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Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art although it is best
known to New York as Met) is probably the best
museum in New York an one of the best art
museums in the worl. !ocate on "ifth A#enue $
a%acent to &entral 'ark in the so-calle Museum
Mile $ opene in ()*+ an in it you can fin more
than ,$---$--- artworks$ with spectacular
collections of .uropean $ meie#al an .gyptian art.
The museum/s collection
.gyptian art in Metropolitan Museum of Art
The collection consists of o#er 01$--- pieces of
.gyptian art from the 'aleolithic orere until the
time of 2oman rule . Although most of the initial
collection of .gyptian art came from pri#ate
collections $ almost half of the current collection
comes from isco#eries mae through
archaeological e3ca#ations organi4e by the same
museum between (*-1 an (*55.
Among the most #aluable pieces in the collection is a
set of ,5 wooen moels $ isco#ere in a tomb at
6eir el- 7ahari in (*,-.
8owe#er$ the most popular piece is the Temple of
6enur $ part of the temples were ismantle by the
.gyptian go#ernment to sa#e them from flooing
cause by the construction of the Aswan 6am $ as
the temple of 6ebo you can #isit in Mari.
6onate to the 9nite :tates in (*1; an rebuilt in
the Met in (*+) is locate in a large room $ partially
surroune by a sheet of water an lit by a large
winow o#erlooking &entral 'ark
<reek an 2oman art in Metropolitan Museum of
This collection has more than ;-$--- pieces ate to
0(, . &. The collection ates back to the founing of
the museum : the first ob%ect place on the recors
of the museum is a 2oman sarcophagus. Although
the collection focuses on ob%ects of Ancient <reece
an the 2oman .mpire$ these historical regions
inclue a #ariety of cultures an artistic styles. The
reconstruction of a noble #illa in 7oscoreale $ which
ha been burie by the eruption of Mount =esu#ius
in +* is inclue in the museum. &
meie#al Art in Metropolitan Museum of Art
This collection consists of a wie range of >estern
art from the fourth century to the early si3teenth
century $ as well as 7y4antine art$ an pre ?
meie#al anti@uities that are not in the collection of
ancient <reece an 2ome . !ike the Aslamic
collection $ this collection has ample e3amples of art
in two an three imensions$ with many religious
ob%ects. An total $ the permanent collection of this
epartment has (($--- ob%ects. 7ecause of its si4e$ is
the only collection that is house in two places: in
the main museum builing $ on ;th A#enue $ an the
&loisters $ a separate builing eicate solely to
meie#al art . The same epartment is responsible
for the two places .
.uropean art in Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Met has one of the finest collections of
.uropean painting in the worl . The collection of
Met is focuse on teachers of the si3teenth to the
nineteenth century $ with an emphasis on "rench
artists $ Atalian an 6utch $ an although has only
,$,-- pieces$ many of the great artists are present
with many works : the museum has a e3tensi#e
collection of paintings by Monet$ &B4anne $ 6egas $
2embrant$ incluing Aristotle with a 7ust of
8omer $ fi#e paintings by =ermeer constituent group
larger e3isting works in one museum $ for not more
than forty works of this painter known $ #an <ogh$
with paintings as :elf-'ortrait with straw 8at$ an a
classic picture of 6Crer$ 7rueghel the .ler$
7otticelli an 6omenico =ene4iano $ as well as
important works of :panish painters such as
=ela4@ue4 $ .l <reco an <oya.
>eapons an armor in Metropolitan Museum of Art
This epartment is the only one of its kin in the
9nite :tates an is one of the most popular
collections . The D parae D of armore figures on
horses$ installe on the first floor of the Arms an
Armor gallery is one of the most spectacular images
of the museum an recogni4e .
The strength of the collection are pieces from the
.uropean Mile Ages an Eapanese from the =
century to century . 8owe#er$ the collection spans
more geographic regions than almost any other
epartment of the museum $ incluing weapons an
armor from ancient .gypt $ Ancient <reece$ 2oman
.mpire$ Ancient Near .ast $ Africa $ Fceania an
America. Among the collection of (;$--- ob%ects are
many pieces that were mae for the use of kings an
princes $ incluing armor belonging to 8enry AA of
"rance an "erinan A of 8absburg.
Asian Art in Metropolitan Museum of Art
This epartment has one of the most complete
collections of the >est. The collection ates back
almost to the founing of the museum: many of the
philanthropists who mae the first onations $
inclue works of Asian art. Toay$ the Met has an
entire wing eicate to the Asian collection$ which
contains more than 1-$--- pieces an spans 5$---
years. .ach Asian ci#ili4ation is represente an the
e3hibits isplaye e#ery type of ecorati#e art$ from
painting to prints$ sculpture an metalwork . The
epartment is known for its comprehensi#e
collection of &hinese calligraphy an painting $ as
well as works of Nepal an Tibet. The collection
possesses ritual ob%ects $ paintings an functional
ob%ects .
American art in Metropolitan Museum of Art
The first piece to be part of the Met Gs collection was
an allegorical sculpture by 8iram 'owers calle
&alifornia $ ac@uire in ()+- $ which still is on
isplay . An the following ecaes $ the collection of
paintings an sculptures Americans grew to more
than ($--- paintings$ 1-- sculptures an ,$1--
rawings $ ranging from the early colonial perio to
the early twentieth century.
Many of the most recogni4e American paintings
belong to the Met collection $ incluing a portrait of
<eorge >ashington by <ilbert :tuart mae $ an
>ashington &rossing the 6elaware$ by .manuel
!eut4e . The collection also inclues masterpieces of
notable painters such as >inslow 8omer$ <eorge
&aleb 7ingham$ Eohn :inger :argent$ Eames
McNeill >histler $ an Thomas .akins .
moern Art in Metropolitan Museum of Art
Although the MFMA is consiere the foremost
museum of moern art in New York$ the Met
collection is no less significant$ with more than
(-$--- artworks$ primarily .uropean an American
artists . Among the outstaning pieces are the
portrait of <ertrue :tein by 'icasso $ >hite "lag
Easper Eohns an Ma3 7eckmann triptych
7eginning . :ome artists are represente by works
of great @uality for a museum that is e#ote
e3clusi#ely to moern art H for e3ample$ the
collection has 5- paintings by 'aul Ilee $ spanning
his entire career.
:unay to Thursay : (-:-- am -;:0- pm
"riay an :aturay : (-:-- am ? *:-- pm
&lose on Eanuary ( $ the first :unay of May $
Thanksgi#ing an 6ecember ,;.
'rice J ,-(0 )
These rates are currently the recommene pay to
#isit the Met. >ith the entry to the museum inclue
the ability to enter the ay The &loisters .
Aults : K ,;.--
F#er 1; years : K (+.--
:tuents : K (,.--
&hilren uner (, accompanie by an ault : "ree
<etting there
Metro: Take !ine 5$ ;$ or 1 subway an get off at
)1th :treet . The museum is locate appro3imately
half a mile from the station an (- minutes walk will
take us .
7us: Take the M( $ M, $ M0$ or M5 buses passing
along "ifth A#enue Jfrom uptown ) an get off at
),n :treet or catch them in Maison A#enue Jfrom
owntown) an get off at )0r :treet