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(subiect destinat candidatilor care au optat pentru sectia A Engleza,
profil Limbil sl Literaturii sau Traducere #Interpretare)
LA. 1. Write out the sentence, using the most logical form of the verbs in brackets: (lp x 3=3
Because it (rain) alot recently, I (not go) out asmuchandI suspect you (wonder) why.
2. Find themistake ineachof thefollowingsentences and correct it: (lp x3=3points)
1.The Christmas I remember best frommy childhood was happened when I was about five, just after
my sister was born.
2. Mr. Baker complained about thenoise was too loud.
3. When welived withmy grandmother, wemust go to churchwithher every Sunday.
3. Rewrite each sentence so that it contains a suitable modal verb and the meaning remains the
same: (lp x3=3points)
l.The weather hereis sometimes really awful!
2. It wasn't very niceof you not to invitemeat your party!
3.1amalmost suresomeone has takenthekeys. They didn't just vanish intothethinair.
I.B Translate into English (9p+1=10points)
N-amputut lasadialogul acela sacontinue, Joanaplecase delamine doar deun ceas ~i ultima dovada
devitalitate pecaremi-o daduse maobosisenespus demultoRefuzul ei dearecunoaste existenta reala a
cuiva era aproape tot atat de mare ca si spaima ei de a-si lasa timp liber sa-~i inteleaga adevarata
existenta a mintii si a sufletului. Mi-am amintit brusc una din acele fraze, din acele "adevaruri
definitive" pecaremi lespusese Ioana despreea. Poate cai sepotrivea ei, dar ~i mie, poate cadacanu
ar fi fost pe intelesul meu, nu as fi tinut minte atat de bine vorbele pe care le spusese cu asa de mult
timp in urma. Daca nu mi s-ar fi intamplat asta, sigur as fi murit desila, deura. A~fi ajuns sanu mai
vreau s-ovadniciodata, san-o mai pot privi in ochi.
II. A. Translate into Romanian (9p+1=10points)
My other grandmother J knew even less, afact which I did not regret since she seemed, fromwhat I
heard of her, tobe slightly mad, and may evenhavebeen so, for all I know. Shewas awidow living in
South Kensington with two small dogs to whomshe devoted all her leisure hours. She really should
have been adogbreeder rather than amother, for shefelt for her son amild affection only one degree
warmer than indifference, whereas shewould actually show real love to her dogs. Thedogs were taken
out twice aday for an extensive run in the park, where she shouted instructions and encouragements.
The only thing my father seemed to have inherited fromher was her love for exercise - he too was
impatient unless hehadtheprospect of alongwalk before him.
II. B. Read thetext belowand answer eachquestion inno morethan 150words:
That project which engaged Lady Bruton's attention, which was the motive power of her soul: the
project of emigrating young people of bothsexes born of respectable parents and settingthemup witha
fair prospect of doing well in Canada. Sheexaggerated. Shehad perhaps lost her sense of proportion.
Emigration was not to others the obvious remedy, the sublime conception. It was not to them the
liberator of theunexpressed egotism, whichastrong martial woman, well nourished, well descended, of
direct impulses, downright feelings, and little introspective power, feels rise within her, onceyouth is
past, andmust,eject upon some object - it may beEmigration, it may beEmancipation; but what ever it
be, this object round which the essence of her soul is daily secreted becomes inevitably prismatic,
lustrous, half looking-glass, half precious stone; now carefully hidden incasepeople should sneer at it;
now proudly displayed. Emigration had become, in short, largely Lady Bruton. (Virginia Woolf, Mrs.
1. Why does Lady Bruton's Emigration project centre round "young people born of
respectable parents". (4.5points)
2. Giveyour opinion onEmigration to Canada innowadays Romania. (4.5points)