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1. Analyze and solve a technical problem.

2. Understand a budget/financial report.
3. Calculate your salary per minute/second.
4. earn a ne! computer program.
". #efine goals for ne$t year.
%. &repare a 'ime log.
(. )rganize your filling system/des*.
+. &repare ,'o #o ist,- tic* off.
.. &lan a pro/ect and e$ecute in stages.
10. 1e on time for appointments.
11. 2rite detailed /ob description.
12. Use logics- probabilities- data in decision ma*ing.
13. 3ind out ho! a machine 4fre5uently used6 !or*s.
14. 7evie! rationally a recent 8mpulsive decision.
1". 2rite do!n all aspects of a practical retirement life.
1%. &lay logic games.
1(. Assemble a model *it by follo!ing instructions.
1+. &repare personal budget 4!ith e$penses every day6
1.. &repare personal property list.
20. &repare list of all items in home.
21. )rganize boo*s- files- audio tapes- medicines at home category 9 !ise.
22. &repare a family tree.
23. 3ind out a mista*e in your ban* pass boo*s- hotel bills- electricity/phone bills- etc.
24. :eep things neat and tidy in proper places.
2". 2rite do!n e$piry dates of driving license- 8nsurance etc.-
2%. 3ind out meanings of some generally used terms.
2(. 2rite do!n advantages and disadvantages of a product/decision and 5uantify them.
2+. ;og.
2.. Complete /obs in time.
1. 'hin* of one ,crazy, idea per day.
2. 8magine your organization/home/yourself/spouse/ten years from no!.
3. 7edecorate your office/home. Add toys- posters- etc.-
4. #esign a ,ogo, for your /ob- family.
". 8nstigate a brain9storming session on an important issue.
%. #ecide based on intuition/gut feeling.
(. Conceptualize a ne! product.
+. <mile- be cheerful.
.. #evelop a sense of humor= have fun.
10. >oluntarily e$tend help to your colleague/family members.
11. isten to music.
12. :no! a ne! person everyday.
13. :no! a ne! aspect in people *no!n to you.
14. 'a*e decisions in team.
1". Convert !ords into pictures. 2rite a letter only through pictures 4or !ith minimum !ords6
1%. earn preparation of ne! food dish.
1(. 3ly a *ite- play !ith clay.
1+. #rive/!al* to ,no!here,.
1.. 7un- don,t /og.
20. 'a*e photograph !ithout preparation.
21. #ance !ithout rhythm.
22. #ay dream- thin* funny.
23. &lay !ith children the !ay they !ant to play.
24. Cry- !eep- roll out tears.
2". 1e !ith nature= en/oy !atching moon- trees- leaves- breeze.
2%. 1ecome spiritual 4not necessarily religious6.
2(. 'han* people= be grateful.
2+. Advise/counsel others for no benefit.
2.. 'ouch people !herever possible/permitted.
30. &articipate in adventurous trips.
31. <pend a day !ithout any planning.
32. 1e unsystematic- unstructured- different.
33. >isit friends- relatives !ithout planning.
34. ?at different foods.