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Orthopedic Pathology:

Osteochondrosis Locations

Pigs Articular surfaces Medial Condyles of Humerus and femur

Anconeal process
Lumbar vertebrae
Medial and distal talus
Humeral head
Glenoid cavity
Distal Ulna
Dorsal acetabulum
Physeal Lesions Distal Ulna Epiphysiolysis
Distal Femur
Costochondral junctions
Femoral and Humeral heads
Thoracolumbar vertebrae
Ischial tuberosity

Dogs Articular surfaces Caudal aspect of Humeral head

Medial Humeral condyle
Lateral Femoral condyle (sometimes
Medial Trochlear Ridge of the Tibial
Tarsal Bone
Physeal Ununited Anconeal Process
Fragmented Coronoid Process
Slipped Capital Femoral Physis
Retained Cartilage cores of the distal
Subphyseal ULNA

Horses Articular Lateral Trochlear Ridge of the FEMUR Copper deficiency

Medial Femoral Condyle
Dorsal Edge of the Sagittal Ridge of the
Distal Tibia
Articular Facets of Cervical Vertebrae
Subphyseal Distal Medial Femoral Condyle of the
Other Angular Limb deformities
Palmar surface of the distal end of the
metacarpal in adults

Cattle Articular Lateral trochlear ridge of the femur

Humeral head
Distal Radius
` Tibial tarsal
Occipital condyle

Sheep Angular limb deformities

Epiphysiolysis of the distal radial growth

Deer Epiphysiolysis of the femoral head Copper deficiency