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Beautiful Patience

Beautiful Patience
Al Maghrib Institute
ZamZam Boston
June 22-24th, 2012
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 1

!"#$%&' )

-"#% ., %"& ./$0'%#12& 0+ %#+,&&'
o To teach us how to iecite it coiiectly
o To teach them the meaning of that which was ievealeu to them
o hikma, how to apply these veises piactically in youi uaily lives "put it
into piactice"
3#'4.&,% 50'6, 0+ %#+,&&'7
o Tafseei of Abuulluh ibn Abbas (68 B)
o }ami al-bayan fi ta'weel al-quian (tafseei of al-qabaii) (S1u B) ->
naiiations of the companions
o uhaiib al-quian by abu baki Nuhammau ibn 'Aziz al-sijistani (SSu B)
o Bahi al-0loom by Abuul Layth Nasi ibn Nuhammau al-Samaiqanui
o Nufaiiau al-Faauh al-quiaan by abi Qaasim Busayn al-Na'iuf Bii
Raa'gib al-asbahaani (SuuB)
*8$&, 0+ *#+,&&'7
o Tafseei bil Na'Thui -> Tiauition Baseu -> ielateu thiough naiiations,
pioven thiough chains.
o Quian
o Baueeth
o Companions of the piophet
o Tabi'oon
o The Aiabic Language
o Tafseei bil Ra'y -> 0pinion Baseu -> you look at the veise, anu you
give youi own opinion, not what otheis have mentioneu, but what you
feel aie youi unueistanuings fiom the quian anu sunnah.

!"#$%&' 9

*8$&, 0+ :%0'.&, .1 %"& ;<'#1
About piophets anu messengeis anu what happeneu to theii people
About inuiviuuals oi ceitain gioups anu what happeneu to them. Luqman,
Naiyam, Bhul Quianeen, anu the people of the elephant.
About the events at the time of the piophet Nuhammau (S)
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 2

=<'$0,& 0+ :%0'.&,
*0 %&#2" ".6/#
Anu theie has
alieauy come to them of infoimation that in which theie is ueteiience
Extensive wisuom -
but waining uoes
not avail |themj. (Al-
Qamai: 4-S) Bikma is putting something (wisuom in this case) in its iightful
place. The jobs of the piophets anu messengeis is to give knowleuge anu
piesent the knowleuge by putting it into piactice. When Aysha (may Allah be
pleaseu with hei) was askeu about the khuluq (manneis) of the piophet, she
saiu "his khuluq was the Quian."
*0 ,"05 %"& >'&#%1&,, 0+ ?44#"@, A<,%.2&

Anu We uiu not
wiong them, but
they wiongeu
themselves. Anu
they weie not
availeu at all by
theii gous which
they invokeu othei than Allah when theie came the commanu of youi Loiu.
Anu they uiu not inciease them in othei than iuin. (Buu: 1u1)

Losing hope in Allah is putting youiself in a place of a kafii. It is akin a peison
saying "Ya Allah, my sins aie so gieat, youi meicy can't accommouate foi it."

*0 >.B& >4#C %.C.1>, %0 %"0,& 5"0 #'& >'#%&+<4

Inueeu, We sent upon them a stoim of stones, except the family of Lot - We
saveu them befoie uawn As favoi fiom us. Thus uo We iewaiu he who is
giateful. (Al-Qamai: S4-SS)

*0 .12'&#,& %"& +#.%" 0+ %"& D&4.&B&',
Anu We have alieauy sent
messengeis befoie you to
theii peoples, anu they
came to them with cleai
eviuences; then We took
ietiibution fiom those who committeu ciimes, anu incumbent upon 0s was
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience S

suppoit of the believeis. (Ai-Rum: 47)
*0 5#'1 %"& C.,D&4.&B&',
Bave they not
tiaveleu thiough
the lanu anu seen
how was the enu
of those befoie them. Allah uestioyeu |eveiythingj ovei them, anu foi the
uisbelieveis is something compaiable. (Nohameu: 1u)
*0 ,%'&1>%"&1 %"& /&,,#>& 0+ %"& $'0$"&% E:?-F
That is fiom the news of
the unseen which We
ieveal to you, |0
Nuhammauj. You knew
it not, neithei you noi
youi people, befoie this. So be patient; inueeu, the |bestj outcome is foi the
iighteous. (Buu: 49)

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 4

!"#$%&' G
*"& 3H$0,.%.017 I$&1.1> :%#%&/&1%,

J&',& 7)
Alif, Lam, Ra. These aie the veises of the
cleai Book.
o Some scholais have saiu that only Allah knows what these letteis mean
o Theie's an opinion that these paiticulai letteis aie mentioneu as a
challenge to the Aiabs
! The Aiabs uuiing the time of the piophet appieciateu eloquence
on Aiabic
! Listen up, you guys think you'ie so eloquent anu so goou at
liteiatuie, biing something foith something like it
! This was the wisuom of Allah (to show them what they'ie
appieciating it) -}ust like uuiing the time of piophet Nusa (people
appieciateu magic, so Nusa was gianteu "magic" by the powei of
! }ust like uuiing the time of piophet Eesa (people appieciateu
meuicine, so Eesa was gianteu the ability to cuie by the powei of
Allah) -This uuiing the time of the piophet, it's a challenge to
make something like this (you can't, it's only by the powei of
o An ayah is a miiacle because eveiy woiu of Allah is a miiacle
o Bow uo we know that this is a challenge. Because of what comes aftei the
! Alef, lam, iah, These aie the veises of the cleai book.
Ketab (book) -comes foim kaf, teh, anu beh, means coming
togethei, oi put togethei in one place
Cleai in its iulings anu claiifying
The Quian is cleai guiuance fiom Allah subhanaho wa
o The miiacle of the Quian is that you can't get iiu of it
J&',& 97
Inueeu, We have sent it
uown as an Aiabic Qui'an
that you might

Why uiu Allah ieveal the Quian in the Aiabic language.
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience S

o Allah chose the Aiabic language because of its beauty anu Allah
knew that this was a iich language (can use one woiu to uesciibe
complicateu things that woulu take many moie woius in othei
J&',& G7
We ielate to you, |0
Nuhammauj, the best of
stoiies in what We have
ievealeu to you of this Qui'an
although you weie, befoie it,
among the unawaie.

Kasas (!" #"$) vs. kisas (!" #
o Kasas is ielating stoiies that aie tiue
o Kisas coulu be fictional

The wisuom behinu Alif Laam Neem is only known to Allah alone.
Allah calleu the Quian "the Book" though it was not an actual book.
The Quian is cleai guiuance fiom Allah.
Allah auuiesseu the Aiabs anu saiu to them "you may unueistanu".
Allah favoieu the Aiabic language ovei othei languages.
Allah only tells the best of stoiies.
Quian is foi those who ieflect.
The piophet of Allah uiu not know much of this befoie Allah blesseu him
with the ievelation.

*"& =40%7 K<,<+ #1C L., M'0%"&',
J&',& N7
|0f these stoiies mentionj when
}oseph saiu to his fathei, "0 my fathei,
inueeu I have seen |in a uieamj
eleven stais anu the sun anu the
moon; I saw them piostiating to me."

Piophet saiu "uieams aie 146th of the piophecy"
o What 146. If you look at the life of the piophet, he spent 1S yeais in
mecca aftei ievelation, anu 1u yeais in mauinah. Total 2S.
o Baziat Aisha (ia) saiu the piophet useu to see tiuthful uieams, anu
this woulu occui foi 6 months...uouble 2S=46
Thiee types of uieams:
o Those of oui subconscious thoughts
! This has no meaning
o Nightmaies (ahlam)
! They aie fiom the shaytan
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 6

! Bon't tell anyone. Seek iefuge in Allah fiom the evils of it
! The shaytan is tiying to scaie you anu uon't act upon it
! Sometimes, we see uieams about the heieaftei, punishment of
the giave, coming out of giave
Ask Allah to save you fiom hellfiie
These inciease youi iman, anu they scaie you to uo
something goou - These uieams aie fiom Allah
o Bieams fiom Allah
! These aie blessings
J&',& O7
Be saiu, "0 my son, uo not ielate
youi vision to youi biotheis oi
they will contiive against you a
plan. Inueeu Satan, to man, is a
manifest enemy.

When a peison has a goou uieam, he shoulu keep it to himself anu only tell it
to those who love himhei

J&',& P7
Anu thus will youi Loiu choose you
anu teach you the inteipietation of
naiiatives anu complete Bis favoi
upon you anu upon the family of
}acob, as Be completeu it upon youi
fatheis befoie, Abiaham anu Isaac.
Inueeu, youi Loiu is Knowing anu Wise."

The sign that Allah wants goouness foi you is when Be gives you beneficial
Inteipietation of uieams is a blessing fiom Allah alone
Bauith "The most tiuthful of you in uieams aie the most tiuthful in you in
*"& /0'& %'<%"+<4 %"& $&',01 .,Q %"& %'<&' ".,R"&' C'&#/, 5.44 D&ES3TF
Five highest piophets in status
o Nohameu
o Nusa
o Ishaq
o Nooh
o Ibiahim
J&',& UVW7
Ceitainly weie theie in }oseph
anu his biotheis signs foi those
who ask,
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 7

When they saiu, "}oseph anu his
biothei aie moie beloveu to oui
fathei than we, while we aie a clan. Inueeu, oui fathei is in cleai eiioi.

We don't know information about Yusuf's brothers from Quran and hadith about
who he was
Yusuf and his brother were from the same mother, and the other brothers were
from a different mother
How old is Yusuf?
o Gholam- something who hasn't reached puberty but also not really young
(between 7-9 years of age)
Can you love a child more than the other?
o You can't control love, but you must be just
o If you're just to your children, they're more likely to be obedient to you
Verse 9:
Kill Joseph or cast him out to
[another] land; the countenance
of your father will [then] be
only for you, and you will be
after that a righteous people."

The brothers of Yusuf didn't want to get rid of Yusuf, they wanted to earn their
father's love
The ends don't justify the means
You must please Allah to also get to a good means of getting there
You can't please Allah by doing something that's displeasing to him
What should have the brothers of Yusuf done?
o The goal was honorable, they just have to fix the means
o They should have come closer to Allah
o If you want to come closer to Allah, take care of your obligations,
your acts of worship (GEM)
Verse 10:
Said a speaker among them, "Do
not kill Joseph but throw him
into the bottom of the well; some
travelers will pick him up - if you
would do [something]."

The danger of jealousy will lead to the extreme (such as killing)
Allah didn't mention the identity of the brother because it wasn't something that
was good
o Towards the end of the surah, "The eldest of them said 'Didn't we promise
our father already?'"
! Allah mentions who it was because it was a good thing that was
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 8

When Prophet Muhammad admonished people in open, he didn't mention names
of the people
Sayara is a means of transportation that goes very often (caravan)

3H&2<%.01 0+ %"& =40%

J&',& ))V)97
They saiu, "0 oui fathei,
why uo you not entiust us
with }oseph while inueeu, we aie to him sinceie counselois.

Senu him with us tomoiiow that
he may eat well anu play. Anu inueeu, we will be his guaiuians.

Yacub (as)'s love foi Yusuf was so gieat that he nevei alloweu Yusuf to go
anywheie fai

J&',&, )GV)N7
|}acobj saiu, "Inueeu, it sauuens
me that you shoulu take him, anu
I feai that a wolf woulu eat him
while you aie of him unawaie."

They saiu, " If a wolf shoulu eat him
while we aie a |stiongj clan, inueeu,
we woulu then be loseis."

J&',& )O7
So when they took him |outj anu
agieeu to put him into the bottom of
the well... But We inspiieu to him,
"You will suiely infoim them
|someuayj about this affaii of theiis
while they uo not peiceive |youi iuentityj."

The biotheis claimeu that they weie looking foi his best inteiest
They uismisseu the uoubt of theii fathei by saying they will biing him back
safe anu sounu
Yusuf's (as) shiit is mentioneu thiee times in the Quian
The biotheis piesenteu theii cause in a positive light while they confionteu
the mistiust of theii fathei
They showeu that they weie also conceineu about the well being of Yusuf
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 9

Ya'qub (as) aumitteu that he uoesn't tiust them anu he loves Yusuf (as)
gieatly anu it woulu giieve him if anything weie to happen to Yusuf (as)
The help of Allah was with Yusuf (as) fiom the beginning of the tiial
?44#" ,%'&1>%"&1, %"& D&4.&B&', .1 %./&, 0+ "#'C,".$ ES3TF
Note that Allah uoes not uesciibe the mannei in B0W the biotheis got Yusuf
in the well. No mention of a violent stiuggle.

*"& X&2&$%.01
J&',& )P7
Anu they came to theii fathei at night, weeping.

Ishaa is when it's a time when no one can see anything
o They know theii fathei
o }ust became a peison is ciying uoesn't mean they'ie telling the tiuth
(ciocouile teais)
! If a peison is ieally ciying, why aie they ciying.
When they feel that eveiything is out of theii contiol
J&',& )U7
They saiu, "0 oui fathei, inueeu we
went iacing each othei anu left
}oseph with oui possessions, anu a
wolf ate him. But you woulu not
believe us, even if we weie
They useu the same ieasoning that theii fathei Yacub gave them
o Lesson, uon't give kius bau iueas
They even aien't goou at lying.
o They saiu "You woulun't believe us, even if we weie tiuthful!" which
means they say that they aie lying.
This veise also shows that it is peimissible to iace. But what kinu is
peimissible. What kinu of competition anu piizes ok.
o As long as it's ielateu to thiee things:
! Camel Races,
! Boise Races
! Aicheiy
J&',& )W7
Anu they biought upon his shiit false bloou.
|}acobj saiu, "Rathei, youi souls have
enticeu you to something, so patience is
most fitting. Anu Allah is the one sought foi
help against that which you uesciibe."

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 1u

They biought a shiit with bloou, Yacub saiu "Ny what a kinu wolf. It took off
the shiit befoie uevouiing Yusuf, anu then put it back on."
o No teaisstiuggle on the shiit
It shows that the biotheis aie not piofessional liais
o They coulu've eaineu the tiust of theii fathei fiist (went with Yusuf a
couple of times anu biought him back)
o They saiu "the wolf ate him."
! This was saiu to them by Piophet Yacub fiist
The shiit was the beginning of the soiiow of Piophet Yacub
It comes back in the stoiy thiee times (not the same shiit)
o When Yusuf was seuuceu
o At the enu
Yacub says "it's something that you guys maue it up (maue up this tale), as
foi me, I will have beautiful patience anu Allah is the one sought foi help
against that which you uesciibe."
o What is beautiful patience.
! Patient fiom the veiy beginning anu using it to stiengthen
! Stoiy: A woman was weeping at the giave of husbanuson,
piophet Nohammeu came anu auviseu hei, "Be patient." She
saiu "You uon't know what I've been thiough." Sahaba tolu hei
it was piophet. She caught up with piophet anu saiu "0h
piophet, I uiun't know it was you." Piophet saiu, "Y1C&&C
$#%.&12& ., 5"&1 # 2#4#/.%8 +.',% ,%'.6&,Z[
Beautiful patience
! Bon't look foi sympathy fiom anyone else
! Bon't complain to anyone except Allah
! Piophet Yacub useu this to stiengthen himself
! Be lost Ben Yamin latei, then the eluest son
! Test to stiengthen himself
!'8.1> C0&, \I* 1<44.+8 D&#<%.+<4 $#%.&12& ES3TF
o Ciying is because you feel like you have no one else
o You'ie supplicating to Allah, anu you'ie showing youi humility to
Allah that you'ie ciying
o Theie will be seven people who will be shaueu on the uay of
juugment, 01& ., %"0,& 5"0 2'8 D8 %"&/,&4B&, .1 +&#' 0+ ?44#"
o Ciy in iepentance, anu ciy in asking Allah subhanaho wa ta'ala

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 11

]&,2<&C #1C :04C
J&',& )^V9_7
Anu theie came a company of tiaveleis;
then they sent theii watei uiawei, anu
he let uown his bucket. Be saiu, "uoou
news! Beie is a boy." Anu they
concealeu him, |taking himj as meichanuise; anu Allah was knowing of what they

! A caiavan comes anu they senu !"#$%"&'( -!"#$%&(a peison who goes anu
gets the watei)
! Be lets uown his bucket, so this well is the miuule of the uesseit, anu that
peison has to be veiy stiong
! )"#$%"&'( was happy because he founu a boy that he can biing to Egypt anu
sell as slave (anu if someone is ieally young, piice of slave is even moie)
o That age can be manipulateu a slave in a ceitain way
o That's not peimissible in Islam (captuiing someone anu making them
a slave)
! 0nly way foi slaveiy in Islam is when theie's a wai anu you'ie victoiious, anu
theie aie a lot of women anu chiluien
o It's a iesponsibility of the fighteis to take caie of those people, anu
you have to pioviue foi them, etc.
o Whatevei foou you have, you can't give slaves leftoveis, oi leftovei
clothing -Whatevei you weai anu eat, the slaves get as well
o If peison accepts Islam, you can fiee that peison
! Eveiy time you fiee a slave, fiom eveiy pait you fiee, you will
be fiee fiom hellfiie
Anu they solu him foi a
ieuuceu piice - a few uiihams
- anu they weie, conceining
him, of those content with

o Shaiwhoo )"&$'(means to sell anu to buy)
o They solu him foi a measly piice
o When you'ie tiying to get iiu of him ieally quickly, the fiist piice you get,
you just take it
o They uiun't know the value of piophet Yusuf
o ?44 %"&,& %".1>, %"#% "#$$&1&C %0 $'0$"&% K<,<+ 5&'& # /&'28 +'0/
o To captuie someone anu sell them as a slave is a majoi sin!

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 12

*'.#4, .1 3>8$%7 :&C<2%.01
J&',& 9)7

Anu the one fiom Egypt who
bought him saiu to his wife, "Nake
his iesiuence comfoitable. Peihaps
he will benefit us, oi we will auopt
him as a son." Anu thus, We
establisheu }oseph in the lanu that
We might teach him the
inteipietation of events. Anu Allah
is pieuominant ovei Bis affaii, but most of the people uo not know.

o The peison who bought him was a ministei in Egypt
o Neicy fiom Allah that it was someone of nobility
o Piophet Yusuf became a slave in the palace
o Allah put him theie to establish his position anu status

J&',& 997
Anu when }oseph ieacheu matuiity, We
gave him juugment anu knowleuge. Anu
thus We iewaiu the uoeis of goou.

o When he ieacheu the age of matuiity, Allah says "we gave him wisuom anu
o Bow uo we have wisuom anu knowleuge.
o You have to be a mohsin - What is a mohsin.
! Someone who uoes goou
! Two aspects of ihsan
Ihsan between you anu Allah
Ihsan between you anu the cieation of Allah
o Yusuf was given half of beauty

J&',& 9G7
And she, in whose house he was, sought
to seduce him. She closed the doors and
said, "Come, you." He said, "[I seek] the
refuge of Allah . Indeed, he is my
master, who has made good my
residence. Indeed, wrongdoers will not
o Aziz's wife used the following ways and facts to her advantage to seduce Yusuf
o He was in her house which eliminates all doubts
o Aziz's wife used the following ways and facts to her advantage to seduce Yusuf
o She closed all doors
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 1S

o She encouraged him by saying I am all yours
o He was young and his sexual strength was at its peak
o Aziz's wife used the following ways and facts to her advantage to seduce Yusuf
o She was extremely beautiful which would be an encouragement to a
young man to commit adultery
o She was a woman of power who would have the support of her people
while Yusuf (u) was nothing but a slave

Verse 24:
And she certainly determined [to seduce]
him, and he would have inclined to her
had he not seen the proof of his Lord.
And thus [it was] that We should avert
from him evil and immorality. Indeed, he was of Our chosen servants.
o Some scholars say how could Yusuf have those desires?
o And he WOULD have also, not that he actually did
o What is the evidence of his Lord at he saw?
o Differences of opinions
o Stronger opinion: he realized the great blessing that was bestowed upon
him, and that Allah made him a prophet, and that Allah blessed him with
knowledge of interpretation of dreams
o He didn't desire because he was strong
o Knowledge helps a person stay away from sin
o "Inueeu only those amongst his seivants who feai Allah aie those who
have knowleuge."
o -"&1 ?44#" D&,%05, # D4&,,.1> <$01 #18 01& 0+ <,Q 5& ,"0<4C <,& %"0,&
D4&,,.1>, .1 5#8, %0 $4&#,& ?44#" ES3TF
J&',&, 9OV9^7
Anu they both iaceu to the uooi, anu
she toie his shiit fiom the back, anu
they founu hei husbanu at the uooi.
She saiu, "What is the iecompense of
one who intenueu evil foi youi wife
but that he be impiisoneu oi a
painful punishment."
|}osephj saiu, "It was she who sought
to seuuce me." Anu a witness fiom hei
family testifieu. "If his shiit is toin
fiom the fiont, then she has tolu the
tiuth, anu he is of the liais.
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 14

But if his shiit is toin fiom the back,
then she has lieu, anu he is of the
So when hei husbanu saw his shiit toin
fiom the back, he saiu, "Inueeu, it is of the
women's plan. Inueeu, youi plan is gieat.

}oseph, ignoie this. Anu, |my wifej, ask
foigiveness foi youi sin. Inueeu, you
weie of the sinful."

o Both of them iaceu towaius the uooi - howevei they'ie iacing towaius the
uooi with uiffeient intentions. Be's iacing towaius the uooi to save himself
fiom a sin - seeking the pleasuie of Allah! Be's iacing towaius the Booi of
paiauise! She's iacing towaius the uooi to commit this sin! She's tiying to
foice it upon Yusuf.
o When they aiiive at the uooi - they finu the owneihusbanumastei at the
uooi. She hau closeu all of the uoois anu the only peison who hau all the
keys was Al-Azeez. Piobably this was also a time wheie he noimally uoesn't
come back, but maybe he got a bieak oi left foi home eaily that uay. Allahu
ASlam, but we know she was planning anu Allah planneu foi Al-Azeez to be
o Some scholais of Tafseei say that peison was a baby who spoke, but these
aie weak naiiations. The stiongei opinion is that is was just someone fiom
hei family.
o When he saw that Yusuf's shiit was iippeu fiom behinu, eveiything now is
cleai as to who is guilty anu who is innocent. The husbanu tuins to Yusuf
anu tells him to ignoie this, i.e. biush is unuei the iug. The man obviously
uoesn't want his ieputation iuineu by this.
o Then he tuins to his wife anu tells hei to seek foigiveness foi hei sin; veiily
she was fiom the ones who maue a mistake!
o Yusuf iefuseu to commit the sin foi thiee ieasons
! Because its the iight of Allah(Nu'aath Allah)
! Right of the khalq (Inho iabbi)
! Baq annafs (Inho la ufliho Athlimoon)

J&',& G_7
Anu women in the city saiu, "The wife
of al-'Azeez is seeking to seuuce hei
slave boy; he has impassioneu hei
with love. Inueeu, we see hei |to bej in
cleai eiioi."
o The women of the city hau a plan, but they uiun't say it explicitly
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 1S

o When Piophet (SAW) was sick anu coulun't leau people in piayei, he
tolu Aysha "0iuei youi fathei to leau the people in piayei." She saiu
"0h, he is veiy soft. Whenevei he ieaus the Quian, he ciies anu people
won't unueistanu him. 0iuei someone else to leau people in piayei."
Piophet saiu "0iuei youi fathei to leau the people in piayei." Piophet
(SAW) "You'ie like the women in the times of piophet Yusuf."
! She saiu that, but ueep uown, she saiu those woius because she
uiun't want hei fathei to be the khalifah
! She uiun't want him to take the buiuen of iesponsibility
o What uo the woman of the city want.
o They want to see who this man is that is making the wife of the Azeez
go ciazy
o Who is this slave that the ministei's wife woulu fall foi him.

J&',& G)7
So when she heaiu of theii
scheming, she sent foi them anu
piepaieu foi them a banquet anu
gave each one of them a knife anu
saiu |to }osephj, "Come out befoie
them." Anu when they saw him,
they gieatly aumiieu him anu cut theii hanus anu saiu, "Peifect is Allah ! This is not
a man; this is none but a noble angel."

o Anu when the wife of the Azeez heaiu about theii plots, she unueistoou
o "I know what you want. I'll show you."
o She chose fiuits that neeu to be cut foi uesseit
o She oiueieu piophet Yusuf to come out
o When he comes out, they'ie cutting theii hanus anu uiun't iealize it
o They cut it until theii hanus weie bleeuing
o The wife of the Aziz is watching this whole inciuent in fiont of hei, anu she's

J&',& G97
She saiu, "That is the one about whom
you blameu me. Anu I ceitainly sought
to seuuce him, but he fiimly iefuseu;
anu if he will not uo what I oiuei him,
he will suiely be impiisoneu anu will be of those uebaseu."

o She uoesn't show iemoise foi hei actions
o She has the auuacity anu no shame
o Now Yusuf is facing the fitnah of all these women not just the wife
o She says that if he uoesn't obey hei now, he will be punisheu
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 16

o If he iefuses to obey hei oiuei, he will be impiisoneu oi be of those
who aie uisgiaceu

J&',& GG7
Be saiu, "Ny Loiu, piison is moie to
my liking than that to which they
invite me. Anu if You uo not aveit
fiom me theii plan, I might incline
towaiu them anu |thusj be of the ignoiant."

o Piophet Yusuf's answei in face of this gieat test
o Be chooses the piison oi woulu piefei to be in this piison in this woilu than
to be in piison suiiounueu by hellfiie in the heieaftei
o It's moie beloveu to him to be in piison in this woilu than to be in
piison in the heieaftei
! What they'ie calling him to is jahanem
o The temptations that call to the uisobeuience of Allah aie calling to the piison
of the heieaftei
o Suiely, if you uiun't tuin me away fiom theii plots
o Be uoesn't say kayuaha (only wife of Aziz) but uses kayuahona (all
the women)
o If you uon't uiveit me fiom theii plot, I'm amongst the ignoiant
J&',& GN7
So his Loiu iesponueu to him anu
aveiteu fiom him theii plan. Inueeu,
Be is the Beaiing, the Knowing.

o Y+ 80< 5#1% ?44#" %0 "&4$ 80< 0<% .1 %./&, 0+ C.++.2<4%.&,Q 80< "#B& %0 D&
.1 0D&C.&12& 0+ "./ C<'.1> %./&, 0+ &#,& ES3TF
o The fastei you aie in iesponuing to Bis call, the fastei he is in
iesponuing to youi call
o You will only be able to cioss the seiat (thin line sepaiating the fielu
of juugment fiom }unnah with Bellfiie at the bottom) with the ueeus
! The speeu by which you cioss it is uepenuent on the speeu by
which you iesponu to Allah
o -"&1 5& 4&#B& ,0/&%".1> +0' ?44#"Q ?44#" 5.44 '&5#'C <, D&%%&' .1 %".,
50'4C #1C .1 %"& "&'&#+%&'Z ES3TF
o We shoulu choose the cieatoi ovei the cieation.
o We shoulu choose eveilasting joy ovei tempoiaiy enjoyment.
o We shoulu flee to Allah at times of weakness.
J&',& GO7
Then it appeaieu to them
aftei they hau seen the
signs that al-'Azeez
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 17

shoulu suiely impiison him foi a time.

! So they ueciueu to impiison him
! Azeez's wife has the authoiity because of hei status, so she will be obeyeu
even though she stateu that he was innocent
! Yusuf is being tieateu unjustly

*L3 *]?\:`I]T?*YI\7 Ka:a` ?\X *L3 bY\S

J&',& GP7

Anu theie enteieu the piison with him
two young men. 0ne of them saiu,
"Inueeu, I have seen myself |in a uieamj
piessing wine." The othei saiu, "Inueeu,
I have seen myself caiiying upon my
heau |somej bieau, fiom which the
biius weie eating. Infoim us of its
inteipietation; inueeu, we see you to be of those who uo goou."

! Two young men enteieu piison with him, one saiu "veiily I saw myself in a
uieam making wine."
! The othei saiu "I saw myself caiiying bieau on my heau, with biius eating it
! They weie woiking foi the king, anu they weie accuseu of assassinating the
king so they weie impiisoneu
o They tolu piophet Yusuf "Suiely we saw that you aie of those who uo
! Even in piison, Yusuf stoou out as a goou peison
! They coulu see his intelligence, wisuom, anu kinuness
! When they come to him, he takes auvantage of the situation to call them to La
illahila Allah
J&',& GU7
Be saiu, "You will not ieceive foou that
is pioviueu to you except that I will
infoim you of its inteipietation befoie
it comes to you. That is fiom what my
Loiu has taught me. Inueeu, I have left
the ieligion of a people who uo not
believe in Allah, anu they, in the
Beieaftei, aie uisbelieveis.

! Be saiu I will tell you the meanings of the uieams that you'ie asking me
about, but befoie the foou comes (as set times of foou in piison), but that that
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 18

all of this, the ieason why you have come to me to inteipiet uieams is
because it's something my loiu has taught me
! The ieason why I'm so nice, I'm kinu, etc... I'm only uoing this because I am a
Nuslim, anu this what Nuslims uo, now uo you want to know what Islam is.
! Be saiu I left the people who uiun't believe in Allah (the people of Egypt) anu
they uon't believe in the heieaftei
o Theie aie two aspects of shahauah
! Negation
! Affiimation
! The oneness of Allah is veiy simple, anu it's pait of fitiah
o So they might come to you anu ask about veiy contioveisial issues
o If you spenu the time tiying to uefenu those contioveisial issues, you
might be able to claiify to them the Islamic viewpoint on this issue,
but you uiun't fulfill the puipose of saying "La ilaha ila Allah."
o You say "I believe that Allah ievealeu the Quian to Piophet Nuhameu,
anu this is the tiue woiu, anu he has oiueieu me to uo so. Now uo you
you know why I believe Islam is the tiue ieligion."
o Aftei you take caie of La ilaha ila Allah, then you can go to othei issues
o The piinciples anu stanuaius, what's consiueieu iight anu wiong is
always changing
o If theie was moie the one uou, theie woulu be total chaos
o It's natuial uisposition when in neeu, you go back to Allah subhano wa
o M<% 80< ,"0<4C D& 4.6& ='0$"&% K<,<+Q 80< ,"0<4C D& ,0 6.1C %"#%
$&0$4& 2#/& %0 "./ +0' "&4$Q %"&1 "& "#C %"& 0$$0'%<1.%8 %0 2#44
%"&/ %0 Y,4#/ ES3TF
J&',& GW7
Anu I have followeu the ieligion of
my fatheis, Abiaham, Isaac anu
}acob. Anu it was not foi us to
associate anything with Allah .
That is fiom the favoi of Allah
upon us anu upon the people, but
most of the people aie not giateful.

! Affiimeu anothei belief: belief in piophets anu messengeis
! Islam is suiienueiing to the will of Allah
! Allah cieateu us to woiship him
! Woiship is an all encompassing woiu that means to uo all that is pleasing to
Allah whethei it's an action of heait, limbs, mouth, etc.
o Anything that's pleasing to Allah is consiueieu woiship
o "I have not cieateu the jinn anu mankinu except foi woiship."
! -"&1 80< ,$&#6 %0 $&0$4&Q ,$&#6 5.%" &H#/$4&, %"#% %"&8 <1C&',%#1CZ
I%"&'5.,&Q .% 2#1 2#<,& # +.%1#" 0' # /.,20//<1.2#%.01 ES3TF

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 19

J&',& G^7
0 |myj two companions of
piison, aie sepaiate loius bettei
oi Allah, the 0ne, the Pievailing.

! Yusuf talks to the piisoneis kinuly
! Aie many masteis bettei oi just one loiu that is the one anu one, the
o These weie seivants, anu they have masteis
o So he's speaking to them in a language they unueistanu
o They useu to believe in Allah, but they uiun't woiship Allah alone
! The people of Egypt aie being iefeiieu to heie
J&',& N_7

You woiship not besiues Bim except
|meiej names you have nameu them,
you anu youi fatheis, foi which Allah
has sent uown no authoiity.
Legislation is not but foi Allah. Be
commanueu that you woiship not
except Bim. That is the coiiect
ieligion, but most of the people uo not know.

! -"&1 .% 20/&, %0 50'4C48 %".1>, EC<18# /#%%&',FQ &B&'8%".1> ., "#4#4
<14&,, $'0B&1 0%"&'5.,&Z -"&1 .% 20/&, %0 50',".$ /#%%&',Q &B&'8%".1>
., "#'#/ <14&,, $'0B&1 0%"&'5.,&Z ES3TF
! When Allah cieateu us, he sent us a manual fiom Bim foi us to live (Quian
anu sunnah of piophet)
o It can't be changeu
o You can't use a manual fiom someone who uiun't cieate you
o If you get a Samsung phone, anu get a Sony Eiickson manual, you can't
use that manual because they uiun't manufactuie the Samsung phone,
anu no one knows bettei about the Samsung phone than that which
manufactuie it
o So Allah is oui cieatoi, anu he knows what's best foi us, anu he
oiueieu foi us to woiship no one but Bim
o Isn't it much easiei to believe in Allah than to say all these ciazy anu
impiobable events happeneu to make oui life

J&',& N)7
0 two companions of piison, as foi
one of you, he will give uiink to his
mastei of wine; but as foi the othei, he
will be ciucifieu, anu the biius will eat
fiom his heau. The mattei has been
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 2u

uecieeu about which you both inquiie."

! Aftei he ielays the message of oneness of Allah, he talks about the uieam
! Be saiu "0ne of you"
o Be uiun't mention names because one uiun't have a goou
inteipietation, so he uoesn't want to put anyone on his spot
! Be saiu one of you will ietuin back anu seive his king, anu the othei will be
ciucifieu, anu the biius will eat fiom his heau
o The peison saiu "}ust kiuuing, I uiun't see that uieam."
o Yusuf saiu to nevei lie about uieams, anu it's alieauy been uecieeu
upon them
J&',& N97
Anu he saiu to the one whom he
knew woulu go fiee, "Nention me
befoie youi mastei." But Satan
maue him foiget the mention |toj
his mastei, anu }oseph iemaineu in
piison seveial yeais.

o Piophet Yusuf saiu "Nention me to youi king since you woik foi the King"
o People knew he was unjustly oppiesseu
o The shaytan maue the man foiget the mentioning of the situation to his King
o Theie aie two inteipietations of who foiget what:
! 0ne is that Yusuf tiieu to seek help fiom othei than Allah, anu
theiefoie he was punisheu anu staying in piison
! The STR0NuER opinion is that the shaytan maue the seivant
foigetful -This is stiongei because theie's nothing wiong with
asking foi help fiom someone who is able to help you if you know
that eveiything is in the hanus of Allah fiist anu foiemost
o BiuS seneen ())*( :)+,-thiee to ten yeais
o Naiiations fiom sahaba say he continueu to stay in piison foi 7 yeais
o -& #'& %"& ,&'B#1%, 0+ ?44#" #% %./& &#,& #1C 5& /<,% '&20>1.c& %"#% #% %"&
%./& 0+ C.++.2<4%8 #1C 5& ,"0<4C '&/#.1 C&B0%&C %0 ?44#" #, 5& <,&C %0 D&
D&+0'& %"& %&,%Z ES3TF

*"& b.1>@, X'&#/
J&',& NG7
Anu |subsequentlyj the king saiu,
"Inueeu, I have seen |in a uieamj
seven fat cows being eaten by seven
|that weiej lean, anu seven gieen
spikes |of giainj anu otheis |that
weiej uiy. 0 eminent ones, explain to
me my vision, if you shoulu inteipiet visions."
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 21

o King (malik) anu not phaiaoh (fiioun)
o Byksus: means foieign invaueis
o They weie the ones who took ovei Egypt
o They useu theii leaueis kings anu not phaiaohs
! Line of phaiaohs was bioken
o Biawings anu "civilization" stoppeu aftei Yusuf took ovei
o The mentioning of a king anu not a phaioah is only something Allah
woulu know anu the piophet (SAW) woulun't, so this is eviuence that
this is the tiue woiu of Allah
o Ro2ya: that which is fiom Allah
o Belm: that which is fiom the shaytan
o So the king wanteu to know the meaning of these uieams
J&',& NN7
They saiu, "|It is butj a mixtuie of false
uieams, anu we aie not leaineu in the
inteipietation of uieams."

J&',& NO7
But the one who was fieeu anu
iemembeieu aftei a time saiu, "I will
infoim you of its inteipietation, so
senu me foith."
o The seivant was amongst them since he seives the king
o Aftei a while, he iemembeis about Piophet Yusuf (who inteipiets uieams),
he saiu "Let me tell you the inteipietation of this uieam, just senu me away
foi a while."
o Be wanteu to take cieuit foi himself.
o Be's asking foi a uay off so that he can come back with an
J&',& NP7
|Be saiuj, "}oseph, 0 man of tiuth,
explain to us about seven fat cows
eaten by seven |that weiej lean, anu
seven gieen spikes |of giainj anu
otheis |that weiej uiy - that I may
ietuin to the people; peihaps they will
know |about youj."

o Be speaks nicely to Yusuf
o Piophet Nohameu (SAW) saiu "I am amazeu by how patient Yusuf was."
o Yusuf uiun't say "uo back anu tell you king anu then I'll tell you, he just
inteipieteu the uieam foi the ciiminal that he askeu to mention his name to
the king.

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 22

J&',& NU7
|}osephj saiu, "You will plant foi seven
yeais consecutively; anu what you
haivest leave in its spikes, except a
little fiom which you will eat.

o Be saiu, well you neeu to plant foi seven yeais like you useu to uo so, but
whatevei you haivest, leave it in the stalk anu uon't eat except whatevei you
neeu, but make suie you stoie enough
o Why. Because theie will be seven yeais that will come that will be veiy
extieme in teims of the uiought

J&',& NW7
Then will come aftei that seven
uifficult |yeaisj, which will consume
what you saveu foi them, except a
little fiom which you will stoie.
o Because theie will be seven yeais aftei the seven piospeious yeais will have
extieme uiought, anu you'll be using all of which you stoieu up coiiectly
o Yusuf then spoke about an eighth yeai that wasn't mentioneu in the uieam
o Shows wisuom anu intelligence of Yusuf

J&',& N^7
Then will come aftei that a yeai in
which the people will be given iain
anu in which they will piess
|olives anu giapesj."

o Anu then theie will come a yeai aftei the 14th yeai in which people will have
an abunuant amount of iain, anu they will be able to piess wine
o Wheie uiu Yusuf get that fiom.
! Reflection
! In oiuei foi a uiought to totally enu, theie has to be a yeai that
allows veiy piospeious amounts of watei that woulu take caie
of all the past yeais
o Be wanteu to benefit society even though they weie non-Nuslim anu
thus he gave moie than just the inteipietation of the uieam
! Be says "this is the only way they will be saveu fiom this
! M&1&+.%%.1> ,02.&%8 .+ .%@, 10% "#'#/ ., 5"#% 80< ,"0<4C D&
C0.1> ES3TF

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 2S

J&',& O_7
Anu the king saiu, "Biing him to me."
But when the messengei came to him,
|}osephj saiu, "Retuin to youi mastei
anu ask him what is the case of the
women who cut theii hanus. Inueeu,
my Loiu is Knowing of theii plan."

o King knew it wasn't the seivant who tolu it because he woulu've saiu it fiom
the beginning
o The king askeu foi Yusuf to be biought anu offeieu his fieeuom, but Yusuf
uiun't agiee
o Piophet Nohammeu saiu again he was amazeu at Yusuf's patience,
anu if it weie him, he woulu've taken that chance
o Yusuf wanteu to cleai up his accusation anu take out all uoubts so that
he can cleaily call people to Allah
! This way people uon't uoubt the ueen at all
o Piophet Yusuf senus the messengei back to tell the king to ask the people
about the women cutting theii hanus
o Yusuf says "Inueeu Allah is all knowing conceining theii plots."

J&',& O)7
Saiu |the king to the womenj,
"What was youi conuition when
you sought to seuuce }oseph."
They saiu, "Peifect is Allah! We
know about him no evil." The wife
of al-'Azeez saiu, "Now the tiuth
has become eviuent. It was I who sought to seuuce him, anu inueeu, he is of the

o The king asks the women about the inciuent
o The women say, "We uon't know any wiong oi eviluoing on Yusuf's pait at
o Yusuf was innocent
o The wife of the Aziz steps up
o Some scholais says that hei husbanu hau alieauy passeu away (wa
Allaho aalam)
o Yusuf will be the aziz
o She says "Anu now the tiuth has become appaient. I am the one who
tiieu to seuuce him, anu inueeu, Yusuf was amongst those who weie
! Be uiun't uo anything, anu it was all hei uoing

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 24

J&',& O97
That is so al-'Azeez will know
that I uiu not betiay him in
|hisj absence anu that Allah
uoes not guiue the plan of betiayeis.

o Two opinions of this statement
o Saiu by Piophet Yusuf
o By the wife of the Aziz
! The stiongei opinion is that this statement isn't of piophet
! This is a continuation of the wife of the Aziz - This is so
eveiyone (all) woulu know that I uiu not betiay my husbanu
! Neaning, yes, I uiu tiy to seuuce him, but nothing happeneu
"I uiun't commit auulteiy"
J&',& OG7
Anu I uo not acquit myself. Inueeu, the
soul is a peisistent enjoinei of evil, except
those upon which my Loiu has meicy.
Inueeu, my Loiu is Foigiving anu
o The wife of the Aziz is stating, "I'm not tiying to say I'm not totally innocent,
anu then she tiies to justify heiself"
o The nafs, the uesiie inclineu hei towaius evil

`'&&C0/ 5.%" L010'
J&',& ON7
Anu the king saiu, "Biing him to
me; I will appoint him exclusively
foi myself." Anu when he spoke to
him, he saiu, "Inueeu, you aie
touay establisheu |in positionj anu tiusteu.

o The king saiu "someone of this chaiactei, this type of peison, I want him to
be attacheu to me."
o Aftei heaiing the whole stoiy, the king is amazeu by his chaiactei but hasn't
seen him yet
o When the king saw him, when he spoke to him his aumiiation only incieases
o Be fully tiusts Yusuf, anu says "you'ie all that anu moie."

J&',& OO7
|}osephj saiu, "Appoint me ovei
the stoiehouses of the lanu.
Inueeu, I will be a knowing
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 2S

o Yusuf askeu to be put in chaige of the stoiehouses of the lanu.
o When he came out of the piison, he's the most tiusteu, anu he's the most
influential peison in Egypt at that point
o Be's in chaige of foou, the giain, etc. uue to the inteipietation of the uieam
anu the knowleuge to pievent a famine

J&',& OPVOU7
Anu thus We establisheu }oseph in the lanu
to settle theiein wheievei he willeu. We
touch with 0ui meicy whom We will, anu
We uo not allow to be lost the iewaiu of
those who uo goou.

Anu the iewaiu of the
Beieaftei is bettei foi those
who believeu anu weie
feaiing Allah.

o At the beginning, he was in piison, but now he's out of piison anu is fiee to
ioam the lanu anu walk the eaith
o Be's walking aiounu Egypt as someone who's of high status anu veiy
o This is what Allah wanteu foi piophet Yusuf anu what he bestoweu upon him
o Now that he's so influential, what shoulu be on his minu.
o Bis family, especially his fathei
o Allah is ieminuing us that no mattei what we uo, Allah is theie, anu youi
ueeus, Allah will multiply anu magnify youi ueeus in teims of what is in youi
o Example: Bajai put in a lot of ueeus that people uiun't know about
(when it came to hei husbanu Ibiahim), but now she's getting a lot of
aji now that people go to hajj
o Since the time that he was put into the well, he ieacheu pubeity in Egypt, was
put in piison foi a uecaue
o L& 5#, ,&$#'#%&C +'0/ "., +#/.48 +0' #D0<% G_ 8&#',

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 26

*"& ]&<1.01
J&',& OW7
Anu the biotheis of }oseph
came |seeking foouj, anu they
enteieu upon him; anu he
iecognizeu them, but he was to them unknown.

o The seven yeais of piospeiity has passeu alieauy
o Egypt has saveu enough foou to sell to people outsiue of Egypt
o The suiiounuing aieas aie also suffeiing fiom uiought that afflicteu
the aiea
o So now the biotheis come along with those who weie afflicteu fiom
the uiought without knowing that Yusuf is in chaige of Egypt
o Yusuf was veiy tiustwoithy
o Boesn't want iich to take auvantage of the pooi
o People to buy a lot of giain fiom Egypt, anu sell it at an extieme piice
anu the pooi aie suffeiing
o Yusuf gave in iations to pievent this
o Biotheis of Yusuf come, anu he iecognizeu them, but they uon't iecognize

J&',& O^VP_7
Anu when he hau fuinisheu them with
theii supplies, he saiu, "Biing me a
biothei of youis fiom youi fathei. Bo
not you see that I give full measuie anu
that I am the best of accommouatois.
M<% if you uo not biing him to me, no
measuie will theie be |heieafteij foi
you fiom me, noi will you appioach me."
o Yusuf asks who they weie, anu they tell him that they aie the sons of piophet
o Yusuf asks "how uo I know. You might be spies. You have to tell me moie
about themselves.
o Why uiu he ask.
! Be's in chaige so the question makes sense
! Be knows they'ie not spies, but he has a plan
o Be asks how many sons Yacub hau
o The biotheis ieplieu, 12 sons, but oui youngest biothei uieu in the
uesseit, anu oui youngest biothei (Ben Yamin) is with oui fathei
o When Piophet Yusuf mentions this waining of not biinging theii youngest
biothei, to his biotheis, they have a pioblem
o They know that theii fathei will not allow Ben Yamin to come with
o Piophet saiu "A believei isn't bitten fiom the same snake twice."
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 27

J&',& P)7
They saiu, "We will attempt
to uissuaue his fathei fiom
|keepingj him, anu inueeu,
we will uo |itj."

o They saiu we will tiy to convince oui fathei, anu suiely we will uo it
o Piophet Yusuf knows that they aie pooi, so he knows if they go back, they
won't be back foi a long time
o They have nothing to tiaue with
o They biought eveiything that they hau
o Yusuf (as) put a conuition foi theii ietuin anu unless this conuition is
fulfilleu they cannot come back to him.
o Bis biotheis weie awaie that theii fathei will not allow Yusuf's (as) youngei
biothei to tiavel with them aftei what they uiu to Yusuf (as).
o People usually listen to the people of authoiity

J&',& P97
Anu |}osephj saiu to his seivants,
"Put theii meichanuise into theii
sauulebags so they might iecognize
it when they have gone back to theii
people that peihaps they will |againj ietuin."

o Yusuf tells his seivants (people woiking foi him) to ietuin what they biought
with them (the meichanuise), so that when they have a ieason to come back
o Be uiu this foi them to eain back theii fathei's tiust
! Because when they go back to piophet Yacoob, they'ie going to
tell that Yusuf was so kinu, so they aie tiustwoithy enough that
they weie given back the meichanuise - That way Ben Yamin
can come the next time
! Be also uiu this so that they can come back with something
(meichanuise) the next time
J&',& PG7
So when they ietuineu to theii fathei,
they saiu, "0 oui fathei, |fuitheij
measuie has been uenieu to us, so
senu with us oui biothei |thatj we
will be given measuie. Anu inueeu, we will be his guaiuians."

o They ietuin to theii fathei anu infoim him that they aie not going to get
anymoie giains
o They uo it iight away befoie unpacking so that they make suie they
get something next time with Ben Yamin going with them
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 28

o They tell him "senu with us oui biothei with us, anu 'wa ina laho la
! These aie the same woius about Yusuf as well
o This shows the gieat love of Ben Yamin by his fathei, always piotecteu anu

J&',& PN7
Be saiu, "Shoulu I entiust you with him
except |unuei coeicionj as I entiusteu you
with his biothei befoie. But Allah is the
best guaiuian, anu Be is the most meiciful
of the meiciful."

o Be asks the biotheis "uo you think I'm going to entiust you just like I
entiusteu you with his biothei befoie. Allah is the best anu will take caie of
o Even though we'ie hungiy, anu we neeu the foou, I'm not going to fall
foi this again
o Be uoesn't tiust them

J&',& PO7
Anu when they openeu theii baggage,
they founu theii meichanuise ietuineu
to them. They saiu, "0 oui fathei, what
|moiej coulu we uesiie. This is oui
meichanuise ietuineu to us. Anu we
will obtain supplies foi oui family anu
piotect oui biothei anu obtain an
inciease of a camel's loau; that is an easy measuiement."
o So now that they've given up hope on taking Ben Yamin with them, they go
anu unpack
o They finu that the meichanuise was all ietuineu to them
o They can use this as eviuence to piove to theii fathei that what they saiu is
actually tiuthful
o They go anu tell Yacub that the meichanuise has been ietuineu to them, anu
ask him to go back anu also ask to biing Ben Yamin
o They say so that they can have moie iations to fill the families anu
that they will take caie of theii biothei, anu so they'll be able to get
anothei camel's loau (this will be an easy iation that they can get)

J&',& PP7
|}acobj saiu, "Nevei will I senu him with
you until you give me a piomise by
Allah that you will biing him |backj to
me, unless you shoulu be suiiounueu by
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 29

enemies." Anu when they hau given theii piomise, he saiu, " Allah , ovei what we
say, is Witness."

o Because of the kinuness of the ministei of Egypt, Yacub now believes them
o Be tiusts them moie, but he wants them to sweai a solemn oath that
they will come back with Ben Yamin
o They aie people of ieligion, so this is something that is veiy gieat anu the
woius aie veiy stiong
o Yacub says "I will not senu him with you unless you give me a solemn
piomise fiom Allah that you will biing him back unless you guys youiselves
aie uestioyeu
o Be says uon't even think about coming back alone anu not biing Ben
Yamin with you
o So they agiee anu Yacub says "I will put my tiust in Allah that you will biing
him back

J&',& PU7
Anu he saiu, "0 my sons, uo not entei
fiom one gate but entei fiom uiffeient
gates; anu I cannot avail you against
|the ueciee ofj Allah at all. The
uecision is only foi Allah ; upon Bim I
have ielieu, anu upon Bim let those
who woulu iely |inueeuj iely."

o Piophet Yacub loves his sons anu looks out foi them still. Be oiueis his sons
not to entei fiom one uooi but fiom multiple uoois
o Why.
! Yusuf was hanusome, but his biotheis aie also hanusome
! They'ie fiom a uiffeient lanu
They uiess uiffeiently, look uiffeient, they will stanu out
as foieigneis
Also, fiom the lanu of piophet Yacub, people weie
monotheists unlike in Egypt
o uates in cities back theie weie suiiounueu by foitiesses
! Be auvises them to take piecautionaiy measuies so you'ie not
stiuck by the evil eye
! Piophet Nohammeu (saws) saiu "the evil eye is tiue." - Bow
uoes the evil eye happen.
! Naybe extieme jealousy allows shaytan to have some powei -
Extiemes allow the shaytan to have moie powei
Not suie how the evil eye actually happens, but it coulu
be a theoiy - This is all by the will of Allah, but one must
take piecautions
! When it comes to jealousy, theie's a cuie
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience Su

Recite the last two suiahs of the Quian aftei each
Piophet useu those two suiahs once they weie ievealeu
insteau of making uua against evil eye
J&',& PW7
Anu when they enteieu fiom
wheie theii fathei hau oiueieu
them, it uiu not avail them
against Allah at all except |it
wasj a neeu within the soul of
}acob, which he satisfieu. Anu
inueeu, he was a possessoi of
knowleuge because of what We hau taught him, but most of the people uo not know.

o So they followeu theii fathei's oiueis, anu walkeu in by uiffeient gates
o So they went back to get foou so that they can biing it back to Palestine (Kan
o They took all piecautions of theii fathei
o Allah ieveals that what Yacub uiu was inueeu knowleugeable anu that is
something that shoulu be uone
o Now all 12 biotheis aie in Egypt.
o Yusuf is going to tiy to keep Ben Yamin in Egypt, anu that's going to
cause moie pioblems with Yacub

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience S1


J&',& P^7
Anu when they enteieu upon }oseph,
he took his biothei to himself; he saiu,
"Inueeu, I am youi biothei, so uo not
uespaii ovei what they useu to uo |to
o The fiist peison to iealize that the ministei of finance in Egypt is piophet
Yusuf is Ben Yamin
o Yusuf says uon't giieve foi what they useu to uo
o Some scholais saiu "uon't giieve foi what they uiu to me. I'm okay."
o 0theis saiu "uon't giieve foi what they uiu to you. It's not going to
happen anymoie."
o 0theis saiu "uon't giieve what's going to happen iight now."
o So if you see something stiange happening, just stay calm anu uon't oveiieact
o This is about thiity yeais since they have alieauy passeu
o Yusuf's Biotheis have families anu they aie gianuchiluien to piophet Yacub
as well
o Yusuf wants to keep Ben Yamin in Egypt
J&',& U_7
So when he hau fuinisheu them
with theii supplies, he put the
|golu measuiingj bowl into the bag
of his biothei. Then an announcei
calleu out, "0 caiavan, inueeu you aie thieves."

o When they loau up the piovision on the camel, Yusuf takes the goblet of the
king (something that's veiy valuable) anu put it in the loau of Ben Yamin
o They'ie about to leave anu aie heaueu towaius the gate
o All 11 biotheis aie about to ietuin to Palestine, anu then it's founu out that
the goblet of the king is lost
o The only people who have been in the aiea aie the biotheis of Piophet Yusuf
o A callei is sent out anu saiu "0 people of the caiavan, inueeu you guys aie
o If they weie tiuly thieves, they woulu take off
o They uon't uo that because they know they uiun't steal anything

J&',& U)VU97
They saiu while appioaching
them, "What is it you aie
They saiu, "We aie missing the
measuie of the king. Anu foi he
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience S2

who piouuces it is |the iewaiu ofj a camel's loau, anu I am iesponsible foi it."

J&',& UG7
They saiu, "By Allah , you have
ceitainly known that we uiu not
come to cause coiiuption in the
lanu, anu we have not been
o They say "Suiely you know we uiun't come heie to cause mischief ! In Aiabic,
theie's walahi anu talahi when you sweai
o You say walahi when you want to emphasize a point
o When you ask a question, you say bilahi
o Talahi is emphasizing but theie's a piobability
! The biotheis uon't know foi suie that these people actually
know that they uiun't come to cause mischief
J&',& UNVUO7
The accuseis saiu, "Then
what woulu be its
iecompense if you shoulu
be liais."

o So they ask, "what is the punishment accoiuing to youi shaii'ah oi youi
o They'ie fiom Palestine anu they'ie following Piophet Yacoob,
Ibiahim's lineage
o Y+ 80< 5#1% 80<' 2".4C'&1 %0 10% #'><& 5.%" 80<Q .+ %"&8 "#B& C01&
,0/&%".1>Q /#6& %"&/ ,&% %"&.' $<1.,"/&1% ES3TF
! The fiist time they uo something small, you let it go, but ask
what to uo with them if they uo it next time
! If you'ie not stiong fiom the beginning, then it causes a lot of

|The biotheisj saiu, "Its
iecompense is that he in whose
bag it is founu - he |himselfj will be
its iecompense. Thus uo we
iecompense the wionguoeis."

o They saiu "whomevei's loau you finu the goblet in, he can be a slave."
o Thief in the shaii'ah in piophet Ibiahim, if someone steals fiom
someone anu is caught, he becomes the slave of that peison

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience SS

J&',& UP7
So he began |the seaichj with theii
bags befoie the bag of his biothei;
then he extiacteu it fiom the bag of
his biothei. Thus uiu We plan foi
}oseph. Be coulu not have taken
his biothei within the ieligion of
the king except that Allah willeu.
We iaise in uegiees whom We will,
but ovei eveiy possessoi of
knowleuge is one |moiej knowing.

o Piophet Yusuf begins looking in the loaus of his biotheis fiist (so that it
uoesn't look suspicious)
o Then he gets the goblet fiom Ben Yamin's
o Why uiu Yusuf uo this.
! Be's been commanueu to uo this
! Piophets anu messengeis aien't alloweu to leave the lanu they
aie set in unless they get peimission fiom Allah.
Yunus was eaten by a whale because he uiun't get
peimission to leave
! This has been planneu alieauy by Allah
Allah uecieeu all of this anu planneu all of this to
! Be woulun't have been able to keep his biothei if they useu the
iule of the king
! Slaveiy isn't pait of the king's iules against stealing
o They applieu the shaii'ah at that time anu can't aigue back
o Why is Allah allowing Ben Yamin to stay in Egypt knowing that Yacub will be
uistiesseu gieatly.
o Because Yacub, the moie patient he is, anu the moie tiials anu
tiibulations that occui, the highei his status will be in the heieaftei
o *&,%, #'&1@% #45#8, 2#4#/.%.&,
! *"& >'&#%&' %&,%, #'& %"0,& 0+ $'0,$&'.%8 ES3TF
Because most people tenu to foiget Allah in times of
piospeiity but they ietuin to Allah in times of haiuship

J&',& UU7
They saiu, "If he steals - a biothei of
his has stolen befoie." But }oseph
kept it within himself anu uiu not
ieveal it to them. Be saiu, "You aie
woise in position, anu Allah is most
knowing of what you uesciibe."

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience S4

o They uon't iealize they'ie speaking to Yusuf
o Yusuf kept it in anu uiun't ieveal it to them (his iuentity)
o Be saiu "you guys aie woise in position, anu Allah knows best of what
you'ie saying."
o What is it that Yusuf holuing back.
o Some scholais saiu that it was the woius that come next "you guys aie
! Be can't ieveal the whole plan because he's not given
peimission to ieveal it yet
! 0thei scholais saiu that the whole plan was kept fiom them,
but he uiu say "you guys aie woise..."
J&',& UW7
They saiu, "0 'Azeez, inueeu he has a
fathei |who isj an olu man, so take one
of us in place of him. Inueeu, we see
you as a uoei of goou."

o The biotheis aie in big tiouble, anu they have piomiseu not to ietuin
without Ben Yamin
o They pleau to Yusuf by saying Azeez
o Be useu to call his mastei that anu now his biotheis aie calling him
o Some scholais say that the Azeez was the ministei of finance anu
Yusuf took ovei that position
o They pleau that they can take anyone else except foi him

J&',& U^7
Be saiu, "|I seekj the iefuge of
Allah |to pieventj that we take
except him with whom we founu
oui possession. Inueeu, we woulu
then be unjust."

o Yusuf uiun't say "we'ie not going to take anyone except foi the thief" because
Ben Yamin wasn't a thief
o This woulu be an injustice to take anyone else
o So piophet Yusuf is able to keep Ben Yamin
o They have tiieu to the best of theii ability to convince the Aziz to take
someone else, but now they'ie lost hope.
o They know they'ie not going to be able to biing him

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience SS

M&#<%.+<4 =#%.&12&
J&',& W_7
So when they hau uespaiieu of him, they
secluueu themselves in piivate
consultation. The eluest of them saiu,
"Bo you not know that youi fathei has
taken upon you an oath by Allah anu
|thatj befoie you faileu in |youi uuty toj
}oseph. So I will nevei leave |thisj lanu
until my fathei peimits me oi Allah
ueciues foi me, anu Be is the best of juuges.

o So they go outsiue in piivate to consult on what to uo
o Announcei saiu it louuly so people have ciowueu
o The eluest saiu "Biun't we take a solemn oath. Anu iemembei what
happeneu to Yusuf"
o Be's speaking about something goou, so he can be mentioneu
o People usually uon't want to talk about theii ciimes, but he feels guilty
o Be saiu "I will not leave Egypt unless my fathei allows me to go back
oi until Allah ueciees in this affaii."
! 0nless the ministei changes his minu
o Be's ashameu anu iegietful foi eveiything that's happening
o This is not an easy uecision because he's leaving behinu his family
J&',& W)VW97
Retuin to youi fathei anu say, "0 oui
fathei, inueeu youi son has stolen, anu we
uiu not testify except to what we knew.
Anu we weie not witnesses of the unseen,

Anu ask the city in which we weie anu
the caiavan in which we came - anu
inueeu, we aie tiuthful,"

o If Yacub uoesn't believe them anu they say if you uon't believe us, ask the
people in Egypt
o Be can't tiavel because he's olu
o 0i ask the people of the caiavan with us because it was a huge gioup
o Not all aie going to be lying
o This time, they saiu "we aie tiuthful" not "you woulun't believe us even if we
weie tiuthful" like befoie
o They've ciieu wolf too many times
o Yacub has lost his thiee most beloveu sons, anu only 9 sons came back
o When is the suffeiing going to enu.

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience S6

J&',& WG7
|}acobj saiu, "Rathei, youi souls have
enticeu you to something, so patience is
most fitting. Peihaps Allah will biing
them to me all togethei. Inueeu it is Be
who is the Knowing, the Wise."

o Yacub says to them the same woius he tolu them alieauy when they uiun't
ietuin with Yusuf
o Yacub says "Inueeu, suiely this is something that you youiselves have maue
up, anu I will have beautiful patience
o Be still has hopes howevei that all of them will come back
o What is giving him those hopes.
! Pait of beautiful patience is having hope in Allah anu putting
youi tiust in Allah

J&',& WN7
Anu he tuineu away fiom them
anu saiu, "0h, my soiiow ovei
}oseph," anu his eyes became
white fiom giief, foi he was |of
thatj a suppiessoi.

o Ciying uoesn't beautiful patience because it shows you'ie tuining to Allah in
o The moie in neeu you aie in Allah, the moie likely you aie to tuin to
o Be lost all hope in eveiything EXCEPT Allah
o Be uoesn't complain to otheis, hence him physically tuining away fiom his
sons, but ciies until he becomes blinu

J&',& WO7
They saiu, "By Allah , you will not
cease iemembeiing }oseph until
you become fatally ill oi become
of those who peiish."

o The biotheis say they'ie afiaiu he's going to iemembei Yusuf until he giows
olu oi until he passes away
o They use talahi=possibility

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience S7

J&',& WP7
Be saiu, "I only complain of my
suffeiing anu my giief to Allah ,
anu I know fiom Allah that which
you uo not know.
o Complaining nullifies beautiful patience (if you'ie not accepting what is theie
foi you)
o Yacub complains only to Allah anu not to people
o Beautiful patience makes peison beautiful even with olu age
o What uoes Piophet Yacub know that the biotheis uon't know.
o Because of the uieam of Piophet Yusuf, he has inteipieteu that one
uay they will be togethei again, piostiation of stais aie the biotheis
anu the mothei anu the fathei aie the sun anu the moon
J&',& WU7
0 my sons, go anu finu out about }oseph
anu his biothei anu uespaii not of ielief
fiom Allah . Inueeu, no one uespaiis of
ielief fiom Allah except the uisbelieving

o Be tells them to go look foi theii two biotheis (he knows the eluest is uoing
self exile anu he knows wheie he is anu can come back)
o Why uiun't Yacub tell them to go look fiom him befoie.
o Because they saiu he was ueau, anu he uiun't want them to continue
o Be tells them that only those who uon't belief aie those who lose
hope in Allah
! It's like saying "Ya Allah, you uon't even know what I'm going
! Y% ., +0'D.CC&1 %0 40,& "0$& 0' C&,$#.' .1 ?44#" ES3TF

ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience S8

? S&1&'0<, `0'>.B&'

J&',& WW7
So when they enteieu upon }oseph,
they saiu, "0 'Azeez, auveisity has
toucheu us anu oui family, anu we
have come with goous pooi in
quality, but give us full measuie
anu be chaiitable to us. Inueeu,
Allah iewaius the chaiitable."

o They have a laige family, anu they uon't have enough foou anu uon't have
anything to tiaue with
o They'ie just going to Egypt in hopes that they can get something anu ask
pietty much begging
o They know Aziz is veiy kinu fiom pievious expeiiences
o At this point, Yusuf is able to ieveal who he is
o Allah tolu him in the well that he will be able to be in a gieatei anu
highei status
J&',& W^7
Be saiu, "Bo you know what you uiu
with }oseph anu his biothei when you
weie ignoiant."

o Yusuf says "Bo you iemembei with Yusuf anu his biothei when you weie
ignoiant anu weie wiong."
o That gave it away immeuiately
o No one in Egypt knows it was Yusuf except Ben Yamin
! They iealizeu it was Yusuf

J&',& ^_7
They saiu, "Aie you inueeu }oseph."
Be saiu "I am }oseph, anu this is my
biothei. Allah has ceitainly favoieu
us. Inueeu, he who feais Allah anu is
patient, then inueeu, Allah uoes not
allow to be lost the iewaiu of those
who uo goou."

o T0'#4 0+ %"& ,%0'87 Y1C&&CQ "& 5"0 "#, %#d5#Q 5"0 +&#', ?44#"Q "& 5"0
%'.&, "., D&,% %0 C0 %"#% 5".2" ., >00CQ #1C 80< C0 %"& D&,% 80< 2#1 %0
$'0%&2% 80<',&4+ +'0/ %"& $<1.,"/&1% 0+ ?44#"Q #1C "& 5"0 "#, $#%.&12&
E.1 #44 .%, %"'&& #,$&2%,FQ +0' ,<'&48 ?44#" C0&,1@% /#6& %"& &++0'%, 0'
'&5#'C, 0+ /0",&1&&1 >0 %0 5#,%& ES3TF
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience S9

o Even if you uo goou things that no one can see, Allah can see
o }ust be sinceie (to be sinceie, be alone anu inciease in ibauah)

J&',& ^)V^97
They saiu, "By Allah, ceitainly has
Allah piefeiieu you ovei us, anu
inueeu, we have been sinneis."

Be saiu, "No blame will theie be upon you
touay. Allah will foigive you; anu Be is the
most meiciful of the meiciful."

o They iesponu to him anu say "suiely you weie favoieu ovei us by Allah, anu
we weie wiong." Be uiu not ieminu them about what they uiu.
o This is the veise also that the Nessengei of Allah useu aftei he conqueieu
Nakkah anu aftei Bilal maue athan. Aftei the kuffai of Nakkah tiieu to kill
him, he askeu anu saiu what uo you think I am going to uo to you. They hope
foi the best anu they saiu, You aie oui ielative. You aie a son of a noble, son
of a noble. Aftei the tension built up, he saiu: I will say to you what Yusuf saiu
to his biotheis: Theie is no blame on you touay, Allah will foigive you.
o *"&'& #'& 9 %8$&, 0+ ,.1,Q %"0,& D&%5&&1 80< #1C ?44#" #1C %"0,&
D&%5&&1 80< #1C 0%"&' $&0$4&Z Y1 0'C&' +0' ?44#" %0 +0'>.B& %"& 9
0+ ,.1Q 80< "#B& %0 #,6 %"& 0%"&' "</#1 +0' +0'>.B&1&,,Z ES3TF

J&',& ^G7
Take this, my shiit, anu cast it ovei the
face of my fathei; he will become
seeing. Anu biing me youi family, all

o Yusuf says "take this shiit of mine"
o The shiit was what causeu the soiiow of Yacub fiom the beginning
o The cuie of any haim is its opposite, so it's to nullify it
o This time the shiit is going to ietuin
o Put it on the face of my fathei anu he will be able to see anu biing all of youi
family to Egypt
o Be is heie in Egypt anu he has powei anu authoiity. Theie's no neeu foi
Yacub, his sons anu his gianuchiluien to stay in the ueseit anu stiuggle to

J&',& ^N7
Anu when the caiavan uepaiteu |fiom
Egyptj, theii fathei saiu, "Inueeu, I finu
the smell of }oseph |anu woulu say that
he was alivej if you uiu not think me
ZamZam Boston
Beautiful Patience 4u

weakeneu in minu."

o Immeuiately when the caiavan left anu was just outsiue the boiueis of Egypt,
Allah gives glau tiuings to the fathei of Yusuf, Yacub.
o Yacub saiu, that Inueeu. I smell the scent of Yusuf.
o The only people left with him aie his gianuchiluien anu the othei
people in the family who uiun't go.
o Be saiu, he woulu say moie than that. but they piobably thought he
was senile.

J&',& ^O7
They saiu, "By Allah, inueeu you aie in youi
|samej olu eiioi."

o They weie saying, "By Allah, you'ie still in youi olu ways speaking about
Yusuf aftei all these yeais"
o Now, he's even smelling Yusuf!.

J&',& ^P7
Anu when the beaiei of goou tiuings
aiiiveu, he cast it ovei his face, anu he
ietuineu |once againj seeing. Be saiu, "Biu I
not tell you that I know fiom Allah that
which you uo not know."
o Some of the scholais of tafsii say that the woist one among the sons changeu
the most anu wanteu to biing the shiit to his fathei out of his excitement anu
o *+,-".&//# heie is not the name of the son, but it iefeis to the beaiei of goou
o 0ne of the sons, the beaiei of goou news, came anu put the shiit ovei the face
of Yacub anu his vision ietuineu to him anu he became cleai sighteu!
o Yacub with ietuineu vision, he says "Biun't I tell you that I uiu know fiom
Allah that which you uiun't know."
o Scholais say that this means that the biotheis uiun't know about the
uieam but still plotteu against him anyway
o Yacub knew about the uieam anu the biotheis uiun't know
J&',& ^UV^W7
They saiu, "0 oui fathei, ask
foi us foigiveness of oui sins;
inueeu, we have been sinneis."

Be saiu, "I will ask foigiveness foi you fiom
my Loiu. Inueeu, it is Be who is the
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Beautiful Patience 41

Foigiving, the Neiciful."

o Y%@, $&'/.,,.D4& %0 #,6 0%"&', %0 /#6& C<@# +0' 80< %0 +0'>.B& 80<' ,.1,
01 %"& 201C.%.01 %"#% 80< /#6& C<@# +0' 80<',&4+ ES3TF
o If you'ie going to ask someone to make uu'a foi you, you have to uo it
as well
o Yacub says "sawf" as in "I will" because he's waiting foi the last thiiu of the
night because that's the time it's most hopeful
o *"& D&,% %./& %0 #,6 +0' +0'>.B&1&,, ., 5"&1 &B&'801&@, #,4&&$
o Yacub loveu all his sons anu wanteu the best foi all of them
o Yacub was also names Isia'eel. The 'eel in theii language iefeiieu to the
slave of Allah.
o They also tell that they shoulu go to Egypt because that's what Yusuf saiu

J&',& ^^7
Anu when they enteieu upon
}oseph, he took his paients to
himself anu saiu, "Entei Egypt,
Allah willing, safe |anu secuiej."

o Yusuf iaiseu the status of his paients anu he took them in anu tolu them to
entei Egypt in secuiity.
o Like anyone with gieat manneis anu moials, he is veiy iespecting of his
paients. Be went out to meet them anu iaiseu them upon the thione.

J&',& )__7
Anu he iaiseu his paients upon the thione,
anu they boweu to him in piostiation. Anu
he saiu, "0 my fathei, this is the explanation
of my vision of befoie. Ny Loiu has maue it
ieality. Anu Be was ceitainly goou to me
when Be took me out of piison anu biought
you |heiej fiom beuouin life aftei Satan hau
inuuceu |estiangementj between me anu
my biotheis. Inueeu, my Loiu is Subtle in
what Be wills. Inueeu, it is Be who is the Knowing, the Wise.

o Aftei he iaiseu them upon the thione, they all piostiateu to Piophet Yusuf.
Allah maue Yusuf's uieam a ieality.
o Then Yusuf tells his fathei that Allah took him out of piison anu biought
them out of the ueseit.
o Notice, he's in fiont of his biotheis - he uiun't mention the well oi
slaveiy. Y+ 80< +0'>#B& ,0/&01&Q C01@% D'.1> <$ 5"#% %"&8 C.C
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Beautiful Patience 42

o Be uiun't want to make his biotheis feel uncomfoitable. Be skippeu
all of that anu went iight foi the piison.
o Be uiun't holu any giuuges whatsoevei anu he completely foigave
them to the point wheie he uiun't want them to feel uncomfoitable.
o 0ne of the chaiacteiistics of the people of jennah is that they'ie foigiving
o Also those who holu back theii angei
o Theie aie 2 types of sujoou: Sujoou foi woiship anu Sujoou foi iespect.
o In the past, sujoou foi iespect was alloweu anu was not consiueieu
o The uetails of theii shaiiah weie uiffeientZ Y1 0<' ,"#'.#" .%@, 10%
$&'/.,,.D4& %0 /#6& #18 %8$& 0+ D05.1> 0' ,<A00C %0 #1801&
&H2&$% +0' ?44#"Z
J&',& )_)7
Ny Loiu, You have given me
|somethingj of soveieignty anu taught
me of the inteipietation of uieams.
Cieatoi of the heavens anu eaith, You
aie my piotectoi in this woilu anu in
the Beieaftei. Cause me to uie a
Nuslim anu join me with the iighteous."

o Then Yusuf makes uua to Allah.
o Be staits his uua by mentioning the blessings of Allah upon him. Then he
thanks Allah anu piaises Allah foi these blessings!
o Beie, Yusuf is a Piophet anu a Nessengei, anu he's asking Allah to keep him
fiim anu to allow him to uie as a Nuslim. *"., ., Y/#1Z -"&1 # $&',01 "#,
+#.%"Q "&@, #45#8, .1 # ,%#%& 0+ "0$& #1C +&#'Z
o The gieatest blessing is Islam anu that is the blessing you'ie afiaiu of
losing the most.
o Piophet useu to always make uu'a "0h, changei of heaits, keep me
fiim on youi ieligion."

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Beautiful Patience 4S

Y/$4.2#%.017 e&,,01, +'0/ %"& ='0$"&% T0"#//&C #1C %"&

J&',& )_97
That is fiom the news of the unseen
which We ieveal, |0 Nuhammauj, to
you. Anu you weie not with them
when they put togethei theii plan
while they conspiieu.

o The Piophet was not theie when the biotheis of Yusuf aiiangeu theii plot, so
how woulu he know all this. It is a testament to his Piophethoou anu that he
ieceiveu ievelation fiom Allah.
J&',& )_G7
Anu most of the people, although
you stiive |foi itj, aie not

o Touay people think it's stiange if you believe in Allah, wheieas in the past it
was stiange if you uiun't!

J&',& )_N7
And you do not ask of them for it any
payment. It is not except a reminder to
the worlds.

o With eveiything that you uo, only uo it foi Allah anu with sinceiity not foi a
payment oi foi people
o Piophet Nohameu coulu've hau EvERYTBINu, but Piophet saiu let me be
hungiy foi one uay anu full the next uay
o So that he can be patient one uay anu thankful the next uays
o This was the best of mankinu
o K0<' A0D ., A<,% %0 '&/.1C %"& $&0$4& ES3TF

J&',& )_O7
Anu how many a sign within the
heavens anu eaith uo they pass ovei
while they, theiefiom, aie tuining

o Allah goes on to tell us: L05 /#18 ,.>1, C0 5& "#B& %0 $#,, D8 &#2" C#8
%"#% 5& %<'1 #5#8 +'0/ #, .+ 5& C01@% ,&& %"&/Z
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Beautiful Patience 44

o Eveiy uay when we look at a tiee, oi in the spiing when we see all the
floweis, then they tuin biown anu they uie.
o If someone weie to make an invention like that, we'u think it was amazing,
but these miiacles pass us by eveiy uay anu we uon't ieally think anything
about it.
o All these things aie inuications of the existence of Allah but people have
become uesensitizeu to it.

J&',& )_P7
Anu most of them believe not in Allah
except while they associate otheis with

o Nany believe in Allah oi a highei powei, yet, they attiibute paitneis with

J&',& )_U7
Then uo they feel secuie that theie
will not come to them an
oveiwhelming |aspectj of the
punishment of Allah oi that the Boui
will not come upon them suuuenly
while they uo not peiceive.

o Bo they feel secuie that the punishment of Allah will not covei oi envelop
o Eveiy uay we heai about calamities: heait attacks, eaithquakes,
toinauoes, etc.
o Bow many people go to sleep anu simply uon't wake up.
o Bow uo we know that we'ie secuie oi that we'ie going to live until
tomoiiow. Touay we aie heaiing the news - tomoiiow we might be
pait of the news.
o This is a ieminuei fiom Allah - that the punishment of Allah can come upon
us at anytime - especially when theie is oppiession, lewuness anu sins that
aie being committeu!
o -"&1 %"& $<1.,"/&1% 20/&,Q .% #++&2%, &B&'801&Z ES3TF

J&',& )_W7
Say, "This is my way; I invite to Allah
with insight, I anu those who follow me.
Anu exalteu is Allah; anu I am not of
those who associate otheis with Bim."

o If you want to follow the Sunnah of the Piophet (saws), then you call to Allah.
If you see someone calling to him oi heiself, then theie is something wiong.
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Beautiful Patience 4S

o Someone upon the stiaight path will call to Allah - not himself, his
gioup, his people, his gang, etc.
o This is the way of the Piophet anu those who follow his path - to call people
to Allah with baseeiah;
o baseeiah with cleai vision, hikmah, anu knowleuge.

J&',& )_^7
Anu We sent not befoie you |as
messengeisj except men to whom We
ievealeu fiom among the people of
cities. So have they not tiaveleu thiough
the eaith anu obseiveu how was the
enu of those befoie them. Anu the home
of the Beieaftei is best foi those who
feai Allah; then will you not ieason.
o Allah heie is telling us that Allah sent us Piophets anu Nessengeis befoie the
Piophet Nuhammau who weie men (i.e. they weie all men, not women) anu
they weie all fiom the cities oi the towns. They weie not fiom the countiy oi
the ueseit.
o Why.
! The people of the ueseit uon't have the same types of manneis
that the people of the city have. That's okay because they neeu
that foi theii life, howevei, that is not the chaiactei of the
o Bon't people see the iemnants of those cities befoie that hau gieat
civilizations that weie all uestioyeu.
o Nations anu states, they iise anu fall.
o -"&1 5& 4006 #% %"& >'&#%&,% 0+ 1#%.01, .1 %"& $#,%Q 5& 0148 ,&&
%"&.' '<.1,Q '&/#.1, #1C '&/1#1%,Z
o \#%.01, 501@% 4#,% +0'&B&'Q D<% %"& "&'&#+%&' ., %"& D&,% #1C .%@,
&B&'4#,%.1>f ES3TF
J&',& ))_7
|They continueuj until, when the
messengeis uespaiieu anu weie ceitain
that they hau been uenieu, theie came
to them 0ui victoiy, anu whoevei We
willeu was saveu. Anu 0ui punishment cannot be iepelleu fiom the people who aie
o The Piophet has just been pusheu out of Nakkah anu come back fiom Taif.
o Be has been abuseu anu stoneu.
o Allah tells the Piophet that the Nessengeis tiieu until they thought theie was
nowheie else to go anu no one else to tuin to so that he can call people to
o That is when Allah hau piepaieu the people of Nauinah anu sent a
gioup fiom among them to meet the Piophet (saws).
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Beautiful Patience 46

o M& $#%.&1% D&2#<,& 80< 5.44 D& %&,%&C #1C %&,%&C #1C %&,%&CQ #1C 5"&1
80< %".16 %"&'&@, 10 5#8 0<%Q ?44#" 5.44 0$&1 # 5#8 +0' 80<
o *"&,& ,%0'.&, #'&1@% A<,% ,%0'.&,Q D<% # /&%"0C %0 4.B& 80<' 4.+& D8
o You can ieau these stoiies many times ovei anu ovei anu can always
leain something fiom them
J&',& )))7
Theie was ceitainly in theii stoiies a
lesson foi those of unueistanuing.
Nevei was the Qui'an a naiiation
inventeu, but a confiimation of what
was befoie it anu a uetaileu
explanation of all things anu guiuance
anu meicy foi a people who believe.

o Who's stoiies. Who's "theii" stoiies.
o The stoiies of the piophets anu messengeis anu in the multiple small
stoiies within the biggei stoiy of Suiah Yusuf.
! These stoiies aie not maue up, but they aie just confiimation
of what came befoie.
o These stoiies aie a guiue anu a meicy foi the believeis.
o Y1C&&C .1 K<,<+ #1C "., D'0%"&', #'& ,.>1, +0'
%"0,& 5"0 #,6Z ?44 5& 1&&C %0 C0 ., #,6 ?44#"Z