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IELTS Writing Part Two Tips and useful language

Choose one of the possible IELTS Writing Part Two tactics below and give your opinion on
it and/ or share tips you have heard. our partner will then give their opinion on what you
said. !"ot all of the# are good ideas$%
Use one paragraph structure (e.g. introduction/ good things/ bad things/ conclusion)
to answer all questions
Learn model answers off by heart and just change a few sentences to fit the ques-
tion in the exam
Underline important words in the question
ecide on the paragraph structure right away
!rainstorm before you start writing
!rainstorm before you decide on the paragraph structure
"ontinue brainstorming or rewrite if your ideas seem silly
#liminate the silly ideas from your brainstorming
$rite %iews which you don&t really ha%e
'a(e up data to support your arguments
'a(e up quotes to support your arguments
'a(e up personal experience to support your argument
"ount the exact number of words
$rite as much as you can
)pend *+ minutes planning
,dd more complex language while you edit
-nsert extra lines with an arrow to impro%e the structure or reach the minimum num-
ber of words
Use lots of lin(ing phrases (./n the other hand0 etc)
Lea%e fi%e minutes for editing
Use basically the same introduction paragraph e%ery time
'a(e sure your wor( is really neat
1ewrite words that might be difficult to read because of your handwriting etc
"hoose a less ob%ious way of organising the paragraphs
,lways stic( to four paragraphs
'a(e sure the paragraphs are similar lengths
,%oid one sentence paragraphs
-nclude a sentence that explains the structure of the essay
&s' your teacher about any of the points you aren(t sure about.
)rainstor# useful phrases for giving opinions in the discussion you *ust had !and IELTS
Writing Part Two%+
)trong opinions2
$ea( opinions2
/ther opinions language2
3our experience2
/thers opinions and experience2
Written by Alex Case for UsingEnglish.com 2011
Co#pare your ideas with the bo,es below+
Strong opinions Weak opinions Other opinions language
-&m a firm belie%er in4
-n my honest opinion54
- strongly belie%e4
- really thin(4
6o be fran(54
-&m con%inced that4
-&m absolutely certain that4
-&m positi%e that4
$ithout a doubt54
$ith some reser%ations5 -&d
say that4
6here is a lot to be said for
both5 but if - was as(ed -&d
- would imagine that4
- would guess that4
,s far as - (now54
-t is my %iew that4
-f you as( me54
,lthough - can see the other
side of the argument54
-f you want my opinion5 -&d
say that4
-f you as( me54
6he way - see it54
- would say that4
,s far as -&m concerned54
- am of the opinion that4
Your experience Others opinions and experience
-n my (personal) experience54
7rom personal experience5 - would say4
- ha%e (generally) found that4
#xperience has shown me that4
-t is commonly thought that4
-t is widely belie%ed that4
6here is a common opinion that4
'any people say that4
6he majority of people (who - (now) (seem
to) thin( that4
- ha%e heard that4
Which phrases are #ost suitable for IELTS Writing-
.se the sa#e language to discuss the best ways of studying to i#prove your writing.
Possible ideas:
1eading academic papers
)elf-study boo(s on -#L6) %ocabulary/ -#L6) writing/ academic %ocabulary/ -#L6)
grammar/ general grammar
Loo(ing at model answers
Learning whole model answers by heart
Learning fixed phrases
Learning paragraph structures
"ollecting your typical mista(es
oing practice tests5 e%en when you can&t get feedbac( on your finished writing
Loo(ing bac( at your pre%ious writing
#diting your own writing5 e%en when you can&t double chec( it with someone
/nline -#L6) writing practice
Learning %ocabulary from -#L6) readings
Can you thin' of any other good and bad ideas-
Choose one of the ideas and brainstor# advantages and disadvantages of that #ethod.
)rainstor# useful phrases for tal'ing about advantages and disadvantages/ then co#pare
with the ne,t page.
Written by Alex Case for UsingEnglish.com 2011
d!antages "isad!antages
Switching to talking about
the other
6he main ad%antage4
/ne thing to be said for4
/ne thing in fa%our of4
6he most negati%e thing
about4 is4
8oints against include4
/ne of many
disad%antages is4
/n the other hand54
Loo(ing at the other side of
the argument54
)witching from the pros to
the cons54
Written by Alex Case for UsingEnglish.com 2011