 or you are4 the true state$ 5ut as
soo as the itellect comes ito play it is the operatio of the ‘I am’
My true state is al*ays *ithout this ‘I am’ cosciousess D so if
you live *ith this 6o*ledge4 you *o’t be al*ays thi!ig about
death ad cotemplatig death4 ad hece you *ill live loger
physically as your mid ad body *ill be free of uecessary
tesios4 thoughts ad beliefs$
Eless the !o*ledge of ‘I am’ or Guru’s grace blesses you4 you
*ill ot be able to comprehed your true ature$ Fve this ‘I am’
cosciousess does ot really eed aythig$ :our true state is
beyod this ‘I am’ ad it has o eeds or requiremets at all$
:ou should use this po*er of discrimiatio al*ays4 ad fid out
i truth4 *hether you really are a perso$ If you truly iquire you
*ill fid that you *ere ever a perso at all$ Fve the ‘Great
9ause’ or 9reator =‘Ish*ara’ or God> fially is oly a *ord$ The
‘Great cause’ is the ‘I am’ cosciousess$
The e3periece of the *orld comes through the cosciousess of ‘I
am’$ I the dream state you have the illusio of beig a*a!e =you
feel that the dream is real *hile you are dreamig4 the
cosciousess of ‘I am’ is operatig> but *hat is illusory i thisA
The cosciousess itself is illusio4 that *e are sittig here ad
tal!ig is itself illusory$
/ll this tal!ig ad discussio *e are doig here is because of the
cosciousess ‘I am’$ This cosciousess ‘I am’ is illusory ad
completely ureal to the ‘&ai’$ Eltimately4 util you ca leave off
completely the feelig of persoality you *ill ot be able to fully
comprehed the /bsolute (eality$
This ‘I am’ cosciousess is great for it creates the vast *orld4 but
:ou are greater4 for :ou are the (eality behid ad beyod this ‘I
am’ cosciousess$ :ou have come to me to as! me somethig ad
I have told you that ‘:ou are the (eality’4 so remember this4 stic!
to this ad live by this !o*ledge$ :ou are the (eality$ :ou are the
‘)arabrahma’4 so meditate o this ad remember this4 ad fially
the idea that ‘I am )arabrahma’ *ill also leave you$
The cosciousess ‘I am’ has a little distace from the True state4
hece it is ureal4 for *hatever is a*ay from the True state or
(eality is ureal$
:ou say that the cosciousess of ‘I am’ is i the body4 but the
body is !o* to be impermaet or ureal4 hece this
cosciousess i its pristie purity is fully maifest =i$e$ it has the
etire uiverse as its body>$ It has oly oe attribute ‘I am’4 but
*ithout ame4 shape or form$ :et it is my true state4 *hich
uderstads this ad is still beyod this$
God =‘I am’> is time8boud$ Be is oly a appearace o our true
state$ :ou as the (eality e3ist first4 ad oly the does the idea of
God arise$
Simply uderstad that the ‘I am’ cosciousess i you i its
pristie purity is itself God =the creator of the uiverse>$ So if you
*at aythig pray to this ‘I am’ cosciousess i yourself$
The cosciousess of ‘I am’ is ultimately the same as the mid$
The *hole vast uiverse is really i this mid or the cosciousess
of ‘I am’4 *hich is a appearace oly$
My true positio is at all times beyod this cosciousess of ‘I
am’$ 1hatever comes out of this ‘I’ cosciousess =mid4 body4
*orld etc> D *he I !o* that I am ot this4 *hy should I deped
o ay mid4 method4 idea or techique *hich come out of this
illusory cosciousessA
2ce I have reali7ed the ature of this cosciousess of ‘I am’4
ho* it has appeared o my true ature ad that it is truly oly a
illusory thig$ 1he I have fully !o* ad reali7ed this4 the the
cosciousess of ‘I am’ =*ithi *hich is cotaied the vast
uiverse>4 dissolves or merges i Me$
The cosciousess of ‘I am’ is the *orld4 ad there is othig
*rog i seeig or *itessig this *orld$ The mista!e comes i
oly *he you ta!e it to be real4 as *e almost all *rogly do$

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