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In groups of 3s research information to support argument A and Argument B, which

are described below. Use resources found in the library at the Clapham centre as
well as your own local library to summarise the key arguments. 600words.

ARGUMENT A: justify the view that the spread of social media positively benefits
media contents. Use evidence to support your viewpoint (300 words)

In the modern age where technology has spread its wings into the social media, and
quick access to information, it isnt difficult to get access to any information in and
around the world. The spread of social media such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram
and keek has gradually affected our lives in getting information and news content not
just on the television and newspapers but on mobile phones, tablets and so on.
Before the 21
century, news content took a lot of time to spread across the world
because the only medium of transferring media content was the newspapers and
television. Once these newspapers and television stations broadcasted their
information, you wouldnt get the chance to transfer it to someone else who hasnt
received the information or news content. But now, there are many media platforms
such as blogs online, Facebook, twitter, YouTube channels and many more. News
content, music videos and research information are permanently stored for the
access of the general public in these various media platforms. In a positive way, it
has released the stress of worrying so much if you miss a news programme, a music
video, or a documentary on television since you may have access to all these
content on various social media sites. According to Denis McQuail in his book
edition) which was published in 1983, the
conundrum of the relation between culture and society is no easier to resolve in
respect of media than in any other context. And in fact what he really meant was
that, mass media has been the epitome of culture in the society. This means, media
content has positively influenced the society on a cultural platform. And according to
Wikipedia, about 40% of the population in the world has got access to the internet.

ARGUMENT B: justify the view that the spread of social media negatively affects
media content. Use evidence to support your viewpoint (300 words)

As good as social media has affected the world, so as there are a lot of negatives it
has brought to media content. Negative information are being exploited and spread
around the world before it gets clarified. Since every individual has right to publish
news on social media platforms, most information given can be irrelevant, or hoax
against people in power. Too many blogs on the internet has been information about
negative sides of governance which more than half of these arent factual
information. It has also led to many internet fraud/scam and impersonation by
individual to create crime and trouble. According to the daily mail online, hundreds of
people lose their lives around the United Kingdom each year through internet fraud.