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English Grammar Practice

Entry Test
Please mark you answer with an X in the correct box as in the example:
Example: 1.......A STUE!T
a" A# b" A$E c" %E d" &S e.'. a"
1" (ohn is En'lish.....an En'lish boy.
a" )e is b" She is c" &t is d" & am
*" This is a pen. Those........books.
a" is b" am c" are d" be
+" &,m En'lish.........-rench.
a" /ou,re b" Are you c" Are d" /ou
0" & speak En'lish. She......(apanese.
a" speakin' b" do speak c" speaks
d" are speakin'
1" 23hat.........2 2&,m a student2.
a" do you b" do you do c" you d" you do
4" &,m sorry &........ understand.
a" no b" not c" doesn,t d" don,t
5" 2........you like a cup o6 tea.2 2/es7 please2.
a" 3ould b" 8ould c" #ay d" o
9" 23here..........now.2
a" li:es he b" is he li:in' c" he is li:in' d" he li:in'
;" That isn,t your coat. &t,s......coat.
a" me b" my c" & d" he
1<" Take your coat. &t........rain.
a" is 'oin' to b" will c" is d" has
11" 2!o7 & don,t want......tomatoes.2
a" some b" a c" they d" any
1*" 23here .... yesterday.2 2& was at home2.
a" you were b" you was c" you d" were you
1+" 23hy not 'o to the !ational =allery.2
2&......there yesterday.2
a" 'o b" went c" 'one d" 'oin'
10" 23here......yesterday.2 2& didn,t 'o
a" went you b" did you went c" did you 'o d" was you 'o
11" /ou.....work hard to pass the examination.
a" must b" can c" were d" do
14" #y -rench is :ery 'ood. & speak -rench . . .
a" 'ood b" bad c" well d" badly
15" &...........to $ussia.
a" ha:e ne:er been b" been ha:e ne:er c" ha:e ne:er d" ne:er been
19" $ichard.......the tickets.
a" already bou'ht b" has already buy c" has already bou'ht d" buy
1;" on,t 'o out &t........ rain.
a" can b" may c" did d" was
*<" $ichard......to a 'irl when & saw him.
a" talk b" talkin' c" will talk d" was talkin'
*1" #y sister.......>or my birthday.
a" 'a:e me a book b" 'a:e to me a book c" 'a:e a book me d" me 'a:e a book
**" The man . . . came yesterday is :ery rich.
a" he b" who c" has d" when
*+" (ohn is 'ood at 6ootball but $ichard is ....
a" 'ood b" well c" 'ooder d" better
*0" (ohn........since he le6t school.
a" was workin' b" works c" has been workin' d" will be workin'
*1" 2Please be ?uiet.2 )e told me
a" be ?uiet b" to be ?uiet c" that be ?uiet d" that & be ?uiet
*4" 2& am a student.2 )e told me that.....a student.
a" & am b" & was c" he was d" he is
*5" Susan will come to tea i6 you.....her.
a" asks b" ask c" asked d" will ask
*9" &,m not as cle:er as you. /ou are. ... & am.
a" cle:er than b" cle:erer as c" cle:erer than d" more cle:er
*;" 3hen & was a child &.....a lot o6 sweets.
a" use eat b" eat c" used to eat d" am used to eat
+<" 2.....$omeo and (uliet.2 2/es7 & saw it on 3ednesday.2
a" id you seen b" )a:e you seen c" 3ill you see d" o you see
+1" The house.......last year.
a" built b" has built c" was built d" is built
+*" #ary en@oys.......in Aondon.
a" to li:e b" li:in' c" ha:in' li:in' d" when li:ed
++" & think you,d better...... to the octor.
a" to 'o b" 'o c" 'oin' d" to 'oin'
+0" Tea will be ready when you......home.
a" 'ets b" 'et c" will 'et d" shall 'et
+1" &6 & were you......... home.
a" &,d 'o b" & 'o c" &,ll 'o d" &,m 'o
+4" 2)a:e you 6inished.2 )e asked me.....
a" ha:e & 6inished b" i6 & ha:e 6inished c" i6 & had 6inished d" i6 & 6inished
+5" They.......so much that they went to sleep in the 'arden.
a" were eatin' b" had eaten c" ha:e eaten d" eatin'
+9" & like him. )e makes me
a" lau'hin' b" lau'hter c" to lau'h d" lau'h
+;" 3ould you mind....... me a ci'arette7 please.
a" 'i:e b" 'i:in' c" to 'i:e d" ha:in' 'i:en
0<" 3hat about.....to the cinema toni'ht.
a" 'o b" to 'o c" we 'o d" 'oin'
01"1......here 6or 1 years in !o:ember.
a" shall be b" will be c" shall ha:e been d" will ha:e
0*" & wish &.......a lot o6 money.
a" had b" ha:e c" will ha:e d" would ha:e
0+" )e,s rather dirty. )e....... a bath be6ore he came here.
a" had b" has had c" should ha:e had d" would ha:e
00" &6 you.........'one to the party you would ha:e seen him.
a" had b" would ha:e c" ha:e d" should ha:e
01" 23here is Piccadilly 8ircus.2 She asked me where.......
a" Piccadilly 8ircus was b" is Piccadilly 8ircus c" Piccadilly 8ircus d" was Piccadilly 8ircus
04" The streets are wet. &t.......rainin'.
a" must ha:e b" must ha:e been c" had to d" must to be
05" )e,s too old to paint the house himsel67 so he........
a" is painted the house b" is ha:in' his house painted c" is 'oin' to paint his house
d" is ha:in' painted his house
09" &,d rather you.....later. &,m busy now.
a" come back b" will come back c" came back d" had come back
0;" Supposin' you.....there a'ain. 3hat would you do.
a" will 'o b" went c" 'oin' d" will ha:e 'one
1<" 28an & phone you at 4.<<.2 2!o7 & . ...2
a" would eat then b" shall ha:e eaten then c" shall eat then d" shall be eatin' then
1. Write a or an before the indefinite singular nouns.
on,t write anythin' in the blank be6ore the inde6inite plural or noncount nouns.
A.: /ou ha:e BBBBBB nice thin's here. This is BBBBBB unusual calendar. And these
areBBBBBBbeauti6ul shoes.
C.: (ean has BBBBBB new records7 BBBBBBB new blouse7BBBBBBpostcards7 and ... (ean7 why are
you keepin'BBBBBB6our old mo:ie tickets.
D.: Eh7 they,re @ustBBBBBBsou:enirs. 3e went to remember BBBBBBspecial e:enin'.
A.: )mmmm ... you ha:eBBBBBBmenu 6romBBBBBnice restaurant7 too. Aook at thisF They
ser:eBBBBBB'reat 6ood7 & bet.
C.: &s the menu 6rom BBBBBB date with BBBBBB two special 'uys.
A.: Um ... & ... you see7 sometimes we 'et lost inBBBBBBcity7 and then we askBBBBBBpeople
6orBBBBBBdirection7 and then ...
A.: Tell us about them. Are they handsome. 3hat do they do 6or a li:in'. o they ha:e
BBBBBBmoney. Are you 'oin' to see them a'ain. 3ell.
2. Insert a or an if necessary.
1. #y nei'hbour is ... photo'rapherG let,s ask him 6or ... ad:ice about colour 6ilms. *. 3e had ...
6ish and ... chips 6or ... lunch. That doesn,t sound ... :ery interestin' lunch. +. & had ... :ery bad
ni'htG & didn,t sleep ... wink. 0. )e is ... :e'etarianG you won,t 'et ... meat at his house. )e,ll 'i:e
you ... nut cutlet. Aast time & had ... nut cutlet & had ... indis'estion. 1. ... tra:el a'ent would 'i:e
you ... in6ormation about ... hotels. 4. 3e,d better 'o by ... taxi i6 we can 'et ... taxi at such ...
hour as * a.m. 5. ... person who su66ers 6rom ... claustro6obia has ... dread o6 bein' con6ined
in ... small space7 and would always pre6er ... stairs to ... li6t. 9. o you take ... su'ar in ...
co66ee. & used to7 but now &,m on ... diet. &,m tryin' to lose ... wei'ht. ;. ... man su66erin' 6rom ...
shock should not be 'i:en anythin' to drink. 1<. /ou,ll 'et ... shock i6 you touch ... li:e wire with
that screwdri:er. 3hy don,t you 'et ... screwdri:er with ... insulated handle. 11. &t costs 6i6tyH6i:e
and ... hal6 pence and &,:e 'ot ... 6i6ty pence piece. /ou can pay by ... che?ue here. %ut can &
write ... che?ue 6or 6i6tyH6i:e and ... hal6 pence. 1*. ... #r Smith is ... old customer and ... honest
man. 3hy do you say that. )as he been accused o6 ... dishonesty. 1+. &,m not ... wa'eHearnerG
&,m ... sel6Hemployed man. & ha:e ... business o6 my own. Then you,re not ... workerG you,re ...
capitalistF 10. 3hen he was char'ed with ... murder he said he had ... alibi. 11. ... 6riend o6
mine is expectin' ... baby. &6 it,s ... 'irl she,s 'oin' to be called Etheldreda. 3hat ... name to 'i:e
... 'irlF 14. & ha:e ... hour and ... hal6 6or lunch. & only ha:e ... hal6 ... hourHbarely ... time 6or ...
smoke and ... cup o6 co66ee. 15. & hope you ha:e ... lo:ely time and ... 'ood weatherG but &,m not
'oin' 6or ... holidayG &,m 'oin' on ... business. 19. )e looked at me with ... horror when &
explained that & was ... double a'ent. 1;. & wouldn,t climb ... mountain 6or I17<<<F & ha:e ...
horror o6 ... hei'hts. *<. & ha:e ... headache and ... sore throat. & think &,:e 'ot ... cold. & think
you,re 'ettin' ... 6lu. *1. ... #r (ones called while you were out Jneither o6 us knows this man".
)e wants to make ... complaint about ... article in the paper. )e was in ... :ery bad temper. **. &6
you 'o by ... train you can ha:e ?uite ... com6ortable @ourney7 but make sure you 'et ... express7
not ... train that stops at all the stations. *+. ... 6ew people know Jhardly any one knows" that
there is ... secret passa'e 6rom this house to ... old smu''lers, ca:e in the cli66s. *0. &,m
ha:in' ... 6ew 6riends in to ... co66ee tomorrow e:enin'. 3ould you like to come. &,d lo:e to7 but
&,m a6raid &,m 'oin' to ... concert. *1. &t,s time you had ... holiday. /ou ha:en,t had ... day o66
6or ... month. *4. )e broke ... le' in ... skiin' accident. &t,s still in ... plaster. *5. & want ... assistant
with ... knowled'e o6 -rench and ... experience o6 ... o66ice routine. *9. & see that your house is
built o6 ... wood. Are you insured a'ainst ... 6ire. *;. The escapin' prisoner camped in ... wood
but he didn,t li'ht ... 6ire because ... smoke risin' 6rok the wood mi'ht attract ... attention. +<. &
had ... amaKin' experience last ni'ht. & saw ... dinosaur eatin' ... meat pie in ... Aondon park.
/ou mean you had ... ni'htmare. Anyway7 dinosaurs didn,t eat ... meat. +1. &,ll pay you ...
hundred ... week. &t,s not ... enormous salary but a6ter all you are ... completely unskilled man.
+*. &6 you kept ... 'raph you could see at ... 'lance whether you were makin' ... pro6it or ... loss.
++. ... little
Jhardly anythin'" is known about the e66ect o6 this dru'G yet ... chemist will sell it to you without ...
prescription. +0. & ha:e ... little money le6tG let,s ha:e dinner in ... restaurant. +1. 3ould it be ...
trouble to you to buy me 7... newspaper on our way home. +4. ... man is ... reasonin' animal.
3. Supply a/an or one in these sentences.
1. & need ... pictureHhook to han' this picture. *. id you say you wanted ... pictureHhook or two.
+. ... nail won,t be enou'h 6or this @ob. & need se:eral. 0. /ou should use ... hammer to dri:e in
those nails. 1. )ow many oran'e @uices did you say. L (ust ... oran'e @uice7 please. 4. /ou
should 'et out into the 6resh air on ... day like thisF 5. ... day7 many years later7 & learnt the truth.
9. & was out walkin' late ... e:enin' when & saw ... stran'e ob@ect in the sky. ;. )e says he,s
'oin' to be ... millionaire ... day. 1<. There were o:er ... hundred people at the party. 11. )a:e
you e:er seen ... silent mo:ie. 1*. &,:e only e:er seen ... silent mo:ie.
4. Insert a/an or one if necessary.
1. ... o6 my 6riends ad:ised me to take ... taxiG another said that there was ?uite ... 'ood bus
ser:ice. *. ... 6riend o6 mine lent me ... book by #eredith. &,:e only ... more chapter to read.
3ould you like ... loan o6 it a6terwards. !o7 thanks. & read ... o6 his books ... 6ew years a'o and
didn,t like it. %esides & ha:e ... library book to 6inish. &6 & don,t take it back tomorrow &,ll ha:e to
pay ... 6ine. +. ... man & met on the train told me ... rather unusual story. 0. #ost people like ...
rest a6ter ... hard day,s work7 but Tom seemed to ha:e ... inexhaustible supply o6 ener'y. 1. &,:e
told you ... hundred times not to come into ... room with ... hat on. 4. &t,s unlucky to li'ht three
ci'arettes with ... match. That,s only ... superstition. Enly ... idiot belie:es in superstitions. 5. )e
says ... cara:an is not 'oodG he needs ... cotta'e. 9. ... plate is no 'oodG we need ... doKen. ;.
Aast time there was ... 6o' here ... plane crashHlanded in ... 6ield near the airport. The crew
had ... lucky escape. ... man broke his le'G the rest were unhurt. 1<. /ou,:e been ... 'reat help to
meG ... day & will repay you. 11. #y car broke down near ... bus stop. There was ... man waitin'
6or ... bus7 so & asked him 6or ... ad:ice. 1*. )e took ... ?uick look at my car and said7 2%uy ...
new ... .2 1+. There was ... woman there. The rest were men. 10. 8ould you lend me ...
dictionary7 please. &,m tryin' to do ... crossword puKKle. &,m a6raid &,:e only 'ot ... dictionary7 and
Tom,s borrowed it. 11. ... chop won,t be enou'h 6or TomG he,ll want twoG he,s ... small man but
he,s 'ot ... bi' appetite. 14. 2& want ... :olunteers 6or ... dan'erous @ob72 said the captain. There
was ... lon' be6ore. 2&sn,t there e:en ... man who will take ... risk.2 he asked. ... :oice called out
6rom the back7 23ill there be ... reward.2 15. & ha:e ... 6lat on the top 6loor. /ou 'et ... lo:ely :iew
6rom there. 19. ... day a new director arri:ed. )e was ... ambitious7 badHtempered man7 and the
sta66 took ... instant dislike to him. 1;. Suddenly ... bullet struck ... street lamp ... little to %ill,s le6t.
)e looked up and saw ... man with ... 'un standin' at ... open window. *<. %ill 6ired back
twice. ... bullet hit the wall7 the other broke ... pane o6 ... 'lass. )e heard ... an'ry shout. *1. ...
day L it was ... dry day with ... 'ood :isibility L Tom was dri:in' alon' ... country road in ...
borrowed car. **. /ou,re makin' ... mistake a6ter another. )a:e you ... han'o:er7 or somethin'.
!o7 but & had ... :ery bad ni'ht last ni'ht. The people next door were ha:in' ... party. ... bad
ni'ht shouldn,t ha:e such ... e66ect in your work. & o6ten ha:e three bad ni'hts in succession. &
li:e in ... :ery noisy street.
5. Supply a/an where necessary.
1. &,m 'oin' to bed. &,:e 'ot ... headache. *. & was awake all ni'ht with ... toothache. +. & think
=illian,s 'ot ... 6lue. 0. The children are in bed with ... mumps. 1. #ind you don,t catch ... cold.
4. ... measles can be :ery unpleasant. 5. on,t come near me. &,:e 'ot ... sore throat. 9. & think
&,:e 'ot ... coldF ;. &,:e had ... terrible backache. 1<. & o6ten su66er 6rom ... backache.
6. Do you need a definite article? Open the brackets.
)i7 &,m 8idy 8astello. #y parents and & came to !ew /ork three years a'o. 3e,re 6rom
=reen:ille7 Tennessee. =reen:ille is a small place where Junemployment" is :ery hi'h. So you
can ima'ine that my parents didn,t decide to come here because o6 J6reedom" that Jpeople" try
to 6ind in a place like !ew /ork. 3e didn,t come to li:e near Jskyscrapers" o6 #anhattan either.
Aike most people we don,t like Jnoise". And Jnoise" o6 tra66ic in !ew /ork is worse than in
=reen:ille. 3e hate Jdirt" that you 6ind in bi' cities7 too. %ut we still mo:ed. 3hy. L 3e did
what Jpeople" ha:e always done in Jhistory"o6 the USA. 3e mo:ed to
a new place that o66ered better chances 6or us. And that meant new @obs 6or my 6ather and my
7. Write a/ an or no word in the blank before each indefinite noun. Write the before each
definite noun.
C.: 3here is .............. menu 6rom.
(: &t is 6rom ........... -rench restaurant downtown. They ha:e ............. delicious 6ood and ............
ele'ant atmosphere.
A.: )ow about .......... hotel. &s that ..............postcard o6 it.
(2.: /es it is............. rooms in ........... hotel ha:e ...........wonder6ul :iews 6rom them. And this
is ........... picture o6..........6amous statue. &t,s ........... landmark in ......... main s?uare in
......... downtown section o6 ........... city. And here,s ......... postcard o6........... bi' park in
.........middle o6........ business section. 3e lo:e ............. 6ountain in it. oesn,t it look beauti6ul
in .........sun. There are .......... 6ish in ........... water7 and ........... people play ........... 'uitar music
in ............ park all day lon'. And look at this pictureF &t,s ........... amaKin' 6lower market7 and ... .
8. Insert the if necessary.
1. ... youn'est boy has @ust started 'oin' to ... schoolG ... eldest boy is at ... colle'e. *. She li:es
on ... top 6loor o6 an old house. 3hen ... wind blows7 all ... windows rattle. +. ... darkness doesn,t
worry ... catsG ... cats can see in ... dark. 0. #y little boys say that they want to be ... spacemen7
but most o6 them will probably end up in ... less dramatic @obs. 1. o you know ... time. /es7 ...
clock in ... hall has @ust struck nine. Then it isn,t ... time to 'o yet. 4. )e was sent to ... prison
6or ... six months 6or ... shopHli6tin'. 3hen ... six months are o:er he,ll be releasedG ... di66iculty
then will be to 6ind ... work. o you 'o to ... prison to :isit him. 5. & went to ... school to talk to ...
headmistress. & persuaded her to let Ann 'i:e up ... 'ymnastics and take ... ballet lessons
instead. 9. ... ballet isn,t much use 6or ... 'irlsG it is much better to be able to play ... piano. ;. &
am on ... ni'ht duty. 3hen you 'o ... bed7 & 'o to ... work. 1<. Peter,s at ... o66ice but you could
'et him on ... phone. There,s a telephone box @ust round ... corner. 11. )e 'ot ... bronchitis and
was taken to ... hospital. & expect they,ll send him home at ... end o6 ... week. )a:e you run' ...
hospital to ask how he is. 1*. Ann,s habit o6 ridin' a motorcycle up and down ... road early in ...
mornin' annoyed ...nei'hbours and in ... end they took her to ... court. 1+. )e 6irst went to ...
sea in a Swedish ship7 so as well as learnin' ... na:i'ation he had to learn ... Swedish. 10. ...
6amily hotels are ... hotels which welcome ... parents and ... children. 11. En ... Sundays my
6ather stays in ... bed till ten o,clock7 readin' ... Sunday papers. 14. Then he 'ets up7 puts on ...
old clothes7 has ... break6ast and starts ... work in ... 'arden. 15. #y mother 'oes to ... church
in ... mornin'7 and in ... a6ternoon 'oes to :isit ... 6riends. 19. Aike many women7 she lo:es ...
tea parties and ... 'ossip. 1;. #y parents ha:e ... cold meat and ... salad 6or ... supper7 ...
winter and ... summer. *<. urin' ... meal he talks about ... 'arden and she tells him ... :illa'e
'ossip. *1. 3e ha:e a :ery 'ood train ser:ice 6rom here to ... city centre and most people 'o
to ... work by train. /ou can 'o by ... bus too7 o6 course7 but you can,t 'et a season ticket on ...
bus. **. ... dead no lon'er need ... help. 3e must concern oursel:es with ... li:in'. 3e must
build ... houses and ... schools and ... play'rounds. *+. &,d like to see ... #r Smith7 please. o
you mean ... #r Smith who works in ... box o66ice or ... other #r Smith. *0. id you come by ...
air. !o7 & came by ... sea. & had a lo:ely :oya'e on ... Mueen EliKabeth &&. *1. ... most o6 ...
stories that ... people tell about ... &rish aren,t true. *4. ... married couples with ... children o6ten
rent ... cotta'es by ... seaside 6or ... summer holidays. ... men hire boats and 'o 6or ... trips
alon' ... coastG ... children spend ... day on ... beach and ... poor mothers spend ... most o6 ...
time doin' ... cookin' and cleanin'. *5. &t,s usually sa6e to walk on ... sand7 but here7 when ...
tide is comin' in7 ... sand becomes dan'erously so6t. ... people ha:e been swallowed up by it.
*9. 3hen ... Titanic was crossin' ... Atlantic she struck an iceber' which tore a hu'e hole in her
bow ... captain ordered ... crew to help ... passen'ers into ... boats. *;. E:erywhere ... man
has cut down ... 6orests in order to culti:ate ... 'round7 or to use ... wood as ... 6uel or as ...
buildin' material. +<. %ut ... inter6erence with ... nature o6ten brin's ... disaster ...G treeH6ellin'
sometimes turns ... 6ertile land into a distHbowl. +1. ... people think that ... lead is ... hea:iest
metal7 but ... 'old is hea:ier. +*. Eur air hostess said: 2... rack is only 6or ... li'ht articles. ...G
hea:y thin's such as ... bottles must be put on .. 6loor.2 ++. ... windows are supposed to let
in ... li'htG but ... windows o6 this house are so small that we ha:e to ha:e ... electric li'ht on
all ... time. +0. There,ll always be a con6lict between old and ... youn'. ... youn' people want ...
chan'e but ... old people want ... thin's to stay ... same. +1. ... power tends to corrupt and ...
absolute power corrupts absolutely. +4. /ou can 6ool some o6 ... people all ... time7 and all ...
people some o6 ... timeG but you cannot 6ool all ... people all ... time.
9. Put in a, the or one only where necessary.
2& think that,s all7 #rs =rant72 r =rey said as she handed her ... list o6 prescriptions. ... list was
:ery lon' and #rs =rant almost 6ainted as she tried to read it. She had ... headache and ... cold
and 6elt as i6 she was 'ettin' ... 6lu. En top o6 this7 one o6 her children was in bed with ... mumps.
2&,:e prescribed some pills 6or ... hi'h blood pressure as well72 r =rey said. 2)ow many do &
ha:e to take L ... pill ... day.2 2!o. Ene pill with each meal. Three pills ... day.2 #rs =rant
thanked ... doctor and walked out o6 her sur'ery with some di66iculty. She sta''ered into the
local chemist,s and handed ... lon' prescription list to #r %urt7 ... chemist. #r %urt 'reeted her
cheer6ully. 2=ood mornin'7 #rs =rant72 he said7 'lancin' at ... list. 23hat a listF & trust you,re
keepin' wellF2
10. Supply the or !.
1. A lot o6 people are 'i:in' up ... meat. *. ... meat we had 6or lunch last Sunday was :ery tou'h.
+. As some one said7 ... li6e is @ust one damned thin' a6ter another. 0. & don,t know much
about ... li6e o6 ... !apoleon. 1. ... runnin' is supposed to be 'ood 6or you. 4. & ou'ht to be 6it with
all ... runnin' & do7 but & don,t 6eel 6it. 5. 3hich is our 6a:ourite colour. ... $ed. 9. & think ... red
one will suit you best. ... red is more your colour. ;. 3e learnt ... En'lish at school7 but ...
En'lish we learnt was useless. 1<. ... Aondon is a sa6e city today7 but ... Aondon o6 the 19th
century was pretty rou'h. 11. ... watches ha:e become :ery cheap and :ery attracti:e. 1*. #ost
o6 ... watches you see today work on ... ?uartK. 1+. ... indoor plants re?uire a lot o6 e66ort and
attention. 10. ... %ach 'i:es me a 'reat deal o6 pleasure. 11. ... %ach recordin' you bou'ht 6or
my birthday is 6irst class. 14. 3hat has been the lon'est period o6 ... peace in ... history. 15. &6
you study ... )istory7 you,:e 'ot to read a lot. 19. ... 6astin' durin' ... $amadan is more di66icult in
the summer months. 1;. ... @ourneys to unknown places re?uire a lot o6 preparation. *<. ... li:es
o6 ... poets and ... musicians ha:e o6ten been unbearably di66icult. *1. &,m not interested in the
price o6 ... sil:er or the price o6 ... 'old. **. ... time is ... money. *+. & can ne:er re'ret ... time &,:e
spent en@oyin' mysel6. *0. & o6ten listen to ... music and & like ... @aKK best.
11. Supply a or the in the following te"t.
3e wanted to reach ... small :illa'e and knew we must be near. Then we saw ... woman @ust
ahead and some children playin'. 3hen we stopped to ask the way7 ... woman said she was ...
stran'er hersel6. 3e called out to ... children7 but they i'nored us. (ust then two men came
alon' and we asked them the way. ... men didn,t know7 but at least were help6ul. 2There is ...
si'npost a mile alon' this road72 one o6 them said. 3e dro:e to ... si'npost ea'erly. This was
what it said: !E$T) PEAE 47<<< #&AES.
12. Put in a or the.
#r enys Stocks7 ... retired policeman7 has @ust been 'i:en ... %. Sc. 6or twel:e years, research
into ancient E'yptian industrial methods. E'yptolo'ists ha:e o6ten wondered how ... E'yptians
were able to cut such hard stone and how they produced such 6ine @ewellery. #r Stocks has
shown that ... E'yptians used saws and drills. ... saws and drills were made o6 copper7 which is
:ery so6t. %ut ... E'yptian cra6tsmen made ... cut in ... stone with
...... so6t saw. Then ... cra6tsmen turned them into :ery power6ul
tools. -irst ... cra6tsman made ... cut in ... stone with ... so6t saw. Then ... cra6tsman poured sand
into ... cut. ... hard sand 'ot into ... teeth o6 ... saw and did ... cuttin'. &n this way7 ... worker could
cut basalt7 one o6 the hardest rocks. ... sand he used turned into :ery 6ine powder. ... powder
was then used by @ewellers to cut precious stones and to make delicate @ewellery.
13. Supply the or !.
1. &,:e always understood ... ark A'es to re6er to ... #edie:al Europe. *. -er'uson has
tra:elled e:erywhere 6rom ... 8entral Asia to ... Arctic. +. &,:e been to ... %raKil and ... Ar'entina7
but &,:e ne:er been to ... USA. 0. &,d lo:e to do a tour o6 European capitals and :isit ...
Aondon7 ... Paris7 and ... Nienna. 1. 3hat,s your address. & li:e in ... #onta'ue $oad7 number
*5. 4. & could ne:er a66ord to stay at hotels like ... %rown,s or ... )ilton. 5. Oarl P:as born in ...
%a:aria7 but he now li:es in ... Ehio. 9. /ou can,t :isit ... Aondon without seein' ... %uckin'ham
Palace. ;. &,:e been climbin' in ... Alps7 but &,:e ne:er mana'ed to 'et up ... #ont %lanc. 1<. A
lot o6 people ha:e tried to cross ... Sahara without bein' properly prepared. 11. &,d lo:e to tra:el
down ... !ile as 6ar as ... Auxor. 1*. There,s a splendid :iew o6 ... Aake =ene:a 6rom this hotel.
1+. 3e had an early dinner at ... Aeoni,s and then 'o to a play at ... =lobe Theatre. 10. =o down
... Ex6ord Street till you come to ... Ex6ord 8ircus7 then turn ri'ht. 11. o you know the son'
about ... Aondon %rid'e.
14. Insert a, an or the if necessary.
1. There was ... knock on ... door. & opened it and 6ound ... small dark man in ... blue o:ercoat
and ... woollen cap. *. )e said he was ... employee o6 ... 'as company and had come to read ...
meter. +. %ut & had ... suspicion that he wasn,t speakin' ... truth because ... meter readers
usually wear ... peaked caps. 0. )owe:er7 & took him to ... meter7 which is in ... dark corner
under ... stairs J... meters are usually in ... dark corners under ... stairs". 1. & asked i6 he had ...
torchG he said he disliked torches and always read ... meters by ... li'ht o6 ... match. 4. &
remarked that i6 there was ... leak in ... 'aspipe there mi'ht be ... explosion while he was
readin' ... meter. 5. )e said7 2As ... matter o6 ... 6act7 there was ... explosion in ... last house &
:isitedG and #r Smith7 ... owner o6 ... house7 was burnt in ... 6ace.29. 2#r Smith was holdin' ...
li'hted match at ... time o6 ... explosion.2 ;. To pre:ent ... possible repetition o6 this accident7 &
lent him ... torch. 1<. )e switched on ... torch7 read ... meter and wrote ... readin' down
on ... back o6 ... en:elope. 11. & said in ... surprise that ... meter readers usually put ... readin's
down in ... book. 1*. )e said that he had had ... book but that it had been burnt in ... 6ire in ...
#r Smith,s house. 1+. %y this time & had come to ... conclusion that he wasn,t ... 'enuine meter
readerG and ... moment he le6t ... house & ran' ... police. 10. Are (ohn and #ary ... cousins. L
!o7 they aren,t ... cousinsG they are ... brother and ... sister. 11. ... 6o' was so thick that we
couldn,t see ... side o6 ... road. 3e 6ollowed ... car in 6ront o6 us and hoped that we were 'oin' ...
ri'ht way. 14. & can,t remember ... exact date o6 ... storm7 but & know it was ... Sunday because
e:erybody was at ... church. En ... #onday ... post didn,t come because ... roads were blocked
by ... 6allen trees. 15. Peter thinks that this is ?uite ... cheap restaurant. 19. There,s been ...
murder here. L 3here,s ... body. L There isn,t ... body. L Then how do you know there,s
been ... murder. 1;. !umber ... hundred and two7 ... house next door to us7 is 6or sale. &t,s ?uite
... nice house with ... bi' rooms. ... back windows look out on ... park. *<. & don,t know what ...
price ... owners are askin'. %ut ry and $ot are ... a'ents. /ou could 'i:e them ... rin' and
make them ... o66er. *1. ... postman,s little boy says that he,d rather be ... dentist than ... doctor7
because ... dentists don,t 'et called out at ... ni'ht. **. (ust as ... air hostess Jthere was only
one on the plane" was handin' me ... cup o6 ... co66ee ... plane 'a:e ... lurch and ... co66ee went
all o:er ... person on ... other side o6 ... 'an'way. *+. There was ... collision between ... car
and ... cyclist at ... crossroads near ... my house early in ... mornin'. ... cyclist was taken to ...
hospital with ... concussion. ... dri:er o6 ... car was treated 6or ... shock. ... witnesses say that ...
car was 'oin' at ... se:enty miles ... hour. *0. Pro6essor (ones7 ... man who disco:ered ... new
dru' that e:eryone is talkin' about7 re6used to 'i:e ... press con6erence. *1. Peter Piper7 ...
student in ... pro6essor,s colle'e7 asked him why he re6used to talk to ... press. *4. 3e,re
'oin' to ... tea with ... Smiths today7 aren,t we. Shall we take ... car. L 3e can 'o by ... car i6
you wash ... car 6irst. 3e can,t 'o to ... #rs Smith,s in ... car all co:ered with ... mud. *5. )e
'ot ... @ob in ... south and spent ... next two years doin' ... work he really en@oyed.*9. &t is ...
pleasure to do ... business with such ... e66icient or'aniKation. *;. ... day a6ter ... day passed
without ... news7 and we be'an to lose ... hope. +<. 3ould you like to hear ... story about ...
En'lishman7 ... &rishman and ... Scotsman. L !o. &,:e heard ... stories about ... En'lishmen7 ...
&rishmen and ... Scotsmen be6ore and they are all ... same. +1. %ut mine is not ... typical story.
&n my story ... Scotsman is 'enerous7 ... &rishman is lo'ical and ... En'lishman is romantic.L
Eh7 i6 it,s ... 6antastic story. &,ll listen with ... pleasure. +*. #y aunt li:ed on ... 'round 6loor o6 ...
old house on ... $i:er Thames. She was :ery much a6raid o6 ... bur'lars and always locked up ...
house :ery care6ully be6ore she went to ... bed. She also took ... precaution o6 lookin' under ...
bed to see i6 ... bur'lar was hidin' there. ++. 2... modern bur'lars don,t hide under ... beds72 said
herHdau'hter. 2&,ll 'o on lookin' @ust ... same72 said my aunt. +0. Ene mornin' she ran' her
dau'hter in ... triumph. 2& 6ound ... bur'lar under ... bed ... last ni'ht72 she said7 2and he was
?uite ... youn' man.2 +1. ... apples are sold by ... pound. These are 6orty pence ... pound.
+4. &t was ... windy mornin' but they hired ... boat and went 6or ... sail alon' ... coast. &n ...
a6ternoon ... wind increased and they soon 6ound themsel:es in ... di66iculties.
15. In the following sentences supply the articles #a, an, or the$ if they are necessary. If no
article is necessary, lea%e the space blank.
1. (ason,s 6ather bou'ht him ... bicycle that he had wanted 6or his birthday. *. ... Statue o6
Aiberty was a 'i6t o6 6riendship 6rom ... -rance to ... United States. +. $ita is studyin' ... En'lish
and ... math this semester. 0. ... @ud'e asked ... witness to tell ... truth. 1. Please 'i:e me ... cup
o6... co66ee with ... cream and ... su'ar. 4. ... bi' books on ... table are 6or my history class.
5. !o one in ... Spanish class knew ... correct answer to ... #r. Perea,s ?uestion. 9. #y ... car is
6our years old and it still runs well. ;. 3hen you 'o to ... store7 please buy ... bottle
o6 ... chocolate milk and ... doKen oran'es. 1<. There are2only ... 6ew seats le6t 6or ... toni'ht,s
musical at ... uni:ersity. 11. (ohn and #arcy went to ... school yesterday and then studied in ...
library be6ore returnin' home. 1*. ... Aake Erie is one o6 ... 6i:e 'reat Aakes in ... !orth America.
1+. En our trip to ... Spain7 we crossed ... Atlantic Ecean. 10. ... #ount $ushmore is the site
o6 ... ma'ni6icent tribute to ... 6our 'reat American presidents. 11. 3hat did you eat 6or ...
break6ast this mornin'. 14. Aouie played ... basketball and ... baseball at ... %oys, 8lub
this year.
15. $ita plays ... :iolin and her sister plays ... 'uitar. 19. 3hile we were in ... Alaska7 we saw ...
Eskimo :illa'e. 1;. Phil can,t 'o to ... mo:ies toni'ht because he has to write ... essay.
*<. a:id attended ... Princeton Uni:ersity. *1. )arry has been admitted to ... School o6
#edicine at ... #idwestern uni:ersity. **. #el,s 'randmother is in ... hospital7 so we went to :isit
her ... last ni'ht. *+. ... political science class is takin' ... trip to ... $ussia in ... sprin'. *0. ...
Mueen Elisabeth && is ... monarch o6 ... =reat %ritain. *1. ... eclaration o6 &ndependence was
drawn up in 1554. *4. Scientists hope to send ... expedition to ... #ars durin' ... 1;9;. *5. Aast
ni'ht there was ... bird sin'in' outside my house. *9. ... chair that you are sittin' on is broken.
*;. ... 8i:il 3ar was 6ou'ht in ... United States between 1941 and 1941. +<. ... -lorida State
Uni:ersity is smaller than ... Uni:ersity o6 -lorida.
16. Put in a#n$ or the if necessary.
1. She wants to be ... architect. *. 3hat,s ... time. +. & like ... music. 0. 23hat,s your husband
interested in.2 2 ... cars and ... money.2 1. & went to 'et ... photos7 but they weren,t ready.
4. 23ho broke the window.2 2& don,t know. Somebody threw ... stone at it.2 5. 2o you
know ... people in ... house next door.2 2!ot :ery well.2 9. ... 6ood is really expensi:e these
days. ;. #y dau'hter wants to study ... en'ineerin' at uni:ersity. 1<. 3ould you like ... drink.
11. & can remember ... 6aces7 but & can ne:er remember ... names 1*. 28an & borrow your car.2
2/es7 sure. )ere are ... keys.2
17. Put in a, an, or the.
& read recently in ... Times that the bi' American company7 =eneral #otors7 has de:eloped ...
:ehicle that uses ... power o6 ... sun instead o6 petrol. ... :ehicle is called Sunraycer. Sunraycer
has @ust taken part in ... race a'ainst *1 solarHpowered :ehicles. ... route o6 ... race was 6rom
arwin to Adelaide7 ... immense distance. Sunraycer co:ered ... distance in 01 hours at ...
a:era'e speed o6 01 miles ... hours in temperatures as hi'h as 09 Q8. &t beat all other cars by
two and ... hal6 daysF Sunraycer J2ray o6 the sun2 R 2raycer2" is certainly ... car o6 ... 6utureF
19. Put in a7 an7 the or 2L2.
-EE -&T -E$ A O&!=F
... seeds datin' 6rom 1+*1 %.8. ha:e been 6ound at ... Oew 'ardens in ... Aondon. 2&t,s ...
excitin' disco:ery7 2... Pro6essor Arthur %ell7 ... irector7 said yesterday. ... seeds were 6ound in
+< cardboard boxes by ... -rench student7 ... 8hristian Tutund@ian de Narta:an. ... seeds come
6rom ... tomb o6 ... Oin' TutankhaHmun. &nside ... tomb were shawabtis7 that is model human
bein's who would ser:e ... Oin' a6ter ... death. &nside ... Tutankhamun,s tomb7 there was ...
wheat 6or makin' ... bread7 ... barley7 perhaps 6or brewin' ... beer7 and spices like ...
coriander7 ... cumin and ... sesame7 as well as ... 'rapes and ... tropical 6ruits. ... 6ood had to be
suitable 6or ... Oin',s last @ourney7 but it was :ery tasty7 too.
19. Insert the definite or the indefinite article.
&. 3hat ... easy exerciseF * 3e ha:e chosen ... easiest exercise. + o you know which is ...
shortest day in ... year. 0. 3e ha:e holidays 6our times ... year. 1. There are nearly ...
thousand pupils in our school. 4. ... baby is playin' in ... hall. 5. &t caused ... 'reat deal o6
trouble. 9. ... 6i6th month o6 ... year is #ay. ;. &t is ... lo:ely month. 1<. ... 'round is white in
winter. 11. Aondon is on ... $i:er Thames. 1*. ... Nol'a is ... important waterway. 1+. 8an you
tell me ... time. 10. Are you in ... hurry. 11. &t is ... shame to be late. 14. ... 6ew o6 ... old
people li:es o:er ... hundred years.
20. Insert the articles.
1. ... bee6 is kind o6 ... meat. *. ... bee6 we had 6or dinner last ni'ht was excellent. +. (ack is
wearin' ... straw hat today. 0. (ack likes to wear ... hats. 1. ... hat is ... article o6 clothin'.
4. ... hats are ... articles o6 clothin'. 5. ... brown hat on that hook o:er there belon's to #ark.
9. E:eryone has ... problems in ... li6e. ;. #y 'randmother had ... lon' li6e. 1<. Tommy wants to
be ... en'ineer when be 'rows up. &&. (ohn $oeblin' is ... name o6 ... en'ineer who desi'ned
the %rooklyn %rid'e. )e died in 194; 6rom ... in6ection. )e died be6ore ... brid'e was completed.
1*. The %rooklyn %rid'e was desi'ned by ... en'ineer. 1+. ... people wear ... @ewellery to made
themsel:es more attracti:e. 10. ... @ewellery iana is wearin' today is beauti6ul. 11. #ary is
wearin' ... beauti6ul rin' today. &t is made o6 ... 'old and ... rubies. ... 'old in her rin' was mined
in 8anada. ... rubies came 6rom %urma. 14. Ene o6 the 6irst thin's you need to do when you
mo:e to ... new city is to 6ind ... place to li:e. #ost ... newspapers carry ... ad:ertisements
Jcalled 2wantads2" 6or ... apartments that are 6or rent. &6 you 6ind ... ad 6or ... 6urnished apartment7
... apartment will probably contain ... sto:e and re6ri'erator. &t will also probably ha:e ... 6urniture
such as ... beds7 ... tables7 ... chairs7 and may be ... so6a. 15. #y wi6e and & ha:e recently mo:ed
to this city. Since we,re 'oin' to be here 6or only ... short time7 we,re rentin' ... 6urnished
apartment. 3e decided that we didn,t want to brin' our 6urniture with us. ... apartment is in ...
'ood location7 but that,s about the only 'ood thin' & can say about it. Enly one burner on ...
store works. ... re6ri'erator is noisy7 and ... re6ri'erator door won,t stay closed unless we tape it
shut. ... bed sa's in the middle and creaks. All o6 the rest o6 ... 6urniture is old and decrepit7 too.
!e:ertheless7 we,re still en@oyin' li:in' in this city. 3e may ha:e to look 6or ... another
apartment7 howe:er.
21. Supply a, an, the or !.
1. (im 'ot ... %.Sc. 6rom urham Uni:ersity in 1;99. *. 8elia is sure she,s seen ... U-E. +. ... E8
does a lot o6 trade with the rest o6 the world. 0. & don,t know how much ... #P J#ember o6 the
Parliament" earns. 1. 3hich countries belon' to ... !ATE. 4. ... )
E is the chemical 6ormula 6or
water. 5. &,:e used my computer to learn ... %AS&8. 9. ... !ASA had a setback in 1;94.
22. Supply a, an, the or !.
1. &,m really tired and &,m 'oin' to ... bed. *. /our shoes are under ... bed. +. Tim,s been in ...
bed 6or hours. 0. 3e,:e bou'ht ... lo:ely new bed. 1. 3e took some photos outside ... church. 4.
3e always 'o to ... church on Sunday. 5. )a:e you e:er worked in ... 6actory. 9. Susan,s in ...
class at the moment. ;. #y 6ather went to ... sea when he was 10. 1<. 3hen do you hope to 'o
to ... uni:ersity. 11. #artha,s been taken to ... hospital. 1*. )ow lon' will she be ... hospital. 1+.
There,s a strike at ... hospital. 10. 3e,:e 'ot ... 6ine new hospital. 11. 3hen do you 'et home
6rom ... o66ice. 14. (ohn,s at ... work at the moment.
23. Put a, an, the or !.
)&=) -A/E$
& tra:el all o:er ... world on business and my nei'hbour thinks my li6e is one lon' holiday. /ou
know what ... business tra:el is like: up at ... dawn to catch ... planeG ... break6ast in ...Aondon7 ...
lunch in ... !ew /ork7 ... lu''a'e in ... %ermuda. 3hen you,re in ... sky7 you see only snow in. ...
Arctic or ... =reenland. /ou ha:e 'limpses o6 ... Andes or ... Paci6ic. /ou,re always exhausted.
/our wi6e or husband complains you,re ne:er there to take ... children to ... school or put them to
... bed. 3hen you 'et home7 your nei'hbour says7 2Another nice holiday7 eh.2 =i:e me )ome
Sweet )ome any dayF
24. Insert an article where necessary.
1. %oth ... En'lish and ... =erman are tau'ht at school. *. ... Shelley has studied at ... Ex6ord
Uni:ersity. +. ... 6ather is not at home but you may ask ... mother,s opinion. 0. ... 'round is
co:ered with ... snow in ... (anuary. 1. Shall we 'o to ... pictures. 4. ... dinner is ready.
5. 3e 6inished ... dinner and went out into ... 'arden. 9. They went to ... seaside on ... hot
summer day. ;. &t was ... e:enin' when we stopped workin'. 1<. &t took ...two boys only ...
minute to reach ... top o6 ... tree. 11. =eor'e knows ... lot about ... USA. 1*. )e has studied ...
'eo'raphy o6 ... USA at ... school. 1+. ... Americans spell some En'lish words di66erently.
10. & ha:e ... 6ew 6riends in St Petersbur'. 11. 3e had ... hot break6ast at ... hotel in ... #insk.
14. 3e,ll stay there 6or ... month. 15. 3hy did you not read ... last ten pa'es o6 ... book. 19.
#ay & ha:e another ... cup o6 ... tea. 1;. ... child looked at us with ... charmin' smile. *<. She
stopped at ... kitchen door. *1. ... boy 'rew stron'er 6rom... day to ... day. **. 3ell7 ... youn'
man7 what can & do 6or you. *+. A6ter ... lon' silence she was ... 6irst to speak. *0. She broke ...
silence. *1. &t was ... pleasure to see ... Urals. *4. &,ll do it with ... pleasure. *5. Ann was
makin' ... 'reat pro'ress. ... teacher told us o6 ... pro'ress she was makin'. *9. 3hat is ...
weather like today. *;. ... li6e went on as usual. +<. 8harles was sent to ... school when he
was se:en. )e was sent to secondary school. &t was ... oldest school in ... town. +1. 3hat will ...
6uture promise him. +*. )e has ... bri'ht 6uture be6ore him. ++. &s ... !orth Sea stormy in ...
autumn. +0. ... -leet Street is in ... 8ity o6 ... Aondon. +1. ... #ount 8ook is ... hi'hest peak
in ... Southern Alps o6 ... !ew Sealand. +4. %esides ... En'lish7 ... -rench is also ... o66icial
lan'ua'e in ... 8anada. +5. Aet,s 'o to see ... uncle Al6redF +9. & want to read ... next chapter
now7 there are only two chapters le6t be6ore ... last one. +;. &t was almost ... e:enin' when &
went home. 0<. 3e wanted to reach ... home be6ore ... sunset. 01. En ... Saturday e:enin'
most o6 ... schoolchildren had 'one to the country. 0*. &t was rainin' 6or ... three whole days.
0+. ... whole weekend was spoiled.
25. Insert an article where necessary.
1. & had ... :ery nice holiday. *. There was ... knock at ... door and ... youn' 'irl wearin' ...
summer dress entered ... room. +. She looked at e:erythin' with ... 'reat interest. 0. 3ere you
at ... home ... e:ery e:enin' ... last week. 1. 8ome to ... dinner with me. 4. Are you comin'
to ... dinner we are ha:in' on #ay,s birthday. 5. ... -ather earns * mln roubles ... month. 9. ...
$obert li:es in ... Parker street7 ... Sidney. ;. ... lar'est central park in ... Aondon is ... )yde
Park. 1<. &,ll play hockey ... next winter. 11. Eur 6ishermen went to 6ish in ... Atlantic. 1*. &t
was ... 6ine e:enin' and we decided to walk ... home. 1+. Ann was here yesterday ... a6ternoon.
10. 3e went on ... tour Saturday e:enin'. 11. &t was ... late autumn. 14. &t was ... :ery warm
autumn. 15. 8an you 'et ... 'ood supper here. 19. ... sky was cloudless. 1;. ... Times is ...
popular newspaper. *<. ... both ... 'irls wore ... @umpers and ... skirts. *1. &t will take you ...
hal6 ... hour to 'et there. **. Eskimos li:e in ... north o6 8anada. *+. ... most o6 my 6riends
ha:e ... thirst 6or knowled'e. *0. & want to read somethin' on ... de:elopment o6 ... science. *1.
This is not ... ?uestion o6 ... importance. *4. ... Aunt )elen sent us ... tele'ram and on ... next
day we met her at ... station. *5. ... writer has @ust 6inished ... historical no:el. *9. Aet,s 'o to ...
clothin' department. *;. o you 6eel ... smell o6 ... 6allen lea:es comin' 6rom ... park. +<. )e
seems to be ... cle:er man. +1. )e has ... uncle who is ... teacher at ... uni:ersity. +*. 8an you
dri:e ... ei'hty kilometres ... hour. ++. ... weather was cold on ... day o6 his arri:al. +0. )e did
not want to show ... an'er he 6elt. +1. She had ... stran'e 6eelin' that it was all wron'.
26. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. TUVWXYUZ[X \Z[] ^U_U`Xa X[bW]cdZeXa _\Z[U_bd. *. fd\ ^U[\WUZ] Vg hgiX[] jb`ek
eUl\. +. mn\ad L _\obe[U_. 0. mn\e L _\obe[U_ kdXh\_ZX[\[ZeUa pbY\[g. 1. qb Z[UW\ L
nk_dbW. 4. rg db`WX nk_dbW7 eU[U_ga hg XZebWX. 5. rj\_b hi\_hg\ c hXo\W dUhga
lXW]s. L tbe hbs iUd_bhXWZc lXW]s. 9. CUs ZUVX_b\[Zc ekiX[] dUhga bh[UsUVXW].
;. CUs ZUVX_b\[Zc YbZ[_b^Uhb[] bh[UsUVXW]. 1<. u jX[bv Xd[\_\Zdkv edXpk. 11. tdXpb7
eU[U_kv c jX[bv7 db Z[UW\. 1*. wh\[XWU ZUWdx\. 1+. yXdob L oUj] XYh\Z[dUpU bohUeb[b.
10. 2rX`d\hga Zbo2 L i]\Zb z\^Uhb. 11. {YHYb iWU^Ua iUpUog h ic[dXxk sg d\ ZsUpWX
iU\^b[] h tWXhW\do. 14. wsX[g ekiXWX dUhga oUs. 15. rg i_bhg. TX[bdX\ Yo\Z] sUpWU
Vg Vg[] Wkj`\. 19. |db dbs i_\oWUnXWb \ok X dbiX[eX. 1;. |dX ebnoU\ W\[U \YoXWX h
}W]ig. *<. w\pUodc h\j\_Us c k\Ynbv h ~UZ[Ud. *1. u hbs iUebYbW jbZg7 eU[U_g\ c ekiXW
h h\axb_XX. **. rg d\ sUpWX Vg oUZ[bhWc[] sUWUeU eU sd\ db oUs. *+. fUWUeU
iUW\YdU oWc YoU_Uh]c. *0. \db db YUWU[U ibob\[. *1. UWU[U L o_bpUx\ddga s\[bWW.
*4. |d UeUdjXW tUWksVXaZeXa kdXh\_ZX[\[. *5. w[ko\dj\ZeXa pU_UoUe tUWksVXaZeUpU
kdXh\_ZX[\[b db^UoX[Zc db r\Z[ wbao\. *9. yUdoUd L Z[b_ga pU_Uo. *;. r yUdoUd\
sdUpU skY\\h. +<. rg eUpobHdXVko] VgWX h ~_X[bdZeUs skY\\. +1. rZ\pob \Z[] dbo\nob.
+*. rj\_b hi\_hg\ c ZWk`bW Ui\_k 2XpUW\[[U27 X skYgeb sd\ Uj\d] iUd_bhXWbZ].
++. u Uj\d] WvVWv skYgek. +0. u hZ[_\[XW Z\Z[_k qdZX. +1. r _XdhXj rXWWon\ sdUpU
^U_U`X^ _\Z[U_bdUh. +4. TU\o\s db ~_Uoh\aZeUs bh[UVkZ\. +5. u nok ~_Uoh\aZeXa
bh[UVkZ. +9. f\eZXeb VUpb[b d\l[]v. +;. Tb_Xn L Z[UWXxb _bdxXX. 0<. fXZZXZXiX L
Zbsbc VUW]`bc _\eb h w}. 01. TX[ UVgjdU ^UoX[ e YkVdUsk h_bjk _bY L h pUo. 0*. r
i_U`WU\ hUZe_\Z\d]\ sg iU`WX db eUdx\_[ onbYb. L rbs iUd_bhXWZc eUdx\_[. 0+. hbZ
\Z[] [\W\lUd. 00. |j\d] jbZ[U _bYob\[Zc [\W\lUddga YhUdUe. 01. fUc n\db k oUe[U_b.
04. j\dga VgW dbp_bno\d qUV\W\hZeUa i_\sX\a. 05. mn\e L ^U_U`Xa _bVU[dXe.
Adjectives and Adverbs
1. (ircle the correct for) in parentheses.
1. $ita plays the :iolin J'oodDwell". *. That is an JintenseDintensely" no:el. +. The sun is
shinin' Jbri'htDbri'htly". 0. The 'irls speak J6luentD6luently" -rench. 1. The boys speak Spanish
J6luentD6luently". 4. The table has a JsmoothDsmoothy" sur6ace. 5. 3e must 6i'ure our
income tax returns JaccurateDaccurately". 9. 3e don,t like to drink JbitterDbitterly" tea.
;. The plane will arri:e JsoonDsoonly". 1<. )e had an accident because he was dri:in' too
2. Open the brackets. *se ad+ecti%es or ad%erbs.
Aan did not want to de6end hersel6 Jpublic". She @ust walked away Jsad" a6ter the other students
had called her a 2'ook27 but when they could not see her7 she started to cry J?uiet". She had not
expected such a Jrude" word 6rom them. She had been Jnice" to them. She had not spoken
Jbad" o6 them or their country7 althou'h li6e here was :ery Jhard" 6or her 6amily. 3hy had they
attacked her. -or her it was Junima'inable" to be so Jhard" on somebody. She asked hersel67 2
3ill we e:er be able to li:e Jhappy" in their country.2
3. Put in the right for)s. ,lternati%es are possible.
T)E 8)A#P
The two men were sittin' at the bar. The one Jnear" ... to me was the Jbi'" ... and Jstron'" ...
man & ha:e e:er seen. The one J6ar" ... 6rom me was the JsmallDlittle" ... and Jweak" ... . They
were ha:in' the J:iolent" ... ar'ument & had e:er heard. Suddenly
the little man said7 2&t,s a case o6 the Jsmall" ... brain in the world 6itted into the Jbi'" ... headF2
They were his JlastDlatest" ... words. The little man didn,t know what hit him as he 6ell to the 6loor.
23hen Shortie wakes up7 tell him that was my JbetterDbest" ... Oarate chop72 the bi' man told the
barman as he le6t. The next e:enin'7 Oin' Oarate was at the bar as usual when Shortie crept
?uietly7 swun' his arm and the champ 6ell to the 6loor. 23hen Oarate wakes up72 Shortie said7
2tell him it was my JoldestDeldest" ... Aand $o:er startin' handle.2
4. Write the )issing words in the blanks. Se%eral answers )ay be correct.
). and 8. arri:e the home o6 E.,s 6amily.
#rs 8.: )ello7 8arlos and )iroshi. 8ome in................... take your @ackets.
).: /es......................This is a beauti6ul house.
8.: /es7 it,s ................. than our apartment. & really like it7 #rs 8.
#rs 8.: 3ell7 thank you. %ut ............... call me -rancine 3e,:e .................. 6ormal here ......in
some other 6amilies.
).: Ekay.............Ellen...............be here soon.
#rs 8.: /es7 ................... She .................. downstairs in a 6ew minutes. inner ...... be
ready................ soon ................ possible.
Ellen comes down and they all sit down to dinner.
#rs 8.: 8arlos7 ............ha:e some roast bee6.
#r 8.: And then ............... please pass it to me.
E7: 3hat ............... 'i:e you to drink L beer7 wine7 cola7 milk.
).: .................. cola7 please.
#r 8.: 3ell7 8arlos7 when...............'raduate.
8.: ................
#rs 8.: 3hat............do a6ter that.
8.: ................
).: #mmm ............................ this roast bee6 is terri6ic. &t,s
..............................than in my 6a:ourite restaurant.
#r 8.: #y wi6e cooks as .................. the 6amous che6s o6 EuropeF
#rs 8.: Thank you7 dear. & think we need ............ napkins. ................ 'et 6rom the kitchen.
#r 8line 'ets ............... napkins 6rom the kitchen and brin's them to the table.
#rs 8.P )iroshi7 your plate is almost empty.................... you more :e'etables.
)7P !o7 thank you. %ut ................... salad.#rs 8.: E6 course.
E.P 3e,re ........................... a 'reat dessert next. Sa:e room 6or itF
).: on,t worry. &..................two ser:in's o6 dessertF
#rs 8.: 3ell7 & can o66er you ............... carrot cake7 ............apple pie7 or.......... ice cream.
#r 8: & don,t want ............... cake or pie toni'ht7 dear. &,m ...............ice cream.
8.: & ............... ha:e ............... cake.
).: & want .................. cake7 ............ pie7 and ............... ice
#r 8.: Jwalkin' to the kitchen" )ow can he eat so ...............and stay so skinny.
5. -ill in the blank with the positi%e or co)parati%e for) of the word in parentheses. ,dd
necessary words.
1. &s these ............... Jcomparati:e: ad:ertisin'" in the USA.... in your country. &s it ...................
Jpositi:e: e66ecti:e".
*. Are billboards ............... Jpositi:e: common" in your country ......... in the USA. Are
they ........................ Jcomparati:e: attracti:e".
+. Are newspapers in your lan'ua'e .................. Jcomparati:e:
interestin'" .................. newspapers in En'lish. Are they..................... Jcomparati:e:
0. Are there .................. Jcomparati:e: 6ew ads" in newspapers in your country ...... in
the USA. Are they ..............Jcomparati:e: small or bi'".
1. Are records 6rom your country ............... Jpositi:e: 'ood" .................. records in the USA. o
teena'ers play them ............. Jpositi:e: loudly".
4. Are American TN commercials ............ Jcomparati:e: 'ood" .................. commercials
in your country. o they appear ... Jcomparati:e: 6re?uently".
5. &s the media ............... Jpositi:e: important" in your country ......... in the USA.
6. -ill in the blanks.
3)&8) APA$T#E!T &S %ETTE$
onald and =loria are lookin' 6or a place to li:e. Aast week they saw an apartment on =rant
Street that onald liked :ery much. This week they,re lookin' at an apartment on %ri'hton
%oule:ard that =loria likes better.
=loria: The li:in' room in the =rant Street apartment is so
small7 and this one is much Jlar'e" ................ Also7 the kitchen
in the =rant Street apartment is so dark7 and this one is much Jli'ht" ...................
onald: That,s true. %ut the =rant Street apartment is cheap7 and this one is much
Jexpensi:e" ...................
=loria: !o wonderF That,s because the =rant Street apartment is old and u'ly7 and this one is
much Jnew" ............... and
Jpretty" ................ The =rant Street yard is so little7 and this
yard is much Jbi'" ......................
onald: %ut don,t you think the superintendent at the %ri'hton %oule:ard apartment is a little
laKy. &,m sure the =rant
Street superintendent is much Jener'etic" ............. And & think
the %ri'hton %oule:ard landlord is stin'y. The one on =rant Street is much
J'enerous" ................
=loria: /ou mi'ht be ri'ht. %ut =rant Street is so narrow
and dirty7 and %ri'hton %oule:ard is much Jwide" ............... and
Jclean" ...................
onald: & a'ree. %ut the %ri'hton %oule:ard nei'hbours are so un6riendly7 and the =rant Street
nei'hbours are much
Jhospitable" ................ on,t you think that li:in' on %ri'hton
%oule:ard is 'oin' to be borin'. &,m sure that li:in' on =rant Street will be much
Jinterestin'" ................
=loria: )mm. 3hat do you think we should do.
onald: & don,t know. & 'uess we should look at the apartment on School Street be6ore we
7. Select the correct for) in parentheses in the following sentences.
1. E6 the 6our dresses7 & like the red one JbetterDbest". *. Phil is the JhappierDhappiest" person
that we know. +. Pat,s car is J6asterD6astest" than an,s. 0. This the JcreamierDcreamiest" ice
cream & ha:e had in a lon' time. 1. This poster is Jcolour6ulerDmore colour6ul" than the one in
the hall. 4. oes -red 6eel JwellerDbetter" today than he did yesterday. 5. This :e'etable soup
tastes :ery J'oodDwell". 9. 3hile tryin' to balance the baskets on her head7 the woman
walked JawkwarderDmore awkwardly" than her dau'hter. ;. (ane is the JlessDleast" athletic o6 all
the women. 1<. #y cat is the JprettierDprettiest" o6 the two. 11. This summary is Jthe betterDthe
best" o6 the pair. 1*. /our herita'e is di66erent J6romDthan" mine. 1+. This paintin' is Jless
impressi:eDleast impressi:e" than the one in the other 'allery. 10. The colder the weather 'ets
JsickerDthe sicker" & 6eel. 11. !o sooner had he recei:ed the letter JwhenDthan" he called #aria.
14. A mink coat costs Jtwice more thanDtwice as much as" a sable coat. 15. (im has as
JlittleD6ew" opportunities to play tennis as &. 19. That recipe calls 6or JmanyDmuch" more su'ar
than mine does. 1;. The museum is the J6artherD6arthest" away o6 the three buildin's.
*<. =eor'e 3ashin'ton is J6amouserDmore 6amous" than (ohn (ay.
. Supply the correct for) of the ad+ecti%es and ad%erbs in parentheses. .et as and than be
your clues. ,dd any other words that )ay be necessary.
1. (ohn and his 6riends le6t ............ Jsoon" as the pro6essor had 6inished his lecture.
*. )is @ob is ............... Jimportant" than his 6riend,s. +. )e plays the 'uitar.......... Jwell" as
Andres Se'oria. 0. A new house is much ................ Jexpensi:e" than the older one.
1. Aast week was ......... Jhot" as this week. 4. #artha is............. Jtalented" than her cousin.
5. %ill,s descriptions are .........Jcolour6ul" than his wi6e,s. 9. !obody is............Jhappy" than
#aria Elena. ;. The boys 6elt ......... Jbad" than the 'irls about losin' the 'ame. 1<. A 'rey
hound runs .... J6ast" than a chihuahua.
!. Supply than, as or fro) in each of the following sentences.
1. The Empire State %uildin' is taller ............ the Statue o6 Aiberty. *. 8ali6ornia is 6arther 6rom
!ew /ork............ Pennsyl:ania. +. )is assi'nment is di66erent.........mine. 0. Aouie reads more
?uickly............ her sister. 1. !o animal is so bi'............Oin' Oon'. 4. That report is less
impressi:e ......... the 'o:ernment,s. 5. Saw wears the same shirt ...... his teammates.
9. a:e paints much more realistically.........his pro6essor. ;. The twins ha:e less money at the
end o6 the month ......... they had at the be'innin'. 1<. )er sports car is di66erent
1". Put in so )uch, so )any, so few or so little.
3hen & a'reed to ser:e on the committee7 & didn,t realiKe there would be ............ meetin's.
They take up ......... o6 my time that & think &,m 'oin' to ha:e to resi'n. The meetin's are comH
pletely useless7 anyway ... people put ............ ener'y into ar'uin' 6or hours about thin's. They
ha:e ...... importance that they weren,t worth discussin' in the 6irst place. And ...... o6 the
committee members are actually the kind o6 people & really want to 'et to know. &,m sure &,ll
be ......... happier i6 & 'i:e it up.
11. -ill in blanks with other.
1. & 'ot three letters. Ene was 6rom my 6ather. Another one was 6rom my sister.......... letter was
6rom my 'irl6riend. *. Aook at your hand. There is a total o6 6i:e 6in'ers. Ene is your thumb.......
is your index 6in'er....... one is your middle 6in'er........ 6in'er is your rin' 6in'er. And ......... 6in'er
Jthe last o6 the 6i:e" is your little 6in'er. +. Aook at your hands. Ene is your ri'ht
hand...................is your le6t. 0. & in:ited 6i:e people to my party. Eut o6 those 6i:e people7 only
(ohn and #ary can come.......... can,t come. 1. & in:ited 6i:e people to my party. Eut o6 those
6i:e people7 only (ohn and #ary can come..........people can,t come. 4. & would like some more
books on this sub@ect. o you ha:e any.........that you could lend me. 5. & would like to read
more about this sub@ect. o you ha:e any ......... books that you could lend me. 9. There are
many means o6 transportation. The aeroplane is one means o6 transportation. The train is ..........
;. There are many means o6 transportation. The aeroplane is one.......... are the train7 the
automobile7 and the horse. 1<. There are two women standin' on the corner. Ene is )elen
(ansen and ............ is Pat )endricks. 11. Alice reads T)E !E3 /E$O T&#ES e:ery day.
She doesn,t read any.........newspapers. 1*. Some people pre6er classical music7 but ............
pre6er rock music. 1+. #r. and #rs. (ay are a happily couple. The lo:e .......... They
support..........They like .......... 10. )e will 'raduate in .........two years. 11. &,m almost 6inished. &
@ust need ......... 6i:e minutes.
12. -ill in the blanks with other.
1. Ene common preposition is 6rom....... common one is in. ...... are by7 6or7 and o6. The most
6re?uently used prepositions in En'lish are at7 by7 6or7 6rom7 in7 o67 to7 and with. 3hat are
some ...... prepositions. *. Two countries border on the United States. Ene is 8anada....... is
+. Ene o6 the countries & would like to :isit is Sweden.......... is #exico. E6 course7 besides these
two countries7 there are many ...... places & would like to see. 0. They ha:e three children. Ene
has 'raduated 6rom colle'e and has a @ob....... is in school at the Uni:ersity o6 Arkansas.......
is still li:in' at home. 1. Thank you 6or in:itin' me to 'o on the picnic. &,d like to 'o with you7 but
&,:e already made ...... plans. 4. #ost o6 the 'uests ha:e already arri:ed7 and &,m sure that all
o6......will be here soon. 5. Some people are tallG ...... are short. Some people are 6atG ...... are
thin. Some people are nearsi'htedG ......... people are 6arHsi'hted. 9. That country has two basic
problems. Ene is in6lation7 and ..... is the instability o6 their 'o:ernment. ;. & ha:e been in only
three cities since & came to the United States. Ene is !ew /ork7 and ......... are 3ashin'ton7
.8.7 and 8hica'o. 1<. 3hen his alarm went o66 this mornin'7 he shut it o667 rolled o:er7 and
slept 6or.........twenty minutes. 11. Aouis and & ha:e been 6riends 6or a lon' time. 3e,:e
known ......since we were children. 1*. &t,s a lon' trip. &,m 'ettin' tired o6 ridin' in the car7 but we
still ha:e ...... two hundred miles to 'o. 1+. &n @ust......three weeks7 he will be a married man.
10. Prices continually rise. !ext year a new car will cost ...... three or 6our hundred dollars.
13. Put in the )issing ad+ecti%es and ad%erbs. *se the following words/ beautiful, best #twice$,
careful, cheap, early, far, fast, full, hurried, i)portant, last, new, past, 0uick, rapid, silly.
...... Thursday & had an ...... inter:iew 6or a @ob. & 'ot up ...
and dressed ... & put on my ... @acket and trousers7 to look my ... & had to tra:el by train so &
walked to the station which isn,t ... 6rom my house. & was walkin' ?uite ... when & saw a man @ust
ahead paintin' his 6ence with red paint. )e didn,t notice me as & walked ... . Then he turned
suddenly and splashed my ... trousersF )e had acted ... and he apolo'iKed7 but the dama'e was
done. There was a bi' store on the corner7 so & decided to buy a new pair ... . & could chan'e on
the train. & ... 6ound a nice pair7 which & bou'ht ?uite ... . The shop was ... 7 so & paid ...7 'rabbed
my shoppin'Hba' and le6t. &n the train7 & went to the toilet to chan'e. & took o66 my stained
trousers and threw them out o6 the window. Then & opened the ba' to 'et my ... ones7 but all &
6ound was a pink woollen sweaterF
1. (hoose the appropriate pronoun.
1. She wants to buy ... new cups. *. The man wanted to 'et ... 6or his children as a year
present. +. 3ill .. help me to li6t the box7 please. 0. &6 you e:er meet ... o6 them7 'i:e them my
best re'ards. 1. &6 ... o6 these roses does not 'row7 we shall plant new ones. 4. #artin doesn,t
do ... wron'. 5. /ou must drink ... warm 6or break6ast. 9. ... o6 the 'uests asked us ... ?uestions.
7 ;. ... o6 my 6riends are ready to help me. 1<. 8an you draw ... interestin'. 11. She said it
wasn,t ... business but hers. 1*. $ita likes ... music except @aKK. 1+ 3e must send ... 6or the
2. (hoose the appropriate pronoun #so)ething1 so)eone, so)ebody, anything1 anyone,
1. There is ... :ery pleasant in her :oice. *. oes ... o6 you want to speak on this topic.
+. 3e must ask ... to show us the way to the postHo66ice. 0. 3e didn,t meet ... near the ri:er.
1. The tourists spoke simple En'lish and ... o6 us could understand what they said 4. &6 you
need ...7 ask me7 please. 5. )e was ne:er an'ry with ... 9. .. 'ot up and said ... but he spoke
so silently that we could hardly hear ... ;. ... writes it :ery witty. 1<. 3ill ... help me.
11. 3ouldn,t you tell ... about your 6uture plans. 1*. She doesn,t know ... o6 them. 1+. The
children can do . . use6ul in the 'arden.
3. Insert any, anybody, anything1 e%ery, e%erybody or e%erything/
&. )e came here ... day. /ou can meet him here ... time between 4 and ;. *. & told you ... & had to
tell and there isn,t ... else to say. +. & shall do ... to help them. 0. )is mother wanted to 'i:e ...
she had 6or ... that mi'ht sa:e his li6e. 1. This was a small town7 where ... could tell you ...
about ... . 4. There are lots o6 6lowers in the market and you can choose ... colour you like. 5.
The 'ardener seemed to know ... about ... o6 his 6lowers and he answered ... ?uestion.
4. Insert e%ery, e%erybody, e%erything, each or either.
1. The 'uests shook hands and had a talk with ... o6 us. *. The students were comin' 6rom the
orchard7 ... two o6 them carryin' a basket o6 apples. +. ... day he comes here and ... o6 us knows
... about him. 0. 23hich o6 the two dictionaries would you pre6er.2 2... will do. Thank you.2 1.
There were nineHstoried buildin's on ... side o6 the s?uare. 4. 3e shall 'et books 6or ... and 'i:e
a copy to ... . 5. & can remember ... he told us about the war. 9. There are nice sunny rooms in
the sanatorium and + or 0 people li:e in ... o6 them. ;. ... in our country has the ri'ht to work and
5. Insert all, both or se%eral.
1. 3e showed them ... pictures o6 our beauti6ul country. *. There is a 6orest o6 6ine birchH
trees on ... banks o6 the ri:er. +. !ot ... o6 them know our country. 0. ... wanted to see Si'ulda.
1. ...7 (ack and Tom were in $ussia 6or the 6irst time. 4. 3e had to repeat some son's ... times.
5. ... the 'uests were 'lad o6 what they had seen. 9. ... o6 them could sin'. ;. ... boys had
cameras with them and they took photo'raphs.
6. Insert none, nobody, nothing or neither.
1. ... has happened. *. (ohn had read ... o6 the two no:els & brou'ht him. +. &t was dark and we
could see ... . 0. She was lookin' 6or a map but there was ... in the book case. 1. ... was wron'.
4 Paul wrote two examples but . . was correct. 5. There was ... at the door when we entered.
9. She asked me 6or a photo but & had ... ;. There was ... at the bookin'Ho66ice. 1<. ... o6 the
two 'irls was 'ood at swimmin'. 11. &s there a lake near their house. !o7 there is ... . 1*. $uth
has seen ... o6 her two 6riends since last Tuesday. 1+. There is ... at the window.10. )e will
buy ... today as the shops are already closed.
7. Supply anybody/anyone, nothing, nobody/no one, so)ebody/so)eone or so)ething
in these sentences.
1. There,s ... in the clothes basket. &t,s empty. *. &s there ... in the clothes basket. !o7 it,s
empty. +. &,:e tried phonin'7 but e:ery time & phone there,s ... in. 0. &,:e prepared ... 6or dinner
which you,ll like :ery much. 1. &,:e ne:er met ... who is as obstinate as you are. 4. 3ould you
like ... to start with be6ore you order the main course. 5. & know ... who can help you. 9. )e sat
at the table7 but he didn,t had ... to eat. ;. &s there ... here who can speak (apaneseF 1<.
oes ... want a second helpin'.
. Insert so)e or any, )aking the appropriate co)pounds if necessary.
1. There,s ... milk in that @u'. *. She wanted ... stamps but there weren,t ... in the machine.
+. &,m a6raid there isn,t ... co66ee le6tG will you 'rind ... . 0. &s there ... one here who speaks
&talian. 1. &,d like to buy ... new clothes but & ha:en,t ... money. 4. There,s ... 'in in the cupboard
but there aren,t ... 'lasses. 5. They can,t ha:e ... more strawberriesG & want ... to make @am.
9. ... one & know told me ... o6 the details. ;. )a:e you ... idea who could ha:e borrowed your
bicycle. 1<. & saw hardly ... one & knew at the party7 and & didn,t 'et ... thin' to drink.
11. 3hen would you like to come. L ... day would suit me. 1*. Are there ... letters 6or me.
1+. on,t let ... one in. &,m too busy to see ... body. 10. ... thin' tells me you,:e 'ot ... bad news
6or me.11. & can,t see my 'lasses ... where 14. 3e didn,t think he,d succeed but he mana'ed ...
how. 15. /ou,re lookin' :ery miserableG has ... thin' upset you. 19. &6 you had ... sense you
wouldn,t lea:e your car unlocked. 1;. Scarcely ... one was wearin' a dinner @acket. *<. ... one
who belie:es what (ack says is a 6ool. *1. She put her handba' down ... where and now she
can,t 6ind it. **. 3ill you ha:e ... puddin' or ... 6ruit. *+. )a:en,t you 'ot ... 6riends in $ome. &
6eel sure you mentioned them once. *0. )a:en,t you 'ot ... 6riends here. /ou should @oin a club
and 'et to know people. *1. & see you ha:en,t ... maps. 3ould you like to borrow ... o6 mine.
*4. ... one can tell you how to 'et there. JE:eryone knows the way." *5. 8ome and ha:e
supper with us i6 you aren,t doin' ... thin' toni'ht. *9. & ... how ima'ined the house would be
much lar'er. *;. All the salaries are bein' paid much later nowG it,s ... thin' to do with the
computer. +<. )e li:es ... where in Paris now. +1. /ou can,t expect @ust ... student to sol:e the
problem. &t re?uires a mathematician. +*. )e,s not :ery well known here but he,s ... one Jan &mH
portant person" in his own country. ++. 3here shall we sit. Eh7 ... where will do. +0. &s there ...
one mo:in' about downstairs. & heard ... thin' 6allin'. +1. &s there ... one li:in' in that house. &t
looks deserted. +4. 3ould you like ... thin' to drink. There,s ... :ery 'ood beer in the 6rid'e.
!. Supply so)e or any.
1. Are there ... more potatoes. /es7 there are ... potatoes in the dish. *. )a:e we 'ot ... su'ar.
& expect we ha:e. /es7 there,s . su'ar in this bowl. +. #ay & ha:e ... more tea. /es7 o6 course.
0. ... people @ust don,t know how to mind their own business. 1. & didn,t 'et ... shoes at the
sales. They were too expensi:e. 4. & think we,:e run out o6 su'ar. &s there ... su'ar in that bowl.
!o7 three isn,t. 5. There are ne:er ... taxis when you want one. 9. There isn,t ... point at all in
'ettin' upset about it.
1". Put in so)e, any or !.
2 ... children and ... 'rownHups must do their best to keep the world clean72 #r -ox said to his
class. 2Sometimes we see .. rubbish in the streets and we must put the wrappin's in the bin 3e
must all work to'ether so there,s ... rubbish in the world. !e:er throw .... plastic into the seaF
There,s ... tar on the beaches. There,s ... oil in the sea. &6 we pour ... poison into our ri:ers 6ish
die. This is called ... pollution. This weekend7 see i6 you can 6ind ... examples o6 pollution and
write ... sentences about it.2 (immy looked :ery worried when he went home. En #onday7 he
handed in his composition. 2/esterday we had ... sardines 6or lunch. #ummy opened the tin7 but
all 6ish were dead and the tin was 6ull o6 oilF2
11. Supply both or all. &here is often )ore than one possibility.
1. ... tyres on my bicycle are 6lat. *. ... people are mortal. +. ... salt in this ba' is damp. 0. ...
drinkin' water must be pure. 1. ... windows in the house are open. 4. ... addresses in this list are
out o6 date. 5. ... twins want to 'o to the party. 9. ... cars need re'ular ser:icin'. ;. ... 6ront le's
o6 the chair are shaky. 1<. ... earth and moon 'o round the sun.
12. *se all, e%eryone or e%erything in these sentences.
1. 3hen the 6amous actress appeared7 ... wanted to speak to her. *. ... & in:ited came to my
party. +. &,m not buyin' anythin'7 . . is too expensi:e. 0. ... those who know me can be sure &,m
tellin' the truth. 1. ... o6 us 6elt that it had been a wonder6ul experience7 ' stood up when the
President came into the room. 5 talked about the elections7 but &,m not sure they ... :oted7 ' BB.
in the buildin' was destroyed in the 6ire. Some o6 the ob@ects were priceless. ;. & wouldn,t help
you 6or ... the tea in 8hinaF 1<. )ow much do you want 6or ... in the shop.
13. Supply each or e%ery in the following sentences. So)eti)es both are possible.
1. !early ... home in the country has tele:ision. *. )ere is somethin' 6or ... o6 you. +. !ot ...
student is capable o6 learnin' En'lish. 0. Eur motorin' or'aniKation will 'i:e you ... assistance
i6 you break down. 1. The admission ticket cost us I1.....4. They seem to be repairin' ...
road in the country. 5. ... road is clearly si'nposted. 9. There,s a 6ire extin'uisher on ... 6loor in
the buildin'. ;. ... 6loor in the buildin' has its own 6ire extin'uisher. 1<. They are ... 6ortunate
to ha:e such a 'ood start in li6e. 11. They both did well ... recei:e priKes. 1*. /ou,:e been
'i:en ... opportunity to do well in this company. 1+. &,:e phoned him twice7 but he,s been out
on ... occasion. 10. &,:e been phonin' him all week7 but he,s been out on ... occasion.
14. Supply either or neither.
1. 3hen shall we meet: at 5 or at 5.+<. & don,t mind. ... time is con:enient 6or me. *. /ou can,t
use those screwdri:ers. ... o6 them is suitable 6or the @ob. +. & don,t know who,s on the phone. &t,s
... your mother or your aunt. 0. & met (ohn a year a'o7 but &,:e ... seen him nor heard 6rom him
since. 1. Say what you like about those two applicants. & didn,t like ... o6 them. 4. & know you sent
us two letters7 but we ha:e recei:ed ... o6 them.
15. Put in one, either, others, other, the other or so)e.
The ... day the Prime #inister appointed a new #inister o6 Transport. ... ministers like to tra:el
e:erywhere by carG ... pre6er to use public transport. ... o6 these means o6 transport is 6ine7 but
the new minister is ... o6 those who 'oes e:erywhere by bicycle. 3hen he arri:ed at the )ouse
o6 8ommons yesterday7 he was stopped by two security 'uards. ... o6 them was sure he had
seen him be6ore. 2& know you7 don,t &.2 asked one o6 the 'uards.
2/ou,re ... o6 these messen'ers7 aren,t you.2 23ell7 no7 actually72 the minister replied. 2&,m ... o6
the ministers.2 2& knew you were ... or ... F2 the 'uard replied.
16. &nsert other, the other, others, the others, another.
1. & see only three ma'aKines here. 3here are ... ones. *. Tom has lost his 6ountain pen. )e
must buy ... . +. & can 'i:e you only this dictionary7 & ha:e 'ot no ... . 0. 3ill you kindly 'i:e
me ... copy o6 the ma'aKines. 1. (ack is 6ar better than any ... member o6 the team. 4. 3e
were two 'roups. Ene 'roup started work at 9 and ... 'roup came at 1<. 5. Six o6 them are
mineG ... are (ohn,s. 9. She didn,t listen to what ... said. ;. 3e shall speak about it some ...
1<. /ou must do it ... way round. 11. Three o6 them will come tomorrow7 ... ha:e already 6inH
ished their work.
17. -ill the blanks with the appropriate for) of other.
1. This pen isn,t workin'. Please 'i:e me ... . Jsin'ular" *. &6 you,re still thirsty7 &,ll make ... pot o6
co66ee. +. This dictionary has a pa'e missin'. Please 'i:e me ... . Jthe last one" 0. )e does not
need those books. )e needs ... . Jall the remainin'" 1 There are thirty people in the room.
Twenty are 6rom Aatin America and ... are 6rom ... countries. 4. Six people were in the store.
Two were buyin' meatG . was lookin' at ma'aKinesG ... was eatin' a candy bar. ... were
walkin' around lookin' 6or more 6ood Jnotice the :erbs". 5. This 'lass o6 milk is sour. ... 'lass o6
milk is sour7 too. 9. The army was practisin' its drills. Ene 'roup was doin' artillery practice. ...
was marchin'G ... was at attentionG and was practisin' combat tactics. ;. These are se:en
students 6rom (apan. ... are 6rom &ran7 and ... are 6rom ... places. 1<. 3e looked at 6our cars
today. The 6irst two were 6ar too expensi:e7 but ... ones were reasonably priced.
1. Write the gi%en sentences in the negati%e.
1. %oth answers were correct. *. There was somebody at the piano. + There is somethin'
unpleasant in his :oice. 0. & want to speak to someone o6 them. 1. 3e heard somethin'
interestin' there. 4. 3e saw somebody workin' on the road. 5. Somethin' is be done 6or her.
1!. Insert the appropriate relati%e pronoun if necessary.
1. The scientists ... came to $i'a last summer :isited the beautyHspot o6 Aat:ia. *. )e spoke
o6 a man ... name was unknown to us. +. They reached the main road ... leads to the station.
0. The 'irl ... mother is a pianist can sin' :ery nicely. 1. The boy ... we were waitin' 6or has
come. 4. & know a man ... hobby is 'ardenin'. 5. The pupil ... was praised 6or his drawin' is
:ery talented. 9. The 6ilm ... they wanted to see was $ussian made. ;. )e is a man ... you can
rely on.
2". Write the gi%en attributi%e clauses in two possible ways.
1. This is the no:el o6 which we were speakin'. *. These are men in whom you can trust.
+. These are the pencils 6or which he was lookin'. 0. The 6ilm o6 which they spoke was
interestin'. 1. The workers o6 who we are proud are 6rom this 6actory. 4. Those were the
inno:ators about whom we head. 5. The man to whom you wanted to talk is not present today.
21. 2ead the following passage and then do the e"ercises on it. In answers to 0uestions, use a
relati%e clause.
Example: Aucy was shakin' the mat out the window o6 the 6lat. Tom happened to be passin'
underneath. Suddenly Aucy,s baby 'a:e a cry and she dropped the mat. &t 6ell on Tom and
knocked his hat o66.
Ja" 3hat mat are we talkin' about.
The mat thatDwhich Aucy dropped or
The mat that Aucy dropped or
The mat that 6ell on Tom,s head.
Jb" 3ho was Tom.
The man who was passin' underneath or
The man JthatD whom "the mat 6ell on or
The man whose hat was knocked o66.
&.#r %lack usually catches the 9.1< train. This is a 6ast train. Today he missed it. This annoyed
him :ery much. )e cau'ht the 9.0<. This is a slow train and doesn,t reach Aondon till ;.0<. #r
3hite usually tra:els up with #r %lack. Today he cau'ht the 9.1<. as usual. #r 3hite normally
borrows #r %lack,s paper to read on the train. As #r %lack was not there today he borrowed a
paper 6rom another passen'er7 #r %rown.
Ja" 3hat is the 9.1<.
Jb" 3hat is the 9.0<.
Jc" 3ho is #r 3hite.
Jd" 3ho is #r %rown. J8onnect him with #r 3hite. 8ombine the 6ollowin' pairs o6 sentences
into one sentence
Jone 6or each pair" usin' relati:e pronouns:
Je" #r %lack usually catches the 9.1<. This is a 6ast train.
J6" Today he missed the 9.1<. This annoyed him :ery much.
J'" )e cau'ht the 9.0<. This doesn,t 'et in till ;.0<.
*. #r Penn has two umbrellas7 a brown one and a black one. Today he took the black one but
le6t it in the bus on his way to work. 3hen he was puttin' on his coat a6ter his day,s work7 he
saw a dark blue umbrella han'in' on the next hook and took it7 thinkin' it was his. Actually it
belon'ed to #r 8ount.
Ja" 3hat was the brown umbrella.
Jb" 3hat was the black umbrella.
Jc" 3hat was the blue umbrella.
Jd" 3ho was #r 8ount. J$elate all your answers to #r Penn."
+. (ack and Tom both wanted to 'o to #alta 6or their holidays. Tom liked 6lyin' so he went to the
%lue Skies A'ency. They booked him a seat on a tourist 6li'ht. (ack hated 6lyin'. )e went to the
%lue Seas A'ency. They booked him a berth on the #S %anana. (ack en@oyed his :oya'e on
the #S %anana7 especially as he met a :ery pretty 'irl on board. She was called (ulia.
Ja" 3hat is #alta. J6rom the point o6 :iew o6 (ack and Tom"
Jb" 3hat is the %lue Skies A'ency.
Jc" 3hat is the %lue Seas A'ency.
Jd" 3hat is the #S %anana.
HJe" 3ho is (ulia. J$elate all your answers to (ack or Tom or both."
J6" 8ombine the second and third sentences in the passa'e into one sentence JTom ... 6li'ht".
J'" 8ombine the next three sentences into one sentence.
0. =eor'e and Paul were workin' on #r (ones,s roo6. 3hen they stopped work at 4.<< they le6t
their ladder leanin' a'ainst the house. At 5.<< %ill7 a bur'lar7 passed and saw the ladder. The
house was now empty as #r and #rs (ones were out playin' cards with #r and #rs Smith. %ill
climbed up the ladder7 'ot in throu'h a 6irstH6loor window and went strai'ht to the main bedroom7
where he opened a locked drawer with the help o6 a screwdri:er and pocketed #rs (ones,s
(ust then Tom returned. Tom was a student. )e lod'ed with #r and #rs (ones. %ill heard him
comin'. )e climbed ?uickly out o6 the window7 lea:in' his screwdri:er on the 6loor.
Ja" 3ho were =eor'e and Paul.
Jb" 3ho was %ill.
Jc" 3ho was Tom.
Jd" 3ho was #rs (ones. J#ention @ewellery."
Je" 3ho were #r and #rs Smith.
J6" 3hat ladder are we talkin' about.
J'" 3hat window are we talkin' about.
Jh" 3hat was the screwdri:er 6ound on the 6loor. J8onnect it with %ill."
Ji" 8ombine into one sentence:
=eor'e and Paul were workin' on the roo6. They le6t the ladder leanin' a'ainst the house.
J@" 8ombine: #r and #rs (ones were out playin' cards. They knew nothin' o6 the bur'lary till
they arri:ed home at 11.+<.
Jk" 8ombine: %ill,s 6in'erprints were on the screwdri:er. )e was later cau'ht by the police.
1. Ann is an au pair 'irl. She works 6or #r and #rs =reen7 in Tunbrid'e 3ells. Ene day #rs
=reen unexpectedly 'a:e Ann
au pair Jl_" L _bVU[b[] h Z\s]\ Z o\[]sX Yb iX[bdX\ X nXW]\. |VgjdU _bVU[bv[
Z[ko\d[g7 d\ iUWkjbc o\d\p.
the day o66. JShe thou'ht that Ann was lookin' rather tired." So Ann ran' up her boy6riend7 Tom7
and said 2&,m comin' up to Aondon by the 1*.1< 6rom Tunbrid'e 3ells. &t 'ets into 8harin'
8ross at 1+.1<. 8ould you meet me 6or lunch.2
2/es7 o6 course72 said Tom7 2&,ll meet you at the station under the clock. 3e,ll ha:e lunch at the
&ntrepid -ox.2 Tom usually 'oes to the &ntrepid -ox 6or lunch.
En the 1*.1< Ann met a boy called Peter. Peter was attracted by Ann and asked her to ha:e
lunch with him. Ann explained that she was ha:in' lunch with Tom. 23ell7 &,ll wait till he turns
up72 said Peter. So Peter and Ann waited under a clock7 with another passen'er7 #ary7 who had
come up to meet a boy called Paul.
#eanwhile Tom was waitin' under another clock. 3hen Ann didn,t turn up he thou'ht she,d
missed the train7 and asked a porter about the next train 6rom Tunbrid'e 3ells. 2The next train
lea:es Tunbrid'e 3ells at 1*.+<72 he said7 2and 'ets in at 1+.0<. The next one 'ets in at 10.+<.2
Tom met the 1*.+<. but Ann wasn,t on it. )e couldn,t meet the next train because he had to be
back at work by 10.<<. So he walked slowly towards the exit7 wonderin' what had happened.
Auckily the exit was almost directly under the other clock so he met Ann a6ter all.
Ja" 3ho are the =reens.
Jb" 3hat was the 1*.1< 6rom Tunbrid'e 3ells.
Jc" 3hat was the 1*.+<. J8onnect it with Tom."
Jd" 3ho was Peter. J8onnect him with Ann."
Je" 3ho was Paul.
J6" 3hat is the &ntrepid -ox. J8onnect it with Tom."
J'" 8ombine: #rs =reen thou'ht Ann looked tired. She 'a:e her the day o66.
Jh" 8ombine: Peter hated eatin' by himsel6. )e hoped to ha:e lunch with Ann.
Ji" 8ombine: Tom had only an hour 6or lunch. )e couldn,t wait any lon'er.
J@" 8ombine: #ary,s boy6riend didn,t turn up. She ended by ha:in' lunch with Peter.
Jk" 8ombine: Tom and Ann wasted hal6 an hour at the station. This meant that they hadn,t time
6or a proper lunch.
J1" 8ombine: Tom and Ann :ery nearly missed one another. This shows that you should ne:er
arran'e to meet under a clock.
22. (o)bine the following pairs or groups of sentences by )eans of relati%e pronouns, )aking
any changes necessary.
1. /ou sent me a present. Thank you :ery much 6or it JThank you :ery much 6or ..." *. She
was dancin' with a student. )e had a sli'ht limp. Jtwo ways" +. & am lookin' a6ter some
children. They are terribly spoilt. Jtwo ways" 0. The bed has no mattress. & sleep on this bed
JThe bed &..." 1. $omeo and (uliet were lo:ers. Their parents hated each other. 4. There wasn,t
any directory in the telephone box. & was phonin' 6rom this box. 5. This is #rs (ones. )er son
won the championship last year. 9. & was sittin' in a chair. &t suddenly collapsed. JThe
chair ..." ;. #r Smith said he was too busy to speak to me. & had come specially to see him. 1<.
The man was sittin' at the desk. & had come to see this man. 11. & missed the train. & usually
catch this train. And & had to tra:el on the next. This was a slow train. J#ake into one sentence."
1*. )is 'irl6riend turned out to be an enemy spy. )e trusted her absolutely. 1+. The car had
bad brakes. 3e were in this car. And the man didn,t know the way. This man was dri:in'. J#ake
into one sentence." 10. This is the story o6 a man. )is wi6e suddenly loses her memory. 11.
3e,ll ha:e to 'et across the 6rontier. This will be di66icult. 14. A man brou'ht in a small 'irl. )er
hand had been cut by 6lyin' 'lass. 15. The car crashed into a ?ueue o6 people. -our o6 them
were killed. 19. The roads were crowded with re6u'ees. #any o6 them were wounded. 1;. &
was waitin' 6or a man. )e didn,t turn up. #&he )an ..." *<. Tom came to the party in patched
@eans. This surprised the other 'uests. #ost o6 the other 'uests were wearin' e:enin' dress.
*1. The 6irm is sendin' me to /ork. & work 6or this 6irm. #&he fir) ...$ **. The Smiths were 'i:en
rooms in the hotel. Their house had been destroyed in the explosion. *+. & saw se:eral houses.
#ost o6 them were ?uite unsuitable. *0. )e wanted to came at * a.m. This didn,t suit me at all.
*1. This is a story o6 a 'roup o6 boys. Their plane crashed on an uninhabited island. *4. They
tie up parcels with strin'. This is so weak that the parcel usually comes to pieces be6ore you
'et it home. #&he string ..." *5. )e introduced me to his students. #ost o6 them were 6rom
abroad. *9. )e expected me to pay I* 6or 1* e''s. -our o6 the e''s were broken. *;. )e
spoke in -rench. %ut the people didn,t know -rench. )e was speakin' to these people.
#(o)bine these last two sentences only.$ +<. The boy was a philosophy student and wanted to
sit up hal6 the ni'ht discussin' philosophy. Peter shared a 6lat with this boy. #two ways$ +1.
They 'a:e me 6our :ery bad tyres. Ene o6 them burst be6ore & had dri:en 6our miles.
+*. She climbed to the top o6 the #onument to see the wonder6ul :iew. She had been told
about this :iew. ++. & was 'i:en this address by a man. & met this man on a train. +0. The bar
was so noisy that & couldn,t hear the person at the other end o6 the line. & was telephonin' 6rom
this bar. +1. A man answered the phone. )e said Tom was out. +4. The horse kept stoppin' to
eat 'rass. & was on the horse. This #his continual stopping$ annoyed the ridin' instructor.
23. (o)bine the following pairs or groups of sentences, using relati%e pronouns.
1. Tom had been dri:in' all day. )e was tired and wanted to stop *. Ann had been sleepin' in
the back o6 the car. She 6elt ?uite 6resh and wanted to 'o on. +. Paul wanted to take the
mountain road. )is tyres were nearly new. 0. (ack,s tyres were :ery old. )e wanted to stick to
the tarred road. 1. #ary didn,t know anythin' about mountains. She thou'ht it would be ?uite
sa6e to climb alone. 4. )e 'a:e orders to the mana'er. The mana'er passed them on to the
6oreman. 5. She said that the men were thie:es. This turned out to be true. 9. The matter was
reported to the 8hie6 o6 Police. )e ordered us all to be arrested. ;. &n prison they 6ed us on dry
bread. #ost o6 it was mouldy. 1<. 3e slept in the same room as a handcu66ed prisoner. )is
handcu66s rattled e:ery time he mo:ed. 11. 3e lit a 6ire. &t soon dried out our clothes. 1*. They
rowed across the Atlantic. This had ne:er been done be6ore. 1+. The lorry crashed into a busH
load o6 schoolchildren. Six o6 them were sli'htly in@ured. 10. She re6uses to use machines. This
makes her work more arduous. 11. & met #ary. She asked me to 'i:e you this. 14. The women
prayed aloud all ni'ht. This kept us awake. 15. The ri:er bed is une:en and you may be in
shallow water one moment and in deep water the next. This makes it unsa6e 6or , nonH
swimmers. 19. #ary said that there should be a notice up warnin' people. #ary,s children
couldn,t swim. 1;. Ann said that there were 6ar too many notices. Ann,s children could swim
:ery well. *<. )e paid me I1 6or cleanin' ten windows. #ost o6 them hadn,t been cleaned 6or at
least a year. *1. (ack7 the 'oalkeeper7 and Tom7 one o6 the backs7 were in@ured in last
Saturday,s match. (ack,s in@uries were :ery sli'ht. )e is bein' allowed to play in today,s match.
This is a 'ood thin' because the team **. %ut Tom,s le' is still in banda'es. )e will ha:e to
watch the match 6rom the stand. *+. #r 3hite didn,t 'et a seat on his train this mornin'. This
put him in a bad temper7 and caused him to be :ery rude to his @unior partner. The @unior partner
in turn was rude to the chie6 clerkG and so on all the way down to the o66ice boy.
*0. En #onday Tom,s boss suddenly asked 6or a report on the pre:ious week,s 6i'ures. Tom
had a han'o:er. )e 6elt too sick to work 6ast. J8ombine the last two sentences only.
*1. )is boss didn,t drink. )e saw what was the matter and wasn,t sympathetic.
*4. &n the a6ternoon he ran' Tom and asked why the report still hadn,t arri:ed. The report
should ha:e been on his desk by * o,clock.
*5. Tom,s headache was now much worse. )e @ust put the recei:er down without answerin'.
This was @ust as well7 as i6 he,d said anythin' he would ha:e been :ery rude.
*9. -ortunately Ann7 the typist7 came to Tom,s assistance. Ann rather liked Tom.
*;. E:en so the report took three hours. &t should ha:e taken an hour and a hal6.
+<. & went to #unich. & had always wanted to :isit #unich.
+1. 2)ello7 Paul72 said #r (ones to the headwaiter. The headwaiter,s name was Tom7 )e
said 2=ood e:enin'7 sir72 without any si'n o6 reco'nition. This disappointed #r (ones.
#r (ones liked to be reco'niKed by headwaiters. JEmit the 6irst sentence."
+*. And this time he was with Aucy. )e was particularly anxious to impress Aucy.
24. -ill the gaps in the following sentences by using either what or which. #When which is used
it should be preceded by a co))a which the student )ust insert for hi)self.$
1. )e didn,t belie:e ... & said ... annoyed me :ery much. *. &n detecti:e stories the murderer
is always cau'ht ... doesn,t happen in real li6e. +. )e wasn,t surprised at ... he saw because &
told him ... to expect. 0. &n hospitals they wake patients at 4 a.m. ... is much too early. 1. There
was no directory in the 6irst telephone box ... meant that & had to 'o to another one. 4. & did ... &
could ... wasn,t much. 5. The clock struck thirteen ... made e:eryone lau'h. 9. & am sure that ...
you say is true. ;. 3e tra:elled second class ... is cheaper than 6irst class but more crowded.
1<. )e didn,t know the lan'ua'e ... made it di66icult 6or him to 'et a @ob. 11. People whose
names be'in with A always 'et taken 6irst ... is most un6air. 1*. )e played the :iolin all ni'ht ...
annoyed the nei'hbours. 1+. 3hen the mechanic opened the bonnet he saw at once ... was
wron' with the car. 10. & didn,t buy anythin' because & didn,t see ... & wanted. 11. They san' as
they marched ... helped them to 6or'et how tired they were. 14. & saw a coat marked down to
I1< ... was @ust ... & was prepared to pay. 15. )e was :ery rude to the customs o66icer ... o6
course made thin's worse. 19. Show me ... you,:e 'ot in your hand. 1;. Tell me ... you want
me to do. *<. The 6ro's croaked all ni'ht ... kept us awake. *1. All the roads were blocked by
snow ... meant that help could not reach us till the 6ollowin' sprin'. **. /ou needn,t think you
were unobser:edF & saw ... you didF *+. She was once bitten by a monkey ... made her dislike
monkeys 6or the rest o6 her li6e. *0. Some dairies ha:e 'i:en up electric milk 6loats and 'one
back to horsedrawn :ehicles ... shows that the horse still has a place in modern transport.
*1. She expects me to clean the house in hal6 an hour ... is impossible. *4. )e poured water
on the burnin' oil sto:e ... was a craKy thin' to do. *5. 3ould you know ... to do i6 you were
bitten by a snake.
Pre%#siti#ns. Phrasal &erbs
1. Supply the )issing prepositions.
2T)E P$EP)E8/2
People who li:e ... 8ali6ornia ha:e e:ery reason to be a6raid o6 earth?uakes. !o one has e:er
6or'otten the 'reat ?uake that destroyed San -rancisco ... 1;<4. ... #ay7 1;997 the people o6
Aos An'eles panicked. Accordin' to a prophecy made ... the 14th century by a prophet called
!ostradamus7 the city would be destroyed early ... 1;99. urin' this panic7 parents didn,t send
their children ... school and people didn,t 'o ... work. !o one stayed ... home7 either. The airlines
did 'reat business carryin' people who 6led ... their 2doomed city2. 3hich is more puKKlin': how
!ostradamus knew that a city which didn,t e:en exist ... his time would be destroyed ... the *<th
century7 or the beha:iour o6 the people who belie:ed 2the prophecy2.
2. (an you put in the right prepositions?
1. The Phoenicians tra:elled ri'ht round A6rica ... small boats. *. The @ourney was
planned ... !echo ... 4<< %8. +. )e was interested ... 6indin' a sea route ... the $ed Sea ... the
#editerranean. 0. ... those days7 nobody knew how bi' A6rica was. 1. The Phoenicians li:ed ...
the eastern end ... the #editerranean. 4. They set o66 ... the be'innin' o6 winter. 5. #onth ...
month went byG they were amaKed to see that the sun was now ... the north ... midday. 9. ... six
months the coast turned west. ;. 3hile they were sailin' ... the west coast o6 A6rica they ran out
... 6ood. 1<. &t took ei'hteen months ... them to reach #orocco. 11. They had been away ... o:er
two years. 1*. !icolo and #a66eo Polo stayed in 8hina ... a lon' time. 1+. #arco kept a diary ...
his experiences. 10. They landed ... the Turkish coast. 11. They rode ... &ran7 A6'hanistan and
#on'olia. 14. #arco,s illness delayed them ... a year. 15. ... the way they saw wonder6ul thin's
which were unknown ... Europe. 19. They saw a li?uid that came ...... the 'round and could
be used ... 6uel. 1;. ... 1*51 they arri:ed ... 8hina. *<. #arco was amaKed to 6ind a country that
was 6ar more ci:ilised ... &taly. *1. ... his diary he described cities ... )ah'Khou. **. There were
brid'es hi'h enou'h ... ship to 'o ... . *+. The emperor took a special interest ... #arco.
*0. 3hen they arri:ed back ... &taly7 they told their 6riends ... their experiences. *1. !obody
would belie:e their stories ... the stran'e countries ... the east.
3. Put in the right prepositions.
A.: )ow lon' ha:e you been waitin' in this ?ueue.
r.: .... ten o,clock. )ow about you.
A.: ... about 01 minutes.
8.: !ext please. #ay & see your paper. Thank you. Eh dear7 you ha:en,t 'ot your birth
certi6icate. /ou,ll ha:e to come back. 8an you be here ... +.01 p.m. ... #onday.
r.: That,s :ery di66icult. & work ... the a6ternoon. 8ould we possibly make it ... the mornin'.
8.: )ow about 1<.11 ... Tuesday.
r.: & can,t mana'e Tuesday. Suppose & could 'et my birth certi6icate to you be6ore you close this
mornin'. 3hen do you close.
8.: 3e,ll be closin' 6or lunch ... about 01 minutes. %ut we,re open this a6ternoon ... *.<< ... 1.+<.
%. &,ll try to 'et back ... one.
8. -ine7 @ust come strai'ht up to this window.
%. Thank you.
8. !ot at all. !ext please.
hasn,t 'ot another 'oalkeeper. #(o)bine the last three sentences only.$
A. &,:e come to 'et a certi6icate 6or my mother. & think her records are here.
8: 3hen was she born.
A: ... 1;14. Au'ust 14th.
8: Eh7 that,s all ri'ht then. /ou see7 we ha:e the 6iles up to 1;1<7 but all o6 the 6iles ... 1;1< ha:e
been computerised.
A: That,s a relie6. &,:e 'ot o66 work specially to come down and sort this out.
8: (ust 6ill in this 6orm and &,ll ha:e your certi6icate ready ... about 11 minutes.
,./ Thank you :ery much.
4. -ill in the blanks.
1. ri:e ... 8irencester7 but turn o66 be6ore you 'et thereG watch 6or the si'h that says 2Aepton
2The Aamberts27 to the le6t. *. Aet,s @ust climb ... the wall L otherwise we,ll ha:e to walk miles.
+. &,m always a bit a6raid o6 6allin' ... these stairs ... they,re really not :ery sa6e. 0. /ou can
see ... the hed'e now7 but in the summer it makes a solid 'reen wall. 1. E:eryone else in the
compartment 'ot ... the tram at undee7 so & was alone 6or the last part o6 the @ourney.
4. 3e carried out cameras and binoculars all the way ... the mountain7 and then it was
so misty we couldn,t see a thin'. 5. /ou remember & was tellin' you about my old school
6riend 8hris last week. 3ell7 & saw him walk ... one o6 the buildin's across the street 6rom my
o66ice todayF )e noticed me at the same time and crossed the street to say hello.
9. &t will be easier to sweep and mop in here i6 we put the chairs ... the tables 6irst.
;. & didn,t know which door she would be comin' out o67 so & walked ... the buildin' se:eral
5. Insert suitable prepositions in the following.
1. 8ould & speak ... Tom7 please. &,m a6raid Tom,s ... work. %ut (ack,s ... . 3ould you like to
speak ... him. *. )ow do & 'et ... the air terminal. Turn ri'ht ... the end o6 this street and you,ll
see it ... 6ront o6 you. +. )e started 'oin' ... school ... the a'e o6 6i:e So now he,s been ...
school 6or ten years. )e,s lea:in' ... the end o6 this year. 0. )e 'oes .. his o66ice e:ery day
except Sunday. En Sundays he stays ... home and works ... the 'arden. 1. & think & le6t my
umbrella ... the bus. &,d better write ... the Aost Property E66ice. 4. 3e arri:ed ... the airport ...
'ood time 6or the plane. 5. 8an & look up a word ... your dictionary. & le6t mine ... home.
9. Eur train arri:ed ... /ork ... 4.+<. Paul met us ... the station. ;. )a:e you been ... the theatre
recently. /es7 & was .. the Eld Nic last ni'ht. 1<. &,m returnin' ... -rance ... the end o6 this
term. Are you comin' back ... En'land a6ter the holidays. 11. )e isn,t li:in' ... home now7 but
i6 you write ... his home they,ll 6orward the letter ... his new address. 1*. & went ... bed early but &
couldn,t 'et ... sleep because the people ... the next room were talkin' so loudly. 1+. ... 6irst &
6ound the work :ery tirin'7 but ... a 6ew weeks & 'ot used ... it. 10. There was an accident ... the
crossHroads ... midni'ht last ni'ht. Two men were taken ... hospital. & belie:e one o6 them is still .
. hospital. 11. ... the daytime the streets are crowded but ... ni'ht they are ?uite deserted.
14. ... 6irst her 6ather re6used to allow her to 'o back ... workG but .. the end he a'reed. 15. ...
the be'innin' o6 a textbook there is a pre6ace7 and ... the end there is an index. 19. )e went ...
sea ... 197 and spent all his workin' li6e ... sea. )e retired ... 14 and went to li:e ... the country.
1; & saw Tom ... the bus stop this mornin' but couldn,t speak .. him because we were standin'
... a ?ueue and he was ... the 6ront o6 it and & was ... the back. *< &,ll lea:e some sandwiches ...
the 6rid'e in case you are hun'ry when you come in. *1. 3e,d better start ... six7 because
climbin' up ... the 'allery takes some time. & hope you don,t mind sittin' ... the 'allery !o7 o6
course not. 3hen & 'o ... the opera & always 'o ... the 'allery. **. )e is always ... a hurry. )e
dri:es ... a tremendous speed. *+. 3hen he be'an speakin' ... En'lish7 she looked ... him ..
amaKement. *0. 3rite ... ink and put your name ... the top o6 the pa'e. *1. 3e start ser:in'
break6ast ... 5.+<. Shall & send yours up ... your room7 or will you ha:e it ... the restaurant. *4.
)e,s always ... a bad temper ... break6ast time. *5. Accordin' ... the 'uidebook there are three
hotels ... the town. *9. The pilot climbed ... 17<<< metres and 6lew ... that hei'ht till he 'ot ... the
coast. Then he came down ... 17<<< metres and be'an to take photo'raphs.
*;. &,m interested ... chess but &,m not :ery 'ood ... it. +<. 3ho is the 'irl ... the blue dress7
sittin' ... the head o6 the table. +1. & couldn,t o66er him a room ... my 6lat because ... that time
my motherHinHlaw was stayin' with us. +*. The train stopped ... all the stations7 and lon'
be6ore we 'ot ... Aondon e:ery seat was taken and people were standin' ... the corridors.
++. Shall we discuss it ... my room7 or shall & come ... your o66ice. +0. ... my astonishment & was
the only person ... the bar. E:eryone else had 'one ... the 8asino. +1. The Aoch !ess #onster
is supposed to li:e ... the bottom o6 the Aoch and come ... the sur6ace 6rom time ... time.
+4. /ou can,t say that he li:es ... luxury. There,s hardly any 6urniture ... his room. )e hasn,t e:en
'ot a desk to write ... .
6. -ill the gaps in the following sentences, use the following at, by, in, into, of, off, on, out #of$,
to, under, with.
1. &,m 'oin' to %ath ... #onday ... Tom. 3ould you like to come ... us. Are you 'oin' ... bus.
!o7 we,re 'oin' ... Tom,s car. *. & saw him standin' ... the ?ueue but & don,t know whether he
'ot ... the bus or not. +. )ow do you 'o ... school. &t depends ... the weather. ... wet days &
'o ... tubeG ... 6ine ., weather & 'o ... 6oot. 0. The car stopped ... the tra66ic li'hts and wouldn,t
start ,, a'ain7 so the dri:er 'ot ... and pushed it ... the side ... the road. 1 Someone threw a
stone ... the speaker. &t hit him ... the head and knocked his 'lasses ... . 4. & want to post this ...
a 6riend ... &taly. 3ill he ha:e to pay duty ... it. 5. Accordin' ... Tom7 it is impossible to li:e ...
Paris ... less than I1<7<<< a year. 9. Are you ... your own Jalone",. !o7 &,m ... a 6riend ... mine.
;. /ou ou'ht to be ashamed ... yoursel6 6or comin' ... my nice clean kitchen ... muddy boots.
1< 8hildren 'et presents ... 8hristmas and ... their birthdays. 11. )ow would we 'et ... Jescape
6rom" this room i6 the hotel were ... 6ire. 1*. )e arri:ed ... Aondon ... 4 p.m. ... a 6o''y
!o:ember day. 3e o6ten ha:e 6o's ... !o:ember. 1+. The man ... his back ... the camera is the
#inister ... A'riculture. 10. )ow do & 'et ... the Public Aibrary. =o ... the end ... this street and
turn ri'htG turn le6t ... the next tra66ic li'hts and then take the second turnin' ... your ri'ht. This
will brin' you ... %rook Street7 and you,ll 6ind the library ... your le6t. 11. Alternati:ely you could
'et a 10 bus ... this stop and ask the conductor to tell you where to 'et ... Jali'ht". 14. The boy
was leanin' a'ainst the wall ... his hands ... his pockets. 2Take your hands ...... your pockets72
said his 6ather sharply. 15. As she was 'ettin' ...... the car one ... her buttons 6ell ... . Althou'h
we were ... a hurry she insisted ... stoppin' to look 6or it. 19. #r (ones is :ery keen ...
punctuality. )is lessons start dead ... time and you 'et ... terrible trouble i6 you,re late. 1;. The
man ... the pipe and red hair is the brother ... the 'irl ... blue. *<. on,t lea:e your lu''a'e ...
the corridor. &t,ll be ... e:eryone,s way. %rin' it ... the compartment and put it ... the rack.
*1. )e sits ... his desk all day ... his head ... his hands. &t 'ets ... my ner:es. **. ... mistake &
opened #ary,s letter instead ... my own. She was :ery an'ry ... me and said that &,d done it ...
purpose. *+. & buy a newspaper ... my way ... the station and read it ... the train. %y the time &
'et ... Aondon &,:e read most ... it. *0. )e was char'ed ... dri:in' while ... the in6luence ... alcoH
hol. *1. People who drop litter ... the pa:ements are liable ... a 6ine ... I1<. *4. )e accused
me ... sellin' secret in6ormation ... the enemy. *5. /ou look worried. Are you ... some sort ...
trouble. /es7 ... a way. &,m ... debt and my creditors want to be paid ... the end ... o6 month7
and ... the moment & ha:en,t any money ... the bank. *9. The car skidded ... the tree7 the
windscreen was smashed and the dri:er was cut ... the 6ace ... splinters ... 'lass. *;. -our
people were in@ured ... the demonstration. Three ... them are students ... the uni:ersity7 the
6ourth is here ... holiday. That,s him o:er there ... his arm ... plaster. +<. This picture was painted
... PicassoG and there,s another Picasso ... the opposite wall. +1. The horse stopped suddenly
and the rider 6ell ... . )e couldn,t 'et ... a'ain without help and there was no one ... si'ht. +*.
The children hastily chan'ed ... bathin' thin's and @umped ... the ri:er ... shouts o6
deli'ht. ++. 3e,ll ha:e to 'o ... carG we can,t 'o ... bus ... account ... the bus strike.
+0. i:ers breathin' a mixture ... helium and oxy'en can work ... a depth ... 1<< metres.
+1 &,m tired ... workin' ... the suburbs and &,:e asked to be trans6erred ... our central branch.
+4. 8an & ha:e #onday ... . or 8an & ha:e a holiday ... #onday. & want to 'o ... my 'randson,s
7. Insert suitable words, use the following at, by, during, for, fro), in, of, on, o%er, since, till,
under, with.
1. &,:e li:ed ... this street ... ten years. *. )e has li:ed ... 1<1 8ornwall =ardens ... 1;44. +. ...
the a'e ... 19 he was sent to prison ... the6t. 0. )e was ... prison ... two years. ... that time he
became interested ... pi'eons. 1. There is a parcel o6 books ... you ... the table ... the hall.
Eh7 they must be ... my brother. )e always sends me books ... my birthday. 4. 3e heard that
%ill wasn,t ... arrest but was helpin' the police ... their en?uiries. The police are interested ... a
bank robbery which took place ... %ill,s last holidays. 5. #uch Ado About !othin' is ...
Shakespeare7 and you,ll 6ind more ... his plays ... the bookcase ... the corner. 9. As the child
was too youn' to tra:el ... hersel67 they arran'ed ... her to tra:el ... the care ... a 6riend o6 the
6amily. ;. )a:e you head ... (ohn ... his return. /es7 & had a letter ... #onday. )e,s thinkin' ...
'oin' back ... America. 1<. )e was ill ... a week and ... that week his wi6e ne:er le6t his side.
11. Aren,t you comin' ... us. !o7 &,m waitin' ... Tom. %ut he won,t be ready ... some time.
&,m not ... a hurry. &,ll wait till he,s ready. 1*. &,m :ery sorry ... bein' late. &t was 'ood ... you to
wait ... me. 1+. Passen'ers may lea:e bulky articles ... the stairs ... the conductor,s permission7
but the bus company will not be responsible ... such articles. 10. $emember to be ... 'ood
time ... the opera because i6 you,re late they won,t let you ......the end ... the act. 11 & want two
seats ... $omeo and (uliet ... -riday ni'ht. 14. ... spite ... the heat he re6used to take ... his coat.
15. )e was wounded ... the shoulder ... a bullet 6ired ... an upstairs window. 19. 3hile ... their
way 6rom the coast ... the mountains they were attacked ... a @a'uar. 1;. 3hat plat6orm does
the train ... /ork lea:e .... Plat6orm 97 and you,d better hurry. &t,ll be lea:in' ... a minute.
*<. )e in:ited me to dinner ... his club and ... the meal he asked me ... ad:ice about his
in:estments. *1. )e,s not independent ... any means. )e depends ... his 6ather ... e:erythin'.
**. )e has a picture ... Picasso JPicasso painted the picture" and he can,t decide whether to
han' it ... the hall ... the ri'ht as you come ... or ... the sittin' room ... the 6ireplace. *+. &,m
tired ... hearin' about Tom and his Picasso. )e can han' it ... his 'ara'e ... all & careF *0. )e
said he was ... debt and asked me ... a loan ... I1<. *1. 3hat,s the cheapest way ... 'ettin' ...
Aondon ... Edinbur'h. 3ell7 you could hitch hike there ... next ... nothin'7 or you could 'o ...
coach ... about I*<. *4. & was horri6ied ... his appearance. )e looked as i6 he hadn,t slept ...
*5. 3hen he 'ets back ... the o66ice he expects his wi6e to meet him ... the door ... his slippers7
and ha:e a hot meal waitin' ... him. *9. /esterday the children went ... a walk and didn,t 'et
back ... 1< p.m. Their mother was 6urious ... them ... comin' in so late. *;. Passen'ers who
'et ... or ... a bus Ji.e. who board or lea:e it" except ... the o66icial stops do so ... their own risk.
+<. The rows are lettered ... A to T7 be'innin' ... the row nearest the sta'e. So i6 Tom is sittin' ...
%*47 and (ack is sittin' ... 8*47 Tom will be directly ... 6ront ... (ack. +1. 3hat,s the best way ...
cookin' a lobster. 8ook it ... boilin' salted water7 and ser:e it cold ... mayonnaise. +*. )e
was 6ined ... parkin' his car ... a noHparkin' area. ++. )e opened the door ... a rusty key and
went down the steps ... the cellar7 6ollowed by %ill ... a torch. +0. The adults worked ... 4 a.m.
to 4 p.m.7 ... an hour ... lunch. %oys ... 19 were not supposed to start ... 9 a.m. Jearlier than 9
a.m." +1. )e died ... heart 6ailure ... Tuesday ni'ht. )is wi6e is still su66erin' ... shock. +4. The
house is ... 6ireF Send ... the -ire %ri'adeF
. Insert a suitable word in the following sentences.
1. )e insisted ... seein' the documents. *. They succeeded ... escapin' ... the burnin' house.
+. & am not interested ... anythin' that happened ... the :ery remote past. 0. The children are
:ery 6ond ... swimmin'. ... summer they spend most ... their time ... the water. 1. )ow are you
'ettin' ... at school. &,m 'ettin' ... all ri'ht except ... En'lish. &,m :ery bad ... En'lishG &,ll ha:e
to work harder ... it7 and spend more time ... it. 4. Paul 'oes ... school ... you7 doesn,t he. )ow,s
he 'ettin' ...... his En'lish. or )ow,s his En'lish 'ettin' ... . 5. & don,t know. 3e,re not ... the
same class. %ut he 'ets ... ... the other students all ri'ht. )e has heaps ... 6riends. 9. There is
no point ... 'oin' ... car i6 we can,t park near the theatre. ;. She made a point ... comin' late so
that e:eryone would look ... her. 1<. &t ne:er occurred ... me to ask him ... proo6 ... his identity.
11. ... 6irst7 dri:in' on the le6t is con6usin'7 but you,ll soon 'et used ... it. 1*. &,:e heard such a
lot ... him that &,m lookin' 6orward ... seein' him :ery much. 1+. )e was so absorbed ... his work
that when & came ...7 he didn,t e:en look ... Jraise his head 10. &,m sorry ... Tom. JD pity him." )e
was worked ... %rown and 8ompany ... ten years and now the 6irm has been taken ... by (ones
Atd7 and they,re 'oin' to dismiss him. 11 &,m sorry ... bein' late ... #onday. Er &,m sorry ... #onH
day. 14. The complete set ... books can be ordered ... I1< ... (ones and 8ompany. J(ones and
8ompany will send them to you i6 you write enclosin' I1<." 15. &,m waitin' ... my 6riend. )e,ll be
here ... a moment. 19. & see ... today,s paper that you need a secretary ... a knowled'e o6
-rench. & should like to apply ... the post. 1;. /ou can,t rely ... him. )e,s almost always
late ... appointments. *<. &6 you do not comply ... the tra66ic re'ulations you will 'et ... trouble ...
the police. *1. 3ine is 'ood ... you7 but it is expensi:e ... En'land because there is a 6airy hi'h
tax ... it. **. ... 6airy stories7 stepmothers are always unkind ... their stepchildrenG but my
stepmother has always been :ery 'ood ... me. *+. )e was so in6uriated ... the play that he
walked ... Jle6t the theatre" ... the middle ... the 6irst act. *0. #y au pair 'irl takes car ... my little
boys Jlooks ... them" ... the a6ternoons. She,s :ery 'ood ... children. JShe can mana'e them
well." *1. )e threw stones ... his attackers7 tryin' to dri:e them ... . *4. & threw the ball ... Peter7
but instead ... throwin' it back ... me7 he ran ... and hit it. *5. & ob@ect ... bein' kept waitin'. 3hy
can,t you be ... time. *9. 2... accordance ... the wishes ... my people72 the president said7 2& am
retirin' ... public li6e.2 *;. This re'ulation doesn,t apply ... you. /ou are ... Jless than" 19.
+<. &,m not exactly keen ... cookin'G but & pre6er it ... washin' up.J3ashin' up is worse than
cookin'." +1. & was so a6raid ... missin' the train that & took a taxi ... the station. +*. 3hat ...
takin' the day ... and spendin' it ... the seaside. ++. & don,t ob@ect ... lendin' you my pen7 but
wouldn,t it be better i6 you had a pen ... your own. +0. on,t ask the o66ice ... in6ormation. & will
pro:ide you ... all the in6ormation you need. +1. & disappro:e ... people who make all sorts ...
promises which they ha:e no intention ... keepin'. +4. & was ... the impression that & had paid
you ... the work you did ... me.
!. Insert a preposition if necessary. (hoose fro) at, by, for, in, of, on, past, till/until, to, with.
1. )e asked ... his 6ather ... money. *. They paid ... me ... the books. +. & thou'ht he would
o66er ... Ann the @ob7 but he o66ered it ... me. 0. Oeep ... me a place7 and keep a place ... Ann too.
1. They showed ... us photo'raphs ... their baby. 4. %uyin' presents ... children is sometimes
:ery di66icult. ... the end & bou'ht a kite ... Tom and a torch ... Ann. 5. Pass the salt ... your
6ather7 Peter7 and pass ... me the pepper7 please. 9. 3hen you ha:e lunch ... a restaurant7 who
pays ... the bill. Eh7 each ... us pays ... what he has had. ;. Paul,s a pianist. )e sometimes
plays ... us ... the e:enin'. Aast ni'ht he played some 8hopin. 1<. & think &,ll be able to 6ind ...
Ann a @ob. 8ould you 6ind a @ob ... me7 too. 11. )e sold the picture ... an American dealer ...
I17<<<. 1*. )e promised ... us a share ... the pro6its. 1+. )e built a :ery nice house ... (ack ...
only I1<7<<<. & wonder what sort ... house he would build ... me ... I+<7<<<. 10. She is knittin'
socks ... re6u'ees. & wish she,d knit ... me some socks. 11. Sittin' ... the 6loor isn,t exactly
com6ortable. Throw ... me a cushion7 please7 Ann. 14. &6 you are 'oin' ... the Post E66ice7 could
you buy ... me a book ... stamps. 15. &6 you write ... me a son' &,ll sin' it ... the school
concert. .&,ll 'et Paul to accompany ... me ... the 'uitar. 19. 8ould you lend ... us your
lawnmower7 please. &,m a6raid you,ll ha:e to ask ... someone else to lend ... you one. 3e,:e
lent ours ... #r (ones and he always keeps it ... a'es. 1;. & thou'ht you,d be late ... dinner7 so
& ordered some sandwiches ... youG they,re ... the bar. & ha:en,t paid ... them: you can pay ... the
barman. *<. & explained ... him that it was the custom ... En'land to wash one,s car at the
weekend. *1. & described the machine ... him and asked ... him i6 he could make ... me one like
it. **. She@old ... us that she,d been attacked ... the street. 3e asked ... her to describe her
attacker and she said he was a tall man ... a limp. *+. )e told ... them to wait ... him ... the
brid'e. *0. & cannot repeat ... you what she said ... me ... con6idence. *1. The headmaster
warned ... me to work harder. 3hat did he say ... you7 (ack. *4. )e ad:ised ... the strikers to
'o back ... work. They recei:ed his ad:ice ... shouts ... contempt. *5. They don,t allow ...
you to smoke ... cinemas ... -rance. *9. )e told lies ... the police. &,m not surprised. )e
told ... me a pack ... lies yesterday. *;. This 6ilm reminds ... me ... my childhood.
+<. & rely ... you to remind ... me to pay (ack ... the books he bou'ht ... me. +1. 3e must try to
'et ... home ... time ... tea. +*. 3e didn,t reach %erlin ... a6ter dark7 and had some di66iculty ...
6indin' our hotel. ++. &6 we say 2The mana'er showed ... us to our room72 we mean that he led ..
us ... the door. &6 we say7 2)e showed ... us the room72 we mean that he entered ... the room ...
us. +0. & read ... him the report. )e listened ... me ... amaKement. +1. )e ordered ... us to
'i:e ... him all the maps ... our possession. +4. )e su''ested ... me that we should o66er to pay
.. her .. dollars.
1". Insert till, until, to where appropriate.
1. =o on ... the crossroads. *. =o on ... you see a church on your ri'ht. +. 3e work 6rom ;
a.m. ... 4 p.m. 0. Start now and 'o on ... & tell you to stop. 1. &,m 'oin' to wait . . it stops rainin'.
4. /ou,ll ha:e to stay in bed ... your temperature 'oes down. 5. The library is open 6rom 1< ...
0 o,clock. 9. This train 'oes ... /ork. ;. 3e ha:e lunch 6rom 1*.<< ... 1.<<. Then we start a'ain
and 'o on ... 1.+<. 1<. =o back ... the hotel and wait there ... & call 6or you. 11. &,m not 'oin' 6or
a walk7 &,m only 'oin' ... the bank. Then you,d better wait ... the bank opens. 1*. &6 you,re
'oin' ... the Post E66ice would you post a letter 6or me. /es7 o6 courseG but it won,t 'o ...
11. Insert for or since.
1. &t,s a lon' time ... & had a 'ood meal. Er & ha:en,t had a 'ood meal ... a'es. *. &,:e been
waitin' 6or Tom ... 4.<<G & wonder i6 he,s lost his way. +. E:er ... his accident he,s been a6raid o6
6lyin'. 0. & ha:en,t seen Tom ... we le6t school. 1. The astronauts ha:e already been in orbit ...
two days. 4. ... last year the noise has become :ery much worse. 5. &,:e had this toothache ...
the last week. 9. )er husband died last year7 and ... then she has been supportin' the 6amily.
Er She,s been supportin' the 6amily ... the last year. ;. &t,s three years ... & did any skiin'. Er &
ha:en,t done any skiin' ... three years. 1<. The windows ha:en,t been cleaned ... weeks.
11. )e has been missin' ... 09 hours. 1*. ... last year we ha:en,t been allowed to park here.
12. Insert then, after, or afterwards.
1. 3e had tea and ... went 6or a walk. Er ... tea we went 6or a walk. *. 3e,ll ha:e watercress
soup to start with. 3hat would you like ... that. +. ... waitin' 6or hal6 an hour he went home in
dis'ust ... Jlater on" he was sorry he hadn,t waited lon'er. 0. & 'i:e all the 'uests break6astG ... &
ha:e my own. 1. -irst you loosen the nuts7 ... you @ack up the car7 ... you take the wheel o66
4. )e listened at the keyhole 6or a minuteG ... he opened the door cautiously. 5 Uni:ersity
administrators sometimes appear more important than scholarsG but the administrators will not
be remembered ... their death. 9 2Put your toys away72 said his mother7 2and ... we,ll ha:e tea 2
; &n the story7 the Princess married the Prince and they li:ed happily e:er ... . 1<. )e wound up
the clock7 set the alarm 6or 1.<<7 ... 'ot into bed and 6ell asleep. 11. )e poured the brandy into a
'lass7 warmed it in his hands a little7 ... drank it slowly. 1*. A co:ered the puddin' with cream
and decorated it with cherries. And ... . . . we are it7 o6 course. 1+. -or years ... people
remembered that terrible ni'ht. 10. & spoke an'rilyG ... Jsome time later" & re'retted my
words. 11. )e looked round to see that nobody was watchin'G ... he took a piece o6 bent wire
and be'an tryin' to open door. 14. -irst you say 2/es27 and ... you say 2!o2. /ou,re an imH
possible person to make plans with.
'#mbinati#ns (ith get and be
13. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1 &s #ary in. !o7 she,s ... and won,t be ... till nine o,clock. *. 3hat shall we do now.
&,m ... keepin' ?uiet and sayin' nothin'. +. &6 you 'ot ...... your work instead o6 talkin' you,d be
6inished in hal6 the time. 0. )e promised to act as chairman7 so &,m a6raid he can,t 'et ......it now.
There,s no one else to do it. 1. She wants to do all the work hersel6 but & don,t think she is.....it.
4. )e lea:es his car at a parkin' meter 6or o:er two hours and always 'ets ...... it. Jis ne:er
cau'ht" 3hen & do that7 & am 6ined. 5. & don,t think they,ll be ... yet. &t,s only 6i:e o,clock in the
mornin'. 9. They didn,t want the news o6 their en'a'ement to 'et ... till it was o66icially
announced. ;. The o66ice closes early on -ridays and we 'et ... at 6i:e o,clock instead o6 six.
1<. &6 you don,t 'i:e the children somethin' to do7 they,ll be ...... some mischie6. 11. The car
stopped in 6ront o6 the bank messen'er and two men with 'uns 'ot ... . 1*. She is a 6riendly 'irl
who 'ets......e:eryone she meets. 1+. As soon as the examinations are ... we are 'oin' away
on holiday. 10. &t took her a lon' time to 'et ... the death o6 her husband. 11. 3e usually 'et ...
a play amon' oursel:es at the end o6 the term. 14. &,m 'oin' to %erlin on business and & shall
be ... 6or a week. 15. Tom hasn,t been workin'G he won,t 'et ... his examinations. 19. The
police knew he had committed the crime but he 'ot ... as there was not enou'h e:idence
a'ainst him. 1;. Shall & marry him. 3ell7 it is......you. & can,t :ery well decide 6or you. *<. &
tried to rin' him up but & couldn,t 'et ...G & think some o6 the lines are down a6ter last ni'ht,s
storm. *1. She talks so much that it is di66icult to 'et ... 6rom her. **. 3hy not ha:e your
operation at once and 'et it .... *+. )e 'ot ... his bicycle to pick up his pump. *0. #ary wants
to study medicine but she is not :ery cle:er. & don,t think she is ...... it. *1. The train was
delayed and only 'ot ... at midni'ht. *4. 3hen winter is ... & am 'oin' to ha:e the
house painted. *5. &6 you don,t 'et ... Jlea:e" &,ll send 6or the police. *9. & am ... doin' the
washin' up 6irst and watchin' TN a6terwards. *;. =et ... the bus at Nictoria Station. +<. )ow
are you 'ettin' ... with your work. +1. & don,t think she is ...... the le:el o6 the rest o6 the class.
+*. & le6t my umbrella in the bus but & 'ot it ... 6rom the Aost Property E66ice. ++. & am not
'ettin' ... :ery 6ast because & can only type with two 6in'ers. +0. The do' 'ot ...... a strin'
o6 sausa'es 6rom the butcher,s. +1. 3e 'ot ... late because we missed the last bus. +4.
on,t worry about my snake. )e can,t 'et ...... his box.
'#mbinati#ns (ith l##) and )ee%
14. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1. )e wanted to talk to me but & kept ... workin' and re6used to listen. *. She is a 'ood
secretary but she is kept ... by her i'norance o6 lan'ua'es. +. The country was in state o6
rebellion and was only kept . . by repressi:e measures. 0. Aook ... the baby while & am out.
1. She kept the children ... all day because it was so wet and cold. 4. /ou must look ... and
make plans 6or the 6uture. 5. 2Oeep ...F2 he said. 2on,t come any nearer.2 9. &6 you look ... it
care6ully you will see the mark. ;. & told the children to keep ...... the room that was bein'
painted. 1<. Aookin' ...7 & see now all the mistakes & made when & was youn'er. 11. & ha:e
started 'ettin' up at 6i:e a.m. to study but & don,t know i6 & can keep this ... . 1*. )e had an
unhappy childhood and he ne:er looks ... on it with any pleasure. 1+. The man walked so 6ast
that the child couldn,t keep ...... him. 10. She looked ... to see who was 6ollowin' her. 11. There
were so many panes o6 'lass broken that the windows couldn,t keep ... the rain. 14. &,:e been
lookin' ... a cup to match the one & broke. 15. Aook......me at the station. &,ll be at the bookstall.
19. Aook ...F /ou nearly knocked my cup out my hand. 1;. )e was kept ... in his research by
lack o6 money. *<. Tom is lookin'...... his 6irst trip abroad7 Jexpectin' with pleasure" *1. Aook ...
on your way home and tell me what happened. **. %e6ore puttin' any money into the
business7 we must look :ery care6ully ... the accounts. *+. & look ... her as one o6 the 6amily.
*0. #y windows look......the 'arden. *1. )e asked me to look ... the document and then si'n it.
*4. )e looked ... the book to see i6 he had read it be6ore. *5. &6 you can a66ord a new car your
business must be lookin' ... . *9. /ou can always look ... her address in the directory i6 you
ha:e 6or'otten it. *;. )e looked me ... and ... be6ore he condescended to answer my ?uestion.
+<. & am lookin'......seein' your new house. +1. 8hildren ha:e a natural inclination to look ......
their parents. +*. /ou will see & am ri'ht i6 you look ... the matter 6rom my point o6 :iew.
++. )e looks ...... me because & spend my holidays in %ournemouth instead o6 'oin'
abroad. +0. &6 he doesn,t know the word he can look it ... in a dictionary. +1. The crowd looked
... while the police surrounded the house. +4. Since our ?uarrel she looks ... me whene:er
we meet.
'#mbinati#ns (ith g# and c#me
15. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1. &t was some time be6ore he came ... a6ter bein' knocked out. *. & had to wait 6or permission
6rom the Town 8ouncil be6ore & could 'o ... with my plans. +. )e came ... to my way o6 thinkin'
a6ter a 'ood deal o6 ar'ument. 0. The 'uard do' went ... the intruder and knocked him
down 1. )e had a sandwich and a cup o6 co66ee7 then went ... 3orkin'. 4. &t,s no use tryin'
to keep it secretG it,s sure to come ... in the end. 5. & went ... the proposal :ery care6ully with my
solicitor and 6inally decided not accept their o66er. 9. The 'un went ... by accident and wounded
him in the le'. ;. The ?uestion o6 salary increases will come ... at the next 'eneral meetin'. 1<.
3earin' black 6or mournin' went ... many years a'o. 11. She went ...... a beauty contest and
'ot a priKe. 1*. Those rust marks will come ... i6 you rub them with lemon. 1+. The price o6
tomatoes usually 'oes ... in summer in En'land. 10. &6 there isn,t enou'h soup to 'o ... @ust put
some hot water in it. 11. Seein' me 6rom across the room7 she came ...... me7 and said that she
had a messa'e 6or me. 14. The early colonists o6 8anada went ... many hardships7 15 /ou can,t
'o ...... your promise nowG we are dependin' on you. 19. & ha:e chan'ed my mind about
marryin' himG & simply can,t 'o ...... it. 1;. The aeroplane crashed and went ... in 6lames. *<. )e
came ... a 6ortune last year. J)e inherited it." *1. 3ait till prices come ... a'ain be6ore you buy.
**. & re6use to 'o ... now. &,m 'oin' on. *+. They ha:e 'one ... all the calculations a'ain but
they still can,t 6ind the mistake. *0. The party went ... :ery wellG we all en@oyed oursel:es.
*1. 8ome ... . &t,s 6ar too cold to wait here any lon'er. *4. #ary went ... in such a hurry that she
le6t her passport behind. *5. The handle o6 the teaHpot came ... in my hand as & was washin' it.
*9. 3hy don,t you 'o ..... stamp collectin' i6 you want a ?uiet hobby. *;. & came ... a :ase
exactly like yours in an anti?ue shop. +<. )er wei'ht went ... to 5< kilos when she stopped
playin' tennis. +1. on,t 'o ... 6ood i6 you want to economiKe. (ust drink less. +*. The sea has
'one ... considerably since last ni'ht,s 'ale. ++. &,m at home all day. 8ome ... whene:er you
ha:e time. +0. She went......her work a6ter the interruptions. +1. She 'oes ... a lot. She hardly
e:ery spends an e:enin' at home. +4. & su''ested that we should all take a cut in salary. !atuH
rally this didn,t 'o ... :ery well7 Jwasn,t well recei:ed"
'#mbinati#ns (ith ta)e and r$n
16. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1. & couldn,t take ... the lecture at all. &t was too di66icult 6or me. *. )e is inclined to let his
enthusiasm run......him. +. 3hen he o66ered me only I+7 & was too taken ... to say a word.
0. )e has already run ... the money his 6ather le6t him two years a'o. 1. !ow he is runnin' ...
bills all o:er the town. 4. She took ... ridin' because she wanted to lose wei'ht. 5. & can,t start
the carG the battery has run ... . 9. The policeman ran ... the thie6. ;. )e takes ... his motherG he
has blue eyes and 6air hair too. 1<. & 6or'ot to turn o66 the tap and the washHbasin ran ... . 11.
That blouse is easy to make. /ou could run it ... in hour. 1*. & am sorry & called you a liar. & take
it ... . 1+. $e6ormers usually run ...... opposition 6rom all kinds o6 people. 10. )e took ... 'oin'
6or a walk e:ery ni'ht he went to bed. 11. on,t run ...... the idea that Scotsmen are mean.
They @ust don,t like wastin' money. 14. & wish we could sell the 'rand pianoG it takes ... too
much space here. 15. She is always runnin' ... her 6riends behind their backs. She soon won,t
ha:e any 6riends le6t. 19. /ou,d better take ... your coat i6 you,re too hot. 1;. (ust run ... the
music o6 this son' 6or me. *<. 3e took ... each other the 6irst time we met and ha:e been
6riends e:er since. *1. 3hen his 6ather died7 Tom took ... the business. **. 3hat & saw in the
water was only an old tree. & took it ... the Aoch !ess #onster. *+. & ran ... an old school 6riend
in the tube today. *0. & can,t 'o more than 1< k.p.h. as this is a new car and & am still runnin'
it ... . *1. People o6ten take me ... my sister. 3e are :ery like each other. *4. #y nei'hbour is
always runnin' ...... bread and borrowin' some 6rom me. *5. )e always takes ... his 6alse teeth
be6ore he 'oes to bed. *9. & took ... Tom at chess and beat him. *;. &6 a bull chased me &,d
run ... . +<. E:en a child wouldn,t be taken ... by such an ob:ious lie. +1. /ou,re lookin' rather
run 7..G & think you need a holiday. +*. The policeman took ... the number o6 the stolen car. ++. &6
she takes ... the @ob o6 director she,ll ha:e to work harder. +0. #y car skidded and ran ... a wall.
+1. She makes a little extra money by takin' ... payin' 'uests in summer. +4. A hen ran
in 6ront o6 my car and &,m a6raid & ran ... it.
'#mbinati#ns (ith t$rn* call and brea)
17. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1. )e broke ... completely on hearin' o6 his dau'hter,s death. *. )e wasn,t rich by any means7
but he ne:er turned ... anyone who needed help. +. En his way to work he called ... the 6lorist,s
and ordered a doKen red roses. 0. %ur'lars broke ... the house and stole some @ewellery. 1. &
turned ... Jre6used the @ob because it was badly paid. 4. 3e called ... a specialist when he 'rew
worse. 5. 3hen the police ?uestioned him he broke ... and con6essed. 9. Turn ... the radio
i6 you,re not listenin'. ;. 3ar broke ... in 1;+;. 1<. The secretary was then called ... to read the
minutes. 11. )e carried on the business alone 6or years be6ore his health broke ... . 1*. The
lion turned ... the lionHtamer and knocked him senseless. 1+. 8an you be ready at six. )e is
callin' ... us then to take us out. 10. #ary has broken ... her en'a'ement to 8harles. 11. &
ha:en,t much time 6or housework but & try to turn ... one room in the house e:ery week. 14. She
called ... 6or a 6ew minutes to return a book. 15. The li6t broke ... and we had to use the stairs.
19. The representati:e o6 the computer company called ... all the 6actories in the district. 1;.
The situation is di66icult and calls ... 'reat tact. *<. They broke ... their con:ersation when &
came in. *1. The school broke ... 6or the holidays at the end o6 (uly. **. &n this book the
mysterious stran'er turns ... to be the lon'Hlost son o6 the duke. *+. The 6ireman had to break ...
the door to rescue the children. *0. The 'arden party was called ... because o6 the rain. *1. A
'ood horse can be ruined i6 it is not care6ully broken .... *4. )e was called ... at the a'e o6
ei'hteen and spent a year in the army. *5. She was plain as a child but she turned ...
remarkably pretty. *9. !e'otiations between the two countries were broken ... 6ollowin' the
murder o6 the ambassador. *;. #rs (ones ran'. She wants you to call her ... . +<. The 6amily
was broken ... a6ter the death o6 the parents. +1. The new 6actory turns ... sur'ical instruments
as well as cutlery. +*. )e broke ... the con:ersation to remind us it was 'ettin' late. ++. The
boat turned ... and threw us all into the water. +0. 3e arran'ed to meet at the theatre but she
didn,t turn ... . +1. The three men who broke ...... prison yesterday were later recaptured.
+4. A hu'e crowd turned ... to see the international 6ootball match.
'#mbinati#ns (ith give* %$t and ma)e
1. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1. )e won I1<< and 'a:e it all ... . *. Put ... the clock7 it is twenty minutes 6ast. +. $idin' is
'ettin' too expensi:eG &,ll ha:e to 'i:e it ... . 0. &,ll put ... my :isit to the $oyal #int till you can
come with me. 1. The roads were crowded with people makin' ... the coast. 4. )e 'a:e ... all
the books he had borrowed. 5. She had in:ited me to dinner but had to put me ... as she was
taken ill. 9. & can,t make ... the postmark on the letterG it looks like %asin'stoke. ;. Put ... the
li'ht it,s 'ettin' ?uite li'ht a'ain. 1<. A6ter 6our days o6 6reedom7 the escaped prisoner 'a:e
himsel6 ... to the police. 11. That :ase is :ery :aluable. Put it ... be6ore you drop it. 1*. She
makes... :ery skil6ully. She looks much youn'er than she is. 1+. /our secret is sa6e with me. &
won,t 'i:e you ... . Jbetray you" 10. )e was :ery much put ... when she ran' o66 an'rily in the
middle o6 their con:ersation. 11. &t,s time they made ... that silly ?uarrel. 14. & wish you would
put ... the dishes instead o6 lea:in' them on the table. 15. )e,s not really an'ry. )e,s only
puttin' it ... . 19. )e didn,t want to 'o to the cinema but they be''ed so hard that he 'a:e ...
and went with them. 1;. & don,t belie:e that story. & am sure you made it ... . *<. The house
itsel6 is ?uite attracti:e but the 6act that it,s near a busy airport put me ... . *1. The boy is
hyperacti:e. & put it......wron' diet. **. They put ... a statue o6 -lorence !i'htin'ale a6ter her
death. *+. The di:er,s supply o6 oxy'en 'a:e ... and he had to be brou'ht to the sur6ace as
?uickly as possible. *0. & asked him to put ... the li'hts i6 he was the last to lea:e. *1. & don,t
know how you put ...... the noiseG it would dri:e me mad. *4. A6ter his 6ourth attempt he 'a:e ...
tryin' to pass the dri:in' test. *5. )ere,s a crash helmet. Put it ... . *9. )e should try to
make ...... his loss o6 sleep by 'oin' to bed early. *;. &6 you can,t 6ind a room in a hotel7 & could
always put you ... . +<. The names o6 the winners were 'i:en ... on the radio. +1. The shorta'e
o6 e''s has put ... their price considerably. +*. The 'o:ernment put ... the rebellion with 'reat
++. &6 you want to sa:e money7 'i:e ... eatin' in expensi:e restaurants. +0. This clock is always
slowG & put it ... ten minutes e:ery mornin'. +1. There was a man 'i:in' ... lea6lets outside the
church. +4. )e put ... his name 6or the excursion.
'#mbinati#ns (ith clear* c$t* +all* h#ld* let and hand
1!. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1. 8lear ... your books. & want to set the table 6or lunch. *. The army 6ell ... when the enemy
attacked. +. /ou should cut ... this tree. &t is too near the house. 0. The examination was so
easy that all the candidates handed ... their answer papers a6ter the 6irst hour. 1. #y plans
6or startin' a restaurant 6ell ... 6or lack o6 capital. 4. Eur water supply was cut ... because the
pipe burst. 5. At the end o6 term attendance at these classes usually 6alls ... . 9. The wall was
co:ered with pictures o6 pop stars which #ary had cut......ma'aKines. ;. & hope the rain holds ...
until my washin' is dry. 1<. They won,t let you ... i6 you aren,t a member o6 the club. 11. The
mounted police cleared ... the crowds. 1*. A hea:y snow6all held ... the trains 6rom the north.
1+. &6 you really want to slim you must cut ... on sweets. 10. The two brothers 6ell ...
o:er their 6ather,s will. J?uarreled" 11. /ou would reco:er your sense o6 taste i6 you cut ...
smokin' alto'ether. 14. &6 you will hold ... &,ll put you throu'h to En?uiries. 15. &6 he re6uses to
6all ...... my plans & can probably 6ind someone more coHoperati:e. 19. These 6olk son's ha:e
been handed ... 6rom 'eneration to 'eneration. 1;. She has 'rown so much that her mother will
ha:e to let ... all her dresses. *<. 8hildren7 you must clear ... this mess be6ore 'oin' to bed.
*1. & was cut ... in the middle o6 my call because & ran out o6 money. **. )ow did you 'et this
expensi:e toolHkit. &t 6ell ... the back o6 a lorry. *+. The retirin' minister handed ... to his
successor. *0. & should 6eel :ery cut ... i6 & li:ed more than twenty kilometres 6rom the town.
*1. The soldiers 6ell ... and marched o66. *4. &n the 6ilm the train was held ... and robbed by
6our armed men. *5. The mystery o6 his sudden disappearance was ne:er cleared ... .
*9. )e didn,t dismiss the manG he let him ... with a warnin'. *;. & hope the weather will clear ...
soon. & want to 'o out. +<. )e let the rest o6 the team ... by not turnin' up 6or the match. +1.
ea6 people o6ten 6eel :ery cut ... 6rom others by their disability. +*. 3hen she 'ot 6atter her
clothes were too ti'ht and she had to let them all ... . ++. &6 the wordHprocessor breaks down7
we,ll ha:e to 6all ...... our old typewriter. +0. The sur:i:ors o6 the plane crash were able to
hold ... till help came. +1. 8ould you hand ... the photo'raphs so that e:eryone can see them.
+4. /ou,ll need somewhere to keep your books. &,ll clear ... this cupboard 6or you.
,i-ed c#mbinati#ns
2". Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1. & don,t care ... the expenseG & want the party to be a real success. *. & can,t account ... the
disappearance o6 the picturesG they were all there yesterday. +. &6 passports were done ......
Jabolished"7 tra:el would be much simpler. 0. /ou will ha:e to allow ... some extra expenses on
the train. 1. They set ... on their campin' trip with 'reat enthusiasm. 4. 3hen you ha:e thou'ht
... what & ha:e said7 you will understand. 5. )e doesn,t care ... continental cookery. )e thinks it,s
too rich. 9. The car puled ... beside me and the dri:er asked me the way to Piccadilly.
;. /ou can throw ... the packetG it,s empty. 1<. They set ... at six and reached their destination
be6ore dark. 11. The doctor thinks he,ll pull ... now. )is temperature has 'one down. 1*. & don,t
know how she mana'es to care ... ten children without help. 1+. #y children are pickin' ...
En'lish :ery ?uickly but & 6ind it more di66icult. 10. She 6ainted but they brou'ht her ... by
throwin' cold water on her 6ace. 11. The teacher pointed ... se:eral mistakes that the student
had not corrected. 14. /ou need capital be6ore you can set ... on your own in any kind o6
business. 15. )e suddenly threw ... his @ob and went to Australia. 19. on,t make up your mind
at onceG talk it ... with your lawyer 6irst. 1;. The room needs doin' ...G it,s :ery shabby. *<. The
6actory will ha:e to close down i6 production is not stepped ... . *1. )is 6inal ar'ument brou'ht
me ... to his point o6 :iew. **. 3e must 'et the roo6 mended be6ore the wet weather sets ... .
*+. & don,t like the look o6 these men han'in' ... outside my 'ate. *0. )e picked ... all the
bi''est ones 6or himsel6. *1. /ou must carry ... the instructions on the packet exactly. *4. A6ter
the music had died ... there was a storm o6 applause. *5. The mob burnt ... se:eral important
buildin's in the riots *9. The wearin' o6 national costume has lar'ely died ... in Europe. *;.
These children are :ery politeG they ha:e ob:iously been well brou'ht ... . +<. She carried ...
with her work in spite o6 all interruptions. +1. /ou can stay ... till your 6ather comes home and
then you must 'o to bed. +*. 3hen the rebellion had died ... thin's ?uickly returned to normal.
++. &,ll pick you ... at your o66ice and take you strai'ht to the station. +0. Se:eral new records
were set ... at the last Elympic =ames. +1. )e ad:ises me to han'...... Jkeep" those
pictures as they will be :aluable one day. +4. At the committee meetin' the ?uestion o6 repairs
to the roo6 was brou'ht ... .
21. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1. %low ... the candles on the cake be6ore you cut it. *. )e used to be :ery shy but he has
'rown...... it now. +. A number o6 oil tankers ha:e been laid ... recently. Too many o6 them had
been built. 0. on,t let him order you ... like thatG he,s not your employer. 1. & can pay ... the
money you lent me a6ter &,:e been to the bank. 4. Applications 6or the @ob must be sent ...
be6ore next 3ednesday. 5. The 6ireworks 6actory was practically wiped ... by the explosion.
9. 3e must keep on workin'G it,s too soon to sit ... Jrelax" ;. The terrorists blew ... the railway
line. 1<. )e wanted to ask her to marry him but he was too shy to @oint at once. )e led ......it by
sayin' he o6ten 6elt lonely. 11H & had to send ... an electrician to mend the switch. 1*. A6ter
nursin' the whole 6amily when they had 6lu she was completely worn ... . 1+. #y nephew wants
to be an explorer when he 'rows ... . 10. The house stood ... in the dull street because o6 its red
door. 11. A6ter the owner,s death the business was wound ... and the shop sold. 14. The little
'irl couldn,t blow ... the balloon. 15. 8hildren,s clothes ha:e to be stron' to stand ...... hard
wear. 19. As soon as the decorators ha:e 6inished work in my new house &,ll mo:e ... . 1;. )e
was laid ... 6or six weeks with two broken le's. *<. The idea has 'radually 'rown ... that the
State should look a6ter e:ery citiKen 6rom the cradle to the 'ra:e. *1. They always lay ... a lar'e
supply o6 tinned 6ood in winter in case they are snowed up. **. /ou can,t mo:e into this 6lat till &
mo:e ... . *+. )e thinks & broke his window and threatens to pay me ... 6or it. *0. & asked the
hotel to send ... any letters which came a6ter & had 'one. *1. %%8 stands ... %ritish
%roadcastin' 8orporation. *4. The inscription on the tombstone had been worn . . by the
weather and could scarcely be read. *5. )e,s 'oin' to turn this old buildin' ... a block o6 6lats.
*9. #y shoes wear ... :ery ?uickly since & started walkin' to the o66ice. *;. &,ll start layin' ... my
new 'arden next sprin'. +<. En a tourin' holiday you can mo:e .. to a new place e:ery day i6
you want to. +1. The li6eboat is standin' ... in case it is necessary to take o66 the crew o6 the
dama'ed ship. +*. on,t set ... 6or me. & shall probably be back :ery late. ++. 8ontact lenses
may 6eel uncom6ortable at 6irst but this elin' soon wears ... . +0. She was the only one to
stand ...... me. !o one else said anythin' in my de6ence. +1. )e was sent ... 6rom the uni:ersity
6or dru'Hpushin'. +4. The strike was called ... when the mana'ement a'reed to the strikers,
22. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1. & le6t the milk heatin' 6or too lon' and it all boiled ... . *. 3hen we had worked ... the cost o6
a holiday abroad7 we decided to stay at home. +. $in' this number and ask ... Jto speak to" %ill.
0. The shop is closin' down and sellin' ... all the stock at reduced prices. 1. & always mix ... the
painters #onet and #anet7 Jcon6use" 4. )is description o6 the accident was borne ... by other
witnesses. 5. &,ll do the shoppin' i6 you see ... the lunch. 9. )e read the no:el7 missin' ... the
dull descripti:e passa'es. ;. & ha:e 6ixed ... my holiday and & can,t chan'e the data now. 1<. &
asked him ... 6or a cup o6 co66ee. 11. She le6t the potatoes cookin' 6or so lon' that the water
boiled ... and the potatoes were burnt. 1*. & can see ... her sudden 6riendlinessG she wants me
to look a6ter her parrot while she is away. 1+. /ou mustn,t answer ... like that when your mother
scolds you. 10. 3orkmen don,t always clean ... :ery thorou'hly a6ter they ha:e made a
mess. 11. The news o6 his marria'e to another 'irl was a shock to her but she bore ... bra:ely
and went on as i6 nothin' had happened. 14. $in' up the station and 6ind ... what time the train
'oes. 15. )e stopped to pick ... a hitchHhiker. 19. )e would like to ask her ... but he is too poor
to pay 6oi meals in restaurants. 1;. The committee le6t him ...... the team as he had re6usec
to practise. *<. & couldn,t 'et any bread. All the bakers, shops were sold ... . *1. & thou'ht he
was mad and backed ... ner:ously. **. (ames was askin' ... you today. )e says he hasn,t seen
you 6or weeks. *+. )e wasn,t walkin' :ery 6ast. /ou,ll catch ...... him i6 you start at once. *0. &t
would be sa6er to 'et your solicitor to draw ... the contract. *1. She,ll be busy seein' ... the
children,s clothes be6ore they 'o back to school. *4. )e has 'ot mixed ...... a :ery odd set o6
people. & hope they won,t ha:e a bad in6luence on him. *5. All passen'ers must 6ill ... this
disembarkation 6orm be6ore they lea:e the ship. *9. )e supported the idea at 6irst but backed ...
when he 6ound he,d ha:e to contribute towards the cost. *;. &,:e been in:ited ... to %ri'hton this
weekHend. +<. This sto:e must be cleaned ... once a week or it 'ets choked with ashes.
+1. )e 'ot out as soon as the train drew ... . +*. E:eryone drew ... in alarm when smoke
be'an to pour out o6 the parcel. ++. )e doesn,t like bein' seen ... . )e pre6ers to 'o to the
station alone. +0. The music 6aded ... in the distance as the street players mo:ed on.
+1. !obody backed me ... when & complained about the 6ood in the canteen7 so nothin' was
done about it. +4. &,ll see you ... when you lea:e. &t,s easy to 'et lost in this enormous buildin'.
23. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs.
1. &6 the business continues to lose money7 &,m a6raid we,ll ha:e to close ... . *. )e @oined ...
only because se:eral o6 his 6riends had @oined the army7 too. +. &6 the weather doesn,t clear up
we,ll ha:e to knock ... earlyG we can,t work in the rain. 0. & think Tom is li:in' in /ork now. & must
look him ... next time &,m there. 1. /ou,d better rin' her ... and tell her you,ll be late. 4. &t isn,t 6air
to shout the speaker ... without 'i:in' him a chance to explain. 5. #ost au pair 'irls ha:e to
li:e ... . 9. The 'uide rounded ... the party o6 tourists and led them to the cathedral.
;. 2&,:e made a mistakeG & must rub it ... 2 said the child. 1<. The carHpark attendant said7 2/ou
are too 6ar 6rom the next carG could you close ... a little.2 11. rop ... any time you,re passin'7
and ha:e a cup o6 tea. 1*. She was o66ered a 6lat in a modern block and @umped ... the
chance. 1+. The last person to 'o to bed usually locks ... at ni'ht. 10. &,ll play 6or both o6 us and
you can settle ... a6terwards. 11. The hero in the book was tied ... by his enemies and le6t in a
'asH6illed room7 but he mana'ed to escape. 14. They o66ered to pay hal6 the expenses and he
closed ... the o66er at once. 15. )e won,t buy the car without tryin' it ... on the road 6irst. 19.
#other,s ha:in' a day,s holidayG we are waitin' ... her 6or a chan'e. 1;. She ran' ... an'rily
be6ore & could explain why & hadn,t turned up. *<. That,s poisonG you should lock it ... where the
children can,t touch it. *1. Since she 'ot married she seems to ha:e dropped ... o6 all social
acti:ities. **. The boxer was knocked ... in the second round and lost his title. *+. 3hales li:e
mainly ... plankton. *0. An En'lish husband usually helps his wi6e to wash ... a6ter a meal.
*1. &t takes some time to settle ... to work a'ain a6ter a holiday. *4. #y horse was entered ...
the erby7 but he came in last. *5. The porter was told to watch ...... the people who tried
to 'ateHcrash. *9. )e had to rub ... his -rench to help his son when he started to learn it at
school. *;. She took ... her 'lo:e so that she could show ... her diamond rin'. +<. & tried ...
se:eral coats but none o6 them suited me. +1. &6 you can,t a66ord it7 you,ll ha:e to do ... it.
+*. 3atch ... F That man tried to take your purse out o6 your shoppin'Hba'. ++. Se:eral
'amblin' clubs ha:e been shut ... recently 6or breakin' the re'ulations. +0. This is a clockwork
toy. /ou ha:e to wind it ... . +1. & pointed ... all her mistakes but she didn,t seem :ery 'rate6ul.
+4. & don,t think &,d like to share a 6lat with her. &,d 6ind it di66icult to li:e.....her standards o6
24. Put in the correct prepositions or ad%erbs. 3ote that two words are re0uired.
1. Ence he has si'ned the a'reement7 he won,t be able to back......the scheme. *. 3atch ......
the si'npost. & don,t want to miss the turnin'. +. That chair is not :ery stron'. o you think it
is ......your wei'ht. 0. A6ter drinkin' hal6 a bottle o6 whisky he 6elt able to stand ......his
1. The &talian course started in September and it,s now #arch. &,m a6raid you won,t be able
to catch ......the class now. 4. 3hene:er he runs ...... a di66iculty he always comes to me 6or
help. 5. A mother will usually stand ...... her children7 no matter what they ha:e done. 9.
There,s no point in doin' ...... the old re'ulations i6 you are 'oin' to introduce e?ually stupid new
ones. ;. &,m a6raid there,s no milk le6tG we,ll ha:e to 6all ...... dried milk 6or our tea. 1<. &t,s your
turn to make some su''estionsG &,:e run ... . ideas. 11. )e may be sorry but that won,t
make ...... the dama'e he has done. 1*. Some people can break the law and 'et ...... it. Ethers
'et punished. 1+. )e pretended to 6all ...... my plan but secretly he was

workin' a'ainst it.
10. on,t tell me any o6 your secrets. & don,t want to be mixed ......your a66airs. 11. )e would
'et......his work better i6 you le6t him alone 14. 3hy do you han' ...... those old ma'aKines.
=i:e them away i6 you don,t need them. 15. on,t run ...... the idea that & disappro:e completely.
&,m only tryin' to point out the disad:anta'es. 19. )e wanted to borrow money and led ...... it by
sayin' that times were :ery hard. 1;. )e has 'one ...... his promises so o6ten that no one trusts
him now. *<. Aook ...... me at the stationG &,ll be carryin' the -inancial Times.
*1. )e will come......your way o6 thinkin' in time. **. The #inister was :ery 'lad to hand ......
his successor be6ore the crisis 'ot any worse. *+. 8hildren used to look ...... their parentsG now
they are inclined to re'ard them as e?uals. *0. The astronaut 'ot ...... his rocket and 6ound
himsel6 in the middle o6 a :ast plain. *1. )e only puts ...... his secretary,s bad spellin' because
he can,t 6ind a better one. *4. #y le's are too shortG & can,t keep ...... you i6 you walk so 6ast. *5.
Ence a man 'ets a reputation 6or bein' amusin' he has to try and li:e......it. *9. & suppose
you,ll look ...... me when & tell you & pre6er kippers to ca:iare. *;. &,:e had a busy day and &,m
lookin'......'oin' to bed early +<. Shall & make the che?ue ......you or to your 6irm. +1. The
'o:ernment won,t 'o ...... this new le'islation i6

public 6eelin' is a'ainst it. +*. &t took him a lon'
time to 'row ...... the habit o6 bitin' his nails. ++. #y room is rather dark because it looks ...... a
blank wallH +0. 3e,ll settle ......you when you produce all the bills. +1. )e looked his son ...
and ... and said7 2Aren,t you a bit too old now to wear those odd clothes.2 +4. She 'oes ......
yo'a and spends ten minutes e:ery day standin' on her head.
25. 2eplace the words or phrases in bold type by phrasal %erbs. So)e of the sentences )ay
sound awkward as they stand.
1. 8an he 'i:e a 'ood explanation 6or his extraordinary beha:iour. *. )e mended the tyre o6
his bicycle and then 6illed it with air. +. They were ha:in' a :iolent ?uarrel but stopped suddenly
when & came in. 0. The meetin' was cancelled because o6 the 6lu epidemic. 1. &6 you re6use
to per6orm my orders you,ll be dismissed. 4. & don,t think you can o:ertake themG they le6t two
hours a'o. 5. Sherlock )olmes was o6ten able to sol:e a mystery without lea:in' his rooms in
%aker Street. 9. & 6ound a twentyHpound note by chance in the street. 3hat should & do with it.
;. &6 my scheme had succeeded7 & should ha:e made a pro6it o6 a thousand pounds. 1<.
)e reco:ered consciousness when the doctor had applied arti6icial respiration. 11. The road
sa6ety campai'n had succeeded in reducin' road deaths by 1< per cent. 1*. Three thousand
students are candidates 6or the examination e:ery year but :ery 6ew pass. 1+. )e tried to ali'ht
6rom the bus while it was still mo:in' and was badly hurt. 10. #y sister promised to sin' at the
concert and thou'h she doesn,t want to now7 she can,t 6ree hersel6 6rom the obli'ation. 11. They
announced the names o6 the winnin' horses on the radio. 14. &6 ci'arettes 'et any dearer7 &
shall ha:e to abandon the habit o6 smokin'. 15. Prices always increaseG they ne:er become
less. 19. The police in:esti'ated the case :ery thorou'hly but 6inally said there was no
suspicion o6 6oul play. 1;. )e started his @ourney in a 'reat hurry. *<. )e needs more
exerciseG he should start playin' tennis. *1. &t is di66icult to train children well. **. The train
was delayed by 6o' and arri:ed late. *+. & waited 6or her 6or a'es but she didn,t come. *0. She
is. 'ood at lan'ua'es. She learnt Spanish without e66ort7 in a 6ew months. *1. &t is your
responsibility to make a success o6 your own li6e. J&t is ......you etc." *4. Anyone who was
o66ered a chance like that would accept it with enthusiasm. *5. on,t walk on the 'rass.
*9. )e dictated so ?uickly that his poor secretary couldn,t 'o as 6ast as he did.
Jcouldn,t.........him" *;. & hit him so hard that he 6ell unconscious. +<. &6 & don,t punish you this
time7 will you promise ne:er to do it a'ain. +1. She was :ery upset o:er her 6ailure but now she
is reco:erin' 6rom it. +*. /ou mustn,t omit the di66icult sentencesG do them all. ++. She kept
askin' me all the di66icult words instead o6 searchin' 6or them in a dictionary. +0. & took the
children to the Koo today to compensate 6or the party they missed yesterday. +1. Students o6
En'lish o6ten con6use the words 2lie2 and 2lay2. +4. )e swore to re:en'e himsel6 on me 6or the
wron' & had done him.
26. 2eplace the words or phrases in bold type by phrasal %erbs. So)e of the sentences )ay
sound awkward as they stand.
1. &6 you don,t allow me to enter &,ll break down the door. *. )e re'arded her 6or a moment
and then said7 2She is too tall.2 +. The line was so bad when & telephoned him that &
couldn,t understand what he said. 0. 3ill you take care o6 the 'arden while & am in hospital.
1. & don,t belie:e a word o6 his excuseG &,m sure he in:ented it. 4. )e,s had the best doctors
a:ailable but he won,t reco:er unless he has the will to li:e. 5. %e care6ulF The tree,s 'oin' to
6allF 9. !e:er postpone till tomorrow what you can do today. ;. & re'ard him as the 'reatest
li:in' no:elist. 1<. )e dressed himsel6 in uni6orm 6or the occasion. 11. )e keeps hearin'
stran'e 6ootsteps in the house7 so he has hired a pri:ate detecti:e to in:esti'ate the matter.
1*. She was sittin' opposite me in the bus but she pretended not to see me. 1+. 3hene:er
you are in Paris7 do 'o and :isit my sister. 10. 3hy was she lookin' so annoyed. 11. The
Albert )all was erected in memory o6 Mueen Nictoria,s husband. 14. & can,t o66er hospitality to
you all because my 6lat is too small. 15. Suppose you telephone the station and ask them. 19.
)e dispara'es his own 'arden but he likes other people to praise it. 1;. She is in poor health
a6ter workin' 6or three years without a break. *<. The :illa'e is so small that we are always
meetin' our 6riends accidentally. *1. &t is the 6irst time that he has encountered any opposition.
**. Peter,s lea:in'. 3hy don,t you apply 6or his @ob. *+. There is somethin' wron' with the
tele:ision setG we,d better summon an electrician. *0. A man who has always led an openHair
li6e would 6ind it di66icult to be contented in an o66ice @ob. *1. & am 6eelin' rather tired today
because & stayed out o6 bed later than usual last ni'ht. *4. /ou are not allowed to o66er yoursel6
6or election to Parliament i6 you are under ei'hteen7 a lunatic7 or a bankrupt. *5. )e lost his
reputation and all his money but he had 'ood 6riends and they continued to support and help
him. *9. The 6ather was thorou'hly dishonest and the son resembles him. )e has already
been in the courts 6or stealin'. *;. )e started playin' 'ol6 as he thou'ht it would help him
socially. +<. & used to belie:e his tall storiesG now he rarely succeeds in decei:in' me.
+1. &t is silly to abandon a 'ood @ob like yours7 @ust because you don,t like the co66ee in the
canteen. +*. They re@ected her applications because they pre6erred a man 6or the @ob.
++. The 6actory normally makes clocks and watches but durin' the last war it produced
precision instruments 6or aeroplanes. +0. The chairman brou'ht his speech to an end
by thankin' the sta66 6or their hard work. +1. Take a pencil and paper and calculate how lon' it
will take us to reach Aondon 6rom here. +4. )e undertook e:enin' work to make some extra
money but at the end o6 the year he was completely exhausted7 and had to abandon it.
'#mbinati#ns (ith #++ and #n
27. Put in the appropriate %erb.
1. The 6ireworks ... o66 with such a noise that we were nearly dea6ened. *. The trade talks
which had be'un between the two countries were ... o66 when the 6ishery dispute be'an.
+. )e ... o66 on his @ourney. 0. & can,t hear you. o ... o66 that :acuum cleaner. 1. The
astronaut 6ound the experience o6 wei'htlessness stran'e at 6irst but the 6eelin' ... o66 a6ter
a time. 4. The candidate ... on e:eryone in his constituency and
ked them to :ote 6or him
in the impendin' byHelection. 5. 3ellHo66 people used to ha:e ser:ants to ... on them. 9. &6 we
can,t decide on a play we all want to see we,d better ... o66 the theatre party tomorrow. ;. on,t
be ... o66 by her odd appearanceG she is really :ery nice. 1<. & said to the shop assistant7 2& like
this coatG could & ... it on.2 11. /ou won,t ... on :ery 6ast with your work i6 you try to watch
tele:ision at the same time. 1*. Those chalk marks will easily ... o66 your @acket i6 you brush it.
1+. Almost all workers like to ... o66 Jlea:e work" at six. &t,s hard to 'et anyone to stay on a6ter
that. 10. & was practisin' the ba'pipes but & had to ... o66 because my mother complained about
the noise. 11. & think you ha:e enou'h to do as it is. on,t ... on any more work. 14. They won,t
be able to ha:e their letters ... on when they are away as they will be on sa6ari. 15. #any o6 our
men are o66 sick @ust now. 3e ha:e been ... on with a skeleton sta66. 19. &t,s really your turn to
wash up7 #ary7 but we,ll ... you o66 this time. /ou look :ery tired. 1;. 3hen & played in his team
he kept shoutin' ad:ice at me7 and this ... me o66. *<. & heard two men plannin' to break into a
house. 3hat should & do. /ou should ... on the in6ormation to the police. *1. & don,t see why,we
should do all the work while he @ust ... on Jwatches" and does nothin'. **. Someone is 6ollowin'
usF !e:er mindG ... on walkin' and pay no attention. *+. !ow that we ha:e lost all the money7
it,s no use ... on me and sayin' that it,s all my 6ault. *0. The policeman told the crowd standin'
round the scene o6 the accident to ... on because they were blockin' the road. *1. & don,t want
to ... on the li'ht in case & waken her. *4. #y house was dama'ed by 6loods so & had to ... o66
the 'uests & had in:ited 6or the 6ollowin' weekHend. *5. She doesn,t usually wear a hatG she
only ... one on when she 'oes to a weddin'. *9. ... on. &t could do you 'ood to come out 6or a
chan'e. *;. The weddin' was planned 6or the 14th but the bride 6ell ill so it had to be ... o66.
+<. #y train lea:es at ei'ht tomorrow mornin'. 3ill you come and ... me o66. +1. The Scout ...
on his bicycle and hurried away to 'et help. +*. )e doesn,t ... on with his 6amily. That,s why he
doesn,t li:e at home. ++. That new 6actory is doin' :ery wellG the mana'er has @ust ... on 6i6ty
new workers. +0. The plane ... o66 at se:en and climbed rapidly into the stormy sky. +1. )e ...
o66 his @acket and hun' it up. +4. )e 6lew his plane under the brid'es o6 the Thames. 3hy did
he do that. & suppose he was @ust ... o66. Jattractin' attention toDdisplayin' his skill"
'#mbinati#ns (ith $%
2. -ill up the spaces in each of the following sentences by inserting a %erb 4 up, or a %erb 4 up
4 preposition co)bination.
1. &t is ...... 6actory owners to pro:ide 6ireH6i'htin' e?uipment in their 6actories. J!o :erb is
re?uired here." *. Un6ortunately he was ...... by his parents to belie:e that money was the only
thin' that mattered. +. The party didn,t ...... till + a.m. and the 'uests le6t :ery noisily.
0. & ran a6ter him and soon ......... him. Then we went on to'ether. 1. #other to child: 2/our
clothes are co:ered with mudG what ha:e you ..........2 4. &6 you buy the paint &,ll ......this room 6or
you. 5. )e ......a list o6 conditions and we all a'reed to them. 9. &6 you want a new passport you
must ...... this 6orm. ;. )e......at 9 a.m. and went to bed at 11 p.m. 1<. & tried three times to start
the car and then ... it ... and went by bus. 11. &6 & ...... alcohol &,d be much healthier7 but li6e
wouldn,t be so much 6un. 1*. & saw a policeman so & ......... him and asked him the way.
1+. #ost 'irls expect to 'et married when they....... 10. 8ashiers carryin' money to the bank
are sometimes ...... by 'unmen. 11. )e couldn,t ......... me as & ran much 6aster than he did
and soon le6t him behind. 14. & ...... a *<p piece that & saw lyin' on the 'round. 15. )e wasted
two weeks and tried to ......... it by workin' madly the last day. 19. She said that she was 'oin'
to educate her children hersel67 6or i6 they went to school they,d only......bad habits. 1;. %e6ore
you 'o on holiday you should ...... the house and ask the police to keep an eye on it. *<. The
car......suddenly with screamin' brakes. *1. En'lish people ha:e to.........En'lish weather. **.
The thie:es ...... Jbound" the housekeeper and ransacked the house. *+. &,:e stupidly ...... your
books and mine and now & don,t know which is which. *0. )e is a dan'erous criminal. )e ou'ht
to be....... *1. & want to ... him ... . 3ould you please ...... his telephone number. *4. & ...... at
the meetin'Hplace but the others didn,t come. *5. )e wanted somethin' to do in his spare time
so he ...... carpentry. *9. The police......a notice sayin'7 2!o Parkin'2. *;. 2Tell me at the end o6
the week how many hours you ha:e worked and &,ll ......with you then27 his employer said. +<.
&t,s probably true. !o one would......such a stupid story. +1. She sat down in 6ront o6 the mirror
and be'an to ...... her 6ace. +*. &6 only we had a dishHwasher7 we wouldn,t need to ...... a6ter
e:ery meal. ++ #y 6ather said it was all my 6ault but my mother ......... Jde6ended" me and said
that it wasn,t. +0 )e ...... his speech by callin' 6or a :ote o6 thanks 6or last year,s president.
+1. 8hildren hate 'oin' to bed. They always want to..... a little lon'er. +4. )e was lyin' on his
bed but when he saw me he ...... and said7 2&,m not asleep.2
2!. -ill the spaces in the following sentences by inserting a %erb 4 out co)bination.
1. There were three o6 us in the ori'inal partnership7 but 8harles......so there are only two o6 us
now. *. /ou are not paid to criticiKe. All you need do is to ..... my orders. +. 3hen war......
prices usually 'o up. 0. There,s an ad:ertisement in today,s paper that mi'ht interest $obert. &,ll
... it ... and send it to him. 1. The 6o' is so thick that & don,t know where we are. &,ll ha:e to try
and...... by askin' someone. 4. &n a bus: 2)a:e my seat. &,m ......at the next stop.2 5. The
arran'ement o6 marria'es by parents is a custom that has ......nearly e:erywhere. 9. The
article is too lon'. 8ould you ...... the last two para'raphs. ;. & can,t ......who it is. )e is too 6ar
away. 1<. )e :olunteered to march in the demonstration but when the day came he......and said
that he was not well enou'h to 'o. 11. on,t ...... J'et rid o6 Ddiscard" that old chair. 3e could
repair it. 1*. 3hich picture do you think is the best. &t is hard to......the best. They are all so
'ood. 1+. 3hy do you think they ha:e such a hi'h 6ence round this nuclear power station.
& think they want to ... people ... . 10. )e was ...... o6 the windows and didn,t see me comin'
into the room. 11....... F )ere,s the bossF 14. There was a threat o6 a 'as and electricity strike
and in no time the shops sellin' candles were....... 15. 3e ...... o6 milk on Sunday and & had to
'et some 6rom the milk machine. 19. 3rite in pencil. Then i6 you make a mistake you can easily
it 1;. As we passed #arble Arch he ...... the place where the 'allows used to stand.
*<. 2&,ll /ou 2said my host7 and he accompanied me to the 6ront door. *1. 3e thou'ht that
he was an expert on Proust but it ...... that he had ne:er e:en heard o6 him. **. They......at nine
and arri:ed at twel:e. *+. )e was ?uite ...... when he 'ot no marks at all 6or his essay and he
hasn,t 6or'i:en the lecturer yet. *0. &,m lea:in' this 6lat. & am ...... tomorrow and the new tenants
are mo:in' in the next day. *1. !othin' can e:er ...... the memory o6 that terrible experience.
*4. 2&,ll 'i:e you the 'eneraF plan and you can ...... the details72 the director said to his assistant.
*5. 3e ha:en,t in:ited them to the party. &6 they ...... about it they will be 6urious. *9.......the li'ht
when you lea:e the room. *;. 8hildren usually 'row out o6 their clothes be6ore they ... them ... .
+<. The wind ...... the 6irst match and he had to strike another. +1. 8an & speak to #r Pitt. &,m
a6raid he has @ust ....... +*. #y clothes are all 'ettin' too ti'ht. &,ll ha:e to ... them ... . ++.
There are only two o6 us on this desert island. 3e mustn,t ......J?uarrel" +0. This
bottle has been :ery ti'htly corked. The cork won,t....... +1....... 6or pickpockets

+4. )e ...... in any crowd because he is so much taller than the a:era'e man.
3". -ill the spaces in the following sentences by inserting a %erb 4 down, away or o%er
1. & o66ered him partHtime work but he ... it ...7 sayin' that he,d rather wait 6or a 6ullHtime @ob.
*. )e doesn,t think much o6 contemporary authorsG he is always ......their work. +. )e dictated it
and & ... it ... in shorthand. 0. The child picked up the kni6e and his mother shouted 2 it...F2
1. Some En'lish boys 'o to boardin' school at the a'e o6 se:en. They usually...... ?uickly and
are :ery happy. 4. & am in char'e while Smith is awayG & ...... 6rom him on (une 1. 5. & can,t
decide now. &,ll ... it ... with my collea'ues and let you know later. 9. )e insisted on ridin' a
youn' excitable horse which..... with him and threw him into a ditch. ;. )e a'reed to take my
classes while & was awayG but he me ... . )e ne:er turned up 6or any o6 them. 1<. & ...... the
accounts se:eral times but couldn,t 6ind the mistake. 11. Suddenly there was a rustlin' in the
straw. E:eryone ... ... and stood watchin' 6rom a sa6e distance. 1*. This shop is ....... &t will be
reopenin' shortly under new mana'ement. 1+. )e had sta'e 6ri'ht at 6irst but he ......it :ery
?uickly. 10. The townsman has always been inclined to ...... on the countryman. 11. The 6ilin'
system worked splendidly till the secretary went on holidayG then it ...... and no one knew
where anythin' was. 14. )ere is my letterG would you @ust ... it ... to see i6 there are any
mistakes. 15. Two men started to 6i'ht with kni:es. The crowd ...... so as to be out o6 dan'er7
and stood watchin'. 19. A6ter the bliKKard7 it took a lon' time to ...... the snow 6rom the main
streets. 1;. )e hated boardin' school and ...... 6rom it7 turnin' up two days later at his own
home. *<. (ones tried to make a su''estion but the crowd was too excited to listen and he
was....... *1. 3hen the 6irst act ......we had a drink in the theatre bar **. They should ...... with
licensin' laws and let us drink when we like. *+. There was tremendous excitement in the
streets and the shoutin' didn,t ......till a6ter midni'ht. *0. The embassy was ...... in the recent
riots. The ruins are still smokin'. *1. 3hen she heard the news o6 the crash she......and cried.
*4. The theatre 6illed up :ery early and people who came later and who hadn,t reser:ed seats
were ....... *5. & wonder why there,s such a smell o6 'as. Perhaps somethin' on the 'as sto:e
has......and put out the 6lame. *9. That old chair would be use6ul to somebody. &6 you don,t want
it7 sell it or ... it ... . *;. This rin' & wear isn,t :ery :aluable but it,s been ...... in my 6amily 6or o:er
*<< years. +<. )e ...... a little money e:ery week so as to ha:e somethin' 6or a rainy day.
+1. The police cau'ht one thie6 but the other....... +*. The new idea is that youn' delin?uents
should 'ather to'ether in 'roups and......their problems with social workers. ++. 3e are
spendin' too muchG we,ll ha:e to ...... our expenses. +0. &,m waitin' till prices ...... be6ore
buyin' my new carpet. +1. 3hen the 6loods ...... we were able to use the road a'ain.
+4. The expression 2To ...... a new lea62 means to make a 6resh start with the intention o6 doin'
31. -ill the spaces in the following passage by inserting suitable co)binations.
urin' %ill,s last term at school7 #r 3hite o66ered him a (ob in a hardware shop. 2&t would be in
the tool section72 he said7 2helpin' old #r )ammer7 and i6 you ,...... Jmade 'ood Pro'ress" you
...... Jbecome responsible 6or" the section when #r )ammer retires.2 #r 3hite expected
%ill to
...... at the o66er Jaccept it ea'erly and was rather
...... Jsurprised and disappointed when
the boy looked doubt6ul. 2/ou needn,t
...... your mind Jdecide" at once72 he said. #r )ammer
......JcontinueD mana'e" without an assistant 6or another 6ortni'ht. %ut
... it ... Jconsider it"
and let me know /our school
...... Jcloses 6or the holidays" this -riday7 doesnt it.2 %ill nodded.
23ell7 i6 you decide to accept the @ob7
...... Jcall at the shop" next weekend. &,ll show you round
and we,ll ... you Jarran'e this matter" with an insurance card.2 %ill,s 6ather ur'ed him to accept.
2&6 you 2... it ... Jre6use it" you,ll @ust be on the dole72 he said. 2&t,s no use
... . Jloiterin'" at
home waitin' 6or somethin' better to
... . Jappear". Nery 6ew employers are
Jen'a'in'" more men at present and a lot o6 places are
...... Jshuttin' permanently"2
So %ill took the @ob and soon ,
...... in his new en:ironment Jbecame used to it". )e ,
...... Jlearnt"
to work ?uickly and when #r )ammer retired and
...... Jtrans6erred" the tool section to him7 he
6elt :ery proud o6 himsel6. Un6ortunately7 a6ter two years #r 3hite was trans6erred to a bi''er
branch and a new mana'er7 #r %lack7 was appointed )e and %ill didn,t
...... one another at all
Jneither liked other". )e be'an7 tactlessly enou'h7 by
... %ill ... and Jexaminin'" and
sayin'7 2& don,t ,...... Jlike" the way you dress. &6 you want to
...... Jcontinue" workin' here you
must smarten up.
...... J'et dressed in" a tie and
...... Jremo:e" those rin's. & don,t appro:e o6
youn' men wearin' rin's.2 2Some o6 our customers wear them72 %ill
... me ... Jreply impudently"F2 snapped #r %lack. Soon a6terwards7 %ill and the mana'er
..... J?uarrelled" a'ain. 2/ou spend too much time talkin' to customers72 #r %lack complained.
2%ut they like a chat72 said another assistant7 tryin' to
...... Jde6end" %ill. 2People who want
silent ser:ice 'o to super markets.2 2/ou
...... o6 this Jremain outside"P2 snarled #r %lack. 2&.2
business doesn,t
...... Jimpro:e" you may both be ... . Jseekin'" other @obs.2
... customers ... Jrepels them" by his bad manner7, muttered %ill to his 6riends. 2%ut i6
...... Jdecrease" he,ll
.. ... Jstate 6alsely" that it,s all our 6ault. Anyway &,m sick o6 bein'
.. ... J'i:en too many orders" and &,m not 'oin' to
......... it Jendure it"2 -ortunately7 be6ore
...... Jstarted" in the tool department7 #r %lack7 who had
...... 6or Japplied 6or" a more
important post7 was told that he had 'ot it. )e became o:erni'ht a much happier man and tried
......... Jcompensate 6or " his pre:ious harshness by bein' :ery polite to e:eryone7 e:en %ill.
The sta66 weren,t ...... Jdecei:ed" by his sudden a66ability7 but it made a nice chan'e.
32. (o)plete the passage, using suitable co)binations.
3e ,......early and had break6ast at 5.+<. A6ter break6ast my sister Alice ...... Jwashed the dishes"
while & 'ot out the car. 3e
... ... Jbe'an our @ourney" at 9.+< and dro:e 6irst to #r Pitt,s house to
......Jcollect" his son Tom who was comin' with us. Tom had ne:er met my niece Ann and &
wasn,t sure how the two children would ....... %ut & needn,t ha:e worried7 6or it
... ... Jwas
re:ealed" that they had a lot o6 interests in common and seemed ?uite pleased with each other.
E:en my sister7 who doesn,t usually
...... Jlike" small boys7
...... Jwas attracted byDliked at 6irst
meetin'" him 6rom the 6irst. She whispered to me that he had :ery 'ood manners and had
ob:iously been well
... ... . Tom also pleased her :ery much by
...... Jindicatin'" :arious
interestin' buildin's as we dro:e throu'h the town. Ann7 howe:er7 was not much impressed by
this and clearly thou'ht that Tom was @ust 2......Jdisplayin' his knowled'e". Suddenly Alice said7
2=ood hea:ensF & 6or'ot to
...... the iron. 3e,ll ha:e to 'o back or it will start a 6ire and
Jdestroy by 6ire" the house.2 & said7 2Aet,s try to
...... Jtelephone" our nei'hbour7 #r Smith7 6irst
and see i6 he can 'et into the house and ... the iron.2 2%ut he won,t be able to
...... Jenter"7 said
Alice. 2The house is
....... 2Then he,ll ha:e to
...... Jenter by 6orce"2 & said. 2%etter to ha:e a
window broken than let the house
...... in 6lames.2 So &
...... Jtelephoned" #r Smith7 who said
...... the matter. &
...... Jwaited7 holdin' the recei:er" while he went to do this7 and :ery
soon & heard his :oice sayin'7 2&t,s all ri'ht. &
... ... Jentered" throu'h a window you,d le6t open
...... the iron. !o dama'e was done.2 & thanked him warmly and we
...... Jcontinued" with
our @ourney7 much relie:ed. 3e stopped at 1.<<7
...... o6 Jle6t" the car and picnicked by the side
o6 the road. Alice was @ust
car ... Jo66erin' to each o6 us" the sandwiches when a police
... Jstopped" beside us. 2/ou mustn,t park here72 said the policemen. &t,s a clear way.2 &
explained that & was a 6orei'ner7 so he said7 23ell
... you ... Jo:erlook the o66ence" this time7 but
don,t do it a'ain. /ou mi'htn,t
......... Jescape unpunished" it another time.2 #y sister was rather
...... Jannoyed" by this incident but & explained that these re'ulations were necessary and we
...... ... JendureDbear patiently" them. Tom was :ery impressed by the police car. )e
......... Jrespects" all policemen and hopes to be one when he
..... Jbecomes an adult". )e is
......... Janticipatin' with pleasure" dri:in' round in a 6ast car
...... Jseekin'" lawbreakH
ers. Poor Tom likes 6ast cars and was rather
...... JboredDdis'usted" because so many cars
......... Jdrew le:el with" us and passed us. As we listened to the sound o6 their en'ines
Jdiminishin'" in the distance he said7 2!ext time & 'o out with you &,ll come on my bicycle. &,m
sure &,ll come on my bicycle. &,m sure &,ll be able to
......... Jremain abreast o6" you7 you 'o so
slowly.2 )owe:er we did
...... Jarri:e at" Strat6ord in the end and went to the house o6 a 6riend7
who had promised to
... us ... J'i:e us accommodation" 6or the ni'ht. 3e tried to 'et seats 6or
the #emorial Theatre but they were
...... Jall sold" so we spent the e:enin' sittin' by the 6ire
and ...... Jdiscussin'" our day.
1. -ill in the blanks with the correct for)s #i)perati%e or present si)ple$ of the %erbs in
Two women ... J'o" to a city. They ... Jarri:e" at a main street. Aaura ... Jbe" :ery hun'ry and ...
Jwant" to eat ri'ht away. (ean ... Jpre6er" to walk around7 but three hours later7 she ... J'et"
hun'ry7 too.
(ean: &t ... Jbe" almost 9.<<. !ow & ... Jbe" hun'ry7 too. Aet,s J'o" to the 8a6e %on Appetit. #y
6riend ... Jrecommend" it. She ... Jsay" they ... Jser:e" 'reat -rench 6ood there and it ... Jha:e" a
wonder6ul atmosphere.
Aaura: Ekay7 okay. 3here ... Jbe" it.
(ean: & ... Jnot know". ... Jask" that woman.
Aaura: Ekay7 Jto the woman" ... Jexcuse" me7 ma,am. 3here ... Jbe" the ca6e %on Appetit. ... you
... Jknow".
3oman: /es7 & ... Jdo". /ou ... J'o" two blocks strai'ht down this street. Then ... Jturn" ri'ht
and ... Jcross" the street.
(ean: Thanks a lot.
They ... Jwalk" two blocks.
Aaura: ... we ... Jturn" le6t there.
(ean: /es7 we ... Jdo"7 & ... Jthink" ... . !o ... we ... Jnot7 do". 3ait ... yes ... .
(ean ... J'o" le6t7 and Aaura ... J6ollow". They ... Jwalk" 6or a hal6Hhour. -inally they ... Jreturn" to
the main street.
Aaura: & ... Jnot see" the 8a6e %on Appetit. %ut & ... Jneed" some 6ood L nowF ... Jlook"F. There ...
Jbe" a 6astH6ood piKKa place on the corner.
(ean: %ut ... you ... Jnot want" to 'o to a nice restaurant.
They only ... Jser:e" @unk 6ood there. There ... Jbe" 'reat restaurants in the city. & ... Jwant" ...
Aaura: ... Jrun" to the piKKa place. (ean ... Jhurry" a6ter her.
2. 5ou decide/ Why is today different?
1. Jsmoke" & ne:er ... ci'arettes but ... today because ... *. Jwear" =eor'e ne:er ... a tie7 but ...
a tie today because .... +. Jwork" 3e ne:er ... late in the o66ice7 but ... late today because ... . 0.
Jar'ue" #ario ne:er ... with his brother7 but ... with him today because ... . 1. Jsend" #ario ne:er
... his 'irl6riend 6lowers7 but he ... her 6lowers today because .... 4. Jstudy" Elisabeth ne:er ... 7
but she ... today because 5. Jtake" #r and #rs Smith ne:er ... the subway7 but they ... the
subway today because ... . 9. Jwatch" Eur teacher ne:er ... TN7 but she ... TN today beH
cause ... . ;. Jwrite" #y older brother ne:er ... to our 6amily7 but he ... to us today because ... .
1<. J'et up" (anet ne:er ... early7 but she ... early today because . . . 11. Jdrink" #r and #rs
(ones ne:er ... champa'ne7 but they ... champa'ne today because ... . 1*. J'o" Susan ne:er ...
to restaurants7 but she ... to a restaurant today because ... .
3. (hoose either the present si)ple or present progressi%e in the following sentences.
1. Somethin' ... Jsmell" :ery 'ood. *. 3e ... Jeat" dinner at se:en o,clock to ni'ht. +. )e ...
Jpractise" the piano e:ery day. 0. They ... Jdri:e" to school tomorrow. 1. & .. Jbelie:e" you.
4. #aria ... Jha:e" a cold. 5. =eor'e ... Jswim" ri'ht now. 9. (ohn ... Jhate" smoke. ;. (ill
always ... J'et" up at 4.<< a.m. 1<. (erry ... Jmow" the lawn now.
4. (o)plete the dialogue. *se the words under the lines, in the present si)ple or the
present progressi%e. (o)plete the short answers.
The phone rin's in the dentist,s o66ice. Assistant: r %rown,s o66ice.
=:. )ello. This is =loria 6rom the beauty salon next door. J&Dha:eDa toothacheD." J&D6eelDaw6ulDat
the moment."
J3hatD the dentistDdoDri'ht nowD." JheDbusyD." A: /es.BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB
JheD6ill a ca:ityDat presentD."
J)eDusuallyDha:e timeDin the mornin'D." J)eDo6tenD take a breakD."
J%ut todayD thereD se:eral patientsDwaitDin the waitin' roomD."
J&DusuallyD:isit the dentistDtwice a yearD."
J%utD&Dneed to seeDr. %rownDnowDF" J#y toothDhurtD."
JThisDbeDan emer'encyF"
#eanwhile7 a secretary on the second 6loor is tryin' to call =loria.
J3hyDher phoneDalwaysDbe busyD."
J=loria talk on the phoneDall the timeD."
J&Dha:e to ha:eDan appointmentDtodayD." J#y hairDlookD terribleD "
J&D6eel aw6ul about itD these daysD." JThisDbeDan emer'encyDi"
5. Put in the present si)ple or the present progressi%e tenses.
8)E#P 8)A#PF
Jyou sit" ... com6ortably. =oodF & Jhope"7... you Jstudy" ... this text care6ully because & Jha:e" ...
news 6or you. The =uinness %ook o6 $ecords Jnot include" ... records 6or eatin' any more.
People who Jtry" ... to swallow 05 hard boiled e''s in hal6 a minute will ha:e to do it 6or pleasure
and not 'et into the record book. 23e Jre'ard" ... these records as unhealthy72 said the book,s
editor7 #r onald #c-arian. )owe:er7 one recordHholder will remain. )e is #ichel Aotito o6
=renoble J2#onseieur #an'eHtout2". Since 1;447 he has chomped his way throu'h two bicycles7
5 TN sets and a li'ht aircra6t. )e,s likely to remain world champ7 unless you Jwant" ... to
challen'e him7 o6 courseF
6. Put in the present si)ple or present progressi%e. 3ote where both for)s are possible.
A )EA&A/ (E% 3&T) A &--E$E!8EF
& Jstudy" ... En'lish at Exeter Uni:ersity. &,m on holiday at the moment and & Jwork" ... in a public
library. &,m lucky to ha:e this @ob. & Jnot ha:e to" ... 'et up early. The library Jopen" ... at 1< and
Jclose" ... at 5. &t,s interestin' work because people Jalways come in" ... and Jask" ... me to help
them7 so & Jlearn" . . a lot about di66erent sub@ects. & Jen@oy" ... the @ob and J6ind" ... it :ery
amusin'7 too. People Juse" ... the stran'est thin's as bookmarks. & ha:e 6ound a rasher o6
bacon Juncooked". #atchsticks Jbe" ... common and so Jbe" ... bus tickets. #y collea'ues
Jalways 6ind" a I1<7 but & ha:en,t been so luckyF & o6ten Jthink" ... o6 the photo o6 a beauti6ul
woman which & 6ound. En the back were the words: 2& Jlo:e" ... you. & Jmiss" ... you and &,ll ne:er
6or'et you.2
7. (o)plete the sentences with the present si)ple or present progressi%e tense of the
%erbs in brackets. &he ad%erbs in italics should be put in their correct position.
1. & Jthink" you already Jknow" my :iews on the matter. *. &,m tired o6 workin' in an o66ice. &
Jthink" o6 chan'in' my @ob. +. & @ust Jsmell"your roses. They Jnot smell" wonder6ul. 0. &
'radually J6or'et" all the physics & e:er learnt at schoolH 1. /ou Jsee" that house o:er there.
!o7 not thereF /ou Jnot look" where my 6in'er Jpoint". 4. & Jnot hear" anythin'. /ou @ust Jima'ine"
thin's. 5. The court Jhear" this particular part o6 the e:idence in pri:ate.
9. & @ust Jtaste" the cocktail to see i6 there,s enou'h 'in in it. )ow it Jtaste" to you.
;. & Jthink" my dau'hter Jsee" too much o6 that youn' ma n these days7 and & Jnot appro:e" o6 it.
1<. on,t take his remarks too seriously. )e,s so upset that & Jnot think" he really Jknow" what
he Jsay". 11. The monument Jstand" on a hill o:erlookin' the town. 1*. /ou JrealiKe" that you
Jstand" on my toe. 1+. The town Jha:e" a population o6 1<7<<<.
. Put the %erbs in brackets into the present si)ple or the present progressi%e tense.
1. 8uckoos Jnot build" nests. They Juse" the nests o6 the other birds. *. /ou can,t see Tom now:
he Jha:e" a bath. +. )e usually Jdrink" co66ee but today he Jdrink" tea. 0. 3hat she Jdo" in the
e:enin's. She usually Jplay" cards or Jwatch" TN. 1. & won,t 'o out now as it Jrain" and & Jnot
ha:e" an umbrella. 4. The last train Jlea:e" the station at 11.+<. 5 )e usually Jspeak" so ?uickly
that & Jnot understand" him. 9. Ann Jmake" a dress 6or hersel6 at the moment. She
Jmake" all her own clothes. ;. )ardly anyone Jwear" a hat nowadays. 1<. &,m a6raid &,:e broken
one o6 your co66ee cups. on,t worry. & Jnot like" that set anyway. 11. & Jwear" my sun'lasses
today because the sun is :ery stron'. 1*. Tom can,t ha:e the newspaper now because his
aunt Jread" it. 1+. &,m busy at the moment. & Jredecorate" the sittin' room.
10. The kettle Jboil" now. Shall & make the tea. 11. /ou Jen@oy" yoursel6 or would you like to
lea:e now. & Jen@oy" mysel6 :ery much. & Jwant" to stay to the end. 14. )ow you J'et" to work
as a rule. & usually J'o" by bus but tomorrow & J'o" in Tom,s car. 15. 3hy you Jput" on your
coat. & J'o" 6or a walk. /ou Jcome" with me. /es7 &,d lo:e to come. /ou Jmind" i6 & brin' my
do'. 19. )ow much you Jowe" him. & Jowe" him I1. /ou Jintend" to pay him. 1;. /ou
Jbelon'" to your local library. /es7 & do. /ou Jread" a lot. /es7 ?uite a lot. )ow o6ten you
Jchan'e" your books. & Jchan'e" one e:ery day. *<. #ary usually Jlearn" lan'ua'es :ery
?uickly but she Jnot seem" able to learn modern =reek. *1. & always Jbuy" lottery tickets but &
ne:er Jwin" anythin'. **. /ou Jlike" this necklace. & J'i:e" it to my dau'hter 6or her birthday
tomorrow. *+. & won,t tell you my secret unless you Jpromise" not to tell anyone. & Jpromise".
*0. /ou always Jwrite" with your le6t hand. *1. /ou Jlo:e" him. !o7 & Jlike" him :ery much but
& Jnot lo:e" him. *4. /ou Jdream" at ni'ht. /es7 & always Jdream" and i6 & Jeat" too much
supper & Jha:e" ni'htmares. *5. The milk Jsmell" sour. /ou Jkeep" milk a lon' time. *9. These
workmen are ne:er satis6iedG they always Jcomplain". *;. 3e Juse" this room today
because the window in the room is broken. +<. )e always Jsay" that he will mend the window
but he ne:er Jdo" it. +1. /ou Jknow" why an apple J6all" down and not up. +*. /ou Jwrite" to him
toni'ht. /es7 & always Jwrite" to him on his birthday. /ou Jwant" to send any messa'e.
++. Tom and #r Pitt Jha:e" a lon' con:ersation. & Jwonder" what they Jtalk" about. +0. /ou
Jbelie:e" all that the newspapers say. !o7 & Jnot belie:e" any o6 it. Then why you Jread"
newspapers. +1. This car Jmake" a :ery stran'e noise. /ou Jthink" it is all ri'ht.
Eh7 that noise Jnot matter". &t always Jmake" a noise like that. +4. The 6ire Jsmoke" horribly. &
can,t see across the room. & Jexpect" that birds Jbuild" a nest in the chimney. 3hy you Jnot
put" wire across the tops o6 your chimneys. Tom Jdo" that sometimes but it Jnot seem" to
make any di66erence.
!. Put the %erbs in brackets into the present si)ple or the present progressi%e tense.
1. 3hat Tom Jthink" o6 the %ud'et. )e Jthink" it most un6air. & Ja'ree" with him. *. 3hat this
one Jcost". &t Jcost" 6orty pence. +. /ou Jhear" the wind. &t Jblow" :ery stron'ly toni'ht.
0. /ou Jsee" my car keys anywhere. H!o7 & Jlook" 6or them but & Jnot see" them. 1. )e ne:er
Jlisten" to what you say. )e always Jthink" about somethin' else. 4. This book is about a man
who Jdesert" his 6amily and J'o" to li:e on a Paci6ic island. 5. /ou Junderstand" what the lecturer
is sayin'. !o7 & Jnot understand" him at all. 9. 3hat you Jha:e" 6or break6ast usually. &
usually Jeat" a carrot and Jdrink" a 'lass o6 cold water. ;. 3hen the curtain Jrise" we Jsee" a
'roup o6 workers. They Jpicket" a 6actory 'ate. 1<. 3hy you Jwalk" so 6ast today. /ou usually
Jwalk" ?uite slowly. & Jhurry" because & Jmeet" my mother at 0 o,clock and she Jnot like" to be
kept waitin'. && & Jwish" that do' would lie down. )e Jkeep" @umpin' up on my lap. & Jthink" he
Jwant" to 'o 6or a walk. 1*. /ou Jreco'niKe" that man. & Jthink" that & ha:e seen him be6ore
but & Jnot remember" his name. 1+. Aook at that crowd. & Jwonder" what they Jwait" 6or. 10. This
messa'e has @ust arri:ed and the man Jwait" in case you Jwant" to send a reply. 11. StopF /ou
Jnot see" the notice. & Jsee" it but & can,t read it because & Jnot wear" my 'lasses. 3hat it
Jsay". &t Jsay" 2These premises are patrolled by 'uard do's2. 14. She always Jborrow" 6rom
me and she ne:er Jremember" to pay me back. 15. /ou Jneed" another blanket or you J6eel"
warm enou'h. 19. &t Jsa:e" time i6 you Jtake" the path throu'h the wood. !o7 it Jnot matter"
which path you take. 1;. & Jsa:e" up because & J'o" abroad in (uly. *<. & Jthink" it is a pity you
don,t take more exercise. /ou J'et" 6at. *1. The plane that you Jlook" at now @ust Jtake" o66 6or
Paris. **. Tom ne:er Jdo" any work in the 'ardenG he always Jwork" on his car. *+.
3hat he Jdo" to his car now. & Jthink" he Jpolish" it. *0. That 6ilm Jcome" to the local cinema
next week. /ou Jwant" to see it. *1. )ow Peter J'et" on at school. Nery well. )e Jseem" to
like the li6e. *4. 3hy #rs Pitt Jlook" so an'ry. #r Pitt Jsmoke" a ci'arette and Jdrop" the ash
on the carpet. *5. This is our itinerary. 3e Jlea:e" home on the 9th7 Jarri:e" in Paris
on the ;th7 Jspend" the day in Paris7 and Jset" out that ni'ht 6or Nenice. That Jsound" most
interestin'. /ou must tell me about it when you J'et" back. *9. This story is about a boy who
Jmake" 6riends with a snake which he J6ind" in his 'arden. Then he J'o" away but he Jnot 6or'et"
the snake and some years later he Jreturn" and Jlook" 6or it. *;. )e J6ind" the snake who
Jreco'nise" its old 6riend and Jcoil" round him a66ectionately. %ut7 un6ortunately7 the snake is by
now a 6ullH'rown boaHconstrictor and its embrace Jkill" the poor boy. +<. The snake J6eel" sorry
about this. & Jnot know". The story Jend" there. +1. )ow you Jend" a letter that Jbe'in" 7 2ear
Sir2. & always Jput"7 2/ours truly27 but Tom Jpre6er" 2/ours 6aith6ully2. +*. 3hat the word
2catastrophe2 Jmean". &t Jmean" 2disaster2. ++. 3hat you Jwait" 6or. & Jwait" 6or the shop to
open. %ut it Jnot open" till ;.<<. & Jknow" but & Jwant" to be early7 as their sale Jstart" today.
+0. 3hy you Jsmoke" a ci'ar7 #rs Pitt. /ou Jnot smoke" ci'ars as a rule. & Jsmoke" it because
& Jwant" the ash. This book Jsay" that ci'ar ash mixed with oil Jremo:e" heat stains 6rom wood.
+1. 3ho Jown" this umbrella. & Jnot know". E:erybody Juse" it but nobody Jknown" who Jown"
it. +4. /ou Jmind" i6 & Jask" you a ?uestion. That Jdepend" on the ?uestion. &t Jconcern" your
brother. & Jre6use" to answer any ?uestion about my brother.
1". Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct present tense.
1. Ann sees Paul puttin' on his coat and says: 3here you J'o"7 Paul. Paul: & J'o" to buy some
ci'arettes. /ou Jwant" an e:enin' paper. *. Ann: !o7 thanks. /ou are always buyin'
ci'arettes7 Paul. )ow many you Jsmoke" a day. Paul: & Jnot smoke" :ery many L perhaps *<.
(ack Jsmoke" 6ar more than & Jdo". )e Jspend" I1< a week on ci'arettes. +. #ary Jsee" Peter
standin' at the bus stop. #ary: )ello7 Peter. 3hat bus you Jwait" 6or. Peter: )ello7 #ary. & Jwait"
6or a ; or a 10. 0. #ary: /ou usually J'o" to work by car7 don,t you. Peter. /es7 but the car
Jbelon'" to my mother and she sometimes Jwant" it. She Juse" it today to take Tom to the
dentist. 1. #ary: & usually J'o" by car too. (ack Jtake" me because he Jpass" my o66ice on his
way to the 6actory. %ut this week he Jwork" in a 6actory in the opposite direction: so & J?ueue" like
you. 4. Peter: )ere,s a ; now. /ou Jcome" on it or you Jwait" 6or a 10. #ary: & Jthink" &,ll take the
;. &6 & Jwait" 6or a 101 may be late7 and i6 you Jbe" late at my o66ice e:eryone Jlook" at you. 5.
#ary and Ann Jwait" outside a telephone box. &nside the box a boy Jdial" a number. #ary: /ou
Jknow" that boy. Ann: /es7 he,s a 6riend o6 my brother,s )e Jphone" his 'iri 6riend e:ery day
6rom this box. 9. #ary: 3here he Jcome" 6rom. Ann: )e Jcome" 6rom (apan. )e,s a :ery
cle:er boyG he Jspeak" 6our lan'ua'es. ;. #ary: & Jwonder" what he Jspeak" now. Ann: 3ell7
his 'irl6riend Jcome" 6rom (apan tooG so & Jsuppose" he Jspeak" (apanese. 1<. &t is
9.+< Tom and Ann Jha:e" break6ast. They both Jopen" their letters. Tom: !o one e:er
Jwrite" to me. All & J'et" is billsF /ou Jha:e" anythin' interestin'. 11. Ann: &,:e 'ot a letter 6rom
)u'h. )e Jsay" he Jcome" to Aondon next week and Jwant" us to meet him 6or lunch. 1*. Peter:
/ou Jha:e" tra66ic wardens in your country. Pedro: !o7 & Jnot think" so. /ou Jnot see" them in my
town anyway. 3hat exactly a tra66ic warden Jdo". 1+. Peter: )e Jwalk" up and down the street
and i6 a car Jstay" too lon' at a parkin' place or Jpark" in a noHparkin' area he Jstick" a parkin'
ticket to the windscreen. 10. AookF )e Jput" a ticket on Tom,s car. Tom will be 6urious when he
Jsee" it )e Jhate" 'ettin' parkin' tickets. 11. 8ustomer: & Jwant" to buy a 6ur coat. )a:e you any
nice coats 6or about I1<<. Assistant: &,m a6raid we @ust Jclose"7 madam. &t,s 0.117 and re always
Jclose" at 1.<<. sharp on -ridays as #r (ones the mana'er Jnot want" to miss his 6a:ourite
tele:ision pro'ramme. 14. &t is -riday e:enin' and the %rown 6amily are at home. @:Prs %rown
Jlisten" to a concert on7 the radioG #r %rown Jread" a paper7 =eor'e %rown Jdo" his
homework and Ann %rown Jwrite" a letter. 15. #r %rown always Jread" his newspapers in the
e:enin's. #rs %rown sometimes Jknit" but she Jnot knit" toni'ht. 19. #r %lack o6ten J'o" to the
theatre but his wi6e Jnot 'o" :ery o6ten. )e Jlike" all sorts o6 plays. She Jpre6er" comedies.
1;. Toni'ht they Jwatch" a :ery modern comedy. They Jen@oy" it7 but they Jnot
understand" some o6 the @okes. *<. 3hat Jhappen" in your class. The teacher J'i:e" lectures
e:ery day. !o7 he J'i:e" one lecture a week7 and on the other days he Jshow" 6ilms or
Jdiscuss" books with us. *1. A bus conductor J'et" more exercise than a bus dri:er. The dri:er
@ust Jsit" in his cab but the conductor Jstand" and Jwalk" about and Jrun" up and down the stairs.
**. 3hy that man Jstand" in the middle o6 the road. )e Jtry" to 'et across. )e Jwait" 6or a 'ap
in the tra66ic. 3hy he Jnot use" the subway. Aots o6 people Jnot bother" to use the subway.
They Jpre6er" to risk their li:es crossin' here. *+. /ou Jwear" a new coat7 aren,t you. /es. /ou
Jlike" it. The colour Jsuit" you but Jnot 6it" you :ery well. &t,s much too bi'. *0. All the 'uides
here Jspeak" at least three 6orei'n lan'ua'es7 because a lot o6 6orei'n :isitors Jcome" e:ery
summer. *1. Paul Jtake" a party o6 -rench tourists round now and tomorrow an American party
Jcome". *4. En'lishmen :ery seldom Jtalk" on the Under'round. They Jpre6er" to read their
newspapers Those two men in the corner Jtalk". %ut they Jnot talk" En'lish. *5. (ones and
8o. Jha:e" a sale at the moment. Shall we look in on our way home. &,d lo:e to but &,m a6raid &
won,t ha:e time. & Jmeet" Tom at 1.+<. /ou J'o" out with Tom o6ten. *9. & usually J'o" by train7
but this weekend & J'o" by bus. &t Jtake" lon'er but it Jcost" less. *;. Ann Jon telephone": /ou
Jdo" anythin' at the moment7 Sally. Sally: /es. & Jpack"G & Jcatch" a plane to !ew /ork in three
hours, time. Ann: Aucky 'irlF )ow lon' you Jstay" in !ew /ork. +<. Peter: /ou J'o" out toni'ht7
Paul. Paul: !o7 & Jstay" at home. The nei'hbours Jcome" in to watch TN.
Peter: /ou Jin:ite" the nei'hbours o6ten. Paul: !o7 but they Jin:ite" themsel:es whene:er there
is a 'ood pro'ramme. +1. (ack: & @ust J'o" out to 'et an e:enin' paper. Ann: %ut it Jpour"F 3hy
you Jnot wait" till the rain Jstop". JD ad:ise you to wait." +*. Aucy: Tom J'et" up :ery early but
he Jwash" and Jsha:e" and J'et" his break6ast so ?uietly that & Jnot hear" a thin'. %ut & Jhear"
him dri:in' away 6rom the house because his car Jmake" a lot o6 noise. ++. Alice: #y brother
J'et" up :ery early too. %ut he Jmake" such a lot o6 noise that he Jwake" e:erybody up. )e Jsin'"
in his bath and Jban'" doors and Jdrop" thin's in the kitchen and Jplay" the radio :ery loudly.
+0. Aucy: 3hy you Jnot ask" him to be a bit ?uieter. Alice: & Jmention" it e:ery ni'ht but it Jnot
do" any 'ood. )e Jsay" that he Jnot make" a sound7 and & Jthink" he really Jbelie:e" it. +1. Tom:
/ou Jsee" that man at the corner. )e Jkeep" stoppin' people and askin' them ?uestions. /ou
Jthink" he Jask" 6or directions. (ack: !o7 & Jexpect" he Jmake" a sur:ey. Tom: )ow you Jmake" a
sur:ey. (ack: /ou Jstop" people and Jask" them ?uestions and Jwrite" the answers on a report
sheet. +4. &n most countries a child Jstart" school at six and Jstay" 6or about 6i:e years in a
primary school. Then he Jmo:e" to a secondary school. At 15 or 19 he Jtake" an examG i6 he
Jdo" well in this exam he can 'o on to a uni:ersity i6 he Jwish".
11. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct present tense #the present si)ple or the
present progressi%e$.
1. #rs (ones: #y dau'hter ne:er Jwrite" to me so & ne:er Jknow" what she Jdo". /our son Jwrite"
to you7 #rs Smith. #rs Smith: /es7 & Jhear" 6rom him e:ery week. )e Jseem" to like writin'
letters. *. These apples Jcost" 0<p a ba'. /ou Jthink" that is expensi:e. &t Jdepend" on the
siKe o6 the ba'. +. & Jsee" my solicitor tomorrow JD ha:e arran'ed this"G & Jchan'e" my will.
/ou always Jchan'e" your will. 3hy you Jnot lea:e" it alone. 0. /ou Jlook" :ery thou'ht6ul. 3hat
you Jthink" about. & Jthink" about my retirement. %ut you,re only *1. /ou only @ust Jstart" your
career. & Jknow"G but & Jread" an article which Jsay" that a sensible man Jstart" thinkin' about
retirement at *1. 1. #y next door nei'hbour always Jknock" on my door and Jask" me to lend
her _ pieces. 3hat she Jdo" with them. She Jput" them in her 'as meter. & really Jnot
mind" lendin' her a 6ew _ pieces but what Jannoy" me is that she Jknow" how many she
Jneed" each week but ne:er Jtake" the trouble to brin' the ri'ht number home.
4. 3hat she Jdo" i6 she Jrun out" o6 them when you are away. Eh7 she Jborrow" 6rom her
other nei'hbour7 #r 3hiteG but this Jtake" lon'er because he always Jwant" her to stay and chat
and she J6ind" it ?uite hard to 'et away 6rom him. 5. )ow much she Jowe" you now. & Jnot
know"G & Jnot keep" an account. Anyway she Jlea:e" next weekG she J'et" married. & Jtry" to think
o6 a suitable weddin' present. 9. 3hy you Jnot o66er" to cancel her debt. That Jsound"
rather a mean sort o6 present. Anyway she Probably Jnot realiKe" that she Jowe" me money.
;. #y brother Jsay" that people who Jowe" him money always Jseem" to 6or'et about it7 but
people he Jowe" money to always Jremember" exactly. 1<. & Jnot think" your brother Jen@oy" the
party. )e Jkeep" lookin' at his watch. Eh7 &,m sure he Jen@oy" it. )e always Jen@oy" your parties
%ut & Jknow" he Jwant" to be home early toni'ht because he Jexpect" an important telephone
call. 11. (ack: )ow much lon'er you Jstay" in En'land. Paul: Enly one more day. & Jlea:e"
tomorrow ni'ht. & J'o" to )olland 6or two weeks. 1*. (ack: And you Jcome" back to En'land
a6ter that or you J'o" home. Paul: &t Jdepend" on my 6ather. %ut i6 he Ja'ree" to let me 'o on
studyin' here &,ll certainly come back. And & Jexpect" he will a'ree. 1+. Paul: %y the way7 (ack7
Ann Jsee" me o66 at Nictoria tomorrow. 3hy you Jnot come" too. /ou could ha:e co66ee with her
a6terwards. JPaul is ad:isin'D in:itin' (ack to come and see him o66." 10. /ou Jsee" that man at
the corner o6 the street. )e is a pri:ate detecti:e. )e Jwatch" !o *0. )ow you Jknow" he
Jwatch" !o *0. %ecause whene:er anyone Jcome" out o67 or J'o" into7 the house he Jmake" a
note in his little book. 11. 3hat all those people Jdo" in the middle o6 the street
And why they
Jwear" such extraordinary clothes. They Jmake" a 6ilm. #ost o6 the crowd are local people
who Jwork" as extras. 14. &t Jsound" 'reat 6un. /ou Jthink" & could 'et a @ob as a 6ilm extra.
& Jnot know" but & Jsee" Ann o:er thereG when they J6inish" this scene &,ll ask her i6 they still Jtake"
on extras. 15. Ann Jact" in the 6ilm. She has a small part. She Jnot act" :ery well. &
Jima'ine" she 'ot the part because she Jknow" the director. 19. #y brother Jli:e" next door and
his two children Jcome" and Jsee" me e:ery day. The boy Jnot bother" to knock at the doorG he
@ust Jclimb" in throu'h the windowG but the 'irl always Jknock". 1;. Tom: 3e Jmo:e" into our new
house tomorrow. %ill: %ut why you Jlea:e" your present house. &t Jsuit" you all. Tom: /es7 &
Jknow" it Jdo"G but the 8ouncil Jpull down" all the houses on this side. They Jwiden" the road.
They Jsay" it,s a bottleneck. *<. &6 you Jask" a 6riend i6 she Jlike" your new dress she usually
Jsay" 2/es27 so you Jnot know" whether she really Jthink" it Jsuit" you or whether she merely Jbe"
polite. *1. &6 you Jwant" a candid opinion you,d better ask my sister. She ne:er Jtell" white liesG
she always Jsay" exactly what she Jthink". **. /our sister,s 6rankness Jannoy" people.
/es7 it Jdo". The a:era'e person Jnot want" a truth6ul answerG he Jwant" you to say somethin'
a'reeable.. *+. & Jhear" that you ha:e bou'ht a new house. /es7 but & Jnot li:e" in it yet. They
still Jwork" on it7 and the work Jtake" lon'er than & expected. *0. & Jthink" repair @obs
always Jtake" lon'er than one Jexpect". 3hat they Jdo" now. They Jput" in new electric
points. They Jseem" competent electricians but they Jsmoke" at their work and this Jslow" them
down. *1. They always Jhammer" next door. /es7 that house Jkeep" chan'in' hands and the
new owner always Jbe'in" by puttin' in a new 6ireplace7 and their 6ireplace is @ust on the other
side o6 this wall so we Jhear" e:erythin'. The wall Jshake"7 too. *4. Ann Jstir" somethin' in a
saucepan and #ary Jstand" beside her holdin' a cookery book. #ary: &t Jsay" 2simmer27 and you
Jboil" it7 Ann. Ann: & Jnot think" it Jmatter" i6 you Jcook" it ?uicklyG but & Jnot know" why it Jnot 'et"
thick. &t usually Jthicken" at once. *5. The hall Jbe" painted at the moment7 so it Jnot look" its
best. %ut where are the painters. They Jstop" work at +.<<. !o7 they are in the kitchen.
They Jha:e" a tea break. *9. 3hat the word 2Establishment2 Jmean". #y dictionary Jnot 'i:e"
an explanation. &t rou'hly Jmean" the 'o:ernment and people who Jha:e" power and authority.
*;. &6 we Jsay" that #r %rown Jbelon'" to the Establishment we also Jimply" that he Jaccept" the
existin' system. )e Jnot try" to o:erthrow it. +<. All rich men Jbelon'" to the Establishment.
#iddleHa'ed rich men probably Jdo" but rich youn' men like pop sin'ers always J@eer" at the
Establishment. The word Jbe used" chie6ly in a pe@orati:e sense. +1. The house opposite the
colle'e Jbe pulled" down. That,s why we Juse" the back entrance at present. &6 you J'o" out by
the 6ront door you J'et" co:ered with dust. +*. Tom: & Jsmell" somethin' burnin'F (ack: So Jdo"
&. & Jthink" it Jcome" 6rom the kitchen. Ann probably Jiron". She usually Jiron" and Jwatch" TN at
the same time and i6 she J'et" :ery interested in a pro'ramme she J6or'et" that she Jpress" a hot
iron on to somebody,s shirt. #other Jthink" o6 sellin' the TN set. ++. #rs (ones: 3hat you Jlook"
6or7 Tom. #r (ones: & Jlook" 6or the 'ara'e key. & always Jlook" 6or the 'ara'e key7 because
nobody e:er Jput" it back on its hook. #rs (ones: & always Jput" it back on its hook. 3hy you Jnot
try" your pockets. J& ad:ise to try your pockets". +0. &ma'ine that you Jtra:el" by train7 in a
crowded compartment. Ene o6 the passen'ers Jread" a newspaperG another Jdo" a crossword
puKKleG another Jlook out" o6 the window. Suddenly the train Jstop" with a @erk and your suitcase
J6all" o66 the rack on to somebody,s toes. +1. This is a story about an in:alid who Jspend" most
o6 the day in bed. )e has a power6ul telescope and he Jamuse" himsel6 by watchin' the
acti:ities o6 the people in the opposite houses. Ene day when he Jwatch" !o *0 he Jsee" a
murder bein' committed. +4. The cashier used to do the accounts and & used to check his
6i'uresG now the computer Jdo" it all. And who Jcheck" the computer. !o one. The computer
Jnot need" a second opinion. And what Jhappen" i6 the computer Jmake" a mistake.
12. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense #the present progressi%e or future si)ple$.
1. Tom: 3here you J'o" 6or your next holiday. J3here ha:e you arran'ed to 'o." Ann: & don,t
know yet but we probably J'o" to Spain. *. 3e Jha:e" a drink with Peter toni'ht. J)e has in:ited
us." &t,s his last ni'htG he Jlea:e" tomorrow. +. Ann: o you think we Jsee" %ill tomorrow. #ary: &
hope so. )e probably Jlook" in on his way to the airport. 0. & Jsee" my bank mana'er tomorrow.
JD ha:e arran'ed this." &,m 'oin' to ask him 6or a loan but & expect he Jre6use". 1. & Jknow" the
result tomorrow. As soon as & hear7 & Jtell" you. 4. (ack,s mother: (ack Jbe" ready in a moment.
)e is @ust 6inishin' break6ast. (ack,s 6ather: &6 & wait 6or him any lon'er & Jmiss" my train. & think &
Jwalk" onG he probably Jcatch" me up. 5. & probably Jcome" to Aondon some time next month. &
J'i:e" you a rin' nearer the time and tell you when & Jcome". Jwhen & ha:e decidedDarran'ed to
come" 9. )otel Porter: /ou J'et" a parkin' ticket i6 you lea:e your car there7 sir. &6 you Jstay" the
ni'ht Jha:e arran'ed to stay" you Jha:e to" put it in the hotel 'ara'e. Tourist: All ri'ht. & Jmo:e" it
as soon as &,:e arran'ed about a room. ;. Ann: &,:e scorched %ill,s shirt. 3hate:er he Jsay".
#ary: Eh7 he Jnot mind". )e @ust Jbuy" another shirt. )e has plenty o6 money. 1<. Peter: 3e,d
better lea:e a messa'e 6or (ack. Etherwise he Jnot know" where we,:e 'one. =eor'e: All ri'ht. &
Jlea:e" a note on his table. 11. (ack: & don,t want to 'et married. & ne:er J'et" married. #other:
/ou think that now. %ut one day you Jmeet" a 'irl and you J6all" in lo:e. 1*. Tom: & J'o" to /ork
tomorrow. JD ha:e arran'ed to 'o." Ann: /ou Jcome" back the same day. J)a:e you arran'ed
to come back." Tom: !o7 & probably Jha:e" to spend the ni'ht there. 1+. Peter: /ou Jwalk"
home. J)a:e you decide to walk." Andrew: /es. &t,s too late 6or a bus. Peter. %ut it,s pourin'.
/ou J'et" soakedF )ere7 take this umbrella. Andrew: Thanks :ery much. & Jbrin'" it back
tomorrow. 10. (ack: & Jha:e" another window put in. J& ha:e arran'ed this." They Jstart" work on
it tomorrow. Ann: That Jmake" the room much bri'hter. 11. /ou Jtake" any exams this term.
J)a:e you decided to take an exam." /es7 & Jtake" an En'lish exam at the end o6 the month.
o you think you Jpass". & don,t know. &6 & don,t7 & Jtake" it a'ain at the end o6 next term.
14. 3here you Jmeet" Tom. J3here ha:e you arran'ed to meet him." 3e Jmeet" at 8o:ent
=arden. )e Jtake" me to see The #a'ic -lute. 15. 3hat you Jdo" next weekend. J3hat plans
ha:e you made." &t depends on the weather. &6 it,s 6ine we J'o" somewhere in the carG i6 it,s
wet we probably Jstay" at home. 19. 3hen (ack Jarri:e". J3hen did he say he,d arri:e."
Some time this e:enin'. And how he J'et" here. J)ow has he arran'ed to
tra:el." & don,t know yet. & suppose he Jcome" by car. 1;. 3hat they Jdo" 6or their holidays.
J)a:e they decided to do." They J'o" campin'. And what Jhappen" to their do'. J3hat
plans ha:e they made 6or the do'." They Jtake" the do' with them. & think he Jen@oy" it more
than they will. *<. on,t make a sound or you Jwake" the babyG and then he Jnot 'et" to sleep
a'ain. *1. #ary: on,t 6or'et that Tom,s 6our boys Jspend" the weekend here. & don,t know
how we Jmana'e" with 6our boys under our 6eet in this small house. (ack: & ha:e an idea. 3e
Jturn" the attic into a playroom Then they Jbe able" to play trains without trippin' anyone up.
**. Tom: Peter,s @ust phoned to say that he Jcatch" Jhas arran'ed to catch" the 9.1< train and
Jbe" here by ;.<<. *+. 3hen =eor'e Jcome" out o6 hospital. J3hat date has been 6ixed."
& don,t know. They Jmo:e" him Jha:e arran'ed to mo:e" to the 8ounty )ospital next week so &
Jha:e" to ask them about comin' out dates. *0. & Jrin'" Peter toni'ht. J3e ha:e arran'ed this." &
Jask" him to rin' you. !o7 don,t bother. & Jbe" away most o6 the week. & Jwrite" to him. Jnot a
pre:ious decision" *1. on,t worry about meals tomorrow. E:erythin',s been arran'ed. 3e
Jha:e" break6ast on the train7 we Jlunch" with the mana'er L he Jstand" us lunch L and the
Smiths J'i:e" us dinner a6ter the show. *4. Tom Jwho has @ust dropped his key on the path":
!e:er mindG #ary,s at home. She Jlet" us in and we J6ind" the key tomorrow when it,s li'ht.
*5. =eor'e and Aucy J'et" married next week. /ou J'o" to the weddin'. !o7 & wasn,t in:ited.
They Jha:e" a bi' weddin'. *9. & Jwait" 6or you. !o7 don,t bother. This Jtake" a lon' time7 &,m
sure7 and & don,t want you to miss your train. *;. Tom7 the host: 3hat you Jha:e"7 Paul. Paul: &
Jha:e" the 'rilled steak7 please. Tom: And & Jha:e" roast duck. J)e 'i:es his orders to the waiter
and then studies the wine list." )m. /ou Jha:e" steak and & Jha:e" duck. 3e Jha:e" some red
wine. +<. (ack: & J'i:e" you a li6t to work tomorrow i6 you like. Tom: )a:e you borrowed a car.
(ack: !o7 &,:e @ust bou'ht one. & Jcollect" it this a6ternoon. +1. Ann: Peter has set his alarm clock
6or 1 a.m. )e J'et" up :ery early7 isn,t he. #other: EarlyF o you know what Jhappen". The
alarm bell Jrin'"7 Peter Jsleep" throu'h it and he Jcome" down to break6ast at the usual time or a
little later. +*. Peter. & Jbe" promoted next week. #r (ones Jlea:e" and & Jtake" o:er the
department. JThese arran'ements ha:e already been made." Ann: At this rate you soon Jbe" a
director7 and then you Jspend" two hours a day on business lunches and Jlose" your 6i'ure.
++. Tom: & J6ly" to !ew /ork next week. JThis has been arran'ed." (ack: /ou Jtake" your wi6e
with you. Tom: !o7 & know that i6 & take her she Jspend" all her time and most o6 my money in
the !ew /ork shops. +0. #ary: (ack and & J'o" out toni'ht. 3e Jha:e" dinner at the -esti:al )all
and J'o" to a concert a6terwards. Ann: And what about the children. & Jcome" and babysit i6
you like. #ary: Eh7 my nei'hbour Jcome" in to sit with them. %ut thank you 6or o66erin'7 Ann. &
Jask" you next time. +1. !adia: & see that Amadeus Jcome" to our local cinema next week.
=eor'e: Eh7 'ood. 3e J'o" and see it to'ether on #onday ni'ht. !adia: /es7 let,s & J'et" the
book out o6 the library and then & Jbe able" to compare the book and the 6ilm. =eor'e: &6 you do
that out loud durin' the 6ilm & Jnot pay" 6or your supper a6terwards. +4. Ann Jreadin'
newspaper": &t says here that Smith,s Jopen" their new department next week7 and that they
Jha:e" a sale to 'i:e it a 'ood start. & think & Jlook" in on #onday at lunchtime. #ary: =ood ideaF
& Jcome" too. Peter Jenterin' room": 3here you 'irls Jha:e" lunch today,, #ary: 3e Jmiss" lunch.
3eJ'o" to a sale instead. The present pro'ressi:e and be 'oin' to
13. Put the %erbs in brackets into one of the abo%e for)s, using the present progressi%e
where%er possible.
1. 3here you J'o" 6or your holidays. & J'o" to !orway H3hat you Jdo" there. & J6ish".
* 3here you J'o" this e:enin'. & Jnot 'o" anywhere. & Jstay" at home. & Jwrite" some letters
+. Take an umbrellaG it Jrain". 0. )ow lon' you Jstay" in this country. Jha:e you decided to
stay." Another month. & J'o" home at the end o6 the month. 3hat you Jdo" then. & Jtry" to
'et a @ob. 1. & Jdye" these curtains. /ou Jdo" it yoursel67 or Jha:e" it done. & Jha:e" it done.
3ho should & take them to. 4. &,:e seen the 6ilm7 now & Jread" the book. &,:e @ust 'ot a copy 6rom
the library. JD ha:en,t started the book yet." &. /ou Jdo" anythin' next weekend. /es7 my
nephews Jcome" and & Jshow" them round Aondon. /ou Jtake" them to the theatre. J)a:e you
booked seats." !o7 they,re too youn' 6or that. & Jtake" them to the Koo. 9. 3e Jstart" early
tomorrow. 3e J'o" to %en !e:is. /ou Jclimb" %en !e:is. !ot me. Tom Jclimb" it. & Jsit" at the
bottom and Jdo" some sketchin'. ;. Uncle: & hear you J'o" to the re'atta tomorrow /ou
Jsail" in it. !iece: !o7 but we Jtake" our cameras. 3e Jtry" to photo'raph the winnin' yachts.
1<. /ou Jnot ask" your boss to 'i:e you a 6ire in your o66ice. &t isn,t worth while. & Jlea:e" at the
end o6 the week. $eally. And what you Jdo" then. /ou Jha:e" a holiday. !o7 & Jstart"
another @ob the 6ollowin' #onday. &&. & hear you,:e bou'ht a cara:an. /ou Juse" it 6or your
holidays. !o7 & Jli:e" in it. & Jstart" mo:in' my thin's next week. 3hat you Jdo" with your
house. & Jsell" it to the man who sold me the cara:an. )e J'et" married next month. 1*. #rs
(ones J'o" to hospital. She Jha:e" her appendix out. 3ho Jlook" a6ter the children. )er
sister Jcome" down 6rom Scotland. 1+. )e isn,t happy at his boardin' school. & Jsend" him to

day school. )a:e you decided on the other school. !o7 but & Jsee" Jha:e an appointment
with" the headmaster Q6 the Park School this a6ternoon. &,ll probably send him there. 10. Tom
Jarri:e" tomorrow. )e Jspend" the weekend here or Jcatch" the ni'ht train back as usual.
)e Jspend" the weekend. )e J'i:e" a lecture on -riday and Jattend" a bi' reception on Saturday.
11. )e Jbrin'" his wi6e with him. J)as he arran'ed to brin' his wi6e." /es. She Jdo" some
shoppin' while he J'i:e" his lecture. 14. &,:e @ust arran'ed to do a partHtime @ob. & Jstart" on
#onday. 3hat you Jdo" the rest o6 the time. & Jstudy". 15. /ou J'o" abroad 6or your holiday.
3ell7 & J'et" a holiday @ob. & J'o" to an a'ent,s on Saturday to 6ind out about it. & Jask" 6or a @ob
abroadG but o6 course they may all be taken. /ou mi'ht 'et a @ob pickin' 'rapes. (ack J@oin" a
camp in the South o6 -rance L his uni:ersity arran'ed it L and they all Jpick" 'rapes. 19. &
Jbuy" a new coat. The weather report says that it Jbe" :ery cold. 1;. Ann has won a car in a
competition but she can,t dri:e. Tom: 3hat you Jdo" with the car. /ou Jsell" it. Ann: !o7 &
Jlearn" to dri:e. & Jha:e" my 6irst lesson next #onday. *<. & hear you,:e bou'ht a new house.
/es. & Jmo:e" in next week. /ou Jha:e" a house warmin' party. !ot @ust yet. & Jpaint" the
house 6irst. The paintwork,s terrible. *1. /ou Jha:e" it done. J)a:e you arran'ed to ha:e it
done." !o7 & Jdo" it mysel6. & Juse" that nonHdrip paint so it shouldn,t be too di66icult. And the
6amily Jhelp"7 o6 course. 3hat about ladders. Eh7 &,:e 6ixed that. & Jhire" 6rom the local doHitH
yoursel6 shop. **. & Jdo" a lot o6 work in the 'arden7 too. & Jplant" *< apple trees and Jmake" a
lawn in 6ront o6 the house. All that di''in' will take years. /ou J'i:e" up your @ob. *+. & J'et"
some help with the 'arden. JD ha:e arran'ed #sH" Two men Jstart" work on the hed'e on -riday
and a lawn expert Jcome" on #onday to ad:ise me about the lawn. *0. The employers Jmeet"
the strikers a'ain tomorrow. JThis has been arran'ed." They @ust Jrepeat" what they said
today. Er they Jclimb" down. & belie:e that they Jo66er" a 1< per cent rise plus a producti:ity
14. Put the %erbs in brackets into present progressi%e or the future si)ple using the present
progressi%e where possible.
JThe be 'oin' to 6orm could be used here instead o6 the present pro'ressi:e7 but 6or the sake o6
simplicity students are ad:ised to use only the two tenses 6irst mentioned."
1. & am sure that & Jreco'niKe" him. *. & Jsee" her tomorrow. +. )e Jplay" in a tennis match on
-riday. 0. She Jcome" back on #onday. 1. & J'o" a'ain next year. 4. 3e Jknow" toni'ht.
5. /ou pay and & Jowe" you the money. 9. & Jbelie:e" it when & see it. ;. & Jha:e" my car
repainted next week. 1<. & hope that you Jha:e" a 'ood time tomorrow. 11. )is speech Jbe"
broadcast toni'ht. 1*. The windowHcleaner Jcome" at ei'ht tomorrow. 1+. Tom Jcatch" the 5.0<
train. 10. 3here you Jmeet" them. & Jmeet" them at midni'ht in the middle o6 the wood.
11. 3hat horse you Jride" tomorrow. 14. AookF &,:e broken the teapot. 3hat #rs Pitt Jsay".
She Jnot mind"G she ne:er liked that one. 15. &,:e le6t the li'ht on. &t Jmatter". 19. )e Jnot
6or'et" to come. 1;. )e Jlea:e" in a 6ew days. *<. & Jremember" it. *1. &6 you drop that bottle it
Jbreak". **. & ne:er J6or'i:e" him. *+. &,m sure that you Jlike" him. *0. They Jlay" the
6oundations next week. *1. /ou Jsee" a si'npost at the end o6 the road. *4. )e has cut my hair
too short. on,t worryG it J'row" a'ain :ery ?uickly. *5. /ou Junderstand" when you are older.
*9. The cat Jscratch" you i6 you pull its tail. *;. & Jbe" back at 9.+<. +<. &6 he doesn,t work hard
he Jnot pass" his exam. +1. She J'o" on a cruise next summer. +*. & Jmo:e" to a new 6lat next
week. ++. & am sorry that the child saw the accident. & don,t think it matters. )e soon J6or'et"
all about it. +0. & Jwait" here till he comes back. +1. )e Jnot write" to you unless you write to
him. +4. There Jbe" a bi' meetin' here tomorrow.
15. Put in be going or will.
1. Aook out L we ... crushF *. 2There,s the doorbell.2 2& ... 'o2. +. 3e promise that i6 you :ote
6or us we ... double your income in twel:e months. 0. 3ould you excuse us. & ... ha:e a bath.
1. &6 you say that a'ain & ... hit you. 4. The next train to arri:e at plat6orm six ... be the delayed
since thirtyHtwo ser:ice 6or %ristol. 5. & wonder what she ... do with that hammer. 9. 28an
somebody answer the phone.2 2& ... .2 14. #ake 6uture sentences with 'oin' to 6rom the clue
words under the lines. Add necessary words. 8omplete the short answers.
tomorrow ni'ht." S.: Eh7 & don,t know.BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB. J&7 not make plans
in ad:ance." r.: /ou always do thin's at the last minuteF on,t you e:er plan your li6e.
S.: E6 course & do. -or instance7BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB J&7 come back to campus7 next
#onday mornin'." r.: E6 courseBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB%ut what about next semester.
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Jyou7 continue to study psycholo'y." S.: & ha:e no
ideaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Jyou chan'e your courses7 in -ebruary."
(une." J!ext year7 & 'raduate." J& apply to 'rad school7 next autumn." Jmy 'irl6riend and &7 'et
Jwe7 ha:e our 6irst child7 in 1;;;." S.: Ekay7 okayF
17. Write the )issing words or word parts in the blanks. *se the future for) with going to.
(o)plete the short answers.
A:. ............... 'o on the picnic. And & ............... brin' 6ried chicken and a chocolate cakeF
.: /ou ............ 6ry chicken. ............ you .........brin' potato salad7 too.
A.: /es........................... And there ...................... be steaks7 too.
.: $eally. Then & ............... not ............ play basketball tomorrow. &............'o to the picnic.
S.: ............... you ............. 'o7 a:e. Then & ............... not ................... stay at home with my
little brother. 3e .................. be there7 tooF
y.: Terri6ic
Aisa7 how about your 6riend Sally. .................. she @oin us.
A.: /es7 she............. She.........dri:e.
-.: Sally. /ou mean that beauti6ul blond. Then %ill and & ............... come alon' tooF
be g#ing t# and (ill . in+initive
1. Put the %erbs in brackets into one of the abo%e for)s.
1. 3here are you o66 to with that ladder. & Jha:e" a look at the roo6G it,s leakin' and & think a
tile has slipped. *. 3e bou'ht our new 'ara'e in sections and we Jassemble" it oursel:es.
That sounds rather interestin'. & Jcome" and help you i6 you like. +. 3hy do you want all the
6urniture out o6 the room. %ecause & Jshampoo" the carpet. &t,s impossible to do it unless you
take e:erythin' o66 it 6irst. 0. )ere are the matches: but what do you want them 6or. & Jmake"
a bon6ire at the end o6 the 'ardenG & want to burn that bi' heap o6 rubbish. 3ell7 be care6ul. &6
the 6ire 'ets too bi' it Jburn" the apple trees. 1. )a:e you decided on your colour scheme.
Eh yes7 and &,:e bou'ht the paint. & Jpaint" this room blue and the sittin' room 'reen. 4. 3hy
are you askin' e:eryone to 'i:e you bits o6 material. %ecause & Jmake" a patchwork ?uit.
5. & wonder i6 Ann knows that the time o6 the meetin' has been chan'ed. Probably not. &
Jlook" in on my way home and tell her. &,m 'lad you thou'ht o6 it. 9. Aea:e a note 6or them on
the table and they Jsee" it when come in. ;. &,m a6raid &,m not ?uite ready. !e:er mind. &
Jwait". 1<. o you ha:e to carry so much stu66 on your backs. /es7 we do. 3e Jcamp" out and
Jcook" our own meals7 so we ha:e to carry a lot. 11. &,:e been measurin' the windows. & Jput" in
double 'laKin'. 1*. /ou Jwear" that nice dress in a din'hy. E6 course notF & Jsit" on the pier
and Jwatch" you all sailin'. & Jnot 'et" all wet and muddy and pretend that &,m en@oyin' itF
1+. &6 you lea:e your keys with the hall porter he Jtake" the car round to the 'ara'e. 10. Shop
assistantG 3e ha:e some :ery nice strawberries. 8ustomer. All ri'ht. & Jha:e" a pound. 11.
)usband: This bread is absolutely tastelessF & wish we could ha:e homeHmade bread. 3i6e: All
ri'ht. & Jstart" makin' it. & J'et" a book about home bakin' today7 and 6rom now on & Jbake" all our
breadF 14. #ary: Ann,s busy bakin'. Apparently she Jbake" all their bread 6rom now on.
(ean: She soon J'et" tired o6 that. 15. 3hy ha:e you brou'ht your camera. /ou Jtry" to take
photo'raphs. &t,s not allowed7 you know. !o7 & Jtry" to sell the camera. That,s not allowed
either. &6 a policeman sees you7 he Jcon6iscate" the camera. 19. Tom to (ack7 who has
@ust helped him to chan'e a wheel: & Jha:e" to lea:e this at the 'ara'eG & don,t know how to
mend a puncture in a tubeless tyre. (ack: %ut it,s ?uite easy. & Jcome" round this e:enin' and
show you i6 you like. 1;. Aater: Tom to wi6e: & Jnot take" the tyre to the 'ara'e. & Jmend" it
mysel6. (ack Jhelp" me. *<. 3hy are you rollin' up the carpets. /ou Jpaint" the ceilin'
!o7 & Jtake" the carpet to the cleaner,s. *1. Ann: )ere,s the letter to the landlord. &6 there,s
anythin' & should add7 say so and & Jadd" it. Peter: &t,s 6ine7 but it,s ille'ible. )e Jnot be able" to
read it. Ann: Eh7 & Jtype" itF JShe had always intended to type it." Peter: =ood7 then we Jha:e" a
copy. **. Employer: %ut there are a lot o6 mistakes in this7 #iss (ones. #iss (ones: /es7 &
suppose there are. All ri'ht7 & Jtype" it a'ain. *+. #rs Smith: /our cold,s worse7 Ann. =o back to
bed and & ,rin'" the school and tell them you can,t come. *0. #rs Smith was @ust pickin' up the
recei:er when her husband came downstairs. 2Ann,s not well72 she said. 2& Jrin'" the school and
say that she can,t come.2 *1. Ann: 3hy are you takin' 6ishin' rods. /ou Jnot climb" the
mountain a6ter all. Tom: 3e Jclimb" and 6ish. There,s a lake on top and we Jtry" to 'et some 6ish
out o6 it. Ann: 3ell7 i6 you catch any & Jcook" themG but & think & Jbuy" some all the same. *4.
#ary7 meetin' (ack carryin' two buckets o6 water: )ello7 (ackF 3here,s the 6ire.
(ack: & Jwash" the car7 i6 you want to know. 3ould you like to help me. #ary: &,m not dressed 6or
it but & Jcome" and watch. *5. 3here are all those children o66 to with baskets. They Jpick"
blackberries. They probably Jcome" back at 4.<< with their baskets crammed and then their
mothers Jstart" makin' @am. *9. Ann: /ou Jha:e" to 'o now7 Tom7 or you Jbe" late. #ary: %ut it,s
pourin'. )e J'et" soaked i6 he 'oes out in that. Tom: /ou,re ri'ht. /ou Jlet" me stay a little
lon'er. *;. =eor'e and Paul 6ind an in@ured man lyin' by the roadside. Paul: & Jstay" with
him7 =eor'e7 i6 you 'o back and 'et help. =eor'e: All ri'ht. & Jtry" to 'et a li6t back. +<. !o7 &,m
not 'oin' away 6or the weekend. &,m stayin' at home. & Jstart" buildin' my 'ara'e. The bricks
ha:e come at last. /ou Jdo" it all by yoursel6. !o7 my nephew Jhelp" me. & su''ested it to
him yesterday and he was ?uite enthusiastic. +1. )e says he,s tired o6 writin' books about
horrible people who 'et more and more horrible on e:ery pa'e7 and now he Jwrite" about
per6ectly charmin' people who are happily married. & wonder i6 anyone Jbuy" it.
Eh yes7 people Jbuy" it. )e,s a 6amous writer. +*. & hear the 6armer down the road has hired a
bulldoKer. /es7 he Jdi'" up all his hed'es and put in 6ences instead. ++. The new owner
Jmake" any chan'es. )e,s made some already. /ou should see his new menus. )e
Jconcentrate" more on the restaurant than the shop. +0. 3hat do you want all those corks 6or.
&,:e bou'ht a cask o6 wine and & Jbottle" it mysel6. +1. There,s someone at the door.
& J'o". %ut & expect it,s someone 6or you. +4. 3here are you all 'oin'. There,s nothin' to eat
or drink here except one chop and a bottle o6 champa'ne7 so we Jbuy" some 6ish and chips and
eat them in the car. 8ome with us. !o7 thanks. & think & Jstay" and use the chop and
The +$t$re %r#gressive and (ill . in+initive
1!. Put the %erbs in brackets into one of the abo%e for)s.
1. (ack usually 'i:es me a li6t home7 but we both Jcome" home by train tomorrow as his car is
bein' repaired. *. )e says he Jmeet" us at the bus stop7 but &,m not sure he J6or'et" to turn up.
+. on,t rin' nowG she Jwatch" her 6a:ourite TN pro'ramme. . All ri'ht. & Jrin'" at 9.+<. 0. &
wonder what & Jdo" this time next year. & expect you still Jwork" at the same o66ice. 1. &,d like to
doubleH'laKe the bedroom windows. All ri'ht. & J'et" the materials at once and we Jdo" it this
weekend. 4. 3ait a bit. on,t drink your tea without milk. The milkman Jcome" in a minute.
5. 3hat are you doin' next weekend. Eh7 & Jwork" as usual. &,m always on duty at weekends.
9. Air hostess: 3e Jtake" o66 in a 6ew minutes. Please 6asten your seat belts. ;. )e Jcome" i6
you ask him. 1<. & arran'ed to play tennis with Tom at nine toni'ht. %ut you Jplay" in semiH
darkness. /ou won,t be able to see the ball. 11. & J'et" you some aspirins i6 you like. The
chemist,s still Jbe" open. !o7 don,t bother. The o66ice boy J'o" out in a minute to post the
lettersG & Jask" him to buy me some. 1*. &t Jbe" :ery late when she 'ets home and her parents
Jwonder" what,s happened. 1+. & ne:er Jbe" able to mana'e on my own. %ut you won,t be on
your own. Tom Jhelp" you. Aook L his name is bracketed with yours on the list. Eh7 that,s all
ri'ht. %ut Tom Jnot help" me: & Jhelp" Tom. )e always takes char'e when we,re on duty
to'ether. 10. & Jwrite" postcards e:ery week7 & promise7 and & Jtry" to make them le'ible. &6
necessary & Jtype" them. 11. Typist: Are you in a hurry 6or this letter7 #r (ones. %ecause &
Jtype" #r 3hite,s letters at 6our o,clock and i6 yours could wait till L #r (ones: &,d like it a little
earlier than 6our i6 possible. Typist: All ri'ht. & Jtype" it 6or you now. 14. 3hat happened at last
ni'ht,s meetin'. & hear there was ?uite a disturbance. 8ome and see me and & Jtell" you. &
don,t want to talk about it on the phone. 15. &,m 'oin' to SwitKerland next week. /ou,re lucky.
The wild 6lowers @ust Jcome" out. 19. This time next month the snow Jmelt" and skiin' will be
o:er. 1;. The 6irst day o6 the term will be horrible7 6or e:erybody Jtalk" about their holidays and
Jshow" photo'raphs o6 mar:ellous 6orei'n beaches7 and as & ha:en,t been anywhere & J6eel"
terribly out o6 it. *<. & Jtell" her what you say but she Jnot belie:e" it. *1. &t,s 5 a.m. and here we
are on top o6 a mountain. At home people @ust J'et" up now. **. %ut you can,t 'o to a 6ancy
dress party in a dinner @acketF 3hy not. %ecause e:eryone Jwear" 6ancy dress. All ri'ht. &
Jwrap" the hearthru' round me and J'o" as a ca:eman. *+. The comin' election Jbe" the main
topic o6 con:ersation 6or the next 6ortni'ht. The party leaders Jspeak" on TN and the local
candidates Jaddress" meetin's in the constituencies. *0. This time tomorrow e:eryone Jread" o6
your success7 and all sorts o6 people Jrin'" up to con'ratulate you. *1. That oak tree still Jstand"
there 6i6ty years 6rom now. *4. /ou please J6orward" my mail to the =rand )otel. & Jstay"
there as usual 6or the 6irst 6ortni'ht in Au'ust. *5. )ea:ensF Aook at the time. /our 6ather Jcome"
home G
a minute and & ha:en,t e:en started 'ettin' dinner readyF *9. (ames Jlea:e" 6or
Australia ?uite soon. )e has 'ot a @ob there. *;. The car Jnot start". &6 you 'et in7 Tom and &
J'i:e" it a push. +<. &t,s nearly 8hristmas already. 8arol sin'ers Jcome" round soon.
+1. En the news toni'ht they mentioned the possibility o6 a power strike. E:erybody Jlook" 6or
candles tomorrow. +*. )otel receptionist on phone to client: 3hat time you Jarri:e"7 #r
(ones. #r (ones: & Jtra:el" on the 0.+<. 6rom Nictoria. There Jbe" taxis at the station.
$eceptionist: on,t bother about taxis7 #r (ones. 3e Jsend" the hotel car down 6or you.
++. /ou Juse" your dictionary this a6ternoon. !o. /ou can borrow it i6 you like. Thanks :ery
much. & Jput" it back on your desk this e:enin'. +0. Ann: This time next week & Jha:e" my 6irst
skatin' lesson. Tom: And this time next month you Jhobble" about7 co:ered in bruisesF
+1. &t,s a beauti6ul dri:e. &,m sure you Jen@oy" the scenery. & Jnot ha:e" a chance to look at it. &
JmapHread"7 and Tom 'ets so 6urious i6 & make a mistake that & Jbe" a6raid to take my eyes o66
the map. +4. & Jwrite" in code i6 you insist7 but & don,t think it,s at all necessary. The 6uture
pro'ressi:e and will Jmostly ne'ati:e"
2". Put the %erbs in brackets into one of the abo%e for)s.
1. /ou ask him. &t,s no 'ood my askin' him. )e Jnot do" anythin' & say. *. Ann says she Jnot
come" i6 Tom is dri:in'. She says she doesn,t want to die yet. 3ell7 tell her Tom Jnot dri:e".
)e,s had his licence suspended. +. Pupil to teacher: & Jnot come" back next term. #y parents
want me to 'et a @ob. 0. )eadmaster. & Jnot ha:e" 'irls here in slacks. &6 you come here
tomorrow in slacks &,ll send you home. =irl: All ri'ht7 & Jnot come" tomorrow. &,ll 'et a @ob.
1. #other: &,m so 'rate6ul 6or the help you,:e 'i:en (ackG & hope you,ll be able to 'o on helpin'
him. Teacher: &,m a6raid & Jnot teach" him next term because & only teach the 6i6th 6orm and he,ll
be in the sixth. 4. Schoolboy Jin school dinin' hall": The last week o6 our last termF & wonder
what we Jdo" this time next year. -riend: 3ell7 we Jnot eat" school dinners anyway. That,s one
com6ort. 5. They 'i:e :ery 'ood dinners at the school but my dau'hter Jnot eat" them. She
pre6ers to 'o out and buy 6ish and chips. 9. /es7 you can stroke the do'G he Jnot bite" you.
;. Shall we meet him at the station. Eh7 he Jnot come" by train. )e ne:er comes by train.
1<. &,:e 6ished that ri:er e:ery year 6or the last 6i6teen years. H3ell7 nobody J6ish" it next year.
The water,s been polluted. All the 6ish are dead. 11. &,ll cook any 6ish you catch7 but & Jnot clean"
them. /ou,ll ha:e to do that yoursel6. 1*. & Jnot show" any 6ilms this time. The pro@ector,s broken
down. 1+. )ousewi6e: This time next week & Jnot wash" up the break6ast thin's. & Jha:e"
break6ast in bed in a luxury hotel. 10. & Jnot wear" 'lasses when you see me next. &,ll be wearH
in' contact lenses. /ou probably Jnot reco'niKe" me. 11. &,ll tell him the truth o6 course. %ut it
Jnot be" any 'ood. )e Jnot belie:e" me. 14. 8ustomer: 3hen you deli:er my next order L
Shop assistant: 3e Jnot deli:er" any more orders7 &,m a6raid. This branch is closin' down.
15. &t,ll be easy to pick her out in that bri'ht red coat o6 hers. %ut she Jnot wear" the red coatF
She,s 'i:en it away. 19. !o7 & Jnot tell" you the endF =o on readin' and 6ind out 6or yoursel6F
1;. /ou Jnot use" your car when you,re on holiday7 will you. !o7 but don,t ask me to lend it to
you because & Jnot do" it. !ot a6ter what happened last time. *<. & Jha:e" to be a bit care6ul
about money when & retire because &,ll only be 'ettin' hal6 my present salary. %ut o6 course &
Jnot pay" so much tax. *1. /ou can either pay the 6ine or to 'o to prison 6or a month.
& Jnot pay" the 6ine. Then you Jha:e" to 'o to prison. **. )e,s a cle:er boy but he,s laKy. )e
Jnot work". *+. & wonder how (ack J'et on" with the new secretary. Eh7 (ack Jnot work" here
a6ter this week. )e,s bein' trans6erred. *0. Accordin' to the brochures this hotel prides itsel6 on
its ser:ice7 but the sta66 not e:en Jshow" a 'uest to his room unless he insists. & Jnot come" here
21. Put the %erbs in brackets into the future progressi%e tense.
1. This time next month & Jsit" on a beach. *. 3hen you arri:e & probably Jpick" 6ruit. +. 3hen
we reach En'land it :ery likely Jrain". 0. &n a 6ew days time we J6ly" o:er the Pyrenees. 1. &,ll
call 6or her at ei'ht. !o7 don,tG she still Jha:e" break6ast then. 4. & Jwait" 6or you when you
come out. 5. 3hen you next see me & Jwear" my new dress. 9. #y son will be in the sixth 6orm
next year. That means that old r Adder Jteach" him mathematics. ;. &,ll 'i:e (ack your
messa'e. & can do it easily because & Jsee" him tomorrow. 3e 'o to work on the same train.
1<. /ou Jdo" 'eometry next term. 11. &,ll look out 6or you at the parade. o7 but & Jwear"
uni6orm so you may 6ind it hard to reco'niKe me. 1*. 3e ha:e to do ni'ht duty here. & Jdo" mine
next week. 1+. &n a hundred years, time people J'o" to #ars 6or their holidays. 10. )e Juse" the
car this a6ternoon. 11. & Jsee" you a'ain. 14. &t,s a serious in@ury but he Jwalk" a'ain in six
weeks. 15. &,ll come at three o,clock. =ood7 & Jexpect" you. 19. They are pullin' down all the
old houses in this street & expect they Jpull" down mine in a 6ew years, time. 1;. &,d like to see
your new 6lat. 3ell7 come tomorrow7 but it Jnot look" its best7 6or the painters still Jwork" on it.
*<. Stand there7 they Jchan'e" the 'uard in a minute and you,ll 'et a 'ood :iew. *1. /ou,d
better 'o back nowG your mother Jwonder" where you are. **. &n 6i6ty years, time we Jli:e"
entirely on pills. *+. 3hat do you think the children Jdo" when we 'et home. & expect they
Jha:e" their supper. *0. The 'arden Jlook" its best next month. *1. &t won,t be easy to 'et out o6
the country. The police Jwatch" all the ports. *4. 3hat the tide Jdo" at six tomorrow mornin'.
&t Jcome" in. *5. &,:e @ust remembered that & le6t the bathroom taps on. & expect the water J6low"
down the stairs by now. *9. /ou Jneed" your camera tomorrow or can & borrow it. *;. 3e,:e
@ust 'ot to the top in time. The sun Jrise" in a minute. +<. Air hostess. 3e Jtake o66" in a 6ew
minutes. Please 6asten your sa6ety belts. +1. 3e,d better 'o out tomorrow because #ary
Jpractise" the piano all day. +*. on,t rin' her up at 4.<<G she Jput" the children to bed. $in'
later. ++ 3e are makin' a houseHtoHhouse collection o6 thin's 6or the @umble sale. 3e Jcome" to
your house next week. +0. That 6ootball club has lost some o6 its players. They Jlook out" 6or
new men. +1. 3hen & 'et home my do' Jsit" at the door waitin' 6or me. +4. Aet,s 'o down to
the harbourG the 6ishin' boats all Jcome" in because o6 the 'ale.
22. Put the %erbs in brackets into the appropriate future for), using will 4 infiniti%e or the future
J3here alternati:e 6orms are possible they will be 'i:en in the key." 1. There is 'oin' to be a
bus strike. E:eryone Jwalk" to work next week. *. /ou,:e @ust missed the last trainF !e:er
mind7 & Jwalk". +. &,ll rin' you tomorrow at six. !o7 don,t rin' at sixG & Jbath" the baby then. $in'
later. 0. #other. /our 6ace is dirty. 8hild: All ri'ht7 & Jwash" it. 1. 3ill you ha:e lunch with me on
the *0th. &,d lo:e to7 but &,m a6raid & Jdo" my exam then. 4. & Jwork" 6or #r Pitt next week as
his own secretary will be away. 5. /ou Jha:e" somethin' to drink7 won,t you. 9. 3hy did you
take his raKor. )e Jlook" 6or it e:erywhere tomorrow. ;. & hope you,ll do well in the race
tomorrow. & Jthink" o6 you. 1<. !otice on board ship: &n the e:ent o6 an emer'ency all
passen'ers Jassemble" on the boat deck. 11. & don,t 6eel well enou'h to 'o to the station to
meet him. & Jmeet" him 6or you. %ut how & Jreco'niKe" him. )e,s small and 6air7 and he
Jwear" a black and white school cap. 1*. & Jlea:e" these 6lowers at the hospital 6or you. & J'o"
there anyway to :isit my cousin. 1+. /ou ou'ht to try to 'et a ticket 6or the Spectators, =allery
next weekG they Jdebate" international 6ishin' ri'hts. 10. /ou,:e le6t the li'ht on. Eh7 so & ha:e.
& J'o" and turn it o66. 11. &,:e @ust been appointed assistant at the local library. Then you Jwork"
under my sister. She is head librarian there. 14. & want to post this letter but & don,t want to 'o
out in the rain. & Jpost" it 6or you. & J'o" out anyway as & ha:e to take the do' 6or a walk.
15. The prima ballerina is ill so & expect her understudy Jdance" instead. 19. Today is =uy
-awkes, ayG this e:enin' people Jlet" o66 6ireworks and Jmake" bon6ires in the streets. 1;.
#ilitary order: Sentries Jremain" on duty till they are relie:ed. *<. This time next #onday & Jsit"
in a Paris ca6e readin' le

-i'aro. /ou Jnot read" /ou,ll be lookin' at all the pretty 'irls. *1.
3a'es ha:e 'one up7 so & suppose prices J'o up" too. **. &t is nearly autumnG soon the lea:es
Jchan'e" colour. *+. #other Jon phone": #y son has @ust burnt his hand :ery badly. octor. &
Jcome" at once. *0. 8ustomer in restaurant: 3aiter7 this plate is dirty. 3aiter. &,m sorry7 sir7 &
Jbrin'" you another. *1. &n a 6ew years, time we all Jli:e" in houses heated by solar ener'y.
*4. &t,s be'innin' to 'et darkG the street li'hts J'o on" in a 6ew minutes. *5. 3e Jnot play" poker
at the party toni'htG our hostess doesn,t appro:e o6 cards. *9. Aet,s wait hereG the swin' brid'e
Jopen" in a minute to let that ship throu'h. *;. =uest: #ay & use your phone to rin' 6or a taxi.
)ostess: Eh7 there,s no need 6or thatG my son Jdri:e" you home. +<. 8ome on deckG we Jenter"
harbour in a 6ew minutes. +1. %e6ore you lea:e the o66ice you Jhand" the keys o6 the sa6e to #r
Pitt. o you understand. /es7 sir. +*. Are you nearly ready. Eur 'uests Jarri:e" any minute.
++. Aoudspeaker announcement: The ship Jlea:e" in a 6ew minutes and all persons not
tra:ellin' are asked to 'o ashore. +0. !ow that the parkin' re'ulations ha:e become
stricter7 more people Juse" public transport and Jlea:e" their cars at home. +1. &,:e 'ot rats in
my basement and & don,t know how to 'et rid o6 them. & Jbrin'" my do' round whene:er you
like. )e Jcatch" them 6or you. +4. &,m a6raid &,:e @ust broken your 'old6ish bowl. !e:er mind7 &
Jput" the 'old6ish in the bath.
23. P*& the %erbs in brackets into the appropriate future for), using won6t 4 infiniti%e or the
future progressi%e negati%e. #Where other future for)s are possible this will be noted in the
1. & don,t like that man and & Jnot help" him. *. )e Jnot meet" her7 because they will be in
di66erent places. +. #y husband Jnot cut" down the tree. )e says that it is per6ectly all ri'ht as it
is. 0. #y husband Jnot cut" the hed'e 6or some time7 because he,s 'ot a lot o6 other @obs to do
6irst. 1. Tom Jnot come" to our party7 because he will be away on that date. 4. Peter says that
he Jnot come" to our party. )e doesn,t appro:e o6 parties. 5. She says that she Jnot lend" me
the book7 because & ne:er 'i:e books back. 9. #r Pitt Jnot speak" at the meetin' toni'ht7
because he has unexpectedly had to 'o to hospital. ;. &,ll work under anyone except my
brother. & Jnot work" under him. 1<. 3e,ll be in the same 6irm7 but we Jnot work" to'ether7
because we,ll be in di66erent departments. 11. & Jnot ha:e" that boy in my class. )e is 6ar too
noisy. 1*. & Jnot teach" you next week7 as & ha:e to 'o to Paris. 1+. )e is so an'ry with his
sister that he Jnot speak" to her. 10. &,ll 'i:e your messa'e to my sister when & writeG but & Jnot
write" 6or some time7 as & only write once a month and & posted a letter to her yesterday.
11. & Jnot 6eed" your do' a'ain. )e always tries to bite me when & come near him. 14. They
were :ery rude to me. & Jnot 'o" there a'ain. 15. )e said7 2& Jnot paint" you in that dress. &t does
not suit you.2 19. & Jnot take" any photo'raphs 6or some time because my camera is bein'
repaired. 1;. & Jnot borrow" his :an a'ain. The brakes don,t work Properly. *<. That boy
Jnot wash" his 6ace. )e likes bein' dirty. *1. /ou can ha:e the car tomorrow i6 you like. & Jnot
use" it
s &,ll be 6ar too busy to 'o out. **. She says that she Jnot send" the child to school7 no
matter what we say. She thinks it is 6ar better to educate children at home. *+. )e says he Jnot
play" 6or them a'ain7 because they aren,t 'i:in' him enou'h money. *0. She Jnot sin'" at the
next concert7 because she has had to 'o home suddenly. *1. & Jnot play" cards with you a'ain.
/ou always cheat. *4. She Jnot take" part in the brid'e tournament7 because she,ll be away
then. *5. & Jnot eat" any more o6 thisG & 6eel ?ueer already. *9. & Jnot eat" curry a'ain 6or a lon'
time7 because & am 'oin' to stay in a house where no one knows how to cook it. *;. )e says
that he Jnot ride" that mare a'ain7 because she,s dan'erous. +<. Tom Jnot ride" in tomorrow,s
race7 because he is too youn'. They don,t allow riders under sixteen. +1. 3hisky is absolutely
necessary to me and & Jnot 'i:e" it up +*. (ack Jnot drink" whisky this time next week7 because
he,ll be in hospital and they won,t 'i:e it to him there. ++. & Jnot open" the window. & dislike 6resh
air. +0. There is somethin' on his mind7 but he Jnot tell" me what it is.
+1. The cat Jnot eat" 6ish so & ha:e to buy meat 6or him. +4. )e Jnot wear" uni6orm when you
see him7 because he,ll be on lea:e then7 and they don,t wear uni6orm when they are on lea:e
24. Put the %erbs in brackets into one of the four for)s # will, be going to, the present
progressi%e or the future progressi%e$. When )ore than one answer is possible, this will be
noted in the key.
1. 3hy are you takin' all that bread with you. /ou J6eed" the swans. *. /ou Jlet" your 6lat a'ain
next summer. +. /ou Jli'ht" the 6ire 6or me7 please. )ere are the matches 0. /ou Jwear" a tie
tomorrow. Eh no. Tom said7 28ome as you are.2 1. & know you don,t like wearin' ties7 but
Jwear" one tomorrow7 @ust to please me. /es7 o6 course. 4. Shop assistant: /ou Jcome" this
way7 please. 5./ou Jha:e" somethin' more to eat. /es7 please. &,d like another sandwich.
9. /ou Jha:e" anythin' more to eat. !o7 because & ha:en,t any more money. ;. /ou Jstudy"
computer pro'rammin' at colle'e. 1<. /ou Jspeak" to Tom at the meetin' tomorrow7 do you
think. 11. /ou Jturn" o66 the TN7 please. !o7 one is watchin' it. 1*. /ou Jtake" your exam now
or in ecember. 1+. /ou Jlisten" in to the concert this e:enin'. 10. /ou Jhelp" me with this7
please. & can,t li6t it. 11. )otel receptionist: /ou Jstay" 6or more than one ni'ht7 #rs (ones.
14. /ou Jlend" me your typewriter 6or an hour. & want to type a letter. 15. /ou Jmeet"him at the
station. !o7 we ne:er meet him. )e doesn,t like bein' met. 19. /ou Jcome" sailin' with me
this a6ternoon. !o7 thank you7 & don,t like sailin'. 1;. /ou Jha:e" some more wine. /es7
please. *<. & can,t understand this letter. /ou Jtranslate" it 6or me7 #iss Pitt. *1. /ou Juse" your
camera this a6ternoon. !o7 you can borrow it i6 you like. **. /ou J'o" to the tobacconist,s.
/es. Then you J'et" me twenty ci'arettes. *+. /ou Jcome" to the #otor Show with me next
3ednesday. Thank you :ery much. &,d lo:e to. *0. &,ll be 'oin' abroad next week. &s there
anythin' & can 'et you. /ou Jpass" throu'h Paris. /es7 & Jspend" a 6ew days there. Then
you J'et" me some scent. *1. & see that you are repairin' your old henhouse. /ou Jkeep"
hens. *4. &,:e @ust bou'ht my tickets. /ou Jtra:el" by sea or air. *5. 3hat are all these slates
6or. /ou Jrepair" your roo6. *9. /ou Jhold" my parcels7 please7 while & put up my umbrella.
*;. /ou J'o" to #adeira as usual this summer. +<. /ou kindly Jexplain" why you didn,t do what
& told you. +1. /ou Jreco'niKe" him7 do you think. +*. &,:e chosen a school 6or my son.
/ou Jsend" him to a public school or to a State school. ++. Passen'er to bus conductor: /ou
Jtell" me where to 'et o667 please. +0. /ou J'o" by car. &6 so7 would you 'i:e my brother a li6t.
+1. /ou Jtype" all ni'ht a'ain. %ecause i6 so & think &,ll 'o to a hotel. +4. /ou Jstop" interruptin'F
&,ll ne:er 'et 6inished i6 you don,t keep ?uiet.
25. Put the %erbs in brackets into the future perfect tense.
1. & hope they Jrepair" this road by the time we come back next summer. *. %y the end o6 next
week my wi6e Jdo" her sprin' cleanin' and we,ll all be able to relax a'ain. +. /es7 & make @am
e:ery week. & Jmake" about *<< kilos by the end o6 the summer. 0. &n two months, time he
J6inish" his preliminary trainin' and will be startin' work. 1. )e spends all his spare time plantin'
trees. )e says that by the end o6 next year he Jplant" *7<<<. 4. &,ll be back a'ain at the end o6
next month. & hope & Jpass" my dri:in' test by then. &6 & ha:e7 &,ll meet your train. 5. 8ome
back in an hour. & Jdo" my packin' by then and we,ll be able to ha:e a talk. 9. 3hen he reaches
Aand,s End he Jwalk" 171<< miles. ;. )e,s only +1 but he,s started losin' his hair already. )e
Jlose" it all by the time he,s 1<. 1<. )is 6ather le6t him I0<<7<<<7 but he li:es so extra:aH
'antly that he Jspend" it all be6ore he,s +<. 11. %y the end o6 next year & Jwork" 6or him 6or 01
years. 1*. E:erywhere you 'o in central Aondon you see blocks o6 6lats bein' pulled down and
hu'e hotels bein' erected. &n ten years, time all the pri:ate residents Jbe dri:en" out and there,ll
be nothin' but one :ast hotel a6ter another. 1+. Eur committee is tryin' to raise money to buy a
new li6eboat. %y the end o6 the year we Jsend" out 17<<< letters askin' 6or contributions.
10. %y the end o6 my tour & J'i:e" exactly the same lecture 1+ times. 11. A hundred people
ha:e died o6 star:ation already. %y the end o6 the week two hundred Jdie". 3hen are you 'oin'
to send help. 14. Since he be'an dri:in'7 Tom has dri:en an a:era'e o6 17<<< miles a year7
and had an a:era'e o6 *,D
accidents a year. So by the time he,s 4< he Jdri:e" *<<7<<<
miles and had 1< accidents. Aet,s try to persuade him to 'o back to cyclin'. 15. id you say
you wanted help pickin' apples. & could come on 1 Ectober. 3e Jpick" them all by then. %ut
come all the same. 19. Apparently Nenice is slowly sinkin' into the sea. Scientists are tryin' to
sa:e it but by the time they,:e 6ound the answer the city probably Jsink".
26. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense #the present si)ple and progressi%e, the
future si)ple and conditional$. 3ote that in nos. 7, 78, 79 and 7: the dra)atic present tense is
Part 1
1. Ann Jlook" 6or a bedHsitter. She Jsee" an ad:ertisement in the local paper and Jrin'" up #rs
Smith7 the owner o6 the house. #rs Smith Janswer" the phone.
*. Ann: =ood a6ternoon. & Jrin'" about the room you ad:ertised.
#rs Smith: Eh yes.
+. Ann: The ad:ertisement Jsay" 2Share bathroom and kitchen2. )ow many other
people Juse" the bathroom and
0. #rs Smith: Enly one other L an &talian 'irl. And she Juse" the kitchen :ery little. She Jeat"
out most o6 the time. & Jnot think" she Jlike" cookin'.
1. Ann: That Jsuit" me all ri'ht. & Jlike" cookin'. %ut how we Jarran'e" about payin' 6or the 'as
we Juse" in the kitchen.
4. #rs Smith: The rent Jinclude" 'as 6or cookin'7 also hot water and li'ht. %ut it Jnot include"
heatin'. Each room has its own 6ire and meter.
5. Ann: & Jsee". And the room J6ace" the 6ront or the back.
9. #rs Smith: &t J6ace" the 6ront. &t Jlooks" out on the 'arden s?uareG and it J'et" a lot o6 sun.
;. Ann: That Jsound" :ery nice. 8ould & come and see it this e:enin'.
#rs Smith: /es7 the earlier the better.
1<. Ann: 5 p.m. Jsuit" you. & Jnot be able to " come be6ore that as & usually Jnot 'et" away 6rom
the o66ice till 4 p.m.
11. #rs Smith: 1 p.m. Jbe" all ri'ht. & Jnot think" you Jha:e" any di66iculty in 6indin' us. The 10
bus Jpass" the house and Jstop" a 6ew doors 6urther alon'7 outside the Post E66ice.
1*. Ann: &,m sure & J6ind" it all ri'ht. & Jsee" you at 5.<< then7 #rs Smith. =oodbye.
1+. At 4.+< #r Smith Jcome" home 6rom work. )e Jask" his wi6e about the room.
10. #rs Smith: & ha:en,t let yet but a 'irl Jcome" to see it at 5.<<.
11. #r Smith: She probably Jcome" at 5.+< @ust as we Jsit" down to supper. People comin' here
6or the 6irst time always J'et" lost. & Jnot think" you J'i:e" proper directions.
14. #rs Smith: Eh yes7 & Jdo". %ut nobody Jlisten" to directions these days. Anyway &,m sure this
'irl Jbe" in time.
15. (ust then the doorbell Jrin'". #rs Smith Jlook" at her husband and Jsmile".
19. 2/ou see72 she Jsay"7 and J'o" to open the door.
Part *. 3eekend plans
1;. %ill Jon phone": )ello7 Peter. %ill here. & Jspeak" 6rom Southwold. & Jspend" my holidays here
this year in a cara:an. /ou Jlike" to come 6or the weekend.
*<. Peter. & Jlo:e" to. %ut how & J'et" to you.
*1. %ill: =et the 9 o,clock train to )alesworth and & Jmeet" you at the station.
**. Peter: EO. & Jdo" that. Are you near the sea7 %ill. .
*+. %ill: /es. 3hen the tide Jcome" in7 &,m almost a6loatF
*0. Peter. &t Jsound" mar:ellousF
*1. %ill: &t is. 3ait till you Jsee" itF
*4. J-riday" Peter,s mother: 3hat you Jdo" this weekend7 Peter. J3hat plans ha:e you made."
*5. Peter. & Jspend" it with %ill in a cara:an on the Su66olk coast.
*9. #other: The east coast in this windF /ou J6reeKe" to death L i6 %ill,s cookin' Jnot kill"
you 6irstF )ow you J'et" there. J3hat tra:el arran'ements ha:e you made."
*;. Peter: & Jcatch" the 9 o,clock train and %ill Jmeet" me at )alesworth.
+<. #other: Then & Jlend" you my alarm clock7 and we,d better ha:e break6ast at se:en. & Jtell"
+1. Peter. Poor #aryF She Jlike" a lieHin on SaturdaysF
+*. J-riday e:enin'" #other: & J'i:e" you a call at 4.+<7 Peter7 in case you J6all" asleep a'ain
a6ter your alarm J'o" o66. %y the way7 #ary7 we Jha:e" break6ast at se:en tomorrow as Peter J'o"
away 6or the weekend and Jcatch" an early train
++. #ary Jpetulantly": Peter always J'o" away. & ne:er J'o" anywhereF
+0. #other: 3hen he Jcome" home on Sunday ni'ht and you Jhear" how aw6ul it was7 you Jbe"
:ery 'lad you stayed at homeF
27. -ill in the blanks in the letter with a present progressi%e or future %erb phrase. *se only the
%erbs below as )any ti)es as necessary.
be 'o ha:e look at talk take write
ear -olks7
& ......... more trips these days7 and & ......... you their letter 6rom a piKKa restaurant in the city.
$i'ht now (e66 and & .........the si'hts o6 the city 6rom our outdoor table. (e66......some cute 'irls.
&t,s about 9.<< and a lot o6 people ... walks.
3e ...... dinner soon7 and then we ...... back to the hotel. 3e ...... to bed early toni'ht.
Tomorrow ...... a busy day. -irst7 we ......... to the Science and Technolo'y #useum. Then
we ...... a
bus to a 6ootball 'ame. Then......... EopsF At this moment (e66 ... to two 'irls. Excuse me7 but
& ...... to them7 too. & ...... you another letter in a 6ew days. This week in the city.........'reatF
#uch lo:e7 a:e.
2. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense #present or future$.
1. 3hen he Jreturn" &,ll 'i:e him the key. *. )e,ll be ready as soon as you Jbe". +. &,ll stay in
bed till the clock Jstrike" se:en. 0. She will be deli'hted when she Jhear" this. 1. 3hen the
laundry comes & Jha:e" some clean handkerchie6s. 4. & shan,t buy tomatoes till the price Jcome"
down. 5. Stay here till the li'hts Jturn" 'reen. 9. 3hen it J'et" cold &,ll li'ht the 6ire. ;. The li6t
Jnot start" until you press that button. 1<. She,ll ha:e to beha:e better when she J'o" to school.
11. 3hen you look at yoursel6 in the 'lass you Jsee" what & mean. 1*. )e Jbe" here be6ore you
'o. 1+. & Jlend" you my cassette recorder whene:er you want it. 10. )e Jwake" up when we
turn the li'hts on. 11. )e Jrin'" us up when he arri:es in En'land. 14. )e will wash up be6ore
he J'o" to bed. 15. & won,t come to Aondon till the bus strike Jbe" o:er. 19. & J'i:e" the children
their dinner be6ore he Jcome" home. 1;. They will be astonished when they Jsee" how slowly he
works. *<. &,ll pay you when & J'et" my che?ue. *1.1 J'o" on doin' it until he tells me to stop.
**. &,ll buy that house when & Jha:e" enou'h money. *+. /ou J6all" rapidly throu'h the air till
your parachute opens. *0. 3e,ll ha:e to stay here till the tide J'o" out. *1. 3hen the Mueen
Jarri:e" the audience will stand up. *4. 3hen the 6o' Jli6t" we,ll be able to see where we are.
*5. The re6ri'erator J'o on" makin' that noise till we ha:e it repaired. *9. As soon as the
holidays be'in this beach Jbecome" :ery crowded. *;. The car Jnot mo:e" till you take the
brake o66. +<. The alarm bell J'o on" rin'in' till you press this button +1 As soon as she Jlearn"
to type &,ll 'et her a @ob. +*. Aook be6ore you Jleap"7 Jpro:erb" ++. 3e Jha:e" to stay on this
desert island till we can repair our boat. +0. on,t count on a salary increase be6ore you
actually J'et" it. +1. 3hen winter Jbe'in" the swallows will 6ly away to
warmer country.
+4. 3e can,t make any decision till he Jarri:e" here.
2!. Put the %erbs in brackets into the future perfect tense.
1. &n a 6ortni'ht,s time we Jtake" our exam. *. & J6inish" this book by tomorrow e:enin'. +. %y
this time tomorrow we Jha:e" our in@ections. 0. %y the end o6 next year & Jbe" here twentyH6i:e
years. 1. &,ll still be here next summer but Tom Jlea:e". 4. & J6inish" this @ob in twenty minutes.
5. %y next winter they Jbuild" 6our houses in that 6ield. 9. 3hen we reach Nalparaiso we Jsail"
all round the world. ;. At the rate he is 'oin' he Jspend" all his money by the time he is twentyH
one. 1<. %y this time next year & Jsa:e" I*1<. 11. %y the time we 'et to the party e:erythin'
Jbe" eaten. 1*. The train Jlea:e" be6ore we reach the station. 1+. &6 & continue with my diet &
Jlose" 1< kilos by the end o6 the month. 10. %y the end o6 my uni:ersity course & Jattend" 17*<<
lectures. 11. %y the end o6 this week my illness Jcost" me I1<<. 14. %y the time that he lea:es
school his parents Jspend" I*17<<< on his education. 15. %y the end o6 the term & Jread" all
twel:e :olumes. 19. 3hen you come back & J6inish" all the housework. 1;. The police Jhear" o6
the the6t by this time. *<. 3e Jdrink" all that wine by the end o6 the year. *1. En the 6ourth o6
the next month he Jbe" in prison 6or ten years. **. 3hen we reach 8rewe we Jdo" hal6 o6 the
@ourney. *+ At this rate you Jbreak" all the wine 'lasses by the end o6 the month. *0. &6 we don,t
hurry the sun Jrise" be6ore we reach the top. *1. &,m 'oin' to )yde Park to hear the
people makin' speeches. /ou,ll be too late. %y the time you 'et there they J6inish" their
speeches and e:erybody J'o" home *4. %y midni'ht he Jbe" unconscious 6or 6ortyHei'ht hours.
*5. %y the end o6 the month 17<<< people Jsee" this exhibition. *9. %y next April & Jpay" I+7<<<
in income tax. *;. & suppose that when & come back in ten years, time all these old houses Jbe"
pulled down. +<. En *1 Ectober they Jbe" married 6or twentyH6i:e years. +1. A6ter this
per6ormance & Jsee" )amlet twentyHtwo times. +*. The strike leader said7 2%y midni'ht 1<< men
Jcome" out on strike 2 ++. At your present rate you Jburn" all that coal by the end o6 the month.
+0. The treasurer said7 2%y the end o6 the year all our debts Jbe paid" o66.2 +1. Tourist: 3e,:e
only 'ot 6i:e hours in $omeG we are lea:in' at sixG but &,m sure that we Jsee" e:erythin' o6
importance by then. +4. )ouseholder to Soo: Ene o6 your elephants is in my 'arden eatin' my
tomatoes. Soo o66icial: The elephant keeper will be with you in hal6 an hour.
)ouseholder: /our elephant Jeat" all my tomatoes by then.
3". Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense, using the future, present, or present perfect.
1. 3hen we Jtake" our exam we,ll ha:e a holiday. *. 3hen & J6inish" the book &,ll lend it to you. +
3hen we Jha:e" our in@ections & expect we,ll 6eel aw6ul 0. 3hen & Jbe" here 6or a year &,ll ask 6or
a rise. 1. 3hen Tom J'o" &,ll tell you a secret. 4. %y the time he J'et" back 6rom his holiday the
milkman will ha:e le6t twentyHone bottles o6 milk outside his door. 5 on,t dri:e at more than 1<
k.p h. till your car Jdo" 07<<< kilometres. 9. 3hen you Jdo" 07<<< kilometres you can dri:e it at
5< k.p.h. ;. 3hen you open the sa6e you Jsee" a small black box. 1<. 3hen we Jha:e" lunch
we,ll 'o 6or a walk. 11. 3hen the bell rin's & Jtake" the meat out o6 the o:en. 1*. &,ll bolt all the
doors be6ore & J'o" to bed. 1+. 3hen we Jsee" the cathedral we,ll 'o to the museum. 10. 3e,ll
ha:e to stay up this tree till the bull J'o" away. 11. )e Jnot let" you out till you ha:e 6inished your
homework. 14. As soon as & hear 6rom him & Jlet" you know. 15. #y 6ather will be 6urious when
he Jsee" what you ha:e done. 19. /ou Jnot hear" the sound o6 the explosion till a6ter you ha:e
seen the 6lash. 1;. These 'ates will remain shut until the train Jpass". *<. 3hen he Jsell" all his
newspapers he,ll 'o home. *1. 3e can,t ha:e a 6ire here until we Jsweep" the chimney. **. /ou
J'et" a shock when you open that box. *+. 3hen you are ei'hteen your 6ather J'i:e" you a
latchkey. *0. on,t @ump out o6 the aeroplane until the pilot Jsay" 2=oF2 *1. & can,t lea:e
the country till the police Jreturn" my passport. *4. 3hen a bottle o6 champa'ne Jbe" opened 6or
twentyH6our hours the wine is not 6it to drink. *5. )otel receptionist: 3hen you Jsi'n" the hotel
re'ister the porter will show you your room. *9. /ou Jnot know" how 'ood oysters are till you
ha:e tasted one. *;. That road will not be sa6e till the 6loods Jsubside". +<. 3hen e:erybody
Jlea:e" the park the parkHkeeper will lock the 'ates. +1. 3hen we ha:e seen the 8hamber o6
)orrors we Jha:e" a cup o6 tea. +*. 3hen you Jha:e" somethin' to eat you,ll 6eel better.
++. & Jstay" in court till the @ury returns. +0. /ou cannot become a member o6 this club until you
Jmake" a parachute descent. +1. 3hen the boa constrictor Jeat" the 'oat he will become :ery
lethar'ic. +4. As soon as e:erybody has 'one to bed the mice Jcome" out o6 their holes.
31. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense.
1. )eat the oil till it Jbe'in" to smoke. *. &,ll stay here till Tom J'et" back. +. 3e,ll 'o out as soon
as the shops Jopen". 0. /ou dri:e 6irst7 and when you Jbe" tired7 &,ll take o:er. 1. The sooner we
Jstart"7 the sooner we,ll 'et there. 4. 3e will send you the 'oods as soon as we Jrecei:e" your
che?ue. 5. &,ll wait as lon' as you Jlike". 9. 3hip the whites o6 the e''s till they Jbe" ?uite sti66.
;. Shall & @ump out when the bus Jslow" down at the next corner.H 1<. !o7 you,d better wait till it
Jstop" at the tra66ic li'hts. 11. /ou are too youn' to understand. & Jexplain" it to you when you
Jbe" older. 1*. Tom: %rown is the best poet in the uni:ersity. Ann: !ow read Smith,s poems.
3hen you Jread" them you,ll say that he is better. 1+. Tom: & can,t 'et used to dri:in' on the le6t.
(ack: 3hen you Jbe" here 6or another week you,ll 6ind it ?uite easy.
10. The room doesn,t look particularly attracti:e now but when & Jclean" and Jpaint" it7 it will
look ?uite di66erent. 11. Pour boilin' water on the co66ee 'rounds7 wait till the 'rounds Jsettle"7
then strain the co66ee into a @u'. 14. As soon as they Jsee" the ri:er the children will want to
bathe. 15. 3hen we Jsee" the cathedral we,ll 'o to the museum. 19. 3hat will you do when
you J6inish" paintin' the brid'e.H 1;. Eh7 this brid'e is so lon' that by the time we Jreach" the
other end it will be time to start a'ain at this end. *<. Ser:e the meal and wash up 3hen you
Jdo" the washin' up you can 'o home. *1. The plane won,t take o66 till the 6o' Jli6t". **. Tom will
start as soon as his :isa Jarri:e". *+. &,m 'lad you,re learnin' -rench. 3hen you Jknow"
-rench & J'i:e" you a @ob. *0. Shall & boil the baby,s milk. /es7 but don,t 'i:e it to him till it
Jcool". *1. on,t start smokin' till the others J6inish" their meal. *4. %y the time you J'i:e" the
chidden their meal you won,t ha:e any appetite le6t. *5. & don,t want anyone to o:erhear us7 but
& Jtell" you what happened when we Jbe" alone. *9. )ow do you like your new @ob. &,:e only
@ust started so & really can,t say. 3hen & Jbe" in it 6or a 6ortni'ht & Jlet" you know. *;. #y
instructor says that when & J6ly" another ten hours7 he,ll let me 6ly solo. +<. They say that when
the 1<< k.p.h. speed limit Jbe" in operation 6or a year7 they will be able te @ud'e whether it is
e66ecti:e or not. +1. Sculptor,s 6riend: & suppose that when & Jcome" back next year you will still
be workin' on this horse. +*. Sculptor: Eh no7 & J6inish" it lon' be6ore & Jsee" you a'ain7
but as soon as & J6inish" one thin' & Jstart" on another7 so there,ll be somethin' else 6or you to
look at. ++. All the 6lats are exactly alike so when you Jsee" one you,:e seen them all.
+0. Ad:ertisement: 3hen you Jdri:e" a (a'uar once7 you won,t want to dri:e another car.
+1. )e,s asleep now but & J'i:e" him the letter as soon as he Jwake" up. +4. She bou'ht beer
and made sandwiches because she knew that when they Jarri:e" they would be hun'ry and
32. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense.
1. 3hen it J'et" dark we,ll ha:e to stop. 3e can,t work in the dark. *. =o on till you Jcome" to a
s?uare with a statue in the middleG then turn le6t and you,ll 6ind the theatre on your ri'ht. +.
&mmediately the train Jstop" we,ll @ump out. 0. &,ll help you with your homework as soon as & Jdo"
my own. 1. )e was determined to keep the two do's apart because he knew that the moment
they Jsee" one another they,d start barkin'. 4. & know the coat,s un6ashionable but &,m not
'oin' to throw it away. &,ll keep it till that style Jcome" into 6ashion a'ain. 5. Tourist: 8an we 'et
to the top o6 the tower. =uide: /es7 but be care6ul when you J'o" up because the steps are :ery
une:en. 9. Tourist Jpu66in' up the steps": &,ll be 'lad when & J'et" to

the topF =uide: 3hen you
Jsee" the :iew you,ll be 'lad you made the e66ort. ;. #other Jto child settin' out 6or school":
3hen k
Jcome" to the main road remember to stop and look both ways be6ore you Jcross".
1<. 2=i:e this letter to your teacher as soon as you Jarri:e" at school72 said his mother. 2All
ri'ht72 said the boy7 runnin' out. 2& bet it will still be in his pocket when he J'et" home toni'ht72
said his 6ather. 11. Tom: &,m 'oin' to !ew /ork by sea. &,m lea:in' tomorrow. (ack: &,m 'oin' by
air. 3hen & Jsit" in my com6ortable plane &,ll think o6 you tossin' about on a stormy sea. Tom:
3hen & Jwalk" about the deck en@oyin' the 6resh air and blue sea &,ll think o6 you shut up in a
6lyin' box and seein' nothin'. 1*. %ut there,s someone in the phone boxF /ou can,t rush in and
'rab the recei:er. /ou,ll ha:e to wait till he J6inish". 1+. The ladder looks a bit unsteady.
/es7 but be6ore he Jstart" workin' he will tie the top end to the tree. 10. The house won,t be
entirely mine until & Jpay" o66 the mort'a'e. 11. /ou,ll 6ind that the sta66 will clock in :ery
punctually but that they won,t do any work till the boss Jarri:e". 14. 3hen & Jwork" here 6or
6i6teen years &,ll be entitled to a pension. 15. 3hen you Jdo" the bedrooms7 remember to sweep
under the beds. 19. 3hen you Jdo" all the upstairs rooms7 come down and 'i:e me a hand
with the lunch. 1;. #other to child: & won,t let you watch TN until you J6inish" your supper.
*<. 3e,ll talk business when we Jha:e" dinner7 but not durin' dinner. & ne:er talk business at
meals. *1. /oun' man: 3eren,t you astonished when she said that. Eld man: 3hen you Jbe"
married as lon' as & ha:e7 you won,t be so easily astonished. **. 3hen you Jread" the book7
lea:e it in the hospital 6or someone else to read. *+. )e said he would 'i:e me a rin' as soon
as he Jreach" Paris. *0. Some people say that a man shouldn,t think o6 marryin' till he Jsa:e"
up enou'h money to buy a house.*1. /ou,re an idiot to 'o into teachin'. &,m 'oin' into busiH
ness. &n ten years, time when you J?ueue" at the bus stop &,ll be dri:in' by in my %entley.
*4. 3hen you are pickin' 6ruit in the holidays to eke out your salary & Jcruise" round the =reek
islands in my pri:ate yacht. *5. & :isit a new country e:ery year. %y the time & Jbe" sixty & shall
ha:e :isited all the most interestin' countries in the world. *9. 3hen & Jsee" all there is to see
&,ll buy a small island and settle down there. *;. )e sa:es I1<< a year. %y the time he Jretire"
he,ll ha:e sa:ed I*<7<<<. +<. %y the time he Jsa:e" I*<7<<<7 the :alue o6 the money will ha:e
'one down so much that he,ll ha:e to 'o on workin'. +1. Ann hoped that it would 'o on rainin'.
She knew that the moment it Jstop" Tom would want to 'o out. +*. & expected that (ack would
be there when the train Jarri:e"7 but there was no si'n o6 him. ++. The boys worked slowly 6or
they knew that as soon as they J6inish" one exercise the teacher would tell them to do the next.
+0. &,ll take the paper with me. &,ll read it while & Jwait" 6or the bus. +1. The windowHcleaner was
in 6act one o6 a 'an' o6 sa6e crackers. )e hoped that while he Jclean"7 or Jpretend" to clean7
windows he would be able to ha:e a look at the sa6e. +4. )e said that he would lend me money
whene:er & Jneed" it.
33 *se when, whene%er or as to fill the gaps in the following..
1. ... J%ecause" there were no buses we had to take a taxi. *. ... he 'rew older his temper
impro:ed. J)is temper 'ot better e:ery year. +. ... he 'rew older Jhe reached the a'e7 say7 0<"
his temper impro:ed. 0. ... the doors opened the crowd be'an pourin' in. JThey didn,t wait 6or
the doors to open 6ully." 1. ... it became dark Ja6ter dark"7 he le6t his hidin' place. 4. ... the sun
went down7 'reat bars o6 red co:ered the western sky. 5. ... he le6t the house Jwhile he was still
in the doorway" he suddenly remembered where he,d seen her be6ore. 9. ... he le6t the house
Ja6ter li:in' it" he turned ri'ht. ;. ... we ha:e a puncture Je:ery time we ha:e one" she @ust sits
in the car while & chan'e the wheel. 1<. on,t exhaust yoursel6. Sit down ... you,re tired7 Jas
soon as you,re tired" 11. ... J%ecause" we were tired we sat down beside the stream. 1*. ... we
approached the town Jcame 'radually nearer to it" we wondered whether there,d be room in the
hotel. 1+. ... we reached the town Ja6ter arri:in'" we sent Tom to 6ind out about hotels. 10. &,ll
ha:e to buy a map ... Jbecause" & don,t know the area. 11. ... you don,t know a district it is
always a 'ood thin' to ha:e a map. 14. ... the mana'er is out Je:ery time he is out" his
assistant si'ns the letters. 15. ... J%ecause" the mana'er is out today &,ll si'n the letters.
19. The phone ran' @ust ... & 'ot into my bath. JD was in the act o6 'ettin' in." 1;. &,:e 'i:en your
old @acket away ... Jbecause" it was too ti'ht 6or you.
34. Put in the future si)ple, the future progressi%e or the future perfect si)ple.
-A/&!= (U!O
%y the middle o6 the *1st century we Jbuild" ... space stations which Jcircle" ... the earth and
Jprobably circle" ... the moon7 too. 3e Jestablish" ... bases on planets like #ars. At present7 we
use radar to 2watch2 nearly 97<<< ob@ects in space. &n addition7 there are at least +<7<<< bits o6
rubbish 6rom the siKe o6 marbles to the siKe o6 basket balls 6lyin' round the earth. These
Jincrease" ... in number by the year *<1< and Jorbit" ... the earth. All these bits and pieces are
watched by !E$A J!orth American $adar e6ence 8ommand". !E$A Jha:e"... more and
more rubbish to watch as the years 'o by. Some bits 6all back to earth7 like the $ussian satellite
8;107 which crashed in the !orthern Territories
o6 8anada in 1;59. 8rashin' @unk could 'i:e us a bad headache. #ost o6 the stu66 Jstay" ... up
there Jwe hope"F The sad 6act is that we who are ali:e today Jnot clear up" ... our own @unk toH
morrow. Perhaps we J@ust watch" ... 6rom some other Jsa6e" place as it 'oes round and round
the earthF
35. (o)plete the sentences with the past si)ple or the past progressi%e of the %erbs in
brackets. &he ad%erbs in italics should be put in their correct position.
1. 3ho was that 'irl you Jtalk" to when & Jpass" you in the street. *. )e Jsleep" soundly when
he Jawaken L passi:e" by a noise. )e J'o" downstairs to 6ind out what Jhappen" )e Jknow"
somethin' must be wron' because the do' Jbark" 6uriously. +. )e Jnot take" my remarks
seriously. &n 6act7 he Jthink" & J@oke". 0. The men Jdrink" to'ether when an ar'ument Jbreak out".
The men soon Jcome" to blows7 and the publican Jcall" the police. The situation @ust Jbe'in" to
'et out o6 hand7 when the police Jarri:e" and Jtake" the two men to the police station. 3hile they
J'et" out o6 the police car7 one man Jmake" a break 6or it7 and Jsucceed" in 'ettin' away. They
still Jlook" 6or the man two hours later. 1. 3hat J'o on" in your house when & Jcall" on you last
ni'ht. & Jrin'" the bell three times7 but you Jnot answer" the door. (ud'in' by the noise that
Jcome" 6rom the sittin' room & Jthink" you must be ha:in' a party. 4. & Jlook" 6or you in the
theatre all e:enin'. 3here you Jsit". 5. 3hen & Jlea:e" the airport7 (ohn and his wi6e still Jtalk"
to the customs o66icial. They Jseem" to ha:e some di66iculty o:er their passports.
36. -ill in the blanks.
A TE$$&%AE !&=)T#A$E
&t Jbe" ... midni'ht7 and & Jbe" ... at a party at a 6riend,s house when the babysitter Jcall" ....
28ome home ri'ht awayF2 she said. & didn,t stop to ask any ?uestions. & J'et" ... into my car
and Jdri:e" . ... home as ?uickly as possible. %ut when & Jreach" ... $i:er Street7 the most
dan'erous street in town7 & J'et" ... a 6lat 6ire. &t Jbe"
:ery dark and ?uiet7 and & Jbe" ... terribly
a6raid. & Jstart"

walk down the street7 when & Jsee" ,... an enormous do' )e Jlook" ... :ery
an'ry7 and he Jbark" ... when he Jsee"
... me 3hat Jcan" , ... & do. & Jha:e"
... to think ?uickly.
-ortunately7 i Jha:e" ... some 6ood 6rom the party with me. & Jtake"
.. some cookies 6rom my
pocket7 and & J'i:e"
... them to the do'. )e Jstop" ... barkin' ri'ht away7 and Jeat" ... the
cookies. 3hile he was eatin'7 & Jwalk" ... away. )al6 an hour later7 & 6inally Jarri:e" ... home. &
Jlook" ... in my pocket 6or the key7 but it wasn,t there. & 'uess & Jlose" ... it when & was 6eedin' the
do'. & Jdecide"
... to 'et into the house throu'h the li:in' room window. A 6ew minutes later7 &
Jbe" ... in the li:in' room. & didn,t see or hear anythin' stran'e7 so & J'o" ... upstairs. Then
somebody Jshout"
... 2)elpF2 & Jbe" ... so ner:ous that & Jtrip" ... o:er chair and J6all"
down. Then......................&,m 'lad it was only a dream.
37. Put in the past si)ple or past progressi%e. 3ote where both for)s are possible.
TU= E- 3A$ 3&T) A )E=E)E=
#rs #ay7 our istrict !urse7 Jdri:e" ... home at + a.m. one ni'ht a6ter an ur'ent :isit to a sick
patient. She Jdri:e" ... alon' a deserted country lane7 when she Jsee" ... a new kind o6 animal.
She Jstop" ... her car and J'et out" ... The animal Jbe" clearly :isible in the blaKe o6 her
headli'hts. &t Jlook" ... like a hed'eho' with a tall white hat. &t Jcross" ... the road without payin'
any attention to #rs #ay. 3hen #rs #ay J'o" ... close to it7 she Jnotice" ... that there was a
plastic yo'hurt pot on the hed'eho',s head. The poor creature had 'ot its head stuck in the
plastic pot
)er instincts as a nurse Jtell" ... her she would ha:e to rescue it7 so she Jpull" ... the
pot o66 the hed'eho',s head. #rs #ay Jthink" . . the hed'eho' Jlook" ... rather sad7 when she
Jnotice" ... that the pot was hal6 6ull o6 strawberry yo'hurt. She J'i:e" ... it back to the hed'eho'.
The creature JseiKe" ... it7 Jput" ... it on its head a'ain7 and triumphantly Jcontinue" ... its @ourney
across the road
3 *se either the past si)ple tense or the past progressi%e in the following sentences as
1. (ane ... Jeat" dinner when his 6riend called. *. 3hile #arie was cleanin' the apartment7 her
husband ... +. At three o,clock this mornin'7 Eleanor ... Jstudy". 3hen @Niarie arri:ed7 the
(ohnsons ... Jha:e" dinner7 but they stopped in order to talk to him. 0. (ohn ... J'o" to -rance
last year. 1. 3hen the teacher ... Jenter" the room7 the students were talkin'. 4. 3hile (oan
was writin' the report7 )enry ... Jlook" tor niore in6ormation. 5. 3e ... Jsee" this mo:ie last ni'ht.
9. At one time7 #r $oberts ... Jown" this buildin'. ;. (ohn ... Jwrite" a letter to his 6amily when
his pencil ... Jbreak".
3!. Insert the past si)ple or the past progressi%e.
1. 3hen we Jto open" the window7 it Jto rain". *. &t Jto 'et" dark when we Jto reach" home. +.
/ou Jto 6ind" these examples in the book at the pre:ious lesson. 0. & Jnot to 6or'et" to lock the
door this mornin'. 1. The pupils Jto work" in the 6ield. 4. 3e Jto arri:e" ten minutes later. 5. 3e
Jto see" the men in the boat which Jto near" the harbour. 9. Ann still Jto look" out o6 the window
when & Jto enter". ;. She Jto lie" in bed. She Jto say" she Jnot to 6eel" well. 1<. The train Jto
pass" a bi' town in the ni'ht and so we Jnot to see" it. 11. /ou Jto write" all day yesterday.
4". ;ow did it happen?
1. )ow did Alice hurt hersel6. Jplay soccer". Example: She hurt hersel6 while she was playin'
soccer. *. )ow did #artin burn himsel6. Jiron his clothes" +. )ow did )elen cut hersel6. Jslice
onions" 0. )ow did (enni6er meet her husband. J6ix a 6lat tyre" 1. )ow did #artin break his
arm. Jskate" 4. )ow did you lose your wallet. Jride my bicycle" 5. )ow did (e66 meet his wi6e.
Jswim at the beach" 9. )ow did %ob 'et a black eye. J6i'ht with his brother" ;. )ow did your
children burn themsel:es. Jmake break6ast" 1<. )ow did #artha trip and 6all. Jdance"
41. (o)pete the sentences with the past progressi%e or past si)ple for) of the %erb in
parentheses. <oth answers )ay be correct. (hoose the better for).
-,.: )i7 Allan. )ow are you. & ... Jcall" you last ni'ht about 1<.<<7 but you ... Jnot be" home.
3hat ... you ... Jdo".
A: At 1<.<<. Aet,s see ...7 at around 1<.<< & ... Jsit" in the hospital waitin' room.
-.: The hospital. 3hat. 3hy .... 3hat ... Jhappen". ... Jbe" there an accident. ... someone ...
J'et" sick.
A.: !ot exactly. /ou see7 around 9.<< my wi6e and & ... Jha:e" dinner at a restaurant when it all ...
Jstart". The 6ood ... Jtaste" delicious. Aet,s see L she ... Jeat" a terri6ic steak while & Jen@oy" the
-.: %ut why ... you ... Jspend" the rest o6 the e:enin' in the hospital. 3hat ... Jstart" while you ...
Jha:e" a 'ood time at the restaurant.
A.: The whole thin'F &t ... Jbe" excitin'7 tooF Around ;.<<7 & ... Jride" with my wi6e in the
ambulance while it Jspeed" throu'h the streets o6 the city. All the tra66ic ... Jha:e" to stop 6or us.
-.: Ambulance.F 3hy ... you J'o" to the hospital in an ambulance.
A.: %ecause we ... Jbe" in a hurry. Then while the doctor ... Jtake " case o6 my wi6e7 & ... Jwalk"
back and 6orth. & ... Jsmoke". & ... Jbite" my 6in'ernails. & ... Jbe" so ner:ous & ...
-. 3hat ... your wi6e ... Jdo" at that time. 3hat ... J'o" on.
A. She ... J'i:e" birth to a son and a dau'hter ... twinsF
-. 8on'ratulations.
42. Past si)ple or past progressi%e?
1. & Jmend" my sails one day when a man & had worked with be6ore Jwalk" up and Jask" me i6 &,d
like to ha:e a drink. *. & Jthink" he probably had more than @ust a 6riendly drink in mind7 so &
Jstop" what & Jdo"7 Jwipe" o66 my hands7 and J6ollow" him to the local drink shop. +. &t Jbe" there
that & J6ind" out that he Jrecruit" people to work on !echo,s pro@ect. 0. !owadays7 e:erybody
knows about our @ourney7 but then7 it Jsound" a bit stran'e. 1. At 6irst & thou'ht the man Jtry" to
play a trick on me. 4. %ut the more he Jtalk"7 the better it Jsound" L a real ad:enture. 5. & J'et"
tired o6 the same old sea routes year a6ter year. 9. %esides7 & Jthink" it would be a 'reat tradin'
opportunityG the route to 8artha'e7 across =reek waters7 J'et" more and more dan'erous.
;. /ou may not belie:e this7 but it Jonly take" me a 6ew minutes to decideG & Jsit" there in that
shop with a cup in my hand7 and & Jmake" a decision that would chan'e my li6e L and lots o6
other people,s li:es as well. 1<. There were times on my @ourney when & Jha:e" doubts about
my decision. 11. Ence while we Jbe" pushed southHwest by the monsoon winds7 & Jnearly be"
washed o66 the deck by a bi' wa:e. 1*. And one day durin' the lon' sail south7 one o6 the men
Jtry" to con:ince the rest o6 us that we were under a ma'ic spell when a dead black bird J6all" on
the deckG belie:e me7 we Jbe" scared. 1+. %ut there were some 'ood times7 too: we Jha:e" to
stop and collect supplies on the west coast7 and we Jstay" there 6or a lon' time7 in one o6 the
most beauti6ul places &,:e seen 10. Ene e:enin' while & Jsit" under a tree with the wind in my
6ace and a luscious bi' man'o to eat7 & almost Jdecide" to stay there 6or the rest o6 my li6e.
11. %ut o6 course & Jnot stay"G & Jknow" that & would 'et tired o6 it soon enou'h7 and besides7 my
wi6e and children Jwait" 6or me back in Tyre. 14. 3e Jsee" thousands o6 birds at =ibraltar7 but
these Jbe" ali:e: they J6ly" o:er7 on their way south 6or the winter. 15. &n ecember7 when & J'et"
home7 & Jmake" sure that no one told my 6amily be6ore & Jarri:e". 19. 3hen & Jwalk" throu'h the
door7 my wi6e Jput" supper on the table7 and my son and dau'hter L whom & Jhardly reco'nise"
L Jplay" by the 6ireplace. 1;. & Jknow" when & Jsee" them that & had done the ri'ht thin' not to
stay under that tree. *<. & still think o6 that bi' tree in the @un'le sometimes7 thou'hG and &,ll bet
there,s not a man who J'o" on that @ourney who wouldn,t like to 'o back.
43. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense/ the past si)ple or the past progressi%e.
1. Peter and Ann Jdecide" to redecorate their sittin'Hroom themsel:es. *. They Jchoose" cream
paint 6or the woodwork and apricot 6or the walls. +. 3hen (ohn Jlook" in to see how they J'et"
on7 Ann Jmix" the paint7 and Peter Jwash" down the walls. 0. They Jbe" 'lad to see (ohn and
Jask" i6 he Jdo" anythin' special that day 1. )e hastily Jreply" he J'o" to the theatre and J'o"
away at once7 because he Jknow" they Jlook" 6or someone to help them. 4. They Jbe'in"
paintin'7 but J6ind" the walls Jbe" too wet. 5. They Jwork" in silence 6or some time. 9. (ust as they
Jstart" the third wall7 the doorbell Jrin'". ;. &t Jbe" a 6riend o6 Peter,s who Jwant" to know i6 Peter
Jplay" 'ol6 the 6ollowin' weekend. 1<. )e Jstay" talkin' to Peter in the hall while Ann J'o" on
paintin'. 11. At last he Jlea:e". 1*. Peter Jreturn"7 expectin' Ann to say somethin' about 6riends
who Jcome" and Jwaste" :aluable time talkin' about 'ol6. 1+. %ut Ann nobly Jsay" nothin'. 10.
Then Peter Jthink" he would do the ceilin'. 11. )e @ust Jclimb" the step ladder when the doorbell
Jrin'" a'ain. 14. Ann Jsay" she J'et" tired o6 interruptions but J'o" and Jopen" the door. 15. &t Jbe"
the postman with a letter 6rom her aunt #ary7 sayin' she Jcome" to spend the weekend with
them and Jarri:e" that e:enin' at 4.+<.
44. Put the %erbs in brackets into the past si)ple or the past progressi%e.
1. & Jwalk" alon' Piccadilly when & JrealiKe" that a man with a 'in'er beard7 whom & had seen
three times already that a6ternoon7 J6ollow" me. *. To make ?uite sure7 & Jwalk" on ?uickly7 Jturn"
ri'ht7 then le6t and Jstop" suddenly at a shop window. +. &n a 6ew minutes the man with the beard
Jappear" and Jstop" at another shop window. 0. & J'o" on. 1. 3hene:er & Jstop" he Jstop"7 and
whene:er & Jlook" round he Jbe" still there. 4. )e Jlook" a :ery respectable type and Jwear" :ery
con:entional clothes and & Jwonder" i6 he was a policeman or a pri:ate detecti:e. 5. & Jdecide" to
try and shake him o66. 9. A 50 bus Jstand" at the bus stop @ust beside me. ;. Then the conductor
Jcome" downstairs and Jrin'" the bellG @ust as the bus Jmo:e" o667 & J@ump" on it. 1<. The man with
the beard Jmiss" the bus but J'et" into anHothe 507 which J6ollow" the 6irst. 11. %oth buses Jcrawl"
:ery slowly alon' Oni'htsbrid'e. 1*. E:ery time the buses Jpull" up at a stop7 the man Jlook" out
anxiously to see i6 & J'et" o66. 1+. -inally7 at some tra66ic li'hts7 he Jchan'e" buses and J'et" into
mine. 10. At =loucester $oad Under'round7 & Jlea:e" the bus and Jbuy" a ticket at a ticket
machine. 11. As & Jstand" on the plat6orm waitin' 6or a 8ircle Aine train7 my pursuer Jcome"
down the stairs. 14. )e Jcarry" a newspaper and when we J'et" into the same compartment7 he
Jsit" in one corner readin' it7 and & Jread" the ad:ertisements. 15. )e Jlook" o:er the top o6 the
newspaper at e:ery station to see i6 & J'et" out. 19. & Jbecome" rather tired o6 bein' shadowed
like this7 so 6inally & J'o" and Jsit" beside the man and Jask" him why he J6ollow" me. 1;. At 6irst
he Jsay" he Jnot 6ollow" me at all but when & Jthreaten" to knock him down7 he Jadmit" that he
was. *<. Then he Jtell" me he Jbe" a writer o6 detecti:e stories and Jtry" to see i6 it was di66icult to
6ollow someone unseen. *1. & Jtell" him he hadn,t been unseen because & had noticed him in
Piccadilly and & Jad:ise" him to sha:e o66 his 'in'er beard i6 he Jnot want" his :ictim to know he
Jbe" 6ollowed.
45. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense/ the past si)ple or the past progressi%e.
1. )e Jsit" on the bank 6ishin' when he Jsee" a man,s hat 6loatin' down the ri:er. &t Jseem"
stran'ely 6amiliar. *. &t Jsnow" hea:ily when he Jwake" up. )e Jremember" that (ack Jcome" 6or
lunch and Jdecide" to 'o down to the station to meet him in case he Jlose" his way in the snowy
lanes. +. 3hen & Jreach" the street & JrealiKe" that & Jnot know" the number o6 Tom,s house. &
Jwonder" what to do about it when Tom himsel6 Jtap" me on the shoulder. 0. As the 'oalkeeper
Jrun" 6orward to seiKe the ball a bottle Jstrike" him on the shoulder. 1. & Jlook" throu'h the
classroom window. A 'eometry lesson J'o" on. The teacher Jdraw" dia'rams on the blackboard.
4. #ost o6 the boys Jlisten" to the teacher but a 6ew Jwhisper" to each other7 and
Tom Jread" a history book. Tom Jhate" mathematicsG he always Jread" history durin' his matheH
matics lesson. 5. E:eryone Jread" ?uietly when suddenly the door Jburst" open and a complete
stran'er Jrush" in. 9. & J'o" to (ack,s house but Jnot 6ind" him in. )is mother Jsay" that she Jnot
know" what he Jdo" but Jthink" he probably Jplay" 6ootball. ;. This used to be a station and all
the Aondon trains Jstop" here. %ut two years a'o they Jclose" the station and J'i:e" us a bus
ser:ice instead. 1<. She Jpromise" not to report me to the police but ten minutes later & Jsee"
her talkin' with a policeman and 6rom the expression on his 6ace & am sure she Jtell" him all
about it. 11. & Jpick" up the recei:er and Jdial" a number. To my surprise & J6ind" mysel6 listenin'
to an extraordinary con:ersation. Two men Jplan" to kidnap the Prime #inister. 1*. & Jmeet"
Paul at the uni:ersity. 3e Jbe" both in the same year. )e Jstudy" law7 but he Jnot be" :ery
interested in it and Jspend" most o6 his time practisin' the 6lute. 1+. The train @ust Jstart" when
the door Jopen" and two pantin' passen'ers Jleap" in. 10. 23hat you Jdo" between ;.<< and
1<.<< yesterday.2 Jsay" the detecti:e. 2& Jclean" my house72 said #rs (ones. 2& always clean my
house on Saturday mornin's.2 11. #y nei'hbour Jlook" in last ni'ht and Jsay" that he
Jlea:e" the district and J'o" to /orkshire7 to a new @ob. & Jsay" that & Jbe" :ery sorry that he J'o"7
and Jtell" him to write to me 6rom /orkshire and tell me how he J'et" on. 14. They Jbuild" that
brid'e when & Jbe" here last year. They ha:en,t 6inished it yet. 15. The dentist,s waitin' room
was 6ull o6 people. Some Jread" ma'aKines7 others @ust Jturn" o:er the pa'es. A woman Jknit"G
a child Jplay" with a toy car. Suddenly the door Jopen" and the nurse Jsay"7 2!ext7 please.2
19. The house next to yours Jbe" 6ull o6 policemen and police do's yesterday. 3hat they Jdo".
& Jhear" that they Jlook" 6or dru's. They J6ind" any. /es7 & belie:e one o6 the do's
Jdisco:er" some cannabis 1;. Peter Jtell" me yesterday that he Jmake" his own I1 notes
on,t belie:e him. )e @ust Jpull" your le'. *<. A tra66ic warden @ust Jstick" a parkin' ticket to my
reen when & Jcome" back to the car. & Jtry" to persuade him to tear it up but he Jre6use".
*1. Ann works in the branch where the bi' robbery Jtake" place. She actually Jwork" there at
the time o6 the raid. **. 3hen Ann Jsay" that she Jcome" to see me the next day7 & Jwonder"
what 6lowers she would brin'. She always brin's 6lowers. *+. 3hile & Jwonder" whether to buy
the dress or not7 someone else Jcome" and Jbuy" it. *0. )e always Jborrow" 6rom me Jhe
borrowed more o6ten than was reasonable" but when & once Jask" him to lend me somethin'7 he
Jsay" he Jnot ha:e" 'ot it be6ore he e:en Jknow" what 1 Jwant" to borrow. *1. & J'o" home on
6oot and all the time & Jha:e" the impression that & Jbe" 6ollowed Jpassi:e". %ut thou'h & Jturn"
round se:eral times7 & ne:er Jsee" anybody. *4. & Jbump" into Tom yesterday. & Jask" him to @oin
us 6or lunch tomorrow but he Jsay" he Jha:e" Jhad arran'ed to ha:e" lunch with Ann. *5. #y
do' Jattack" the postman as he Jput" the letters into the letter box. The man Jthrust" a lar'e
en:elope into the do',s mouth and o6 course he Jtear" it. Un6ortunately the letter
Jcontain" my diploma. & Jpatch" the diploma up with Sellotape but it still looks a bit odd. *9. )ow
you Jbreak" your le'. & J6all" o66 a ladder when & Jput" up curtains. The worst o6 it Jbe" that it
Jbe" @ust be6ore the holidays and & J'o" away7 Jhad planned to 'o away" *;. So you Jnot 'o"
away. !o7 o6 course not. & Jcancel" my bookin's and Jspend" the holiday hobblin' about at
home. +<. The curtain @ust Jrise" when somebody at the back o6 the theatre Jshout" 2-ire
2 The
audience Jlook" round ner:ously. +1. As it Jrain" the children Jplay" in the sittin' room. Tom 3as
there too. )e Jtry" to write a letter but he Jnot 'et on" :ery because the children Jkeep" askin'
him ?uestions. +*. 3hat you Jdo" when the doorbell Jrin'". & Jmake" a cake. And what you
Jdo" when you Jhear" the bell. & J'o" to answer it o6 course. %ut when & Jopen" the doo
Jbe" nobody there. ++. A 6ew minutes later the bell Jrin'" a'ain and this time & J6ind" a man in a
peaked cap who Jsay" he Jmake" a sur:ey. +0. & Jsay"7 2J%e" it you who Jrin'" this bell a minute
a'o.2 2!o72 he Janswer"7 2but when & Jtalk" to your nei'hbour & Jsee" a man standin' at your
door. & think he J'o" round to the back o6 your house.2 +1. 3e Jnot 'et" much sleep last ni'ht
because the people next door Jha:e" a noisy party. & Jrin'" up the landlord and Jsay" that his
tenants Jmake" too much noise. )e Jpoint out" that it Jbe" Saturday and that people o6ten Jha:e"
parties on Saturday ni'hts. & Jsay" that the people in his house always Jha:e" parties Jhad too
many parties" +4. 3hat you Jdo" be6ore you J'et" this @ob. & Jwork" 6or %rown and 8ompany.
And how lon' you Jstay" with them. & Jstay" 6or about six months. & Jlea:e" because they
always J'o" on strike. &t Jbecome" ?uite monotonous.
46. Put the %erbs in brackets into the past si)ple or the past progressi%e tense.
1. & lit the 6ire at 4.<< and it Jburn" bri'htly when Tom came in at 5.<<. *. 3hen & arri:ed the
lecture had already started and the pro6essor Jwrite" on the o:erhead pro@ector. +. & Jmake" a
cake when the li'ht went out. & had to 6inish it in the dark. 0. & didn,t want to meet Paul so when
he entered the room & Jlea:e". 1. Un6ortunately when & arri:ed Ann @ust Jlea:e"7 so we only had
time 6or a 6ew words. 4. )e Jwatch" TN when the phone ran'. Nery unwillin'ly he Jturn" down
the sound and J'o" to answer it. 5. )e was :ery polite. 3hene:er his wi6e entered the room he
Jstand" up. 9. The admiral Jplay" bowls when he recei:ed news o6 the in:asion. )e Jinsist" on
6inishin' the 'ame. ;. #y do' Jwalk" alon' ?uietly when #r Pitt,s Pekinese attacked him.
1<. 3hen & arri:ed she Jha:e" lunch. She apolo'iKed 6or startin' without me but said that
she always Jlunch" at 1*.+<. 11. )e always Jwear" a raincoat and Jcarry" an umbrella when he
walked to the o66ice. 1*. 3hat you Jthink" o6 his last book. & Jlike" it :ery much. 1+. & Jshare" a
6lat with him when we were students. )e always Jcomplain" about my untidiness. 10. )e
suddenly JrealiKe" that he Jtra:el" in the wron' direction. 11. )e Jplay" the 'uitar outside her
house when someone opened the window and Jthrow" out a bucket o6 water. 14. & @ust Jopen"
the letter when the wind Jblow" it out o6 my hand. 15. The bur'lar Jopen" the sa6e when he
Jhear" 6ootsteps. )e immediately Jput" out his torch and Jcrawl" under the bed. 19. 3hen &
Jlook" 6or my passport & J6ind" this old photo'raph. 1;. /ou looked :ery busy when & Jsee" you
last ni'ht. 3hat you Jdo". *<. The boys Jplay" cards when they Jhear" their 6ather,s step.
They immediately Jhide" the cards and Jtake" out their lesson books. *1. )e Jclean" his 'un
when it accidentally J'o" o66 and Jkill" him. **. )e Jnot allow" us to 'o out in the boat yesterday
as a stron' wind Jblow". *+. As & Jcross" the road & Jstep" on a banana skin and J6all" hea:ily.
*0. & still Jlie" on the road when & Jsee" a lorry approachin'. *1. Auckily the dri:er Jsee" me and
Jstop" the lorry in time. *4. )ow you Jdama'e" your car so badly. & Jrun" into a lampHpost
yesterday. & suppose you Jdri:e" too ?uickly or were not lookin' where /EU J'o". *5. As he
J'et" into the bus it Jstart" suddenly and he J6all" backwards on to the road. *9. & Jcall" Paul at
5.<< but it wasn,t necessary because he already J'et" up. *;. 3hen he Jmend" the 6use he
J'et" a :ery bad shock. +<. 3hen & Jhear" his knock & J'o" to the door and Jopen" it7 & Jnot
reco'niKe" him at 6irst because & Jnot wear" my 'lasses. +1. 3hen & came in they Jsit" round the
6ire. #r Pitt Jdo" a crossword puKKle7 #rs Pitt Jknit"7 the others Jread". #rs

Pitt Jsmile" at me
and Jsay"7 28ome and sit down.2 +*. 3hile the 'uests Jdance" thie:es Jbreak" into the hous
and Jsteal" a lot o6 6ur coats. ++. The next day7 as they Jknow" that the police Jlook" 6or

they Jhide" the coats in a wood and J'o" o66 in di66erent directions. +0. She was :ery
extra:a'ant. She always Jbuy" hersel6 new clothes. +1. )er mother o6ten Jtell" her that she
Jspend" too much money but she ne:er Jlisten". +4. 3hene:er the drummer Jbe'in" practisin'7
the people in the next 6lat Jban'" on the wall.
47. Put the %erbs in brackets into the past si)ple or past progressi%e tense.
1. #r Smith ne:er Jwake" up in time in the mornin' and always J'et" into trouble 6or bein' lateG
so one day he J'o" to town and Jbuy" an alarm clock. *. To 'et home he Jha:e to" 'o throu'h a
6ield where a badHtempered bull usually J'raKe". +. This bull normally Jnot chase" people unless
somethin' Jmake" him an'ry. Un6ortunately7 as #r Smith Jcross" the 6ield7 his alarm clock J'o"
o66. 0. This Jannoy" the bull7 who immediately Jbe'in" to chase #r Smith. 1. #r Smith Jcarry" an
open umbrella as it Jrain" sli'htly )e Jthrow" the umbrella to the 'round and Jrun" away as 6ast
as he could. 4. The bull Jstop" and Jbe'in" to attack the umbrella. 3hile he Jdo" this #r Smith
escaped. 5. 3hen he Jawake" she Jsit" by the window. She Jlook" at somethin' in the street7 but
when he Jcall" her she Jturn" and Jsmile" at him. 9. 3hy you Jinterrupt" me @ust now. & Jha:e" a
:ery interestin' con:ersation with #r Pitt. ;. The murderer Jcarry" the corpse down the stairs
when he Jhear" a knock on the door. 1<. 3hen & Jlook" throu'h your books & Jnotice" that you
ha:e a copy o6 #urder in the 8athedral. 11. As they Jwalk" alon' the road they Jhear" a car
comin' 6rom behind them. Tom Jturn" round and Jhold" up his hand. The car Jstop". 1*. 3hen &
Jarri:e" at the station #ary Jwait" 6or me. She Jwear" a blue dress and Jlook" :ery pretty. As soon
as she Jsee" me she Jwa:e" and Jshout" somethin'7 but & couldn,t hear what she Jsay" because
e:erybody Jmake" such a noise. 1+. The prisoner Jescape" by climbin' the wall o6 the 'arden
where he Jwork". )e Jwear" blue o:eralls and black shoes. 10. She said that he car Jtra:el" at
0< k.p.h. when it Jbe'in" to skid. 11. She said that she Jnot like" her present 6lat and Jtry" to 6ind
another. 14. 3hile he Jmake" his speech the minister suddenly J6eel" 6aint. %ut someone Jbrin'"
him a 'lass o6 water and a6ter a 6ew minutes he Jbe able" to continue. 15. 3hen & Jsee" him he
Jpaint" a portrait o6 his wi6e.H /ou Jlike" it. )e only @ust Jstart" when & Jsee" it7 so & couldn,t
@ud'e. 19. & Jtake" my 6riend to a murder trial the other day. 3ho Jbe" tried. A man called %ill
Sykes. 3as he ac?uitted. & don,t know. They still Jlisten" to the e:idence when we Jlea:e".
1;. & Jbe" sorry that & Jha:e to" lea:e the party early7 because
Jen@oy" mysel6. *<. As we
Jcome" here a policeman Jstop" us. )e Jsay" that he Jlook" 6or some stolen property and Jask" i6
he could search the car. *1. & Jsee" you yesterday 6rom the bus. 3hy you Juse" a stick. &
Juse" a stick because & had hurt my le' that mornin' 6allin' o66 a horse. horse you Jride". **.
The 6loor was co:ered with balls o6 wool. Eb:iously @:u Pitt Jknit" somethin'. *+. Ann said that
she Jbe" on holiday. & Jsay" that & Jhop
P that she Jen@oy" hersel6. *0. 3hile he Jwater" the 6lowers
it Jbe'in" to rain. )e Jp
n up his umbrella and J'o" on waterin'. *1. & @ust Jwrite" a che?ue when
& Jremember" that & Jha:e" nothin' in the bank. *4. & J6ind" this rin' as & Jdi'" in the 'arden. &t
looks :ery old. & wonder who it Jbelon'" to. *5. 3hen & last Jsee" her she Jhurry" alon' the road
to the station. & Jask" her where she J'o" and she Jsay"7 2Aondon27 but & don,t think she Jspeak"
the truth because there Jnot be" any train 6or Aondon at that time.
*9. The tailor said7 2/our suit will be ready on #onday.2 %ut when & Jcall" on #onday he still
Jwork" on it. *;. The teacher Jcome" into the classroom unusually earlP and one o6 the boys7
who Jsmoke" a ci'arette7 Jha:e" no time to put it out. So he Jthrow" it into the desk and Jhope"
6or the best. +<. A little later the teacher Jnotice" that smoke Jrise" 6rom the desk. 2/ou Jsmoke"
when & Jcome" in.2 he Jask". +1. 3hile & Jswim" someone Jsteal" my clothes and & Jha:e to" walk
home in my swimsuit. +*. The men Jsay" that they Jwork" on the road outside m" house and
that they Jwant" some water to make tea. ++. )e Jsay" that he Jbuild" himsel6 a house and
that he Jthink" it would be ready in two years. +0. At + a.m. #rs Pitt Jwake" her husband and
Jsay" that she Jthink" that someone Jtry" to 'et into the house. +1. 3hy you Jlend" him that
book. & still Jread" it. &,m sorry. & Jnot know" that you still Jread" it. +4. & Jcome" in :ery late last
ni'ht and un6ortunately the do' Jwake" up and Jstart" to bark. This Jwake" my mother who
Jcome" to the top o6 the stairs and Jsay"7 23ho Hthere.2 & Jsay"7 2&t is me72 but she Jnot
hear" me because the do' Jbark" so loudly7 so she J'o" back to her room and Jtelephone the
T/E P0E1E2T PE03E'T A24 T/E PA1T 15,P6E
4 Ja$-ill the spaces by repeating the au"iliary used in the 0uestion, putting it into the negati%e
where necessary.
#b$ Put the %erb in brackets into the present perfect or the past si)ple tense.
1. )a:e you seen that play. a" /es7 & ... /es7 & ha:e.
Jb" /es7 & Jbe" there last ni'ht. /es7 & was there last ni'ht.
1. )a:e you wound the clock. Ja" /es7 & ... Jb" /es7 & Jwind" it on #onday.
*. )a:e you e:er eaten snails. Ja" !o7 & ... Jb" /es7 & Jeat" some at Tom,s party last week.
+. )as she 6ed the do'. Ja" /es7 & think she ... Jb" /es7 she J6eed" him be6ore lunch.
0. )a:e they repaired the road. Ja" !o7 they ... Jb" They only Jrepair" part o6
it so 6ar.
1. )a:e they done their homework. Ja" /es7 they Jdo" it all. Jb" /es7 they Jdo" it be6ore
they le6t school.
4. )a:e you 6ound the matches. Ja" !o7 & ... Jb" !o7 & Jnot 6ind" them yet.
5. )a:e you made the co66ee. Ja" /es7 & ... Jb" & Jmake" some yesterday7
we can use that.
9. )a:e you been here be6ore. Ja" !o7 & ... Jb" /es7 & Jbe" here se:eral times.
;. )a:e you seen him lately. Ja" !o7 & ... Jb" !o7 & Jnot see" him since 8hristmas.
1<. )a:e you been to the opera
this week. Ja" /es7 & ... Jb" /es7 & J'o" to -aust on

11. )a:e you e:er dri:en this car. Ja" /es7 & Jdri:e" it once or twice.
Jb" /es7 & Jdri:e" it when you were away.
1*. )as he missed his train. Ja" !o7 he ... Jb" /es7 he ... &t J'o" 6i:es minutes a'o.
1+. )a:e they been throu'h wustoms. Ja" /es7 they... Jb" /es7 their lu''a'e Jbe" examined at
10. )as he spoken to her. Ja" /es7 he ... Jb" /es7 he Jspeak" to her on -riday.
11. )a:e you spent all your money. Ja" !o7 & only Jspend" hal6 o6 it. Jb" /es7 & ...
14. )ow much ha:e you sa:ed2 since 8hristmas. Ja" & Jnot sa:e" anythin' Jb" & Jsa:e" I+.
15. )as his temperature 'one down. Ja" !o7 it ... Jb" /es7 it J'o" down last ni'ht.
19. )a:e you seen his 'arden. Ja" !o7 & Jnot see" it yet Jb" & Jsee" the house on
#onday but & Jnot see" the 'arden.
1; )a:e you paid the bill. Ja" /es7 & ... Jb" /es7 & Jpay" it while ,you were away.
*<. )a:e you e:er 6lown a plane. Ja" !o7 & ... Jb" /es7 & J6ly" when & was at uni:ersity.
*1 )as your do' e:er bitten anyone. Ja" /es7 he Jbite" a policeman last week7 Jb" /es7 he
Jbite" me twice.
** )a:e you planted your peas. Ja" /es7 & Jplant" them on Tuesday7 Jb" !o7 & ... yet.
*+. )as he written to the paper. Ja" /es7 he ... Jb" /es7 he Jwrite" at once.
*0. )a:e you e:er drunk :odka. Ja" !o7 & ... Jb" & Jdrink" it once in $ussia but & Jnot drink" it
4!. Put the %erbs in brackets into the present perfect or the past si)ple tense. In so)e
sentences the present perfect progressi%e is also possible.
1. This is my house. )ow lon' you Jli:e" here. & Jli:e" here since 1;5<. *. )e Jli:e" in
Aondon 6or two years and then J'o" to Edinbur'h. +. /ou Jwear" your hair lon' when you were
at school. /es7 my mother Jinsist" on it. 0. %ut when & Jlea:e" school & Jcut" my hair and
Jwear" it short e:er since. 1. Shakespeare Jwrite" a lot o6 plays. 4. #y brother Jwrite" se:eral
plays. )e @ust J6inish" his second tra'edy. 5. & J6ly" o:er Aoch !ess last week. /ou Jsee" the
Aoch !ess monster. 9. & Jnot see" him 6or three years. & wonder where he is. ;. )e Jnot
smoke" 6or two weeks. )e is tryin' to 'i:e it up. 1<. 8hopin Jcompose" some o6 his music in
11. 3hen he Jarri:e" )e Jarri:e" at *.<<. 1*. /ou Jlock" the door be6ore you le6t the house.
1+. & Jread" his books when & was at school. & Jen@oy" them :ery much 10. & can,t 'o out
because & Jnot 6inish" my work. 11. & ne:er Jdrink" whisky. 3ell7 ha:e some now. 14. & Jwrite"
the letter but & can,t 6ind a stamp. 15. The clock is slow. &t isn,t slow7 it Jstop". 19. )ere are
your shoesG & @ust Jclean" them. 1;. & Jlea:e" home at 9.<< and J'et" here at twel:e. *<. & Jdo"
this sort o6 work when & Jbe" an apprentice. *1. )e @ust J'o" out. **. )e J'o" out ten minutes
a'o. *+. /ou Jha:e" break6ast yet. /es7 & Jha:e" it at 9.<<. *0. & Jmeet" him last (une.
*1. /ou Jsee" the moon last ni'ht. *4. The concert Jbe'in" at *.+< and Jlast" 6or two hours. E:e
ryone Jen@oy" it :ery much. *5. The play @ust Jbe'in". /ou are a little late. *9. The newspaper
Jcome". /es7 Ann is readin' it. *;. The actors Jarri:e" yesterday and Jstart" rehearsals early
this mornin'. +<. &t Jbe" :ery cold this year. & wonder when it is 'oin' to 'et warmer. +1.
8er:antes Jwrite" on Muixote. +*. 3e Jmiss" the bus. !ow we,ll ha:e to walk.
++ )e Jbreak" his le' in a skiin' accident last year. +0. #r Pound is the bank mana'er. )e Jbe"
here 6or 6i:e years +1. #r 8ount Jwork" as a cashier 6or twentyH6i:e years. Then he Jretire" and
J'o" to li:e in the country. +4. /ou Jbe" here be6ore. /es7 & Jspend" my holidays here last year.
/ou Jha:e" a 'ood time. !o7 it ne:er Jstop" rainin'.
5". Put the %erbs in brackets into the present perfect or past si)ple tense. -ill the spaces by
repeating the au"iliary used in the preceding %erb.
/ou Jsee" #ary on #onday. /es7 & ...
id you see #ary on #onday. /es7 & did.
1. 3here is Tom. & Jnot see" him today7 but he Jtell" #ary that he,d be in 6or dinner. *. & Jbuy"
this in %ond Street. )ow much you Jpay" 6or it. & Jpay" I1<<. +. 3here you J6ind" this kni6e.
& J6ind" it in the 'arden. 3hy you Jnot lea:e" it there. 0. & Jlose" my black 'lo:es. /ou Jsee"
them anywhere. !o7 &,m a6raid & ... 3hen you last Jwear" them. & Jwear" them at the theatre
last ni'ht. Perhaps you Jlea:e" them at the theatre. 1. o you know that lady who @ust Jlea:e"
the shop. /es7 that is #iss Thri6t. &s she a customer o6 yours. !ot exactly. She Jbe" in here
se:eral times but she ne:er Jbuy" anythin'. 4. )e Jlea:e" the house at 9.<<. 3here he J'o".
& Jnot see" where he J'o". 5. )e Jser:e" in the -irst 3ord 3ar. 3hen that war Jbe'in". &t
Jbe'in" in 1;10 and Jlast" 6or 6our years. 9. 3ho you J:ote" 6or at the last election. & J:ote" 6or
#r Pitt. )e Jnot be" elected7 Jbe" he. !o7 he Jlose" his deposit. ;. /ou Jlike" your last @ob.
& Jlike" it at 6irst but then & J?uarrel" with my employer and he Jdismiss" me. )ow lon' you Jbe"
there. & Jbe" there 6or two weeks. 1<. & Jnot know" that you Jknow" #rs Pitt. )ow lon' you
Jknow" her. & Jknow" her 6or ten years. 11. That is #r #inus7 who teaches me mathematics7
but he ,6lot ha:e" time to teach me much. & only Jbe" in his class 6or a week. 1*. /ou Jhear" his
speech on the radio last ni'ht. /es7 & ... 3hat you Jthink" o6 it. 1+. & Jnot know" that you
Jbe" here. /ou Jbe" here lon'. /es7 & Jbe" here two months. /ou Jbe" to the 8athedral.
/es7 & J'o" there last Sunday. 10. /ou e:er Jtry" to 'i:e up smokin'. /es7 & Jtry" last year7 but
then & J6ind" that & was 'ettin' 6at so & Jstart" a'ain. 11. /ou Jsee" today,s paper. !o7 anythin'
interestin' Jhappen". /es7 two con:icted murderers Jescape" 6rom the prison down the road.
14. #ary J6eed" the cat. /es7 she J6eed" him be6ore lunch. 3hat she J'i:e" him. She
J'i:e" him some 6ish. 15. )ow lon' you Jknow" your new assistant. & Jknow" him 6or two
years. 3hat he Jdo" be6ore he Jcome" here. & think he Jbe" in prison. 19. & Jnot see" your
aunt recently. !o. She Jnot be" out o6 her house since she Jbuy" her colour TN. 1;. The
plumber Jbe" here yet. /es7 but he only Jstay" 6or an hour. 3hat he Jdo" in that time. )e
Jturn" o66 the water and Jempty" the tank. *<. 3here you Jbe". & Jbe" out in a yacht. /ou
Jen@oy" it. /es7 :ery much. 3e Jtake" part in a race. /ou Jwin". !o7 we Jcome" in last.
*1. )ow lon' that horrible monument Jbe" there. &t Jbe" there six months. Aots o6 people
Jwrite" to the Town 8ouncil askin' them to take it away but so 6ar nothin' Jbe" done. **. & @ust
Jbe" to the 6ilm 3ar and Peace. /ou Jsee" it. !o7 & . &s it like the book. & Jnot read" the
book. & Jread" it when & Jbe" at school. 3hen Tolstoy Jwrite" it. )e Jwrite" it in 1949. )e
Jwrite" anythin' else. *+.)annibal Jbrin'" elephants across the Alps. 3hy he Jdo" that. )e
Jwant" to use them in battle. *0. 3here you Jbe". & Jbe" to the dentist. )e Jtake" out your
bad tooth. /es7 he ... &t Jhurt". /es7 horribly. *1. She Jsay" that she,d phone me this
mornin'7 but it is now 1*.+< and she Jnot phone" yet. *4. & @ust Jrecei:e" a letter sayin' that we
Jnot pay" this ?uarter,s electricity bill. & Jnot 'i:e" you the money 6or that last week. /es7 you ...
but &,m a6raid & Jspend" it on somethin' else. *5. )ow lon' you Jbe" out o6 work. &,m not out o6
work now. & @ust Jstart" a new @ob. )ow you J6ind" the @ob. & Janswer" an ad:ertisement in the
paper. *9. /ou J6inish" checkin' the accounts. !o7 not ?uite. & Jdo" about hal6 so 6ar.
*;. & Jcut" my hand rather badly. )a:e you a banda'e. &,ll 'et you one. )ow it Jhappen".
& was choppin' some wood and the axe Jslip". +<. )ow you J'et" that scar. & J'et" it in a car
accident a year a'o. +1. /ou Jmeet" my brother at the lecture yesterday. /es7 & .... 3e Jha:e"
co66ee to'ether a6terwards. +*. )e Jlose" his @ob last month and since then he Jbe" out o6 3ork.
3hy he Jlose" his @ob. )e Jbe" :ery rude to #r Pitt. ++. 3hat are all those people lookin'
at. There Jbe" an accident. /ou Jsee" what Jhappen". /es7 a motor cycle Jrun" into a lorry.
+0. & Jphone" you twice yesterday and J'et" no answer. +1. Eri'inally horses used in bull 6i'hts
Jnot wear" any protection7 but 6or some time now they Jwear" special paddin'.
+4. That house Jbe" empty 6or a year. %ut they @ust Jtake" down the 2-or sale2 si'n7 so &
suppose someone Jbuy" it.
51. Put the %erbs in brackets into the present perfect progressi%e tense.
1. & Jmake" cakes. That is why my hands are all co:ered with 6lour. *. )er phone Jrin'" 6or
ten minutes. & wonder why she doesn,t answer it. +. )e Jo:erwork". That is why he looks so
tired. 0. There is sawdust in your hair. &,m not surprised. & Jcut" down a tree. 1. )a:e you
seen my ba' anywhere. & Jlook" 6or it 6or a'es. 4. 3hat you Jdo". & Jwork" in the laboratory.
5. )e Jstudy" $ussian 6or two years and doesn,t e:en know the alphabet yet. 9. )ow lon' you
Jwait" 6or me. & Jwait" about hal6 an hour. ;. &t Jrain" 6or two days now. There,ll be a 6lood
soon. 1<. 3e Jar'ue" about this 6or two hours now. Perhaps we should stopF 11. & Jbathe".
That,s why my hair is all wet. 1*. /ou Jdri:e" all day. Aet me dri:e now. 1+. )ow lon' you
Jwear" 'lasses. 10. The petrol 'au'e Jsay" 2Empty2 6or ?uite a lon' time now. on,t you think
we should 'et some petrol. 11. &,m sorry 6or keepin' you waitin'. & Jtry" to make a telephone
call to $ome. 14. /ou Jnot eat" enou'h lately. That,s why you 6eel irritable. 15. )e Jspeak" 6or
an hour now. & expect he,ll soon be 6inished . 19. That helicopter J6ly" round the house 6or the
last hourG do you think it,s takin' photo'raphs. 1;. The radio Jplay" since 5 a.m. & wish omeone
would turn it o66. *<. & Jshop" all day and & ha:en,t a penny le6t. *1. 3e Jli:e" here since 1;55.
**. &,m on a diet. & Jeat" nothin' but bananas 6or the last month. *+. The children Jlook" 6orward
to this holiday 6or months. *0. That pipe Jleak" 6or a'es. 3e must 'et it mended. *1. Tom Jdi'"
in the 'arden all a6ternoon and & Jhelp" him. *4. & Jask" you to mend that window 6or six weeks.
3hen are you 'oin' to do it. *5. Someone Juse" my bicycle. The chain,s 6allen o66. *9. )ow
lon' you Jdri:e". & Jdri:e" 6or ten years. *;. The trial J'o" on 6or a lon' time. & wonder what the
:erdict will be. +<. &t Jsnow" 6or three days now. The roads will be blocked i6 it doesn,t stop
soon. ,+1. #ary Jcry". !o7 she Jnot cry"7 she Jpeel" onions. +*. The car Jmake" a :ery curious
noise e:er it ran out o6 oil. ++. )e walked :ery unsteadily up the stairs and his wi6e said7
2/ou Jdrink"F2 +0. /our 6in'ers are :ery brown. /ou Jsmoke" too much. +1. /ou usually know
when someone Jeat" 'arlic. +4. E:er since he came to us that man Jtry" to make trouble.
52. Put the %erbs in brackets into the present perfect or the present perfect progressi%e tense.
#In so)e cases either could be used.$
1. 3e Jwalk" ten kilometres. *. 3e Jwalk" 6or three hours. +. /ou Jwalk" too 6ast. That,s why
you are tired. 0. & Jmake" sausa'e rolls 6or the party all the mornin'. 1. )ow many you Jmake".
& Jmake" *<<. 4. That boy Jeat" se:en iceHcreams. 5. )e Jnot stop" eatin' since he arri:ed.
9. The dri:er Jdrink". & think someone else ou'ht to dri:e. ;. & Jpull" up 1<< dandelions.
1<. & Jpull" up dandelions all day. 11. 3hat you Jdo". 3e Jpick" apples. 1*. )ow many you
Jpick". 3e Jpick" ten basket6uls. 1+. & Jsleep" on e:ery bed in this house and & don,t like any
o6 them. 10. )e Jsleep" since ten o,clock. &t,s time he woke up. 11. )e Jride"G that,s why he is
wearin' breeches. 14. & Jride" all the horses in this stable. 15. 3hat a lo:ely smellF #ary
Jmake" @am. 19. The students Jwork" :ery well this term. 1;. & only Jhear" 6rom him twice since
he went away. *<. & Jhear" 6rom her re'ularly. She is a :ery 'ood correspondent. *1. & J'rease"
my car. That,s why my hands are so dirty7 **. & Jpolish" this table all the mornin' and she isn,t
satis6ied with it yet. *+. & Jwork" 6or him 6or ten years and he ne:er once Jsay" 2=ood mornin'2
to me. *0. )e Jteach" in this school 6or 6i:e years. *1. & Jteach" hundreds o6 students but &
ne:er Jmeet" such a hopeless class at this. *4. 3hy you Jbe" so lon' in the 'ara'e. The
tyres were 6latG & Jpump" them up. *5. & Jpump" up three tyres. 3ould you like to do the 6ourth.
*9. & Jlook" 6or mushrooms but & Jnot 6ind" any. *;. )e Jcou'h" a lot lately. )e ou'ht to 'i:e up
+<. /ou Jhear" the news. Tom and Ann are en'a'edF That,s not newG & Jknow" it 6or a'esF
+1. & Jtry" to 6inish this letter 6or the last hal6Hhour. & wish you,d 'o away or stop talkin'.
& hardly Jsay" anythin'. +*. The dri:er o6 that car Jsound" his horn 6or the last ten minutes.
++. &t Jrain" 6or two hours and the 'round is too wet to play on7 so the match Jbe" postponed.
+0. )e Jhope" 6or a rise in salary 6or six months but he Jnot dare" to ask 6or it yet. +1. #r Smith7
you Jwhisper" to the student on your ri'ht 6or the last 6i:e minutes. /ou Jhelp" him with his exam
paper or he Jhelp" you. +4. 3hy you Jmake" such a horrible noise. 1 Jlose" my key and & Jtry"
to wake my wi6e by throwin' stones at her window. /ou Jthrow" stones at the wron' window.
/ou li:e next door.
53. -ill the spaces in the following sentences by using for or since.
1. 3e,:e been 6ishin' ... two hours *. &,:e been workin' in this o66ice ... a month. +. They,:e
been li:in' in -rance ... 1;5<. 0. )e has been in prison ... a year. 1. &,:e known that ... a lon'
time. 4. That man has been standin' there ... six o,clock. 5. She has dri:en the same car ...
1;51. 9. Thin's ha:e chan'ed ... & was a 'irl7 ;. The kettle has been boilin' ... a ?uarter o6 an
hour. 1<. The central heatin' has been on ... Ectober. 11. That trunk has been in the hall ... a
year. 1*. )e has been :ery ill ... the last month. 1+. &,:e been usin' this machine ... twel:e
years. 10. 3e,:e been waitin' ... hal6 an hour. 11. #r Pitt has been in hospital ... his accident.
14. )e hasn,t spoken to me ... the last committee meetin'. 15. & ha:e been :ery patient with
you ... se:eral years. 19. They ha:e been on strike ... !o:ember. 1;. The strike has lasted ...
six months. *<. &t has been :ery 6o''y ... early mornin'. *1. They ha:e been ?uarrellin' e:er ...
they 'ot married. **. &,:e been awake ... 6our o,clock. *+. &,:e been awake ... a lon' time.
*0. 3e,:e had no 'as ... the strike be'an. *1. &,:e earned my own li:in' ... & le6t school. *4.
!obody has seen him ... last week. *5. The police ha:e been lookin' 6or me ... 6our days.
*9. & ha:en,t worn lowHheeled shoes ... & was at school. *;. )e had a bad 6all last week and ...
then he hasn,t le6t the +<. )e has been under water ... hal6 an hour. +1. That tree has been
there ... *7<<< years. +*. )e has been #inister o6 Education ... 1;9+. ++. &,:e been tryin' to
open this door ... 6ortyH6i:e minutes. +0. )e hasn,t eaten anythin' ... twentyH6our hours.
+1. 3e,:e had terrible weather ... the last month. +4. !obody has come to see us ... we bou'ht
these bloodhounds.
54. (o)plete the con%ersation with sentences in the pre=sent perfect tense. Se%eral answers
are possible.
r.: 3ell we,:e 'ot to know that older couple on this 6loor They,re :ery nice.
And .............................: /es7 but they,re married ....................................................
.: !o7 we ha:en,t. 3e,:e hardly e:en talked to those three sin'le 'irls.
D.: &,:e 'ot an idea. Aook L we,:e been here since April, )a:e there been any parties since
r.: !o...........................
D.: Then what are we waitin' 6or. 3e,ll ha:e a party next weekend7 and we,ll in:ite all the
11. 8omplete the sentences with the present per6ect 6orm o6 the :erbs in parentheses.
S.: )ow many party in:itations ... you ... Jwrite" so 6ar7 Oathleen.
O.: Eh7 & ......... Jdo" about 6i:e. And & ... J'i:e" out a 6ew to
some nei'hbours downstairs.
D.: And & ... Jspeak" to the 6amily with the three teena'ers
r.: 3ho ... Jtake" my pen. & ... Jbreak" this pencil7 so & need the pen to make out a shoppin' list.
.: & ... Jnot see" it. Perhaps it ... J6all" on the 6loor.
D.: 3hat are we 'oin' to buy 6or the party on -riday. 3e . Jeat" e:erythin' in the re6ri'erator7 ...
we. 3e,ll ha:e to buy a lot o6 thin's.
r.: & ... J6ear" some ads out o6 the newspaper they,re 6or special sales.
C.: ... you ... Jchoose" records 6or the party on -riday.
3H,. !o7 & ... Jbe" too busy. %ut & ... J'et" some decorations. And pi sister ... Jdraw" us some
6unny pictures to han' up. here ... she .. J'o".
C.: She took my brother to the store. They,re 'oin' to buy home new tapes.
56. -ill in the blanks with the present perfect progressi%e for) of each %erb in parentheses.
(o)plete the tag 0uestions and the short answers.
Sally: So what ... you ... Jdo" with yoursel67 Ann. /ou ... Jnot spend" much time in the library7 ... .
Ann: !o7 ... . & ... J'o out" a lot this semester.
S.: $eally. 3ho ... you ... J'o" out with all this time. & know you ... Jdate" the teachin' assistant
in our chemistry class7 ... .
A.: 3ell7 &.......
ean: 3here ... you ... J'o". ... he ... Jtake" you to a lot o6 mo:ies.
8arlos: )e ... Jin:ite" you out to dinner a lot7 ... . 3here ... you ... Jeat".
Ann: 3ell7 we ... .
(anet: /ou ... Jnot stay" home much7 ... . & know because ... & ... Jtry" to call you.
Sally: /our li6e sounds so romantic. #arried li6e it completely di66erent. 3e ... Jnot 'o" out at
all7 ... 7 8arlos.
8arlos: E6 course7 ... why7 @ust three months a'o we went out 6or a piKKaF
57. (o)plete these state)ents with the present perfect progressi%e for) of each %erb in
iana: ... Jstudy" a lot their semester7 too. This week & ... write" a term paper. #y roommate ...
Jhelp" me. %ut we ... Jnot work" all the time. 3e ... Jha:e" a 'ood time7 too. 3e ... Jplay" tennis
and ... Jrelax".
(im: So you ... Jen@oy" yoursel:es these days. & ... Jnot relax" much.
& ... Jthink" about a :acation 6or a while. #y wi6e ... Jwork" hard these days7 too. She ... Jnot
take" time 6or hersel6. She , ,type" 6or extra money and she ... Jbabysit"7 too.
5. ,rrange these words into the present perfect or the present perfect progressi%e sentences.
3ell7 (ulio7 how do you 6eel.
(ustD your tenth strai'ht noHhitterD youD pitchD look letterD /ouD ne:er.
Strike out a lot o6 balletsD latelyD /ouD.
/ouD not walk any balletsD recentlyD.
win twenty 'amesD their seasonD And you learnDalready.
TheyD a bad 'ameD not playD yetD.
5!. (o)plete these sentences with the present perfect, the present perfect proressi%e, or
the past si)ple for) of each %erb in parentheses.
C.: 8hris7 how are you. & ... Jnot see" you in a'esF 3hat ... you ... Jdo" this semester. 7 wDp.:
& ... Jplay" a lot o6 tennis.
C.: $eally. )ow lon' ... Jbe" interested in tennis.
wh.: & ... Jstart" years a'o. & 'uess & ... Jbe" about ten years old. And & ... Jpractise" 6or the colle'e
team 6or month.
C.: %ut ... you ... Jnot play" on the colle'e basketball team last semester.
8h.: /es7 & did. %ut when the season ... Jend"7 &... J'et" interested in baseball team this sprin'7
but we ... Jnot ha:e" any 'ames in the last 6ew days7 so & ... Jthink" about swimmin' too. E6
course there,s also the soccer team7 the 6ootball team7 the hockey team7 the bowlin' team7
the ...
6". -ill in the blanks in the letter with an appropriate for) #the present perfect progressi%e, the
present perfect, or the past si)ple$ of each %erb in parentheses. &wo answers )ay be correct.
ear /ukiko7
&,:e been li:in' Jli:e" in !ew /ork 6or two months now7 and & ... Jlearn" a lot. &n 'eneral7 & .... Jbe"
:ery happy up until now7 but & ... J6eel" a little lonely7 too.
Since & ... Jrent" this apartment7 & ... Jmeet" some o6 the people in the buildin'. There are some
interestin' couples. &n the past 6ew weeks7 & ... Jtalk" a lot to an American woman who is married
to a Nietnamese man. A Peru:ian man and his American wi6e ... Jpromise" to in:ite me to dinner
sometime7 but they ...
Jnot do" it yet. Actually7 & ... Jnot see" the inside o6 an American 6amily,s apartment since & ...
Jmo:e" here.
A :ery nice Arabian woman ... J:isit" me this week. She ... Jbe" married to an American 6or
se:eral years. She says she ... Jha:e" problems with the customs o6 the United States since she
... Jmo:e" here7 and there ... Jbe" cultural con6licts.
&,m surprised at the number o6 crossHcultural couples that & ... J'et" to know since last month.
And now an American student ... Jask" me out. 3hat do you think. Should & 'o. /our 6riend
61. Put in the present si)ple, the present perfect progressi%e or the past si)ple.
%e6ore & J:isit" ... Australia7 an Australian 6riend in Aondon Jtell" ... me &,d learn 2the Australian
salute2. 23hat,s that.2 & Jask" ... . 2/ou,ll 6ind out when you 'et there72 he Jsay" ... . & Jarri:e" ... in
Perth last week. Since then7 & Jstay" ... at a nice hotel near a beauti6ul beach. & Jne:er :isit" ...
Australia be6ore and & am en@oyin' my stay. & Jswim" ... e:ery day since the time & Jarri:e" ... .
/esterday7 an Australian 6riend Jsu''est" ... a tour into 2the bush2. & Ja'ree" ... at once. The 6irst
thin' & Jnotice" ... when we Jbe" ... in the bush Jbe" ... the 6lies. A6ter a while & Jremember" ... the
con:ersation & had had in Aondon be6ore & Jcome" ... here. 23hat,s the 2Australian salute2.2 &
Jask" ... suddenly7 as & wa:ed my ri'ht arm to keep the 6lies away. 2That,s itF2 my 6riend said as
he Jwa:e" ... backF
62. Supply the past si)ple or the past perfect si)ple. Show when both are possible.
1. They ... the 'ates be6ore & ... there Jlock7 'et". *. %y the time we ... the party ... Jarri:e7 6inish".
+. & ... the shop as soon as & ... the contents o6 the box. Jrin'7 check" 0. A6ter we ... it on the
phone7 & ... him a letter about it. Jdiscuss7 write" 1. 3e ... a 'ood rest when our 'uests ... Jha:e7
all lea:e". 4. 3hen she ... the o66ice this mornin'7 (im ... Jrin'7 already 'o out". 5. %e6ore we ...
Tim to the theatre7 he ... a sta'e play be6ore7 Jtake7 ne:er see" 9. & ... the carpet when the do' ...
in and ... himsel67 J@ust clean7 come7 shake" ;. )e ... to do the @ob in an hour7 but he still ... by 1<
o,clock7 Jpromise7 not 6inish"
63. Put in the past perfect si)ple or progressi%e or the past si)ple. >i%e alternati%es where
8EEO&!= T)E %EEOS.
Eld #r 3illiams was :ery concerned. )e and his wi6e were pensioners and he Jspend" ... the
whole mornin' lookin' 6or the pension books. )e Jlook" ... e:erywhere7 but he Jnot be able" ... to
6ind them. #eanwhile his wi6e Jbe" ... busy. She Jcook" ... all mornin'. She Jprepare" ... a
delicious meal. She Jmake" ... soup7 6ollowed by a lo:ely pie7 which she Jbake" ... in the o:en.
#r 3illiams Jalways en@oy" ... his 6ood7 but he clearly wasn,t en@oyin' his lunch. 23hat,s the
matter7 Tom.2 his wi6e asked. #r 3illiams Jha:e to" ... con6ess that he Jlose" ... their pension
books. 2& know27 #rs 3illiams Jsay" ... with a twinkle in her eye. 2&,:e 'ot them2. 2/ou,:e 'ot
them.2 2/es L and 'uess where & J6ind" ... themF2 #r 3illiams suddenly remembered. 2&n the
o:enF & Jput" ... them there 6or sa6eHkeepin'.2 )e Jsmile" ... with relie6 as she J6ish" ... them out o6
her apron pocketF
64. (o)plete these sentences with the present perfect, the present perfect procressi%e, or the
past si)ple fro) each %erb in parentheses.
D.: 3e ha:e to do somethin' this weekend. & don,t want to stay at home. 3e ... Jstay" home and
Jstudy" all last weekend.
O.: 3ell7 it ... Jrain" all day Saturday and Sunday.
D.: $i'ht. So we ... Jnot 'et" any outdoor exercise lately.
O.: Then let,s 'o swimmin'. 3e ... Jnot 'o" swimmin' yet this summer.
D.: !o7 the pool ... Jbe" too crowded the last time. )ow about rollerHskatin'. & ... J'o" rollerH
skatin' last week and & ... Jha:e" a 'reat time.
O.: & ... Jtry" rollerHskatin' only once in my li6e. &t ... Jbe" a 6ew years a'o. & ... J6all" down about
ten times.
D.: 3ell7 ... you e:er ... Jplay" :olleyball. That,s always
O.: /es7 but & ... already ... Jdo" that this month. Aet,s try somethin' else. 3e ... Jnot be" to the
beach lately7 ... we.
D.: /ou,re ri'ht. )ow about sunbathin'.
O.: =ood idea. All this plannin' ... Jmake" me :ery tired.
65. *se either the present perfect or the past si)ple in the following sentences.
1. (ohn ... Jwrite" his report last ni'ht. *. %ob ... Jsee" this mo:ie be6ore. +. =eor'e ... Jread"
the newspaper already. 0 #r (ohnson ... Jwork" in the same place 6or thirtyH6i:e years7 and he
is not plannin' to retire yet. 1. 3e ... Jbe'inG ne'ati:e" to study 6or the test yet. 4. =eor'e ...
J'o" to the store at ten o,clock this mornin'. 5. (oan ... Jtra:el" around the world. 9. %elty ...
Jwrite" a letter last ni'ht. ;. =uillermo ... Jcall" his employer yesterday. 1< 3e ... JseeG ne'ati:e"
this mo:ie yet.
66. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense/ the present perfect or the past si)ple. #In
so)e cases the present perfect progressi%e is also possible. &his is noted in the key.$
1. Paul: & Jplay" 6ootball since & was 6i:e years old. Tom: /ou Jplay" since you Jcome" to
En'land. Paul: Eh yes. & Jplay" ?uite a lot. & J@oin" a club the day a6ter & Jarri:e". *. Tom: /ou
Jplay" any matches. Paul: 3e Jplay" about ten. 3e ha:e two more to play. 3e > Jha:e" a :ery
'ood season7 we Jwin" all our matches so 6ar7 7, thou'h we Jnot really deser:e" to win the last
one. +. Tom: & Jplay" 6ootball when & Jbe" at school but when & Jlea:e" school & Jdrop" it and
Jtake" up 'ol6. 0. Ann: )ello7 (ackF & Jnot see" you 6or a'es
3here you Jbe". (ack: & Jbe" in
SwitKerland & Jmean" to send you a postcard but & Jnot ha:e" your address with me.
Ann: !e:er mind. /ou Jha:e" a 'ood time in SwitKerland. )ow lon' you Jbe" there.
(ack: & Jbe" there 6or a month. & only @ust J'et" back. /es7 & Jen@oy" it thorou'hly. & Jski" all day and
Jdance" all ni'ht. 1. Ann: & Jski" when & Jbe" at the uni:ersity7 but & Jbreak" a le' 6i:e
years a'o and since then & Jnot do" any. 4. 3hen & 6irst Jcome" to this house7 it Jbe" a :ery ?uiet
area. %ut since then a new housin' estate Jbe" built and it Jbecome" :ery noisy.
5. #y son Jnot start" work yet. )e,s still at the )i'h School. )ow lon' he Jbe" at school.
)e Jbe" at the )i'h School 6or six yearsG be6ore that he Jspend" 6i:e years at the Primary
School in 3indmill Street. 9. & @ust Jhear" that Peter is in Australia. Eh7 you Jnot know". )e
J6ly" out at the be'innin' o6 the month. /ou Jhear" 6rom him. oes he like the li6e.
/es7 & J'et" a letter last week. )e Jtell" me about his @ob. %ut he Jnot say" whether he Jlike" the
li6e or not. Perhaps it,s too G soon to say. )e only Jbe" there three weeks. ;. & Jnot know" you
Jbe" le6tHhanded. &,m not le6tHhandedG but my oilHheater Jexplode" yesterday and & Jburn" my
ri'ht hand7 so & ha:e to use my le6t. 1<. This bicycle Jbe" in our 6amily 6or 6ourteen years. #y 6aH
ther Juse" it 6or the 6irst 6i:e years7 my brother Jride" it 6or next 6i:e7 and & Jha:e" it 6or the last
6our. 11. & hear that your #P7 #r Simpson7 Jmake" a :ery cle:er speech last ni'ht. )ow lon' he
Jbe" your #P. Eh7 we only Jha:e" him since (anuary. )is predecessor #r Allen Jresi'n"
suddenly because o6 illHhealth and there Jbe" a byHelection. 1*. & hear that #r (ones Jlea:e".
/es7 he Jlea:e" last week. Anybody Jbe" appointed to take his place. & belie:e se:eral men
Japply" 6or the @ob but so 6ar nothin' Jbe" decided. 1+. Peter Jmeetin' Ann at the airport":
)ello7 Ann. /ou Jha:e" a 'ood trip. Ann: The actual 6li'ht Jbe" lo:ely7 one o6 the best & Jha:e"
e:er7 but it Jtake" a'es to 'et into the plane. -irst they Jthink" that one o6 us Jbe" a hi@acker and
they Jsearch" us all 6or 6irearmsG the they Jannounce" that one o6 the en'ines Jbe" 6aulty. 3e
6inally Jtake o66" an hour later. 10. Peter: )ow you Jspend" this extra hour be6ore JtakeHo66". Ann:
Eh7 they Jtake" us to the restaurant and J6eed" us and we Jwalk" about and Jbuy" thin's we Jnot
need". The time Jpass" all ri'ht. 11. /ou Jbook" your hotel room yet. 3ell7 & Jwrite" to the
hotel last week but they Jnot answer" yet. 14. Peter Jmeetin' Paul unexpectedly in
Aondon": )ello7 PaulF & Jnot know" you Jbe" here. Paul: Eh7 & Jbe" here nearly two months. &
Jarri:e" on the 4th o6 (anuary. 15. Peter: 3hen we last Jmeet" you Jsay" that nothin'
would induce you to come to En'land. 3hat Jmake" you chan'e your mind. Paul: & J6ind" that &
Jneed" En'lish 6or my work and this Jseem" the ?uickest way o6 learnin' it. 19. Peter: /ou
Jknow" any En'lish when you 6irst Jarri:e" here. Paul: !o7 & Jnot know" a word. 1;. Ann: Jto
/:onne7 who is 'oin' to En'lish classes": )ow lon' you Jlearn" En'lish. /:onne: & Jlearn" o66
and on 6or about 6i:e and a hal6 years. JUse the pro'ressi:e 6orm." *<. & Jbe'in" En'lish at
secondary school and Jdo" it 6or three years Then & Jdrop" it 6or a year and J6or'et" most o6 it.
Then & Jspend" two years at a secretarial colle'e7 where & Jstudy" commercial En'lish7 and 6or
the last six months & Jstudy" in Aondon. *1. At 0 p.m. my nei'hbour Jrin'" up and Jsay"7 2&s Tom
with you.2 Tom7 her son7 Jspend" most o6 his time in my 'arden playin' with my children7 so
whene:er she Jnot be able" to 6ind him she Jrin'" me. 2&,m a6raid & Jnot see" him today72 & Jsay".
2%ut my children J'o" to the beach this mornin' and Jnot come" back yet. Perhaps he J'o" with
them.2 **. & @ust Jha:e" my 6irst dri:in' lesson. )ow it J'o". /ou Jen@oy" it. 3ell7 & not
actually Jhit" anythin' but & Jmake" e:ery other possible mistake. *+. Eld %en Jsell"
newspapers @ust inside the station entrance7 and my 6ather always Jbuy" his e:enin' paper 6rom
him as he Jlea:e" the station on his way home. %ut one day my 6ather Jarri:e" home without his
paper. 2%en Jnot be" there this e:enin'7 2 he Jsay". 2& Jhope" he Jnot be taken" ill.2 *0. En
Saturday a6ternoon & Jsee" -rederick sittin' in his 'arden. 2& Jthink" you Jwork" on Saturdays72 &
2& Jwork" this mornin'72 Jexplain" -rederick7 2but at lunch time the boss J'o" o66 to play 'ol6 and
Jtell" us all to 'o home. &t,s about time he J'i:e" us a whole Saturday o66 actually. & Jwork"
practically e:ery Saturday since the be'innin' o6 the year.2 *1. Ann: /ou Jbe" to )ampton
8ourt. (ane: /es7 & J'o" there last week. The tulips Jbe" wonder6ul. Ann: /ou J'o" by car.
(ane: !o7 & J'o" with my En'lish class. 3e Jhire" a coach. *4. Ann: 3here else you Jbe" to
since you Jcome" to En'land. (ane: Eh7 & Jbe" to Strat6ord and 8o:entry and Ex6ord and
8anterbury. *5. Ann: /ou Jsee" a lot. 3hen you J'o" to Strat6ord. (ane: & J'o" last week. The
people & work 6or Jtake" me. *9. Ann: /ou Jsee" a play at the $oyal Shakespeare Theatre when
you Jbe" at Strat6ord. (ane: /es7 we Jsee" #acbeth. 3e were :ery lucky. 3e @ust Jwalk" in and
Jask" i6 they Jha:e" any returned tickets7 and the 'irl at the box o66ice Jsay"7 2/es7 a man @ust
Jreturn" three stalls.2 *;. Ann: /ou Jbe" to 3ales. (ane: !o7 & Jbe" to Scotland but & Jnot be" to
3ales. &,d like to 'o. +<. Peter: /ou Jsee" any 'ood 6ilms lately. Ann: /es7 & J'o" to the !ational
-ilm Theatre last week and Jsee" a (apanese 6ilm. Peter: /ou Jlike" it. Ann: /es7 & Jlo:e" it7 but o6
course & Jnot understand" a word. +1. Tom: & hear that #r %enson @ust Jdie". /ou Jknow" him
?uite well7 didn,t you. (ack: /es. 3e Jwork" 6or the same company 6or ten years. & Jnot see" so
much o6 him a6ter he Jlea:e" the company but we Jkeep" in touch. +*. Ann Jthink" the 'ara'e
Jbe" empty7 and Jturn" o66 the li'hts. 2)eyF2 Jshout" Paul 6rom under the car. 2&,m sorry7 Paul72
Jsay" Ann7 2& Jnot know" you Jbe" there.2 ++. -ather: Tom Jnot come" back yet. #other. /es7 he
Jcome" in an hour a'o. )e J'o" strai'ht to bed. -ather: -unny. & Jnot hear" him. +0. Paul: That,s
a li:e wire. &t @ust J'i:e" me a shockF Ann: !onsenseF & @ust Jtouch" it and & Jnot 6eel" anythin'F
+1. 3hen Paul Jcome" into the room7 Ann was sittin' in an armchair @ust behind the door. Paul7
not noticin' Ann7 J'o" to the window and Jlook" out. Ann Jcou'h" and Paul Jspin" round.
2)ello7 AnnF2 he Jexclaim"7 2& Jnot see" youF2 +4. (ack: /ou @ust Ja'ree" to 'o7 so why aren,t you
'ettin' ready. Peter. %ut & Jnot realiKe" that you Jwant" me to start at onceF
67. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense/ present perfect or past si)ple.
1. & Jbuy" a new house last year7 but & Jnot sell" my old house yet7 so at the moment D ha:e two
houses. *. 3hen Ann Jbe" on her way to the station it Jbe'in" to rain. Ann Jrun" back to her 6lat
6or her umbrella7 but this Jmake" her late 6or her train. +. She Jcatch" the next train but it Jnot
'et" in till ;.<<7 so she Jarri:e" at her o66ice ten minutes late. 0. )er boss Jlook" up as she
Jcome" in. 2/ou Jbe" late e:ery mornin' this week72 he J'rowl". 1. At 5 a.m. 8harles Jrin'"
Peter and Jsay"7 2&,m 'oin' 6ishin'7 Peter. 3ould you like to come.2 2%ut its so early72 Jsay"
Peter. 2& Jnot ha:e" break6ast yet. 3hy you Jnot tell" me last ni'ht.2 4. Tom Jmeet" Paul at lunch
time and Jsay"7 2& Jnot see" you at the bus stop this mornin'. /ou Jmiss" the bus.2 2& Jnot miss"
it72 Jreply" Paul. 2& Jnot miss" a bus 6or years. %ut this mornin' =eor'e J'i:e" me a li6t.2 5. Ann
J'o" to 8anada six months a'o. She Jwork" in 8anada 6or a while and then J'o" to the United
States. 9. #ary Jbe" in (apan 6or two years. She is workin' there and likes it :ery much.
)ow she J'o". She J'o" by air. ;. 3hen & Jbuy" my new house & Jask" 6or a telephone. The
Post E66ice Jtell" me to wait7 but & Jwait" a year now and my phone still Jnot come".
1<. %ill usually has break6ast at 9.<<. /esterday at 9.+<. Peter Jmeet" %ill and Jo66er" him an
apple. 2!o7 thanks72 Jsay" %ill. 2& @ust Jha:e" break6ast.2 11. (ust as Ann Jarri:e" at the air6ield a
plane Jland" and a 'irl Jclimb" out. To her surprise Ann Jreco'niKe" her cousin7 Aucy. 2)ello7
Aucy72 she Jexclaim". 2& Jnot know" that you Jknow" how to 6ly a plane.2 2& only @ust
Jlearn"72 Jsay" Aucy. 2& J'o" solo 6or the 6irst time last week.2 1*. Peter Jtry" to come in ?uietly
but his mother Jhear" him and Jcall" out7 23here you Jbe". /our supper Jbe" in the o:en 6or an
hour.2 1+. /ou Jbe" to the theatre lately. /es7 & J'o" to Ethello last week. ./ou Jlike" it.
/es7 but & Jnot see" :ery well. & Jbe" ri'ht at the back. 10. Ann Jcomin' out o6 a bookshop": & @ust
Jbuy" a copy o6 a:id 8opper6ield. /ou Jread" it. #ary: As it happens it is the only one o6
ickens,s books that & Jnot read". & Jnot e:en see" the 6ilm. 11. /ou Jbe" to 8ambrid'e. /es7 &
Jbe" there last month. )ow you J'et" there. #y brother Jtake" me in his car. 14. /ou Jsee"
Philip lately. & Jrin'" his 6lat se:eral times last week but J'et" no answer. Eh7 he Jbe" in
America 6or the last month. )e J6ly" out on the 6irst 6or a con6erence and then Jdecide" to stay 6or
six weeks. /ou Jhear" 6rom him. /es7 & J'et" a letter shortly a6ter he Jarri:e". 15. )ow lon'
you Jbe" in your present @ob. & Jbe" there 6or six months. And what you Jdo" be6ore that.
%e6ore that & Jwork" 6or (ones and 8ompany. 19. )ow lon' you Jwork" 6or (ones and 8ompany.
& Jwork" 6or them 6or two years. /ou Jlike" workin' 6or them. !o7 & Jnot like" it at all. Then
why you Jstay" so lon'. 1;. 3e usually 'o out on Saturday e:enin's7 but last Saturday Jbe" so
wet that we Jstay" in and Jplay" cards. 3hat you Jplay". 3e Jplay" poker. & Jlose" 6i6ty pence.
*<. 3hen you Jbe'in" school. & Jbe'in" school when & Jbe" 6i:e. & J'o" to a primary school 6irst
& Jstay" there 6or six years and then & J'o" to a comprehensi:e school. *1. 3hen & Jbe"
se:enteen & Jstart" my uni:ersity course. 3hen you J'et" your de'ree. Eh7 & Jnot 'et" my
de'ree yetG &,m still at the uni:ersity. & only Jbe" there 6or two years. **. Tom Jlea:e" the house
at 9.*<. At 9.*1 the phone in Tom,s house Jrin'"7 Tom,s wi6e7 #ary7 Janswer" it. 28ould &
speak to Tom7 please.2 Jsay" the caller. 2&,m a6raid he @ust J'o" out27 Jsay" #ary. *+. /ou Jbe" to
8ornwall.H/es7 & Jbe" there last Easter. /ou J'o" by train. H !o7 & JhitchHhike". *0. & Jnot see"
8harles 6or some time. )e Jbe" ill7 poor chap. )e Jcollapse" at work a 6ortni'ht a'o and Jbe
taken" to hospital. They Jsend" him home a6ter two days but he Jnot come" back to work yet.
*1. There Jbe" a :ery 'ood pro'ramme on TN last ni'ht. /ou Jsee" it. H !o7 & Jtake" my set back
to the shop last week because there Jbe" so much distortionG and they Jsay" it Jneed" a new
part. They Jnot be able" to 'et the new part so 6ar7 so & Jnot watch" tele:ision 6or about ten days.
*4. /ou Je:er" be to -rance. /es7 & Jspend" last (uly and Au'ust in =renoble. & J'o" to
impro:e my -rench but e:eryone & Jmeet" Jwant" to impro:e his En'lish so & Jnot 'et" much
practice. *5. The postman usually comes between 9.<< and ;.<< in the mornin'. At 9.01 a.m.
yesterday Ann Jsay"7 2Are there any letters 6or me.2 2& don,t know72 Jsay" #ary. 2The postman
Jnot come" yet.2 At 11 a.m. (ack7 #ary,s husband7 Jrin'" 6rom his o66ice to ask i6 there Jbe" any
letters 6or him. 2!o72 Jsay" #ary. 2!obody J'et" letters today. The postman Jnot come".2
*9. #r Speed7 Ann,s employer7 Jdictate" three letters and Jtell" Ann to type them as soon as
possible. )al6 an our later he Jrin'" Ann,s o66ice. 2/ou J6inish" those letters yet.2 he Jask".
23ell72 Jsay" Ann7 2& Jdo" the letter to #r (ones7 and &,m now typin' the one to #r $obinson7 but &
Jnot start" the one to #r Smith yet.2 *;. /ou J6ind" out yet about the trains to Ai:erpool.
!o. & Jrin'" the station last ni'ht but the man who Janswer" the phone Jnot seem" to be sure o6
the times. )e Jsay" somethin' about a new timetable. %ut the new timetable Jbe" in operation
6or three weeksF +<. Tom and (ack work in di66erent o66ices but 'o to work in the same train.
Ene e:enin' Tom,s wi6e Jsay"7 2(ack Jmo:e" into his new house yet.2 2& don,t know72 Jsay" Tom7
2& Jnot see" (ack today. )e Jnot be" on the train. +1. 3here you Jbe". & Jbe" shoppin' in
Ex6ord Street. So & suppose you Jbuy" shoes. /es. & J6ind" a shop where they were ha:in' a
sale and & J'et" three pairs. +*. &n the e:enin' & o6ten play chess with my next door nei'hbour. &
Jplay" chess with him e:er since & Jcome" to li:e here ten years a'o. )e Jbe" here all his li6eG he
Jinherit" the house 6rom his 6ather7 another 'reat chess player. /ou e:er Jplay" chess with the
6ather. 3e Jplay" once or twice but he Jdie" a year a6ter & Jarri:e". ++. & can,t 6ind my 'lo:es.
/ou Jsee" them. /es7 you Jlea:e" them in the car yesterday. & Jput" them back 7 in your drawer.
+0. & hope you,re en@oyin' your :isit to En'land. /ou Jmeet" any En'lishmen yet.
/es7 & Jmeet" a man called Smith at a party last ni'ht. 3hat you Jtalk" about. 3e Jtalk"
about the weather. +1. #rs (ones: -or years & Jdo" all my washin' by hand then last year & Jbuy"
a washin' machine and & must say it Jmake" washin' day much less exhaustin'. &t only takes
rm an hour now. #rs 3hite: & don,t like washin' machines. & always Jdo" my washin' by hand
and & intend to 'o on doin' it. & always J6ind" it :ery satis6yin' work. +4. Tom: on,t you think it,s
time we Jha:e" somethin' di66erent 6or Sunday dinner. Ann: %ut we Jha:e" roast bee6 6or
Sunday dinner e:er since we J'et" married. /our mother Jtell" me that you Jbe" particularly 6ond
o6 roast bee6. Tom: %ut my mother Jbe" dead 6or 6i:e years and in those 6i:e years my tastes
6. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense/ present perfect si)ple or present perfect
1. Peter: /ou Jtelephone" 6or a'es. /ou not nearly J6inish". (ack: & Jnot 'et" throu'h yet. & Jtry" to
'et our Paris o66ice but the line Jbe" en'a'ed all mornin'. *. Ann J6ail" her dri:in' test three
times because she,s so bad at re:ersin'. %ut she Jpractise" re:ersin' 6or the last week and &
think she J'et" a bit better at it. +. Tom: & o6ten Jwonder" why %ill le6t the country so suddenly.
Peter: Actually7 & @ust J6ind" out. 0. )e Jplay" the ba'pipes since six o,clock this mornin'. )e only
@ust Jstop". 1. 3hy you Jnot brin'" me the letters 6or si'nature. /ou Jnot type" them yet.
4. Tom Jlookin' up absentHmindedly as #ary comes in": /ou Jsunbathe". #ary Jcrossly": on,t
be ridiculousF &t Jrain" all dayF 5. A pair o6 robins Jbuild" a nest in the porch since last week. &
Jwatch" them 6rom my window since they be'an. 9. The police Jnot 6ind" the murderer yet7
but the dead man,s brother Jbe" in the station all day. The police say that he Jhelp" them with
their en?uiries. ;. They Jpull" down most o6 the houses in this street7 but they Jnot touch" the old
shop at the corner yet. 1<. Tom is con:inced that there is 'old in these hills but we Jsearch" 6or
six months and Jnot see" any si'n o6 it. 11. & Jwait" 6or the prices o6 the houses to come down
be6ore buyin' a house7 but & think & Jwait" too lon' and the prices are be'innin' to 'o up a'ain.
1*. Peter Jbe" a @unior clerk 6or three years. Aately he Jlook" 6or a better post but so 6ar he Jnot
6ind" anythin'. 1+. & Jdo" housework all mornin' and & Jnot 6inish" yet. & Jdo" mine already. &
always start at 4 a.m. 10. & @ust Jpick" ten pounds o6 strawberriesF & J'row" strawberries 6or years
but & ne:er Jha:e" such a 'ood crop be6ore. 11. 3hat you Jdo" with the corkscrew. The point is
broken o66. &,m a6raid & Juse" it to make holes in this tin. 14. She @ust Jsell" two o6 her own
paintin's. She,s lucky. & Jpaint" 6or 6i:e years and & Jnot sell" a sin'le picture yet. 15. They are
throwin' crockery at each other in the next 6lat. This Jhappen" be6ore. 3ell7 they Jha:e" a
'ood many rows but this is the 6irst time they Jthrow" crockery. 19. 3hat you Jdo" with my
typewriter. & can,t 6ind it anywhere. Tom @ust J'o" o66 with it. )e says he,ll brin' it back when he
J6inish". 1;. )e Jwork" 6or 8row %rothers 6or 6orty years and ne:er once Jbe" late. The 6irm @ust
Jpresent" him with a 'old watch as a si'n o6 their appreciation. *<. 3e Jmend" sheets all
mornin' but we only Jdo" three7 and now the sewin' machine Jbreak" down so we,ll be e:en
slower with the next one. *1. =eor'e Jcollect" matchboxes e:er since he le6t school. !ow he
Jcollect" so many that he doesn,t know where to put them. **. & Jlook" throu'h my old
photo'raph album. &t,s 6ull o6 photo'raphs o6 people whose names & completely J6or'et". & wonH
der what Jhappen" to them all. *+. &t was lo:ely at ele:en o,clock7 but since then the sky J'et"
steadily darker and the wind Jrise". &,m a6raid the 6ine spell Jcome" to an end. *0. Since he
became #ayor7 my brother reckons that he Jeat" +< o66icial lunches and ** o66icial dinners7 and
he Jlose" count o6 the number o6 receptions and parties that he Jattend". )e Jput" on a lot o6
wei'ht. *1. Secretary: 8ustomers Jrin'" up all mornin' complainin' about 'ettin' incorrect
bills. #ana'er. & knowG somethin' J'o" wron' with our computer The mechanic Jwork" on it. &
hope he J6ind" out what,s wron'. *4. Someone Juse" my umbrellaF &t,s all wet
And it was wet
yesterday and the day be6oreF 3ell7 it wasn,t me. & Jnot be" out o6 the house 6or a week
*5. & Jstand" in this ?ueue 6or a'es. &t Jnot mo:e" at all in the last 6i:e minutes. & think the man in
the ticket o66ice @ust Jshut" his window and J'o" o66 6or lunch. *9. The Town 8ouncil Jconsider"
my application 6or permission to build a 'ara'e 6or three months. They @ust J'i:e" my nei'hbour
permission to build one7 so & hope they Jdecide" to let me ha:e one too. *;. /ou look
exhaustedF /es7 & Jplay" tennis and & Jnot play" 6or years7 so &,m not used to it. +<. They be'an
widenin' this road three weeks a'oG but the workmen Jbe" on strike 6or the last 6ortni'ht so they
Jnot 'et" :ery 6ar with it. +1. That man Jstand" at the bus stop 6or the last hal6 hour. Shall & tell
him that the last bus already J'o". +*. & wonder i6 anythin' Jhappen" to Tom. & Jwait" an hour
now. )e o6ten Jkeep" me waitin' but he ne:er Jbe" ?uite so late as this. ++. #rs %rown Jli:e"
next door 6or ?uite a lon' time now but she ne:er Jsay" more than 2=ood mornin'2 to me.
+0. & @ust Jremember" that & Jnot pay" the rent yet. & am surprised that the landlord Jnot rin'" me
up to remind me. &t is the 6irst time you Jbe" late with the rent in *1 years. )e probably thinks
that you Jpay" and he Jlose" the che?ue. +1. Shop assistant: 8ould you 'i:e me some proo6 o6
your identity7 madam. 8ustomer. %ut & Jshop" here 6or 6i6teen years
Shop assistantH & know7
madam7 but apparently the company Jlose" a lot o6 money lately throu'h dud che?ues and they
Jmake" new re'ulations which we Jbe told" to apply to all customers no mater how lon' we
Jknow" them. +4. 3hat you Jdo". & Jlook" 6or you 6or a'es. & Jbuild" a barbecue in the 'arden.
6!. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense.
1. )e J'i:e" me back the book7 Jthank" me 6or lendin' it to him and Jsay" that he Jen@oy" it :ery
muchG but & Jknow" that he Jnot read" it because most o6 the pa'es Jbe" still uncut.
*. 3hen he Jsee" his wi6e o66 at the station7 he Jreturn" home as he Jnot ha:e" to be at the
airport till ;.+<. +. )e Jnot ha:e" to pack7 6or his wi6e already Jdo" that 6or him and his case Jbe"
ready in the hall. 0. )e Jnot ha:e" to check the doors and windows either7 6or his wi6e always
Jdo" that be6ore she Jlea:e" the house. 1. All he Jha:e" to do Jbe" to decide whether or not to
take his o:ercoat with him. &n the end he Jdecide" not to. 4. At 9.+< he Jpick" up his case7 J'o"
out o6 the house and Jslam" the door behind him. 5. Then he J6eel" in his pockets 6or the key7 6or
his wi6e Jremind" him to doubleHlock the 6ront door. 9. 3hen he Jsearch" all his pockets and
J6ind" no key he Jremember" where it Jbe". ;. )e Jlea:e" it in his o:ercoat pocket. 1<.
Then he Jremember" somethin' elseG his passport and tickets Jbe" in his o:ercoat pocket as
well. 11. & Jarri:e" in En'land in the middle o6 (uly. & Jbe told" that En'land Jbe" shrouded in 6o'
all year round7 so & Jbe" ?uite surprised to 6ind that it was merely rainin'. 1*. & Jask" another pasH
sen'er7 an En'lishman7 about the 6o' and he Jsay" that there Jnot be" any since the pre:ious
-ebruary. 1+. &6 & Jwant" 6o'7 he said7 & Jcome" at ?uite the wron' time. 10. )owe:er7 he Jtell" me
that & could buy tinned 6o' at a stop in Sha6tesbury A:enue. 11. )e Jadmit" that he ne:er Jbuy"
6o' there himsel6 but Jassure" me that they Jsell" 'ood ?uality 6o' and that it Jnot be" expensi:e.
1 suppose he was @okin'. 14. 3hen the old lady Jreturn" to her 6lat she Jsee" at once that
bur'lars Jbreak" in durin' her absence7 because the 6ront door Jbe" open and e:erythin' in the
6lat Jbe" upside down 15. The bur'lars themsel:es Jbe" no lon'er there7 but they probably only
@ust Jlea:e" because a ci'arette was still burnin' on an ornamental table. 19. Probably they
Jhear" the li6t comin' up and Jrun" down the 6ire escape. 1;. They,Jhelp" themsel:es to hei
whisky too but there Jbe" a little le6t7 so she Jpour" hersel6 ou
a drink. *<. She Jwonder" i6 they
J6ind" her @ewellery and rathei Jhope" that they had. *1. The @ewellery Jbe 'i:en" her by hei
husband7 who Jdie" some years be6ore. **. Since his death she Jnot ha:e" the heart to wear it7
yet she Jnot like" to sell it. *+. !ow it Jseem" that 6ate Jtake" the matter out o6 her handsG and
certainly the insurance money would come in handy. *0. & Jput" the I1 note into one o6 my
booksG but next day it Jtake" me a'es to 6ind it because & J6or'et" which book & Jput" it into.
*1. A woman Jcome" in with a baby7 who she Jsay" @ust Jswallow" a sa6ety pin. *4. & Jthink" my
train Jlea:e" at 10.++7 and Jbe" :ery disappointed when & Jarri:e" at 10.+< and Jlearn" that it @ust
Jlea:e". *5. & J6ind" later that & Juse" an outHo6Hdate timetable. *9. )e Jpark" his car under a !o
Parkin' si'n and Jrush" into the shop. 3hen he Jcome" out o6 the shop ten minutes later the car
Jbe" no lon'er there. *;. )e Jwonder" i6 someone Jsteal" it or i6 the police Jdri:e" it away.
+<. &t Jbe" now 4 p.m.G and (ack Jbe" tired because he Jwork" hard all day. +1. )e Jbe" also
hun'ry because he Jha:e" nothin' to eat since break6ast. +*. )is wi6e usually Jbrin'" him sandH
wiches at lunch time7 but today 6or some reason she Jnot come". ++. )e Jkeep" lookin' at her7
wonderin' where he Jsee" her be6ore. +0. & Jlook" out be6ore & J'o" to bed and Jsee" a man
standin' on the opposite pa:ement watchin' the house. +1. 3hen & J'et up" the 6ollowin'
mornin' he Jbe" still there7 and & Jwonder" whether he Jstay" there all ni'ht or i6 he J'o" away
and Jcome" back. +4. 3hen & Jopen" the door & Jsee" a man on his knees. +5. )e clearly Jlisten"
to our con:ersation and & Jwonder" how much he Jhear". +9. 3hen & Jask" him what he Jdo"7 he
Jsay" that he Jdrop" a 1<p piece outside the door and Jlook" 6or it. +;. & Jnot see" any si'n o6 the
money7 but & J6ind" a small notebook and pencil which he probably Jdrop" when the door Jopen"
suddenly. 0<. So he Jtake" notes o6 our con:ersationF 01. The notes Dbe" written in a 6orei'n
lan'ua'e7 so & Jturn" to the stran'er and Jask" him to translate. 0*. %ut he Jpull" my hat o:er my
eyes and Jrun" o66 down the corridor. 0+. %y the time & Jreco:er" 6rom the shock he Jdisappear"
round the corner. 00. 8uriously enou'h7 when & Jmo:e" my 6oot & J6ind" that & Jstand" on a 1<p
piece. 01. Perhaps he Jtell" the truth a6ter allF
7". (o)plete the sentences with the present perfect progressi%e or the past perfect progressi%e
of the %erbs in the list/
ask7 expect7 6ly7 'i:e7 learn7 listen7 look7 operate7 point out7 say7 see7 wait7 work7
1. At last you,re hereF & ... 6or you 6or o:er twenty minutes. *. )e knows ?uite a lot o6 En'lish.
)e ... it 6or six years. +. She 6inally said 2/es2. )e ... her to marry him 6or years. 0. & think & need
a break. & ... solidly 6or the last three hours. 1. /ou ... to a word & ...7 ha:e you. 4. -or some time
now7 world leaders ... the necessity 6or a'reement on arms reduction. 5. The police7 who ...
trouble durin' the ci:il ri'hts demonstration7 were surprised by the e:entual absence o6
:iolence. 9. The mana'er went down with pneumonia. )e ... unwell 6or se:eral days. ;. The
chairman said that the %oard o6 irectors ... serious thou'ht to the possibility o6 enterin' the
American market. 1<. At the in?uiry into the plane crash7 the pilot said in e:idence that he . this
type o6 aircra6t 6or ten years. 11. & know why you,re ha:in' ni'htmares. /ou ... too many horror
6ilms recently. 1*. The new oneHway scheme . . 6or @ust o:er twel:e months7 and tra66ic has
impro:ed considerably as a result
71. In each of the following sentences the words in italics indicate the state of affairs e"isting at
a particular ti)e. 2ewrite the e"isting sentences, using a perfect tense of the %erbs in brackets
to indicate that an earlier action has produced, had produced or will ha%e produced the current
state or result.
1. %y the time the doctor arri:ed7 the man was already dead Jdie". *. &6 we don,t hurry7 the
meetin' will already be in pro'ress by the time we 'et there Jstart". + 3hen we arri:ed to the
airport we 6ound that all 6li'hts were o66 because o6 the 6o' JcancelHpassi:e". 0. o you think he
will already be at the house when we arri:e. Jreach" 1. 3hen she 'ot home7 she 6ound that her
parents were already in bed. J'o" 4. %y the end o6 next week7 he will be out o6 hospital7 Jlea:e"
5. They are husband and wi6e at last7 J'et married"
72. (o)plete the sentences, using a perfect tense of the %erbs in brackets, to suggest what
has occurred, had occurred or will ha%e occurred to produce the situations described.
1. & don,t know your 6riend Smith. & ... Jne:er meet". *. on,t ask me what spinach tastes like. & ...
Jnot try". +. 3hen he 6irst arri:ed7 he couldn,t speak a word o6 En'lish. )e ... Jne:er study
be6ore". 0. )e went to see a doctor. )e ... 6or some time J6eel ill". 1. &6 you keep 6or'ettin' to
water the plants7 there won,t be any by the end o6 the week. They ... Jall die". 4. )e woke up
6eelin' tired because he ... Jnot sleep". 5. There isn,t any more typin' paper. &t ... Jall use up L
passi:e". 9. A.: )ow,s your son 'ettin' on at school. r.: & don,t really know. & ... teachers 6or
some time Jto speak". ;. A.: on,t you know what the book is about. r.: !o7 & ... Jnot yet read".
1<. A.: 3hy didn,t you come to the meetin'. r.: & ... Jnot tell L passi:e". 11. on,t worry about
the tele'ram. &t .. Jalready send L passi:e". 1*. /ou can stop lookin' 6or my 'lo:es. & ... J@ust
73. 2ewrite the sentences using the si)ple past or past perfect of the %erbs in brackets. &he
ad%erbs in italics should be put in their correct position.
1. 3hen Mueen Nictoria Jdie" in 1;<1 she Jrei'n" 6or o:er 4< years. *. !othin' Jmo:e L
passi:e" in the room until the police Jtake" photo'raphs. +. 3e all JrealiKe" what a lucky escape
we Jha:e". 0. A 6riend o6 mine Jreturn" to his house a6ter a holiday to 6ind it Jbreak into L
passi:e". 1. !one o6 the teachers Junderstand" how he Jmana'e" to 6ail the examination. 4. &
Jcall" at the mana'er,s o66ice but Jdisco:er" & @ust Jmiss" him. )e J'o out" 6or lunch. 5. A search
party Jset out" to look 6or the two climbers who Jlea:e" their hotel early that mornin' and who still
Jnot return". 9. The scientist suddenly Jsee" the answer to the problem that Joccupy" his mind 6or
the last two months.
74. Write the letter which -eli" recei%ed fro) ?arie=.aura based on the following report
paying attention to your rendering of the %erbs which appear in the past perfect tense.
-elix recei:ed a disturbin' letter 6rom #arieHAaura and phrases 6rom it were passin' throu'h his
head as he talked to #ildred. #arieHAaura7 as it turned out7 was still in Sin'apore. She was
ha:in' second thou'hts about 'oin' to &ndia. She did not7 she said7 want to pursue him i6 he
6ound her a nuisance. &t was still possible 6or her to stay in Sin'apore. So much had been
spoken between them and at that time it had not mattered. )e had been thorou'hly En'lish
and thou'h this was rather beauti6ul it was somethin' 6or which she now had to pay. )e must
6or'i:e her 6or askin' 6or de6initions. %ut she did not want to die o6 bein' ?uiet and reasonable.
id he want to see her a'ain. )e had said when they parted that he did and said it with a
6er:our. En that 6er:our she had been li:in' e:er since. %ut had he spoken merely to smooth
o:er a distressin'Hpartin'. !ow that he was back in En'land she would perhaps seem
someone 6ar o66 and unreal. There would be perhaps 'irls in En'land7 a 'irl7 indeed he had once
hinted it7 who would make him 6or'et his #arieHAaure. /et when she thou'ht o6 their last time
to'ether she 6elt that there must be 6or them another time. She had ne:er positi:ely said it L
but in case he had not understood and 6or 6ear o6 perishin' by a mistake7 let her say it now: she
lo:ed him7 she wanted to marry him7 she wanted to be with him 6ore:er. All she asked o6 him
now was some response howe:er :a'ue7 somethin' ?uite nonHcommittal: but which
mi'ht help her to decide.
J6rom An Uno66icial $ose by &ris #urdoch"
75. Put in the right tenses.
1. 3hen & ... an old woman & shall wear purple7 Jbe" *. 3ill you tell me as soon as the bell ... .
Jrin'" +. &,ll be interested to see whether (ohn ... tomorrow or not. Jcome" 0. A6ter we,:e
6inished the buildin' work7 thin's ... easier7 Jbe" 1. &,ll ha:e the letter 6inished be6ore the
postman ... here7 J'et" 4. & hope you ... me all about the holiday when you ... back JtellG 'et"
1. !ext time you come & ... you to see my mother7 Jtake" 9. & don,t know i6 & ... here when you ...
tomorrow mornin'. JbeG phone"
76. (o)plete the te"t with the right for) of the %erbs.
This is (ames $. (enin's. )e Jsell" new and used American cars. Until about 1;59 it Jbe" ?uite
easy 6or him to sell American cars. And until the late 1;9<s he J6eel" happy in his @ob because
he Jearn" enou'h money.
!ow he Jhas be" so happy. %unkers Jbe" worse today there it Jbe" in those days. -ewer cars Jbe
sold" all o:er the USA today and americans o6ten Jbuy" 6orei'n cars. %ecause #r (enin's Jnot
sell" cars 6rom other countries li6e has become harder 6or him and his 6amily.
77. Supply the past perfect or the past si)ple in the following sentences.
1. The policeman read the suspect his ri'hts a6ter he ... Jarrest" him. *. A6ter (ohn ...
Jwash" his clothes7 he be'an to study. +. =eor'e ... Jwait" 6or one hour be6ore the bus came.
0. #aria ... Jenter" the uni:ersity a6ter she had 'raduated 6rom the community colle'e. 1.
(eanette ... Jwash" its pipettes a6ter she had completed the experiment. 4. (ane sent a letter to
her uni:ersity a6ter she ... Jrecei:e" her scholarship check. 5. A6ter the stewardess had ser:ed
lunch to the passen'ers7 they .. Jsit" down. 9. The car ... J6lip" ten times be6ore it landed on its
roo6. ;. 3e corrected our paper a6ter we ... Jtake" the 'uiK. 1<. (ohn ... Jli:e" in #iami 6or one
year when his parents came to :isit.
7. (o)plete these short dialogues with the right for) in the present si)ple, the past si)ple
and will ! future.
1. JyouDtake" those photos last weekend. L !o7 they Jtake" a 6ew weeks a'o.
*. Eur car Jsteal" last ni'ht. L $eally. 3here JitD happen".
Eutside our home. ad Jnot put" it into the 'ara'e last ni'ht. L That,s annoyin'. %ut perhaps
you Jbe" lucky and it J6ind" by the police soon.
+. & think & Jpaint" our 6ront door next weekend. L =ood idea. &t really Jha:e toD paint" a'ain.
3hen JitDdo" the last time. L & think we Jpaint" it soon a6ter we bou'ht the house7 about
ten years a'o
0. 3hy JyouD throw" that cat 6ood away yesterday. L &t Jbe" bad. &t Jha:e toD throw" away.
Are you sure it Jbe" bad. &t Jsell" as a special o66er in the supermarket last week.
3ell7 it certainly Jbe" special. 3e,:e ne:er had a tin o6 cat 6ood that Jbe" bad.
7!. Open the brackets. *se si)ple present, present progressi%e, si)ple past, will=future.
S.: )ow Jbe" the concert last ni'ht7 #aureen.
#.H Eh7 it Jbe" 6antastic. 3e Jlike" it :ery much.
S.: J(odyD 'o" with you to the concert.
#.G /es7 we Jmeet" at Sprin' street subway station. Aater she Jtake" us out 6or dinner in
8hinatown. Then we Jtake" a cab to the =arden.
S.: Jlots o6 peopleD 'o" to the concert.
#.. /es7 thousands Jtry" to 'et in.
S.: Then you JnotD see" much o6 %ruce.
#., 3ell7 we Jbe" lucky. %ut we Jha:e to" 6i'ht to 'et to the 6ront.
S.: /ou Jbe able to "hear and see %ruce7 then. That Jbe" really lucky. 8huck J'o" to a concert not
lon' a'o. &t Jbe" so 6ull at the =arden that he Jnot hear or see" anythin'.
#.H Eh7 come on. !ow you Jin:ent" thin's7 Scott. & Jknow" you Jnot like" rock music. That,s why
you Jsay" silly thin's. %ut all & can say is: i6 & Jbe allowed to" 'o to a concert at the =arden a'ain7
then nothin' Jstop" meF
". (o)plete these sentences with the appropriate tense for) #si)ple, past, present, present
perfect, or future tense, si)ple or progressi%e$ of the %erb in parentheses. Se%eral answers
)ay be correct. (o)plete the short answers and tag 0uestions.
En Saturday7 Andy ... Jthrow" out the spoiled 6ood 6rom the re6ri'erator. All week lon'7 he ... Jeat"
meals in restaurants. -inally7 when Andy ... Jarri:e" 6rom school on Thursday7 -red7 the
re6ri'erator repairman7 ... Jwait" 6or him. 23here ... you ... Jbe".2 ... Jask" -red. 2& ... Jwait" 6or you
6or six daysF2 ... Janswer" Andy. 2... Jcome" on. &,ll ... Jtake" you up to the apartment & can,t ...
Jstand" it any lon'er.2 Andy ... Jlead" -red upstairs. 3hile -red ... Jwork" on the re6ri'erator7 Andy
. . Jwatch". 2That should ... Jdo" it72 -red 6inally L Jsay". 2/ou won,t ... Jha:e" any more problems
with this machine2. )e ... Jhold" out his hand. 2& ... Jneed" 5;.99 6or the repairs.2 2& ... Jha:e" a
'uarantee.2 Andy ... Jhand" him the warranty 6orm7 and -red ... Jlook" at it ?uickly.
2Sorry7 buddy72 he ... Jreply" a6ter he ... J'i:e" Andy back the 6orm. 2This warranty ... Jexpire"
yesterday.2 2%ut the re6ri'erator ... Jnot run" since last -riday. And & ... Jcall" you on the phone
then.2 2That ... Jnot matter". & ... @ust ... J6inish" the repair7 and the 'uarantee ... Jnot be" :alid
since midni'ht last ni'ht.2 Andy .. Jbe'in" to 'et an'ry. 2& ... Jnot ha:e" a re6ri'erator 6or the last
six days. & ... Jeat" out all week because & couldn,t ... Jkeep" any 6ood in the house. And now
you ... Jtell" me that the 'uarantee Jnot be" 'ood any more. & ... Jnot ha:e" any money7 and & ...
Jnot pay" F 2 23ell7 then7 & ... Jtalk" to the store mana'er. 3e,ll ... Jsee" about this ...2 ... Jshout"
-red as he ... Jlea:e" the apartment.
1. (o)plete these sentences with the correct for) #present si)ple, past si)ple, future or
present perfect$ of the %erb in parentheses. &here )ay be )ore, than one correct answer.
(o)plete the short answers and the tag 0uestions.
#.: U'hF Somethin' ... Jsmell" terrible in hereF 3hat ... Jhappen".
A.: The re6ri'erator ... Jbreak" down last ni'ht7 and all the 6ood ... Jspoil".
#.: /ou ... Jnot ha:e" that 6rid'e :ery lon'7 .. you. ... Jnot be" it still under the warranty.
A.: &t ... Jbe" ri'ht now7 but the 'uarantee ... Jexpire" next 3ednesday7 and the repairman
won,t ... Jcome" until Thursday.
#.: %ut the trouble ... Jstart" last ni'ht and you ... Jcall" him this mornin'7 ... you.
A.: /es7 & ... .
#.: Then the 'uarantee ... Jbe" still 'ood7 ... it.
A.: /es7 it ... & ... Jhope"F
#.: 3ell. 3hat ... you ... Jdo" next. & can ... Jtell" that you Jnot take" the 6ood out o6 the
re6ri'erator yet7 ... you.
A.: !o7 & .... & ... Jnot be" home all day. And since & ... J'et" here7 & ... Jnot ha:e" the ener'y to
#.: 3hy. 3here ... you ... Jbe" all this time.
A.: 3ell7 6irst & ... J'o" to a supermarket7 then & Jtry" a department store7 then ...
#.: /ou ... Jmean"7 when the re6ri'erator ... Jbreak"7 you J'o" shoppin'. 3hy. 3hat ... you ...
A.: !othin'F & couldn,t ... J6ind" an ice chest in the middle o6 (anuaryF
#.: Poor boyF /ou ... Jneed" some help now7 ... you.
A.: /esF Please ... Jhelp"F
2. (o)plete these sentences with the appropriate progressi%e %erb for)s #past, present, or
present perfect$. &here )ay be )ore than one correct answer. (o)plete the short answers and
tag 0uestions.
Andy,s mother calls him on the phone.
#.: )i7 honey. )ow ... e:erythin' ... J'o".
A.: 3ell ... thin's... Jnot 'o" so well ri'ht now ...
#.G 3hat. 3hat,s the matter. ... you ... Jnot 6eel" well. /ou ... Jtake" your :itamins lately7 ...
A.: /es7 o6 course & ...7 #other. And & ... J'et" enou'h rest7 and & ... Jeat" well7 except todayF
#.: 3hy. 3hat ... Jhappen." /ou ... Jnot ha:e" trouble in school7 ... Jyou".
A.: !o7 & ... . &t,s my 6rid'eF &t ... Jnot work"F
#.: /our re6ri'erator. %ut it ... Jrun" 6ine a 6ew days a'o7 ... it.
A.: /es7 it ... . %ut when & came into the kitchen this mornin'7 the 6ood ... Jmelt" and e:erythin' ...
Jdrip" all o:er the 6loor & ... out ... Jlook" 6or an ice chest all day7 and #elissa and & Jclean" up all
e:enin'. $i'ht now she ... Jmop" the 6loor.
#.: #elissa. ... you still ... J'o" out with her. /ou two . Jnot 'et" serious7 ... you. ... you ... Jnot
date" anyone else.
A.: #other7 & thou'ht we ... Jtalk" about the re6ri'eratorF
3H Write out the sentences, using the )ost logical tense or for) of the %erbs in brackets. &he
words in italics should be put in their correct position in relation to the %erb.
1. )elloF & Jtry" to telephone you all week. 3here you Jbe". *. 2& don,t think we Jmeet" be6ore.2
23ell7 & Jsee" you once at a party7 but we not Jbe" introduced then.2 +. &t Jlook" as i6 this li'ht
Jburn" all ni'ht. & must J6or'et" Jswitch" it o66 be6ore & J'o" to bed last ni'ht. 0. 8ome in now. &,m
sorry Jkeep" you Jwait" so lon'. 1. & Jbuy" the book7 but when & Jhear" the opinion o6 the critics7 &
Jchan'e" my mind. 4. At last you,re hereF & Jwait" here 6or more than hal6 an hour. & mi'ht Jknow"
you Jbe" lateF 5. #y 6ather Jwork" in 8anada 6or the last year7 so by the time he Jreturn" the
month a6ter next & not Jsee" him 6or 6ourteen months. 9. 3hen you Jsee" him a'ain you Jbe
struck" by the way his health Jimpro:e" since he J'o" to SwitKerland. ;. &6 you Jtell" me you
already Jbuy" the book7 & not J'i:e" it to you as a birthday present7 but now it Jbe" too late.
1<. & Jrin'" the bell once more7 but as he not Janswer" yet7 & think he must J'o" out. & not
Jbother" Jcome" all this way i6 & Jknow". 11. &t,s @ust as well we Jbrin'" a 'uideHbook with us. &6 we
not Jha:e"7 we Jbe" completely lost. 1*. /ou can,t Jremember" Jtell" him how to 'et here. &6 you
Jha:e"7 he Jarri:e" lon' be6ore now.
4. Write out the sentences, using the )ost logical tense or for) of the %erbs in brackets. &he
words in italics should be put in their correct position in relation to the %erb.
1. %y the time the 6iremen Jarri:e"7 the house Jbe" ablaKe 6rom top to bottom7 but it Jbe" clear
that i6 someone J'i:e" the alarm earlier7 they mi'ht Jstand" a chance o6 Jsa:e" the buildin'. *. &
wish you Jtell" me last week that you Jcome" to Aondon. { & Jknow" in time7 you not Jha:e to"
stay in a hotel. +. 3hy you not Jtell" me you Jcan" lend me the money. & not Jneed" Jborrow" it
6rom the bank. 0. The dri:er said he not Jcan" Junderstand" why the car Jbreak down" durin'
the race. &t Junder'o" thorou'h testin' be6ore Jbe" entered in the competition. 1. &t,s time we
J'o". &6 we not Jlea:e" now7 we Jmiss" the last train. 4. J%e" you cut o66 while & Jtalk" to you @ust
now. /ou Jbe". & think somethin' must J'o" wron' with the telephone. 5. The mana'er Jtalk" to
an important customer at the moment but he Jbe" 6ree Jsee" you presently. JAike" you Jtake" a
seat 6or a 6ew minutes. 9. & know & ou'ht Jwrite" to you be6ore7 but & Jbe" so busy recently that &
not Jha:e" time 6or Jwrite" letters. & Jtelephone" you instead7 but & J6or'et" your number. ;. 3hen
& last Jsee" him7 he Jli:e" in Aondon. )e Jtell" me then that he Jthink" o6 Jemi'rate" to Australia7
and he may well Jdo" so by now. 1<. & Jbe" :ery excited at the prospect o6 J'o" Jski". &t Jbe" the
6irst time & Jtry". & think there,s nothin' like Jski" 6or Jmake" a holiday en@oyable.
11. & wish you Jlet" me Jknow" you not Jbe able" to come to dinner. & certainly not J'o" to all this
trouble i6 & Jknow". 1*. )e said he not Jwant" Jsee" the 6ilm as he Jhear" that it Jbe" not as 'ood
as the critics Jsu''est".
5. Write out the sentences, using the )ost logical tense or for) of the %erbs in brackets. &he
words in italics should be put in their correct position in relation to the %erb.
1. &t,s a 'reat pity you not Jcome" to %ri'hton with us last Saturday. As you ne:er Jsee" the sea
be6ore7 it Jbe" a new experience 6or you. *. %y the time & Jcomplete" my studies next month7 &
Jli:e" in Aondon 6or nearly a year. & not Jthink" & Jstay" any lon'er a6ter that. +. &t,s odd that you
Jmention" his name. & @ust Jthink" about him and Jwonder" what Jbecome" o6 him. 0. & not Jcall"
on him @ust yet i6 & Jbe" you7 as & don,t think he J'et" home 6rom work. 1. )e said he Jwish" he
Jbe able" Jsee" you be6ore he Jlea:e". )e Jlike" Jsay" 'oodbye personally. )e Jhope"
you Jaccept" his apolo'ies. 4. J%e" you sure there Jbe" no one in the room next door. & Jcan
swear" & heard someone Jtalk" in there. 5. 2#r Smith not Jwork" here 6or 6our years. J%e" you
sure you J'et" the ri'ht name.2 2Muite sure. )e Jrin'" me only yesterday7 and & certainly not
Jcome" here i6 he not Jask" me to.2 9. !ot until we Jarri:e" at his house we Jdisco:er" that he
Jbe" on holiday7 and that we Jwaste" our time in Jcall" on him. ;. &t not Jtake" :ery lon' J'et" here
a6ter all. 3e not Jneed" Jtake" a taxi. 3e could Jsa:e" the money we Jspend" and Jha:e" dinner
on the train. 1<. &t,s hi'h time you Jmake" up your mind about Jchoose" a career. &6
you not Jdecide" soon7 you ne:er Jsettle" down to anythin'.
6. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense. #, %ariety of tenses will be
ended, as well as so)e of conditionals and i)perati%es1 for be able use @@
can/could where possible.$
Part 1
ear )ilda
1. & @ust Jhear" that my mother isn,t well7 and & Jlike" to 'o and see her. The trouble is & can,t take
my do' Tim with me. *. /ou Jthink" you Jbe able" possibly look a6ter 6or a week. +. /ou Jha:e"
him 6or a week last year7 you Jremember"7 and you Jsay" he Jbe" no trouble7 and J'et" on well
with your do'.
0. &6 you Jbe able" ha:e him7 & Jbe able" brin' him alon' any time that Jsuit" you. 1. )e Jha:e" his
own bed and bowl7 and & Jbrin'" enou'h tinned do' 6ood to last him a week.
4. %ut i6 it Jnot be" con:enient7 Jnot hesitate" to say so. 5. There Jbe" ?uite 'ood kennels near
here7 and they Jtake" him i6 & Jask". 9. )e Jbe" there once be6ore and Jseem" to 'et on all ri'ht.
Ao:e Sarah
Part *
ear Sarah
;. & Jbe" :ery sorry to hear about your mother,s illness7 and ,be" 'lad that you J'o" to Scotland to
see how she is. 1<. &t Jbe" nice 6or her to see you.
11. E6 course & Jlook" a6ter Tim. 1*. 3e thorou'hly Jen@oy" ha:in' him last year and my do'
Jmiss" him when he Jlea:e" and Jlook" 6or him e:erywhere. 1+. &,m sure he Jbe" deli'hted to see
him a'ain. 10. /ou Jbrin'" him on Tuesday a6ternoon. Er7 i6 that Jnot suit"7 any time 3ednesday.
11. Jnot bother" to brin' do' 6oodG & Jha:e" plenty. 14. & hope you Jha:e" time to ha:e tea with
me when you Jbrin'" Tim7 and that by then you Jha:e" better news o6 your mother. Ao:e )ilda
ear Peter
15. /ou by any chance Jknow" where %ob is. 19. & Jlike" to 6ind out because & @ust Jhear" o6 a @ob
that exactly Jsuit" him7 but i6 he Jnot apply" 6airly soon o6 course he Jnot 'et" it.
1;. & last Jsee" him about a month a'o7 when he @ust Jlea:e" his @ob with the 6ilm company. *<
)e Jsay" he J'o" to -rance Jhad decided to 'o to -rance" 6or a holiday and Jpromise" to send
me a postcard with his -rench address as soon as he J6ind" a place to stay. *1. %ut & Jhear"
nothin' since then and Jnot know" e:en whether he J'o" to -rance or not.
**. &6 you Jknow" his address & Jbe" :ery 'rate6ul i6 you Jphone" me. *+. & Jtry" to phone you
se:eral times but your phone Jnot seem" to be workin'. /ours (ack
Part 0
ear Sir
*0. & Jbe" interested in the 6urnished cotta'e near edham which you Jad:ertise" in yesterday,s
Tele'raph7 6or my husband and & Jcome" to En'land in (une and Jre?uire" accommodation 6or
three months. *1. /ou please Jtell" me exactly where it Jbe" and 'i:e me details o6 bus and train
ser:ices in the area. *4. & also Jlike" to know about the local shops. *5. & Jbe able" to shop
without a car. *9. #y husband Jhope" to hire a car7 but & Jnot dri:e" and he Jnot be" 6ree :ery
o6ten to take me shoppin'7 so we Jneed" a cotta'e
on a bus route. *;. The local shops still Jdeli:er". & Jknow" they Jdo" ten years a'o.
+<. & Jbe" 'rate6ul also i6 you Jtell" me whether you supply sheets etc. and whether a laundry
Jcall" at the house. +1. The rent you Jask" Jsound" reasonable 6or the siKe o6 the cotta'e. )ow
you Jlike" it paid. 3eekly7 monthly or in ad:ance. +*. #y husband and & Jbe" abroad 6or ten
years7 but be6ore that we Jli:e" near edham7 which is why we Jwant" to spend our holidays
there. ++. #y husband also Jwrite" a book about 8onstable and Jlike" to 6inish it in the area
where he7 8onstable7 Jpaint" most o6 his pictures. +0. #r (ones7 the bank mana'er7 Jknow" us
since we Jli:e" in the area and & Jbe" sure he Jrecommend" us as suitable tenants. +1. & o6
course Jbe willin'" to send a deposit. +4. & Jbe" 'rate6ul 6or an early reply and Jenclose" a
stamped addressed en:elope. /ours 6aith6ully Pamela Smith
7. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense #so)e present participles will be
ear Sir
1. & Jwrite" to you three weeks a'o7 Jask" about conditions o6 entry into your colle'e. *. /ou
Jreply"7 Jenclose" an enrolment 6orm7 which & J6ill up" and Jreturn" without delay. +. Since then7
howe:er7 & Jhear" nothin' and & Jbe'in" to wonder i6 my application J'o" astray. 0. /ou please
Jcheck" that you Jrecei:e" it and i6 you ha:en,t7 please send me another enrolment 6orm. 1. &67 on
the other hand7 you Jrecei:e" my application but Jnot decide" whether to accept me as a student
or not7 & Jbe" :ery 'rate6ul i6 you Jtell" me when & may expect to hear your decision. 4. -inally7 i6
my application already Jbe" re6used7 & Jlike" to be in6ormed as soon as possible because i6 & do
not 'et into your colle'e & Jha:e" to apply to another and the sooner & Jdo" this7 the better
chance & Jha:e" o6 bein' accepted.
/ours 6aith6ully P Smith
Part *
ear #r (ones
5. #y 6amily and & Jsu66er" a 'ood deal lately 6rom the noise made by your 'uests when they
Jlea:e" your house on Saturday ni'hts. 9. They Jstand" in the street7 Jlau'h" loudly and Jcall"
'oodbye to you and to each other. ;. Then they J'et" into their cars7 Jban'" the doors loudly7 and
6inally they Jre:erse" their cars on the road. 1<. This Jsound" a 6airly simple manoeu:re7 but
there is always at least one o6 your 'uests who J6ind" it almost beyond him L whether because
he Jha:e" too much drink or still Jlearn" to dri:e & Jnot know" L but & Jknow" that it Jtake" him
a'es to 'et out7 and all the time we hear his en'ine Jroar" and his 6riends Jshout" ad:ice.
11. %y the time all your 'uests J'o" and the road is ?uiet a'ain7 my 6amily all Jbe" wakened
up7 and the children o6ten J6ind" it hard to 'et to sleep a'ain. 1*. & Jbe" :ery 'rate6ul i6 you
Jask" your 'uests to lea:e more ?uietly7 and perhaps you Jbe able" persuade any learner dri:ers
to come by taxi.
/ours sincerely Andrew %rown
Part +
ear Ann
1+. /ou Jbe" 6ree to come to dinner here on Saturday next at 9.<<. 10. #y brother Paul Jcome"
and Jbrin'" a 6riend o6 his called Tom Edwards. 11. /ou Jnot meet" Tom but & Jthink" you Jlike"
him. 14. )e is an assistant sta'e mana'er at the =ate Theatre and Jbe able" to tell you about
the actors. 15. Paul says Tom Jrecei:e" hardly any salary and o6ten Jnot 'et" enou'h to eat7 so
he Jask" me to ha:e roast bee6 and /orkshire puddin' 6or dinner7 with apple dumplin' to 6ollow.
19. )e probably Jrin'" up between now and Saturday7 to say that it Jbe" a 'ood idea to start with
a substantial soup7 such as oxtailF 1;. & Jknow" you not usually Jeat" hea:y threeHcourse
meals o6 this type7 but & Jhope" the con:ersation Jnot be" so hea:y. Anyway7 come i6 you Jbe
Ao:e #ary
*<. PS. The 10 bus Jpass" the door as you probably Jremember"7 and Paul J'i:e"
you a li6t home.
. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tense and fill the spaces with suitable for)s.
1. 8aller. This is #rs (ones at ** )i'h Street. ... & ha:e an appointment 6or a shampoo and set7
please. *. $eceptionist: /es7 #rs (ones. 3ho usually Jdo" your hair. +. 8aller: Peter usually
Jdo" it7 but the last time & Jcome" he Jbe" on holiday and Ann Jdo" it. So i6 Peter Jbe" not
a:ailable7 Ann Jdo" :ery well. 0. $eceptionist: 3hen you Jwant" to come7 #rs (ones. 1. 8aller:
& Jlike" to come tomorrow a6ternoon i6 possible. 4. $eceptionist: &,m a6raid that the a6ternoon is
6ull. Thursday a6ternoon at 0.<< Jsuit" you. 5. 8aller: &,m a6raid it ... . #y motherHinHlaw Jcome"
to tea. 9. $eceptionist: Then what about -riday a6ternoon. Peter Jbe able" Jdo" you at 0.<<.
;. 8aller: That Jbe" splendid. Thank you :ery much. 1<. $eceptionist: Thank you7 #rs (ones.
3e Jexpect" you at 0.<< on -riday then. =oodbye.
Part *
11. Tom: ... & speak to Ann7 please. 1*. Ann: Ann Jspeak". 1+. Tom: Tom here. 3here you
Jbe"7 Ann. & Jtry" to 'et on to you 6or the last hal6 hour. /ou Jnot lea:e" your o66ice at 1.<<.
10. Ann: /es7 & ...7 but today & J'o" shoppin' and only @ust J'et" in. &t Jbe" nice to hear your
:oice7 Tom. & Jnot know" you Jbe" in Aondon. 11. Tom: & only Jarri:e" this mornin'. & Jrin'" you
be6ore but & Jbe" terribly busy all day co:erin' a con6erence. &t only @ust Jend". /ou Jdo" anythin'
toni'ht7 Ann. 14. Ann: /es7 & J'o" to the theatre. 15. Tom: %ut that Jbe" terribleF & Jbe" only 6or
one ni'htF 19. Ann: & Jbe" sorry7 Tom. &6 you Jtell" me you were comin' up7 & Jkeep" the e:enin'
6ree. %ut you didn,t tell me. 1;. Tom: & Jnot know" mysel6 till this mornin' when the boss
suddenly Jdash" into the o66ice and Jtell" me to rush up here to co:er the con6erence. *<. Ann: &
thou'ht Peter usually Jdo" the con6erences. *1. Tom, /es7 he Jdo" but when he Jdri:e" up here
last ni'ht he Jha:e" an accident and Jtake" Jpassi:e" to hospital. So & Jdo" it instead. Ann7 you
really J'o" out toni'ht. ... Jne'ati:e interro'ati:e" you 'et out o6 it. **. Ann: !o7 & ...
Jne'ati:e. &,m 6ree tomorrow but & Jsuppose" that Jbe" too late. *+. Tom Jsuddenly
chan'in' his plans": !o7 & Jstay" another day. & daresay the boss J'et" o:er it. /ou Jlike" to meet
me 6or dinner tomorrow. *0. Ann: & Jlo:e" to. %ut Tom7 you Jbe" sure it Jbe" all ri'ht. & Jhate" you
to lose your @ob. *1. Tom: &t Jbe" all ri'ht. & Jrin'" the boss and tell him & Jstay" another ni'ht. &
Jstay" an extra ni'ht in /ork last month and he Jnot seem" too put out about it.
*4. Ann: 3hy you Jstay" an extra ni'ht in /ork. Tom: & Jtell" you tomorrow. =oodni'ht7 Ann.
!. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. ZWX h Vkok\\ hUZe_\Z\d]\ Vko\[ oUno]7 sg UZ[bd\sZc oUsb X Vko\s ZsU[_\[]
[\W\hXYXUddg\ i\_\objX. *. ZWX hg ^U_U`U iUopU[UhX[\Z]7 hg ZoboX[\ eYbs\d.
+. u UZ[bdkZ] Z VUW]dgs7 iUeb d\ i_XVko\[ h_bj. 0. f_X d\ dbjd\[ i\jb[b[] iXZ]sU7
iUeb d\ i_Xo\[ bosXdXZ[_b[U_. 1. tUpob [\si\_b[k_b hUog iUodXs\[Zc7 sg sUn\s
iU\^b[] ekib[]Zc h Ue\bd\. 4. tUpob mn\e i_XVko\[ h b_UiU_[ Xs. t\dd\oX7 Ud dbs
iUYhUdX[. 5. tbe [UW]eU c iUWkjk iXZ]sU U[ ~UVb7 c obs hbs Ydb[]. 9. u \sk i\_\obs hb`k
edXpk7 ebe [UW]eU c \pU khXnk. ;. u iUZsU[_v Yb _\V\deUs7 iUeb [g ZiX`]. 1< ZWX
[\W\lUd YbYhUdX[7 iUeb Z\e_\[b_`X d\ Vko\[7 yXdob U[h\[X[. 11 u iUYhUdv n\d\7 oU
[UpU ebe i_XVkok h XWbo\W]lXv 1* u YbiX`k hb` bo_\Z Z\ajbZ n\7 iUeb c \pU d\ YbVgW.
1+ |d hgeWvjX[ _boXU oU [UpU ebe hgao\[ XY oUsb. 10 rg d\ YbeUdjX[\ i\_\hUo
hUh_\sc7 \ZWX d\ Vko\[\ kZXW\ddU _bVU[b[]. 11. ZWX d\ Vko\[ Uj\d] VUW]`UpU
ohXn\dXc7 sg i_XVko\s e o\Zc[X jbZbs. 14. u d\ iUaok db h\j\_Xdek7 \ZWX pHnb wsX[
s\dc d\ i_XpWbZX[. 15. fg UZ[bd\sZc db [Us ek_U_[\7 iUeb iUpUob Vko\[
^U_U`\a. 19. u U[i_bhWvZ] h fbabsX7 ebe [UW]eU hYUao\[ ZUWdx\.
!". &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. u d\ iUYhUdXW \sk7 iU[Usk j[U oksbW7 j[U Ud Ybdc[. *. u YdbW7 j[U Ud VUW\d. +. u VgW
kh\_\d7 j[U UdX _bYpUhb_Xhbv[ h Zbok. 0. fd\ ZebYbWX7 j[U Ud h\_dkWZc Z vpb. 1. u VgW
kh\_\d7 j[U Udb iUWkjb\[ U[ dX^ iXZ]sb. 4. u oksbW7 j[U Udb db hbZ Z\_oX[Zc. 5. u oksbW7
j[U hg hXo\WX \pU [bs. 9. u oksbW7 j[U k [\Vc VUW]`\ skn\Z[hb. ;. u hg`\W d\ j\_\Y
oh\_] sbpbYXdb7 b hUZiUW]YUhbWZc Ybod\a oh\_]v. 1<. |d d\ ^UoXW h eXdU hj\_b
h\j\_Us7 [be ebe k d\pU Ybh[_b eYbs\d. 11. |d dbZ[UcW db [Us7 j[UVg Z^UoX[] h
VXVWXU[\ek7 ^U[c \sk X d\ iUdboUVX[Zc Z\pUodc [b edXpb. 1*. r i_U`WUs pUok Ud _bVU[bW7
VUW]`\7 j\s h [Us pUok. 1+. u jkhZ[hUhbW7 j[U Ud d\ ^Uj\[ [kob Xo[X.
10. u YdbW7 j[U Ud nXW h |o\ZZ\. 11. u VUcWZc7 j[U Ud Vko\[ Z\_oX[]Zc7 \ZWX sg d\
YbeUdjXs _bVU[k hUh_\sc.
!1. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. |db ZUVX_b\[Zc U[i_bhX[] iXZ]sU7 eU[U_U\ [UW]eU j[U dbiXZbWb. *. |db _bZ^bnXhb\[
hYbo X hi\_\o iU eUsdb[\7 _bYoksghbc dbo iXZ]sUs7 eU[U_U\ Udb iXZbWb. +. TUj\sk k
[\Vc j\_dg\ pkVg. u \W j\_dXek. u Z\W x\Wkv [b_\Wek. 0. tbe oUWpU hg Yo\Z] WUhX[\
_gVk. 1. rg hgpWcoX[\ ZUh\_`\ddU XYdk_\ddgs. w hbsX j[UHdXVko] ZWkjXWUZ].
4. \adVU_U Ybs\[XW7 j[U Udb iWbebWb. \ WXxU ^_bdXWU ZW\og ZW\Y. 5. u khXo\W7 j[U
VgWU * jbZb. fg ZXo\WX Yo\Z] iUW[U_b jbZb. 9. [U[ iXonbe YdbhbW Wkj`X\ odX. ;.
weUW]eU hg sd\ obWX. {YhXdX[\7 c d\i_bhXW]dU obWb hbs Zobjk. 1<. u dXeUpob d\ hXo\W
dXj\pU VUW\\ i_\e_bZdUpU. 11. rg iUWbpbWX7 j[U i_Uj[\[\ edXpk e 1 Xvdc. 1*. rg dXj\pU
d\ YbVgWX.
!2. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. tUpob Xjb_o h\_dkWZc oUsUa7 }ddb ZsU[_\Wb [\W\hXYXUddkv i\_\objk.
*. tUpob sg hg\^bWX XY q]vHU_eb7 `\W oUno]. +. u iXZbW iXZ]sU7 eUpob _bYobWZc
[\W\lUddga YhUdUe. 0. fg ZsU[_\WX [\W\hXYXUddkv i\_\objk7 eUpob e[UH[U
iUZ[kjbW h oh\_]. 1. mnU YbVUW\W hU h_\sc db`\pU ik[\`\Z[hXc iU h_Ui\. 4. u jX[bW
pbY\[k7 eUpob i_XVgW sUa o_kp. 5. mn\ad Xp_bWb db Ze_Xie\7 eUpob i_X\^bWX pUZ[X.
9. fg Ybh[_bebWX7 eUpob iUYhUdXW iUj[bW]Ud. ; w[Xh\d V\Z\oUhbW Z }ddUa7 eUpob c
X^ khXo\W h \d[_bW]dUs ib_e\7 1<. mn\e YbebYghbW W\dj7 eUpob c hU`\W h _\Z[U_bd.
11. |dX nXWX db e_bXd\7 eUpob dbjbWbZ] hUadb. 1*. }hb_Xc i_UXYU`Wb7 eUpob UdX
\^bWX db sb`Xd\ iU `UZZ\. 1+. tUpob [g iUYhUdXW iU [\W\lUdk7 sg UV\obWX. 10 u
e_\ieU ZibW7 eUpob e[UH[U iUZ[kjbW h oh\_]. 11. \W ZXW]dga oUno]7 eUpob c hg`\W XY
bh[UVkZb. 14. tUpob mnU h\_dkWZc oUsUa7 \pU n\db pU[UhXWb UV\o.
!3. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. |d Z\ajbZ _bVU[b\[. *. |d UVgjdU ^UoX[ db _bVU[k i\`eUs. +. w[Xh WvVX[ eX[baZekv
ek^dv. 0. bdc[Xc dbjXdbv[Zc _bdU k[_Us mb. 1. |db WvVX[ o\Wb[] iUekieX. mb.
4. wsX[g d\ WvVc[ ik[\`\Z[hUhb[]. 5. \d_X d\ UV\ob\[ h _\Z[U_bd\. 9. |d hgeWvjXW
_boXU X iU`\W Zib[]. ;. T_U`WUa h\ZdUa jbZ[U `\W oUno]. 1< mhXo dbeUd\x i_UobW
ZhUv Z[b_kv sb`Xdk. 11. mnU h\_dkWZc Uj\d] iUYodU hj\_b h\j\_Us. 1*. tUpob tUWksV
U[e_gW }s\_Xek. tUWksV U[e_gW }s\_Xek h 10;* p. 1+. weUW]eU Z[UXWU eUW]xU. tUW]xU
Z[UXWU 4<< oUWWb_Uh. 10. }WXZb d\ i_X`Wb db h\j\_Xdek. 11. rg d\hdXsb[\W]dU jX[bWX
Z[b[]v. 14. r ic[dXxk k[_Us c _bVU[bW h Zbok. 15. |dX nXhk[ Yo\Z] Z XvWc. 19. rg eUpobH
dXVko] VgWX h ykh_\. q\[7 c dXeUpob d\ VgW h ykh_\. 1;. ~UvZ]7 j[U c iU[\_cW eWvjX U[
bh[UsUVXWc. *<. tbe oUWpU hg [k[ nXh\[\ u [k[ nXhk ; W\[. *1. t ic[X jbZbs c YbeUdjXW
ZhUv _bVU[k. **. wXW]dga Zd\p `\W kn\ UeUWU ohk^ jbZUh7 eUpob UdX hg`WX XY oUsb.
*+. TUj\sk Ud VgW koXhW\d7 j[U iUWkjXW 2+2. *0. qXe[U d\ YdbW7 h ebeUs pUok [U[ sUZ[
VgW iUZ[_U\d. *1. fd\ ZebYbWX7 j[U hg jX[b\[\ [k edXpk kn\ VUW]`\ s\Zcxb. TU_b
h\_dk[] \\ h VXVWXU[\ek. *4. TU\Yo i_XVko\[ Z UiUYobdX\s. *5. rg d\ iUibo\[\ hUh_\sc
db _bVU[k. *9. rg ZeU_U hZ[_\[X[\ mU_XZ. *;. fg ZUVX_b\sZc ekiX[] xh\[dUa [\W\hXYU_.
+<. w\pUodc h\j\_Us sg d\ ZUVX_b\sZc UV\ob[] h _\Z[U_bd\ +1. rg Vko\[\
\Z[] sU_Un\dU\ db o\Z\_[. +*. |d Zo\Wb\[ ZhUX oUsb`dX\ YbobdXc e Z\sX
jbZbs h\j\_b. ++. z\_\Y s\Zcx sg Ybh\_`Xs ZhUX dbkjdg\ eZi\_Xs\d[g. +0. mU
U[\Yob h q]vHU_e Ud khXoX[ hZ\^ ZhUX^ Z[b_g^ m_kY\a. +1. u VUvZ]7 j[U e Ybh[_b`d\sk
odv hg kn\ YbVko\[\ hZ\ [X i_bhXWb. +4. u d\ kh\_\d7 j[U Udb ZobZ[ iUZW\odXa eYbs\d
e [Usk h_\s\dX. +5. f\W]dXe ZebYbW7 j[U dbh\Z[X[ sbW\d]eUpU bdZb7 eUpob i_Xo\[ h\Zdb
X Ud ZsUn\[ ob[] \sk eU_YXdk i\_hg^ xh\[Uh.
Passive &#ice
1. -ill in the blanks.
1. This aeroplane J6ly" .by .................. in ................ &t Jdesi'n"
by................ year *. This car Jdri:e".by the 6amous sports car
dri:er7 ...................... &t makeby the ................ 8ompanyin ...............
year +. These earrin's Jwear" .by the 6amous actress7 ...............................
They J'i:e"..to the museum by her 'randdau'hter. 0. This stran'e machine
Jin:ent" in ............ Un6ortunately7 it Jride"year only two or
three times because it was :ery dan'erous. 1. These photo'raphs Jtake" ..
by ..................... when heDshe was only 11 years old. They Jlea:e" .
in an old shoe box where they 7 J6or'et"6or many years.
4. This letter Jwrite"..by .................... to ..................... but it Jsend"
..ne:er &t J6ind"..recently between the
pa'es o6 an old book. 5. This is one o6..................,s early operas. &t Jcompose"
in ............ 7 and it Jsin'"6or the 6irst time year in ............... year
9. This impressi:e brid'e Jbuild" ....................................... in ............... Jcity" more than +<<
years a'o. &t Jbe'in" ............... ................. in 11*<7 and it J6inish" ........................ until 14<<.
;. This portrait ..............................................
2. Write about the records in the passi%e.
1. &n 1;94 ... paid o:er 9 mln dollars 6or a used car. *. ... bou'ht a bottle o6 -rench wine 6or
+17<<<. +. &n 1;90 ... sold a postcard 6or 070<<. 0. . . used 1<< bottles o6 tomato ketchup 6or
a 15 hour bath. 1. &n 1;94 ... made a 0<7<<<Hkilo cake in +* hours. 4. &n Ehio ... spent about
1*<7<<< in the 6irst two hours at a market. 5. &n one o6 the =reat Aakes ... 6ound a 40HyearHold
messa'e in a bottle. 9. At Easter 1;91 ... hid o:er 5<7<<< boiled e''s in a park in =eor'ia.
3. Open the brackets.
&,m 'lad you,:e all come to :isit our colle'e. & hope that many o6 you will enroll next year.
-irst7 let,s :isit some o6 our classrooms. &n this room7 students
Jteach" ......................................................................
-rench. )ere at =reen:ille 8olle'e7 we belie:e that all students & Jteach"
should .................................to speak a 6orei'n lan'ua'e. & The students in the next room are
studyin' history. )istory 6classes are usually :ery li:ely7 but today the students
J'i:e" ..................................................................... an examination. This room is a science
classroom. /ou can stay 6or awhile and listen. &,m sure many interestin' ideas
Jdiscuss" ..................
.......................................... ri'ht now. &n a little while7 we,re 'oin' to see the ca6eteria where all
the school 6ood Jprepare" is...... 3e belie:e that youn' people J6eed"
should ......................................... 'ood nutritious 6ood. That,s why we,:e planted the :e'etable
'arden you see next to the ca6eteria. The :e'etables that our students are eatin' today
J'row" ........................................................ in our 'arden. The next stop on the tour will be the
colle'e hospital. &t Jbuild" ................................ last year and is the school,s most modern
buildin'. Patients at the colle'e hospital Jtake" are ....... care o6 by excellent nurses and doctors
who Jtrain" ................... .................................... at the best uni:ersities. Students 6rom =reen:ille
8olle'e are well prepared 6or li6e. #any o6 our 6ormer students Jhire" ........................ by 6ine
companies where they,:e J'i:e" ................................ important @obs.
3e hope you,:e en@oyed your tour o6 =reen:ille 8olle'e.
4. *se the correct for) of the passi%e.
1. #ore cars Jbuild" in the etroit area than anywhere else in the USA. *. #y mum Jtell" she
will 'et better wa'es next month. +. &,m :ery sorry we couldn,t repair your car today7 but it
Jrepair" tomorrow. 0. The bank robber didn,t 'et 6ar. )e Jcatch" near Aondon last ni'ht.
1. &n 1;*1 &reland Jdi:ide" into !orthern &reland and the $epublic o6 &reland.4. Empty bottles
shouldn,t Jthrow away". 5. The car Jlook at" by 6i:e people so 6ar7 but nobody wants to buy it.
9. E:ery 6our years a new president Jelect" in the USA.
5. Put in the correct %erb for)s.
1. The palace .................. by Sir $obert -lemin'7 Jbuild" *. &t............completely ... by 6ire in
1501. Jdestroy" +. Se:en years later7 it ............ as an exact copy o6 the ori'inal7 Jrebuild"
0. &n the 19 th century it had 09 rooms7 but it ......in the late 1;th century7 and now has 11*
rooms7 Jenlar'e" 1. &n 1;54 it .........to Aeisuredesi'n Enterprises Atd. Jsell" 4. The
house .................. into a 6un palace7 and the 'ardens ... into a sa6ari park7 Jcon:ert7 turn"
6. ;ere are so)e of the notices in the fun palace and safari park. (an you fill in the
gaps with passi%e %erbs?
1. Nisitors ...... into the house and 'rounds between ;.<< am and 1.+< pm. Jallow" *. A
bell ........ 6i6teen minutes be6ore closin' time7 Jrin'" +. Nisitors ......not to 6eed the animals7
0. People ......... not to lea:e their cars while tourin' the sa6ari park7 Jad:ise" 1. o's ......... in
the sa6ari park7 Jnot allow" 4. /ou ............ not to touch the 6urniture7 Jask" 5. The sta66.........to
accept tips7 Jnot permit" 9. Aunch ......... in the ca6eteria 6rom 11.<< to *.+<. Jser:e"
7. 2ewrite the sentences using the passi%e for) of the %erbs in italics.
1. They 'a:e up the search a6ter three hours. *. They ou'ht to ha:e pointed that out to me at
the :ery be'innin'. +. !o one brou'ht up that ?uestion at the meetin'. 0. Somebody should
look into the matter. 1. &t was clear that the parents had brou'ht the child up well. 4. 3e had to
put o66 our :isit until later. 5. & was shocked to hear that someone had broken into your house.
9. on,t speak until someone speaks to you. ;. )is bank mana'er turned down his re?uest 6or
a loan. 1<. /ou must account 6or e:ery penny you spent. 11. Someone hasn,t stuck this stamp
on :ery 6irmly. 1*. E:ents will bear out the truth o6 what &,m sayin'. 1+. An o66icial held us up at
the 8ustoms 6or hal6 an hour. 10. )ow can we brin' about the desired result. 11. )e hates
people makin' 6un o6 him. JPassi:e =erund"
. (o)plete the sentences with a passi%e construction, using the %erbs gi%en, and in a
suitable for).
1. The new washin' machines Jturn out" at the rate o6 ,7 6i6ty a day. *. 3hen her husband died7
she naturally assumed that she Jpro:ide 6or". +. 3e,:e had to mo:e into a hotel while the
house we,:e @ust bou'ht Jdo up". 0. The employee was assured o6 his Jtake on" a'ain as soon
as work was a:ailable. 1. $ichard always Jtell o66" 6or careless mistakes nowadays. 4. The
a'reement had to Jdraw up" in the presence o6 two witnesses. 5. Some )eads o6 =o:ernment
now 6ear that ne'otiations7 Jbreak o66" be6ore a settlement is reached. 9. The chairman o6 the
board o6 directors assured shareholders that the matter o6 the de6iciency Jlook into" by the time
the next meetin' was held. ;. )e 6elt he Jlet down" badly by his best 6riend. 1<. The search
party had little idea where to start lookin'7 the climber,s tracks Jblot out" by a recent snowstorm.
!. 2ewrite the sentences in the passi%e, )aking the words in italics the sub+ect of the sentence
or clause in which they appear.
1. They 'a:e the oldest councillor the 6reedom o6 the city. *. They denied access to the secret
documents to all but a 6ew. +. Someone showed the child how to use the telephone. 0. They
declared him 2persona non 'rata2 and allowed him only 6ortyHei'ht hours to lea:e the country.
J*" 1. They 'a:e him arti6icial respiration. 4. 3hy didn,t they o66er him the @ob. 5. idn,t they
promise you a rise in salary at the be'innin' o6 the year. 9. Someone le6t him a le'acy o6
I1<7<<<. ;. 3hen he looked at the stamps7 he 6ound they had sold him 6or'eries. 1<. 3hat did
they pay you 6or doin' the @ob. 11. Someone should tell him ne:er to do that a'ain. 1*. They
asked you to meet me here at 11 o,clock7 not hal6Hpast. 1+. 3ill someone send me the details.
10. 3e shall send you the 'oods as soon as they are a:ailable. 11. Someone must teach that
boy a lessonF
1". Passi%e transfor)s using the infiniti%e. 2ewrite the sentences in an alternati%e passi%e for),
beginning your sentences with the words in italics.
1. &t is said that he is an honest7 hardHworkin' man. *. &t is considered that this sur'eon is a
brilliant practitioner. +. &t is now thou'ht that some redundancies in the 8om pany are
ine:itable. 0. &t was pro:ed that the statements he had were 6alse. 1. &t was understood that
the dele'ation was keen to meet the %ritish Prime #inister. 4. &t is belie:ed that the 8hancellor
is thinkin' o6 imposin' new taxes to raise extra re:enue. 5. &t is expected that the electricity
supply industry will be runnin' into surplus capacity by next year. 9. &t is reported that se:eral
(apanese manu6acturers are plannin' to set up plants o:erseas. ;. &t is expected that the
brewers will raise the price o6 beer in the near 6uture. 1<. &t was claimed that the dru' produced
no undesirable sideHe66ects. 11. &t is said that the police acted with 'reat restraint7 despite
pro:ocation. 1*. &t was alle'ed that the Prime #inister had misled the )ouse. 1+. &t is
belie:ed that the =o:ernment has had second thou'hts on this problem. 10. &t was
belie:ed that the explosion had been caused by a mine. 11. &t is presumed that the ship,s radio
e?uipment was put out o6 action durin' the 6ire. 14. &t is thou'ht that the dri:er had both le's
broken in the crash.
Advanced e-ercises in c#nversi#n
11. 2ewrite in the passi%e the sentences or clauses containing a %erb in italics.
1. The 6act that the new scheme raised such a storm o6 disappro:al means that no one can
ha%e e"plained it property to the public. *. )is 6ather warned him not to let others lead him
astray. +. The chairman o6 the committee complained that they were taking up too much time in
discussin' tri:ialities. 0. People put down the boy,s rudeness to his parents, ha%ing spoiled him
1. !ot until later did they disco%er that someone had stolen the picture. 4. !e:er be6ore had
they sent anyone to prison 6or that particular crime. 5. They could )ake the law e66ecti:e
only in this J2Enly in this way ...2" 9. People said that no one could reach any a'reement on
this ?uestion. ;. The army put down the rebellion and declared martial law. 1<. )e wanted
them to treat the in6ormation as con6idential. 11. ;ad they told me that someone was to bring
up the sub@ect o6 6inance at the next meetin'7 & wouldn,t ha:e mentioned it. 1*. )e dislikes his
6ellowHworkers thinking him a 6ool. 1+. The public ha%ing ignored him 6or many years7 the
writer suddenly became 6amous. J2 A6ter ...2" 10. Should someone pro:e beyond doubt that an
accident caused the 6ire7 the police will7 naturally7 release the man the, are at present holdin' on
suspicion o6 arson. 11. En their infor)ing him that the police wanted him7 the man realiKed that
his accomplice had betrayed him.
12. 2ewrite in the acti%e the sentences or clauses containing a %erb in italics. Where the agent
is not stated, a suitable sub+ect for the sentence or clause should be inferred fro) the conte"t.
1. The 6ire was 6inally got under control7 but not be6ore extensi:e dama'e had been caused.
*. on,t let yoursel6 be depressed by your 6ailure. +. &n :iew o6 the widespread concern that is
felt by the community at the plan 6or a main road to be built throu'h the :illa'e7 it has been
decided by the local 8ouncil that a special in?uiry should be held. 0. The house had been
broken into7 and two thousands pounds, worth o6 @ewellery had been stolen. 1. Enly a6ter it
had been sub+ected to searchin' laboratory tests by the scientists was the new :accine put on
the market by the 8ompany. 4. The plan hadn6t been at all well thought out by the leader.
5. &t ou'ht to ha%e been )ade ?uite clear to the shareholders be6ore the annual meetin' was
held that they would not be allowed to :ote 6or a new board by proxy. 9. /our lawyer,s ad:ice
should ha%e been obtained be6ore any decision was )ade by you 6or the matter to be taken
6urther. ;. )e needn,t ha%e been caused so much distress by being told by the army authorities
that his brother had died in action7 as it was later disco%ered that a mistake had been )ade as
to the missin' man,s identity. 1<. &n6ormation about the source 6rom which the starlin' news
had been obtained was withheld by the reporter.
13. 2ewrite the sentences in the passi%e o)itting the words in brackets.
1. JE:eryone" knows this 6act :ery well. *. JThey" opened the theatre only last month. +.
JPeople" will soon 6or'et it. 0. J/ou" must write the answers in ink. 1. JSomeone" has taken
two o6 my books. 4. J3e" ha:e already 6illed the :acancy. 5. 3hat should Jone" do in such
case. 9. id Jthey" say anythin' interestin'. ;. id Jno one" e:er make the situation clear to
you. 1<. JEne" should keep milk in a re6ri'erator. 11. & don,t think Janyone" can do it. 1*. JThey"
would undoubtedly ha:e killed him i6 he hadn,t promised to coHoperate. 1+. J/ou" must 6inish the
work by 5. 10. JThey" are now manu6acturin' this type o6 computer in many countries. 11. J!o
one" could possibly ha:e known the secret. 14. )as Jsomeone" made all the necessary
arran'ements. 15. -ortunately Jno one" had said anythin' about it. 19. J3e" will execute
all orders promptly. 1;. JThe police" kept the man in custody. *<. oes Jsomeone" clean all the
rooms re'ularly.
14. (o)plete the sentences with a passi%e construction using the %erbs gi%en and the for)s
1. #uch o6 Aondon Jdestroy" by 6ire in the 15th century. JPast simple". *. The men who Jbite" a
snake J'i:e" a serum. JPast per6ect7 Past simple". +. A leader should be a man who can respect.
J&n6initi:e". 0. #any slums Jdemolish" to make way 6or new buildin's. JPresent pro'ressi:e". 1.
The police Jinstruct" to take 6irm action a'ainst hooli'ans. JPresent per6ect". 4. )e Jsa:e" 6rom
bankruptcy by the kindness o6 a 6riend. JPast simple". 5. A ceaseH6ire Jexpect" Jdeclare" later this
week. JPresent simple7 &n6initi:e". 9. A 'reat deal o6 research Jdo" into the possible causes o6
cancer. JPresent pro'ressi:e". ;. The worker claimed that he J:ictimiKe" by his employers. JPast
pro'ressi:e". 1<. The tenant Je:ict" 6or not payin' his rent. JPast simple" 11. &t Jthink" that the
=o:ernment would do somethin' to help. JPast per6ect". 1*. Three hundred new houses Jbuild"
by the end o6 next year. J-uture per6ect". 1+. %ecause o6 a strike work on the buildin' had to
Jdiscontinue". J&n6initi:e". 10. The witness stron'ly ob@ected to JcrossHexamine". J=erund". 11.
Jthreaten" by a blackmailer he immediately in6ormed the police. JPer6ect participle". 14. &,m not
accustomed to Jtreat" in that way. J=erund". 15. The passen'ers ou'ht to Jin6orm" that the train
Jwithdraw" 6rom ser:ice. JPer6ect in6initi:e7 Past per6ect". 19. 8ustomers Jask" to ensure that
they J'i:e" the correct chan'e be6ore lea:in' the shop7 as mistakes cannot a6terwards Jrecti6y".
JPresent simple7 Present per6ect7 &n6initi:e". 1;. 3as he :ery upset at Jnot o66er" the @ob.
J=erund". *<. The man was sent to prison 6or six months7 J6ind" 'uilty o6 6raud. JPer6ect
15. *se the passi%e for)s to )ake corrects sentences.
1. computer L many o66icesD they L in schools7 too. *. pocket calculator L in all kinds o6
shopsD they L ?uite cheaply today. +. more radio and TN pro'rammes L *< years a'oD much
more money L on these pro'rammes7 too. 0. 6antastic photos L underwaterD o6 course
special cameras L 6or such photos.
16. (hange the following sentences fro) acti%e to passi%e %oice.
1. Somebody calls the president e:ery day. *. (ohn is callin' the other members. +. #artha
was deli:erin' the documents to the department 0. The other members ha:e repealed the
amendment. 1. The dele'ates had recei:ed the in6ormation be6ore the recess. 4. The teacher
should buy the supplies 6or this class. 5. Somebody will call #r 3atson toni'ht. 9. The 6ire has
caused considerable dama'e. ;. The company was de:elopin' a new procedure be6ore the
bankruptcy hearin's be'an. 1<. (ohn will ha:e recei:ed the paper by tomorrow.
17. (o)plete this report with the correct acti%e and passi%e for)s.
S&$ %&AA/ &ES AT T)E A=E E- 91
Sir 3illiam %utlin7 6ounder o6 the 6amous 2%utlin,s2 holiday camps7 Jdie" yesterday mornin' at the
a'e o6 ei'hty one. !o 6urther in6ormation about the cause o6 his death J'i:e" yet. 2%illy %utlin2 L
as he Jcall" by e:eryone here in %ritain L Jbe" born in South A6rica in 19;;. 3hen %illy Jbe"
ele:en years old7 his parents Jemi'rate" to 8anada. %illy Jlea:e" school at the a'e o6 twel:e and
J'i:e" a @ob in a department store. At 6i6teen he J@oin" the 8anadian army and Jsend" to -rance7
where he J6i'ht" in 3orld 3ar &.,
A6ter sometime as a tra:ellin' entertainer7 he Jopen" his 6irst small holiday camp at Ske'ness in
Aincolnshire in 1;+47 &t Jbe" so success6ul that soon other camps Jopen" by 2Sir %illy2 at 8lactonH
onHSec in Essex and at -iley in /orkshire. A6ter 3orld 3ar && his holidayHcamp empire J'row" so
?uickly that soon the camp J:isit" by o:er one million people e:ery year. Today especially
6amilies with children Jen@oy" a holiday at a %utlin,s camp.
Sir 3illiam %utlin Jbe" a man who J'i:e" much o6 his money to charity. Ene o6 the 6irst charity
walks Jor'aniKe" by him in -ebruary 1;4;. )undreds o6 people Jwalk" 6rom (ohn o,=roats in the
north o6 Scotland to land,s End in 8ornwall and thousands o6 pounds J'i:e" to charity.
&t Jexpect" that the holiday camp tradition which Jestablish" by %illy %utlin Jcontinue" in the
6uture7 so that many more %utlin holidays can Jen@oy" by 6amilies 6rom all o:er %ritain.
1. Put the transiti%e %erbs into the passi%e %oice. Do not )ention the agent unless it see)s
1. The milkman brin's the milk to my door but the postman lea:es the letters in the hall.
*. &n 6uture7 perhaps7 they won,t brin' letters to the houses7 and we shall ha:e to collect them
6rom the Post E66ice. +. People steal thin's 6rom supermarkets e:ery dayG someone stole twenty
bottles o6 whisky 6rom this one last week. 0 !ormally men sweep this street e:ery day7 but
nobody swept it last week. 1. The postman clears this box three time a day. )e last cleared it
at *.+<. 4. Someone turned on a li'ht in the hall and opened the door. 5 3omen clean this
o66ice in the e:enin' a6ter the sta66 ha:e le6tG they clean the upstairs o66ices between se:en and
ei'ht in the mornin'. 9. 3e ne:er saw him in the dinin'Hroom. A maid took all his meals up to
him. ;. Someone le6t this purse in a classroom yesterdayG the cleaner 6ound it. 1<. 3e build
well o:er 17<<< new houses a year. Aast year we built 171<<. 11. 3e ser:e hot meals till 1<.+<7
and 'uests can order co66ee and sandwiches up to 11.+<. 1*. Passen'ers lea:e all sorts o6
thin's in buses. The conductors collect them and send them to the Aost Property E66ice.
1+. An ambulance took the sick man to hospital. J#ention ambulance." 10. 3e kill and in@ure
people on the roads e:ery day. 8an,t we do somethin' about this. 11. o's 'uard the
warehouse. The other day a thie6 tried to 'et in and a do' saw him and chased him. JA thie6 who
..." 14. The watchman called the police. The police arrested the man. 15. Tom had only a sli'ht
in@ury and they helped him o66 the 6ieldG but (ack was seriously in@ured and they carried him o66
on a stretcher. JTom7 who had ...7 but (ack7 who was ..." 19. /ou can,t wash this dressG you must
dryHclean it. 1;. They are demolishin' the entire block. *<. )e recommends 6ittin' new tyres.
JUse should" *1. )e su''ested allowin' council tenants to buy their houses.
**. #en with slide rules used to do these calculationsG now a computer does them. *+. The
court tried the man7 6ound him 'uilty and sent him to prison. *0. The hall porter polishes the
knockers o6 all the 6lats e:ery day. 3ell7 he hasn,t polished mine 6or a week. *1. They are
repairin' my piano at the moment. *4. Passen'ers shouldn,t throw away their tickets as inspecH
tors may check these durin' the @ourney. *5. They in:ited (ack but they didn,t in:ite Tom.
*9. The 'uests ate all sandwiches and drank all the beer. They le6t nothin'. *;. )as someone
posted my parcel. +<. 3hy did no one in6orm me o6 the chan'e o6 plan. +1. Tom Smith wrote
the book and %rown and 8o. published it. +*. 3e shall ha:e to tow the car to the 'ara'e. ++.
&,m a6raid we ha:e sold all our copies but we ha:e ordered more. +0. 3e will prosecute
trespassers. +1. Someone stole my car and abandoned it 6i6teen miles away. )e had remo:ed
the radio but done no other dama'e. +4. /ou must keep do's on leads in the 'ardens.
1!. Put the transiti%e %erbs into the passi%e %oice. Do not )ention the agent unless it see)s
1. They ha:en,t stamped the letter. *. They didn,t pay me 6or the workG they expected me to do
it 6or nothin'. +. )e escaped when they were mo:in' him 6rom one prison to another. 0 She
didn,t introduce me to her mother. 1. A 6ri'ht6ul crash wakened me at 0 a.m. 4. 3hen they ha:e
widened this street the roar o6 the tra66ic will keep residents awake all ni'ht. 5. They threw away
the rubbish. 9. A (apanese 6irm makes these tele:ision sets. ;. An earth?uake destroyed the
town. 1<. A machine could do this much more easily. 11. Nisitors must lea:e umbrellas and
sticks in the cloakroom. 1*. 3e ask tenants not to play their radios loudly a6ter midni'ht. 1+.
3e can,t repair your clock. 10. 3e cannot exchan'e articles which customers ha:e
bou'ht durin' the sale. JArticles ..." 11. 3e ha:e to pick the 6ruit :ery early in the mornin'7 othH
erwise we can,t 'et it to the market in time. 14. The police shouldn,t allow people to park there.
15. They are watchin' my house. 19. The examiner will read the passa'e three times. 1;.
8andidates may not use dictionaries. *<. /ou need not type this letter. *1. This used to be
number 1+7 but now & see that someone has crossed out 21+2 and written 21*A2 underneath.
**. /ou mustn,t mo:e this manG he is too ill. /ou,ll ha:e to lea:e him here. *+. They searched
his house and 6ound a number o6 stolen articles. *0. !obody has used this room 6or a'es. *1.
They took him 6or a -renchman7 his -rench was so 'ood. *4. /ou should ha:e taken those
books back to the library. *5. They brou'ht the children up in &taly. *9. They ha:e taken down
the -or Sale notice7 so & suppose they ha:e sold the house. *;. Someone broke into his house
and stole a lot o6 his thin's. +<. 3e ha:e warned you. +1. A lorry knocked him down.
+*. They returned my keys to meG someone had picked them up in the street. ++. 3e had to
'i:e the books backG they did not allow us to take them home. +0. /ou shouldn,t lea:e these
documents on the desk. /ou should lock them up. +1. They handed round co66ee and biscuits.
+4. They ha:e tried other people,s schemes. 3hy ha:e they ne:er tried my scheme.
2". In this e"ercise )ost of the sentences contain a %erb 4 preposition/ad%erb co)bination. &he
preposition or ad%erb )ust be retained when the co)bination is puA into the passi%e. In )ost of
the sentences it is not necessary to )ention the agent.
1. The 'o:ernment has called out troops. *. -o' held up the trains7 Ja'ent re?uired" +. /ou are
to lea:e this here. Someone will call 6or it later on 0. 3e called in the police. 1. They didn,t look
a6ter the children properly. 4. They are 6lyin' in rein6orcements. 5. Then they called up men o6
*9. 9. E:eryone looked up to him. Ja'ent re?uired" ;. All the ministers will see him o66 at the
airport7 Ja'ent re?uired" 1<. )e hasn,t slept in his bed. 11. 3e can build on more rooms.
1*. They threw him out. 1+. They will ha:e to adopt a di66erent attitude. 10. )e,s a dan'erous
maniac. They ou'ht to lock him up. 11. )er story didn,t take them in. Ja'ent re?uired" 14.
%ur'lars broke into the house. 15. The manu6acturers are 'i:in' away small plastic toys
with each packet o6 cereal. 19. They took down the notice. 1;. They 6rown on smokin' here.
*<. A6ter the 'o:ernment had spent a million pounds on the scheme they decided that it was
impracticable and 'a:e it up. J#ake only the 6irst and last :erbs passi:e." *1. 3hen & returned &
6ound that they had towed my car away. & asked why they had done this and they told me that it
was because & had parked it under a !o Parkin' si'n7 J6our passi:es" **. People must hand in
their weapons. *+. The crowd shouted him down. *0. People o6ten take him 6or his brother.
*1. !o one has taken out the cork. *4. The 6ilm company were to ha:e used the pool 6or
a?uatic displays7 but now they ha:e chan'ed their minds about it and are 6illin' it in. J#ake the
6irst and last :erbs passi:e." *5. This colle'e is already 6ull. 3e are turnin' away students the
whole time. *9. /ou will ha:e to pull down this skyscraper as you ha:e not complied with the
town plannin' re'ulations.
21H So)e of the following sentences when put into the passi%e re0uire or can ha%e a change of
1. belie:e7 claim7 consider7 6ind7 know7 say7 suppose and ,,ink when used in the passi:e can be
6ollowed by an in6initi:e:
They say he is a spy )e is said to be a spy.
They say he was a spy )e is said to ha:e been a spy.
&t is said that he isDwas ... is also possible.
*. Sub@ect R be supposed R in6initi:e o6ten con:eys an idea o6 duty7 particularly when the
sub@ect is you:
&t is your duty to obey him /ou are supposed to obey him.
+. &n6initi:es a6ter passi:e :erbs are normally 6ull in6initi:es.
0. !ote the use o6 ha:e R ob@ect R past participle: =et someone to mend it )a:e it mended.
1. !ote the use o6 should in the passi:e.
Put the following sentences into the passi%e, using an infiniti%e construction where possible.
1. 3e added up the money and 6ound that it was correct. *. &,m employin' a man to tile the
bathroom. +. Someone seems to ha:e made a terrible mistake. 0. &t is your duty to make tea at
ele:en o,clock. JUse suppose." 1. People know that he is armed. 4. Someone saw him pick up
the 'un. 5. 3e know that you were in town on the ni'ht o6 the crime. 9. 3e belie:e that he has
special knowled'e which may be use6ul to the police7 Jone passi:e" ;. /ou needn,t ha:e done
this. 1<. &t,s a little too looseG you had better ask your tailor to take it in. Jone passi:e" 11. )e
likes people to call him 2sir2. 1*. on,t touch this switch. 1+. /ou will ha:e to 'et someone to
see to it. 10. &t is impossible to do this. JUse can,t." 11. Someone is 6ollowin' us. 14. They
used to make little boys climb the chimneys to clean them7 Jone passi:e" 15. /ou ha:e to see it
to belie:e it. Jtwo passi:es" 19. /ou order me about and & am tired o6 it. JD am tired o6 ..." 1;. )e
doesn,t like people lau'hin' at him. *<. /ou don,t need to wind this watch. *1. They shouldn,t
ha:e told him. *. They decided to di:ide the money between the widows o6 the li6eboatmen.
JThey decided that the money ..." *+. People belie:e that he was killed by terrorists. *0. They
are to send letters to the leaders o6 charitable or'aniKations. *1. 3e consider that she was the
best sin'er that Australia has e:er produced7 Jone passi:e" *4. 3e don,t allow smokin'. *5.
3e know that the expedition reached the South Pole in #ay. *9. %e6ore they in:ented printin'
people had to write e:erythin' by hand. *;. They ur'ed the 'o:ernment to create more @obs7
Jtwo ways" +<. They su''ested bannin' the sale o6 alcohol at 6ootball matches.
22. *se the correct tenses and passi%e for)s of the %erbs in brackets.
#ermaids Jsee" ... by sailors 6or centuries. The basis o6 all mermaid myths Jsuppose" ... to be a
creature called a #anatee: a kind o6 walrusF #ermaids used Jto show" ... in 6un6airs until reH
cently. &t all be'an in 1915 when a 2mermaid2 Jbuy" ... 6or I47<<< by a sailor in the South Paci6ic.
She Je:entually sell" ... to the 'reat circusowner %arnum. She Jexhibit" ... in 190* as 2The -eeH
@ee #ermaid2. &t Jsay" ... that she earned %arnum 17<<< a weekF The thousands who saw this
mermaid JmustDdisappoint" ... . She Jcle:erly make" ... by a (apanese 6isherman. A monkey,s
head Jdelicately sew" ... to the tail o6 a lar'e salmon. The @ob Jso skil6ully do" ... that the @oint
between the 6ish and the monkey was in:isible. $eal ima'ination JmustDre?uire" ... to see this
re:ol:in' creature as a beauti6ul mermaid combin' her 'olden hairF
23. Put in the correct for)s, acti%e or passi%e, of the %erbs in brackets.
)E3 T)E ET)E$ )AA- A&NES.
Aord #anners was a rich and 6amous banker. 3hen he Jdie" ... recently7 he J'i:e" ... a
ma'ni6icent 6uneral which Jattend" ... by hundreds o6 6amous people. The 6uneral was 'oin' to
Jhold" ... in 3estminster Abbey. #any ordinary people Jline" ... the streets
to watch the procession. The wonder6ul black and 'old carria'e Jdraw" ... by six black horses.
The mourners J6ollow" ... in silence. Aord #anners J'i:e" ... a royal 6arewell. Two tramps were
amon' the crowd. They Jwatch" ... the procession with amaKement. As solemn music Jcould
hear" ... in the distance7 one o6 them Jturn" ... to the other and Jwhisper" ... in admiration7 2!ow
that,s what & call really li:in'F2
24. Supply suitable acti%e and passi%e for)s in these sentences using the %erbs in brackets.
So)e %ariations in tenses )ay be possible.
1. &t isn,t clear how 6ar the oKone layer Jdama'e" ... by aerosol sprays. &t may be possible to tell
whether the hole o:er the Antarctic Jwiden" ... a6ter the area Jin:esti'ate" ... hi'hH6lyin'
planes. *. These days7 e:en the most remote places on earth J:isit" ... by tourists. Packa'e
tours JcanDarran'e" ... 6or almost anywhere7 6rom the )imalayas to the AmaKonian @un'le. +. !oH
tices such as JEn'lishDSpeak" ... and JShoesD$epair" ... are common. Sometimes they
Jtranslate" ... into di66erent lan'ua'es 6or the bene6it o6 the tourists. 0. 3e Jconstantly remind" ...
o6 the way the world Jbecome" ... smaller when e:ents takin' place in di66erent parts o6 the 'lobe
J6lash" ... on our tele:ision screens. 1. &6 you Jin:ol:e" ... in a car accident and someone Jhurt" ...
you Jha:e to" ... report the matter to the police. &6 only the :ehicles Jdama'e" ... dri:ers should
exchan'e names and addresses.
25. Open the brackets. Put the %erbs into acti%e or passi%e.
1. Today minerals J6orm" almost hal6 o6 Australic,s exports. *. Australia also Jexport" lots o6
wood7 meat7 butter7 6ruit and wine. +. #any o6 these products Jexport" to the Paci6ic countries7
especially (apan and the 3est o6 the USA. 0. Australia Jdisco:er" as a market 6or American
products at the end o6 the 19th century. 1. The 6irst products 6rom the USA Jarri:e" in Australia
in 15;*. 4. &n the early 1;th century Sydney JcanDreach" 6aster 6rom San -rancisco than !ew
/ork JcanDreach" 6rom the 3est 8oast. 5. Today Australia mainly Jimport" machines and
computer e?uipment 6rom the USA.
26. Open the brackets. *se present si)ple or past si)ple, acti%e or passi%e.
-$A!OE!STE&!,S #E!STE$
2-rankenstein2 is a name that Jknow" by many people today. %ut not e:erybody Jknow" that
Nictor -rankenstein is the main character in a horror story by #ary Shelley. The book Jwrite" at
the be'innin' o6 the 1;th century. #ary Shelley Jbe" only twenty years old when she Jwrite" it.
&n the story -rankenstein7 a scientist7 Jwant" to create a 2person27 but un6ortunately he Jcreate" a
2monster2. The monster Jwant" to be lo:ed by people7 but nobody Jlike" him. That,s why he
Jbecome" :iolent and Jstart" killin' people. &n the end he also Jkill" Nictor -rankenstein.
27. Open the brackets. *se the %erbs in the acti%e or in the passi%e %oices.
SAN&!= T)E E!N&$E!#E!T
1. Ele6riends J6ound" some years a'o by a 'roup o6 people who Jbe" worried about the 6uture o6
elephants. Today a lar'e number o6 elephants Jkill" e:ery day. &6 this Jcontinue"7 there Jbe" no
more elephants in ten years. *. =reenpeace Jbe" an en:ironmental 'roup which
Jsupport" by a lar'e number o6 people all o:er the world. &n recent years sa:in' the oKone layer
Jbe" one o6 their main issues. The oKone layer7 the 2roo62 by which li6e on earth Jprotect"
Jha:e" a hu'e hole 6or years now. Amon' other thin's aerosols containin' 8-Ss Jbe"
responsible 6or this problem. +. A$O Jbe" another en:ironmental 'roup. &t Jcampai'n" to stop
air and water pollution. &t Jencoura'e" people to help the en:ironment by chan'in' the way they
Jli:e". A$O Jhope" that in the next 6ew years they Jbe able" to attract youn' people especially.
The 'roup Jsupport" by a %ritish chain o6 shops which Jsell" beauty products. Their products
Jmake" 6rom natural substances and the ba's they Juse" Jha:e" 6rom recycled paper. #any
o6 their products Jsell" in bottles which JcanDtake" back to the shop7 where they JcanDre6ill".
2. Open the brackets.
$oll2. The expression Juse" in 1;11 6or the 6irst time. The music 6or which it Juse" had
been there be6ore: it was the black blues which Jnot accept" by many o6 the older whites. That is
why it Jnot play" on many American radio pro'rammes until the early 1<s. %ut the youn' people
o6 that time did not want to hear the 2sweet2 pop music o6 the 1;0<s any lon'er. $,n,$ Jsee" as a
:iolent kind o6 music by many parents7 and so they did not like it. %ill )aley,s 2$ock around the
8lock2 JcanDhear" in all places where youn' people met. %ut the real hero o6 $,n,$ was El:is
Prestly. )is power6ul :oice and the way he mo:ed Jlo:e" by youn' people. )e Jcall" 2the kin' o6
$,n,$2 by people all o:er the world.
2!. *se acti%e or passi%e for)s in the past si)ple.
2The )istory o6 Plymouth Plantation2 Jwrite" by 3illiam %rad6ord between 14*< and 1411. &t is a
kind o6 diary in which he Jwrite" about the li6e o6 the Pil'rims. A6ter the Pil'rims had landed in
Plymouth harbour7 they Junload" the 2#ay6lower2. Then all their thin's Jput" in a dry place. Aater7
cotta'es Jbuild" 6or e:erybody. The pil'rims also Jdiscuss" thin's and Jmake" laws 6or their small
'roup. &n the winter months o:er hal6 o6 the Pil'rims Jdie" and o:er 0< Jbecome" ill. -or
sometime all the work Jdo" by only six or se:en people. They J6etch" wood and Jmake" 6ires in
e:erybody,s houses. -ood Jcook" 6or the people who were ill7 too. Then six or se:en people also
Jwash" clothes 6or e:erybody.
3". Put the 6ollowin' into the passi:e :oice. The a'ent should not be mentioned except in
numbers 11 and *9.
1. /ou should open the wine about three hours be6ore you use it. *. Pre:ious climbers had cut
steps in the ice. +. Somebody had cleaned my shoes and brushed my suit. 0. 3e use this
room only on special occasions. 1. /ou must not hammer nails into the walls without perH
mission. 4. &n some districts 6armers use pi's to 6ind tru66les. 5. Someone switched on a li'ht
and opened the door. 9. Somebody had slashed the picture with a kni6e. ;. They are pullin'
down the old theatre. 1<. 3hy didn,t they mend the roo6 be6ore it 6ell in. 11. The mob broke all
the shop windows in recent riots. 1*. The librarian said that they were startin' a new system
because people were not returnin' books. 1+. The police asked each o6 us about his
mo:ements on the ni'ht o6 the crime. 10. Someone will ser:e re6reshments. 11. People must
not lea:e bicycles in the hall. 14. #embers may keep books 6or three weeks. A6ter that they
must return them. 15. The bur'lars had cut an enormous hole in the steel door. 19. &,:e bou'ht
a harp. They are deli:erin' it this a6ternoon. Jo not chan'e the 6irst sentence."
1;. Someone has already told him to report 6or duty at six. *<. They ran' the church bells as a
6lood warnin'. *1. !o one can do anythin' unless someone 'i:es us more in6ormation. **.
People are spendin' 6ar more money on 6ood now than they spent ten years a'o. *+. The
or'anisers will exhibit the paintin's till the end o6 the month. *0. They will say nothin' more
about the matter i6 someone returns the stolen 'un. *1. &t is hi'h time someone told him to stop
beha:in' like a child. *4. A thie6 stole my do' and brou'ht him back only when & o66ered I*<
reward 6or him. *5. The @ud'e 'a:e him two weeks in which to pay the 6ine. *9. They make
these arti6icial 6lowers o6 silk.
31. Put the following into the passi%e, )entioning the agent where necessary.
Where there is an indirect and a direct ob+ect, )ake the indirect ob+ect the sub+ect of the
passi%e %erb.
They 'a:e her a clock. She was 'i:en a clock.
The 'erund a6ter certain :erbs is replaced in the passi:e by should be R past participle:
They ad:ised employin' partHtime workers.
They ad:ised that partHtime workers should be employed.
1. They 6eed the seals at the Koo twice a day. *. 3ho wrote it. +. 8ompare clothes which we
ha:e washed with clothes which any other laundry has washed. 0. )e expected us to o66er him
the @ob. 1. They showed her the easiest way to do it. 4. Ai'htnin' struck the old oak.
,5. Titian couldn,t ha:e painted it as people didn,t wear that style o6 dress till a6ter his death.
9. A @elly6ish stun' her. ;. The author has written a special edition 6or children. 1<. (ud'es
used to carry sweet herbs as a protection a'ainst @ailH6e:er. 11. 3hat did he write it with.H
)e wrote it with a matchstick dipped in blood. 1*. An uneasy silence succeeded the shot.
1+. id the idea interest you. 10. The lawyer 'a:e him the details o6 his uncle,s will.
11. %ea:ers make these dams. 14. They used to start these en'ines by hand. !ow they start
them by electricity. 15. #ost people opposed this. 19. Students are doin' a lot o6 the work.
1;. The Prime #inister was to ha:e opened the dry dock. *<. They recommended openin'
new 6actories in the depressed area. JUse should." *1. The closure o6 the workshops will
make a lot o6 men redundant. **. Anyone with the smallest intelli'ence could understand these
instructions. *+. 3e will not admit children under sixteen. *0. %oys o6 sixteen to ei'hteen are to
man this trainin' ship. *1. A rainstorm 6looded the 'ypsies, camp. *4. The howlin' o6 wol:es
kept him awake all ni'ht. *5. They su''ested makin' the tests easier. JUse should." *9.
8hildren couldn,t ha:e done all this dama'e.
32. &urn the following sentences into the acti%e %oice. Where no agent is )entioned one )ust
be supplied.
School notice: This door must be kept shut. Students must keep this door shut.
1. 3hy don,t you ha:e your eyes tested. J... 'et an optician to ... " *. This speed limit is to be
introduced 'radually. +. The runways are bein' len'thened at all the main airports. 0. &t is now
4 a.m. and at most o6 the hospitals in the country patients are bein' wakened with cups o6 tea.
1. %yron is said to ha:e li:ed on :ine'ar and potatoes. 4. %y tradition7 any stur'eon that are
cau'ht by %ritish ships must be o66ered to the Mueen. 5. This notice has been altered. 9. The
owners went away last #arch and since then their houseboat has been used continuously by
s?uatters. JUse a pro'ressi:e tense and omit continuously." ;. The dama'ed ship was bein'
towed into harbour when the towline broke. 1<. )a:e a li6t put in and then you won,t ha:e to
climb up all these stairs. 11. Aast year a pro6it o6 two million pounds was made in the 6irst six
months but this was cancelled by a loss o6 se:enteen million pounds which was made in the
second six months. 1*. E:enin' dress will be worn. 1+. The ship was put into ?uarantine and
passen'ers and crew were 6orbidden to land. 10. Someone will ha:e to be 6ound to take her
place. 11. )e was made to surrender his passport. 14. This rumour must ha:e been started by
our opponents. 15. #y paintin's are to be exhibited 6or the 6irst time by !ew Arts =allery.
19. This scienti6ic theory has now been pro:ed to be 6alse. 1;. The car which was blown o:er
the cli66 yesterday is to be sal:a'ed today. *<. The house where the dead man was 6ound
is bein' 'uarded by the police to pre:ent it 6rom bein' entered and the e:idence inter6ered with.
*1. 3hy wasn,t the car either locked or put into the 'ara'e. **. &t is bein' said that too little
money is bein' spent by the 'o:ernment on roads. *+. /our money could be put to 'ood use
instead o6 bein' le6t idle in the bank. *0. -or a lon' time the earth was belie:ed to be 6lat.
*1. This copy hasn,t been read. The pa'es ha:en,t been cut. *4. The stones were thrown by a
student7 who was a6terwards led away by the police. *5. 8arrier pi'eons are said to ha:e
been used by early E'yptian and =reek sailors. *9. The re6eree was bein' escorted 6rom the
6ootball 6ield by a stron' police 'uard.
33. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. [b _keUiXZ] VgWb dbao\db sdUpU W\[ [Usk dbYbo. *. U_Uo i_UoUWnb\[ Z[_UX[]Zc.
+. b oUeWboUs iUZW\oUhbWU UVZkno\dX\. 0. |d iUWkjXW iUhg`\dX\. 1. |db VgWb
khUW\db iU ZUe_b\dXv `[b[Uh. 4 a oU Zs\_[X dboU\WU ZXo\[] oUsb. 5. T]\Zb UZdUhbdb
db XZ[U_Xj\ZeX^ lbe[b^. 9. C_\[]c Z\_Xc \\ ZdXsb\[Zc. ;. pU _\j] Vko\[ YbiXZbdb oWc
i\_\objX iU _boXU. 1<. | hb`\s j\sUobd\ iUYbVU[c[Zc. 11. r^UoX[ WX Zvob iWb[b Yb
UVZWknXhbdX\. 1*. qbZ _bY\oXdXWX. 1+. f\dc YbZ[bW oUno]. 10. r ZUZ\od\a eUsdb[\
_bYobhbWZc d\ko\_nXsga ^U^U[. 11. qbs VgWU ZebYbdU nob[]. 14. qb Z[b[]v jbZ[U
ZZgWbv[Zc. 15. a i_\oWUnXWX jb`\jek jbc. 19 sk iUebYbWX oU_Upk db hUeYbW. 1;. |db
nbWUhbWbZ]7 j[U e d\a i_XoX_bv[Zc. *<. |d hZ\pob VgW UV\e[Us oWc `k[Ue. *1. sk
VgWb i_XZkno\db hgZUebc dbp_bob. **. fd\ obWX ohb odc db _bYsg`W\dX\. *+. tUpob Yb
dXs iU`Wv[. *0. rbs _bY_\`XWX hYc[] [X nk_dbWg oUsUa. *1. |[ ok_dg^ i_Xhgj\e
34. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1 tbnoga pUo Z[_Uc[ dUhg\ VUW]dXxg. *. pU d\ hXo\WX h [\j\dX\ d\o\WX. +. TUWXxXc
ZUUVXWb7 j[U kVXaxb b_\Z[Uhbd. 0. tUpob c h\_dkWZc h [U[ pU_Uo7 YobdX\ VUW]dXxg \\
Z[_UXWUZ]. 1 f\dc i_XpWbZXWX db h\j\_Xdek. 4. qbZ iUi_UZXWX i_Xo[X ebe sUndU _bd]`\.
5. qbs iUZUh\[UhbWX Vg[] UZ[U_Und\\. 9. fd\ YbiWb[XWX dbWXjdgsX. ; qbs h\W\WX
iUoUnob[]. 1<. b dXs ZW\oUhbWU ohb iUWXx\aZeX^. 11. CUhb_ d\ VgW oUZ[bhW\d hUh_\sc.
1*. T\_\pUhU_g d\ Vkok[ YbeUdj\dg db ZW\okv\a d\o\W\. 1+ rb`b Z[b[]c Vko\[
UikVWXeUhbdb h Ybh[_b`d\s dUs\_\. 10. m\_\hdc db^UoX[Zc h pU_b^ 11. [U iXZ]sU
oUWndU Vg[] dbiXZbdU Z\pUodc. 14. wj\[ ZW\ok\[ UiWb[X[] oU eUdxb s\Zcxb.
15. [U iXZ]sU ZW\oUhbWU Vg U[i_bhX[] bhXbiUj[Ua. 19. TUHbdpWXaZeX pUhU_c[ hU hZ\s
sX_\. 1;. f_b iUoo\_nbWU VUW]`XdZ[hU XYVX_b[\W\a. *<. rbZ i_\oki_\oXWX.
*1. |db YdbWb7 j[U Z\Z[_b i_Xo\[ iUYodU7 \\ i_XpWbZXWX db o\d] _Uno\dXc. **. Ck_XZ[g
^U[\WX Ydb[]7 e\s VgW iUZ[_U\d [U[ ohU_\x. *+ tUpob sg hU`WX h oUs7 \pU
i_\oWUn\dXc hZ\ \\ UVZknobWXZ]. *0. bYh\ [g d\ iUdXsb\`] i_bhXWU7 eU[U_U\ dbs
[UW]eU j[U UVcZdXWX *1 |db ^U[\Wb Ydb[]7 nok[ WX \\ \\. *4. m\hk`eb Zi_UZXWb7
pUhU_v WX c iUHl_bdxkYZeX7 [be ebe ^U[\Wb Ydb[]7 po\ i_Uobv[ VXW\[g.
,#dal &erbs
1. -ill in the blanks with can or be able in different tenses.
1. .. you stand on your head. & ... when & was at school but & ... now. J*nd :erb ne'ati:e"
*. 3hen &,:e passed my dri:in' test & ... hire a car 6rom our local 'ara'e. +. At the end o6 the
month the Post E66ice will send him an enormous telephone bill which he ... pay. Jne'ati:e"
0. & ... remember the address7 Jne'ati:e" ... you e:en remember the street. Jne'ati:e"
1. 3hen the 6o' li6ts we ... see where we are. 4. /ou,:e put too much in your rucksackG you
ne:er ... carry all that. 5 3hen & was a child & .. understand adults7 and now that & am an adult
& ... understand children7 Jne'ati:e7 ne'ati:e" 9. 3hen you ha:e taken your de'ree you ... put
letters a6ter your name. ;. on,t try to look at all the pictures in the 'allery. Etherwise when
you 'et home you ... remember any o6 them. Jne'ati:e" 1<. 3hen & 6irst went to Spain
& ... read Spanish but & . . speak it. J*nd :erb ne'ati:e" 11. ... you type. /es7 & ... type but & ...
do shorthand. J*nd :erb ne'ati:e" 1*. &,m locked in. & ... 'et out
Jne'ati:e" ... you s?ueeKe
between the bars. Jne'ati:e" !oF & ..G &,m too 6at. Jne'ati:e" 1+. )e was :ery stron'G he ... ski
all day and dance all ni'ht. 10. The car plun'ed into the ri:er. The dri:er ... 'et out but the
passen'ers were drowned. 11. & was a lon' way 6rom the sta'e & ... see all ri'ht but & ... hear
:ery well. J*nd :erb ne'ati:e 14. 3e .. borrow umbrellasG so we didn,t 'et wet. 15. ... you
walk or did they ha:e to carry you. 19. & had no key so & ... lock the door7 Jne'ati:e" 1; & knew
the town so & ... ad:ise him where to 'o. *<. 3hen the 'ara'e had repaired our car we ...
continue our @ourney. *1. At 6i:e years old he ... read ?uite well. **. 3hen & arri:ed e:eryone
was asleep. -ortunately & ... wake my sister and she let me in. *+. The swimmer was :ery tired
but he ... reach the shore be6ore he collapsed. *0. The police were suspicious at 6irst but & ...
con:ince them that we were innocent. *1. ... & speak to #r Pitt7 please. &,m a6raid he,s out at
the moment ... you rin' back later. *4. &6 you stood on my shoulders ... you reach the top o6 the
wall. !o7 &,m a6raid & ... Jne'ati:e" *5. &6 & ... san' you accompany me on the piano. !o7
& ...7 & . . play the pianoF Jne'ati:e7 ne'ati:e" *9. &6 a letter comes 6or me ... you please 6orward it
to this address. *;. She made the wall :ery hi'h so that boys ... climb o:er it. Jne'ati:e"
+<. They took his passport so that he ... lea:e the country. Jne'ati:e +1. ... you tell me the
time7 please. &,m a6raid & ... & ha:en,t 'ot a watch7 Jne'ati:e" +*. &6 you had to7 . . you 'o
without 6ood 6or a week. & suppose & ... i6 & had plenty o6 water. ++. ... you lend me I1. !o7 & ...
Jne'ati:e" +0. They used to chain :aluable books to library desks so that people ...take them
away7 Jne'ati:e" +1. )e says that he saw 8lementine drownin' but . . help her as he . . swim
Jne'ati:e7 ne'ati:e" +4. &6 you had had the ri'ht tools ... you ha:e repaired the en'ine.
2. Insert the correct for) of )ay/)ight e"cept in 7B and 8C, where a be allowed for) is
1. &t ... rain7 you,d better take a coat. *. )e said that it ... rain. +. 3e ... as well stay here till the
weather impro:es. 0. ... & borrow your umbrella. 1. /ou ... tell meF J5 think & ha:e a ri'ht to
know." 4. 8andidates ... not brin' textbooks into the examination room. 5. People con:icted o6
an o66ence ... Jha:e a ri'ht to" appeal. 9. &6 he knew our address he ... come and see us. ;. ... &
come in. Please do. 1<. 3hen he was a child he ... Jthey let him" do exactly as he liked.
11. & think & le6t my 'lasses in your o66ice. /ou ... ask your secretary to look 6or them 6or me.
Jre?uest" 1*. )e ... be my brother JD admit that he is" but & don,t trust him. 1+. & ... ne:er see
you a'ain. 10. )e ... be on the next train. 3e ... as well wait. 11. &6 we 'ot there early we ... 'et
a 'ood seat. 14. The police ... Jha:e a ri'ht to" ask a dri:er to take a breath test. 15. /ou ou'ht
to buy nowG prices ... 'o up. 19. &,ll wait a week so that he ... ha:e time to think it o:er. 1;. )e
isn,t 'oin' to eat itG & ... as well 'i:e it to the do'. *<. /ou ... at least read the letter. JD think you
should." *1. /ou ... ha:e written. JD am annoyedDdisappointed that you didn,t." **. 3e,d better
be earlyG there ... be a crowd. *+. !obody knows how people 6irst came to these islands.
They . ha:e sailed 6rom South America on ra6ts. *0. /ou ... Jha:e permission to" use my o66ice.
*1. )e said that we ... use his o66ice whene:er we liked. *4. & don,t think &,ll succeed but & ... as
well try. *5. /ou ou'ht to 'o to his lectures7 you ... learn somethin'. *9. &6 we can 'i:e him a
blood trans6usion we ... be able to sa:e his li6e. *;. Two parallel white lines in the middle o6 the
road mean that you ... not o:ertake. +<. &6 & bou'ht a lottery ticket & ... win I17<<<. +1. &6 you
said that7 he ... be :ery o66ended. +*. & wonder why they didn,t 'o. The weather ... ha:e been
too bad. ++. 3arnin': !o part o6 this book ... be reproduced without the publisher,s permission.
+0. )e has re6used7 but he ... chan'e his mind i6 you asked him a'ain. +1. ... & see your
passport7 please. +4. )e ... Jne'ati:e" dri:e since his accident. JThey ha:en,t let him dri:e."
3. -ill the spaces in the following sentences by inserting )ust DE the present, future, or past
for) of ha%e to.
1. She ... lea:e home at ei'ht e:ery mornin' at present. *. !otice in a picture 'allery:
8ameras7 sticks and umbrellas ... be le6t at the desk. +. )e sees :ery badlyG he ... wear 'lasses
all the time. 0. & ... do all the typin' at my o66ice. 1. /ou ... read this book. &t,s really excellent.
4. The children ... play in the streets till their mothers 'et home 6rom work. 5. She 6elt ill and ...
lea:e early. 9. #r Pitt ... cook his own meals. )is wi6e is away. ;. & hadn,t enou'h money and
& ... pay by che?ue. 1<. & ne:er remember his addressG & always ... look it up. 11. Employer: /ou
... come to work in time. 1*. &6 you 'o to a dentist with a pri:ate practice you ... pay him ?uite a
lot o6 money. 1+. -ather to small son: you ... do what #ummy says. 10. #y nei'hbour,s child ...
practise the piano 6or three hours a day. 11. octor: & can,t come now. 8aller: /ou ... comeG he,s
terribly ill. 14. En'lish children ... stay at school till the a'e o6 14. 15. &n my district there is no
'as laid on. People ... use electricity 6or e:erythin'. 19. !otice abo:e petrol pump: All
en'ines ... be switched o66. 1;. #other to dau'hter: /ou ... come in earlier at ni'ht. *<. The
shops here don,t deli:er. 3e ... carry e:erythin' home oursel:es. *1. The buses were all 6ullG
& ... 'et a taxi. **. !otice beside escalators: o's and push chairs ... be carried. *+. 2Au pair2
'irls usually ... do ?uite a lot o6 housework. *0. Tell her that she ... be here by six. & insist on it.
*1. 3hen a tyre is punctured the dri:er ... chan'e the wheel.*4. Park notice: All do's ... be
kept on leads. *5. She ... learn how to dri:e when her local railway station is closed.
*9. $ailway notice: Passen'ers . . cross the line by the 6ootbrid'e. *;. & 'ot lost and ... ask a
policeman the way. +<. -armers ... 'et up early. +1. &6 you buy that tele:ision set you ... buy a
licence 6or it. +*. 3hen & chan'ed my @ob & ... mo:e to another 6lat. ++. 3aiters ... pay tax on
the tips that they recei:e. +0. -ather to son: & can,t support you any lon'erG you ... earn your
own li:in' 6rom now on. +1. $ailway notice: Passen'ers ... be in possession o6 a ticket. +4.
3hene:er the do' wants to 'o out & ... 'et up and open the door.
4. *se )ust not or need not to fill the spaces in the following sentences.
1. /ou ... rin' the bellG & ha:e a key. *. !otice in cinema: Exit doors ... be blocked durin' perH
6ormances. +. /ou ... drink this: it is poison. 0. 3e ... dri:e 6astG we ha:e plenty o6 time. 1 /ou ...
dri:e 6astG there is a speed limit here. 4. 8andidates ... brin' books into the examination room.
5. /ou ... write to him 6or he will be here tomorrow. 9 3e ... make any noise or we,ll wake the
baby. ;. /ou ... brin' an umbrella. &t isn,t 'oin' to rain. 1<. /ou ... do all the exercise. Ten
sentences will be enou'h. 11. 3e .. reheat the pie. 3e can eat it cold. 1*. #other to child: /ou
... tell lies. 1+. /ou ... turn on the li'htG & can see ?uite well. 10. /ou ... strike a matchG the room
is 6ull o6 'as. 11. /ou ... talk to other candidates durin' the exam. 14. 3e ... make any more
sandwichesG we ha:e plenty now. 15. /ou ... put salt in any o6 his dishes. Salt is :ery bad 6or
him. 19. /ou ... take anythin' out o6 shop without payin' 6or it. 1;. /ou ... carry that parcel
home yoursel6G the shop will send it. *<. /ou ... clean the windows. The windowHcleaner is
comin' tomorrow. *1. #other to child: /ou ... play with matches. **. 8hurch notice: Nisitors ...
walk about the church durin' a ser:ice. *+. & ... 'o to the shops today. There is plenty o6 6ood in
the house. *0. /ou ... smoke in a nonHsmokin' compartment. *1. Police notice: 8ars ... be
parked here. *4. 3e ... open the lion,s ca'e. &t is contrary to Soo re'ulations. *5. /ou ... make
your bed. The maid will do it. *9. & want this letter typed but you ... do it today. Tomorrow will do.
*;. &,ll lend you the money and you ... pay me back till next month. +<. 3e ... climb any hi'herG
we can see :ery well 6rom here. +1. /ou ... look under the bed. There isn,t anybody there. +*.
/ou ... ask a woman her a'e. &t,s not polite. ++. /ou,:e 'i:en me too much. /ou ... eat it all.
+0. 3e ... 6or'et to shut the li6t 'ates. +1. #other to child: /ou ... interrupt when & am speakin'.
+4. &6 you want the time7 pick up the recei:er and dial 9<91G you ... say anythin'.
5. 2eplace the words in bold type by need not/need I? etc., or a negati%e or interrogati%e ha%e
to for).
&,:e been in:ited to a weddin'G but & can,t 'o. 3ill it be necessary 6or me to send a present.
Shall & ha:e to send a present.
1. &t isn,t necessary 6or him to 'o in workin'. )e has already reached retirin' a'e. J)e ..." *.
3as it necessary 6or you to wait a lon' time 6or your bus. +. &t isn,t necessary 6or me to water
my tomato plants e:ery day. 0. &t will be necessary 6or them to 'et early when they 'o out to
work e:ery day. 1. 3e had to stop at the 6rontier but we were not re?uired to open our cases.
4. &t wasn,t necessary to walk. )e took us in his car. J3e ..." 5. #y employer said7 2& shan,t
re?uire you tomorrow.2 J/ou ... come." 9. &t is ne:er necessary 6or me to work on Saturdays.
;. 3hen & am ei'hteen &,ll be o6 a'e. Then it won,t be necessary to li:e at home i6 & don,t want
to. 1<. !ew teacher to his class: &t isn,t necessary 6or you to call me 2Sir2G call me 2%ill2. 11. 3ill
it be necessary 6or us to report this accident to the police. 1*. 3hen you buy somethin' on the
instalment system you are not re?uired to pay the whole price at once. 1+. id you know
enou'h En'lish to ask 6or your ticket. &t wasn,t necessary to say anythin'. & bou'ht my ticket at
a machine. 10. &t isn,t necessary to buy a licence 6or a bicycle in En' land. J3e ..." 11. &s it
essential 6or you to 6inish toni'ht. 14. &s it necessary 6or people to 'o e:erywhere by boat in
Nenice. 15. 3ill it be necessary 6or me to sleep under a mos?uito net. 19. #ost people think
that ci:il ser:ants are not re?uired to work :ery hard. 1;. &t wasn,t necessary to swim. 3e were
able to wade across. *<. &t isn,t necessary 6or you to dri:e me to the station. & can 'et a taxi.
*1. Eur plane was delayed so we had lunch at the airport %ut it wasn,t necessary to pay 6or the
lunch. The airline 'a:e it to us. **. &s it obli'atory 6or us to :ote. *+. 3hen you were a child
were you re?uired to practise the piano. *0. & saw the accident but 6ortunately it wasn,t
necessary 6or me to 'i:e e:idence as there were plenty o6 other witnesses.
*1. Small boy to 6riend: &t won,t be necessary 6or you to work hard when you come to my
school. The teachers aren,t :ery strict. *4. They had plenty o6 time. &t wasn,t necessary 6or them
to hurry. *5. &s it necessary 6or you to take your do' with you e:erywhere. *9. 3hat time was it
necessary 6or you to lea:e home. *;. & brou'ht my passport but & wasn,t re?uired to show it to
anyone. +<. & missed one day o6 the exam. 3ill it be necessary 6or me to take the whole exam
a'ain. +1. &s it really necessary 6or you to practise the :iolin at + a.m.. +*. E:erythin' was
done 6or me. &t wasn,t necessary 6or me to do anythin'. ++. Are -rench children obli'ed to 'o to
school on Saturday. +0. & was late 6or the opera. 3as it necessary 6or you to wait till the end
o6 the 6irst act be6ore 6indin' your seat. +1. )e repaired my old watch so it wasn,t necessary 6or
me to buy a new one a6ter all. +4. 3ere you re?uired to make a speech.
6. -ill the spaces in the following sentences by using one of these for)s 4 the perfect infiniti%e
of the %erbs in brackets.
must R per6ect in6initi:e is used 6or a66irmati:e deductions can,tDcouldn,t R in6initi:e is used 6or
ne'ati:e deductions. needn,t R per6ect in6initi:e is used 6or a past action which 3as
unnecessary but was per6ormed.
1. id you hear me come in last ni'ht. !o7 & ... Jbe" asleep. *. & wonder who broke the
wine'lassG it ... Jbe" the cat 6or
he was out all day. +. /ou ... Jhelp" him. J/ou helped him
but he didn,t need help." 0. & had my umbrella when & came out but & ha:en,t 'ot it now.
/ou ... Jlea:e" it on the bus. 1. )e ... Jescape" by this window because it is barred. 4. & ... J'i:e"
I1<. I1 would ha:e been enou'h. 5. & saw a rattlesnake near the ri:er yesterday. /ou ...
Jsee" a rattlesnake. There aren,t any rattlesnakes in this country. 9. )e is back already. )e ...
Jstart" :ery early. ;. )e returned home with a ti'er cub. )is wi6e Jbe" :ery pleased about that.
1<. & bou'ht two bottles o6 milk. /ou ... Jbuy" milkG we ha:e heaps in the house. 11. & phoned
you at nine this mornin' but 'ot no answer. &,m sorry. & .. Jbe" in the 'arden. 1*. & le6t my
bicycle here and now it,s 'one. Someone ... Jborrow" it. 1+. 3hen she woke up her watch
had :anished. Someone ... Jsteal" it while she slept. 10. &,:e opened another bottle.
/ou ... Jdo" that. 3e,:e only @ust started this one. 11. The machine said7 2/ou wei'h 41 kilos72
and & said7 2Thank you.2 /ou ... Jsay" anythin'. 14. & told him to turn le6t and he immediately
turned ri'htF )e ... Junderstand" you. 15. Perhaps he swam across. !o7 he ... Jdo" thatG he
can,t swim. 19. o you remember readin' about it in newspapers. !o7 & ... Jbe" abroad at the
time. 1;. )e ... Jwalk" 6rom here to Aondon in two hours. &t isn,t possible. *<. )e was :ery sick
last ni'ht. The meat we had 6or supper ... Jbe" 'ood. *1. There was a dock strike and the liner
couldn,t lea:e port. The passen'ers ... Jbe" 6urious. **. 3e went to a restaurant and had a
:ery 'ood dinner 6or I+. /ou ... Jha:e" a :ery 'ood dinner i6 you only paid I+. *+. & ha:e @ust
watered the roses. /ou ... Jwater" themF Aook7 it,s rainin' nowF *0. That carpet was made
entirely by hand. &t ... Jtake" a lon' time. *1. The door was open. &t ... Jbe" open. & had
locked it mysel6 and the key was in my pocket. *4. )e said that he watered the plants e:ery
day. )e ... Jwater" them. &6 he had they wouldn,t ha:e died. *5. )e came out o6 the water with
little red spots all o:er his back. )e ... Jbe" stun' by a @ellyH6ish. *9. 3e,:e sent 6or a doctor.
/ou ... Jsend" 6or him. & am per6ectly well. *;. &,:e made two copies. /ou ... Jmake" two. Ene
would ha:e been enou'h. +<. There was a terrible crash at + a.m. That ... Jbe" Tom comin' in
6rom his party. +1. & had to 'et down the mountain in a thick 6o'. That ... Jbe" :ery di66icult.
+*. & saw Ann in the library yesterday. /ou ... Jsee" herG she is still abroad. ++. )ow did he 'et
out o6 the house. )e ... Jcome" down the stairs 6or they were blaKin'. +0. /ou ... Jlend" him
your map. )e has one o6 his own. +1. & spoke in En'lish7 :ery slowly. /ou ... Jspeak" slowly.
)e speaks En'lish :ery 6luently. +4. )e was 6ound unconscious at the 6oot o6 the cli66. )e ...
J6all" *<< metres.
7. 2ewrite the sentences, using the ad%erbs suggested, so that they represent the e0ui%alent
situation in past ti)e.
1. )e can dri:e a car. Jwhen he was ei'hteen" *. & 6ind & can understand En'lish better than &
can speak it. Jwhen & 6irst arri:ed in En'land" +. & can let you ha:e the money tomorrow7
Jyesterday" 0. /ou can persuade him to come7 i6 anyone can. Jlast week" 1. #y dau'hter can
play the piano beauti6ully7 Jat one time" 4. /ou can see that he is bored to death7 Jat the party
last ni'ht" 5. & can,t 'et into the house7 Jbecause & had 6or'otten my key" 9. 3e can o:erhear
e:ery word our nei'hbours say. Jin the hotel we stayed at" ;. The doctor can see you later
today7 Jyesterday" 1<. J3hen they asked my ad:ice" & can su''est only one way o6 sol:in' the
problem. 11. & can well understand how you 6eel about the situation Jat the time" 1*. & can,t
'et the letter translated immediately7 but & could 'et it done by tomorrow mornin'7 Jby
the 6ollowin' mornin'"
. 2eplace the words in italics with a suitable for) of be able to. #3< not to be able to F to be
unable to$
1. &6 we don,t book seats soon7 it won,t be possible 6or us to 'et into the theatre. *. &n two
months, time we shall be in a position to 'i:e you the examination results. +. The main road
was under repair7 but it was possible 6or us to take an alternati:e route. 0. %y pretendin' to be
i'norant o6 the rules7 he mana'ed to escape bein' punished. 1. Auckily we retraced our steps
and succeeded in 6indin' our way a'ain. 4. &t has been impossible 6or me to 'et to the bank yet7
so & ha:en,t any money. 5. #ay & borrow this piece o6 material. &,d like to ha:e the opportunity
o6 showin' it to my wi6e. 9. )e took a crash course in Spanish L he wanted to be in a position
to speak it when he went on business to S America. ;. They bou'ht their 6irst house
last year: pre:iously it had been impossible 6or them to 'et a loan. 1<. The student said there
were a 6ew ?uestions he had 6ound impossible to answer.
!. (o)plete the sentences.
1. &6 the teacher spoke a little more slowly ... *. &6 the roads weren,t so icy7 ... +. &6 you didn,t
li:e so 6ar away7 ... 0. ... i6 & weren,t so busy. 1. &6 the tra66ic hadn,t been so hea:y7 ... 4. ... i6 you
had let me know earlier. 5. &6 we had a bit more time7 ... 9. ... i6 we had had a bit more time.
;. &6 we had the ri'ht materials 6or the @ab. 1<. ... i6 we had had the ri'ht materials 6or the @ob.
17. 2eplace the words in italics, using can or could together with the words gi%en in brackets.
Aearnin' a 6orei'n lan'ua'e isn,t always easy7 Jsometimes di66icult"
Aearnin' a 6orei'n lan'ua'e can sometimes be di66icult.
1. She doesn,t always remember e:erythin'7 J?uite 6or'et6ul" *. )olidays abroad aren,t
necessarily expensi:e7 J?uite cheap" +. $acial harmony isn,t always easy to achie:e7
Jdi66icult" 0. 3hen & was at school7 discipline wasn,t 'enerally lax. J:ery strict" 1. )e wasn,t
miserable all the time7 Joccasionally7 ?uite hi'hHspirited" 4. September isn,t by any means a
bad month 6or takin' a holiday in En'land7 Jwonder6ul" 5. Students at uni:ersity don,t always
appro:e o6 the way their courses are run. J:ery critical" 9. EneHway tra66ic systems aren,t
always as clear as they mi'ht be 6or a 6orei'n dri:er7 J:ery con6usin'" ;. She doesn,t always
look so plain7 J?uite pretty at times" 1<. En'lish cookin' isn,t necessarily bad. Jin 6act7 excellent"
11. 2eplace the words in italics with a clause using )ay, )ight, or could.
1. Perhaps you will 6ind you ha:e made a mistake. *. &t is @ust concei:able that we shall 'et an
answer toHmorrow. +. Accept his o66er now. &t is @ust possible that he will chan'e his mind
later. 0. Ewin' to the strike7 trains will possibly be sub@ect to delays. 1. &t is possible that
parents will 6ind that they cannot understand the way their children are now bein' tau'ht. 4. 3e
shall possibly 6ind we can,t 'et accommodation7 as we ha:en,t booked rooms. 5. Ask your bank
mana'er. )e will perhaps be able to ad:ise you better than & can. 9. Aet,s not wait any lon'er.
&t,s possible that he won,t turn up at all. ;. &t is not impossible that the =o:ernment,s policy will
pro:e to be little short o6 disastrous.
12. 2espond to the state)ents or 0uestions with a sentence suggesting a possible e"planation,
using )ay, )ight, or could 4 the perfect infiniti%e of the %erbs gi%en.
1. !o one is waitin' at the bus stop7 Jmay7 miss" *. )e didn,t come to the party last ni'ht7
Jmi'ht7 not want" +. !o one has answered the door7 Jmi'ht7 'o out" 0. )ow on earth did the
thie6 'et in. Jcould7 break" 1. 3hy didn,t the teacher explain. Jmay7 not know" 4. )ow did they
know about our plans. Jcould7 'uess" 5. )e didn,t seem surprised when & told him. Jmay7
already know" 9. They should ha:e been here lon' be6ore now. Jmay7 lose" ;. & ha:en,t seen
my nei'hbours 6or o:er a week7 Jmay7 'o" 1<. 3hy hasn,t she written to me. Jcould7 6or'et"
11. & can,t understand why he didn,t look me up while he was down here7 Jmay7 not ha:e"
1*. &t,s stran'e that he hasn,t said any more about his plans to emi'rate7 Jmi'ht7 chan'e"
13. 2ewrite the state)ents and 0uestions in reported speech.
1. 2/ou may lea:e work early this e:enin' i6 you want to72 the mana'er told me. *. 2/ou can
put o66 makin' a decision 6or a week7 but no lon'er72 his inter:iewer told him. +. 28ould & see
your passports7 please.2 the 8ustoms o66icer asked. 0. 2#ay & ask you a rather personal
?uestion.2 the teacher asked the student. 1. 2/ou can borrow my notes pro:ided you take care
o6 them72 & told my 6riend. 4. 2#i'ht & see that photo'raph you,re holdin'.2 the police inspector
asked his collea'ue. 5. 28ars may be parked at the rear o6 the buildin'72 the notice stated.
9. 2#i'ht & interrupt you 6or a moment.2 the chairman asked the speaker politely. ;. 2#ay
& @oin you.2 he asked his 6riend. 1<. 2Nisitors may not take photo'raphs inside the buildin'72 the
notice stated.
14. 2ewrite the sentences, using )ay.
Althou'h J& am prepared to admit that" your @ob is :ery demandin'7 at least it isn,t borin'.
/our @ob may be :ery demandin'7 but at least it isn,t borin'. The work may ha:e been di66icult7
but at least it was interestin'.
1 Althou'h the restaurant is expensi:e7 the cuisine is excellent. *. Althou'h the method is crude7
it,s certainly e66ecti:e. +. Althou'h he is badly paid7 his work is :ery rewardin'. 0. Althou'h the
book is lon'7 you could hardly call it borin'. 1. Althou'h he is old7 he isn,t by any means senile.
4. Althou'h the climb was exhaustin'7 the :iew 6rom the top made it well worth7 while. 5.
Althou'h & was rude to him7 & 6eel he had 'i:en me e:ery @usti6ication. 9. Althou'h he acted
unwisely7 he was at least tryin' to do somethin' constructi:e. ;. Althou'h his work has
impro:ed7 it still isn,t 'ood enou'h. 1<. Althou'h oldHa'e pensions ha:e risen considerably7 they
ha:en,t kept pace with the cost o6 li:in'.
15. 2ewrite the sentences, using )ight and beginning with the word in italics.
1. Perhaps you would let me know tomorrow. *. & wish he would be a little more tact6ulF
+. & think perhaps you should ask him i6 it is con:enient be6ore you call on him. 0. Perhaps you
would post this letter 6or me while you,re out shoppin'. 1. &,m annoyed that you didn,t warn me
that the car was nearly out o6 petrol. 4. & think you should at least ha:e apolo'iKed 6or what you
said. 5. &,m irritated that he didn,t try to look at the problem 6rom my point o6 :iew.
9. &,m annoyed that she doesn,t keep her room reasonably tidy.
16. 2ewrite the sentences, using should or ought to.
1. The 8onser:ati:es are expected to win the next election. *. There will probably be a lot o6
people at the meetin'. +. The weather 6orecast says it will probably be 6ine tomorrow. 0. Eur
:isitors were expected to arri:e lon' be6ore now. 1. &t probably won,t be too di66icult to 'et o:er
the problem. 4. The meetin' was expected to ha:e 6inished by now. 5. The or'aniKers o6 the
'ames will probably be meetin' tomorrow to try to resol:e any outstandin' problems. 9. 3e
didn,t expect that it would take so lon' to 'et there J&t ..." ;. The new re'ulations probably won,t
a66ect 6orei'ners already li:in' in this country. 1<. 3e expect to be able to mo:e into our new
house at the end o6 the month.
17. (o)plete the responses to the state)ents, using )ust or can6t, to suggest what see)s to
be )ost likely e"planation.
1. )is 6iance writes to him e:ery day. She must ...*. & don,t seem to ha:e my key with me. &
must ha:e ... +. )e dri:es a $ollsH$oyce and his wi6e a #ercedes. They must ... 0. !o one
thou'ht he would be o66ered the @ob7 but he was The person who inter:iewed him must ha:e ...
1. )e has no idea what the book is about. )e can,t ha:e ... 4. )e talks about 'oin' to the moon
next year. )e must ... 5. She didn,t reply to his letter. She can,t ha:e ... 9. )e wears 'lasses all
the time. )is eyesi'ht can,t ... ;. They ha:en,t been on speakin' terms recently. They must ha:e
... 1<. )e said he would rin'7 but he hasn,t. )e must ha:e ... 11. The last bus has already
'one. &t must ... than & thou'ht. 1*. &,m amaKed that she married him so soon. She can,t
1. 2eplace the words in italics by will or would 4 present infiniti%e. If the state)ents appear to
indicate the speaker6s annoyance, underline the )odal %erb to indicate that it is stressed.
1. #y children lo:e watchin' tele:ision. They sit 6or hours without sayin' a word.
*. )e,s :ery absentHminded. )e o6ten buys thin's and then lea%es the shop without payin'.
+. #y wi6e persistently lea%es thin's where other people can 6all o:er themF
0. 3hen we li:ed in the north7 the water pipes used to freeGe e:ery winter7 and we had to call
in a plumber. 1. The chairman,s main 6ault was that he persistently interrupted the speakers
be6ore they had 6inished. 4. & tried to re6use his in:itation7 but he repeatedly insisted on my
comin'. 5. 3hy do you persist in being so di66icult. 9. #y headmaster had 'reat authority.
3hene:er he spoke7 e:eryone used to listen attenti:ely. ;. !o wonder the house is coldF /ou
always go out and lea:e the doors openF 1<. &n the nineteenth century7 people used to go to
church on Sunday as a matter o6 course.
1!. (o)plete each short dialogue, using will together with one of the %erbs in the list. &he
negati%e for) will be needed in so)e cases.
seat bear do 6it hold reach suit work
1. 2&s your car :ery 6ast.2 2Eh7 yesF &t ... o:er 19< kilometres an hour.2 *. 2&s that @u' bi'
enou'h.2 2Eh7 yesF &t ... at least a 'allon.2 +. 23hat,s wron' with that machine.2 2& don,t know.
&t simply ...2 0. 23hy ha:en,t you opened the door.2 2This key ... the lock 2 1. 2)ow bi' is the
new con6erence centre.2 2EhF &t ... up to 17<<< people.2 4. 2&s that ladder lon' enou'h.2 2Eh7
yesF &t ... up to the roo62 5. 2 Shall we say 5.+<.2 2/es7 that time ... me per6ectly.2 9. 2 &s it sa6e
to walk on the ice.2 2Eh7 yesF &t ... your wei'ht easily.2
2". 2ewrite the sentences in direct speech, using shall, and o)itting the words in brackets.
1. J)e said" he could mana'e 6or the time bein'7 but he would need some help later. *. JThe
chairman pointed out that" i6 the price o6 raw materials increased7 they would be obli'ed to raise
prices to o66set the cost. +. JThe speaker said that" he would ha:e more to say about that
problem later. 0. J& told him" & would be writin' to him a'ain within a day or two to let him know
the precise arran'ements. 1. J)e told his wi6e that" he would be workin' late at the o66ice that
e:enin'. 4. J)e asked i6" & thou'ht we would need to take maps with us. 5. J& said that" &
wouldn,t be sorry to see the end o6 the bad weather. 9. )e assumed he would be 'i:en all the
necessary in6oi mation. ;. J&t was my opinion that" we would ne:er 'et there7 at the rate we
were 'oin'. 1<. J)e reminded me that" we would be makin' an earh start the 6ollowin'
mornin'7 so we mustn,t be late to bed.
21. '"plain what )eaning lies behind the use of will # 6//$ in the following sentences.
1. &t,s no 'ood phonin' him at his o66ice. )e,DD be on his way home now. *. 3hy will you ask
such stupid ?uestions. +. 3ill you clear away the dinner thin's. 0. &6 you,ll clear away the
dinner thin's7 &,ll make the co66ee. 1. The lu''a'e boot will ne:er take all those casesF
4. /ou,DD do as you,re told. 5. The meetin' will be'in at 4.+<. 9. )e can be ?uite obstinate7 but
he,DD 'enerally see sense in the end. ;. They will celebrate their 6i6tieth weddin' anni:ersary
next year. 1<. on,t worryF &,ll let you know tomorrow7 without 6ail. 11. AhF )ere we areF This will
be the restaurant they recommended to us. 1*. This table,s too small 6or a dinner party. &t,DD only
seat 6our in com6ort.
22. 2espond to the state)ents by gi%ing ad%ice or )aking a reco))endation, using should,
ought to, or 6d better with a suitable infiniti%e for).
Excample: &,:e 'ot a toothache. L /ou,d better 'o to the dentist. )e 6ailed his exam L )e
should ha:e worked harder.
1. (ohn,s terribly o:erwei'ht. *. /ou,re always late 6or workF +. Eur train lea:es in a 6ew
minutes. 0. Peter was in:ol:ed in an accident with his car. 1. Someone,s stolen my walletF
4. The rain is comin' throu'h the roo6. 5. Eur tent was always 'ettin' blown down when we
were n holiday. 9. #ary 'ot terribly sun burnt yesterday. ;. 3e,re spendin' our holidays in
Spain next summer. 1<. This suit o6 mine is @ust about done 6orF 11. &,:e been 6eelin' rather o66
colour recently. 1*. 3e ran out o6 wine hal6 way throu'h the party. 1+. (ohn,s always
complainin' about bein' underpaid. 10. 3e all 'ot soaked in yesterday,s downpour.
11. Aet,s 6ace it. 3e,re hopelessly lostF 14. There,s ice on the roads this mornin'. 15. #y
passport expires next month. 19. & o:erslept a'ain this mornin'. 1;. There,s someone
knockin' at the door. *<. The sink,s blockedF
23. 2ewrite the sentences, incorporating a clause introduced by that, following the %erbs
suggested in brackets.
1. -actory inspectors wanted new sa6ety rules to be introduced7 Jrecommend" *. The @ud'e
wanted the court to ad@ourn 6or lunch7 Jorder" +. The Speaker wanted the #P to withdraw his
remark7 Jrule" 0. The 8olonel wanted his troops to attack at dawn7 Jdecide" 1. The leader o6 the
expedition wanted them to make a 6urther attempt to reach the summit while the
weather held7 Jpropose" 4. Teachers wanted more nursery schools to be set up.
Jad:ocate" 5. The ma'istrate wanted the man to be released7 Jdirect" 9. The police wanted
members o6 the public not to approach the two men but to report to the nearest police station7
J'i:e instructions" ;. Shareholders wanted the board to 'i:e more detailed in6ormation about
pro6its7 Jdemand" 1<. The employers wanted the men to return to work so that ne'otiations
could be'in7 Jur'e"
24. Hoin the pairs of sentences, using the con+unctions gi%en in brackets.
1. )e le6t the letter on the hall table. )e wanted me to be sure o6 seein' it when & came in. Jso
that" *. The two students talked in undertones. They didn,t want the teacher to o:erhear what
they were sayin'7 Jso that" +. The police issued a warnin'. They wanted the public to be aware
o6 the dan'er7 Jin order that" 0. &,m takin' an umbrella. &t may rain7 Jin case" 1. )e keeps his
wi6e,s @ewels in the bank. )e 6ears the house may be bur'led7 Jlest" 4. & don,t want you to think
&,m not tellin' the truth. & ha:e brou'ht two witnesses with me. Jlest" 5. )e sent his son to
uni:ersity. )e wanted him to ha:e the best possible chance o6 a 'ood career7 Jso that" 9. &
asked you to come here. & wanted you to ha:e an opportunity to explain thin's yoursel67 Jso
that" ;. Aoudspeakers were 6ixed in an ad@oinin' hall. E:eryone iwould ha:e an opportunity to
hear the speech7 Jso that" 1<. &,ll 'i:e you my telephone number. /ou may want to 'et in touch
with me a'ain7 Jin case"
25. 2ewrite the sentences, beginning with it.
1. Muite naturally7 you,re upset about what,s happened *. &t,s incredibleF 3e,:e been li:in' in
the same street 6or two years and ha:e ne:er 'ot to know each other. +. /ou missed the one
talk that was worth hearin'. 3hat a pityF 0. That,s curiousF )e asked you to come rather than
me. 1. &t,s typical o6 him. )e expects e:eryone else to do all the work. 4. &sn,t it oddF They,re
'ettin' married7 a6ter all they,:e said about marria'e. 5. /ou ha:e to pay so much tax. &t,s craKyF
9. Aook o:er the a'reement be6ore you si'n it. This is essential. ;. $ead the instructions
care6ully be6ore you start answerin' the ?uestions. This is important. 1<. )ow splendidF /ou,ll
be comin' to li:e near us. 11. /ou,:e bou'ht the house we once thou'ht o6 buyin' oursel:es.
)ow interestin'F 1*. Emer'ency supplies must reach the area ?uickly. This is :ital.
26. (o)plete the sentences with )ust, )ustn6t, or a suitable for) of ha%e to or
ha%e got to.
1. 3e ... hurry7 or we,ll be late. *. 2Application 6orms ... be returned to this o66ice within 11
days.2 +. /ou ... :isit us a'ain some time. 0. & can ne:er remember people,s phone numbers. &
always ... look them up. 1. The car broke down7 and we ... ha:e it towed to a 'ara'e. 4. The
situation has now become intolerable7 and somethin' ... be done about it immediately 5. &
realiKe how di66icult the situation is7 but you ... try not to let it 'et you down. 9. 2Nisas where
re?uired ... be obtained in ad:ance o6 tra:el to the countries concerned.2 ;. &,m sorry to ... tell
you this7 but you lea:e me no alternati:e. 1<. &t,s not 6airF & always ... do the dirty workF 11. /ou
really ... try to be. a little more tact6ul. 1*. !o one likes ... work at the weekend. 1+. 3hiche:er
party 6orms the next 'o:ernment ... probably reintroduce some sort o6 prices and incomes
policy. 10. 28andidates ... write in ink7 and ... write on one side o
the paper only.2 11. The
:erdict o6 a @ury ... be unanimous: i6 its members are unable to reach a'reement7 the case ... be
retried be6ore a new7 @ury. 14. -ortunately7 the crowd dispersed peaceably. &6 they
hadn,t7 the police mi'ht ... use 6orce. 15. 3e ... make the @ob sound too di66icult7 or he won,t take
it on. 19. )e suddenly took a turn 6or the worse7 and & ... call the doctor in the middle o6 the
ni'ht. 1;. &6 a similar problem crops up a'ain7 you ... report it to me at once. *<. &t,s a :ery
di66icult choice to ... make.
27. When you ha%e checked your answers to the last e"ercise, write the sentences in reported
speech, using the sentence openings suggested below.
1. & pointed out that ... *. The ad:ertisement stipulated that ... +. & told him ... 0. )e said ...
1. 3e explained that ... 4. The tenants stated that ... 5. & told him ... 9 . The re'ulations laid
down that ... ;. & said ... 1<. )e complained that ... 11. )e told me ... 1*. & a'reed that ...
1+. The editorial ar'ued that ... 10. The instructions stated that ... 11. Accordin' to the book &
was readin'7 the :erdict ... 14. The newspaper reported that ... 15. & warned the others that ...
19. She told her nei'hbour that her husband ... 1;. & made it clear to him that i6 ... *<. )e
6elt ...
2. 2ewrite the clauses in italics, using needn6t or a suitable negati%e for) of ha%e to or need
to. -or the purpose of this e"ercise, assu)e that obligation is e"pressed with a for) of ha%e
to, and that necessity is e"pressed with needn6t or a for) of need to.
1. &t isn,t necessary 6or us to lea:e so soon. The show doesn,t start till ei'ht. *. /ou,re not
obli'ed to come @ust to please me. +. & don,t think it,s necessary 6or us to take his threats too
seriously. 0. &t isn,t necessary 6or you to decide immediately. /ou can let me know tomorrow.
1. &t,s a public holiday tomorrow7 so you,re not obli'ed to 'o to work. 4. /ou,re not obli'ed to
take my word 6or it. /ou can 'o and see 6or yoursel6. 5. &6 we 'et e:erythin' ready now7 we
shan,t be obli'ed to rush around doin' e:erythin' at the last minute. 9. &6 you listened more
care6ully7 it wouldn,t be necessary 6or me to keep repeatin' thin's @ust 6or your bene6it. ;. )e
doesn,t know what work is. )e,s ne:er been obli'ed to earn his own li:in'. 1<. /ou,re not
obli'ed to do e:erythin' he tells you7 are you. 11. &t,s hardly necessary 6or me to say how
'rate6ul & am 6or all you,:e done. 1*. &t was ?uite unnecessary 6or you to ha:e told (ohn anyH
thin'. &t was none o6 his business. 1+. & shan,t be able to come tomorrow7 but it,s unnecessary
6or this to make any di66erence to your plans. 10. )e was completely at a loss. )e had ne:er
been obli'ed to deal with such a situation be6ore. 11. The house had @ust been decorated7 so it
wasn,t necessary 6or us to do anythin' be6ore we mo:ed in. 14. They o66ered him the @ob on the
stren'th o6 his letter. )e wasn,t e:en re?uired to ha:e an inter:iew. 15. /ou were disappointed7
& realiKe7 but there was no need 6or you to ha:e made such a 6uss in public. 19. Unless you
choose to tell him yoursel67 it is unnecessary 6or him e:er to disco:er what happened. 1;. &t,s
unnecessary 6or you to be alarmed. *<. !othin' new came up at the meetin'. & don,t think it
was necessary 6or me to ha:e 'one.
2!. *se the perfect infiniti%e of the %erbs in brackets with a uitable au"iliary %erb.
&,:e ne:er seen a Aondon policeman. /ou Jsee" oneF /ou,:e been in Aondon a week alreadyF
/ou must ha:e seen one.
!ote that not placed be6ore the :erb in brackets re6ers to the auxiliary :erb: & heard their phone
rin'in'. /ou Jnot hear" there their phone rin'in'. They ha:en,t 'ot a phone.
/ou couldn,t ha:e heard their phone rin'in'.
1. (ack: &,:e 6inished. Ann: %ut you were only hal6 way throu'h when & went to bed. /ou Jwork"
all ni'htF *. The instructions were in -rench. & translated them into En'lish 6or him. /ou Jnot
translate" them. )e knows -rench. +. Tom: 3hat,s happened to (ack. 3e said 5.+< and now
it,s 9.<< and there,s no si'n o6 him. Ann: )e J6or'et" that we in:ited him. )e is rather 6or'et6ul. &
Jtelephone" him yesterday to remind him. J&t was 6oolish o6 me not to telephone." 0. Tom: Er he
J'et" lost. )e hasn,t been to this house be6ore. & J'i:e" him directions. J& didn,t 'i:e him
directions7 which was stupid o6 me." Ann: Er he Jha:e" a breakdown or a puncture. Tom: A
puncture Jnot delay" him so lon'. 1. Ann: Er he Jstop" 6or a drink and J'et" in:ol:ed in an arH
'ument. (ack,s ar'uments 'o on 6or hoursF Tom: Er he Jrun" out o6 petrol. Perhaps we,d better
'o and look 6or him. 4. /ou Jnot 6eed" the bearsF J&t was 6oolish o6 you to 6eed them." !ow
they,ll be an'ry i6 the next campers don,t 6eed them too. 5. !obody has been in this house 6or a
month. !onsenseF )ere,s last #onday,s paper in the wastepaper basketG somebody Jbe"
here ?uite recently. 9. Two o6 the players spent the ni'ht be6ore the bi' match at a party.
That was :ery 6oolish o6 them. They J'o" to bed early. ;. )e says that when walkin' across
Oensin'ton =ardens he was attacked by wol:es. )e Jnot be attacked" by wol:es. There aren,t
any wol:es in Oensin'ton. )e Jsee" some Alsatian do's and Jthink" they were wol:es. 1<. &
waited 6rom 9.<< to 9.+< under the clock and he says he waited 6rom 9.<< to 9.+< under the
clock7 and we didn,t see each otherF /ou Jwait" under di66erent clocksF There are two in the
station7 you know. 11. )e set o66 alone a month a'o and hasn,t been heard o6 since.
)e J6all" into a ri:er and Jbe eaten" by crocodiles. Er Jbe kidnapped" by tribesmen. Er
Jcatch" 6e:er and Jdie" o6 it. 1*. 3e Jstart" yesterday Jthis was the plan"G but the 6li'ht was
cancelled because o6 the 6o'7 so we,re still here7 as you see. 1+. #ary to Ann7 who has @ust
toiled up six 6li'hts o6 stairs: /ou Jnot walk" upF /ou Jcome" up in the li6t. &t,s workin' now.
10. & le6t my car under the !o Parkin' si'nG and now it,s 'one. &t Jbe" stolenF !ot necessarily.
The police Jdri:e" it away. 11. )e had two bottles o6 8oke and 'ot 6ri'ht6ully drunk. )e Jnot
'et" drunk on 8oke. )e Jdrink" 'in with it. 14. )e was ridin' a bicycle alon' the motorway when
he was hit by the trailer o6 a lorry. These bi' lorries are :ery dan'erous. Perhaps7 but Paul
Jnot ride" a bicycle alon' the motorwayG bicycles are not allowed. 15. &,:e lost one o6 my 'lo:esF
The puppy Jtake" it. & saw him runnin' by @ust now with somethin' in his mouth. &t Jbe" your
'lo:e. 19. 3e,:e run out o6 petrolF &,m not surprised. & noticed that the tank was nearly empty
when we le6t home. /ou Jtell" meF 3e J'et" petrol at the last :illa'e. !ow we,:e 'ot a 1<Hmile
walkF 1;. &6 the 'round hadn,t been so so6t the horse & backed Jwin" instead o6 comin' in
second. )e ne:er does :ery well on so6t 'round. *<. &,:e written to Paul. /ou Jnot write". )e,s
comin' here tomorrow. /ou,ll see him be6ore he 'ets your letter. *1. They Jbuild" a twoHstorey
house Jthis was the ori'inal plan"7 but money ran out so they built a bun'alow instead.
**. &6 the do' hadn,t woken us we Jnot notice" the 6ire 6or se:eral hours7 and by that time it
Jspread" the house next door. *+. 3hy didn,t you wait 6or me yesterday. & waited 6i:e
minutes. /ou Jwait" a little lon'erF *0. )ow did Peter 'et here. )e Jcome" on a motorcycle.
JThis is a possibility." )e Jnot come" on a motorcycle. )e doesn,t ride one. )e Jcome" as a
pillion passen'er. *1. JAlice7 stayin' at a hotel 6or the 6irst time7 care6ully washes up the early
mornin' tea thin's." #other. /ou Jnot do" that. The hotel sta66 do the washin' up. *4. 3hy are
you so late. /ou Jbe" here two hours a'oF *5. #rs Smith: &,:e cooked scrambled e''s 6or #r
(ones7 because o6 his diet7 and steak and onions 6or e:eryone else. #r (ones: /ou Jnot cook"
anythin' special 6or me7 #rs SmithG &,m not on diet any lon'er. *9. &6 &,d known we,d ha:e to wait
so lon' & Jbrin'" a book. &6 &,d known it was 'oin' to be so cold & Jnot come" at allF
*;. Tom Jlookin' out o6 the window": -ortunately that teapot didn,t hit anyone7 but you Jnot
throw" it out o6 the window7 AnnF /ou Jkill" someone. +<. Aook at this beauti6ul paintin'F Enly a
:ery 'reat artist Jpaint" such a pictureF !onsenseF A child o6 6i:e Jpaint" it with his eyes shut.
+1. & wonder how the 6ire started. Eh7 someone Jdrop" a li'hted ci'arette. Er it Jbe" an electriH
cal 6ault. +*. /ou don,t think it Jbe started" deliberately. 3ell7 & suppose it Jbe". J&t is
possible." %ut who would do a thin' like that. ++. There is only one set o6 6ootprints7 so the
kidnapper Jcarry" his prisoner out. )e not Jdo" it in dayli'ht or he Jbe" seen. )e Jwait" till dark.
+0. & went with him to show him the way. /ou Jnot do" that. JThat wasn,t necessary." )e
knows the way. +1. Then an enormous man7 ten 6eet tall7 came into the rin'. )e Jnot be" ten
6eet tall really. )e Jwalk" on stilts. +4. )e @umped out o6 a sixthH6loor window and broke his
neck. /ou say 2@umped2. &t Jnot be" an accident. !o. The window was too small. &t Jbe"
3". *se the perfect infiniti%e of the %erbs in brackets with a suitable au"iliary %erb.
1. Tom: & had my house painted recently7 but when they sent in the bill & was appalled. &6 &,d
known it was 'oin' to cost so much & Jnot ha:e" it done. *. Peter. %ut it,s your own 6ault7 Tom.
/ou Jask" 6or an estimate be6ore lettin' them start. +. #other J:ery anxious about her son7 a'ed
ten": 3here is he. )e Jbe" here an hour a'o. J&t,s now 1.<< and he is usually home by 0.<<"
0. -riend: )e J'o" to the play'round to watch a 6ootball match. #other: !o7 i6 there,d been a
match today he Jtell" me. )e always tells me all the 6ootball news. 1. -riend: )is teacher Jkeep"
him in as a punishment. #other. She Jnot keep" him in 6or a whole hour. 4. -riend: Then he J'o"
to a 6riend,s house. #other. /es7 or he Jbe" knocked down crossin' the street )e may be lyin'
unconscious in hospitalF -riend: &6 that had happened the hospital Jrin'" you. #other: They Jnot
rin'" me. #y phone isn,t workin'F 5. )e @umped out o6 the aeroplane and landed unhurtF /ou
mean he parachuted down. )e didn,t say anythin' about a parachute. )e Jha:e" a
parachute. Etherwise he Jbe" killed. 9. & bou'ht a sweater at #arks and Spencer,s last Sunday.
/ou Jnot buy" it on Sunday. #arks and Spencer,s is shut on Sundays. ;. Tom,s had another
accident. )e came out o6 a side road rather 6ast and a lorry crashed into him. &t sounds like
Tom,s 6ault. )e Jwait" till the main road was clear. 1<. & wonder who carried the piano upstairs. &
suppose it was Paul. Paul Jnot carry" it by himsel6. Someone Jhelp" him. 11. & was on the
8ircle Aine and we were @ust lea:in' Piccadilly. Then you Jnot be" on the 8ircle Aine. &t doesn,t
'o throu'h Piccadilly. /ou Jbe" on the %akerloo Aine or the Piccadilly Aine. 1*. The plane
disappeared two weeks a'o and no one knows what happened to it. &t Jcrash" into the sea. &6 it
had crashed on land someone Jreport" it by now. 1+. %ut what do you think caused the plane
to crash. 3ho knows. &t Jblow" up. Someone Jplant" a bomb on board be6ore takeHo667 or one
o6 the passen'ers Jha:e" explosi:es with him. 10 Er someone Jtry" to hi@ack the plane. And
there Jbe" a 6i'ht durin' which the plane crashed. 11. Er somethin' J'o" wron' with the
en'ines7 or it Jbe" a case o6 metal 6ati'ue. &t Jnot be" metal 6ati'ue because it was a brand new
plane. 14. The pilot Jcollapse" at the controls. %ut i6 that had happened the second pilot Jtake
o:er". 15. #aria Jnew to En'lish customs": )e said7 2)ow do you do.2 so & told him about my
mi'raine. Ann: /ou Jnot do" that. JThat wasn,t the ri'ht thin' to do." /ou Jsay"7 2)ow do you do.2
too. 19. &t was the depths o6 winter and we had to wait ei'hteen hours in an unheated station.
/ou Jbe" 6roKen by the time the train arri:ed. 1;. &,:e done all the calculations. )ere you are L
six pa'es. %ut you Jnot do" all that workFH 3e ha:e a computer to do that sort o6 thin'. /ou
Jtell" meF Then & Jnot waste" all my timeF *<. )e 6ailed the exam but he Jpass" it. J)e had the
ability to pass it. &t,s all his own 6aultG he Jwork" much harder durin' the term.
*1. )e,s not hereF /et & locked him in and bolted the door too7 so he Jnot possibly open" the
door 6rom inside. And he Jnot 'et" out o6 the windowG it,s too small. **. Somebody Jlet" him
out. Ene o6 his 6riends J6ollow" you here and Jslip" in when your back was turned. *+.
Passen'er: -ares are aw6ulF & had to pay I* 6or my ticket and I1 6or the baby. Another
passen'er: %ut you Jnot buy" a ticket 6or the baby. %abies tra:el 6ree. *0. &mmediately a6ter
drinkin' the co66ee & 6elt :ery sleepy and the next thin' & remember is 6indin' mysel6 lyin' in the
middle o6 the road. They Jdru'" your co66ee and Jdump" you there. &6 & hadn,t woken up when
& did & Jbe run" o:er. That Jbe" part o6 their plan. J&t is possible that it was part o6 their plan."
*1. & 6ound he knew all my mo:ements 6or the past week. )e Jbribe" one o6 the other students
to 'i:e him the in6ormation. Er he J6ollow" you himsel6. !o7 he Jnot do" that. JThat is not
possible." & Jsee" him. *4. & stamped it and posted it. /ou Jnot stamp" it. &t was a replyHpaid
en:elope. *5. )e walked 6rom Aondon to 8ambrid'e in three hours. )e Jnot do" it in that timeF
Someone J'i:e" him a li6t. *9. & 6ound that e:erythin' & said on the phone had been reported to
the police. /our phone Jbe" tapped. *;. #y rin',s 'oneF &t was on the table by the window
only a minute a'oF 3ho Jtake" it. &t Jbe" a ma'pie. There are some round here and they like
shinin' thin's. A ma'pie Jhop" in throu'h the window and Jsnatch" it when you were out o6 the
room. JThis is possible." +<. & had to walk home yesterday: & had no money 6or my 6are.
/ou Jtell" meF & Jlend" you the moneyF +1. & Jnot take" a taxi. & Jwalk"G it was only a hundred meH
tres. JD took a taxi but it wasn,t necessary." +*. The shopli6ter thou'ht she was unobser:ed but
when she 'ot to the door a store detecti:e stopped her. They Jwatch" her 7 on closedHcircuit
tele:ision. ++. 3hen & ran' the exchan'e and asked 6or the number the operator said7 2/ou Jnot
rin'" the exchan'eF /ou Jdial" the number directF2 )owe:er7 he put me throu'h. +0. Ene
moment the con@urer,s handkerchie6 was empty and the next moment it was 6ull o6 e''sF
)e Jha:e" the e''s up his slee:eF +1. 3ell7 & suppose he Jha:e" e''s up his slee:e: but 6or
his next trick he produced a bowl o6 'old6ish out o6 the air. )e Jnot ha:e" a bowl o6 'old6ish up
his slee:e7 now7 could he. +4. #ary: #y 'randmother knew a 'irl whose 6iance was sent to
prison 6or twenty years. This 'irl Jmarry" any one o6 a doKen men because she was a real
beauty7 but she waited till her 6iance came out o6 @ailF (ack: She Jlo:e" him :ery much. Ann: She
Jbe" an idiotF
31. *se the perfect infiniti%es of the %erbs in brackets with the appropriate au"iliary. Phrases in
bold type should not be repeated but their )eaning should be e"pressed by au"iliary 4 perfect
/ou Jbou'ht" bread7 which was not necessary.
/ou needn,t ha:e bou'ht bread.
1. To someone who was not at the party: 23e had a wonder6ul timeG you Jbe" there.2 *. &t is
possible that Shakespeare Jwrite" it. Shakespeare Jnot write" it because e:ents are mentioned
that didn,t occur till a6ter Shakespeare,s time. +. & 6ound this baby bird at the 6oot o6 a tree. &t
J6all" 6rom a nest. 0. & used to :isit her and & always wondered why she had those dread6ul
pictures on the walls. &t is possible that she Jlike" them. 1. urin' the 'ale7 the captain was on
the brid'e the whole time. )e Jbe" exhausted a6terwards. 4. /ou Jsend" a tele'ram7 which was
?uite unnecessaryG a letter would ha:e done. 5. /ou Jlea:e" a note. J&t was :ery inconsiderate
o6 you not to do so." 9. Somebody phoned at lunchtime but & couldn,t catch the name. &t Jbe"
my brother. )e sometimes rin's me up then. ;. The lecturer was a tall man with white hair.
Then it Jnot be" r -ell because he is short and 6at. &t Jbe" r (onesG & think he is thin. 1<. /ou
Jnot 'o" out yesterday without a coat. !o wonder you cau'ht cold. 11. & saw them in the street
but they didn,t stop to speak to me. &t is possible that they Jbe" in a hurry. 1*. They Jbe"
married next week but now they ha:e ?uarrelled and the weddin' has been cancelled. 1+. &6 we
hadn,t had this puncture we certainly Jbe" home by now. 10. /ou Jcarry" the do'7 which was
unnecessary. )e can walk :ery well. 11. People were waitin' but the bus didn,t stop. &t is
possible that it Jbe" 6ull. 14. 3e went sailin' on a lake in a Aondon park. & think it was the $ound
Pond. &t Jnot be" the $ound Pond. There are only toy boats there. &t Jbe" the Serpentine. 15.
Aook7 there,s a tree ri'ht across the roadF So there is. &t Jbe" blown down by the 'ale last
ni'ht. 19. This buildin' Jbe" 6inished by the end o6 last year Jthis was the plan"7 but there ha:e
been so many strikes that it isn,t 6inished yet. 1;. %ut 6or the 6o' they Jreach" the top next day.
*<. /ou Jcross" the road by the subway7 Jbut you didn,t" *1. &t is a pity you Jnot brin'" your kite.
&t is @ust the day 6or kites. **. &t is possible that & Jbe" mistaken. *+. & sat on a seat in the park
and now my coat is co:ered in 'reen stripes. The paint Jbe" wet. *0. & suppose it was 8harles
who le6t the kitchen in such a mess. !o7 it Jnot be" 8harles. )e ne:er has a meal in. &t Jbe"
%ill. *1. & know she was in because & heard her radio7 but she didn,t open the door.
Possibly she Jnot hear" the bell. *4. &6 you had told me that you were in Aondon & Jput" you up.
JThis would ha:e been possible." *5. &6 they had 'one any 6urther they J6all" o:er a precipice.
*9. )e Jcheck" that his brakes were workin' properly7 Jbut he didn,t" *;. /ou Japolo'iKe"7 which
was not necessary. +<. & can,t think why they didn,t try to help him. &t is possible that they Jnot
realiKe" that he was drownin'. +1. )e Jthanks" us. J3e are o66ended that he didn,t."
+*. & J'o" on Tuesday Jthis was the plan". %ut on Tuesday & had a terrible cold so & decided to
wait till 3ednesday.
32. (hoose between )ust and should in the following sentences.
1. )enry was deported 6or ha:in' an expired :isa. )e ...... Jha:e" his :isa renewed. *. (ulietta
was absent 6or the 6irst time yesterday. She ... Jbe" sick. +. The photos are black. The X
rays at the airport ... Jdama'e" them. 0. %lanke 'ot a parkin' ticket. She ... Jpark" Jne'ati:e"
in a reser:ed spot7 since she had no permit. 1. 8armencita did :ery well on the exam. She ...
Jstudy" :ery hard. 4. (eanette did :ery badly on the exam. She ... Jstudy" harder.
5. =erman called us as soon as his wi6e had her baby. )e ... Jbe" :ery proud. 9. E:e had to
pay 1.<< because she wrote a bad check. She ... Jdeposit" her money be6ore she wrote a
check. ;. (ohn isn,t here yet. )e ... J6or'et" about our meetin'. 1<. Alexis 6ailed the exam.
)e ... Jstudy" Jne'ati:e" enou'h.
33. (hoose the correct answer in each of the following sentences according to )eaning and
1. &6 & had a bicycle7 J& wouldD& will" ride it e:ery day. *. =eor'e Jwould ha:e 'oneDwould 'o" on
a trip to 8hica'o i6 he had had time. +. #arcela didn,t come to class yesterday. She
Jwill ha:eDhadDmay ha:e had" an accident. 0. (ohn didn,t do his homework7 so the teacher
became :ery an'ry. 1. Sharon was supposed to be home at nine o,clock. She Jmust
6or'etDmust ha:e 6or'otten" about our meetin'. 4. 3here do you think (uan is today. & ha:e no
idea. )e Jshould ha:e sleptDmay ha:e slept" late. 5. =eor'e missed class today. )e Jmi'ht
ha:e hadDmi'ht had had" an accident. 9. $obert arri:ed without his book. )e Jcould
ha:e lostDwould ha:e lost" it. ;. Thomas recei:ed a warnin' 6or speedin'. )e Jshould ha:e
dri:enD shouldn,t ha:e dri:en" so 6ast. 1<. )enry,s car stopped on the hi'hway. &t Jmay runD may
ha:e run" out o6 'as.
34. -ill in the blanks.
,. &he 3ight *ncle <ob Was ,rrested
Use the 6ollowin' :erbs:
could ha:e mi'ht ha:e
couldn,t ha:e must ha:e
should ha:e shouldn,t ha:e
A.: Tell me the story about the ni'ht Uncle %ob was arrested.
r.: /ou don,t really want to hear that old story a'ain. 1 BBBBBBBBBBBBBBtold it to you a hundred
A.: & know. %ut &,d like to hear it a'ain.
r.: 3ell7 all ri'ht. &,ll ne:er 6or'et the ni'ht they arrested your Uncle %ob 6or stealin' a car. As
soon as & heard he was in trouble7 & called the police station because & knew heBBBBBBbeen
dri:in' too 6ast7 or heBBBBBBBBBB missed a stop si'n7 but & @ust O!E3 that he BBBBBBBBBBBB
stolen a carF & knew that the policeman BBBBBBBBBBBBBarrested the wron' man. Aater7 we
6ound out what really had happened. /our Uncle %ob couldn,t 6ind his keys and was tryin' to 'et
into his car. The only way he could do that was by breakin' the window. That,s when the police
/our Uncle %obBBBBBBBBBBB been so impatient. )e BBBBBBBBB
called me because & had the keys to his car all the time. )e had le6t them at my house
andBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB6or'otten them.
A.: That,s my 6a:ourite story. Thanks 6or tellin' it.
<. What6s the Word?
could ha:e mi'ht ha:e should ha:e
couldn,t ha:e must ha:e shouldn,t ha:e
1. &,m so hotF & shouldn,t ha:e. worn my winter coat today. &,m sorry & did.
*. /our house looks like new since the 6ire. /ouBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBspent a lot o6
time repairin' it.
+. #ichaelBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBtaken us sailin' on such a windy day.
0. &t was so dark in my basement that & 6ell down the stairs.
1. Patty is craKyF SheBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB'otten to !ew /ork any way she wanted.
3hy did she hitchhike.
4. & called Stuard,s apartment all ni'ht and nobody answered me.
5. /ouBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBswept the 6ront porch. &t looks so clear.
9. )eBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBstolen the car. )e was with me all the time.
;. #y washin' machine is broken. The repairman said & ne:erBBBBBBBBBBBBtries to wash 6our
pairs o6 sneakers and 6i:e pairs o6 @eans at the same time.
35. Write the )issing lines in the con%ersation. *se )ay or can. Se%eral answers are correct.
8arlos: This co66ee still needs more su'ar. The container is near you7
Ellen: #ore su'ar. There are already three teaspoons in your cupF
)iroshi: &,m ready to lea:e. )ow about you7 8arlos. 8arlos: Sure J)e calls the waiter"
3alter: The check. E6 course you may. J)e writes the check and puts it on the table."
8arlos: Jlooks at the check" 3hewF Um ... BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.Ellen.
Ellen: %orrow 6i:e dollars a'ain. 3ell7 & ... 8arlos: & promise to pay you tomorrow ...
)iroshi: )ere7 8arlos. & 'et my paycheck tomorrow.BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB. J)e puts a ten dollar
bill in 8arlos,s hand."
8arlos: A loan o6 ten dollarsF Thanks7 )iroshiF They collect the money and pay the waiter. The
waiter returns in a 6ew minutes.
3aiter: Jto 8arlos"BBBBBBBBBBB.
8arlos: /ou want to speak to me. Sure.
3aiter: /our check total is 05.9< and there,s only 00.<< here.
8arlos: Use a credit card. 3rite a check. 3ellBBBBBBBBBBB
3aiter: /ou need more time. Sure. &,ll be back in a 6ew minutes.
36. Write the )issing lines in the con%ersation. *se )odal %erbs with the clue words under the
lines. Se%eral answers are correct.
8arlos: 3ell7BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB. Jwhose credit card7 we7 use"
Ellen: !ot mine.BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB. Jyou7 write a check"
Er7 )iroshi7BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB. Jwe7 borrow more cash"
)iroshi: 3ell7 & 'uessBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB J&7 lend you ten more dollars"
Ellen: $eally. =reatF Then & want another dessert, Jyou7 'et the waiter,s attention"
8arlos: Psst ...
Ellen: 8arlos7 in this country7BBBBBBBBBBBB. Jyou not hiss" &t,s more polite to motion Jshe
motions to the waiter."
Ellen: /es7BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB. Jyou7 brin' us the menu a'ain" 3aiter: Eh7 no ...
37. (o)plete the sentences.
Jpractise" 1. =loria has was e:ery chess 'ame she,s played today.
SheBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBa lot. Jdo" *. & don,t ha:e anythin' to wear today.
& BBBBBBBBBB & BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB the laundry. J:ote" +. The people in our
townBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB6or anyone they wanted to. & don,t
understand why they :oted 6or Peter Smith. Jdrop" 0. (ack lost his homework.
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBon the bus. )e isn,t sure what happened. Jstudy" 1. /ou did :ery
well on your test. /ou BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBa lot. Jbuild" 4. The Acme
8ompanyBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBtheir new o66ice anywhere. &t was a
mistake to build it here. Jwear" 5. &t,s hot in here. &BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB
BBBBBBB $o:er. )e,s been hun'ry all day. J6all" ;. Aucy shouldn,t ha:e stood on that broken
chair. She Jbuy" 1<. & BBBBBBBBB a used car because my new car was much too expensi:e.
&BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBtwel:e dollars. &,m a6raid & can,t remember.
J'o" Jdrown"1*. /ouBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB swimmin' in the ocean yesterday.
&t,s :ery dan'erous7 and you
38. Write a %erb phrase with the )odal %erb should, had better, or )ost in each blank. ?ore
than one )odal )ay be correct. (hoose fro) these si)ple %erb for)s/ get, run, eat, do, go,
stop, spend, find
octor: & hate to say this7 #r Stone7 but you,re in terrible shape.
Patient & know that7 doctor. 3hatBBBBBBBB&BBBBBBBBBB.
.: 3ell7 6irst o6 all7 you,re a little o:erwei'ht. Perhaps you BBBBBBBBBBBBBon a diet.
P.: /ou,re ri'ht7 doctor. &BBBBBBBBBBBB Jnot" so many desserts.
.: $i'ht. And youBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsome exercise.
P.: & know.BBBBBBBBBBBBB&BBBBBBBBBBBa mile e:ery day.
.: /es. %ut this is :ery important you BBBBBBBB smokin'F Those ci'arettes will kill youF
P.: /ou,re absolutely ri'htF And they,re expensi:e7 tooF & BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Jnot" any more
money on them. 3ell7 thank you7 doctor. & appreciate the ad:ice.
3!. Write the )issing lines in the con%ersation. *se can, could, will and would. Pay
attention to the sentences before and after the blanks. Se%eral answers are correct.
A. #y steak is per6ect. This restaurant is much better than the co66ee shop. And the waiters are
%. &t costs a lot more7 too.BBBBBBBBBBBBB7 Ellen.
E. Pass the pepper a'ain. /ou really like spicy 6oodFBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB7 Alec.
A. 3hat do you want ketchup 6or.
E. & always put a little ketchup on my steak.
A. Oetchup on steak. /ukF
E. Jlau'hin'"BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBbe ?uiet7 AlecF
A. !o7 & won,t be ?uietF There isn,t any more butter.
%. Ekay7 Jcalls the waiter"BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.
3.: E6 course. &,ll brin' some ri'ht away. J)e 'oes to the kitchen and comes back with more
E.: Jto the waiter"BBBBBBBBBBBBBB.
3.. 8o66ee. E6 course. J)e brin's three cups o6 co66ee.
A.: Jto the waiter There,s not much su'ar there.
3.: Jsi'hs" 8ertainly. &,ll 6ill the container in a moment.
4". (o)plete these sentences with )odal %erbs. Se%eral answers )ay be correct.
&. A.: & want to deposit these checks in my sa:in's account7 please.
r.. E6 course. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB you please write your name on the back.BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB
you 6ill out a deposit slip. AndBBBBBBBBBB& ha:e your passbook.
A.: Sure. And BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB you also check my balance.
r.: 8ertainly.
r.: /es. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB you tell me the departure time 6or the next bus to )ouston.
A.: That bus usually lea:es at 4.11. %ut they,re ha:in' a little trouble with it. &tBBBBBBBBBBBlea:e
r.: ThatBBBBBBBBBBBJnot" be a problem. &BBBBBBBBBBBBBtake one ticket7 please7 roundHtrip.
A.: That BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB be 09.<< /ouBBBBBBBBBcheck your ba' or take it with you
on the bus. &t,s that your ba'.
r.: /es.
A.: &,m sorry7 but youBBBBBBBBBJnot" take him on the bus.
&&&. A.: 3hatBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB& do 6or you today.
r.: & ha:e a deli:ery notice 6rom the post o66ice. BBBBBBBBBBB& 'et this packa'e here.
r.: AndBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB& send a re'istered letter.
A.: E6 course youBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB you please out this 6orm.
41. -ill in the blanks with a )odal %erb phrase. *se the %erbs in parentheses. Se%eral answers
)ay be correct.
3hat a dayF %lue sky7 white clouds7 bi' 6ish7 and this ?uiet ri:er ... UhHoh. 3hat,s 'oin' on.
There,s water comin' in the boat. ThereBBBBBBBBBJbe" a leak. )owBBBBBBB&BBBBBBJ6ind"
it. &BBBBBBB Jnot see" the bottom o6 the boat under all this water. 3hatBBBBBBBBBB &BBBBBBB
Jdo". &BBBBBB Jcall" 6or help.
3hat,s that noise. &t BBBBBBBBBBBB is a water6allF 3ell7 &
BBBBBBBBBBBBJnot sa:e" the boat but & BBBBBBBB & Jsa:e" my
li6eF &BBBBBBBBBBBBBJswim" back to campF
42. Write the sentences in the interrogati%e and negati%e for)s.
1. 3e must be there today. *. )e can understand what & mean. +. Tom had to lock the door.
0. /ou may chan'e the plan. 1. She ou'ht to be present. 4. The children were allowed to stay
out till ; o,clock. 5. The 'irls will be allowed to take part in the competition. 9. The pupils had to
write a test at the pre:ious lesson.
43. Write the sentences in the past and in the future tenses.
1. & must 'o to the country durin' the holidays. *. )e can sol:e all the problems. +. /ou may
take three books with you. 0. 8an Alice open the book. 1. #other can prepare dinner in one
hour. 4. /ou need not return the notes at once. 5. )e must not drink co66ee.
9. #ust you write the letter in En'lish.
44. Put in will ha%e to, )ust, ha%ing to, has to, should, had to, ha%e to and should ha%e.
The Post E66ice in %ritain is 6amous 6or 'ettin' letters and parcels to their destinations. The
problems is that the public ... obser:e the rules. -or example7 we ... put a stamp on a letter. &6
we don,t7 the recipient ... pay double. 3e o6ten see the si'n AAA AETTE$S ... %E 8E$$E8TA/
A$ESSE. These days7 this means ... use postcodes. &6 you didn,t use a postcode7 it,s no
'ood complainin' that your letter ... arri:ed sooner. Parcels are a problem because they ... be
correctly packa'ed. &6 Aunt Sophie is 'oin' to send you a @ar o6 your 6a:ourite @am7 she ... wrap it
up well. The most important thin' we ... do is to address our letters and parcels le'ibly and
correctly. This means clear handwritin' and correct spellin'. 3hat we ... do and what we
actually do are o6ten miles apart. $ecently7 the Post E66ice ... deli:er a letter which showed a
name 6ollowed by the word A$&(A%A. 3hat is this7 do you think. Arabic. )industan. 3ron'
both times. Say it out loud and you,ll see it,s @ust plain JmisspeltF" En'lish: )A$3&8)
45 Put in appropriate for)s of the past, used to, will or would. ,lternati%es are possible.
3ATE$7 3ATE$7 ENE$/3)E$EF
The thin' & remember most about my childhood was my :isits to my aunt 8harlotte in her lo:ely
country house. She Jbe" ... a remarkable woman by any standard. She Jbe" ... really skilled at
waterHdi:in' and she J6ind" ... water on the most unpromisin' bits o6 land. The 6armers Jlo:e" ...
her7 especially as she Jne:er accept" ... money 6or waterHdi:in'. 23ater Jalways 6ind" ... its own
le:el27 she Jsay" ... 2and & know exactly where that le:el is. 3aterHdi:in' is a 'i6t 6rom =od and
you don,t accept payment 6or that2. She had a 'i6t 6or noticin' chan'es in the weather7 too. 2&t,s
'oin' to rain soon72 she Jsay" ...7 2& can 6eel it in my bones72 and she Jalways be" ... ri'ht in her
later years7 she de:eloped a bad back and Jo6ten :isit" ... her osteopath. She Jne:er tire" ... o6
tellin' us that her osteopath Jsay" ...7 as he massa'ed her pain6ul back7 2&t,s 'oin' to rain7
8harlotte. & can 6eel it in your bonesF2
46. Put in a), can, can6t, couldn6t, ha%e had to, ha%en6t been able to, )ust, )ust be or )ust
$E#E#%E$ #E.
There was a knock at the door. & opened it and saw a stran'er. 2)ello7 -red72 he cried. 2... &
come in.2 2)ow do you know my name.2 & asked. 23e met ten years a'o on a 6erryHboat and
you 'a:e me your card.2 2/ou ... mistaken72 & said. 2!o7 & ... not2 the stran'er said. )e produced
my card: -red Ames. & ... 'i:en it to him ten years a'o7 but 2& ... remember you72 & said. 23e
exchan'ed cards years a'o72 the stran'er said. 2/ou said7 2/ou ... come and stay with us as
lon' as you like any time you,re in En'land.2 2&,m sorry & ... wait so many years be6ore comin' to
:isit you. &,:e been so busy7 & ...7 but here & am at lastF %etter late than ne:erF &,:e @ust arri:ed on
the 6erry. #y wi6e and children are in the car and we wonder i6 we ... stay with you 6or a month.2
47. Supply )ust ha%e been, can6t/couldn6t ha%e been, ha%e to/had to #be$, didn6t ha%e to #be$.
1. )e knows a lot about 6lyin' planes. )e ... a pilot when he was youn'. *. Nera ... at the
supermarket this mornin'. & didn,t see her there. +. (ohn ... at the bank till 1<7 so he only arri:ed
here 6i:e minutes a'o. 0. 3hen ... Jshe" ... at the hospital. Early this mornin'. 1. #onica knew
exactly what to do. & ... tell her twice. 4. 3e had enou'h 6orei'n currency le6t at the end o6 the
holiday7 so & ... buy any more. 5. There are so many nice thin's 6or tea7 & think you ... expectin'
them. 9. /ou ... waitin' lon'. A6ter all7 &,m only 6i:e minutes late. ;. There ... an accident on
South Street because the road is closed o66. 1<. 3hen & was a boy we ... sittin' at our desks
workin' be6ore the boss 'ot in. 11. & le6t a messa'e on your answer phone last ni'ht. /ou ...
out. 1*. The 6ire alarm went o66 and we ... out o6 the buildin' in two minutes.
4. Put in suitable for)s which e"press uncertainty or possibility.
EAE$ A! 3&SE$.
3e must make decisions all the time7 but we ... ne:er be certain whether we are ri'ht or wron'.
The work you choose to do be suitable 6or you or it ... not. The person you marry ... be Per6ect
match 6or ... be the worst possible choice. Suppose you ha:e sa:ed money 6or the 6uture. /ou ...
in:est it wisely so that it 'rows in :alue or you ... lose the lot in a 6oolish moment. /ou
think you ha:e a healthy diet7 but the 6ood you eat ... actually be :ery bad 6or you and ... be the
cause o6 terrible illness. Perhaps you tra:el a lot by plane. All the 6li'hts you make are routine7
but one o6 them ... be your last. ecisionsF ecisionsF %ut we don,t learn 6rom experience.
Experience is the ?uality that allows us to 'o on makin' the same mistakes with more
4!. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. )e V\ZiUeUaZc
|dX d\ UiUYobv[. rUYsUndU UdX kn\ \ok[ Zvob X Vkok[ Yo\Z] j\_\Y
d\ZeUW]eU sXdk[. *. tUpob sg oUWndg Vg[] db hUeYbW\. r ;7 dU d\ dkndU [U_UiX[]Zc7
iU\Yo k^UoX[ h ;.+<. +. mUWndU Vg[]7 Udb d\ kYdbWb dbZ. 0. q\kn\WX hg hZ\ \\
_bVU[b\[\ dbo [Xs i\_\hUoUs r\o] Z[b[]c Uj\d] i_UZ[bc. 1. q\ sUn\[ Vg[]7 j[UVg UdX
kn\ i\_\\^bWX db dUhkv ehb_[X_k. 4. [b edXpb oUWndU Vg[]7 iUW]Yk\[Zc VUW]`Xs
kZi\^Us k jX[b[\W\a. 5. pU _\j]7 oUWndU Vg[]7 i_UXYh\Wb VUW]`U\ hi\jb[W\dX\
db ZWk`b[\W\a. 9. rbs7 dbh\_dU\7 kn\ ZUUVXWX7 j[U iU\Yo UiUYob\[. ;. a
UVcYb[\W]dU dkndU VgWU iUYhUdX[] sbs\ X i_\oki_\oX[]7 j[U Udb sUn\[ Vg[] d\
5". &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. q\ sUpk n\ c ka[X X UZ[bhX[] hbZ Uodk. *. z[U Zo\WbdU7 [U Zo\WbdU. +. |db d\ sUpWb
[UpU Zo\Wb[]F 0. u sUp Vg i_Xa[X iU_bd]`\7 \ZWX dkndU. 1. |d7 hUYsUndU7 YbVgW ZhU\
UV\bdX\. 4. fUn\[\ UZ[b[]Zc7 \ZWX ^U[X[\. 5. rg sUpWX Vg i_Xd\Z[X edXpk hUh_\sc.
9. rbs UVcYb[\W]dU dkndU iUa[X db hgZ[bhek. ;. |d7 h\_Uc[dU7 Z\ajbZ [bs. 1<.
q\i_\s\ddU dkndU i_UjX[b[] [k edXpk. 11. rbs i_Xd\Z[X \\ jbv. 1*. [_bl d\
oUWn\d i_\hg`b[] *< oUWWb_Uh. 1+. u dX Yb j[U d\ Z[bdk [UpU o\Wb[]. 10. rbs ZW\ok\[
hgiUWdc[] ZhUa oUWp. 11. sk dboU VgWU Vg Vg[] h_bjUs. 14. q\ Zs\a \pU [_Upb[]F
15. Cbe ebe c oUWn\d VgW Vg[] [bs _UhdU h ic[]7 sd\ i_X`WUZ] hYc[] [beZX. 19. TU hZ\a
h\_Uc[dUZ[X UdX d\ i_Xok[. 1;. fUn\[ Vg[]7 [U X i_bhob. *<. q\kn\WX Ud Xs\W [U
51. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. fUn\[ Vg[]7 Udb iU[\_cWb Zksek. *. q\ sUpWX Vg hg ZebYb[] sd\7 eU[U_ga jbZF +.
weUW]eU \a7 iUHhb`\sk7 W\[. 0. o\Z] ek_X[] d\ _bY_\`b\[Zc. 1. fd\ i_X^UoX[Zc
hZ[bhb[] Uj\d] _bdU. 4. rg sUpWX Vg i_\oWUnX[] ZhUv iUsU]7 eUpob Ud iUibW h V\ok.
5. fg oUWndg iUojXdc[]Zc YbeUdbs. 9. Cg Yb [U YbiWb[X`]. ;. u Z VUW]`Xs
koUhUW]Z[hX\s UZ[bWZc Vg oUsb. 1<. q\ ^U[X[\ [UpU o\Wb[] L d\ dkndU. 11. tbe [g
Zs\\`] pUhU_X[] [beX\ h\X. 1*. r_co WX hg \pU Ydb\[\. 1+. rbs ZW\oUhbWU VgWU Ydb[]
[U. 10. [U hbs oUWndU iUoUa[X. 11. fd\ iUoUnob[] [\Vc. 14. |d7 oUWndU Vg[]7
oUikZ[XW U`XVek. 15. sk dXebe d\ sUn\[ Vg[] VUW]`\ ZU_Ueb. 19. fUn\[ Vg[]7 Ud X
Zo\WbW [U7 dXe[U d\ Ydb\[. 1;. |d7 sUn\[ Vg[]7 YbVWkoXWZc. *<. |d pU[Uh VgW YbiWbeb[]
U[ Z[gob.
1. Write conditional sentences using the gi%en fact in your conditional clause and adding a
suitable co)pletion.
1. &t looks as i6 those shoes in the window are my siKe. *. on,t drop that :aseF +. &t looks like
bein' 6ine tomorrow. 0. #y 6ather has su''ested that & chan'e my @ob. 1. &t seems that we,ll be
late 6or the theatre. 4. on,t lose my library bookF 5. /ou may meet some 6riends o6 mine in
Aondon. 9. )e expects to pass his exam. ;. & anticipate 'ettin' a rise in salary next year.
2. 2efer the following sentences of real condition to the future and change the %erb for)/
1. /ou do not see the s?uare i6 you look out o6 the window *. Eric comes to school by bus i6 he
is late. +. 3e see old thin's i6 the history museum is open 0. &6 Al6 can repair his bicycle7 he
'oes cyclin'. 1. &rene does not 'o to the theatre i6 she cannot 'et a ticket.
3. *se the correct %erb for) instead of the infiniti%e in brackets in the following sentences of
real condition/
A. 1. &6 the weather Jto be" 6ine next weekend7 we Jto 'o" tc the country. *. & always Jto help" you
this year i6 you Jto need" help. +. & Jto help" you tomorrow i6 you still Jto need" help 0. li my
parents Jnot to work" on Saturday7 we all Jto 'o" skiin' 1. =ranny sometimes Jnot to hear" i6 little
Eddie Jto call" her.
%. 1. #other Jto be" :ery tired tomorrow7 she Jto 'o" home by tram. *. & Jto be" always at home
i6 you Jto rin'" me up this summer. +. &6 -ather Jto lea:e" 6or the south7 #other Jto start"
preparations 0. The children Jto wear" shorts in summer i6 it Jto be" hot.. 1. &6 the days Jto be"
sunny in sprin'7 we Jto work" in the 'arden.
4. (o)plete the following sentences.
1. ad7 i6 you carry on like this7 &,ll ...*. 3e can 'o out 6or dinner i6 ... +. &6 you help me a bit7 ...
0. The house will soon be :ery dirty7 i6 ... 1. &6 you drop out o6 school7 #ar:in ... 4. /ou,ll 'et
into a 'ood colle'e7 i6 ... 5. /ou,ll soon be in trouble i6 ... 9. 3hy don,t you :isit #om i6 ...
5. 2ewrite the sentences using if.
1. =i:e him a little encoura'ement and he,ll work really hard. *. Take a pill and you won,t be
seasick. +. $emember your wi6e,s birthday or she,ll be upset. 0. Send her some roses and
she,ll 6or'i:e you. 1. Put on some suntan oil or you,ll 'et sunburnt. 4. Tell me the truth at once
or &,ll ne:er trust you a'ain. 5. (ust say you are sorry and we can 6or'et the whole incident.
9. %e 6irm with the children or they,ll misbeha:e. ;. Practise speakin' En'lish re'ularly or
you,ll ne:er become really 6luent.
6. (o)plete the sentences )aking the) conditional.
1. 3e,ll @ust mana'e to catch the train i6 ...*. &6 & see him a'ain & ... + & will accept your
explanation only i6 ... 0. &6 my bank mana'er lends me the money.... 1. 3hat will happen i6 ....
4. &6 you don,t hear 6rom me by next -riday ... 5. &6 your work continues to impro:e ... 9. ... only
i6 you promise not to tell anyone else. ;. Aook up the answer in the key only i6 ... 1<. 3hat will
he say i6 .... 11. &6 the worst should come to the worst... 1*. =i:e me time and ...
7. Put the %erbs into the correct tenses.
1. &6 & see him & J'i:e" him a li6t. *. The table will collapse i6 you Jstand" on it. +. &6 he Jeat" all
that he will be ill. 0. &6 & 6ind your passport & Jtelephone" you at once. 1. The police Jarrest" him i6
they catch him. 4. &6 he Jread" in bad li'ht he will ruin his eyes. 5. Someone Jsteal" your car i6
you lea:e it unlocked. 9. 3hat will happen i6 my parachute Jnot open". ;. &6 he Jwash" my car
&,ll 'i:e him I1<. 1<. &6 she Jneed" a radio she can borrow mine. 11. &6 you Jnot 'o" away &,ll
send 6or the police. 1*. &,ll be :ery an'ry i6 he Jmake" any more mistakes. 1+. &6 he Jbe" late
we,ll 'o without him. 10. She will be absolutely 6urious i6 she Jhear" about this. 11. &6 you put on
the kettle & Jmake" the tea. 14. &6 you 'i:e my do' a bone he Jbury" it at once. 15. &6 we lea:e
the car here it Jnot be" in anybody,s way. 19. )e,ll be late 6or the train i6 he Jnot start" at once.
1;. &6 you come late they Jnot let" you in. *<. &6 he J'o" on tellin' lies nobody will belie:e a word
he says. *1. Unless he Jsell" more he won,t 'et much commission. **. &6 & lend you I1< when
you Jrepay" me. *+. 3e,ll ha:e to mo:e upstairs i6 the ri:er Jrise" any hi'her. *0. &6 he Jwork"
hard today can he ha:e a holiday tomorrow. *1. &ce Jturn" to water i6 you heat it. *4. &6 the
house Jburn" down we can claim compensation. *5. &6 you Jnot like" this one &,ll brin' you
another. *9. Unless you are more care6ul you Jha:e" an accident. *;. Tell him to rin' me up i6
you Jsee" him. +<. &6 & tell you a secret7 you Jpromise" not to tell it to anyone else. +1. &6 you
Jnot belie:e" what & say7 ask your mother. +*. &6 he Jlike" the house will he buy it. ++. &6 you will
kindly sit down & Jmake" en?uiries 6or you. +0. Unless & ha:e a ?uiet room & Jnot be able" to do
any work +1. She won,t open the door unless she Jknow" who it is +4. Should you re?uire
anythin' else please Jrin'" the bell 6or the attendant.
. put the %erbs in brackets into the correct for).
1. &,ll look 6or your notebook and i6 & J6ind" it & J'i:e" you a rin'. *. &6 you Jsmoke" in a nonH
smokin' compartment the other passen'ers Job@ect". +. &,ll wash the 'lasses in this nice hot
water. !o7 don,t. &6 you Jput" them into :ery hot water they Jcrack". 0. &6 you Jsee" Tom tell him &
ha:e a messa'e 6or him. 1. &6 he Jwin" he J'et" I17<<<G i6 he Jcome" in second he J'et" I1<<.
4. &6 you J6eel" too hot durin' the ni'ht turn down the central heatin'. 5. Tom: (ack is a
translatorG he translates 17<<< words a day and 'ets I1<< a week7 which he says isn,t enou'h
to li:e on. %ill: 3ell7 i6 he Jwant" more money he Jha:e" to do more work. Ad:ise him to translate
*7<<< words a day. 9. &6 you J6inish" with your dictionary &,d like to borrow it. ;. (ack Jin canoe":
3atch meF &,m 'oin' to stand upF Tom Jon the bank": )e,s an idiotF &6 he Jstand" up in the canoe
it JcapsiKe". 1<. The li6t wasn,t workin' when & was here last. &6 it still Jnot work" we Jha:e" to use
the stairs. 11. & shan,t wake i6 the alarm clock Jnot 'o" o66. 1*. & shan,t wake unless & Jhear" the
alarm. 1+. &6 you,d like some ice & J'et" some 6rom the 6rid'e. 10. )e,s only sixteen but he
wants to lea:e school at the end o6 the term. &6 he Jlea:e" now he Jbe" sorry a6terwards. 11. &
expect it will 6reeKe toni'ht. { it J6reeKe" toni'ht the roads Jbe" :ery slippery tomorrow.
14. That book is o:erdue. &6 you Jnot take" it back to the library tomorrow you Jha:e" to pay a
6ine. 15. Unless Tom Jtake" his library book back tomorrow he Jha:e" to pay a 6ine.
19. /ou,d better take the day o66 i6 you Jnot 6eel" well tomorrow. 1;. &6 a dri:er Jbrake" suddenly
on a wet road he Jskid". *<. &6 you Jlike" & J'et" you a @ob in this company. *1. &6 you Jlike" a @ob
in this company7 &,ll 'et you one. **. #y do' ne:er starts a 6li'ht. )e ne:er 'rowls unless the
Qther do' J'rowl" 6irst. *+. /ou can use my phone i6 yours Jnot work". *0. &6 you Jnot know" the
meanin' o6 a word you may as

a dictionary. *1. &6 (ack Jre6use" to help we,ll ha:e to mana'e
without him *4. &6 (ack Jnot help" we,ll ha:e to mana'e without him. *5. JTom is puttin' his coat
on." Ann: &6 you J'o" out would you buy me some ci'arettes. *9. )enry can,t count. 3hy you
Jemploy" him as a cashier i6 he can,t count. *;. The police will test the kni6e 6or 6in'erprints. &6
your 6in'erprints are on it you Jbe" char'ed with murder. +<. Tom: & hate my @ob. Peter: &6 you
Jhate" it why you Jnot chan'e" it. +1. /ou can ask 6or a continental break6ast i6 you Jnot want" a
6ull break6ast. +*. &6 you Jhear" 6rom Tom could you please let me know. ++. 8aller: 8ould &
speak to #r (ones7 please. Secretary: &6 you,d wait a moment & Jsee" i6 he,s in. +0. &,m not
expectin' any messa'es7 but i6 someone Jrin'" while & am out could you say that &,ll be back by
4.<<. +1. J!otice in a box o6 chocolates": E:ery care has been taken with preparation
and packin'7 but i6 these chocolates Jreach" you in a dama'ed condition please return
them to us and we will send you another box. +4. &6 you Jcare" to see some o6 his drawin's &
Jsend" them round to your o66ice.
!. Part 7. Drill/ reply to the following sentences as shown in the e"a)ple/
&6 Tom meets us at the station we,ll be all ri'ht. %ut what,ll we do i6 he doesn,t meet us.
1. &6 he pays me toni'ht &,ll ha:e enou'h money 6or the tickets. *. &6 & 'et a work permit &,ll stay
6or another six months. +. &6 & pass this exam &,ll 'o to the uni:ersity next Ectober.0. &6 he
a'rees to let me 'o on workin' a6ter marria'e &,, marry him JUse re6use". 1. &,m 'oin' to say to
the boss7 2& can,t work with Smith Either & 'o or he 'oes. /ou,ll ha:e to choose between us.2
4. &6 & can 6ind a cheap room &,ll stay a 6ortni'ht. 5. /our parachute should open a6ter ten
seconds. 9. Pro:ided you remember the password you,ll be in no dan'er. JUse 6or'et."
;. Tell the police the truth. &,m sure they,ll belie:e you. 1<. &6 the baby is a 'irl we,re 'oin' to call
her Ann. 11. &6 we 'et a li6t we,ll be in time. 1*. &6 Aondon airport is clear o6 6o' we,ll land there.
1+. &6 Tom helps us the @ob will only take hal6 an hour. 10. & ha:en,t 'ot a key but (ack will let
us in i6 he is at home. 11. &6 the ice is thick enou'h we,ll be able to walk across the ri:er.
14. The sands are ?uite sa6e as lon' as you don,t walk on them when the tide is comin' in.
15. &6 it,s 6ine tomorrow we,ll 'o 6or a walk. 19. ri:er Jha:in' @ust chan'ed a wheel": 3e,ll be all
ri'ht pro:ided we don,t ha:e another puncture.
Part I. 2ewrite the following sentences replacing would like by like and )aking any necessary
&6 you,d like to wait you can wait here.DD you like you. can wait here or or
/ou can wait here i6 you like.
1. &6 you,d like a copy o6 the book & can 'et you one. JDD you like &..." *. &6 you,d like me to ask i6
there are any :acancies & will. J&6 you like &,ll ..." +. &6 you,d like to see the photo'raphs &,ll brin'
them round toni'ht. 0. &6 you,d like me to 'i:e you a hand & will. 1. &6 you,d like to watch the
procession 6rom my balcony you can. 4. &6 you,d like to see Aondon 6rom the air &,ll arran'e a
helicopter trip 6or you. 5. /ou knitted a :ery nice sweater 6or Tom. /es7 i6 you,d like me to knit
you one & will. 9. &6 you,d like to borrow my car you can. ;. &,ll come back and 6inish it tomorrow
i6 you,d like me to. 1<. &6 you,d like Ann to type it a'ain &,ll ask her to. 11. &6 you,d like an
application 6orm &,ll 'et you one. 1*. &6 you,d like me to 'o with you & will. 1+. &,ll paint the 6ront
door blue i6 you,d like that. 10. &6 you,d like to lea:e the washin'Hup till tomorrow you can 11. &6
you,d like to postpone the trip till next week we,ll do that. 14. &6 you,d like me to ask him to our
next party & will. 15. &6 you,d like to meet the President & will arran'e it. 19. &6 you,d like to 'o
sailin' tomorrow we will.
1". Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct for). (onditional sentences/ &ype I.
1. E6 course &,m not 'oin' to 'i:e her a diamond rin'. &6 & J'i:e" her a diamond rin' she Jsell" it.
*. Tom: & woke up to 6ind the room 6ull o6 smokeG but & knew exactly what to do. Ann: &6 & Jwake"
up to 6ind the room 6ull o6 smoke & Jha:e" no idea what to do. +. Ann: & couldn,t li:e without Tom.
&6 he J'o" o66 with another 'irl & Jpine" away and die. %ut & ha:e complete con6idence in Tom. 0.
)usband: %ut &,m not 'oin' on a diet. 3hy should & 'o on a diet.
3i6e: &6 you J'o" on a diet you Jlose" wei'ht. 1. &6 someone Jsay"7 2&,ll 'i:e you I1<< to 'o into
court and swear that this statement is true72 what you Jdo". 4. &6 we Jwork" all ni'ht we J6inish"
in timeG but we ha:e no intention o6 workin' all ni'ht. 5. /ou must ne:er blow out a 'as li'ht. o
you know what Jhappen" i6 you Jblow" out a 'as li'ht. 9. &6 & Jsee" a ti'er across )yde Park &
Jclimb" a tree. That Jnot be" any use. The ti'er Jclimb" a6ter you. ;. &6 & Jcome" across two men
6i'htin' with kni:es & Jcall" the police. %ut this a :ery peace6ul area. 1<. Ann: All your clothes
are years out o6 date. 3hy don,t you throw them away. #ary: on,t be ridiculousF &6 & Jthrow" my
clothes away & Jha:e" to ask my husband 6or I17<<< to buy new ones. 11. Ann: &6 you Jask" him
6or I17<<< what he Jsay". 1*. #ary: )e Jbe" too horri6ied to speak at 6irst. %ut when he,d
reco:ered 6rom the shock7 he probably Jstart" talkin' about a di:orce. 1+. &6 someone Jrin'" my
door at + a.m. & Jbe" :ery unwillin' to open the door. 10. &6 & Jsee" a python in Piccadilly &
Jassume" it had escaped 6rom a circus. 11. Tom: The plane was on 6ire so we baled out.
Ann: & don,t think & Jha:e" the ner:e to do that e:en i6 the plane Jbe" on 6ire. 14. 3e train the
children to 6ile out o6 the classroom ?uietly7 because i6 a whole class Jrush" at the door someone
J'et" hurt. 15. 3hy don,t you buy a season ticket. %ecause & lose e:erythin'. &6 & Jbuy" a
season ticket & Jlose" it. 19. 3hy don,t you brin' your car to work. &6 & Jha:e" a car & Jbrin'" it to
work. 1;. (ack: They 'et I11< a week. Tom: They can,t 'et I11< a week. &6 they Jdo" they Jnot
be" strikin' 6or I1*<. *<. Ann: =eor'e is 6ourteen. Tom: )e must be older than that. )e,s in a
6ullHtime @ob. &6 he Jbe" only 6ourteen he still Jbe" at school. *1. )e is stayin' at the Sa:oy in
Aondon. &s he :ery rich. & suppose he is. &6 he Jbe" a poor man he Jnot stay" at the Sa:oy.
**. &6 & Jha:e" heaps o6 money & Jdrink" champa'ne with e:ery meal. *+. &6 you Jdrink"
champa'ne with e:ery meal you soon J'et" tired o6 it. *0. Prime #inister on 'ol6 course: &,m
not at all worried about the situation. &6 & Jbe" worried & not Jplay" 'ol6 at this moment. *1. %ut &
don,t want to buy an elephantF & know that. %ut where you J'o" i6 you Jdo" want to buy one.
*4. 3hy don,t you 'et a cat. &6 you Jkeep" a cat the mice Jnot run" about e:erywhere. *5.
3hat time o6 year do you think it is in the picture. Summer. !o7 it must be winter. &6 it Jbe"
summer the people Jnot sit" round that bi' 6ire. *9. Tom: Eh yes7 & heard the phone rin'in'.
Peter: 3ell7 i6 you Jhear" the phone rin'in' why you Jnot answer" it. J%e care6ulG this is not a
true conditional sentence. *;. /our notes are almost ille'ible. 3hy don,t you type them.
&6 you Jtype" them they Jbe" a lot easier to read. +<. &6 only we Jha:e" a li'htF &t,s depressin'
waitin' in darknessF +1. A uni:ersity de'ree is a use6ul thin'. &6 & Jha:e" a uni:ersity de'ree &
now Jsit" in a com6ortable o66ice instead o6 standin' at a street corner sellin' newspapers.
+*. & Jbe" :ery 'rate6ul i6 you kindly Jsi'n" this document and let me ha:e it back as soon as
possible. ++. &6 the earth suddenly Jstop" spinnin' we all J6ly" o66 it. +0. 3hy you are so late.
3e 'ot stuck in a snowdri6tF Auckily a lorryHdri:er saw us and towed us out. %ut 6or him we still
Jbe" thereF +1. 3e didn,t exactly break down. 3e had a puncture. %ut i6 it Jbe" only a
puncture why you Jnot chan'e" the wheel and come on. JSee *9 abo:e." +4. & ha:e no
particular desire to win the -ootball Pools &6 & Jwin" an enormous sum e:erybody Jwrite" to
me askin' 6or money.
11. 2ewrite these sentences, using an if construction.
)e smokes too muchG perhaps that,s why he can,t 'et rid o6
his cou'h. i6 he didn,t smoke so much he mi'ht 'et rid o6 his cou'h or i6 he smoked less he
mi'ht Jbe able to" 'et rid o6 his cou'h.
1. She is :ery shyG that,s why she doesn,t en@oy parties *. )e doesn,t take any exerciseG that,s
why he is so unhealthy. +. & ha:en,t the ri'ht chan'e so we can,t 'et tickets 6rom the machine.
0. They speak -rench to her7 not En'lish7 so her En'lihs2 doesn,t impro:e. 1. )e doesn,t work
o:ertime7 so he doesn,t earn as much as & do. 4. #y number isn,t in the directory so people
don,t rin' me up 5. The police are not armed so we don,t ha:e 'un battles in the streets. '. The
shops don,t deli:er now7 which makes li6e di66icult. ;. )e,s :ery thinG perhaps that,s why he 6eels
the cold so much. 1<. 3e ha:en,t any matches so we can,t li'ht a 6ire. 11. &t,s a pity we ha:en,t
a steak to cook o:er our camp 6ire. 1*. &,m 6atG that,s why & can,t 'et throu'h the bathroom
window. 1+. )e doesn,t help me7 possibly because & ne:er ask him 6or helpH 10. & can,t dri:e so
we can,t take the car. 11. 3e ha:e no ladder so we can,t 'et o:er the wall. 14. #y 6riend
ad:ised me to sell it. J#y 6riend said7 2&6 & ... you & " 15. & ha:en,t much time so & read :ery
little. 19. They don,t clean the windows so the rooms look rather dark. 1;. )e ne:er polishes his
shoes7 so he ne:er looks smart. *<. )e doesn,t pay his sta66 properlyG perhaps that,s why they
don,t work well. *1. 3e ha:en,t 'ot central heatin'7 so the house is rather cold. **. & ha:e no
do'7 so & don,t like bein' alone in the house at ni'ht. *+. )e spends hours watchin' tele:isionG
that,s why he ne:er has time to do odd @obs in the house. *0. & ha:en,t 'ot a :acuum cleanerG
that,s why &,m so slow. *1. & don,t know his address7 so & can,t write to him. *4. )e ne:er
sha:esG that,s the only reason he looks unattracti:e. *5. /ou work too 6astG that,s why you make
so many mistakes. *9. & can,t park near my o66iceG that,s why & don,t come by car. *;. & li:e a
lon' way 6rom the centreG that,s why & am always late 6or work. +<. & ha:en,t a map so & can,t
direct you. +1. People dri:e :ery 6ast. That,s why there are so many accidents. +*. En'lish
people speak :ery ?uickly. Perhaps that,s why & can,t understand them. ++. #y house is
'uarded by two Alsatian do's. That,s the only reason it isn,t broken into e:ery ni'ht. +0. The
6lats are not clearly numbered7 so it is :ery di66icult to 6ind anyone. +1. /ou don,t wipe your 6eet7
so you make muddy marks all o:er the 6loor. +4. & li:e near my o66ice7 so & don,t spend much
time tra:ellin' to work.
12. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tenses. (onditional sentences/ &ype I.
1. &6 & had a typewriter & Jtype" it mysel6. *. &6 & Jknow" his address &,d 'i:e it to you. +. )e Jlook"
a lot better i6 he sha:ed more o6ten. 0. &6 you Jplay" 6or lower stakes you wouldn,t lose so much.
1. &6 he worked more slowly he Jnot make" so many mistakes. 4. & shouldn,t drink that wine i6 &
Jbe" you. 5. #ore tourists would come to this country i6 it Jha:e" a better climate. 9. &6 & were
sent to prison you J:isit" me. ;. &6 someone J'i:e" you a helicopter what would you do with it.
1<. & Jbuy" shares in that company i6 & had some money. 11. &6 he Jclean" his windscreen he,d
be able to see where he was 'oin'. 1*. &6 you dro:e your car into the ri:er you Jbe able" to 'et
out. 1+. &6 you Jnot belon'" to a union you couldn,t 'et a @ob. 10. &6 & Jwin" a bi' priKe in a lottery
&,d 'i:e up my @ob. 11. 3hat you Jdo" i6 you 6ound a bur'lar in your house. 14. & could tell you
what this means i6 & Jknow" =reek. 15. &6 e:erybody J'i:e" 6 1 we would ha:e enou'h.
19. )e mi'ht 'et 6at i6 he Jstop" smokin'. 1;. &6 he knew that it was dan'erous he Jnot come".
*<. &6 you Jsee" someone drownin' what would you do. *1. & Jbe" ruined i6 & bou'ht her
e:erythin' she asked 6or. **. &6 you slept under a mos?uito net you Jnot be" bitten so . o6ten.
*+. & could 'et a @ob easily i6 J& ha:e" a de'ree. *0. &6 she Jdo" her hair di66erently she mi'ht look
?uite nice. *1. &6 we had more rain our crops J'row" 6aster. *4. The whole machine would 6all to
pieces i6 you Jremo:e" that screw. *5. & Jkeep" a horse i6 & could a66ord it. *9. &,d 'o and see him
more o6ten i6 he Jli:e" on a bus route. *;. &6 they Jban" the sale o6 alcohol at 6ootball matches
there mi'ht be less :iolence. +<. & Jo66er" to help i6 & thou'ht &,d be any use. +1. 3hat would
you do i6 the li6t J'et" stuck between two 6loors. +*. &6 you Jpaint" the walls white the room would
be much bri'hter. ++. &6 you Jchan'e" your @ob would it a66ect your pension. +0. &6 you knew
you had only six weeks to li:e how you Jspend" those six weeks. +1. /ou wouldn,t ha:e so
much trouble with your car i6 you Jha:e" it ser:iced re'ularly. +4. &,d climb o:er the wall i6 there
Jnot be" so much broken 'lass on top o6 it.
13. (hange the following sentences of real condition into sentences of unreal condition. I shall
take a bus if I a) in a hurry. I should take a bus if I were in a hurry.
A. 1. &6 the storm is o:er7 we shall ha:e a pleasant walk. *. &6 it 'rows cold7 they start heatin' the
rooms. +. )e will let me know i6 he 'oes to #oscow 0. )arold will be late i6 he walks so slowly.
1. The do' will catch the stick i6 it is thrown into the ri:er.
%. 1. &6 it snows7 the streets will be cleared o6 snow. *. &6 the weather keeps dry7 we ha:e to
water the 6lowers. +. 3e shall not see anythin' i6 the ni'ht is :ery dark 0. The child was not able
to sleep i6 he had a hi'h temperature. 1. The room will look warmer i6 the walls are painted
yellow. 4. The dust and noise o6 the street will not reach us i6 the trees 'row bi''er.
14. Supply the correct for) of the )issing %erbs.
1. &6 she ... Jbe" here now7 she ... J'i:e" us some ad:ice. *. &6 he ... J6ail" in his present @ob7 he ...
Jthink" about another career. +. &6 you ... Jcan play" a musical instrument7 you ... Jhelp" with the
school orchestra. 0. &t they ... Jha:e" the ri'ht ?uali6ications7 they ... Jbe able to" apply 6or better
@obs. 1. &6 she ... Jcan ha:e" some lessons7 she ... Jimpro:e" her per6ormance. 4. &6 we ... Jrun"
our own business7 we ... Jbe" more independent. 5. &6 (ohn ... J'o" to his home town7 he ...
J:isit" his mother. 9. &6 Susan ... Jborrow" your book7 she ... Jreturn" it. ;. &6 -rank ... Jwant"
ad:ice7 he ... Jask" his bank mana'er.
15. Put in &ype I conditionals throughout.
A/&!= &! T)E SU!
Two tramps7 Eu'ene and Ser'io7 were lyin' in the sun.
E.: 3hat JweDdoin'" ...7 i6 the sun Jnot shinin'" ....
S.: 3ell7 JweDnot be" ... lyin' here 6or a start. %ut that,s not the important ?uestion. The important
?uestion is: 3hat JweDdo" ... i6 JweDbe" ... rich.
E. &6 JweDbe" ... rich7 we JcanDtra:el" e:erywhere.
S. True7 but we tra:el e:erywhere already.
E. /es7 but not in style. &6 JweDha:e" ... money7 our chau66eur7 (ames7 JcanDdri:e" ... us round in
our $olls. &ma'ine7 i6 JweDbe" ... in that positionF J3e Dreturn" ... to our 6ine mansion in the
S.: /es7 the butler Jput out" ... 6resh clothes 6or us7 the cook Jprepare" ... a 6ine meal 6or us.
3e ... not @ust be eatin' carrots all the time.
E.: /es. &6 JweDown" ... a house like that7 JweDalso ha:e" ... a 6ine swimmin'Hpool.
S.: /esF /esF &6 JweDha:e" ... a 6ine swimmin'Hpool7 Jwe canDswim" ... as much as we liked.
E.: &6 JweDbe" ... really really rich7 Jwe canDlie" ... in the sunF
S.: %ut we are lyin' in the sunF
16. -ill in the blanks
Paul really wants to 'et a raise. &6 he didn,t want to 'et a raise he wouldn,t work o:ertime e:ery
1. Timmy is a6raid o6 the dark. &6 BBBBBBBB he BBBBBBBBri'ht now. *. !ancy and (ulie want to
win the %oston #arathon. &6 BBBBBBBBB7BBBBBBBBBBBe:ery day be6ore and a6ter work. +.
#ichael,s 6ather is president o6 the company. &6 his 6ather BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB7 #ichael certainly
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB at his boss ri'ht now. 0. Peter wants to be @ust like his bi' brother.
&6BBBBBBB 7 BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB e:ery weekend. 1. #y parents are away this a6ternoon.
&6BBBBBBBBBBBBBB 7 BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB all the ice cream in the re6ri'erator ri'ht
now. 4. & hate bein' the oldest child in my 6amily. &6BBBBBBBBB 7 &BBBBBBBBBBBha:e
toBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBall the time. 5. There,s a police car in 6ront o6 us.
17. What would you do if?
1. &6 & won a 17<<<7<<< ... *. &6 & were an En'lish teacher ... +. &6 & could tra:el anywhere in the
world ... 0. &6 & were President o6 ... 1. &6 & were ... year old a'ain ... 4. &6 & could ha:e any @ob &
wanted7 ... 5. &6 today were the last day o6 my li6e ...
1. Open the brackets.
1. &6 you Jlearn" your words well7 you Jnot ha:e to" be a6raid o6 the :ocabulary test. *. &6 your
brother Jdri:e" more care6ully7 the accident Jnot happen". +. &6 Tina Jcall"7 tell her & Jrin'" her
back later. 0. & think li6e Jbe" :ery borin' i6 we Jha:e" nothin' to do. 1. &6 & Jli:e" in Australia7 &
Jprobably be" a sheep 6armer. 4. The train has le6t. &6 you J'et up" earlier7 we Jnot miss" it.
5. Take my ad:iceF &6 you J'i:e up" smokin'7 you J6eel" a lot better. 9. &6 you Jthink" this exercise
was too di66icult7 you Jha:e to" read the 'rammar rules once more.
1!. Write what you would do or could do.
L i6 you were a kin'D?ueen7 a politician7 a 6amous sportsmanDsportswoman7 an excellent
painter7 (ames %ond7 the head masterDheadmistress o6 your school7 a baker7 a bird ...
L i6 you had a million dollars7 a motorbike7 ma'ic powers7 a time machine.
2". Open the brackets.
1. Sabine: &6 somebody Jsee" us with our dictionary7 they Jcall" us craKy.
*. Scott: & don,t think it Jbe" so nice i6 adults Jbe" at the party.
+. Uwe: 3e Jne:er learn" all these words i6 Sabine Jnot brin'" her dictionary.
0. =illian: &6 a teacher Jtell" me all these En'lish words7 & J6or'et" them at once.
1. 8olin: &6 my 6riend !ick Jknow" about all his7 he Jtake" part in the exchan'e7 too.
21. -inish the sentences.
&6 & could ha:e a dinner with a celebrity ... &6 air tra:el were less expensi:e ... &6 e:eryone in the
world spoke the same lan'ua'e ... &6 countries opened their borders to e:eryone ... &6 & could
take six month,s paid :acation startin' tomorrow7 ...
**. (o)plete the sentences following the pattern of &ype I conditionals.
1. Perhaps he ...7 i6 you spoke to him. *. &6 you chan'ed your @ob you ... +. &6 you went to see a
doctor he ... 0. &6 we bou'ht a house in the country7 we ... 1. &6 they came to see us in Aondon7
we ... 4. &6 you took the shoes back to the shop they ... 5. &6 you read the book a second time
you ...
I8. Write conditional sentences based on the gi%en facts.
1. Since she doesn,t lo:e him7 she won,t marry him. *. Eur teacher explains thin's clearly7 so
we understand his lessons. +. As & ha:e no watch7 & can,t tell you the time. 0. Since & know the
meanin' o6 the word7 & don,t ha:e to look it up. 1. This exercise is easy7 so e:eryone will 'et the
correct answers.
24. (o)plete the sentences following one of the pattern for conditionals of &ype I.
1. 3hat ... i6 you were in my shoes. *. &6 ...7 & wouldn,t think o6 chan'in' my @ob. +. )ow would
you react i6 .... 0. &6 only you would read more care6ully ... 1. o you think & would be tellin' you
this i6 .... 4. & wouldn,t buy the picture e:en i6 ... 5. E:en i6 he knew the truth what ....
9. &6 only he would admit he was wron' ... . ;. &,d much rather you ... 1<. &t mi'ht only add to
our di66iculties i6 ... .
25. Write conditional sentences based on the gi%en fact.
1. )e didn,t 'i:e me his number7 so & couldn,t telephone him. *. As the sun was in the ri'ht
direction7 the photo'raphs came out :ery well. +. The shop didn,t pack the 'oods properly7 so
they 'ot dama'ed. 0. )e didn,t remember what had been said because he wasn,t payin'
attention. 1. )e wasn,t able to answer all the ?uestions7 so he didn,t pass the examination.
26. Write sentences beginning your conditional clause on the gi%en fact and adding a suitable
)ain clause.
1. )e passed his examination. *. 3e didn,t 'et there on time. +. She didn,t read the book.
0. 3e understood what he was sayin'.
27. 2epeat the abo%e sentences basing your )ain clause on the gi%en fact and adding a
suitable conditional clause.
2. -inish the sentences in such a way that it )eans e"actly the sa)e as the one printed
before it.
1. &t,s my opinion that you should take more exercise. &6 & ...*. 3ithout his wi6e,s constant
support he would ne:er achie:ed his ambition. &6 he ... +. %ut 6or his presence o6 mind there
mi'ht ha:e been a serious accident &6 it ... 0. 8onsiderin' all the problems it,s a miracle we
succeeded. &6 one ... 1. 3ithout proper lessons you could pick up a lot o6 bad habits. &6 you ...
4. &t would be a waste o6 e:eryone,s time to discuss the ?uestion any 6urther. &t ... i6 we ...
5. -ollow the instructions care6ully and you won,t ha:e any problems. As lon' as ... 9. -or us to
ha:e 'i:en up at that sta'e would ha:e been an admission o6 total de6eat. &6 we ...
2!. (o)plete the sentences.
1. 3e would ha:e 6lownHto 8ali6ornia ...*. &6 & had read more about the history o6 8ali6ornia ...
+. 3e would ha:e stayed in San -rancisco lon'er ... 0. &6 & had known about the 6amous
hydrant ... 1. 3e would ha:e taken photos o6 all the si'hts ... 4. & wouldn,t ha:e been so tired
when we 'ot to /osemite ... 5. &6 the ad:erts had said somethin' about the noise 6rom tra66ic ...
3". I think ... Practise conditional sentences.
Example: & think #aurin would ha:e been Jbe" upset i6 she hadn,t been allowed to Jnot be
allowed to" 'o to the rock concert.
1. ... Sally Jstay" at home7 too7 i6 #aurin Jnot 'o" to the concert. *.... Aau J6eel" happier i6 more
children in her class Jbe" 6riendly to her. +... Aau,s parents Jchoose" a nicer apartment i6 they
Jha:e" a choice. 0. ... i6 Elliot Jsteal" the car radios7 he Jtell" #ar:in about it. 1. ... Elliot Jbe sent"
to prison i6 #ar:in and -eldman Jnot be able to" help him. 4. ... the 8hie6tains a'ainst St (ohn,s
i6 Tommy Jlisten" to the coach. 5. ... i6 Tommy Jnot be" so proud7 he Japolo'iKe" to #r Aawrence
and the other players on the team.
31. (o)plete the state)ents.
1. Simon scored +< points in the basketball match a'ainst %ad Essen. Simon couldn,t ha:e
scored +< points i6 ... &6 he hadn,t scored +< points7 ... *. Uwe was allowed to take part in a
cookery lesson. Uwe mi'ht not ha:e taken part in a cookery lesson i6 ... &6 he hadn,t been
allowed to take part in a cookery lesson7 ... +. En the coach to Aon'leat #arion remembered
a 6unny story 6rom her En'lish book about an En'lish 6amily,s trip to Aon'leat. She told her
En'lish 6riends the story. #arion wouldn,t ha:e remembered the story i6 ... &6 #arion hadn,t
remembered the story ...
32. (hoose one of the following situations and write down what you would ha%e done.
'"plain why you would ha%e beha%ed in this way.
1. -i6teenHyearHold Sue won two tickets 6or a trip round the world. She 'a:e them to her
'randparents. *. #rs 8orn6ield hit the do' that @umped at her and made her dress dirty.
+. (ohn didn,t take his car to the 'ara'e althou'h he noticed that it used too much petrol.
0. (oe dro:e home alon' a lonely country road last ni'ht. At the side o6 the road somebody was
repairin' his car. (oe didn,t stop7 he dro:e on.
33. (o))ent on the following situations with if.
1. (ohn ate too much birthday cake7 so he was sick. *. The house didn,t burn down because
the 6ire bri'ade came immediately. +. The men were wearin' protecti:e clothin'7 so they were
all ?uite sa6e. 0. & was sweatin' because it was so hot. 1. #y 6ather didn,t earn much money7
so li6e wasn,t easy 6or us. 4. & didn,t en@oy school7 so & didn,t do :ery well.
34. Supply the correct for)s of the )issing %erbs. *se could ha%e or )ight ha%e in the )ain
1. &6 & .................. Jmana'e" to repair my car earlier7 & could ha:e dri:en Jdri:e" you to Aondon.
*. &6 & .................. Jknow" last week that she was ill7 & .................. J:isit" her. +. &6
you ............... Jnot want" to dri:e strai'ht home7 we .................. Jmiss" all this tra66ic. 0. &6
you ................................. Jask" politely7 & .............. ....Jhelp" you. 1. &6 the weather
6orecast ........................ Jbe" di66erent7 we .....................Jstay" at home. 4. 3e .....................
Jbe" at the airport 6or hours7 i6 we ............Jnot know" that the 6li'ht was delayed. 5.
& ..................... Jmake" a bad mistake7 i6 & ........................ Jnot read" the instructions. 9.
3e .....................Jha:e" an accident7 i6 our car.................. Jnot be" properly ser:iced. ;. &6
he ..................... J6asten his seatbelt"7 he ............... Jnot be" hurt. 1<. She ...............Jnot hear"
the news7 i6 she ................Jnot
turn on" the radio this mornin'. 11. &6 they ........................ Jcould see" us7 they ..................
Jlau'h". 1*. &6 you ........................ Jtell" me you needed money7 & ..................Jlend" you some.
1+. & ................... Jsa:e" some 6ood 6or you7 i6 & ..................... Jknow" you were 'oin' to be late.
10. They .................. Jplay" better7 i6 they .................. Jha:e" more trainin'.
35. Put in &ype 8 conditionals throughout.
%ET) $&=)T A! %ET) 3$E!=
The black car screamed round the corner on the wron' side o6 the road and passed a white car
doin' exactly the same thin' in the other direction. %oth dri:ers stopped and 'ot out
o6 their cars. 2&6 & Jbe" ,.................. on my side o6 the road7 you Jkilt"
............... me72 dri:er A
shouted. 2%ut you weren,t on your side o6 the road72 dri:er r shouted back. 2&6 you
............... more care6ully7 you Jnot be" ..............on the wron' side o6 the road.2 2&6 &
....................what was round the corner7 & Jkeep"
.................. to my side <1 the road7 2
dri:er A said. 2&6 you Jknow"
.................. what was round the corner7 you J...not dri:in'"
..................... so carelessly.2 Suddenly7 both men stopped shoutin' and dri:er A said7
:ery ?uietly7 2&6 we both Jnot be"
........................... on the wron' side o6 the road7 we Jbe"
..................... dead now.2 3ithout speakin' a 6urther word7 both men shook hands and dro:e
36. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tenses. (onditional sentences/ &ype 8.
1. &6 & had known that you were in hospital & J:isit" you. *. The 'round was :ery so6t. %ut 6or
that7 my horse Jwin". +. &6 you Jarri:e" ten minutes earlier you would ha:e 'ot a seat. 0. /ou
would ha:e seen my 'arden at its best i6 you Jbe" here last week. 1. %ut 6or his ?uickness & Jbe"
killed. 4. & shouldn,t ha:e belie:ed it i6 & Jnot see" it with my own eyes. 5. &6 he had slipped he
J6all" 1<< metres. 9. &6 he had asked you7 you Jaccept". ;. &6 & Jhad" a map & would ha:e been
all ri'ht. 1<. &6 & Jknow" that you were comin' &,d ha:e baked a cake. 11. & Jo66er" to help him i6 &
had realiKed that he was ill. 1*. &6 you had le6t that wasp alone it Jnot stin'" you. 1+. &6 & JrealiKe"
what a bad dri:er you were & wouldn,t ha:e come with you. 10. &6 & had realiKed that the tra66ic
li'hts were red & Jstop". 11. %ut 6or the 6o' we Jreach" our destination a'es a'o. 14. &6 you had
told me that he ne:er paid his debts & Jnot lend" him the money. 15. &6 you Jnot sneeKe" he
wouldn,t ha:e known that we were there. 19. &6 you Jput" some mustard in the sandwiches they
would ha:e tasted better. 1;. The hens Jnot 'et" into the house i6 you had shut the door. *<. &6
he had known that the ri:er was dan'erous he Jnot try" to swim across it. *1. &6 you Jspeak"
more slowly he mi'ht ha:e understood you. **. &6 he had known the whole story he Jnot be" so
an'ry. *+. & shouldn,t ha:e eaten it i6 & Jknow" that there was 'in'er in it. *0. &6 & Jtry" a'ain &
think that & would ha:e succeeded. *1. /ou Jnot 'et" into trouble i6 you had obeyed my instrucH
tions. *4. &6 you hadn,t been in such a hurry you Jnot put" su'ar into the sauce instead o6 salt.
*5. &6 & Jbe" ready when he called he would ha:e taken me with him. *9. She had a headache7
otherwise she Jcome" with us. *;. &6 she had listened to my directions she Jnot turn" down the
wron' street. +<. &6 you Jlook" at the en'ine 6or a moment you would ha:e seen what was
missin'. +1. $ome Jbe captured" by her enemies i6 the 'eese hadn,t cackled. +*. )e would
ha:e been arrested i6 he Jtry" to lea:e the country. ++. & Jtake" a taxi i6 & had realiKed that it
was such a lon' way. +0. /ou Jsa:e" me a lot o6 trouble i6 you had told me where you were
'oin'. +1. They would ha:e 6orced their way into the house i6 & Jnot call" 6or help. +4. &6 he had
put out his pipe be6ore puttin' it in his pocket he Jnot burn" a hole in his coat.
37. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tenses.
1. &6 he Jnot take" his 'lo:es o66 he Jnot 'et" 6rost bitten. *. She was sent to prison only
because she re6used to pay the 6ineG i6 she Jpay" the 6ine she Jnot be" sent to prison. +. )e
didn,t tell me that he was a :e'etarian till hal6way throu'h the meal. &6 he Jtell" me earlier & Jcook"
him somethin' more suitable. 0. & had no mapG that,s why & 'ot lost. &6 & Jhad" a map & Jbe" all
ri'ht. 1. 3hy didn,t you say that you were short o6 money. &6 & Jknow" & Jlend" you some.
4. &t,s lucky he had his torch with him. &6 he Jnot ha:e" it he J6all" down the cellar steps.
5. The @ob is much worse than & expected. &6 & JrealiKe" how aw6ul it was 'oin' to be & Jnot
accept" it. 9. &t was the dru'7 not the disease7 that killed him. )e would still be ali:e today i6
he Jnot take" that dru'. ;. This room,s 6reeKin' because the 6ire has only @ust been lit. &6 it Jbe
lit" this mornin'7 as & su''ested7 the room would be warm enou'h to sit in now. 1<. & o:ersleptG
that,s why &,m hal6 an hour lateG and i6 my phone Jnot rin'" at nine o,clock & mi'ht still be in bed.
11. &t was rather a dull 'ame so & le6t be6ore the endG i6 & Jwait" another 6i:e minutes & Jsee"
8helsea scorin' a really excitin' 'oal. 1*. The para66in heater was per6ectly sa6e. There Jnot
be" a 6ire i6 the children Jnot knock" it o:er. 1+. &t,s a pity he ne:er patented his in:ention. &6 he
Jpatent" it he Jmake" a lot o6 money. 10. The 6o' came down suddenly and & suppose they didn,t
know which way to turnG i6 only they Jha:e" a map and compass with them they Jnot be"
drowned. 11. )e asked his parents 6or a loan but he didn,t say what he wanted the money 6or7
so they re6used. & think i6 he Jtell" them that he wanted to open a restaurant they Ja'ree".
14. The accident was mainly Tom,s 6ault. )e was dri:in' much too close to the car in 6ront. &6
he Jbe" 6urther away he Jbe able" to stop in time. 15. The launchin' o6 the rocket was delayed
hal6 an hour by bad weather. &6 the weather Jbe" 'ood they Jlaunch" it at 9.+< instead o6 at ;.<<.
19. 3hy did you throw away those newspapers. & hadn,t 6inished with them. &,m sorry. &6 &
Jknow" you were still readin' them & Jnot throw" them away. 1;. &,m sorry you didn,t tell me
that do's were allowed in the hotelG i6 & Jknow" & Jbrin'" my do'. )e Jen@oy" the walk. *<. #ost
people Jattend" the union meetin' i6 they had had lon'er notice o6 it. *1. )e says he re6used the
@ob7 but that this was nothin' to do with the salary. )e Jre6use" e:en i6 they Jo66er" him twice as
much. **. The club secretary is useless. )e ne:er tells anybody anythin'. 3e Jnot know" about
this meetin' i6 the chairman Jnot tell" us. *+. 3hen the director asked her to play the lead she
a'reed thou'h she didn,t know anythin' about the play. & think that i6 she Jread" the play 6irst she
Jre6use" the part. *0. The bur'lar made ?uite a lot o6 noise 'ettin' into the houseG but
6ortunately 6or him the 6amily were watchin' a noisy TN play. &6 they Jplay" cards they certainly
Jhear" him. *1. &6 you had been there what you Jdo". *4. &t rained7 which spoiled our picnicG but
i6 it Jnot rain" it Jbe" a 'reat success. *5. 3hy are you in such a bad temper. %ecause &,:e
been waitin' 6or 0< minutes in an icy wind. &6 you Jwait" 0< minutes in an icy wind you,d be badH
tempered7 too. *9. /ou used wet sticksG that,s why the 6ire took so lon' to li'ht &6 you Juse" dry
sticks it Jli'ht" lon' a'o. *;. & didn,t reco'niKe him at 6irst because he was wearin' dark
'lassesG i6 he Jnot wear" them & Jreco'niKe" him immediately. +<. /ou knew that horse was
'oin' to winF on,t be ridiculousF &6 & Jknow" & Jback" him mysel6. +1. 3hy didn,t you phone
6rom the :illa'e. %ecause there was no phone in the :illa'e. &6 there Jbe" o6 course we
Jphone" 6rom there. +*. 3hen the weather 'ot bad the climbin' party turned back7 all except
Tom and his brothers7 who decided to 'o on. &6 only they Jturn" back with the others they would
be ali:e today. ++. )e was not :ery happy at school because he was a bookish boy7 not at all
interested in 'ames. &6 he Jplay" 'ames like the other boys he Jha:e" a much better time.
+0. 3e had to stand almost all the way. &t was all Tom,s 6ault. &6 he Jbook" seats7 as & told him
to7 we Jha:e" ?uite a com6ortable @ourney. +1. 3e were tra:ellin' with 6alse passports. That
was the trouble. &6 our passports Jbe" all ri'ht we Jnot be" arrested. +4. They :oted by a show o6
hands and decided in 6a:our o6 a strike. %ut it was by a narrow mar'in and & think that i6 they
Jhold" a secret ballot there Jnot be" a strike.
3. 2ewrite these sentences using an if construction.
/ou didn,t tell me we had run out o6 bread7 so & didn,t buy any. &6 you had told me we had run
out o6 bread &,d ha:e bou'ht some.
1. & didn,t see the si'nal7 so & didn,t stop. *. & didn,t know your number7 so & didn,t rin'. +. She
didn,t know you were in hospital7 so she didn,t :isit you. 0. 3e only came by bus because there
were no taxis. 1. She didn,t speak to him7 possibly because she was so shy. 4. Aandlord: She
threatened to set 6ire to her 6latG that,s the only reason & asked her to lea:e. 5. 3e didn,t :isit the
museum because we hadn,t time. 9. & only came up the stairs because the li6t wasn,t workin'.
;. 3e didn,t listen care6ullyG perhaps that,s why we made this mistake. 1<. 3e 'ot a li6t7 so we
reached the station in time. 11. /ou washed it in boilin' waterG that,s why it shrank. 1*. 3e
missed the train because we were usin' an outHo6Hdate timetable. 1+. )is own men deserted
himG that,s the only reason why he 6ailed. 10. They were dri:in' :ery ?uickly. That,s why the
accident was so terrible. 11. &t was rainin'. That,s the only reason & didn,t take the children to
the beach. 14. 3hen & bou'ht this house & didn,t realiKe that in summer planes skimmed the
roo6 e:ery 6i:e minutes. Ji6 & Jknew" ... & Jnot buy" etc." 15. Tom,s 6ather was on the %oard. That,s
the only reason he 'ot the @ob. 19. )e wasn,t lookin' where he was 'oin'. That,s why he was
run o:er. 1;. & don,t like country li6e7 perhaps because & wasn,t brou'ht up in the country.
*<. & didn,t know he was so ?uarrelsome. &,m sorry now that & in:ited him. *1. &t rained all the
time. Perhaps that,s why he didn,t en@oy his :isit. **. & didn,t work hard at school so & didn,t 'et a
'ood @ob when & le6t. *+. They used closedHcircuit tele:ision. That,s howHthey spotted the shopH
li6ter. *0. They asked him to lea:e the dinin'Hroom because he wasn,t wearin' a shirt. *1. &t
took us a lon' time to 6ind his house because the streets were not clearly marked. *4. 3e
didn,t 'o by air only because we hadn,t enou'h money. *5. The bus didn,t stop because you
didn,t put your hand up. *9. )e turned up at the inter:iew lookin' so disreputable and unsha:en
that they didn,t 'i:e him the @ob. *;. & didn,t know how thin the ice was7 so & was walkin' on it
?uite con6idently. +<. The champion didn,t take the 6i'ht seriously at 6irstG perhaps that,s why he
didn,t win it. +1. They 'ot the children back ali:e only because they paid ransom at once. +*.
The examiner read the passa'e :ery ?uickly7 so the candidates didn,t understand it. ++. They
weren,t wearin' li6eH@acketsG perhaps that,s why they were drowned. +0. )e didn,t 'et to the
top o6 his pro6ession7 perhaps because his wi6e didn,t encoura'e him +1. The exit doors were
blocked so people couldn,t escape 6rom the burnin' hall. +4. The astronauts didn,t walk :ery 6ar
on the moon because they were hampered by the thick dust.
3!. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct for)s. (onditional sentences/ )i"ed
1. &,:e hun' out the clothes. &t,s lo:ely and sunnyG i6 it Jstay" like this they Jbe" dry in two hours.
*. -rench is essential in this @ob. All the telephonists speak it. &6 they Jnot know" -rench they
Jnot understand" hal6 the callers. +. )ow did you do in the car rally. 3e came in last actuallyG
but only because we 'ot lost. &6 we Jnot 'ot" lost we Jcome" in somewhere in the middle. 3e
certainly Jnot be" last. 0. & wasn,t really surprised that we 'ot lost because & knew that the
na:i'ator couldn,t mapHread. %ut i6 you Jknow" that why you Jtake" him as na:i'ator. 1. This
6lat would be all ri'ht i6 the people abo:e us Jnot be" so noisy. 4. A 'roup o6 spectators7
includin' mysel67 le6t the stand @ust be6ore the end o6 the 'ame. 3hen we were hal6 way down
the stairs a 'oal was scored and there was a 'reat cheer 6rom the spectators. &6 there Jnot be" a
'oal the crowd Jnot cheer" 5. &6 the crowd Jnot cheer" we Jnot run" back up the stairs to see
what had happened. 9. &6 we Jnot run" back we Jnot crash" into the rest o6 the spectators on
their way down7 and there Jnot be" this 6ri'ht6ul accident. ;. &6 the pain Jreturn" you,d better take
another pill. 1<. &6 you aren,t 'oin' to li:e in the house why you Jnot sell" it. &6 & Jha:e" a house &
couldn,t use & Jsell" it at once. 11. !o7 & didn,t know any $ussian at that time. %ut i6 you Jnot
know" $ussian why you Jo66er" to 'i:e him $ussian lessons. %ecause & knew that he Jre6use".
)e always re@ected my o66ers. 1*. Tell him to brin' his bicycle inside. &6 he Jlea:e" it outside
someone Jsteal" it. 1+. 3hy do people always wear dark clothes at ni'ht. &6 pedestrians Jwear"
li'ht coloured clothes dri:ers Jsee" them much more easily. 10. She must ha:e lo:ed him :ery
much because she waited 6or him 6or 6i6teen years. &6 she Jnot lo:e" him she Jnot wait" so lon'.
11. )e looked so small and weak that nobody asked him to do anythin'. &6 he Jlook" stron' he
Jbe" expected to di' all day like e:eryone else. 14. The 'o:ernment are talkin' o6 pullin' the
:illa'e down to make room 6or an airport. &6 they Jstart" doin' it the :illa'e people Jresist".
15. &6 you are catchin' an early train tomorrow you Jlike" to ha:e break6ast at 5.<<. 19. 3e,ll
ha:e to break the ice on the pondG otherwise the ducks Jnot be able" to swim. And i6 they Jnot be
able" to swim they Jnot be able" to 'et 6ood. JUse canDcould 6orms where possible." 1;.
3hen he le6t school he became a 6isherman. )is 6amily didn,t like it at all. They Jbe" much
happier i6 he Jbecome" a 'reen'rocer like his 6ather. *<. They still say that i6 he J'o" into the
'reen 'rocery business when he le6t school he Jbe" com6ortably o66 now instead o6 bein' poor.
*1. %ut he says that i6 he Jha:e" his li6e a'ain he Jmake" the same choice. **. So many
parcels and no basketsF &6 & Jknow" that we were 'oin' to buy so much & Jbrin'" a basket.
*+. !o one bathes here. The water is hea:ily polluted. &6 you Jbathe" in it you Jbe" ill 6or a
6ortni'ht. *0. & can hear the speaker all ri'ht but & wish & could see him too. &6 he Jstand" on a
barrel we all Jsee" him and that Jbe" much better. *1. Aook at poor Tom tryin' to start his car by
hand a'ainF &6 & Jbe" Tom & J'et" a new battery. *4. & expect you,ll see (ack at the lecture toni'ht.
&6 you Jdo" you please Jremind" him about tomorrow,s meetin'. *5. The headmaster decided
that Peter was the culprit and expelled him 6rom the school. A more intelli'ent man JrealiKe" that
Peter couldn,t ha:e been 'uilty. Ji6 the headmaster had been more intelli'ent he ..." *9. %ut &
blame the real culprit e:en more. &6 he Jadmit" his 'uilt Peter Jnot be" expelled. *;. The only
thin' & ha:en,t 'ot is a balcony. &6 & Jha:e" a balcony & J'row" plants in pots. Then my 6lat Jbe"
per6ectF +<. (ack ran' while you were out. Eh dearF &6 & Jknow" he was 'oin' to rin' & Jstay" at
home. +1. #y unmarried 6riends are always tellin' me how to brin' up my children. & sometimes
think that i6 they Jha:e" children they Jmake" @ust as many mistakes as & do. +*. JAt a cinema"
Ann: on,t worry. They 'et married in the end. #ary: Then you,:e seen it be6oreF &6 you Jtell" me
that we J'o" to somethin' elseF ++. %e care6ul about the time. &6 you Jspend" too lon' on the 6irst
?uestion you Jnot ha:e" enou'h time to do the others properly. +0. 3e had a lot o6 trouble
puttin' the tent up. &6 it Jnot be" so windy perhaps it Jnot be" ?uite so di66icult. +1. Ann Jsittin'
beside her open 6ire": & lo:e open 6iresG i6 & Jha:e" nothin' but a radiator to sit beside & J'et" ?uite
depressed. +4. Aucy7 a student at a residential colle'e: 8ouldn,t & lea:e the hostel and 'et a 6lat7
mother. #other: !o7 you couldn,t. & know :ery well what Jhappen" i6 you Jha:e" a 6lat. /ou Jplay"
the 'uitar all ni'ht and Jmiss" your classes in the mornin'G then you J6ail" your exams and Jha:e"
to repeat the year. And you Jnot 6eed" yoursel6 properly and J'et" run down. And then you
Jcatch" some in6ection and Jdie" o6 it7 and we Jha:e" to lea:e this district as the nei'hbours
Jkeep" sayin' that we had caused your death by lettin' you ha:e your own wayF
4". -inish the following sentences.
1. &6 you had a carpet on the stairs ... *. &6 you should see a snake ... . +. &6 & li:ed in the
country ... . 0. &6 you want to 'et to the station in time to catch the 9.1< train ... . 1. )e was
sleepwalkin'. 3hen & saw him 'oin' towa6ds the window & stopped him. &6 & hadn,t stopped
him ... . 4. She is simply terri6ied o6 rats. &6 she hears the rats runnin' round your attics she ... .
5. The milk wouldn,t ha:e turned sour i6 ... . 9. They were completely lost and didn,t know
which way to turnG but 6or the do' ... . ;. &6 you took a course in computer pro'rammin' ... . 1<.
(ack Jtryin' to phone Peter": & can hear the phone rin'in'. Peter must be out. &6 he were in he ...
. 11. &6 we ha:e another puncture ... . 1*. & could ha:e walked more ?uickly i6 my suitcase ... .
1+. #y room would be all ri'ht i6 it ... . 10. &6 you aren,t 'oin' to use the car tomorrow7 .... 11. &6
you don,t like 6ilms why .... 14. There were plenty o6 6ish in the bayG i6 we,d had 6ishin' lines ....
15. The hi@ackers threatened to kill the pilot unless he ... . 19. 3e,ll test your :oice and i6 it is
'ood enou'h ... . 1;. &6 buses and trains were 6ree ... . *<. &6 children were allowed to do
exactly as they liked in school ... . ,*1. &,d ha:e taken a photo'raph i6 ... . **. /our @ob sounds
aw6ul. &6 & were you ... . *+. &6 you thou'ht he was unreliable why .... *0. &6 &,d known that there
was 'oin' to be an electricity strike & ... . *1. &6 the price o6 petrol 'oes up ... . *4. /ou can
camp in this 6ield pro:ided ... . *5. Unless you isolate people with in6ectious diseases ... . *9.
E:eryone was 'oin' much too 6ast. The pileHup wouldn,t ha:e been nearly so terrible i6 the
dri:ers ... . *;. They would ha:e paid you more i6 ... . +<. &6 you don,t boil water be6ore you
drink it ... . +1. )e expected absolute punctuality. )e was 6urious i6 ... . +*. &6 you li:ed on the
0<th 6loor and there was a power strike ... . ++. 3e could ha:e 'ot seats ... . +0. #other to little
boy: &6 you don,t eat up your nice rice puddin' ... . +1. Tom Jlookin' at his watch": 3e,ll ha:e to
'o without Peter i6 ... . +4. &6 you breathe a word o6 this to anybody ... .
41. Put in the right conditionals.
T)E SE8$ET E- A AE!= A&-E
=ry'ori Pilikian recently celebrated his 110 birthday and reporters :isited him in his mountain
:illa'e in =eor'ia to 6ind out the secret o6 a lon' li6e. 2The secret o6 a lon' li6e72 =ry'ori said7
2is happiness. &6 you Jbe" ,............ happy7 you will li:e a lon' time.2 2Are you married.2 a
reporter asked. 2/es.2 =ry'ori replied. 2& married my third wi6e when & was 1<*. &6 you are
happily married7 you Jli:e"
............... 6or my e:er. %ut 6or my third wi6e7 & Jdie"
............ years
a'o.2 23hat about smokin' and drinkin'.2 a reporter asked. 2/es7 they are important72 =ry'ori
said. 2on,t smoke at all and you J6eel"
............ well. rink two 'lasses o6 wine a day and you
Jbe". 1............... healthy and happy.2 2&6 you JcanDli:e"
............ your li6e a'ain7 what JyouDdo"
................2 a reporter asked. 2& would do what & ha:e done. &6 & had had more sense7 & Jeat"

............ more yo'hourtF2 he chuckled. 2Supposin' you JcanDchan'e"

.................. one thin' in
your li6e what JyouDchan'e"
.............2 another reporter asked 2!ot much72 =ry'ori replied.
2So you don,t ha:e any re'rets.2 2/es7 & ha:e one re'ret72 =ry'ori replied. 2&6 & Jknow"
2.................. & was 'oin' to li:e so lon'7 & Jlook a6ter"
............... mysel6 betterF2
42. (o)plete the sentences.
1. &6 we can a66ord it7 BBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBB on :acation next month. *. &,ll send you a letter
better dri:er. 0. &6 Susan didn,t en@oy music7BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB to concerts
e:ery week. 1. &6 & had studied a little harder7BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBwell
on yesterday,s test. 4. &6 & BBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBB a raise soon7 &,ll complain to my
boss. 5. &6 (anetBBBBBBBBBBBmore patient7 she,d 'et alon' better with her brother. 9. &6 you
stay up too late toni'ht7 BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB'et a 'ood ni'ht,s sleep. ;. #y parents
BBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBB disappointed i6 & 6ail this exam. 1<. &6 you BBBBBBBBBBBBBB the do'
more o6ten7 he wouldn,t be so hun'ry.
43. (o)plete the sentences.
1. Sidney doesn,t ha:e many 6riends because he isn,t out'oin' enou'h. &6 heBBBBBBBBmore
out'oin'7BBBBBBBBBBBBa lot o6 6riends. *. Alan 6eels tired all the time because he works too
+. $ita didn,t en@oy her :acation because the weather wasn,t warm. &6 the
0. (ulia arri:ed :ery late because she missed the bus. &6 sheBBBBBBBBBBBBBBthe bus7
sheBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB so late. 1. &,m :ery 6rustrated because & can,t type 6ast enou'h.
4. &:an made a lot o6 mistakes because he wasn,t payin' attention. &6
mistakes. 5. oris looks :ery con6used because she doesn,t understand today,s 'rammar.
&6 sheBBBBBBBBBBtoday,s 'rammar7 sheBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBso con6used.
44. -ill in the blanks.
1. 3hy didn,t you tell me your parents were comin' to dinner. &6 youBBBBBBBBBBBBBme your
parents were comin' to dinner7 & would ha:eBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsome more 6ood. And i6
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB some more 6ood7 there would ha:e been enou'h 6or e:erybody to eat.
And i6BBBBBBBBBB6or e:erybody to eat7 weBBBBBBBBBBBBB to an expensi:e restaurant.
And i6 we BBBBBBBBBBBBB to an expensi:e restaurant7 we BBBBBBBBBBBBBBso much moneyF
*. 3hy didn,t you tell me our En'lish class was cancelled. &6BBBBBBBBBB our En'lish class was
cancelled7 &BBBBBBBBB to school yesterday a6ternoon. And i6 BBBBBBBBBBB to school yesterday
a6ternoon7 & BBBBBBBB at home when the TN repairman came to pick up the TN. And i6
&BBBBBBBBBBBat home when the TN repairman came to pick up the TN7 heBBBBBBBBable to take
it to his repair shop. And i6 the TN repairman BBBBBBBBBBBBBB able to take the TN to his repair
shop7 &,m sure heBBBBBBBBBBBBB6ixed it. And i6 the TN repairman BBBBBBBBBBBB the TN7 we,d
be watchin' it ri'ht nowF
45. (o)plete the sentences.
A. &,m a6raid your 'randparents didn,t ha:e a :ery 'ood time when they :isited us last weekend.
%. & know7 and & 6eel terrible about it. They didn,t eat anythin' we ser:ed them7 and they were
:ery bored and uncom6ortable in our apartment.
&,m sure my 'randparentsBBBBBBBBBBBBa much better time.
46. (o)plete the sentences.
A: 3hy did you decide to become a musician. %.: 3hen & was :ery youn'7 my parents
took me to concerts e:ery weekend7 my 'randparents bou'ht me a :iolin7 and my mother
'a:e me :iolin lessons. 3hen & was older7 & studied music in hi'h school and colle'e7 and & san'
in the school choir.
&6 my parentsBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBe:ery weekend7
i6 &BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBin hi'h school and colle'e7
47. (o)plete the sentences.
&,m really 'lad & went to the =old Star %usiness School.
&6 BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB to the =old Star %usiness
School7 &BBBBBBBBBBBBBto pro'ram a computer.
&BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBa @ob at the $eliable &nsurance 8ompany.
And i6 &BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB a @ob at the $eliable &nsurance 8ompany7
&BBBBBBBBBBBBBto Aos An'eles on business.
And i6 & BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB to Aos An'eles on business7 &
4. Supply the correct for) of the %erb in parentheses for each of the following sentences.
1. )enry talks to his do' as i6 it ...............Junderstand" him. *. &6 they had le6t the house earlier7
they............JbeG ne'ati:e" so late 'ettin' to the airport that they could not check their ba''a'e.
+. &6 & 6inish the dress be6ore Saturday7 & ............ J'i:e" it to my sister 6or her birthday. 0. &6 & had
seen the mo:ie7 & .................. Jtell" you about it last ni'ht. 1. )ad %ob not inter6ered in his
sister,s marital problems7 there ...............Jbe" peace between them. 4. )e would 'i:e you the
money i6 he .................. Jha:e" it. 5. & wish they .................. Jstop" makin' so much noise so
that & could concentrate. 9. She would call you immediately i6 she ......... Jneed" help. ;. )ad
they arri:ed at the sale early7 they ............ J6ind" a better selection. 1<. 3e hope that
you ............ Jen@oy" the party last ni'ht. 11. &6 you ha:e enou'h time7 please ............ Jpaint" the
chair be6ore you lea:e. 1*. 3e could 'o 6or a dri:e i6 today ............ Jbe" Saturday. 1+. &6 she
wins the priKe7 it will be because she ......... Jwrite" :ery well. 10. #ike wished that the
editors ............ Jpermit" him to copy some o6 their material. 11. (oel wishes that he ...............
Jspend" his :acation on the =ul6 8oast next year. 14. & ... Jaccept" i6 they in:ite me to the party.
15. &6 your mother ...... Jbuy" that car 6or you7 will you be happy. 19. &6 he ............ Jdecide"
earlier7 he could ha:e le6t on the a6ternoon 6li'ht. 1;. )ad we known your address7 we......Jwrite"
you a letter. *<. &6 the roo6er doesn,t come soon7 the rain ............ Jleak" inside. *1. %ecause
$ose did so poorly on the exam7 she wishes that she ......... Jstudy" harder last ni'ht. **. #y
do' always wakes me up i6 he ............ Jhear" stran'e noises. *+. &6 you ......... Jsee" #ary today7
please ask her to call me. *0. &6 he ......... J'et" the raise7 it will be because he does a 'ood @ob.
*1. The teacher will not accept our work i6 we ...... Jturn" it in late. *4. #rs 3ood always talks
to her tenthH'rade students as thou'h they......... Jbe" adults. *5. &6 he had le6t already7 he .........
Jcall" us. *9. &6 they had known him7 they......... Jtalk" to him. *;. )e would understand it i6
you ......... Jexplain" it to him more slowly. +<. & could understand the -rench teacher i6
she .........
Jspeak" more slowly.
4!. Write conditional sentences based on the gi%en facts.
1. )e 6ailed his examination last year7 so he is takin' it a'ain in (une. *. /ou didn,t remember
to brin' a corkHscrew7 so we can,t open the bottle. +. 3e missed the train7 so we,re waitin' on
this cold plat6orm. 0. There was a :ery sharp 6rost last ni'ht7 so we,re able to 'o skatin' today.
1. Since you didn,t take my ad:ice7 you,re in a di66icult position now.
5". 8o)plete the sentences following one of the patterns for conditional of &ype 8.
1. & would ha:e en@oyed the party much more i6 ... . *. &t ... i6 the sea hadn,t been so rou'h.
+. 3ould you ha:e been able to come next Tuesday i6 .... 0. &6 you had taken my ad:ice ... .
1. &6 & had realiKed that you were really serious in what you said ... . 4. &6 it hadn,t been 6or the
6act that his 6ather had in6luence ... . ink 5. &6 he had told me the truth in the 6irst place ... .9.
3ould you ha:e lent him the money i6 .... ;. 3hat di66erence would it ha:e made7 e:en i6 ... .
1<. &6 the 6ire bri'ade had arri:ed but a ?uarter o6 an hour earlier ... . 11. &,m sure she wouldn,t
ha:e married him i6 ... .
51. (o)plete the sentences.
1. &6 only ...7 you wouldn,t now be in such a di66icult position. *. &6 ... tell him &,m out. +. & can,t
understand why ...7 unless he thinks we are =ods. 0. &s there any point in your comin' with us i6
.... 1. )ow ...7 i6 you didn,t know the address. 4. &6 ...7 & shall blame you 6or it. 5. &6 you know
the answer7 why .... 9. 3hen ... supposin' we le6t immediately. ;. )ow & wish ... . 1<. &6 you
really ha:e been studyin' En'lish 6or so lon'7 it,s about time you ... .
52. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct tenses.
1. &6 you J6ind" a skeleton in the cellar don,t mention it to anyone. *. &6 you pass your
examination we Jha:e" a celebration. +. 3hat Jhappen" i6 & press this button. 0. & should ha:e
:oted 6or her i6 & Jha:e" a :ote then. 1. &6 you 'o to Paris where you Jstay". 4. &6 someone
o66ered to buy you one o6 those rin's7 whicl you Jchoose". 5. The 6li'ht may be cancelled i6 the
6o' J'et" thick. 9. &6 the milkman Jcome" tell him to lea:e two pints. ; Someone Jsit" on your
'lasses i6 you lea:e them there. 1<. /ou would play better brid'e i6 you Jnot talk" so much. 11.
3hat & Jdo" i6 & hear the bur'lar alarm. 1*. &6 you Jread" the instructions care6ully you wouldn,t
ha:eHanswered the wron' ?uestion. 1+. & could repair the roo6 mysel6 i6 & Jha:e" a lon' ladder.
10. Unless they turn that radio o66 & J'o" mad. 11. &6 you were made redundant what you Jdo".
14. 3e,ll ha:e a lon' way to walk i6 we Jrun" out o6 petrol here. 15. &6 you shake that bottle o6
port it Jnot be" 6it to drink. 19. &,ll probably 'et lost unless he Jcome" with me. 1;. /ou Jnot
ha:e" so many accidents i6 you dro:e more slowly. *<. &6 you Jwear" a 6alse beard nobody
would ha:e reco'niKed you. *1. &6 she Jlea:e" the 6ish there the car will 'et it. **. Unless they
lea:e a lamp beside that hole in the road somebody J6all" into it. *+. /ou,ll 'et pneumonia i6
you Jnot chan'e" your wet clothes. *0. &6 & had known that you couldn,t eat octopus & Jnot
buy" it. *1. &6 they Jhan'" that picture lower we would be able to see it. *4. She Jbe able" to
walk 6aster i6 her shoes hadn,t such hi'h &s. *5. & Jbrin'" you some beer i6 & had known that you
were sty. *9. &6 you had touched that electric cable you Jbe" electrocuted. *;. &6 the story
hadn,t been true the newspaper Jnot print" it. +<. & Jnot buy" thin's on the installment system i6 &
were you. +1. ial ;;; i6 you Jwant" Police7 Ambulance7 or -ire %ri'ade. +*. /ou Jnot be" any
use to me unless you learn to type. ++. &6 anyone attacked me7 my do' J@ump" at his throat.
+0. &6 he were in he Janswer" the phone. +1. The ship would ha:e run a'round i6 the pilot
Jmake" one take. +4. & shouldn,t ha:e taken your umbrella i6 & Jknow" that it G the only one you
53. -inish these sentences, taking care to use the correct tenses.
1. &6 he had taken my ad:ice ... *. &6 you are less ... +. 3e,ll send 6or the doctor i6 ... 0. &6 she
practised more ... 1. &6 there isn,t enou'h wine in that bottle ... 4. &6 you had checked the petrol
be6ore we started ... 5. This clock wouldn,t ha:e run down i6 ... 9. Try on the blue one i6 ...
;. &6 these 'ates are locked ... 1<. &6 we lea:e be6ore break6ast ... 11. &6 the ri:er rises any
hi'her ... 1*. )er li6e mi'ht ha:e been sa:ed i6 ... 1+. &6 the :olcano starts eruptin' ... 10. The
'rass would look better i6 ... 11. Unless it is a nice day ... 14. &6 you don,t put enou'h stamps on
a letter7 the person who 'ets it ... 15. )e would lend it to you i6 ... 19. Unless this hotel 'ets
another cook ... 1;. &6 the storm becomes worse ... *<. &6 your uncle sees you ... *1. &6 you tried
to climb it without a 'uide ... **. &6 you didn,t shake the camera so much7 your photoH
'raphs ... *+. &,d ha:e brou'ht my coat ... *0. &6 Jas" you don,t like the picture ... *1. )e
would ha:e 'i:en her diamonds i6 ... *4. &6 you had asked his permission ... *5. &6 the 6ire had
been noticed earlier ... *9. &6 you had any sense ... *;. /ou would ha:e been an'ry i6 . . +<. &6
he had put the 6lowers into water at once ... +1. & should ha:e ordered more coal i6 ... +*. &6 you
lea:e the 'ate open ... ++. /ou will ha:e to 'o to the dentist i6 ... +0. )e would ha:e been
drowned i6 ... +1. &6 &,d had a car ... +4. &6 Tom rin's while &,m out ...
54. -ill the gaps in the following dialogue with a suitable %erb for).
Telephone conser:ation
1. Ann: ... & ... to #r 3ash7 please. *. 3ash: 3ash ... +. Ann: =ood mornin'7 #r 3ash. This is
Ann (ones o6 1< 8yprus $oad. .. you come and ... my windows one Saturday this month. 0
3ash: &,m a6raid & .. Jne'ati:e". The next six Saturdays are already booked. 1. %ut & ...... on
3ednesday mornin'. 4. Ann: ... you ... :ery early on 3ednesday. & lea:e at 9.11 on weekdays.
5. 3ash: & ......to you by 9.+<. ... that be early enou'h. 9. Ann: !o7 it ...F There ... be nobody to
let you in. & ... the 6lat at 9.11. ;. 3ash: Eh 9 11, & ... you ... 9.+<, 1<. 3ell7 & suppose & ...... to
you by 9.<< as you,re an old customer. %ut & ... Jne'ati:e" ... a habit o6 it. 11. &t means ...
break6ast at 4.<< and my wi6e ... Jne'ati:e" that 1*. She ... always ... to persuade me to 'i:e up
windowL .. as it is. She ... it,s dan'erous. 1+. Ann: 3hat ... she ... you ... instead. 10. 3ash:
)er 6ather has a shop and she ...... me ...... in it. 11. She ... it ... be a nice steady @ob with
re'ular hours. 14. And i6 & ... in a shop she......where & was. 15. Ann: And ... you really ... o6
'i:in' it up. 19. 3ash: !o7 & ... the li6e. At least7 & ... it in summer. & 1;. %esides7 &...... bored
workin' in a shop. *<. 3ell7 ... 3ednesday at 9.<< ... you then7 #iss (ones. *1. Ann: /es7 it ..
be splendid. &t,s :ery 'ood o6 you ...... so , early. **. & ... let you in and you can ... yoursel6 out.
*+. /ou ... shut the door care6ully a6ter you7 ... Jne'ati:e interro'ati:e" you. *0. 3ash: /es7 o6
course & .... & always ... . =oodbye7 #iss (ones.
55. -ill in the blanks.
1. Philip takes piano lessonsG but he doesn,t en@oy them. )e wishes heBBBBBB'uitar lessons.
*. (ane studied -rench last year7 and she hated it. She wishes
sheBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsomethin' else. +. $ichard doesn,t en@oy bein' sin'le. )e
wishes he BBBBB married. 0. #rs7 Smith dri:es an old used car. She wishes sheBBBBB
a more reliable car. 1. %y the time (ohn 'ot to the party7 most o6 his 6riends had already le6t.
(ohn wishes heBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBto the party earlier. 4. #y nei'hbour,s son practises the
:iolin e:ery a6ternoon and e:ery e:enin'. & wish heBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBthe :iolin so o6ten.
5. #ario doesn,t speak En'lish :ery well. )e wishes he BBBBBBBBmore 6luently.
9. /ou ate all the cookies in the cookie @ar. & wish you BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBthem all.
56. -ill in the blanks.
AEEO&!= -E$ A (E%
Employment A'ency
A.: & wonder i6 you can help me. &,m lookin' 6or a @ob as an En'lish teacher.
r.: #ost o6 our schools want their En'lish teachers to teach more than one lan'ua'e. 8an you
teach Spanish or -rench.
A.: & wish BBBBBBBBbut my Spanish and -rench aren,t 'oodenou'h.
r.: That,s too bad. &6BBBBBBBBBB speak Spanish or -rench7 BBBBBBBBBBBB able to 6ind a @ob
easily. The -lower School is lookin' 6or someone to teach En'lish and music. They want
someone who knows a lot about music and can play the piano and sin'.
A.: & know a lot about music and & ha:e a :ery 'ood :oice7 but & can,t play the piano.
r.: 3hat a shameF &6 BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB7 the -lower
SchoolBBBBBBBBBBBBBB:ery interested in you.
A.: And the -lower School is one o6 the best schools in town. & wishBBBBBBBBBBBplay the piano.
r.: 3ell7 the Park School is also a :ery 6ine school7 and they,re lookin' 6or someone to
teach En'lish andBBBBBBBBBBBB . They want someone who knows a lot
r.: That,s too bad. &6BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBthe Park School BBBBBBBBBBB interested in
you. #aybe you should think about 6indin' an o66ice @ob. )ow 6ast can you type.
A.: -orty words a minute.
r.: & wish youBBBBBBBBa little 6aster. &6BBBBBBBB=E words a minute7 BBBBBBBBB any trouble
6indin' a @ob. 3ait a minuteF )ere,s a @ob you mi'ht like. The reliable &nsurance 8ompany is
lookin' 6or a salesperson who can tra:el all o:er the country. A.: & wishBBBBBBBB7 but & ha:e two
small children at home. r.: There must be a lot o6 other thin's you can do. 8an you
A.: !ot really.
r.: That,s too bad7 because i6BBBBBBBsend you 6or an inter:iew with theBBBBBBBBB8ompany.
&,m terribly sorry7 but those are all the @obs & ha:e today. & wishBBBBBBBBBBBhelp you. 8ome
back in a week. #aybe &,ll be able to 6ind you somethin' then.
A.: Thank you.
57. -ill in the blanks.
1. id you 'o to the company picnic last Saturday. /es7 & did7 and it was terrible. & wish
&BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB There were a lot o6 thin's & could ha:e done that day. & wish &
*. & wish more people 6rom our departmentBBBBBBBBBBBBat the picnic. & didn,t know :ery many
people at all. &6 & BBBBBBBB .BBBBBBBBmore people at the picnic last Saturday7 &BBBBBBBBBB
.BBBBBBso lonely and &BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBso out o6 place.
+. 3hy weren,t the employees 6rom the =reen:ille o66ice at the picnic. & expected them to
come. &6 theyBBBBBBBBBBBBBin:ited to the picnic7 itBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBmuch li:elier.
0. & wish & BBBBBBBBBB 6or'et people,s names all the time.
8an you belie:e it. At the picnic last Saturday7 & couldn,t remember )arry,s wi6e,s name7 and &
had met her a doKen times be6oreF & wish & hadn,t BBBBBBBBBB her name. A6ter all7 i6 she
BBBBBBBB6or'otten #/ name7 &BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBliked it.
5. Open the brackets. &hen write a conditional sentence based on each answer.
1. & wish & Jcan" speak se:eral lan'ua'es. *. & wish & Jha:e" a car. +. She wishes her parents
Jappro:e" o6 her boy 6riend. 0. & wish & Jbe" older. 1. & wish you Jlike" pop music.
5!. -or each of the sentences below write a new sentence as si)ilar as possible in )eaning to
the original sentence but using the words gi%en in brackets.
1. & would like to be rich Jwish". *. Please hurry up Jwish". +. &t,s :ery late. 3e really ou'ht to
be lea:in' Jtime". 0. &t would be nice to know his opinion Jwish". 1. Please keep it a secret 6or
the time bein' Jrather". 4. &t,s a pity that you,re 'oin' away so soon Jwish". 5. 3ould you mind
not smokin' at table. Jrather" 9. )e really should 6ind himsel6 a re'ular @ob Jtime". ;. #y
parents would pre6er us to li:e in the country Jrather". 1<. 3hen is weather 'oin' to
impro:e. Jhi'h time". 11. Please stop makin' so much noise Jwish".
6". &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. u Vg d\ Xd[\_\ZUhbWZc [Xs hUi_UZUs7 \ZWX Vg d\ hUY_bZ[bWU \pU Ydbj\dX\. *.
fg iUZXoXs h Vb_\7 iUeb Udb ^UoX[ iU sbpbYXdbs. +. ZWX [g d\ Vko\`] h\Z[X
sb`Xdk UZ[U_UndU7 [g iUibo\`] h bhb_Xv. 0. u Vg db [hU\s s\Z[\ d\ iXWb [k hUok.
1. fg sUpWX Vg h [Us pUok ekiX[] [\W\hXYU_7 \ZWX Vg [g iUWkjbW VUW]`\. 4. ZWX Vg Ud
d\ VgW [beXs _bZZ\cddgs7 Ud d\ i_XdcW Vg hbZ Yb ZhUv Z\Z[_k. 5. }WXZb d\ ekiXWb Vg
[X edXpX7 \ZWX Vg Udb s\dc d\ WvVXWb. 9. ZWX Vg hg i_XdcWX W\eb_Z[hU7 hg VgWX
Vg Z\ajbZ YoU_Uhg. ;. C\[c7 sd\ nbW]7 j[U c [U Zo\WbW. 1<. |db nbW\Wb7 j[U d\ZhUVUodb
X d\ sUn\[ iU\^b[] Z dXs. 11. fg Vg d\ iU`WX h _\Z[U_bd7 \ZWX Vg YdbWX x\dg. 1*. T_X
kZWUhXX7 j[U [g Vko\`] \Z[] s\d]`\7 [g d\ Vko\`] [beUa iUWdUa.
61. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. ZWX [g i_Xo\`] eU sd\7 c iUebnk [\V\ ZhUX ZdXseX. *. fbae Z o_kY]csX iU`WX Vg h
i_U`WU\ hUZe_\Z\d]\ db ZebjeX7 \ZWX Vg d\ VgWU oUnoc. +. ChU\ iWb[]\ Z_bYk Vg Z[bWU
hgpWco\[] Wkj`\7 \ZWX Vg [g iUs\dcWb ikpUhXxg. 0. CU_[ ZpU_\W Vg7 \ZWX Vg c d\ iU`Wb
db ek^dv. 1. |db Vg hgYhbWb h_bjb7 \ZWX Vg [\si\_b[k_b VgWb hgZUebc. 4. |d d\
i_Xo\[7 \ZWX \pU n\d\ d\ Z[bd\[ Wkj`\. 5. ZWX Vg c _bYVUpb[\Wb7 c Vg ekiXWb `kVk.
9. ZWX Vg t[X Uo\hbWbZ] Wkj`\7 Udb Vg hgpWco\Wb VUW\\ i_XhW\eb[\W]dUa. ;. wUVbeb
YbWb\[7 \ZWX [g iUZ[kjX`] h oh\_]. 1<. ZWX Vg \W\d YdbWb bo_\Z7 Udb Vg kn\ i_X`Wb
e [Usk h_\s\dX. 11. u iU`Wv \sk [\W\p_bssk7 \ZWX Ud Ybh[_b d\ i_X\o\[. 1*. tUZ[\_ d\
iUpbZ Vg7 \ZWX Vg sg iUoV_bZghbWX h d\pU o_Uhb.
62. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. ZWX Vg [\b[_ VgW VWXn\7 sg ZsUpWX Vg iUa[X i\`eUs. *. qb hb`\s s\Z[\ c Vg
hZ\pob _bYpUhb_XhbW iUHbdpWXaZeX. +. ZWX Vg Udb \pU d\ WvVXWb7 Udb d\ iU\^bWb Vg Z
dXs db Z\h\_ iUZW\ UeUdjbdXc XdZ[X[k[b. 0. ZWX Vg dX rg7 c Vg dXeUpob d\ hgiUWdXW
[k _bVU[k hUh_\sc. 1. rg d\ YbVgWX Vg [Upob edXpk7 \ZWX Vg d\ [U_UiXWXZ] oUsUa.
4. rbs ZW\oUhbWU Vg ZebYb[] \sk i_bhok hbZ d\ VgWU Vg [beX^ d\i_Xc[dUZ[\a. 5.
ZWX Vg sg d\ VgWX YdbeUsg7 Ud d\ i_XpWbZXW Vg dbZ db h\j\_. 9 ZWX Vg Z\ajbZ `\W
oUno]7 c Vg UZ[bWZc oUsb. ; ZWX Vg hg hgiXZbWX ZhUX U`XVeX7 hg Vg d\ Zo\WbWX X^
hj\_b. 1<. rg Vg d\ UiUYobWX db iU\Yo7 \ZWX Vg hYcWX [beZX.
63. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. ZWX Ybh[_b Vko\[ ^U_U`bc iUpUob7 sg iUao\s db iWcn. *. ZWX c khXnk }ddk7 c \\
iUi_U`k hbs iUYhUdX[]. +. u YbpWcdk iUYn\7 \ZWX Vkok[ ebeX\HdXVko] dUhUZ[X. 0. ZWX Vg
WvoX VUW\\ UZ[U_UndU hUoXWX sb`Xdg7 VgWU Vg s\d]`\ d\ZjbZ[dg^ ZWkjb\h. 1. ZWX
Vg hg WUnXWXZ] Zib[] _bd]`\7 hg d\ jkhZ[hUhbWX Vg Z\Vc [beXs kZ[bWgs. 4. ZWX Vg k
s\dc VgWU oUZ[b[UjdU h_\s\dX7 c iUW\[\W Vg h wbd _bdxXZeU. 5. ZWX Vg c \\ ^U_U`U
YdbW7 c iUYhUdXW Vg \a oUsUa. 9. ZWX Vg k s\dc VgWU 1<.<<< oUWWb_Uh7 c ZsUp Vg
ZUh\_`X[] e_kpUZh\[dU\ ik[\`\Z[hX\. ;. ZWX Vg ~U_XZ Wkj`\ YdbW bdpWXaZeXa7 Ud ZsUp
Vg iUWkjX[] ^U_U`kv _bVU[k. 1<. ZWX Vg ~U_XZ YdbW bdpWXaZeXa7 Ud iUWkjXW Vg ^U_UH
`kv _bVU[k. 11. ZWX Vg c VgW db hb`\s s\Z[\7 c Z[bW Vg XYkjb[] eUsi]v[\_dU\
o\WU. 1*. ZWX Vg wsX[g s\dc i_XpWbZXWX7 c iU`\W Vg db hj\_b`dvv
h\j\_Xdek. 1+. ZWX Vg sd\ VgW XYh\Z[\d hb` bo_\Z7 c Vg hbs dbiXZbW. 10. ZWX Vg c
iUWkjXW iUhg`\dX\ nbWUhbdXc7 c d\ XZebW Vg o_kpUa _bVU[g. 11. ZWX Vg hj\_b h\j\_Us
d\ `\W oUno]7 sg iU`WX Vg e db`Xs o_kY]cs. 14. ZWX Vg i_U`Wgs W\[Us k s\dc VgW
bh[UsUVXW]7 c \YoXW Vg db iWcn ebnoU\ hUZe_\Z\d]\. 15. ZWX Vg mnU_on i_X`\W
hUh_\sc7 Ud ZsUp Vg sd\ iUsUj]. 19. ZWX Vg hg YdbWX7 j[U iUao\[ oUno]7 hbs
ZW\oUhbWU Vg hYc[] Z ZUVUa YUd[Xe. 1;. ZWX Vg hg d\ iUYhUdXWX mnXsk7 hZ\
VgWU Vg h iU_coe\. *<. ZWX Vg c VgW [bs7 c Vg iUsUp \sk. *1. ~ko] c [bs7 c Vg iUsUp
1. ,rrange the words under the lines into sentences. ,dd necessary words.
3oman: easyD be honestDisn,tD. H &Dbe'inDdon,tDknow howD. H don,t wantDhurt youD&D. H
a6raidDsay thisD&,mD.
2 !o7 noF tell youDisDwron'D. H notDbetterDknowDit,s.
#an: %ut impossibleD'o on this wayDisD. H any lon'erDwaitDre6useD&D. H 6ind outD intendD&DF
2. Write to or J #no word$ in each blank.
3oman: Eh7 darlin'7 you mustBBBBBBBBBBBBBBbelie:e meF & could ne:erBBBBBBBBBlo:e
anyone else but you. #an: Ainda7 &,m sorry BBBBBB ha:e BBBBB say this7 but & can,t BBBBBB
belie:e you any more. /ou used BBBB be here .BBBBB in my arms BBBBBBB e:ery ni'ht. !ow &,m
lucky BBBBBB see you once a week. & dro:e around all ni'htBBBBB6ind kou & mustBBBBBBknow
the truthF &,llBBBBBBdo anythin' knowF 3.: 3hat are you tryin' BBBBBBBBB say. /ou don,t really
BBBBBBBBBthink that &,m seein' another man7 do you. #.: & don,t BBBBBBBB know any more. &,m
too con6used BBBBBBthink. & @ust neededBBBBBBknow ... 3.: &t ... it,s hardBBBBBBtell you this7
but ... Are you ready BBBBBB hear e:erythin'. /ou,d better BBBBBB sit down. There,s so
muchBBBBBBBsay ...
3. (o)plete the following sentences with the past si)ple or the present perfect of the infiniti%es
gi%en in brackets.
A. 1. /ou Jto read" 2Eli:er Twist2. *. /ou Jto read" it last year. +. Peter already Jto lea:e" 0. )e
Jto lea:e" an hour a'o.. 1. #other Jto buy" a new ba'. 4. She Jto buy" it the other day.
5. 3e Jto cross" the brid'e early this mornin' 9. 3e ne:er Jto cross" it be6ore ;. /ou Jto 6ind" it.
1<. 3hen you Jto 6ind" the key. 11. & Jto hear" these records. 1*. & Jto hear" them last year.
%. 1. The artist Jto draw" lots o6 pictures last year. *. They Jnot to plant" the youn' appleHtree
yet. +. 3hat he Jto say" when you told him about our success. 0. /ou Jto meet" them last
week.. 1. )e already Jto 6inish" his homework. 4. Tom Jsee" us at the theatre the other day. 5.
/ou Jto be" here since autumn. 9. $uta Jto show" 'ood results in her work ;. She Jto work"
here 6or three years. 1<. The boys o6ten Jto play" to'ether when they were small. 11.
8omrade EKols Jto teach" you chemistry last year. 1*. )e ne:er Jto tell" us stories. 1+.
Aina already Jto come". 10. 3e Jto post" se:eral letters today. 11. Tom Jto brin'" some
interestin' photo'raphs last time.
8. 1. )arry Jto make" a rocket model. *. 3hen & Jto 'o" to the seaside & Jto take" the
newspapers with me. +. /ou e:er Jto draw" a watercolour. 0. #other already Jto hear"
the latest news. 1. They Jto sin'" any En'lish son's at the party last Saturday. 4. & hope you
Jto 'et" the tickets. 5. Eur pen6riends Jnot to write" to us since last month 9. /ou Jto 6eel" like that
be6oreF ;. 3e Jnot to 'o" to the cinema yesterday. 1<. 3e Jto listen" to e:erythin' -ather said at
break6ast. 11. )e Jnot to eat" anythin' since mornin'. 1*. /ou Jto know" each other lon'. 1+. &6
you Jto do" e:erythin'7 you will be allowed to 'o. 10. They Jto build" that house last year. 11.
3e Jto pay" the rent this month.
4 *se the present perfect instead of the past si)ple, changing the ad%erbial )odifiers
&. id Andris $oKe become a doctor in 1;4;. *. Three months a'o Tom went to work in a
laboratory. +. 3e heard the broadcast the other day 0. & saw )elen walkin' to the bank the day
be6ore. 1. &:an 'raduated 6rom the institute 6i:e years a'o. 4. She tidied her room this mornin'.
5. #artin put on his blue sweater when he went skiin' 9. & didn,t buy any sweets yesterday.
5. *se the correct for) of the %erb in parentheses in each of the following sentences.
1. The teacher made (uanBBBBBBBBBJlea:e" the room. *. Toshiko had her
carBBBBBBBBBBJrepair" by a mechanic. +. Ellen 'ot #ariaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHJtype" her paper.
0. & made (aneBBBBBBBBJcall" her 6riend on the telephone. 1. 3e 'ot our houseBBBBBBBJpaint"
last week. 4. r. %yrol is ha:in' the students BBBBBBB Jwrite" a composition. 5. The policeman
made the suspect BBBBBBBBB Jlie" on the 'round. 9. #ark 'ot his transcripts BBBBBBBBBB
Jsend" to the uni:ersity. ;. #arie is 'ettin' her hairBBBBBBBJcut" tomorrow. 1<. 3e will ha:e to
'et the eanBBBBBJsi'n" this 6orm. &&. The teacher let AlBBBBBJlea:e" the classroom.
1*. #aria 'ot EdBBBBBBBJwash" the pipettes. 1+. She always has her carBBBBJ6ix" by the same
mechanic. 10. =ene 'ot his book BBBBBBBB Jpublish" by a subsidiary publisher. 11. 3e ha:e to
help (anetBBBBBBBBBBBBJ6ind" her keys.
6. Put in the correct for)s of the %erbs.
E!E 8U%E E$ T3E.
3hen we were at school as children we were Jmake"Dwear" indoor shoes inside the school
buildin'. The teachers would ne:er Jlet usDwear" ... our outdoor shoes at all and they Jmake
usDchan'e" ... in the chan'in' rooms 6rom the moment we entered the buildin'. &,d ne:er known
teachers Jbe" ... more strict about any other school rule. The trouble was that my indoor shoes
really Jmake meDsu66er"... because they were so ti'ht. J2AetDexpand" ... our shoesF2 a 6ellow
su66erer su''ested. )e had had a brilliant idea. 3e put plastic ba's inside our shoes and
poured water into the ba's. 3e sealed the ba's care6ully and put our shoes into the 6reeKer. E6
course the ice Jmake the shoesDexpand" ... and they were a pleasure to wear. This cle:er idea
Jhelp meD'et" ... throu'h my schooldays with less discom6ort and & ha:e ne:er 6or'otten it.
7. Hoin or rewrite the sentences below using the words gi%en.
1. & 6ound this book. The librarian helped me. The librarian ............... *. & ha:e to 6ill in this @ob
application 6orm. 8an you help me. 8an you ............ +. /ou mustn,t worry so much. & can help
you. & can help ............ 0. People know him to be a :ery 'enerous man. )e ............ 1. )e,s a
ruthless businessman. )e is known 6or that. )e,s known............ 4. She,s ne:er on time. &,:e
ne:er known .........
. Insert to where necessary before the infiniti%es in brackets.
1. )e made me Jdo" it all o:er a'ain. *. She can Jsin'" ?uite well. +. )e will be able Jswim"
:ery soon. 0. & used Jli:e" in a cara:an. 1. /ou ou'ht J'o" today. &t may Jrain" tomorrow. 4. /ou
needn,t Jsay" anythin'. (ust nod your head and he will Junderstand". 5. & want Jsee" the house
where our president was born. 9. )e made her Jrepeat" the messa'e. ;. #ay & Juse" your
phone. 1<. /ou needn,t Jask" 6or permissionG you can Juse" it whene:er you like. 11. &6 you
want J'et" there be6ore dark you should Jstart" at once. 1*. & couldn,t Jremember" his address.
1+. /ou,ll be able Jdo" it yoursel6 when you are older. 10. 3ould you like J'o" now or shall we
Jwait" till the end. 11. They won,t let us Jlea:e" the 8ustoms shed till our lu''a'e has been
examined. 14. )ow dare you Jopen" my lettersF 15. )e didn,t dare Jar'ue" with his boss. 19. &
used Jsmoke" 6orty ci'arettes a day. 1;. 3ill you help me Jmo:e" the bookcase. *<. )e
wouldn,t let my baby Jplay" with his 'old watch. *1. They re6used Jaccept" the bribe. **. )e is
expected Jarri:e" in a 6ew days. *+. Please let me Jknow" your decision as soon as possible.
*0. )e made us Jwait" 6or hours. *1. 8ould you Jtell" me the time7 please. *4. 3e must Jsend"
him a tele'ram. *5. & let him J'o" early as he wanted Jmeet" his wi6e. *9. 3here would you like
Jha:e" lunch. *;. /ou can Jlea:e" your do' with us i6 you don,t Jwant" Jtake" him with you.
+<. &,d like him J'o" to a uni:ersity but & can,t Jmake" him J'o". +1. 3e could J'o" to a concert7
unless you,d pre6er J:isit" a museum. +*. /ou seem Jknow" this area :ery well. /es7 & used
J li:e" here. ++. The kidnappers told the parents Jnot in6orm" the police7 and the parents didn,t
dare Jdisobey". +0. !eed & Jcome". &,d much rather Jstay" at home. +1. /ou can Jtake" a horse
to water but you can,t Jmake" him Jdrink"7 Jpro:erty" +4. &,m sorry Jdisappoint" you but & can,t
Jlet" you Jha:e" any more money till the end o6 the mont .
!. Insert to where necessary before the infiniti%es in brackets. #In so)e of the sentences a
present participle could be used instead of an infiniti%e. &hese alternati%es will be noted in the
1. &t is easy Jbe" wise a6ter the e:ent. *. o you Jwish" Jmake" a complaint. +. 3e don,t Jwant"
anybody Jknow" that we are here. 0 &6 you can,t Jremember" his number you,d better Jlook" it up
1 & want her Jlearn" Esperanto7 & think e:erybody ou'ht to Jknow" it. 4. )e is said Jbe" the best
sur'eon in the country. 5. Nisitors are asked Jnot 6eed" the animals. 9. 8ould & Jsee" #r Pitt7
please.H &,m a6raid #r Pitt isn,t in. 3ould you like Jspeak" to his secretary. ;. &t,s better Jtra:el"
hope6ully than Jarri:e"7 Jpro:erb" 1<. )e should Jknow" how Juse" the 6ilm pro@ector7 but i6 he
doesn,t you had better Jshow" him. 11. )e was made Jsi'n" a paper admittin' his 'uilt. 1*. &
heard the door Jopen" and saw a shadow Jmo:e" across the 6loor. 1+. )e tried Jmake" me
Jbelie:e" that he was my stepbrother 10. As we seem Jha:e missed" the train we may as well
J'o" back to the house. 11 & 6elt the house Jshake" with the explosion. 14. )e told me Jtry"
Jcome" early. 15. %e6ore he let us J'o" he made us Jpromise" Jnot tell" anyone what we had
seen. 19. 3ould you Jlike" Jcome" in my car. !o7 thanks7 &,d rather Jwalk". 1;. & ad:ised him
Jask" the bus conductor Jtell" him where J'et" o66. *<. &t is better Jput" your money in a bank
than Jkeep" it under your bed in an old stockin'. *1. )e doesn,t e:en bother Jread" letters7 let
alone Janswei" them. **. The bank robbers made the cashier Jshow" them hoPP Jopen" the
sa6e. *+. &6 you knew he was wron'7 why didn,t you Jsay" somethin'. & didn,t like Jsay"
anythin' because he always 'ets an'ry i you contradict him. *0. &t,s better Jbe" sure than
sorry. *1. 3hat do you Jwant" me Jtell" him. Tell him that any time he cares Jcall" & shall be
deli'htet Jdiscuss" the matter with him. *4. id you remember J'i:e" him the money. !o7 &
didn,t7 & still ha:e it in my pocketG but &,ll Jsee" him toni'ht and & promise Jnot 6or'et" this time.
*5. & saw the dri:er Jopen" his window and Jthrow" a box into the bushes. *9. That is 6ar too
hea:y 6or one person Jcarry"G let me Jhelp" you. *;. & was a6raid Jpick" up the re:ol:er as & don,t
know how Jhandle" 6irearms. +<. & saw the plane Jcrash" into the hill and Jburst" into 6lames.
+1. There is nothin' Jdo" but Jwait" till somebody comes Jlet" us out. +*. )e heard a rooster
Jcrow" in a nei'hbourin' :illa'e. ++. /ou may as well Jtell" us the truth. &t will Jbe" easy Jcheck"
your story +0. The American said he had seen nine presidents Jcome" and J'o". )e must Jbe"
a :ery old man. +1. &t is up to you Jlearn" the laws o6 your own country. +4. 3ould you rather
Jbe" more stupid than you look or Jlook" more stupid than you are.
1". In each of the following pairs of sentences an infiniti%e used in the first sentence is repeated
in the second. 2ead the sentences, e"pressing this second infiniti%e by to only. 3ote that where
the second infiniti%e has an ob+ect, this word/phrase )ust be o)itted.
3hy didn,t you tell me truth the 6irst time. & meant to tell you the truth but & was too 6ri'htened.
& meant to but & was too 6ri'htened.
1. id you :isit the Pyramids. !o7 & wanted to :isit them but there wasn,t time. *. 3hy do you
wear dark 'lasses. & ha:e to wear themG & ha:e weak eyes. +. o you smoke. !o7 & used
to smoke but & don,t now. 0. 3ould you like to 'o to the theatre toni'ht. /es7 &,d lo:e to 'o to
the theatre. 1. 3hy didn,t you pay the bill 6or him. & o66ered to pay it but he re6used. 4. )a:e
you put the car in the 'ara'e. !o7 but &,m @ust 'oin' to put it there. 5. & want you two to
apolo'iKe to each other. 3ell7 & am willin' to apolo'iKe i6 he apolo'iKes 6irst. 9. id you
reser:e seats on the train. !o7 & tried to reser:e them but they had all been booked already.
;. id you answer the letter. !o7 & intended to answer it but &,m a6raid & 6or'ot. 1<. 3hy
didn,t you hit him. & was a6raid to hit him. 11. &,d lo:e to spend a ni'ht in a haunted room. &,d
hate to spend a ni'ht in a haunted room. 1*. 3hy didn,t you ask your 6ather 6or the money. &
didn,t like to ask him. 1+. id you 'et a chance to 6ly the aeroplane yoursel6. !o7 & wanted to
6ly it but the pilot wouldn,t let me. 10. 3hy doesn,t he punish his boys when they disobey him.
)e o6ten threatens to punish them but he ne:er actually does so 11. 3hy didn,t he repair the
car himsel6. )e wasn,t able to repair it. 14. & used to drink whisky with my meals. & used to
drink whisky with my meals also but & don,t now. 15. id you buy sausa'es. !o7 & meant to
buy them but & 6or'ot. 19. 3hy doesn,t he try a'ain. )e doesn,t want to try a'ain. 1;. /ou
should :isit the Prado when you are in #adrid. /es7 & intend to :isit it. *<. 3hy doesn,t he play
)is mother doesn,t want him to play 'ames. *1. /ou ou'ht to stop work now. /es7 & am @ust
'oin' to stop. **. 3hy do some @ockeys carry extra wei'hts. They are obli'ed to carry them
by the re'ulations. *+. id he help you. !o7 & asked him to help me but he said he hadn,t
time. *0. /ou should ha:e thanked her be6ore you le6t. & meant to thank her but when & was
'oin' & couldn,t 6ind her anywhere. *1. 3hy did she put parsley in the soup. & told her to put it
in. *4. 3hy didn,t he report it to the police. )e was a6raid to report it. )e didn,t think they,d
belie:e him. *5. 3hy did he dri:e so 6ast. )e had to dri:e 6astG otherwise he,d ha:e missed
his train. *9. /ou used to like rice puddin'. /es7 & know & used to like it but & don,t now. *;.
3hy didn,t you buy the car. & was ad:ised not to buy it. +<. & hope the children won,t 'o near
the water. & warned them not to 'o near it. +1. 3hy are we tryin' to 'et plannin' permission.
3e ha:e to 'et plannin' permission. &t is the law. +*. & meant to work hard. & know you
meant to work hard but you didn,t. ++. o the boys tidy their own rooms. They are supposed
to tidy them but they don,t always. +0. 3hy didn,t he call the police. )e wasn,t able to call
them. )is telephone line had been cut. +1. 3hy did you mo:e your car. The policeman told
me to mo:e it. +4. 3hy did you brin' your motherHinHlaw. & particularly asked you not to
brin' her.
11. (o)bine each of the following pairs of sentences into one sentence using tool enough with
&t is :ery cold. 3e can,t 'o out. &t is too cold 6or us to 'o out. )e is stron'. )e can carry it.
)e is stron' enou'h to carry it.
$ewrite numbers +7 *<7 and +1 usin' so ... as with in6initi:e. Jenou'h with in6initi:e could also be
used here7 while so ... as could replace enou'h in numbers ;7 *07 and *;. These alternati:es
are 'i:en in the key."
1. /ou are :ery youn'. /ou can,t ha:e a 6rontHdoor key. *. &t is :ery cold. 3e can,t bathe. +.
3ould you be :ery kind and answer this letter by return. 0. & am rather old. & can,t wear that
kind o6 hat. 1. The ladder wasn,t :ery lon'. &t didn,t reach the window. 4. )e hadn,t much
money. )e couldn,t li:e on it. JEmit it." 5. )e was 6urious. )e couldn,t speak. 9. The 6ire isn,t
:ery hot. &t won,t boil a kettle. ;. Tom was :ery 6oolish. )e told lies to the police. 1<. /ou are
?uite thin. /ou could slip between the bars. 11. )e is :ery ill. )e can,t eat anythin'. 1*. Eur
new car is :ery wide. &t won,t 'et throu'h those 'ates. 1+. The 6loor wasn,t stron'. 3e couldn,t
dance on it. JEmit it." 10. & was terri6ied. & couldn,t mo:e. 11. The bull isn,t bi'. )e couldn,t harm
you. 14. The co66ee isn,t stron'. &t won,t keep us awake. 15. The ri:er is deep. 3e can,t wade it
JEmit it." 19. )e is laKy. )e won,t 'et up early. 1;. )e won,t 'et up early so he ne:er catches
the 6ast train. *<. 3ould you be :ery 'ood and 6orward my letters while & am away. *1. The ice
is ?uite thick. 3e can walk on it. JEmit it." **. )e was :ery drunk. )e couldn,t answer my
?uestion. *+. &t is :ery cold. 3e can,t ha:e break6ast in the 'arden. *0. )e was extremely rash.
)e set o66 up the mountain in a thick 6o'. *1. 3e aren,t :ery hi'h. 3e can,t see the summit.
*4. /ou aren,t :ery old. /ou can,t understand these thin's. *5. )e was :ery snobbish. )e
wouldn,t talk to any o6 us. *9. The packa'e is :ery thick. & can,t push it throu'h the letterbox.
JEmit it." *;. She was :ery mean. She ne:er 'a:e to charity. +<. )e is :ery impatient. )e
ne:er listens to anyone. +1. & was :ery tired. & couldn,t walk any 6urther. +*. &t,s not :ery dark.
3e can,t see the stars clearly. ++. &t was :ery hot. /ou could 6ry an e'' on the pa:ement.
+0. The oran'es were :ery bitter. 3e couldn,t eat them. JEmit them." +1. 3ould you be
:ery kind and turn down the radio a little. +4. )e is :ery sel6ish. )e wouldn,t put himsel6 out
6or anyone.
12. 2eplace the group of words in italics by an infiniti%e or an infiniti%e construction.
&t is important that he should understand this. &t is important 6or him to understand this. )e was
the 6irst man who arri:ed. )e was the 6irst man to arri:e.
1. The captain was the last man who le6t the ship. *. )e 'ot to the top and was :ery
disappointed when he 6ound that someone else had reached it 6irst. +. The committee ha:e
decided to send you to Paris. J/ou J'o" to Paris7 omit The committee ha:e decided to send."
0. 3ould you be :ery kind and lend me your umbrella. 1. There are a lot o6 sheets that need
mendin'. 4. & was astonished when & heard that he had le6t the country. 5. &t is better that he
should hear it 6rom you. 9. & was rude to him7 which was stupid. J&t was stupid ..." ;. &6 he had
another child with whom he could play he would be happier. 1<. &t is necessary that e:eryone
should know the truth. 11. There was no place where we could sit. 1*. )e put his hand into
his pocket and was astonished when he 6ound that his wallet wasn,t there. 1+. )e rushed into
the burnin' house7 which was :ery bra:e o6 him. J&t was :ery bra:e ..." 10. & can,t 'o to the
partyG & ha:e nothin' that & can wear. 11. DD is expected that he will broadcast a statement toH
ni'ht. J)e is expected ..." 14. & want a kitchen where Jin which" & can cook. 15. )e reached
the station exhausted and was :ery disappointed when he learnt that the train had @ust le6t.
19. )a:en,t you anythin' with which you could open it. 1;. &t seems that the crime was
committed by a le6tHhanded man JThe crime seems ... Use per6ect in6initi:e passi:e."
*<. &s it likely that he will arri:e be6ore six. J&s he ..." *1. & was on the point o6 lea:in' the house
when the phone ran'. **. This is the plan: someone will meet you at the station ... J/ou .. Jbe
met" at the station" *+. She is anxious that they should ha:e e:ery possible ad:anta'e.
*0. &t is said that he was a brilliant scientist. J)e is said ..." *1. The strikers decided that the
strike should continue. *4. 3ould you be :ery kind and translate this 6or me. *5. &t is ad:isable
that we should lea:e the house separately. *9. /ou si'ned the document without readin' it7
which was :ery stupid. J&t was stupid ..." *;. &t is said that she has a 6ri'ht6ul temper. JShe..."
+<. )e was the 6irst man who swam the 8hannel. +1. They belie:e that he is honest. J)e ..."
+*. &t appears that he was killed with a blunt instrument. J)e appears ... Use passi:e in6initi:e."
++. )e was the only one who realiKed the dan'er. +0. &t is said that the earth was ori'inally
part o6 the sun. JThe earth ..." +1. )e took out his spare wheel and was :ery disappointed when
he disco:ered that that tyre was also punctured. +4. &t is said that the murderer is hidin' in the
woods near your house.
13. *se the perfect infiniti%e of the %erb in italics with the appropriate au"iliary %erb. Phrases in
bold type should not be repeated, but their )eaning should be e"pressed by the au"iliary 4
perfect infiniti%e.
&t is possible that he telephoned while we were out. )e may ha:e telephoned while we were out.
/ou Jthank" him 6or his present but you didn,t. /ou should ha:e thanked him 6or his present.
1. & realiKed that my house was on 6ire. That Jbe" a terrible moment. *. & saw a 'host last
ni'ht. /ou Jnot see" a 'hostG there aren,t any 'hosts. /ou Jdream" it. +. &t is
possible that a child broke the window. 0. /ou carried it yoursel67 which was not necessary. 7 1.
&,:e had a toothache 6or two days. /ou J'o" to the dentist when it started. 4. There Jbe" motorH
cycle races on the sands but as it is so wet they ha:e been cancelled. 5. As & was standin' in
the hall your do' bit me. &t Jnot be" my do'G he was with me all day. &t Jbe" my brother,s
do'. 9. & 6eel terribly ill today. /ou Jnot eat" those mushrooms yesterday. #ushrooms don,t
a'ree with you. ;. & wonder why he didn,t answer. Possibly he didn,t understand the
?uestion. 1<. & 'a:e him a tip7 which was not necessary. 11. The prisoner Jescape" this way7
6or here are his 6ootprints. 1*. /ou lied to him7 which was wron'. 1+. & didn,t reco'niKe the
:oice at the other end o6 the line. &t Jbe" my elder sisterG she is o6ten at home at that time. &t
Jnot be" my youn'est sister as she is abroad. 10. Someone Jcook" a meal here latelyG the sto:e
is still hot. 11. &,:e brou'ht my own sandwiches. /ou Jnot brin'" them. & ha:e enou'h 6or two.
14. The bur'lar went strai'ht to the sa6e althou'h &t was hidden behind a picture. Someone
Jtell" him where it was. 15. The president Jun:eil" the statue7 but he is ill so his wi6e is doin' it
instead. 19. The plane is lateG & wonder what has happened. Possibly it was delayed by 6o'.
1;. & ha:e ne:er met him. /ou Jmeet" himG he li:es next door to you. *<. & Jdo" it. J&t was my
duty to do it7 but & didn,t." *1. )e Jnot catch" the ;.*< train because he didn,t lea:e home till
;.*1. **. & opened it7 which was unnecessary. *+. The police were here while we were out.
Someone Jbetray" us. *0. & dro:e at 9< miles an hour7 which was wron'. *1. 3hen & was your
a'e & Jclimb" that mountain7 Jbut & didn,t". *4. &6 a policeman had seen me climbin' throu'h your
window he Jask" me what & was doin'. *5. )e said that censorship o6 news was ridiculous and
it Jabolish" years a'o. Jpassi:e :erb" *9. /ou boiled so many e''sG but there are only 6our o6
us. *;. She Jplay" the chie6 part in the 6ilm7 but she ?uarrelled with the director7 so he en'a'ed
someone else. +<. This poem Jbe" written by Oeats7 but & am not certain. +1. )e Jtake" o66 his
hat in the theatre7 Jbut he didn,t". +*. People used to walk twenty miles to do their shoppin'.
They Jha:e" a lot o6 ener'y in those days. ++. Ene day he went 6or a walk up a mountain and
ne:er came back. )e J6all" o:er a precipice. +0. & @ust pressed li'htly on the pane and my
hand went throu'h. The 'lass Jbe" :ery thin. +1. /ou translated it into -rench7 which wasn,t
necessary. +4. /ou looked at the new moon throu'h 'lass. &t is most unlucky.
14. Instructions/ as for e"ercise 78, but where two %erbs in italics are placed side by side, put
the second %erb into the perfect infiniti%e and the first into an appropriate tense.
This palace Jsay" Jbuild" in three years.
This palace is said to ha:e been built in three years.
1. She Jmarry" my brother but she was killed in a plane crash a month be6ore the weddin'
date. *. /ou repeated it7 which was unnecessary. +. There Jseem" Jbe" a 6i'ht here. E:erythin'
is smashed to bits. 0. 3e Jset" out today7 but the weather is so bad that we decided to
postpone our start till tomorrow. 1. & thou'ht they were mushrooms. /ou Jnot eat" them unless
you were sure. They Jbe" poisonous. 4. )e learnt the lan'ua'e in six months. )e Jwork" :ery
hard. 5. & brou'ht my umbrella7 which was unnecessary. 9. & Jlike" Jbathe" but there wasn,t
time. ;. &,:e 6or'otten the address. & Jwrite" it down Jbut & didn,t". 1<. &6 &,d known your
house was so cold & Jnot come". 11. /ou Jtell" me you were 'oin' campin'F &6 &,d known & J'o"
with you. %ut it rained all the time. /ou Jnot like" that7 would you. 1*. 3ho 'a:e you my
address. & don,t remember. &t Jbe" Tom. &t Jnot be" TomG he doesn,t know it. 1+. /ou bou'ht
6lowers but we ha:e plenty in the 'arden. 10. A6ter two years o6 his teachin' she knew
absolutely nothin'. )e Jnot be" a 'ood teacher. 11. #y sister has @ust come back 6rom
abroad. She Jseem" Jen@oy" her trip :ery much. 14. Ai6e Jbe" :ery uncom6ortable in the Stone
A'e. 15. /ou Jstand" still when you were bein' photo'raphed7 Jbut you didn,t". 19. & J'o" to a
6orei'n uni:ersity but the war pre:ented it. 1;. & Jlike" Jphoto'raph" it but & had no more 6ilm.
*<. There Jbe" a bad accident here. Aook at all the broken 'lass. *1. &t is possible that
prehistoric ca:e drawin's were connected with reli'ion. **. & ha:e been dri:in' 6or *< years.
/ou Jnot dri:e" 6or *< years. /ou are only +< now. *+. &t Jtake" years to di' the SueK 8anal.
*0. )e walked past me without speakin'. )e Jnot reco'niKe" you. )e is :ery shortHsi'hted.
*1. & Jlike" J'o" to the match but the tickets were all sold. *4. )e says he saw you at the theatre
yesterday. )e Jnot see" me. & wasn,t there. *5. This picture may be a 6akeG on the other hand
it Jbe" painted by one o6 the utch masters. *9. &t is possible that the 6ire in the ship was started
by a bomb. *;. She walked +<< miles7 carryin' her child. She Jha:e" 'reat coura'e.
+<. &t is possible that he Jread" it in papers. )e Jnot read" it. )e can,t read. Someone Jtell"
him. +1. & told them to meet me under the clock but they didn,t turn up. Perhaps they were
waitin' under the wron' clock. There are two in the station. +*. )e told me his name was
(ohnson. /ou Jmishear" him. )is name is (ones. ++. & said that & couldn,t 6ind my pen and he
said that perhaps somebody had borrowed it. +0. & Jlike" Jask" a ?uestion but & was sittin' so 6ar
back that & didn,t think &,d be heard. +1. There Jbe" a 6ort here at one time. /ou can see where
the 6oundations were. +4. The dinosaur Jbe said" Jbe" rather a stupid animal.
15. -ill in the blanks using gerund and prepositions.
1. Alice isn,t interested in Jlook"BBBBBBBBBB6or a new @ob. *. )enry is excited
Jlea:e"BBBBBBBBBBBBBB6or &ndia. +. /ou are capable Jdo"BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBa better @ob.
0. & ha:e no excuse Jbe"BBBBBBBBBlate. 1. &,m accustomed Jha:e"BBBBBBBBBBa bi' break6ast.
4. The rain pre:ented us Jcomplete"BBBBBBBBthe work. 5. -red is always complainin'
Jha:e"BBBBBBBa headache. 9. &nstead Jstudy" BBBBBBB7 #ar'aret went to a ball 'ame with
some o6 her 6riends. ;. Thank you Jhelp"BBBBBBBme carry the packa'es to the post o66ice.
1<. #rs =rant insisted Jknow"BBBBBBBthe whole truth. 11. )e showed us how to 'et to his
house Jdraw"BBBBBBBB a map. 1*. /ou should take ad:anta'e J'o7 not"BBBBBto class yesH
terday. 1+. E:eryone in the nei'hbourhood participated Jlook" BBBB 6or the lost child.
10. & apolo'iKed to iane Jmake"BBBBBBBBher wait 6or me. 11. The weather is terrible toni'ht. &
don,t blame you Jwant7 not"BBBBBBBBBBto 'o to the meetin' 14. 3ho is responsible Jwash"
BBBBBBBB and Jdry" BBBBBB the dishes a6ter dinner. 15. &n addition J'o" BBBBBBBB school 6ull
time7 Sam has a partHtime @ob. 19. The an'ry look on his 6ace stopped me Jspeak" BBBBBBB
my mind. 1;. 3here should we 'o 6or dinner toni'ht. 3ould you ob@ect J'o"BBBBBBBBBBBBto
an &talian restaurant. *<. The mayor made another public statement 6or the purpose
Jclari6y"BBBBBBBBBBBthe new tax proposal. *1. The thie6 was accused Jsteal" BBBBBBBBBBBB a
woman,s purse. **. The @ury 6ound #r. Adams 'uilty Jtake" BBBBBBBBB money 6rom the
company he worked 6or and Jkeep" BBBBBBBBBB it 6or himsel6. *+. %ill isn,t used
Jwear"BBBBBBBBBBa suit tie e:ery day.
16. -inish the sentences.
1. Oen went to bed instead o6 6inishin' his work7 J6inish". *. & thanked herBBBBBBBBJlend".
+. &,m excitedBBBBBBBBBJ'o". 0. &,m not accustomedBBBBBBBBBBJli:e". 1. )e didn,t 6eel well.
)e complainedBBBBBBBJha:e". 4. & don,t blame youBBBBBBBBBBJwant7 not". 5. & ha:e a 'ood
reasonBBBBBBBJbe". 9. &t,s 'ettin' late. &,m worriedBBBBBBJmiss". ;. &,m interestedBBBBBJ'o".
1<. & apolo'iKed to my 6riendBBBBBBBBBBBBBBJbe". 11. & amDam not
usedBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBJdri:e". 1*. !othin' can stop meBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBJ'o".
1+. &n that o66ice7 who is responsibleBBBBBBBBBBBBBJtake care o6".
17. -inish the sentences using by4gerund phrase.
1. Pat turned o66 the tape recorderBBBBBBBB. *. 3e show people we are happyBBBBBBBBBB
+. 3e decided who should 'et the last piece o6 pieBBBBBBBB 0. & 6ound out what 2?uench2
meansBBBB 1. Tony impro:ed his listenin' comprehension skills 4. Alex cau'ht my
attentionBBBBBBBBB 5. They 'ot rid o6 the rats in the buildin'BBB 9. #y do' shows me she is
happyBBBB ;. )e accidentally electrocuted himsel6BBBBB.
1. ?ake up sentences using gerund.
1. &,m tiredHdiscussH
'rades with my 6riend because talkH'radesHbe borin'
*. Sometimes pupils don,t
likeH'oHschool theyHa6raidHwriteHa test
+. & don,t thinkHcopyH
your homework 6rom thereHdan'erHcopyH
a 6riendHalwaysH'ood idea somethin' wron'
0. Some pupils don,t en@oyH
playH6ootball they hateHrunHa6ter a ball
1. &,:e startedHlearnHanoH
ther 6orei'n lan'ua'e speakHse:eral lan'ua'esH
1!. (o)plete the sentences with gerund
1. The ni'ht a6ter %rucel,s concert7 #aureen JdreamD'o" to another concert at the =arden.
*. &t upsets #r #itchell when #ar:in JtalkDdrop" out o6 school.
+. Some o6 Ellrod,s 6riends aren,t :ery 'ood at school7 but they Jbe 'oodDplay" music and
basketball. 0. At the be'innin' Tommy was so con6ident that he Jnot thinkDapolo'iKe" to eblie.
1. A6ter the chie6tains had won some 'ames a'ain7 Ste:e Jbe proudDbe" captain.
4. Aon' be6ore the Europeans came to America7 many &ndian tribes Jbe 'oodD6arm" the land.
2". Write the %erb phrase in the appropriate tense putting the two %erbs in parentheses in
correct order, include gerund.
#artin was pleased when his American 6riend7 Oeith7 in:ited him to a dinner party on -riday
ni'ht. &mmediately7 he BBBBB Jplan7 be'in" 6or the party. )eBBBBBBBJbrin'7 like" 'i6ts to people7
so he asked his roommate Oe:in7 6or su''estion. Oe:in BBBBBBBBB Jtake7 su''est" a
bottle o6 wine. %ut #artin didn,t drink wine7 so he bou'ht Oeith a new stereocassette player 6or
his car. Oe:inBBBBBBBJad:ise7 wear" casual clothes to the party7 but #artinBBBBBBBBJpre6er7
wear" his best suit tie. 3hen -riday ni'ht arri:ed7 #artinBBBBBBBBBBJstart7 'et".
21. (o)plete the sentences with the )issing particles or . 6 prepositions and gerund.
(hoose fro) these %erbs/
'et7 take7 be7 send7 try7 'i:e7 buy7 do.
&t is -ebruary 10. #ichael has recei:ed 6lowers. The card says 2-rom a Secret Admirer.2
#.: Jto himsel6" $ed rosesF There,re beauti6ulF & bet they,re 6rom (anet. &t,s so nice o6 her to
thinkBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB 6lowers on Nalentine,s ay. &,ll call her. J)e dials (anet,s number.
The phone rin's."
&.: )ello.
#.: )i7 (anet. &t,s #ike. & @ust wanted to thank youBBBBBBB so romantic. &,:e o6ten dreamed
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB roses 6rom a woman. & can always countBBBBByourBBBBBBBsomethin' nice.
&.: $oses. & ... uh ... don,t belie:eBBBBBBBmen 'i6ts. & ob@ect BBBBBBBBBBBwomenBBBBBBBBBthe
6irst step in a relationship. JShe han's up."
#.: Jto himsel6" )mmm ... she doesn,t admit BBBBBBBBBthe 6lowers. Then who sent them. & can,t
'i:eBBBBto 6ind out. J)e dials the phone. A woman answers it."
#.: )ello7 %etty. &t,s #ike. & @ust wanted to thank you 6or the 6lowers......
22. (o)plete the sentences with the )issing preposition and gerunds. *se the %erb in
8hildren are always happyBBBBBBBBBBB Jcelebrate" holidays7 but most American children 'et
specially excited BBBBBBB J'et" ready 6or )alloween. E:ery year in Ectober7 children7 who
usually hate to 'o to the market be'in to 'et interested BBBBBBBB Jshop". They are
ea'er to pick out a costume and a pumpkin. Adults who are 'ood BBBBBBBBBBBB Jcar:e"
pumpkins cut happy or sad 6aces in them. 3ith li'hted candles in them7 the pumpkins become
(ack H E, H lanterns7 symbols o6 )alloween. ' En Ectober +17 children 'o trick L or L
treatin'. They cle:er seem to 'et tiredBBBBBBJrun" 6rom house to house to 6ill their ba's with
candy. Aittle children are sometimes a6raid BBBBBBJ'o" out on )alloween because o6 the 'hosts
and monsters on the streets. Their parents are o6ten worriedBBBBBJsa:e"
their children,s teeth 6rom all those sweets.
23. (o)plete the sentences with the gerund for) of a suitable %erb.
1. The newspaper,s 6inancial editor ad:ised his reader not to buy speculati:e snares unless
they were prepared to risk ... their money. *. This room will look :ery cheer6ul once you,re
6inished ... it +. & wish you wouldn,t keep ... me what & already know all too well. 0. &t is di66icult
to see how the company can a:oid ... another loss this year. 1. &t was so ridiculous that &
couldn,t resist ... outri'ht. 4. The secretary asked i6 & would mind ... 6or a 6ew minutes.
5. The way to learn a lan'ua'e is to practise ... it as o6ten as possible. 9. E:eryone said how
much they had en@oyed ... to the speech. ;. 3hen you,:e 6inished the book you can tell me i6
it,s worth ... 1<. )e was :ery lucky to escape ... Jpassi:e" to prison. 11. /ou should stop ...
about the examinations. 1*. She was so upset that she couldn,t help ... 1+. The @ob will entail
your ... to di66erent parts o6 the country7 o6ten at short notice. 10. The teacher said he wouldn,t
tolerate my ... late e:ery day. 11. The ?uestion is so tri:ial7 it hardly @usti6ies our ... up any more
time discussin' it.
24. (o)plete the sentences using the gerund for) of a suitable %erb. &o functions as a
preposition in e%ery case. 3ote that the perfect for) is re0uired in so)e sentences.
1. The Prime #inister said he was lookin' 6orward to ... the US President. *. )e should be
accustomed by now to ... En'lish 6ood +. The policeman couldn,t swear to ... the accused man
at the scene o6 the crime. 0. o you think your 6ather would ob@ect to ... . 1. )e said he wasn,t
used to ... in public. 4. )a:in' almost run out o6 money we were reduced to ... in
cheap hotel.
5. )e tried to limit himsel6 to ... ten ci'arettes a day.
9. #anu6acturers were asked to de:ote all their ener'ies to ... exports. ;. 3e aren,t 'oin'. #y
wi6e doesn,t 6eel like to so 6ar. 1<. The committee could see no alternati:e to ... thee plan in its
ori'inal 6orm.
25. -or each of the following sentences write =another sentence as si)ilar as possible in
)eaning using the %erb in brackets together with a preposition atnd gerund.
1. The customer said that the cashier had tried to o:erchar'e her Jaccuse". *. #any people
pass their dri:in' test only at the second attempt Jsucceed". +. 8oncertH'oes are asked not to
smoke in the auditorium Jre6rain". 0. The solicitor talked his client out o6 takin' le' al action
Jdissuade". 1. &6 a customer 'ets poor ser:ice7 you can,t say it ,s wron' o6 him to make a 6uss
Jblame". 4. The hi@ackers wouldn,t let the passen'ers lea:e tthe plane Jpre:ent". 5. The
student said he was sorry that he had missed the pre:ious lesson Japolo'iKe". 9. Nisitors to the
Soo are not allowed to 6eed the animals Jprohibit" ;. espite my ob:ious lack o6 interest the
party bone said he had to tell me the rest o6 his story7 Jinsists". 1<. The police think that the
owner o6 the store started the 6ire himsel6 Jsuspect".
26. (o)plete the sentences using gerunds.
1. #y doctor ad:ised me to 'i:e up ... *. 3e had to put o66 ... +. That company specialiKes
in ... 0. The @ud'e was accused o6 ... 1. #any people 'et a 'reat deal o6 satis6action 6rom ... 4.
& told him not to bother about ... 5. The teacher decided a'ainst ... 9. En ... he took o66 his hat.
;. 3e asked a solicitor 6or ad:ice be6ore ... 1<. %y ... he ran the risk o6 ... 11. A6ter ... the
customer le6t the shop without ... 1*. %y ... the student impro:ed his chances o6 ...
27. (o)plete the sentences using gerunds.
1. There are many di66iculties in:ol:ed in ... *. /ou must be tired o6 ... +. The boy was se:erely
reprimanded 6or ... 0. The public were warned o6 the dan'ers o6 ... 1. )e doesn,t take any
interest in ... 4. /ou seem to be :ery 6ond o6 ... 5. The soldier was court H martialled 6or ...
9. 3ho is responsible 6or .... ;. /ou ou'ht to think about ...7 instead o6 ... 1<. This new scheme
'oes a lon' way towards ... 11. & would ne:er think o6 ... 1*. They saw no reason 6or not ...
2. Put the %erbs in brackets into a gerund for).
1. )e 'a:e up J'amble". *. Try to a:oid Jmake" him an'ry. +. Stop Jar'ue" and star t Jwork".
0. The children pre6er Jwatch" TN to Jread". 1. & am a'ainst Jmake" any complaints. 4. &t,s no
use Jcry" o:er spilt milk7 Jpro:erb" 5. & su''est Jhold" another meetin' next week. 9. )e
6inished Jspeak" and sat down., ;. )e was 6ined 6or Jdri:e" without li'hts. 1<. &t is di66icult to 'et
used to Jeat" with chopsticks. 11. &6 you can,t turn the key try Jput" some oil in the lock. 1*. )e
lost no time in J'et" down to work. 1+. /ou can,t make an omelette without Jbreak"
e''s. Jpro:erb" 10. 3e are lookin' 6orward to Jread" your new book. 11. They escaped by
Jslide" down ropes made o6 blankets. 14. They don,t allow Jsmoke" in here. 15. )e is thinkin'
o6 Jlea:e" his @ob and J'o" to America. 19. A6ter Jread" this article you will 'i:e up Jsmoke". 1;.
&6 you put your money into that business you risk Jlose" e:ery penny. *<. &ma'ine Jli:e" with
someone who ne:er stops Jtalk". *1. &s there anythin' here worth Jbuy". **. )e was accused
o6 Jleak" in6ormation to the press. *+. /ou,d better consult your lawyer be6ore Jdecide" to buy
the property. *0. & don,t en@oy J'o" to the dentist. *1. 3ould you mind Jput" your pet snake
somewhere else. *4. The hosta'es were rescued without a shot Jbe" 6ired. *5. %y Jwork" day
and ni'ht he succeeded in J6inish" the @ob in time. *9. )e has a scheme 6or Jmake" 'rass 'row
in winter. *;. & don,t 6eel like Jwork"G what about J'o" to a disco instead. +<. 3ould you mind
Jwrite" your name and address on the back o6 the che?ue. +1. &6 a thin' is worth Jdo" at all
it is worth Jdo" well. Jpro:erb" +*. & hate Jborrow" money. ++. )e was 6urious at Jbe" mistaken
6or an escaped con:ict. +0. A6ter Jtalk" 6or ten minutes & succeeded in Jcon:ince" him that there
was no dan'er. +1. & remember Jread" a re:iew o6 that book and Jthink" &,d like to 'et it. +4. As
a result o6 Jlisten" at keyholes he learnt many 6acts which he had no hesitation in Juse" to his
own ad:anta'e.
2!. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct for) #gerund or infiniti%e$.
1. & am lookin' 6orward to Jsee" you. *. )e dreads Jha:e" to retire. +. & arran'ed Jmeet" them
here. 0. )e ur'ed us Jwork" 6aster. 1. & wish Jsee" the mana'er. 4. &t,s no use Jwait". 5 )e
warned her Jnot touch" the wire. 9. on,t 6or'et Jlock" the door be6ore J'o" to bed. ;. #y mother
told me Jnot speak" to anyone about it. 1<. & can,t understand her Jbeha:e" like that. 11. )e
tried Jexplain" but she re6used Jlisten". 1*. At dinner she annoyed me by Jsmoke"
between the courses. 1+. /ou are expected Jknow" the sa6ety re'ulations o6 the colle'e. 10.
)e decided Jdis'uise" himsel6 by Jdress" as a woman. 11. & am prepared Jwait" here all ni'ht i6
necessary. 14. 3ould you mind Jshow" me how Jwork" the li6t. 15. A6ter Jwalk" 6or three hours
we stopped to let the others Jcatch up" with us. 19. & am be'innin' Junderstand" what you
mean. 1;. )e was 6ined 6or Jexceed" the speed limit. *<. The boys like Jplay" 'ames but hate
Jdo" lessons. *1. & re'ret Jin6orm" you that your application has been re6used. **. & couldn,t
help Jo:erhear" what you said. *+. #rs (ones: & don,t allow Jsmoke" in my drawin'Hroom. #rs
Smith: & don,t allow my 6amily Jsmoke" at all. *0. )e surprised us all by J'o" away without Jsay"
2=oodbye2. *1. Please 'o on Jwrite"G & don,t mind Jwait". *4. )e wore dark 'lasses Ja:oid" Jbe"
reco'niKed. *5. %e6ore J'i:e" e:idence you must swear Jspeak" the truth. *9. & tried
Jpersuade" him Ja'ree" with your proposal. *;. /our windows need Jclean"G would you like me
Jdo" them 6or you. +<. 3ould you mind Jshut" the window. & hate Jsit" m a drau'ht. +1. & can,t
help JsneeKe": & cau'ht a cold yesterday 6rom Jsit" in a drau'ht. +*. o stop Jtalk"G & am tryin'
J6inish" a letter. ++. )is doctor ad:ised him J'i:e up" J@o'". +0. #y watch keeps Jstop".H
That,s because you keep J6or'et" Jwind" it. +1. 3ithout JrealiKe" it7 he hindered us instead o6
Jhelp" us +4 People used Jmake" 6ire by Jrub" two sticks to'ether.
3" Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct for) #gerund or infiniti%e$.
1. )e hates Janswer" the phone7 and :ery o6ten @ust lets it Jrin'" *. &6 you 'o on Jlet" your do'
Jchase" cars he,ll end by Jbe" run o:er +. & pre6er Jdri:e" to Jbe dri:en". 0. & ad:ise you Jstart"
Jlook" 6or a 6lat at once. 1. 3ould you mind Jlend" me I1. & 6or'ot Jcash" a che?ue. 4. JAie" on
this beach is much more pleasant than Jsit" in the o66ice. 5. She likes her children J'o" to
the dentist e:ery six months. 9. %y Jne'lect" Jtake" ordinary precautions he endan'ered the
li6e o6 his crew. ;. An instructor is comin' Jshow" us how Juse" the a?ualun'. 1<. & ha:e no
intention o6 J'o" to that 6ilmG & couldn,t bearHJsee" my 6a:ourite actress in such a dread6ul part.
11. & su''est Jtelephone" the hospital be6ore Jask" the police Jlook" 6or him. 1*. A6ter Jhear" the
conditions & decided Jnot enter" 6or the competition. 1+. Some people seem Jha:e" a passion
6or Jwrite" to the newspapers. 10. )e expects me Janswer" by return but & ha:e no intention o6
Jreply" at all. 11. & tried Jexplain" to him but he re6used Jlisten" and went on J'rumble". 14. %y
Jo66er" enormous wa'es he is persuadin' men Jlea:e" their present @obs and Jwork" 6or him. 15.
)e postponed Jmake" a decision till it was too late Jdo" anythin'. 19. &ma'ine Jha:e" J'et up" at
6i:e a.m. e:ery dayF 1;. Try J6or'et" itG it isn,t worth Jworry" about. *<. There is no point in
Jremain" in a dan'erous place i6 /EU can,t do anythin' Jhelp" the people who ha:e
Jstay" there. *1. The horse won,t be well enou'h Jrun" in tomorrow,s race. )e doesn,t seem
Jha:e reco:ered" 6rom his lon' @ourney. 1<. Sometimes teena'ers 'et into trouble with their
parents **. At 6irst & en@oyed Jlisten" to him but a6ter a while & 'ot tired o6 Jhear" the same story
a'ain and a'ain. *+. &t is usually easier Jlearn" a sub@ect by Jread" books than by Jlisten" to
lectures. *0. &t wouldn,t be sa6e Jstart" down nowG we,ll ha:e Jwait" till the mist clears. *1. The
police accused him o6 Jset" 6ire to the buildin' but he denied Jha:e been" in the area on the
ni'ht o6 the 6ire. *4. & le6t my door open. 3hy didn,t you walk in. & didn,t like J'o" in when you
weren,t there. *5. &t,s much better J'o" to a hairdresser than Jtry" Jsa:e" time by Jcut" your own
hair. *9. &,d rather Jearn" my li:in' by Jscrub" 6loors than Jmake" money by Jblackmail" people.
*;. A6ter Jdiscuss" the matter 6or an hour the committee ad@ourned without Jha:e reached" any
decision. +<. &t,s not much use Jha:e" a bicycle i6 you don,t know how Jride" it. +1. )e didn,t
dare Jlea:e" the house because he was a6raid o6 Jmeet" someone who mi'ht Jreco'niKe" him.
+*. & distinctly remember Jpay" him. & 'a:e him I*. ++. id you remember J'i:e" him the key o6
the sa6e. !o7 & didn,t. &,ll 'o and do it now. +0. Please 6or'i:e me 6or Jinterrupt" you but would
you mind Jrepeat" that last sentence. +1. & know my hair wants Jcut" but & ne:er ha:e time J'o"
to the hairdresser,s. +4. )e made a lot o6 money by Jbuy" tickets in ad:ance and Jsell" them 6or
twice the price on the day o6 the match. +5. She rushed out the room without J'i:e" me a
chance Jexplain". +9. )e keeps Jask" me the time and & keep Jtell" him Jbuy" himsel6 a watch.
+;. )e has a theory that it is possible Jtell" the time in day li'ht by Jlook" into a cat,s eyes. 0<.
&,d hate Jbe" beside a :olcano when it started Jerupt".
31. Put the %erbs in brackets into gerund or infiniti%e.
A6ter like it is sometimes possible to use either 'erund or in6initi:e7 but there tends to be a sli'ht
di66erence in implication.
like R 'erund usually means 2en@oy2G it also usually implies that the action isDwas per6ormed:
& like skatin' & en@oy skatin' Jand do skate".
like R in6initi:e has more the meanin' o6 2appro:e o627 2like the idea or habit2. &n the a66irmati:e it
'i:es no indication as to whether the action is per6ormed or not7 and in the ne'ati:e implies that
it is not per6ormed.
& didn,t like sayin' it
usually means 2& said it7 unwillin'ly27 but
& didn,t like to say it
usually means 2& didn,t say it2 Jbecause it didn,t seem ri'ht or sensible". The distinction7
howe:er7 is not ri'id. The abo:e notes are7 there6ore7 only 'uides which may sa6ely be 6ollowed.
1. & used Jride" a lot but & ha:en,t had a chance Jdo" any since Jcome" here. & ride sometimes.
3ould you like Jcome" with me next time. *. #ost people pre6er Jspend" money to Jearn" it. +. &
resented Jbe" un@ustly accused and asked him Japolo'iKe". 0. &t isn,t 'ood 6or
children Jeat" too many sweets. 1. & didn,t 6eel like Jwork" so & su''ested Jspend" ,the day in the
'arden. 4. 3hy do you keep Jlook" back. Are you a6raid o6 Jbe" 6ollowed. 5. o you remember
Jpost" the letter. /es7 & doG & posted it in the letterHbox near my 'ate. 9. id you remember
Jlock" the door. !o7 & didn,t. &,d better J'o" back and Jdo" it now. ;. /ou still ha:e a lot Jlearn" i6
you,ll 6or'i:e my Jsay" so. 1<. &t,s no use Jtry" Jinterrupt" him. /ou,ll ha:e Jwait" till he stops
Jtalk". 11. &,m 6or Jdo" nothin' till the police arri:e. They don,t like you Jmo:e" anythin' when a
crime has been committed. 1*. )e didn,t like Jlea:e" the children alone in the house but he had
no alternati:e as he had J'o" out to work. 1+. 3hy didn,t you drink it. & didn,t like Jdrink" it as &
didn,t know what it was. 10. &,m :ery sorry 6or Jbe" late. &t was 'ood o6 you Jwait" 6or me. 11. &
keep Jtry" Jmake" mayonnaise but & ne:er succeed. Try Jadd" the yolk o6 a hardHboiled e''.
14. o you 6eel like J'o" to a 6ilm or would you rather Jstay" at home. 15. She told me
Jlook" throu'h her correspondence and Jtake" out any letters that you had written her. &
don,t like Jlook" throu'h someone else,s letters but & had Jdo" as she said. 19. )e took to J'et
up" early and Jwalk" noisily about the house. 1;. & liked Jlisten" to 6olk music much better than
Jlisten" to pop *<. The car be'an Jmake" an extraordinary noise so & stopped Jsee" what it was.
*1. /ou,ll ne:er re'ret Jdo" a kind action. **. )e decided Jput" broken 'lass on top o6 his wall
Jpre:ent" boys Jclimb" o:er it. *+. )e annoyed me :ery much by ,Jtake" the piece o6 cake that &
was keepin' Jeat" a6ter my supper. *0. )e kept Jrin'" up and Jask" 6or an explanation and she
didn,t know what Jdo" about him. *1. 3e 'ot tired o6 Jwait" 6or the weather Jclear" and 6inally
decided Jset" out in the rain. *4. )e made me Jrepeat" his instructions Jmake" sure that 1
understood what & was Jdo" a6ter he had 'one. *5. & su''est Jlea:e" the car here and Jsend" a
breakdowr :an Jtow" it to the 'ara'e. *9. She apolo'iKed 6or Jborrow" my sewin'Hmachine
without Jask" permission and promised ne:er Jdo" it a'ain. *;. & didn,t mean Jo66end" anyone
but somehow & succeeded in Jannoy" them all. +<. She claimed Jbe able" Jtell" the 6uture by
J'aKe" into her crystal ball. +1. )e ne:er thinks o6 J'et" out o6 your wayG he expects you Jwalk"
round him. +*. /ou don,t need Jask" his permission e:ery time you want Jlea:e" the room.
32. Decide whether to is functioning as a preposition or as part of an infiniti%e and then
co)plete the sentences with the gerund or the infiniti%e for)s of the %erbs in brackets.
1. The speaker said he would con6ine himsel6 to Jtry" to Janswer" 6our ?uestions. *. %y
sellin' council houses7 we are able to de:ote more money to Jbuild" 6resh properties. +. )ard
work is the key to Jpass" examinations. 0. )a:in' su''ested the scheme mysel6 & now 6eel
committed to Jtry" to Jmake" it work. 1. & think that is what he said but & can,t swear to Jha:e"
heard him correctly. 4. )e used to Jdislike" Aondon but he now seems resi'ned to Jli:e" there.
5. (ones came :ery close to Jwin" a 'old medal 6or %ritain in the Elympics. 9. &t mi'ht be better
to Jtry" to Jdiscuss" it in his own lan'ua'e as he isn,t used to Jspeak" En'lish. ;. #ost
educationlists a'ree that no teacher,s duties should be limited solely to Jteach". 1<. Unreliable
deli:ery dates are one o6 the most important obstacles to Jincrease" our exports.
++. *se gerund or infiniti%e in the following sentences.
A. 1. The boys started Jto run L runnin'". *. They intended Jto win L winnin'" the race. +. #y
parents lo:e Jto walk L walkin'" in the wood 0. The children continued Jto watch L
watchin'" TN.. 1. on,t try Jto eat L eatin'" the unripe apples. 4. A6ter dinner & be'an Jto do L
doin'" my lessons. 5. A:oid Jto make L makin'" spellin' mistakes.
%. 1. )e must 'o on Jto make L makin'" experiments. *. #other lo:es Jto work L
workin'" in the 'arden. +. 8an we put o66 Jto see L seein'" the exhibition 6or some days. 0. &
don,t deny Jto ha:e said L ha:in' said" that. 1. /ou must 'et used to Jto 'et up L 'ettin' up"
early. 4. !obody was surprised at his Jto ha:e made L ha:in' made" a lon' speech. 5. &t,s no
'ood Jto ?uarrel L ?uarrellin'" with him.
+0. (hoose the correct for) of the %erb in parentheses in the following sentences.
1. The teacher decided Jacceptin'Dto accept" the paper. *. They appreciate Jto ha:eDha:in'"
this in6ormation. +. )is 6ather doesn,t appro:e o6 his J'oin'Dto 'o" to . Europe. 0. 3e
6ound it :ery di66icult Jreachin'Dto reach" a decision 1. Aeonac is interested in J to openDopenin'"
a bar. 4. =eor'e has no intention o6 Jto lea:eDlea:in'" the city now. 5. 3e are ea'er Jto
returnDreturnin'" to school in autumn 9. /ou would be better o66 Jto buyDbuyin'" this car. ;. She
re6used Jto acceptDacceptin'" the 'i6t. 1<. #ary re'rets Jto beDbein'" the one to ha:e to tell him.
11. =eor'e pretended Jto beDbein'" sick yesterday. 1*. 8arlos hoped Jto 6inishD6inishin'" his
thesis this year. 1+. They a'reed Jto lea:eDlea:in'" early. 10. )elen was anxious Jto tellDtellin'"
her 6amily about her promotion. 11. 3e are not ready Jto stopDstoppin'" this research at the
time. 14. )enry shouldn,t risk Jto dri:eDdri:in'" so 6ast. 15. )e demands Jto knowDknowin'"
what is 'oin' on. 19. She is lookin' 6orward to JreturnDreturnin'" to her country. 1;. There is no
excuse 6or Jto lea:eDlea:in'" the room in this condition. *<. =erald returned to his home a6ter
Jto lea:eDlea:in'" the 'ame.
35. ?ake an e0ui%alent sentence, with a gerund or an infiniti%e, for each of these sentences.
&t,s hard to blow up balloons. #akin' a wish be6ore you blow out the candle is :ery important.
&t,s not easy to blow out all the candles. Epenin' the presents is excitin'. %ut washin' the
dishes a6ter the party is no 6un. &t,s sad to ha:e to wait a whole year 6or your next birthday.
36. (o)plete these sentences with the indefinite or gerund for) of each %erb in parentheses.
.eo, ?arie, and their son Scott are on their way ho)e after a dinner party at the ho)e of Dan
and 2uth.
A.: 3ell7 & certainly en@oyed BBBBBBBBBBB Jsee" an and $uth a'ain. The 6ood was delicious7
and they were really excited aboutBBBBBJ'et" that new dinin'Hroom set.
#.: 3ell7 at least $uth 3as. & think that an only a'reed Jtake" the set because & was tired
A.: #aybe. %ut $uth said the deal was too 'ood BBBBBBJresist". The salesclerk su''ested
BBBBBB Jsi'n" a credit a'reement7 so they needBBBBBBBBJpay" only *1 a month.
#., & know that $uth was ea'erBBBBBBB Jtake" her ad:ice7 but &,m a6raid that an wasn,t.
S.: 3hy.BBBBBBBBBBBJbuy" on credit is a 'ood idea7 isn,t it. /ou can 'et more thin's by
BBBBBBB Jmake" monthly payments7 can,t you.
#.: /es7 but BBBBBB Juse" 6inance plans costs a lot more thanBBBBBBBBBJpay" cash.
A.: $i'ht. Stores want customersBBBBBBBBBJa'ree" onBBBB J6inance" because it,s easier 6or
them BBBBBBB Jmake" more money that way. There,s monthly 6inance char'eBBBBBBBBJpay".
S.: Eh. %ut you likeBBBBBBBBJuse" credit cards7 don,t you. &sn,t it more con:enient and sa6er
BBBBBB Jcarry" cards than money.
A.: /es7 it is. %ut you ou'ht BBBBBBBB Jpay" your bills as soon as possible. That way7 the bank
doesn,t keep BBBB Jchar'e" interest.
#.: Exactly. &t,s dan'erous BBBBBBB Jput" too many purchases on a credit card i6 you can,t
a66ordBBBBBBJpay" 6or e:erythin' ri'ht away. & don,t like to see peopleBBBBBJ'et" into debt
that way.
37. Put in the correct for)s of the infiniti%e or =ing.
T)&S 3A/F T)AT 3A/F &n a split second7 when no one was payin' attention7 the two prisoners
escaped 6rom the back o6 the police :an. They were handcu66ed to \b
Zi other. &t was minutes
be6ore a policeman saw them Jrun" ... down the street. 23e,ll 6ollow72 two policemen said.
2)a:e the dri:er Jbrin'" ... the :an to the end o6 the road.
Tell him Jnot let" .........them 'et away. &6 we,re not care6ul7 we,ll
ha:e the whole nei'hbourhood Jcomplain" ...... that we,:e been
careless.2 The prisoners were still runnin' side by side. The policeman saw them Jrace" ... up
the hill and Jdisappear" ... round a corner. 23e,ll ne:er catch them nowF2 one o6 them said. 2& told
you Jnot lea:e" ... them unattended.2 The prisoners were runnin'7 at top speed. Suddenly7 they
saw a lamp post in 6ront o6 them 2=o le6tF =o ri'htF2 they each shouted at the same time. They
ran on either side o6 the lamp post. &t @ust took time 6or the police J6ind" ... them lyin' on the
pa:ement unhurt7 daKed7 and with silly 'rins on their 6aces.
3. Hoin these pairs of sentences, deciding when to use a bare infiniti%e or ing.
1. She crossed the road. & saw her. & saw............... *. She was crossin' the road. & cau'ht si'ht
o6 her. & noticed ...... +. Somethin',s burnin'. & can smell it. & can smell ............... 0. They san'
a son'. & listened to them. & listened......... 1. She was shoutin' at the children. & heard her. &
heard ......... 4. The robbers were waitin' near the bank. They were seen. The robbers were
seen .........
3!. -ill in the blanks.
1. #ar'aret challen'ed me Jrace"BBBBBher across the pool. *. a:id :olunteered Jbrin'"
BBBBBBBBBBB some 6ood to the reception. +. The students practised Jpronounce" BBBBBBB
the 2th2 sound in the phrase 2these thirtyHthree dirty trees.2 0. &n the 6airy tale7 the wol6
threatened Jeat"BBBBBBBBBBBBB a 'irl named Aittle $ed $idin' )ood. 1. SusieF )ow many
times do & ha:e to remind you Jhan' up" your coat when you 'et home 6rom school.
4. The horses stru''led Jpull"BBBBBBBBBB the wa'on out o6 the mud. 5. (anice demanded
Jknow"BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBwhy she had been 6ired. 9. #y skin can,t tolerate Jbe"BBBBBBin the
sun all day lon'. & 'et sunburned easily. ;. & a:oided Jtell" BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB#ary the truth
because & knew she would be an'ry. 1<. -red 3ashin'ton claims Jbe" BBBBBBBBB a descendant
o6 =eor'e 3ashin'ton. 11. Alex broke the anti?ue :ase. &,m sure he didn,t mean Jdo" ,BBBBBBBit.
1*. & ur'ed Al Jreturn" BBBBBBBBB to school and J6inish" BBBBBBBBhis education.
1+. #rs -reeman can,t help Jworry" BBBBBBBBBB about her children. 10. 8hildren7 & 6orbid
you Jplay" BBBBBBBB in the street. There,s too much tra66ic. 11. #y little cousin is a
blabbermouthF )e can,t resist Jtell" BBBBBBBBBe:eryone my secretsF 14. & appreciate your
Jtake"BBBBBBBBBthe time to help me. 15. & can,t a66ord Jbuy"BBBBBBBBBBa new car. 19. Ted
mana'ed Jchan'e"BBBBBBBBBBmy mind. 1;. & think Sam deser:ed Jha:e"BBBBBBBBBBanother
chance. *<. (ulie 6inally admitted Jbe" responsible 6or the problem. *1. & don,t recall e:er
Jhear"BBBBBBBByou mention his name be6ore. **. She keeps Jpromise" BBBBBBBB J:isit"
BBBBBBB us7 but she ne:er does.
4". -ill in the blanks using gerund or infiniti%e.
1. Oeep Jtalk"BBBBBBBBBBBBB&,m listenin' to you. *. The children promised Jplay"
BBBBBBBB more ?uietly. They promised Jmake7 not"BBBBBBBBBso much noise. +. Ainda o66ered
Jlook a6ter" BBBBBBBB my cat while & was out o6 town. 0. /ou shouldn,t put o66 Jpay"BBBBBBByour
bills. 1. #ark mentioned J'o" BBBBBBBBBBBB to the market later today. & wonder i6 he,s still
plannin' J'o"BBBBBBBB. 4. -red su''ested J'o" BBBBBBB Jski" BBBBBB in the mountains this
weekend. )ow does that sound to you. 5. The doctor ordered #r. =ray Jsmoke7 not"
BBBBBBBBBBB. 9. on,t tell me his secret. & pre6er Jknow7 not"BBBBBBBBB. ;. 8ould you
please stop Jwhistle" BBBBBB. &,m tryin' Jconcentrate"BBBBBBBBBBBBon my work.
1<. She 6inally decided J?uit" BBBBBBBBB her present @ob and Jlook 6or" another one.
11. id you remember Jturn o66"BBBBBBBBthe sto:e. 1*. (ack was allowed
Jrenew"BBBBBBBBBBhis student :isa 1+. Pat told us Jwait7 not"BBBBBBBBBBB6or her. &
10. #r %uck warned his dau'hter Jplay7 not" BBBBBBBBB with matches. 11. 3ould you please
remind me Jcall"BBBBAlice tomorrow. 14. AiK encoura'ed me Jthrow away"BBBBBBmy old
runnin' shoes and Jbuy"BBBBBBBBBa new pair without holes in the toes 15. &,m considerin'
Jdrop out o6"BBBBBBBBschool7 Jhitchike" BBBBBBBBBBto !ew /ork7 and Jtry"BBBBBBB
J6ind"BBBBBBa @ob. 19. on,t 6or'et Jtell" BBBBBB (ane Jcall" BBBBBB me about J'o"BBBBBBB
Jswim"BBBBBBBBBtomorrow. 1;. Sally reminded me Jask" BBBBBBB you Jtell"BBBBBBBB
%ob Jremember" BBBBBBBB Jbrin'" BBBBBBBB his soccer ball to the picnic.
41. -ill in the blanks.
(oe,s and iane,s personalities are di66erent in other ways7 too. iane is a :ery ?uiet person7 but
(oe is :ery talkati:e. )e likes toBtalk all the time. )e especially en@oysBdiscussin' politics
iane JhateDdiscuss" BBBBBBBBpolitics. Also7 when she is tired7 she doesn,t JwantDtalk"
BBBBBBBBBBBBB about anythin'G she JneedDha:e"BBBBBBBBBpeace and ?uiet. (oe doesn,t
understand 3hen iane is ?uiet7 he thinks she,s unhappy. Sometimes when (oe talks a lot7 it
dri:es iane craKy. Then she @okes and says7 2(oe7 you ne:er JstopDtalk"BBBBBBBBB2.
)owe:er7 (oe and iane are not completely di66erent. They share some interests7 and they
Jen@oyDdo" BBBBBBBBBB many thin's to'ether. -or example7 both (oe and iane are interested
Jo67 in7 about" BBBBBBBBBB cookBBBBBBBBBBBEn Saturdays they JlikeDspend" BBBBBBBB all
day Jcook" BBBBBBBBBBB7 but they both JhateDwash" dishes. They also JlikeD'o" BBBBBBBB to
old mo:ies 6rom the 1;+<s and 0<s to'ether and they JlikeD'o" BBBBBBBBBB to the theatre. They
ha:e some problems in their relationship7 but in 'eneral they Jen@oyDbe"BBBBBBBBBto'ether.
42. Open the brackets.
There are many well LJmean" people who belie:e that it is impossible to stop the con6lict
between the deeply L Jdi:ide" reli'ious 'roups in !orthern &reland. )owe:er7 there ha:e always
been peace L Jlo:e" people who ha:e tried to brin' to'ether 8atholics and Protestants. These
much L Jneed" peace 'roups were o6ten or'aniKed by women. And i6 you look around7 you will
see some Jencoura'e" si'ns in !orthern &reland.
Ene woman with J6ascinate" ideas about how the con6lict could be stopped is Sister Neronica
E,%rien. She was a teacher in the 8atholic -alls $oad area o6 %el6ast. A6ter she had tau'ht
there 6or 11 years7 she started a care6ully L Jplan" pro@ect in !orth %el6ast7 the city,s most
reli'iously L Jmix" area.
-irst she told Jinterest" teachers about her pro@ect. Then she had to 2sell2 her ideas to pupils.
There ha:e already been some Jpromise" results: she has talked with Jmix" 'roups o6 8atholic
and Protestant pupils about the troubles. &n this way she hopes they will learn to understand
each other.
43. 2ewrite these sentences using past participle.
1. The paintin' was lost 6or many years. &t turned up at an auction. *. Althou'h the meat was
cooked 6or se:eral hours7 it was still tou'h. +. &6 the picture is seen 6rom this an'le7 it looks
rather 'ood. 0. The :e'etables which are sold in this shop are 'rown without chemicals.
1. 3hen the poem is read aloud it is :ery e66ecti:e.
44. Hoin each of the following pairs of sentences, using either a present participle e.g. knowing,
a past participle e.g. known, or a perfect participle e.g. ha%ing known. 3u)bers 79, I:, 88,
and 8C contain three sentences each. (o)bine these in the sa)e way.
)e 'ot o66 his horse. )e be'an searchin' 6or somethin' on the 'round.
=ettin' o66 his horse7 he be'an searchin' ...
& had seen photo'raphs o6 the place. & had no desire to 'o there.
)a:in' seen photo'raphs o6 the place7 & had no desire ...
The speaker re6used to continue. )e was in6uriated by the interruptions.
&n6uriated by the interruptions7 the speaker re6used ...
These participle constructions are more common in written En'lish.
1. & knew that he was poor. & o66ered to pay his 6are. *. 3e barricaded the windows. 3e
assembled in the hall. +. She became tired o6 my complaints about the pro'ramme. She turned
it o66. 0. )e 6ound no one at home. )e le6t the house in a bad temper. 1. She hoped to 6ind the
will. She searched e:erywhere. 4. The criminal remo:ed all traces o6 his crime. )e le6t the
buildin'. 5. )e realiKed that he had missed the last train. )e be'an to walk. 9. )e was
exhausted by his work. )e threw himsel6 on his bed. ;. )e had spent all his money. )e decided
to 'o home and ask his 6ather 6or a @ob. 1<. )e escaped 6rom prison. )e looked 6or a place
where he could 'et 6ood. 11. She didn,t want to hear the story a'ain. She had heard it all
be6ore. 1*. They 6ound the money. They be'an ?uarrellin' about how to di:ide it. 1+. She
entered the room suddenly. She 6ound them smokin'. 10. & turned on the li'ht. & was
astonished at what & saw. 11. 3e :isited the museum. 3e decided to ha:e lunch in the park.
14. )e o66ered to show us the way home. )e thou'ht we were lost. 15. )e 6ound his re:ol:er.
)e loaded it. )e sat down 6acin' the door. 19. She asked me to help her. She realiKed that she
couldn,t mo:e it alone. 1;. )e 6ed the do'. )e sat down to his own dinner. *<. )e addressed
the con're'ation. )e said he was sorry to see how 6ew o6 them had been able to come.
*1. )e thou'ht he must ha:e made a mistake somewhere. )e went throu'h his calculations
a'ain. **. & ha:e looked throu'h the 6ashion ma'aKines. & realiKe that my clothes are
hopelessly out o6 date. *+. The tree had 6allen across the road. &t had been uprooted by the
'ale. *0. People were sleepin' in the next room. They were wakened by the sound o6 breakin'
'lass. *1. & knew that the murderer was still at lar'e. & was extremely reluctant to open the
door. *4. )e stole the sil:er. )e looked 6or a place to hide it. *5. 3e were soaked to the skin.
3e e:entually reached the station. *9. & sat in the 6ront row. & used opera 'lasses. & saw e:eryH
thin' beauti6ully. *;. Ene e:enin' you will be sittin' by the 6ire. /ou will remember this day.
+<. & didn,t like to sit down. & knew that there were ants in the 'rass. +1. She belie:ed that she
could trust him absolutely. She 'a:e him a blank che?ue. +*. Slates were ripped o66 by the
'ale. They 6ell on people passin' below. ++. The lion 6ound his ca'e door open. )e saw no si'n
o6 his keeper. )e le6t the ca'e and walked slowly towards the Koo entrance. +0. The
'o:ernment once tried to tax people accordin' to the siKe o6 their houses. They put a tax on
windows. +1. & had heard that the ca:es were dan'erous. & didn,t like to 'o any 6urther without a
li'ht. +4. She wore extremely 6ashionable clothes. She was surrounded by photo'raphers and
pressmen. She swept up to the microphone.
45. , participle is considered to belong to the noun or pronoun that i))ediately precedes it
#which usually, but not necessarily, is the sub+ect of the )ain %erb$.
t The boy7 climbin' the tree to 'et birds, e''s7 had a bad 6all.
- &6 there is no nounDpronoun in this position the participle is considered to belon' to the sub@ect
o6 the 6ollowin' main :erb:
8limbin' the tree to 'et birds, e''s7 the boy had a bad 6all.
Sometimes this principle is disre'arded and con6usion results:
8limbin' down the tree7 one o6 the e''s broke.
This word order makes it appear that the e'' was climbin'7 which is nonsense. A participle
linked in this way to the wron'
nounDpronoun is said to be 2misrelated2. The sentence should be
8limbin' down the tree he broke one o6 the e''s or
As he was climbin' down the tree one o6 the e''s broke.
Ether examples o6 this type o6 error are 'i:en below. 8orrect the sentences. Sometimes only a
chan'e o6 order is re?uired.
1. 3hen lea:in' a car in this car park the brakes must be le6t o66. *. 3adin' across the ri:er7
the current swept me o66 my 6eet. +. 3hen 6illin' a tank with petrol naked li'hts should be exH
tin'uished. 0. $unnin' into the room7 a ru' cau'ht her 6oot and she 6ell. 1. $eadin' the letter a
second time7 the meanin' becomes clearer. 4. 3hen carryin' a 'un it should ne:er be pointed
at anyone. 5. 3hen plantin' these 6lowers care must be taken not to dama'e the roots.
9. $idin' in his 6irst race7 his horse 6ell at the last @ump. ;. 3hen payin' by che?ue7 a bank
card should be shown. 1<. Onowin' me to be the 6ool o6 the 6amily7 the news that & had won a
scholarship astonished him. 11. %elie:in' that his last hour had come7 his hands be'an to
tremble. 1*. Passin' under a ladder7 a pot o6 paint 6ell on my head. 1+. $eadin' in bed7 my
hands o6ten 'et :ery cold. 10. Aea:in' the cinema7 it seemed to him that the 6ilm had been
exceptionally bad. 11. %arkin' 6uriously7 & led the do' out o6 the room. 14. )a:in' paid my
taxes7 the amount le6t in the bank is hardly worth mentionin'. 15. 3ritin' my name in the hotel
re'ister7 a 6amiliar :oice attracted my attention. 19. Tied to a post7 the sea was tossin' the boat
up and down. 1;. #isunderstandin' the ?uestion7 the wron' answer was sent in. *<. Shinin'
in the sky7 we saw the 6irst star. *1. 3hen dri:in' carelessly it is easy to ha:e an accident. **.
Pinned to the door by a kni6e7 the man saw a notice. *+. 3ritten in lar'e letters they read the
words 2!o Entry2. *0. 3hile cleanin' his 'un it went o66 unexpectedly. *1. 3onderin' where to
'o7 an ad:ertisement cau'ht my eye. *4. $ushin' out o6 the house7 a lorry knocked me o:er.
*5. Sittin' by the 6ire7 it all came back to me. *9. -allin' 6rom such a hei'ht7 we thou'ht he
would ne:er sur:i:e. *;. 3hen chan'in' a 6use the electricity should 6irst be switched o66.
+<. Towed behind the car7 & saw a trailer with a boat on it. +1. 3hile sittin' at the 6oot o6 a cli66 a
stone 6ell on him. +*. ri:in' to work7 the tra66ic @ams in6uriated him. ++. Sittin' in the dentist,s
chair7 an idea suddenly occurred to me. +0. 3eakened by his last illness7 & 6elt sure that another
winter in this country would kill him. +1. =ettin' out o6 bed7 a scorpion bit him.
46. Put the %erbs in brackets into a correct for). When )ore than one for) is possible it will be
noted in the key.
1. 3hen the painter 6elt the ladder Jbe'in" Jslip" he 'rabbed the 'utter Jsa:e" himsel6 6rom J6all".
*. The snow kept J6all" and the workmen 'rew tired o6 Jtry" Jkeep" the roads clear. +. )e o66ered
Jlend" me the money. & didn,t like Jtake" it but & had no alternati:e. 0. 3hat was in the letter.
& don,t know. & didn,t like Jopen" it as it wasn,t addressed to me. 1. o you remember Jread"
about it. !o7 at that time & was too youn' Jread" newspapers. 4. id you remember Jbook"
seats 6or the theatre tomorrow. /es7 & ha:e the tickets here. 3ould you like Jkeep" them. &
am inclined Jlose" theatre tickets. 5. Try Ja:oid" Jbe" late. )e hates Jbe" kept Jwait". 9. & didn,t
know how J'et" to your house so & stopped Jask" the way. ;. & wish my re6ri'erator would stop
Jmake" that horrible noise. /ou can,t hear anyone Jspeak". 1<. This book tells you how Jwin" at
'ames without actually Jcheat". 11. The 'unman be'an J6ire". )e 6elt a bullet J'raKe" his
cheek. 1*. )e heard the clock Jstrike" six and knew that it was time 6or him J'et" up.
1+. & can hear the bell Jrin'" but nobody seems Jbe comin'" Jopen" the door.
10. id you ad:ise him J'o" to the police. !o7 & didn,t like J'i:e" any ad:ice on such a di66icult
matter. 11. )e wanted Jput" my chameleon on a tartan ru' and Jwatch" it Jchan'e" colour.
14. &t is easy Jsee" animals on the road in dayli'ht but sometimes at ni'ht it is :ery di66icult
Ja:oid" Jhit" them. 15. The 6ire seems Jbe" out. &t can,t be ?uite out. & can hear the wood
Jcrackle". 19. & cau'ht him Jclimb" o:er my wall. & asked him Jexplain" but he re6used Jsay"
anythin'7 so in the end & had Jlet" him J'o". 1;. 3hen at last & succeeded in Jcon:ince" him that
& wanted J'et" home ?uickly he put his 6oot on the accelerator and & 6elt the car Jleap" 6orward.
*<. &,m not used to Jdri:e" on the le6t. 3hen you see e:eryone else Jdo" it you,ll 6ind it ?uite
easy Jdo" yoursel6. *1. &t is pleasant Jsit" by the 6ire at ni'ht and Jhear" the wind Jhowl" outside.
**. There was no way o6 J'et" out o6 the buildin' except by Jclimb" down a rope and Ann was
too terri6ied Jdo" this. *+. 3e heard the en'ines Jroar" as the plane be'an Jmo:e" and we saw
the people on the 'round Jwa:e" 'oodHbye. *0. &t,s no 'ood Jwrite" to himG he ne:er answers
letters. The only thin' Jdo" is J'o" and Jsee" him. *1. 3hy did you 'o all round the 6ield
instead o6 Jwalk" across it. & didn,t like Jcross" it because o6 the bull. & ne:er see a bull without
Jthink" that it wants Jchase" me. *4. The people in the 6lat below seem Jbe ha:in'" a party /ou
can hear the champa'ne corks Jthud" a'ainst their ceilin'. *5. & don,t like J'et" bills but when &
do 'et them 1 like Jpay" them promptly. *9. Ask him Jcome" in. on,t keep him Jstand" at the
door. ,*;. The boys next door used Jlike" Jmake" and J6ly" model aeroplanes7 but they seem to
ha:e stopped Jdo" that now. +<. & knew & wasn,t the 6irst Jarri:e"7 6or & saw smoke Jrise" 6rom the
chimney. +1. 3e watched the men Jsaw" the tree and as we were walkin' away heard it J6all"
with a tremendous crash. +*. & hate Jsee" a child Jcry". ++. 3e watched the children J@ump"
6rom a window and J6all" into a blanket held by the people below. .. +0. &t is :ery unpleasant
Jwake" up and Jhear" the rain Jbeat" on the windows +1. )e saw the lorry Jbe'in" Jroll" 6orwards
but he was too 6ar away Jdo" anythin' Jstop" it. +4. There are people who can,t help Jlau'h"
when they see someone Jslip" on a banana skin.
47. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct for)s. 3ote that so)eti)es a bare infiniti%e will be
1. 2& was lonely at 6irst72 the old man admitted7 2but a6ter a time & 'ot used to Jli:e" alone and
e:en 'ot Jlike" it.2 *. %e6ore trains were in:ented people used Jtra:el" on horseback or in sta'e
coaches. &t used Jtake" a sta'e coach three days J'o" 6rom Aondon to %ath. +. & meant Jbuy" an
e:enin' paper but & didn,t see anyone Jsell" them. 0. Tom: & want Jcatch" the 5. a.m. train
tomorrow. Ann: %ut that means J'et" up at 4.<<G and you,re not :ery 'ood at J'et" up early7 are
you. 1. )e accepted the cut in salary without complaint because he was a6raid Jcomplain". )e
was a6raid o6 Jlose" his @ob. 4. She remembers part o6 her childhood ?uite clearly. She
remembers J'o" to school 6or the 6irst time and Jbe" 6ri'htened and Jput" her 6in'er in her
mouth. And she remembers her teacher Jtell" her Jtake" it out. 5. id you remember Jlock"
the car. !o7 & didn,t. &,d better J'o" back and Jdo" it now. 9. !o7 & didn,t mo:e the bomb. & was
a6raid Jtouch" itG & was a6raid o6 Jbe" blown to piecesF ;. !ext time we 'o Jhouse hunt"7
remember Jask" the a'ent 6or clear directions. & wasted hours Jlook" 6or the last house.
1<. Tom: Aet,s J'o" 6or a swim. Ann: &,m not particularly keen on Jswim". 3hat about J'o" 6or a
dri:e instead. 11. The hunters expected Jbe paid" by the 6oot 6or the snakes they cau'ht. This
meant Jtake" the snakes out o6 the sack and Jmeasure" them. They seemed Jexpect" me Jdo" itG
but & wasn,t particularly anxious Jbe" the 6irst Jdie" o6 snakebite. 1*. A6ter Jspend" two days
Jar'ue" where to 'o 6or their holidays7 they decided Jnot 'o" anywhere. 1+. )e is talkin' about
J'i:e" up his @ob and J'o" Jli:e" in the country. 10. & was @ust about Jlea:e" the o66ice when the
phone ran'. &t was my wi6eG she wanted me Jcall" at the butcher,s on my way home. 11. )e
said7 2&,m terribly sorry to Jkeep" you Jwait".2 & said7 2&t doesn,t matter at all72 but he went on
Japolo'iKe" 6or nearly 6i:e minutesF 14. The lecturer be'an by Jtell" us where the island was7
and went on Jtalk" about its history. 15. #y 6ather thinks & am not capable o6 Jearn" my own li:H
in'7 but & mean Jshow" him that he is wron'. 19. Tom: & can,t 'et my car Jstart" on cold
mornin's. (ack: )a:e you tried J6ill" the radiator with hot water. That sometimes helps.
1;. id he mana'e Jcarry" the trunk upstairs. !o7 he didn,t. )e isn,t stron' enou'h Jmo:e" it7
let alone Jcarry" it upstairs. *<. (ack: on,t 6or'et Jtake" a hacksaw with you. Ann: 3hat,s a
hacksaw. And why should & Jtake" one with me. (ack: &t,s a tool 6or Jcut" metal. /ou see7 Tom is
bound J'et" into trouble 6or Jtake" photo'raphs o6 the wron' thin's7 and you,ll be arrested with
him. 3ith a hacksaw you,ll be able Jsaw" throu'h the bars o6 your cell and Jescape". *1. Peter:
3ouldn,t it be better Jask" Tom Jlea:e" his camera at home. (ack: &t would be no 'ood Jask"
Tom Jdo" that. &t would be like Jask" a woman Jtra:el" without a handba'. **. &,:e 'ot the loa6G
now &,m lookin' 6or a bread kni6e Jcut" it with. & saw Paul Jsharpen" a pencil with the bread
kni6e a minute a'o. *+. 3e stopped once Jbuy" petrol and then we stopped a'ain Jask"
someone the way. *0. 3hen & cau'ht them Jcheat" me7 & stopped Jbuy" petrol there and started
Jdeal" with your 'ara'e instead. *1. o yon 6eel like Jdine" out or would you rather Jha:e"
dinner at home. &,d like J'o" out. & always en@oy Jha:e" dinner in a restaurant. *4. /our hair
needs Jcut". /ou,d better Jha:e" it done tomorrow L unless you,d like me Jha:e" a 'o at it 6or
you. *5. & tried Jcon:ince" him that & was per6ectly capable o6 Jmana'e" on my own7 but he
insisted on Jhelp" me. *9. (ack: & don,t mind Jtra:el" by bus7 but & hate Jstand" in ?ueues.
Tom: & don,t care2 6or J?ueue" eitherG and you waste so much time Jwait" 6or buses. & think it,s
better J'o" by tube7 or taxi. *;. )e took to J6ollow" me about and JcriticiKe" my work till &
threatened Jhit" him. +<. & ha:e Jstay" hereG &,m on duty. %ut you needn,t Jwait"G you,re 6ree J'o"
whene:er you like. +1. &n Animal -arm the old pi' ur'ed the animals Jrebel" a'ainst man but
he warned them Jnot adopt" man,s habits. +*. There is no point in Jarri:e" hal6 an hour early.
3e,d only ha:e Jwait". & don,t mind Jwait". &t,s better Jbe" too early than too late. ++. & always
try Jcome" in ?uietly but they always hear me J'o" upstairs. &t,s impossible Jclimb" an old
wooden staircase at ni'ht without Jmake" a noise. +0. &6 you a'ree Jwork" 6or meG &,ll see about
J'et" you a work permit. +1. 3e,d better Jstart" early. 3e don,t want Jrisk" J'et" cau'ht in a
tra66ic @am. +4. )e su''ested Jcall" a meetin' and Jlet" the workers Jdecide" the matter
4. Put the %erbs in brackets into the correct for)s. 2e)e)ber that so)eti)es a bare infiniti%e
is re0uired.
1. 3e su''ested Jsleep" in hotels but the children were anxious Jcamp" out. *. Paul: 3ould you
like Jcome" to a lecture on 3a'ner toni'ht. Ann: !o7 thanks. & like Jlisten" to music but & don,t
like Jlisten" to people Jtalk" about it. +. &6 you want the milkman Jlea:e" you milk in the mornin'
remember Jput" a milk bottle outside your door. 0. They let us park motorcycles here but they
won,t allow us Jpark" cars. 1. They don,t allow Jsmoke" in the auditoriumG they don,t want Jrisk"
Jset" in on 6ire7 but you can Jsmoke" in the 6oyer durin' the inter:al. 4. #r Shaw is :ery busy
Jwrite" his memoirs. )e is 6ar too busy Jrecei:e" callers Jhe is so busy that he can,t recei:e callH
ers"7 so you,d better @ust J'o" away. 5. 3hat about Jbuy" double ?uantities o6 e:erythin' today.
That will sa:e Jshop" a'ain later in the week. 9. The inspector asked Jsee" my ticket and when &
wasn,t able J6ind" it he made me Jbuy" another. )e probably suspected you o6 Jtry" Jtra:el"
without one. ;. 3ould you like me Jturn" down the radio a bit. !o7 it,s all ri'ht. &,m used to
Jwork" with the radio on. 1<. Ene o6 the 'an' su''ested Jtake" the body out to sea7 Jdrop" it
o:erboard and Jpretend" that it had been an accident. 11. & want the boy J'row" up hatin'
:iolence but his 6ather keeps Jbuy" him 'uns and swords. &t,s almost impossible Jpre:ent" boys
Jplay" soldiers. 1*. 3ould you children mind Jkeep" ?uiet 6or a moment. &,m tryin' J6ill" in a
6orm. &t,s no use Jask" children Jkeep" ?uiet. They can,t help Jmake" a noise. 1+. &,m thinkin'
o6 J'o" to Ex6ord tomorrow on my motorbike. 3ould you like Jcome". !o7 thanks. & want J'o"
Ex6ord7 but &,d rather J'o" by train & loathe Jtra:el" by road. 10. Aet,s J'o" J6ish"today. There,s a
nice wind. 3hat about Jcome" with us7 Ann. !o7 thanks. &,m :ery willin' Jcut" sandwiches 6or
you but &,:e no intention o6 Jwaste" the a6ternoon Jsit" in a boat Jwatch" you two J6ish". 11. )e
resented Jbe" asked Jwait". )e expected the minister Jsee" him at once. 14. The police ha:e put
up a railin' here Jpre:ent" people Jrush" out o6 the station and Jdash" strai'ht across the road.
15. All day lon' we saw the trees Jtoss" in the wind and heard the wa:es Jcrash" a'ainst the
rocks. 19. & didn,t mean Jeat" anythin' but the cakes looked so 'ood that & couldn,t resist Jtry"
one. 1;. o you 6eel like Jwalk" there or shall we Jtake" a bus. &,d rather J'o" by bus. %esides7
it,ll take a'es J'et" there on 6oot. *<. All ri'ht. 3hen would you like Jstart". &n a 6ew minutes.
Eh7 let,s wait till it stops Jrain"G otherwise we,ll 'et soaked Jwalk" to the bus station. *1. The old
miser spent all his time Jcount" his money and Jthink" up new hidin'Hplaces. )e kept Jmo:e" it
about because he was terri6ied o6 Jbe robbed". )e used J'et" up at ni'ht sometimes Jmake" sure
it was still there. **. (ack su''ested Jlet" one 6lat and Jkeep" the other 6or mysel6. %ut Tom
ad:ised me Jsell" the whole house. *+. The child used Jlean" on the 'ate Jwatch" the people
J'o" to work in the mornin' and Jcome" home in the e:enin's. And he used to hear them Jshout"
'reetin's to each other and Jtalk" loudly. *0. )e soon 'ot Jknow" most o6 them and e:en
mana'ed Jlearn" the 'reetin's. Then they be'an J'reet" him too on their way to work and
sometimes would stop Jtalk" to him on their way home. *1. )e succeeded in Juntie" himsel67
Jclimb" out o6 the window and Jcrawl" alon' a narrow led'e to the window o6 the next room.
*4. id you ha:e any trouble J6ind" the house. !o7 but & had a lot o6 di66iculty J'et" in
!obody seemed Jknow" where the key was. *5. %ill couldn,t bear Jsee" anyone Jsit" round idly.
3hene:er he 6ound me Jrelax" or Jread" he would Jproduce" a @ob which7 he said7 had Jbe" done
at once. & wasted a mornin' Jper6orm" his ridiculous tasks and spent the rest o6 the weekend
Jkeep" out o6 his way. *9. A6ter Jspend" a week in the cotta'e7 he decided that he didn,t really
en@oy Jli:e" in the country and be'an Jthink" o6 an excuse 6or Jsell" the cotta'e and Jreturn" to
Aondon. *;. &t,s no use Jar'ue" with him. /ou mi'ht as well Jar'ue" with a stone wall. )e is
incapable o6 Jsee" anyone else,s point o6 :iew. +<. &,m deli'hted Jhear" that you can come on
Saturday. 3e are all lookin' 6orward to Jsee" you. $emember Jbrin'" your rubber boots.
+1. )e has been char'ed with Jrecei:e" and Jsell" stolen 'oods. )e has admitted Jrecei:e"
but denies Jsell" them. The 6act is that he hasn,t had time Jsell" them yet. +*. )e noticed the
helicopter Jho:er" o:er the 6ield. Then7 to his astonishment7 he saw a rope ladder Jbe" thrown
out and three men Jclimb" down it. )e watched them Jrun" across the 6ield and out throu'h a
'ate. Aater he saw a car with 6our men in it Jcome" out o6 the lane Jlead" to the 6ield. ++. )e
admitted that it was possible that the car happened Jbe passin'" and that the three men
persuaded the dri:er J'i:e" them a li6tG but he thou'ht it much more likely that they had arran'ed
6or the car Jpick" them up and that the dri:er had been waitin' in the lane 6or the helicopter
Jdrop" them. +0. 3hat about Jha:e" a picnic in Piccadilly 8ircus. 3hat an extraordinary place
Jha:e" a picnicF -ancy Jsit" there with the tra66ic Jswirl" round you and the pi'eons Jtake" bites
out o6 your sandwichesF +1. 3ould you mind Jwrite" your address on the back o6 the che?ue
and Jshow" us some proo6 o6 your identity. +4. Aet,s Jswim" across. &,m not really dressed 6or
Jswim". 3hat,s wron' with J'o" round by the brid'e.
4!. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. rg o\aZ[hX[\W]dU hXdUhb[g h [Us7 j[U Zi_UhUxX_UhbWX [k o_bek. *. u hZ\pob VUcWZc
iU[\_c[] \pU _bZiUWUn\dX\. +. q\ kikZ[X[\ ZWkjbc iUZsU[_\[] [k hgZ[bhek. 0. rg
ZUh\_`\ddU kh\_\dg7 j[U [X ZWUhb U[dUZc[Zc e sU\a sb[\_X. 1. u jkhZ[hUhbW7 ebe
o_UnbWX \\ _keX7 eUpob Udb dbo\hbWb ibW][U. 4. |d U[U`\W h Z[U_Udk7 j[UVg c sUp i_Ua[X.
5. wUUVbv[7 j[U eZi\oXxXc oUZ[XpWb s\Z[b dbYdbj\dXc. 9. rbW][\_ weU[[ ZjX[b\[Zc
ZUYob[\W\s XZ[U_Xj\ZeUpU _Usbdb. ;. tbn\[Zc7 Udb d\ ^Uj\[ o\Wb[] dXj\pU7 XY [UpU7 j[U
c i_\oWbpbv. 1<. pU eUd[U_b UebYbWbZ] db UodUa XY U[obW\ddg^ kWXx pU_Uob. 11. |db
i_UZW\oXWb7 ebe Ud i_U`\W iU kWXx\ X Yb`\W h ebeUaH[U oUs. 1*. |d ^U[\W7 j[UVg c
iU\^bWb Z dXs h {doXv. 1+. u khXo\W7 ebe k db`\pU oUsb UZ[bdUhXWUZ] [beZX. 10.
~\ZiUW\YdU Zi_b`Xhb[] \pU UV [Us. 11. |dX _\`XWX d\ iUZgWb[] \sk [\W\p_bssk.
5". &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. u [be jbZ[U Ybs\jbW7 j[U i\_\s\db W\eb_Z[hb [hU_X[ jko\Zb. *. z[U YbZ[bhWc\[ hbZ [be
oksb[]. +. mbhba Vko\s Wkj`XsX h sX_\ o_kY]csX. 0. md\a o\Zc[] sg7 ebYbWUZ]7
iX[bWXZ] [UW]eU ^UWUodgs scZUs X ^W\VUs. 1. fd\ VgW U[h_b[X[\W\d `ks oUnoc7
Z[kjbh`\pU iU e_g`\. 4. TUZ[bhXh sb`Xdk h pb_bn7 Ud hZiUsdXW7 j[U d\
Ybh[_bebW. 5. fd\ d_bhX[Zc o\Wb[] Wvo\a ZjbZ[WXhgsX. 9. {YhXdX[\7 j[U c YbdcW hb`\
s\Z[U. ;. tUpob Ud iX`\[ iXZ]sb7 Ud d\ WvVX[7 j[UVg \pU V\ZiUeUXWX.
1<. UoXW ZWk^7 j[U UdX7 ebn\[Zc7 dbeUd\x ZUV_bWXZ] iUn\dX[]Zc. 11. u d\ WvVWv7 eUpob
hg [be pUhU_X[\. 1*. |d ZsU[_\W db eUh\_7 UnXobc \pU U[h\[b. 1+. u oksbv7 hZ\ Z
d\[\_i\dX\s UnXobWX \pU hUYh_b\dXc. 10. q\ YbVghba[\ Ybe_ghb[] Uedb7 k^Uoc XY oUsb.
11. tUpob [g iUoZ[_XpZc.
51. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. u iUjkhZ[hUhbW7 j[U k s\dc \edkWU Z\_ox\. *. Cbe ebe oh\_] X UedU eUsdb[g
VgWX U[e_g[g7 sg YbpWcdkWX h d\\. +. dbZ d\[ dbo\nog khXo\[]Zc Z dXs h ZeU_Us
h_\s\dX 0. |d kZWg`bW7 ebe pU_UoZeX\ jbZg i_UVXWX 1*. 1. |Y\_U VgWU d\ZiUeUadU7 dU c
i_UoUWnbW p_\Z[X. 4. u dbZ[bXhbW7 j[UVg eU sd\ U[dUZXWXZ] Z khbn\dX\s. 5. |Z[bh`XZ]
Uodb7 Udb Z\Wb Yb Z[UW7 j[UVg dbiXZb[] Z[b[]v. 9. o\Z] d\[ dXeUpU7 Z e\s Ud sUp
Vg iUXp_b[]. ;. |db U[_XxbWb7 j[U VgWb h [U[ h\j\_ db Z[bdxXX. 1<. |d XYV\pbW ZsU[_\[]
db wbVXdk. 11. rg sUn\[\ YbebYb[] Z\V\ iWb[]c h h_Ui\. 1*. |d pUhU_XW oUZ[b[UjdU
p_UseU7 j[UVg hg sUpWX \pU kZWg`b[]. 1+. |d UebYbWZc Xo\bW]dgs kjX[\W\s. 10.
UhU_c[7 j[U oX[ iU^Unb db s\dc. 11. fg _bZZjX[ghb\s7 j[U UdX h\_dk[Zc j\_\Y
d\ZeUW]eU od\a. 14. u d\ sUpk oUikZ[X[]7 j[UVg hg [be pUhU_XWXF 15. UhU_c[7 j[U Ud
Uj\d] ^U_U`U i\_\hUoX[ Z[X^X. 19. u ZWkjbadU Ydbv dUs\_ \pU [\W\lUdb. 1;. |d7
V\ZZiU_dU7 U[i_bhWc\[Zc h eZi\oXxXv h cdhb_\. *<. |db d\ sUpWb d\ kWgVdk[]Zc.
52. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. wUUVbWUZ]7 j[U i_\s]\_b Zi\e[beWc ZUZ[UX[Zc ; bhpkZ[b. *. fg d\ iUYhUWXs rbs d\
UV_bb[] hdXsbdXc db d\pU. +. |ebYbWUZ]7 j[U c YbVgW eWvjX oUsb. 0. |d d\ ^U[\W7
j[UVg mbhXo nXW oUsb. 1. UhU_c[7 j[U db`WX o_\hdX\ Yb^U_Ud\dXc. 4. u YbZ[bhXW \pU
Zdc[] ibW][U X hgiX[] jb`ek jbc. 5. UhU_c[7 Ud Uj\d] sdUpU ik[\`\Z[hUhbW. 9. rbs
UVcYb[\W]dU dkndU ZlU[Up_blX_Uhb[]Zc e Z_\o\. ;. UhU_c[7 Ud _bVU[b\[ dbo dUhUa
edXpUa kn\ x\Wga pUo. 1<. u iUi_U`k7 j[UVg dX iUsUpWb sd\ ZUV_b[] X kibeUhb[] h\X.
11. fXZ[\_ |ZVU_d ^U[\W7 j[UVg \pU Zgd n\dXWZc db sXWX7 U[\x eU[U_Ua VgW
Uj\d] VUpb[. 1*. wjX[b\[Zc7 j[U [b eb_[Xdb dbiXZbdb \iXdgs. 1+. qXe[U d\ Ybs\[XW7 ebe
Ud hU`\W X Z[bW k oh\_X. 10. |nXob\[Zc7 j[U oX_\e[U_ `eUWg hgZ[kiX[ db hgH
ikZedUs h\j\_\. 11. f_bjdg\ sgZWX d\ obhbWX UV\_[k kZdk[] h [k dUj]. 14. UhU_c[7
j[U _XsWcd\ iUZ[_UXWX h }dpWXX ^U_U`X\ oU_UpX. 15. TU^Un\7 Ud kn\ Ybh\_`XW
_bVU[k dbo edXpUa 19. tbn\[Zc7 j[U \sk d_bhX[Zc i_\oZ[bhW\dX\. 1;. pU ZjX[bv[ UodXs
XY dbXVUW\\ Uig[dg^ lk[VUWXZ[Uh h eUsbdo\. *<. |dX kpUhU_XWX pUZ[c Zgp_b[] db
iXbdXdU. *1. rXo\WX7 ebe Ud V\nbW iU dbi_bhW\dXv e W\Zk. **. tUpob hg7 dbeUd\x7
dbZ[_UX[\ ZhUa _UcW]. qb d\s d\hUYsUndU Xp_b[]F *+. o\ hg iUjXdXWX h\WUZXi\o.
*0. UhU_c[7 j[U Ui\_dbc [_kiib obWb d\ZeUW]eU i_\oZ[bhW\dXa h yUdoUd\.
*1. |d kZWg`bW7 ebe jbZg i_UVXWX 1*. *4. wUUVb\[Zc7 j[U ZbsUW\[ i_XY\sWXWZc
hUh_\sc. *5. |dX dbVWvobWX7 ebe Ud iUodcWZc X hU`\W h oh\_].
53. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. \dXdb7 ZXocbc h e_\ZW\7 L n\db _\obe[U_b. *. w[UcXa k oUZeX sknjXdb L db`
i_\iUobhb[\W]. +. bVU_7 Ue_knbvXa Zbo7 d\obhdU iUe_b`\d. 0. {YHYb sWbo\dxb7
iWbebh`\pU h ZUZ\od\a eUsdb[\7 c hj\_b h\j\_Us d\ sUp YbZdk[]. 1. mnUd ekiXW
bh[UsUVXW]7 Vgh`Xa h kiU[_\VW\dXX. 4. TUWXxXc X\[ ke_bo\ddga bh[UsUVXW]. 5.
bY_\eWbsX_Uhbddga [Uhb_ h sbpbYXd\ U[Zk[Z[hUhbW. 9. w[b[]X7 dbiXZbddg\ [Xs
iUWX[Xj\ZeXs dbVWvob[\W\s7 jX[bv[ hU hZ\s sX_\ Z VUW]`Xs Xd[\_\ZUs. ;. fg
UVZknob\s Z[b[]v7 dbiXZbddkv mnUdUs qXW]HZUdUs. 1<. q\ VkoX Zic\pU _\V\deb.
11. \V\dUe7 ZicXa db oXhbd\7 VUW\d. 1*. zkhZ[hkc Z\Vc VUW]dgs7 mnU _\`XW d\
\YoX[] db _bVU[k. 1+. rZ[_\[Xh qdZX7 }ddb U[ _boUZ[X YbiWbebWb. 10. wi_UZXh s\dc U
sUX^ W\[dX^ iWbdb^7 pHd wsX[ ho_kp kWgVdkWZc. 11. ~kokjX Ybdc[gs7 mn\e U[ebYbWZc U[
i_\oWUn\dXc. 14. T_UjX[bh pbY\[k7 Ud dbiXZbW d\ZeUW]eU o\WUhg^ iXZ\s
54. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. mnUdk d_bhX[Zc XYkjb[] XdUZ[_bddg\ cYgeX. *. u d\ iUsdv7 j[U hXo\W [beUa lXW]s +
|d WvVX[ Xp_b[] h `b^sb[g. 0. mn\e pU_oX[Zc [\s7 j[U iUibW h jXZWU iUV\oX[\W\a
ZU_\hdUhbdXa. 1. m\[X dbZ[UcWX db [Us7 j[UVg iUZW\ UV\ob ZsU[_\[] [\W\hXYXUddg\
i\_\objX. 4. fd\ d\Xd[\_\ZdU ZWk`b[] \\ ZiW\[dX. 5. hbZ d\[ dXebeUpU UZdUhbdXc
U[ebYb[] mn\ek hU hZ[_\j\ 9. fUc n\db d\ UoUV_c\[7 j[U c [be VgZ[_U \Ynk db bh[UH
sUVXW\. ;. u i_U[Xh [UpU7 j[UVg ~UV i_bhXW sb`XdUa. 1<. u VUcWZc i_UikZ[X[] iU\Yo.
11. mn\e dbs\_\hb\[Zc ekiX[] dUhga bh[UsUVXW]. 1*. u i_\oiUjX[bv hZ[_\[X[]Zc Z hbsX
hUYW\ tb_d\pX UWW. 1+. u Vkok i_XYdb[\W\d7 \ZWX hg sd\ i\_\YhUdX[\. 10. T_UZ[X[\7 j[U
c hbZ V\ZiUeUv. 11. u eUdjXW i\jb[b[] o\WUhU\ iXZ]sU. 14. |db d\ sUpWb d\ kWgVdk[]Zc.
15. |db U[_Xxb\[7 j[U iUYhUdXWb }W]V\_[k. 19. fb_[Xd XYV\pb\[ hZ[_\jb[]Zc Z dbsX. 1;.
|db hUYo\_nbWbZ] U[ kiUsXdbdXc Xs\d ZhUX^ YdbeUsg^.
*<. }ddb d\ h ZUZ[UcdXX i_XjXdX[] YWU.
55. &ranslate into 'nglish.
1. T_XdXsb[] ZdU[hU_dU\ h_\odU. *. rU[ iXZ]sU7 eU[U_U\ ZW\ok\[ U[i_bhX[] ebe sUndU
ZeU_\\. +. |d ZWX`eUs d\_hdga7 j[UVg i_bhX[] sb`XdUa. 0. TUW\[7 hUYsUndU7 U[s\d\d.
1. rg oUWndg iUZhc[X[] VUW]`\ h_\s\dX XYkj\dXv bdpWXaZeUpU cYgeb. 4. u
^U[\Wb hgiX[] jb`ek eUl\. 5. TUYhUW][\ sd\ ZebYb[] d\ZeUW]eU ZWUh. 9. ~ko\s o_kY]csX.
;. T_\e_b[Xs [\i\_] _bYpUhU_. 1<. u ZWg`bW7 ebe sUX ZUZ\oX ZZU_XWXZ].
11. rg ZWg`bWX7 ebe mn\ad Xp_b\[ db Ze_Xie\. 1*. u hXo\W7 ebe Ud kibW. 1+. u ZWg`bW7
ebe Ud dbYhbW hb`\ Xsc. 10. |d YbZ[bhXW dbZ nob[] [_X jbZb. 11. {YHYb j\pU hg
Zs\\[\Z]. 14. rg Vg Wkj`\ iUYhUdXWX h_bjk. 15. Cg Vg Wkj`\ ZebYbW _UoX[\Wcs i_bhok.
19. u i_\oiUj\W Vg iUZWk`b[] skYgek 1;. fUc n\db iUsUpWb sd\ XZeb[] UjeX.
*<. TUsUpX[\ sd\ U[UohXdk[] [U[ oXhbd.
0e%#rted 1%eech
1. Say these state)ents in indirect speech.
A. 1. Tom said7 2& ha:e 6ound some 'ood 6riends.2 *. The classmaster said to us7 2Aina made a
'ood report on 6riendship last time.2 +. The 'irl wrote7 2& shall meet you at the station, 0. 2#y
6ather is not well72 #ary complained.. 1. She said7 2#y husband has studied en'ineerin'.2 4. &ris
said to us7 2& cannot 6ind his telephone number.2 5. 3e said7 2Nelta7 we didn,t meet your brother
%. 1. The boy said to his 6riend7 2&,:e already read hal6 the book.2 *. & said to them7 2& had no
time to look throu'h these ma'aKines yesterday72 +. Andris wrote7 2/our letter came too late. &
ha:e promised to 'o to my 6riend where & shall stay 6or a week.2 0. The newspaper announced7
2aina has won the 6irst priKe.2 1. 2#y brother didn,t 'o to the stadium yesterday72 said &lKe. 4.
Andris said to his brother7 2&,m 'oin' to work in the 'arden tomorrow.2 5. 2/ou had completed
your work be6ore we arri:ed72 said the 'irls.
8. 1. 2/ou must not do this exercise in class72 said the teacher. *. She said to us7 2& shall
ha:e corrected your tests by the next lesson.2 +. & said to Peter7 2/ou need not brin' me the
notes tomorrow.2 0. 2There are di66erent issues which & want ,o explain today72 said the lecturer.
1. (ack said7 2#y brother was drawin' 6or se:eral hours.2 4. The 'irl said7 2& do e:erythin'
mysel6 at home.2 5. 2-ather ran' me up be6ore he le6t72 said #other.
2. 2ender Peter6s story in your own words/
Peter said to us: 2& am 11. & ha:e a brother and a sister. They are older than & am. #y parents
work in a shop. They start work at 9 o,clock. & am tryin' to do my best to help my parents. 1
didn,t attend any kinder'arten when & was small. & be'an to study at school nine years a'o. & do
a lot o6 social work at school. #y hobby is sports.2
3 What did they say? 2eport the dialogue.
A.: )a:e you seen the new 6ilm at the Edeon.
r.: &t,s terrible.
A.: 3hat,s so bad about it.
r.: #y 6i:eHyearHold dau'hter can write better dialo'ue.
A.: &s there anythin' else on that you,re interested in.
r.: There,s a new (arman 6ilm at the $e'ent.
A.: 3hat time is it on.
r.: Se:enH6i6teenG do you want to 'o.
A.,. )ow lon' does it last.
r.: &t,s o:er at hal6 past nine. 3e,ll make it i6 we hurry.
A.,. )a:e we 'ot to take a bus.
r.: !o7 we can walk.
A.: EO7 &,:e heard it,s 'ood. & can,t stay out too late thou'h.
r.: /ou,re walkin' a bit 6ast 6or me.
A.: Sorry. &t,s my @ob that makes me do that.
%.,. Are you 'oin' to 'et that promotion you put in 6or.
A.: & don,t know yet.
4. &ell a friend what the pupils said.
1. Ene day $obin )ood put on a red cape and took a basket with 6ood to his sick 'randmother
in Sherwood -orest. *. The &slands are called Sandwich &slands because the nati:es killed and
ate 8aptain 8ook there. +. =uy -awkes will always be remembered in En'lish history because
he woke up all the people in Parliament. 0. The aim o6 the lesson is to teach us the beha:iour
o6 the pi'. 1. Eli:er 8romwell died on the 10th o6 September. %ut he still called it his lucky day.
5. (hange into indirect speech as in the e"a)ple.
A. 1. 2Are you a doctor or a nurse.2 6ather asked a lady. *. 2&s there another road to Nalka.2
asked the tourist. +. 2&s Peter a 'ood athlete.2 Tom asked his 6riend 0. 2Are there any historical
no:els in your library.2 the student asked the librarian. 1. 23as the 6ilm interestin'.2 we wanted
to know. 4. 23as there much snow last winter.2 the 'uests asked us. 5. 23ere you ill last
#onday.2 the teacher asked me.
%. 1. 2o you speak -rench.2 a man asked me in the street *. Ann said to me7 2oes your
cousin li:e with you.2 +. She said 2)a:en,t you done your homework yet.2 0. 2oes #ary knoP:
how to make cakes.2 & asked #other. 1. 2id you chan'e your plans.2 my 6riend asked me2. 4.
2#r %rown7 did you see our $e:olution #useum.2 & asked. 5. The teacher said7 2oes any. body
want to ask a ?uestion.2
8. 1. 28an you come to our party.2 the 'irl asked her 6riend *. The boy said7 2#ay & come in.2
+. 28an,t you help me about the kitchen today.2 #other asked me 0. 2#ust you lea:e so soon.2
#r 3ood asked her 'uests. 1. She said to us7 2#ay & o66er you some co66ee.2 4. 28ould you do it
in one day.2 the teacher asked in surprise. 5. 2Shall & translate the text.2 the pupil asked.
6. ,nswer the 0uestions in indirect speech1 begin your answers with the words ;e asked
)e ... .
1. 23here do you write compositions.2 3hat did he ask you
*. 2)ow many o6 you recei:ed
'ood marks.2 +. 23hat did you do yesterday.2 0. 23hen will your holidays be'in.2. 1. 23hy is
Tom always late.2 4. 23ho must you help.2 5. 23hat colour are these 6lowers.2 9. 23here are
the bi' orchards.2 ;. 23hen can you play ball.2 1<. 23hat was the result.2 11. 23hy can,t you
@oin us.2 1*. 23ho is this man.2 1+. 23hen was the work done.2 10. 23hy don,t you want to 'o
6or a walk.2 11. 23hat kind o6 work do you do.2 14. 2)ow well can you speak En'lish
2 15.
23hen did you rin' them up.2 19. 2)ow lon' ha:e you li:ed in this town.2 1;. 23here were you
last Sunday.2 *<. 23hy don,t you want to speak to them.2
7. (hange the following re0uests and orders into indirect speech.
1. The teacher: 2on,t be late7 Ann.2 *. Alice: 2on,t tailHwhen & am listenin' to music7 Tom.2 +.
#other: 2on,t eat sc many sweets7 children.2 0. The teacher: 2on,t 6or'et to correct your
mistakes7 (ack.2 1. 8harles: 2on,t lea:e the door open #ary.2 4. The man: 2on,t play on the
'rass7 children 5. #other: 2on,t take bread with a 6ork7 (im.2 9. -ather: 2on, come home late7
!ick.2 ;. The 'ardener: 2on,t pick 6lowers in the park7 children.2 1<. -ather: 2on,t make noise
while =ranny is sleepin'7 boys.2
2ead the following orders or re0uests and the 0uestions1 then answer the 0uestions in
indirect speech.
A. 1. 2Turn back.2 3hat did the 'uard order us to do. *. 2Aearn the principal 6orms o6 the
irre'ular :erbs.2 3hat did the teacher ad:ise them to do. +. 2Turn o66 the li'ht in the kitchen.2
3hat did #other tell Oate to do. 0. 2Stay here 6or 6i6teen minutes7 please.2 3hat did )elen ask
you to do. 1. 2#ake a cup o6 co66ee 6or me7 please.2 3hat did your uncle ask you to do. 4.
2%uy an iceHcream 6or me7 please.2 3hat did little Alice be' #other to do. 5. 2=et up at once.2
3hat did -ather tell his son to do. 9. 2Put on your raincoat.2 3hat did #other tell you to do.
%. 1. 2on,t swim in this lake.2 3hat did the man tell you not to do. *. 2on,t 'o out today.2
3hat did #other implore her son not to do. +. 2Please7 don,t 6or'et to buy a toy 6or little Tom.2
3hat did #ary be' us to do. 0. 2on,t 'i:e the camera to anybody but #artin.2 3hat did
8harles ask us to do. 1. 2on,t ask me any ?uestions.2 3hat did )elen tell us not to
do. 4. 2on,t cross the brid'e.2 3hat did the 'uard 6orbid us to do. 5. 2on,t be noisy.2 3hat
didn,t the teacher permit the pupils to do. 9. 2on,t be an'ry7 please.2 3hat did Peter ask us.
!. Put the following sentences into indirect speech.
A. 1. 2& am talkin' on the telephone72 said my sister. *. )e asked me7 2)a:e you read any
books lately.2 +. -ather said to )elen7 2o you know how to make :e'etable soup.2 0. -ather
said to me7 2Pass me some su'ar7 please.2 1. 23hy are the children not yet back 6rom school.2
=rand6ather asked. 4. Oate told her 6riend7 2on,t come too late. 3e shall miss the train.2 5.
23ere there any letters in the letterHbox.2 my sister wanted to know 9. $oy said to his brother7
2#y 6riends will come to see me tomorrow.2
%. 1. The teacher said7 2& understand both o6 you7 but & cannot let you do it.2 *. 23hat are you
lookin' 6or.2 #other asked me. +. )e said to us7 23hen must you lea:e.2 0. 2on,t hurry with
the answer. Think it o:er72 the man said to me.. 1. )e said7 2& shall ask them what it is.2 4. 2o
you think it is ri'ht. & think it is wron'72 said the en'ineer. 5. She said to Tom7 2/ou may come
tomorrow a little later.2 9. Anna said to me7 2Aea:e me a note be6ore you start 6or #oscow7
8. 1. & said to him7 2id you ha:e any di66iculty in sol:in' the problem.2 *. #artin said to us7 2&
am busy this week. & cannot (oin you. $in' me up7 please7 next week.2 +. The teacher told us7
2/ou can 'o home nowG the lessons are o:er.2 0. 2on,t keep me wait 6or you lon'72 Peter said
to his 6riend. 1. 2&t is 'ettin' colder and soon it may snow72 the 6armer said to his son. 4. 2)elp7
children7 to pick the apples72 asked the 'ardener. 5. The man said7 2&t was :ery dark last ni'ht.2
9. 23hat don,t you understand.2 the teacher asked us.
1". -ind a state)ent consistent with the ad%erbs gi%en.
1. ... he said patiently. *. ... he commented derisi:ely. +. ... he obser:ed sarcastically.
0. ... he said a'reeably. 1. ... he said pompously. 4. ... he whispered shyly.
5. ... he answered sharply. 9. ... he said sympathetically. ;. ... he said 6iercely.
1<. ... he said brutally. 11. ... he said an'rily. 1*. ... he said accusin'ly. 1+. ... he said callously.
10. ... he said passionately. 11. ... he said de6iantly. 14. ... he said complacently.
1. on,t keep askin' such silly ?uestions. *. /ou should treat your elders with more respect.
+. & shall always lo:e you. 0. #ind your own business. 1. !o one cares whether you li:e or die.
4. & thou'ht you said you were ill yesterday. 5. That,s your problem7 not mine. 9. /ou can 'o to
the de:ilF ;. /ou could try readin' it up the ri'ht way. 1<. Tell me what to say to her. 11. /ou
think you are a 'enius7 don,t you. 1*. & ?uite understand how you 6eel. 1+. Aet,s try a'ain7 shall
we. &t is rather di66icult. 10. & think it,s been a :ery pleasant e:enin'. 11. &,:e made :ery 'ood
pro'ress. 14. That,s what & intend to do and no one,s 'oin' to stop me.
11. Interpret these e"a)ples of direct speech, then re=e"press the) as indirect speech.
'"a)ple/ Why don6t we go sailing? Diana said. Diana suggested #that$ we #should$ go
1. 2/ou,:e @ust won a lotteryF2 Tom said. 2$eally.2 (enni6er exclaimed. *. 2#ore money should
be spent on education72 -rank obser:ed. 2/es7 & a'ree72 =illian answered. +. 2& don,t think you
should take up windHsur6in' at your a'e72 (ohn said. 2& 6eel it,s a sport that will suit all a'es72
(enny replied. . 2%ut it re?uires 'reat physical stren'th72 (ohn said. 2And who told you & was
short o6 that.2 (enny said. 0. 2on,t 'o too near the lions, ca'e72 mother said. %ut & want to see
the lions close up72 %illy answered. ,&sn,t this close enou'h.2 mother asked. ,,!o72 %illy replied.
2&,m sorry7 %illy7 but you can,t 'o any closer than this.2 2%ut & want to72 %illy insisted. 23ell7 you
can,t.2 1. 2/ou really must keep to your diet7 #rs -lynn7 i6 you,re serious about losin' wei'ht72 r
=rey said. 2/ou ha:e been keepin' to it7 ha:en,t you.2 23ell7 & ... er ...72 #rs -lynn muttered.
2)a:e you or ha:en,t you.2 23ell7 & ha:e occasionally had a bit extra.2 23hat do you mean7 2a
bit extra.2 2Eh H a cream cake or two.2 4. 2/ou did en@oy the 6ilm7 didn,t you.2 Sandra asked.
2&,m not sure72 Sam answered. 2& thou'ht =loria =leam,s per6ormance was 6antasticF2 23ell7 &
didn,t like it at all72 Sam replied. 2idn,t you really.2 Sandra replied.
12. Put in the )issing words.