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$ccu%ational &co%e and Jo' $%%ortunities in ()*+ Industr, - IERF Education
The HVAC industry is growing so rapidly that, it is attracting fresh engineering or science graduates and
other working professionals having experience in the same field to work with full-time jo! Actually, the
industry is already occupied with many su-fields providing wide occupational opportunities across the
world! Apart from experienced professionals lots of newly graduates from science and engineering
ackgrounds are joining air conditioner courses and entering into this field! Hence, let see what are the
su-fields and their scope of operations suitale for different type of jo seekers in this industry!
+oolin. and *ir +onditionin.
The most demanding segment, especially in tropical regions where there is huge demand of ACs and
refrigeration at various places including households and commercial space! "n household uildings inuilt
ACs and cooling systems are installed to minimi#e the inner temperature of room! At commercial places
like shopping$s centers or offices it$s used to preserve the edile or other items to maintain its freshness
using refrigeration system and other type of cooling arrangements! The demand for such e%uipments are
in tropical regions are very high where most of the entire year the temperature remains high! &orking
aspirants can understand the entire process through refrigeration courses offered y institutes!
(eatin. and Warmin. &,stems
'imilarly like, cooling system heating or warming system also re%uires at the (olar )egions where normal
atmospheric temperature are elow normal making the living environmental condition uncomfortale for
the haitants! *ut with the use of heating e%uipments and warming system various living places are
transformed into the living environment including residential household uildings and commercial edifices!
Air conditioner courses also allows working memers to learn with the re%uired skills and technical know-
how to install, operate and repair e%uipments and machines used in the heating and warming systems!
*ir )entilation and Undercoolin. &,stems
Apart from these two major su-fields, Ventilation system is also highly in demand! The rise of multistoried
residential uildings and complex commercial structure and use of various resources in our daily life
converting fresh air into polluted malodourous and unreathale making difficult for the people to live in
fresh atmosphere! *ut Air ventilation and undercooling system is the process which helps to make the air
fresh and reathale, especially inside the uildings, asements, manufacturing companies and other
type of covered industrial areas! )efrigeration courses also covers the theoretical knowledge and
practical know-how to manage all type of ventilation and undercooling system used at various locations!
Aspirants looking to work in any of the aove fields, can easily get various jo openings and occupational
opportunities with etter pay scale! And est part of the HVAC industry is, engineers who have knowledge
or experience or learn the skills with Air conditioner courses all can work with the same technology across
the world! +xcept in certain conditions, the whole HVAC industry work on the same technologies and
anyone working in this filed can also easily learn the new technological developments happens
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