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Different Datura Species By Momer IonsClub.Com Team in SIUST
Datura matal F.Solanaceae
Datura metal is one of the three species which we have collected here in Syrian the
others species are: Inoxia and Stramonium, they are taxonomically different as

.Spp Metal Stramonium Inoxia

Leaves Soft edges without .Zigzag-like' line Soft edges similar to

zigzag-like's line metal

Flower Trumpet-shaped, Trumpet-shaped, Trumpet-shaped, while,

purple, with many while, smaller in size bigger in size and with
.petal layers and with one petal .one petal layer

Fruit Spiny capsule, with Spiny capsule, bigger Spiny capsule, with hard
soft spines and small or resemble metal spines and the biggest
in size .in size

Seeds Unknown because we Brown in color Black in color

are waiting until

These species contain Alkaloidal compounds which could vary in concentrations from
species to another , the major constituents are: Hyoscine (scopolamine), Atropine and
.Hyosciamine, they are found mainly in the leaves

Hyoscine (scopolamine): A colorless thick liquid poisonous alkaloid found in some

plants of the nightshade family and used as a truth serum, to prevent motion
.sickness, and as a sedative
Hyoscyamine: a poisonous alkaloid that resembles atropine. Use: dilates blood
vessels, sedative , prevents or controls spasms, used as antidote to the toxicity of
cholinergic compounds and decrease the secretion ( Upper and lower respiratory
.tract) before surgery

The objective of this laboratories is to isolate these active constituents individually

using many techniques, identify them using IR and UV spectroscopy methods and
.finally to determine their concentration in each species


We use 90% Ethanol in the refluxing process to isolate free alkaloids ( in–
.ethanol) and their salts in water
:We use the reflux in the extraction process to the following–
To prevent the evaporation of ethanol from the bottle during its boiling ,i.e-1
the reflux condense the vapors of Ethanol to get back into the flask
.The metal leaves constituents are heat-stable-2
We evaporate the ethanol to 50 ml in order to concentrate the solution and use–
the available glass wares
We add 2% HCl to convert the free alkaloids to their salt the use of 2% not more–
.to prevent the destruction of alkaloids
The addition of ammonia hydroxide to convert the salt to their alkaloids in order–
.to extract them in Chloroform
We add the ammonia hydroxide to the evaporated filtrate after cooling to–
.prevent the evaporation of the ammonia hydroxide
We extract finally the filtrate in two halves with chloroform to enhance the–
extraction which is proved mathematically according to coefficient factor
We use TLC to determine how many compounds we have by spraying the plates–
with Dragendroff's reagent. The mobile phase used is ( actone: water: ammonia
.(90:7:3)) and the colored is between red to orange


Datura Inoxia Stramonium metal quantitative qullitative Dragendroff Alkaloid Hyoscine

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