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Tips for Visiting the Metropolitan

Tips for Visiting the Metropolitan Museum of New York
When you organie a trip to New York is sure you inclu!e
a wi!e range of activities an! visits . "ecause New York is
almost everything# or at least is there represente!. What
you learn not $ust walking !own the street # you learn it in
its cultural institutions .
%or something in New York the &est of many !isciplines
moves an! can fin! what you seek . Want a me!ieval
monastery' You got it. Want stunning views ' You got it #
you want to relive some movie' You can . Want mythical
visits ' There are. ( han!ful. The most varie! cuisine .
)hopping for all &u!gets. Nature an! architecture. *u+ury
an! street art. Monuments an! lan!scapes.
(n! if art appeals to you # New York is your place.
)ometimes , won!er : What museum recommen!' (n!
while New York has many - many. large# me!ium an!
small museums# , have a special fon!ness for the
Metropolitan Museum of (rt . ,/ve visite! many times #
an! never tire of walking the path.
0f those visits # inclu!ing the &reak , !i! last 0cto&er for a
short trip to New York# , go out these tips , hope will serve
to organie your own e+perience.
1 2 3o early or late . The Museum is open from 45 am to
46:75 pm - %ri!ay an! )atur!ay until 84 am . so , woul!
recommen! &eing there when the !oors open . The &ulk of
visitors are close &y mi!-morning an! early afternoon .
)ome !ays # especially in spring an! summer# many people
can &e overwhelming. "ut first thing you/ll have more
space an! time to en$oy the works at your leisure. (n! #
whether it/s early morning # an! evening waiting for the
sunset # have two great moments 2
1 Visit the terrace. (s you/ll see in the photo gallery that
accompanies this post # from the terrace you have all the
9entral :ark at your feet. (n! &ehin! the green# the
profiles of the &uil!ings in Mi!town postcar! perfect . ,t is
not easy : 9rossing the halls of (frican art # mo!ern art
then # an! eventually fin! an elevator that goes to the ;th
floor where the access to the terrace - open from May to
0cto&er. . 0n the terrace &ar an! small seating area of
sha!e to en$oy the scenery . You can stay as long as you
want an! 2
1 %ree or almost. The <official= cost of entry to the
Metropolitan Museum of (rt in New York is > 8; per
person. ,t is a value <suggeste!= &y law as pu&lic museums
can not necessarily charge a certain amount. ?ow @o ,'
)imply# when you pass through the imposing central hall
an! go near the &o+ office counters # you give your cre!it
car! an! your fluent Anglish say : <five !ollars= an! rea!y
. No&o!y will ask e+planations # you will not pout . You are
simply making use of your right to pay what you think is
right . They will give you a receipt an! a sticker that will
paste the MAT you on the shirt an! on. The entrance to
the MAT entitles you to also visit The 9loisters # a
magnificent set up with several pieces of me!ieval
Auropean monasteries an! cloisters # re&uilt in the heart of
New York. You can rea! his story -an! see some vi!eos of
the work..
1 Beep your liking . )ee = all = the content of MAT is
virtually impossi&le. There is so much that you woul! not
get within one week to view almost everything. ,n my
opinion # an! coming from )pain that has a tremen!ous
heritage # , woul! skip Me!ieval (rt rooms across rooms
although you will fin! an impressive collection of religious
carvings . "ut # in my opinion # you shoul! not miss:
Agyptian (rt galleries . You run out of wor!s to !escri&e
it . The Masta&a of :erne& &uilt C755 years ago an!
purchase! the Agyptian government in 4D47. The Temple
of @en!ur # a gift from Agypt to the Enite! )tates in 4DFG #
for his help to save the monuments of (&u )im&el. The
room is locate! has a glass wall overlooking 9entral :ark.
,t is the i!eal place to sit # o&serve the Agyptian temple an!
reflect on the passage of time an! the immortality of art .
The 9harles Angelhar! 9ourt !oes not impress me
especially for its collection - classic (merican sculpture. #
&ut as a space for its monumentality . (nother goo! place
to kill time watching people go &y.
:re-9olum&ian (rt rooms are essential. ,t really is a
stunning collection that will rarely see again gathere! in
one place .
The same coul! &e sai! of the meeting of (frican (rt # &ut
&y its e+oticism an! hermetic meaning for the value # since
, can not get to evaluate it for myself.
0f course you/re painting rooms where you will meet 3oya
# Hem&ran!t # Al 3reco an! others. 0f course it is worth a
visit. (n! if , left for a while # , recommen! you lean out to
the room 4F; an! you/ll hit a Homan house in :ompeii as
it was up to a minute &efore the Vesuvius &egan to throw
ashes in 6D "9.
1 "ack walking. (s a last tip # , recommen! you walk &ack
to Mi!town . Hemem&er that the Metropolitan is on %ifth
(venue # in one si!e of 9entral :ark. You can go &ack
win!ing through the park or along the si!ewalk to the
south. ( curious an! slow walk where you will !iscover one
of the most e+clusive neigh&orhoo!s of the "ig (pple #
you/ll spen! in front of the 9entral :ark Ioo -you can spy
on goats an! poultry. an! reach the en! of the park to
&ump to the (pple )tore or playing aroun! in %ao
%rom there # you will have a short walk to get to your hotel
an! en! an almost perfect !ay . ,t suits you organie the
rest of your !ay in New York. (lthough may&e later you of
any other i!eas for this too. %or now , suggest you take
a!vantage when you fin! a cheap flight to New York an!
you launch to visit the "ig (pple. You will not regret .
, leave here a map of the Metropolitan Museum of (rt
which you can !ownloa! to organie your own itinerary .
-9lick on the image to !ownloa!.

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