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Aiguillon, July 11th 2014.

Is Avaaz combatting Monsanto
or facilitating biopiracy?
Under the pretext of fighting Monsanto, Avaaz has sent illions of eails to soli!it pu"li! donations to laun!h a
glo"al e#!oer!e in seeds. $he %ren!h %arers &eed 'et(or) *Rseau Semences Paysannes+ as)s, -o
farers need a "global online-store. for seeds/ 0s this !oer!e (ith seeds over the internet going to es!ape
the la(s of (orld trade di!tated "y Monsanto and other ultinationals/ 0sn1t (hat Avaaz proposes running the
ris) of organizing "iopira!y on a glo"al s!ale serving these ultinationals/
A!!ording to Avaaz, this pro2e!t is designed "y .farmers who resist by preserving seeds in seed banks and
barns around the world.. $he %arers &eed 'et(or) "ringing together in %ran!e ost organizations of
.farmers. (or)ing on %arer seeds never as)ed Avaaz for anything and have never heard a"out an organization
of sall farers in the (orld that !ould !on!eive su!h a pro2e!t.
&all farers rather (or) in their fields than on the internet. $hey produ!e and sell food. 3nly seed !opanies
live fro the seed trade. &all farers pra!ti!ing agro#e!ology need first of all to "e a"le to sele!t and
ultiply their seeds lo!ally, in order to suit their lo!al gro(ing !onditions and adapt to !liate !hanges as they
o!!ur in their fields. $hey don1t need seeds sele!ted and ultiplied on the other side of the planet that (ould
re4uire large aounts of !hei!al fertilizers and pesti!ides to adapt to lo!al gro(ing !onditions, to (hi!h they
(ere not a!!liated.
A fe( seed saples fro else(here are soeties enough to help the rene( the diversity of their lo!al
seeds. $hese ex!hanges of sall 4uantities of seeds are needed (hen farers have lost their lo!al seeds and
also (hen they !ope (ith a!!elerating !liate !hange. 5ut (hen they re!eive these seeds, farers ust first
sele!t those suita"le for their o(n gro(ing !onditions "efore they !an gro( the on a large s!ale. 0t also
happens that the lo!al seed sto!)s are destroyed "y a !liati! !atastrophe or (ar. %arers ust then o"tain
seeds fro their nearest neigh"ors, possi"ly fro neigh"oring !ountries, "ut not on a glo"al seed ar)et.
%arers have organized theselves to fa!ilitate the ex!hanges they need despite the la(s di!tated "y
ultinationals that try to prohi"it the. $hey eet in person and tal) to ea!hother in order to transit the
)no(ledge asso!iated (ith ea!h seed. 0f soe of the are !reating sall artisan "usinesses (hi!h !ould seel
seeds through the internet, it is al(ays on a sal#s!ale level. 5ut they don1t need all their %arer seeds and all
their )no(ledges to "e puted up for sale on a huge internet store that (ould ne!essarily es!ape their !ontrol.
$his (ould only fa!ilitate the (or) of ultinationals see)ing ne( seeds (ith intertsing traits that !ould "e
patented. $hey (ant a!!ess to farers1 )no(ledge to deterine (hi!h of these seeds have valua"le traits (orth
patenting. $hese patents then for"id farers to !ontinue using the seeds, that they are invited to give for free on
this 6e"ay store7. 8roviding a!!ess and inforation over the internet eans giving %arer seeds a(ay to the
ultinationals. %arers do not (ant to fa!ilitate the theft of their seeds through patents "y ultinationals.
%inally, Avaaz does not say "y (ho and ho( the oney !olle!ted on "ehalf of farers, (ho are not asso!iated
(ith this !apaign, (ill "e anaged.
%arers are happy (hen '93s help the to organize. 5ut they don1t need '93s trying to o"ilize !ivil
so!iety on their "ehalf for purposes that are not theirs. $o sele!t and lo!ally produ!e seeds, farers need their
rights to save, use, ex!hange and sell their seeds re!ognized and applied in every !ountry. $hey need the
o"ilization of !ivil so!iety to prevent in all !ountries of the (orld the la(s and patents on life ipeding those
$he Adinistrative !oun!il of the R:seau &een!es 8aysannes.
;onta!t , 8atri!) -e <o!h)o, patri!)=seen!espaysannes.org, 00 >> ? 1@ 0? ?2 ?0 ou 00 >> A A> B4 44 0A

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