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PORTACABIN was established within the year 1985.

when intensive survey

of the employment of the fabrication technique and future demands a
project report was ready by mister. V.Kumar UN agency was then the joint
director with Bureau of Indian Standards.
Porta shell be fictional from tested quality steel punctually welded,
comprising of base frame, peripheral structure, self debilitating roof, entry
doors and of windows (as per requirement). The eight corners shall be
sufficiently strong to facilitate transportation, lifting and inserting. Porta
Cabins base frame shall be product of ironed soft-cast steel channel section.
The most structural component shall be of a hundred millimeter x 50mm and
cross member shall be channels section size seventy five millimeter x forty
Porta Cabins aspect and finish frame shall be created out of ironed sections
of appropriate profiles/pillars of spare strength. Exterior wall shall be created
of one.8 swag M.S specially furrowed sheet whereas nine millimeter
fiberboard are used for interior walls. The steel sheet shall be resistant from
corrosion . Panels shall be vertically furrowed, sheet shall be ceaselessly
welded to high aspect and base structure thus on supply higher strength to
weight quantitative relation. All gaps are sealed at edges and at seams,
bottom etc to stop ingress of wetness. Porta Cabins Flooring Systems is On
the lowest frame eighteen millimeter thick laminate, Ovid panel/E board
shall be mounted by suggests that of self tape recording screw. Porta Cabins
Roof Self debilitating sort roof shall be created out of one.8 swag thick M.S.
sheet, adequate roof bows square measure to be provided. Roof shall be
adequately cambered for debilitating of rain water.
Interior paneling shall be exhausted nine millimeter fiberboard with
adequate insulation. Porta Cabins Paint Epoxy metal Phosphate primer &
artificial Epoxy paint for final two coat. Porta Cabins Insulation is fifty
millimeter thick nonconductor insulation shall be used for walls and 50
millimeter thick nonconductor insulation to be provided for roof. Porta Cabins
Inner paneling shall be esthetically finished thus on provide custom
engineered look with extraordinarily prime quality craft. All vertically and
horizontal corners shall be showing neatness and swimmingly finished with
metal sections. The paneling of aspect walls and roof shall be of nine
millimeter thick ornamental laminated board. Porta Cabins Entry Door shall
be of external gap sort created out of an equivalent material as wall panels
with door closing unit. The development of the door shall be double skin
steel construction with forty millimeter thick nonconductor insulation.
The peripheral edges of the door shall be sealed with double gaskets to
create it waterproof. The door shall be finished with same material matching
therewith of the bunk house interior. The door shall be given protection
arrangement with separate handles of either side of the door.
Porta Cabins Aluminum powder coated windows, sloppy sort shall be
provided, product of metal section, 5 mm thick, tinted glasses square
measure to be fitted to that
Porta Cabins Electrical System The bunk house are given electrical wiring
appropriate for 250 V, fifty Hz single section AC power provide. All electrical
wiring shall be hid. appropriate copper cables shall be used for lighting
circuits. The copper cables used are of 3/19 cable for lighting circuits.
international intelligence agency mark and hid in PVC passages insulated
copper wire shall be used for wiring to be exhausted PVC conduit with tiny
size distribution board with MCB.