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Client: Leading wireless, voice,

messaging and data services

Industry: Telecommunicatons
Business Impact:
Comprehensive insights
Time and cost savings
Compettor informaton
Competitive intelligence deliverables result in signifcant
cost and time savings
Business Challenge
In the hyper-compettve telecom world, client needed to fnd a cost-efectve
and efcient way to keep their divergent teams abreast of news, rumors and
published research fndings related to compettor product oferings, rate changes,
and network developments.
In additon, they needed assistance with more strategic, market opportunity
assessments to fuel their new product development process. Internally, their
small team struggled to fnd, review and distribute informaton consistently, even
though late breaking market developments ofen had an immediate impact on
their strategic initatves.
Blueocean Market Intelligence helped the client scale up their capacity at a
reduced cost. The clients xTen team served as an extended research arm,
handling the clients market, compettve, and sales intelligence needs. Their
xTen team was built to meet their unique requirements and has grown as their
needs have changed. Blueocean Market Intelligence sourced the team members
from top analyst and social media mining frms and trained each member to
clients specifcatons. Today, the team is available to handle the tasks that
previously took the clients internal associates away from higher-value actvites.
The team handles a combinaton of regular and ad-hoc analyses, including:
Weekly Compettve Actvity Review - On a daily basis, the
team searches, reviews and logs artcles from the clients
proprietary subscripton sources, industry RSS feeds,
analyst blogs, compettor sites and informaton in the public
domain. On a weekly basis, this informaton is harvested and
synthesized to create a concise two-slide Power Point report
organized by topic and compettor with direct links to the
original sources.
Monthly Product Pricing Reports - Every month the team
provides a comprehensive list of products available in the
market, including detailed specifcatons and pricing. The
informaton can be sorted and viewed by a series of categories
provided by the client. New and discontnued products are
also highlighted for quick reference.
Quarterly SWOT Analysis - Afer quarterly earnings
announcements are released, the team gathers and reports
key metrics for top compettors. In additon, the team
provides an analysis of fnancial announcements and investor
Market Opportunity Assessments - Ofen, the team is called
on to produce comprehensive reports on new markets of
interest to the client. These typically include compettor
profles, fnancials and growth projectons and a point-in-
tme assessment of potental opportunites.
Fact Books - Afer identfying strategic topics that the client
is interested in monitoring on a more comprehensive basis,
the team creates a searchable Excel database containing a
signifcant number of artcles and studies relevant to the
topic. A summary abstract is also created with links back
to the source documents. This fact book is periodically
monitored and updated so the client has the up-to-the
minute informaton available to answer questons posed by
their stakeholders in real tme.
Fast Facts - No business is immune to the need for facts or
fgures that can help answer a queston on a quick-turn basis.
The team utlizes secondary research including syndicated
sources, proprietary reports and informaton available in the
public domain to provide answers to those immediate need
inquiries in a help desk environment. Although they may not
be in-depth, they are no less important to the botom line,
and are ofen delivered in a 24-hour tme frame.
The clients stakeholders have come to rely on comprehensive,
relevant and ofen late-breaking informaton. In an industry
where reportng is expensive, these deliverables have not
only resulted in signifcant tme and cost savings, but
also tmely compettor informaton that allowed them to
change directon, react to market maneuvers and impact
the companys botom line.
2014 Copyright Blueocean Market Intelligence. All Rights Reserved.
About Blueocean Market Intelligence
Blueocean Market Intelligence is a global analytcs
and insights provider that helps corporatons realize
a 360-degree view of their customers through data
integraton and a mult-disciplinary approach that
enables sound, data-driven business decisions.
Since we live in a highly dynamic and mult-
dimensional world, we believe the most efectve
business decisions come from a synthesis of data
streams and not from one-dimensional sources.
Using our 360 Discovery approach, we ensure the
comprehensive use of all available structured and
unstructured data sources, enabling us to bring
the best to bear against each engagement. Strong
decision support is enabled through a combinaton
of analytcs, domain expertse, engineering and
visualizaton skills brought together in harmony.
Leading companies have benefted from our
partnership with fnancial growth, 360 views of their
markets and competton, and improved customer
acquisiton, satsfacton and retenton.
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please email info@blueoceanmi.com or visit us
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