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These are the wrong answers from the 3


UQU SLE NOTE, which I faced during my
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14- Patient is a known case of CAD the best exercise:
Isotonic exercise
Isometric exercise
Anaerobic exercise
92-Patient was brought by his son. He was pulseless and ECG showed ventricular
tachycardia, BP 80/, what is your action?
. a) 3 set shock
. b) One D/C shock (cardioversion)
. c) Amiodaron
. d) CPR
. -----------------------------------------------------------
95- Patient who is a known case of posterior MI presented with syncope. Examination
showed canon (a) wave with tachycardia, unreadable BP & wide QRS complexes on ECG.
The diagnosis is:
. a) Atrioventricularreentrantnodaltachycardia
. b) Ventricular tachycardia
. c) Pre-existing AV block
. d) Anterograde AV block
. e) Bundle branch block
. ----------------------------------------------------------
113- S3 occur in all of the following EXCEPT:
. a) Tricuspid regurgitations.
. b) Young athlete.
. c) LV failure.
. d) Mitral stenosis.
. -----------------------------------------------------------

Increase coronary blood flow
Venous pooling of blood.
Efficient for 5 min. if taken sublingual.
Lowers arterial blood pressure.
132- Patient known case of coronary artery disease, present with a symptoms of it, to
diagnose that patient has MI or not, by first ECG & cardiac enzyme

. a) Exercise stress test
. b) Coronary angiography
. c) Exercise
. -----------------------------------------------------------
149- RBBB:
Long S wave in lead 1and V6& LONG R in VI
Long S wave in lead V1 & LONG R inV6

157- Patient with risk factor for developing infective endocarditis. He will undergo
urology surgery. And he is sensitive for penicillin. What you will give him
IV vancomycin plus IV gentamicin
oral tetracycline
no need to give

206-A patient with normal kidney function post MI . The troponin level will last for:
. a) 48h
. b) 73h ( try to pick the longest as it last for 1-2 weeks).
. c) 24h
. d) 12h
. e) 8h
. -----------------------------------------------------------
214- Patient presented with acute chest pain radiating to the back. The blood pressure is
lower in the left arm compared to the right. The best diagnostic test is: (Aortic dissection
. a) CXR.
. b) ECG.
. c) Aortic Angiography.
. d) Echocardiography.

21- Male patient working in the cotton field, presented with 3 weeks history of cough. CXR
showed bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy and biopsy (by bronchoscopy) showed non-
caseating granuloma. Whats your diagnosis?
. a) Sarcoidosis
. b) Amylidosis
. c) Histiocustosis
. d) Berylliosis
. e) Pneumoconiosis
. ----------------------------------------------------------

24- Old patient with DM2, emphysema & non community pneumonia, Best to give is:
. a) Pneumococcal vaccine & influenza vaccine now
. b) Pneumococcal vaccine & influenza vaccine 2 weeks after discharge
. c) Pneumococcal vaccine & influenza vaccine 4 weeks after discharge
. d) influenza vaccine only
. e) Pneumococcal vaccine only
. ----------------------------------------------------------
32- 27 years old girl came to the ER, she was breathing heavily, RR 20/min. She had
numbness & tingling sensation around the mouth & tips of the fingers. What will you do?
Let her breath into a bag
Order serum electrolytes
First give her 5ml of 50% glucose solution
. ----------------------------------------------------------
38- Best early sign to detect tension pneumothorax :
. a) Tracheal shift
. b) Distended neck veins
c) Hypotension

100- End stage of COPD:
. b) HIGH Ca
. c) LowK
. ----------------------------------------------------------

113- Patient has pharyngitis rather he developed high grade fever then cough then bilateral
pulmonary infiltration in CXR, WBC was normal and no shift to left, what is the organism?
Staphylococcus aurous
streptococcus pneumonia
. ----------------------------------------------------------

115- Old patient stopped smoking 10 years ago, suffering from shortness of breath after
exercise but no cough and there was a table FEV1=71% FVC=61% FEV1/FVC=95% TLC=58%
What's the dx?
Restrictive lung disease
Obstructive with restrictive
. ----------------------------------------------------------

121- If there is relation between anatomy and disease pneumonia will occur in:
. a) Right upper lobe
. b) Right middle lobe
. c) Right lower lobe
. d) Left upper lobe
. e) Left lower lobe

64- All of the following organisms causes diarrhea with invasion except:
. ----------------------------------------------------------

85- Man with history of alcohol association with
. a) high MCV
. b) Folic acid deficiency
. c) B12 deficiency
. d) hepatitis
. ----------------------------------------------------------

128- Male patient present with exercise intolerance, HG is 9 and MCV is 78 and positive
fecal occult test. Upper GI scope show chronic gastritis. How u treat him?

Oral iron

IV iron

blood transfusion
. ---------------------------------------------------------
132- Risk of colorectal cancer recurrence is strongly related to:
a) Age at diagnosis
b) Stage
c) Family history


6- An 18 years old male who was involved in an RTA had fracture of the base of the skull.
O/E he had loss of sensation of the anterior 2/3 of the tongue & deviation of the angle of the
mouth. Which of the following nerves is affected?
. a) I (Olfactory)
. b) III (Occulomotor)
. c) V (Trigeminal)
. d) IV (Abducens)
. e) VII (Facial)
. ----------------------------------------------------------

58. Indication for CT brain for dementia, all true except:-
. a) Younger than 60 years old
. b) After head trauma
. c) Progressive dementia over 3 years
. ----------------------------------------------------------


5- The useful exercise for osteoarthritis in old age to maintain muscle and bone:
. a) Low resistance and high repetition weight training
. b) Conditioning and low repetion weight training
c) Walking and weight exercise
. ----------------------------------------------------------

37. Rheumatoid Arthritis:
. a) Destruction in articular cartilage
. b) M=F
. c) No nodules
. d) Any synovial joint
. e) HLA DR4
. ----------------------------------------------------------

54. 40 years old male come to you complaining of sudden joint swelling, no history of
trauma, no history of chronic disease, what is the investigation you will ask?
. a) CBC for WBCs ( not fully sure )
. b) ESR
. c) MRI of knee joint
. d) Rheumatoid factor
. ----------------------------------------------------------

76- Patient after URTI later on develop proximal muscle weakness , most probably:
a) gurean barre syndrome
b) Osteoarthritis.

77- Patient came with left arm stiffness and pain, he cant abducted his arm .. dx
. a) subcromial bursitis
. b) glenohumoral arthiritis

. ----------------------------------------------------------

32. Regarding the criteria of the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, the following are true
. a) Symptomatic patient plus casual plasma glucose ! 7.6 mmol/L is diagnostic of diabetes
. b) FPG ! 7.0 mmol/L plus 2 h-post 75 gm glucose ! 11.1 mmol/L is diagnostic of diabetes
. c) FPG " 5.5 mmol/L = normal fasting glucose.
. d) FPG ! 7.0 mmol/L = provisional diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and must be confirmed in
another setting in asymptomatic patient
. e) 2-h post 75 gm glucose ! 7.6 mmol/L and < 11.1 mmol/L = impaired glucose tolerance.
. ----------------------------------------------------------
34. A 30 years male presented with polyuria, negative keton, Random blood suger 280
mg/dl. management:
. a) Nothing done only observe
. b) Insulin 30 U NPH+ diet control
. c) Diet and exercise
. d) Oral hypoglycemic


6- Adenosine dose should be reduced in which of the following cases :
Chronic renal failure.
Patients on thiophyline.

. ----------------------------------------------------------
8- Best way to diagnose post streptococcus Glomerulonephritis (spot diagnosis):
Low C3
RBC casts
. ----------------------------------------------------------
11. Female patient did urine analysis shows epithelial cells in urine, it comes from:
a) Vulva
b) Cervix
c) Urethra
d) Ureter
. ----------------------------------------------------------
35. A 29 years old man complaining of dysuria. He was diagnosed as a case of acute
prostitis. Microscopic examination showed gram negative rods which grow on agar yeast.
The organism is:
a) Chlamydia.
b) Legonella
c) Mycoplasma
. ----------------------------------------------------------

47- Diabetic female her 24h-urine protein is 150mg
start on ACEIs
refer to nephrologist
Do nothing , this is normal range
. ----------------------------------------------------------

58. Epididymitis one is true :
. a) The peak age between 12-18 years
. b) U/S is diagnostic
. c) Scrotal content within normal size
. d) Typical iliac fossa pain
. e) None of the above

. ----------------------------------------------------------

134. 15 years old Saudi boy presented to ER with fever, skin rash and shock. He was
resuscitated and admitted to isolation ward with strong suspicion of meningococcal
meningitis. LP confirmed the diagnosis. One of the following statements is TRUE:
. a) Patient should be isolated in negative pressure room
. b) Prophylaxis treatment should be given to all staff and patient were in ER when the patient
was there
. c) Ciprofloxacin 500 mg once is an acceptable chemotherapy
. d) Meiningococci are transmitted by contact only
. e) Meningococci are resistant to penicillin

. ----------------------------------------------------------

135. 32 years old Saudi man from Eastern province came to you for routine pre-employment
physical exam. He has always been healthy and his examination is normal. Lab: HCT: 35%
MCV: 63fL WBC: 6800/ulretics: 4000/ul (0.7%) Platelet: 27000/ul his stool: -ve for occult
blood, The most direct way to confirm suspected diagnosis:
. a) Peripheral smear
. b) Measure Hb A2 level
. c) G6PD screening
. d) Measure iron, TIBC and ferritin level
. e) Bone marrow stain for iron

164. Child was sick 5 days ago culture taken showed positive for meningococcal. Patient
now at home and asymptomatic your action will be:
a) Rifampicin
b) IM Ceftrixone
. ----------------------------------------------------------

170. Old lady with recent osteoporosis ask about drug to prevent lumbar fracture
. a) Vitamin D
. b) Bisfosphonate
. c) Exercise
. ----------------------------------------------------------

208. Blast cell
. a) AML
. b) ALL
. c) CML
. d) CLL

264. 40 years old female presented to the clinic with central neck swelling which is moving
with swallowing. The mass is hard and the patient gave history of dysphagia. You should:
Request thyroid function tests and follow-up in 2 months.
Refer the patient to Gastroenterology for the diagnosis of dysphagia.
Admit the patient as a possible cancer thyroid and manage accordingly.
Give the patient thyroxin and send her home.
If the patient is euthyroid, ask her to come in 6 months.
. ----------------------------------------------------------

416. Old patient with dehydration corrected with 3 liters of D5 , later he became confused
with headache.
. a) Hyponatremia
. b) Hypernatremia
. c) Hypokalemia
. d) Hyperkalemia

. ----------------------------------------------------------

150. All of the following are causes of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) except:
. a) Toxoplasmosis
. b) CMV
. c) Rubella
. d) HSV II
. e) Syphilis
. ---------------------------------------------------------
265. Surveillance of patient on hormone replacement therapy includes all of the following
. a) Blood pressure.
. b) Breast examination.
. c) Glucose tolerance test.
. d) Pelvic examination.
. e) Endometrial sampling in the presence of abnormal bleeding

. ----------------------------------------------------------

386. Female G3P0 ,c/o infertility ,have regular non heavy cycle , trichomonus infection
treated at age of 17, previous 3 elective D/C in first month gestation ,DDx:
Asherman syndrome
Sheehan syndrome
. ----------------------------------------------------------

391- Relative contraindication of hemabate for the treatment of post-partum hemorrhageis:
Maternal diabetes
Maternal asthma
Maternal hypertension


70. 6month baby with mild viral diarrhoea, ttt by ORS as:
100ml/kg for 4 hour then 50 ml/kg /day after
50 ml/kg for 4 hour then 50 ml/kg /day after
100 ml/kg for 4 hour then 100 ml/kg /day after
50 ml/kg for 4 hour then 100 ml/kg /day after
. ----------------------------------------------------------

106- Cow milk differ from mature human milk that cow milk contain more:
More protein
More Iron content
More calories
More fat
. ----------------------------------------------------------

206. Sign of congestive heart failure in children all .EXCEPT
. a) Gallop rhythm
. b) Periorbital edema
. c) Basal crept.
. d) Hepatomegaly
. e) Bounding pulse
. ----------------------------------------------------------

207. Treatment of tetralogy of fallout ,all true EXCEPT
a) Thoracotomy
. b) Use of systemic antibiotics.
. c) Chest tube insertion.

. ----------------------------------------------------------

332. 2 month old treated with topical erythromycin after conjunctivitis for 7 days ,now
complaining of creamy whitish plaque in the tongue, what is the treatment?
. a) Oral nystatin
. b) Topical Acyclovir
. c) Topical Steroid
. d) Oral Antibiotics
. e) Oral Steriod
. ----------------------------------------------------------

341. Baby with streptococcal pharyngitis:-
. a) Treatment after 9 days carries no risk of GN
. b) Treatment effective in prevention of GN
. c) Clindamycin effective against gram ve organisms
. d) all choices are wrong

. ----------------------------------------------------------

46. Patient want to quit smoking you told him that symptoms of nicotine withdrawal peaked
. a) 1-2 days
. b) 2-4 days
. c) 5-7 days
. d) 8- 10 days
. ----------------------------------------------------------

132. 10 years old child brought by his parents because they were concern about this
weight, he eats a lot of fast food and French fries, your main concern to manage this patient
is :
. a) His parents concerning about his weight
. b) His BMI > 33
. c) Family history of heart disease
. d) Eating habit ( fast food , French fries )
. ----------------------------------------------------------

133. 12 years old boy brought by his parent for routine evaluation, his is obese but
otherwise healthy, his parents want to measure his cholesterol level, what is the best
indicator of measuring this child cholesterol?
. a) His parent desire
. b) Family history of early CVA
. c) High BMI

In battered women which is true:
Mostly they come from poor socioeconomic area
Usually they marry a second violent man
Mostly they come to the E/R complaining from other symptoms
Mostly they think that the husband respond like this because they still have strong feeling for them
. ----------------------------------------------------------

195- antidepressant action starts within
1 day
1 wk
3-4 wk
. ----------------------------------------------------------


1- 56 years old present with vasomotor rhinitis
Local anti-histamine
Local decongestion
Local steroid
Systemic antibiotic.

. ----------------------------------------------------------

15- Young man came with nasal bleeding from posterior septum not known to have any
medical disease or bleeding disorder MANGEMENT is.
Tampon in posterior septum
Screen for blood and coagulation
Inject septum by vasoconstrictor
spray anaesthetic or vasoconstrictor
. ----------------------------------------------------------

140. Patient with seasonal watery nasal discharge, sneezing and nasal block. What should
you give him as a treatment:
. a) Topical steroid
. b) Decongestants
. c) Antihistamines
. d) Systemic Steriods

. ----------------------------------------------------------


81. Lichen planus most common site?
a) Scalp
b) Neck
c) Knee
d) Buttocks