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Intellect Universal Banking

TAB! "# C"$T!$TS
1.0 General information about the product 4
1.2 Origination, license of the product, and the policy . 5
1.3 The system architecture 5
1.4 Technical e!eloping en!ironment de!eloping tools and O" #
1.5 $ethodology for designing the system #
%ntellect &ore 15
'eatures of &ore( 1)
%ntellect Origination 1)
'eatures of %ntellect Origination( 1)
%ntellect *ending 1)
%ntellect &ollect 1)
%ntellect Trade 1+
'eatures of %ntellect Trade( 1+
%ntellect Treasury 1+
"tructured ,roducts 1#
'eatures of %ntellect Treasury( 1#
%ntellect -rmor 1#
%ntellect %ntegrator 1#
1.) *ist of system supported functional features 1.
%ntellect &ore 1.
-T$/ ebit &ard -dministration $odule 20
&harging $odule 20
-ccrual and -pplication $odule 21
"tanding Order $odule 21
Teller 22
,ayments $odule 22
General *edger "ystem 23
&ollateral $onitoring "ystem 23
0nd of ay Operations 10O2 23
&ustomer &ommunication $odule 23
3econciliation $odule 23
%ntellect Origination 24
&ustomer "er!ices 24
-pplication ,rocessing 24
ocument, %ncome, ,rofile 1%,2 24
-gency $aintenance 24
&redit ecisioning 24
*imit &alculation 25
4nder5riting 25
3is6 "ampling 25
7usiness 3ule 0ngine 25
*oan "er!icing "ystem 25
%ntellect &ollect 2)
%ntellect Trade 2)
%ntellect Treasury 2)
1.0 General information about the product
,olaris proposes %ntellect 4ni!ersal 7an6ing "uite 147"2, 8- comprehensi!e ban6ing system
comprising of &ore ban6ing, Trade 9 Treasury and *ending:,
,lease refer the figure belo5 5hich depicts the feature of our solution(
Open and standardi;ed "ystem architecture
%ntellect has been built on an open architecture le!eraging <200 standards for its 5eb
components. The system supports industry standard database, bro5sers and 5eb ser!ers. %t
enables the application to interface 5ith any third party system using %ntellect integrator. -ny
ne5 modules can also be interfaced 5ith ease. ue to the high le!el of parameteri;ation,
%ntellect offers fle=ibility and does not re>uire high !endor support for any systemic changes
supported through parameteri;ation. This can be handled by the internal technology team of
-bility of modular functioning
0nd to 0nd support is a!ailable for any channel integration and the interfacing is achie!ed
through %ntellect %ntegrator. %ntellect also comes 5ith its nati!e reporting tool 5hich enables the
ban6 to customi;e any report according to their re>uirement.
-bility of parameteri;ation
%ntellect supports a high le!el of parameteri;ation. -bility to design ne5 products, define
interest indices, interest offsets, fle=ible fees 9 charging, relationship based pricing, support for
multi currency, General *edger accounts, country list, local ban6 list, foreign ban6 list, holiday
list, branch details, ban6 details etc are illustrati!e of the system:s capability to offer fle=ibility.
The system is G4% 1Graphic 4ser interface2 based and is also !ery user friendly. The system
also supports "traight Through ,rocessing 1"T,2 for its !arious processes 5ithout any manual
The centrali;ed architecture offers the follo5ing benefits(
@ 3eduction of hard5are 9 soft5are cost
@ 3eduction in AB/ "B maintenance cost
@ 3educed dependency on scarce human resources
@ %mpro!ed efficiency in %T management
@ 0fficiency of operations.
1.2 Origination, license of the product, and the policy for license .
,olaris, as a policy, does not share the source code 1*icense2.Ao5e!er, on mutual agreementC
5e can enter into an escro5 arrangement.
1.3 The system architecture
'unctional -rchitecture
%ntellect functional architecture comprises of eli!ery channels, "ecurity %nfrastructure,
7usiness Gate5ay *ayer, "hared &ustomer %nfrastructure *ayer, "hared 7usiness &omponents
*ayer, ,roduct ,rocessors and bac6end ser!ices.
eli!ery &hannels are customer touch?point applications and %ntellect 4ni!ersal 7an6ing o5ns
the 7ranch 'ront 0nd channel and has the capability to interface 5ith other deli!ery channels
such as -T$s, %nternet, %D3 and $obile.
%ntellect 4ni!ersal 7an6ing "olution is a complete ban6ing system that addresses the needs of
the ban6ing industry by combining cutting edge technology 5ith an easily deployable
%t is designed to ma=imi;e automation of processes, 5ith an aim to increasing the efficiency in
all fields ranging from customer ser!ice to o!erall positioning and ris6 management to
reporting. The result is a comprehensi!e, cost?effecti!e solution that helps financial
organi;ations reach ne5 le!els of management control and customer ser!ice so that they can
compete in todayEs global mar6ets.
%ntellect 4ni!ersal 7an6ing "olution comes e>uipped 5ith a po5erful and comprehensi!e
General *edger "ystem. This system pro!ides for the maintenance of !arious account types and
ban6 accounts. 7esides this, the G* system also facilitates grouping of customer accounts on
the basis of customer and account characteristics and mapping the same into ban6 accounts for
the purpose of consolidation. The customer accounts as 5ell as internal accounts are posted
online. Ao5e!er, the consolidation of "ub?ledger 5ould be part of 0O processing.
Technical -rchitecture
The architecture is di!ided into layers based on n?tier architecture and its responsibilities. The
diagram belo5 depicts the !arious layers in the architecture from a technical perspecti!e(
&lient *ayer
The &lient *ayer consists of, typically, a thin client that is bro5ser running on a user:s des6top.
The &lient:s communication to the -pplication "er!er processes, residing on Tier 2 is through
-pplication "er!er Tier
-pplication ser!er tier 5ould host the Beb *ogic application ser!er.
Beb &ontroller
- gate5ay ser!let is deployed to listen to all client re>uests. "er!lets listen for ATT, re>uests
and hands o!er the control to appropriate -pplication &ontroller. The listener remo!es all the
ATT, specific details from the re>uest and passes only the e!ent details to the application
controller. Typically, there is only one controller for an application.
-pplication &ontroller
The application controller gi!es a business e!ent !ie5 for the &lient listeners and on the other
side, translates them into application e!ents. 7usiness components are designed as small
loosely coupled and cohesi!e components. The controller maps an incoming business e!ent
into one or many application e!ents. -pplication controllers are normal <a!a &lasses and they
help in na!igation bet5een business components. The main responsibilities of the -pplication
&ontroller are(
@ Dalidate if the re>uest can be processed
@ %dentify the 0!ent ,rocessor for incoming re>uest
@ ,ass on the e!ent specific details to the 0!ent ,rocessor
0!ent Aandlers
This component implements the logic to na!igate bet5een different business components to
meet the business e!ent. These <a!a classes ma6e one or more method call to 7usiness
%nterface to process the e!ent. The main responsibilities of 0!ent?,rocessors are(
@ 7rea6s application e!ent into specific business interface method calls handling !arious units
to maintain the integrity
@ $a6es business method calls 5ith the appropriate parameter
@ Aandles 0rrors
@ "ummari;es the responses from the !arious methods calls to be passed on as the response
@ 'ormation of appropriate error responses
7usiness &omponents
7usiness components are highly cohesi!e and loosely coupled. They meet the re>uirements of a
particular functional re>uirement. They are transparent to the nature of the calling client. The
parameters in these components are made highly configurable to meet the fast changing
business. The 7usiness layer is designed in three layers(
@ %nfrastructure &omponents
@ 7usiness %nterface
@ 7usiness %mplementation
%nfrastructure &omponents( "ystem le!el functionalities such as 7 connection pooling, thread
pooling, "ecurity !alidations and so on. re>uirements can be broadly classified into
infrastructure re>uirements. These re>uirements get repeated in e!ery application de!elopment.
The components that are not specific to any business function or domain fall into this layer.
These components are highly configurable, as the usage scope 5ill be uni!ersal.
7usiness %nterface( This layer gi!es bird:s eye !ie5 on the functional re>uirements. This !ie5
changes !ery rarely across different implementation of the same application. This clear
demarcation brings in reusability across similar functional domain. <a!a %nterfaces are normally
used to define classes in this layer.
7usiness %mplementation( 7usiness implementation bridges the gap bet5een application
re>uirements and the 7usiness %nterface. The components in this layer are bro6en do5n into
7usiness Bor6flo5 handlers, data models and e!ent processors.
ata -ccess &omponents
These are set of <a!a &lasses for interacting 5ith the database for all the data manipulation
operations, >uery or e=ecuting any database stored procedures.
1.4 Technical e!eloping en!ironment de!eloping tools and O"
'ollo5ing is the Technical de!elopment en!ironment.
,latforms 4F%G based 1"olaris, *inu=, -%G,A,?4G2
4ser %nterface 7ro5ser 7ased G4% 1%0 ).=/Fetscape +.=2
Beb "er!er i,lanet ).1/Beblogic #.1
"ecurity "er!er -uthentication( -rmor/-ny *-, based
-uthori;ation %ntellect -rmor
3eporting %ntellect 3eports
-pp "er!er Beblogic +.=/#.=
*oad balancing Beblogic clustering, Oracle 3-&
atabases Oracle .i/10g
Ops 0n!ironment "er!er( "olaris #.=/3ed Aat -" 3.0
&lient( Bindo5s 2000 Bor6stations
&lient( Bindo5s 2000 Bor6stations
%ntegration/$essaging %ntellect %ntegrator
*anguages <a!a, ,roH&,<a!a"cript, ,*/"I*
"tandards adopted <200
1.5 $ethodology for designing the system
Be follo5 the Baterfall methodology for the de!elopment.the methodology is described as
This is a linear se>uential model using the principles of structured system analysis and design.
%n this methodology, first comes the analysis related phases, then the design phase, follo5ed by
the construction, 5ith testing related phases completing the process. This methodology is called
the 5aterfall methodology because each phase flo5s naturally into the ne=t phase li6e 5ater
o!er a series of falls.
The process forces the analysis team to precisely define their re>uirements. %t is much easier to
build something if the e=act re>uirements are 6no5n.
,hase iagram
%n this methodology, phases are !ery tightly coupled 5ith the soft5are?engineering tas6s, as
sho5n in the diagram.
*ifecycle escription
Jey "teps eli!erable Derification and Dalidation
1. ,roKect %nitiation
0ntry &riteria( %dentification of a piece of 5or6 as a proKect
0=it &riteria( "enior $anagement appro!al
%nitiate ,roKect
*0 0stimates ,roKect %nitiation 3eport 1,%32 ,roKect $anagement 3e!ie5 1,$32
2. 3e>uirement "tudy
0ntry &riteria( "igned contract/ $O4/ *O%/ Bor6 order
0=it &riteria( 3 sign off
,repare for re>uirements study
,lan for re>uirements study 3e>uirements "tudy %nitiation ocument 3e!ie5
efine the 3e>uirements 3e>uirements efinition ocument 4ser 3e!ie5
%nternal 3e!ie5
4ser "ign?off
,lan the ,roKect
*1 0stimates ,roKect Iuality and "oft5are &onfiguration $anagement 1"&$2 ,lans /
&onsolidated ,roKect ,lans
,roKect "chedule ,,3
3. -nalysis
0ntry &riteria( &ompletion of 3e>uirement study
0=it &riteria( -nalysis/'unctional specification model re!ie5ed and appro!ed
,repare for -nalysis
3e!isit 0stimates, 3is6s and ,lans 4pdated ,lans
etailed schedule for the phase ,roKect ,lan 3e!ie5 1,,32
-naly;e 3e>uirements
Trace functional specifications to re>uirements -nalysis/'unctional "pecifications ocument
that includes functional architecture
Traceability $atri= 4ser 3e!ie5
%nternal 3e!ie5
4ser "ign?off
4. esign
0ntry &riteria( &ompletion of -nalysis
0=it &riteria( etailed design re!ie5ed
,repare for esign
3e!isit 0stimates, 3is6s and ,lans
*2 0stimates 4pdated ,lan ocuments
etailed schedule for the phase ,roKect ,lan 3e!ie5 1,,32
"tudy en!ironmental features and limitations, 'ormulate General esign strategies, $ap
functions to architecture schemas -rchitecture esign document 3e!ie5
esign data structures, design processing logic esign specification document 3e!ie5
5. &onstruction
0ntry &riteria( 3e!ie5ed -rchitectural design and etailed design
0=it &riteria( %ndependent Tested 4nits
"ystem Test ,lan
,repare for &onstruction and Testing
3e!isit 0stimates, 3is6s and ,lans
*3 0stimates 4pdated ,lan ocuments
etailed schedule for the phase ,roKect ,lan 3e!ie5 1,,32
,repare ,rogram "pecifications and 4nit Test ,lan ,rogram "pecs
4nit Test ,lan 14T,2 Bal6through of ,rogram "pecs and 4nit Test ,lan 14T,2
e!elop 4nit
Trace ,rograms to design 0nhanced 4nit Test ,lan 14T,2 &ode
Traceability $atri= &ode 3e!ie5
%ndependent 4nit Testing
,repare "ystem Test ,lan
Trace transaction chec6list to analysis/functional specification Transaction &hec6list
"ystem Test ,lan
Traceability $atri= 3e!ie5
). Testing
0ntry &riteria( &ompletion of %4T of all 4nits
0=it &riteria( &ompletion of "ystem Test and 3elease
$odule and "ystem Test ,reparation
$odule and "ystem Test 0=ecution Test "trategy
Test ,lans
efect log
$odule Test 3esults
"ystem Test 3esults
%ntegrated and Tested "ystem
3elease 3elease Fotes
"I- &ertificate 3elease !erification
+. 4-T
0ntry &riteria( &ompletion of "ystem Test
0=it &riteria( 4-T "ign?off
4ser acceptance test e=ecution efect log
4ser -ccepted "ystem 4-T "ign?off
#. %mplementation
0ntry &riteria( &ompletion of 4-T
0=it &riteria( *i!e cut o!er
4ser Training
"atisfaction "ur!ey "atisfaction "ur!ey Iuestionnaire 5ith responses
,ost %mplementation -nalysis %mplementation 3eport
%nstallation and Operations $anual
Tested 4ser $anual ,ost %mplementation 3e!ie5
$anagement ,rocesses
,rocess -rea
Jey "teps eli!erable -pplicable uration / 're>uency
1.,roKect $anagement
,roKect ,lanning ,roKect, Iuality and "oft5are &onfiguration $anagement 1"&$2 plans/
consolidated plans %nitially, after completion of re>uirements study
"ubse>uently, plans are re!isited at the beginning of each phase
3e?planning is also re>uired at any point in time for reasons li6eLdrastic changes in
re>uirements/ proKect scope, e=cessi!e slippage, unmanageable defects etc.
,roKect Trac6ing( "tatus 3eporting "enior $anagement 3eporting
"tatus 3eports internal to ,roKect
&ustomer "tatus 3eports -fter start of 3e>uirements "tudy on a monthly basis
"tatus 3eports internal to ,roKect on a 5ee6ly / fortnightly basis as per plan
&ustomer "tatus 3eport as agreed 5ith the customer as per the plan
,roKect Trac6ing( ,roKect "tatus 3e!ie5 ,roKect "tatus 3e!ie5 1,"32 $inutes -fter start of
3e>uirements "tudy
'ortnightly fre>uency till proKect completion
,roKect Trac6ing( ,roKect management re!ie5 ,roKect $anagement 3e!ie5 1,$32 On
completion of ,roKect %nitiation 3eport
$onthly fre>uency till proKect completion
Iuantitati!e $anagement( $etrics &ollection $etrics for e!elopment 1$?D2 'orm On
completion of proKect initiation
$onthly fre>uency till proKect completion
Iuantitati!e $anagement( Trac6ing of Goals &onsolidated ,lan ,art %%/ Goal Trac6ing
Bor6sheet On completion of 3e>uirements "tudy
-s per the identified fre>uency in plan
-t the minimum on completion of each phase
2. Iuality $anagement
*anguage "tandards ,art of ,roKect ,lan
3e!ie5s 3e!ie5 'orm 'or all deli!erables as identified in lifecycle description
"oft5are Iuality -ssurance( $onthly planning and trac6ing "I- "tatus 3eport -fter proKect
"oft5are Iuality -ssurance( "oft5are ,rocess -udit ,&% %nitially on completion of 3" or as
per "I- plan
On completion of each phase or as per "I- plan
efect ,re!ention Tas6 Jic6?off $eeting 1TJ$2 $inutes "tart of 3e>uirements "tudy
"tart of each ,hase as per the criteria stated in efect ,re!ention ,rocess and / or ,roKect
Iuality ,lan
efect ,re!ention &ausal -nalysis $eeting 1&-$2 $inutes 0nd of 'unctional "pecifications.
0nd of each phase as per the criteria stated in efect ,re!ention ,rocess and / or ,roKect
Iuality ,lan
3. "oft5are &onfiguration $anagement
&hange &ontrol "oft5are &hange 'orm -ny change re>uired in any &% after it has been
Dersion &ontrol Dersions of &% -ny change re>uired in any &% after it has been baselined
3elease &ontrol 3elease Fotes
"I- &ertificate 3elease of documents, prototype and system
,erform &onfiguration -udits -udit Trail 3eport
%ssues Once per month e=cept during system testing.
-t least on a 5ee6ly basis, and at the end of each round of testing during system testing.
Trac6ing, 3eporting and 3e!ie5 of &onfiguration $anagement acti!ities &hange "tatus 3eport
7- 3eport 'ortnightly
4. ,roKect -dministration and $iscellaneous
-ll other miscellaneous standards, procedures and guidelines 5ould be applicable as defined in
,roKect -dministration
,ass5ord 0n!elope
&opyright $essage
,roKect 'older
1.5 *ist 6ey features of the system.
The 47" platform consists of the follo5ing components(
@ %ntellect &ore
@ %ntellect Origination
@ %ntellect *ending
@ %ntellect &ollect
@ %ntellect Trade
@ %ntellect Treasury
@ -rmor and %ntegrator
@ -drenalin
The features of these components are listed belo5.
%ntellect &ore
%ntellect &ore is a complete ban6ing system that addresses the needs of the ban6ing industry by
combining cutting edge technology 5ith an easily deployable architecture.
%ntellect &ore is designed to ma=imi;e automation of processes, 5ith an aim to increasing the
efficiency in all fields ranging from customer ser!ice to o!erall positioning and ris6
management to reporting.
The result is a comprehensi!e, cost?effecti!e solution that helps financial organi;ations reach
ne5 le!els of management control and customer ser!ice so that they can compete in todayEs
global mar6ets.
'eatures of &ore(
%ntellect &ore is a true +H24H3)5 system, 5hich is highly customer centric. The uni>ue blends
of features that are offered by %ntellect &ore, 5hich contribute in ma6ing this solution a cut
abo!e the rest are(
@ One?stop solution that offers integrated deli!ery of all 7an6ing ,roducts.
@ &omprehensi!e set of functionality that meets and e=ceeds the re>uirements of !arious
ban6ing businessesC be it consumer ban6ing, pri!ate ban6ing or corporate ban6ing.
@ &entrali;ed application enabling centrali;ing the operations to ensure efficiency and control.
@ 4ser?friendly applications and screens that increase user comfort and efficiency.
@ Aigh le!el of parameteri;ation at the system le!el, application le!el and module le!el.
'acilitates >uic6 deployment and customi;ation.
@ 0=tensi!e security features for tighter monitoring and control.
@ $odulari;ed, 'le=ible and Aighly parameteri;ed design?facilitating deployment of all or
specific modules based on business re>uirements.
@ &apable of supporting input screens in multiple languages. -lso the screen language
preference can be configured at the user le!el.
%ntellect Origination
%ntellect &redit Origination system is a highly e!ol!ed sourcing and credit e!aluation model
5hich has been en!isaged to support &redit origination process through the entire cycle
including *ead $anagement, -pplication processing, &ontact ,oint !erification, -utomated
&redit ecision, 4nder5riting, 3is6 and related functions.
%t is an integrated rule based parameteri;ed system capable of "traight Through ,rocessing 5ith
e=ception based manual inter!ention. %t has the capability to integrate 7an6 users 5ith their
agencies and their systems.
'eatures of %ntellect Origination(
@ &onfigurable 5or6flo5 based transaction processing
@ ,rocessing system 5hich 5ill ser!ice the follo5ing( *ead $anagement, -pplication
,rocessing, &ontact ,oint Derification, 4nder5riting, 3is6 and other related functions
@ &onfigurable business rules
@ Online 3eal?time 3ules 0=ecution
@ &onfigurable *etter generation 9 reporting modules
%ntellect *ending
%ntellect &ollect
%ntellect &ollect is a cost?effecti!e, >uic6 paybac6 efficient solution to the most difficult
collections challenges. The uni>ue collections solution has a comprehensi!e set of tools to
effecti!ely control the rising tide of delin>uencies. This 5ould dramatically enhance an
institutionEs effecti!eness in collecting and reco!ering money. The customer based collection
processC helps the financial institutions impro!e competiti!e position, customer relationship
and therefore customer loyalty.
%ntellect &ollect easily scales from thousands of cases to millions of collection case by !irtue of
its being po5ered by <a!a and the architecture being Beb based. The n?tier architecture uses
modern relational database design and a user?friendly graphical user interface 1G4%2.
'eatures of %ntellect &ollect(
@ 0fficient trac6ing using &ustomer 3elationship &oncept for monitoring group e=posure /
delin>uency/ performance.
@ Graphical 4ser %nterface for >uic6er na!igation enabling collectors to efficiently interact 5ith
the customers and ma=imi;e their producti!ity.
@ ynamic alerts for mandatory field updation.
@ -utomated follo5?up reminders helps
@ -!oid cumbersome diary entries by collectors
@ -!oid being collector dependent
@ &ontinuity in collection
@ ,ersistent follo5 up ? there by increase in producti!ity.
@ 7ro6en ,romise Trac6ing records the instances of promises not 6ept thereby empo5ering the
collector to strategi;e his calls.
%ntellect Trade
The %ntellect Trade 'inance ,latform 1T',2 pro!ides for a comprehensi!e and pro!en Trade
'inance processing solution for the ban6:s trade ser!ices department. %t pro!ides for a robust
and integrated platform for automating the complete cycle of trade finance and payment
transactions, in line 5ith the 4&, and "B%'T re>uirements for ban6s globally. Bith o!er 1)
years of system de!elopment and ser!ices e=pertise in the areas of trade ser!ices processing,
the T', from ,olaris "oft5are *ab offers an ad!anced and highly fle=ible technology
infrastructure for trade processing.
'eatures of %ntellect Trade(
@ Bor6flo5?centric solution
@ "uperior document imaging capabilities
@ &apability to define 8product?!ariants: on the fly
@ ,rocessing efficiency
@ 4ser friendly and ease of operation
@ ,arameter dri!en system
@ *ight5eight bro5ser?based application
%ntellect Treasury
%ntellect Treasury platform de!eloped by ,olaris is an integrated solution for front office,
middle office and bac6 office treasury operations. %t pro!ides functionality for end M to M end
automation of treasury functions, from deal capture to accounting and final settlements. %t
supports a 5ide !ariety of treasury products(
@ 'oreign 0=change
@ $oney $ar6et
@ 'i=ed %ncome "ecurities
@ eri!ati!es
%nterest 3ate s5ap
%nterest rate 'utures
'or5ard rate agreement
'G Options
"tructured ,roducts
$ar6et *in6ed eposit
ual &urrency eposit or ,remium eposit
'eatures of %ntellect Treasury(
@ 24G+ -!ailability
@ 4ser?friendly front?end interface
@ Online real?time interface 5ith host database during transaction processing
@ 4ser access rights based dynamic menu generation.
@ &ommon configuration management system
@ Aigh scalability at !ery lo5 marginal cost
@ 0O process control
%ntellect -rmor
-rmor is an integrated suite of security ser!ices to pro!ide end?to?end security, enabling
organi;ations to secure applications 5ith minimal effort and lo5 cost.
-rmor ma6es it easier for end?users, administrators and de!elopers to maintain system security
by offering the follo5ing ser!ices(
@ "ingle sign?on to Beb, es6top and Telnet applications, through a simple, easy to use
bro5ser?based front?end.
@ - "ingle point administration tool for administrators to manage the security administration of
multiple applications used by the organi;ation.
@ - complete set of -,%s and a 5ide choice of authentication methods to build security
functionality into their applications 5ith minimal effort.
%ntellect %ntegrator
%ntellect %ntegrator is a middle5are layer that lin6s !arious clients and business applications
and pro!ides clients a single standardi;ed interface to interact 5ith business systems and their
ser!ices. %ntellect %ntegrator ser!es as a pass through station bet5een clients and business
applications and addresses all integration challenges faced by organi;ations. %t is a fle=ible and
configurable enterprise application integration solution that can be used for integrating any
front?end 5ith bac6?end business applications. Thus, %ntellect %ntegrator enables organi;ations
to integrate their mission critical business applications running in heterogeneous systems in an
orderly, standardi;ed and con!enient manner.
%t comprises the follo5ing components(
@ Aighly parameteri;ed and configurable Transaction 0ngine to manage the transaction
definitions and 5or6flo5 associated 5ith it
@ $essage formatting engine that can manipulate the messages and con!ert them to !arious
desired formats using configurable rules
@ &ommunication engine that pro!ides the capability to use a fe5 industry standard
communication protocols li6e ATT,, $I and *4, to name a fe5
"er!ice &omponents li6e Timer "er!ice, "tore and 'or5ard, 7atch ,rocess, 7ul6 ,rocess,
*isteners and *ogger "er!ice are a!ailable to e=tend the functionality of %ntellect %ntegrator
1.) *ist of system supported functional features
,roduct 'unctional 'eatures of ban6ing acti!ities supported by the system
%ntellect &ore &ustomer 3elationship $odule
@ 'acility for an 0asy and One?Time capture of important demographic information of ne5
@ 'acility of Opening, $aintaining and $anaging The Transaction, "a!ings and O!erdraft
-ccounts and thereby, pro!iding a single integrated relationship/ account opening facility
@ ,ro!ision for a >uic6 and seamless method of retrie!ing the pre!iously stored information of
e=isting customers, 5ho 5ant to e=pand their relationship.
@ 3elationship Opening 9 3elationship 4pgrade( This sub?module facilitates customer
demographic details capture and account opening for ne5 holders. %t also pro!ides a facility for
an e=isting customer 5ho 5ishes to add ne5 products or maintain a ne5 account under an
e=isting product.
@ ,roduct 7ased %nstant offerings( This includes 5elcome chec6boo6s, -T$ cards, and pin
numbers and printed application/ contract forms.
&ustomer 3elationship $aintenance $odule
This module facilitates change of address, change of holders, addition of holders, deletion of
holders of an account, change in customer status and so on.
-ccount "er!ices $odule
@ &o!ering %nstructions 1Aunting 'acility2 M &ustomer ha!ing more than one account can
specify the other accounts, 5hich should be chec6ed for balance incase of insufficient funds in
the transacting account. This is 6no5n as hunting facility and 5ould happen online. The
priority of accounts to be chec6ed and the channels for 5hich this facility is re>uired could also
be stipulated.
@ 0armar6ing 1$ar6ing *ien2 ? The system 5ould allo5 users to define the amount to be
earmar6edC the reason for the earmar6C the effecti!e date and the method of release i.e.
automated or manual.
Other ser!ices include(
@ ,eriodic "tatement etails $odification %ncluding 're>uency
@ %nterest -ccrual and -pplication "cheme &hange
@ 'inancial "tatus &hange M Formal, 7loc6ed, Fo ebit Or Fo &redit
@ -ccount "tatus &hange M -cti!e Or %nacti!e
@ -ccount &losure
@ -dding and "5apping of Aolders To -n -ccount
@ &apturing The Guarantee etails
@ &harge -ccount $odification
@ &he>ue 7oo6 %ssuance and Trac6ing
-T$/ ebit &ard -dministration $odule
@ %ssue ebit/ -tm &ards
@ $aintain 'acilities 7ased On &ard Type
@ $aintain Transaction *imits 'or -tm and ,os Transactions
@ $odify &ard %nformation
@ Aot *ist/ &lose/ 3eissue and 3eopen &ards
@ *in6/ e?*in6 &ards and -ccounts
@ Generate 7atch 'ile 'or &ard 0mbossing
@ Generate -T$ ,ins and Other -ccess &hannel ,ins and &hange ,in.
@ %ssue "econd &ard
"ignature &apture and isplay $odule
%ntellect &ore has a signature capture and retrie!al system. This module allo5s users to scan
both customer and mandate signatures, lin6 them to accounts, and store the same. 'acility has
been pro!ided to interface 5ith any brand of scanner.
The stored signature can be retrie!ed and displayed along 5ith the account signature rules on
&harging $odule
@ ,ricing system that allo5s pricing !arious combinations of transaction types and ser!ice
@ ,arameteri;ed at !arious le!els such as product code, access channels, ser!ice re>uested
customers category, etc.
@ 'acility to modify pricing strategy 5ith changing mar6et needs
@ 'acility to base?pricing strategies on access channels
@ 'acility to maintain balance based charges 1e=ample on minimum, a!erage, daily minimum,
monthly minimum etc.2
@ 'acility to 5ai!e/ modify the charges at the time of transaction processing o!er the pre?
maintained charges.
@ 'acility to charge online or on batch mode
@ ,ro!ision to define period?based and count?based resetting of charges.
@ &harges can be defined as an absolute amount or a percentage of the transaction amount.
@ &harges can be maintained under different labels 1ma=imum )2. mis reports can be generated
on the income under !arious charge types.
@ ifferent charges can be applied for the same transaction, based on the characteristics of the
account and other transaction attributes such as currency of transaction, type of account and so
-ccrual and -pplication $odule
%ntellect &ore pro!ides a comprehensi!e accrual and application module that is dri!en by user?
defined parameters. This system pro!ides the features of(
@ efining 7ase %nterest 3ates and offsets
@ *in6ing 3ates To %ndices
@ efining %nterest "chemes
@ *in6ing %nterest "chemes To -ccounts 7ased On -ccount/&ustomer ,rofiles
@ efining -ccrual and -pplication 're>uencies
The accrual can be based on !alue?dated balances or on boo6?dated balances. further
parameteri;ation is also possible, based on the balance types to be considered 1for e=ample,
minimum monthly a!erage balance, daily balance and so on2
'le=ible accrual and application fre>uency can be defined for both the debit and the credit
,ro!ision is pro!ided to define multiple offset rates, o!er and abo!e the base rates, both for
debit and credit balances.
There is a pro!ision for notional pooling of funds for customer accounts. in this, the accounts of
a customer can be grouped under a single umbrella for interest calculation and application
purposes. this facilitates the customer to manage his account li>uidity better
"tanding Order $odule
The possible set of transactions for 5hich a standing order can be defined include the
@ -ccount To -ccount Transfer
@ %ssuance of %nstruments
@ 'und Transfer M omestic and &ross 7order
@ 4tility ,ayments
@ "5eep
Other %mportant 'eatures of "tanding Order $odule -re(
@ %nstruction can be set to e=ecute either in 0O or 7O or 0O and 7O.
@ 'acility for automatic re?trial for failed orders M the number of re?trials could be specified.
@ %n case of s5eep, partial or full amount could be specified. if partial 5ere selected, e!en if
partial amount is a!ailable in the account, the same 5ould be transferred. Aunting for the
balance 5ould be done based on re?trial flag.
@ &harges can be set for boo6ing of a standing order, e=ecution of standing order as 5ell as
retrials for a standing order.
@ ,ro!ision to earmar6 the funds on a future date before initiating the actual transfer.
@ "uppression of a standing order instruction for a specific period of time or for a specified
number of payments.
%ntellect &ore Teller %s -n %ntegrated Teller "ystem Bith $ulti?&urrency &apabilities &atering
To The 3e>uirements of The 7ranch.
This system effecti!ely processes cash transactions such as deposits and 5ithdra5al to/ from
customer accounts and currency e=change. besides this, it also supports cash deposits/
5ithdra5als to/ from tide accounts and gl accounts.
4nder the gamut of tra!ellers chec6 transactions, this module supports tc issue and purchase,
for both account holders and 5al6?in customers.
Teller module allo5s the ban6 to define the denominations for !arious currencies and trac6
them at !arious le!els 5ithin the ban6 including teller, !ault and -T$, cash management centre
The module also supports !arious bac6 office operations li6e cash mo!ement bet5een !ault,
&$&, tellers and -T$, inter teller transfer, cash issue, cash return, proofing and reconciliation.
%ntellect &ore Teller module also features an adKustment or data entry system that facilitates
direct posting of financial entries into a customer and general ledger accounts. This system aids
posting of rectification or adKustment entries.
,ayments $odule
@ 'und Transfer M omestic M %ncoming and Outgoing
@ 'und Transfer M 'oreign M %ncoming and Outgoing Bith %nterface Bith "5ift
@ &he>ue eposit
@ &he>ue &learing 1%n5ard and Out5ard2
@ &he>ue &ollection
@ ,rinting of %nstruments and $aintenance of The "toc6s
Time eposit $odule
@ Time eposit 7oo6ing
@ 'unding Options of &ash, ebit To &asa, &he>ue Or - &ombination of Options
@ "pecify %nterest and $aturity ,ayment Options M &redit To &asa, &ash, %nstrument Or 3oll
@ "pecify &ustomer "pread, Bhile Opening eposit
@ $odifications of "tanding %nstructions Gi!en 0arlier
@ ,re?$ature Bithdra5al
@ ,artial Or 'ull
@ ,remature ,enalty 'ee &ould 7e efined
@ ,remature %nterest 3ate &ould -lso 7e efined
@ $aturity &losure Or 3oll O!er
@ 3oll O!er &ould 7e 'or ,rincipal Or %nterest Or 7oth
@ -dditional -mount &ould 7e -dded and eposit 3olled O!er
General *edger "ystem
&ollateral $onitoring "ystem
0nd of ay Operations 10O2
The $ain -cti!ities That 'orm ,art of %ntellect &ore 0O -re *isted 7elo5(
@ 4pload of hands?off files recei!ed from other systems
@ ,osting of batch entries
@ 0=plosion of entries
@ %ntegrity chec6s
@ Generation of hands off files to other systems
&ustomer &ommunication $odule
@ *etter/ -d!ice $aintenance and 'ormatting
@ *etter/ -d!ice Generation ? Online and 7atch
@ ,rinting of *etters/ -d!ice
@ 3egeneration of *etters/ -d!ices
@ "imulation of *etters/ -d!ices
3econciliation $odule
The main features of the %ntellect 3econ module are(
@ $aintenance
@ 0=ternal entities and -ccounts
@ -ccounts could be internal or e=ternal
@ efinition of 3ules for the reconciliation of records
@ efinition of Groups and lin6ing of rules to such groups
@ 3ules lin6ed 5ith groups for auto match or for suggesti!e match
@ 3econciliation of transactions posted to FO"T3O accounts 5ith account statement/data?feed
from counter party in the form of $T.50 "B%'T message, flat file upload or manual entry of
@ "ystem pro!ides for -uto match and $anual match
@ "uggesti!e match based on the rules defined
@ &omprehensi!e Iuery 5ith "ort/ 'ilter facility
@ 3eports and hand off
%ntellect Origination The salient features of the system include the follo5ing(
@ &onfigurable 5or6flo5 based transaction processing
@ ,rocessing system 5hich 5ill ser!ice the follo5ing( *ead $anagement, -pplication
,rocessing, &ontact ,oint Derification, 4nder5riting, 3is6 and other related functions
@ &onfigurable business rules
@ Online 3eal?time 3ules 0=ecution
@ &onfigurable *etter generation 9 reporting modules
&ustomer "er!ices
@ 'ilter -pplication based on "earch &riteria
@ "earch by 5ild card
@ %n!o6e application from the search result
@ Die5 status of application and intimate customer of the stage at 5hich the application is being
@ 4se Fotepad to capture customer instructions on fee, limit. The user can also enter remar6s
for the under5riter
@ Die5 list products a!ailable for cross sell
@ Die5 customer letters sent and suppressed
@ ,rint duplicate letters
-pplication ,rocessing
ocument, %ncome, ,rofile 1%,2
0nsures a preliminary screening of the application to 6eep the sales focused on the right target
segment and unnecessary application log?ins gets controlled
-gency $aintenance
-gency $aintenance comprises of the follo5ing maintenances(
@ -gency ? &ontact $aster
@ -gency ? -llotment $aster
@ -gency M -bilities and rates $aster
@ -gency ,erformance Trac6ing $aster
@ '"0 -gency $aster
@ T-T "trategy $aster
&redit ecisioning
,olicies can be defined for different stages of application processing. "ubKecti!e or ObKecti!e
policies can also be maintained.
@ "ubKecti!e policy is calculated based on !arious parameters that need e!aluation. These are
raised as >uestions for the user to input.
@ ObKecti!e policy is based on criteria, 5hich is !alidated by the system.
@ "core &ard &alculation
%ntellect *ending *imit &alculation
To define the limit for any gi!en application. *imits are arri!ed at based on !arious
parameters, 5hich are used for the rules configured in the *imit table
The 'inal limit for the applicant can be applied based configurable basic limit, de!iation,
floor and ceiling limit
The -pplicant:s %ncome and other demographic details
The -pplicant:s credit history and credit score
The results of !arious !erifications that ha!e been carried out on the applicant
- re!ie5 of the applicant:s performance on the !arious ,olicy 3ules that ha!e to be applied
on him/her.
The under5riting module supports the business user to5ard appro!ing or reKecting the
application at its !arious stages. The processes leading to appro!al or reKection are as follo5s(
ObKecti!e ,olicy &hec6s to determine system?recommended -ppro!als/e!iation
&alculate &redit "cores and e!aluate against the applicable cut?offs and le!els for the same
"ubKecti!e policy chec6s and credit limit determination, 5ith possible user o!erride
The system supports the abo!e process using the follo5ing(
Iueue management M -pplication appro!al, referral, decline, diari;e application, redo
4ser $anagement M -pplication -ssignment, 3eferrals, 0scalations
3is6 "ampling
7usiness 3ule 0ngine
The t5o maKor components of the rules engine are(
- rule configuration frame5or6, incorporating rule definition into a user interface for
creating, editing, and managing a persistent rule base. This allo5s the user to maintain rules
and change them 5hene!er the policies get changed.
- rule engine processor that can read in a set of rules, connect to the re>uisite data sources
and targets, and manage the state of the rules en!ironment, and generate the re>uisite results
*oan "er!icing "ystem
To ser!ice the entire loan life cycle including loan boo6ing, disbursal, maintenance, repayment
schedule trac6ing, accounting, prepayment processing, delin>uency and recei!ables trac6ing,
non accrual and charge?off processing and collateral management.
,roduct efinition
*oan 7oo6ing 1&ollateral etails &apture2
*oan $aintenance 1&entral *imit $onitoring2
%ntellect &ollect This module helps in proacti!e follo5 up of delin>uent customers. %t supports
the follo5ing features pertaining to ban6ing acti!ities(
@ ,ortfolio segmentation
@ Bor6 list ,riority
@ Dersatile &ommunication M -utomatic unning
@ -utomatic 0scalation M "uper!isor %nter!ention
@ 3eco!ery $anagement M *egal and 3epossession
@ "upports tele?calling and field !isits
@ "upports secured and non?secured loans follo5 up
%ntellect Trade %ntellect trade co!ers the follo5ing ban6ing functions
7ac6 Office 'unctions
*etter of &redit
7ills $anagement
'ront Office 'unctions
Transaction %nitiation
&ustomer "er!ice
7an6 -dministration
%ntellect Treasury %t supports a 5ide !ariety of treasury products(
@ 'oreign 0=change 1'G2
$argin Trading
@ $oney $ar6et 1$$2
Term eposits and ,lacements
&all eposits and ,lacements
Fotice eposits and ,lacements
iscounted instruments
%slamic %nstruments
@ 'i=ed %ncome "ecurities 1'%"2