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Update: August 23

ETHOS: The Energy Transformation
& Healing Open Source Method v4.0
Original technique, format & FAQ 2008-2013 Maryam Webster

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com

This ebook is PART ONE of your ETHOS Quickstart Kit, and contains the basics of the ETHOS
Method to get you started.
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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
Energy Transformation & Healing Open Source: In The Beginning
ETHOS begins with the intention to return you back to the perfect you that you were from the first
moment of life, before all the programming and negative statements set in from authority figures,
siblings, playmates and life experiences.
One change from the last manual to this one is: this primary, formless energy state which through
manuals up to 3.0 we called Unlimited Self, we are now more properly referring to as Infinite Self.
Both terms can be used interchangeably though Infinite Self is technically more correct.
Infinite Self is both your personal lifeforce-energy and direct hotline to the limitlessness energy and
resources of the vast energy sea we live in, are permeated with and swim through - the All-That-Is.
Some people may use words such as higher self, soul or spirit to describe this piece of us, but we refer
to it as a piece all of our energetic anatomy, not a religious concept, so in ETHOS we simply say
Infinite Self.

How Human Beings Encode What Happens To Them
Human beings are remarkable computers in the way that we store, retrieve and conceptualize
information. We use several different modes of encoding every experience that happens to us, whether
good, bad or neutral, using our senses. We encode our experience in the brains neural networks by
what we SEE or Visually, what we HEAR Auditorally, and what we FEEL Kinesthetically.
And it makes sense if we encode our experience this way, that a set of tools that includes triggers
related to seen, felt and heard resources would be the best way to instantly remove the stress that
living outside your Infinite Self can generate.
Again, those three major coding systems:
* What is Seen
* What is Heard
* What is Felt

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
Less often, this system includes a further two areas humans
encode experience in:
* What is Tasted. and . What is Smelled
Our bodymind is a non-ending recorders which make note of
every single event, thought and bit of information encountered
in every microsecond of our lives through these three major
Most people unconsciously prefer one of these systems as the
dominant way that they encode information, though everyone
uses all three in different times and places. In ETHOS you
have your own Healing Resource Set with FOUR energetic
transformation modalities that activate all 3 coding modes for
easy, joyful change.
First - A transformational Word you Hear one that means all
things positive to every culture on the planet.
Second - A Symbol you See that vibrates with the energy of
transformation and opening to all cultures.
Third A positive Feeling anchored deep within you, to release
problems & power your transformations.
NOTE: ETHOS is very customizable and only has a few rules.
You can use this Triple Cue in any order you like but weve found the best progression is Heard, Seen
and then Felt. Youre welcome to change the order to suit yourself, well go with that order in this
Fourth Step aside into your Infinite Self, and gather up the Gift/s awaiting you there.
Optionally (more below about this) youll have intentional phrases that work like commands given a
computer to help you program in a state of Presence, with a specific intention to bring you completely
into alignment with your original Infinite Self. And as a side effect, youll shed the problem or unwanted
belief / feeling / situation.
Energy Coaches,
Psychologists and
NLP experts refer to
the ways people
store information as
Visual, Auditory and
Kinesthethic. To
make sure ETHOS
works for everyone,
we include all of
these modes in the
ETHOS Triple Cue.

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
Used easily and quickly together, all of these tools work at the heart of core issues extremely swiftly.
Your Infinite Self knows everything about how you work. Infinite Self is connected to the boundless
energy of the Universe, is very skilled at surfacing the right resources for you to use, and it has an
unlimited supply of different kinds of resources to solve every problem youll ever be faced with. Trust it!
It wont let you down, because by its very function, our Infinite, Unlimited Selves always say yes,
champion us unconditionally and guide us wisely.
You are reading this and I wrote it because we have become aware that we are not the full, amazing
people we truly can be. Weve bought into the illusion that we are less than amazing, or are stupid, or
unlucky, or other limiting beliefs that cripple and bind us from the True Brilliance that we really are. We
have begun to realize this, and suspect there is something MUCH better that is meant for us.
This realization means that weve woken up and are taking responsibility for our own lives, feelings,
outcomes and ultimately, the reality we create every minute. That decision brings much power, and with
it, responsibility. If youre reading this, chances are youre ready for that responsibility and have decided
youre ready to embody the Infinite, Unlimited You.
Welcome, to the Real World. The one youre Creating, the world that we all create together, every
second, right Now. Lets begin.

FIRST STEP: Preliminary Fun & Easy ETHOS Meditation
Super-powering ETHOS is a set of three cues that we refer to as your Triple Cue, which is related to
those three ways we humans encode our experience. This short meditation will help attune you to the
Triple Cue
1. Be still for a moment and ask your Infinite Self to meditate on the word YES in whatever
language YOU speak. Yes is a universally positive word, in no language found does it equal a
negative, and always symbolizes willingness, openness, and positivity. Repeat YES over and
over. Get the feeling of Yes deep in your bones. This is your Heard, or Auditory cue.

We will use the word Yes as our default cue in ETHOS because it is positive in cultures
worldwide. In addition, with all ETHOS practitioners using the word Yes, the spoken cue is

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
made even stronger through our accumulated energy. ONLY IF you have significant strong
aversion to the word yes, feel free to use another word that makes the most sense for you.

2. Again be still for a moment and see the image of a beautiful red rose opening into fullness.
Many, many petals open outward one after the other, opening whole layers, deeper and deeper.
We use an opening red rose as our Image Cue in ETHOS as again, the red rose is nearly
universally regarded as a positive symbol of opening and deepening your transformative intent.

ONLY IF you have significant strong aversion to seeing a red rose, use the image that makes
the most sense for you a white rose or lotus or other opening flower you have strong affinity
for. If you dont tend to see things well in your mind, its perfectly okay to use a picture cut from
a magazine to get you started.

Heres a great time-lapse video of an opening rose: http://youtu.be/6LBODTEgoFg

People report pulsing their cues along with the video helps tremendously when youre first
learning ETHOS. Focus on a picture or video for a week of practice and youll soon be able to
see that image cue just fine without a prop. This is your Seen, or Visual cue.

3. Be still a third time with your hand over your heart. Bring into your full awareness, a feeling of
complete deep relaxation and peace. This is the same kind of feeling you have after a nice
warm shower or bath, after a massage or when waking up in the morning all warm, relaxed and
cosy in bed. Now, make this feeling fuller and more vibrant. As you do this, gently press your
heart. Amp up that wonderful deeply relaxed and peaceful feeling ten times and touch your
heart gently. And again, amp it up twenty times.fifty times.eighty timesa hundred times.
Each time, touch your heart. Youre creating an anchor to those wonderful feelings to use later.
This is your Felt, or Kinesthetic cue.

As with the word and image cues being made stronger the more practitioners use them, please
stick with this deeply relaxed and peaceful feeling as its the most easily evoked of the highest
vibrational feelings humans tend to have, which is what you want to access to empower

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
Second Step: Installing The ETHOS Transformation Program

The Transformation Program was formulated to install the ETHOS Triple Cue for future use. While we
started out with acupoint holds, longer meditations and the like, we have found that these are
unnecessary and merely cluttered the process. And, as weve worked it, we have found that:
What a difference time and practice makes in our knowledge and understanding! You can be in an
emergency situation with someone and simply get them to pulse the Triple Cue and step aside into
Infinite Self as youll learn on the next page, and ETHOS will work just fine. I was on an airplane once
with a hysterical lady and got her to just pulse the Triple Cue with no preamble at all, and it worked just
fine to ease her flight anxiety.
It is best however for regular use to run the Transformation Program with people when you can though,
and certainly in any clinical or coaching situation where you might be working with a client or loved one.
You only need say this Transformation Program ONCE, speaking to Infinite You that is always listening:
I now set a permanent intention within my entire being that every time I SAY YES, SEE a
BLOOMING ROSE and FEEL DEEP RELAXATION as my cues, I will Uncreate, Dissolve
and Release ALL that is not my Infinite Self.
And each time I say, see and feel my cues, I will Create, Empower and Amplify any
pattern, feeling, belief or other resource that brings me INTO FULL ALIGNMENT with my
Infinite Self.
Each time I pulse my transformation cues, my entire being will fully, completely, safely
and peacefully perform the creation and release, to the deepest layers of my being, to all
aspects of my personality, past, present and future bringing all parts of me into complete
alignment with Infinite Self. Thank you.

And thats it. Now you have the Triple Cue installed, to use for life.

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
Third Step: Extremel y Short-Form ETHOS and More On Using Your Cues

Now that your Triple Cue is installed, any time you notice an unwanted pattern, discomfort or negative
emotion arising, all you need do is simply focus ONLY on the emotion of that event or situation, and
pulse your Yes cue, see the opening rose and bring up that feeling of deep relaxation and peace.
Allow the cues to repeat or pulse until the discomfort breaks apart. Thats the shortest form of ETHOS
practice that there is, and I recommend you do it many times daily, along with stepping into Infinite Self
over and overuntil youre fully there, all the time. This is a practice I do throughout every day.
What do we mean by pulsing? You can think of pulsing the cue like a massage therapist working into
a tight muscle (the problem). As the therapist kneads, pulses and vibrates the tissue, the tightness in
the muscle breaks up and dissolves. So it is with pulsing your cues on the feelings around problems
you have.

To pulse your WORD cue
You can either silently think Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes or say it out loud, many times
in succession. About ten times is usually all it takes, though you may continue repeating as long as you
like. In my research I have found that repeating the Auditory or Heard Cue aloud to be the most potent
for opening your entire system to change and consciousness.

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com

To pulse your IMAGE cue
Close your eyes and imagine the beautiful red Rose opening, opening, opening, or keep your eyes
open and see it hanging in the air in front of you. When the image cue is doing its work, its size might
expand or contract. The color might change or simply come in waves of increasingly vibrant tone.
The Rose might start out as a rosebud, then bloom and expand into a fully open rose. Or it may start
out partially bloomed your mind will make the right choice at the time. Colors may glow more vividly,
the image may lighten then darken, or even begin to rotate.
Different people see the Rose pulse in different ways.
Whatever youre comfortable , will work well for you.

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com

To pulse your FEELING cue
Go to the place in your body that feels the most relaxed, remember your placeholder of that relaxing
warm bath, a massage etc. (that time where you felt deep relaxation before) and amp up or increase
the feeling of Deep Relaxation and peace in waves, like warm water washing over your body as from a
shower, or warm waves washing over you at the beach, or a sensation of warmth rolling down your
body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
One good way to pulse your Feeling cue is to bring your attention gently to the top of your head and run
your attention down your body lightly and gently resting on different areas and just noticing how much
more relaxed they are. Encourage your body parts to let go, breathe deep and go soft. Do this several
times, like that wave washing over your body. You may notice your neck becoming increasingly more
and more relaxed, or your hands or feet or legs.
Zero in on the place in your body this problem creates the most sensation. It may be a clenching in the
gut, tight shoulders, or simply a general feeling of anger, guilt, shame. Focus your Relaxation into that
place. Your feeling might be like one of these, or something different. Honor what shows up for you.

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
Fourth Step: Short-form Transformation with ETHOS

1. Place your attention on the FEELING that the problem brings up in you. We concentrate on that
characteristic feeling of the problem both to pull in and release other problems that might
generate the same feeling in you, as well as to avoid delving into the B.S. our Belief Story.

Were not after blow-by-blow, but a general feeling that characterizes the issue. Pulse your
Triple Cue in sequence, Yes, Rose, Relaxation, as many times as it takes t o feel a shift. Notice
what changes.
2. Find where Infinite Self is in your environment its usually to one side or another, to the front or
back of you. The Infinite Self is for most of us, a step or so removed from the physical body but
is still attached to you as it is your lifeforce-energy. For the purpose of this tutorial, well say its
at your right or left side.
3. Look deeply into this space beside you, into that template of your Infinite Self. Not just with your
eyes, but with your entire being. It doesnt matter if you are able to see anything physically or
not. Now, in a space and consciousness of open reception, step aside, into your Infinite Self.
4. Notices what changes. Ask questions if you like. Give thanks. You are done.

Fifth Step: Long-form Transformation With ETHOS

1. Place your attention on the FEELING that the problem brings up in you. We concentrate on that
characteristic feeling of the problem both to pull in and release other problems that might
generate the same feeling in you, as well as to avoid delving too far into the B.S. our Belief

2. Place your Story in a corner, in a circle or somewhere else outside your space. My favorite way
is to draw an imaginary circle around my feet as I stand on the floor and drop the dregs of my
Story down into it. Its like standing in sewage! So heres what we do to get out of it:

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
3. Pulse your Triple Cue in sequence: Yes, Rose, Relaxation. Then ask: Do I wish to continue
having his feeling and all that is attached to it?

4. Any answer, yes or no, is valid. If you are getting a large amount of what we call secondary
gain meaning if youre getting a benefit out of having the problem, you might not want to let it
go. Thats fine. Be gentle with yourself and stay in a space of allowing whatever is at the
moment to exist without judgment. When you come to: NO, I dont want to keep this feeling! I
want to be rid of it! say:

I un-create, dissolve and release all energy in this problem, mine and others, and return it
wherever it belongs. I take back the energy I lost, gave away or had stolen as a result of this

Pulse your Triple Cue: Yes, the Rose, the feeling of Relaxation a number of times each, one
after the other. Enjoy that final feeling of peace and relaxation. Notice what else changes.

5. Contrast the feeling and circumstances of your problem-self with your Infinite Self how would
You, Unlimited and Infinite, FEEL about this problem? Remember, Infinite Selves dont
experience Problems or Story, and might look at your issue and say Oh, thats interesting. or
Ah, s/he made that choice. without any heavy emotion attached. Its a mere statement of fact
an observation. This detached observation and a sense of deep joy, bliss and/or calm is a
hallmark of living in your Infinite Self.

Always, in all ways, in all parts of life and in all possible situations, the Infinite Self will express
ease, grace and joy, and this is what you need to look for in creating an antidote to problems in
your life. Look for the ease, grace and joy in and around your situation, and all else will fall into

Take this ease and joy plus the detached point of problems being merely interesting choices,
and affirm: I create, expand and amplify all patterns, feelings, beliefs and other resources that
bring me into full alignment with my Infinite Self.

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
6. Activate your triple cue by saying your cue word Yes ten or more times in rapid sequence
then.seeing the Rose, open, bloom or grow larger then.strongly invoking the cue feeling of
deep relaxation and peace within yourself. Enjoy the blissful feeling, and notice what changes.

7. Look into the Infinite Self place beside you - what gift is just waiting for you in your Infinite Self
right now? What do you most need at the present?

When you have a clear sense of this gift, step into this space and into your Infinite Self,
accepting and embodying the gift as you give thanks for it. Press the gift into your heart. Putting
your hands over your heart will then bring the gift back to you later on, very vividly.

Gifts some people have noticed include supreme self-confidence, unshakable belief, the answer
to a puzzle the person had been facing, and so on. Your gift will be unique to whatever situation
youve brought to the session. Take the gift, thank Infinite Self and use it as your inner guidance

8. Affirm to yourself: I am grateful to receive and embody this gift. Thank you. Take a moment to
really feel what incorporating this gift feels like.

9. Repeat the following: I un-create, dissolve and release all that is not my Infinite Self. All that is
limited about this situation is flowing, flowing, going, gone.

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com

10. Activate your Triple Cue by saying Yes ten or more times in rapid sequence then.seeing the
Rose open, bloom or grow larger then.strongly invoking the cue feeling of deep relaxation and
peace within yourself. Repeat your cues for as long as feels necessary and correct to you.
Enjoy the wonderful feelings that follow

11. Observe what changes and how it feels. Both large shifts and small are equally important and
valid. I advocate people keep a Bliss J ournal for the purpose of recording such observations.

12. Keep a note in your Bliss J ournal of where your ETHOS work went in this session. As this
method is so very fast acting and simple, this will help you gain confidence that ETHOS actually
can work for you. Therapists and coaches, such a journal is a great tool for your clients as well.

What else can ETHOS do?

How about change our entire planet?

Turn the page to find out how

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
Sixth Step: ETHOS Method as a Uni versal Transformati ve Aid

When people bring ETHOS to their own issues and into their communities in the context of Infinite self-
without-limits, worldwide transformation can occur.
People begin to wake up and stay Awake. The new options living as their Infinite Selves brings them,
begin to be much more attractive than staying asleep.
What becomes possible when we begin to live as the Eternal Question, rather than hardening around
any one true answer? What energy, space and consciousness can communities and individuals
become, when the pressures of life are removed?
When instant relief is available, what possibilities arise for:

Infinite Self
Context &
Our Global

Method as
a Bridge

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The ETHOS Method created by Maryam Webster http://ethosmethod.com
Our Global Village as a whole?

Meditate on the unlimited possibilities in these three areas. Pulse your Triple Cue to create, empower
and amplify these gifts, and to uncreate, dissolve and release anything that wouldnt allow that. Step
Aside into Infinite Self, and send the benefits of your practice out to the world and anyone in need.
Breathe. Be at peace

Final Word

Like any tool, ETHOS only works if you use it dont let this tutorial just sit on the shelf. Get in the habit
of cueing and stepping into Infinite Self multiple times daily!

We stand a very good chance of being able to significantly raise the awareness and consciousness of
the world through personal use of ETHOS and teaching friends, family, clients, co-workers and
everyone that you know. ETHOS is deliberately simple, but deceptively so. Its easy to teach because
its so simple, but its a tremendously powerful agent for change. I encourage you to spread it as far and
wide as you possibly can. Regular practice will help calm and center families, communities and in time
perhaps, bring greater peace to the entire world. Get started!

Id like to close with a hearty thank you to the members of the ETHOS Community who helped refine
ETHOS in its first year, the hundreds of private clients who trusted ETHOS would work and generously
gave sterling feedback, plus the many people worldwide who shared their perspectives in the ETHOS
Community or in private email. Its your input that makes ETHOS as rich and usable as it is!

Welcome to personal freedom and consciousness with
The ETHOS Method! You are part of a Worldwide
Community, now over 3,500 strong. PLEASE SHARE
ETHOS with friends and family by sending them to:
You might be curious to know a bit more
about me, too. You can find out more here: