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Stipulated Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Order for Judgment
And Judgment and Decree, May 12, 2011 .................................................................. APP.I
Summary Real Estate Disposition Judgment, May 23, 2011 .................................... APP.22
Petition For Review of Decision of Comi of Appeals and Appendix,
Sandra Sue Grazzini-Rucki vs. David L. Knutson, David Victor Rucki
Supreme Court File No.: Al3-0859, dated July 11, 2013 ....................................... APP.26
Petition For Writ of Mandamus and Other Appropriate Relief,
Sandra Sue Grazzini-Rucki vs. David L. Knutson, David Victor Rucki,
Dated May 14, 2013 .................................................................................................. APP.34
Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support of Petition,
Sandra Sue Grazzini-Rucki vs. David L. Knutson, David Victor Rucki,
Dated May 14, 2013 .................................................................................................. APP .40
Order (granting motion to remove children from custody and care of Petitioner),
September 7, 2012 ..................................................................................................... APP.51
Order (denying petition for review), dated August 20, 2013, Supreme Comi
File No.: Al3-0859 .................................................................................................. APP.55
Notice To Attorney General Asse1iing That Minn. Stat. 518 is
Unconstitutional as Written and Applied, dated Febrnary 12, 2013 ......................... APP.57
Notice of Motion and Motion For ReliefFrom Judgment And Asserting That Minn.
Stat. 518 is Unconstitutional, Other Relief, February 12, 2013 .............................. APP.60
Memorandum In Supp01i Of The Motion For ReliefFrom Judgment And Questioning
The Constitutionality of Minn. Stat 518 and Vacating Court Orders Restricting
Petitioner's Libe1iy, Other Relief, February 12, 2013, including: ........................... APP.64
Transcript of Proceeding, Judge Knutson presiding, February 26, 2013 .................. APP.85
Exparte Amended Summary Of Real Estate Disposition Judgment (awarding Lakeville
home to Lisa Elliott's client, February 20, 2013, following motion and oral argument on
constitution, ex pa1ie) .............................................................................................. APP .117
Supplemental Order for Proceeding In Forma Pauperis, granted, dated
February 25, 2013, Dakota County File No.: 19-AV-FA-11-1273 ........................ APP.120
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 2 of 209
Findings of Fact and Order Denying Petitioner's Requests to Proceed
In Fonna Pauperis, dated March 27, 2013 .............................................................. APP.121
Order and Memorandum Sealing Transcript (of proceedings consisting of statements of
children), March 29, 2013 ....................................................................................... APP.124
MNCIS Criminal/Traffic/Petty Case Records Search Results, dated
September 6, 2013, regarding David Victor Rucki ................................................. APP.126
Letter from Susan J. Reichenbach to Attorney Kathryn Graves, dated
August 10, 2011 assigning all hearing to Judge David L. Knutson ........................ APP.127
Letter from Officer Jim Dronen, Lakeville Police to Dakota County District Court,
undated, Faxed July 24, 2011 .................................................................................. APP.128
MNCIS Register of Actions, Dakota County Case No.: 19-AV-FA-11-1760
Dated September 6, 2013 ........................................................................................ APP.129
MNCIS Register of Actions, Dakota County Case No.: 19-AV-FA-11-1940
Dated September 6, 2013 ................ , ....................................................................... APP.130
MNCIS Register of Actions, Dakota County Case No.: 19-AV-CR-12-1215
Dated September 6, 2013, regarding David V. Rucki ............................................ APP .131
Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem Consent, Oath and Order,
Dated July 11, 2011, Dakota County File Nos.: 19-AV-FA-11-1760 and
19-AV-FA-11-1273 ................................................................................................. APP.132
Letter from James J. Gilbetison to Ms. Julie Friedrich, GAL, dated
February 6, 2013, asking that children confront their father .................................. APP.133
Letter from James J. Gilbetison to Ms. Julie Friedrich, GAL, dated
February 21, 2013, asking that children testify at comi ......................................... APP.136
Letter from Judge David L. Knutson to Ms. Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, dated
April 1, 2013, denying her Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus ............................. APP.139
Order and Memorandum, dated July 22, 2013, ordering medical records
Of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki be released to David V. Rucki ..................................... APP.140
Petitioner's Amended Affidavit and Petition for Harassment Restraining Order
Dated August 5, 2013, Scott County Couti File No.: 70-CV-13-15408 ................. APP.142
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 3 of 209
Notice to Courts, Sandra Sue Grazzini-Rucki vs. David Victor Rucki .................. APP.147
Transcript of Proceeding, Judge Offerman presiding, August 8, 2013 .................. APP.148
Order for Harassment Hearing, dated August 8, 2013, Scott County Comi
File No.: 70-CV-13-15408, denying removal to Judge Knutson ........................... APP.157
Order and Memorandum, dated August 26, 2013, Dakota County Court
File No.: 19-AV-FA-11-1273, Ordering Petitioner to Jail for not providing her
Phone number and address ...................................................................................... APP .158
Order and Memorandum, dated September 9, 2013, Dakota County Court
File No.: 19-AV-FA-11-1273, Quashing Subpoena's and sanctioning Attorney
MacDonald .............................................................................................................. APP .163
Letter from Judge David L. Knutson to Attorneys, dated July 26, 2013 regarding
Color Of Law Service upon David Knutson ........................................................... APP .166
Missing Exploited Children, Gianna Ruck and Samantha Rucki ........................... APP.169
Affidavit of Attorney For Appellant in Suppmi of Motion for Leave To File
Infonnal Brief, and Extension of Time to File Brief, dated September 19, 2013
(Appellate Court File No.: A13-0590, Opstad v. Smith) ....................................... APP.170
Affidavit of Non-Compliance and Request for Arrest Warrant, Dakota County
Court File No.: 19-AV-FA-11-1273, dated September 13, 2013 ........................... APP.175
DYS report on Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, dated October 21, 2013 ............................ APP.194
Letter from Attorney Elliott to US Airways with Subpoena's, dated
October 11, 2013 ..................................................................................................... APP .207
Transcription of Voice mail from US Airways to Michelle MacDonald,
Dated October 30, 2013 .......................................................................................... APP .211
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 4 of 209
fo Re !ho Marrlage of: .
, .Snndrn Suo Grnzzlnl-Rncld,
David VictOl' Racki,
ComtFll'eNo. f/lflfe!I- "//-
This muller on for n default hearlng before 1he Honorable of
))Jsttict Co1m, at tho Dakota County Western Sel'lilce Apple Vnlloy, M!Jmesola 011
f/\b'i Id-- , 2011, a final review on all matters Jn t11ls proceeding,
'fho l'o!Ulonex was represented by Kathryn A. Groves, Esq. The Res1iondent dld not
appent except by 1hls Stipulntlon.
Tho 1iattles wore able to settle all lss11es arising out of t11e dlssolu!lon of !hell' marringe
inoluding: child custody and suppo11; s1iousal mainlonanco; dis1wsltlon of real and personal
proiierl)>; nnd !he payment of debts and attorneys fees. The patties haw pexsoJ1ally reviewed lhcso
SUpulaled Flndings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Order fol' Judgment, and Jndgmeut ood Deoreo
and fully 1mdershU1d nil ofiheJr provlslons. By her/his signature below, slte/be voltmlarlly accepts
ALEO VM<OTA C0\1111'1

MAY 12 2011
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 5 of 209
the tenns llJ1d conditions oftWs agreement os being fall' and equltabla, and requu.sled tlml the Co1ut
enter U1e Judgmenl nnd be-Oree base<! on theh: agreement.
Respondent waived Jiis xlght 16 setvo all Aliswer and Co1mterJiotltlon in tbis mailer, and
agreed tho Potltloner may proceed as lf by defa1tlt, wltl101)t further noilco to the patile-'J, but based
npon tho terms ofthelt agreomonf. If tho Comt does JtO! approve t110 temw of the parties' agreement
in tolol, then the parties shall bo onlitled to notice of1he san1e and tltls miltter sholl lhen be scheduled
for hearing:
'NOW, 'I'HEID1lFOlt!l;, base<l \lj)On the Agreement of tho parties, and all the fi!M and
proceedings herein, tho Court mnkos tho following:
1. The tn1e and correct irrune ,of the Pelillonel' ls Saudra Sue Grazzlui-Rucki,
formel'ly known M Sandra Sue Grazzhil Her pre.sent address ls 19675 Irelandl'Jace, Lakeville,'
Mitutosofn 55044. She was bom 011 September 30, 1965, nu<l ls now forlyflve (45) yenrs old,
2. The true nnd eoJT.ect name of the ResJ>ondent ls bavid Victor Ruokl. Respondent
is not known by any other Jtames, past ox 1>xesent. Bis vxblont addxess ls 19675.heland l'lace,
Lnkeviile, Mlnnesofa 55044. He was born oll Fobxual:y 3, 1963, and ls now and ls 11ow forty.
eight (48) years old.
3, Tho PotitloJ1or ls represented Ju this proceeding by Kathryn A. Graves, Esq,, of
tho flxm of Katz Manka Topllnsky' Grnvoo & Sobol Ltd., suite 4150, 225 SonU1 Slxlh Sfreet,
Mltu1eapolls, MilmMoto 55402.
4. The Peiltlonor and the Respondent woro marded 011 August 31, 1991, Edina,
Minnesota and ever slnce that limo havo been, and now ore, wifo anrl husband.
' .
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 6 of 209
' \
' ..
5. To the best of the Pelltionor's lnformntlon belief, no sepii.mte proceeding fox
dlssoluUon ofmrurlage, legal sepnxnllo11, ox custody is pending in iiny court within the State of
M!llnosotn or elsewhere.
6 . For more than 0110 hundred eighty (l 80) days immediately prececling the
commencement of this proceeding, the Politioner was a resident of Dnkotn Coiu1ty, Mhmesota.
7, There has been au irretrievable breakdown of the mwlago refotlonshlp wl!hln the
meaning of Minn. 518.06, Subd. h
8. Neither party is n member of lhe Armed Foxccs of lite United Slates.
9. No order for protection nndei' Chapter 518B 01 n shnllnx Jaw of llltot11e1 slate ls in
. effect,
10. The parties lmvo five minor ohlldren from thelr mnrrlage: Nico Ruold, bom June
22, 1996; Sm)iont.ha.Ru.old,.born)\mJl .24,_ 1?98; Glanna Ruold,,bon1 NovembeJ' 2, 1999; Nin
' . . " . .. .... .
Ruoki, bom Septembel' 25, 2001; and Gino Rucki, bomJaminry 20, 2003.
Tho minor children are not undor tho jurisdiction of nny juveitllo court.
11. The Petitioner is not now pregnant and there are no othe1 minor ohlldron
by 1hls proceeding,
12. It is In the best interest of tho pru1les mlnor ohlldren 1hat Petitloncl' bo grauteq sole
legal and physical custody of1hem, to Respondent's right to reasonable patenting1lmo,
13. Tl10 financial olromnslanccs of tho ptuiies UJlOJI whioh the child SllJipotl, spo1isat
maintenance and medical suppo1i provisions of tho Judgment nnd Decree aro based, are ns
A. Tito PetitloneJ' is employed pnri-llme as a fllght attondnnt fol' U.S. Airways,
eRrnlng a gross monthly income of$1,4S6
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 7 of 209
)3, Respondent owns a !rnck broke1 business, Ruokl Tutoklng Jn Lakovlllo,
Minnesota. Respondent has gross montlt!y iJ1come of approximately $20,000.
C. The Peiltloner has monthly expenses for herself and tho minor. ohlldrcn of
aJ>proxlmately $12,000.
D. 111ere are cnrrontly no work related ohlldoare expenses fot the minor ohlldxCJl,
E. The Res1iondent's lllOJtthly expenses me unknown.
F. The Petitlonex pxovl<los medioa1 Jnsmance coverage for 1hc minor ohlldren
through her at a cost of appro:<lmately $400 per month.
G. The percentage share of the parfios' PICS (pmental lnoomo for detennln!ng child
SllPj)Ott) fo 7% for Petitioner, and 93% for Respoudent.
ohlld support awru:dcd heroin is consistent wllh the Child Sup1ior! Guldol!nos. Seo
aHaohed Exli!blt 1.
14. The pal1ies own ho11sehold go9ds, f\ixnilm:e mid f\trnlshlngs, automobllos,
. r .. . . -. 1 :.:

reereationa! vebloles; and miscellaneous pernonal _property,
15. The pmiies own nhom(l.'ltead "located at 19675 Irnfond Plaoo, Lnkovlllo, Dakota
County, Minnosoto, legally dosorlbed as:
Lot 9,l3look l,Pru:mllsoHills.
The l1omes"tend bus a cnrront fall !llarket value of appxoxlmately $410,000, n ls subject 1o a first
moiigage wlth n balance of approxhnately $144,000 and a second mortgage wlth a halnnee of
$233,000. The dow1wayment ou the ho1;1ostond was made with l'elllloncr's
nonmarllal funds.
16. The piuiles also owi1 M interest Jn the following real propexty
. .
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 8 of 209
A. Lnke ptoperty located at 7(}7 ldlewlld, Balsam Luko, Polk County,
Wlsco11sh1, legally descl'lbed as:
Seo atlftohed Exhibit 2.
This property ls subjeet to a first mortgage, and a second morlgago in
favor of the Respondent's parents, Frederick aud Victoria R11ckl. TJ1exeis
onrtently no net val11e to ihis property.
B. Relltal properly localed at 17459 Flagstaff Avenue, Lakoville, Mhmesoln
55044, legally deserlbcd as:
Scctioll 110 Townshlp 1l4 Range 20
PT of SE 'l.l Beg NW Corof 10114 20
This pXOJ>erty ls subject to certain enonmbrnucos, Jnolndlug a lion in fnvo\'
0Res1>ondent's parents. There ls cm1ently no net value to thls prope1'ly.
17. The parties own household goods, fuml!me and furnlsWngs, bank accounts, and
miscellaneous personal projlNiy,
18. Tile parties n v ~ ino1ured various debts and obligatlons during 'u10 marriage.
1. J:?lssohtfl!llil The bonds of mafrlmony heretofore exlsilng between 1he Petitioner
and the Responde!lt axo hereby dfasolved.
2. Custody pud Pare11fJug 'fhue; The Petitioner Js granted sole fogal and physical
ouslody of the pfll1les' minor children, Nico, BmMn1ha, Olmma, NIH nnd Gino Ruo!<l, sul\Ject to
Respondent's rlght to reasonable parentlngtlme as agreed to by the pntlles.
3. J:!nsic CM!il S1mn91t, Beglnnlng May 1, 2011, the Re.9pondent will pny child
support to the Petitioner of $3,673 per month for so Joug ns tho parties' children nro minor or
dependent childreJ\ ns defined by stnlule. The child s11pporl payments shall be made in equal
installments on the first and flfteenth day of each month,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 9 of 209
Begluning Mny, 1, 2011, the Res11oudent shall pay Petlllone1 spousal tnal11tennnce
of $10,000 per month. The spousal mol11te11ance 1myments to \'eUtlonex wlll lie made ln equal
lustallments on the fits! ru1dilftee11th day of each month. The spo11slll mnlntenanco payments
will tem1innto upo11 ihe remanfoge 01 death of 1he Petitioner.
It fa lntcndccl 11\at the ma!J1tenance payable to Pelilioner shall be lncludable inPetl!ionox's
gross Income pursuant to Seoilon 71 of the lntomal Revenue Code, and will be deduot!blo by
Respondent pursuant to Section 215.oftho JntomalRovenue Code.
7. Mecllcal oncl Do11lll\ Iusuruce fQl' Rospoudouf. The Petltioner shall insure
that the medical lusurru1ce and dental coverage on tho Respoi1de11t presently maintained by her
tlu:o1igh hex 01nployo1 wlll be available to tho for so long as possible wider Mint1.
Stat. 62A.21,Snbd. 2a, Minn. Stat. 620.142, Subcl. 2n, Minn. Slut. 62D.101, Subd. 2a, lite
federal CO.BRA provisions. The Res1iondcnt.al1n1J,.pnylfor,.any';addltlonnl premlums Petitioner
must pay above tho regular cost of frunlly/depenclnnt coverage for hJs coverage.
l3aohpmty slmll pay for his/her own 1uu:elmb11tsed medical and dental
8, Llfo Insuiauce For so long as U1e Rospondont ls obligated 10 pay child sllppo\i
aud/or spousal maintenance to :Petltione1, 110 wltt maintain life Jusurnnce with net death benefits
of not less than $250,000, naming Pet!tloner as tho Irrevocable benefioiary 1hereof. As
requested from by PeHtlono1, Respondent shall prnvido written vorlflcnlion that 1he reqnhed not
death benefits of insumnco me Jn effeot as requited by ihls paragraph.
9. . Mnrltnl Homcstond. Tho PotIUoner ls awordcd nil of the patties' b1terest in iho
marital homestoad'looatecl 19675 Ireland Plaoo, Lnkovlllo, Dakota County, Mitmosota, legally
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 10 of 209
descrlbed as:
Lot 9, Blook 1, Paradise I-Illls.
free from any interest of the Respo11dent, Petitioner Is sololy respo11slble for payment of the .fu'$I
a11<l second mortgages agnlnst tho propeHy und shull Judomnlfy nnd hold the Respondent
harmless from payment of these encumbrances.
Tille to the homestead shall be trnnsferred to the Pelllione1 pursuant to the terms of a
Summruy Ren! Estate Dlsposltlon Judgment which shall be prepared by counsel fo1 tl1e
1 O. Lake P101ierty. Potlttoner ls awarded all right, 11tle and interest in tho pmtlos'
Lnke Properly located at 707 Idlewild, Bnlsrun Lake, Polk County, WJsconsh1, legally desorlbecl

free from ru1y interest of1ho Respo11dent. Petltlonor ls solely xespollSlble for tlie flrstmorlgage
against ihe onbln a11d sJ1all lndemolfy nud hold tl1e Rospondont harmless from payment of Utls
The ls solely res1ionslble for payment of any debt owed to Jils parents,
Fre<lerlok and Vlctorin Rucki,. whether such deb! was incurred Jn !he name of Petitioner or
Respot)dont Jndivldunlly, jointly, or on behalf of1he Respondent's business, and Js nlso solely
respo11slble for the mortgage against fhe Lake Property whloh seoures any snoh debt.
Respondent will Jndenmlfy and hold 1ho Polifloner harmless ftom payment of tmy suoh debt.
Rcspondei1t shall remove t.ho lien/mortgage of hls patents against the Lake Properly wlthln lhlrty
(30) days after the entry of the ai1d Decree,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 11 of 209
y.'ltltl11 thltly (30) days afte1 fue entty of fue Judgment and Dcoxeo tl1e Res11011dent shall
exect1te and dellver to tlio Petitioner a qnlt olAlm deed (prepared by counsel for the Petitioner)
transferring all of hls Jnterest ln lhe Lake .Property to PeUtloner, Jn the event the Respondent
foils to do so, tl1e11 a cettlficd copy of the Judgment and Dcoree 'shall operate to ttansfer sole tltle
to 1he Lake Pxoperty to the Petltloner.
11. ))'IR@taff Avenue P!'operty. Tho Res)Jonclent ls awarded all of the J>atiles'
right, tllle and interest in tho real J>roperty located at 17549 Flugsluff Avenue, Lakcvlllo, Dako_ta
County, Mhu1esota, legally described as:
Section 10, TownshlJJ l 14,Rango20,
'PT of SE !4BEONW COR of 10114 20
fl:ee from any lntcrost of 1he Petltlonei'. Tho R<>spondcnt ls solely responslblo for any
encmubrnuces ngalnst thls Jlropel'ly and shall lndcninify and hold the Pelitlonol' harmless from
. l . ..... ..
payrn6J\t ofthls debt.
W!Utln 1hltty (30) days afte1 1he entry of the JudgmMI ru\d Decree the Potl!lonel' shnll
oxecute and deliver to the Respondent a quit olaltn deed (prepared by RoSjlOndent) tmusferdng
all of her Interest Jn tlils property to tho Respondent. In the event' she falls to do so, then n
certified COJ>Y of 1i1e Judgment and Decree shall opernte to ttansfer sole title to the 11ropetly to the
12. J?oisonol l'\oporty to be A,wnrdocl to htltionor. The Potltlo11e1 ls awarded, as .
her Jndivld1rnl;property, solo possession, owMtslllp, Md Hilo of, and all of the parties' Jnterest Jn
eaoh of tho following assets, free frorn nny interest of the Re:i)Jondent:
A. TJ1e 2006 Chovrolel Suburban automobile and 1990 Mercedes automobile.
subject to ilie responslbillty to pay the loau against this vcluole.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 12 of 209
:a. All household furnlsWugs, f\unltura and personal properly 01m:ent!y
looated nt !he homeslend 011d Lake Pxo1ierty, except as mutually agreed by
the parl!Cll.
C. '.the 2000 Ce.uh1rlon boot and 2006 Premier pontoon, bont trailers and
D. The Disney Vacation Club TJmesharo.
E. Any bauk accouuts In her uoine.
13. )'erso1iol l.'roport:v to be Awaide1l to ;Ro.mon1font, The Respondent ls awarded,
ns Ws individual properly, solo possession, owoernhlp, 011d title of, and nil oftlw patties' Interest
Jn each of the following assots, free from anylnterest of the Petltlonei:
A. Tho 1965 Cllovelle nn!omoblle, 1965 Cadlllao aulomoblle and 1998
Chevrolet Trnok.
:a. Any bmtk acco1mts Jn his name.
c: Ruokl Trnckiug.
' ..
19. fodebtednoss. The Petllloner ls solely xesjlonslblo fo1 tho joh1t eredlt card dobt
owe<t 10 U.S. Baiik rutd will and hol<i tho RospoJ1dont harmless from payment of this
debt. Tho Respondent ls solely ros1io11slbfo for Jlayment of tho followlng debts and wlll
fodmnnify nnd hold hmm less the Potllloner fi'om payment oftlm followlng debts:
A. The jolnt oxedlt onrd debt owed to Wolfs Fru:go Bmtk .
. :a. Any debts owed to Ws parents, whether such debts wexe JMun:ed solely in
. the nnmo of ono of the as a joint debt, 01 011 bohalfofthe
Res1iondent's buslness, Rucki '[)11oklng,
" .
C. The patties' Jolnttaxdebt owed fox 2009 and any ofherslafo 01 fedora!
taxes owed fo; the pm1los.
D. Any debt owed to the Coimfty Club.
Each of. the patties ls solely responsible for any otlter debts she/ho has lnomred
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 13 of 209
Jndivid1mlly inoludJng uny credit card debts, and shall indemnify nnd hold tho olher pmty
11armless Jl:om paymont of thesa debls.
ln the ovont that there ls a debt obligallon Iha! has not been dlsolosed by oltl1er jlarty, that
obligation shall become the sole respousibJlity of the party who inomred it. Noilhor party shall
coutraot any debt, charge or liability Jn the fotute fo1 which the other party may become llnbla.
20. Attornoys nnd l1'Xno1t l.i'oM and Cosfa. Rcspoudent slrnll pay half of lhe
l'etlllonor's costs and al1orney's feM h\Cluxed Jn connection wllh Ulis prooccdlng. RMponclont
shall make this payment dlreolly to the low firm of Kalz, Manka, TeJ>llnsky, Graves & Sobol
wltiiin t(llrty (30) days after entry oflhc Judgment and ))eoree.
Respondent ls re.ponslblo for his costs nnd nttomey's fees Jncmred lncldent to this
proceeding. Petitioner ls rcspoJ1slblo fortJ10 balnnce of her remolnlug costs and attorney's fcos.
2i. orvlce Juilginlnit awil Mn cifpy ol:'1lio%1.lt J11dgment nnd
))ecxee herein may be made upon elthe1 v.arty's attorney, ln lleu of personal scrvlco 11po11 a J>mfy.
?,?.. WH!Hlmwol os AUornor ofRocorci. Kn1hryn A. Grnvos, Esq., shall no
longer be the attorney ofreoord fox '.Petitioner cffccllve shcty-one (61) days Jl:om the date of entry
of1he Jndgment Md Deoree 11ereln .
23. Execution nud E15clw1go of))ocumeufs. To Jtnj>lement the to1ms and
provisions contained heroin, caoh of the shall make, execute and dollve1 to the other piuty
lnstruments of conveyauce, asslgmnent nnd other doomnents as may ba requlted. lu tl1e ovent
clU1er J>arly fails lo do so, a cortlfled copy of tho Judgment and Deoree ,1hall op'crnfc as said
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 14 of 209
24. ]!inforcen!Jll!t.v, The terms, condlllons IU\d provisions contained herein shall lnuro
to 1he benellt of and be binding upon and enforceable against each of the patties hereto Md their .
respective helm, personal representatives and estates.
. Ol.lD));lU<'ORJODGME!jT
Decree of tile Court.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 15 of 209

David Vfolor Ruokl ..
. Respondent
Subsorlbed ru1d swom to beforo
me tluslf. <lay 2011.
lh yiu\,, Grnyos, 1116415X
Attorneys for Potltloner
Sulto 4150
So111h SJxU1 Slrcot
Mlnuon,Polis, Mhmesoln 55402
Telephono: (612) 333-1671
Subsorlbc2,.nucl swom to before
me1WsLZ. day of h.?-,2011.

.. "'
I know I Jmvo 111origltt lo berepresentod by ulnwyor of my olwlco Md I freely and
k11owi11gly waive that right.

DavidVictor Ruokl
13 .
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 16 of 209
(SOAO IW. 00101/07) FORM 3. APPENDIX A
I. PAYM!JNTS 'f'O PUBLIC AGENCY. According lo Minnesota Stntutes, section 518A.60,
paymenls ordered for maintenance and support must be paid to the Minnesota child support payment center
as long as the person entitled to receive the payments Is receiving or has applied for publlo assistance or
has applied for support and maintenance collection seivlces. Parents mall payments lo: P.O. Box 64326,
st. Paul, MN 65164-0326. Employers mall payments to: P.O. Box 64306, St. Paul, MN 55164.
may be charged wllh a felony who conceals a minor child or lakes, obtains, retains, or falls to return a minor
child from or to the child's parent (or person wllh custodial or parenllng lime rlghls), according lo Minnesota
Statutes, section 609.26, A copy of that section ts available from any court administrator.
pay court.ordered child support or maintenance may be charged wlth a crime, whlGl1 may Include
misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, orfefony charges, according to Minnesota Statutes, section 609,375, A
copy of that seotlon Is available from any dlslrlct court clerk.
. J.
Payment of support or spousal maintenance ls to be as ordered, and Ilia giving of glf1s or making
purchases of food, clothing, and the like will not fulfill the obllgallon.
Payment of support must be made as II becomes due, and failure to secure or denial of parenting
lime Is NOT an el;(Otlse loi: non1>ayment, but the aggrieved party must seek relief through a proper
motion flied with tlie court.
Nonpayment of support Is not grounds to deny,parenllng !me. The party en!ltled to receive stipport
may apply fqr support,11nd file a contempt mo11on, or obtain a judgment as
provided In Mhmosota Statutos, seQlton 6@.091. , .. : : . __ i .
lhe 1myment of support or spousal malnto1mnce lakes priority over paymenl of dobta and other
A party who accepts additional obligations of support does so with the full knowledge of the party's
prior obligation under this proceeding.
Child support or maintenance ts based on annual Income, and It Is the responslblllly of a person with
seasonal employment to budget Income so Urn! payments are made throughout the year as ordered.
A Gu/do lo Mal</ng ChlldFocused Parenl/ngTfmo Deu/s/ons Is available from any courl
The nonpayment of support may be enforced through the dental of student grants; Interception of
state and federal tax refunds; suspension or driver's, recreational, 11nd occupational licenses; refer1al
to the department of revenue or prlvale cplleollon agenotes; seizure of assets, lnolucllng bank
accounts and other assets held by llnflllclal lnstltullons; reporting to oredlt bureaus; lnlerest charging,
Income withholding, and conlempt proceedings; and other enforcement methods allowed by law.
The public authority may suspend or resume collectlon of the amount allocated for child oare
expenses If the conditions of Minnesota Statutes, seollon 61 BA.40, stbdlvlslon 4, are met.
The publlo authority moy remove or resumo a medical support offset If the condlllons of seotlon
618A.41, subdivision 16, met.
V. MODIFYING CHILO SUPPORT. Ir ellher the obllgor or obllgee Is laid off from employment or
receives a pay reduction, child support may be modlllecl, Increased, or decreased. Any modlfloatlon wlll
only take effecl when It Is ordered by the oourl, and will only relate baok lo tho time that a motion Is fifed.
Either the obllgor or obliges may me a motion to modify ohlld support, and may request the publlo agency for
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 17 of 209
A Each parly has Iha right of access to, anil to receive 001iles' of, school, medloal, dental,
training, and other lmporlahl records and lnformallon about ihe minor ohlldren. Each party has the
rlghl of access to Information regarding heallh or denial lnsurnnce available to the minor children.
Presenlallon of a copy of this order lo lhe ouslodlall of a record or other lnformallon about lhe minor
children conslllules sufficient aulhorlzallon for the release 01 lhe record or lnformallon to the
requesllng party. . .
B. i'iach parly shall keep the olher Informed as to lhe name and address of Iha school of altendance of
lhe minor children. Each party has lhe rtghl to be Informed by school officials about the children's
welfare, eduoallonal progress and status, and to allend school and parent leaoher conferences.
The school ls nol required lo hold a separate conference for each party.
C. In case of an accident or serious Illness of a minor ohlld, each party shall nollfy lhe other party or the
accident or Illness, and the name of the heal/h care provider and the plaoe of treatment.
D. Each party has the right ofreaaonuble access and lelaplnne oonlacl wllh lhe minor children.
I or spouMI mal11tenance may be withheld from Income, wllh or wilhotil notice to Iha person obligated lq>ay,
when the condlllons of Minnesota Slalliles, seollon 618A.53, have been met. A copy of thal secllon Is
available from any court administrator.
VIII. CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR RESIDENCE. Unless otherwise ordered, each party shall nollfy
lhe o1har party, the court, and lhe pllbllq authority responsible for oollecllon, If applloable, of lhe followlhg
Information wllhln ten days of any change: rostdenllal and malling address, telephona nlll\lber, driver's
lloense number, social securlly number, and name, address, and telephone number of the employi1-.
spousal maintenance may be adjusted every two years based upon a change In the cosl of living (using lhe
U.S. Department of Labo1, Bureau of labor Slatlolloa, consumer prloe lnqex Mpf$, SI. Paul, for all urban
. consumers (OPlU), unless otherwise speclned In this ardor) when the oondlllons of Minnesota Slalules,
section l.i18A. 76, are met. Cosl of living Increases are compounded. A c_opy of Minnesota Statutes,
. section 518A.76, and forms necessary to request or contest a cosl of llvlng Increase are avalJable from any
court admlnlslrnfor.
STATUTES, SEdTION 646.091: .
A. If a person falls to make a child support payment, the paymenl owed becomes a judgment against
tha person responslblo to make the paymenl by operallon of law on or afler lhe dale the payment Is
due, and the person ontllled to receive lhe payment or lhe publlo agency may obtain entry and
docketing of the Judgment without notice to lhe person responsible to make the paymenl.
B. Interest begins accruing on a payme11l or Installment of ohlld support whenever lhe unpaid amount
dt1e Is greater than the current support due.
XI. JUDGMENTS FOR UNPAID MAINTENANCE. A judgment for unpaid spousal maintenance .
may be entered and docketed when lhe condlllons of Minnesota Statutes, seollon 646.001, are meJ, A
co_py of lhal secllon Is available from any courl admlnlslralor,
A Judgment for attorney fees and other oolleollon costs Incurred In enforcing a child support order wlll be
entered against the person responsible to pay support when the condlllons of Minnesota Slatules, secllon
618A.'/36, are met. A copy of th al seollon and fOrms necessmy to request or con lest these allorney fees
and coileollon costs are available from any court adm.lnlstrator.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 18 of 209
., .
XIII. PAR!jNTING TIME t:XPEDITOR PROCESS. On requosl of ollher party or on lls own motion,
the court may appoint a parenllng time expedllor to resolve parenting lime disputes under Minnesota
Statutes, section 518.1761. A copy of Iha! section and a description of the expedllor process Is avallable
from any court admlnlstrntor.
XIV. PAREN'f!NG TIME REMEDIES AND PENALTll:lS. Remedies tnid penallles for wrongful
'denlalof parenting time are avnllnble under Minnesota Statutes, section 618.175, subdivision 6. These
Include compensalory pmenllng time; civil penallles; bond requirements; contempt; and reversal of custody.
A copy of that subdivision and forms for requeslln_g relief are available from any court administrator. ts<
" '
.. l I ; . , ' .''J I 1.:
\,'; 'I j'
'\'; ;"f))F\ .. -.>;. .. il.:.: \I'! ""ff. ,"'rt".!;
.'! ...
. \ ' .
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 19 of 209
Child Support Guidelines Wo1l<sheet
Parent A: Sandra
Parent ll: Dovld
Bas lo Ch !lei Support
Obllontlon "
Child Caro Obligation
Medlool Suppor!
Approprlato Covarngo
No Appropriate
lnUranoe Avallnl>lo
IV-D Caso Numbo1:
Court r.Jlo Number:
fa, Mon!hly Jnoomo Rooelved
11>. Child(ren)'s Socio! Soo11rllyNolornns'
Benellls Derived From a Paronl's Ellglblllly
1o. Polonllol Income
id, Spouse! Malnlenanco Ordors Obllgaled lo
be Paid
fo. Child Support Ordar(s) Obligated to be
Paid ror Non)o)nl chlld(ron)
1(. Monlhly Gioss lnqpll)a (1at1bt1c-1d-1o)
2a. Numb-;;;:-;,(Nonjolnl Chlld(ran) Jn tho
Homa (Maximum number allowed Is?.)
2b. Deducllon fot Nonjolnl Chlld(ren) In lhe
3. Parenlal Income ror Determining Child
Support (PICS)
., 4. Percentage Shore or Combined l'IOS
6, Combliiod Basic Support Obllgollon
;, .. ,,:;;:
7. Basic suworl Obllgallon Aller Poronllng
Exp0'iisoA< Juslment (If op1illcable)
6. Child Ca_ro Support Obllgo!lon for Joint
9o. Monlflly Cost o( Hoallh Care Coverngo (or
Joint Chlld(ron)
9b, Pro Raia Share or Honllh Care Coverage
oc, Conlflbullon to Moallh Cara Coverage
9d, Monlhly Cos! of Dental coverage for Join!
Oo, Pro Raia Share of Dental coverage Costs
0(, Oonlrlbullon lo Dental Cover age
Og. Med/cal Sur.port Obllga!lon-Approprlalo
coverngo Aval able
10. Medical Support for Publlo
Unlnaurod/Unrelmbursed 11. Sharo or Unlnsurod and/or Umolmbursed
Bxpo11oos Medloal Expenses
12. Ne! Child Support Obllgallon
Benertts Ad)usfment 13. Chlld(ren)' Socia[ SeourllyNeterans'
13enellls Derived from Parenl'e
Compullnu a Final Child support
Numb01 or Joint Chlldron: 6
Data: 4119/2011
Parent A Paronl ll combln!I
$20000 $1466
., ..
$0 $0 -
$0 $0
$0 . $0
$0 $0 --
$20000 $1456
0 0
$0 $0
$20000 $1466 $21466
93% 7%
.. - $3949

... ).

$0 $400 --

\137?. $20
$0 $0
$0 $0
93% 7%
,. .. ,,
$4046 $0

015 $0 -
, spx?!'rlutubleVersio... 411912 011
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 20 of 209
j ..
Worksheet Page2of2
Obllyatlon 16a. Monthly Gro$o Income $20000 $1466
Ability to Pny Caloulllon 16b, Jn coma Aval/able for Support $10011 $367
16. Monlh!y Child Support Obllgallon No $4046 $0
17. Amount of Raduollon $0 $0
Child s111>port Obllgallon 18. Medical support
Original Obligation
Amount oi Rec!ucllon
New bblJgQllon ....
10, Child Carn Support
Original Obllgallon
Amou11I of Reduction ....
New Obligation

20, Baelo Support
Original Obllgal!on
Amount of Reduction

New Obligation ....
21. Monlhly Child Support Obllgallon Allor

.. . . ; ' .. .. .; .
Prosump1lvo Minimum 22a.-Pril'sumpt,lvo, 2 :: "'.'
- .
Support J61nt Children
22b. Ptoumpllva Minimum Order for 3 or 4 ...
Joint Children
220. Ptost1mr,t1ve Minimum Order for 5 or

Moro Joint c tlldren
/J/so/nlmer. Tllo ohlld support guide/Ines works/Joo!, l11s/1uo/lons, 811(/ oolcu/ator are for l11fom1aflon am/
ocluoaflona/ use only oil(/ are not a guarantee of /he amount of 0111/d s/JppDll Iha! Villi bo ordered. The msu//s
obtained om only as ocoumre 8s fire ln/onnaflon used, rhe ar.fual oh/Id support order may be alfecfod by of her
toolors. 'fhe Go11rt has /ho final auf11or/ly /o delemrll!O 1/10 amount of ll>e child support ardor. If /11/s worMheet
Is oflaohed lo a ooml ori/er, II ls part of the Court's doolslon. Tills worksl1ool may or may not show tho amount
fire court deold91/ to order. If I/lo amou11/ l11 t11e o(der Is dfllorenl, f/1sl Is Ille amount to be J!8ld.
Versio. ,, 4/19/2011
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 21 of 209
.. . " Filo No.: I 2007
Parco! l: Lois 'fen (JO) nndBloven (11), Plot ofld1o Wild, except ilto West 60 feet ofsol1J Lot Blovon (11), Jn U10
. Vlllago oflllsam l.llko, l'olk Connty, Wl.!consln.
Pntcel 2: Onilot Ono (l) of CerlUicd Snmy Mop No. 5073 recorded In Volumo22 ofCorllfie<l Survey Maps, pago
180 ns DocwnehtNo, 709540, boh1g pail ofL-Ols Blovcn (11), 'l\volvc (12) Md 'rhltteen (13), Plat ofldlo Wild,
VJllagoorBnlsnm L<iko, Polk Co\lllty, Wlscons!n, located bi OovemmcntLlJt Fom (4), Secllou Threo (3), 'row\Jsh!p
' Th!ily-four (34) NO!lh, l\011go (I'/) Wosl, VIiiage of Bois run Lllko, PolkCounly, Wlscoosln.
TaxlD#: .1060,0051-0001, 106-00049-0000
. 11. J. . , ti.! )(I':'."":: 'e ....... i : .. >J- ,

'. I ' ,' \, I ' ' '': \ ' ' ' '. '
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 22 of 209
See Minn. S1at. 518.1781
Yo\1 havo 1he right lo request a rovlew ltcarlng within six months after of a decree of
dissolution or leglll sepnrution or otdo1 1]1at establlshcs cltlld custody, pnrilntlng time, or child
suw01t. Minn. SM. 518.1781 (2006). '!11e fo1m yon wJll nee<l to use 1o request a review
hoal'lng ls attached. .
Pu1posc of Revlew The 1m1vose of the review hearing ls to make cortaln palilcs 'are
:follovAng 1he comt orde1 regardlngparen1higilme and 1he payment of ohlld support. Thexeview
heru:lng IS NOT an oppoli1utlty to present any other lssues or to ask the court. to establish 01
modify oustody, jiarentlug 1lme, 01 suppo11. Tho coml CAN ONtY review pareuilng time and
chUd support 11rovisions as already established Jn tho order. Iftheto ls no oo\Ui ordorecl parenting
thno 01 ohlld sup11ort, 1he comt CANNOT create a pal'entlng plan, parenting time, or
clilld suppo1'fat tlrls review heMh1g. A petition 01 motion asking for any othel' type Qfrollof from
tho coil! must be sotved and filed separntely from this request. You may wish to oontMl a11
attoxney orother laeal setvlces provldor for more information regarding any othel' typo of relief,
to tho Pa1ty Roquestlug tho Hoa1jug: Ifyo11 doeldo to 1eq11est a review
hearing, yon must do the following wl!ltiu slx Juoutl1s from the date of entry of the orde1 01
remove 1his eover page and complete the Request for Heating form. Make enougli copies
of the form and have it sexved upon all paliies, Including the Connty Attorney's Office, Jf
tho co11nty child enforcement agency (pnbllc authority) ls a parly Jn the case. Keep
q;bopy of the fo1m for yourself.
retut11 1he completed originnl Request for Hearing 'foxm mid a completed Affidavit of
Service form 10 Court Adinlulstrntlon in tho county listed At the top of 1ho Request for
Headng fonn. Court Admlnlstration'wlll schedule a ho1\l'lng and sond all palilos notloo of
t11e hearing date, time, and looat!on.
:Proof ::rho perso11 who pays suppolt has to provide proof of all 1he
oiiitif siippott paym.en!S lf a pa1ty ls reoelvlng publlo asslstm1ce 01 child support
enforcement services from the county olilld support enforcement agency, oltl1e1 pn11y may
1hat the county ohlld s11pp011 enforcement agency provide payment information to the
parties aud the cou11. A1.1y req11esl made 1o the county cl1ild suppo1i enforcement agency must bo
made at ions! 14 dnys before the hearing date.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 23 of 209
. '
State ofMilmesoto
_____ county
Pfaluilff(s) I Petltlonor
Defendant I Respol\dent
Check the box 01 boxes Iha! afoity:
See Mlnn. Stat, $18.1781
Dlstrlot Co1ut
____ Judlolal Dlslriot
CmiltFlleNumbe1: _____ _
Cnse Tyj>O: -------
ll.oquost for Sh. Month ll.o"l'ioW HeHring ..
Child Sl!JlP..lli . .. . . . . . . .
t \111 ''-
D \ho other party ls not p'aylng cl1lld suppo11 as .
. / -.,o/.-'' 'l 1:,;f ' '
________ _..,.,_,,., _..c ------------------
l'mentJng 'fime J>rovlslons
D 'l11e otho1 party'Jias not com1illed wlth 1he. comt ordered pru:onthig time os follows:
,t,, .. " '.
: . J.fif:};.
:1-. .
' . ,".:'Ii.: . "
Pated: __ _ Slgnntnre
'.; ., ..... .
Print Name: . __________ ..
Address: _____ _:_ _____ _
City/State/Zip: ____
Tolophone: (,_,..,__ ___ _
Attorney for: ___ _
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 24 of 209
Stato ofMlnnescitn

D Jn Ro the Mmrlago of:
J>folntlff / l'etltlonor
Dlsh'lot Court
Judicial Pistrlot:
Com! File Number:
Case Type:
vs I and
of Perso11af Sel'Vico
D A.fficfavlt of Sol'Vlco :By Mall
Defendant I Respoi1dont
. )SS
(Col!lily wher<) Afffdiwlt Si&11<d)
!, __________ ._._._ .. _____ . , beh)g

oath, lhnR On
docvntth!1)' ' ;
....--:.- ... " \ ...
(O.Mo made) (111le of dollv@red Qt nrall;;d)

Cl .l'Jnlnllff/l'olllloner (Namo) __
lJ Pofondont/Rospondont(Narite) _______
0 Co1111!y Agonoy (Name) __________ .,_
0 _\"' ..
by (ohaok 1noll1od of \..
\\ \\. '_:.;.:: : ' . '\
D .l'er1ollolly hond!ng lo nRmcd
above n! o olo.k_.01,n! ..,.
': .. j ..
: ,., ... i,.,. ; ;:.::; (Add'rOu whtMdlXUfltMI' -
\ D lv(Q!j!tifo inio aria oo,rioct oppy lo _ nnmed above by
. . . .. ,. ..... ;plao ng Iha .ht ;11 onvolopo wllh suf:llclont pos!Ogo In !ho Unlled Slates moll nl Iha Post omco
:: ''\ :<f . ,Slntof
al 1ho
.. . 1ierso;;_19s<known
. .. ..
: ,. Pntcd: --------
" ,., ..
.. ,..,"
. v_,
, Slgnaluc" ( S!ti cn/yli1 Qf NcfmY,cf Co11tl Ip11b')
Mnl!Jamo: ---
...... (
Sworn/ afflnnod before mo !his II
CI ty /SI o t e / Z ! p: -----..
NoltY J>nbllo/ Deputy Court Admlnlstrnlor
Tolophono:L_ __
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 25 of 209
lo con ,,,mr; OOJJY
on 1110 Md ol d Jl! 11py otflco !his l!Rkb:"
day ol , ____ DISTRICT COURT
In Re the Manfage of:
Sandra Sue
David Victor Rucki,
Check here if part or nil of the land herein ls Torrens:
Date of parties' marriage:
Date of entry of Stipulated Judgment and Decree
of Dissolution:
Name of Petitioner's Attorney:
Name of Respondent's Attornoy:
Name of Judge who signed Judgment and Decree:
Name of Referee, If any, who signed
Judgment and Decree:
Appearnnces at the Defmil! or Trial:
ComtFileNo.19AVFA 111273
August 31, 1991
May 12,2011
Kathryn A. Gmves (/116415X)
Kntz, Manlrn, Teplfnsky, Grnvcs &
Sobol, Ltd.
Sulto 4150
225 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402
David Vlctor Rucld,
Respondent prose
19675 Irclnnd Place
Lnlrnvillo, MN 55044
Tlm D, Wermngor
May 12,2011
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 26 of 209

tind Decree resulted from a stlpulatlon, and the real property at issue was
iie(f by a legal desoriptlon,
},!:;:ANP DECREE: (a Unch separate page fol' each pal'cel of real estate)
: .
. ...
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 27 of 209
Legal Description:
Certificate of Title No. (lfland ls torrens):
Namos of parties awarded ru1 interest
In the above real estato:
Interest awarded:
Lot 9
Blocll1, Paradise Hills
19675 Il'elnnd Pineo
Lnkevllle, MN 55044
Snndm Sue GrazzlulRucltl
Liens, Jl)ortgages, encmnbrances or other interests in the above real estate created by the
Judgment ru1d Decree (include name of person to whom awarded lllld Interest awarded):
Trlggering 01 contingent events set forth In the Judgment and Decree affecting the disposition of
the above parcel of real estate:
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 28 of 209
Approval of Summruy Real Esfftte Disposition Judgment:
Judge ofDislrlol Courl
I hereby certify 1hat 1he above Summary Real Estate Disposition Judgment has been flied
Dated: //74?') "'13 '2011
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 29 of 209
NO. A130859
it 2l1lt
Jn Re Snndrn S\1e Gra11,11,lnl-lh1ckl,
Dnvld L. of the Dnkotn Co11nty Dlstrlct Court,
ln Re the Mnnfage of:
Snndra Sue GrnzzlnlR\lckl,
Dnvld Victor R11ckl,
]11dgt: Pov!d L. Dakota Co\ltl\y Dlsufot Comt, 1560 Hlghwoy 55, Has lings, MN 55033
Lori Swanson, Esq., Mhmosota Attomoy General, MhmcsotA Attomey Geuernl's Office,
1100 Bremer'I'owel', 44ii Mln.1tcsota Su:ccl; St. l'@l,MN 55101
Llsn M. Elliott, ?.409 West 66th Street, :M:l1111eapolls, MN 55423, nllomflfol'Dnvld 1v11kl
Jomes Wnrd Donchowor, Dokoto County Attorney, 1%0 Highway 55, J.fastlugs, MN 55033
John Jernbek, NIEM1 BARR &JERABEK PA, 510 Matquottc Avenue, #200,
Mlnncopolls, MN 55402-1110

Michello w ey acDonald (#102.370)
Athona V, Ho!U1 (110392249)
1069 South RobertSD:eet
WostSt, P@l,MN 55118
re11 (651) 222-4400
Fnxt (651) 222-1122
Allomfjs forJ>1H//011e1
S1111dm Gm!(f(/11/-1V1tkl
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 30 of 209
Do com is vloJntel\Ul!ln111ci1fnl nml C-Ollstlluo111il rlgl1fs J1y fomJ)Qrn1oJ\Y sclz!J1g p1'0pe1'1,y and
. chlld1"C1111slng <1lvo1wlnw.s? rs rut oxtmoidlnmy reme1lywm1\l11tedllcl'e? 1110<:\nutof
nvoldoo U1oconstilutlonal cllatlengetoMJJ111 SIM. 518, dctemtlnlng 01xleis metemponuy, und not
1ovlewable, evei1 though a vlofollon of l\mdamenlal, COJJslilutlooal 1ighls of citizens to iiruent, nncl to bero:uio
hi 1l 1d11>:i wis, hons es, JlllJ>$l'S ru1d effu<:ts Wl1!l alleged (APP,202).
Il, CRI'l'ERIARELIED UPONTOSOPPOR'l'Pl!.'TITION, Denlnlofawdt1md1;1tMsll!lo0!'R11le
121 by tl1c Co1nt of Aj!peal!J ls subject to tllvlew by the Contl tlu'0\1gh llllck.!' Rule
117. !'k<lMllui.R Civ.App.P.120.0S. 111elowetC0111thll'nitledonU1ecotlS!lt11Uonaltlyofostuhllo. 1110
JiJ ru1 lllljl0tll1111 t!llOll \'rill ch the Mhmesoll\ S\ipxeme Comtsl1011ld111lo. li1JustlJYlng 01oselzmo,
tlJeJowel'COUlls lmvesoJludeplllted Jlom thO&ocej)[ed filld 11SUa1 CO\U'SeOfjustlOOa9 to CJll\ fOl't\l\\lXeJUJseof
JlOWem. A by chuity the loWWJ to
rempom1y oidern and wilts, ondhasslnlewlde bnpact. R. Clv. App.P.117,sitbd. 2{n)(b Xo)
Jn. STATEMENTOF'l'HECASE. Sru1<.!m Grw;iJnl-l{uckl fa1hepllteUt of S children, nges 10 lo 16,
Nico, St\lnimllm, GJruum,Nln tu)(! Ghto, two of whlchhnve bc<:nmlsslngslnooFebmmy22, 2013. Om 1owe1
comtshnve detemtlned tlmtMlllll, Sfilt. 518,Dlssolution ofMtmlnge, mrtho1lzes t\)movJng o he1
home; JeavbigJ1cl'dilldtm ltl the <:alll ofa llOll jlal'Cll(; RIID prolilblttng ml contact, witll tlu'ellt of lllCUll:etatlon.
A comt's to do so, Stat. this remedy,.lsproof1l0$ltiveot'lis
1mco1is!itutlounl1W, WJ m\l ovtt3000 that1w,ulfl!e Utls.fuml(y, being on&ptem\ler7,
2012, wlih an 0100. lovaCfltehel'l1omo by i100111hatdey; detegaUng cust0<\Y right'! .
l11d/v/dua/ ai 1r:co111111endetl by the G11ardla11 ... ", nnd prol1lb!U11gftll wntactbyJlillmlswitli lhehown
witl\ a v!ofallon lllggeiing "a contempt proceedltt,g with the poss/blll(V qf i11carr:em/1011!' (Al'P.18),
I .
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 31 of 209
111e ordel' Wl'll lnltlnt\XI by attoU\eys nflet lhe nuuiioge lelllililllled, ru1d p1ohlblted het fiom tl10 children's
schools Md church,
AJ!ei we Jlled motlons on Febrnruy 12, !O co11.1tllutlon, and to 1't's10111 hci chlldrei 1 mid
1)l'OJl<ll ty, tlto co mt a SlU\llllal)' R('fil Esta!oDllw;ltlon onFeb111my 20, 2013, COJlhW.y to tho awmd of
tho homo to heron A11gust28, 2012, nW1odlrectlon ofihe att001eywhollftd moved Ute com! todepiivo lxltlt
ofcustody nncl conlnct(APP,2.2). On Fcbl\uuy 26, 2013, nil 01dem
custody, c6nlnct ru1d !nl<lng ol)lm1ie1ty to com]X>ltwitlttl10 ConstltoUon and lnws of1ho S!u!o of
Mlnne1o!u, and ftutheito doolmllMlnn. Stat. 5 l 8,MrutfogeDJssolutlon, \lllCOllStitutlonal asviolnilng tl10Fl1st
(Jl<im of Spo:cli), FomU1 (lllll\'llSOtmble and Ninth (protecls1ip)1ts11ot cnumernled In tho
constltirtton), Tiiliteeulh (h1volunlmy SC!Viludo, \\Xctj)t llS Jl\mlshmcntfOI' a cli1 ne); and Fontteenth (Duo
Proc urn! Eq1mll'!'otcctlon) Amendments to the ConsUlutlon to no awtll (APP,66< 100).
IV, BIDE!\' ARGUMENT IN SUPPORTOF'I'HI!l l'ETIT10N, Ms. Gmwnl-Rucl<l alleges 1httt
the comtv!olotoo the Mlnn>la rut< I F\Xlmtl constitutlon by seizing] ruul pllljl\'lty rn1
Septembel'7,20J2, 'fhatMltmesoltl <llvoroofow ClUl be ln!e!pt\WI by U1e lowe1:comtsto gumt11lls (W\lof
discretion to Jmlges, ru1d to allow illlstwe of selzuro ln il}(l "ll\\5\" hite<\'llt of tho cltlldren mid llmtl\Y J.s proof
JJOSliive thos!nlnto ls tmoons1ttul!Ollal. Wlmt's WO!i la 1mlmngln!lblo. WIU1ontn flmllng of endangem1ent,
ab1iso, 01pat1:11tal uufitness, 1hecornt's e11tey Jnto of .fiuul\Y, cimv!olatefundamental 1ights. 111e
Stules Comt of ApjlClllsf or 1l10ElghU1 CJxcn!thM st!\(e(j tlm! shktw.11lil\Y a1>plles whete a Jatlon
''f Olwi Jlnul\Y cliolwi,'' l\.'J oppo;ed to merely "aftect[l11g]" 01 "enooum!ll)ng]" tltcm, Gmrle v, Bouv111, 809
F.'2d 508, 523 (8U1 Ch'.1987). 'Ihecus!(l(ly p1'0Ce(Xi111gwm ft fotlXXI clioko. ]lM001il v. &tC/ewlnnd431
US 494 (197{) amlMO,w1v. NebraskaandP/erce&>oM/Jlef 11avoco11Sl.stetttly
1t>a1moffumlly llfewhkhthestatel.'llnnotentetl', Hei.1.; vlo
1uotlo11 hllllnlll<I by m1 attomoy, nflcr 1 nothci met with m1 eXjlC!t fo1 Va holll'who had not becnhwolvedbelbre,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 32 of 209
01slnoo. 111echll<lt'el1 lhnttheywnnted to bNelnmed to tliekmothei's care, Md U1eJ"udgest'\1led !he
file, even 'Ihernlw of<hte Jll'OW>S, clvJlpixxxxfmefullowed bytheal!omeym1d
Judgorue J 1ot <llstlngulslmbll), 1he towei CO\U isjusU!Y the 01deni sejX\mtlng Utls fiunl\Y 11S "!enyxirruy" relief,
Mil tl10 01'del slmich even thou sh two of tl1e ch\lclren me n\!$k1g (AJ.lP. 167
:W). '111e 01\lei b1cluded cuslody
111 any petron !lie g11mxlla11 mny doolgnato, ftfk11ho g11m\llru1 ol{!ei:Jed to parenrs1\Xj\ti'fil:fuifemov&i, sho
!hen ammged to withch\IW on hei own, Jlllllb1g Jn heim1pe1vlsoiwl1h whom thomothcrJmd:fik<l tt
comjlhil11t(Al'P,191). to nbandou heiJtomeand wlthontflutclq lo pay Ill
nltomey, whlchshenee<le<l.
At !he titM oflhe selzitre, lliw Wei.\\ no cusl0<ly 1elaUng to tl tis Jlunll,y, 'ltmt ls why vac<ilhig mlem ls
crlllrol to 1hldunl\Y's Ubertloo. Jf.f\mdrune11tahlghls me11ecognlzed, wecru1soo1hnta:Jhml(y ls not
opemtlng oullJlde tl10 lnw Jnst berotlSO n co111t M!l.'6 o1'dels mid tliecl\Se. 1hoove1 3000 h1dtvldun1
01\leisregululh1g thls frunl\Y o <)\togml le to SOlt 0111.1110 lower com 1s1nkoro101x1er of tl10
klnd, ru1dj1t'illfledltru1Jn1he lnletl:Sf, :when "lX'Sf' should mean ''Jlnei;f', "gtl.'llllf\
1111JJ typo of oixler ls ut\Ythlng but h1 tll\\ lnte1,1;1Jt of chUd1'el1 nnd fumlly, membets ox attom\l)'B
coitld not J1ave notloo lhftt a eo1utcould do lhls byreadh1g Ute constlh1tton, .stutute, Ol' l\tl\'ll of
. .
Ancl tojll\lllc!J)Rte ln n custoey !lfol on &'eplcmbet 11, t>XpcctlngtlieJudge wlll fu1fow lhelaw llmt
"Wl1JlOlUlY" dmg 011 lntennhtoblohavono p1tjudlclnt emctresemblw n cl1amdo, consl<feiingtho
Oimt aliwdy sealed evlclcnco oftl10 chlldl'ell's testimony .flllm lhe/1 own jlru.Will, m1otl1er 01tler Ii>
oovacalcd. (AJ.>P,165). Nosla!ulo!y schetrols No miswei; cotmter petltlon 0t1ie1wnal
setvloo ofpl'OC Sl8.131(9).
lltetll Rro 111 ofos who t>1111 llellcwo Jujustloofol' oll. A Homeys ond Judges mil swom to lttJholdiho
cotl.11ltutlonf(lfovenp!Ufy OJljJOlten!s, nnd when they to
of ntlgal/011. The clm11ges lhey mandate ttevei be lllveire<I. Ord tlmtjrnl&es tli Ink aie
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 33 of 209
"besf' m\l diuylngfumllkl'lh1 the '\vorst''way, ru1d U1wdoolslonslbllow Uiem fu! lJfu Wehavo
dlstegmde<l Ute consti!nllo11 fo1Jlunlly ldeology, a set of and 1u10011W!o1is lckas tlll\t constiMe one's
gools, exp;ctal!ons imdudiO!lS, n comprelteJ).'!lvevlston. A
ThioP.1.QCWofLl!w c!ew11ilw, to thooo11tltll, s_pccdy ftlaffi, ackquatofogal
!Ill parties, hn]XUtlal dedslon and nn nwelln!e JllWSS. Soo eg. lv.IL/311 SLTJ, 519 US
102 ( 1996);1%11/eyv. J///nols, 406US 645 (1972);Al111S1ro11gv. Mamo, 380 US 545 (1965);M11//11nc v. Om!.
/i(llloWl'lJ1mk & 1Jus/ C., 339 US 306 (1950), Jn p1ac1lce, 1bt1Fmnl\Y Comt p1uvldw 11onoof1hw,
and oou1w hnvelg1101td nfilJX1t'elll
sll111drunenlal rights J>1WX1e<I by U10 Uill!e<I Starei and .
Mltmwla co1islllnttons. Soolloltmll/er v. .Hmt, 811N.W.'2d585 (Mltm, 2012), (Clllng1J1>.rel v. Gmnv//le,
S30 US 51, 6516 (2000)), Cleru'ly,1Hi>ltlbit111gllcitconlacl, 1md U\e 1x1u.1Ul\illo1mUty ofordernh1 U1eco1rtoxtof
fundamenln\ rights and dnUe8 lo Jlfil'ellt ls an lil1J.l0l1ant lssito, 1l1e Sfillute nllows memlxm 10 sne one
nt1oihCl'Witl1 and "win'' a on
<>xacHon,rntt1e1 d11mlove Wldh\lnlllney,
Tcmpomty 01'deis jx.iMhm, SM, 518.131 (3) pmvklelb1ex Jl!Utocustody 01'deis upon nfindhig of
/111111edlale <lru1ge1ofp/tyS/w/ Jnu111, not alleged here, 1101 wl\S tlm\l an healing. In domemlo ubnse
acil01is, & cotutmay gmnt an ex1m1tee1tstody ordCl' lo n JXU\Y lf1ho comtflnc!<JlhatlheMfety ofd10 clilld wJll
bojOOJXltXllz.ed byiuuWllicted vhlmtlon, onclbwolven spoody evldentlruy hea1i11g.Mltm, Stot. 518B,01
Snlxf. 6(oX4), Alltlgu11te1m b1lug ajuvwllel'etidou of'drunootloabnse. See Mltm, Sffit, WJC.101, 141, '1110
UCCTA Jliuv!d(';l a C\1\utcan !\Sle\t tem_po1my deddolflt!s to pmtect the
chlldmisltl.'<1!1 Ol'nbused orneg!ecte<l ordepe11dmt, Stat, 518D.201.
Ms. GmzzlnlRuckl had obtnlne<l an oidei .tlir ogn!ootheduisba11d, \'/hlch I h6Jmlge mid nllome)'ll
negotlnied lo dlsmlss, '1110 Judge who tl1e selztu\l tlies!nlute co11Slilutlounl wbhout atm(Ysls,
an<! 01i1ioolng nUomey Wl\S llOMIW,llOJ\.'ll.\le, even tho11!)i. !lwmotl1e1 tho
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 34 of 209
beyond a 1<inblodo11bl. Staicv. lJol!;jbrd, 630N.W.2d11, 15 (Mitm.Atu
2001),mv/(l)vdenlea(Mlnn. Sept.1l,2001). &ate v. Onivli!)', 789 N.W .2d 899 (Mlnn. AllJl. 2010). A
parentonleml ftWi\Y ll\llnhomean<l chlldren, wltltno conlllcils a dllig1tlwforlhl!J <leprlvatlon. How does it
J1a_ppen thnt If it's not clilld Jl\'Olect!on, pru'Cl11S can !xi dqiilved ofobll(hm .tbr h1dclMle pe!lod.9, wlth =
drog onfolcmllnnblo? Co\Uls m11S!J1avo tlieablllty to undo Jujusttconsm1ctlly os lt lnfilcts lt.
All to lnvolnnl!uy se1vilnd\\, fnmille11 Jn the 001 uteystcm <:11n sytllJllllhl.zi\ with tlt who limre beei1 bound.
Tlloy know 11ow tlte chnln fe11ls, whatlt's llkoto ooattl1owlll of an advcismy, and tl1ecornt 'IO dons tl1eco1ut
i;re futo giv(', eatund drink, and awultlhchplcasmo. 'Tu be
and and denied tltesweem\'li:l of tlielrsoclet,y. 'fo live In
llllcettnlnzy,notknowlng te<lay, what the ft<Nelll!UY Ol'tl1ecomtwlll do lotl!Ol\OW, 'lb oolooked down UJXl!I
by Jrn1g\llwlthxom, mi cl even though a Jaw 11bldl11gcttlzen nnd 1llirei11. Wlmt wen ow
snftel.' ls:fut llylog (0 benollt doml!l\Xklen i1unl(y Jttlgputs. W(j f ccl :fur tl1em mo10 tlmn we would haw; 1llld wo
11ot been pf need heie. We p1ey !hat yoti oxeelid om 1Jctillo11 and gmnt wliut wo ne!U 1e1asked,nodrnd ihitl1 to
hOJ>efot) Jn

Mloholl I OW OY. RoDonnld, /11823'/0
Athena V. Holl 110392249
1069 South Ro 6rt Stroot
WestSt.Pnnl,MN 55118
Tole1>ho110: 2224400
Jlnoslmlle: (651) 222-1122
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 35 of 209
Petition Fol' Writ of Mandamus, Olher Appropriate Relief, May 14, 2013 ................ APP.I
Memorandum Of Po Juts Aod Authorities Iu Support Of Petition,
Mny 14, 2013 ............................... 1 ............... ,, .. ,, ..................... ,, ...... , ............................ APP.7
Orde1 (grantlng motion to remove children from custody and care of Petitione1),
Septe1nber 7, 2012 ....... , .... ,, ..................................................................... , .... , ............ APP. I 8
Trnnscrlpt of Proceedlug, Ji1dgeKn11tson presiding, Febnrn1y 26, 2013 .................. APP.22
Afflclttvlt of Petltlono1 Sandra Sue Grnzzini-Rucki, Februa1-y 12, 2013, attachlng: .APP.54
E1nnll February 12, 2013 ................................. H ''"'''""."""''''"'''""""''"'APP .64
Notice of Motion and Motion For ReliefFl'om Judgment AndAsser!lug 'rhat Minn.
Stal. 518 is Unconstltutional, OlherRellcf, Febnrnry 12, 2013 .............................. APP,66
Memorandum In Snppol't Of The Motion For Relief Prom Judgment And Questioning
The ConstltutioMlity of Minn. Stat 518 and Vucotlng Conrt OJ'ders Resttfoling
Petitioner's Liboxty, Other Relief, Februmy 12, 2013, including: ........................... APP.70
Register of Aclions, Febrnal'y 11, 2013 ......................................................... APP.91
Order granting motion 10 remove ehlldren from custody and oal'e of
Petitioner> September 7, 2012 ......................... ,"''""''"""'',,,.,,,., .. ,,,,, .. , ........ APP .96
Notice to Attorney Genernl AsserUng 1hat Mlnn. S1at. 518 Is Unconstltutlona1
As Wrlttcn nnd Applied, dated Fe.bnmry 12, 2013 .................................................. APP.100
Copy of Minn. Stat. 518, MnrdageDJssolntion, Febrna1y 12, 2013 ..................... APP.103
Exparto Amended Flndlngs ofFnct, Conclusions of Law ond Order For Pl'opel'ty
Dlvlslon, November?, 2012, (pmpo1tedly roflectlng August 28, 2012 rccord, and
awarding Petitioner he1 Lakevllle home, subjcot to mal'ltal Hen) ........................... APP.148
Exparte Amended Sununary Of Rent Estate Disposition Judgment.(mvmdlng Lakeville
homo to Lisa Elliott's ollent, February 20, 2013, following motion and oral argument on
const ex 1>Rrte) ""', ... , .... , .. , , , "'"'"'""'I''""' 11 u. """' ..... , ........ .... 1 ............ ti APP .161
Order and Memoxandtun Scallng Transol'ipt (of proceedings co11slsting of stntements of
children)) March 29t 2013
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 36 of 209
Order and Memorandum, Aprll J 9, 2013, ( denyJng petitioner's motion to dec!Are all or
part of Minn. Stat. 5l81111constltutio1rnl as written and applied; and motions to vMate
orders restricting petitioner's custody and parenting time) ..................................... APP.167
Me1t1.orandutn) dated AprH 19, 2013 .......................... , .... u ........... ,,,,,,,,,, .. ,, .. , ... ,,,,,,.APP.174
Pretrial ordei, September 11-12, 2013, Juno 13, 2013 ............................................ APP.196
Order Dismissing Guardinn Ad Litom, June 17, 2013 ............................................ APP.197
Order vacating ap1>olntment of Custody Evaluator and Memornndum,
June 20, 2013 , .............................. ,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,, ..... ,, ............. "''"''''"'"""'''''"''"'""'' .... APP.198
Ordet', Court of Appeals, June 11, 2013 .................................................................. APP.202
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 37 of 209
In Re Sundm Sue Grnzzlnl-RnQkl,
David L. Knulson,
D!Sh'lol Court Case No.
Judge of lho Dnkotn County Dlstdot Court
ln Ro the Marriage of:
IttRe Sandra Sue Gxazzhtl-Ruekl.
Dnvld Vloto1 Rucki,
ApJlellale Co11rl Caso No,
Pelltlon for Wl'lt ofMmulnnms
nurl Other Appropl'lnto Rollof
Dnted: May 14, 2013
Mlohelle L, MaoDonnld, #182370
Athena V. Hollins, 110392249
I 069 South Robert Slreet
West St. Paul, MN 55118
Telephone: (651) 222-4400
Ilaclllmlle: (651) 222-1122
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 38 of 209
Dlstdct Co\ltt Case
Dnvld L. Km1tson,
Judge of the Dokola County Dlshfol Court
Appelln1e Court Case No.
111 Re the Mnrrlago of:
Jn Re Sandra Sue Grazzlnl-Ruckl.
Dovld Vlcto1 Ruokl,
Petition for Wl'lt ofMnndmuns
oud Otlt01 A}lpl'opl'lnte RcUcf
l'ctltloner Snndrn Sue Grnzzlnl-Ruckl, 1hro11gh. lter attorney, Mtohelle L.
MacDonald, Esq, MncDonnld Lnw Flrm, LLC alleges:
1. Polillone1 Js the petlttonet' Jn the action enlilled "Ill Ro tho Man'lago of Sandra Sue
Ornzzlnl-Ruokl," Dls!dct Comtflle no. 19-AV-FA-11-12'13, now pendlng.boforn
the com'!, oven though the parties were dlvorcccl Mny 12, 2011.
2, Respondent ls theDlstrlot coutt of1he State ofMlnnesoto, Cou11ty ofDako1a, In
which the above-named motto1 Is pending.
2 .
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 39 of 209
3. Real Pm'ly In lnteresils P.etltlonel', Sandra Suo Grnzzlnl-Ruokl and Rcspo11dc11t;
David Vfotol' R11ckl, who have lntel'ests directly affected by 1hls proceeding
because 1hey n1'61he pnron!s of five (5) children born of the manlago, namely,
Nico Jumes Rucki, bom June 22, 1996; nge l 6; Smnantlm Vlotorla Rucki, born
June 24, 1998, age 14; Gla1ma Jad.e Rucki, bom Novembei 2, 1999, ago 13; Nia
Gabrielle Rucki, born So1itembel' 25 2001, age 11; and Ghio Paolo Rucki, born
Janilat'Y 20, 2003, age 10. They also nre 1he ownors of property ln tho S!ilto of.
ii. On September 21, 201 l, the com! vacated tho Judgment and Decree, enternd May
12, 2011; except for the granting of the dlssohttlon of the parties' mftl'rlagc. Jn tho
May 12, 2011 Judgment und Decree, Pe!ltlonei was awarded custody of the
minor ohlld1en, and tbo homostcRd real propo1iy wlwrethey Hved.
5. On August 28, 2012, the parties ag1eed to award the Petltlonel' tho homo whorn
she reslded wl111 hel' ohlldrcn locnted al 19675 lrelmld Place, Lakeville,
Mhmesotn. Tho Co mi reserved the Issue of pormancnt 0115tody of 1110 ohlldren,
who resided Jn tho homo with 1he Petltlonoi pmsuant to the May 12, 2011
Judgment&, Decree where they had lived all of1hek lives.
6. On Se1itembe1 5, 2012, Res1>011de11t, through his attomey Lisa Elliott, move<l 1o
depl'!ve Petltione1 ond Respondent of 01tstody mid co11tact with theh' children, and
i\trthor to dep1lvo Pellllonor oflhe LakovlJ!o homo, Jn a tolophono conference
with Judge David L. Knudson, and othors, oven though the homestead lmd been
awarded to he11he week beforo.
7. On September 7, 2012, tho court grnnted tho allomoy's motions. A copy of the
Soptombol'?, 2012 Ol'dor, whlohPet!llone1 seeks to have vacated, Is atlaohed
hereto as A.1, und made part of hereof.
8. On September 7, 201 ?., 1ho Co111t or<lered Pet!Uonot to vacate hot' homo by noon
1hat same day; awarded 1ompormy custody of her children to a relative 01"other
l11dlvld11al as reco111111011ded by the Guardian ad Lltem"; m1lhorlzed the (who lmd
never petllloned for custody) 10 move htto he1home.
9. 'The Co mt fhrthe101tlered 11mt tltoJXUlteslmve no contact witl1 il1eminorchlldren "ellhet
dh'OOUy, ludlt'OOUy, electronically, by pit one, text, mall, 01 by .tlilitlpaltyco1mmutlcatloll." The
co Ult added that "Vlola//011ofthis11o-co11taot pl'ovlslon sh<Tll trigger a co11templ
proceeding with the posslb///ty ofl11cm-ccraf/011." (A.,1).
JO. Des1ilte repeated denrnnds, the Petl!loner haslrnd parenting time only on hel' two
occasions since the Coml's Septembot7, 2013 ordel'.
11. On Novembe1 7, 2012, the comt issued an Amended Judgmenl and Decree fol'
prope1ty dlvlslon pmporteclly based on tho reeo1d on A11g11st 28, 2012 (A.,6). On
Febniary 20, 2013, lho comt signed expatie an Amended $1m1maryReal Estate
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 40 of 209
Dlsposlllon nwardlng tho homo to Respondent Lfoa Blllolt's client (A.'/), Both
documents were contrnry to the award to the Petitioner, nndwere prepared by Lisa
Elllott, Esq. and adopted nca1ly verbatim by 1he Comt.
12. On Febrnnry 26, 2013, Petitioner through hor now attorney, Mlohello L.
MacDonald, Esq. for rollcffrom the opo1atlon of the Amended Judgment &
Deoree; and to vnonto tho Seplembe1 7, 201?. oxdex, and miy nml all 01ders
restricting l'etitloner's custody nnd parenting 1lme ns Invalid und to compoi't with
the Conslltullon and laws of the State of Minnesota. Pctltloner f\n1her requested
the court vacnte all ordorn, judgments for ollorney's fees. The Notice of Motion
and Motion, Affidavlt ofSandrn Sue Grnzzinl-Ruokl, nnd Memornudum ofLnw
Supporting tho Mo!lottls Attached (A.4, nnd A.3)
13. Petitioner i\ll'lher moved through he1 nllomey, Michelle L. MacDonald, Esq. for
the 00111! to declare all ox a po11lon of the Minn, Slat. 518 lvfardngo Dissolution
(lncorporntlng 518.17 temporary orders and rostrnlnlng orders; 518.17 Custody
and Support of Children; Minn. Stat. 518.167 lllvestlgatlon nnd Report; Minn.
Stat. 518.58.t>lvfolon ofMal'ltnlProporty) to bo1mconstitutional as wl'ltten nud
applied byiho dlsh'Lot court ln this case, and notified the Attomey Goncrnl, which
Notice ls attaohecl (A.5).
14. The Petlllonor's motions to restore custody nnd property, and asserting tho
unconstltutlonallly of tho statute were hen rd on Fobrnary ?.6, ?.013. A copy of the
trnnsodpt of proceedings ls allached hereto as A.2, and made a pnrl hereof,
15, That same day, the court Inquired of the _pmtles' children on the record In
olmmbors. A copy of the trnmorlpt of proceedings relating 1o Orn children is
1111avnllnble becm1so tho court sun sponte senled 1he 11w1$cl'lJlt ofproceedlugs
coJlslstlng ofstnlemcnt of the chlldrnn ofter Petltloner ordered it (A,9).
16. At the conol11slon oft he A11gust 28, 2013 hearing, tho court asked foi attorney fee
effldavlts and Inter ordered Petitioner to pay nttomoy foes with no footual findings
supporting the ownrd.
17. Tl1e Respondent court and Respondent were non-responsive to 1he Petltlonor's
constltutlonol ohnllenge, Tho Ros\londent court denied the stat11te was
1mconstltntlonal as wl'll1on 01 nwlle1l without onalysls, A copy of respondent's
coutt's order denylng tho motions are ottnchecl hel'eto as A.10 and made a part
J 8. The Petltloner req11ested to pl'ocecd Jn forma paupmls which wQs denied by the
co11rt. Tho Petitioner has been homeless, Jlvlng with various f\londs since the
Septembm 7, 2012 order that evicted her from her home. A.8.
19. Slnce 1he filing of the Pe.tltion for dissolution by the Pc!Ltloner, the
pnrtles have beet\ subject to no less thnn 67 orders, with Jndlvldual orders adding
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 41 of 209
np to no less thai1 3000, If they aro counted lndlvld1mlly. Petltlono1 and her family
cmmot 1>osslbly sort out these demands of the co11rt, and this ls l\tlO!her llh1strn!ion
of why lv!hm. Stat, 518 ls nncons!i!u!lonal.
20, Res1>ondent Com! J1ad no discretion and, theroforo, lms abused its discretion and
or acted hi excess of ltsjurlsdlctlon by the September 7, 2014 Ordoi wli!oh
deprived Petitioner ofhe1 J1omo, and onstocly and contaot with her chl!drnn
wl1ho11t notice aud an oppo1iunlty to be heard, In violation of Mhmesota Law and
tho State and Federal Cons!llntlon , There ls no Jmlsdlc!ion 01 statutory an!hodty
for the Court's onle1; mid Pe!11lonor was not uffonled dno process.
21, Rospo11dent Comt had no discretion and, 1herefore, has abused Its discretion and
or HOied Jn excess of Its jurlscllctlon by the Amendhlg the Judgment nnd Dec1co,
and lssuh1g tho Amended Summary dls1>osltlon, whloh deprived Petitioner of the
home that site was nwm"dcd A11g11st28, 2013 aild lived In with her ohlldron before
the order to vacate, and by deprlvlng he1 of custody and contact with her children
without notlce and an OJ>portunity to be heard, in violation of Minnesota Lnw and
the State 1111d Fedornl Cons!ltntlon,
22. There Is no jurisdiction 01 slalutory authOl'l!y fot' 1he court's orders, ancl Petltlonct
was not afforded due p1ocoss.
23, Respondent Court has ab11scd lts dlsorotlon nnd/01 acted In excess of lts
jurls<lletlon by awarding attorney fees wlthout any findings and without first
considering petitioner's ablllty to pay, and by awarding sanotlons that Impose an
11nreasonable f!nanolal burden on her.
24. Petitioner lsa person beneficially Interested in the fosumice of tho writ becm1se
sho Is the pa1ty ngalnst whom tho sanctions were ordered, nnd who has been
de11rlved of her home and chlldron since Septembe1 7, 2012.
25, Petitioner hns performed all conditions precedent to the fillng of this polltlon by
raising an objection to the orders and motions In the Jne1lor court.
26, At nil times mentioned herein, Respondent comt has been able to pe1fonn the
duly slated above and exerolso tho dlsorcllbll slated above by restoring to
Petltlone1 her children mid he1 homo. But despite petitioner's domnnd fo1 the
porfonnunco of1he duly and exerolso of the dlsorotloi1, Respondent comt
conthmes to fall to pe1'fo1m the duty and exercise the discretion.
27. Petitioner has no plain, speedy, adequate remedy h1 the ordinary course of law,
other than the rollef sought ht this petition, booause the order ls consldorcd .
tempomy and revlewablo only on aj>peal from the entire judgment 01 on petition ., .
for extraordinary writ under Minn, App, Rulo 120.
28. We seek the lmmedlnte l'eversnl of the 1mlawfnl orders, and lliut this conrt provide
n proper analysis nncl dotol'mhrntlol\ as lo the constitutionality of1he stal11le.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 42 of 209
WHEREFORE, Petlllone1, Snndrn GrazzlnlRuokl Prays:
1. This Court issue n prccmptory wdt In the fll'sl lnstnnce commandb1g
Respondent Comt lo recognlzo tho fundainimtnl, constlhlllonal rights of
parents to make decisions regarding the care, custody and control oflhelr
ohlldren, commiindlng Rosponden! Conrt to restore and protcot this famlly
from nn affl'ont to lib01ty, like loss of ohildrnn 01 proporly, nn<l effeollvely
leave these pnrents mid tholr chlldron olone,
2. Tl1ls Court issue n Wl'lt commanding Respondent Court to vacate uny nnd nll
orders restdotlng Potitioncl''s custody ond pnrentlng time ns Jnvulid, Jnoludh1g
the orders of September 7, 2012 to comport wltl1 the Constltullon mid lows of
the Stole ofMlnnesolo,
3, This Court Jssue n wilt comm@dlng Respo11dent Co\ll'l to vacate pol'tlons of
the Amended Judgment & Decree ofNovembet 7, 2012; 011d the Amended
Smnmmy Dlsposltlon, Febn1nry ln oxdo1 to rostoro Politlonox's p1oporty
1Jghts to her home,
4. Tl1ls Co11rt, altemntlvoly, fil'st issue on nltematlve writ commanding
Respondent Court to vaCftte 1he order for attorney fees 01> Jn the alternative,
show ca11se why lt should not do so, a11d thereafter Issue a preemptory writ
c01uman<llng Respondent lo vocate the attorney fees oward,
S. This Coul'l Issue o writ conunan<llng Respondent Court to vaoute the order
seating the tmnscrlpt, and mnke the hanscdpt of proceedings co11slstlng of
d!sousslons nnd stalomont of tho ch!Jdrcn available to tho parties mid tho Court
of Appculs,
6. Tlio Co111t lssue a writ commanding Respondent Court lo allow the Pelltlone1
to proceed Jn forma pau1iel'ls,
Dated: Moy 14, 2013
~ X k B r z
Nilohollo L. MnoDonuld, #182370
A1hena V. Holllns, 110392249
1069 South Robe1t Slreet
West St. Paul, MN 55118
Telephone: (651) 222-4400
Facslmllo: (651) 222-1122
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 43 of 209
In Re San<lrn Sue Ornzzlnl-Ruokl,
David L. Knutson,
Judge of1ho Dako1a County Dlstdct Comt
Respond out
Jn Re 1he Marifoge of:
Jn Re Sandra S11e Orazzlnl-R11ckl.
David Victor R11ckl,
Dlstl'iol Comt Case No.
Appellate Comt Case No.
Pmst11mt to Minn. App. R111o 120, Sm1drn Sue Oruzzlnl-Ruckl,
requests a Writ ofMand01m1s directed to DakolnConnty.Dlstl'lct Com11 the
. Honorttblo David L. Knutsen, requiring tho co111t to vacate lts orders evlctlng hor
from her home; depi'lvlng her of legal and physical custody of hc1 5 chlldron; and
prohibiting contact wllh her ohlldren h1 order to restore ho1 parental and property
rights. Petitioner f\1rthe1 requests that testimony of lhe children be unsealed) a1id the
Court to reverse the order she pay legol foes.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 44 of 209
Last yea1", the Mlnnosotn Supreme Coul't, /11 Roh1i1llle1 v. Hal't, 811N.W.2d585
. .
(:2012), cl ting 1he Unlted SMO$ Supreme Court case 6f 1loxe/ v. Gmnv//le, 530 U.S. 57,
65-66 (2000) conflrmed that a flt parent's right to make decisions concerning the care,
custody, mid control of bis or her children nre fundamental rights protect by the United
States and Mhmosota. Rohm Ill el' 811 N. W.2d. at 594,
Tho children nnd theh' mother lived togethe1 Jn the homo fox all of tho children's
Jlves, until this traglo custody orde1 abrnj)tly seiiarnted them from both parents. Without
a co mt finding of endange1'1l\ent, abuse, or J>arental unfitness, tho eom1's entry lnto the
realm of family, by means of one parent 01 the othe1's sel'Vlce of p1ocess was v1olatlvo of
lhe Conslltntion, The United States Comt of Appenls fox the Elghth Clroult has stated
1hat strlot sorntlt1y npplles whol'o a regnlatlon "forces family choices," as opposed to
moroly "affect[lug]" or "cnconl'ng[lng]" them. Go!'rle v. J!owen, 809 F.2d 508, 523 (8th
Ch'. 1987). Tho custody proceeding was plainly a forced choice. In Mool'e v, East
Cleveland 431US494 (1977) and Meye/' v. Nebraska and P/el'ce 800/ety of Sisters lmve
consistently acknowledged a "private 1ealm offomlly life which the state ominot enter",
The extrnordlnnry wxlt petition co11ce1ns an Ordor Issued by tho Dlsll'lct Comt of
Dakota County In a chambern inotlon via tolephono brought by attorney Llstt Elllott oi1
behalf of David Rucki, ogalnstllls fonner spouse, Sand1a Sue GrazzlniRuoki.
On September 7, 2012, the tdal court, followJng a tolophoue confel'enco on
Seplember 5, nnd upon dlreotlon of Ms, Elllott, onlered Sandra Grn1.llllll Ruokl to:
(1)vnonte the homo awarded to h o ~ by noon that day; (2) granted legal and J>hyslcal
custody of her children to a relntlve m "othedndlvidual 11.1 recommended by the Gurudhm ad
Lltem" Jnstmctlngherto move h1to the home; ru1ct that neltltel' parei1t "Juwe ruiy contact wltli Oio
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 45 of 209
mlno1 e!U1e1 clircclly, lndltl\llly, el<:etronlCJdly, by phone, lex!, mall, Ol' by thltd patiy
com1mmlcllllon, exceptwrecommende<l ln wrltlng by all tl1cmplsls Involved wltl1 the pru11os nnd
chlldt\\n," TI1e cotu1 added that "Vlolat/011 of tills nocontact p1ovls/011 shall fJ/gger a con/CJIUJ/
proceeding with tile posslbll/tyofl11cl/l'cer(lffo11.'' (A,t),
'l11is Oxdcnvw not nuthol'i'l.ed by Minn. Stal. 518 Dlssohttlon of Mnrrlnge,
nor did ft comport with eviction or 1mlnwf\JI detainer 01 forolosure laws. 011 August 28,
2012, Petitioner had been aworded the home where she resided with her chlldron by
ngrccmcnt on August28, 2012, After signing the complnlncd of September 7, 2012
orde1, the comt signed ox patio an Amended Findings ofFnot, Conclusion o:fLmv, Onle1
for Judgment and Judgment&. Decree, November 7, 2012, nnd Amended Sumnwy of
Roni Estate Dlsiiosltlon on Februmy 20, 2013, contrn1y to the nwnrd of tho homo to her
on August 28, 2012, at tho direction of attomey. Lisa Elllott.
On Fobnmry26, 2013, Petitioner, Sundrn Gro'l.lnnl-R11ekl through her
nltorney, Mlohollo L. MnoDonnld, Esq. moved 1he (llstrlct comt 1imsunnt io Mhm. Rules,
Clv, P10. 60 (RELIEF FROM JUDGMENT), Olld Ml1m, Stnt. 518.145 (Dccreo, finnllly
atld reo1ienlng) from tho operation of the Amended Findings of Fact, Co11al11s/011s of Law,
Order/or Judgment and J11dg111e11t and Decree, dated.Novembel' 14, 2012; to VMato nU
orders reslrlotlng Petltlone1's custody nnd parenting time as lnvnlid, and nsse1tlng tho
unconstlh1tlonat nppllcatton ofMhm. Stnt. 518 (Mmrlnge Dlssolution) as written n11d
At the henl'lng, on February 26, 2013, the co111t heard arguments (A.2), The oourt
took testimony from the ohlldron in chambers, which ls 1he only testimony evklence
relntlng to ouslo<ly In this mnttor. Enoh oftlto five olllldren were q11estlo11ed by the Judge,
and oxprosscd their desito lo bo returned to the care of !hell' mother, Upon request fo1 In
fo1ma pauperls status, the oud the 1ranso1lpt ovldonco by Pelliionor, the soma day as 1110
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 46 of 209
hcmfog, tho conrt olcl'k delayed providing lt, and then tho court suu sponte sealed the
trnnsorlpl, even l\om parents on March 29, 2013 (A.8 and A.9).
Othcl' than the testimony of the children In chambers on March 29, 2013, thoro has
bccn no cvldontlary hearing 01 trlal relallng to custody of the Rucki children.
The followlng foots me reflected Jn the court record and documents submitted
with the Affidavit of Potltlone1 Sandra Sue Oraz7.lul-R11okl.
On May 12, 2011, a defm1lthearlng was held, ond the same day a Judgment and
Deoree was entered by the Comt whcl'e Petltlonm was grnnted solo physical custody of
the children, and the marital homestead located at 19675 Ireland place, Lakevllle, Dakota
Co1mty Minnesota. On June 6, 2011, Respondent's attorney, Lisa Blllott, flied a motion
to vaca,to tho Judgment & Dcc1co, and fol' joint legal and joint physical 011stody,
nttemntl11g weeks, among othol' motions, The court rcop_ened the September 21, 2012.
Thero has not been a 1l'lal on the mel'lts.
Petitioner was with the children dally until Septembel' 7, 2012, n period of 16
yoars, whon she received a phone call. That day, she was also court ordorod to leave tho
home ut 19675 Irelnnd Pince, LakevJlle, MN where she was raising and liad bcon llvlng
with the ohlldren on a dally basis, awarded to hel' both In the ol'lglllfll divorce decree, mid
on.August 28, 2012. The orde1 also prnhlblted the parents ftolll cont noting their ohlldren,
even at school. "except as recommended In wrltlng by nll l11emplsts lilvolved with the
pnrtles and children, Vlofolion ofthts nocontaot provlslon sha11 tl'lgger a contempt
Jll'Ooeedlngwlth the posslblllty oflaoarcemtlon"
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 47 of 209
PeHHone1 co\lld enter or boon lite pro])e11y located a 19675 Irelon<l Place,
Lakevllle, Mlnnesotn wl1atsoever (order 5), !IOI' co\lld the pnrents be at thell' ohlldron's
sohools at any limo (order 5). The order deprlvcd hor of all physical and Jegol oustody of
lite ohlldren, giving temporary physical and logo1 custody of the ohlldren to "tho
children's mmt, Tammy Love or another lndlvldual as recominended by tho Gunrdlan as
lllem.,. "(Order 3). Aud futilter ordered their aunt Tommy to movo foto my home and
rMlde with the children until f\1rther order of the court; mid !hat "lhe cl1lldrcu's nunt
Nnncy Olson, may conloot and vlslt wlth tho ohlldrcn lo assist Ms. Love, 01 other
Jndlvl<lual as recommended by the guardlfln ad Ht om d11rlng this process."
Pctltloner states by affidavit"
"I also have expressed my concerns rcgnrdh'1g domesllc nbuse lo my ntlorncys and tho
courts, imd my co11cerns ns lo Respondent's caro for tho cWldren, and abuse to no
avail, For example, n voice mall was loft, whore It sounded like my husband shot a
gun 6 limos, lhnl I provided to the com! mid guardian, to 110 avnll. No one scorns lo
care. Tl1ls was preceded by hJs being Jn tho home, sllllng at lhe table, nnd talking
about kllllng nil of us. He slated he had a g1111 wlth sixsl10ts, one fol' each ofus. llmd
set forth Jn moro detail foots supporllng my request for orders for prolcctlon Jn the
duly flied Pe!!Uon, but 1 was told to dismiss Jt Jn one of the divorce hea1'ings nnd tho
Judge ordered me to not call the police."
Whether a Writ ofMnndamus should issue, where tho district orders smnmal'lly
depl'lve a person of1liel1 home, and a parent oftheJr ohlldrnn, lnohldlng m1y and nil
contact wlth 1hom, 01 be subject to lnoarcerntloll?
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 48 of 209
Whcthe1 a Wl'lt of Mnndamus should lssue where tho dlstdct comt hus refosed to
vncnto orders drntvlolated a imront's Jluidamental l'lght to mnko decisions tol\comlng tho
cnro, custody, and control of protect by 1he United Stntcs nnd Minnesota constitutions?
This Pelltlo11 nddrossos squarely the absc1iaa of lognl authority, jul'lsdicllon, and
d11e process for court deolslons, nnd Jhe unconslltnllonnl appllcatlo11 of the Minn. Stat,
518. Tho chlldrnn and thefr motho1 lived togethel' all of the chlldl'en's llve, 1mtll thls
tragic custody order abrnptly separnted the children from both parents, wlthout au
ovldontlmy heal'ing or comt finding of endnng01mont, abuse, 01 parental unfltnoss. The
court's entry into the realm offomlly, by means of those orders was vlolatlvo oft110
Constl111!1011. Family co1H't o!'dcrs to lnolude no contact wl!l1 one's own children
essentially placed Potltloner ln shackles with rospect to tho cnro, custody ancl contrnl of
her ohllclren, olearly an slgnlflcm1t adverse lmpaot 011 a parent's liberty rlghts.
There Is uo question that Mhm, Stat. 518 did not authoifae those orders, not to
mention tho summary foshlon ln which the court has operate. Appellate review at tho
conoluslou of these proceedings will be Ineffective. The quoslio11 ls whethe1 u family
comt cm\ Jmmedinlely depl'lve a oltlzon oft hell' home, and n pment of_contaot with
ohlldten, hnvo someoM else movo In (wl10 did not even pet\!1011 to do so). The answer ls
a resounding "No", and the Jlh1strnles tlmt 518 ls not constitutional.
What began with a permissive Ordm for Appointment of Guardian, confined to
making "parenting time iecommendHtlons" (See Order July 14, 2011), concluded with an
ex pm1ephone conforonce (parents excluded) depl'lvlng them of all legal, physical,
011stodlal l'lgh\s """ and colltaol wlth their own ohlldron, immediately evicting Petitioner
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 49 of 209
from het homestead nnd placing the chlldrcn Jn the care of nonpnronts "ot suoh other
person as the guardian determines", rolntlves not even parties to tho notion. (See
September 7, 2012 Order). The needs of the children fol'1he love and companionship of
the parents have gone 1mnddrcssed. The cho11mstm1ces warrant tho Issuance of a wdt at
There ls n need fo1 1110 extraordinary remedy. There was no statutory basis fol' the
Order, whlch sho11id lnvalldntc the Amended Judgment & Decree and Amended
Smnmary Reul Estate Dlsposltion. Whon thell' mother wns otdered to vacate her home
on September 7, ?.012, the children went to the polloe station, moved out of the home,
and h\ with another rclallvo. Tho Potlllonor had no control whatsoever, and has no
control today.
The court has granted. cxtrnordina'Y relief Jn matters where cl11ldren are lmpaoted,
and the notmnl comse of appellate proceedings wlll not provide a11 adequate remedy for
the dist dot co11rt e1w1 Sec Jn ro Kayaohlth, 683 NW 2d 325 (Minn. Ct. App, 2004)
(Jssuhig wl'lt of prohibition proveutlng dishfot co111t :fl:om ontertal11i11g chlid 011Stody
potltlon :fl:om relatives who lacked statutory stm1dlng to seek custody as "Interested third
po11ies"), reo den led (Minn,, Sept 29, 2004); Clark v. Clark, 543 NW 2d 685 (Mhm. Ct.
App 1996) (wrlt ofprohlbltion lssucd provontlng dlsl!fot co\ll't f\om Immediately
enforcing order to chmige c11stody of parties child to fnlher who lntended to b1fog ohlld
on move to Sardinia); El Nashaa1 v. Jll Nasl1aar, 529 NW 2d 13 (Mhm. Ct. App. 1995)
(wdt of prohlbltlon lssued preventing district court from oxtcudlng beyond statutory 14
period ox parte ordcl' banfog husbandf'athel' from ~ 1 1 \ a o t wlth children). See also
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 50 of 209
LRtomell v. Dempsey, 518 NW 2d 564 (Mlim, 1994) (Rflhmlng comt ofuppeals lssun,l\Ce
of writ of mnudmmm dlreollng dlsltict co1ut to appoint legal counsel _to lndlgeut motlier
Rfter fol her admllled to pnternlty nncl moved for solo phys Ion I nnd legal ouslody of ohlld.
The some concerns thatled this comt to issue writs In the cases oltcd above are presentln
this cnse,
Thero are few lnslnnces where Mltrnesola Comls assett emergency ehllcl ouslody
)\ll'lscllcllon, The court Implemented none of these processes. For oxtttnple, temporn1y
ordeis1mrsuant to Mhm. Slat. 518,131, Subd. 3 provide fo1 ex parte custody orders If
the comt makes a finding of lmmedfole dnnge1 of physical hmm to the mlno1 child.
Tl1ere was no danget' hnrm even atloged against Potllloner, 1101 was there an
ovldentlary hend11g, Another example ls domestic ob11se nollo11s provlded by Mhui. Stat,
518B.OI Subd, 6(a)(4), where a court may grant a11 ex partc cuslody order to a patty If
the com1 fl11ds that the safely of 1he child wlll be jeopnrdlzed by unresll'ioted vlsltatlo11,
See Bnk01'y, Baker, 494 N.W.2d 282 (Mlllll, 1992). No domestic nbuse notion was
bro11ght on behalf oflhe ohlldre11 or oven n1logcd against the Petltlonei, whlol1 lnvolves n
speedy evldentlal'y henl'lng, A lltlgn11t ca11 also bi'lng a juvenile Petition of domestic
abuse. See.Mhm, Slot. 260C.101, 141. No cl11id protecllon was Involved. The Unlfotm
Child Ctrnlody Jurlsdlotlon Aol (UCCJA) provides thnt Mhmeso1n court cnn
tomporary jmlsdlction to decide If it ls 11ccessa1y to protect tho child subjcotccl
to or llweate11ed with mlslreatment or abuse or otherwise 11egleoted 01 dependent.
Minn. SW. SJ8D.204; Coleman y, Cclemm1. 493 N.W.2d 133 (Mltm. App. 1992), Not
tho case.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 51 of 209
The Dlstrlot court dispensed with the law and lhe fields of due process and clvll
procedme altogether. As n consequence of the Improper contact, Ute Jndge Issued a
series of Jmpl'Oper judldal orders that fill rummncd 1\om the lnlflal ex pmio conlaot on
September 5, 2012. Tho ex pruie Order fo1 Custody, Inter al/a, summnl'lly deprived
l'ellflonet ofhet custody mid dno process rights, which rlghls yielded ton protrnoted
cnstody proceedings.
The concept Iha! a court cru1 create m1thorlty that does not exlsl nnywhore In either
Minnesota Chapter 518 within genernl r q n ~ s l s for relief ls uusuppO\'lccl by the law nud
essentially allows attorneys to bypass the plaln IAugunge of the statute.
As written, Mhm. Stat. 518 lgnores a fit parent's right to make declslons
concerning the core, oustody, mu! control of their own children, whlch !U'O furnlamcntal
l'lghts pmtect by the the 14th Amendment.
Minnesota Stahlte 518 does not nuthol'lzll vagnll, genernllze orders, no1 docs lt
nllow tlw court to place with n no-pmty relative "01 such other pel'son deemed by ihe
G11artllan"; nor does It authol'lzo removing Pclltloncr from the home awnrded to her, so
1hat n relative never hnvlng petltloned fo1 custody) can move In. Even more egregious ls
lf1helr motlte1 contnotcd them, she could be ancstcd, and four of the children did 1101
move back Jn their own home, choosing 1o llve wlih another relative. Such orders, not
nulhorlzed hi juvenile protection, are certainly not nuthol'lzed ht n divorce proceeding.
The Wint ooUl't's attemptto ciaft that authol'lty 011t ofM!tmesota Chapter 518
relating to tho children mid property mtd conflating Minn. Stat. 260C (Child Protection)
is without merit and 1111questlonnbly violates Petitioner's d11c process rlghts as an
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 52 of 209
Tho Rospond11nt was i1mi"responslvc to Pofitione1
s constlhllional ohallenge, oi1d
the dis.Met court sunuuarlly denied that tl1e statute was 1mconstltutlonal wlth 110 analysis,
Instead the court made a sel'les of vague, gonorallzed excuses, justifications and false
olalms for its ot<tors, Thecom1 s1"ted "The proceedings In this case have f\1lly complied
with Mhm, Stat, 518.10, 518.12 mid 518,13 as applicable" which ls false; and that the
Amended Judgment & Decree dated November 7, 2012 Js valid and cnforccablo, wlthont .
explmmtlon; and that the motlon lo vacate lhe Amended Judgment and Decree ls denied.
PetltloMr's motion to vacate all prlor Orders restrlotlng her custody and parenting time ls
denied; Petitionet's motion lo vacntc all orders, J11dgments fol' atlomoy's fees al\d other
costs ls denied.
Hore, the legol J\'omework of Minn. Stat. 518,18 was not followed, and lfMlnn,
Stat. 5!8.18 allows t11ls typo of court dlsorotlon, 1t violates a flt parents l\mdamentol duo
process 1lghts. Fo1 example, the comt states fill "emergency" motion was filed oll
September 5, 2012, based Oll o report by Ox. Reltman a])pointed S days cmller, dated
Aug11st 30, 2012, an expert Jn the field ofpmontal alienallon. Dr, met with Petltlo1101 and
four of her ohllclren fo1 a Yi hom before wl'ltlng his re1io1t 011 August 31, 2012, a11d has
not been lnvolved since. He says "It was the Comt's understanding from the parties'
dlso11sslons on tho record that the removal oflhe children ftom Petltlonel''s cure was not
contested by any of tho portles", and 1hat on August 28, 20 I?,, Poll ti oner lndloatecl that
she wos w111ing to give 11p ouslody of all five of tho ol1lldten to ;Respondent lmmodlataly.
"which are fo!se, Am( used the Affidavit of tho opposh1g attorney to supp01t fhat
"Petitioner sMed nt Mal on August 28 that she could no longer care for the ohil<l1en and
wanted Respondent to have custody of nll five children." (Affidavlt ofLlsu M. Elliott,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 53 of 209
Esq. dated February 22, 2013,p,.2)'.' and !hat the nttorneys nnd the Gunrdlnn ud Lltem
collnborated Jn finalizing this Order. The foot ls thnt pnr!les cnnnot stlpulnte to, not
courts onn 11te court order somel11h1gll0t authorized by law. The comi cOIUlol mnkc nn
lllegnl order just becnuse people agree.
In ohlld protection oases, where a pnrent can obtain a 1111bllo defcnde1 nllorney,
nnd comi and experts inunedlatelywork townrds rcuulflcntlon. How does It happen ihat
lflt's not child protection parents can be deprived oftholr children for "tem11orm'Y,"
lndeflnlto periods lasting months? It ls difficult to lnmglne nn area where the dlstl'lot
court should be more cautious no\ to meddle, but to ensure that fomlly liberties are
reinforced, presorved nnd not b1o1tcd out. In this case, Petitioner has asked the dlstdot
court to vncato tho orders, to restore he1 to her homo and llborntehex family, The co111t
has reft1sed,
lt ls necessary that this court Issue nn extrnordinnry remedy. This court must
interfere wlth tho dlstdct comt rulings.
Respectfully Submlllod,
Dnte<l: May 14, 2013
Mlohelle L, MacDonald, 11182370
Athena V. Holllns, 110392249
1069 South Robert Street
West St, Paul, MN 55118
Telephone: (651) 222-4400
Facslmltti: (651) 222-1122
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 54 of 209

In Re the Marriage of: ,
Sandra $vo Graz?.1111-Ruokl,
David Vlolor Rucki,

County of Dakot(I,
Oourt File No.: 19AV-l'A11127$
Juclye: David L, l<nul$on
The ubovoonlllled mailer omM cluly on for ftll omerge11oy telephone oonferonoe
before the Honorable David L l<nutson, Judue of Dlslrlot courl, on September 6, 201?.
bosod upon Raaiionilonl'a fQr the lmmecllalo removal of iha minor
ohlldrnn from th(> i;ollllonor's ouslody And aate, Pteeenl on t11e telephone conference
waro Henry, for Llaa i:!lllott, counsel tor Respondent, anct
Julie Ftladrloh, ud Lllem.
!lased upoll lha and hMeln, urguments of oouMel, report& or the
guardian ad Jllom, 1oporle ancl recommandallons of ll\B co111t 11ppolnled neutral exparl,
Dr. Pmd Raltmn, reQommendallon of lhe omir<llon lllem, and rnoorda and
procaadlnga herein, the Oom1 makea tha followlngi
StP 2012
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 55 of 209
1. Po\11 Rellmon, Ph.D., L.P., F.A.O.fl.I:!., was appointed ae expert
In 11110 mnllor by !Illa Court on August 20, Pt. Rallmnn WM to moet the partleo
nnd Iha 0111/dren and \o provide ii. report to lnolude following:
a) AeeMsment and dlauno$ls of menial Illness ttnd per8onallty
dlsonlet8, If any:
Assessment Md diagnosis of pMental allenallon, If any;
Assaesmant imd prolocol pl@nlng fbr runlfloallon: and
or bafflers to reunllloallon efforts.
2. August 29, 2012, Dr. Rellmnn met wllh Pallllonar und lou1 out of Iha five
ohlldren. Dr. Rellmm1 eubmlttM roporte dated Augusl 29 nnd 31, 2012to the Court.
Ooth parllos' counRel nnd 1ha guardlm1 ad lllem received ooplea o! Dt. reporl.
3. Respondent flied "n emergenoy motion, based upon Or. Rellman's
recommendations In the repo11 clnlod August 31, 201?., requesting to hava the mlMt
ohlldren Immediately removed from Pellllonor'R ouolody and placed In ellher a
lhernpovllo fonler oare 01 auoh othor plMament as deemo<l flt by the guQrdlm1 M Htem.
4. M @d for the beat lntoroals or lheae ohlldren, Iha Courl has oon&ldortld
all repotla !hut ww1 aubmllte<l lo Ihle Oowl by \he G11nrdlm1 ad I.Item, Julie Fredrf11,
and Ille repotta of Pr. Paut Rollman,
6. It la In tho olllldren'a best lnleresl$ lha ohlldren provided With ae
muoli coMlstenoy In their routines nu le posalble under Iha ornrant olroumelancoa and
that rnmnlnlng In their horna la the lansl disruptive
Basad upon ihe foregoing, Ille Oourt Ord ere:
1. Raspondimt'o mol1011 to remove fh$ ohlldren from the ouslody nnd of
the Palllloner Is <lHANl'l:lD,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 56 of 209
2, PaUllonor vocole Iha homo al 19676 lralmHl Plaoe, Lakevllle,
Mlnnasoia, no lulef lhan flrlday, Seple1nber 7, nl Qr balore .J>.m.
3. The ohlldren's ounl, Tammy Lov&, or anolhN M reoommended
by the Guardian ad I.Hem, shall temporaiy legal cuotody of tho minor
ohlld1en, love ahall move Into th& Ireland Place residence and ivlll reside wllh
!he QhJldren ot their homo unlll rurthor order ol lllla court. Tile ohlldren'e.mml, Nanoy
Olson, may oontaol and visit wllh the ohlRlren to osalsl Ms, love, er 0111e1 liHllvlduol us
reaommendad by the Guardian nd I.Hem, dlirlno thla prooaso,
4, Neither party shall hove uny cOl\lMl wllh Ille mlno1 ohlldreh, ellher dlreolly,
lndlreolly, eleWonloally, J)y phone, tQxl, mull, or by third party communloallon, exoapl us
reoommendGd ln 1wllfng hy all 1harnplsls Involved wllh lhe parties and children,
Vlolal!on or thlu nooonlMl provision elmll Moger a con\em1>I prooeedlil!J Wllh tho
posAlblllty of lnoeroera!lon.
(), Neither party enlet er be on Ille property looaled al 1so10 lrelMd
Place, La!<ovllle, Mlnnesotu nor arn they allowed at 1he minor ohlldren's al Qny
time wllh t11e llmHed exoepllon spMltled In 116 below. Vlolalloll of 1hls provlolon shall
trigger a contempt prooeedlng wllh 1he posslblllly of h1ouroerullo11.
6. Reapondent alrnll be \\!lowed llmlle<l 11ocess lo the property Joouted
1067U lrelnlld Place, l.nkevllle, Minnesota solely for gellarat mahitenance 011 the
homeijtend. shAI! enter the home on!Y during duye Md llmee when lho
ohlldran are In eohool and are not al the h.ome, Respondent shall leavo o evldenoa In
the home that h.;> WM prneenl ths hol&, Jlelllloner shall make ev9ry effort to
. . '
the mortg"ge ou@nt before lho sohsduled $herllf's eale on 04tobar 11, If, by
. 3
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 57 of 209
0!obor 1, 2012., bBl!n nbla to bring 1he mortgage ourrent,
Re$pondont ohull ba allowed lo muko to the to for eale undor th()
uanio MOM$ ras111011ons no If Re$pondent moke$ m1oh rarm11a, ho shall
bo rolmbur&ed for1hoao repiilm from \hQ aola ofihe home.
7. The mlnor.ohlldren shull lmmadlateiy begin therapy with James lil!lb01tson,
Ph.d. rhe parties and the ot1lldron ahnll follow all reoommandallons or Dr, Gllborlaon.
o, ohlld support o)lllgullon to Pel!Uoner lo hernby 1Gse1wd. A
child ell))port ob/19ailonfor lhil At$ during the lime period of Ihle order la
rl .
av rHi:. oou1rn

Judga of oourt
. ...
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 58 of 209
In ro the Mal'l'lage of:
Sandta Sue GrazziniRuoki,
David Viotol' Rucki,
Based npol\ all 1he files, records, mid proceedings hereln,
Avovsl 20, 2013
J\rr1m1m OOUllTD
IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Ute petition of Sat1dra Sue Grnzzlnl-Ruckl for
fhl'the1 rovlew be, and the sume ls, denied.
Dated: August 20, 2013
Lorie S. Ollden
Chief Justice
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 59 of 209
Febrnary 12, ?.013
MAiling & Dollvory
1069So. l\obettStrw
w. St. Pul, MN 55118
Mlm (651) 222-4400
F'"' (651) 222-1122
Office of tho Mlmteofo AtlorneyGonernl
Altn: Lo1i Swanson, Th!q.
75 Rov,Dl', MortluLulhcl'Klng Jl'. Blvd
SI. Pftlll, MN 55155
Ro: In Ile Ille Matier of Snntlrn 8110 Grnzzlnl-Rucld mul David Vlctm Rneld
Dea1' Ms, Swanson:
Enolosed mtd se1ved npon you Jn the above rnnl!er please find the following:
1. Notice of Motion and Molton Asm1l11g Tlint.Mhm, Slot. 518 is Unconslilu!lonnl as
Wrlllen and Applied by tho DlsllM Court, Olhe1 Roll en
2. Affidavit of Petit lone!', Sandra Sue <lmzzlnl-Ruokl;
3. Notice To Altomey <lenernl Assorting ThAt Minn. Stat. 518 Is Unconstllullonnl as
Wl'lllen and Applied; ' .
4, Memorandum of Law Suppor!lngMotlon Tl1atMi11n, Stal, 518 ls UnconslitulionI as
Wrlllcn an<l Applied, VMnllng All Court Order Restricting A Porenls' Llbcrly Rights lo
Ch!!<lren and Propmty; ond
5, Affidnvlt of Servlco,
'thank you fol'you1 consldernllon In lhls ma Ile>'.
Very trnlyyours,
t f l ~ / ~ ~ I
Michelle!,, Mncllonnld
Allomey at Law
Sondm <lrazzlnl (w/enel.)
Saint Paul &: Submbs + 1069 So. Robert Suw + W. Sr. p,.,t, MN 55118 + Offim (651) 222.d400
Mhrneapo!ls &:Suhmbs + 3300 Edinbotonih \l'<y Sn Ito 550 I P.dlnA, MN 55m + Offiw (%2) 'l46-4?A3
SllilwRtel' &: S11rto1111df11gs + 6351 St, Ctolx1latl + Sull"""" MN 55082 Offi<" (651)4555529
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 60 of 209
Jn Re lhe Muller of:
Snndrn S110 GrnzziniRuck!,
Dnvld Victor R11ckl,
Co11rt File No.19AV-FA-11-1273
CA File No. CS-2011-00311
WEST 66'
h dny of February, 2013, nt 8:30
n.m,, 01 ns soon therenfter ns co1111sel mny be henrd before the Honorable David L. KnntsoJl,
Judge of the nbove,named Com!, Dnkotn Co1mty Co1wtho11se, 1560 Highway 55, in the City of
Hnstlngs, Co11nty ofDnkotn, and Stnte ofMlnuesotn, lhel'etitloner, Sandra Sue Grazzlnl-Ri1okl
hcl'tlin wlllmove lho Court fol' an Order dete1ml11!11g that Minn. Stat. 518 ls uncoustltntlonnl as
written nnd as npplied in the above mallet'.
Pclilione1; Sandra Suo Grnzini-Rnoki, nbovc,nnmed, by nncl through hor atlomey,
Michelle L. MacDonald, Esq., MACDONALD LAW FIRM, LLC, hereby gives notice to Lori
Swanson, Attome;v Geneml ofMinnesota, pursuant to Minn. R. Civ. P. 5A, that, In the above,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 61 of 209
nppellnle process. See og. MLB v. SLB, 519 US l 02 (1996); Stanleyv. Jlllnols, 406 US 645
(1972); Annsltong v. Monzo, 380 VS 545 (1965); Jv.f\1llano v. Cen!. Hnnove1 Bnnk & Trnst C.,
339 US 306 (1950). In prncliee, the Fnmlly Court provided J\one of these.
The lack of speedy ttlals and lack of 11dei1nnle legal roprcsenta!lon has been well
doeumon!ed in the nbove matter. Gtnvo duo process problems pervndo this case, nnd the flunlly
co1ll'I as well,
Dated: Febnrnry 12, 2013
Rcspeetn1lly submllled,
Athenn V. Holllns, 110392249
1069 Sonlh Robert Slreel
Wost S!. l'm1l, MN 55118
'l'ole1>ho11e: (651) 22?.-4400
Facsimile: (651) 222-1122 .
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 62 of 209
Jn Re tho Molter oil
Sondra Sue Grnzzlnl-Ruckl,
Dnvid Violor Rucki,
Co11ttllJlo No.19AV-FA-11-1273
CAFlleNo. CS-2011-00311
YOU WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on the 26th dny ofFebniaty, 2013, nt 8:30
n.1n., or as soon lhcrcnft9r as co1111sel mny bo l1ornl beforo the Ho11orablo Dnvld L. Km1dson,
Judge of the above-named Com!, Dnkoln County Comthouse, 1560 Blghwny 55, In the City of
Hns!lngs, Co1111ly of Dakota, nnd Slnto of Minnesota, 01 as soon theronflo1as counsel may be
l1enrd, Petl!io11ei Sondra GrnzlnnlRuckl thmugh he1 attomey, Michelle L. MacDonalcl, Esq.,
MACDONALD LAWFi&w, LLC, 1069 South Robert Sheet, Wes! St. Pm1l, Mhu1osola, 55118, will
move tho Court p11rsuant to Minn. Rules. Clv. Pro. 60 (RELIEF FROM JUDGMENT), and Mitm.
Stat. 518.145 (Decree, fhmlity and reopening) from tho opernlion of /lie Amonded Fi11dh1gs of
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 63 of 209
Pc111lol101', Sandra Sue Grnzzlni-R11ckl, by and through hcl' allorncy, MichclleL.
MacDonald, MACDONALD LAW Fim.i, LLC, subml!s this Memorandum supporllng t11e nllnohed
Molion nssol'ilng that 518 is unconslifulional as written m1d as awlled Jn this case. Pelltione1
fequests tlmt orders resll'lcllng hor Jlborty l'lghts lo l1or chlldrcn be vacaled; ond that thoAlnended
Judgment & Decree of November J 4, 2012 be reopened, and that !he homes.lead where she lived
with her chlhlreu be rcslo1ed lo her; and u Judgmcnl fo1 support arrearn. See Minn, Slnl.
518. 145 $ubd ?.(2)(3)(5). Polliioner's Affidavit ls lncorporoled herein by reference, Allnched
ls lhe Register of Acllous, from lhe filing of the nollon, AJ>til ?.l, 7.011 to J>resent.
Petllloncr asserts !hat MllUl, S!ut, 518 MunfogeDlssoJ11llon (lncorpo1'allng 518,131;
tompomy orders and reslrnlhlng orders; 518; 165 Guardians for Mlno1 Children; 518. 17
Custody and support of Children; 518.14 Cosls, Disbmsel\lellts; 11tlorney fee; collections;
518.58 Division ofMnl'ltal Pl'OJlerty) ls1111consllMlonal on Its face and as applied lo the foots of
this case, A Nollce to tho Altomey General oltlng vlolutions of the First (freedom of S11eeoh),
Fourth (11nrensonuble searches and solzuro.), Nl,ntlt (Protects rights nol enumerated Jn the
constltutlo11, Thirteenth (involimtary setvlfnde, except as p\mishment fot a orhne); and
Fourteenth Ame1Jdmcnts (Due Pl'ocoss), The Notice Js lncl11ded herein. TI1ls memorandum
focusos 011 !he Fo11rteenlh Amcm1mcnt (Due Process),
This matter camo on for hearing on May 12, 2011 before the Honornblo Tim D.
Wermagor, who granted the pmtles ii Judgment & Decree ofDlvorco, entered on Muy 12, 2011.
Petifloner was rcpresenled by altomoy$ Kai &Manka ("Judgmeut & Decree"). The parents
have fivo (5) children born of thc_m!ITiiuge, namely, Nico Jumes RnckJ, born J11110 22, 1996; age
16; Samantha Victoria Ruoki, born Juno 24, 1998, age 14; Gfonna Jndo Ruokl, born Novcmbor2,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 64 of 209
1999, ogo 13; Nlo Gabl'lellc Rucki, born September 25 2001, ago I l; untl Gino Paolo R11cki, born
Jomrnry 20, 2003, age 10, At the time of the divorce filing, April 21, 2011, the partles hod bee1t
hod been married sl1tco A1igi1st 31, 1991, over 20 yenrs.
At the time oftlte divorce illlng, the porltes lmd beon Jiving in tho home they purchased nl
19675 lrolond Pluoe, Lakeville with thoir S children since 01>proxllnu!oly J\lne, 1998, n por!od of
13 yeuts. Theh'son, Nico, was abo11! lwo years old when they began living !hero, and the other
fom (4) children hnd lived in !he home since !heir blrlhs.
Al tho tln\e of divorce fillng, and thro\lgh today,_ o juvenile court proceeding, ot' ohlld
protection case tnvolvlng tho children of this mall er Jrns NOT taken place In miy counly or stato,
In the original Judgment & Decree of May 12, 201 l, the comt.foun<l lt was l11 the best
interest oftlmt Petltlo11er be grnnted 'sole legal and sole 1>hystcal custody of the chltdrcn, subject
to ResJlOl\dent's rlghl of reasonahle time,
Petitioner was also awarded the marital homestead located nt 19675 Jretaml place,
Lakevltle, Dnkoh\ Cou11ty Ml11nosoln, and required to pay the flrst and second mortgages; mtd the
tho Lnke property al 707 Tdlewlld, Bnlsmn Lake, Polk County, Wlsco11st11, nlso s11bject to
oncumbrn.nces, She wos also awarded ccttaln debts.
Aftet ti1e
Mny 12, 2011 Order, thoPet!t!ouor paid off the seco11d mortgage of
approximately $233,000.00 mid nd<lltlo1ml sums \'e(l\Jestcd. This left 011 approximately $144,000
mortgage on the properly vuh1ed Jn the Judgment & Decree of$410,000.00 (See Judgment &
Decree, May 12, 2011).
On the illp side, Respondent was awarded lhe pro11crty al 17549 Flugstaff Avenue,
Lakeville propc1iy. He was also nwarcled the pnrlics' b11slnoss, R11oki 1h1cklng. Ho was nlso
awarded cerlnln debts.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 65 of 209
Still represented by Katz & Manko; n Summmy real estate d!sposltloujudgment was
signed by Judge Poch on May 23, 2011 wlth respect to the real estate.
On June 6, 2011, Respondent's auornoy, Llsn Elllolt, flied a motion, imd ~ r v e d It on the
attorney to vacate the divorce ordet" and for joint lcgnl nndjolnt J>hyslcal custody, altemaling
1veeks,.among othe1 motlons, whtch was served on the attorney .. WhllePetltlone1 alleged
<lomcslic abuso as to Respondent, Respondent ncvei alleged the Petitioner to be 11nfit.
Therohns J10t been a trial on tho merits. No1 has there been a child protection action.
Judgment and Decree, entered May 23, 2011. Thero wus never an Answo1 or Counterclaim by
tho Resjiondcnl.
Over a l11mdred Motions were filed by attomoys. 1110 truth Is tl>is cnso cl\ll bo rcndlly
stopped by a slmple recognition by co1ll'ls of a pnronts' competing, constitutio1rnl tights lo tho
enre, custody nncl control oftheh own children.
NO EVIDENCE OF COMPLIANCE WITH MINN.STAT, 518.13(2) (follnl'e to nnswel'i
findings; henl'lng)
The Respondent's nttomey foiled to Answer tho Petition for clissolulion. Seo 5 l 8.15,
This ls im1iorla11t ns the motions after motions filed by nllorneys dlsregnrd!ng tho stat11to1y
scheme of Minn. Stat. 518 ultogelhet" wlilch exJ>lalus how this cnse got 011t of control. None of
themotlo11s were authorlzed by Minn, Sin!. 518.131 providing for tcn11101ary orders .
TJ1e September 7, 2012 Order ordered Petltlonci to vacnte the home she llved Jn with !ho
children, no Inter than Fridn.Y, September 7; the aamo dnto. The order de]lrlved Petltloner of nil
physlcnl mid logo! c11slody of tho children, glvlng temporn1yphyslcal and legal c11stody.oftho
chlhh'en to "the clllldre11 's a11111, Tammy Love 01 another l11dlvill11<il as reco111111e11ded by the
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 66 of 209
G1111rdia11 as lit em,, ."(See Order 3). A11d f\111ltet' ordcl'ed their a\!nt Tammy to movo into the
homestead and rosido with the chlldren 1mlll :ftuther order of the coml; and that "the children's
mml Nancy Olson, 11111y contact and visit with the children to <tss/$/ Ms. Love, or other l11divld11al
as reco111111e11ded by the gn11rdia11 ad /I/em dlll'ing ihls process,"
On Oclobe1 3, 2012, another Order was signed by c11torneys and the comt: "Nancy Olson
and 1'a111111y Love,s/wl/ have temporary join/ legal and physical custody of the five 11111101
children, Nico, Sa111a11/ha, Gianna, Nia and Gino, "(see Order 2). Slnco tho first Ordel', fom of
the children have neve1 llved wmi Tammy Lovo In the home to this day, llvlng wlth Nancy
Olson (in Nm1oy Ofoon's homo), mid their son Nico lrns lived i11 thoma1Jtal home wilh Tmmny
'rho parties had just bee11 ln co\ltt on A11gusl 28 ostensibly. to award Pelitlouol' the
homestencl w11ere she lived with !he children, There wns no stntnl01y basis fol' this Ordc1 wl1lc11
sho11ld invnltdntt> the Amended Jmlgmenl & Dccrco, entered ovo1 two months foter. Thero nre
few lnstances whel'e Mlnnosotn Comts assert emorgcncy child custody, For example, tem1iornry
orders purnunnt to Minn. Sfnt. 518.13 l, Subd. 3 provJ<le for ex pane custody orders if lhe court
nrnkes n fllldlng of lmmedlnte danget' ofphyslcnl hmm to lhe minor cl1lld, Auoll1c1 example is
domestic nb11se ncllons provided by Minn, Slat. 518B,Ol S11bd. 6(n)(4), whcro a comt mny_graut
w1 expfll'to custody ordel' to a pnrty lf1ho comt finds that tho safety oflho ohltd wlll be
jcopardlzedby vlsltntlon. Seo Baket' y, Bnker, 494 N.W.2d 282 (Minn. 1992), A
litlgm1t can nlso bring a juvenile Petition of domestic abuse. See Ml nu, Slat. 260C.101, 141.
Tl10 Uniform Child G\lstody Jmlsdiotlon Acl (UCCJA) pmvldes lhatMlnnosota court cnn assert
tempornry emergency jul'iscllctlon to deoide cliild custody lftho cliild is 111 Minnesota and It Is
necessary to protect the child subjected to 01 llu:ealened wlfh mlstroalment 01' nb11se or olhcrwlse
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 67 of 209
noglcotcd or dependent. Slat. 518D.204; Coleman v, Coleman, 493 N.W.2d 133
(Minn. App. 1992),
Here, tho court dispensed with tho fl olds of due process and olvll t>rooedure altogether.
As n consequence of !ho Jm1>rope1 conlaot, the Judge Issued a series of lmproporjudicial orders
ihat fill stemmed from !he initial ex pnrlc contact. In reviewing, taking teslimony, and noting on
tho Respondent's ox parle communlcalion, tho Judge cn11 be sfild 1o havo violated R11le 2,9 oflhe
Mhmesoln Code of Judlclnl Conduct wl1loh prohibits ex J>nrle conurnrnicallon between a judge
and nn interested person. Seo gonein11Y. Mimi. Code of Judiclol Conduct, Cnuon 2.9.
Koos y, Advanced Design. Inc., 636N.W:2d 352,363 (Minn. Ct. App., 2001) (AJ>pellanl must
oslobllsh prnjudlce), The ex porle Order for C11slocly, Inter a/la, S\Jnunarlly deprived Peiltlo11e1
of her cuslody @d d110 process rlghls, w11ioh l'lghts yielded to a pro1rnctcd custody proceeding.
Jn Minnesota, ex pnrte orders ore
/emporm:v and limited lo slt11ni/011s l11vo/v/11g an
'Immediate lltl'eat ofviole11ce. "'As sucl1, ex pmie orders may be enforced wllhout notice
exlraonli11t1J:V dra11111slmwes where lite 1/sk of l1lj111:v Is plain." Baker v. Bnkor, 494 N.W.2d al
287, Not tho onse hem.
Pclitlonenvos wllh !ho children dnilyunlil Septernbex?, 201?., n period of 16 years, when
she received o phone call. That day, the clilld1en wete taken from her by n family cou1i order Jn
the nbovo mailer. She was also courl ordered to leave !he home at 19675 rrelnnd Plaee,
Lakevlllo, MN wllcro she was raising and had beo11 llvll\g with the ol1lldren on a dally basis. 'Tho
order nlso prohibited the patents rrom contaoting their children, even nt school. "oxcopl ns
1ecomrnended Jn wdtlng by all thernplsts luvolved with the pnrlles and children. Violation of
this 110-contactprovJslon shall trigger n conlempl proceeding wltl1 the posslblUtyof
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 68 of 209
Peli!loner could enter or be on tho properly locftled a 19675 Ireland Pfoco, LakovJllo,
Mhmosola wlrnlsMWl' (order 5), no1 could the parenls be al thell' children's schools nl any thn?
(order 5),
Al the same time, as being evloled, Pel!lloner was ordorcd to brlng tho morlgago C\lrrent
before tho sheriff's sale on Oclohor 11, 2012, and lf she dld not, the house co\lld be prepared for
sale (Order 6). 'rho com! order also says "t!te m/11or cl1//Jre11 ,,/w/I be /111111ed/a/e/y beg/11 t!tempy
wit// James Gl/be/'/so11" 1111d tile parties 1111d children s/wllfollow all raco111111elldatlo11s of Dr.
Gilberlso11" (Order 7). To this point, tho chlk1rcn had not lleon Jn therapy, and the Petitioner had
never incl Dr. Gilbertson, In additlon "Respo11dc111 'sch/Id s11pport ob/lg11/1011 ls hereby reserved,
a/so wlt/J t/Je c/J//d support ob//gatlo11for the care provider "(ordei 8); As such, neither Jlare11t
was required to support tho chlldrcn. To lhepoln1 of September 7, the chlldreu had been Ju the
home since appxoximn!ely June 8, 1998. Under threat ofbelng n11ested
Petitioner has complied
after the verbal before seeing a copy of the order. Slnco 7, 2012, she has not seen her
ohlldren those many months, except for oho supeivlsed vlslt.
Pelilione1 nssei1s that Minn. Stat. 518 ls imconstitullonal ns written and as applied. Tho
U.S. Supreme Co11it has explained !hn! the subslnnllve due process J'lghts provlded by tho
Fomtecnth Amendment nfford "heightened protcctlon against govenunont lntorforcnce wlth
ce11nln fundrimcntnl rlghts nnd liberty lnleresfs," Wash/11g/011 v. Gl11ck&berg, 521 U.S. 702, 720
(1997), A parent's rlgh! to mnko decisions concerning the cnre, custody, and con1rol of J1is or her
children is n protcclcd ftmdamentul rlghl. Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57, 65 (2000) (oiling
Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 399, 401 (1923)). Las! yenl) the Minnesota S11preine Com1, 111
Ro/11111//er v. Hart, 811 N.W.2d 585 (201?.), clllng the United Slnl0$ Supreme Comt case of
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 69 of 209
1l'oxel v.Gra11vil/e
530 U.S. 57, 65-66 (2000) confirmed that a fit pMenl's dght to make
dcolslons concerning the cnre, custody, and control of his or hel' o11ildren are fundmnenlal rights
protect by the United s t a t e ~ rulf! Minnesota. constitutions holding:
"Tl1ere is no q11esllon ln this case tlrnl Hart has been determined to be a flt parent
and thatlle objeols to Rohmlller's vlsltaUon 1vlt11 B.H, lude1iendent of vlsltalloi1
by Clayton. Rohmllle1 acknowledges tlrnl a. fit parent's right to make decisions
concerning the care, custody, and conlrol of his ot' het cliildren Is a fondomental
right protected by tho fcdornl and Mltmosota co11stlh1tlons, See Jl'o.wl
530 U.S. 57, 65-66 (2000) (plura11iy opinion); SooHoo, ?31 N.W.2d
RI 820,"
Ro//111//le1; 811 N.W.2d. at 594.
The children and their molhc1 lived togelher all of the children's Jlvo, uniH this 1mglo
C\1stody order abniJltly sepnrated them from both parents. Witho11t a coml finding of
endangenlleni, abuso, 01 parental unfitness, the court's entry into the renlm of fonilly, by means
of one pmcnt Ol' tho othel'
S scrvlcc of process was vlolative of the Conslilutlon. Tho United
Stales Court of Appeals fol' the Eighth Clxcull has stated that strict sorntlny oppllos wliere o
regulai1011 "forces family choices," as opposed to merely "affeol[lng]" 01 "encourng[lng]" lhom.
Gorl'/e v. Bowen, 809 ll.2d 508, 523 (8th Ch'. 198?). 'rhe oustodyproceedlng was plainly a
forced choice. In Moore v, East Cleveland 431 US 494 (1977) and Meyer v, Nebraska and
Pierce Soclely of Slo'lers have consistently acknowledged a "pl'!vate realm offamily life which
the slate oaru1ol enter". In C/eveflmd Board ofEducaf/011 v. La Flew 414 US 632 (1974) this
court has long recognized 11iat freedom of:
"pornonal choic<l in matters of mortlago and fmnlly life ls
one of the llbet1les proteoled by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth
Amendment, There ls a right "to be free from
unwarranted govcmmental lntn1slo11 so f\mdamentally
affecting a person as lo whether to benr or beget n child",
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 70 of 209
The melhocl here for assessing whelhet endangerment has taken pince, findings that nro
cdtlcal to deciding wl1olhcr a parent should toliilt1 custody to or parenting tlmo rlghts with llw
children, fall wocl\Jlly short ?f slandards accepled by child proteclion nnd oriminnl jusllco.
Tho f)na>"dlw1's failure to adhere lo lheslmple orde1 lo moke porenflng time
recomt11ondallon (discussed below), tho nttit11de of attorneys; nnd the co11rl's fail me to' adhere to
procedure, for example, foiling to adhere to Minn, Stal. 518.131 for temporary or<lNs (not ever
requiring <llrecllon ln terms of an Answer mid Counle1,l'el!llon) sot ln mollon prolrncte<l
llllgallon, and perpetuated the 1rnconslltutlonal deprlvallon ofj>arental rights, perhaps to the great
hnnu ofhet .children. The comt unconstlhitlonally applied Mhm, Stat, 518 when It <1epl'lved the
l'elillonel' oflegnl ond physical custody, ond contact rlghts thro11g11 a proceeding that Res11ondent
lnltlnted, and placed the chll<lren wltl1 a 110n-parent.
A. 'l'J10 Fourteonlh Amendment Gives Potltlonol' A Fundamontal Llllorty Right
'fo Pnrent Without Gover11mont Xnterferenco,
The FomtoonthAmendmeut to tho Constllutlo11 of the Ui1lted Stales pl'ovldes that no
State sl1oll "deprive ony porson oflifo, llborty, or property, wlfhout clue process of Jaw." U.S.
CONST., Amend. XIV. Tho Supremo Court of United States hos held thnt tho Due l'roc6Ss
Clause to tho Fourtcc11lh Amendment "pl'ovldes holghtol\Od protection agahist govemmei1t
l11te1'ference with c011aln f\mdmnontnl rights and liberty Interests." Wash111gto11 v. Glucksberg,
521 U.S. 7l9, 720, 117 S.Ct. 2258, (1997). "[T]holntcrcst ofparonts h1 thocnro, custody,
and control ofthek children" is one of1he liberly interests that 1ho Fourteenth Amendment
protects. 1l'oxel v, Gra11vll{e, 530 U.S.$'!, 65, 120 S.Ct. ?.054, ?.060 (2000). Accordingly, "tho
Fonrteenth Amendment protccts tho f\indamenlRI 1'lght to make decisions concemlng
the cme, custody, and control of thek chli<h'en." Id., 530 U.S. nt 66, 120 s. Ct. nt 2060,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 71 of 209
'fhe Due Process Cla11so of tho Fourteenth Amendment to the Constlhlllon of the United
Stntes gives Pellllo11c1 n fundamental rlght to pnrent. That f\rndmnental rlglit Is a substantive
,l'lght wlilch the State may not tennlnato wl!hout givlng them fl11l and ndeq1mte procedural due
proce.1s. Here, nslde fl'om domestlo nbuso (whloh tho court ohose to Ignore), there were no
nllegations or factual findings of unfitness or "cndnngcrmenl" which would 'compel n state to get
lnvolved and lake the chlldren 1\om 1h0Poillioll1'. F\ll1hcr, tho children were being cared for by
Pelllloner. Jn foci, the parents were competing for custody and parenting time, Petitioner
expended thousands of dollars of lier l'6S01ll'COS lo enforce motietary child s1i11port, while
Ros11ondent s11ent money lo obstrnct payment of child support. Wllh tho court's proponsify to net
11pon hearnay affidavl!s, G1rnrdinn reports, nnd phone !'equoSts, the proceedings cony with ii
' .
sorlous repercussions of a deprlvallon of care, custody and control of these ohllclran.
Tho Co11rl's order ls prollibllcd by tho long lino of U.S. Supremo Co1ni coses iirolectlng a
family u11if. In Jvf.LJJ, v. S.L.J. 519 US 102, 11'1 S. Ct. 555 (1996) stales that cholces about
marl'ingo, family life, and the upb1foging of children nro among nssoclollonnl rlghls this Court
has ranked as "ofbaslo lmportance Jn ou1 society" rlghls protected by tho 14th Amendment," Jn
. Moore v, East Clevelllnd 431 US 494 (1977) and Meyer v. Nebraska nnd Pierce Sodlety of
Sisters tho U.S. Supreme Court lins consistently acknowledged a "private realm of family life
wlilch Uw sin lo cannot enter". Custody and parenting time of children by n fit parent ls no
Mhmesotn Slaluto 518 places the burden on each parent to 1irovo hot lnterests, When
ovaluntlng a olilld's best interests, a l ~ t r l t comtis reqnlml to R<ldress tlie 13 bost"lllterost
factors emunernted in 518.J.7, Subd. 1. In neol'ly two yenrs, this has not been done. Tho court
grnnled custody to n relatlw "or $1/Ch o//Je1 pel'l!on deemed by the G11ai'dta11", removing
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 72 of 209
Petitioner from tho home, nnd requiring the relntlve to m?Ve Jn, the relative 11ever llavlng
petitioned for custody. Even more ogrcglous ls lfthelr mother contcled them, she could be
nrrcsted, nnd fo\ll' of the ohlldron do 1101 movo bnok In their ow11 home, choosing to livo wi!h
nuothcr relnlive, Such orders, not authorizcd lnjuvMllo pmtMt!on, Me cerlalnlY, not m1thodzed
inn divorce.
Ju custody, a district coml fa prohlbilcd from relying on one factor to the exclusion of all
others. Seo. 518. 17, Snbd, l(a), The court shall not consider conduct of a proposed custodian
that does not affect the custodian's relntlonshlp to the child. Sec. 518.17, Subd. l(b).
n, Tlw Court's AmiUcntlou of Minn, Stnt. 518 to nssort jnl'lscllcllou as to
Pctlt!ouer's Children nu<l HomeRcp1cscuts ml UnconslilufloMl
Jnfdngement On Parentnl 111t<l P101101ty Ulghts.
Pe!ltloner contends !hat Mhm. Slat. 518 Js unconstitutional on its foce and as npplied Jn
this cnso because it violates a fit parents to cleoi<1o tho cnro, custody, nnd control of his 01 her
children. The pnrndox ls !hat each parent 'esseutlnlly lnterfol'6s wllh the other's parent-child
relatloMhlp by lnteiferlng with the other's ftmdamcnlal right to the onre, custody, nnd control of
his 01'1101 child.
In 'l'roxel, the Com! set out pl'inoiplcs necessary fo1 n 1hlrd1inr!y vlsl!nilou stahlte to
survive n couslltnllonnl chnlle11ge: (1) 1110 statute must give some speoinl weight to tho fit
oustocllal parent's cleo!s!on regarding vlsllatlon; (2) thoro cnt\ beJlO presumption Jn fnvor of
awarding vlsltat!on; nnd (3) tho court must assert more than a mere best-Interest analysis Jn
suppol'! ofils decision to ovorrldo tho :fit pnront's wishes, id. at 6970. Neither parent was a
third parly here. As snob, ls n parent is fit, the statute ls not nt all narrowly tailored to the
gowmmental Interest In protecting lhe general welfare of children.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 73 of 209
A facfol clmllenge lo the conslitulionnlily of n stntli!e requires n showlng !hnt "'no set of
olroums!ances exists \mder which !he Aol would be vaHd,"' Ohio v. Ak1'011 Ctr.for Reprod,
IIea/th, 197U.S. 502, 514 (1990). Certnlnly, !here are no Jnslances when !he slnlo mriy
conslitutlonnlly lntrnde upon n parent who is provldlng care and support to thell' own child. But
Iha! is wlrnt lrnpponed hero. Strlol sc111th1y ls the aJ>JJroprlnte slnndnrd ofrevlow when
fundamental dghts are at issue, Since Jlnl'Cntal rights are f\mdmnental, Minn, Slat. 518 musl
advnnco n compelling slate inleresl, and the slnhlte must be nmrowiy lallored to t\irihor ilrnt
intcrosl. SeeK11/111 v. Grlff/11, 701 N,W,2d 815, 831(Mhrn.2005) Fainter, 467
U,S. 216, 219 (1984)). Thero was no slalutoryor legal basis to do whnl the Com1 did hel'o.
Mhmesoln Statute 518 ls not narrowly drnwu lo f\1rlhm mty compelllng lnterest of !ho
slnte. The sin lute allows n parent al any lime lo comm en co Jitigntion ngainst the olhel", \Ising
moro bost-Jntorest foe tors ns wenpons. The statuto falls to specify the level of proof requlrcd, or
who bears the burde11 of proving tho rcqulreme111s of section Minn, Stal. 518, leaving both
parents with equal standing nnd equal bnrdo11 ns to tho other,
The district court shoultl hnve rcqnired Respondent to follow the procedures set forth Jn
Mhm, Stnt. Sl 8. 131, subds. 3 and 4. n should hnvo required ltl)!)pondent to 1J1'esenl subslantlnl
evidence of c11tld endange11ne11t as a precondition to Jssnlng a temporary ex pmfe ardor depriving
Pelitlo11er ofhen111dlsputed and constllu!lonally protected 1>nrental l'igh!s. Assuming the com!
lwnes!ly believed that Respond en! had primn fnoie evidence that his chll\ll'ell were ln immediate
dnnger of physical hnrm, only ono lssuowould nnd should hnve boon set for honrlng ns soon ns
prncllcnhle, namely whelhol'Pctlllone1"s cnre of the children plnoed them Jnlmmedlnte dnngel' of
physicnl lrnnn ns ofSeplembe1 5, 2012, wl1en Respondent madol1is ex parlereqnes!.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 74 of 209
In order fot courls to be hwolve<l, there should be a compelllng state lnterosl, such as
illlfilness, endnngermont, or nbuse of !he c111ld by Ute other po rent, So too, tho burden of proof
must ho on the 1inrenl (or lhlrd pnrly) seekingso/e custody of !he ohild, and the slnndnrd of proof
mus! be clear a1td convlnclng evidence o:fimfilness.
The Supreme Com! explnins "lhe minimum slnndnrd ofprooflolernled by the due
process requirement reflects not only the weight of tire prlvnle und publlc h1teresls nffecled, b11t
also a soelelnl judgmenl about how the risk of error should be dlstrlbuled between !he lillganls."
Santosky v. K l 1 1 1 1 i e 1 ~ 455 U.S. 745, 755 (1982). The bnlmiclng lesl set forlh by !ho Court In
Ma/hews v. Eldridge guides !he determlnnlion regarding !ho mlnim11m slandard ofprnofrcquired
Jn these cases, 424 U.S. 319, 335 (1976). Thal balnnolng test requires the court lo weigh: (!)
ihe private Interests affected by the proceeding"; (2) "lhe risk of error orealed by the Stnle's
chose11 procedure"; and (3) "the countetvalllng goverrunental lnterest s11pportlng use of the
challenged pmcedure." Sa11/osky, 455 U.S. at 754. Looking at the Ma/hell's foolors, the olenr
mid convlnoing evidenliary slandard is mnndnled when the lndivichrnl htlorests in !he pxoceeding
aro "'parllc11la\'ly important"' and "'more substa111ial t!mn more loss ofinoney,"' Id, al 756
(quotlngAdd/11g/01J v. Te.l'ns, 441 U.S. 418, 424 (1979)), A parent's right to the care, 01rntody,
and conlrol of his or her cl!lld ls a f\mdnmonlnl right. It is "an interns! fn1moro prcclo11s tha11 ony
prn11erty right.'' Id. at 758-59.
Addl11011ally, proceedings that "employ Jmpreclse substantive standards that leave
determh1a1lons unusually opo1110 snbjccllve values of1he judge" nrngulfy the risk for erroneous
deprlvallon of private lnteresls, Sa11tosky, 455 U.S. at '/62, Mi1mesota Statute 518 employs the
mere "be.it lnlerest" unalysls, parent v. parent, This nnnlysls requires !he court to make
subjeollve clelermlnatlons regarding wliat is In tho best Interests of lhe child. The dangers of
., .
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 75 of 209
11tilizi11g n bcst-lntenlsl annlysls as one parent ogolnst nnothe1; both of them flt, ls tho potcntlnl
for n comt to make the dcolsion bnsed entirely on the colll'l's snbjecllve osilmntlon. Hero tho
court took the children nway from tholr prlmai'Y caretaker and home lustnntly with no
legal m1nlysls whatsoevc1 bnscd on hearsay and dlll'Jng a tele]Jhoue conference the parents r ~
not even Involved Jn.
Finnlly, the govemment l1as no interest as 1rn1ons pnll'iae In the welfare of tho ch lid who
l1ns two com]Jellng flt parents in 1>romotlng rclnllonships nmong recognized family 11111ts, As
such, Minn. Stat. 518 can be stricken ns unconslll\ltlonnl. Tho pnrent's ftmdamental right to tho
cnre, custody, and control of his or hor child cnrrios with it tho presumption thnt both Jlarents nre
acting bi the best lnterest of the child and requires deference to the parent's wishes. 'J)'oxel, 530
U.S. at 'JO. Acconllngly, placing the burde11 011 compellng parents to prove best interest ns to the
other, violates thnt f\mdamentnl rlghl.
In this cnse, where 01101rnrent petitions for 011stody and parenting time 1mde1 518.17, tho
Co mt evahmtes each petition using the factors In Mi1rn, Stat. 518.17. "Hore Respondent never
Petitioned, and ho motioned for joint legal audjoint physloal custody, altornaling weeks. TJ1e
factors i11MiJm. Stat. 518.17 havonovor been nwlled here.
Once the court chose to ignore PotltioMr's nllegatlon of domestic abuse, without a conrt
flildlng ofparentnl 11nflt11oss'. tho Court's entry lnto thereahn offamlly, by means of the other
pnrenls' motion was a vlolatlo11 oftl10 Constitution. Here, there was not cyonl a motion, 11\nklng
the sihmtion even more egregious.
Jn construing a stnlulo, the com! cmmot supply thnt whloh the leglsfatul'o purpoMly omits
or lnadvortontly overlooks Stnte v Corbin, 343 NW 2c1 874 (Mlml Ct App 1984), The trlol
court's allompt to oraft that m1thorlty out ofMlnnesotn Chnplc1 518 reloting to the children oml
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 76 of 209
projlerly nnd conflallng Mhm. Stal. 260C (Child l'to!ectlon) ls wl!hou! mer!! mul is 1111olher
violn!ion of Ms. GrnzzlnlR110ki's subslm1!lve <1110 process rlgh!s, 'I'heno!loi1 Ilia! a co1111 !ins the
m1!horlly lo order no con!ncl, evM you from yolll' home, nno hnvc a third Jn yolll'
home to take cam of you I' chlldre11, wl!h no end ln sight unques!lonnblyvlolat\lil hci duo process
rights as an lndtvid11ul.
The conce11t !ha! a court can cieate m1thorlty !hat does not exist nuywhcrc Jn either
Miunesoln Chapter 518 wilhin general requests for relief is unsupported by lite law nud
essenllnlly allows attorneys lo byjlMS !he plain language of tho sin tu le.
As wdlleu, Minn. $Int. 518 lgnores n fit parOllt's rlght to tnnke declslons concerning the
care, oustody, And control of theh' own ohildren, whloh aro fundamental fights protect by tho
Unlie<1 States rulll Minnesota constitutions. l'etltionel' a!letnp!cd to follow comt order after coml
order, not even bused Jn reality.
Jn ro Snnto12, 594 nw2D 174, 17'/ (1999) om Supremo Court cited l Klngs 3:1628
recognizing: "[II} Is dlf/lcu// lo 11<1Judlc11/e with the wisdom of King So/0111011 w/Ja11 both pnr//es
arc wllllng to spllt tltc b(lby. See I Kings 3:16"28." '.!'he xecord shows Respondent resolutely
refused to accept Petitioner's mithorlty M primary cnretakei, and the cblldrcn's need for stnbllity.
Tllo Snntoro court recognized thnt even lf conduct "[l]f true Is 1epm/1011slble, contempi s111101/011s
(llldj/nes are more appropriate tools to p1111lsil such behavior and lo deter otlierfmniliesfi'om
e11g11g/11g In such t11c1/cs. Chlldre11sho11/d1101 become pawns 111 lhe wm\S of adults. When the
law slates th11t tl10 be.# of c/Jl/dren .ihould guide the courts, then c/l/ldre1111111sl be the
beneficiaries ofjus/lce, 110/ tlle gavel po11n<li11g ol// the aol'/111011y existing between adults." Id at
Tlie legal framework of Minn. Stat. 518.18 nllows court <liscrntlon thnt violates n lit
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 77 of 209
parents fundnmcntnl due process rights ns nn indivld1rnl mid as n flt parent, In short, tl1e need for
n chlld's stobility ls abrogated lo the j\ll'lsdictlon of the fhmily court, al tho wlll of one paront, by
court filings lo split the baby ngnlu (nnd again),
Jn nddlllon, the frlnl court should not have to make the de la lied liest Jntc1'est fln<llngs
rcq\1lrcd In custody dctennlnn!lons by section 518.l'/, subd. l, 8M Olson v. Olson, 534 N.W.2d
nt 550 (dlsilngulshlng tho factual req1111'ed for vlslinllon coses flom those required fo1
custody dctcrrnhrnilons}
The rofo and duties of n com't nppolntccl guardla11 nrenot dlsctetlonary 01 bo1111dless
confined lo the order und relnted statutes mu! rnles, Thnt begun wllh a permissive Order for
AJl)lolntmellt of Guardian, whleh wns conflned to mnkl11g "pnrentlng time reconunendntlon"
(See Order July 14, 2011), conci11ded wlth mt ex pnrte plwne conference (parents excl11ded)
depriving ench of them ofwlth nll lognl, physical, custodial rlghts a1td contact wlth theh' own
children, immedintoly evicting Pctilionel' from her homestead nnd plaolng the chllclre11 ln tho care
ofllonpmenls "01 such other person as the mmrdian determines", relntives not even potties to the
notion. (Seo Septembe1 7, 2012 01'Cler), The g1wdla11 was 011! ofb01mds Imaghte lfstate law
required every family member, esJlcofally ohlldreu, to undergo a behavlornl health assessment
utl ltwnslvo and comprehensive rev Jew of physical and mental health, 1!1tolllgence, school
employment, level offnnclion in di!Terent domains inoluding fnmUy slhmtlon, mtd
behnvlodn !ho community, Imagine If the law requlred !ho nssessment for every ohild, oven lf
tl1ore have neve1 been nny lndlcutlons ofbebnvloral lss11es. Tiiat ls oxactly tho slhmtlon these
parents havo faced, And liero tho "lest results" have not been dlsolosc<l to the Peilllona1'.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 78 of 209
A gunrdlnn ad !item shnll not be appointed or sc1vo oxcopt upon wrlllcn order of tho court
Ri1le 903.02. An Order Appointing !he Gimrdinn m11st sot forth speolflo dlllles, Ri1le 903.03.
R11le 903.04 speolllcnlly preohl<fos a guardian from ovnluntlng 011stody. The rule speolflonlly
slates " gnnrdinn nd Jitcm "shall no I bo ordered to," nnd "slrnli not. perform" the role of "custocly
<.wnluator pms11nnt to Minn, Stat. 518.18. 'sc(l903.03 (a). Contmy to the rule, the order wllh
respect to tho children spcolficnll,Y mndo n finding S11oh that lhe guardinn makes parenling time
rccommcndnllons, which ls essentially the role of a custody evaluator. The guardian had been
nppolntcdpermlsslvoly pms11nnt to 518,165, S11bd, I.
Jn nddilion, the Minnesota Rules ofG\lardlnn Procedme 906 J>rohibils Guardians ns to
auy form of ox parlo communication. The re11orts lo the court, where l'ctl\loner was lefl out,
wcro contra1y to this rule,
Rulo 905 lists the general responslbllllles of a guardlun, none of which authorize c11stody
01 Jlm'cntlng tlmo recommendations, Speolflcnlly, a giiardlan conduols "on Independent
h1Vestlgntlon to clotermlM the fact relevant to t110 situation of the child", "advocates for the best
interesl of 1110 ohlld" but doos not tuko on evnlnnlive role which only, ns here, puls Iha! party al
odd with llrn gunnlian. A child's Jc1;1nl c11stodinn parent <leclclc.' about chilcl's and
the school the chlld should bo 111, That deolslon ls not vestedJ11 the guardlon or the 00111'1, at the
will of the olhe1 parent who decides to abrogate pnrontnl authority. '!'he foot that the trial court
ordered n change of custody lo u non .. pnl'Ont, chango ofrosidence for the child, and no contnot,
provided Pelitlonet with no involvement, much less control, ovor decisions ns lo her own
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 79 of 209
TJ10 court ftllug places tho dcclslon-maklng mlatlng to the ohlld Jn the 11a11ds of !lie cout'l,
and the court's chosen girnrdlan, clearly violating Petlttoner's due process right to tho care,
custody and control ofhor ohlldrcn.
The record reJlects llO grave or weighty reasons Juslifylng such a deprlvatlon ofihe othe1
parent, such as neglect, abaudonmont, morn! delinquency, Instability of character,
inability to l\1rnlsh tho child with needed cnto, 01 thnt restoring custody would not be ht tl1e best
Jnterost nnd welfare of the chlldren, See: Jn re NAKRogers v. Knauff, 649 NW 2d 166 (Minn.
2002) CltlngDmkln v. H111lo]J, 442N.W.2d 148, 152-53 (Minn. 1989),
The Ros11ondent's claim that Pclltloncr pay his altomoys fees had to be a huge distrnctlon
fol' Petltlonet". Agoln, only a family lnwyor can dlsrnpt tho proceedings to got )laid. There ls 110
duo Jlrocess lfthe bill is dis1mted for those typos of ololms. Comls and fail to recognize
that the fomllios' rosourcos aro bclug 11scd. Also wlth Petltlouei havlng he1 ow11 attorney glvlng
her advlce along the way, It's Jlloglcal that the "client" can be penalized by a court, as the
op11osb1g attorneys fight to have her pay Respondent's fees. lt appears there is morn ability Jn
collecting fees inrcproscntlng o :fumily member in a fmnlly dispute. Jn atty othex setting, there
would be m1 notion against thc.Rosponde11t's attorney fo1 ab11se ofJll'Ocoss.
Tho co1wt assessed thousands of dollars lo Pelltloner Jn altomcy fees fo1 ossonllally not
agreeing to tho demands of the Respondent's attorney, as Jnstruoted byl1or own attomey. Also, .
tho court had ordered the Re.qpondent to pay child support, and the Petitioner lo pay !he house
payment, when the child si1m101't was not belng paid. Family and home expenses obviously fe11
solely u11on Petitioner,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 80 of 209
The Cmu1 of A1ipenls has expressed al rum owt lhe amount of nttomeys' foes charged in
fnmllymnlters. In S/11slba11gli, njt1dge concurred speolally lo express his concern ovet iho hlgl1
fees inolll'rcd by tho pnrlies in that custody dispute. S/11slb1111g// v. Hel11e/'sciteld, 428 N.W.2d 476
(Minn. A)lp. 1988) (concml'Jng ophilon), The parlles together had paid $80,000 Jn legal fees,
The judgo opltted'thnt "extrnordl11arlly itlg/Jfaes ore occ11rl'i11g i11fa111ily low cases wilh some
reguial'lly" and that the /ti git fees were titreate11f11g to /Im/I all blll the ve1y weallliy j)o111
lltlgall11gfa111ily law disputes." id, at 481. Tho judge urged nllomeys lo be conservutive in
setting !heil' fees and to exerolso control over difficult cflen!s Jn order lo avoid 11nnecessary
motions und "vexatious and Jh11iless" proceedings. Id ..
Ill a later c1Lse, the majority OJllnion discussed at some lenglh the area of allol'lloys' foes itt
family matt ors. Meyel' v. Meyel', 441 N.W.2d 544, 548 (Minn, Aiip. 1989): The Ap11eal$ Couit
expressed alarm Iha! a parly liad lt1ou11cd ovet $15,000 In legal fees even though sl1e had a
Jloverly level lncome and received public oncl eliarltnblo ossistanee to help het meet her basiy
llvlng necessllles. Tho courl opined thnt !ho "system is W/'011g and must be corrected" because
"expensive a/lonwy fees in family law mailers ltava become lite rnlc a11d 1101 the excepl/011." Id.
at 548. Tho court staled that tho "profession has mt nfllima!lve duly lo provide quality legnl
services wl!hln lho abJllly of the litigant to poy. The BAR Assooiallon should make a concor!ed
effort to accomplish this goal." id. The eomt went on to stale I hat if a "drns!lo and substanllnl
change" ls unable lo be made In the charging of fees due lo the economics of low office
management, then the whole statnlol'y slrucnue for xesolvlng family lnw wlll liavo lo be
oxmnined ln order to provide relief for Indigent clients. J<f, The court suggested one ttltornativo
lo be theremovnl oflhe family law nl'ea flom the ndvernnl'ial system. Id.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 81 of 209
Jn the court of appeals affirmed an nward to the wife of $20,000 In nllomey fees,
nlthough it found lhe amount of fees lo be "e,Wraon/111al'lly high.'" Tlto appeals courtrellernlcd
its co.nccm for high fees Jn famlly law and slated that the logal profession has nn
nffll'motlvo duly lo provide q1rnlily legal services wllhln lho ability of lhe lilignnt to pay. JJar11ler
v. Wells, 476 N.W.2d 795 (Minn, Ct, AJ>J>, 1991)
Herc, the law seems to nllowlwlh nllomeys to llllgate with fomily rcsomces, There is no
due process nvallablo If the nllomey's fees nre disputed by tl1e other patty.
The situation Politlonot' 1espccll\11ly presents to this Court Is one Jn which sloppy family
court procedure allowed Respom!cnt and ltls nllornoy to 11psel child custody through stenllh and
sleight of hand without no!lco nnd prop or evldenl!Rl'y bnsls. There wus never nu omorgenoy Jn
lllls case, But pn emergency exlsls now slnco l'.olltlone1 has been deprived her flvo children nnd
l1ome, and requires court "lnte1vontlon" in terms of vacating the orders, so she ls fi:eo :from tlto
tyrnmiy lmposc<l by eomts,foeillinled by ReSJ>Omlent's attorney, that hns rnvngcd hm family, nnd
spent dowii nll ofltor resomces.
Anyone fomlliar with the fomlly comts knows how often ll!lgnnls 11se children ns
bnrgalnlug chips Jn ex1>enslve J>Owot' plays thnt do Hiiie more 1hnn create anxiety for tho othe1'
pnront nnd make lawyers rich, This lssue likely will recut' unless tho courts begltt to tnke n
orlllcnl look nt how 1he dlslrlct courts apply family lmv slntulos nnd procedures, Bnscd on lho
foregoing, Pclltlouor requests the relief set fo11h fa the nt!nched Notice of Mo lion. It
ls Jmperallve that ln the Interests of jusllcc, that 1he custody and proj)erly and n!lomey fee ordel'S
be vacated, and !hat Petitioner's custody of tho ol11ldren nud propertyrlghls be restored. 11\ order
to avoid an unconstitutional lt1fi'lngcment on Petitioner's fondnmentnl due process rights to hot'
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 82 of 209
l1ome, and lo rnise her children wllhout governmental interference the comt's appltcatlou of
Minn, Stat. 518 nmst be narrowly tailored to meet n compelling state Interest. No such interest
was praent here.
Fur!hcl', evidence of the Mal comt's overly broad application of its authority within Mlnu.
Slot. 518 can be found in its granting c1wtody an<l 1iossesslon of the l1ome to a relatlve.
Jn ils fallmo to recognize Petitioner's l\mdmnental rlght, the court created an
unnecessarlly voluminous and m(1rky record to decipher. The pnrliculm arguments Respondent
mndo to the court, ca>mot bosa!d to constlllltc child cndangcrinont. Thal coml filings set in
motion prolrncted litlgnllon and snbscquont procedures that merely perpetuated tho
unconstlt11tlonul depl'ivation of Petitioner's pnronlal rights, nncl rights to he1 prope11y, perhaps to
!he grant harm of his minor children,
(_' ~ u : . ~ J J ~ Q
ichollo L. M o o nld, #182370
Atliena v. Holhils, 110392249
1069 South Robert Street
West SI, Pnul, MN 55118
Telephone: (651) 2?.2-4400
Facsimile: (651) 222-1122.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 83 of 209
, ...

In the Matter of1
Sandra Sue GrazziniRuoki,
David Viator Rucki,
The above-entitled matter come duly on
for hearing before tho Honor.able David L, Knutson,
one of the of the above-named Cou1t, 011 the
26th duy of Febi:uary, 2013, at the Pakot Cotmt:y
Judicial center, City of HasU11gs 1 State o.F.
Michelle MacDonald, Attorney at Law,
appeared on behalf of the Petitioner.
Elliott, Attorney at Law, appeared
on behalf of the Defendant,
John Jerabek, Attorney at Law, appea,-ed
on behalf of the Guardian ad Lltem.
Julian labot, 11ttorney at Law, appeared
on behalf of 11eUe f'ar.go llank, NII,
Vdgtl 1to1<:if123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 84 of 209
2 4
('M1ere11poi1, lhe following proceeding wore I And you're- you know and what you wanl to
2 d\1ly_had:) 2 dispose of nrsl.
3 PROCEEDING$ 3 T ~ COURT: Well, there ls 11 olher people
4 THE COURT: This Is Filo 19AV-FA111273. In 4 hW, so -- and this Is a publlo courtroom. I
6 the mailer of Sandra sue Grazzlnl-Ruokl and David 6
mean, I'm just as ourlous as you are as to who Is
6 Victor Rucki. Lei's slarl I guess on my left, for 6
here and why they are here, bul I don't know \hat
allomeys to note your eppeamnco, please. 7 we have a right to ask. This Is a publlo
6 MS. El.LIOTT: Lisa Ellloll appearing on 6 courtroom.
e behalf of lhe Respon<lenl David VJclor Rucki who Is e MS. MACDONAl.D: I lhlnk--
10 also prosenl. 10 THE COURT: And --
11 MS. MACDONALD: Yes, Your Honor, Michelle 11 MS. MACDONALD: They've all Informed me Iha!
12 MacDonald. I ropresenl Sandra Orazz/nlRuckl. 12 they're here on bolialf of one parly or lhe olhor
13 THE COURT: Okay. 13 and !here Is .. lho only people I con delormloe
MR. JERASEI(: Your Honot, John Jorebok, 14 Iha! me hero for oilier reasons Is lhem Is a law
15 Jefehok, here on fJolmll of the Guardian ad 15 sluden\ hore wllh her professor -- not her ..
10 Lllem, Julie Frledrloh. 16 THE COURT: I'm sorry?
17 MR. GOLDBERG: Dan Goldberg. 17 MS. MACDONALD: Tllero Is a law sllldent here.
10 THE COURT: All tight. 10 THE COURT: Yes.
10 MR. GOLDBERG: My name Is Daniel Jay 10 MS. MACDONALD: \Nilh an allorney, you know,
20 Goldberg. I'm an allorney represenllng Nanoy
20 thal she's mentoring, or ls menlorlng her.
21 Olson, lho malernal aunl, wlto Is sllllng next lo 21 EVeryono else Is here because !hey ware ellher
22 me. 22 nollced of lheso proceedings, lnvllod by an
23 MR. ZEBOT: Julian Zebot, counsel on behalf 23 allorney, lnvlled by a guardian, /nvlled by
24 of Wells Fargo Bonk NA, co.lwslee of lhe Albert 24 somebody who ls Involved Ill !his oaso. And I
26 J, Grazzlnl Revocable Trnst. 26 lhlnk ll's only fair that we know who Is h e r ~
T ~ COURT: How do you spell your lasl name? 1 Olher lhan, you know .. I'm happy to have lhe law
2 MR. ZEBOT: Ze-b-oI. I'm wllh lhe Maston 2 sludenl and Iler mentor here. Their names are ..
3 Law Firm. 3 THE COURT: Woll, I don'l lhlnk we need !heir
4 'fHE COURT: Anyone olse? All rlghl. Well, 4 names. This Is a publlo courtroom, Ms. MacDonald.
6 counsel, I'm wondering whet we oan dispose of Ille 6 Anybody could 11alk In here lhrough this door. Do
0 qulokosl so Iha! as nmny people can leave as 0 you wanl us to quory who fs here on any kind of a
'I possible. First of all .. well, to begin with, I 7 O<lse lhal anybody has In Iha oourls and resltlol
0 mcelved some <looumenls from us Bank. I don't 0 people's rlghls lo come lnlo court?
9 know why. So does anybody know aboul -- ~ MS. Mtl,CPONAl.D: No, I'm nol .. l think lhat
10 MS, MACDONALD: Your Honor, before we get 10 my ollenl has a right to know who Is here If lhey
11 slartod, you took o roll oall and I would Ilka to . 11 are here on behalf of ono side or anolher. She
12 know who all lheae people are fn lhe courlroom on 12 understands lhal llOI children -- she has seen her
13 behalf o/ my client. I've bean golno around !his 13 son wandering around the courlroom the
14 morning to each and every one of lheso people 14 courthouse. She doesn't know where har other
16 lrylng lo /Ind oul why lhey're here, who brougl\t 18 children are. They are supposedly hare: One
16 them here, to -- you know, In !he Interest of 16 slslor la here saying lhal $he's supposed 10 bring
17 )usllce, I want to know who Is In !his courlroom. 17 !ho kids lo sohool. l will tell you, Your Honor,
16 THE COURT: Well 16 my ollenl does nol know what's going 011. There Is
19 MS, MACDONALD: I have a mollon on. 19 a due process. So, If anybody Is going the
20 THE COURT: Well 20 bank Is here. We weren't awate Ille bank Is here.
21 MS. MACPONAlD: And I believe Ms. Ellloll has 21 You're saying you received some papers from the
22 a mollon on and I wonder why everybody Is In \his 22 bank that yoll'Ye looked at. Thal's whal I'm
23 courtroom. There are dor.ons of people In this 23 asking for Is some ilue process. I want lo know
24 courtroom and I'd Ilka a roll call, pleasa, I 24 who Is hare. I'm not going 1o kick !hem out. I
26 think It's 01ll)>_falr. You asked who also Is here. 26 )11sl lhlnk for Iha record, I would Ilka 10 Mow
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 85 of 209
1 who Is hare In lhls courtroom on lhls cnse. I 1
porsonelly served on a variety of pMple,
2 think Ms. Grailnl hns ovory right to know. 2
accordlti9 lo my cllenl. I'm representing her on
0 THE COURT: And, Ms. MocDonald, my decision
conelllutlonnl Issues alone ond we f1nve Ms.
Is lhnl wo do nol llnve a right lo know. l don't
Elliott here who's done e mollon lo q1msh. And
6 have the right to know. Your client doasri'I hnvo 6
you just Ilagan lhls proceeding by saying let's go
6 n rlghl to know. You dorl'I have a right lo know. 6
through lhe mollons one by one. Have you even
7 Anybody can come Into this co111troom and observe 7 seen the motion lo quash?
tho PNCMdlnos hero. I don't know who's here or 8 THE COlJRT: I've seen Iha motion lo quash.
0 why they are hero or who asked them to be here. 9 MS. MACDONALD: Okoy.
Okay. I'm going to address lhese motions ono I 10 THE COlJRT: Bui that doosn'I answor my
llrne. 1'<1 llke lo cfenr up some things before we 11
quosllon of why somebody sonl me documenls from US
begin lhough. As I manllonad, I s!oppod by Iha 12 Bank, does II?

Apple Valley courthouse becauso lho clotks oallod 13
MS. MACIJONAW: No, II does nol, Your Honor.
ma yesterday and said that some packets had M THE COURT: So, apparently ellher only you or
atrived from US Dank. I don't know Whal oasea 16 your client can help ma VAlh lhal answer.
lhay refer lo. I ploked lhesa up this morning. I 16 MS. GRA7.7.INl-RUCKI: Thay O(O supposed lo go
want bolh counsel lo approach here oml take a look 11 tome.
el lhasedocumanla and determine why I have them. 16 OOlJRl': Okay.
10 I Jmvo not looked al lham. I don't knowwhnl they 10 MS, GRAZZINl-RUOl\I: May l ralrlo'le lhem?
20 aro. Ms. MacDonold, Ir you'd please approach the 20 MS. ELLIOTT: We're going lo objocl lo that
21 bench. ?.1 beoause that's parl of our motion lo qunsh.
?.?. (011 lhe record) 22 THE COURT: Woll, opparenlly II' happened,
23 THI: COURT: Okay. Co11nsel, you've had a 23 so we can address that. Well, thank you, Ms.
?.4 chance to look al whalover tha! Is? Wny do I have 24 MacDonnld, and, lhnnk you, Ma. Gra.,lnlRuckl for
20 them? Wny y_1ere they sent lo me? Does anybody 26 answering my Cf!'esllon finally.
7 u
1 know? 1 This fs no! lM way lhal I oxpoclod to start
2 MS. ELLIOTT: I can guose. It looks Ilka 2 off this hOmlng. This doosrll hove to be an
3 MS. MACDONALD: Your Honor, I object. I 3 angry proceeding. We're trying to this
4 don't want any speculation. 4
ramify aml gel this family book ?n track, and all
6 MS. ELLIOTT: From looking al lhem? 6 we gel Is flghllng, lnablllly !o cooporale,
6 lflE COlJRT: Can you tell me? 6
lnoblllly lo follow Coui! orders on both sides.
7 MS. MACDONAl.D: Your Honor. my uncteralondlno 7 And, frnnkly, the Oourt'a llrod of II. So, what
8 Is, and I know as llllle about this . my client 0 con wo do VAlh Mr. Zebot ff om Woll Fargo?
9 did some subpoonns to gel lhls lnformallon lo you, 0 MS. ELLIOTT: Your Honor, I bllevo this ts
10 okay, $Oillo of Iha lnformatlon 10 part of our emergenoy mollon, ex pmle motion that
11 'fHS OOURl': Are lhese to go to her than? 11 we Olsd baok In January regarding the lrusl, the
12 MS. MACDONALD: Yes, lhey are lo go lo her, 12 Albert Grazzlnl trust. 111 talklngv.11h Mr. Zebol,
13 MS. 81.LIO'IT: And, Yom Honor, wo flied a 13
It appears lhat thal Is the general Alber I
14 mollon lo quash lhal s11bpoena. Wo wore nol given . 14 Grnzzlnl lmsl lhal bo making drslflbullol\S
notice by Palllloner or fhe subpoena. We found 10 and my llnderslandlng fs lllal tile only
011t p1r10Jy by ae-0ldent by checking lhe court 10 dlslrlbUllOM that Vrill be made to anybody In the
17 records. so we flied tho motion on Friday lo 17 Rucki family mlgt1f possibly be to the Rucki
16 quash the subpoena and any right thnl she hoe a! 10
ohlldien and one of our mollons Is thal If there
19 this point lo obtain those records. we weren't 10
are any distributions made from lhat ..
20 given nollce and lhere Is no reason for gelUng 20 THE COURT: Okay. I guess we'll gollo !hat.
21 records from 2010 through middle of ?.01?.. 21 And then why don't we alert wllh Ms. MacDonald's
22 MS. MACDONALD: Your Honor, lhls ls another 22 mollon asserllng lhafundor Mlnnosola Statute
23 reason Your Honor doesn't oven -- lsn'l even 2a
618 ls 1moonslllullonal as well as requesting
24 awMe appnrenlly lhal lhore were some subpoenas 24 other rellf then. Ms. MaoDonald.
26 lhal were signed '!.._court ctorks here, and 26 MS. MAOOONAW: Yes, Your Monot. I want lo
raoo 6 to 9 of
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 86 of 209
10 12
1 make sure that Iha Court has racslved and read my 1 her children arter all lheso years wllh no duo
2 submission whloh Includes a notice of mollon and 2 process whatsoever, a telephone conference In a
3 mollon assorllng llrnl Minnesota Siatule 518 ls 3 jndgo's chambers, bu! the children were ordered
4 unconslllullonal as wrlllon @<I as nppllod by !ho 4 for Tami Love an aunt, who was apparently
6 Dlslr!ol Gour\ In this mailer. II also lnolucles 6 recommended by lhe Guardian ad Ltlom or such olher
e an alfidavll or Pelllloner Sandra sue Graz,lnl- e Individual as reconmianded by !he guardian .. Do
7 Rucki. It also lncludes'a nollce lo the Allomey 7 you see where I'm going wllh Ihle? The guardian
o General asserllng Iha! Minnesota Slatule 618 ls 6 could have recommended Iha! you take ouslody of
0 unconsillullonal as w111!en and applied In this 9 the kids; Iha! I lake custody of Iha kids; lhal
10 mailer and a VOi'/ <lolalled memorandum of law 10 I.Isa Ellloll lake custody of Iha kids. Tolally
11 supporllng Iha mollon lhal Minnesota Slal!lle 010 11 random, totally beyond lhe <llscrellon olwhal Iha
12 Is unoonslilullonal as wrlllen anti' applied, and 12 guardlt11l wae supposed lo do anyway wllh parenllng
13 I'm asking lhal all orders be vacated Iha! have 13 limo and oava temporal'/ physical and legal custody
14 reslrlcled Ms. GraZ<lnl's liberty rights lo her 14 of Iha minor ohlld16n to Tami Love or euoh other
1o children and her property. 16 parson, you know, we don't know who !hat Is
16 Also, Your Honor, who! I ullachod was Iha 10 other 1>orson as dolormlnod by lho guorcllon. Tho
17 mosl recent order relallng lo custody. Okay. 17 Court also said lhal Tami Love, a rolallvo, a
16 Thal ordorod Is doled September 71h demanding 18 non-party to Iha acllon, mind you, needs to Just
10 or sho could bo orroslod Ms. Grazzlnl leavo her 19 move lnlo Iha houee and will reside In Iha home
20 ohlldron and her homo Iha! same day. Apparenlly 20 unlll further order of !he Gour!. So !his le a
21 on September 51h, !here wae an emergenoy lolephono 21 heme lhol's subject lo a morlgage lhal's owned by
22 conrerenM, and based upon Respondent's request 22 my cllenl, apporenlly was going lo be awarded lo
23 for Immediate removal of Iha parlles' minor 23 her 100 parcenl, and lhls Courl ordered Jn
24 children from the Pelllloner'e care and custody, 24 chambers Iha same day Iha! she ls evicted from her
26 !here was a plione oall. Ell7.abelh Heurf was ?.6 homo -- lhal process you can'! even be evicted
i. . .
11 13
1 Involved In Iha phono oall. Lisa Elliot! was 1 from a home lhal you don'! own Iha! qulokly, and
2 lrwolvod In lhe phone call. Julie rrledrloh, !he 2 !hen her ohlldron get to live !here wllh a
3 Guardian ad Lllom, who l>Y lhe way, was only s non-pmly. !hen, lho child's aunt, Nanoy Olson,
4 appointed by !his Gour! to delermlne porenllng 4 was allowed lo conlaol lhe children and vlall lhe
6 lime, only appointed by !his Court lo delermlne 6 children lo asslsl Ms. Love, Nancy Olson ls also
o parellllng !Ima, was Involved In !his phone call 6 nol a parly to this acllon whatsoever. She Is a
1 wllh no slalulory basis to begin wllh. This was 7 non-parly, and oan contact and asalsl Ms. I.ova,
6 nol ohlld proleollon. We're no! In Juvenile courl 8 and and or other Individuals as recommended
\rnder I.hose provisions. 0 by Iha G\mrdlan ad I.Hem during !his process. So
10 The Court granted and I'll call II Ms. 10 we have lhe Guardian ad Lllem running Iha show.
11 t:llloll's mollon on behalf or the !alher lo 11 Okay. ll's Lisa Ellloll. Then ll'e Iha
12 remove Iha children from my ollanl'e care. 12 Guardian a.d J.llem running !he show. And !lien Iha
13 Now, as you can see from her alrldavll, Your 13 facllllollon ls lhe Court)usJ signing an order
14 Honor, Iha children had been In her care, ouslody N and I unclereland lhls was tho proposed order by
15 Md conlrol since !heir birth, all fiVe or them, 15 Lisa allor the September 61h Jelephona
16 And they had been living In !hat home for years 16 conloronco lhal was presenle.d lo you.
11 wllh lhelr mother all five or them. Okay, And 17 Then, lo top !hinge off, .lhe kids gal conlacl
16 whal !his Co\lrl did, okay, also not authorized by 10 lhnl lhey're going lo be living wllh a nonparly.
10 !he s1oiu10, Is order her lo vacate her home, a 10 Okay, lhey are going lo bo oonlacled by another
20 home lhal had just bean awar<led lo her, on lhe ?.O non-party or ouch olhor pornon as !ho 911ar<ilan
21 record, al 19076 Ireland Pl.ace In Lakeville, 21 decides, and !hen II says: Nellhar party shall
22 Mlnnesola. II had jusl been awarded lo her on Iha 22 have any conlaol wllh the minor children ellher
23 record Au911sl 201h, a few shorl days hefore. And 23 dlreclly, lndlreclly, eleolronloally, by phone,
24 II aolually ordered Iha! nol only did she was 24 lex!, mall or other lhlrdparly cornmunlcellon.
28 she deprived or her ouslody, care and control of 20 Yo11 complelely denied Ms. Grazzlnl of all contaot
4 Qf Paga 10 to 13 of 123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 87 of 209
wllh her children by this order except as 1 would !rigger a contempt proceeding with t11e
recommended In writing by lheraplsts hwolved wllh 2 posslblllty of h1carcerallon. Now, I h o ~ Your
tho pm11es and the children. Okay. So who 3
Honor, Ulat wasn'I wrlllen by you. It's In your
what therapist are we talking about If your order 4 order but I don't think It c;-0uld have been
elands alone? Oh, some lhetaplsl If tlley say It's 6 dlllgenlly looked al. I believe that Ms. Elllotl
e okay 111 willlng, then It's okay for there lo be e wrote lhls order, this proposed order.
conlacl, but until !hen, no conlaol. Okay. Wl\lch 7
TMi1 lo top lhal off, after lmmedlalely on
.. there was no pellllon for hamssmenl. I
B September 91h, you order her to leave the home In
understand the only order Cot proteollon was the
0 w1lllng, okay -- usually when you gel an ordot you
one lhat Ms. Gra>.zlnl gol, lhal again, as you 10 would get 30 days to even you'd be able lo
look al the slalule !l's an Impermissible order In 11 appeal It oomslhlng you order her to leave
a family cour! hie! lo vacate an order for 1.2
tho home you presumably just awarded lo Iler. You
proteollon which was done by this Court. 13 provided !hat neither party shall entet lhe
And llrnl says except In writing by therapists 14 properly nor shall she be allowed at the minor
Involved with Iha parties and chlldron. At this 15 children's schools at any time wllh the limited
point, Your Honor, I Just want to explain that
10 excepllons specified In N11mbar 6. Now that
17 Mr. I believe his name was Gllborlson : 11 llmlted excepllon was not for this mother. Okay.
1 ~
Rollman had evaluated my client - she didn't 10 It they were to go lo the schools, Your Honor,
evon do an evaluallon of my client. He didn't 19 violation of !hat provision would lrlgget a
have lw ml 0111 any paperwork tor one hout and ?.O contempt proceeding with the posslblllty of
21 she had btouohl the clilldren to somebody It was ?.1
lnoarcemllon. Ms. Gra<<lnl e-0uld not even afler,
22 Giibertson, right?
?.2 you know, being wllh hat children go to lha
23 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: Rallman. 23 children's sol10ols. Okay. And she follows Court
MS. MACDONALD: Rellman. Brought lhe 21
Orders. Okay. Obviously, she followed It. And
25 children to Mr. Rollman and they spent about a
26 you said violation of this provision shall trigger
16 17
half an hour wllh the children, If Iha!. She has 1 a contempt proceeding wllh the posslblllly
II on recording, so we know exaolly what happened 2 scary thing.
In that hearing. And based on that there was 3 And then you have some limited access to
4 ho wrote a !alter that Mme day, It wasn't a 1 Ireland Place not by the person that just got
teport, Your Honor. It was a letter. He gives ll 6
awarded tho.home, which was Ms. Gra,zlnl, a home
6 ho doesn't show It to my client. He doesn't
0 whete maybe she should care for her chlldran, try
show It to the pments at all. He gives It to lhe
'/ to get her lite baok togelhet booause of tho
Guordlan ad Lllem who ptoceods to l\avo discussions 8 thousands of dollars, lllorally thousands, she
wllh you or something. I don't know how this Mn 0 thinks she's eatlmallng $COO,ooo she paid lo
come about and I don't know where Iha due process 10 allorneys for these proceedings. She tells me
11 was. Certainty when you're lalklng about 11 that she paid $110,000 In one month to one
fundamental rights, lt'a like your liberty rights. 12 auorney ond 11\en the following month $110,000
13 H's like If you're In your home people can't Just 13
again. Usa Elliott's (slo) relalnerwos $176,000
come Into your home and deolcte they're going to 14 ror a retainer. Lisa Henry. I'm sorry . Not Lisa
take things oul wllhout proper due process. $he' 15 l:lllotl.
was deprived of her children without ony process 16 And then you order her after ordering her to
11 whatsoever. And she was deprived or her home 17 be out of her house and she olteady had supposedly
10 wllhou! any process whatsoever. 18 been ordered to do this .. shall make every effort
And then, to top It ott, If aha was to 19 lo brhig lhe mortgage cur1ant before Iha schedule.
2B contact !he ohlldren and lharo ls supposed to be 20 So this order dlarnpts an entire roreolosure
some third-party comniuntoallon If she was lo 21 proceeding. Okay. Foreclosure Is a proceeding
22 conlaot the children and I submit lo you she
22 lhal ties some due process In II. Sot don't think
23 hasn't this was September 7th. It ls now 23 there's anything In the Statute 618 that says that
24 Februa1y 26th. This ts the severity or the 21 you oan dlsrnpl a foreclosure, a Court order or an
deprtvotfon. Okay. She was going to be .. 11 26 atlornO}"s motion oan disrupt a lorocto.:;ure
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 88 of 209
18 20
1 proceeding and just say, well, you knew, you 1 client or lho Cowl should have al least though!
z better pay your mo1lgage before the sherltfe 2 that II was In Iha best Interest of my client some
3 sale. 'The sherltfs sale Is a right that people 3 kind of oqully, that order also was" was lo have
4 In foreclosure proceedings hnvo. And tho dales 4 M1, Rucki pay child support. He had not paid one
6 ore all messed up. Petllloner shall make every 6 dime. Po you know Ms. Gruzzlnl lies nol received
6 effort lo bring tho morlgage cu11enl beforo tho 6 one dime of Courtordered child support because
7 scheduled Sheriffs sale on October 11, 2012. It 'l every time she gels close lo gelling a11 order that
o by Ootober 1, Petltlone1 Is not able to bring Iha 0 lie pay, llsa Ellloll comes In and reseNes 11 or
0 morlgage current, Respondent shall be allowed lo 8 does something else, She's nol been paid one
10 make 1opalrs to lhe house lo prepare tor the sale, 10 dime, and where Is lhe accountablllty tor lhat?
11 undel the same restrictions es staled above. If 11 So she's had to pay all of her -- and she's
12 Responcrenl makes such repairs he shall be 12 exhausted all of her resources to allornays and
1$ reimbursed for those repairs from the sale 1$ now she's living wllh dlflerenl people. She mes
14 proceeds of the home. I'm reading lrom Provision 14 for a living, and since September 7th she's boon
1(; 6 or your order. Okay. So, she's evlcled from 16 dop!lved her home end her children.
16 home lmmedlolely. Sho Is doprlvod complotoly of 16 So you oan sea why I can'I see lhls hearing
17 any -- not jusl custody of lw chlfdre11, any 17 as business as usual, let's just come Into coml
10 contaclwllh her children. !he ohlldren aro .. 10 and go down tho lfsl of the motions. llecm1sa my
19 are- are- a1e given lo nonpa11ies thal are 19 mollon Is, you know, not only for conslllullonal
?.e allowed to move Into a homo that just got awarded 20 rlghls, that the slalute we lhlnk oomplately .. If
21 to hor !hat's In her name and eho's ordered to 21 you read Iha statute, Your Honor, and you consider
22 make morlgage payments, or else Lisa Ellloll's 22 Iha faol that parahls have a furidamental
23 cllont gets to coma Into the house and p1eparo It 23 conslllullonal right to decisions for a child's
24 tor sale. ls II sold yet? Has pny preparallons 24 custody, cara and 11pbrlngln9, okay, lo allow
26 for sate been done? I lhlnk thal's l11elevant. 26 parents to just light about II, you know, wllhoul
19 21
1 And pail of my mollon Is that November 14th order 1 a flndlog of unlllness, ls the stah1le -- you've
2 that you did, I read Iha record, and I read lhe 2 got to think of a fundamental right, Your Honor,
3 order and tho other order, that record of that 3 ae the air that you breathe. Whal this Court was
4 alleged agreomonl Is uboul U$ clear that 4 allowed lo do Is nothing more than taking away Ms,
6 agreement ls aboul as olear as mud. And It you 6 GIQzzln!'s air from the beginning.
6 lake that record and you maloh It lo what Lisa e lhen, Your Honor, there Is a litany of
7 Ellloll w1ote, doesn'I even .. 11 totally doesn't 'I orders- actually there Is a litany of orders-
s mean anything. You can't even flgu1e It oul, Your 6 the Court orders the children to begin therapy
0 Honor. And I --you're Inking lnstrucllon from e with James Gilbertson. James Giibertson and the
10 Ms. ~ 1 1 1 1 1 and Ms. Elllotl ls 1101 doing her job. 10 parties and children shall follow all
11 She Is not tollowlng the law. She Is nol 11 reoommendallons ol James Giibertson. My question
12 following lhe statule. 12 - who Is James Giibertson? Does Your Honor know
13 And the lmpaot of all of this. Cai1 you just 13 who he Is? And I believe ha'e tho same person
14 hneglne you're wlih your molher, you're afraid to 14 that met with he's w111ten soma fellers now,
16 see your rathe1, lllat's clear just by the fellers 16 He's demanding In his fellers .. and those me
16 thal I saw yeste1day, And you not only take .. 16 fellers that my ollenl and I amn'I ovan p1lvy 10,
1'l now Ms, Ellloll wants file kids to go to foster 17 My ollant, as a parent of these ohlldren, lsn'I
10 ome. And that's aolually going lo be something 10 even ablo to get any of the records, none of them,
10 that I have to wor1y about. II ls achmlly 19 7.ero, So this letter that I've seen now, there's
20 somothlng I hnvo to worry about because of the ?.O lwo lellars demanding; Your Honor, that you order
21 orders that have lmnsplred In lh!s mailer. 21 the children lo conf1ont !hair falher --
22 And, Your Honor, If on- In Ootobe1 when the 22 something absolutely oulragaous, not In the law.
?.3 parllas carno tor their trial, okay, and If llwe 23 And Giibertson has done no evaluallon of the
24 was an agrMment on lhe record, okay, relating lo ?.4 children. There's been no psyohologlcel
26 this homo, ok!l}',_ that should have assured my 20 evaluattons. In fact, my understanding Is thal
Paoo 16 to :u. Qf t2J
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 89 of 209
22 24
1 I.Isa Elliott said she didn't want a psycl\Ologloal 1 The sacond Impermissible order le also
2 evaluallon of Iha chlldran, lhal you couldn't 2 conlalned In B of that secllon. No temporary
3 order 11101 and that ha eaw Iha children six !Imes. 3 order shall - quote exclude a party from Iha
4 The order before Iha chamber's mealing whare 4 family home of Iha parllas unless Iha Courl nnds
6 nallher parent was Involved, lhal order, the 6 lhal Iha phystoal or emollonal harm lo one or the
G doolor had nol even seen one of the children, a patllas, or to !he ohlldran of Iha parllas, Is
7 which f believe was Nico. So she's lolally 7 llkely to result, or lhal the exclusion Is
0 clueless and I understand why. I spent three e reasonable In Iha olrcumslancas. Wllhoul any due
0 days, three complete aflemoons looking al the 0 proce$S, after a record was made relallng to the
10 Ille to sorl II ouf. And Iha only thing I could 10 properly, $he was ordered lo vaoale sho was
11 coma lo I$ lhal !hat statute Is unconstltullonal 11 ordered excluded from hor home. And nol only was
12 as wrlllen and as applied In this mailer. llecause 12 ehe excluded, so was Mr. Ruokl, and so wera lhe
13 If your children are like Iha olr you breathe you 13 ohlldren affecllvely were exoludod booouse my
14 neod more than just a ohambe1's oonfetence. You 14 understanding Is they wenl to the police and ona
16 nood more due process lhan lhal. 16 of the olher etsters look them In and lhal's where
16 In this ordet, there's so many lnconslslenl 10 lhey have been llvlng. !hey have been living wllh
17 orders I oannol believe II, slarlh\g wllh this one 17 Ms. Grazzlnl's slslar. And don't you think for a
10 @d going backwards. You gal an otdar lo pay 10 moment that Ms. Grazzlnl's sister has even
10 supporl, lhen you gel an order lo reseJVe support. 1G communloaled she won't even lalk wllh her own
20 You gal an order lhat says the guardian Is ?.O sister. Talk abo\il the Impact, because everybody
2t supposed to dalermlne paranllng lime amt than all 21 Is aftald thal they might go to Jail because of
22 of a sudden there's eomelhlng else. I could not 22 this order. Most pa1llcula1ly, Ms. Grazzlnl
23 -I don't even lhlnk lhe Cowl can follow II 23 becmise If she conlao!s the children she thinks
24 If you c@ follow II wllh all your other cases 24 she'll be lncarcaratod.
25 so lhe only resolullon lo lhls needs lo be a 20 And then Iha third lmpermlsslblo order, Your
23 26
1 complete dismissal- all ordare are vacated and 1 Honor, Is what you did ao I was reading Iha file
2 Iha children are just back to the parents, ?. and II v1as presumably an agreement on the record
3 complale vaoallon of Iha orders, lnchrdlng the 3 Ms . and this might be what I oall lho poisonous
4 November 14th order, Your Honor. Tho reason that 4 ltee, okay, booausa there was a p1ocaadlng slerlod
~ oan be reopened and the reasoning Is simple. 6 by Ms. Grazzlnl In a proper way 616 a, which Is
6 You have an alleged agreement on !he record, okay, 0 Iha domestic abuse statute, and I believe there
7 that doesn't malch lhls order and that order 7 was some ox parte orders lhat were signed Md
8 brings In lhare was an lnlaJVenlng thing thal 8 those orders were vacated In Iha romlly court
0 happened. She was evloled from her home by 0 proceeding. So lhal's also an lmparmleslble
10 another I'll oall 11 order .. 10 order, Your Honor. II says here Subdivision 2
11 So Iha first quasllon Is: Is lharn slalutory 11 again, no temporary order shall vacate or modify
12 aulhorlly for whal you did? No. Even If you look 12 an order granled under saotlon 616 ll.01
13 al the slalt1le, Your Honor, and you look al what 13 Subdivision 6. So the bollom lino Is H lhera was
14 happened hero, the mollons, oven the mollons on 14 a concern about Mr. Ruokl, and lhore le an ongoing
16 today aie not lempormy motions. They're 16 concern amt Iha fear lhat Iha chlldren have In
16 lmpern1lsslble orders pursuant lo 618. /ind I'll 16 conlaollng him, why punish Iha children by
17 just be clear, 518.131 temporary orders and 17 depriving them of their mother? And why punish
10 restraining orders, Subdivision 2, lmparmlsslble 10 their molher by disrupting their enllra lives?
19 orders: No tem1io1ary order shall A, deny 19 Also, Your Honor, your allomey's fee order,
20 parenllng lime lo a parent unless Iha Courl flnds 20 romarkablo. There's no findings relallng to
?.1 that the parenllng lime Is likely lo ca\rse 21 altomay's reas. My undarelandlng Is lhal the
22 physical or emollonal harm lo the chlldron, You ?.2 attomoys wore just going lo submit affldavlls and
23 this order denied paranllng llme to both 23 than !here was Just going to be some allomey fee
24 parents. 13y II denied contact. II denied 24 ordor. First of all, I think that In the
26 avarylhlng completely for months now. 26 temporary orders you can't award l ~ r m y cosls
'/or 32 sheets P.'IQ.B 22 l ~ 26 Of 1?.J
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 90 of 209
26 2$
1 mid reasonable altomeys' fees. Okay. llul 1 so !hen she puls some other order In.
2 there's also a slalule relallng lo that. Okay. 2 Now, the statule Is desi!Jned to provide a due
3 So, If my ollonl Is represented all this lime by 3 process of law for delermlnlng when the slate,
4 an allomey, who Is lolling her what to do al 4 through Its fmnlty oourl may lnleNene against lhe
6 every move lnoludlng a phone oall thal's In hor 6 Wishes of a pmenl on behalf of a ohltd so Iha!
0 affidavit that says move out of your house, you 0 kids' noeds and property are mat. Okay. Whal has
7 oan be subject lo arrest, leave the kids there, 7 happened here and It's Ilka a profound problem
0 pack a ltllle sulloase, so she lefl nol only her e that I soo, Is that when -- If you have these
9 home, her kids, but all of her properly, lhal -- 9 fundamental consll!u\lonal rights lo parent, lhe
10 end !l's an Impermissible order. Sile ends up wllh 10 only reason you should be oomlng lo Courl Is If
11 an order for allorney's fees. 11 those rights oro denied. Not lo gol lhom. Oo you
1 ~ And then. the bank Is here. You know why lhe 12 undereland whal I mean? tr you alroady have !he
13 bank Is here? They got some papers from Lisa 13 rights !hey are lnchoale rights. Iha only reason
H F.llloll ln this proceeding with this oapllon on 14 you should Involve a Oourl or have a Court
16 II, emergency papers, so to speak. You can't even 16 Intervene Is to gal lhem -Is not lo gel them but
16 -- you can'I do that In a family oourl maller. 16 lo enforce them, lo reenforce the lighls you
17 You can'I start harassing banks, you know, to 17 already have. So, In other words, If- my
10 divulge lnformallon. And I saw some materials 10 underslandlng Is !here was no counter pellllon.
1$ that said the bank agreed. Okay. To order banks? 10 Ms. Gmz7.lnl pelllloned -- that's not enolher off-
20 I mean, lo part of her motion, Your Honor, I 20 tha-wall lhlng lhal happened, beamise If she
?.1 mean, there's a trust. I haven't soon II. Okay. 21 served a pellllon and lhM II wao another judge
22 I'm nol sure Ms. Grazzlnl even has a copy. n who heard the lesllmony and decided that whal Mr.
23 Apporenlly the ohlldren are IJeneffolarles of the 23 Rucki signed was Ilka, you know, he dldn'I have
24 trust. Well, Lisa Ellloll wants an order lhal ?.4 any knowledge of II or whatever the thought was --
?.o says al!)'_monles that go to lhe children wlll 90 to ?.6 If they believed his lesllmony lhal ho didn't know
27 29
1 her client who doosn'I evon have ouslody of Iha 1 what he slgnod lhon wuo ho over ro<illy served with
2 kids Md hasn't paid a dime In support beoause 2 anything because he signed an admission ol service
3 afler you ordered ohlld suppotl lo be paid or el 3 too. So was he ever really served lo begin wllh?
4 least II was expecled lo be paid afler lhal 4 Thal brings us to Iha fact of the personal
6 agreement that was put on the record In August, 6 )urlsdlollon and what I oall lhe business as
6 Augusl 20lh I bGlleve, you told him lo slop $ usual. So for Iha same reasons we oan reopen tho
'/ payment. so where Is the loglo In all of this? 7 November 141h because If you want lo oall 11
o Where Is the loglo If the ohlldren are very af1ald 6 fral!d, you wanl to oall 11 mlsconduol of the other
o . of their dad today suoh llrnl !heir therapist who's Q party, but If there was a some kind of an
10 seen him about six \Imes In all of this lime Is 10 agreemanl on lhe recotd where she was going to be
11 saying that you should order the children to see 11 granted or her home then how come a week laler
12 their father, where Is the loglo, If the ohlldren 12 there Is an ex parle order evlo\lng her flom her
1$ are that afraid, In laking the children away from 1$ home Immediately and all tho property In II? You
14 \heir mother? Like, you know, we won't oall 11 14 know, that's some kind of an Intervening
16 temporary, because basloally Immediately there was 16 circumstance that sholild complelely Wipe oul lhe
16 Irreparable damage lo Iha ohlldren, lo their 10 November 14th order.
11 family, they don'I even live In lhal home anymore 17 And I'm asking that all orders be vacated.
16 except for ono of them who Is living w\lh, I 10 And I'm asking that the guardla11 bo removed. I'm
10 believe, the aunt bllt my w1derata11dl119 Is me 10 asking for a number of thlnga but I WMI to 1/11lah
20 fall\er ls there now because one of your orders 20 up my argume111 and I thank you for Indulging me
21 said that- one of the orders lhal Ms. Ellloll 21 this long.
22 provided to you was that If lhe mo1lgage lsn'I 22 And I started lo say, Your Honor, that and
23 paid by a certain date -- again she wasn'I even In 23 It's In my memo, but the Unlled Slates supreme
24 the home- ll1eri, he's going lo be not awarded tho 24 Court Juris Prudence Is lo enter lhe realm of
?.6 _EroperJtbul II wlllj_usl be lllled In his name, ? ~ family, you know, It's a nono. You oan'ljust
o 9f 32 sheets Paoo 2 ~ to 2$101123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 91 of 209
30 32
1 decide what you're going to, you know, do with a 1 the protection of the ohlldren has bean lost In
2 ramlly. It's a no-no. Unless there Is a 2 all of this.
3 compelllng state Interest. Now, as t said in my 3 The Initial hearings are not fact finding
4 memorandum, there was no compelllng state Interest 4 liemlngs at all. There's boon no factllndlng
6 here, and there why the stahile's 5 hearings, There's been no evldentlary hearing al
0 unconsttlutlonal because t submit that there Is 6 all? I dldn'J seo II In the record except to
7 really no compelling state Interest to enter the 7 reopen the divorce, the simple divorce that this
a realm cf family and def ermine custody Ir we 0 was to begin with. With attorneys like Katie
9 recognlzo that parents have a fundamental 9 Graves who should have known what she was doing,
10 constltuttonal right to tho coro, custody one! 10 from t.orry Katz's oflloe who Is an Icon In the
11 control of their children to begin wllh. So the 11 family law community. So lhe lnlttal hearings are
12 only reason a court can even address It Is because 12 not fact-ltndlng hearings. All the fact-finding
13 one parent or the other has decided to petition 13 concerns past acllvlty, okay, to the contract
14 and that tlmt parent .. and It's because of the 11 hearing, Your Honor, the sole Issue should be
10 bast Interests statutes which I explained In the 10 whether the children, now under supervision of the
16 memo. There should be only lfwe recognize the 16 courl, will be neglected or abused tn the future.
17 fundamental consttlutlonal liberty rights of 17 I submit to you these children are not .. have not
16 parents with respect to \heir and I've 1e boon .. they are not under the suiiorvlston of the
1e oiled all the case law In my memorandum, then we 10 Court. Thay are not supposed lo bo. This Isn't a
20 should only be going to co1irl 01 Involving Iha 20 juvonl!o 001irt procoodlng where the children are
21 court If we're not galling them. 21 supposed to be under the supervision of the Collfl.
22 In other words, If now, now It's an 22 And Iha one order that I believe one of the
23 emergency, Ms, Rucki . Ms. Grazzlnl has been 23 judges did, I belleva It was you, thal ordered the
24 deprived of hor rights. Now she's coming Into 24 guardian. It was"" as far as Ms. Grazzlnl knew
26 court and saying, Your Honor, I need them. N_ow, t 26 there was one llltlOJlaragraph that said !hey were
31 33
1 submtl to you that J1ist dismissing this whole i going to .. the guardian was going to Investigate
2 thing, you know, It will be bnok to square one and ?. parenting time. Parenllng time as the atlorney
3 the children cau be with their mothor and seofng 3 for tho guardian will tell you for the father, not
4 their father, however that ends up going without 4 to deny pare11Ung time of the mother.
6 any .. and my understanding ts the children were 6 so the sole Issue should be whether the
6 never In therapy unlit the Court ordered ti. So 0 children, now under the supervision of the Court
7 In reality, Yow Honor, the proteollon of Iha 7 Wiii be neglected or abused In the future. I
0 system Itself Is overshadowing the protection of 0 submit to you that there's been an abuse of
0 the ohlldron. Again, I say this Is not ohlld 9 process here and the children have been In their
10 protection. Only In child protoollon juvenile 10 abandoned, Is that a word? I mean, they were
11 court hearings and that's why al Iha beginning I'm 11 Just left at a house. 'fhey had lo go lo the
12 saying who are all these people, yoi1 know, all 12 police. Ms. Gra22lnt co\1fdn'l conlaol them.
13 these pMplo )110! ooma and they're able lo \tlsouss 'fhelr father couldn't contaot them. They end tip
14 the child, and that's when a etate has Involuntary 14 somewhere else that now Ms. Elltotfo complaining
10 answered the realm because there's police action 15 about that. You know? So the children are where
16 and taken the children away, even In those 10 \hey wanted to be at the time. Are the ohlldren
17 pmtlctilar Instances they don't tako the children 1'1 vlolallng a Court order? They vrill be If they-
10 away lot Ova or six monlhs temporarily. 16 maybe tf the Court's going to order them to
10 lmmedlatoly, those chlldron are seeing tho parents 19 confront their father. t don't lhlnk Iha Court
20 on a regular basis. So how ts this happening In 20 has any a11fho1lly to order children to confront
21 family court? !l's IJecausa the statute's their falhar.
22 unoonstllutlonal. How Is !his happening In family 22 So, you know, U.S. District Judge Patrick
23 court? Because we do It tn other proceedings like 23 Schultz described en attorney's tactics and It's a
24 third parly oustody proceedings -yeah, there's a 24 clvll Ptaln!lfrs attorney as - quote a method
26 whole process there !hat allows non-parents .-so 26 of torturo IJtwhtoh heavier and weights
9 or 32 sheets Paoo 30 to 33 01123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 92 of 209
34 36
1 are plaoed on lho chest of Iha Defendant unlll lhe 1 system tight now where we have nva monlhS where
2 Defendant either confesses or surfooales, That's 2 the parents - I don't think ellher of them
3 what seemingly has happened here end ll's nol 3 have eeen at feast lour of the children. We have
4 II just hasn't been recognized by lhe Court. I 4 no support having bean paid since day one. No
fi mean, I can Just envision you slll/ng In chambers, Q monetary child support to Ms. Rucki, ws have her
6 somebody calls you, the al!orneys are talking, oh, 6 sill/ being evloled flom her home. This Is a
7 okay, I'll Just do this order. Next ease. Okay. 7 symptom of what happened of lhe etallile. The
6 Because I know, as you sal(I, all you want lo do Is slalule tr Your Honor Is saying, wall, I oan
0 get lhls oase resolved. And I submll lo you, Your 0 do this because of Iha family law elalule !hen Iha
10 Honor, you can resolve II by llndlng lhal Iha 10 etalule Is oloarly unconslllullo1ml. And I'm
11 statute Is unconslllullonal. !'Ve done lhe 11 asking, Your Hono1, lo mako a nndlng that Iha
1?. research. I've gol no subelantlve roeponse from 12 statute Is unconslllullonal as w11flen and as
13 Iha other side, so I'd Invite Your Honor to do 13 applied, 618.
14 more research, bul I'm convinced that our slalute, 14 I'm asking that the amended Judgment and
16 In a variety of ways, Is unconslllullonal, tho 16 dectae be Invalidated. !l's vfolatlya of the
16 whole lhlng. And certainly as applied ll's 16 constllullon and also that Iha ex pnrle 01cler of
17 unconslllullonal. I gavo you sorno plecos on Iha 17 September 71h be Invalidated as vlolallva of Iha
10 Impermissible or<lers. Okay. 16 conslll11llon on and If you're looking al
10 Wilat I'm lrylng to gel al, Your Honor, Is 616.131 and I think lhe solution, Your Honor,
20 yeah, you can order In a lhlrdparly custody oase 20 Is to gel Iha courts, you know, lo slop" Iha
21 custody of a third party. This wasn't a third 21 Court shouldn'l be Intervening al all. 'fha whole
n party ouslody case. And that's after a whole big 22 thing should just be dismissed. They are already
23 process, you kr\ow, where there Is clear @cl 23 divorced and lhe children should go homo whorovor
24 co1wil\cln9 evidence of endangerment of a child. 24 home Is for them at this point. I'm asking Uial
?.6 You can also orcter kids lo go to rosier care In a ?.6 tho be dismissed. Again, she's gone way
36 $7
1 prooeedlng In Juvenile court. so, as I 1ead Iha 1 oul of her bounds. You know, II was business as
2 record, I didn't see one, you know, piece of law, ?. usual for Iha guardian. I om\'t ovon soo whoro
3 one legal momorandmn by Ms. All I saw, 3 she rend lhal order and sold, okay, I'm supposed
4 Your Honor, and If you read vary carefully Iha 4 to gel parenllng time for lho dad. Lol'o make
6 slalule, Iha temporary slalule, all I saw was har 6 some recommendallo!lS here, should II be every
6 Just asking lhe court for this 01 lhal, and every 6 other weekend? Should II be once a week? She
7 kllohen sink Imaginable, you know. And, so, 7 didn't do any of that. She conllnually engaged
a there's no atalulory authority and Iha statute's 0 engaged In ondloss h\formatlon 9alhorh1g, you
1111conslllullonal. I want lo remind I guess I 9 know. You can never got all of lho Information
1Q was reminded of my oath lo support Iha 10 ospoclally when you're lalklng about 16 year$ of
11 conslllullon at a recent swearing In of aboul 400 11 being a mother and a falher.
12 law students and t undersland Judges also lake an 1?. And, Your Honor, I'm also asking for the
13 oalh and they have lo file It l'lllh tho Allomey support which hasn't been paid. They are here
14 General's Office. And lhe oath fa what you do to 14 wanting bank records mid harassing Wells Fargo for
16 get In, you know, you'1e In Iha olub If you 16 Information, you know, wonting their allorney's
16 you make Ihle oalh and so, you're In Iha club of 16 feea paid, and she hasn't been paid anything.
17 allorneys. You become an officer of the court, 17 She's oxpandad atlorney's fees. How omi she be
18 and you'1e sworn lo uphold the oalh and II goes 10 again, I go baok to how oan she be orde1ed to pay
10 like this: "I swear I will support Iha 19 sorl!obody else's allorneye' fees out of her pocket
20 conslllullon of lhe Unlled Slates and that of Iha 20 when she had her own a1torney all this time. How
21 stale of Minnesota and will conduct myself as an 21 could It be bad fallh? How could she bo oa11ylng
22 attorney and co1mselor at law In M upright and 22 on Iha proceedings er10neously? She had an
23 con11eous manner wllh fldellly, no falsehood and 23 allorney who d1opped her 01 she d1opped, you know,
24 no (iecelt, nor delay any person's cause, for lucre 24 and that's very clear from Iha r9cord. When they
20 or rnalloe, so help me God." I think that Iha 26 ran oul of money after she
Pago 34 to 3'/ of
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 93 of 209
30 40
hundredtenthousand dollars and then some, they 1
efforts at any discovery. We had to oblaln any
drop her. lhey don't even show up for the second ?.
and all records by subpoena. The parties' cabin
s day of the avldantlary hearing. Lisa El/loll s was foreclosed upon end was trashed by Pelltlonar.
4 (sic) afler she puls that agreement on the record 4
The pa11ies' home Is foreclosed 11pon and trashed
6 allegedly drops hat because she hasn't gollen her 6
by Pelllloner. she failed to follow Cowl orders
bill paid. And lhen everybody's, you know, 6
lo pay mortgages, pay utllltles, to produce Iiams
7 allrlbullng Whal !hoy are doing to her? She's 7 of personal properly, all of lhal conduct
0 Just following orders Including yours, Your Honor, 0 Jusl/nes the $10,000 In allorney's fees. The
of September 7th and ol11ers. ll's lo !he best of 9 original $20,000 was based 011 her fraud and
10 her And vaoallng all orders and 10 mlsrepresenlallon In oblai11lng the Judgment and
11 )udgmenls relal/ng lo allorney's rees, again, the 11
decree and the resulllng IWo days of lrlel.
best way lo resolve lhls, Your Honor, Is dismiss 12 The Cowt does have personal jurlsdlollon
13 tho whole thing. They are already divorced and 16 o.var lite parllos, apparenlly ... al leas! lo
14 lel this family go on In what I call !hair 14
dissolve the marriage I'm nol sure whal Ms.
10 Innocence. 16
MaoDonald thinks Is going lo happen to Iha resl of
10 THE COURT: Ms. Ellloll. 1e
Iha personal properly. 'Thay were going 10 go on
17 MS. Your Honor, I certainly don't 17
living togelhar In the same home? Her request la
wanl lo add any more drama lo this oase. There's 10 nonaonsloal.
10 enoligh drama since May of 2011, 1 lhlnk, lo 10 Most or tho oomplalnta that silo ls making are
20 laal all of us that havo been 111volved In lhls 20 orders lhal were the resull ol sllpulatlons
21 case a life lime. I'm not going to add a lol 21 entered Into by the parties and orders signed by
22 oilier than whal I have submllted In my brief and 22 this Court. The last order whleh Ms. MacDonald
23 memorandum to the Court exoapl lhol lhe Unllod 23 falls to menllon Is Ille order of regarding
21 $!ales supreme Court and lho Minnesota Supremo 24 cualody Is tho order or September there was
26 Court havo said lhat slate may Intrude 011 26 the September 7111 orcler originally awarding
.. -
39 41
1 parental rights In order lo protect the rlghls or 1 tempomry ouslody of tile children to Tami love.
2 children, which Is exaolly whal this Court did. 2 Than Iha pmllos sllpulaled In Iha next order al
3 Iha temporary order granllng temporary custody 3 Petllloner's request lhat Ms. Love and
4 bolh to Tami Love and to Nancy Olson were lo 4 Pelllloner's sister, Nanoy Olson, share the
6 prolaol lhe emollonal harm of lhe children, lo 6
lomporary physical custody and that lhe four
6 prevent tho emollonal harm of Ille ohlldren. The 6 children reside w1111 Ma. Olson and lhe
7 order temporarily removing Palllloner from lhe '/ oldesl ohlld, Nico, reside wllh Ms. Love. That's
a Ireland Place home was also done to prevent 6 a binding contract by lhe parlles. There's no.
0 additional emollonal harm to Ille ohlldren. lhe Court certainly doesn't over step lls bounds
10 'fhe order for protecllon thal was vacated In 10 when lhe parlles agree on a lempornry basis thal
11 open co\irt was not dona In Iha family court 11 the children shall reside wllll a third party while
1?. proceeding. II was sl/pulaled to by Pelllloner. 12 they are umlargolng therapy.
13 She agreed lo dismiss II In open court In that 13 The emollonal harm In this oase on the
14 proceedhlg. So lhal doesn't apply. 14 children has been by Pellllonor's allonallon of
16 Certainly the allornay's fees orders are more 16 Ille children from their father. The court has
16 lhan valid. I think your memotandmn allached to 16 taken appropriate sleps In trying to stop thal
11 your January 7lh order spells out why lhe last 17 allenal/on. The children are now lhe oldest
18 $10,000 was awarded based on as a resull.or 18 child Is reunified W!lh his falhar, We're hoping
19 Petllloner's conduct throughout this dlssolullon. 10 Iha! Iha lour younger children will follow In the
20 .Minnesota slatules allow conduclbased attorney's ?.0 steps based on our motions going forward. We
21 fees to be awarded 111 marriage dlssolullon <lases. 21 believe lhe statute:> Is consllh1llonal and as
22 Pelllloner disseminated Respondent's banking 22 wrlllen and as applied,
23 Informal/on, social securlly number, and olhar 23 i\nd my last request, Yo11r Honor, Is that !he
24 personal lnformallon arotmd town. $he completely 24 Courl consider Rule of Evidence sanclloM against
20 refused lo answer any discovery and blocked out 26 Ms. MacDonald for allornay'e fees baso<l on tho
11of32 Page to '11 (If 123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 94 of 209
42 44
l arguments she's made. She oleaily has not read 1 lesllfylng. I'm appalled al allorneys lesllfylng
2 Iha record, has no! followed and reviewed all of ?. lo faols. That's not- lhal' o!eatly agalnsl
3 the orders and the transcripts from lhe 3 the Rules of P.thlos and so what ends up happening
4 prooeedlngs and has made some prelly strong 4 Is when an a110111oy dooo an allldavll and say hare
6 acousatlOll$ against me and the Court lhal soinehow 6 are the faols, Your Honor, then you kind of, you
0 we ere colluding against this family and I 6 know, you gel this cloud or I guess you're an
7 strongly object lo that and I am asking lot an 7 officer of tho court and you'te you're supposed
6 award of attorney's fees. e lo tell Iha truth so whnl you say goos. And
9 MS. MACDONALD: Your Honor, with respect lo 9 that's what's boon happening hero. And, you know,
10 ony alleged sllpulallons, I don' I see -- I've read 10 Ir everything Is ogrood lo supposedly al this
11 the fill! fllo. II look me hems. I've read Iha 11 August hearing, how did II unravel a week
12 trnnscrlpls. You can't sllpulato to unlmvful 12 later? You know, where Is the due process In
13 orders, Theie Is nothing In the stalule that 13 lhal? Where Is the due process In the attorneys'
14 allows parllas lo just give custody to third 14 fees awatd? Where ts Iha due ptocoss that tho
15 so such there's nothing that allows the 15 bank got In getting, you know, Mf\llco where Is
16 Coml you con'! sllp11lato to unlawful orders. 16 the due process In, you know, tho papo1Work?
17 And, again, I am I did mention to you, Your 17 There hasn't been an evldenllaiy hearing except
18 Honor, llrnl I think that you've been mlslod by 16 ror one, <md Iha! ovldanllmy hearing, to my
19 attorneys, you know, 11 lhore Is no collusion 19 knowledge, was tho one that reoponad this whole
20 hero, and I didn't say llml anywhere In my . 20 lhlng, where Ms. Grazzlnl'e allorney didn't show
21 argument, I think you've bean misled by attorneys 21 up and she was reprimanded and admonished by !he
22 that the statute wllh those lmpermlsslblo orders, 22 Court for, you know, showing up on her own and
23 YOU know, temporal)' orders have not bAAn rolJoWed 23. asking lor a conllnuance. Thank you.
24 and those orders aren't even statutorily able to 24 THE COURT: Mr. Jerabek, anylhlng?
20 have- non-parties relallng lo non-parties. MR. JERABEI<: With regard to the
43 46
1 Now, there haven't been any findings. There i conslllullonal argument that was sot forth, II you
?. hasn't been miy ovldonllary hearings. 'fhere's 2 go through and examine the cases ollecl 111 the
3 bean no tlndlng or alienation: That's what the 3 constitutional mgumenl yo11'1e going to nollce
4 Cowl Is doing, so I guoss lllore's a presumption, 4 that most or them are ellhor third party custody
5 some kind or a prosumpllon Uial everybody's 6 cases, ohlld sohool cases or other oases where lho
0 operating on assumptions, oh, II must be Jhe 6 govornmonl steps In.
7 mother. And slnoe my client, this mother, hns 7 Now, lhoro wos o slatamenl llmt Iha Supremo
8 been by Court order, allenalad rrom 6 Court has said we don't stop In on fomlly law
0 her children requoslod by Iha counsel, she has -- 0 cases. That's right, the supteme Court doos not
10 she knows nothing about the status. She can't 10 step In In family law oases beC<1use that Is Iott
11 even got Iha 1ocord. She's asked. 11 to determination by the slates, And It's left lo
12 And as far as the )urlsdlcllo1l. There's no 1?. the determination hy slate court and It's left by
13 subject 1nallor )urlsdlcllon. There's not- I can 13 clelormlnatton by slalule. And what occut1ed here
14 even argue !hero's no personal Jurisdiction 14 was authorized under slat11te, the Court reopened,
1& booauso nobody was ever served. tr he didn't sign 16 nobody did anything wllh regard lo Iha! reopening
16 that service document, then there was no personal 16 appeal- Iha Court reopened tho matter. Tim
17 Jurlsdlcllon. So Iha subject mailer Is oil. lhe 17 Cowl made determinations regnrdlng tompo1ary
18 parsonal )urlsdlollon Is off. 1'ha elalule doesn't 16 custody and parenllng lime pwsuant to Mlnnosola
10 aulhorfze, you know, tho myriad of step by step 10 Statute 618.1$1. The Court ls allowed lo do so.
20 things lliot wo10 dono. ?.O Now lhe1e'e an allegallon lhal there's not
?.1 And the flndlngs about the allornoy's fees, 21 Sltlflclenl flndlngs In that parllo11lar order.
2?. my understanding, Your Honor, ts II was all In 22 What I would note aboul lhal parllculot ordor, II
26 alloroey affidavlls. And that's another lhlng, 23 speclnoally cites the report or Dr. Rollman. II
24 Ms. Elliott seems to ho tosllfylng, I've read the ?.4 you examine the reports or Dr. Reitman, the Court
26 record and It's another arfldavll from Ms. Ellloll 2& MMptod that on a temporary basis. The Court was
Pvoo 42 to 15 or 123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 95 of 209
46 48
1 clearly concerned with regard to those children. 1 well. The Guardian ad Lltorn denies the
2 And Iha Courl bolno concerned with regord to Iha 2 allegations made In mother's amdovll, She
3 children. made a determination. This ls what I 3 denies \he allegations of her alleged role here.
4 need to do on a temporary basis lo protect them. 4 Tho Court, not the guardlon, the guardian didn't
G And It's tills court's obligation lo protect the 6 appoint herself to make determhrnllons or
6 chlldron first aild foremosl. 6 recommendations. She has two mllhorllles hero,
1 My client believes the court has done so here 1 one she's ordered to do what tho Court recommends.
0 and that was tlw Justlllcatlon behind that 0 She was ordered to examine the Issues of
9 particular order. 0 of parenllng time under law. And she's also
10 'Mlh regard to long-lorm, yos, a trial and 10 rnandutad wllh regard to 518.185 of her certain
11 evldantlary hearing hae to be sat al some polnl In 11 responslblllllos under law and when Iha allegation
12 lime. Yes, It's co1recl, a temporary order can't 12 Is made the guardian Is examining and getting Into
13 go on forever. The stalula Indicates thal the 13 these family Issues, the guardian ls required,
14 temporary orde1 goos on on unappaalabla order 14 It's har rosponslbtllly under law to take
16 !hat goes on until !he nnal determination Is 16 particular acllons and conduct an Independent
16 made. This Courl took a very log teal step In 16 lnvesllgallon.
17 appointing Dr. Gilbertson to take soma acllon and 17 Now, she has not presented a parmm1enl
10 make some delermlnatlons with regard to how 10 custody recommendation and she has no! dona so
1V parenllng time Is going lo proceed In this 1V because she was no! ordered to do so. She wlll do
20 parlloular !omlly, I know Dr. Gilbertson Is here 20 so 11 lhe Court orders her to do so or If the
21 end I believe he does went lo address !he Court 21 couil orders -- I should say the Guardian ad Lllem
22 und contrary to what was said, the guardian Is not 2Z orrroe .. I think !he order actually goes to the
23 aollng on behalf of Dr. Gllberlson. 'fhe guardian ?.3 o!Oce lo make the determination wllh regard lo
24 received some lnrormallon from Dr. Giibertson. ?.4 the Guardian ad Lltem and any doolslons or any
21) The g1mrdlan !hen contaolod DI. Gilbertson and 26 rocommondaltons they should provide to the courl.
47 40
1 told D1. Giibertson to submit the 1nro1matlon to 1 The Guardla11 ad Lllem further requests that Iha
2 the Court. The guardian Is 1101 roprosenlhig Dr. 2 Court, because they appointed Dr. Gllberlson, give
3 Gilbertson. 3 DI. Gllberlson a chance to address the Court
4 There Is one piece !hat !he guardian believes 4 Thank you.
6 needs olarllloatlon In Ihle parlloular ease. She 6 IHI: COURT: And he wants to do thut at this
6 was originally appointed lo examine the Issue of G time?
'l parenting lime, solely pertaining lo the Issue of 1 MR. JERABEI<: Yes, al this time, Yom Honor.
6 parenting lime. Now, tho ordor doos not clarify 6 IHE COURT: Dr, Gllbortson.
9 rathets perenllng limo or mothor'o parenting 9 DR. GILlll:RTSON: Yes, Your Honor.
10 time, hut at 1110 limo lho lnlllal order was 10 THE COURT: First of all, step so
11 Issued, mother had cuslocty and falher was seeking 11 everybody can clearly hoar you and II you could
12 parenllng lime. So !hose were Iha olrcumstances. 1?. slate your full namo for tho rooord.
13 That's not what tho order says, bul Iha g\lardlnn 13 DR. GILBERTSON: James Harmon Gilbertson,
14 does the Guardian ad Lltem office does want 14 G-l+borlson.
10 clmlflcatlon. It the Court wants the Guardian ad 16 MS. MACDONALD: I'm ob)ecllng to Mr.
10 Lllem oH!co to be appointed to make 16 Gilbertson and any comments ho has to make unlll
1Y recommendations with rngard to the best Interests 17 my motion Is resolved.
1$ of the child pe1talnlng to the Issue or permmient 1e THI: COURT: 'fhat's ctenlect. Go ahead, Mr.
10 oustody and permanent parenting time, that should 1V Gllbortson.
20 6a directed In Iha Court order. 20 MR. GILBERTSON: Well, Your Honor, I just
21 So, the Gumdlan ad Lllem office requests 21 want to lat you know I have tho !Ive Rucki
22 !hat a delermlnallon be mado. If that's wlml the 22 children In a conference room down the hallway.
23 Court Inlands. Obviously H's up to tile Courl. They've been walling elnoe about 9 o'clock and
24 There's Ileen a request made to dismiss the 24 they aro somewhat anxious and appretienslva. And I
26 Guardian ad I.Hem. That Is up to the Court as 25 had notllled tho Comt through Ma. Frledr!Ql1 about
13 or 32 1h"t' P"-9.0: <16 lo '19 of :i23
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 96 of 209
60 6?.
1he posslblllly of the chlldre11 addressing the 1
fnlerests, and time, I would corlalnly do lhal.
Col!ll and also aboul scheduling a meeting wtlh ?. Those are my Your Honor.
3 their falhor here loday In Iha courtroom and lhal
3 THll COURT: okay. Well, a couple q11estlons I
4 was my lnleril.
4 guess from lhe Courl. Any questions before I
6 As you know, I was appointed tho children's 6 begin from counsel?
e lheraplsl and whal I've been operaling under Is n 6
MS. MACIJONALD: Your Honor, we would I
7 sorl of mle of lhul\lb lhal mosl of us who work In
'/ lhlnk Iha elahtla of course I would want lo
this field have adopted lhat thoro Is o robullablo 0
cieolare JI unconslllutlonal, b11t does allow tho
prasumpllon that reasonable and frea access lo
0 children lo talk wllh the Judge In chambers wllh
10 both parenls ls In lho ohlldron's beol lnlorosl
10 a!lorneys present and I would bo comf01labte with
and lhnl's been my operating philosophy, and my 11 lhal and so would my client. I think maybe you
goal Is to establish pnrenllng limo bolwoon bolh 12 can gal lo Iha hem! of some booause !he
pa rants that will moel !hat goal. I don'! have lo 13 ohlldron mlghl won! lo speak. I don'l lhlnk !he
loll tho Courl lhal this has bean a highly 14
Court ordering !ho children as ls !his -- Mr.
llllglous mailer and there have been many voices 16 Giibertson's request to confront !hair falher Is
end many people who have weighed In on the mailer. 10 going to do any good. So, If Ms. ls no!
1"I l lhlnk ll's very clear from my percepllon lhol If 17 opposed, I would be con\fo1leble. My cllenl has
rn you lry lo wear two hale In !his case you're 10 no! seen her children for five monlhs. And I
10 lnslanliy dofealed so I'm lrylng Jusl to be Iha
19 oan'l .. you know, II eeems like !here's a
ohlldron's theraplsl. I'm not a ouslody evaluator 20 pretense !Ital now lhal we've taken the chlldron
21 In this mailer. I havo no problom making 21 from molher we're reunifying thorn. Thnl's
22 recommendallons regarding parenllng lime 22 nonsensical to me. This Is- If o parent ls
23 conslslenl wllh being the chlldron's lheraplsl and 23 token away to go to lhe erniy and comes home to see
24 viewing II from !heir bes! lnlerosls. ?.4 !heir children -- Ir there's a need for
20 I would make !his recommendation, Your Honor, 26 reunllloallon rlghl now of mother and children,
61 63
t do no! believe the Gtmrdlan net Lllem should bo 1 lhen !he system hos creeled that In what's
appolnled as a custody evaluator. I believe lhal 2 happened here, nobody else. Booauso these
3 Whal you need In lhlo caoo bocauso of !ho 3 children walked Into Mr. Gilbertson's office wllh
complexlly ol lhe caso Is a professional custody 4 !heir molhor .. Mr. Rollinnn's office. So, that Is
6 evaluator and I'm sme !ho Court has a rosier Iha! 6 so1nelhlng that, you know, might help the Court gel
6 they can access who Is nol only skilled In lamlly 6 to lhe heart of somo lhlngs.
7 lmv, foronslo family law, bu! also as a 1 THS COURT: Ms. llllloll?
6 psychologist so they con bolh do lhe 13 factors 0 Ms. ELLIOTT: Your Honor, I'd Just like some
under 518.17, and, secondarily, do all !ho -
0 olarlllca!lon. I though! Ms. Maooonald was only
10 psyohologlcal testing, all !he rallng soates, all 10 ropresenllnu Pellllonor on Iha oonsllhrllonal
11 the observallons, all !ho forenslo Instruments 11 Issues. ll sound llko she's representing her on
12 lhal mlghl be neodod lo boar upon II. If !he 12 !he custody ond poronllng lime Issues as well.
guardian does !ho custody ovalualion, oftentimes 13 THE COURT: Ms. MacDonald, !hat's correct
lhey have to farm tho psyohologloal Issues out lo 14 !hon?
16 someono olse ancl lhal becomes somewhat a 15 MS. MACDONALD: Yeah, I mean, l'rn Mkll\g thol
18 fragmonlcd ropo11. so, I wo11lcl oay that If a 16 all of your 01do1s bo vaoaled. I'm Juel- and
17 cue1ody evaluation ls to be required here, lhol we 11. lhel Iha elatute be declared unconslllullonal and
18 gel a set of fresh eyes on ll wlllt someone Is 16 asking you after, you know, you do the research
skilled In !he area, has exporlonco and whom Iha 10 to lake !hat bold slop.
20 Cowl may have confidonco. 20 THE COURT: I undorsland whaf your 1>1011011 Is;
21 If Iha Court would like slltco I Ml a ?.1 MS. MACDONALD: And I a1n
?.2 forensto psyohotoglsl In addition lo being a ?.?. THF. COURT: I'm owlous today now based on
23 cllntcal psychologlsl, II lh court would wanf me 23 your col\lmonls lhal you Jusl made following Dr.
24 to presenl a roster of Individuals !hat I believe :14
Glibertson whether or no! you are represenlhtg Ms.
have !he necessary skills, quallllcallons and 26 Graz.lnlRuckl wllh rospeot to Iha ouslody mailer
Pilne 50 to S) l)f 123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 97 of 209
64 6$
1 and parenllng time? 1 wllh !ho cualody evalualor. Thal has beon an
?. MS. MACDONALD: Absoluiely I am, because I'm 2
enormous problem In lhls caso. so, Dr.
3 asking thal all the cuslody orders be revoked. 3 Giibertson, In your experience, whal would lhe
4 lHtl COURT: All right. I just wantto be 4
cos I or !his be? And who usually typically pays
6 clear. So you are represenllng her on all these 6 lhal?
6 malters? 6 DR. GILBERTSON: Your Honor, I've heard
7 MS, MACDONAl.D: On this motion l'lhloh ts 7
quoles anywhere from seven to $16,000 for a total
e asking Iha! the cuslody orders be revoked, yes. 0 evaluallon, Iha! does no! Include, In my
0 THE COURT: Well, that you're representing 0
understanding, expert Jeallmony Ir Iha!'
10 hor on !ho custody and pmonllng time Issues? 10 roq1rlred.
11 MS. MACDONALD; Well, I'm asking yeah, and 11 THE COURT: Okay. And In this case, both
12 !hat's whnl we're aaklnq lo have done. 1?.
parlles !hroughout have claimed lo be penniless
13 HIE COURT: Okay. Anything also? 13
wllhoul lhe ablllly 10 pay ror anyllilng even !hair
14 MS. HLIOTT: Your Honor, we would agree Iha! 14
own needs, personal needs and ye!, !hey bolh
16 Dr, Giibertson recommend a cuslody evaluator. Wa 16
conllnue lo su1Vlve. So, Ms. MacDonald, Ms.
have no problom wllh Urn!, somebody that could 16 Ellloll, how are we going lo pay for lhls?
17 gather all ol lhe lesllng or do all !he lesllna 17 MS. MACDONALD; Your Honor, I'm ob)ecllng lo
18 themselves and have one person In charge or making 10 Iha custody ovaluallon, I think Iha! the Court
19 Ilia! recommondallon. 1Q why are we pulllng more obelrucllone than lo the
20 We still object lo !he children havhig a 20 Court just talking with the children?
21 voice because we know Iha! Iha! voice has been 21 THE COURT: Because !his Court ls going lo
tainted. We know Iha! there's bean findings 21 roly on a custody evahmlor
23 lhroughoul lhls case of the alienation which 23 MS, MACDONALD: \f\qrnl I've
24 conllnues so we don'! believe there ls any baels 24 THE COURT: Don'l lntarrupl me, Ms,
25 rorwhnl .. lhoywo1rld lrnve 26 Macdonald.
66 57
1 at this point, 1
MS. MACDONALD: I'm objeollng lo !he custody
?. THE COUR1': Okay, Dr. Giibertson, a coupla ?. evaluallon.
3 things, so, yes, I would like some rocommandallons 3 THE; COURT: I undereland Iha!, and I'm
4 wllh respecl 10 the :. a qualified 1>sychologlsl 4 overruling lho ob)oollon end I'm going to appoint

lhal would do !he ouslody evaluallon to make
$ a custody evalualor In !his caso. I'm not going
6 permanent rocommendallons In this caao. e
lo make a decision 011 permanent custody wllho1rl
7 DR. 0tBgRTSON: I will. Your Honor, 7 having a benefit an Independent third pmly
0 THg COURT: When can you get Iha! lo me? e that Thie cneo Is one or the most complex cases
0 DR. OIL!ltlRTSON: \l>i11hln !he next few days, 0
I've seen. The non-cooperation, Iha Issues
10 Your Honor, 10 Involved In !his case me enormous and I'm not
11 THE COURT: Okay, And !hon, as you do so, I 11 going to simply make a decision wllhoul having Iha
1?. would Ilka you lo copy all or the par lies In your 12 benem or profasslonnls In Uils caso as we have
13 submission of Iha! lo the Court, okny? 13 lllod to do all along hare. so. how aro !ho
14 DR. Gll.Bf;RTSON: I will, Your Honor, 14 par lies going lo pay for !his?
16 HIE COURT: And this Is lo Iha parl!os. I 16 MS. F.l.LIOTT: Your Honor, my client hns, I
16 bellevo Dr. 0llberlaon Is the third lhoraplsl or 16 think, conslslenlly paid what the Co1rrl ha
17 counselor fourth Iha! we've hod appointed In 17 ordered. Child support was Included In Iha lliwl
lhlo case and olhern have laken lhemsolves orr or 16 Judgment and regordlng Iha properly
19 !his oaae beoause of lire dlHloul!y @d the 10 solllamenl and now nollhor party has ouolody oo
20 complexlly or this case but spoc!Hcally In tho 20 !hare is !hero are no obllgallons between !he
21 Court's eyes Iha noncooperallon oJ the parties. 21 two parllos going bock and rorth. Bui wllh
?.?. Anybody we appoint as a custody evaluator Is going ?.2 respeol lo any or Ille lhornpy or any of the other
?.3 to need to be paid and the parties are going lo ?.3 through Moxlo, through Gonools 2, for tho
havo to coopernte wllh mealing wllh those people 24 offorls or reunmcallon ror Dr. Rollman and Dr.
26 and children lo participate and meet 26 Giibertson, my client haopald everything Iha!
15 of 3?. s11ee1s Pa.90 !M to 57 OJ 123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 98 of 209
60 00
he's boon ordered to pay. I thl11k ll'a only folr 1
MS. MAODONAUJ: You Ciln vaoato your order and
2 that tile parties at this point bo ordered lo each 2 dismiss avel)'lhlng ond lhey'll go whore !hoy go.
pay hnlf and !hon a dolormlnallon 0011 bo made nt 3 THE COURT: Okay,
4 Iha n11al hearing If ol\& or Ille olher should 4 MS. MACDONALD: Both of lhOso PManle hnvo n
5 relmb\lrse the other pnre11t.
5 fundamental, constltullonal right to their
THE COURl': Wall, we know how this lo going 0 children that's boon ..
7 to play oul. And we know lhI ono party Is not
y THE COURT: I understand. You've made those
going to pay and then tho 'custody ovoluatlon 0 arguments.
doesn't got done and tho time Iha! lheM ohlldren 0
MS, MACDONALD: disrupted.
10 aro away from boll\ of those paron\o, which I find 10
THE COURT: You've mndo \hose or911monto. All
absolulo\y d\sgusllng, conllnuos to poss by, So, 11 rlghf, Mt. Gllberlson, then my 11oxt quosllon to:
12 I guoos I see very Hiiie comml\monl by olthot
12 'M1ot (fo you propose totlny wllh rospool to the
13 parent to resolvo 11\0so Issues, lo 901 the help 13 ohlldren?
14 !hot they need, to got tho ohlldron Into therapy 14 PR. Well, t would \Ike to have
ond hnvo these psyoholoutC!ll evaluallens dona and 15 tile chlldron moot with their father today In a
to come up wlll1 mol\Oy to accomplish this? Mo. 10 room adjacent lo lhe courtroom here. We hovo one
17 MacDonald. 17 down In the juvenile (ilvfslon. H's a 11111
16 MS. MACDONAt.P: I Just want lo make a 16 small, I think, to accompany six of us however,
suggaal!on, Your Honot, eve1y oase doesn't need a 19 Also, I had Informed tho ohlldton, 11 tho Court
20 oustody evaluallon. These are- 20 was so lnollnAd
to prepare no more lhan a
?.! THg COlllH: Ms. MacDonald, !his"'" noodo o
21 onomlnulo response so \ho Court could hoar what
22 custody ovaluallon. To say othen'lle
22 their thoughts and beilefs are. Again, as the
23 MS. MACDONALD: I thl11k both 23 children's theraJ>fSI, fill their adVOCl\(O end SO
24 THE COURT: -- Ms. Mao Donald, to any ?.4 what thoY toll mo lo that .. and those ere lhe two
26 otherwise, clem1y shows thol you haven'\ rend the 25 older Rucki girls, sama1111\a and Gianna, Is that
69 61
1 Ole. 1 they aro loll In tho dark. They don't know what'o
2 MS. MACDONAl.O: No, I have rend the file, 2 going on. No one fs llslon\ng to them, so \11ey
3 YourHonot, 3 feel sorl of disenfranchised from \ho oyotom bUl
TflE COURT: Okay. Woll, l'vo mndo my 4 at the same ilmo argue they aro of ago und lhey
6 decision so that's over, okay? 6 sho11\d hnvo some abllily to oommunlonle their
MS, MACDONALD: I just want .. G thoughts and bollofo.
7 THE COURT: So tho quosllon lswholhor or not
THe COURT: And what are your recommendations
your ollont Is going to bo cooporallvo and lo 8 to accomplish tho goelo that you ptevlously stated
0 oolno to Ond tho rosourooo available to pay her 0 to the courtroom here today, with respect to tho
10 fair oharo of this oustody evaluallon? 10 children addressing the Court?
11 MS. MACDONALD: That Isn't tho quosllon, 11 DR. GILBERn>ON: Thal the Court bo that
12 THE COURT: No. That's my <1uosllon. So l'ni 12 they be brought Into Court, Your Honor, and be
13 asking you to-- 13 allowed Jo each In tlrnlt ow1l way speak dlreclly to
14 MS. MACDONALD: Th fact that you're ordering 14 lho court In the short message that I asked them
16 a custody evaluation le a symptom of tho 15 to prepare, If tho Court wore so lncllnod. That'
18 conslllullonall!y of t11e slatu\o, 10 ail I had In mind, Yout Honor.
17 THE COURT: I understand. 17 THg COURT: And you belleve lhat'e In their
10 MS. MACDONALD: And I would Ilk I want lo 18 bast Interests In moving this case folWMd, your
be cortoln \lint Ms. Gralnl le hoard on that 10 goal of ensuring that eventually we can got t11eoe
20 matlor. She has boon cooporn\lvo, Your Honor. 20 ohlldren back to bolh parenls?
THE COURT: She hoo boon lo a <iogroo but th\ ?.1 DR. GILBP.RTSON: I do, Your Honor, hi this
22 Is tho mosl Important thing that noods.to 11appen
22 sense, \hat they dlslmot \ho Co11rl. Thay
23. In the !Ives of these children In order lo 90\ 23 distrust this system, They don't bellove that
!hose children baok In tho caro of tholr patonto. 24 they have a voice. Thia wlll give them an
26 If you're nol 25 opportunity to al to.not, I lhlnk, maybo glvoo a
J.6 l)f 32. sheets Paga 50 to 61 Of l23
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 99 of 209
62 64
1 roolhold lo say, yes, you have been In Iron! of 1 We need lo handle what I call handle lo gel II
?. the couri, you have expressed yourself. Iha Cou11 2 going. I've been sold 0111 by the children In any
3 may disagree with you, or agroo with you, bul 3 allempt lo try to schedule time wllh the lalher
4 you've had .. yQu'vo had a say, now1 lel'a move
4 and lhe ohlldren -- and !hey will tell me as they
6 on. So, yes, I do boltevo II would be In the best 6 may tell you, Your Honor, that no one can
0 Interests. 0 physlcolly force them to do unylhlng !hey don't
7 HIE COURT: Okay. I'm going lo allow Iha! 7 want to do, so some ere Ihm. Two tssuos they
0 !hen. We'll do lhal In chamboro on Iha record 0 have with their father, some degree of fear and
0 wllh the patties and Iha auorneys present. 0 discomfort and anger. Both of those Issues are
1Q DR. Gll.BERTSON: Your Honor, wlll llial Ile 10 lharapa111!cally aocesslble. But I have lo lrnvo
11 lodoy then, Ihle morning? 11
them wllh their falhor lo roally work on thoso
12 nm COURT: Yea. 12 losuon.
13 MS. ct.I.JOH; If I could have one request?
13 THE COURT: Okay.
14 l'HE COURT: Yes. 14 MS. MAODONAl.D: Your Honor, can I requesl
16 MS, ELUOTT: Could we start wllh lhe 16 clarification? I didn't see that Iha guardian was
16 youngesl child nrsl and move up because I'm 16 a pany. I thought lo your older she was a
17 alrnld lhal Somnntha seams to be Iha most oul 17 permissive appololmenl and she was not a parly
10 spoken and I'm afraid If she speaks llrsl lhe 10 apeolncally?
10 ollierswlll simply parrot wlrnl she says. So U we 19 THE COUR'r: Mr.Jerabek,
20 co11ld aim! wllh tho youngest and !hen go up In 20 MR. JERAB8K: Your Honor, I didn't chock book
21 ago, 21 over lhal wholhor It's a permlsslvo appolnlmont or
n MS. MACDONALD: I'm going to objscl lo any 22 mandatory appolntmanl. fn this case I quesl!on
23 mlcromanagomont, stepby-step procoss tlml Ms. 23 whether this Is mandatory bocauso II came up
24 Ellloll ls suggesting. 24 actually under a lhe domestic abuse case
26 THE COURT: Mr. Jembek? 26 orlglnally, bul I would corlalnly think lhoro's
1 MR. JERl\BEK: Your Honor, I wae going lo ask 1 concerns hero based 11pon Iha Issues 11101 woro
2 that tho Guardian ad Lllom be allowed lo be 2 prosonlod by lho parllos lhroughoul lhls
3 proson!. 3 proceeding or lhoy should be a mandatory
4 Tl m COURT: Yes, tho Guardian ad I.Hem will 4 appointment anyway, And the otha1 ploco with Iha!
5 bo presont. 6 regard Is the Oourl al any lime can make the
0 MR. JERABEK: Thank you. e Gua1dlan ad Lltem a parfy, Now, the Guardian ad
7 THE COURT: The Guardian ad lllem Is a party 7 Lllem doesn't have lo a boa party for tho
e so I'm allowing the oua1dlan ad I.Hom and the e Court -- In ordor lo conduct an hwostlgatlon of
e atlornoys bo present as well. 0 any !liformallon. That's up to lhe Courl lo make
10 MR. JEMOEI<: And I dido'! know If Iha 10 that decision, but tho gua1dlan does have Ilia!
11 mq11ost In granllng of Iha custody evaluallon 11 responslblllly or doing those things In all cases
12 Jmpacled tho Court's determlnallon about what lhey 12 and being prosonl In Important --when lmporlanl
13 wan! from Iha Guardla11 ad l.llem tonglerm 13 events aro occurring throughout Iha proceedings.
14 pertaining lo Ihle parlloular case? 14 Beoauoe we helleve lllf (Q be Important and lhe
15 IHE COURT: Well, I'll have to decide t11at. 16 Court has asked her again to make a recommendation
16 MR. JSRABSI<: Thank you. w with regard to pareni/ng time, permanenl parenting
11 'fHE COURT: DI. Gllberlson, anything else? 17 limo, at tho and of this proceeding It's lmporlant
18 DR. GILB6RTSON: Then, Your Honor, Iha 10 lhal sho bo there. Thank you.
10 moellng wllh their father -- an opporhmlly lo 10 THE COURT: She's going to be there. Okay.
20 have Mr. Ruok! join the five ohlldren; we have all 20 Mr. Goldberg.
21 five chlld1en present and In talking wllh Mr. 21 MR. GOLDBERG: Mr. Goldberg, Your l1ono1. I
22 Rucki I Mked him lo prepare n preface so he could 22 represent Nancy Olson, lhe maternal aunt, sister
23 address the children. I'd be present. And ihls 23 of lhe Pllllonor. She asked me lo come he1e
24 will be the first llme he has aean all Ille 24 today, Your Honor, lo lnslrucl the parllos and IM
?.6 children togelher s i n ~ I think November of 2011. 25 Court that she and her family are no longer In Ii
t7 of 3?. sheets P<ltlO (i2 to (i5 Of 123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 100 of 209
1 poslllon to provide an open.ended, longlerm place 1
MS. MACDONALD: Well, Your Honor, If you read
?. for the children to stay. H's been six months
?. my mollon there's another option, gaiting this mom
3 now. !l's beeil very stressful on her Immediate 3
back In thnt homo which WM awarded to her.
4 family. She's wo1ked very hard lo provide the 4
TH: COURI: That was an option at one time
6 ohlldren with a stable home. !l's been costly,
6 bu! Iha home went Into foreclosure, nobody was
you know, with four kids. She's not asking for
0 paying on !I and tho homo was In terrible
monoy from anybocfy but It's been a financial 7
condition mid somebody had to !Ix II, somebody has
6 bt11den on her home. And she wants to toll tho 8 to bring It up to speed so that the par1tes don't
e Cou1t I was originally oolno to advise Iha
e Jose any oqully of that home,
10 Court that wa don'I oppose tho Rospondanl's mollon 10
MS. MACDONALD: And thnl'a according to ..
lo either place the ohlldran wllh anolhor family 11
COURT: And thal's why, Ms. MaoOonald,
1?. member or, you know, we prof or not to have foster
12 tile previous order req11Jrad Ms. GraizlnlRuokl to
13 oMo ilwolvod bu\ \ho way we see this going here 13
get tho mo1igoga oU((alll so that the partloo
14 Is there's going to bo another custody ovaluntlon 14 wotlldn't losa any equity In tho homo bofom a
before a decision Is made. That could be many
10 foroolosure and trying to presorvo mat assel for
10 monlhs, evldontlory homlngs, more months, Md she 18
Ifie parties and Iha ohlldron. Sinoo thal dldn'I
17 can't continua In lhal rolo. She Is perreotly 17
happen, tho Court had no choice so I don't know
10 wllilng to continue to provide a home for the 18 what opllons you're talking aboul al this lime.
10 chltdron for seveml weeks eo there can be somo
MS. MACDONALD: Thero was no .. absolutely no
20 kind of orde1ly trnnslllon and follow 20 duo p1ocess In lhat order.
21 recommendations of Dr. Gllber1son and how this Is
21 THE COURT: I understand. You mada those
22 going to bo oommunloaled to the children and how 22 arguments.
23 that translllon ls going to lake place but she 23 MS. MACDONALD: And ..
24 oon't go on more than a couple weeks. The only
24 THE COURT: All right. The Issue I have
thing, you know, I wo11ld observe and I'm no
?.a as throughout Ihle entire oose le we're dealing
1 export In juvenile Jaw, bul If nellher .. If tho 1 wllh things moment by moment and changes In
2 Court believes that neither parenl ls In a 2 clroumstonces. There ls no mollon right now In
3 poslllon to take physical ouslocty of tho children 3 front of me. Mr. Goldberg has lndlcolad his
4 and there's no other family member available, Ihle 4 ollenl's lntantlons, desires and kind of lho and
5 may bo a case where there has lo be a CHIPS o of her generosity, so lo speak, and the portfos
6 pellllon llled In Juvenile cour1, perhaps. We're e have to deal with II. I don't have a mollon In
1 nol there yel, bu! Ms. Olson needs lo hova some 7 front or Ille.
o end dule here wllhhi eoverol weeks. e MS. ELLIOH: Yom Honor ..
o THE COURl': I can oer1alnty eympethlzo with u THE COURT: I'm nol going lo rule on
10 your ollenl and we appreclale what ohe's doiie so 10 miylhlng ..
11 far for !his fomlly and ll's not surprising lhal 11 MS. F.l.LIOTI': Your Honor, our motion ..
12 Ihle ls .. there has to come en ond ond Just 12 THf. COURT: --loday. Your motion doos have
13 for her own family, so I appreciate her position 13 lhs ..
14 here today. I don'! know who1e we go from hero. 14 MS. l'LllOTl': requests lhe four younger
15 MS. ELLI01T: Your Honor, lfwe can figure 16 children bo turned over to Tami's 01islody.
10 oul some transition, I believe Ms. Levo Is sllll 16 COUR1': And we'll go .. J guoss we'll go
17 1ri the home and Nico Is there, so If we could find 17 through the rest of these, I'm Just wondeJlng how
18 a way lo lranslllon Iha other four ohlldron I 10 much longer Iha children are going to survive
10 believe she at least I'm arn1mln9 unlll the 10 and ..
20 custody evaluallon Is done 20 MS. MACDONALD: Your Honor, II all goes back
21 MS. LOVE: Absolulely, 21 lo the unconsllt111ional order where you placed tho
22 MS. ELLIOTT: -- Is sllll wtlllng to slay In 22 chlld1en already with relallves.
23 the Ireland Place home with all five children. 23 me COURT: Right. So why don't we oontlnue
24 rng COURI: Wall, let me .. thal may be the 24 wllh --we'll conllnue wllh the mollons hare.
onlY."J'llon. 26 It's 11 o'clock. We'Ve been going slnco O
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CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 101 of 209
70 72
1 o'clock. Wo'll loke o 1llmlnule 1acess. 1
parenllng llme wllh her ohlldren. There's no
2 (Recess loken) 2 quesllon aboul Iha! In my mind. Thal !here ls
3 COURT: Okay. Then with respocl lo !he 3
o slolule Iha! has Is lnconslslenl wllh !he
4 olher molloM lhal !he parties have broughl, I'm 4
Court's order whore bolh parenls, whelhor lhey
(\ laking !hem In !he order or flllng, I guess, and 6 hnve cuslorly or nol, are oblo lo have copies or
0 Ms, GrazzlnlRuckl flied anolher nolfce of mollon 0
school, medical, denial, rellglous lrolnlng,
7 and mol1011 wllh seeking elghl paragraphs of 7
police rep.orls and olher lmporlanl rocotds and
0 relief, so I don'I kqow Ms. MacDonald. 6 lnformollon her children M specified In
0 MS. MACDONAl.ll: Your Honor, before wo begin, 0
Mlnnosola 8lalulos 610.17 subd, 3B. And I believe
10 I lhlnk Mr. Gllborlson apptooohed tho bonoh and 10
lho Courl ls going 10 be lnlervlewlng tho chlld1on
fhore was on oxohango going on bolwoen Your Honor 11 In chambers wllh !heir mother and !heir falher
12 and Mr. Gilbertson. Could you please slale for 12 presenl today, and llrnl we'Ve Mked lhal lhe
13 tho record .. 13
Co1lrtappolnled guardian be dismissed. We've
14 THE COURT: I'd be happy lo. lie asked how H
asked lhat lhe )udgmenl be vacaled which wo11ld
16 long we lhoughl fills was going lo go. /\nd I gave 15
praclloally mean !hat she would be going back lo
16 him my be&! esllmale. I said, fell !ho children 10 her home and lhal we have also -- she's looking
17 hoporully by 12:30 we could be gel lo them. 1'1 for lhe fooollon of a speed boal. Thal's personal
10 MS. MACDONAl.D: Thank you. 10
property. She's boen dopnved or all of her
19 THE COURT: Ms. MacDonald, are you arguing 19
personal properly by lhe Soplomber 7111 order and
?.0 these mollons or'/ 20 oil or her Oild Iha! !ho tallier Informed Iha
21 MS. MACPONAl.P: No, Your Honor, I'm rosllng 21 mofhot 01 any domago lo !ho vohlcle bofore H's
22 on Iha pleadings. 22 delivered lo molher. To me lhls ls an lmporlanl
23 HIE COURT: Okay. Ms. GrezzlnlRllckl? 23 mollon lhal lakoo caro of llself praolloelly
24 MS. GRAZZINl-RUCKI: I'm looking ror II. 24 speaking If !ho Courl acoopls nml granls my mollon
28 THP. COUR1': Again, I'm confused here, you're 28 Iha! was filed February 13, 2013.
71 73
1 tesllng on !he pleadings on her mollons so you're 1 Tl-IE COURT: Okay. so you're represenllng Iler
2 represenllng her on !his as wolf? 2 on lhls mollon and your previous argumenls apply
3 MS. MACllONAlll: Your Honor, I'm reprasenllng 3 lo !his mollon as wall?
4 her on a mollon lo vacale all !he orders which 4 MS. MACDONAl.D: Yes, lhey do, Your Honor.
8 hwolve custody. So lhe mollons lhal she broughl 8 THE COURT: Okay, Ms. Grazzlnl-Ruokl, then
0 she Is resllnu on lhe pleadings. 0 nothing more you wish lo say Wllh tespoot to lhese
7 THE COURT: Okay. Ms. GrazzlnlRuckl, lha\'s 7 mollons? .
8 correol? Q MS. OMZZINlRUCJ\I: No, I think they speak
9 MS. GRAZZINlRUCl<I: Okay. Reeling on wl1al I 0 for lhemselves. Yo11 go! Iha dooumenls, dldn'I
10 filed. 10 you?
11 THE COURT: Okay. so you don'! wan! lo make 11 TH!j COUR'I': Yes.
12 any argumenls wllh 1especl lo your elghl 12 MS. GRAZZINl-RUOKI: So you're aware Iha! the
13 patagtaphs of relief 1equaslad In !he mollon llml oar was flledwllh Iha police as slolan two monlhs
14 you llled on l'ebruory 111h? 14 arter you awarded II lo me? You saw lhal ond all
10 MS. GRAZZINl-RUCl(f: I oan'I find II. I 16 lhat?
!hough! I had II rig hi here. I'd like lo show II 16 THE COURT: Uhhuh.
1Y lo her firs!. Con I show hor your oopy because I 17 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: Do you wan! Ihle back?
10 oen'I find mine. 10 THE COURT: SU(a. Thsllk you. Okay. Ms.
10 THE COURT: Sure. 19 Ellloll.
20 MS. MACDONAl.D: Yollf Honor, I'm looking al a 20 MS. El.LIOTT: In response lo !he mollon lhal
21 mollon of robrunry 6, 2013, and I )usl argued .. J 21 was fifed on February Olh, we would
?.2 mean. bnslca!ly, If Iha court vacoles all !ho 22 ask !he Courl lo deny the 1equest eel fotlh. The
23 orders and dismisses Iha proceeding \hen all of 23 only olher common! othot lhan whal's conlalned In
24 this will lake care of Itself. So, she, mosl 24 our responsive papers ls Iha! she's asking for her
28 olearly, should have lmmedlale uns11pervlsod 28 boxee of legal records lhat were al !he Ireland
19 of 32
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 102 of 209
1 Place homo. Nanoy and Jay Olson came and 1
losuo regarding Wells Fargo, Iha Albert J.
collected 111ose and so they should be at Nancy's 2
Revokabla Trust, Julian Zebol ts tiara and
residence. lhey are no longer al the Ireland 3
I don't want to hold him up for the rest of t11ese
4 Placo homo. OllW than that we just ask the Cowl 4
Issues, so our request with respect to that Is
6 to deny them. 6 that II Wells Fargo makes any dlslrlb1lllons for.
THE COURT: Okay. Then wllh respect to- B the bonelll ol the parties' minor ohlldren In this
MR. JERABEI<: Your Honor, Cml I brlelly. 7 case, that they be dlstrlbuled to Mr. Ruokl as
o ltuslea lor the benefit of each minor child.
MR. JEf1AllcK: I would jusl like to say, and I 9
Based on Iha hlslory of tile case and !ho evidence
10 think I made this clear before, but I would Ilka 10
that was produced at lhe evldenllary hearing In
lo just make a slalemenl for lhe record lhal the 11 August of .2011, Iha PoUIJonor has misused !rust
Guardian ml I.Item specllloally asks lhe Cowl to 12 funds of the children jirevlously and ..
deny roquosl Number 4 pailalnlng lo Iha G1mrdlan
13 MS. MACDONAl.D: I'm going lo object. There
ad Lllem. Thul being sal<I, the Guardian ed Lllem 14 Is no evldenco of thal.
did requasl clarlllcallon wllh regard to what her 16
lHE COURT: Okay. Ms. Ellloll.
10 role would bo.
18 MS. ELLIOTT: So we're simply asking lhal
With regard to Number 2, as far as 17
so lhal lhoso assets won'I be dissipated lhat lhey
authonzallons for the mother lo obtain corloln 18 be placed In a lrusl fund for the lienefll ol lhe
lnformallon, lhe Guardian ad lllem would point out 10 children naming Mr. Rucki as the responsible
20 Iha! 618.17 subdivision 3B, simply clles tho 20 parent.
21 nollce requirements of 518.68. If you look al the 21 THE COURT: Okay. Mr. Zebel.
22 nollce requlromonls In 610.00 Subdivision 1, II 2?. MR. Zt!BOT: Thank you, Your Honor, as you
23 Indicates and I believe Ihle Is what lhe Court know, my client, Wells Fargo, Is nol a direct
Intended, the Co1irl may waive all or pml of the 24 party lo lhls proceeding, II was lmplloatod of
nollco requirements under Subd.?. relollng lo 26 co111se by the order lhal Your Honor Issued back on
. 77
1 parental rig his under 610. 17 Subd. s If II nncts 1 January 161h Which froze asMls held In a Wells
2 II necessary lo prolaol Iha welfare of a party or ?. Forgo bank account llml In faol belongs lo lhe
3 ohlld. So Ille Court can cerlalnly make 3 Albert J. Graz7.hll Revokabla l'rusl. My ollenl Is
4 delermlnallons pertaining lo what Information Is 4 one of two co-trustees of lhe !rust. The order
going to be available lo ellher parenl based on 5 was s11bsequonlly modl(Jod pureuonl loo request
e lliose recommendallons. Thank you. 0 and wllli lhe consent of Respondent's counsel. As
THE COlJR'f: Okay, Then wllh rospecl to, Ms. '/ lhlngs stand now, tho co-trustees, my cllenl end
Ellloll, yoU[ mollon that was fllod wllh tho court 6 Iha olher colmsloe who Is Ann Graizlnl-Punn, who
0 011February141h, I think It's aolually dated lhe 0
Is not prosenl l\oro and I don't dlreotly represent
10 14th as well. 10 her, she's gol separate counsel, bul, the co
11 MS. MACDONALD: Your Honor, and I object. I 11 tmsloos are fine wllh the exlsllng order as II
12 just want lo slate for the record I object lo each 12 pertains lo lhe Albert J. GraZ?.lnl revokable trusl
13 and evaJ'f request by Ms. Ellloll In her mollon, 13 account In <1uasllon.
and I also object and move lo slrlke hot aftldavll 14 As lo the separate Issue lhat counsel raises,
which Is an affidavit of allornoy providing 16 my ollenl, elnco ll's nol a party to this
1G factual statemenls and conlrary lo, I lhlnk, the 1G
proceeding, I'm not hero to advocate for one
17 Rules of Ethics don't allow allornoys lo do 17 position or another. Thoro mo a couple of raots
18 allldavlls such as lhe one presented by Ms. 18 lhal I jusl want lo bring lo lho courl's allenllon
19 Ellloll. So I jusl want lo slate lhal for the 1Q wllh rospaol lo this parlloular requesl. Under
20 record. ?.O Iha ttuel Jnelrumenl that governs the Alber! J,
21 THE COURT: Okay. Ms. Ellloll. 21 Grazzlnl Revokable Trust, the co-lmslees, Wells
22 MS. El.LIOTT: Thank you, You( Honor. I'd 22 Fargo and Ms. Gmzzlnl-Dunn are requlr<ld lo llie
23 like lo lake lliem out of order just lo accommodate
23 extent Jhera are dlslrtbullons made lo Albert
24 another allorney lhal's In the courlroom so re can
24 orazzlnl's grandchildren which Include Iha
26 get baoX lo his office. So this would bo Ille 26 children of Respondent and Pelllloner, are
20 QI 32 sheets Pago 7'1 to 'J'J of 123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 103 of 209
73 80
requlrocl under the exaol langua9e used Jn that 1
think everybody's staled Interests In making sure
2 trusl Instrument lo distribute those funds lo the
tl\Oso funds go lo whom Albert J, Grazzlnl Intended
chlldron the grnndchlfdren's Irrevocable minor 3
they go lo which Is the children In trust for
4 11usls lo the extent those trusts still exist. 4 their benetll.
6 Now, It's my understanding, I don't know this for 0
To the extent there me oonceios lhal that
a facl, but It's my unde1slandlng that al least 6 won'! occur, If the cotrusloos make the
7 for somo of the children, Pellllonol's and 1
distribution lhat the trust Instrument require
Respondent's children, those !rusts those !Mrs
6 them lo, ti strikes me there are several options.
0 M I will refer lo !hem, are still In exlelence.
0 Any Interested porly could seek Jnstrucllon or
And !l's also my understanding, although again I 10 dl1eollons from Iha Hennepin county P1obale Coull
11 do nol know this for a fact, lhal Pelllloner and
f1 and the ongoing matter !here. As I stated, lhat
12 Hespondanl are cotruslees of those trusts.
12 Cou11 has supervision and )urlsdlclfon pursuant lo
13 .
Now under Ille Albert J, Grazzlnl Revokabla 1$ Minnesota Slatute Chapter 601 8. over the Albort
Trnsl and the governing lnst1t1me111, Wells Fargo 14 J, Grazzlnl Revokable Trusl. To the extent there
16 and Ms. Grazzlnl-Dunn aro required lo dlslrlbule
16 Is going to be a direction of tho colmslees, I
the funds for the benefit of lite grandohlldran to 10 would respeclfully submit II probably should be
17 those IMTs by making a dlslrlbullon to and this 17 made by lhal Court Jn that proceeding.
16 Is a dlroot quoto from the twst lnslnnnent 10 Alternatively, thore'e atways the opllon If
10 llsolf: The lhen aclfng trustees of the 10 there's been wrongdoing by one or more of the
20 Irrevocable minors' trust ostabllshed for Jhe 20 cotrusteas that an lntereslod party would respeol
21 benem of said gmndohlld to be held, managed; 21 the IMTs al Issue, could seek to remove one or
22 admlnlsterod n more or seek allarnallvo appointment of a
23 (Whereupon, lite court reporter askod tho 23 different trustee In a separate proceeding that
?.4 ullorney lo repeal.) 24 would proS\lffiably be venued here In Dakota Cottnly.
26 The trust Instrument requires colrustees,
again knowvlilere lhe place of
79 31
Wells Fargo and Ms. GrazzhtlDunn to make lhe 1 opernllon are for !hose JMTs to Ute exJent they
2 dlstrlb111lon lo those IMTs by dlslrlbullng the
2 still exist, but that strikes me as an
3 funds lo tho then aollng trustees of the IMTs. 3 allernallve.
4 Again, my undorelandlng Is as tM Situation 4 Whal I'm less clear of and, again, I'm not
6 our1enlly sla1ids, both Petitioner and Respondent 6 taking a poslllon here but what J'nt less clear of
are named as the co.trustees of lhoso IMTs. 0 Is this Cowt'e a\1tlto1llY to Issue the requested
Again, my cllenl hes no real lnleresl II\ asserllng 1 relief, Again, all of this Is by way of
0 flself Into these proceedings but hi light of 6 background. We're not taking a position bul we do
0 their pendency, mere are obvtously Issues that went lo highlight both of those Issues for the
10 have been raised regarding the Olness ol one 01 10 Court's consideration In considering the requesled
11 more of the co.trustees of those IMTs. Again, I 11 relief. Thank you.
1?. know nothing of the baokground, the unde1Jylng 12 THE COURT: Okay. Thank you, I appreciate
13 faots, but the other Issue that Jhe Court should 13 that, Mr. t:ebot. Thon, Ms. Maobonald, you'1e
he a1vare of when II considers this requested 14 going to be arguing?
16 relief Is Ute fact lhat the Albert J. Grazzlnl 16 MS. MACDONALD: Well, I Just want to eay
1e Revokable Trust, speclllcally IM coUUetces of 16 based on his comments I don'l lhlnk lite Courl has
17 lhal trust, are subject lo the conthiulng judicial 17 any )\lllsdlollon whatsoever lo grant Ms. Mr.
10 supervision of tho Hennepin County P1obate Court. 10 Ruokt's attorney's mollon to have payments jusl be
19 In fact, there's an open Ille In whloh I have a 10 made lo her client. l don'I think !here's any
20 hearing on taler today In front of Referee Dean 20 jurtsdlotlon to do lhal and I would request t11at
21 Maas, pertaining lo the lmst. To the exlMl ?..1 Iha! mollon be denied.
22 there are concerns regarding whal may or may not
22 THE COURT: Okay, Ms. tlllott, anylhlng
23 have happonod to assels held by the IMTs or 23 else?
24 concerns about ruture dlstrlbullons by my client 24 MS. ELLIOTT: Your Honor, I think this Court
to the IMTs, first of all, !he colrustees share! 26 does have )urlsdlollon. Righi sllll In
21Qf3?. Shl'lo1S Pogo 10 t6 0.1or123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 104 of 209
8?. 04
1 a family court proceeding that has Jurlsdlcllon 1 sole temporary solo physical and legal custody
?. over Iha assels or the pa.lies and the children, 2 of tho minor child, Nico. He's the one that has
3 and we're not asking that these assets be awarded 3 beon Jiving wllh Tami Love and has been teunlflod
4 lo Respondent but simply Ilia! he be nainad as Iha 4 wllh hie father. The relallonshlp Is doing very
s sole lrnslee. Wo don't as far as we know, tho 6 well and we would Ilka the roslrlcllons the( are
0 IMTs Iha! were al US flank, those were the ones 6 contained Ill !he most recent order, I bellovo It's
1 that were Jn existence were olosed. So If Ms. 7 from October ol 2012 llfted and thal he be awarded
6 GrazzlnlRuokl opened MW ones, we don't know 0 cue(ody of Nico,
0 where !hey are. So, If Mr. Rucki Is a co'lruslee, e The next few, Number 4, flndlhg Pelllloner In
10 he cerlalnly has a right lo lhal lnformallon If 10 cMI constructive olvll conlempl ol tho Court's
11 !hero aro nddlllonal trusts Jn exlslonce for !he 11 August 6, 2012 order Iha! she failed to complele
12 children, However, If lhore aio ony further 12 her psychologloal evaluallon by Dr. Mllllnaker.
13 dlslrlbullons given whal has happened and In lac! 13 And If she has, !hen we usk Iha! she be ordered lo
14 he would be line for the appolnllng of a neulral H provldo Iha! lo Dr. Gllbortson, I widersland now
16 lrustee as Jong as It's not Ms. GrnzzlnlRuckl or 16 Iha! 11\ele's going lo be a c11stody evaluallon, a
10 aomebody lhal she's assoolaled wllh. I Jusl wan! 16. lo! of !his wlll be lied lnlo lhal ralher than
1'/ !hose assets protected and I'm afraid based on Jho 17 ordorlng her to complele a new one wllh Or.
16 11Jstory or this case Iha! If !here are any assets 10 Mllllnaker, leave that to !he d!sorellon of tho
19 distributed and Ms. Graz?.lnlRuckl Is a co-lruslee 19 cuslody evalualor If lhal's who the evaluator
20 or a truslee of Jhoso l\lnds, !hey will be gone. 20 wants to 11se lo ralher than relnvonllng !ho
21 THE COURT: Okay. 'fhen 'is everybody 21 wheel, al least have !hem slarl or conduct one
n anyone else have any further nood for Mr. Zebel? 22 themselves.
23 (No response) 23 Five, ordering !hat Pelllloner nol be allowed
24 THE COURT: All rlghl. Thank you very rnucJ1 24 lo have any conlael wllh !he minor children unless
25 tor yo11r pallence here Ihle morning. 26 eupa1vlsad by Dr. and we believe this
83 $(;
1 MR. ZEBOT: Thank you for your lime, Your 1 Is sl\e'e conllnulng lo have lnlluence on !he
?. Honor. 2 children against lholr lalhor.
3 MS, MACDONALD: l do wan! lo no(e for !he 3 Six, ordering Pelllloner lo have no
4 record, l old soa Iha sUp11lalod or<ler. Ms. 4 unsupervised contact unlll she's completed her
5 Grozzlnl wasn't Involved In n and we ob)ecl lo 6 psycllologlcal evaluallon and lollowlng any
6 Iha! order. Again, we do nol feel like !he courl e recommondollons ol Iha! psychqlogloal avaluallon.
7 has any Jurlsdlollon In !his mailer lo order Wells 7 Thal Dr, Gllbor(son and the guardian and the
6 Fargo to do anylhlng, 6 oustody evaluator In this case be allowed lo have
e Tl1B COURT: Okay. All rlghl. Then, Ms. e any and all records of therapy of ellher parly
10 Ellloll,wllh respect lo the rest of !he relief, 10 lnoludlng Pellllono(e JherapV wlih Life
11 MS. ELLIOTT: Thank you. Order N\1mber 2 In 11 Development Resouroes. We understood she was
12 our nollca of motion and mollon roqueellng Iha! 1?. seeing !hem for a period of lime. We don'! know
13 !he lour youngonl of Jhe parlles' minor ohlldren 13 If sl10 sllll ls. We would Ilka the experts In
14 Jlrnl are presently In Jhe ouslody and oare of 14 this oase lo have access to \hose records.
15 Nancy Olson be placed wllh Tami Love, and whether 16 Tho next one orderhig oh Pelllloner
10 we do Iha! a low al a lime, maybe Iha two younger 10 was ordored (o par\lclpale hl parent approaching
17 ohlldron lnlllally, and !hen gradually get the two 17 lhoropy, Iha! was anoJher aHempl we lrled and
1a older girls moved over. We undarsland this has lo 18 Petitioner never followed through. So slnoe she
10 be acooinpllshod al Ms. Olson's request over !he 10 hasn'l followed Iha court orde1, fllldlng her In
26 next couple of weeks and we're cerlalnly willing, 20 oonslrnotlve civil conlempt of !hat or\ler as wall
21 and Me. t.ovo Is wllllng, to do whatever Is 21 unless she can provide proof !hat she did.
22 necaeoery In order lo Ilia! happen In an 22 N.lno, ordering Iha! Respondenl be allowed lo
23 expe<llllous bu! considerate manner so the ohlldron 23 retain his passport book wllh the U.S. Depmlmenl
24 can adjust. 24 of Sla(e, He's received nollce Ills passport Is
25 Second, we're asking !hat Mr. Ruokf be given 26 going to Ile rescinded because the ohlld
f'<ige 87. lo 85 or 1?.3
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 105 of 209
86 00
1 Issue Is sill! out there which was tlod lnlo the 1
the kids he's going to need to gel Iha! Oxed and
?. properly division, but ll's hard to explain !hat ?.
have a vehicle ha can transport them which Is part
3 to the chlld support offlce as well as the 3
of \he reason why we \1ansretred lhol vehicle to
passport. I think we can gel that resolved If we 4 Pelllloner al Iha! lime.
have annal evldenllaryhearlng on lllls If that 0 Petllloner has claimed lhal she Is deslllule
0 sllll Isn't rosolvod at Iha! point. But In lho 0 and has no money and In fact J believe she's filed
meenllme, we'd like him lo have accoss to Ills 7
an affidavit to proceed In this case Jn forma
e passport. 8 pnupor!s, yet she seems to find more and more
0 Number ten, Petitioner or Respondent was 0 monies to relaln allomoya' foos and to continue
10 awarded the Disney llmeshare as part of !he 10
the expense and lenglhen lhls llll9ollon, so we'd
Judgment end decree of November 7, 2012. They 11
her to disclose where fl Is she's gelling the
12 need a dooumenl signed. ll's a llmes11are so !hoy 12
funds lo do this WhM she oon't afford apparently
don'! oporale by court order from MlnnesoJa. They 18 to pay for a cuslody eval11ullon, therapy for the
have provided us wflh docwnenls that lhoy need 14
children, and anything else !he Court has ordered
16 Petitioner to sign so we're asking !he Co11rt to 16
!hat's necessary lo get lhese pa1fles on wllh
order her to sign 11 In your presence today. We 16 their lives. And Jo lhal same extent, we're
1Y have !he doc11menls wflh us lo eflocluale that 17 asking !he Court lo order her to exec(1le the
16 transfer or properly. 18
opproprlale authorlzallons so we could oblaln her
10 Eleven, ordering PeUIJoner to exeoute all 10 lax records. We believe she has and always
20 the ap1>roprlate documents allowlno the parlles'
?.O did slgn!ncant essels lhat were undisclosed
21 son, Nico, lo ranow his passport book. He's been ?.1 and we also need lo delormlno what her Income Is
22 gtven an opportunlly to !ravel wllh his muslo mld 22 al soma point when we're figuring out What, and If
?.3 theater group music group at school- to 23 nny, child support Wiii be,
?.4 Italy. His grandparents have agreed to pay !ho 24 THE COURT: Okay. Ms. MacDonald.
28 expense but ho needs to hove his passport book 26 MS. MACDONALD: Yes, Your Honor. Well,
67 69
1 renewed and !hoy can't do that w1t11out both 1
again, I think my mollon has lo be ruled on before
?. parents' consonl. And wo have thnl documonl here 2 IJ\e Com! onn do anything. My cllont has no legal
3 as well. They have an appointment on Thursday al 3 c11stody pursuant to your order. She has no
Minneapolis. Thoy'ro going to nood to oxpodlto 4
tompornry legal cuslody oven of her children. So,
lhe process In order so he can got his passport In 6 now, ll's again o symptom of the slatule and Iha
0 time for !he trip. As part of II, we also need 8 order that she Is now being pulled Into court to
7 copies of bolh sides of Pelllloner's driver's
y sign sonio paperwork relallng lo thS child's
6 license and !hen to sign the consent. 8 passport. I think Iha! ls a clear lndlcallon
0 Number 12, ordo1lng Pelllloner lo disclose 0 of
10 her physfC<ll address. We have Mr phone number 10 THE COURT: Okay.
and she's provided her post office box address bu! 11
.. MS. MACDONALD: -why !he statute's
12 we don'! know a place of residence where she's 12 m1conslllullonal.
13 residing. 13 THE COURT: Po you want to go lhro11gh each
14 Finally, on 1$, asking !he Courl lo order 14 one of Uiese then?
16 Pelllloner lo ralum Iha 2007 Chevy Suburban to 16 MS. MACDONALD: Yeah, I think I also In
1e Respondent, or fn !he allemalive, awarding
1\) my I'm objecting to Iha mollon In !Is onUrety.
17 Respondenl onehelf of the value of lhe 17 And I when something Is unconslllullonal Iha
18 Pelllloner's 200$ Cadlllao \hat she had 18 facts are pretly m11ch lrrefevanl. But l'll lell
19 and owned at \he lime of !he property division In 19
you lhal Ms. Mllllnaker, Ms. i.lranlnl Jells me she
20 Augusl or2012. She failed to disclose that ?.O went to Ms. Mllllnaker a.couple limes. Sile
assel. And, In faol, beoause she olalms ehe 21
brought me u bill. She broughl me a pallent
2?. dldn'I have a oar we ummately agreed that ehe 22 authorization thal says here, cannot give report.
23 would gel the 2007 Chevy $uburban. We undersland 23 She won'! give Me. Graizlnl lho report. Tlla
24 Iha! !here are some meohanlcal Issues with Iha 24 client was seen al out omce signed by someone
26 Suburbe11but1 ihlnk If my ,client Is going lo have 26
else. She's not gelling any records from Ms.
23 of 32. shecyls Page 86 89 of 123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 106 of 209

90 02
1 Mllllnaker and Ille request that you k1101v, 1
what hnppons to lho foreolo$llro bu! there's been
2 Ms. Grazzlnl has not seen her ohlldrel\ for 2 no evtdonco
3 five monlhs, so the fact of the matter llrnt wasn't 3
THE COURT: There was 110 disruption of any
4 the cure for whatever Issues that Ms. Elliott 4
forectosnre proceedings. I doll'! have anY
6 ratod regarding my client, wasl\'t the oure. tt 6
jurisdiction over the foreclosure proceodlngs.
6 ts now, you know; seemingly there's a need now 6 (Otttherecord discussion between Ms.
'/ lo 1eunlry Ms. Grazzlnl wllh her own chlldren. 7
MacDonald and Ms. <lrazzlnlR\rckl.)
And they'1e ellll lwe olafming lhat H's Ms. 6
MS. MACDONALD: Tllo foreclosure proceocllngs,
0 Grazzlnl's faull for some reason. 0
Your Honor, us I underslond "you know, !hose me
10 THE COURT: You've made all those argumenls. 10
all questions. Again, tho fnols oro lrrelevm1I,
11 I vndsrstand all those arguments. 11
yo11 know, what lhe Court did thul day was award
12 MS. MAODONAt.D: And as far as holding 12 her her house and her property and took II away a
13 somebody In civil contempt, okay Mid I saw that 13
week later with no duo process.
!here was somo . a Joi of mollol\s by Ms. Ellloll, 14 COURT: So where OTO WO al with Michelle
16 whal I'm calling lawless mollo11s, because Iha 16
Mllllnaker and Iha psychOlogloal evaluation Iha!
10 slalulo doosn't allow Ii. But we all know aboul 16 was required?
17 the l!oppo (ph) fuotors so If she's here to answer 17 MS. MACDONALD: She saw Miehe/le Mllll11aker
16 to conlempt then we need to deny It and have an
1$ twice.
is ovlde111iary hearl11g on whether she's In contcmpl 19 nit COURT: Okay.
20 or nol. There's been, you know, baseless 20 MS, GRAZZINlRUCKI: 'fhrae times.
21 allogatlons just In Iha words of Ms. Elllotl lo 21 MS. MAO DONALD: And Michelle Mllllnaker won't
22 date aboul, you know, funds and thlnos ol thal 22 talk to her.
?.3 nature. 23 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: It wes completed, Your
24 rHt: COURT: Okay. So 24 Honor. I've lastlflad to this numerous times. It
26 MS. MAODONALD: So I'm jusJ. asking .. 20 has been compleied. It was done.
01 03
1 THE COURT: let me go lhrough each one 1
IHE: COURT: Okay. can you get a copy of
2 then and see lfwe oan'l gel resolution or 2 that?
3 1osponse here. Okay. So, Number 1, oraotually 3 MS. MACDONALD: Why oan't Mlchollo Mllllnaker
4 Paragraph Number?. ordering that tho youngest 4 provide Ii? I don'! know.
6 ohlldren p1esently In the oore of Nonoy Olson be 6 THB COURT: Because lhls ls ..
$ removed and placed with Tami Love, what's your 0 MS. MACDONALD: Michelle Mllllnaker wlll nol
I poslllon on thal? Do you wenl tho children all lo 'I provide a copy lo my ollonl.
0 be 1etumed lo your client? $ 1'fll0: COURT: Why Is thal?
a MS. MAODONALD: Weobjeot lo that, You! 0 MS. MACDONALD: She's saying she needs
10 Ho1w. 10 everything In w1lllng per the state, Mlohol/o
11 THE COURT: Okay. 11 Mllllnaker needs somothlng In wrlllnQ.
12 MS, MACDONALD: We objeol. We want the 12 THE COUR'f: Whal Is It she needs?
13 ohlldren all tho rostrlotlons on paranllng time 13 MS. ORAZZINlRUCKI: A lvtltten Court 01de1.
14 beh1g completely removed. 14 iHE COURT: Okay. So you need a wrllten
16 'fHE OOURT: Okay. And then who gets tho 16 Court Order lo d/rooled to Me. Mllllnakor to
18 kids? Wllere do thoy go? Whete do they live? 18 release
17 MS. MACDONALD: If you vaoato tho 1'1 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: You1 quoullon lhe
16 November 14th order as requested, then you p11t Ms. 18 question was: Did I go? Ms. Elliott acoused me
10 Gmrzlnl baok In Iha position she was In before 10 of numerous things
20 which was In the house end her ohlldren are free 20 THE COURT: No, no, no. We unde1etand you
21 lo go there. ?.1 went.
22 lHE COURT: And 1vhat happens to IM 22 MS, GRAZZINlRUOl(I: But I've gone. I
23 foreclosure proceeding? 23 supposedly It was al1eady submllted to the stole.
2>1 MS. MACDONAt.D: Tho foroolosura proceeding? 24 You guys have already you guys I guess got Ii.
20 'fhey I ouess they were disrupted, I don't know 26 TH1' COURI: Okay, I'm not aware of lhal.
?.4 of 3?. sheet!> 90 to 93 of
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 107 of 209
04 96
1 MS. ORAZZINlRUCl<I: Po we have Mr. Ruckl's? 1
thought she was supposed lo do a11d, you know, she
They keep queellonlng mine. Well, where's his? 2 hasn'I been able lo gel the reporl. So tr Iha
3 JHE COURT: Ms. EllloU. 3 Court wanle Iha report
4 MS. ELLIOTT: YOUI Honor, Ml. Rucki did 4 THE COURT: so there Is a report?
complete II and the compleled report ls Iha 6 MS. OMZZINlRUCKI: I wenl three limes. I
Guardian nd lllem. And from our understanding, 6 wenl lo Michelle ovary limo.
yes, Ms. OmzzlnlRuckl <lid visit wlih Dr. 7
MS. MACDONALD: Thal 1'10\lfCI be !he
Mllllnaker but has nol completed II and hos 0 rosponslblllly of Michelle Mlllinake1. You know,
refused to 00 lo do whal's necossnry to complete I can )usl stalo for tho record, Your Honor, lhal
10 II, 10 Michelle Mllllnakor Is axlremely expensive, number
11 MS, ORAZZINlRUCKI: Yout Honor, I'm 11 one. And, number ahe doee nolhfl\lJ wllhoul
12 requesllng that I oan ohoose to go to anybody else 1?. being paid and she .. I don't kMwwhal her
Md have a more current one done. Oan 1 .. wlll 13
chorgos wore or snythlng like lhol, bUI .. and
the Court honor me that loot loost go lo gel a she's also In most cases what I'd call a hltod
16 dllforent ono dona since we've had so many fssuos 16 gun, bul, you know you know, again ...
wllh Mlcliolle and wo can get a more upIOdnto 16 THE COURT: She wasn't rocommondod 01 chosen
11 one? 17 by ollhar side.
16 me COURT: What Issues lrnvo we had with 10 MS, MACDON/\l.D: Woll ..
1Q Mlchollo? 1Q THE COURT: It was a Join! agreement.
20 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: Well, we're going back 20 Ms. MACDONALD: /\gain, Yow Honor, whatever
?.1 and forth. I'm asking If I can go someplace ?.1 lhe representations woro to tho Court of prior
22 different of my choosing, n counsel, Ms. (lrazzlnl dl<l nol agroe. She
?.3 THE COURT: No, beca11so this was agreed llJ!on 23 cerlnlnly didn't agree lo have .. she dldn'I
24 by Iha pa1Ues. She was agreed upon tllld you've 24 agree.
26 already spent the money and paid for II, I 26 THE COURT: Okay,
1 presume. 1 MS. MACDONALD: And I don'I see anylhlng
2 M$. ORAZZINH1UCKI: I didn't agree upon II, ?. olgnod IJY her.
3 Your Honor. I did no! agree 1rpon Michelle 3 1Htl COURT: Okay. Number 5 lhon, any
4 MllilnnMr. 4
disagreement? I think I know your poslllon on
6 TflE COURT: I'm not going to got Into a 6 thal. Number 6?
dlspule about who ogrood, but on yo111 behalf your 0 MS. MACOON/\t.D: Well, obviously, she wants
7 attorney agreed and lhnt's who was chosen. I 7 conlacl wllh her children, you know, llbornlly and
0 dldn'I choose her. 0
freely so lo say no uns11peivlsed conlacl Is
9 MS. ORAZZINlRUCKI: And I'm asking lo have a 0
fusl you've already taken away all her contact
10 more upIOdala one, Your Honor. 10 vAlh lhe children and 11\o children's school so
11 THg COURT: Woll, I think an uplo-dele one 11 H's superlluo11s. We asking that all ol har
12 would be dona by Dr. Gliborlson encl whoever we 12 liberty rights her children be given to her
13 find to do Iha custoc!y evaluallon. 1a oo we obviously approve of 11ns11poivlsed .. no
14 MS. (JRAZZINlRUCl<I: So are you My/Ilg I 14 uhsupoivlsod conlaof,
16 cannot have a second opinion or a choice In \he 16 COURT: Okny. Number 7.
10 mallor? 16
MS. MACDONALD: Ms. Grnzzlnl Is lolling me
17 Ifill COURT: I'm saying lhnt we're going to .. 17 lhere was no therapy wllh life llevelopmenl
10 he's going lo make a recommendallon. I'm going lo 18 Resources PA.
19 choose somebody off the list and lhey'1e probably 19 'THE COURT: Sile never went there?
20 going to do an updalod one !hen. so, what are you 20 MS. ORAZZINlRUOl(I: Thero WAS no lhernpy
21 tolling mo, Ms. om21.lnlR11okl, lhat illore Is no 21 done I here. 'There was no therapy done lhoro.
22 report? II wasn't compleled? 22 1Hf; COURT: Did you ever go lhere?
23 MS, MAOPONA!.D: Your Honor, !hero Is .. Whal MS. ORAZZINlRUOl<I: Yes, I wont there lo
?.4 I'm going to tell you Is that Michelle Mllilnaker, 24 talk lo lhom about lhls case w11lch they wore
?,6 sho won! to hor lhree limes. Sha diet what she ?.6 already aware of what was going on horo.
lS cf 32 sheets Pago !M to P1f12;1
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 108 of 209
98 100
1 THG COURT: Okoy. And l\OW many limes did you
1 an Immediate l!aMrer rn OctobervAlh Ms.
2 90?
2 Ellloll's order -- your order didn't even come out
3 MS. ORAZZINlRUCl<J: J lalked lo Michelle 3 unlll November 14th.
4 Forniberg (ph). I can't say exactly, 4
THli COURT: Okoy. Do you have !he documents
0 'fHE COURT: You don't k1\0Vi? 6 MS. ELLIOIT: l do, Your Honor.
0 M$, GRAZZJNlRUOl<I: No, I can't say sxoctly, 0
THE COURT: Then, Ms. GrazzlntRUckl I'm
7 THE COURT: Woll, more than once? 7 going lo l1ave you sign those documenls and !hen.
0 MS. ORAZZINlRUCl<I: I con'! soy oxacliy. 0
Iha Court will hOld them In escrow so tospeok
0 MS. MACDONALD: Mora !hon once? 0 unlll I rule on the olher ts sues.
10 MS. GRAZZINlRUOl<J: I can'! say ror sure. 10 MS. liLLIOIT: Your Honor, I've gono through
11 THE: COURT: Well, I'm not cross-examining 11 Iha document, and
12 you. 12 'IHE COURT: AU rlghl,
13 MS. GRAZZJNl-RUGl<I: I'm saying, Your Honor, 13 MS. t:LLIOTT: lhe spot where Ms. Grazzlnl
14 I do not want to Jmplomont (slo) mysoU by saying 14 Rucki needs lo sign.
16 somolhlng wrong so I can't say ror sure. I went
16 THE COURT: Okay. Ms. MocPonald, could you
16 !here one limo. I guarantee I wen! there oM
16 have your client sign Jhal, please?
17 lime.
17 MS. ORAZZINlRUCKI: Your HonOI, would yo\!
18 T ~ COURT: All right. Number G. 10
please wrlle I! Into wrlllng because this ls a
19 MS. MACDONALD: Number G, ordering Pelllloner
19 request by Iha IRS and lha Minnesota tJeparlmont or
20 lo provide for !his Court all recotds or hOr
20 Revenue lhat I do nolhlng rro111 tha bench, thal I
21 parenllng coach lherapywllh Dr. l<aron lrvlne, 21 do have II In wrlllng from you.
22 another exponslve person 22 THE COURT: It will be In 1vrlllng, II will
23 MS. GRAZZtNlRUOKI: And, yes, I did go to 23 be port or my order.
24 Karen Irvine's appointment. 24 MS, GRAnlNlRUOl<I: Wnal Is II going Jo
2fi MS. MACDONALD: Okay. 26 slate, thal you Court 01dered me to do II?
99 101
1 MS. OMZZINlRUCKI: So ll'e m1olhor false 1 THE COURT: Thal I Court ordered you lo sign
accuselion, Your lionor. I'm IJelng accused or not 2
3 doing these things, and I am doing these !hinge. 3 MS. ORAZZINlRUCl<I: So In your order you're
4 THg COURT: Well, I think we all agree that 4 going Jo spsolflcally stale Iha! I did ihls
you did those, and now boe11use we ordered you 6 against iny wlll because I do not want to sign
0 to do Iha!, then all we need ls lo obtain records. 0 Ihle. I'm against signing lhls. This Is not what
7 I think that's whal !hey are asking for. so we 7 I agreed to. I wanl lhal on the record.
0 )usl neod you to cooperate In oblalnlng lhoso 0 1Hg COURT: Okay.
9 records so lhal lhe guardlM 001\ havo thoso. 0 MS. ORAZZINlRUCKI: I did not agrno to any
10 MS. MACDONALO: And 10 ol lhls and you'ta ordering mo to sign over more
11 THE COURT: Okay, N\imbar 10. 11
property and you'10 going to wrlle Iha! In your
12 MS, GRAZZJNlRUOl<J: Your Honor, I'd IJe more 12 ordor? so wo'10 clear, I'm signing this egolnst
13 than happy lo C\loperala Ir thoywould give me Ille 13 myv.ill?
14 records. I'm doing my bes! to coopernle wllh Iha 14 1HE COURT: Yap.
16 Court. 16 MS. GRAZZINl-RUCl<I: (Signing document).
16 THg COURT: Okay. 1e MS; MACDONALD: And, Your Honor, my
1'/ MS. GMZZINlRUGl<I: Sho sold I dldn'J go. I w underslandlng rs you're going to hold II?
10 told you I won!. 10 lH!l COURI: Yes.
1Q MS. MACDONALD: Numbor 10 men, lh Disney 10 MS. MACOONAUJ: In escrow?
20 timeshare. I llllnk lhal, You1 Honor, there again, i.o MS. GRAZZINlRUOKI: Okay. Again, I'm
J ?.1 I need my motion to be heard a_nd ruled on IJocnuse, 21 signing complololy and totolly against my 1vlll.
22 that enlire property solllemenl which was_ undone 22 THE COURT: Thal'e been made clear.
?.3 about a week later whon Mo. GrnzzlnlRuckl was 23 MS. MACDONALD: And, Your Hono1, I'd like a
24 taken out or lhe house so I need mine ruled on 24 copy ofll.
25 borora any lransre1s. In foci, I think there was 26 MS. GRAZZINlRUGl<I: I never ogrMd lo (his,
i.6 of 32 shoo\s P.090 98 l'> 101of123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 109 of 209
102 104
1 Michelle. 1 consent form. We need a copy of hot dtlvet's
2 THF. COURT: Vvllal about the Numbor 11 lhen? 2 llconso, front end back In front of a notary, het
3 M$. MACDONALD: Nfco'e passport 3 signature Jn front or a notary, and -- and Jrwe
4 THE COURT: Any problems? 4 oan'I gel that Your Honor, Ma. love.
6 MS. MACDONALD: Again, l point lo the fact 6 THE COURT: $lalo your nama, please.
e Iha! she should11'l ave11 hava lo ho Court ordered e M$, LOVE: My nama ls Tami Lova. I'm
7 lo sign somelhlng -- 7 guardian of Nico right now. for Iha pMsporl, I
0 nm COURT: t understand that. 8 need tho! docun1ent signed In front of a nolary. I
~ MS. MAODONALO: beoauee ehe doesn't have 9 neod a copy of Iha front and back of her dlivet's
10 any legal custody, so we'ro objoollng. 10 license. Jrwo can't obtain tho!, could you wrlle
11 THE COURT: So you don't want him to travel? 11 a Court order slollng !hat wa woron't able lo
12 MS. GRAZZINl-RUCKI: !"do not want lo elon 12 obtain !hat and we should be abfa to gal his
13 !he PMSPOJl, no. And I don't undersland why MJ. 13 pa66porl wllh a Court 01der.
14 Ruokl needs his passpo1l rolnstatod II he doesn'I 14 THE COURT: Okey, Woll, I'm not gohig to
1U have miy money. 15 punish your son.
1$ MS, MACDONALD: And until shO gols h&t legal 16 MS. MACDONALD: You already have, Your Honor,
17 ouslody back II should have no effeol, oo, again, 17 THE COURT: l appraolote your commenls lhoro,
16 thOl's lhe p1oblem we have here. 10 Ms. MaoDonald, unsollclled ond uncalled roi.
10 THE COURT: All right, Your current physical 10 -MS. MACDONALD; Woll, I'm Just saying
20 address? 20 THE COURT: I don'l lhlnk you neod lo eay
21 MS. ORAZZINlRUCl<I: I do not hnvo one. I 21 anything else.
22 hove a poel offlco box. I hove n phono rn1mber. I 22 MS. MACDONALD: I want you lo recognize
23 hove on email. lhot was thal'e what you 23 JI.
24 ordered and !hat Is what I hove. 24 THE COUf{l': I do. So, Ms. Gra"lnl-Ruckl,
25 THE OOURl: Okay. Ms. EllloU? ?.ll I'm going lo nk you lo sign this (focumonl In
103 106
1 MS. ELLIOTT: Your Honor, first wllh Jespool 1 front of lho olerks downstalro oo !hoy omi
?. to !he paasporl, wi> do nood .. If tho Oourl's 2 nolorlzo Iha!.
3 going lo ordet II, we need a oopy of hot drlvo1's a MS. ORAZZ!Nl-RUCKI: Aro you Oourt otdor/ng
4 llconse, tho front and book. And eha haa lo bo 4 ma, Your Honor, because If I sign II I'm doing II
r; Jiving somewhere, She's nsklno for custoay of tho ll ogalnol my will.
0 children or even pa1enllng limo wllh th children. 6 THB COURT: Yes, ll's a court ordor.
7 Wo have no Idea where she's residing. 7 MS, GRAZZJNlRUOl<J: So you're ordering me to
0 MS. GRAZZJNlRUCl<I: Per !he slate, once I do 0 sign ..
9 got custody they hnvo .. wo already got II 0 THE COUR't': ll's a court order. I'm ordering
10 situated wllh n place to go por tho ODA. Thoy ore 10 you to sign II.
11 Jus\ watllng for tho order from you thn\ I do have 11 MS. GRAZZINlRUOKI: For tho record, ll'e
12 custody of my klda and I wilt have a place lo 12 against my will again.
13, live. I already wo1kod that out wllh !he state. 13 THE COURT: Fino. I also want o copy of the
14 ODA la frwolvod, 14 front and back of your <lrlve1's llcen
15 MS. MAODONALD: Your Honor, again, she was 16 MS. ORAZZINl-RUOKI: I don't have II Wllh mo.
10 ovlolod from her homo lmmedlalely. You signed an 10 THE COURT: How did I know you were going lo
17 ordet Soptombor $lh ovlcllno her September .. r 17 saylhal?
10 mean, I'm sorry, Septombot 7lh evicting her ftom 10 MS. GRAZZ!NlRUCKI: I don't have It wllh me,
10 hor home Septembor 7th ond II ol tha properly In 19 Your Honor,
20 fl. 20 nm COURT: Right.
21 THE COURT: Okay. Do you have Whal 21 MS. GRAZZINlRUCJ<I: I did not drive.
?.?. dooumenls do you need for lhls passport? 22 THS OOUR't': Okay. We'll Issue nn order then
23 MS. l!LLIOTT: YourHono1, we've got !he 23 Oll lhal.
24 elalement of consent for p o c l ~ I clrcumslances. I 24 MS. Et.t.IO'll: And we don't have .. wo don't
2() think we need two things. We need her to etgn !ho 26 have a lot of lime beoauoe oven now we're going lo
PagG 102 to 105 of l23
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 110 of 209
106 10$
1 have It expodllod and I highly doubt even wllh a 1
slolon. Ho fllod Iha false police report.
2 Court order Iha! she's going lo.provide us wlih a 2 THE COURT: Who has lhe Ulla lo Iha vehicle?
3 copy or her drlvet'e license aJ\d - 3 MS. ELLIO'fl: I bellevo I provided lhat lo
THE COURT: No, I lhoughl I could l&sue a 4 Ms. Henry.
Court order wllhoul havlno a dllve1's llcenso. 6 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: No. She guve mo all !he
0 MS. LOW:: Ho Illes oul al lhe end of March 0
documenls. She speclncally staled she does 1101
so we have an appolnlmenl lhls Thursday lo go lo 7 have Ii. I spoke wllh her.
0 Mlimoapolls lo gel 11 In limo. 6
THE COURT: Do you have a lransmlllal falter
0 THE COURT: Okay. Tho Court's going lo Issue 9 or?
10 a separnlo order saying lhal lho Iron! aM back 10 MS. SL.l.IOTT; 'fhls ls lho llrsl I've haard
license of Iha 1nolher Is nol nvnlloblo and lhnl 11
lhnl lho Hiio had nol been l1ansfer(0(f, so I can
12 she's no! provided lhal to Iha Court and Is nol l?. look lo sea If I've gol aolllelhlng -- I'm sure
13 available today, so lhn! II shall be Issued 13 MS. GRAZZINl-RUCKI: II olso has a false
14 wllhoul !hol .. wllhoul lhe photocopy. M
police report of being a elolen vehicle, Your
16 MS. GRAZZINlRUCl<I: Your Honor, may I pince 16 Honor.
16 on lhe record lhel H's nol lllal I'm not able lo, 16 MS. ELLIOTT; Thal's false. There's no
17 I can'I produce II. I don'l lwve II (o produce. 11
police reporl lhal lhe suburban was stolen.
16 ll's nol lhal l'M nol doing whal you say. I don'I 18 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: Yos, !here Is.
19 have II. 19 Lakeville Police Depailmonl.
20 THE COURT: Righi. 20 THE COURT: Lakevllle Police Deparlmenl.
21 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: And If you don'I believe 21 Then, Mr. Rucki, If you could call-
22 me, you can oheok lhe DMV. 2?. MR. RUCKI: I went In lo lnlk lo !hem oiler
23 THE COURT: Okay. So befOre you leave lhe
lhe one lime we were In Cou1t maybe a couple
24 courlhouse he1e today I wan! you lo go down !here 24
monlhs ago. She liad sloled Iha! II disappeared,
25 wllh your allorney and Ms. Elllolt downslalrs to
gone, and Iha! lhe junk yard had II, so I
1 find .. haven nolary wllness your slgnaluro. 1 wenl around lo all 1110 Junk yards and found oul
2 Okay. Number 13 lhen, you do have lho 2007 Chovy ?. lhey won'l lako anything seven years or newer
3 Suburban? 3 wllhoul !Ille. I know lhal my altornoy had the
4 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: It's being held l>y a 4
Ulla. I wen( lo lhe Lokovlllo Police Deparlmenl
5 msohenlo because lhoro'$ lhousands of dollars due 5 to lalk lo lhem aboul If we could llnd !his
$ lo towing and work on II and ali lhal. Theywon'I 6 vehlolo, and thal If It showed up .. because II
7 releMe II unlll ll's ell paid for. 7 wos before winter If II showed up In a pmklng
0 THE COURT: Okay. And you lmvan't boon using 8 lol lhut I be notified. We talked aboul a slolen
0 It? 0
report and lhoy sold they wouldn't do Iha!. And I
10 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: Well, In November when 10 said, well, II It does show up somewhere, oan I be
11 Mr. Ruokl flied wllh lho Lakeville Police 11 nollfled? And !hey sold yes.
12 Deparlmenl lhat II was a stolen vehicle afler yo11 12 THE COURT: Okay.
13 awarded II lo me, lhey lold ma even If I gel II 13 MS. 0RAZZINlRUCl<I: Can I lmve the lllle,
14 running and all lhal lhal If l'ni ca11ghl <!riving II 14
Your Honor, so I oan hopefully have a car lo
16 I will be arresled beoauso Mr. Rucki refused lo 1li drive.
16 give me lhe lllle. 1'he DMVwas unable lo do a 16 lHE COURT: Yes, you oan have lho llllo. Ms.
17 forc9d lllle on II even though I showed lhem lhe 17 Ellloll said sho gavo II to Ms. Henry.
1e CoUJI order lhat sakl I owned II. I would like lo 16 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: Ms. Henry does nol have
be able to lix 11. I do not own a vehlole. They 10 the llllo, Your Honor.
20 claim this Escalnde Is mlno. II ls nol mine. 'fhe 20 THE COURI: I hen we need Ille parties to
21 Hilo lfansrerwas dono on May 20111 or2012whlch 21 cooperate and talk to eaoh olhor lo create a new
22 Is on record wllh lhe OMV. I don't have a car. I 22 lllle.
23 wo11lcl like to fix Iha svbmban, If possible, so I ?.3 MS. Whal should I do about
oan gel II to drive. au1 I need Mr. R11ekl lo give 24 lhe police? Can you give me somelhlng slating
26 mo Iha Ulla and nollfy lhe police lhal ll's nol 26 Iha! ll's nol stolen so I can bring II Ir\ because
1.8 of 32 shecls
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 111 of 209
110 112
1 lll81e WM a ro1>01t flied. 1
yostordny, so, agoln, ll's onothor symplon of a
2 COURT: 'Mlere ls II 1lghl now'/ 2
problom, eomo random thlnga lloppenlng.
3 MS. CRAZZINlRUCKI: A meohanlo's got II oul 3
THE COURT: Okey. So why ere these subpoenas
4 In Burnsville. 4
bolng Issued or whet are we --whal'a under --
6 THE COURT: WMl's lho name? 5 MS. MACDONAlO: Well, llrnl'e for, you know,
6 MS, ORAZZINl-llUCKI: Hie name Is Slim. 6
the court to decide. She's asking (or VMlous
7 THE COURT: What's tho nomo of the" 7 bank"'
0 MS. GRAZZINlRUOl<I: Thal' tho nanie of a 6 TME COtJRT: Woll, the Court dldn'l lsouo the
0 mochanlo. He'e a friend of a friend, 9
subpoenas. Wllal ls Iha purposo of Iha subpoonos?
10 THE COURT: Okny. All rlglll. Ms.-MacDonold, 10 MS, CRA7.7.INlRtJCKI: To rehiove lnformallon,
any olher response lo tho remaining paragraphs hl 11 Your Honor,
12 !he motion? 12 COURT: Woll, based on whet .. wl>ul's
13 MS. MACDONAl.D: Again, Your Honor, In lookhlO 13 before tho Court on where we would consider --
14 al !ho order and comparing II lo Iha slelule, I 14
Ms. ORAZZINl-RUCl<I: I havo ISS\IOS wllh Iha
16 don't bollove that lho Court has slaluloiy 16 Minnesota Depa111nont Of Reve11ue. I have lssuos
16 m1lhorl1y to do ony of those thh1os. 16
with tho IRS and odvooeles. They ate going to
17 THE COURT: Okay. A11d !he motion had . 17 havo lo go through Mt. Ruckl's lnformallon bocnuso
1Q okay, Ms. Ellloll )us! flied a mollon denying .. 10 of Iha J&D and whet was Issued ond I was loft wllh
10 roquosllng !ho denial of averylhlng In 10 nothing. 11 makos II very confushig to !hem, so I
20 ro1f11ono1's mollml aM then flied anolhor mollon 20 mean, they are going lo pull all !he recordo. I'm
?.1 sooklng to <1uash the subpoenas, Okay. Ms. ?.1 lrylng to pul toge\1101 something to show lh&nl, you
22 Ellloll. 22 know, that he does have money, Ho's never
23 MS. ELLIOTT: Yea, Your Honot. We did mo 23 produced any of II, as muol1 ao Mo. flamy did ask
24 our molloll, t beltevo II was on f'1lday when wo 24 and Iha Court novor hold him In C-Onlompl for not
26 discovered that Ms, Grn,,lnlRuckl served five, I 25 producing Iha doo11monts. So I'm trying lo gel
111 113
believe, subpoenas with no 11ollco to ue, no nollco 1 aomo lnformallon nboul wlrnl Is going on lo produce
2 of toking deposlllon. We <ound out when wo wore 2 lo lhe Court end to tho stale of Minnesota.
3 chocking court rocords lhnt lhoso subpoenas had 3 That's nil I'm trying to do,
4 boon soNod In conttadlcllon to tho Minnesota 4 And as for how I lssuod them, I did them
5 Rules of Civil Procoduro 46,02 and so we'ro 5 exactly tho way I wnlohed Mo. Ellloll do this, how
6 asking the Court to quash them first based on lhal 6 sho Issue, when sho soncls lhom fo my attorney,
7 lhal ehe felled to follow lhs Rules of Civil 7 when sho nollfloe my allomoy, ll's usually a week
8 Procedure. And, eeconlf. all of tho !HUiios' 6 lo twowooks aflet lhoy'vo lhe doposlllon's
p1opo1ty end flnanctol mnltors have boon resolved. 9 al1eady taken plae-0 eo J assumed that was tho
10 She's subpoenaed t<lng Conslruollon, severol banke, 10
properwny booauso !hofs how sho's olwoye oerved
11 asking for tooerds from 2oio, 2011and2012 which 11 my atlomay. They didn't find 011t unlll woeks
12 ere lrtalovont lo any proooodlnge wo have going 12 oiler. So, I do oxacllywhat aha'o bean doing.
10 lomaru. We bellevo It's jual ogoln more of 10 A lo the wny tho document was Oiled end the lime
14 Pellllone(o allsn1pl lo lncreMo lho coat and 14 frame, I did It exuolly the way Ellfoll's nlways
16 longlh of lhls llllgollon. 16 done It. I as sumo If Iha court accepts !he way
16 THE COURT: Ms, MooDonald. 10 she <loes 1111 must bo cormot.
11 MS, MACDONALD: My undorslalldlng, Your Honor, 1.7 !HE COURT: Okay. Anything also on the
10 ls that Ms. CrezzlnlRuokl got the subpoenas 16 subpoenas?
signed and eho prosonled 111em exaolly the way aha 19 MS. ELLIOTT:. Nothing, Your Honor, except !or
20 has seen Ms. Elllolt. And nobody showed up. 'fho 20 that lt'e untrue lhal wo <Ion'! p1ovlde C-Oplos of
21 only- Iha ono parson llml provided doouments to 21 \ho nollce of deposlllon unill weeks after we
22 tho Court wae tho ono !lank. So, you know, what ?.2 received them. Wo serve tho nolloa of Iha
23 she was told when oho oullod the elark Is you'1e 23 eubpoonas along wllh lho nolloo of taking
24 nol going to rnla on tho motions to quash unlll ?.4 <loposlllon, !hon wo gol lho documenle and !hen wo
26 today, whfoh I boltevo the documents were due 25 provide tho doc110101\ls afte1 wo rooelva them.
29 $hoel(: Pago 110 to 1J:l ol 123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 112 of 209
114 116
1 Typically lhe deposlllon doesn't go roiward 1 before Illa! In AUgust. .
2 because we get Iha documents In Heu of Iha 2 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: I've received all lhe
3 deposlllon. We received no notice of anything 3 documents from Lisa Henry and they are not In
4 unlfl we checked on lhe courl records. And copies 4 lhora, Your Honor.
6 of Iha vasl majority of _the_se dooumenls were 6 THE COURT: Okay. Can you provide lhe 2011
6 provided to Ms. Henry by my otnce and I can 6 lax returns lo Ms. GronlnlRuokl?
7 provide If the Court wants the correspondence 7
M$. HLIOTT: Yes, and I'm assuming sl10 has
sending these documents over. Bui al this poJnl, 6 lo provide copies lo us as well for 2011?
0 they were all disclosed, they were here when we 0 THE coURr: Yes. You can do lhal. Did you
10 were ready for Irle! In August of 2012. We're nol 10 me 2011?
11 suro what she's looking for and we cettalnly 11 MS. GRAZZINl-RUCl<I: No.
1?. obJeol lo hor providing lllY cllenl's pe1sonal 12 1'HE COURT: 2010?
13 flnanolal records lo Iha slate of Minnesota 13 MS. No.
14 wllhoul his a\1lhorlzallon. She's already 14 THE COURT: 2009?
16 disseminated his personal financial Information, 15 MS. GRAZZINlRUCl<I: Thal was Join!. He had
16 soolol secmlly -
. 16 lhoee.
17 MS. GRAZZINl-RUCl<I: No, I did nol. And II 17 IHE COURT: Did you me Joint 2009?
16 was never p1oved In a court of law. You had no 10 MS. ELLIOTT: Yes.
19 wllnessee. You had 80 days lo produce, so I think 19 MR. RUOl<I: Yeah, we've always done taxes.
20 we should Jusl qtlash lhal part right now. That 20 'nlE COURT: Wilen did you las! flle join!?
21 was never proven. It was thrown out. I didn't do 21 MS. ELLIOlT: 2010 Is done as well. Thal was
22 II and you know 11. 22 joint, 2011 and 2012 ere lhe ones Illa! wo'ro
?.3 THE COURT: Okay. I'll lake lhal mailer 23 hying lo obtain.
24 under advlsomenl. Any olhor mollons? 24 MS. MACDONALD: Your Honor, )usl for lhe
?.6 MS. ELLIOTT: No, Your Honor, for the 25 rocord, they 11/ed joint laxeo, and has a
1 ullorneys' fees. Oh, we do have Iha aulhorlzallon 1 job. I meon, all lho laxes are going to show as
2 here Iha! we need lo have her sign so we oun get 2 Iler )ob al lhe airlines. They are nol she
3 Ms. OrazzlnlRuokl' taxes so we oan lfnd Iha 3 didn't life any laxes on behalf of any lrnsls or
4 lnformallon about GFP and the other assets that 4 anything like that.
6 were nol disclosed p1lor lo lrlal lhal were 6 THE COURT: Okay, Well, al the point lhal
6 reserved In pml of lhe judgment and decree. 6
anybody has flied taxes, you're lo provide those
7 THE COURT: All right. Where are both 7 copies to the olher party, okay?
6 parties al In !fling your 2012 Income tax returns? 0 . MS. ELLIOTT: And, Your Honor. If I could
9 MR. RUCl<I: Mine are genernlly delayed unlll 0
have her sign tho milhorlzallon from McGlade1y
10 about September )usl for Iha company purpose. 10 (ph) because lllal's we know lhal's who sho used
11 THg COURT: Whnl's lhe company purpose? 11
In lhe past. And we believe she has Ille(! laxes
12 MR. RUCKI: '!'hat's how !l's always been done. 12 for 2011 and '12, and lhal would lncluda Iha lrusl
13 II J11sl glvos Iha accountant more lime lo put II 13 taxes and we havo llrnl aulhorlzalfon vfilh us
14 all logolhor. today.
1() THE COURT: You need to speak oul loud. 15 COURT: Woll, you flied lho 2011?
16 MR. RUCKI: !l's going lo be flied l<&K 16 MS. <:JRAZZINlRUOKI: Your Honor, I did not
17 oonlraolfng. I'm a parlne1, an employee of Iha 17 tlle In 2011. I did not Ille 2012. No. I lola
10 company. I Clon't solely I'm a minor parlnor. 16 you I didn't. There Is no trust (axes. There Is
19 I'm not moJorlly. And taxes will be done Jn 19 no taxes. There Is no personal taxes. You gave
20 September. We flied for an extension. 20 Iha company lhal we owned lo him, remember?
21 IHE COURT: Ms. GrazzlnlRuokl, have you ?.1 THI: COURT: Yep.
22 recalve1I Mr. Ruokl's 2011 tax returns? ?.?. MS. GRAZZINl-RUCKI: So, I don't have
23 MS. ORAZZINlRUCKI: No, I have nol, Your 23 anything.
24 Honor.
24 MS. MACDONALD: And also, Your Honor, you
?.6 Ms. ELLIOTT: Yes, wa did. We provided those 25 know, If all of lhe properly was resolved, why Is
30 er 32 Pago iJ4 t9 i17 cf 17.3
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 113 of 209

1 discovery even al\ Issue right now? Just a 1
have ell thal. I have all Iha means necessary lo
2 quosllon. 2 do It I Jusl need !he order from you.
3 Tfli; COURT: aeoR1rse !hero's sllll unaccounled 3 THE COURT: I \IOdoreland lhnl. And wflftl I
4 assets oul there. 4
need from lhe parties Is lo coopernle wllh tho
6 MS. OMZZINl-RUOl<I: Wl\Oro ore !hoy? 6
therapy, counseling, psychologleol
6 MS. 8ll.IOTI: So, Your Honor, If she dldn'I 6 evalualloM. This Is nol lhnl hnrd lo understand.
1 file taxes for 2011 and '12 she should have no '/ We have Issued thoso from tho vory beginning In
0 problem signing this aulhorlzallon and we could a
this case as recommended by tho Guardian ad I.Item
0 find llrnl out for oureelves. 0
when she Orsi got on this case, and then further
10 THE COURT: Okay, Tllank YO\I. I Wiii loko 10
recommended by ovary lhomplsl lhal vie have sent
11 all !he mollons under odvlsomonl. 11 lho porllos to.
1?. MS. Your Honor, could wo have her 12 MS. GRAZZINlRUOl<I: And I've compleled all
13 sign this nulhorlzollon again, pull Iha! wllh Iha 13 mlno.
olher one imlll you docldo Iha! Issue? 14 TH5 COURT: And you say youY& complotod II
16 MS. MACDONALD: I'm ob)ecllng to !hat. I'm 16 nnd yet we don'I hove a report.
10 objecllng lo 10 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: Vvllal can I do If lhey
17 COURT: I'm not going 17 <ion't give !hem to me.
10 MS. MACDONALD: any lype of eulhorlzallon. 10 IHE COURT: VV111ch Jusl baffles this Gour!.
19 COURT: I'm nol going to have her sign 19 MS. MACDONALD: Your 1 lonor, she wasn't
20 thal al lhls polnl In limo. 20 even you know, Iha guardian ro11orts slie wasn't
2t MS. MACPONAl.O: lhank you, Your Honor. And I 2f oven privy lo .. so again she had attomeys ..
22 do won! lo apo!ogl7.a for the comment I made 22 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: ) gave to my ollorney
23 earlier. 23 lho loller from Mlchollo Mllllnsker refusing lo
24 COURT: Now 24 give II lo mo. I don't knowwhal moroyouwant mo
25 MS, MAOIJONAl.O: II was uncalled tor. 26 lodo.
119 121
1 THE COURT: Now, whore Is Mr. G!lberlson. Is 1 IHE OOURf: Okay.
2 he In Iha 2 MS. <3RA2ZINlRUCKI: As for Karen Irving,
3 MS. El.LIO'fl": Your Honor, wa do !lava one 3 you'ro going lo have to get II from her. 'flloy
4 house-keeping Issue. If you recall, !hero's Iha 4 rofusa to relooso unylhlng lo ma.
6 criminal contempt chargo agolnsl Mr. Rucki for him 6 COURT: Okny.
0 going to Iha children's eohool. Thal has been ra 6 MS. GRAZZINlRUCl<I: I don't know whoso ordor
7 scheduled In Apple Wiiey loclay al 1:30 for a 1
ls lolling lhom not lo but lhsy say !hey can't.
0 pralclul. We didn't wo thought !his was uolng 0 COURT: Well, !hon all you need to do le
0 to be a m11ch simpler mollon ol lho lime II was o. ask why can'l lhay. llo you naocl an aulhorlzollon
10 med, nnd so we'd need either on orde1 wo 10 from yo11? Do they need payment from you In full?
11 conlacled Iha Court lo lei them knowwa'ro hara 11 Do !hoy .. Whal do lhey neod?
12 and mosl likely won'! be making tt 11\oro. Bui II 12 MS. GRAZZINlRUCKI: Hnve ..
13 we oan Jusl got an order ornnllng a conllnuance ol 13 HIE COURT: Woll, It's .. you're In Iha
lhal we oan gel a date from Iha court H
perfocl poslllon lo find oul ahcl all you hnvo lo
16 admlnlslralor In Appia Valley. I've gol lho court 16 do Is make ona phono oo!I.
16 Ille number. 16 MS. MACDONALD: 11' not lhal elmplo .
17 'fHE COURT: Okoy. Mr. Goldberg. 17 THE COURT: We need to know why.
16 MR. GOLOOtiRG: Your Honor, Ms. Olson would 16 MS. MACDONALD: .. v<lion you have on ordor
19 Ilka to knowwhn\'a going lo happen will\ Iha 19 llrnl .. ue Just nol Jhat simple.
20 children. Aro We nwalllng your order ll1an, Is 20 rne COURT: Okay. Dr. Gilbertson, are they
21 lhnl whol we're doing? 21 ready to co1M In? Are Iha children ready to come
22 IHE COURT: Yos, 22 In? Aro !hoy oul lhere?
23 MS. <3RAZZINl-RUCKI: Again. Your Honor, )!Isl 23 DR. GILBERTSON: They are oul there, TINY
M for the record, I'm prepared to lake those 24 ero roody to como In.
26 chll<lran. I wlll have a home to slay In. I 11111 26 THE OOURT: Thon I'm going to corlalnly allow
Pao.e i 1a to 121Qf123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 114 of 209
1 mom ond dad and their allorneys and lhe Guardian
2 ad 1.llem and /he allornoy and I think lhol's all

Iha! we need back we're going to do II In lhe
corMr room, meet with the children and
6 It's going lo boon lho record. There Is going lo
6 be no discussion by any parl!es or ony allorneyo.
7 I don't see that that's necassaiy at all. This Is
6 somol'll1nl scripted by Dr. 0/11Jerlso1i In !hel he's
0 asked the children In prapare a slatement and I'm
10 going lo allow lho children lo lolk lo me as lhe
11 Cowl and then I'll have some common! ror them.
12 /\l\y quosllons?
1$ MR. oot.oatmo: Your l lonor, llloro be Ol\Y
14 rulings loday or will the hearing be over now?
16 COURT: 'rho hoarhig Is concluclecl then.
16 MR. OOLDaERO: Okoy.
17 THE COURT: Thank you. Any quosllons? All
16 rlghl, wo. aro In roooss wo meet In tho
10 corner conference room.
20 (Wnoroupon, the courlroorn proceedings were
21 ooncludod.)
).H<.lll.llfl'f \'UlJrH'MB
.SIAU or
' '"
< U\'".flY <lr tWl:Ol/>)

,, t, tO'Jlt, Offlcl1) e<11111t
tt1011n f<ir 110 SIUt of Hl1>ntloh, <l/nt ol \lu

ollkhl <l/f \ht fhH
t>IJHIHt .1H\t o( lllrin1NU1 ,J.,. to1tlly
11 .11ub u1tlu, 1 upnud 1,, $hOtlhJM th
n PO<UdlrcJJ hld on th J\IHIM '1( 11\f
,t1;r111't/l.\l<1111t<l 40\ht11 thn l thnuftu
lh tott1oln9 Jnl<> l:>y
II nUM or .. 1<11d 1un,odptl<!>ti to th1 hH
<l/f 1\>UHYI U\d tbt lht l0Hil>ln1
""""" .'! "! lj"'l-'',''l'I"
" "'""''] ' ..
)}10Ah L, MUhj HR
t>Hldl HIV,, HU
1\1 htll!UI llfHllllll" ti IHI
un1u1,1 1ut .. 1 1n11 II "' ono.,llt "
n "" \J "' HI uu l"I .,,,.,
'""'I .. u .. Ulh I no ""'l''''
32 ot 32 shee\s Page 122 to 1?.3 of 123
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 115 of 209
ln Re Iha Mnrriuge of:
Sandrn 8110 GrnzzlniRucki,
David Viclor Rucki,
Court Fiie No.: l9AV-FA-ll-l273
Judlclnl Officer: Dnvid J,, Kn11lson
1. The parlies wero married on A11gusl 31, 1991, in lldlt1a, Mhuwsota.
2. The Judgmenl m1d Decree dissolving !heir manfogc wns signed by Judge Tim D.
Wermagor, enlered on May 12, 2011.
3, The Order for Propctiy Division and J11dgment was entered on October 26, 2012.
4. An Amended Order for Property Division and Judgment was entered on
November?, 2012;
5. Pclltloner was represented by:
EllUibeth C. Henry
17 Washington Avenue N
Suite 300
Mhmeapolls, MN 5540 I
Respondent Is represenled by:
.FEB 2 0 2013 ..
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 116 of 209
Llsa M. Elliott
2409 West 66
h Street
Mimieapolls, MN 55423
6. The 1mme of thej11dge who signed the order for jlroperly division ls the
Honorable Duvid L. Knutson, The order was entered on October 26, 20 l 2. An Amended Order
was entered 011November7, 2012.
7. The silpulation for property division was read into the Court Record on A11g11st
28, 2012. Petitioner was represented by Elizabeth C. Henry, Esq. of Chestnut and Cambro1me,
P.A. Respo.ndent was represented by Lisn M. Elliott of Elliott Low Offices, P.A., pursuant to the
Cei1lf1cates of Representation on file with the Court hereltt.
8. In the written Order dated October 26, 2012 and Amended Order dated November
'/, 2012, following the oral stipulation, the real prope11y was described Jn a Jegnl description.
9. Neither party changed theh' name through the om! stipulation,
I 0. The Summons and Petition for Dlssol11tlo11 of Marriage WM served personally
on the respondent, pursuant to the Rllles of Civil Procedure, Rule 4.03(b ),
11. The following real estate dis1iosition In the Ordm for Property Division relates to
real property located at 19675 Ireland Place, Lakeville, Minnesota 55044, Dakota County,
Mhmcsota, and legally described as:
Lot 9, Block I, Paradise Hills, Dnkotn County, Millllosota
Respondent, David Victor Rucki was awarded all l'lghl, title an<l interest in an<l to said property,
stlbject lo any valid liens, mortgages, enc11mbrnnces 01 other Interests on said property on flle
and of record with the county.
12, This Amended Summary Real Estate Disposition Judgment shall serve to
effectuate tmnsfer of title on said property.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 117 of 209
Approval of Amended Summary Ren! Estnte Disposition Judgment:
I"her-0by certify that the above Amended Summmy Real Estate Disposition Judgment hns
been flied with the Court Administrator:
Dated: :? 'J 0
- ~ 2 0 1 3
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 118 of 209
State of Minnesofa Dlstl'ict Coul't
Judlolat District: I County Dakota :
Comt File Number: -"12""'7"'-3 ____ _

lll\'lldYlclor Rllckl
Case Type: General
Supplemental 01der
fol' P1oceediug
In llorma Paupel'is
(Minn. Stat. 563,01)
Upon !he nfll<lavll of Snndro OruzzinlRuckl and based on tho nulhorlty of
Minn. Sia!. 563.01, !he Court makes tho following Fludlngs of Fact and Conclusions ofLaw:
rg/ Peihlouor's claim Is uol frivolous, nnd pelllioMr Is onlllled to prooeed m1dor Minn. Slat. 563.01.
0 witness lo this oaso, has evldonoo rnalerlol and necessary to !his case and Is
wlihln the Sin lo of Mbmcsotn.
0 In order to adequately prepare, present or decide an Issue presented by this action, 11 ls necessary lo depose ___ _
---------nnd prepare o tnmscrlpt of that de1ioslrion.
0 Jn order to ndequatoly preporo, prosont ordceldo on lssuo prosenled by this actlon, It ls nccossary to obtalu a lranscrlpt
ofU10 hoar Ing, h'lul, ordeposHlon Jield on -
0 Olher:
0 Appllc;ml Is not cntliled to oxpe11ses.
me followlug costs to bo paid by tho slato eourts:
0 Witness expenses lncnrred lu subpocnub1g -----------
witness no! to exceed$
nnd the fees and costs ofthls
0 Deposition oxpensos bteurrod In deposb1g nud tho costs of obtalnlng a
transcript orn1e de110sltion nol to oxcccd s ______ _
ff Expenses lu5.11rred Jn oblnlulng n trnnscrlpt oflhe hearing, Mal, or dc1ioslllon hold on '8/0tJ// B nol lo
oxceed $ 'I- .OQ .
IFP106 Slate ENG ReV5/06
Pege 1of1
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 119 of 209
In Ro Hie Mnrrlttge of:
. Smidm Suo GrnwtlnlRuokl ,
llnvld Victor R11okl,
Court Fiio No.: l9AVFA11-l?.73
The nbovo muller cnmo on pursunnt lo Potl!lo1w1"s requests for Supplomonlul Ordo1s fo1
Proceeding hi Formn Pnuporls, before tho Honorublo Duvld L, Knutson, Judge ofDlsulot Court,
ut the Dukolu County J11dlolal Center, Jn Hnstlngs, Mhrncso1<1.
Petitioner f1!cd the requests Pro So.
NOW, 'J'HllRilJIORll, iho Comt hnvlng considered tho 11rnt101; bolng fully udvlsed ln tho
promlsos, nnd bused 11pon nll tho lllos, records nnd proceedings heroin, mnkos tho followlng:
1. Petllloner hns rcquos!cd to proceed 111 Forma Poi1Jlo1ls ond now r-0q11esls nine (9)
SupplemM!al Orders fOl' proccedb1g in Fornin Pnuperis rcquosllng varlo11s ploadlngs
nnd !rnnsorlpls In the aboveoaptloned mattol'.
2, l'ura1iantio tho ogreemMt oflho pnt11os roMhod 011A11g11st28, 2012, nud placed on
the reoord and entered ns tho Amended FJndlngs ofFaot, (Jonol11slons ofLnw nnd
Ordorfor Prn1iorty DlvlsJon on Novombor 7, 2012, "[t)ho PolltloMr Is employed by
U.S. Alnvnys ond has the nblllly to oarn n gross nnnunl snhwy of$60
000. l'elltlo11e1

MAR 2 9 2013
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 120 of 209
Is solf..supportlng, ls not 111 need of spousnl malntennnco." (Pogo 3, Pnrngrnph 12,
Findings ofFuol.)
3. Fe!l!loner's onmml Income Is mnny times grcnlor !hon 125 percent of the poverty lhto
oslabllshed under U.S. Codo.
4. Petitioner Is not receiving public asslstnnco.
5, Pcilt1011or's ohlldren hnve nol ourronlly f()Sldcd wllh her since Oclobe1 3, 2012.
6. Polltloner doos not pny m1y child snpport for he1 five ohlldron.
7. l'otlllonor Is cn1>nblo of l\J!Hlmo omploymenl nnd conllnues to be omploycd by U.S.
8, Pelltlouc1 has not pnld nny of the pnrllos' morlgnges since nt lonst the tllll of2012.
9. Potlllonor Is flnrutolally ablo to J>ny !116 fees and costs In this litigation.
l 0. Fetlllone1 ls not on titled to expenses.
Bnsed upon tho foregoing Findings ofFaot, the ooutt lssuos tho followhtg:
J, This Comt resolnds lts previous Order n!lowhtg Potltlonor to proceed In Forma
l'nnperls dntcd Febrnary 4, 2013.
2, Petltloner'a requests to proceed Jn Jlolmn l'nuJ>orls and fol' tho payment ofexi>enses
Dnted: Mnrol127, 2013
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 121 of 209
Dlstrlct Conn
First Jnd!o!al D!s1dc1
Slalo ofMhmesota
Dakota CO\mly
Nun1bel': 19AV-FA-11@
Case Type: Dlssolulion wltl1 Child
Notlco ofli'Jllng of Order
RUCKl *** Judgo Knntson Assigned *''"
You ftl'e notified that mi ol'de1 was flied on this date,
Dated: March 29, 2013
Carolyn M, Renn
Co\ll't Admlnlstrato1
Dakotn County Dlsh'lot Comt
i4955 Gnlaxle Avenue
Apple Valley MN 5SJ21i
A trne mid correct copy of this notice has been served by mall 1111011 tho pal'!los J1el'oln at
the last kuown address of caoh, plll's\lflnt to Mlllllosotn Rules of Clvll Prcoeduro, Rulo
MNCISFAM131 smm No!lcc of Piling of Order RY, 11/l002
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 122 of 209
fa Ro !he MmTlage of:
Sandra Sue Grnzzlnl"Ruckl,
David Vlclor Rucki,
Court Fllc No.: 19AV-FA"l l"1273
This Order and Memornndnm is Issued sua spo11le by David L. Knutson, Judge ofDJsirJct
Court, at the Dakota County Judlolal Center, Jn Hasllngs, Mitmesota.
NOW, TJJilREFORE, !he Comt hnvlng considered the maller, belng fully advised In the
ptemlses, and based upon all the files, records and proceedings l1ereln, makes the following:
I. 'J'he 1ranscl'lpt oft ho 11roceedlngs consisting of a discussion m1d slatemcn!s of the
minor children at the Dako!a County Judlclal Cenlor Second Floor Conference Room, on
Febrna1y 26, 2013 ls hereby
Duted: March 29, 2013
c.NJOLVll M. nm11, Wirt
MAR 2 9 2013
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 123 of 209
Tho Court oonduoted o listening session of the five children invoived In tho above
cnptlone<l ease nt the xecommendatlon oflhe Court-appointed reunilicatlon thcrnpls!, Dr. Jmnos
H, Gllbe1tson. This session was attended by the Pelilione1', Respondent, Guardian ad Lltem and
ihell' respcotlvo nllomeys, as well as by Dr. Giibertson. The session wos on tho record Jn nn
Jnfoxmol setth1g and Jn. the presence of nil portles nnd llieh respective auomeys, II is noseoxel
what occurred 01 wl1at was said in this session, 'rhe session was hold fo1 the sole pmpose of
facllltatlng thernJ>Y J>revlously ordered by tho Comt,
No good use con Id come from tho publlootlon ond dlssemlnnlion of Oil)' trnnscl'ipt of this
session, cxce1it to further damago tho children, wJ1ich this Court wll111ot allow. 'rhis session was
not pmsuant to any motion or fosuo undel' considerofion at tho 1!1110. No specific testimony 01
Jnformatlon was sought by the Court. Tho Court made no declslon on m1y issues based on
anything sold In this session,
Tho Court lssues this order sealing tho trnnserlpt pursuant to Rulo l l .06 of the Mlnllesota
Generul Ri1les of Prncllce for !he Dlstl'ict Courts, Pursuant to Mimiosota Rules of Civil
Procedure 26.03 the sealing of this trmisorlpt !s dono Ill the interest of justice to protect these
ohHdren from mmoyance, eml>mrussment, oppression, or undue bmdon, A11y release of this
tronscdptwo11id bo conflfi1y to the chlldrnn's best lntcrcsts. '1110 Comi fu1ihe1 makes this
deolsion to seal this portion of the transorlpl based on the Courl's inherent judioinl nutho11!y,
~ A Y
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 124 of 209
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02/03/1963 DakolaApplo Vallo Cloaed
RUCKI, DAVID VIC110103/2006 C1lm1T1of MondaloryAssnUll61h Degree-Fear of Bodily I
02/03/1963 Dakola-Applo Valle Closed
02103/1963 DakoleApple Vallo Closed
RUCKI, llAVID VIC"f 0111112010 C1lm/fiaf Non-Mano REG-EXPIRED REGISTRATION I
02/03/1903 Dakota-Appia Vallo Closed
02103/1963 - DakolaApple Valle Undor Court TO PRODUCE PROOF (
RUCKI, DAVID VIGT03/0212011 Crlmlfraf NonMnd ORDDOOAT lAROE(6-19A)
02/o3/1e63 Dakota-Apple Valle Under Court
RUCKI, DAVID VICT03/14/2011 C1lm1Traf Non-Mand Drivers' Licenses-Driving roSlrtcllor
0210311903 Scoll Closed Motor Vohlclo Roglslrallon - No Pia
RUCKI, DAVID VICl00/21/2011 Cilmlfraf MandatoryDomeslln Abuse Vlolnlo Ordor IOI
02/03/1M3 - OakolaApplo Vallo Closed
RUCKI, DAVID VIC107/27/2011 Crlm/fmf MandaloryDOMESTVIOl.ATE ORDER fOR
02103/1083 - DokolaAppl Valle Closed
RUCKI, DAVID V1Cl06/0l/2011 CrlmlTraf Mandalory DOMEST-VIOl.Al'E OROE:R FOR
02/03/1963 DakolaApple Vallo Undet Covrt Jurlsdlo
RUCKI, DAVID VICT09/28/2011 Crlmlfraf NonMar.flralllo Rogulallon. Driver Musi Co
02103/1963 DnkoloHasllnos c1Glosod
02/03/1963 Sr:oll CIO$od
RUCKI, DAVID VICTOl/20/2012 C1lm/Traf MendaloryDomeslloAbuso Vlolalo Order for
02103/1963 Dakota-Appia Vallo Closed
RUCKI, DAVID VIC102/06/2012 Crlm/Ttaf NonMond Traffic Regulollon Oporala Vohlcl<
02103/1963 Scott Undo1 cou1l Juilsdlo
RUCKI, DAVID VICT06/13/2012 C1lmlfrof Non-Mand T1affio Rogulallon Equip Vehicle.
02103/1963 DakolaAppla Valla Closed Traino Rogulallon Driver Mvsl Go
02/03/1963 DakolaApplo Valle Closed
02/03/1983 - DokolnApplo Valla Closod !NSFAIL TO PRODUCE PROOF (
RUCKI, DAVID VICT12124/2012 CrlmlTraf MMdoloiyConlompl Of Courl-Willful Dlsobec
02/03/1963 DakolaApple Valle Clo$od
http://cws.courts.state.mn.us/MP OO&NodeID=l 74%2clS I 13
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 125 of 209
HIOllWhY 1'11
August JO, 2011
Kathryn Grnves
225 South Sixth Street
Suite 4150
Mhmeapolis MN 55402
.SCOT! AHD fllDl.EY ouutnu:e
Tr;UrH91a le.an "'30-ta:n
FAX (OOI) 43&113t7
RE: In the manlage of Sandra Sue Orazzini-Ruckl vs David Victol' Rucki
Dakota County File II 19AV-FA-ll-i273 & 1W&4
Tho abovc-refotenecd matte!' has been assigned to the Honorable David Knutson,
District Court Jndge. All future hearings shall be scheduled before Judge David Knutson.
Yours Indy,

S1isun J. Relchenbuch
SJR/ tmb
cc: Judge David Knutson
Court Admh1isirallon Civil Division
Lisa Elliott
CMOlYH M. nrnn, CQ<Jrt
AUG 11 201.1
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 126 of 209
~ F F o o l o ~ o l l l Pol I OopoFtooot
952 985 4899 07/24/2011 09:40 #491 P.001/006
9237 J03" Slroat West
Lakeville, MN 66044
Dakota County District Court
Attn: Traffic Division
14955 Gl:llaxle Ave. West
Apple Valley, MN 55124
To the Court Administrator:
Please void the following Citation:
Citation Number: LA 11002728
Issued to: David Victor Rucki (DOB: 2/3/63)
Date: 7117/11
Violation: OFP Violation
Olflce: (952) 986-2800
Fax: (952) gafi-4899
FAX: 952-891-7312
I, as the Issuing officer, request that this citation be deleted and no data entered
In Minnesota Court Information System (MNC!S).
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Lakeville Police
Department Records Division at 952-985-2800. Thank you for your assistance.
Officer Jim Dronen
Badge 4816
Lakeville Police Department
Thomas Vonhof, Chlsf of Polloo
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 127 of 209
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Ro!a!od Caso$
1Q/\VFA 11f273 {Compa:n!<ln Caso)
P.\RY\' INfOR.\f,\'JJO:i
13600NfC()Uel IJtvd
Bvrns\11fe, MN 65337
17649 flags1a11 Avenvo
farm!ng!on, MN 65024
DOU: 02/03/1963
f.\'fffffl & Onpf.[lS 0}' 'J/I& coURr
0012212011 01dor fo11iroloolfo11 Offic.a1: Wcrmagor, Tim D .. )
Ol'lll-!it AND HE1\lUNGS
OOf00/2011 Potltlon for Ordor for Ptoloetlon
Peblroncr'$Afridavil end
Oet00/20H OFP ln!llallon Senl to 01-'P Syelem
06/00/2011 ExParto Order (or P<otolltlon (Ju-Oiclal OH!cer. MocDcoekf, F.rfe.a H.}
(O ocso 101.$0/VfCO
00/0612011 Lew t:nfo1comonl lnfom1aUon Sheot.S&rvlco
06/0W2011 Affldav11of$orvlco
-06/13/2011 OtdO( fQr Ptotoctlon Ho11rf11g (0:00 AM) (Judtdal Officer King, Hobert fl., Jr.)
Result: Hok:I
06/13f2011 Ordor for Coullnuanco (Jud!clal O/f.-11; Kln9, Robo1l R., J1.)
00113/2011 Corilfloato of Roprosontallon
06/17/2011 OrdorforC011tl11uonco {Jvdle/al ornee1: XIJ1Q, ROWtl R.,J/,)
06/17/2011 Nollce of fifing of Ordor
0012212011 evhtontlary Hoiltlng {O:oo M,) (Judicial Wormaga1, Trrn b.}
Of.11812011 RN el byCcwt (t;J
Oelt712.tJ11 Ro.sot by C-Ovrt to 0111212011
RosfJtbyC.Owtto 0612212011
Rosul!: Ho!O
081221201 J Order for Proloct!on (Jud!cial Ofllcor. W<'.ltmage1, 'flm o.)
07/M/201 l Ordor forAppolnlmonl -Of ouercllan Ad Lltom Knutson, David L.)
07/14/2011 OtdOtOther ornc.e1: Kt\U!S(IO, David L)
Appolrlfmcnl o! GAL consfJnl Oelh end Order
0711412011 Nollco of Flffno of Order
111oano11 ce11moa10 or Roptoeentatron
11/011/2011 Nollco or Motion and Motion
to Mofiif'/Otder for Profcc!l-011
11/0tl/2011 AffldavllOthor
of Senf/1$ Rucki
11123/2011 AfndavllOthor
ROSpoMNO Nici Dllvfd v ll11ckl
1 f/23/2011 Affldavn of Mamou
11128/2011 Motton Hearing (1:30 PM) (Jud!cla!O//icer Knutson, Oavld L)
R8$C/ by COIJfitO t f/2812.0J I
Result: Hold
11/P.B/2011 Amondod Order fO( PrQ(O(l!IOn (Jvd.'doil Ofnt>J1: Knutson, oatl.d L}
12/H!/2.011 NollceofWUhllrawal til counsol
1211612011 Affidavit of Sorvloo
Ot/1{1/2012 Report ol Ouprdlan All Lllem
01121/2012 OllNCG(E{) ROYl&W Hearing (1;30 PM) {Judicial O/fleet Knulson, Pai"'o'd l.)
.si?o dlsso.'utlon filo l98\lftt1112T3
01127/2012 Otdet for Dismissal (Judlclal Officer. Knvlsoo, David L)
Pagel of I
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Csso l'J!l-0":
Dalo Ffled:
oomosUo Abuse
Dal<;ol11A)l)llo Valti;iy
Pro so
PAlR!CK H Ell!Oll
http://cws.courls.state.mn. 11s/MP 1614 535191
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 128 of 209
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C,\SE No, l9A Vl'Alll940
lo tho Me.llot Of SANORA SUE ORAlZINl-flUOHI, OT\ behalf of mtno11J vs

ori behalf or m'oors
13800 N:ooUtH Bl'/cl
E!UIOS\1\/a, MN 55337.
176'19 Ffogslolf Avenue
fl11fl1"1g!<Jll, 65024
DOB: 09/30/lGtHi
f,\'i:l'fJSS; onur.ns
0613012011 Dismissed (Ju<llc!al Olf!ce1: Blhus, Thom.as 't/J!lam)
0111.en Y,\'Rms ,\ND Jll::AlllNGS
0812412011 Petll!on lot Order rot Pfoleotton
POli/!Oller's AlfitJtJ.wl an(i
Oe/2412011 OFP l11ltlaUoll Soni to OFP System
0612412011 cxPar1e Ord of fof Ptolecl!otl (JucHcial Officer. aaxtor, M. Mrehael)
!axed to DCSO tor
0012411.01 I L11vt E'nfoNOnlOtll fuforma\lon Sl!ll&lS1'.1Nlce
Oaf2s12011 Alfldavlt of service
Otder for Prolecllon Hoa1lng (O;OOAM) tlibU(I, lllorMs
Resun: Hald
00/30/2011 OnlO( lot Pis missal {Jud!clal Ofne-01: Thomas \NJ'!!am)
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Case Ty[J$: oomesllo Abuse
Dalo FH!id: 05124/2011
locaUon: Oi!klaAPPlo Vatloy
Lo<itl Allomeya

http://cws.co\ll'ts.state,mn. us/MP A/CaseDetn 16145 82861
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C.\SC No.19AVCR-J2-12JS
Slalo of Mlnnesola vs DAVJDVJCTOR RUCKI
PAnT\' ltffOR.\IATIO:\'
Male norondl'lllt RUCKI, DAVID VIOYOR
l'Alt\llNOTON, MN &5024
UOB: <>2103119&3
Jurlstl!ollon Sla!oof Mtono!Jola
Chargos1 RUCKI, DA\110 VICTOR
I. OomoslloAbuse Vio!a!o Order rot PtolecHon.1.Usdenieanor
Sta lute
R\'rms& OROr.RS OFTll CoUn'f
03:/07/2012 Plea (Juif.-citsl Oltii1: Krtu!s(ln, Da\1tl l.)
1. Domest!oAbu.se. Violtsle ordet tor Protec::VonMlsdem&111i(lt
0511112012 Dlsposmon
1. Oomasllo Abuw Viola!o Otdor tor Pto!oc::tronM!!dtJf'l\tJall<!t
OTllERt\'N1$,\ND llB,\UINGS
0112012012 CltaUon
021f3J2012 Artalgnn\l>nt {1:30 PM) (JutlJclal Of!icer Knutson, 011vld l.)
HesuH: Heid
02114/2012 CANCELED Arrnlgnment (S:30 AM) (JudJcial O/ffoor V\'ormtget, Til\'l D.)
PfJr JUitl: l<!W/SO:Jl
03/07/2012 Prohlal 1:3o PM) (Judicial O!lioorKnutson, Di1V1d L)
Before . Knutum
03107/:2012 OrdorOlhot Knolson, Da\1d l.}
SChfldufo torc01.11/ Wei f(l /l(l$fl11gs 05/07112 flt 9;00 kt Haslfn(Js.
03/07/2012 UollcErofEYldence and ldontmoal!on Procedures (JudlclalOffiwt: Kn\Jlson, Dilv!d l.)
05/0712012 Court Tr!' I (1:30 PM) (Judicial O/air Kr1ulson, Oav!d L.)
to bo hoard before JurJoo Knvt.son
C!i/0112012 Re.set by C-0111t to O&'CJl/2()12
Ro.sun: Hok!
05/07/2012 Yukon Undor Advlsoment (Judl!al Olace1: Knutson, Dav!() l.)
05/17/2012 Findings of Paci, (lonclus!ons of L11w 1111U Ord or {Jud!tlal Offit(lf: Knu!son, David L)
0511112012 Notlco of Fmno of Ordor
05/\712012 OthtJr
05121/2012 Correspondo11co
E>:hfb!l !ellot
Oaso TyP\'l: Grlm.lfrM Manttatoiy
Date Fifed: 0112\112012
Loe-0Uon: D11kol6APPIO V111toy
load Altornoy$

http://cws.courts.state,nm, us/MP A/CaseDetail. aspx?CnselD= 1615067023

CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 130 of 209
FILE NUMBER: l9AV-FAll-1760& J9AVFAl1-1273
In ro lh Molter
Dakota County Frunlly Court
Sandra $110 GrozzlnlRnckl
Dov Id Vlclor Rucki
Dakola Connly Family Court hereby nppolnls the Dnkola County Guardian ad Lllem Progrom to represent
the best Interests ofGlanno Rucki, DOD: 1112/99, Oh10 Rucki, DOD: 1/20/03, Nin Rucki, DOB: 9/25/01,
Nico Rucki, DOB: 6122196, and Samm1tfm Rucki, DOD: 6/24198, and advise the Court whit respect lo
pormanoitt parenting Hme. Tho Individual G11ardlon ad Lllem rcprescnllng tho Program ht thls asslgmnenl
Is Julio Friedrich, subjeel to change by tho Director of the Dnkoln County Guardian ad Lllem Progrom ns
approved by the Court.
Further, It Is ordered that any privilege exist big by oud befwco11 UlC above named ch!ld(ren) nnd nny other
potty which runs Jn favor of said chlld(ren) or ony Issue under lho Dain P1ivnoy Act rclnllng to dlsclosiao of
any l11fornrnlion concerning said ehlld(ren) Is hereby ordered Wttlved as lo HlC Gunrdian ad Lllom Progrom,
and lite Guardian ad Lllc111 shall havo free ocoess to all nrnlerlals, wl1Clher lhey be wrhten or oral.

The undersigned rcproscnls to lhe Court that ho/she Is n responsible clllzon who has .ompleled Guardian ad
Lllcm Supremo Court lrnhtlng ond horoby eonsonls lo nel ns Guardian ad Lllom for tho nbovo named
Juvenile; and afflrms lhnl, "J wlll fallhft1lly andjusliy porfomt nll lho dulles of the office and lnist which r
now nssumo us Gurudlnn ad Lhem oflhojuvonllo nomed lu 1ho nforcmcntloned order Jn the above enlltled
proceedings lo lhe b-Osl of my nblllty."
Guardian n Lltem signature
Gnardinn nd Lit em prl nted nnme "'""
M. nm. wrtMmla11v1111
JUL 1 q 2011
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 131 of 209
J11mes H. e/1be1tso11
Lloense1f Psya/10/o(J/sl
L/censo<I Marriage/Family Tlloraplsl
. Feb>;uaty 6, 2013
Ms. J\1He Fr.:ledrich
Guardian Ad Litem
v.o. Box 95070
Woodbury, MN 55125
Assessment, Treatment nncl Co11s111t11t/on
Offloe (012)6010666
Fax \051)6330406
Coll 012)5016666
EMall dr)hgllbortson@aoJ,oom
VIA u.s. MAIL & EHllIL1 julie.fried:d.ch@cour.ts.sl:ate.mn.us
Pear Mil. Friedrich 1
This communicae follows our telephone conver.sation on t"riday,
February 1"", in whioh I noted ~ r you the l.mpasse l am
experiencing working with the Ruoki children as theil:' therapist
and with the goal of them moving to a po<d.tion where they oan
enjoy t'eaaonable aoooss to both parents.
:r. need not emphasize to you that the children's psychological
wellbeJ.ng is inei<t:d.oably tied to a r.eduction of the Rucki
family polarization. Reducing that intrai!amilial conflict will
enlmnoe each child
s emotional wellbeing,
:i: have met with the Rucki children in vado\la oombinations on
six difl?erent: oocaeions, three eaoh, in the homes of their
maternal and paternal aunta1 r have met with Mr. David Rucki,
Sr., and Ms, <lrazz:\ni Ruoki :ln sepaJ.'uto, face-to-faoe interviews
in my offJ.oe, have oi;mvened with tllem on a telephone aonference
call, have had a conferenoe oall with the maternal and paternal
aunts, anct have reoeived a11d made various phone calls to the
adult parties :ln question in arranging schedules and responding
to questions and future goal setting,
At this time, it is my opinion that we need an assertive atanoe
from tlle oourt to order these oh:l.ldr<'m. attend a face-to .. face
session with theh' fathei:. The children aJ:e ~ the belief, and
will state q\lite openly, that no one can force them to see their
father if that; is their choice.
lnnsbruok Professional Center 2677 hlllsbruok Dr. Suite D New Brlghton,,MN 65112
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 132 of 209
REI Rucki Family M11t/01'
F11b111m'Y 6, 2013
My every attempt to explo1:e common ground wHh the ohildren and
to work through their emotionality has been met with
stubbornness, anger, and accusations that my work, your work,
and other.a 1qho have been involved :ln this matter, Le.
Children's Supervisory center and other mediators, are simply an
instrument of th0ir father, his money and influenae,
'l'here ar.e two prevailing emotional. themes that these ahildren
speak to, one is fear of being in the presence of their father
given what they allege to he being an angry and violent person.
A second theme is the anger they have over his <illeged
mistreatment and a corollary of tllis a belief that their
father :is moral.J.y flawed, i.e, womanizer, drinks too much, is
hiding money.
It is my opinion that the children's fear issue needs to be
addressed directly, and that can only happen when there ts
exposure to the specifically feared object, situation or person,
i.e. father,
In thinking about this matte1', r was hoperul the oourt may tuke
an assertive stance in t.his matter, as has been the history l;o
dnte, and actually have the ohildi:en appeai: in court and then
ordecr them to have a sesflion with theJ.r father in an adjoining
room, i.e. a jury oi: conference room, at the cour.thouse.
The pre1Jence of the ooui:t, a bailiff neat'by, my own presence,
and then the meeting t1ith the:l.J. father, in my opin.1.on, would
deal with the f.ears that they experJ.enoe, real or imagined.
I would be wl.lHng to olear my sohedule to be at the court to
oonduot an extended session with the children and the.tr father.
I would plan for a 2 hour sessJ.on to try to desensnize the
face-to-faoe meeting and Co r.acil:l.tate the interactions between
all parties.

Pd.or to that time, :r WO\lld wol'k t1ith Mr, Rucki . t.o have him
present u oet'tain structure and aocounting of his own behavior
whJ.le the family was intact that woul.d a<Jknowledge the volatile
family history and express his empathy for the childi:en' a
painful memor.ies.
I have spoken with M:r.. Rucki and put him on not.l.ae that I would
require that of him H the <Jourt we:r.e so willing to order Sl\Ch a
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 133 of 209
11E1 R11o!<l l"r1111//y M({f/el'
Jlalm1111:v 6, :!013
l\S we spoke about thia matter, you informed me that there was a
oourt hearing on l!ebruary zgth at whioh other matters in the
nuoki matter 11ill be venued.
J:t would be my suggestion th<1t the dhildren be brought in aft.er
the adult par.ties have addressed their doncerns,
I understand this may represent a somewhat unorthodox
recommendation, but I do not believe that tfo:!1:e can be 11n
J.nitial bridging of the gap between the ohJ.ldren iind their
fathel', at this point :ln time, unless all are physkally present
under: the authoritative and safe umbrellu of the Oo\\J:t,
l am forwarding this letter to you :\n your role as ofHcer of
the aourt and as the children's advocate,
lf you beJ.:leve I should address the court directly in maki11g
this recommendation, please so advise.
(electron:i.oaUy signed)
James fl, Gilbertson, Ph.D.
Licensed Psy<Jhologisc
Licensed Marriage and li'amHy '!.'herapist
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 134 of 209
J111nes H. Giibertson, Ph.D.
L/aensed Psyoholo(llst
L/oensod Marrln(Je/Pamlly Therapist
February 21, 2013
Ma. Julie Friedrich
Guardian Ad rdtem
P.O. Box 95070
Woodbury, MN 55125
Assessment, Treatment and Consu/fflt/011
Ortloa (012)6016656
rax (661\6339406
. Gall (612 6016066
EMall drjhglllrnttson@aof,oom
VXA U, S, MA:U1 t< EWIU11 friedriohoourts. state. mn, us
Dear Ms, l>'riedrich 1
We are scheduled to meet on 02/26/13 at Dakota County Court in
I was contemplating the possible logistics of that partJ.cular
meeting that would have, as its goal, a supervised visit of \:he
chUdren with their father, Mr, David Rucki,
rn my o'riginal communi<Jae to you, :r had mentioned that this
could probably take place after the nucki hearing in which adult
business would be discussed, lf that were the court's pleasut"e,
then the ohildr.en may not need to arrive until appt"oximately
10 1 00 o ol.o<:k or so, i: would like your estimatJ.on of what would
be the best time for the ohl.J.drons ar.dval to provide a
seamless transitJ.on from the adult hearing to the ohildt"en beJ.ng
brought in,
FY.om a logJ.stJ.oal standpoint, 1' tllought it might be appropriate
for the ohildt"en to aotually oome into the coul:'tl:'oom, and if the
judge were so willing, to announoe that a session would be held
and then, at that time, direct us to the appl:'opriate jury room
or conference Y.oom whel:'ever that might be,
I understand from materials that l have t"eoeived from Ms,
m:U . .l.ott that the i1dult Rucki hearing will directly address
issues of e11panded parenting time and other issues that may be
germane to the ohildren,
Innsbruck Profesefonal Center 2677 hmsbruck Dr. Suite P New Brlghton, MN 00112
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 135 of 209
JIE: Rucki Family Maffei'
Fabl'llmy 6, 2013
When r heard. that, J. wondered
appropriate for the oh:lldren, at
tho three eldest, to aot\lally sit
arg\lments and oounter arguments
supervised parent:lng time,
whether or not it might be
least some of. them, perhaps,
in on the hearing to view the
that m11Y have to do with
As. yo\l. know, one of the issues :r have been trying to address
with these ohildren is to keep them as informed as X am infer.med
about where things are, legally,
1 understand that there are certain adult issues that these
children do not have to hear, but they oonstantly want to know
\'/hat l.a in their future, why they ommot l:lve l'lith their mother,
1md when & predlotiible parenting time arrangement will be
available with their mother (ouriously, they do not include thut
same demand for theh: tather.) ,
The ohU<lr.en feel out of the loop an<l, Ml they view it, some
disembodie<l group of individuals, whether it is the oourt, you
or me, are making <leciaions in which they believe they nee<l to
pl;iy a part.
As l have in<licated to you, these are very br;lg!\t and very
peroeptive ohildren, and they have been so sensl.tized to the
dynamios of their f.amHy that anything that they may hear
through the about what has been hap);lening begins to
increase their anxiety; appr.ehension and rumination.
I have been trying to impart to them as muoh factual knowledge
as, indeed, I have,
I dould argue that it n1ight be he'J.pf:ul or them to aotually sit
in on the oourt; prooess where the disomision does involve them
and parenting time, and the expectations the dourt has in them
honoring aocess to both p&rents \ln<ler the of a program
that r would supervise.
one other point the.t keeps coming up in working with the Ruoki
ch:lldi:en is that thoy wane to have some say 01' they want to
ad<lreas the court in this matter.
I am asking you whather. J.t would be presumptuous f.or the <Jour.t
to hear the ohildi:en out in a wn:y brief fashion (for instanoe,
l would have the t)iree elder ohildren prep111'e. a less than
l minute statement that they coul<l present to the on thefr
f.eelinga about the matter) , I am not recommending a separ&te
P11go 2 of3
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 136 of 209
lUS: Rudd Fmnlly M11ttal'
Fahl'll<ll'Y 6, 2013
r believe this aot would, at least, take aw<1y one of their
m:guments that they have not been heard or h<we not had an
You might accuse me of thinking out loud in this matter, and
that might be quite t:.rue, However, r am to st>:addle the
diieation that the court wants me to pm:sue and, at the same
time, maintain my r.apport and tr.ust w:l.th the ahildren.
The mor.e X c<1n deloi vel' to them in the spirit of keeping them
informed, apprecj.ating their input, but, however, oon fronting
their presumpt:.ions, deni;1l and re!usal, will help this entfre
Ag in, 1 am f.orwar.ding this to you for your consideration, You
wer.e k:lnd enough to present my previouo submission to the court
and, again, r simply l'equost thut if r should address the court
directly or the court's par.alegal and/or legal assistant in this
matter, :i: would do so,
There ure so many playel:'s in this family matter that l find
myself oftentimes placing, at le<1st, three phone aalls at a time
just to make sure that l keep all family members in the loop.
Thank you for hearing me out in this matter,
guestions, please feel free to contact me,
(eleotronioally signed)
James H. Gilbertson, Vh,D.
Licensed Psychologist
Mardage und Family 'rher.apist
P11ge9 of3
If you have any
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 137 of 209
April I, 2013
Snndrn Grnzzini-Rucki
13800 Nicollet Blvd - Box 1531
Burnsville, MN 55337
STATE 01<"
Re: GrnzziniRucki v. Rucki, Court File No.: 19AV-FA-11-1273
Dear Ms. Grnzzini-Rucki:
COURT RPOJlTEf11 661438800?
LAVI cu:tiK: ss 1 4ee 17 7
1 received your submission lo the Court entitled "Petition for fl Writ of Hnbeos Corpus" which oppcors to
contnin scvcrnl motions thnt yon wish to hove considered nt the comt hearing scheduled fo1 April I 0,
2013. The only issue thnt will be considered nl tho April 10; 2013 henring is whether Respondent Dnvid
Rucki will be allowed lo retain his possporl. All portlos wero previously informed that this heorlng would
relnte only to tho limited issue regarding Mr. Rucki's passport.
Pmthc1', the Court cnnnot consider the motions thnt you refer to In yonr paperwork beennse they nre
prcmnlurc. The Comt currently has under advisement n number of motions relating to the Issues yon rnlse
in your paperwork, including tempomry custody oflhe children. These issues worn submilted to the Co111t
fo1 consideration nt the hearing on l'cbruary 26, 2013. The record closed al the hearing mid no additionnl
submissions on the issues taken under advisement by the Court were allowed.
Lastly, the Comt notes 1hat several of the Issues yon raise In you1 motion nrc nlready subject to tempo1my
court orders which remnin In full force and effect. The parties need fo be following !he cmrcnt comt
orders in order to move town rd o flnnl resolution of the issues you rnisc ln your motion. I rccomnrnnd thnt
you spenk to yom attorney regarding nny outstondlng concerns yon may have rognrdlng this eoso. Thnnk
Dnvid L. Knuts n
Judge of District Comt
cc: Michelle Macbonnld, Esq.
Lisa Elliott, Esq.
John Jerabek, Esq.
Tommy Love
Jim Donehower, Esq.
Daniel Goldberg, Esq.
Dr. Jnmes Giibertson
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 138 of 209
In Re Jhe Matrlage of:
Sandrn Sue Orazzlnl-Ruoki,

David Viclot Ri1ckl,
County of Dakota,
CourtFJleNo.: 19AV-FA-11-1273
Tho aboveentltled mntter oarue befoxe 1h'>' Honorable David L, Knutson, Judge of
DJstl'ict C011rt, at the Dakota Co1inl>' Judlolol Cenler Jn Hastings, MIJl.\\esoto, on June 12, 2013 on
various motlons of the pa11los,
Mlohelle MacDonald, Esq, apJJomed representing Potltlonol', who also appeared.
Lisa Elliolt, Esq, op)lemed reprosenllng Respondent, who olso OJlJlOarcd,
John Jernbek, Esq. appeared representing tho Guardian ad Lilem, Loma Miles, who also
NOW, THEREFORE, the Court having considered the mailer, bolng folly ndvised In 1he
pxemises, and base<! upon nil thefllos, records and proceedings herein; and bnsed upon lhe
Al'gument of co11usol, lssues 1he following:
cMOllN M. nl!IU,
JUL 2 a 2013
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 139 of 209
1. WJthln !O days of the date of thls Order, Dr. Mloholle MillOJlaoker of the
Assoofated Clinic of Psychology slrn'll relenso a copy of reiitloner',q psyciiiilogloal 111,lalU/itlon and
61ty l:ecords anil (6"the part!'eS' iik foliovis:. ' .. ".
LlslYBllfott, Bs4: ' ' : .
2409 W, 661h St.
Mlmrnapolls, MN 55423
Miol1elle MacDonald, Esq.
l 069 S011th Robert Street
West St. Pal1l, MN 55118
JofoiM. Jerabek,llsq,
510 Mal'(}uette Avo, 200
MhmeaJlOlis, MN 55402
2. Within 10 days of tho date of this Order, Life Development Resources, P.A. slmll
release directly to the pat Iles' attorneys (listed above) coplos of all records relating to Potilioner's
therapy with Its office.
" . ''' ...
,,t,. . ,-... ... , ..
.. .
3. 'WUhln tO'days ofthcilliic of tiilsOrdci" Di. Karen frvlh of tho Mhuiesota ...
MedlMlon and Counsollng Contor shall release dlrcotly to tlie pa11los' attorneys (Hated above)
copies of all records relating 10 Petitioner's therapy with her.
4. The attaclied tnemoraridum ls ll1co;yorated herol11 by reference.
Dated: July 22, 2013 .
. . .. ,.
' "
DY '.l'JJ.lil C01JR'r:
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 140 of 209
State Of Minnesota
County .
-)); A JIVIC'JVJj8
;;/&YJS&i' Seif !f'rmcAeo
,,------. ---------..... .
N\M' '
tdrlrW.t.lvJ - f2.uc.J,1
Addrss: -It;
L:Mt!.D !/1i"oJleT 81 lltJ
l:J Of/.NJ {//(....(.C'j. /YI ;V ..S'S002j
Dnlo of Dinh: q J b
- r 0- ';)''
On bohalf on (names of ml nm chlldrcn who aro vs.
victims of l10rssment and their doles of blr1"1.
Namo: DOB:
Na mo:
Name: DOD:
COUNTY OJI . , "}':'C) r . ss
District Court
Judicial bislriot: ..J;l rt-'frj .
C.ou1l File Ninnbet: 70 .. e J 3-- / :,t.{ o &'
Case Type: Hai-assment
Petitioner's Affidavit and :t>etltion for
Harassment Reshaining Ord et
(Minn. Stat. 609.148)
(Person harassing you or your minor child):

J."" )'_.-;L:P&/7</-v}J /.d-&
Dato ofBhlh:
AUG 0 5 2013
r understand that !.nm UJ1dcr oath/affinnation and I must tell the truth. I slate thnt:
I. l am the l'etitlone1 in this case. The victim of!he harassment Is 'Jii-;nc D n minor child for whom l
am the parent, Jegal gum:dian or stepparent. (lfyou are the guardian, allnoh a Qopy o(the otdc,r
np11oinllng you.) Tho name of each vfotlm, other than me, is:-----------
How does oaoh victim know Respondent and what ls their relationship? ./9 !-/us24iun
HAR102 Slalo ENG Rav 11/11 \INAl/.IUOCOUf[S,qov/(orma Page 1 of 5
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 141 of 209
If you re filing on behalf of another person, what is your rolalionshlp to each victim? ____ _
2. a) How mm)y resl(aining orders have been In effect, rg Respondent to stay away ftom the
victims you in eluded fit # i above? 0 none D one two or moro. For each l'eslrainhrg oyder
'd _J>rOVI e;
Coott File Number, lflmown County nnd Stale where the eomt Is I oco.ted

.... .
b) Does Respondent hovo a current Harassment Restraining Order or Order fol' Proleelion against
D Yes, Case FlleNumber(iflo1own) I nm not awnro of any.
3. 'the following eoutt eases involve me and the Respondent 111 lssuM of child custody or parenting
Coutt Fllo N11mbe1 County and Slate where tho co11rt Is Joooted
4. Respondont hus harMsed the vietim(s) as follows:
Check all boxes Iha/ apply and giva Iha date and details of each Incident.
To gel a Jleslrafnlng ordor, you must describe acllons that meet lhe legal definition of
harassment In Mim1esota. See the Jnslr11ctlonsfor the def/11/llon of liarassmant.
One incltlenl of physical or sexual (fssau/t cqn 111eet1he definlllo/J of harassment. For any other
act, there must be more thmi one inoldent.
lfyou need more space, all(ich a full sheet ofpapor and conlinue yo11rdescrlpilon there. f)o not
write on /he back
0 Rospoudout physically 01 sexually assaulted the victln1 as
HARi02 stato ENG Rev 11111 )WIW.mncourts.gov/forms Paga2of6
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 142 of 209
t2Jiiespoudcnt made uuiuvite<l.visits to the vicfim as follows:-------------
"j2tRespoudcut made lrnrnssilig phone callo to tho victim as
,. .
lhrcats to tho victim 09 follows: ..
/' .
ti Respmidcnt flJghtcned the victim with threatening behavlol' as follows: , .. -------
tllk:' )J{J
broke into and entered tho viclim's residence as follows:
damaged the victim's Jl!Operty ns follows:--------------
stole pxoperty from tho victim as follows:-------------
HAR102 Stale ENG Rev 11/11 wm1.1nncourts.govf(onns Page Solo
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 143 of 209
0 Moro tha11 once, Respondent has do no acts thAt mee.t tho legal definition of "tmgete<l residential
plckeling" by:
0 l told Respondent not to come lo certain publio events that I or the children attend
After thai,.)l,.espondent attended public events J/we attended: (List dotes, places und name of events)
,:fe21 4</1Jtc:ht::J
These acts by Respondent show a pattern of attending publio events while knowing that altendlng is
harassing to me/children.
D Olhel':
5. Descdbo the of feet tho Jiarnssmcnt hos upon tho victim's safoty, security or privacy:

6. Do you believe the harassment will continue? Why?
7. Co11rt to lsstle a Restraining 01der M follows: Cheak all boxes (ct 1/lro11gb e) //lat apply.
Respondent shnll not D minor child (ren) for whom! am tho parent,
Ian, or s\epparent. List the full names of the minor ohlldren hioluded Jn this Petition; __ _
RoSJJOndentshall havo 110 contact with D the minor child(ren) listed above .
..!Sro. Resp,ondeptshall stay away from wllcro l/wellvc (mldress) _.)j/a ij, l"fzofrl
.fl?in()S ./J:vi+&J ;e.v1 1)1lf::?Y>:#y

o?Rr.t;.J 111.11-y ,{).(i..,t.,,..1{9-

d. Rospondei1t shall stay away ftom my/ilie vlotiln's job sl!o looated at __________ _
De, Other: __________________ .,__ _________
HAR102 State ENG . Rev 11111
ill\'{l.mocolld.V/forms P.ago 4 of 5
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 144 of 209
$, Comt Heori11g
Pelilio1wr: Read these Notices about a Hearl11g
You have a l'ight to l'equost a court heal'lng.
ff the Judge dismisses youl' case because it has 110 merit, no hearing will be held.
The Judge can Issue a Rest1a/11l11g Ordei without a court hearing if the Judge finds /here is
Immediate and present danger of ha1ass111e11t.
:rf the Judge issues a Re.itralnl11g Order without a lietil'ing, the Respondent can request a hearing
within 15 days of //le date the Res!ralni11g Order Is Issued. !f Respondenl requests a hearing, the
court will 110/fJY you by mail at /eostfive days before the hearing date.
If there Is a /learing, you must attend the hearing and prove that the statements In your Pe till on
& Afjldovil are /me, and !hat Respondenl 's aolio11s are harassmenl, as defined by Minnesota
Choose a. or b.
0 a. 1 nm not roqucsling n court hcarins el this lime.
But If lhe coutt denies my request for a roslraining ordei beca1ise the court finds lheto is 110
immediate and present danger of harassment, then (cheek one) 0 X want 0 X do1.l'.t.Yl.ru!! a
conit heating.
0 b. l am requesting o coutt hearing.
9. I request a Restrnining Order for a length of:
0 ?. years
0 U)1til lhe following date: which is less than 2 years from
o SO years because:
have lwo or more prior re.sll'alnlng orders glnst Re.spondent (listed at 112 above.)
-ll'.espondent has violated a prior or existing resltalning order between 11s on two or more
slons. S--OO /:::t /!-(,U4,Y . .
X Ul\dorstan<l tho comt.wlll Jil(cly schedule a court o:ei 2 year..
Paled: 'f{- fi" --'/3 1A , - f?vvt
/ g Atoro (sign n rro11t oruoli!.iy pvblioiJrC::(l\111
fr!'tJ:J2"v;,i &!- K.._VUlr .
Subsol'ibednnd sworn to before mo /3 gel:) iUl<v//t:'l .!J/VP 1?/'.s;y
HAR102 stale ENG Rav 11/11
Clty/State/Z\1>.L3.UtW!StJ1Ue 11!?<..J 37/
Telepl1one( " ) tJ/#
Notice: :rfyo11r address or telephone changes, you
must give Court Ad111lnlstra/1011 your new
lnforma/1011 right away, 111 writing,
fil'Nl.!)lOcourts.aov/fo1mQ Pane 6of6
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 145 of 209
scorr COUNTY
'r'o the Clerk of <.lourta
OASfii TYf'l'ii

Attn Judgo Mlchiwl Fahey unct ,Judge Ann M Offerman
Enclosod 11rn documcrnts fn1m County a well m1 some
Msto1y from Dakota County regarcllng my i-equ1;1st fol' a
lmnrndlate Issue of 1111 NRO. Due to the fuot there IJavo J;JOen .2
lncldenfo itl $qott County within 1 week and his past history of
vlolenoe. I m a11ared for my frlendll and Oi11t he may do
som<.lthing prior fo the honrlng, l mn hoping that a h\HHing may
not be necei>irnry and th<J 1-JRO muy be lmn1od.
Thank yo\I
Sandra Grazzlnl .. Ruclci
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 146 of 209
4 Sandra Sue Grazzini-Rucki,
5 Petitioner,
6 vs. 70-CV-13-15408
7 David Victor Rucki, Admit/Deny Hearing
8 Respondent.
10 The above-entitled matter came duly on
11 for hearing before the Honorable Ann M.
12 Offermann, one of the Judges of the above-named
13 court on the 8th day of August, 2013, at the
14 Scott County Courthouse, Shakopee, Minnesota.
* * *
17 Sandra sue Grazzini-Rucki, the
18 Petitioner, appeared pro se.
19 Lisa Elliott, appeared with and on
20 behalf of the Respondent, David Rucki.
23 Sandra Grazzin-Rucki, the Petitioner.
24 David Victor Rucki, the Respondent.
Mary Jo LeGrand
Official Court Reporter
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 147 of 209
1 (Whereupon, the following took place on
2 August 8, 2013.)
3 THE COURT: Sandra Sue Grazzini-Rucki
4 versus David Victor Rucki, 70-CV-13-15408. If
5 tho parties would please note their
6 appearances.
8 Grazzini-Rucki.
9 MS. ELLIOTT: Lisa Elliott, E-L-L-I-0-T-T,
10 on behalf of the respondent, David Victor
11 Rucki, whc's also present.
12 THE COURT: is on for an admit/deny
13 hearing not an evidentiary hearing as I believe
14 the parties are aware. And the ex parte
15 request for relief was denied. Has there been
16 any -- has there been any discussion of
17 resolution in this matter?
18 MS, ELLIOTT: No, Your Honor, there won't
19 be. And we would ask that venue be changed.
20 There is a current dissolution pending in
21 Dakota county and there's an order from that
22 county from the judge that's assigned to the
23 case that all matters involving these two
24 parties need to be assigned to him.
25 THE COURT: Do I have a copy of that
Mary Jo LeGrand
Official Court
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 148 of 209
1 order?
2 MS. GRAZZINI-RUCKI: Your Honor, I wish
3 that you please deny that. This happened and
4 took place in Scott County and per the statute
5 it can be heard in the county that it is heard.
6 Judge Knutson does not have the authority to
7 take criminal harassment orders throughout the
6 whole state, so 1
m requesting that you please
9 deny Ms. Elliott's motion.
10 TUE COURT: Well, the order is currently
11 not in place so I will take a look at the legal
12 authority and the order by Judge Knutson
13 ordering that everything be heard by him.
14 MS, GRARRINI-RUCKI: Does that mean any
15 action he takes iq any county of the State of
16 Minnesota goes back to Dakota?
17 THE COURT: Okay, ma'am. I said I'm going
18 to consider the arguments of the parties and I
19 understand that you wish that any evidentiary
20 hearing in this matter be heard in Scott
21 County. The other side is telling me that
22 there's legal authority and support for having
23 it. heard in Dakota County, I need to take a
24 look at your respective arguments and make a
25 decision. 1l'here
s c.urrently not an order in
Mar.y Jo LeGrand
Official Court Reporter
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 149 of 209
1 effect, it was not granted, so the next step
2 would be for this to go to an evidentiary
3 hearing, . Do both parties agree with that?
4 Counsel, do you believe that's the next step?
5 MS. ELLIOTT: It would be the next step.
6 I would ask that it juat be denied outright.
7 There's no basis for even an evidentiary
8 hearing, But if the court is considering
9 setting an evidentiary hearing we would ask
10 again that it be set in Dakota County where
11 both parties reside, whero their divorce is
12 pending, and where there is a current order
13 from Judge Knutson.
14 MS. GRAZZINI-RUCKI: I do not reside in
15 Dakota county, Your Honor, And there is not an
16 order regarding what she's claiming. When
17 other things happen regarding us, it's only the
18 divorce. Any other action that Mr, Rucki takes
19 against me everything doesn't just go in front
?.O of him,
21 THE COURT: 11.11 right, I understand both
22 parties' arguments, counsel, do you have a copy
23 of the order for the court?
MS. ELLIOTT: I do, Your Honor.
THE COURT: And has Ms, Rucki had an
Mary Jo J,eGrand
Official Court Repo):tel:'
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 150 of 209
1 opportunity to look at it?
2. MS, GRAZZINI-RUCKI: Right now she's just
3 giving it tome.
4 THE COURT: Why don't you take a moment
5 then and look it ?Ver to see if it appears to
6 be an accurate copy of the order that was
7 issued,
MS. GRAZZINI-RUCKI: There's over 3,000
9 orders that he has proposed and ha has signed.
10 So I
m assume that this is correct.
11 MS. ELLIOTT: And for the court's
12 information we do have a trial sat in Dakota
13 County on September 11th, for judicial economy
14 it might make sense to combine this with that
15 trial.
16 MS. GRAZZINI-RUCKI: Your Honor, that's
17 regarding custody,
18 'l'HE COURrl': t1a
am, only one per.son
19 please don't roll your eyes at me.
21 THE COURT: Only one person can talk at a
22 so that the court reporter can take it
23 down, and I believe I the arguments
24 that the parties are making. 1
11 summarize
25 one more time. You believe this matter, ma'am,
Mary Jo LeGrand
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 151 of 209
1 should stay in Scott County and an evidentiary
2 hearing should be heard on your allegations in
3 Scott County. I hear counsel saying that based
4 upon an order that Judge Knutson issued
do you
5 have any other legal support or authority for
6 the venue being in Dakota County other than his
'/ order?
8 MS. ELLIOTT: Yes, Your !!oner, the fact
9 that the parties have current litigation
10 pending in Dakota county. Both partien do
11 reside, at least the last address that we have
12 for Ms. Grazzini-Rucki is in Burnsville.
13 Reside in Dakota County. That I most
14 or the two witnesses would be from Dakota
15 County and that we already have a trial
ncheduled. And that I believe that this issue
17 can simply be added on to that trial. And if
18 the court could maybe check with Judge
19 Knutson's clerk and see if we could add this
20 issue onto it, I believe he would accept it.
21- THE COURT: Your argument is then under
22 the court's authority for judicial economy
23 purposes, are you citing any other rule or
24 case?
MS, ELLIOTT: Or non convenience. The
Mary Jo LeGrand
Official Court
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 152 of 209
1 parties reside and all of the evidence, other
2 evidence, is in Dakota Co,unty,
3 'rllE COURT: All rlght,
4 MS. ELLIOTT: There's a lot of evidence in
5 this case and it's all in Dakota County, The
6 file, if you'd seen the MNCIS ledger you'll
7 see, and if this goes to an.cvidentiary hearing
0 a lot of that e v i d e n ~ will be coming in,
9 THE COURT: All right, I believe I
10 understand the arguments of both parties, I'll
11 take it under advisement and issue a ruling,
12 Ma'am, what is your correct address then?
13 MS. GRAZZINI-RUCKI: That is simply a
14 mailing address. I do not reside in Dakota
15 County. Ms. Elliott is aware of that. I do
16 not have a residence. But as for the hearing
17 that's coming up, it is a custody and custody
18 alone hearing,
19 THE COURT: Okay. Ma'am, the question I
20 asked you is where do you reside?
21 .MS. GRAZZINI-RUCKI: I do not have a home.
22 I am homeless per court order by Judge I<nutson.
23 THE COURT: How is it that you get your
24 legal documents from the address that Court
25 Adminiatration has then?
Mary Jo LeGrand
Official Court Reporter
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 153 of 209
1 MS. GRAZZINI-RUCKI: I am court ordered to
2 have a mailing address, but I do not have a
3 So I do not have a residence of
4 living in Dakota county.
5 THE COURT: Where did you sleep last
6 night?
7 MS. GRAZZINI-RUCKI: Scott County.
8 THE COURT: At what location?
9 MS. GRAZZINI-RUCKI: At a friond'a house.
10 I don't mind I'd rather not say due to my
11 protection, that's why I'm kind of in this
12 situation,
13 THE COURT: All right. I'll take the
14 matter under advisement and I'll issue an
15 order.
16 MS. GRAZZINI-RUCKI: Thank you.
17 (Whereupon, the proceedings were
18 concluded.)
Mary Jo J,eGrand
Official Court Reporter
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 154 of 209
2 l, Mary Jo LeGrand, one of the
3 official court reporters for the Fourth
4 Judicial District of the State of Minnesota, do
5 hereby certify that the foregoing 8 pages of
6 typewritten material constitute a full, true
7 and correct transcript of my original
8 stenographic notes, as they purport to contain,
9 of the proceedings reported by me at the time
10 and place hereinbefore mentioned.
15 DA'l'ED: 8/13/13
Mary Jo LeGrand
Ofticial Court Reporter
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 155 of 209
State ofMlnncsotn
Sondrn Su'o <lrnzzlnl-Ruckl
David ViQlor R11ckl
Jndiclnl Dlslrlcl:
Co11rt Flle Number:
Dlstrlct Coul'f
01clor for Hmassmcnt Honrlug
(Minn. Stnt. 609.748) l'IU!O
AUG 08 2013
soon COUNTY CO UR rs
To tho l'ctllloner/Respondenl named nbove: This matte)' wos schedule fol' n hearing All&lli!Jt,
2013 to address Pelltlmer's l'etltlon and Amauded Po!ltlon. the heorlng
bo tmnsfol'lcd lo Dakota Co11nty to beard bofore L. Klmlso1\ Jmtsuanlto an Order
signed By Rl)<l flied on A11gust 17.
lt Is ordered is Denied.
It is onlored that wlll bo held at: County_ <lovornmont
,. ) =='7--------
. )
on Ausnst.J2..2.Ql3,,_ _'-;--'at 9:00 n.lll.
D11te .. ...
Tl mo
lf Po!ltlonor foils 10 np)ieru At the heat'hlg, tho onse mny be dismissed. lfRespo1\dent falls lo
nwonr al !he hearing, the CO\llt may grant wlrnlever the Pelltlone1 has requested.
Jlldge of District
. fh1 M_ Qf.! WitHVr-"
__ Conl00<l CQpy or orlglnol-Rotnm to Court Affldovlt of Personnl Sorvlco
__ Copy for Potlllonet(s)
__ Copy for f!lo 1111111 orlghial rettimed
__ Copy for Sheriff
_ Dlssolnilon Fiio
HllR302 Stato ENG Rov4/04
__ copy for Reipondonl(s)
for local olloo doatlmeut
__ Other: ____ . _____ _
Pago 1012
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 156 of 209
In Ro the Mnrrlngo of:
Sondm Sue Grnalnl-R11ckl,
Dnvld Vlotoi R11okl,
Co\mty ofDnkotn;
Co11ttFi10No.: l9AVFA111273
The nhove-ontltlcd mntter come heforo tho Honornhlo Dnvld L. Knulson, Judge of
Dlslriol Com!, nl the Dokotn County Judlclnl Conlcr Jn Bosllngs, Mhmosoln, on Jnno 12, ?.013 on
vnrlous motlo11s of the pnrlles.
Mlohollo MnoDonold, n.,q, nppenred representing Pellflone11 who also nppenred.
Llsn Elliott, Esq. OJ!J!onred representing Responclenl, who also npponrcd.
John Jerabek, E ~ q n1111emed l'eJ>rnsenling tho 01mrdlru1 ad Lltem, Lnnrn Milos, who olso
NOW, 11"IBREFORil, tlw Court hnvlng conslderod tho mottct, being fully odvlsoci In the
. ' .
promlsos, ond basod \lpon oll tho flies, records and procoedlngs heroin, mid based 11pon lho
orgmneut of the pnrlles, Issues 1he following:
AUO 2 6 Z0\3
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 157 of 209
gcs1iou<!Qut David Ru\1)tl's MotlOll (jate.d 'May Z.9, p013 ~ u < I A1ucu<le<I Motion dated
June 4, ?.013 filed bv Llso EllloH, Esq,
1. Il6Spondent's Motion tol1old Petltlonor Jn contempt of this Court's Scptcmbel' 7, 2012 Ordel'
by foiling to t,ofrnit1 from having contact wlth the minor chlldron ls denied.
2. Respondent's Mo11on lo hold Pct111onel' in contempt of this Court's Aprll 19, 2013 Order by
havlng unsupel'vlscd contact wlth 1ho minor chlldron ls denied.
3, If ol!hcr p!lf1y lms any Information about the whereabouts of tho parties' two oldest girls,
SamauUia and Olantrn, they slmll lmmedlntely dlsolose this Jnformntlon lo the other patty and
to tho a1iproprlate mithorlti6S.
4. The Issue ofl'etltione1"s fullnro to coopernte with Dr, lleth Hanington ls addressed by n
sepnrnte Com! Order dutcd Jnne 18, 2013. Petitioner shnll be ros1io11slblc for any costs thnt
Respondent Incurred related to Petlllone1"s failure to cooperate wlth Dr. Deth Hnrrlngton,
5. 'fha lssne of Pctltlo11er's failure to coopornte wllh oourlordorcd 1hernpy nnd to produceJ1or
records frorn DI', Michelle Mlllennoker, Life PovolopmMI Resonrces, nn<l Dr, Koro11 Trvi11 ls
addressed by a scporalo Comi Order dnted Jnly ~ 2013. Petitioner shall be resJlOllslbio fo1
nny cos.ts 1hnl Respondent lhcmred related to Pctll1011cr's rcf\1snl lo coo1iernte with lherapy
. .
nnd to produce these records,
6. Res11ondo11t's Mo Hon to hold Pot I donor In contempt of !his Comt's Aprll l 9, 2013 Ord or by
fnlllng to disclose her physlonl rosldonco nnd phone mu11ber ls granted,
a. Petitioner has failed to com1ily with !Ms Coutt's Aj)rll 19, 2013 Order ns
cvldcucecl by Llsn Elllott's Affidnvlt dnted Muy 29, 2013,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 158 of 209
b. Pelltloner shall be sontenccd to tho Dakota County Jul! torn perlod not to exceed
10 duys, stayed for n period of2 ycors from tho date of this order on the following
J, Petitioner shall hnmcdiutoly dlsoloso to Rospondent her physlcul residence
und phone n11mbet'.
If the jail sentence ls Imposed, Pelllloner lius the ablllly to bo released lf she meols
tho eondltloJ>S of this contempt order,
o. Tho Court flnds tho condll!ons of !ho slay of Polltlonor's jail sentence oro
appropriate fo1 Petitioner becm1so Pctltlo1w hus the nblllty nt this time to meet U1c
condltlons of1ho stay,
d. 'l'l1e Contt finds that c011dltlonul confinement of Pclilioner ls reasonably likely to
produce complhll\ce wllh the Order,
7, Respondent's Motion to hold Pelltloncr Jn coiltompt oflhls Court's Order dated November
22, iOl I by onncol!ng tho mlllol' children's mcdloal lnsmnnce covernge thro11gh Im employw
ls grnntcd.
a. Petitioner lrns fnllod to comply wllh this Court's Novombor 22, 201J. Order ns
evidenced by Tnu1my Love's Affidavit dated May 29, 2013 and Llsn Elliott's
Affldnvlt dated May 29, 2013,
b. Pelilloner shall bo scutcnced to tho Dnkotn County, Jail tor a 11erlod not to exoeed
l 0 dnys, s t ~ y d for 11 period of2 years Jlom tho date of this order 011 the followlug
l. Petitlonor shall hnmcdlntely re-enroll tho five minor children under her
medical lns111nnco pion provided by her employei; U.S. Airways,
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 159 of 209
Poti!loncr shall provide vcrilicntlon of tho reinstatement of medical
Jnsurance by September 11, 2013.
Jf !11ejnll sentence ls lmposed, l'ctltlonc1 has tho nblllty to be released Jf he meets
tho co11(1ltlons of this contempt order.
c. Tho Court finds tho conditions of the stny of Petitioner's Jail Sol\tel\ce nre
appropriate fo1 PetltloMr becn11so Petitioner hns tho ablllty at this time to meet the
conditions of the stny.
d. Tho Co\ltt finds thnt condltlonnl confinement of Petitioner is reasonably likely to
produce compliance with the Ordo1
8. Respolldent ls grunted a credit toward his child support aiream h1 tho ammmt of $6,165.00,
which rc11resenls one-half tho value of tho undisclosed asset rotating to Potltloncr's 2003
Cadillac Escnlado.
9. l'etltloner shall lnuncdlntoly oxcouto lll1 m1lhorl:mllon releasing he1 2011 and 2012 tax
JO, Respondent's requesl fo1 tem11orn1y solo physlolll ru\d sole legal ouS!ody of the parties'
ohlldre11 ls denied, Tho p11ttlos shall continue to follow tho reconlmeJ1datlons of Dr.
Gilbertson mid tho Guaidlan nd Lltem with respect to temporttl'y oustody, therapy nnd
parenting lime.
11. Respondent's motion to dlsmfos Potltlonor's so11runto Complaint captioned "lfandta Sno
GrnzzlnlRuokl v. David Victor Rucki, Lisn M. Elliot!, Jnllo Fl'ledrlch, Dr, James Gilbertson
and Di Paul Reilmon" is denied. Any molions rotating too sepai:nto actlon should be
col\Sldorcd under the co1nt flle number of that soparnto action.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 160 of 209
12. Rl)$pondonl's request for attorney's fees ls reserved fot considerntton nt the flnnl fdnl Jn this
mntter 011 Soptetnbei 11, 2013.
Poflflonoi Sm1c11n Giaziln1")!ucltl's Motion ilnted Mny 31, 2013 flied by Mlchollo
Mnollonnlcl, Esq,
13. Poltttoner's motion fot n stay of the proceedings ls denied.
Potltlono1 Sond1n No(l90 to Remove doted JM11010, 2013 Olecl Pre&.
14. Petitioner's motion to remove Judge Dnvld L. Knutson as the j11dgo of the proocodlng
enli!lcd "Snndrn 8110 OrnzzlnlR11okl v. David Vloto1 Ruokl, Llsn M, Elliott, J111lo Frledrlob,
Dr. Jnmos Gllbertson nnd Dr. Pnul Rcllmon" Is denied. Any motio1is rolnllng ton sepornte
nclton should bo conslderccl undor tho court fllo numbo1 of thnt separate notion.
Tho Guol'dlon od Lltem's Motion <lofe1l June 10, 2013 flle<l Jw JQ!\11 M. ,foiobol1, Esq,
15. TJ1e 011mdltt11 ad Lltem's motlon to dismiss Petltlone1
s sepMole Complnint ls denied. Any
motions rcloth1g too seirnrnte action sl\Ouid be consldorcd tho coml'liio m11nbor of tho!
separate notion.
16. All other requests foi rolief not spcoiflonlly addressed heroin ru:e den led.
17. Tho nltaohcd momornndmn ls Incorporated l1crcl11 by reference,
Doted: August 23. 2QI3
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 161 of 209
Jn Re !he Marrfoge oil
Sandro Sue Omtilnl-Ruckl,
_ David Vlcto1 Rucki,
Co11nty of Dakota,
Co11rl FileNo.: 19AV-FA-11-1273

The ubove-outi!led matter came before tho Honornblo Davld L. KJmlson, Judge of
Dish'lct Com1, al the Dakolh Couniy Judiolol Conlor Jn Hnslings, Mlnnosota, on Septombcl' 6,
2013 on several non-party wltuossos' motions lo quosl1 subpoenas served upon !horn by
Petllioner ru1d on Respondent's Mo11on lu Llmlue.
Mlchello MacDonald, Bsq. oppcntc<l iepresentlng l?etlllouer, who was not prosenl.
Lisa Billon, Il$q, ajipeared representing Ros11ondont, who was not present.
Linda Olup, Esq., l'etlllol\ol''s former uttomey and a non-party witness, appoated 011 hcl'
motion to quash l'ctltlonel''s subpoonn.
Gary K. Luloff, Esq, npponte<l representing Elizabeth Helll'y, 'Esq., Pet\(ioner's fonnex
altorney and a non-jl!U'ly wllness, on Ms_. Henry's mo1lon to quash Petltlonor's subpoena.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 162 of 209
Je1u1lfer Evans, Ifaq,, PotUloncr's former attotney and a nonplllty wltltoss, appeared on
her motion to quash l'otl!lonot's sUbJJoena.
Lm1rn Milos, Ouurdlan ud Lltem, was also present Jn !ho cou111oon1.
TJ1e proceedings were soheduled fOl' 8:30 a.m. All attorneys worn proscut Jn !he
c.omiroom at 8:30 a.m. save and ex.ce1Jt Ms. MaoDonnld. The Co1nt delayed boglnnlng the
proceedings nntll 8:45 a.m. Ms. MnoD01mld arrived 111 court at 8:50 a.m.
Al lhe hearing, !ho Comt ruled from !he bel1ch Iha! Ms. Elliott's Mollon ln Limlne wo11ld
bo heard prior lo !he commencement of trial on Scplembor 11, 20 l 31o allow l'clltlo1m s11fflolenl
lime to respond, The Courl proceeded lo hoa1nrg11mcnts on themollous lo quash brought by lhe
three nonlllUiy wlln<isses duo to tho need for a llmely delslon to lnfoim all parUes prior lo !he
!tlnl scheduled to bogin lho followlng wcok. Tho Court asked the attorneys to submll proposed
orders boforo tho end of the day on Friday, Soplember 6, 2013, for the Coutt's cousldorutlou.
NOW, THlllUlFOlIB, the Court lrnvlng considered tho mottor, being l\Jlly advised Ju tho
prernlses, and based \IJ)oll all tho files,tccords ond prooeo<llugs herohl, und based upon the
argument ofcounsol, Jssuos tho following:
1, Tho al1omey for Pelllloner, Michelle MacDonald, Esq., lias failed to meet !he
R11lo 45 bmden lo show why !ho uomed ollorneys should bo subjeelcd lo l<IBtlfy lo lny foundnlio11
foi tlteh' bllls fo1 sorvko, In tlw event llto Colltl dooms tho lss110 of ollomey fees is n rolovruil
fosuc fo1 1rlnl.
2. The motion ofMnpatty wlhiess Lindo Olup, Esq, to quash subpoena served
on hor on August 30, ls
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 163 of 209
3, The moflon ofnonpat!y wltness Blfaaboth Henry, Esq. to qunsh thosubpoona
sctved on her 011 Soptemb.er 3, 2013 ls grnnted.
4. Tho motion ofnon .. parly wltiless Jem1lfel' EvlUls, Esq. to quash the ~ u p o e n n
sorved on hor on Soptombot' 3, 2013 Js granted.
5, Tho SUbpocuocd UOl\ .. pn1fy witness nttomoys nro entllle<i'to COllljJCllSn!lon for the
limo they spont and the oxponsos t.J1ey Incurred In bringing: this motion, These expenses shall be
. ,
nssessed as sm1otlous against Mtcholfo MnoDonald, Bsq, und tho Mnobonuld Lnw Ftnn, LLC,
whtoh shnll be pnynble directly by Mlcholle MnoDonald, Esq. and the MaoDonnld Lnw Flnu,
LLC to tho subpoenned non-party wlh1ess attorneys,
6, Within 10 dnys of1he date of this Order, 1he subpoenaed non-pnrly wltness
attorneys shall S\1hrnl1 affidavits detnlllng the time they spout nn<l tho expenses they lno1irred
roln1ed 10 !his motion mt<l their respective hourly rates,
'/, Tho uttachcd mcmornudmn Js h1corporntcd Jicreln by mfereuoe,
llY 'l'llli COUll'1'1
Dated: September 2, 2013
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 164 of 209
.lllOl\C: OF Dl!llillCT COUfiT
July 26, 2013
Michelle MacDonald
Atlomey at Law
I 069 S. Robert St.
West St. Paul, !VIN 55118
James Donehower
8'1'.L\_'l'E 01'
,JlJJ)J(}JAl ..
Lisa M. Elliott
Attomey al Law
21109 W. 66
" St.
Minneapolis, MN 55423
Assistant Dakota County Attomey
1 Mendota Road W.
John Jernbek
Attorney at Law
510 MUl'quette Ave.
Suite 200 Suite 220
West St:Paul, MN 55118 Minneapolis, MN 55402
Re: Giazzhli-Rucki v. Rucki; File Numbc1 19AV-FA-11-1273
Dear Counsel:
CAtlVl'.R, OAKOTA. GOODHUE. lc$1..lt:Ufl.
LAW Cl.tf!tC: 86I43llB17 7
FAX: 66143801HO
davld.knu1 son@c<>ur ts.s loto .m n.u s
Enclosed for yom information ls a copy of a document that was served 11po11 me al my home by a
process server working for the MacDonald Law Office. I have filed it in the comt file. It is ex
pa rte communication in this file ond o violotion of Court Rules. Obviously, serving me
personally at home with this nonsensicol document has no purpose other than to attempt to
intimidate me. I expect that this conduct wlll slop so we may have a fail' tl'ial to resolve the
remaining issues Jn September.
Vel'Y truly yours,
Davl<l L, Knutson
J1idge ofDlstl'iet Comt
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 165 of 209
' - .
Fol'm COL Violation Warning
Dcui!ll of Rights Under Color of Law
VloLlllou W111lng--l8 U.S.C. 242118 U,S.C, 245142 U.S.C, 1983
Sandra GranlnlRutkl lndlvfdunlly and on behalf of hor ehlfdron, Nico, Samantha, Gianna, Nia, and
!3_%(ld tyYcQl"/eT &10.:J t)YS-,J/ 8ull1VSl/1tLe; 11/IV 0*33 /
Name ru1d mra,.,., of Citizen ,
David L; f\nuts(}n
Aj1polntod Judicial Orflcer
165D7 h'edale Court
Lakevlllo, MN 55044
Name and addrm of-NoHce Rcolplcnt & Title (NoUco/Appolntcd Reprmnlatlvc)
Citizen's Statement:
Court proceed/11os In Dakota County, Stute of Minnesota, court file no. 19-AVFA-11-1273, /nc/1Ul/110
that on or about September 7, 2012, I was ordered ta leave my //ome, property and children Ofl(/ was
restrained from all contact wit/> my children, Including their school and church, with the threat of
ntlon slalcd here ls true nnd correcl.
Legal Notice and Warning
Fcdorol law provltlc.9 that I! is H crlme to v!olato Constitutloual Righlirnf a cltlzcn urulor tho
Color of Law. You cnu be anestcd for Ibis cl'lme ancl you cau also be hclcl llablo
for civil damage.
A1te01pllng lo coerce or (lt'<:elvc a cltl1.en lo surrender hls Conslltutlonl lllghta ls a Federal CYhttc.
18 'U.S.C, 242 provides that Whoever, under color of a11y law, slalnlo, ordinance, rogulatlon, or custom,
wlllftdly subjects any pcrso11 ln a11y State, Te11ltory, ConunonwcnW>, Poss""slon, or DJslrlct lo the
deprivation of a11y rights, prMleg"'5, or lnunwilUes secured or protected by !he Conslliutlon or lows of
the Uni led Stales, or to different punlshmcnls, Plns, or penalties, on account of such person being an
alien, or by reason of his color, or race, tlwt 11re prescribed for tl10 punishment of citl1.ens, shall bo fined
under this 1111 or Imprisoned not more than ono year, or both; and If bodily Injury results from the nets
conunltted in vlolntlon oftltls secllon or If such nets btclude the use, nltempled uso, or tl>reatcned use
ofa dangerous WC<lpon, exploslv"'5, or lire, shall be fined under Uiis lillo or Imprisoned not more tlian
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 166 of 209
, ....
ten yortr';I, or both; a11d If dealil results from the ncls commlllcd Jn violntion of this section or if such acts
lncludekld11ap1ii11g or an ol!empt lo kidnap, nggrnvn!ed sexual abuso, or nn nllempt to commit nggravnled
sexual nb11se, or nil nllcmpl to klll, shall bo fined under this title, or lmprlsoned for any lcnn of years or
for JltC, or both, or mny be sentenced to denth.
18 U,S.C. 245 provided that Whoever, whether or not ncli11g under color of Jaw, Intimidates or h1tcrfores
wllh any person from partlolpatlng In or e11joyi11g ony benefit, service, ptlvllege, progmm, facllily, or
octlvlly provided or admlnJslcrod by lho United States; [or] applying for or enjoying employment, or
nny perquisite thetllOf, by a11y ngo11oy of U10 United States; shull bo fined under Uds tllle, or imprisoned
not more thnn one year, or bolh, and if dc.ih resulls or lf such acts Include klduapplng or an allempt to
kidnap, aggravated sexirnl abuse or an allempl lo aggravated sexual abuse, or an allempl lo klll,
slmll bo subject to iinprlsorutrn11l for any lctrn of years or for life or 111ay be sentenced lo dealh.
42 U.S.C. 19to provides every person \Vho, 1111rler color of ruiy slah1te, ordinauce, xegulaficin, cus!on1,
or usage, of any Stale or Territory or Ute Dlstrlct of Columbia, s11bJccts, or cattsos lo bosubjeclcd, any
cllf7.on oflho United StalM or olhcr person wlthln U10 j11rlsdlctlo11 lhercoflo tho deprivation of any rights,
prlvilcgM, or lmm1111ltlos secured by the Corutltutlon aud laws, sholl be llnble lo the patty Injured lo nu
action el lnw, suit l11 equity, or other pro pot proceeding for redress.
Wnrnfog, you may be In vlola!len ofFedornl Law aud pmlsllngwlth your denrnnd mny lead lo
your mtesl ru1d/or civil damages. Also, understand Urn! tho lnw provides you can be held pcrsoually
responsible and liable, as well a your comp1U1y or agency,
You aro advised to cease and desist wlll1 your demand nnd to seek personal cou11sel If you do not
underslattd tho law.
Notice ofl!ff1f /) Sctr. . :
I, " certlfr, int I delivered this notlee lo abovo named recipient
01/inl 7 on
LA/-1.J}f UJl I J.{A) )';> 0 11
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 167 of 209
Endangered Runaway
llllll : Nov I, 1999
' i: i\'011 : 14
,\l i" i111:: Apr 19, 2013
,\l h 1f11r. Fr1111 1:
SI'\ : Fcmnlc
llal'1' : While
I lai1 : Brown
t:)l'' : 0101111
lld gl11 : 5'8" (17Jr111)
\\'tl1:li1: 11Slhs (66kg)
I' I
GiH1111111111d Sanrnnlltn were lusl stc11 0111\Jll'il 19, 2013.
Pngc I of I
llllll: Jun 24, 19911
,\i:' Nim: IS
,\ 1 Apr 19, 2013
il lh, 1111: l' m1o1:
Unhcd States
Sc' : Female
11:111: BI0\111
I :yn: Uro1111
\\'d 1:li1: 1301bs (.S9kg)
cu11wo1 l.l3 Nntionnl Cc1111;r for Missing & Uxploltcd Chlldrcn
r1Ji6$JNQ IJr
1-llllll H I 1%711 ( l-!I00: 111 F-LOST)
l:UJ?1 .U)'! 't aJ
' ' . '
C II I l 0 II E ti'
l.nkcvlltc lkpa11111c11t 1-952-322-2323

CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 168 of 209
Case No. A13-0590
In Ro the Matter of:
Robert J, Smlth,
Angela Opstad,
Michello L. Esq., MacDoJtald Law Film, LLC, being first duly swom, states
1. Out firm l'OJll'csents the Appellant, Angela Opstad In the above proceedlngs. l submit tills
Affidavlt Jn supjlort of the nllnclied Mo/1011/or Leave to File !I/formal Brief, and/Qr
Extenslo11 ofT/me to Fife Brief.
2. Thel}ppellant's bifof ls oumntly due on Thursday, September 19, 2013.
3. On September 3, .2013 the Court of Appeals grimted an extension to file the brieflmlil
. Septembe1 19, 2013, due to my status, case load nnd the contested custody trial hue: tho
ma!fiage of. David Rucki v. Snndrn Grozzinl..Rucki Rucki, Dakota Co1mty Court file no,
19AV-FA:1I1273, scheduled fqr September 11 2013 (sec Affidnvlt of attorney) Thnt hinl
. .
wns scheduled on MENSES fol' one day only, Scpte1)\be1 l I, 2013.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 169 of 209
4. This custody trial was ordered,_ even though David and Sandra R11okl were already divorced,
May20J 1, and Sandra hnd been awarded sole legal a11d sole physlool 011stody
of her 5 chJ)dren, with parenting lime !n their father,
5. Upon request for wrll of mandamus, this Appellate o01irt rnled the order "tem11ornry" and not
appealablo . .'J'hls c011rt's denlnl of the writ ofmandanii1s was again appealed to the Supreme
Co11rl ofMlrn1.,,ota, and the plan ls to 11etltion to U1e Unlled States Comt,
Washington, DC. In short, th.is Court detemiined that a post-decree custody orde1, whero
Ms. Grnzzhtl-Ruck! was ordered In one day (Se11tembcr ?, 2012) to abandon her home, and

her 5 children, ond hove 110 contact or be was "temporary" ,ond not appealnble,
so the trial process was to proceed (See In re: Sai1dra Sue Grazzil1iR11ckl
Pelf//011e1; David L. K1111/so11, Judge of the Dakota Dlsfrlcl Co11rl, Respondent,
Appellate Comt file no, Al3-0859)
6. On lho day of the trfol, September 11, 2013, l filed a federal court closs uctlon Jaws11lt fol'
. .
clvJl rights violations, Sa11dm Gmzz/111-Ruckl, l11divld1111/(y 011 behalf of Nico, Samantha,
Gianna, Nia, Gino, 011. behalf of themselves and 111/ otliers si1111/111'ly slt1111led v. David L.
Kn11tsoi1, a11 indivld11a/, John and Mm'yDoes 1-20 (Urtlted States District Court for the
. . .
District of Minnesota, ClvJI Action No: /3-CV l/ 17
'/, Desplle my filing of the fe.dctnl ncllon, ru1d noliflcution to the Judge, 11e proceeded with trial
wo11ld hold ine Jn default, stating he could be neutml and would not remove lumsclf. Tl1e
. .
hfal developed Into an O(deal that has througl1 this very moment, inolnd!ng a first
day of !rial (September 11) when lhej11dlolol officer should liave removed himself, ns
requtlllted; a second day of trial (September 12), when Mensis l1ud It cuncoled.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 170 of 209
8. Further, when I was provided wJth n brcnk by fodgo Kn11lson lhe momlng of September 12,
lo go flnd a 2011 comt cnlcud111; he loft tho bc1ich, and two or Huw dep111ies c1Unc at mo,
nnd dclolned mo during tho break and p11I me Jn a cell. l relumed lo lhe comlroom in
handcuffs and .a wheel chnlr, wlth no Jewelry, no eye glossos, shipped of belongings.
Opposing atlorncys, el al, said or did or said nothing, ns a dopuly wheeled me into .the comi
room ln tltls debilitated state-.
9, Judge Knulson come back on lhe bench, mul something to the effect of"some!hlng
11111sl /lave happened d1;r/11g the breal<', and noted !hat my Sanarn Grnzziiii-Riicl<l wns
not J>resent,, along wlth her suppo1iers, and thnt all of my file boxes, etc, were Judge
Km1lso11 slated llint I could call.my offlce to have !hem returned or be in default. I advised
that the deputy had my phone as woll.
JO. JudgeKnulson said somellilng like, do you wont to default and I said no, and 1hen he snid lt's
about tho kids (two of tho flvc olrlldroJ1 have been missing since A1irll, 2013 and ilre on the
naiional missing children list), and he would proceed Jn any event.
11. Judge Knutson with opposing attorney wltnesses, including two giiardlans, the
father (who.said be was the fothet; and said nothing derogatory aboui !he and other
witnesses, over my objection.
12. At the close of tho evidence, Judge Knutson asked !he attorney for llte :father (who also does
not have custody), mid the atlomoy for lhe girnrdlan, Jfthey "rested" thelr case. Both snid
"yes". Then he looked at mo nnd slated he wo11td lake the mailer "under advisement." I
that l hud a reb111lal, and he dld not ask !fl rested, which I did not.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 171 of 209
13. The Judge left the bench al approximntely2:20. During this time my olient, And no 0110 that
was snp1iortlng hei (except mo) that were there before tho break al 10:15 or solo get tho 2011
calendar, 'vere not in tho courtroom.
14. The shodffwheeled mo to the backjail, and the;1 ndjAceiitjail. Until the next day, Se1itember
13, 2013, ap1iroxlmately 5:00 pm, whero I 1mdcrwent what enn only be described ns n
process of torhire at tho vario1is Jails an.d cells. l had never received n cltatlon, I never was
booked, and never "!as arrested (le Mirada, .etc,).
15. The next afiernoon, l WA wheeled lnto a different courtroom before Judge Wermager, wlio
told me I did not J1ave to be booked, imd tlrnt l was released. Even aftcl' I had a release order
Jn my hands, they put me in solilary confit1emo11t again, purportedly for 30 more days, until
ni1d 1inless a look a few moments to be "booked".
16. I was lhenl'eleased on t,110 same release order l had from Jmlge Wermager, in the Jail e-0ll, and
on Monday, September 16, another Judge told me to go to the Bmemi .of
Iiivestlgatlon, which I did that day, with my hl1sband, Thonrns. Federal snpoenas refotlng to
the federnl co1111 olass action oivll i1ghls caso were served 011 Monday, 16, and
1\iesday, September 17, and been working 011 th!s since my relonse, not to menllo11 ln
a tranmatlo state.
17. While I was jailed, the 01i11os!ng nUoh1ey Ell!oU, filed on MENSE more motions and
popenvork to Judge Kn11tson that oppressed my client, wliich I havo not seon to dato. Then
she refilsed to brJng the motion to a J'etrnlnlhg order cour\ hearJngl!l .ScoU Co1mty on
Monday, September .16, 2013, lnvolvlng my client. That reslralnlng order was for
5 J'elallng to Ms. Grnzzlnl, which l ar1111cd on 16.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 172 of 209
i8. The morning of September 12, when I was wheeled with handctlffs into a11othe1 courttoom,l
told Judge Werniager a piece of my overnight ordeal. Ho rot eased mo, tc.ld mo 1 did not Jiave
to bo booked
19. Tliis ordeal, has all been conf\lslng to me, and very dlsrnptlve to my persc.nnl
nnd professional life, and lnw 1iraotice. As I the court, wo mo a small firm, and
Athena Hollins ls 011 maternlty leave tmtll Se1itember 2_6. As suol1, 1 believe we 1vlll require
approximately unlil Monday, October 21, 2013.
20, My eliont, Angela Opstnd, has been very uuderslnnding and is supportive of Oil extension fo1
her cuse. Fo1 those 1easons, I am 111 need of nn extension to ooinpiele the bdoffor the Court's
21. Itcspcctfolly rcqncst that this com1 grnnt an extension to Monday, October 21, 2013, that
fepresonls n rensoirnble extension conslderlng the oiroumslnnces, and Alhena's retum from
matemlly leavo.
Subsodbcd aud sworit to before
mo this L'l. day of September, 2013.
. .
Michello L. MaoDonald,
AHorney fo1 Appollnnt
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 173 of 209
In Re the Marriage of:
Sandra Sue Grazzlnl-Ruckl,
David Victor Rucki,
JQAVfA-11-1273 flled In Ff1st Judtc!al Dis bf cl Court
9/13/2013 3:17:52 PM
Dakota Coun\y, MN
Court File No.: 19AV-FA-11-1273
Bradley C. Mann, being first duly sworn upon oath, states and alleges as follows:
1. That I am one of the attorneys representing Respondent David Vtotor
Rucki In this proceeding;
2. This Court's Order dated August 26, 2013, paragraph 6, states as follows:
'6. Respondent's Motion to hold Petitioner In contempt of this Court's
April 19, 2013 Order by falllrlg to disclose her physical residence
and phone number is granted.
a. Petitioner has failed to comply with this Court's Aprll 19,
2013 Order as evidenced by Lisa Elliott's Affidavit dated
May 29, 2013.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 174 of 209
b. Petitioner shall be sentenced to the Dakota County Jail for
a period not to exceed 1 O days, stayed for a period of 2
years from the date of this order on the following condlllons:
I. Petitioner shall lnimedlately disclose to Respondent
her physical residence and phone number.
If the Jail sentence Is Imposed, Petllloner has lhe ablllly to be
released If she meets the condilions of this contempt order.
c. The Court finds the conditions of the stay of Petitioner's
jail sentence are appropriate for Petitioner because
Petitioner has the ability at this time to meet the conditions
of the stay.
d, The court finds that condltlonal confinement of Petitioner
is reasonably likely to produce compliance with Iha Order."
3. Allached hereto as Exhibit A Is a true and correct copy of this Court's
Order dated August 26, 2013;
4. That on September 11, 2013, Petitioner teslllled in open Court that her
cell phone number of 612-919-1737 ls her current phone number. Today, Friday,
September 13, 2013, my oftlce called said phone number provided by Petitioner and a
recording stated: "the number or code you have dialed is incorrect";
5. That on September 11, 2013, Petitioner testified In open Court, that she
will not provide her physical address, as was Ordered by this Court on August 26, 2013;
8. To date the Petitioner has not complied;
7. Accordingly, Respondent requests that the Court to issue a warrant for
Petitioner's arrest purnuant to this Court's August 26, 2013 Order.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 175 of 209
Further your atnant saith not.
Subscribed and sift.om to before rne
his \,'3l\l. day of Letni\1J( , 2013.
07. L
BiactTui,i: Mann
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 176 of 209
In Re ihc a r r i ~ g o of:
Sondro Sue Otm:lttl-Ruckl,
Onvld Victor Rucki,
County oFDakoto,
19AVFM 1-1273
CouttFilcNo.: l9AVf>A-111273
The obovc-cntliled mauer come before lhc Honorable David r.. Kn111,on, Judge of
Dlstrlcl Cour1, al the Dakota County Judlelol Ccnlcr in Haslings, Minn<>Sola, on June 12, 2013 on
various mollons of tho 1mrtlc,.
Michelle MacDonald, Esq. nppcnrcd representing Petitioner, who also appeored.
Lisa ml!oll, Esq. appeared reptescnting Respondent, who olso oppcored.
Jolm Jornbck, Esq. uppenrcd representing the Onnrdion ad Ll!cm, Laura Miles, who also
NOW, TH!lR!lFORR, the Court having considered lhc mnllcr, being fully ndvlscd in tho
premises, and based upon nil the files, records and ptocecdings herein, und bnscd upon the
nrgumcnt of the parties, Issues the following:
AUO 2 6 2013
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 177 of 209
!tcsoondenl Dnyld Ruckl's Motion dnlcd May 29,2013 nnd tlmcuded Motion du!cd
June 4, 2013 flld by Ll;a Elllo!!, Esq,
I. Rospondcn!'s Molion lo hold Peth inner in conlcmpl orthis Court's September 7, 2012 Order
by t'niling lo refrain fron\ hn.ving conlacl \Vith the minor l.}hildrcn is denied.
2. Respondent's Molion lo hold Pctilloner in contempt or this Court's April 19, 2013 Order by
lrnvlng unsupervised 001\lac! with !he mi11or children is denied.
3. lf eithcr party hus mly information aboul lhe whereobouls of the porlics lwo oldest girls,
Snmanlhn nnd Oinnna, !hey shnll lmmcdlalcly 11isdose this Information lo the olher party nnd
lo lite upproprinle nulhorillos.
4. The Issue of Pclitioner's folluro lo coopcrntc wilh Dr. Beth l larrington is nddresscd by n
separate Court Order dated June 18, 2013. Pothlonor slrnll be rnsponslblc fot any costs lhnt
Respondent incutred reloled to Pclllioner's fullurc to cooperate wllh Dr. Beth Hnrrington.
S. The issue or Pctilionur's lbllure to coopcrnlc with courl-ordered thcmpy nnd lo produce her
records from Dr. Michelle Millennckcr, Life Development Resources, and Dr. Koren Irvin Is
nddresscd by "scpnralc Court Order dntcd July 23, 2013. Pelllloner shnll be responsible for
nny costs thnl Respondent lncutred related lo Petitioner's rcl\1Snl lo coopcmto wllh thcrnpy
untl to produce these records.
6. Rcspontlcnl's Mollon lo hold Petitioner in conlcmpl of this Court's April 19, 2013 Order by
falling lo her physical 1csldcncc 1md phone number Is gronled.
n. Petitioner lms railed to comply with this Aprll 19, ?.013 Order ns
evidenced by Lisa F.llioll's Aflldavil dated May 29, 2013.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 178 of 209
b. Pelilioner shall bo senlenccd lo U1e Dokoln Counly Jail for o period not to exceed
I 0 days, slayed for" period of2 ycnrs from the dale of lhls order on the following
i._ Petitioner shnll luuncdlutcly disclose to Rcspond()lll her physical residence
11J1<l phone number.
Jflhejall scntenee is i1uposet1
Pe1ition11r hos lho Ability lo be released if:;hc meets
lite conditions of I his contcmpl order.
c. Tho Court nnds the condillons of tho stay of Peiltioner's jail sentence arc
npproprinlc for Pelillonor bccnuso Petitioner hns lhe ability nt lhis lime lo meet lhc
condilions of the slay.
d. The Cou1 l flnds thal condllional confincntcnt of Petitioner is reasonohly likely 10
produce con1plhu1cc 'vilh lhc Order.
1. Respondent's Motion to hold Pelltioncr in conlompt of this Court's Otder doted November
22, 2011 by canceling the minor childtcn's medienl lns11nu1<c through her employet
is granlcd.
a. Petitioner hos failed to comply wilh thl< Court's Novc1nbe1 22, 2011 Ofder as
evidenced by Tammy Love's Affidavit dated May 29, 2013 and Lisa Jl!liolt's
Affidavil dated May 29, ?.013.
b. Petitioner be sentenced lo the Onkota Coumy Jnll for a period not to exceed
10 days, stayed for a period of2 years from the date of this ordcf oil the following
I. Petitioner shall inuncdinlely rccnroll the five minor children under her
medical !nsurnnec plnn provided by her employer, U.S. Airwnys.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 179 of 209
Pclllloncr shall provide veriOcnlion oflhe reinstntenient ufnicdical
insuranco by Seplcmbcr J l, 2()13.
rr ihc jail scnlence is im1>o<ed, l'elilioncr ha' lhe ahilily lo be released if she mccls
the conditions of this contc1npl order.
c. The Co1ul the conditions of the stny of Pclltloncr'sjnll sentence ore
npproprinle for Peiltloncr because Pclitioncr has lhe nbllliy al lhis lime lo mcel lhe
<:onditlons oflhe slny.
d. The Court llnds lhnl condillonnl conl1ncmenl of Pelilioncr is reosonably likoly lo
produce compliance with lhe Orclcr.
8, Respondent is granted n ercdil lowerd his ehllcl support arrcors In lhc amounl ofS6,l6S.OO,
\Vhich represents onc.hnlf tl1c volue of lhc undisclosed f\Ssel relating to Petiti'oner's 2003
Cndlllae llscnlado.
9. Pclilioncr shnll lmmcdlalely exceulc rut aulhori1.alion releasing her 2011 and 2012 lax
JO. Respondcn1's rcqucsl for tompormy sole physical and sole legal custody oflhe parties'
children Is denied, The ponies shall conllm1c lo follow lhc rceommcndallons ofDr.
Oilbcrtson nnd lhc Guordhm od Litcm wilh respect lo lemporary cuslody, therapy and
porcn1ing time.
11. Respondent's molion lo dismiss Polillonc1"s Comploinl coplloncd "Sandrn Sue
Ornzzinl-Ruckl v. David Vlclor Rucki, Llsn M. Bllloll, Juli< fricdtlch, Dr. Jomes Oilbctlson
otld Dr. P1111l Rcllmnn" is denied. Any motions rolnling loo sepnrnlc nction should bo
considered under the court lilo number of lhot scpmnle nclion.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 180 of 209
12. Respondent's request for a!lomey's fees is reserved lbr considcrntion nl the finnl trlnl in this
mn!lcr on September 11, 2013.
l'cllllonc1 Snndrn Grnv.lnl-Rucld's Motion dnlctl M ny 31, 2013 Oled by Michell!;
MneDonnltl, 1'iliJ,
13. Petitioner's motion for a slay of the proceedings Is denied,
Pctllloncr S!lmhn Gtn7.Y.in 1-Ruckl's Not lye to Remove d!lfcd J1111c JO, ZO 13 n!cd Pro Se,
14. Petitioner's mo1io11 to remove Judge Dnvld L. KnU1so11 !ls the Judge of the proceeding
cnlltlcd "Snntlrn Sue Orl\l':l.ini-Rucki v. Dnvhl Victor Rucki, Lisa M. Elllo!I, Julie Friedrich,
Dr. Jtmws Gilbertson ond Dr. PGUI Rcllmnn" is douied. Any motions 1elating ton separnte
nctlon should be considered under tho court file number ofllmt scpnrnto notion.
The GuRl'dlnu ad Lllcm's Motion doted June 10, 2013 filed by John M. Jcrnbek, Rsg.
15. The Guardian ad Lltem's motion to dismiss Petitioner's separnlc Complain! ls denied. Any
motions relating to u scpnrnlo action should be considered under tho co\lrt file number of that
separate ncllon.
16. 1\ll other requests for relief not specificnlly addressed herein are denied.
17. Tho nllached memorandum ls Incorporated herein by reforence.
Dated: AunUl 23. 2013
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 181 of 209
l. llm1ondcn! Doy!d Rudd's Motion doted May 29, 2013 nnd A111ondcd Mottou doled
June 4, 2013 f11e<l by Lis El!loll, Es11,
A, HC8poudcnt' Motion rclntlug to Petitioner having conlct !he 1rnrlic'
ml1101 children,
Pursuanl to this Court's Order doted April 19, 2013, the children's mntetnnl nunt, Nnncy
Olson, wos ordered lo eoor<llnalc n transfer of temporary custody to the children's paternal aunt,
Tammy Love. Tho 011stody llansfor wos to be facilitated Ly Dr. OilLonson and the Ounrdlan nd
Lllem. On April 19, 2013, custody of the lwo older girls, Samantha ond Olmma, wos lrnnsferre<l
tu M,. Love. 'l11e children nrrived al Ms. Lovo's home nl 6:4S p.m. with the assislruicc of Officer
Jason Jensen of the Lakeville Department. The children fled from Ms. Love's home ofter
being al her home for npproximatcly 30 min11les. Ms. Love stated lhul the girls loll in such n
hurry that thoy loll their shoes, cools ond backpocks behind. Ms. I.ave dinled 911 lo repot1 that
!he children had nlll oway.
Ms. Love believes thnl the children me with Pclitloner. On /\prll 22, 2013, Ms. Love
received two lo!tcrs from the girls olong wiUt o court petition from l'otitioncr. l'ctitioner nlso
contncicd 'rrish Von Pllsum of Pox 9 10 lnvcsilgnte this cnsc end the fos11e of"Pnrentol
Alienntion," Rcpondcnt ollegos that Potilloner, or someone 011 her behnlf, arranged for Ms.
Pilsum to meet with and intmiow Samantha und Ohmno for tho story. Doth children appeared In
Ute news specinl, which nlrcd 011 Moy IS, 2013. Respondent moves 10 hold Petitioner in
contempt for allegedly hnvlng conlnct 1111h Ute children roid abducting them from Ms. Love's
care, This Court Is wllhout nny sufficlcnl direct evidence of con loci between Petitioner and the
children to hold Petitioner in contempt on this Issue. This Court Is very concerned oboul the
wclfnrc of these children, who never rcl11rned to finish the school ycnr and who 1w allegedly slill
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 182 of 209
missing. If either party hos any infonnnllon nboul !ho whereobouls of these two girls, the)' shall
immedlnt<ly dlsdosc !his lnfom1n1lon 10 the other pnrty nnd lo the npproprinle oulhorilies.
ll. llespondenl's Mollon rclnllng to PetlU011ci"s rcfusnl to coopeiotc wllh Dr.
Beth Hnrrlngto11 and Potflloncr's 1ofns11l to coopernte with thcrnpy mul
produce records from DJ" Michello Mlllcnncl<cr, Life Development
Rt'.'sourccs, nnd Dr1 l<rt1cu Inln,
As dctnlled in this Cou11's Order dnled June 18, WIJ, Petitioner Is flngrMli)' in conlompl
oflhis Co111t's Order ordering the parties lo parliclpnle inn custody ovaluollon with Dr. Beth
Harrington. In n letter lo the Court dated Moy 16, 201 J, Dr. Hrurington indlcntcd 111111 sho
received ru1 cmnll from Petitioner on May S, 2013, in which Pclitionor stoled "I do not ncccpl
you ns my pnrcnling consultant nnd wlll nol meet with you." At the henring on June 12, 2013,
Petitioner mode ii clcnr to the Court lhnl she has no Intention of cooperating with the custody
evnlualor. The Court ultlmalcly disclHlrged Dr. Harrington as a custody evaluator, ulven
Petitioner's refitsnl to eooperale with the cllslody evaluallon and given thnl a new Guardian ad
I.Item hnd boon ap]lol111ed lo make tomporruy and poonnncnl custody and pnronting time
rccommcndnlions. Respondent incurred subslru\llnl costs rclnllng to Petitioner's rct\Jsnl lo
coopcrnlc wilh the cnslody evnluation in this ense. Therefore, this Court Is ordering thnl
Petitioner shall be responsible for nny costs tlmt Respondent incurred rclnted to Pclllloncr's
failure to coopcrnlc wltl1 Dr. Beth Hnrringlon.
As dctniled Jn this Court's Order doled July 23, 2013, Petitioner defied mulliplc Court
Otdcrs with respect lo complcllng a psychologicnl evnlunllon, undergoing thernpy, and providing
wrlfkalion and records of her lhernpy lo Respondent. In her responsive memorandum, Pc1lllo>1er
mutle ii clcnr thnl she "will no! sign any a111horl'1l!lion for the rolcnsc of ru1ything." (Petitioner's
Response 10 Order Filed Aptll 19, 2013 and Aprll 22, 2013, datod Mny 6, 2013, p.3) 111e Court
ultimalcly ordered these providers to relense theso records directly to U1e other parties since ii
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 183 of 209
was cleor lhnt Petilioner 'vas never going to produce lhc1n. The Court Trial in the 1nalter is
schedukd for Seplember J l, 2013, nnd the Court found lhul ii was essenlinl 1lim II ponies have
access fo lhese rectJrds priat to lhe frial as !hey aro rclcvanl lo the ul!i1nate custody detcrnlin11li<1n
in ihls mntter. The Court will nol nllow lhc trinl in lhis mailer to be delayed ftuthcr by
Pclilioner's refusal to i;ooperale. Respondent incurred substtlnllnl cosls rcl"tins to Pelitioncr's
Ongro.nl defiance of lhls Court's Orders regarding lh complclion of 1herap)' and lhe production
of lhcse records. 11tetcforc, this Court is ordering that Pet ii loner shnll be responsible for any
coSls !hat Rospondclll incurred rein led to Pclltioner's eonlempl ot' Court relnllng to her refusnl to
coopernlc wilh courtordcred lhcrupy nnd lite produelion of these records.
C. Respondent's Mollon rclnling lo l'cllllonC1"s rcl\isnl lo disclose her physical
rcsldonco nnd phono number.
Pmsnnnt lo !his Court's Aptil 19, 2013 Order. Pelilloncr wus ordorcd lo disclose her
physical residence and phone nun\ber. There is no Order for Protcclion in place and no other
renson why Respondent should not hnve Pe1111oncr's cttrrent conlncl infonnlion, l'elilioner hos
indicntcd to this Court thnl she hos no inlclllion of complying with this Court's Order rcgnrding
disclosure of her address and phone number. (Seu Pelilioncr's Rosponsc lo Order Flied AJlfil 19,
201 J and April 22, 2013, doled Mny 6, 2013, p.<I) Therefore, lhc Court Is finding Pclllloncr in
contempt ofCourl on this Issue. Petitioner shall lmmedialely disclose her physicol residence nnd
phouc uumber to Respondent or shall be subject 10 tho contempt sanclions described nbovc.
D. Rcspoudcnl's Motion rcliillng to Pclllloncr's canccllnllon of the minor
d11lt11en's mctlknl h1urnncc covcrnge,
Pursu11J1i lo tl1is Court's Novcmbcr22, ?.011 Order, Pclilionor was ordered 10 rnaintnin
mcdlcnl lnsurancc covcrogc for tho minor children. The children's 1empornry custodian, Tnmmy
Love, h1dlca1ed tltnt !he children's mcdlenl insurnneo covernge Imo been coueclled. Petitioner
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 184 of 209
hns nol refilled !his allcgalion. The Court flnds !hat Petitioner is in contempt of Court on this
issue. Petitioner shnll lmmcdintcly re-enroll the fivn minor children under her medical insurnncc
plun nnd provide verlncullon of tho reinstntemcnt or shnll be subject 10 U1c conlcmpl sanctions
described above.
re. rclnllng to lhc undlsclo.9Ctl r\SSet o( Petlllout't
S 2003
Cadlllne Escnlade.
Purs11un110 this Courl's April 19, 2013 Order, Respo11de111 ls cnliiled to a child support
arrenrs credit In !he nrnou111 ofonc-hulf oflhc 13111c !look voluc of the 2003 Cadlllno Escnlade, ru1
o5'el which Pelltloner fnilcd lo disclose lo Respondent. Accordlng 10 U1c Olue Book
doc1une11ta1lon provided by Rcspondcnl, Respondent is oniillcd lo n child supporl nrrcurs cr<ellt
in !he nmount of $6, 165.000, which reprcsenls half or 1ho Dluc Dook value of !he vehicle.
)?, R<spondenl's Motion relating to rclcoso of Pclllloncr's tnx returns.
Pursimnt lo !his Court's April 19, 2013 Order, both pllrties were ordered lo provide !he
other party wilh copies ot'thclr 111x records from both 2011 and 2012 as soon as they are liled.
The parties' Income i11formntio11 is relevant lo the 0111standl11g issuo of chlld support. If Pcihlo11cr
hns 1101 already <lone so, she shall lmmcdlAtcly cxecule 011 aulhorlzotion relcaslns her 201 l and
2012 lax records.
G. llcspondcnt
s Motion fo1 tcmporory solo physical aud sole legal <uslody of
!he pnrllos' children.
Tho Ourudilm ad Lltcm's rcpo11 recommended that Tommy Love continue lo have
tcmporory c11slody of the pllrtics' five children os the court-appointed professionals conilnue to
fncilllate lhc children's rc11111f!cnlion wilh Rospondent. The Court agrees Omt !his temporary
custody nr1angcme11t continues to be in the children's best in!erosl pending !he outcome of tho
finnl cvldcntfory hcrul11g on cuslody schcduled for September 11, 2013. Respondcnl'8 req11cs1 for
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 185 of 209
--.. ~ ~
lompomry sole physical nnd sole legnl custody of the parties' children ls denied at this time. 'J'he
parties shall continue to follow the recommc11do1lons of Dr. Gilbertson on<l ihe Ounrdinrt od
Lltcm with toSflCCt to tomporrtry custod)', therapy nnd pnrenling time.
II, !'olitloncr Snndrn Gruzzll!l-Ruckl's Mollou d11tcd Mny JI, 2013 nlcd by Michelle
MncDonall1, T
/\, Pclllloucr's tnotlou for a sfny of the procect.liugs.
Petitioner moves lhc Court for an Order restoring her pmcnlol rights ond restoring her
rights lo the homestead. The Court notes that it continues to be baffled by Petilionor's requcslS in
this case. Petitioner previously mode a motion to vncnle all ptior Court Orders which was denied
by this Court by on Order ruul Memorandum dated April 19, 2013. As described in this Court's
Aprll 19, 2013 Order, the prior orders that Petitioner seeks to vacntc are temporary orders lhnt
were agreements entered Into by the pnrties Otl lhe record wJ1cn /m/h parlies were reprcsc11red by
tvuusal. The Cotut
s tcn1ponlry orders \vilh rospecl to custody und the hon1csfend \Vere bn..'icd on
the best interests of the children, were lnfonnctl by !he repons of the courtappolnted pnrentnl
alienation expert nud the 011nrdinn ad Lltcm, and were bnscd 11pon the pnrtlcs' ngrccments.
Bnscd on the nbove, nnd all oflhe reasons previously detallctl ln this Co11rt's Aprll 19, 2013
Order, Petitioner's request for an Order restoring her parental 11ghts and rcsloring her rights to
1hc homestead Is denied.
Petitioner also moves tho Court to slay lhe execution of any proceedings to enforce this
Court's orders pending Ute di,position of an oppcnl and u petition for writ mandamus that
Petilioncr filed with the Court Appeals. Petitioner's appeal of this Court's April J 9, 2013 Order
\VOS dollied by tho Court or Appeuls on J\UlC 11, 2013-<>ne dny prior to the hcnrlng In this
mnller. Petitioner olso petitioned the Court of Appenls for n writ ofmnndon111s to compel this
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 186 of 209

Court lo hear her pclllion for n wril ofhohcas corpus, which wns nlso denied 011 by the Court of
Appeals on June l I, 20 l 3. Al !he hcnring 011 Jwie 12, 2013, Pctilinncr's nttomoy lnd!co!ed Iha!
hc1 motion for stay of !he proceedings wos no! moo! be<ause she lnlenilcd to nppenl lo !ho
Minnesofn SU!lf1no Courl. Petitioner subsequen1Ly oppcaled lo the Minnesotn Suprcn1c Court,
which denied her pclllion for furtherrcvlew on Augnsl 20, 2013. Since all of l'elilloner's nppcnls
and pelilions for furtlicr review hnve beon dc11icd, !here is no lo srny !he proceedings In !his
n1ullcr. Pctilloner's molion for n stay of the proceedli\gs is denied.
Ill. Pcflfloner Snndrn Grniziol-Rucld's Nollcc to Remove dnted Juno to, 2013 ftlcit Pro

Pctl!ioncr moves 10 remove Judge Ouvid L. Ki1uison as lhcjudB of the proceeding
entitled "Sru1d1a Sue OrauiniRucki v. David Victor Rucki, Lisa M. Elliotl, Julie Friedrich, Dr.
Jamos Gilbertson 11nd Dr. Paul Reilmnn." Petitioner's motion Is denied, Any motions relailng to
a sepnmlo action should be considered under lhc court file number of tlrnl sepnmtc action, II also
appears that Petitioner's ntotion may now be moot. According 10 MNCIS, n motion to dismiss in
Peti!io11er's related action tilled "Sandro Sue Orw.ini-Ruckl \',David Victor Rucki, Lisa M.
Ellioll, Julie Friedrich, Dr. Jomes Gilbertson, Dr. Poul Rcitmnn, Laura Miles, Steven Kennedy
and Todd Kaiser'' (Court File No. 19BA-CV132110) was heard on Augusl 12, 20t3. Ms.
Ow12iniRuckl did nol oppenr ot the hearing, nnd Judge Sutherland griuned U1c motion to
dismiss nnd awarded al!omoy's fees and costs to lhe defcndnnls.
JV, The G1rar<llnn d J,l!pm's Motion doted June 10, 2013 flied by Jobn M. Jorabclt,

The Ouordinn ad Lilem nlso moves to dismiss Pctilionc1"s Complaint cap!loucd "Sundrn
Sue Grnzzlnl-Rucki v. David Victor Rucki, Lisa M. Elliott, Julie Friedrich, Dr. James Gilbertson
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 187 of 209
and Dr. Poul Rcilmon." As dcscribcd.nbovc, nny mollons rclollng lo a scparole ac1ion should be
considered under !he courl file number of lhnt scparnte oclion. However, It appears !hat this
nlotion n1n)' no\I/ be nloot, gl\'cn tho.l Judge Sulhcrlnnd gran1ed lhe 1notion to dismiss
in Court Pile No. 19HA-CV-13-2'/70.

CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 188 of 209
J, PAYi\fF.NTS 1'0 PUHLfC AGENCY. J\ccl)tding lo S1a1u1c:;
:rni:;liun .SI 8A.50
paymcn!s ordered
for and support must be 11::i.ld lo tho f\-Hnucsoln. i::hild supp-0t1 pnymonl conlcr ns long as lhe lo
f\'Cl!lvc !he ptl}'n\cnls is re<:eiving or has npplicd lbr publl assbtru1ce or hns applied lbr !itlppo11 nnd n1aintc11nncc collection
.sccvices. Por1J111s m11il 11:1ymcnls lo: P.O. flo:< 6'1326
St Paul, MN .SSl640326. Hmploycrs muil puymcnts to; P.O. LloK
64306, St. l'oul, MN SS 164.
II. DEPRIVING ANOT!Illl\ 01' CUSTOJJ!AL OR l'ARF.N1'AL RIGHTS - A llEJ,ONY, 1\ pmon may be
chiltgcd with a felo11y who conceals a minor child or takes, ob!o[ns, r1niris, or foils ltl return n 111i11or child from or to the
.;:hlld'$ pi'INnl (or person with custodial or p;irentinB time rights), 11ccording lo Ml1111csola Stfllutcs, scctiou 609.26, A copy of
lhol sccllon is nv,1ilnblc .ITvm nny cou1t 11tlml1\lstrntor.
Ill, NONSUl'POR1' OF A OR CHILD - ClllMINAL A i"'JSOll who fails ID P'Y
cou11-ordered child support or 11rnintemu1cc nrny bo charged 'vith a crime, which may include 1ulsdr:mcnnor, gross
misdemeanor, or talon}' d1c1tgcs, uccording to S10111tcs
section 609.37S, A copy of thnt sccllo1\ is 11.vi\llable fro1n
llny district court clerk.
/\, Payrncn< of support or mainteuancc Is TO as ordered, fltid tho gl\h1g of gJOs Of mnking pllrcht1scs or food.
cloihlng, nnd lho like will 001 folflll lho oblign1!011.
U. Pt1ymclll of support lllll:il he made us ii becomes due, and failuro to secure or deulnl of p:uc1t1if\g llmc. NOT an
cxcu:;e for nonpaymcnl, but 1hc 11gvicved 1rn1ty must stok rclil)fthruugh a proper 1no1ion flied wilh lhc collr1,
('. or support Is nol grounds to <lc11y pnrcntlng time. The party cnthlcd 10 ftCCl\'C support may :1pply
for support nnd collection services, nie 11 con I cm pl fll(llion, or ob1al11 ajudgmcnl ns provided in MinncsQla
Stotulcs, seeilon 548.091.
D. The vny1nenl of suport or spuusn1111ainlc11uncc priority ovc' payn11:ll1l of dellls nnd
E. A pnrty who UCl!cpls addltlmml obllg1\llons ofsuppor1 docs so \Yill11ho fi11J kuowfl!d&( ortlrn pnrty's p1lo1 oblig111ion
under this proceeding.
r. Child s\.lpport ar maintcnancti is on nnnual income, und it is !ho responsibility of n with SMni\l
!!10ployo1cnl lo budgel lncomo so llml p;t)'lncnls nro madu lluoughout lhu yearns orderl!LI,
0. 1\ PnYenta/ Guide 10 1\fnki11gC/J//tlFtJCllre1/ Pnre11tl11g1'i111a /)ec/Jton.t is nvAilnblc from ony court ndminislrotor.
U. 'flH: nonpayment of /lUpport may be enforced through tho dcninl of student hncrception Of Slate ilI\d federal
hl\;; reliinds; of ifri\crs, f\'.!Cfci\lionAI, nnd oocupalionul llccns-es; referral tu lhu dcpartme.111 or revenue or
pri\'ntc collcc1ion ogc1H.:ios; sci7.11rc of nsscls, Including bank nccou111s 31\d 01hct nssi:ls held by financial fnstlllllionsi
fcportlng tn Gr1:dfl bureaus; lntcrcst chruglng, income wllhho/dlng, 01ld pr<X:c(!dings: und CJ\for-:cmclll
nl/owcd by law.
I. The public authority may suspend or rllsu1nc i;olk,t!ou or the amount for child cure cxrenscs if the
co1nllllons ut':VIL1oesow S!nlutcs, sccllon S l8A/I01 subdivisio11 11 11rc met.
J. 'fho public nuthority 1nny rcmo\'c or resume 11 tnedlcn1 support oO'scl ii' thu co11tlitlons of SISA.41,
subdivision 16, nto 11101.
K. The public nuthority inn)' suspend or rcsunw interest clmrging on chitd SllJlpOrtjudgownu if the of scclio1\
l;i,. ntc 1nct.
V. MOl>IFYfNG CHlLD SU1'P0fl1'. If ol!hor 1ho obllgor or obllB I< loid off rrom omploymcnl or rocolm a
pnv rcdocllon, child support mn)' bo modlllcd, lncr<nscd, or decrc.iscd. All)' modific01io11 will only lake cffccl whcn ii is
(itdcicd by 1he court., 1tU1l will 011Jy t<llrttc b11ck to lhl! lime tl111t a mution is filed. Eilhcr thtl obligur \>r obllgec 011\y fifo o
1110\iou to 111o<llfy <hild soppm1, and mny 1111csl lh< pnhlic ogcncy for help. UNTIL A MOTION IS riLED, Tl m Cl llLD
REDUCE SUl'l'Olll'l\lll'ROACTIVP.l.Y.
A. tach party hns 1hc right of access to, und to rci:aivc copies ofi si:hool, 111cdknl1 dental, religious tcainlni:h 1mlk<:
1111d other imporlnol Nt:or<ls nnd lllfornm1i1)n about the 1uinor childrc:n. Ench pi\11)' ha<> the right lo
l11forumlion r"gor<llng hc;1lth or <lon!ol insurnnce nvoilable hi thl! minor children. or" copy of this order
FAM301 Sto.lo ENG Hev 07/12 goylfo1ms Page 1 or 2
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 189 of 209
. ----------------------------------------
to the cus:todfan 01' ,1 rord or other infonntlllon aboul lhc 111i11or chi!Jrcn 1,:u11sii1ute.s sufficient 1rnthor!1.I1Jion for 1ho
re!Ca!e of the rl!couJ or i11fuunu1fon lo the party,
1'..11ch party has lhc right to b-0 lnfonncd by the olhcr pruty us 10 1l1c 1rn1nc ond addn..ss of 1hc schnol of a1tentlm1cc \If
lhu mi11ur chiliirc11. r:m.:h pArty has lhe right ro be lnformc<l tiy school officials oh11ul tt1<: childr1J1\'s welfare,
prog.rcss nnd stains, nnd lo nttend school nncl parent knd1cr The school ls not required lo
hold n scpatatc confcrcui:e for each party.
Each porty !he righl lo bo notified hy other port)' of un uccidcnl or serious illness of 11 minor child. including
the name ofthc hcnllh cnroJ provider ttnd the. of 1rcalmc11l.
Pach JMrly lrns the riglll to bo notin('d by lhc other party it' lhe minor ('liild i::: !he victim of 1111 :illegcd crimt\
lndudlng the name of the lnvcinigi\llng lnw cufor.:emcnt offitcr or ogcncy. TI1crc is duty lo nollfy iflhc party to
IJe tlotllkd ls lhc ollcged rwrv(tmtor.
pnrty has lite right nccess tu1d telephone co111ai:1 wllh !he 111h1or cl1iltlren.
spousal maintenance 111ay I.le wilhhdd from iucomo, with or wilhoul uotk:c lo lhc person obligated to pi\y, when lhc
co11di1ions or Minll('Soto SW1tlfcs
Sellion 518A.53, hnve hceo 111c1. A copy of 1lrnl scc1lo11 is BVailnble 1ro1n a(ly court
Vil!, CHANGE OF ADDRI<:SS Oil RF.SU>LNCE, Unless other.vise ordered, l}tlrly shnll 1101H)' lhc other
party, the 'ourt, and thQ pnbllc nulhorlcy responsible for collcc1l\)llj jfoppllcabfe, rollowl11g infonnntlol\ within ten doys
of ony ch11ngc: rcsfdvrlliill and 11111llf11g address, ICkflhu11c 11un1bor> dli\'l'l'!:i l/ccnso numl>cr, s0lt1I s.;c1ulty iln<l 111111w
nJdres.'i, n11t.l 1cl;:phono number t'f lhc employer.
IX. COST OF UVING JNCHl!ASF. OF SVrPOHT AND MAJN'n!NANCg, Basic '"Pf101t and I or spousol
mnlntcnnl\l'O nm.y be ndjustctl C\'cry lWO years ba!;cd Upon B change in lho cost of living (using the U.S. Dcpartmcnl orlilbor,
of l.obor S!otls1ics1 conslln\l'r prkc (ndox fvfpls. Sr. P{tul, for nil urbnn consumers 1111lc$S t''llhcnvisc specified
In lids orcfor) when tho condi1lons <>t' W11nnesola Slilh1tcs, Sl8A.75, rue met. C'osl Of living lni:rcascs are
<:ompoutidcd. A copy of $tnhltc::, sc<:Uo11 518A.75, nnd fom1s nccossory to rcquosl of l'\ <.:OSI of lhIJlg
h1crt:nse nrc nvi\lfablc from m1y court ndn1inb1rn1or.
X. JUDGMl!NTS !'OR UNPAID S\JPPOR'l'I INTEREST. /\<eordiog to Minnesota Stntut, mtiun 518.091:
A. If u person to mnkc n child support paynwn11 the J>il.}'lncnt owed becomes a judgment ogalnst lhc person
tcspousiblc lo inake lhc jW)'menl by opcrofion of lil\V on or nflor lho Jato Ille p:tymcnl is nnd llw pc1son en Ii tied
to receive lhc or lhu public ag1.muy mny ohtoin tll!ry 1111d ilock<:ting or lhe judgo1t!nt '\'llhQUf 110lkc to tho
pcrs1Jn rospunsiblc lo 111akc 1hc pny1110111.
0. illtCrll:Sl btttillS flCn:llllS, OI) fl p:tyflll!lll Of fostrillflleJ\l Of child whenever lhe ltnpnitl lllllOlll\I cJoe is grenll!r
1hm1 the cun-cut slippo1t due.
XI. JUDGMENTS !IOI\ UNPAID MAINl'F.NANCE. A jndgn"nt 1or unp:tid spou"J moln1"1n11cc ntny be
and dockclcd when lho condlilons of Slutute.!i, sl!cllon 548,091, a1u me1. A copy of thal sec1!011 is
avnilnble ftQm any eourt
jutlgnnmt lbr nllomcy foes nnd olhcr collcctlon coSI$ incurred in enforcing a chlh.1 support order will h cnlercd i\gaiust !he
jXltS<111 responsible lo p11.y support wlicn !he conditions of Minncsoln Slnt111cs1 sccdon 5 I 8A.1JS, nre mtl. A l!OJIY of lh;tt
sl!cllon nml fonns to rl!qucs:t or conrcsl lhllsc n110111ey fees null collcclion costs nrc nvnilnblo lfon1 ony com1
XIU. PARNTING TIM ;;Xl'Elll'l'OR J'l\OCUSS. On rcquosl ol'chher pnO)' or 011 hs own 1110!1011, !ho conn
nmy np1wf111 n pllrenling lime resolve liml) dispulQS vnder f'>linncsQti! St111uft"s, seNion 518.1.JS I. 1\
copy uf lhnl section nnd a of the l}Xpcdhor process Is nvnilablc front ony court 1Hhn\ni!'>ln1hw.
XIV. PAT\F.NTING 1'1MF. l\F.MBlllES AND PllNAl,TIES. Remedies ond 11enallics for 11ro11gful dcninl M
1i1110 ore nvailabli.! f...H11neso1a Stntulos1 !\ccllun 518.17S, suhdlvls.ion 6. Thcs<.J ?ompen:u\lory
pace111l11g Ume; civil contcrnpl; ond ro\'cr:inl of custody. A \!opy of lhal suhd1vls1on nnd fotms
for relief ore ovnilnblo from An)' <:<Jurt ndminfstrnlor.
fAM301 ShllO ENG Rnv07112 vM1.mncouf1&.goylforD}S Pnue 2 ol?.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 190 of 209
19AVFA11-1273 Flied In Ffrsl Judtclal DJslricl Cour1
InRetheMarriagcof: ComtFlleNo.: 19AV-FA-11-1273
Judicial Officer: David L. Knutson
Sandrn Sue Grnzzini-Rucki,
David Victor-Rucki,
The above-entitled matter came on before the Honornblc David L. Knutson, Judge of
District Court, 011 20 l 3, based upon the Affidavit ofNon-Complionce and
Request for Arrest Warrant submitted on behalf of the above-named Respondent and his counsel
of record, Llsa M. Elliott, Esq., and Bradley C. Mann, Esq., the Court Finds:
Petitioner has failed to comply with this Comfs April 19, 2013 Order.
THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED: That the Dakota County Sheriff's
Department slrnll issue an mrcst warrant immediately for the detention of the Petitioner, Sandra
Sue Ornzzlni-Rucki, as ln its August 26, 2013 Order.

David L. Knutson
Judge of District Co11rt
9113/2013 3:17:&2 PM
Dakota CQIJOly, MN
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 191 of 209
In Re the Marriage of:
Sandra Sue Grazzlnl-Rucki,
David Victor Rucki,
19AVFA111273 Flied In flrsl Judicial b!stt!ct Court
9/13/2013 3:17:52 PM
Dakola Counly, MN
CourtFileNo.: 19AV-FA-ll-1273
Judicial Officer: David L. Knuts'on
I hereby certify that on September 13, 2013 I caused the following documents:
Affidnvlt of Non-Compliance nnd Request fol' A11cst Warmnt
to be served electronlcnlly with tl1e Court Administrator through Odyssey File and Serve, and
that Odyssey File and Se1vice wlll send one-notice of the electronic filing and Service to the
Attorneys for Petitioner:
Michelle L. MacDonald, Esq.
MncD01mld Law Firm, LLC
1069 So11th Robert Street
West St. Paul, MN 55118
Dakota County Attorney's Office
James Donehower, Esq.
Dakota County Northern Service Center
Suite 220
1 Mendola Road West
West St. Paul, MN 551 l 8
Dated: September 13, 2013
Attomey for Gumdian Ad Lilem
John M. Jerabek, Esq.
Niemi, Jerabek & Kretcluner
510 Marquette Ave
Minneapolis, :MN 55402
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 192 of 209
Debbie Sampson
S RUCKI <dccJdk@gmall.com>
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 9:09 AM
Debbie Sampson
Subject: Fwd: Investigation
Attachments: imageOOl.jpg; Sandro Grnzzini-Rucki R.xlsx
Dvs Repo1i for Sam
--""-- Forwarded message ....... :.
From: S RUCKI <dcc.jdk@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 21,2013 at 6:27 PM
Subject: Fwd: Investigation
To: Dede Evavold <dedeevavcild@hotmail.com>
Forwarded message'
From: <dcc.jdk@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 3:52 PM
Subject: Fwd: Investigation
To: "rjmcd@digitron,nel" <rjmcd@digilron.net>
Sent from my iPhone
Begin forwarded message:
From: dcc.jdk@gmail.com
Date: October 21, 2013, 15:39:20 CDT
To: "rimcdl@digihon.net" <rjmcdl@digitron.net>
S11bject: Fwd: Investigation
Sent from my iPhone
Begin forwarded message:
From: "Jacobson, Kim (DPS)" <kim.jacobson@stale.mn.us>
Date: October 21, 2013, 14:24:41 CDT
To: S RUCKI <dcc.j!l)<_@g.mail.com>
Subject: RE: Investigation
The data you requested are speclflcally classlfled as "electronic access
data." State law defines "electronic access data" as "data created, collected, or
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 193 of 209
maintained abotit a person's access to a government entity's computer for the
purpose of: (1) gaining access to data or Information; (2) transferring data or
Information; or (3) using government services." Minn. Stat. 13.15, Subd.
1(a). It further classifies such data "as private data on Individuals or nonpubllc
data." The Individuals querying your name accessed a governmental entity's
computer for purposes of gaining access to data and Information. Therefore, It
Is considered private data on the user pursuant to the statute. Consequently,
the data are "electronic access data" and the Department may not disseminate
these names. Based on the law, attached Is the spreadsheet containing the
Information that the Department can release to you by statute.
Each line is a separate and single query. There are several types of queries that
users can make, each of which returns different data. Under the column headed
/clvslnfo/clvsnewdl/CardData.asp Is a photo only query, which Includes
basic demographic Information;
/dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/Demographlcs.asp Is a DL record query, which
Includes the photo and all motor vehicles registered to the data subject;
/dvslnfo/VH20/VH20Select.asp lists all vehicles registered to the
Individual queried.
/dvslnfo/dv09/DV09.asp-Deputy Registrar Online DL Issuance
/dvslnfo/dloftllne/DLOffLlneSearchTarget.asp-Deputy Registrar Offllne
DL Report
OLRecord Lookup-self explanatory
Some of the data screens have tabs to view additional Information within the
data returned. For example, a Demographics query Includes driver license data,
motor vehicle data, and driver's license photo. When selecting the different
elements to view, a "new'' query Is recorded. When the audit trail report Is run,
It filters out duplicate queries that occur within the same minute. But If the
review of the data stretches over a longer period, It can appear as though there
was a second query of the data. The yellow highlighted queries are examples of
what appears to be a second query but Is likely not.
The blue highlighted fields appear to be a duplicate query, but are actually
queries of current and historical photos. Included are the last four digits of the
driver license number queried.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 194 of 209
Because there were queries by differ.en! employees of the same agency, I
numbered them to differentiate the users. For example, all Lakeville PD User 1
queries are the same Individual, Lakeville PD User 2 Is a different individual, etc.
Please let me know If you have any questions.
7.(jin Jaco6son
Data Prncllccs Coordinator
Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Driver and Vehicle Services Division
From: S RUCKI [lllilllID.:.dg;,ldk@gmall.com]
sent: Friday, September 27, 2013 8:24 PM
To: Jacobson, Kim {DPS)
Subject: Investigation
Dala Services,
Can you please conduct an Investigation on who has accessed my DVS lnformallon from
June 2011 thur today's dale 9-27-13. I was Informed that someone from Dakota County
Dlsltlct Court has been looking up my Information and disseminating II
Inappropriately. Thank you for your assistance.
Sandra Grazzlnl-Ruckl
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 195 of 209
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 9 /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/Demogrnphlcs.asp
sandraruckl nurnsvlllo PD User 3 /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/Demographlcs.asp
sandraruckl. Burnsville PD User 2 /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/Demographlcs.asp
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 196 of 209
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 4
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 10

Dakota Co Com1mmlty Corrections
sandraruckl Minneapolis PD
sandraruckl District Courts User 4
sandraruckl District Courts User 2
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 16
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 16
sandraruckl No .. Metro (Arden Hiiis) Exam Station
sandraruckl ournsvllle Driver license Office
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 10
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 10
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 14
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 13
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 2
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 2
sandranicki Apple Valley Driver license Office

DLRecord Lookup
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 197 of 209
sandraruckl Lakeville Driyer license Office DLRecord Lookup .
sandraruckl Lakeville Driver license Office /dvslnfo/dv09/DV09,asp
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 14 /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/Demographlcs.asp
sandraruckl Apple Valley Driver license Office /dvslnfo/dv09/DV09.asp
sandraruckl INS /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/CardData.asp
sandraruckl US Postal Inspector /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/Demographlcs.asp
sandraruckl Lakeville PD User 3 /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/CardData.asp
sandraruckl APPLE VALLEY Deputy Registrar /dvslnfo/VH20/VH20Select.asp
sandraruckl APPLE VALLEY Deputy Registrar /dvslnfo/VH20/VH20Select.asp
sandraruckl District Courts User 1 /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/CardData.asp
sandraruckl APPLE VALLEY Deputy Registrar /dvslnfo/VH20/VH20Select.asp
sandraruckl APPLE VALLEY Deputy Registrar /dvslnfo/VH20/VH20Select.asp
sandraruckl APPLE VALLEY Deputy Registrar /dvslnfo/VH.20/VH20Select.asp
sandraruckl District Courts User 3 /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/Demographlcs.asp
sandraruckl FBI Mpls /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/CardData.asp
PRIOR LAKE Deputy Registrar /dvslnfo/dvsnewdl/Demographlcs.asp
sandraruckl PRIOR LAKE Deputy Registrar /dvslnfo/dvsnewcll/Demographlcs.asp
sandraruckl 'PRIOR LAKE Deputy Registrar /dvslnfo/VH20/VH20Select.asp
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 198 of 209
sandraruckl Elko New Market Driver license Office
sandraruckl Elko NewMarket Deputy Registrar
sandraruckl Elko New Market Driver License Office
sandraruckl Elko NewMarket Deputy Registrar
sandraruckl Shakopee Driver l.lcense Office
sandraruckl Elko NewMarket Deputy Registrar
sandraruckl Shakopee Driver License Office
sandraruckl Elko New Market Driver license Office
sandraruckl Shakopee Driver License Office
sandraruckl Elko NewMarket Deputy Registrar
sandraruckl Shakopee Driver license Office
sandraruckl Dakota Communications Center User 3
sandraruckl Elko NewMarket Deputy Registrar
sandraruckl Shakopee Driver License Office
sandraruckl 1Elko/New Market PD
sandraruckl Lakevllle PD User 6
/dvslnfo/VH20fVH20Select.asp .
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CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 199 of 209
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CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 200 of 209
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CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 204 of 209
Thu 9/12/2013 14:58 DLNumber
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 205 of 209
Lisa M. Elliol11
Patrick H. Blliott1
Brndley C. Mann
1 /\\so Adm!ued In Colorl'!do ll.lld Son!h Dako\a
1 Aho Admitted 111 Wlstonsln Md Allzona
Michelle L. MacD01rnld, Esq.
MacDonald Law Finn, LLC
I 069 S.o\1th Robc1t
West St. Paul, MN 55118
Allorneys al Law
2409 West 66
Mlnnepolis, Mlnnesoto 55423
Telephone: 6128613000
Fax: 612861-3004
October l l, 2013
Re: Jn Re the Marriage of Grnzzini-Rucki and Rucki
Cornt File No.: 19-AV-FA-l l-1273
Dear Ms. MacDonald:

Jon W. Blncl1m
IVr//er's Direct Dia/: 612466-7191
E-Mail: rUa@elliolllaw.11et
Enclosed please find a copy of the Subpoena and Notice of Taking Deposition Duccs
Tecum in which we arc serving u1ion US Airways, Inc., in reference to the above matter. Thank
cc: David Rucki
All Counsel of Record
it a L. Martin
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 206 of 209
In Re the Marriage of:
Sandra Sue Grazzini-Rucki,
David Victor Rucki,
CouttFileNo.: 19AV-27-FA-ll-1273
PLEASE TAiill NOTICE that the deposition of duces tecum of the custodian of
records of U.S. Airways, Inc., by oral examitmtion, will be taken before a qualified court reporter
at the offices of Elliott Law Offices, P.A., 2409 West 66
Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423,
on the 22
d day of October, 2013, at I :00 p.m., for the production, inspection and copying of the
documents requested in Exhibit A attached hereto.
Dated: f 0 ti -{ '.!o ELLIOTT LAW OFFICES, P.A.
B;J2.Pl /,,_ . .._, tUtlt(jJ-
Lisa M. Elliott, #201923
Atto111ey for Respondent
2409 West 66tl' Street
Minneapolis, MN 55423
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 207 of 209
State of Minnesota
Counly of Dakola
Sandra Sue Grazzini-Rucki,
David Victol' Rucki,
District Court

Judicial District: Fil'st
Comt File Number: 19AV-l'A-l 1-1273
Cnse Type: Family Court Division
Dnvhl L, Knutson
Minn, R. Civ. Pro. 45
TO: US Airways, Inc., C/0 CT Corporation Systems, Inc, I 00 South 5th Street, 111075, Minneapolis, Minnesota
55402. .
0 You are commanded to appea1 as a witness in lhc district court to give testimony at the place, date, and lime
specified below.
Place ofTestlntony
Date nnd Tinto
D You arc commanded to appear at the place, date and time specified below to testify at !ho tnking of a deposition in
the nbovo case.
I Pince of Deposition
lZI You are commanded to produce and permit inspection nnd copying ofthe listed documents or objects at the place,
date and time specified below (attnch list of documents or objects if necessary): SEE A TI ACHED EXHIBIT A
Elllolt Low Offices, P.A.
2109 West 66'' Street
Minneapolis, MN
Dato and Time
October 22, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.
0 You arc comnrnnded to pennit inspection of the following premises at the date and time specified below.
I Premises
I Dalo and Time
LL ,...,
S/JtA /JI'/ If,tttltf / fl> - 11-13
Signature of Com1 Administrator I Pluinllfrs Attorney<!'Eefendonl's Dato
Lisa M. lllllott, Esq., #201913
lllllolt Law Offices, P.A.
2409 Wost 66" Street
Minneapolis, MN 55423
SEAL (If Issued by Court Adminlslrotion)
Name, Addross and Phone Number (if issued by Attorney as 011 Officer oflhe Court)
CIV101 Stale
Rev 1/08-R www.courts.slale.mn.us/forms Page 1 of2
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 208 of 209
Please produce the following:
1. Employee travel records (Non rev/Airline Staff Discount} for Ms. GrazzlnlRuckl/Ms.
Grazzlnl that had been given as Guest Passes to friends or family from January 1, 2012
to present.
2. Employee travel records for Ms. GrazzlnlRuckl/Ms. Grazzlnl relating to Registered
Guests from January 1, 2012 to present.
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 17-2 Filed 11/12/13 Page 209 of 209
) SS
COUNTY 0" _'S>l<\l<: L""' __________ )
(County \'lhcte P.ftidn;it signed)
I received the follov .. ing voice n1tJii n1esS.i.1J;;e, .1 true and correcl copy of \Yha:: I heilrd is hrlo1N:
DATE: OCTOBER 22, 2013; at 7:05 a.nt Central time.
FROM: Susan Somma US Airways, 480693 5945;
TO: Attorney Michelle MacDonald's cell phone; voice mail;
"Hi fvls. fvlacDona/d, this is Surnn Somma for US Airways, 480-69.?-59,15. I tried to coll
you back yesterday; I really didn 'I w nlerstand your message yesterday. In any event I did
ml/ the court and the told nw the case is still... uh. .. fn process and J was told to
comply with the Subpoena, and I did produce the dowments yesterday oftrm10011, just to
let you know. So the dowments have been produced at the d1mction of judge, os
norma//y I have to comply with the subpoena. If you have any questiom give me a call
""'""'7.'91<. Tlw"k '" w>j.lme
., , .
,, /, 'I ( /11 ( i'J h-u(;/ x ) ,) \,!
Dated: __ ;;__ ) r_J__ ( ..../.f::>A>(_,,,., -----
5!g113l\Ht! (Siyn on.!y 111 franl r)j lic'.'(Jf}' f'V/J/i( 01 co1nt admfnfsfral<)r,j
Name: /{
"! ,< //( L J, 11-i 'b. ,, 17-1.>''
. ---
c1..:t':f() f-.-v(!_-(
Sworn/affirmed before mt this l\ddre5s: lob'/ .f .. _. _____ _
____ day of_ City/Slate/Zip: Jy. S'/- v J ;':fl''..c.\T!J. l/
Tclephono: IJ.,.\J L (:(_ (, __'(__'-/_'::';.:. --
Noiary Pub1lc \ Court Admh1hv11tc1