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In the name of All°h, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Questions asked by the people and Answers given by
Im°m Ja`far ibn Mu¶ammad as-as-Æ°diq (prayers be upon him)
[ Installment 5 ]
Compiled by Øujjatul Isl°m wal Muslim¢n A¶mad Q°§h¢ Z°hid¢
Published by Sayyidah Ma`•£mah Publications [Qum, Iran]
Translated by Saleem Bhimji – www.al-mubin.org – al-mubin@al-mubin.org

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Topic: What is the Interpretation of His (the Most High) words:
“…that He may make it (al-Islam) victorious over all other Religions)?

It has been narrated in a Øad¢th found in Bi¶°r al-Anw°r1 that the following question was asked to Im°m Ja`far
ibn Mu¶ammad as-Æ°diq (prayers be upon him) from Ab¢ Ba•¢r:

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Ab¢ Ba•¢r has said, “I asked Ab° `Abdill°h (prayers be upon him) in regards to the speech of All°h the Most High
in his book, He it is who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the d¢n of Truth that He may make it
victorious over all other religions no matter if the polytheists detest it. ?”

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He (Im°m Ja`far ibn Mu¶ammad as-Æ°diq, prayers be upon him) replied, “I swear by All°h that the ta’w¢l of this
verse has not yet come about.”

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Ab£ Ba•¢r then asked: “May I be sacrificed for you! And when will this come about?”

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He (Im°m Ja`far ibn Mu¶ammad as-Æ°diq, prayers be upon him) replied, “This will come about when al-Q°im
makes his advent, by the permission of All°h. So then when al-Q°im returns, there will not remain a single
disbeliever or polytheist except that he will despise his (Al-Q°im’s) advent such that even if a disbeliever or
polytheist was to hide inside a tree, the tree would call out, ‘O’ believer! There is a disbeliever or polytheist
within me, come and kill him!’ So then the believer would come to that tree and kill him.”

…and all praise belongs to All°h, Lord of the Worlds, only the mistakes are mine. (Tr.)

1 Bi¶°r al-Anw°r, Volume 51, Page 60, Section 58