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Home Men Essentials 30 Alpha Male Characteristics That Make You a Real Alpha
8 Discussions
30 Alpha Male Characteristics That Make
You a Real Alpha
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Every guy wants to be the alpha. Read these 30 good and
bad alpha male characteristics and find out if you have
these traits of an alpha male in you. By Keith Brown

There are different kinds of men in the world.
But the alpha male always stands outside and above the rest of them.
So why is an alpha male so enigmatic and yet, so elusive?
All guys dream of being an alpha, but hardly a few actually have the traits it takes to be him.
[Read: What it takes to be a real man the way he should be]
Who is the alpha male?
In the animal kingdom, the alpha male of a pack is the one with the most brute strength and
But in a mans world, an alpha male is more than just that.
To put it simply, an alpha male is a man who wants to survive more than anyone else.
He wants to lead life to the fullest, and achieve all that he hopes to achieve.
But that doesnt mean hell survive better than anyone else or achieve more than anyone else.
Evolutions lessons for the mortal men
If theres one thing evolution has taught us, its a life saving lesson on how to be cowards.
[Read: Do girls like shy guys who don't make a bold move?]
The instinct to hold on to stability in our lives is the one thing that keeps all males safe and
sound, even if they lead simpler lives. And thats the one primal instinct an alpha male
doesnt know!
And thats also the biggest alpha male characteristic. He doesnt know how to survive, he
only know how to live.
The 20 characteristics of an alpha male
Every guy cant be an alpha male even if he tries. It takes more than a lesson on life skills to
become that guy.
Its true, an alpha male can get the girl he wants if he pursues her because girls are somehow
fascinated by reckless men. But do you really want to be that guy? [Read: Things that turn a
girl on sexually about a guy]
Use these 20 characteristics of an alpha male to find out if youve got that reckless maniac in
#1 Strength. An alpha male is strong. If he doesnt have brute strength, he has loads of
mental strength to think under pressure.
#2 A leader. An alpha male is always a leader. He doesnt try to be one, he instinctively
takes the lead when the circumstances arrive his way.
#3 Will to win. He has the will to win, and will do anything it takes as long as he gets what
he wants. He always tries to be the last man standing.
#4 Ambitious. Hes a dreamer and is full of ambitions. He doesnt think small, and is full of
ideas that other people havent begun to comprehend.
#5 Competitive. An alpha male is extremely competitive, and takes immense pleasure in
winning over his rivals.
#6 Charismatic. Hes charismatic, but not necessarily charming. He inspires everyone
around him and awes people through his dreams and ideas. [Read: How to charm a girl and
flatter her into liking you]
#7 Challenging. He doesnt shy away from challenges. In fact, he always goes looking for
#8 Confident. An alpha male doesnt mind silence in a conversation because hes not
nervous. Hes extremely confident and doesnt need anyone elses approval for anything.
#9 Rule breaker. He doesnt follow rules and he paves his own path whenever he sees an
opportunity. Almost always, he makes his own fortune using his own means.
#10 Inspiration. An alpha male inspires others, and almost all men he meets want to be more
like him. Hes a role model, and all guys either hate him or envy him.
#11 Ingenuity. Hes smart, be it street smart or book smart.
#12 Optimistic. Optimism oozes out of every orifice of his. Hes extremely optimistic and is
always convinced that what hes doing is the right thing and the right way.
#13 Protective instinct. His protective instinct is always on. Hes alert and aware of whats
going on around him all the time. [Read: The right way to deal with your girl's angry ex
#14 Calculative. An alpha male knows his plans. He knows what hes doing, and approaches
his goals with a reckless and yet, calculative mind.
#15 Egotism. His ego is unaffected by the opinion of others. He doesnt care what other
people think of him because he thinks hes above mere mortals.
#16 He draws people. Every other guy and girl wants to be around him. He draws people
with his ideas and his visions, or with his dreams.
#17 Risk taker. What others would call mad recklessness, he calls it his life. An alpha male
loves taking risks, especially when he believes that it would work in his favor.
#18 Focus. An alpha male is very focused with his ideas. His determination pushes him
through adversities.
#19 He creates his destiny. An alpha male writes his own fate. He doesnt believe in fate
and has a high internal locus of control. He believes that any events in his life are a result of
his own actions.
#20 Hes dependable. An alpha male is a solution finder. Hes dependable and a workhorse,
and wont rest until hes convinced he has what he needs. [Read: 15 reasons why nice guys
finish last all the time]
The 10 dark traits of an alpha male
An alpha male does have a lot of fascinating and impressive positive traits. And thats what
makes him so desired and awed. But as with anything that has an extremely positive side,
theres also a negative and dark side.
Read these 10 dark characteristics of an alpha male to find out more about the dark side of an
alpha mind.
#1 Arrogance. With a lot of confidence, unfortunately, comes arrogance. Alpha males are
very arrogant, even if they dont reveal this trait to the rest of the world. [Read: 10 biggest
dating turn offs for girls]
#2 Intense rivalry. The will to win of an alpha male almost always turns into rivalry. Like in
a death match, an alpha male takes all pitfalls and challenges personally, and that can cloud
his better judgment.
#3 Perfectionist. An alpha male is a perfectionist and ends up demanding perfection from
everyone around him. He can be very unforgiving when others around him dont match up to
his level of perfection.
#4 Bullheaded. He can be very stubborn when he truly believes in something, even if hes
completely wrong.
#5 Perseverance. He doesnt know when to stop pursuing something because hes so overly
confident about his own abilities. He may achieve what he wants, but the journey may drain
him. [Read: How to get a girl to notice you without even talking to her]
#6 Ruthlessness. Anything that comes in the way of an alpha males pursuit, he tries to
eliminate it.
#7 Recklessness. His desire to win may be so intense, that he may end up turning himself
into a reckless madman who doesnt weigh the odds before doing something.
#8 Dominating. Alpha males can be very dominating, to the point where others could fear
him or get frustrated with his behavior. [Read: 13 annoying boyfriend traits and how to avoid
#9 Apologies. An alpha male is unapologetic if he assumes hes right.
#10 Pressure. He thrives under pressure and loves it. Even if it takes a toll on his health or
the wellbeing of others around him, he continues to live life on the edge.
[Read: 15 things girls look for in a guy to fall for him]
As awesome as an alpha male may seem, its not something all men can be. You now
know the real alpha male characteristics, so what do you think? Do you have the alpha
male in you?

Were trying hard to create better relationships in the world.
But we cant do it without YOU!

Did this feature help you better yourself or your relationship?
You can change someone elses life too!

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Have your say!
April 18, 2013 | Permalink |
DANG!!! This is me to the T.interesting though, but nothing to get overly excited
about nor down about.. Either youre with me, or youre against me..
August 25, 2013 | Permalink |
I often laugh in the faces of those deemed alpha male due to the fact they try their
best to dominate me and my surroundings. Having my degree in Psychology and
studying people and their personalities for years, I agree your list is correct with the
exception of carrying intelligence. More often than not, alpha males are either
controlling or having an inferior intelligence. Studies have proven this time and time,
again. When you can not or will not focus on others besides yourself, youre
displaying behavior that is simply put, primative.
March 28, 2014 | Permalink |
This type of personality sounds somewhat psychotic and narcissistic. It sounds like
the type of guy that controls others and cannot accept responsibility for his mistakes.
Girls fall in love with THAT??? No wonder they end up in so many abusive
April 7, 2014 | Permalink |
I wont lie. I carry all these traits and a few more. I do agree its more primative, but
thats why its so addicting. It doesnt mean your stupid. I consider myself fairly
intelligent, but I dont feel the need to prove that to people. Maybe it is psychotic lol. I
myself am both a sadist and masochist. Some would call me crazy. I guess a big
difference between the guys you consider alphas and my definition is that an alpha
doesnt need to put others down to prove him self or feel on control. Hes in control of
May 14, 2014 | Permalink |
I have worked for a guy like this before and I must say he was the worst person I ever
met in my entire life and I have never ran fast out of a job as quickly as when I found
out he was my line manager. When I working for him he lacked basic human skills
like genuine respect and appreciation for others talents but he thought he was never in
the wrong only everyone else. Stop thinking women love alphas because its simply
not true I would never approach one to date let alone speak to infact when I working
for him he took things personally e.g. I am a focused person and so I prefer to just
start working but he was all like you need to pay attention to me and started lecturing
me about respecting people I wanted to kill him.
I found alpha males very unattractive there are far better handsome men than that guy
in the picture my boss looked a lot like him but is indian but the features are all the
same. He was just so full of himself and he was ugly as well anyway Im happy I can
pull a far better man that any nasty pretentious alpha male.
May 24, 2014 | Permalink |
Booo to them if they cant say sorry! All the alphaism goes down the drain if they
dont have the dignity, humbleness and respect to others to apologise. That itself
invalidates all their good traits if arrogance is present, even if hidden under a friendly
and sweet faade. Nothing else counts- well, only in the materialistic world- which
unfortunately wins over true moral fibre these days and makes them get away with
everything. Of course, they dont have a conscience!
May 25, 2014 | Permalink |
Alphas are only good to go to bed or for 5-month-flings. No girl with a brain would
want to marry one of those.
May 30, 2014 | Permalink |
Amanda pretty much summed up the reason why nobody wants to be a beta. Who
wants to get stuck with the girl after all the alphas tossed her around? No thanks.
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List compiled by author Carrie Olguin. Posted here by permission. Originally posted here.
The alpha male is charismatic, dangerous, and mysterious the bad boy to tame and possess.
Romance novels reveal the alpha, pealing away his layers, exposing his inner core, giving
women insight into the ultimate male.
What makes this type of man the way he is? What is it that makes up his undeniable
charisma? To create an ultimate alpha male character, a writer has to understand his reality.
Heres a list of ultimate alpha male characteristics I complied from various sources:
1. Self-confidence comfortable in his skin, loves his body, his skin is his favorite outfit.
2. Always dresses his best his body was designed for worship. He is properly groomed, clean and
physically fit. He looks good in any type of clothes from formal to casual to naked.
3. Doesnt spend time in front of a mirror. He knows hes the best looking man in the world.
4. His eyes speak for him he has a range of Looks that speak volumes. If he wants you to know
what he is thinking or feeling, its in his eyes.
5. When he walks in, the room seems to shrink no space is large enough to contain him
6. He leads expects everyone to follow
7. People look to him to make decisions
8. Doesnt care what people think of him
9. Either he doesnt answer questions or gives basic responses. The alpha is in control of the game
and keeps his strategy to himself. This forces others to guess what hes thinking usually
guessing wrong, which helps the Alpha maintain control of the game.
10. Gives his opinion doesnt wait to be asked
11. Happy in any situation aloof, untouchable
12. His ego is never a problem only insecure men need to protect their ego
13. Always ahead of the game intelligent, well informed, resourceful
14. A man of action takes control of the situation, acts first, thinks later
15. Lives by his rules when his moral code and the law overlap, it is merely a coincidence
16. Exudes an air of danger and unpredictability you want him as a friend not enemy he destroys
his enemies and runs over anyone in his way
17. Not afraid of the unexpected or unknown he knows he can handle any situation
18. Fights for what is his
19. Gives the impression that he is a predator always stalking potential prey.
20. Takes what he wants the world and everything in it belongs to him.
21. Hangs out with Alpha has no use for the weak. When with other alpha males, there is a pecking
order. Never know when a fight for dominance will break out, even if the alphas are best friends.
The Ultimate Alphas level of dominance forces other Alphas to be submissive to his authority.
22. Enjoys the challenge of maintaining his dominance over everyone not threatened by the
presence of strong personalities. He knows he can put them in their place.
23. Honor, integrity, and loyalty demands the same qualities in those he considers his friends/allies
24. Hes busy, has a full life, enjoys a variety of activities, finds pleasure in everything he does.
25. Recognizes others he remembers the people hes met, laughs at their jokes, acknowledges their
ideas, makes them feel important.
26. Self-focused he is superior to everyone, the world revolves around him, people exist to
entertain him.
27. Takes the glory will tweak the ideas, jokes and opinions of others and present them as his own
without giving recognition to the original author.
28. Can be a genuine nice guy at times because he doesnt care what people think. If being nice,
down to earth, and caring helps him obtain his objective, he will do so.
29. Well-developed sense of humor, sharp wit laughs at himself and the rest of the world, makes
others laugh. His humor can he sarcastic and twisted.
30. Sucks people into his reality like a black hole, hes interesting, makes people feel comfortable and
welcome in his world.
A list of nevers:
1. Never apologizes unless jesting
2. Never explains his actions
3. Never boasts or brags about his accomplishments knows others will do that for him in their
effort to gain his attention, respect, and affection.
4. Never does anything to bring attention to himself all he has to do is walk into a room for that to
5. Never nervous or fidgety
6. Never stresses over a situation
7. Never asks others to do something he tells them
8. Never acts surprised by what happens around him calm, composed, focused
9. Never admits to failure to him, a failure is a learning experience, one more step toward his
10. Never admits he is wrong
11. Never lavishes his attention on anyone. He is the only one who deserves such treatment.
His attitude toward women (in romance novels, the Heroine is the only possible exception
symptoms of the love disease):
1. Not possessive
2. Not needy
3. Not the jealous type
4. A woman is lucky to gain his attention
5. Does not use gifts or flowers or favors of any kind to impress a woman.
6. Women are a secondary life goal.
7. Sex is important but not the focus of his life, women are an activity to be enjoyed.
8. Knows women benefit from his attentions
9. Rejection doesnt hurt a woman is lucky to come to his attention. Her refusal is her loss.
10. He doesnt smother women when in a relationship
11. Doesnt put women on pedestals
12. Tears do not sway him he walks away
Body Language
1. Doesnt scan the room not concerned what others are doing, knows he is the center of
attention, everyone is looking at him, that is why he exists.
2. Uses his peripheral vision to take in a scene
3. Positions himself so that everyone has to see him, becomes the focus
4. His body stance takes up space elbows slightly out, legs apart, head held high
5. He looks down on others even if they are taller than him
6. Maintains a comfortable stance, doesnt shift positions often.
7. Hand gestures are slow and deliberate.
8. Breathes slowly from deep in his chest
9. Controls the pace of a conversation with thoughtful pauses or well-timed interruptions
10. Moves at his own speed expects others to match his
11. Speaks slowly uses fewest words necessary.
12. His forward motion is smooth and purposeful at any speed.
All men have alpha tendencies, but only the rare few are Ultimate alpha males. Thank heaven for
that or thered never be a moments peace anywhere in the world! A man with all of these
tendencies can also be classified as a sociopath.
Alpha tendencies are what women both love and hate about men in general. We hate that they
are stubborn, egocentric, insensitive, chauvinistic and unbendable. But we love that they are
loyal, funny, sexy, protective, and unbreakable.

1. gary waffles
DECEMBER 21, 2012 AT 6:20 PM
this should be taken down. wannabes will have a new template. good article, but some parts
are exaggerated and shit.
2. christian believer
MARCH 3, 2013 AT 9:56 AM
sounds like a dick to me
1. itstheotherwayaround
FEBRUARY 9, 2014 AT 10:02 AM
1. Self-confidence comfortable in his skin, loves his body, his skin is his favorite outfit.
- sorry buddy! Not if youre a fat ass that has let yourself go with a big long dirty beard!
3. Doesnt spend time in front of a mirror. He knows hes the best looking man in the
- sorry but there will always be a hotter looking guy to top you!
6. He leads expects everyone to follow
- until someone else comes along to finally show him up. Sorry bud the world does not
revolve around you!
9. Either he doesnt answer questions or gives basic responses. The alpha is in control of
the game and keeps his strategy to himself. This forces others to guess what hes thinking
usually guessing wrong, which helps the Alpha maintain control of the game.
- if youre gonna be a condescending jerkoff, you will quickly earn much radical and overt
disrespect from me.
11. Happy in any situation aloof, untouchable
- paleassssse I know better hahaha in yo face. Stop fantasizing!
14. A man of action takes control of the situation, acts first, thinks later
- sounds more like mentally retarded to me or a possible sociopath.
Derrrr Ill do thisnegative consequence hits! Derrrr why didnt I think first?
15. Lives by his rules when his moral code and the law overlap, it is merely a
- nah Im not interested in spending my time with a jailbird.
19. Gives the impression that he is a predator always stalking potential prey.
- yeah we all want a bully or a sadistic fuckhead.
20. Takes what he wants the world and everything in it belongs to him.
- and this is where I show this self entitled, child, piece of shit, NO THE WORLD OWES
YOU NOTHING! No put your dick back between you legs.
26. Self-focused he is superior to everyone, the world revolves around him, people exist
to entertain him.
- see #20
27. Takes the glory will tweak the ideas, jokes and opinions of others and present them as
his own without giving recognition to the original author.
- there is no honesty and integrity in this. This is a man who deserves to be urinated on.
28. Can be a genuine nice guy at times because he doesnt care what people think. If
being nice, down to earth, and caring helps him obtain his objective, he will do so.
- of course because he is truly a selfish dickhead. See #27
1. Never apologizes unless jesting
- fuck you. You get no respect.
2. Never explains his actions
-you wanna bet motherfucker!
7. Never asks others to do something he tells them
- and then I insolently flip this bitch the bird!
10. Never admits he is wrong
- like most fuckin 9 year old little bitch boys that will get there pride handed to them after I
shred it to pieces.
11. Never lavishes his attention on anyone. He is the only one who deserves such
- the only attention hell get from me is being the butt of my cruel jokes LMMFAO!!!
4. A woman is lucky to gain his attention
- lol fuck that hes lucky to be the butt of my jokes and that I even acknowledge this
6. Women are a secondary life goal.
- I wouldnt care to be any part of this fuckin douche
8. Sex is important but not the focus of his life, women are an activity to be enjoyed.
- I have no room for douchebags that see women as disposable secondary beings. This is a
damaged man.
9. Rejection doesnt hurt a woman is lucky to come to his attention. Her refusal is her
You wanna bet mother fucker. I can see behind your poker face how hurt you are.
11. Doesnt put women on pedestals
- then get off the pedestal yourself jerkoff.
12. Tears do not sway him he walks away
- who the fuck would want an uncaring piece of shit like this.
None of these things are attractive and these are the types of men that are breakable
because I used to sport fuck them and break them down. Yes I admit I used to be a sadistic
bitch. Im not denying it at all, but sadistic people like I used to be know how to cut
through the facades of powerful men. You get to know them a little and there are always
signs. Secretly they want you to know they are human. I sit quietly and wait for them to
subconsciously give me dead giveaways. Then I pounce and enjoy like a rabid dog in heat
eating raw flesh aka, your pride.
1. Ahmed Boucardi
MARCH 6, 2014 AT 1:07 PM
You just dont understand.
2. Beta sucks
MARCH 18, 2014 AT 3:01 AM
I bet you are lesbienhaha fuckface
3. redcitydotcom
APRIL 2, 2014 AT 12:07 AM
hey. i was wondering if you could elaborate on this breaking down you used to do to
men. i dont understand what you mean. could you give me an example of what youre
talking about?
4. anon
MAY 29, 2014 AT 9:59 AM
it sounds like you need some psychological help
were you molested/raped as a child?
5. isitimportant
JUNE 7, 2014 AT 7:16 AM
dude, you are probably the type of guy that is fat, has 2 friends, hates the world because
he cant have girls, and hates the alpha males because they got everything you desire.
alpha male is not being rude to his friends, neither he will ever attack them, as a matter
of fact he will protect them and make them laugh, he is loyal, and thats why people are
willing to tolerate his others bad behaviors friends of alpha male are like i will
tolerate his behavior because i know that he is deeply inside a good man good luck in
your life
2. itstheotherwayaround
FEBRUARY 9, 2014 AT 10:04 AM
Ahhhh I just took a nice diarrhea all over this page. Feels so good. Open wide haters.
1. Yoda21
MAY 15, 2014 AT 8:32 AM
Alphas dont give a fuck..he doesnt give a fuck about this post,he doesnt give a fuck
about you,he doesnt gives a fuck about anyonehe makes his own rules and live by
All alphas are in a way what people describe as a sociopath,it may be to a higher degree
in some of them and lower degree in most of them..the ultimate alpha is the one that
stands above all of them,he may even be considered a GOD.
3. Hank
MARCH 12, 2014 AT 2:43 AM
Indeed! What a nonsense. Clearly, if you need rules like this youre far from an Alpha
3. Bibiana
MARCH 10, 2013 AT 10:05 PM
My boyfriend is a sweet, loving Beta male-but hes all man, and Alpha to me! Distant, aloof
James Bond types hold no appeal for me at all. I love my sweetheart and treat him like a
1. itstheotherwayaround
JUNE 22, 2013 AT 10:58 AM
You have the best of both worlds. We need more men like him in this world.
1. danny :D
OCTOBER 1, 2013 AT 9:33 AM
there are more men like that. check the guys you probably didnt give a chance to
4. Folwart
MAY 20, 2013 AT 6:37 PM
This description more accurately describes a narcissistic, arrogant and overconfident
weakling beta male attempting to emulate an incorrect interpretation of an alpha male,
poorly. These men that label themselves as alphas are insignificant members of a lower order,
a real man wouldnt label himself, allow others to label him as such or attempt to brag about
his imaginary status.
Imagine this fellow described above, hes a prick, in other words he is weak. It is for these
reasons, stubborn, egocentric, insensitive, chauvinistic, that they are quite breakable
(omitted: unbendable; it is redundant). Any man that has to resort to cutting down others (one
cannot be respected, perhaps feared, but not respected), is too stubborn to improve through
others (stubborn ones tend to know it all, and no one knows it all), isnt sensitive to the needs
of others (without this one cannot lead sucessfully) and that allows his ego to dominate is a
tool (I am master within this sacred space, this body, this mind, not the voice, not the
emotions, I am the observer, I am the will, this is my way). Tools dont run anything or
anyone, tools are used and discarded when they are broken. Trust me, they will break, tools
arent made to the same standards of quality as in the days of old.
1. itstheotherwayaround
JUNE 22, 2013 AT 10:51 AM
Breaking these so called alphas used to be a fun sport of mine LMAO!
5. sanket
JUNE 19, 2013 AT 1:22 PM
First of all Alpha male is not a label, its a state of individuality, the way of life, its how a real
man should be. But in todays world where feminism and emasculation rules people are
forgetting real values and characteristics of real man. When one is confident one doesnt need
anyones approval or permission, doing right things comes naturally to him, if this is
arrogance or overconfidence, tell ever ready to please others Beta guy perform real confident
thing just once and he will melt away like an ice cream in the sun, If pedestrianizing girls just
to have their attention, treating them with expensive gifts and being just their lap dog in
anticipation of some sexual favors is sensitive, then explain why all the hot girls finally go in
to bed with strong, masculine guys who refuse to qualify them selves. His aloofness towards
the world and all the preposterous things which bother ordinary individuals might seem like
an inflated ego but its only wisdom derived from calculated understanding of the nature of
the world. Alpha man is emotional but he has learnt to keep those emotion in check and never
let them cloud over his rational mind, a must ability for a successful leader. Visualize
yourself trapped in a burning building, who would you follow, a dominant, calm, decisive
Alpha or submissive, frightened, confused Beta? But still all of you seems to be on a single
mission and that is to see an Alpha man broken, but remember when they are no more whos
gonna save you?
6. itstheotherwayaround
JUNE 22, 2013 AT 10:39 AM
Sounds like a real piece of shit of a guy
1. Rambler
AUGUST 13, 2013 AT 9:36 PM
Ha! A gash with an opinionSTFU and go make your man sammich!
1. itstheotherwayaround
JANUARY 14, 2014 AT 10:22 PM
So funny that women fart in your mouth while your sleeping.
2. itstheotherwayaround
JANUARY 22, 2014 AT 10:54 AM
Oh yeah just remember what your girl does to your sammich when youre not looking. I
prefer to fart in them before closing. Sammich served :-)
7. sanket
JULY 16, 2013 AT 11:58 AM
Let me explain it little bit further, Alpha male is a term used to define a man who is
successful. It does not mean that he should be rich or have fame, it means that he has his life
in control and his control comes from his mastery on his own emotions and sometimes that
behavior is misunderstood, its happening all around us because we have a whole generation
raised by single parents, and most of the time those are woman. The lack of male role models
and absence of father has turned the young men into confused individuals whose natural
instincts attracts them to masculinity but feminist infected society tells them to behave like
submissive, overemotional, tamed beta males. Todays employed, self sufficient woman does
not need a man to woo them with expensive gifts or pay for their meals, they need a man who
could become their support system, strong guiding force, and it could be Vice versa, but
unfortunately feminism evolved in something terrible to make them believe that they are still
victims of patriarchy which have turned men into adversaries rather than mates. So when
these types of woman come in to contact with real men they either try to tame them or hurl
insults, which Alpha man ignores and the vicious cycle of all the blaming begins. The
byproduct of this tussle is not marrying men and sad educated ,successful woman. Somehow
men and women of today are fighting for superiority and justification of their animosity for
each others sexes. Somehow Alpha men have understood it all and try to be isolated from
this preposterous tug of a war. He has learnt to be unaffected, learnt to love himself and
respect himself. He knows that woman are attracted to masculinity and he also know that they
are no more important than himself and certainly not to be pedestalize. He have more to do in
life than to run after pretty girls because being approved by a girl is not all he desire. He
value woman, high quality women and he knows how to spark attraction and maintain its
momentum. The same goes with the people he socialize with, these are the people who have
something special in them, some qualities which not all posses.
The rest are not important to him. He ignores them as he ignores ever complaining feminists.
Real Alpha have few intimate friends for whom he is always available with all of his
resources and sincerity, he might die for them. Real Alpha love a single woman with all his
heart and so deep a passion that she feel alive by just a glance in his eyes and he have to do
no more. But he demands his woman to be special because he knows that he is giving the best
in return. His security with himself gives him confidence to demands the best from life for
which he is ready to sweat his butt off, the fundamental reason for his success. Why you
should apologize if the apology is not due? Why should you follow if you does not have
suitable leader? Why should you comply when you loath compliance? Just try to think
8. courtballistec
AUGUST 30, 2013 AT 10:26 AM
we all konw this is right, if ur a man!
9. sanket
SEPTEMBER 20, 2013 AT 10:50 AM
and it should be right, even if you are a woman
10. Docteur Ringo
OCTOBER 12, 2013 AT 3:21 PM
Looks too old fashion for me. Acting like this is the best way to be kicked out of the party
11. King
OCTOBER 27, 2013 AT 4:38 AM
Its v.good list for the character of alpha male, u shud write a book. Cheers
1. itstheotherwayaround
JANUARY 14, 2014 AT 10:26 PM
Werd lol!
12. Socialkenny
NOVEMBER 11, 2013 AT 7:53 AM
I agree with all pointers. As a guy who subscribes to the school of pickup-artistry, I try my
best to incorporate as much as these tips as possible, especially in a relationship.
1. Marie
NOVEMBER 26, 2013 AT 8:52 PM
I am drawn to the alpha male like a moth to the flame. I can pick him out across a room,
sense if he is behind me and hear it in his voice if he speaks. I am in awe of the alpha male
because he is so rare. He is intelligent, worldly, classy and makes no apologies for his
actions. As a woman, you are in good hands and you will feel every bit the woman you are
because he is all male. Sometimes people get alpha male confused with idiot. The used car
salesman, the loud drunk at the party, the guy who flashes his money, the guy trying to
pick a fight..thats not the alpha male. Im sure beta males are fine too if you have a
certain level of masculinity as a female. If you like to lead, be in control, like your men to
ask for permission to do things.then you will only be satisfied with a yes dear kind of
man. I love alpha men.
13. Renegadebitch
JANUARY 13, 2014 AT 8:46 AM
This is the all time dumbest, most unrealistic shit Ive ever heard and anyone who tries to put
an act in like this deserves to be the laughing stock of people around him. This is a joker and
in order for a man to be this way, he has to make an effort to be this way. Its such a shame
that a man would make such an effort to become this guy only to be laughed at by women
within an earshot. Fuckin loser.
1. Neurath
JANUARY 17, 2014 AT 2:14 PM
So much hate when you clearly understand nothing about an Alpha Male. There is no effort
involved at all. We simply are. We simply exist in this form and many more. The fact you
think there is effort involved is laughable. I simply show up and life rolls on for me. Those
in power teach me their secrets without being asked to, those at my level follow me. Those
beneath do nothing without my input. If you could live a day in my life youd be jealous
instead of hateful.
1. itstheotherwayaround
JANUARY 22, 2014 AT 10:50 AM
Whatever. These men are breakable. No jealousy here since I know Im so great.
2. itstheotherwayaround
JANUARY 22, 2014 AT 12:01 PM
And why would I be attracted to some aloof, Mr I make no apologies for my actions, Mr
self entitled jerkoff who thinks hes above others and expects women to gush all over
3. itstheotherwayaround
FEBRUARY 8, 2014 AT 8:08 PM
I dont need no Don Draper narcissist.
14. sanket
FEBRUARY 4, 2014 AT 9:00 PM
You need a tight hug from a real man instead of a feminist lesbos you must be hanging
around with, and dont go breaking a man ( if you have any in your life) try to build yourself
with him and you might get rid of all this hatred someday.
1. itstheotherwayaround
FEBRUARY 8, 2014 AT 8:06 PM
I only hate men that act like a stupid dickhead. I get a greet hug like my man. He loves me
like no other and I love him. This alpha shit is a joke.
1. sanket
FEBRUARY 9, 2014 AT 7:29 AM
So does everything else if you take it on a face value, religion, relationships, ambition,
everything becomes a jock if not understood well. The trick is reading between the lines,
dont tell me you wouldnt like your man to be a leader, courageous, being calm in
crises, take decisions, have high self esteem, being a good role model to your kids. These
are all the qualities of ideal male, The Alpha Male, everyone have their own
interpretation of Alpha Male and you cannot act in these qualities, they are either there
by default or not at all, and believe me real Alphas are unbreakable, no matter what
2. itstheotherwayaround
FEBRUARY 9, 2014 AT 8:51 AM
Why wouldnt I want my man to be a leader, courageous, being calm in crises, take
decisions, have high self esteem, being a good role model to your kids. These are all
positive things. But this article also names other bad qualities such as being an aloof
insensitive prick, Don Draper type. I dont want a submissive man at all but I dont want a
man who always puts his needs first.
The alpha man I believe you are speaking of is unfortunately no longer held in high regard.
Mras and puas believe that being a philandering prick, even while in a committed
relationship is part if what it means to be masculine. As a matter if fact, currently, you
dont even have to be a courageous man. According to these guys, the more poon a man
gets the more man he is, especially if hes with a woman who is devoted to him and he
treats her like a used up dish rag.
So basically, the definition of alpha male has been bastardized.
1. sanket
FEBRUARY 9, 2014 AT 12:07 PM
Mras and Puas are basically reintroducing the dying culture of manhood, being
celebrated in the past, before the rise of radical feminism. In fact puas gained wide
social recognition with mostly men who never had capable dads to initiate the kids to
proper manhood. Men today hear feminist screaming of mass castration and end of
marriage, they frequently see men being humiliated in media, we all know what
Misandry is. They unfortunately does not have suitable celebrity role-models at present.
Mohammed Ali characterized all the so called negative qualities described in above
article, full of himself, publicly announcing that he is the best, had many extramarital
affairs, never cared what people think of him, changed his religion, threw his Olympic
medal in gutter, but he still was and is an Alpha man. There is a flip side to every
negative quality, again dont take it as a face value, There are paradoxes to different kind
of Alpha Males, nothing is pure good or pure bad, we have devoted woman at one end
and cheating girlfriends and housewives at the other, we have high quality, ambitious
ladies at one end and marrying for money, gold diggers at the other, so does we have
highly evolved, matured Alphas at one end and attention loving,exhibitionist Alpha at
the other and if we bastardized masculinity arent we unconsciously bastardizing
femininity too?
2. itstheotherwayaround
FEBRUARY 9, 2014 AT 12:52 PM
Can you please describe what it means for fathers to initiate their sons into proper
15. reggio
FEBRUARY 5, 2014 AT 12:04 AM
Hehe, not bad at all.
Basically psychological description of the sun & suns radiance.
No wonder the more feminine are femmas & moons the more they crave it.
16. sanket
FEBRUARY 9, 2014 AT 9:11 PM
I will give you two examples. In the movies 300 a boy is taken away from his family, to the
torturous warrior training, hes expected to survive alone in the wilderness with just a spear.
He kills a wolf single-handedly, symbolizing killing a boy inside and becoming a man.
In Masaimara culture in Africa you are not considered as a man until you kill a lion, there is
another ritual where they slightly mutilate a genital of young men, where you must not flinch,
show any emotions, cannot even move a muscle or you are considered not a man.
In both the cases it is not expected from a woman to prove but men who has to establish their
manhood, being just born with penis is not a ticket to guaranteed manhood. It has to be
In a modern civilization we need not go to such extent but we still have a responsibility to
mandatory initiation of our boys to manhood. And for that the boy must be isolated from his
mother, not in a literal or negative sense, it means a boys should not have too much feminine
influence if he has to grow an evolved as Alpha male. Its his fathers duty to get him
acquainted with his masculinity and it was never hard then todays time when your boy might
grow up watching manhood being humiliated, his celebrities being portrayed as drugs
abusing, characterless loonies. And his father can give him the guidance if hes a real man
himself, unbroken, respected by his woman, and not robbed from his masculinity. A mother
must instill some qualities in him, respect for woman, responsibility for family, bonding with
children, but not all woman ( of course with some exceptions) can teach a boy to be real
hardcore male, its inevitably his fathers duty, and no broken father can fulfill these duties, to
raise Alpha one must be an Alpha first.
1. itstheotherwayaround
FEBRUARY 10, 2014 AT 7:31 AM
Well there also comes a time when a woman needs to stop being daddys little girl. This is
only important when she is a LITTLE GIRL. When she is approaching womanhood this
needs to stop. He needs to stop pedistalizing her virginity and trust her decisions and let her
learn that her value is in her heart and her mind. Not her vagina. I dont like men who are
mamas boys. I like men who are responsible and have their shit together. They should love
and respect their moms but yes there comes a time to cut that cord and grow up. But fathers
need to do their part too by not cheating on their wives, making her live with that torment.
If this is who she is she needs to divorce him. If he cant give his wife the proper attention
how can he possibly give it to his children.
1. sanket
FEBRUARY 10, 2014 AT 10:10 AM
Ironically most of the times its the mother who pedistalize girls sexuality than a father,
its a mother who tells a girl not to show certain parts of her body, not to touch oneself
unproperly publicly, how to behave like a lady. Fathers only intention is being a
protector to his little girl whos growing up, and its OK naturally. Ask most of the
women who has achieved high educational or carrier goals and most of them ( not all)
would say that its their fathers influence, it couldnt have happened if her father hadnt
trusted her decisions, or let her follow her mind, backing her up every step of the way.
For a good father his daughter will always be a little girl to him, because hes her
protector by nature, there are examples of fathers busting a balls of bad boyfriends of
their daughters, where the girls decision and mind being wrong to chose such boyfriend,
but a father does not go preaching her on her bad decision he bust the head open of the
man who has hurt her, its in him by nature, as a man. And what about the torment of a
man whos wife cheats on him, further what about the children who went through pain
and suffering when their parents separates. Divorce is pretty heavy word and its painful
to see people use it so casually, there are heavy consequences of any divorce, precisely
when there are children involved.
17. itstheotherwayaround
FEBRUARY 11, 2014 AT 4:40 PM
I can see the father wanting to always be his daughters protector, but little girl? Ehwhy
cant he see his daughter as a grown woman when she grows up and still have feelings of
protecting his her? I do agree that a good father would put the bad boyfriend in his place
rather than shame his daughter.
Either way cheating is bad, whether its the wife or husband doing it. Although divorce is
heavy and has its consequences, I believe its necessary in extreme cases such as domestic
violence and cheating. I definitely dont like how so many people use divorce so casually.
Whats the point of getting married if neither spouse can commit and compromise.
Basically I dont see both sexes as the same and I do see the we have our roles. Its just that
so often people have not respected womanhood and because of her womanhood people have
said that women are not smart enough to so certain jobs which is absolutely not so because
women are accomplishing a lot. Womens roles have been seen as a few leagues DOWN
from mens roles which is not at all very motivating for women.
Several times Ive had a boyfriend in the past say stupid crap, such as, what are you good at,
sewing and makeup? Hahaha Im great at football and Nd hockey. I bet youre not! So all
these dumb remarks said to women isnt the least bit inspiring because they are actual out
downs. The fact is that even if a woman can play awesome at football she should still be able
to be a proper mother to her children and even if a man can knit 100 sweaters in a week he
should be able to protect, provide and do all the heavy work because thats how hes built. As
I got older though it didnt matter what guys said. I just dumped them and moved on to
someone more mature, who appreciated and respected me for my assertiveness, but also
loved my soft side and didnt see it as a weakness.
Btw have you recently looked at pua sites and mra sites??? They are loaded with insults and
hyper judgements about women. Im not saying that there arent any bad women, but they
take every bad quality that came from several women and wrap it all up together and
generalize that all women have all these issues. Also, accordind to these types of sites,
bedding as many women as possible is what makes them a man. ie-RooshV says fuck 25
girls. Yeah, now thats a man you want to court your daughter right? And the mras Paul
Elam tells the traditional old school housewife type to kindly go fuck herself because he even
resents having any kind of responsibility in a relationship even though she does not represent
feminism which is what his backlash movement is all about.
1. sanket
FEBRUARY 12, 2014 AT 6:05 AM
I would like to give some facts here. No people would elect a woman as a pri-minister or
president of a country if they think that shes not smart enough, many CEos and Mds of
multinationals are woman, dont imply that they got these positions out of pity, they got
these positions because people highly respected and believed in their abilities. There are
some jobs which women simply cannot do, hazardous and dangerous jobs requiring heavy
physical labor, women are not built for such jobs physically, and if people say that she
cant do it its wisdom in it rather than exploitation, Feminist see exploitation pretty
everywhere. Women are smart enough not to employ for such jobs, only tough men do it.
More men die on their jobs than women, and men do it because they has to raise a family,
no one would work in a coal mine, inhaling coal dust which just melts the lungs or work on
a oil rig, middle of the sea, fighting storms and seasickness. How many percentage of
woman working such environment? ZERO. Its ironic that some woman simply ignore
these facts, trumpeting just some idiotic remarks, uttered by some idiots and consider that
its all the world thinks. Now talk about the domestic violence. There are equal number of
woman involved in domestic violence ( THRASHING THEIR HUSBANDS) as men, no
soft side here and nothing to be loved about. We have woman cutting the genitals of the
husband and throwing it in a trash can, the point is woman could be as cruel as men if she
decides to ( again feminist would say that he must deserve it, so does a woman whose face
is busted open by a husband). But besides all of it marriage is still ideal union of two
people and both man and woman should work hard to remain in it and unfortunately if it
doesnt work out make sure that it causes as less damage as possible both ways. I agree
some of these puas and mras sometimes go over the edge, but so does so called feminist
too, celebrating world castration day is one such example. And i have seen no puas
suggesting men to rape women, they simply providing some skills ( dont know its
authenticity) to win over possible mates, And if someone has bedded multiple woman, its
with their consent, meaning the women agreed for it, and their is great possibility that the
women must have bedded multiple partners too, and no i certainly would not want Roosh
V who bedded 25 woman to court my daughter and i will not want some girl who has
already dumped 25 boyfriends in the past to court my son too.
18. itstheotherwayaround
FEBRUARY 13, 2014 AT 1:40 PM
I can see where youre coming from. The type of alpha that you describe is very different
from the alpha described in this blog. The one you describe is desirable (also a dying breed).
Even most men who take on high risk jobs these days arent true authentic alphas. The one
described in this blog is not desirable.
Domestic violence needs to be discouraged by both sexes. Nothing good comes of this.
As far as hazardous jobs I agree. I do believe in equal opportunity though, although I do not
agree with lowering test standards for certain jobs because that is NOT equal. If a woman can
carry 225 over her shoulder down a ladder, then let her be a fire woman, but if she can only
handle 75lbs then she should not and its wrong to put anyone out there who is not physically
equipped. Most women are not and having women out there that can not fulfill all
requirements is actually hazardous for the other workers and whoever else is involved.
Btw I dont get frequent hugs from lesbians lol
19. sanket
FEBRUARY 14, 2014 AT 9:08 AM
I dont know how we lost it, the basic celebration of masculinity and femininity as a union,
created by nature itself and nature doesnt give a damn about any mens movement or
feminist movement. If there is attraction and love its gonna happen no matter what, ask any
women or a man why they love one another and most of the time they would say that they
just do, its natures way to throwing a big laugh on so called modern dividers of two genders.
There will be compromises and sacrifices and even occasional fights ( sometimes physical
violence too) , but still there will be far grater rewards of successful union of these two
genders ( not against any gays or lesbians). Nice to know that you have someone to hug
tightly in tough times ( no, not lesbians if you are a straight woman), and share your love,
because no man and no woman is an island, both need one another in many ways. In our
modern culture we have Alpha men and Alpha woman too ( sadly she is not frequently
discussed) and we have unmatuared low lifes too ( just like your past boy-friends), but like i
said we need to learn how to read between the lines, let all those Puas and Mras preach their
thing, we should take whats genuinely right and throw away whats wrong. Some mens life
has been changed by female influence, being a mother, daughter, wife or just plain friend,
these woman has transformed a man into higher being, success is just a part of it, but they
made him a better man ( Alpha Male), so does some womens life has transformed by male
influence, being a father, husband, son or just friend ( Alpha woman). My personnel favorite
author is Ayan Rand, who got me acquainted with one of the most unique modern
philosophies, but most importantly she made me see how a man should be, Howard Roark or
Jhon Galt, the epitome of Alpha Males to me. But she also showed how a woman should be,
Dominiq Franken or Dagny Taggart, the ultimate women to me. But besides these literary
indulgence shouldnt we work on our self to being more mature, more understanding, more
caring and most importantly most giving to one another?
Just for the record no Mras ever hugged me too.
1. itstheotherwayaround
MARCH 1, 2014 AT 12:54 PM
This seems like a great book:
Seems to describe the alpha male you speak of :-)
20. Hamish
JULY 16, 2014 AT 1:33 AM
sure. Agree with some things on the list I guess. Find the whole idea of alpha males a little
too over-inflated and envogue though. Forget that and just get discipline for your own
success. Great book on this at;
ed5911e39f /resources/the-ul guest

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