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Invaders plan to conquer the city of Ajmer in three days. Someshwar and Kamalavati are worried of not having an heir for the Chauhan dynasty.They offer prayers
and seek blessings from the God for a child. Someshwar thanks Vijaypal and Roop Sundari for supporting him through his thick and thin. Kamalavati suggests
Someshwar to marry another girl so that the dynasty would have an heir and he dismisses her suggestion. Someshwar is excited to know that Kamalavati is
conceived and proclaims it.
Ajmer celebrates Kamalavati's pregnancy. Kamalavati and Someshwar are excited about having a child. Kamalavati's mother sends gifts to her on her pregnancy.
Someshwar is informed about the enemies' attack. Someshwar prepares to retreat his enemies.
Someshwar learns that Yavani's army has attacked their territory and declares war on Yavani. Someshwar leaves for the battle field accompanied by Vijaypal.
Kamalavati and Roop Sundari are worried about their husbands in the battle field. Someshwar's troop confronts Yavani's. Vijaypal's horse is injured and he battles on
his feet.
Someshwar and Yavani's troops battle fiercely. Yavani's troops surround Someshwar's troops, but they don't give up. Yavani kills Vijaypal in an unethical manner, but
Vijaypal fights till the last moment. Someshwar laments Vijaypal's death. Roop Sundari and Jaichand deeply grieve the loss of Vijaypal. Jaimal consoles Roop
Sundari and Jaichand.
Jaichand completes post-death rites of Vijaypal. Anangpal consoles depressed Roop sundari. Jaimal influences Jaichand with his evil ideologies. Jaichand is
crowned as the new king of Kannauj by Anangpal. Jaimal plans to abort Kamalavati's pregnancy with the help of her maid. The maid mixes the poison given by
Jaimal in milk and gives it to Kamalavati and she drinks it and faints.
Kamalavati is dejected of abortion and Someshwar consoles her. Roop Sundari slaps Jaimal for speaking against Someshwar and Jaimal is furious about it.
Someshwar and Kamalavati leave for Pushkar to offer prayers to Lord Brahma. Kamalavati is haunted by her virtual son and informs the priest about the same. The
priest tells Someshwar that Kamalavati has conceived again and also asks him safeguard Kamalavati.
Someshwar takes care of Kamalavati as she is pregnant. Queen mother discusses about Jaichand's wedding with Jaimal. Jaimal sends Jaichand's wedding invitation
to Someshwar. Mukuldev comes with his daughter Nayantara for pre wedding rituals and gets angry as he comes to know that Jaichand is not ready to marry.
Nayantara comes to know that Jaichand is not ready to marry her and she gets emotional and discusses with his mother Roopsundari about the same. Roopsundari
comforts Nayantara and accepts her as daughter-in-law. Jaichand accepts Roopsundari's request to marry Nayantara. Jaimal suspects Someshwar as he comes
alone to attend Jaichand's wedding. Jaimal finds out the reason that stopped Kamalavati from attending the wedding.
Roopsundari sends wedding jewellery to Nayantara. Jaichand orders Jaimal to start the wedding preparations. Jaichand tells Jaimal that he wants his mother to be in
his wedding and do the rituals. Roopsundari misses Vijaypal in the wedding. Jaimal comes to know that Kamalavati is pregnant and plots to abort her pregnancy.
On Jaimal's instructions, the doctor prepares a medicine to abort Kamalavati's pregnancy, while his wife Durga tries to stop him from doing that. Durga reveals
Roopsundari about the plan to abort Kamalavati's pregnancy and alerts her. Kamalavati drinks the milk and comes to know that her womb is poisoned and gets
unconscious. Someshwar worries about Kamalavati because the doctor is not able to figure out her condition.
Someshwar offers prayer for Kamalavati. Roopsundari and Jaichand worry about Kamalavati and orders Jaimal to find out the person behind that. Jaimal catches the
doctor and finds out the reason behind their failure in aborting Kamalavati's pregnancy. The doctor explains Jaimal that the baby in Kamalavati's womb is blessed one
and warns him not to kill the baby. In order to prove his innocence the doctor drinks the poison and dies. Someshwar feels happy as Kamalavati is out of danger and
both dreams about their child. Kamalavati delivers a baby boy.
Roopsundari is happy to become a grandmother. Jaichand informs Jaimal that he got a younger brother in Ajmer. Jaimal tries to manipulate Jaichand by telling him
that the new born child is his enemy. Jaichand does not agree with him. Chauhan family celebrates the naming ceremony of a newly born child. Someshwar and
Kamalavati take the new born baby to the temple to seek blessings. Priest tells Chauhan family that the child will have a great future and also tells that he will die in a
battlefield. Chauhan family names the child "Prithviraj". Someshwar's father tells him not to worry about Prithviraj's future.
Kamalavati plays with Prithviraj and sings a song to make him sleep. Jaimal plans to get Chauhan's kingdom and discusses about the same matter with Mahipat.
Jaimal appoints Chapala to kill Prithviraj. A lady servant suggests Kamalavati to take Prithviraj to Jagatmata to take her blessings. Chapala collects snake's poison to
kill Prithviraj. Jagatmata reaches the palace and gives blessings to Kamalavati. The servant of the palace tells her that she is a fake Jagatmata. Soldiers of the
palace try to catch her. Jagatmata jumps from palace and dies.
Jaimal plans to kill Prithviraj. Jaimal tells Mahipat to kill Prithviraj as soon as possible. Someshwar warns Vachan to find out the lady who tried to kill Prithviraj.
Vachan Singh sees a lady running out from the fort. The lady suddenly faints and falls down. Vachan takes that girl to his home. Mahipat kills that lady. He kidnaps
Vachan's wife and child and detains Vachan. Mahipat and Vachan start fighting. Mahipat tells Vachan to kill Prithviraj. Kamalavati explains Prithviraj about
""Dussehra"" festival. Vachan forcefully agrees to kill Prithviraj. Manipath and Vachan come to the palace from a secret road. Someshwar and Kamalavati start with
""Dussehra"" puja.
Someshwar and Kamalavati do the ""Dusserah puja"" with Prithviraj. Someshwar appreciates Vachan for being a trustworthy bodyguard. A lady servant gives a chain
as sacrament for the safety of Prithviraj. Chauhan family reaches ""Ram leela"" function. Meanwhile Ravan disappears from the drama set. Someshwar suggests
Vanchan to play Ravan's role. ""Ram leela"" drama begins with Vachan as Ravan. Vachan gets ready to kill Prithviraj
Vachan's arrow hits the person who is playing Ram's role by mistake. Someshwar tells his soldiers to arrest Vachan. Mahipat orders his servants to kill Vachan's
family. Kamalavati fears about Prithviraj's life. Someshwar tries to calm down Kamalavati. Vachan hits Mahipat. Jaimal kills Vachan and continues with his venomous
act against the Chauhan family. Prithviraj starts to walk. Chauhan family celebrates the moment. Rajmata calls Jaimal to Ajmer with Someshwar. Prithviraj starts
irritating his maid.
Jaimal goes to meet Someshwar Chauhan. He enquires about Prithviraj Chauhan. Chander and his father discuss about Prithviraj Chauhan's birthday gift. Jaichand
goes to meet Someshwar Chauhan. Prithviraj Chauhan plays with Jaimal. Chander prepares a sword for Prithviraj Chauhan to gift him on his birthday. Jaimal and
Mahipat discuss about Prithviraj Chauhan and Kannauj. Jaimal plans to kill Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithviraj Chauhan celebrates his birthday. Chander and his mother
discuss about his gift. Prithviraj scolds Chander for not wishing him on his birthday. Chander feels very bad for Prithavi's behaviour. Chander's mother consoles him.
Someshwar tells Prithviraj about Chander's gift. Prithviraj apologizes to Chander for his rude behaviour and celebrates his birthday.
Kamalavati Devi enquires Prithviraj about Chander. Chander and Prithviraj discuss about their mother's nature. Someshwar Chauhan's minister informs Someshwar
about the enemies attack and Someshwar informs Jaichand about the same. Jaichand seeks Someshwar's permission to go for the battle. Though he denies
permission initially, agrees later. Jaichand and Jaimal discuss about the enemy's attack on Ajmer. Mahipat and Jaimal plot a plan to kill Someshwar. Kamalavati Devi
and Jaichand argue over his decision to fight the battle with the enemies but later on she allows him to do so. Someshwar and Jaichand go for the battle.
Someshwar along with his minister plots a plan to kill Yavani. Someshwar recalls Kamalavati's words for Jaichand. Kamalavati prays for Someshwar. Jaimal plans to
kill Someshwar and sends Maan Singh to Yavani to inform about Someshwar's plans. Maan Singh informs Yavani about Someshwar's plan. Jaichand, Jaimal and
Someshwar fight with Yavani. Someshwar gets shocked to see Yavani's army. He fights with Yavani. Jaichand gets hurt very badly in the war. Someshwar wins the
Vachan's arrow hits the person who is playing Ram's role by mistake. Someshwar tells his soldiers to arrest Vachan. Mahipat orders his servants to kill Vachan's
family. Kamalavati fears about Prithviraj's life. Someshwar tries to calm down Kamalavati. Vac
Jaichand and Someshwar argue over his and Vijaypal's relationship. Jaichand breaks his relationship with Someshwar's family. Jaichand goes to convince his mother
but he fails to do so. Jaichand and his mother argue over Someshwar. Someshwar and Kamalavati argue over Jaichand. Jaimal and Mahipat discuss about
Anangpal. Anangpal and Rajeshwari Devi go to attend Nayantara's baby shower ceremony. Anangpal and Jaichand discuss about Someshwar. Prithviraj and
Chander write a letter to Jaichand.
Rani mata is pregnant and hence a baby shower function is organized. Anangpal visits Ajmer and meets Someshwar about Jaichand. Mahipat arranges an insane
horse in order to send it to Ajmer. Jaichand unintentionally hurts his pregnant wife but by the grace of God, she delivers a baby girl. Jaimal is unhappy as he is afraid
of Kannauj's security, in the forthcoming years, when enemies might attack on Kannuaj without a male leader. Prithviraj selects the insane horse from the stable and
rides him but the horse breaks the fencing of the stable and takes him to the forest where an unknown man saves his life. Someshwar is informed that the trader, who
sold those horses, belongs to Kannauj.
Someshwar wants to know the name of the man who saved Prithviraj. It is revealed that Vachan Singh is still alive and saved Prithviraj when he rid the insane horse.
Jaichand is angry on his mother for inviting Someshwar's family to celebrate the function of his daughter's birth. The conflictions occur between Someshwar and
Jaichand due to misunderstanding. Jaichand's family and Someshwar's family rejoice the celebration. During the function Prithviraj is missing and is found in a room
with the new born princess. Everyone is impressed to see Prithviraj talking to the baby princess. Prithviraj is pure at heart and free from sin.
Maan Singh runs away from Jaimal's reach. He orders Mahipat to catch Maan Singh so that he does not disclose any information about his conspiracy. Meanwhile,
Anangpal tries to bring Someshwar and Jaichand closer. Maan Singh is killed by Mahipat before he discloses Jaimal's name behind the problems. Both the kings are
reunited. During the naming ceremony, the princess is named as Sanyogita. Prithviraj recollects his memory and recognizes Mahipat, who had given some money to
two soldiers in order to conceal their identity. He wants to play with the disguised items which were used by the two soldiers, so he demands for them.
Jaimal shouts at Mahipat and asks him to leave Kannauj as he is afraid of disclosing his name. Someshwar suspects Mahipat and orders his soldiers to bring him to
the palace. Jaimal tries to convince Jaichand to avoid Mahipat's punishment. Mahipat has committed treason against the country. Mahipat is brought to the palace, on
Prithviraj's statement and he is put in prison. Prithviraj has seen him giving money to the soldier. Mahipat consumes poison at the prison which was given by Jaimal.
Prithviraj is sad and he writes a letter to his friend Chander.
Someshwar reaches Ajmer with his family after attending a function. He decides to send Prithviraj far away to a residential school, where he wants an expert teacher
to provide him the best education on the art of using weaponry, fine art, and physical forms of exercising and defense. He calls Prithviraj and makes him aware of his
ancestors' contributions in ruling the country. Prithviraj is highly motivated and is ready to go away from his parents so that he can become a strong warrior and a
great ruler. Maharani Kamalavati permits him to go with a heavy heart.
Prithviraj tells Dushyant that he will go to the residential school alone because it is the start of a new journey. Chander and Prithviraj gain competency at the
residential school. Ram Purohit gives Prithviraj ""Ramayana"" and ""Mahabharata"" and tells as to what they preach. Prithviraj and Sanjam become friends. Ram
Purohit tells the students to identify their forte. Prithviraj asks Ram Purohit as to why he did not praise him for his talent in archery. Ram Purohit tells him on this that
he has to be well versed in all the departments as he has to become the King of Ajmer. Prithviraj takes a decision that he will become the foremost warrior in the
Prithviraj sorts out the conflict between Chander and Arjun. Sanjam tells that his family was killed by the Gujarat's King Bhimdev. Prithviraj promises Sanjam that he
will support him to punish Bhimdev for his deeds. Kanha tries to bring down a bird's nest that has eggs but Prithviraj prevents him. Prithviraj wins against Kanha in a
sword fight. When Prithviraj is about to kill Kanha, Ram Purohit stops him. Ram Purohit tells Prithviraj that he should have control on his anger to win against his
enemies. After a wrestling match, Prithviraj praises Kanha's game and wins him as his friend. Ram Purohit praises him.
Vachan's arrow hits the person who is playing Ram's role by mistake. Someshwar tells his soldiers to arrest Vachan. Mahipat orders his servants to kill Vachan's
family. Kamalavati fears about Prithviraj's life. Someshwar tries to calm down Kamalavati. Vac
Prithviraj by his hard work succeeds in archery and decides to help his father in the battle. Prithviraj realizes that he further needs to learn sword fight and he starts
learning it. Prithviraj proves himself humble and kind in front of the students and the cook. Prithviraj's strong commitment and interest wins the heart of "Guruji", who
lets him learn the art of blindfold archery and he reveals Prithviraj about the place where he could master that art. Prithviraj declares that he would make it possible, to
learn the art and leaves for the place along with his friends.
Ram Purohit sends Prithviraj to gain the "Shabd Vedi Baan Vidya" so that he comes to know about the truth of battle field. At night, Prithviraj and his friends find the
tombs of the great warriors. Prithviraj gives all the food that they have to a man and his family because they are hungry from days together. Prithviraj and his friends
climb a dangerous rocky hill. They don't have enough food that can fill their stomach with. An anonymous person keeps a track of them. Prithviraj observes that the
place where they first stayed is on fire. In the morning, Prithviraj plans to reach their destination. Krishna comes across a snake in the jungle. Prithviraj rescues him.
Prithviraj leads his friends in the forest and explains them about their route map. Arjun makes fun of Krishna when he gets scared of bandit group. Prithviraj fights with
the bandit and rescues his friends. Prithviraj and his friends spot the bandit group as they come to attack.
The bandit group warns Prithviraj and tells him to go back and Krishna gets scared of them and insists Prithviraj to leave the place. Prithviraj declares that he would
go further and fights with the bandit. Kamalavati gets emotional as she sees a bad dream about Prithviraj. Prithviraj is shot by the bandit while he tries to rescue
Krishna. Prithviraj along with his friends get emotional over Krishna's death.
The chief of the bandit group orders his followers to catch Prithviraj and bring him alive. Prithviraj is confused whether to save his friends' life or his ambition. Prithviraj
decides to send his friends back to ""Gurukul"" and finds them missing. Kamalavati comes to ""Gurukul"" and finds that Prithviraj is not there. Prithviraj plans and
rescues his friends from the bandit group and runs away and they follow them. Prithviraj goes into the bandit's territory and asks them to teach him the art of blindfold
The Chief of the bandit decides to teach blindfold archery to Prithviraj after he analyses his commitment towards it. Someshwar encourages his troop to fight against
Bhimdev's troop. Prithviraj starts learning the art of blindfold archery from the bandit ""Guru"" while his friends come back to the ""Gurukul"" and tells ""Guruji"" about
Prithviraj. Prithviraj wins the challenge over Kaal in blindfold archery fight.
Prithviraj's friends are happy to see him back. Prithviraj tells Ram Purohit that he wants to assist his father in war. Ram Purohit tells Prithviraj that if he wins against
him in the fight, he is ready for the war. Prithviraj wins against Ram Purohit in the fight. Someshwar is victorious in the war against Bhimdev. He forgives when
Bhimdev pleads for his life. Kamalavati is happy to see Someshwar. She comes to know that Prithviraj will return home and is very happy. Someshwar goes to pick
Prithviraj from the residential school. Prithviraj is sad as he leaves the residential school.
The people of Ajmer city welcome Prithviraj and Someshwar with great pomp and show. Pratha and Kamalavati are happy to see Prithviraj back at the palace.
Prithviraj wants his classmate Sanjam to stay with him in the palace as Bhimdev killed his parents and Someshwar agrees to this. Prithviraj tells Someshwar that he
wants to help him in his work. Bhimdev feels that Someshwar insulted him by sparing his life. He vows to ruin the Chauhan dynasty. Kamalavati recollects Prithviraj's
childhood memories. Bhimdev tells his minister to go to Ajmer palace with his message of peace and friendship.
Bhimdev's messenger reads a message that Bhimdev wants Someshwar's friendship. Someshwar accepts his proposal and invites Bhimdev to Ajmer. Pratha ties
""raakhi"" on Prithviraj and Sanjam on the eve of ""Rakshabandhan"". Bhimdev comes to the kingdom of Ajmer. He tells Someshwar that if he accepts his friendship
then he can repay his debt of sparing his life.Someshwar accepts his proposal of friendship but Prithviraj is angry with Someshwar's decision. Someshwar explains to
Prithviraj that he accepted Bhimdev's friendship due to some political reasons. Prithviraj restricts Sanjam to kill Bhimdev.
Mohini overhears Bhimdev praising Someshwar and informs about this to Someshwar. Bhimdev loses the chess game against Prithviraj. Prithviraj wins the sword
fight between him and Bhimdev. When Bhimdev tells Prithviraj that he never forgets his own defeat, Prithviraj decides to find out the reason behind Bhimdev's stay at
Ajmer. Prithviraj plans to get inside Bhimdev's room. Mohini overhears Bhimdev and his minister's conversation and comes to know that Bhimdev wants to kill
Someshwar. Bhimdev catches Mohini when she goes to inform about this to Someshwar.
Sanjam attempts to end Prithviraj's life. Prithviraj feels upset over Sanjam's mistrust and later forgives him. Mohini threatens Bhimdev to release her before the next
morning. Bhimdev insists Mohini to dance throughout the night else will not release her. Bhimdev kills Mohini. Prithviraj tells Someshwar about Bhimdev killing
Mohini, which he denies. Bhimdev tells Someshwar that today is his birthday.
Prithviraj insists on manually scanning the wooden crates suspecting Mohini's body to be inside. Bhimdev blames Prithviraj for insulting him. Sanjam scans the crates
and finds clothes and fruits inside them. Prithviraj, in front of Someshwar accuses Bhimdev of killing Mohini. Bhimdev reveals to his minister about exchanging the
crate containing Mohini's body. Prithviraj, Sanjam and Chander set out to search for Mohini's body at night.
Prithviraj comes to know about the enemy's attack on Ajmer and fights with them along with his friends. Someshwar realizes Prithviraj's innocence as he brings
Mohini's dead body in front of him. Bhimdev decides to go to Gujrat and informs about the same to Someshwar. Bhimdev declares his guilt in Mohini's death and tells
Prithviraj that very soon he would attack Ajmer.
Prithviraj suspects Bhimdev's intentions. Arjun and Pundir come to meet Prithviraj. Prithviraj reveals about Bhimdev's leaving behind spy at Ajmer to Arjun and Pundir.
Prithviraj notices a maid servant and confuses her for Bhimdev's spy. Bhimdev's spy plots to misdirect the minister's message to Bhimdev instead of Someshwar.
Prithviraj is informed about the messenger being hurt on his way carrying the message to Someshwar. Prithviraj suspects the sculptor to be impersonating as a
Prithviraj finds that the architect is Bhimdev's spy and decides to catch him red handed. Prithviraj with the help of his friends trickily catches the architect red handed
and arrests him. Prithviraj along with his friends in disguise celebrate ""Janmashtami"" with the people. Prithviraj comes to know that the missing cachet is in the
king's statue which is on the way to Gujarat. Prithviraj decides to go to Gujarat to bring back the king's seal.
Prithviraj decides to go to Gujarat to bring back the cachet in order to save Ajmer and his friends support him. Prithviraj lies to his mother Kamalavati and leaves to
Gujarat. Prithviraj with his friends enters in disguise into Bhimdev's territory and starts searching for the statue. Prithviraj comes to know that the statue is kept in the
jail and plots with his friends and gets arrested.
As per the plan Arjun traps the soldiers and puts them in the jail. Prithviraj with his remaining friends are also in the prison. Prithviraj meets Sikander in the jail.
Prithviraj spots Ajmer's soldiers who were arrested before, while he tries to escape from the jail.
Prithviraj decides to rescue the ""Ajmer"" prisoners of war from the jail. Prithviraj along with his friends escape from the jail with the help of Sikander. Prithviraj saves
Arjun from the enemy. Prithviraj and Sikander fight with the soldiers and rescue the prisoners. Prithviraj decides to attack on Bhimdev.
Bhimdev comes to know about the prisoners escape and tries to find out about the same with his minister. Prithviraj gives the responsibility of the prisoners to
Sikander and he goes to attack on Bhimdev to acquire his kingdom back. Prithviraj with his friends kills the soldiers and enter Bhimdev's territory in disguise. Prithviraj
traps Bhimdev and gets the Royal seal that he was in search of. Bhimdev finds out about the missing Royal seal and decides to take revenge on Prithviraj.
Someshwar Chauhan feels proud about Prithviraj's success in bringing the Royal seal from Bhimdev. Karpuri Devi becomes emotional by seeing Prithviraj. Prithviraj
finds out that there is poverty in his kingdom. The village chief tells Prithviraj that there is more happiness in coming up on our own. Prithviraj decides to leave his
father's identity and wants to help people with his own identity. Woman astrologer reveals to Prithviraj that he will find treasure and shows him a way how. Prithviraj
decides to go for the treasure as he wants to help the people.
Karpuri Devi praises Prithviraj's courage, as she comes to know that he went for a treasure hunt. Prithviraj falls into a ravine and is found by Ramanuj. Ramanuj
brings Prithviraj home and gives a treatment to him. Prithviraj's friends find his bracelet while searching for him. Prithviraj stops the soldiers when they beat Ramanuj.
Prithviraj's friends enter while he fights with the soldiers and kill Malik's brothers. Ramanuj fears Malik and tries to send Prithviraj back with his friends. Village's chief
tells Prithviraj to leave the village to save the villagers from Malik. Parvati comes forward and supports Prithviraj and encourages him by sending her son to fight with
Malik. Prithviraj encourages villagers and trains them to fight against Malik while Chief of the village warns them not to support Prithviraj.
The villagers offer prayers for Prithviraj and his friends and support them as they decide to fight against ""Malik"". Chief of the village doesn't support Prithviraj to fight
against ""Malik"" and tries to stop him while he trains others. ""Malik"" with his troop attacks the village while Prithviraj plans with his friends about the same. Prithviraj
fights with ""Malik"" but his friends and villagers get caught by ""Malik"".
Prithviraj forgives Manik who tries to scare the villagers. He succeeds in draining the fear from their mind. A girl gives a stone to Prithviraj which will show him the
way to find the treasure. Chander reads the inscriptions on the stone. Strong wind blows in the forest because of which Prithviraj and his friends are stuck inside a
cave which is blocked by a big rock. Samar Singh rescues them to come out of the cave and hides his identity from them who is also in search of the treasure. Pundir
doubts on Samar Singh and his intentions. Samar Singh plots against Prithviraj to steal the stone from him.
Mitwa (Samar Singh) brings ayurvedic medicine for Chander. He tells Prithviraj and his friends that he knows a shorter route to reach the river but Pundir doubts on
Mitwa (Samar Singh)'s intentions. Mitwa (Samar Singh) succeeds in stealing the stone from Prithviraj. He tries to leave the place with the stone but all in vain
because of Prithviraj. Prithviraj comes to know that they are being chased by few army men; he alone fights with them and wins. Prithviraj takes Mitwa (Samar Singh)
along with him against the opinions of Sanjam, Arjun, Chander and Pundir. Prithviraj says sorry to his friends for scolding them. He enquires Mitwa (Samar Singh)
about his identity and intentions for joining them but Mitwa (Samar Singh) tries to escape from them by jumping into the river.
Prithviraj and his friends travel along the river and reach the bank of the river. They search for human existence in the forest but they didn't find any sign of human life
and decide to stay a night in the forest. Prithviraj, Samar Singh and his friends rest inside a cave. Meanwhile Samar Singh makes an excuse that he has to attend the
nature's call and escapes from there, Prithviraj chases him. A lion attacks Samar Singh and Prithviraj saves his life. Samar Singh reveals his true identity to Prithviraj
and both of them challenges to hunt the treasure individually without any tricks and cunningness.
Samar Singh tries to take a map which has the route to obtain treasure but an unknown tribal girl comes, grabs the map, and disappears. Prithviraj and his friends
search the forest to find the tribal girl. Samar Singh is captured by the tribal's and on the other side; the tribal girl follows Prithviraj and his friends. Prithviraj and his
friends surround her but she escapes and they follow her and reach the tribal place. The girl makes a tribal noise and calls her people. The tribals capture and
imprison Arjun, Pundir and Sanjam where they find even Samar Singh being imprisoned. Prithviraj and Chander are trapped when they search their friends.
Meanwhile a fight of death occurs between Sanjam and Arjun.
In the fight of death between Sanjam and Arjun, Arjun provokes Sanjam to kill him else the tribals will kill all of them but Sanjam doesn't kill him. The chief of the
tribals thanks Prithviraj and releases his friends and Samar Singh when he comes to know from his daughter that Prithviraj killed the lion. Prithviraj promises the chief
that they won't take the stone from them as the tribals believe it to be their God. Chander notes down the script from the stone without stealing it. Prithviraj and his
friends escape from the tribals who want to kill them for stealing their stone which actually Samar Singh stole. According to the script, they move towards Devgarh.
Prithviraj and his friends come to Devgarh. A stranger informs them that whoever wins the fight of death will get the golden mask. Samar Singh registers his name for
the fight as he comes to know from a map that there is a link between the fight and the treasure. Prithviraj protests the army chief of Devgarh and saves Kalyani, a girl
who loves the prince of Devgarh from being immured between the walls. Meanwhile Samar Singh shows off his fighting skills. He gets the information about Prithviraj
and his friends' presence at Devgarh and informs this to the King of Devgarh as a result of which they capture Prithviraj, his friends and Kalyani.
Samar instigates the King against Prithviraj and he sends the security to arrest him. Samar tells the king to organize a fight between Prithviraj and Ugrasen. Pundir
and Arjun suggest Prithviraj to run away from the King's jail but he refuses to do that. Samar tells Prithviraj to forget about the treasure and he would tell the King to
forgive him. Prithviraj asks the King to write his name in the list for fight of death but he lies and tells his name Prithvi instead of Prithviraj. The King feels insecure
about the fight and he decides to mix some medicine in Prithviraj's food.
The guard mixes a medicine in Prithviraj's food to defeat him in the fight. Kalyani in concerned about Prithviraj as he is fights for her position in the palace. Prithviraj
and Ugrasen come to fight with each other. Prithviraj almost wins the fight but he faints down because of the medicine. Arjun, Pundir and others encourage Prithviraj
to fight. Ugrasen tries to kill Prithviraj when he is unconscious but suddenly he gets aware and defeats him. All the people feel happy about his victory.
After Prithviraj's first victory Samar tries to threaten him for the next fight. In the second fight Samar defeats Ripudaman. The Chief of Chittorgarh palace announces
the fight between Prithviraj and Samar. Prithviraj informs the King to accept Kalyani as his daughter in law and he gets angry about that. The King orders his
commander to kill Prithviraj before the last fight. Someone makes the King aware about the conspiracy against him. Commander and the King think that Prithviraj is
dead. In the last fight Prithviraj defeats Samar but he stealthily stabs him with the knife.
In the last fight Prithviraj defeats Samar but he stealthily stabs him with the knife. The King orders his soldiers to kill Prithviraj but his son rescues him and decides to
marry Kalyani. The King of Chittorgarh accepts Kalyani as his daughter in law. Avantika misunderstands Samar as Prithviraj and she gives the key of the treasure to
him. Avantika's grandfather asks her about the keys and she informs him that she gave the key to Samar. Prithviraj, Arjun and Pundir go to search Samar. Hariya
informs Prithviraj about Samar. While eating dinner someone hits on Prithviraj's head and he faints.
Hariya kidnaps Prithviraj's friend and asks him to bring the treasure if he wants him back. Samar and Prithviraj go and search for the treasure. One villager threatens
Samar not to go in the jungle for the treasure. Hariya and his brother discuss about the treasure. Prithviraj goes to the jungle and the villager warns him about the
danger in the jungle. Chand and Arjun ask Hariya about Prithviraj.
Prithviraj decides to leave his fear and pass through the jungle. He plays a mind game and traps the jungle's care taker. The care taker instructs Prithviraj about the
way to the door to achieve his goal. Samar is worried about the written puzzle that if the door is closed from inside then nobody can open it from outside. Prithviraj
finds Samar on the way and tries to stop him from heading towards the door. Samar succeeds to escape from Prithviraj. Prithviraj's friends are trapped and hope for
Prithviraj to rescue them. Prithviraj locks the door from which Samar goes towards the goal. Prithviraj finds another path and jumps along with Avantika into the well.
Samar comes to know that Prithviraj and Avantika also are heading towards the door. Samar grabs Prithviraj and Avantika starts sinking in the well. Prithviraj
misguides Samar about the direction towards the goal and rescues Avantika. Prithviraj shows Avantika the door key which he had covertly taken from Samar's
clothes. Samar starts following Prithviraj as he knows the correct direction. Prithviraj remembers the jungle care taker's words and finds the rock which was his
mission. Samar snatches the rock from Prithviraj in return of Avantika's life. The ruffians beat Prithviraj's friends as they try escaping from them. Prithviraj catches
Samar and snatches the rock from him to save his friend's life.
Samar comes to know that Prithviraj and Avantika also are heading towards the door. Samar grabs Prithviraj and Avantika starts sinking in the well. Prithviraj
misguides Samar about the direction towards the goal and rescues Avantika. Prithviraj shows Avantika the door key which he had covertly taken from Samar's
clothes. Samar starts following Prithviraj as he knows the correct direction. Prithviraj remembers the jungle care taker's words and finds the rock which was his
mission. Samar snatches the rock from Prithviraj in return of Avantika's life. The ruffians beat Prithviraj's friends as they try escaping from them. Prithviraj catches
Samar and snatches the rock from him to save his friend's life.
Prithviraj cries as his friends decide not to accompany him in the treasure hunt. Hariya and Samar get together against Prithviraj for the treasure. Prithviraj feels
lonely and remembers his friends. A villager motivates Prithviraj to seek treasure in the jungle. Samar along with Hariya threatens the villager and asks them about
Prithviraj. During the night time Prithviraj asks a villager to give him a shelter for one night. The villager takes money from Prithviraj for that and he throws away the
clues to the treasure.
Prithviraj learns his bundle is missing. Ghanak finds the bundle. Prithviraj remembers the time he spent with his friends. Prithviraj looks for Besanlal. Birju asks
Prithviraj to talk with him and meets the dacoits. The dacoits decide to gamble. Besanlal grabs the bundle from the dacoits. The villagers beat the dacoits. Prithviraj
recovers his bundle and asks Birju to change his ways. Prithviraj's friends learn about the trap set for Prithviraj in Medhata Gaon.
Samar, Hariya and other members make a fake village to trap Prithviraj. Hariya impersonates as Raunak and asks Prithviraj for the stone. Prithviraj sees Hariya's
brother and he comes to know about their conspiracy. Prithviraj tries to escape from the fake village but someone hits on his head and he faints. Prithviraj gets a
shock to see Samar with Hariya. Prithviraj throws the fake stone to the villagers and they start fighting among themselves for that. Arjun, Pundir, Sanjam and Chander
come to meet Pritviraj but they do not find him. A villager informs Prithviraj that Raunak is dead.
Samar Singh along with Hariya Singh and his brothers attack Prithviraj. Prithviraj is able to escape from them and hides in Raunak's house. Prithviraj is shocked to
know that Raunak is alive where as villagers assume him to be dead. Prithviraj seeks Raunak's help in reading the mystery message on the rock but he tells Prithviraj
to leave him alone. Prithviraj awaits Raunak outside his house. He tells Raunak that from the mystery message, he will be able to get some treasure which he wants
to give to the people of Ajmer for their well being. A snake bites Chand and he faints. The physician treats Chand. Prithviraj is shocked to see that Raunak has lost
one of his legs.
Raunak tells Prithviraj his sad story that one day Vikram kidnapped his daughter. When Raunak fights to stop Vikram, he cuts Raunak's leg. Prithviraj promises him
that he will bring his daughter back. Samar Singh along with Hariya Singh and his brothers attack on Raunak's house. Prithviraj helps Raunak to get rid of them.
Hariya gets an arrow shot in his chest and decides to kill Prithviraj and Raunak. Prithviraj takes Raunak's blessings and goes to find his daughter. Prithviraj visits
Vikram's village and a villager suggests him not to go outside because Vikram does not like anyone outside the house after 6p.m. Vikram orders Tara, his soldier, to
catch Prithvi as he breaks the rule.
Prithviraj fights with Vikram's soldiers and goes to Vikram's mansion. He is able to find Chitrangada in the mansion and tells her about Raunak's worries. Chitrangada
lies to Prithviraj that she is happy with her husband. Hariya captivates Raunak. Arjun and his friends rescue Raunak and inform him that they are Prithviraj's friend.
Prithviraj kills a soldier and wears his dress to impersonate as Vikram's soldier. Vikram orders Tara to find Prithviraj in the whole village and kill him. A villager
informs Prithviraj about Vikram's torture on Chitrangada and her daughter. Prithviraj decides to give freedom to Chitrangada and her daughter.
Samar along with Hariya and his brothers visit Vikram's mansion in search of Prithviraj. Prithviraj impersonates as a villager to meet Chitrangada in a temple.
Prithviraj plans to rescue Chitrangada and her daughter from Vikram. Prithviraj impersonates as an old man and tells Vikram that he is his uncle. Vikram imprisons
Prithviraj covertly comes towards the cell. The soldiers start searching Prithviraj in the mansion. Arjun and his friends decide to go to Vikram's village to help
Prithviraj. Prithviraj with the help of a villager takes Vaishali (Chitrangada's daughter) and comes to the cell to meet Chitrangada. Ragini (Vikram's sister) catches
Vaishali and takes her to a room. Prithviraj comes to the same room and consoles Vaishali.
Prithviraj covertly listens to Vikram and Samar's conspiracy against him. Vikram tightens the mansion's security. Prithviraj impersonating as an old man dances in the
wedding function at Vikram's mansion. Prithviraj trickily takes Vaishali with him towards the cell where Chitrangada is imprisoned. Prithviraj fights with Tara and
rescues Chitrangada from the cell. Raunak and Arjun with his friends reach Vikram's village. Tara informs Vikram about Prithviraj's identity and also tells him that he
took Vaishali and Chitrangada along with him and ran away. Vikram and Samar find them out.
Samar Singh forces Prithviraj to give the stone to him. Bikram Singh whips Prithviraj. Prithviraj's friends save him. Vaishali's uncle recognizes Vaishali and whips
Bikram Singh. Prithviraj collapses. Haria scolds his henchmen for lying about killing Raunak Singh. Prithviraj hugs his friends and makes his plan. Haria loots a
village and fights a masked swordsman. Prithviraj discovers the village and asks his friends to help the villagers. The masked swordsman defeats Prithviraj.
While fighting with Prithviraj, Jwala comes to know from her father that Prithviraj has come to help them from the bandit. Prithviraj tells the village chief about their trip
in search of treasure and says that he misses his family. The village chief warns Prithviraj and tells that he has to cross the desert which is danger to travel through.
Jwala worries about Prithviraj's trip and in order to stop them, she mixes medicine in their food and makes them unconscious. Prithviraj with his friends escapes from
them and goes towards the desert. Jwala comes with the camels to help them.
Prithviraj and his friends separated from each other due to storm in the desert. Samar along with Hariya and his brother searches for the water as they get struck in
the desert. Prithviraj is able to find his friends except Sanjam. Prithviraj searches for Sanjam and at last he finds him in a bad condition. One by one Prithvirajs
friends start losing hope for their life due to thirst. Prithviraj finds a well and goes there.
Prithviraj's friends lose their hope when they don't see any water in the well. Prithviraj gets inside the well and finds some water. All of them drink the water. Samar
and his troops reach there and fight with them. Prithviraj asks the stone from Samar in return of water. Prithviraj takes the stone and gives Samar the water pot.
Prithviraj and his friends reach Hamirgarh. Prithviraj asks a villager about the "Jwala" temple but he tells him that there is no such temple. Jwala becomes emotional
as Prithviraj tells her to leave them as her journey ends there. Samar and his troops also start walking towards the treasure. Nayantara, the village chief, invites
Prithviraj and his friends to her house. Jwala tries to impress Prithviraj with her beauty. Pundir snatches Jwala's box and finds it empty. Jwala is sad and Prithviraj
comes to know that Jwala lied to him that her aunt lived in Hamirgarh. Prithviraj decides to find the "Jwala" temple. Jwala is concerned about Prithviraj's life as an
astrologer predicts her about his death.
The villagers try killing Prithviraj as he tries searching the ""Jwala"" temple. Meanwhile Jwala comes and they covertly go away. Jwala requests Prithviraj not to
search for the temple and go away. Jwala prays to God for Prithviraj's life and tells him that she is worried for his life. Some villagers attack Prithviraj. Prithviraj is able
to escape from them and hides in a well with Jwala. Prithviraj finds a clue of the presence of ""Jwala"" temple inside the well. Jwala jumps into the tunnel in return of
Prithviraj's life.
Prithviraj comes out of the well and reveals the truth of ""Jwala-Mandir"". His friends enquire him about ""Jwala-Mandir"" and about the precious stone. They also
enquire about Jwala. Hariya's men inform Samar about Prithviraj and the precious stone. Samar and Hariya argue over stealing Prithviraj's precious stone. Prithviraj
recalls his old memories with Jwala. Hooligans go to steal Prithvi's precious stone. Prithviraj and his friends fight with the hooligans.
Prithviraj and his friends come to Nagaur to find Mohini who has the fourth piece of stone that can lead them to the treasure. A family mistakes Prithviraj as their son-
in-law and takes him to marry off their daughter to him. Prithviraj is shocked to see that his face is similar to their son-in-laws' face. At night, during the wedding,
Prithviraj somehow escapes from the place with the help of his friends. A girl introduces herself as Mohini and gives Prithviraj the fourth piece of the stone.
Prithviraj and his friends fight with Rathore's men and win. Mohini helps Prithiviraj and his friends in crossing the forest through the shortest possible route. When
Hariya Singh's men try to kill Samar, Prithviraj and his friends save him. Samar feels guilty and says sorry to Prithviraj. While Prithviraj and his friends fight with
Rathore's men, Samar comes and save them. Arjun, Chander and Prithviraj find the original Mohini in the form of an idol. Mohini is scared when Prithviraj asks her
about the fourth stone that she had given him.
Mohini reveals to Prithviraj that her real name is Kamayani and she was told by a masked man to steal the three stones from him. Prithviraj finds the fourth stone
when he throws the three stones inside the lake and behead Mohini's idol. Samar is surprised to know that Prithviraj trusts him very much. Few strangers attack
Prithviraj and his friends and try hard not to let them cross the lake but they fail. Kamayani identifies Samar as the masked man. Prithviraj gets angry on Samar, tells
him that he is a coward and moves forward leaving him alone in the forest.
Pundir and Chander blame Prithviraj for trusting Samar. Prithviraj and Sanjam fight with Chander for this. Soon Prithviraj and his friends realize their mistake and
become friends. Samar along with Hariya Singh and his men go in search of the treasure. They find the "Om" symbol. Prithviraj falls in a trench. In his dream, he
meets an old sage and answers all the questions asked by him. Prithviraj's friends wake him up. Prithviraj opens a large door where he is sure that the treasure is
behind the door.
Prithviraj and his friends find the treasure, but the dacoits along with Samar Singh spoil the party. Samar realises his mistake and befriends Prithviraj. The dacoits try
to loot the treasure, but the treasure guards stop them and they give the treasure to Prithviraj and his companions. Prtihviraj gives half of the treasure to Samar, so
that he can give it to his people.
Jwala's memories haunt Prithviraj repeatedly. Prithviraj rescues Bijli from the dacoits with the help of his friends. Prithviraj gives the treasure to the people and
spends time with them. A boy steals gold coins from the treasure and is caught red-handed. Prithviraj learns reason behind the theft was a genuine one and he
releases him. Someshwar decides to crown Prithviraj.
Prithviraj and his friends return home; they receive a warm welcome in the palace. Someshwar and Kamalavati feel proud of Prithviraj. Someshwar officially
announces Prithviraj as the Prince of Ajmer. Arjun decides to commit suicide as her mother has fixed his marriage with an unknown girl; he later drops his plan on
Prithviraj's assurance.
Prithvi encounters a spy and gets a clue about Bhimdev's plan. Prithviraj decides to leave for Koteshwar temple to unfold the plot of Bhimdev. Sanyogita also leaves
for the temple.
Prithviraj and Sanyogita reach Koteshwar temple. Prithviraj notices a stranger and follows him. His friends also suspect some men to be Bhimdev's spies and they
inform the same to Prithviraj. Prithviraj tells his friends to be watchful. Sanyogita meets Prithviraj for the first time, but they don't recognize each other, as they are in
Prithviraj prepares a list of pilgrims but sanyogita tears it as he didn't help her earlier. Prithviraj's friends decide to teach a lesson to Sanyogita. Prithviraj notices two
masked men talking about koteswhar temple and they run away on seeing him. Prithviraj chases and catches one of them and fights with him. Meanwhile, Prithviraj
gets severely injured as the other fellow hits him.
Sanyogita saves Prithviraj and she asks him not to annoy her. The mask man tells the other to kill Prithviraj. Prithviraj presumes Shera to be the principal spy and
Shera is aided by another man. Prithviraj and his friends keep an eye on the suspects. Prithviraj searches shera's camp to get clues about his plan. At the same time
Shera enters his camp; Prithviraj is shocked to see him.
Prithviraj warns Shera to be aware of him. Prithviraj rebukes Sanyogita not to interrupt his work and she realises her mistake. A masked man orders his man to kill
Prithviraj and his friends. Prithviraj and his friends are trapped by Bhimdev's men in an empty well. Prithviraj identifies Bhimdev as the principal spy and plots a plan
to escape from the enemies.
Prithviraj and his friends escape from the well, but he is severely injured by Bhimdev's men. Shera saves Prithviraj's life and Prithviraj infers that Shera is not
Bhimdev' spy. Prithviraj learns that Bhimdev has planned to steal "Shiv ling" from the temple, so that people could suspect Someshwar's governing ability. A masked
soldier kills Bhimdev's man before he could reveal Bhimdev's plot. Prithviraj chases the masked soldier and finds him to be the Sevak.
Sevak escapes from Prithviraj and his friends. Sanyogita stops the pilgrims from leaving the camp as Prithviraj and his friends do not arrive and the journey is
planned to continue once they arrive. Prithviraj finds his ring missing from his camp and suspects Sanyogita. Prithviraj and his friends plot a plan to make Sanyogita
confess. Sanyogita tells that masked man may have stolen it.
Prithviraj tries finding out the thief who had stolen his ring. A masked soldier orders his subordinate to kill Sanyogita. Prithviraj saves her from a dagger attack. She
misunderstands and slaps him. While fetching water from the pond, a stranger pulls Sanyogita in to the water and Prithviraj saves her.
Sanyogita thanks Prithviraj for saving her life. They are shocked to see Sevak's body floating. Bhimdev's men try to kill Sanyogita but Prithviraj saves her. Sanyogita
tells Prithviraj that the stranger she saw had a tattoo of Lord Shiva on his hand. Sanyogita meets Sunanda to offer ""Prasad"". She notices Chakradhar's hand with a
tattoo of Lord Shiva and runs to inform Surya.
Prithviraj traps Chakradhar with the aid of his friends and Sanyogita, but Chakradhar escapes as they fail to prove him guilt. Chakradhar narrates the incident to a
masked soldier. Sanyogita learns the plan of Prithviraj and his friends. Sanyogita feels bad and decides to leave the place. Sanyogita and her troop leave the temple
and are attacked by a mob. The mob kidnaps Sanyogita and Chamki.
Surya (Prithviraj) rescues Nandini (Sanyogita) from the ruffians. Bhimdev conspires against Prithviraj. Surya (Prithviraj) argues with Nandini (Sanyogita) that he will
follow and protect her and shows his concern towards her. Bhimdev's messenger gives the message to Pashan for taking Prithviraj's life. A villager is worried as his
daughter is about to get married but while going towards the groom's house, a barbarian catches all the brides and kills them. Meanwhile Surya (Prithviraj), Nandini
(Sanyogita) and all her friends reach the same village. The villager plans to send Nandini (Sanyogita) in bride's palanquin instead of his daughter. The villager gives
some drinks and all of them become unconscious.
Surya (Prithviraj) and Nandini (Sanyogita) lose their consciousness. The villager sends Nandini in a palanquin before his daughter's marriage. Surya (Prithviraj)
regains consciousness and finds himself locked in a room. He starts finding Nandini (Sanyogita). The barbarian catches Nandini (Sanyogita) and Surya (Prithviraj)
rescues her. The villager gets shocked when the barbarian is unmasked and he sees his own man. The barbarian admits his allegations and tells everyone that he did
it for the lust for money. Pashan traps Surya (Prithviraj) in his words to kill him.
Surya (Prithviraj) gets injuries after fighting with the barbarian. Pashan traps him in his words and tells him that he will cure his injuries by medicines. Surya (Prithviraj)
faints. Nandini (Sanyogita) is concerned about his health. Pashan instructs his assistant to coat scorpion's poison on Surya's (Prithviraj) injuries. Nandini (Sanyogita)
prays God for Surya's (Prithviraj) health as his condition gets worse. Surya's (Prithviraj) health becomes good and he comes to know about Pashan's conspiracy
against him. Surya (Prithviraj) and Pashan fight with each other where Surya (Prithviraj) kills Pashan. Nandini (Sanyogita) shows her feelings to Surya (Prithviraj).
Ruffians start beating Surya's (Prithviraj) friends.
Prithviraj finds Chander injured in the forest when he goes in search of Nandini. Chander updates Prithviraj about Jatasur. Prithviraj decides to fight Jatasur and seeks
the village chief's help in the same. Jatasur holds the villagers hostage. Sanjam and Pundir are caught by Jatasur when they try to escape from his cave. Prithviraj
enters Jatasur's cave and starts killing his soldiers to save the villagers.
Prithviraj searches for the villagers inside Jatasur's hideout. Nandini gains entry into Jatasur's hideout with the help of her aides. Jatasur's aide finds a message which
reads about destroying him. Prithviraj finds Nandini inside the hideout. Jatasur decides to confront Prithviraj. Jatasur spots Prithviraj and hurts him.
Jatasur captures Prithviraj and Nandini and put them behind the lockup. Jatasur orders his men to kill Chakradhar and Devrath to teach the village chief a lesson for
supporting Prithviraj. Prithviraj and Nandini manage to come out of the lockup. Prithviraj rescues his friends, Chakradhar and Devrath from Jatasur's captivity along
with the villagers. Prithviraj is shocked to know that Jatasur is aware of his identity.
Prithviraj wins the fight with Jatasur's men all alone. He fights with Jatasur in a dark room and defeats him. Jatasur dies without telling Prithviraj as how he came to
know his identity. Prithviraj's friends, Nandini and the villagers start their holy trip after seeing Prithviraj alive. Prithviraj doubts on either Devrath or Chakradhar or the
priest to be Bhimdev's detective. Prithviraj scolds and slaps Nandini as she tears and burnt those papers on which he got the handwriting scripts of Devrath and
Prithviraj feels bad for having slapped Nandini and on the other hand Nandini feels bad for throwing the papers in the fire. Nandini apologizes to Prithviraj but gets
annoyed when he talks ill about her. Ginayati overhears priest and Chakradhar's conversation plotting against Prithviraj and when he goes to inform this to Prithviraj,
the priest's aid Shastak attempts to kill him. Prithviraj enquires about Ginayati from the people present over there. Ginayati informs Nandini that Prithviraj's life is at
Nandini explains to Prithviraj that Ginayati is injured. Nandini and Prithviraj go in search of Ginayati and find a moving boat. They follow it and find it to be empty. As
Prithviraj drinks the intoxicated holy drink he goes unconscious. The boat hits a hillock and they get lost in the forest. Priest tells Bhimdev that Prithviraj is dead.
Bhimdev tells the priest that he won't believe him until Prithviraj's dead body is found.
The astrologer reveals Prithviraj and Nandini's whereabouts to Bhimdev. Prithviraj and Nandini are struck in the forest. Prithviraj is concerned about Nandini's health.
Nandini recovers from her injury. Bhimdev's men follow Prithviraj and Nandini's footmarks to capture him.
Bhimdev's soldiers come in search of Prithviraj. Bhimdev's men hold Nandini hostage to escape from him. Prithviraj kills Bhimdev's aides and escapes with Nandini.
The villagers make Prithviraj and Nandini enact as Ram and Sita respectively. Bhimdev's aide plans to set fire on Prithviraj and Nandini's shelter in the night.
Prithviraj and Sanyogita rest in a hut. Bhimdev recalls his defeat against Prithviraj. Bhimdev's men light the hut on fire and both Prithviraj and Sanyogita escape.
Dishatur tells Bhimdev that Sanyogita and Prithviraj are dead; Bhimdev tells him that on "Shivratri" he will attack Ajmer. Prithviraj and Sanyogita change their getup
and meet Arjun and the others and they all head towards "yatra". Chamki tells Sanyogita that Surali will inform her grandmother, and her father that Sanyogita is with
Prithviraj in "Yatra". Prithviraj comes to know that Chamki is not the princess instead Sanyogita is.
Prithviraj and Sanyogita happily roam in "Yatra". Arjun and Prithviraj care for each other. Prithviraj tells Arjun and his friends that Sastak is following him. Arjun and
the others handle Sastak. Prithiviraj and Sanyogita request the watchmen of the "Shiv" temple to allow them to go inside, but they refuse them. Arjun and Prithviraj
plot and give a note to Devbrot to meet him in the forest. Devbrot sees that it's Prithviraj who sent him a note and he reveals to him that Sastak threatened to kill his
son and hence he joined him.
Surya (Prithviraj) plans to save Koteshwar temple's ""Shivling"". Surya (Prithviraj) prepares a duplicate ""Shivalig"" and also tells to his follower that during puja they
will replace the ""shivaling"". Pundir tells Surya (Prithviraj) that they will kill Baba. Nandini (Sanyogita) does fasting for Surya (Prithviraj) for his success in his work.
Shera gives temple key to Surya (Prithviraj).
Shera protects Surya (Prithviraj) while replacing "Shivling" from the temple. Sanjam, Chand, Pundir and Arjun misunderstand Shera and hit him. Priest start with the
"Shiv puja". Surya and Nandini begin with the "puja". Surya (Prithviraj) replaces the "Shivling". Baba fails in his plan. Surya (Prithviraj) does not forgive Baba.
Sanyogita tells Chamki that she loves Surya (Prithviraj). Prithviraj comes to know that Sanyogita is a queen. Surya (Prithviraj) feels bad to hear Sanyogita has already
left for the palace.
Sanyogita goes back to the palace without informing Prithviraj. Prithviraj runs behind Sanyogita to meet her. Meanwhile Sanjam, Chand, Pundir and Arjun stop him.
Bhimdev gets angry after hearing thet Prithviraj is still alive and tells Mahipat to kill Prithviraj before reaching Ajmer. Sanyogita misses Prithviraj. Prithviraj and
Sanyogita start loving each other. Prithviraj's enemies attack after lying about Nandini's kidnap. Prithviraj and Mahipat start fighting.
Sanyogita prays to god for her to meet Prithviraj. Sanyogita comes to know Surya's identity as Prithviraj. Sanyogita and Prithviraj's affair reveals in front of her father.
Prithviraj comes back to Ajmer. Prithviraj explains to Pratha about Sanyogita. Sanyogita tells her mother that she wants to see Ajmer. Sanjam, Chand and Pundir tell
Prithviraj that Arjun is ready for the marriage. Prithviraj remembers Sanyogita and feels happy.
The Chauhan family enjoys Arjun's marriage ceremony. The Astrologer predicts about Ajmer burning shortly Prithviraj is tensed about astrologer's words. Sanyogita
cooks for Prithviraj. Sanyogita's father cancels Ajmer trip. Sanyogita becomes emotional and tells Chumki that she wants to meet Prithviraj once. King Bhimdev
decides to burn Ajmer. Prithviraj's enemies try to set Ajmer on fire. Prithviraj comes to know about this and chases them. Prithviraj's enemies reveal their identity and
also inform about King Bhimdev sending them to Ajmer.
Prithviraj tells to Sanjam, Chand, Pundir and Arjun that astrologer's words are coming true. The servant tells to King Bhimdev that his people died because of Pritviraj.
Bhimdev decides to attack Ajmer before "Holi". Prithviraj dreams about Someshwar's post funeral ritual. Sanyogita remembers Prithviraj and turns emotional.
Prithviraj tells "Gurudev" about his dream. He decides to destroy Bhimdev's kingdom and starts planning. Prithviraj starts fighting against his enemies.
Prithviraj meets Khana Chauhan, a secret agent of King Someshwar. Prithviraj asks Khana Chauhan about Bhimdev's plan to destroy Ajmer. Sanyogita remembers
Surya (Prithviraj) and turns emotional. Surya (Prithviraj) avoids meeting Sanyogita in the market. Bhimdev plans to destroy Ajmer. Sanyogita tells Chamki that she
wants to go to Ajmer to meet Prithviraj. Someshwar teaches sword fight to Prithviraj. Someshwar blesses Prithviraj.
Sanyogita tells her mother that she wanted to go to Ajmer and discusses about Prithviraj. Bhimdev continues with his plan to destroy Ajmer. Prithviraj kills his
enemies on the road. Bhimdev sends his servants to kill Someshwar and Prithviraj rushes to save his life. The enemy attacks Prithviraj, and Sanyogita prays asking
him to save Prithviraj and Someshwar. Prithviraj sees some people trying to kill Someshwar and rushes towards him.
Sanyogita is worried about Prithviraj and tells Chamki that she wants to meet him once. Meanwhile, a solider shoots an arrow at Someshwar and Prithviraj rescues
him. Bhimdev's minister informs him that king Someshwar is dead; Bhimdev tells them that he wanted to kill him. Prithviraj dreams about Sanyogita. Sanyogita
explains her plan to Chamki and decides to go to Ajmer to meet Prithviraj. Prithviraj tells his friends that he saved his father's life from Bhimdev. Bhimdev explains his
plan to his ministers. Meanwhile, Sanyogita and Chamki act according to their plan. Someshwar recalls his friend's death and feels sad about it. Prithviraj notices it
and questions him.
Prithviraj and his friends discuss about King Nagesh and his son Aryamaan. Chand informs Prithviraj and the others that the state of Satara and Gujarat are about to
merge as Bhimdev controls Satara. Sanyogita again plans to meet Prithviraj. Sanyogita and her friends celebrate ""Radhastami"". A girl seeks Prithviraj's help to
perform at the palace and he agrees and performs at the palace. Prithviraj dreams about Sanyogita. Aryamaan sees Prithviraj and questions him about his purpose
with him. Prithviraj reveals his identity and tells him that he came to get Nagesh's father's wrist armor. Aryamaan blames Someshwar for killing his father and he
organizes a fight with Prithviraj and and the winner gets the armor. Prithviraj saves Aryamaan's life and they both come to know that one of the ministers lied to them
on Bhimdev's order.
Prithviraj is caught in a jungle by his enemies and beat him up. Prithviraj starts fighting against the enemies. Sanjam, Pundir, Arjun and Chandar also support
Prithviraj. Sanyogita feels happy about going to Ajmer. Pratha starts teasing Prithviraj. Sanyogita feels happy to remember Prithviraj. She reaches Ajmer. Someshwar
asks Jaichand's grandfather about the reason behind giving the responsibility of the Delhi Kingdom to Prithviraj.
Sanyogita meets Prithviraj in the palace. Sanyogita sees her earring with Prithviraj and feels happy that he still remembers her. Jaichand, being an elder member of
the family, shouts at Anand Pal for giving Delhi Kingdom to Prithviraj. Jaichand breaks his relationship with the Chauhans. Jaichand decides to fight against
Chauhans. Sanyogita goes away from Prithviraj's life
Prithviraj dreams of Sanyogita. Bhimdev plots a plan to destroy Someshwar and Ajmer. Sanyogita recalls the words of Jaichand regarding Ajmer. Nayantara consoles
Sanyogita. Prithviraj recalls the words of Anangpal and Someshwar. Prithviraj apologizes to Someshwar for his rude behaviour. Someshwar and Prithviraj discuss
about Ajmer's future. Sanyogita's friend informs her about Bhimdev's plan to attack on Ajmer on ""Holi"". Bhimdev's minister informs Bhimdev that Kannauj will not
help Ajmer in the next fight. Sanyogita's friend scolds her for the plans of keeping ""Gauri-Shankar"" fast for Prithviraj. Someshwar wants to send Prithviraj towards
the northern part of Ajmer but he refuses to go there. Sanyogita keeps ""Gauri-Shankar"" fast for Prithviraj.
Prithviraj wants Kanha to be with his father Someshwar as he is apprehends some danger for him. Sanyogita observes fast for Prithviraj's success in the war.
Prithviraj reaches the north border of Ajmer to know about the activities of the enemies. Bhimdev is happy as his plan seems to be successful. Prithviraj finds few
dacoits harassing some innocent villagers, so he tries to protect them. He meets with a man named Shernath who wants to find out his missing brother. With the help
of the hidden soldiers Bhimdev gets ready to attack on Ajmer city. Kanha senses some danger so wants his spies to give him true information related to Bhimdev's
Srinath, along with Prithviraj and his friends, goes to rescue Gopi from the kidnappers. Surali requests Sanyogita to take some rest, but she refuses to do so.
Prithviraj and his friends fight with the Gopi's kidnapper. Srinath dies in the fight. Prithviraj and his friends join Gopi's kidnappers group. Prithviraj starts fighting with
the kidnappers. Sanjam dies when he tries escaping from the camp. Prithviraj meets Gopi and informs him about Srinath. Bhimdev attacks Ajmer.
Prithviraj plots a plan to escape from the kidnapper's captivity. Bhimdev attacks on Ajmer. Someshwar's minister informs Someshwar about Bhimdev's attack.
Prithviraj fights with the kidnappers. Sanyogita continues her journey to the ""Gauri-Shankar"" temple. Gopi explains Bhimdev's plan to Prithviraj. Prithviraj and his
friends return to Ajmer. Bhimdev plots a plan to kill Someshwar. Prithviraj gets Someshwar's messages about Bhimdev's attack on Ajmer. Sanyogita falls down during
her journey to temple. Someshwar fights with Bhimdev. Prithviraj fights with Bhimdev's troop. Bhimdev kills Someshwar.
Prithviraj returns from the battle field and informs Kamalavati about Someshwar's death. Kamalavati slaps Prithviraj and loses her senses. Pratha brings pillow for her
father. Prithviraj blames himself for Someshwar's death. Bhimdev celebrates his win over Someshwar and Ajmer. Sanyogita wants to go to Ajmer to help Prithviraj but
Jaichand stops her. Sanyogita requests Rajmata to send her to Ajmer. Jaichand and people from Ajmer attend Someshwar's funeral.
Prithviraj collects Someshwar's ashes. Anangpal consoles Prithviraj and asks him to become the king of Ajmer. Sanyogita tells Chamki about her journey to the
""Gauri-Shankar"" temple. Prithviraj decides to take sepulchre. Meanwhile his friends come there and try stopping him. Prithviraj blames himself for Someshwar's
death. Sanyogita scolds God for creating problem in Prithviraj's life. Prithviraj's friend decides to tell Kamalavati about Prithviraj's puja. Sanyogita recalls her old
memories with Prithviraj. Prithviraj recalls his old memories with Someshwar. Prithviraj decides to become the king of Ajmer.
Prithviraj recalls the fight between Someshwar and Bhimdev. Prithviraj gets scared seeing Sanjam's sword. Rajmata asks Sanyogita as to why she wants to go to
Ajmer. Sanyogita tells Rajmata about her meeting with Prithviraj. Prithviraj dreams of Sanyogita. Prithviraj's friends discuss about Prithviraj's coronation ceremony.
Ajmer's neighbourhood kings go to meet Bhimdev and inform him about Prithviraj's coronation ceremony. Prithviraj Chauhan becomes the king of Ajmer. Prithviraj
orders his army to get ready to attack on Gujrat. Jaichand and Bhimdev discuss about Prithviraj.
Bhimdev and Jaichand discuss about Prithviraj and Ajmer. Pratha comes in between the horse race track but Anmol comes there and saves her life. Prithviraj and
Kamalavati argue over retaining Anmol in their palace. Bhimdev plots a plan to kill Prithviraj. Pratha and Prithvi discuss about Someshwar. Jaichand and his minister
discuss about Bhimdev's plan to kill Prithviraj. Sanyogita hears their conversation. Prithviraj decides to take revenge on Bhimdev. Sanyogita goes to meet Prithviraj to
save his life.
Bhimdev's men attack Prithviraj. He gets scared of swords noise and drops down his weapon. Prithviraj gets hurt by the enemies. Meanwhile Sanyogita comes there
and takes him to a safe place. Anmol plots a plan to rule Ajmer. Pundir, Sanjam and Arjun search for Prithvi. Jaichand sends his men to find Sanyogita. Sanyogita
dreams of Prithviraj. Bhimdev's men enter Ajmer to kill Prithviraj and Kamalavati. The doctor treats Sanyogita and Prithviraj.
Prithviraj comes back to senses. He gets surprised on seeing Sanyogita with him. Jaichand goes to find Sanyogita and asks Sanyogita about her father. Prithviraj's
friends search for Prithviraj. Anmol explains his plan to Bhimdev's men. Prithvi's friend follows the cart so that they can reach to Prithviraj. Prithviraj again asks her
about her kingdom and her father. Rajmata enquires Chamki about Sanyogita. Prithviraj's friend enquires about Sanyogita. They get surprised knowing about
Prithviraj's fear for sword. Sanyogita returns to her palace.
Kamalavati performs puja at a temple where one of the enemies arrive and according to the plan he wants to kidnap her, but Kanha senses the danger and with the
help of the soldiers he is able to protect Kamalavati. Prithviraj is nervous seeing his soldier killed and he wants everyone to stop the fight. Jaichand scolds his
daughter Sanyogita for going out uninformed. He decides to send her far for educating her in royal etiquettes. Bhimdev comes to know that Prithviraj could not fight
during the war. Prithviraj has lost his self confidence due to his father's death. Kamalavati wants his son to be stronger in order to fight with Bhimdev.
Prithviraj accepts that he is not able to pick up the weapons as he has lost his self-confidence. He decides to take weaponry training again. Kanha takes him to the
residential school of Guru Brahma. The school is situated under the ground where Prithviraj finds other students also. Kadambari is the daughter of Guru Brahma.
Bhimdev is curious to know Prithviraj's secret location. A student Karan provokes Prithviraj every now and then. A person named Hariya Singh wants to murder
Prithviraj so he meets Bhimdev.
Bhimdev provokes Hariya Singh against Prithviraj as he wants him to kill Prithviraj. Guru Brahma starts training Prithviraj with the help of Kadambari. During the
training Prithviraj is not able to pay attention on weaponry training as he keeps on hearing noise of swords all around. Sanyogita is sent to a place which belongs to a
lady named Brahmini in order to learn the royal etiquette of a princess. Sanyogita does not like her and plays pranks on her. A snake bites one of the students during
the training. Prithviraj takes responsibility to save his life by bringing an herb from the woods. During the journey, Prithviraj falls down from a hill when he argues with
Karan does not find Prithviraj in the woods as he falls down from the hill. Cannibals dwell in the forest about which Karan is not aware of. All of a sudden a man eater
blocks Karan's way so he is scared and then Prithviraj appears and he protects Karan guiding him further. On the other hand Hariya Singh also practices the art of
weaponry. Sanyogita creates problems for Brahmini. Prithviraj enters a cave alone to get the herb which is required to save the student who was bitten by a snake.
Prithviraj brings the required herb from the cave and fights with the cannibals.
Swaraj is unhappy as Prithviraj saves his life. Swaraj feels guilty of killing his friend. Prithviraj is still incapable of wielding any weapon. At night, Sanyogita tries to run
away from Brahmini's place. She disguises herself as a ghost and horrifies the people who belong to Brahmini's place. Brahmini wants to know who horrified people,
so a lady named Indravati takes the blame on her. Hariya Singh overhears the conversation of two villagers and threatens them to get the information of Prithviraj.
Kadambari informs Prithviraj that Swaraj has moved towards the desert as he is unhappy. Prithviraj faces the storm at the desert and finds him.
Guru Brahma wants Prithviraj to stay at his school for some more time so that Prithviraj perfects the art of wielding the sword while fighting with the enemy. Sanyogita
struggles to run away from Brahmini's ashram. Hariya Singh arrives at the desert in search for Prithviraj with his men. Prithviraj's friends also reach at the desert to
protect him from Hariya Singh. Some students play an act of ""Mahabharat"" at school and Prithviraj learns a lesson from the act they perform. It is revealed that Guru
Brahma and rest of the students pretended in front of Prithviraj so that he can be confident of wielding the swords and face the enemy.
Hariya Singh injures Prithviraj's friends in the desert during a fight. After knowing the truth of Guru Brahma's plan, Prithviraj decides to go back to Ajmer. Prithviraj
thinks that Kadambari is pretending to be kidnapped but he is unaware of Hariya Singh's involvement. Sanyogita gets punished for creating lots of problems at the
ashram. She senses some danger for Prithviraj. Hariya Singh and his men challenge Prithviraj and fight with him. During the fight Prithviraj is wounded
Sanyogita stays hungry at the ashram, sensing danger for Prithviraj. Hariya Singh challenges Prithviraj to fight knowing the fact that he is in unable to wield the sword.
All of his friends fight Hariya Singh's men. All of a sudden, the move changes and this time Prithviraj wields the sword against Hariya Singh and kills him. Prithviraj
decides to hide the truth that now he is able to face any enemy. He and his friends plan to kill Bhimdev and as per the plan they hide themselves.
Sanyogita searches for a letter at Indravati's room with the help of Vaishali. She is sad to know that Prithviraj has been sent to some unknown place far from Ajmer.
On the other side Prithviraj and his friends disguise themselves as prisoners, so they can reach Bhatti Menak, who is an important person of Bhimdev's army. Some
dangerous criminals plan to run away from the prison while crossing a dense forest and that may spoil Prithviraj's plan of entering into Bhatti Menak's prison.
Prithviraj wants to convey the message to the soldiers that some of the criminals have decided to escape from the prison. Bhimdev is happy to know that his son is
about to come after completing his education. Sanyogita practices music and remembers Prithviraj. In the forest Prithviraj sings a song to distract the criminals. A
fight takes place between the soldiers of Bhatti Menak and the prisoners. The soldiers search for them everywhere. Prithviraj and his friends are stuck in the forest
with the rest of the dangerous criminals.
Arjun brings the soldiers with him. Bhatti Menak is worried that the escaped prisoners will tell the truth as to what happens in the prison. The soldiers arrest all the
escaped prisoners. A conflict snares up between Indravati and Sanyogita. Indravati tells Sanyogita that she will marry Prithviraj. The arrested prisoners are put into
jail. One of the soldiers makes an announcement that a prisoner will fight the warrior. If the prisoners win, he will have to fight Bhatti Menak. The warrior kills the
prisoner. Prithviraj is sad after he sees this. He agrees to fight the warrior to save the other prisoners.
Prithviraj fights against the warrior and kills him. Sanyogita plays ""sitar"" and hurts herself with the string. The prisoners teach Prithviraj how to fight against Bhatti
Menak. Bhatti Menak makes arrangements to cheat during his fight against Prithviraj. Sanyogita sends a message to Prithviraj. Prithviraj fights against Bhatti Menak
and kills him. All the war horses run away from the stable because of the fire lit by Arjun. Bhimdev is angry when he comes to know about the death of Bhatti Menak
and the escape of horses.
Sanyogita is curious about the letter that she sent to Prithviraj. Prithviraj enquires about his family from Kanha. Prithviraj tells Kanha and his friends about his plan to
defeat Bhimdev. He finds the letter sent by Sanyogita and replies to it. Bhimdev tells about his plans to attack Ajmer at the time when Prithviraj is weak and unable to
fight. Vanraj disagrees with his father Bhimdev. He tells that he does not want to win like a coward. He asks his father to start the preparations to attack Ajmer.
Prithviraj sees a soldier beating a man because he did not follow Chitrang's orders and pay tax. Chitrang's soldiers and Prithviraj and his friends get into a fight.
Prithviraj pretends to be a lame man at a fair.
Prithviraj pretends to be a lame sage at the fair. Chitrang believes him. Mayama does not give the letter sent by Prithviraj to Sanyogita because it is for Nandini.
Prithviraj in a lame sage's disguise tells Chitrang that he killed his brother for wealth and the treasury in the fort will be robbed. The minister sees that Prithviraj in the
lame sage's disguise is not lame. Chitrang asks the minister to prove that the lame sage is not lame. The minister beats Prithviraj in lame sage's disguise to prove
that he is deceitful, but fails. Sanyogita steals the letter sent by Prithviraj from Mayama's room. She is happy to read it.
The minister arranges for a tight security to avoid the robbery of the treasury. Prithviraj disguises himself as an idol. Sanyogita prays to god for Prithviraj's success.
Chitrang is upset because of the lame sage's absence. Pundir disguises himself as the lame sage in front of Chitrang. Prithviraj robs the treasure before the sunset.
When Chitrang sees that the treasure is robbed, he suspects Bhimdev. Chitrang gives instructions to his soldiers to find the robber. He requests Prithviraj in the lame
sage's disguise to be with them and make them aware of future dangers. Bhimdev praises Vanraj's fighting skills. The minister finds the letter sent by Sanyogita from
the lame sage and doubts him to be Prithviraj Chauhan.
Sanyogita lies to her father that she is not in love with Prithviraj and gets emotional. Gitanjali helps Prithviraj to reach Bhimdev's territory as he rescues her. Prithviraj
leaves a note for Bhimdev warning him that he would kill him. Sanyogita misses Prithviraj and offers prayers for him. Dhanraj helps Bhimdev and supports him to fight
against Prithviraj while Bhimdev worries about the same. Prithviraj tells Chander to go and warn Bhimdev that he will not escape from him.
Prithviraj scares Chitrang. Chitrang dies of a heart attack because of his fear of death. Prithviraj lights fire around his body. When the minister sees the fire, he
realizes that Prithviraj killed Chitrang and Bhatti Menak. Pundir, Arjun, Sanjam who were the minister's hostages, escape. They tell Prithviraj that the minister will tell
about him to Bhimdev and their plan will fail. Prithviraj throws an iron rod that pierces the minister. Prithviraj and his friends go to meet Sanyogita. The injured minister
goes away to inform Bhimdev about Prithviraj. Sanyogita pretends to be ill so that she will not have to go with her father and can participate in the competition.
Prithviraj disguises as a sage and meets Sanyogita with his friends. Sanyogita is happy because she can go to the competition. The injured minister tells Bhimdev
about Chitrang's death, the fire circle, and the lame sage. Before he tells anything about Prithviraj, he dies. Prithviraj tells Mayama that Sanyogita will be a reason for
impediment, so she should not go along with them. Sanyogita, who's upset, gives Pundir, Sanjam, and Arjun chillies to eat. Vanraj tells Bhimdev that someone wants
to displace all his supporters. So Vanraj plans to find their new enemy on his own. Sanyogita is happy to know that she will go to the Shiv and Parvati's temple.
Prithviraj, in a sage's disguise; his friends; Mayama and rest of the princesses go to the Shiv- Parvati temple. Vanraj analyses the information in relation to his new
enemy. He is shocked to know Prithviraj's location. He collects information related to the lame sage and tries to find him. In spite of Mayama instructions, Sanyogita
goes inside the cave where wishes are fulfilled when one ties a thread. Prithviraj in a sage's disguise follows her. All worry about Sanyogita when they don't find her.
Sanyogita ties the thread and prays to god. The rocks of the cave tremble and block the way outside the cave. Sanyogita is happy as she comes to know that the
sage is Prithviraj.
Sanyogita and Prithviraj come out of the cave. Prithviraj is surprised when Sanyogita tells him that the competition is important for her when once she said that it is
not important. Vanraj comes to know that the lame sage has gone to Shiv-Parvati temple and sets off to find him. Mayama is thankful to Prithviraj for saving
Sanyogita. Sanyogita consumes the drink sent by Indravati that had sedatives in it. Sanyogita wins the dancing competition against Indravati. When Vanraj comes to
the Shiv-Parvati temple in search of the lame sage, Prithviraj and his friends escape from the place.
While Prithviraj, Arjun, Sanjam and Pundir discuss about Vanraj, Chander joins them. Sanyogita recollects her memories with Prithviraj. Prithviraj disguises himself
as Meer's uncle and imprisons the original uncle of Meer. Prithviraj thinks Vanraj as Meer and calls him by the name of Meer. Vanraj thinks that Prithviraj is the
deceiver. At the temple, Prithviraj comes to know that the person whom he thinks as Meer is Vanraj. Prithviraj and his friends manage to escape from Vanraj's hand.
Vanraj kills Meer's uncle instead of Prithviraj. Prithviraj updates his friends about how he managed to escape from Vanraj. Meer gets angry on Vanraj as he killed his
uncle and doesn't let him go outside to face Prithviraj. Indravati reads Prithviraj's message for Sanyogita. Prithviraj hides himself in a trug and enters Meer's palace.
Prithviraj overhears Vanraj and Meer's conversation. Meer disguises himself as a lady. Prithviraj identifies Meer and kills him.
Vanraj sees Prithviraj killing Meer and follows him. Prithviraj fights with Vanraj and wins. Prithviraj's friends throw all the weapons of Vanraj in the river. Bhimdev gets
emotional on seeing Vanraj's wounds. Sanyogita is shocked when Indravati tells her that she has sent a message to Prithviraj that Nandini is Sanyogita. Sanyogita
goes all alone to the forest and collects Indravati's message from the messenger before he reaches Ajmer. Sanyogita is caught by the goons in the forest.
Few ruffians chase Sanyogita and Prithviraj fights with them to protect her. Prithviraj tells his friend to reach Ajmer while he will drop Sanyogita to her place. Prithviraj
tends to her. Meanwhile Bhimdev sends his minister to give a note to Veerparmar and bring him to his palace. Prithviraj safely drops Sanyogita to her place. Bhimdev
orders his ministers to inform the citizens to join the army, if they refuse then make them join forcefully. Prithviraj's friends inform him that Birju comes to meet his
brother Sirju and they all plot against them.
Prithviraj disguises himself as Birju's brother Sarju in front of the villagers and kills Birju. He and his friends plot a game against Birju. Prithviraj's friends are tortured
in the prison. Sanyogita burns Indravati's message and warns her not to interfere in her and Prithviraj's matters. The real Sarju comes. The commander Gorkeri is
confused between Prithviraj and the real Sarju as to who Sarju is and who the deceiver is. Prithviraj's friends escape from the prison along with Sarju. Sarju gives a
message about the deceiver through the bugle.
Geetanjali informs Prithviraj (Sarju) that the original impersonator is found and tells him to go. Prithviraj instructs his friends to take Sarju along with them and hide in
a safe place. Geetanjali comes to know about the identity of Prithviraj. Sanyogita plans to meet Prithviraj. Ghor Kairi tells his messenger to inform Bhimdev about the
impersonator. Bhimdev vows to take revenge from the impersonator. Prithviraj fights Ghor Kairi and kills him.
Prithviraj leaves Gitanjali without hurting her. Sanyogita leaves the hermitage and goes to Kannauj. While Bhimdev is about to perform "puja", he gets the news of
Gauri Shankar's death. Bhimdev is left with only the secret agent, Veer Parmar. Gitanjali overhears Prithviraj and his friends' conversation and comes to know about
Prithviraj and his plan. Indravati sends a message for Jaichand on behalf of the King of Ujjain. Gitanjali updates Vanraj about Prithviraj. Prithviraj wins the fight
between him and Vanraj. Sanyogita is shocked when Jaichand asks her about Prithviraj.
Sanyogita lies to Jaichand saying she doesn't love Prithviraj. Bhimdev imprisons Geetanjali but Prithviraj saves Geetanjali. Prithviraj with the help of Geetanjali sets
fire to Bhimdev's camp and spares Bhimdev as he wants to kill Bhimdev in the battle field. Prithviraj and Bhimdev plot for the battle. Prithviraj passes a message to
Bhimdev through Chander that he will seldom spare him in the battle field.
Prithviraj prepares to fight against Bhimdev. Jaichand feels happy about Prithviraj declaring a war against Bhimdev. Kamalavati bestows her blessings on Prithviraj
as he embarks on the battle field against Bhimdev. Prithviraj denies Vibhishan from accompanying him to the war as he is handicapped. Prithviraj gives a pep talk to
his soldiers before leaving Ajmer and going to the battlefield.
Vibhishan becomes a traitor and informs of Prithviraj's war strategies to Bhimdev. Prithviraj and his warriors halt at Samastipur for one night. Sanyogita remembers
Prithviraj and loses her sense. In the dark of the night, a troop of soldiers from Samastipur attack Prithviraj and his warriors. Bhimdev is very happy to know that
hundreds of warriors of Prithviraj were killed. Vibhishan informs Bhimdev that Prithviraj has changed his plan and will come from Gitapur. Bhimdev thinks of a final
move against the Chauhan dynasty.
Prithviraj orders his friends and a minister to split the army and be careful about the strangers. Sanyogita fall ill and her father is worried about her. Sanyogita dreams
about Prithviraj's death. Meanwhile a saint tells Prithviraj that one of his men will ditch him. Prithviraj's friend sees Prithviraj worried and questions him about him; he
informs them about the saint. Prithviraj and his friends carefully inspect their men. One of his men mixes intoxicants to the food and his men die after having the food.
Sikander follows Vibheeshan and gets the intoxicant and returns to the place where his army's men are dwelling. Vibheeshan is shocked to see the dead soldiers.
Meanwhile the armys minister suspects Sikander behind all these things and orders the soldiers to kill him, while Prithviraj comes and tells Narayan to leave him.
Bhimdev praises Vibheeshan for his work. Narayan and Prithviraj's friends are worried about the battle, but Prithviraj is confident and decides to fight Bhimdev. Aryan
takes Prithviraj to a cave and suddenly Narayan and his men attack him. Prithviraj is unhappy with his minister and his men.
Prithviraj explains his plan to his friends and the minister and decides to start their journey. Sanyogita is very sick and the ayurvedic doctor informs the King that only
his teacher can treat Sanyogita. Prithviraj and his army reach ""Laal Pahadi"" and Bhimdev sends his minister and five hundred soldiers to ""Laal Pahadi"". Prithviraj
wins and Bhimdev sends one thousand soldiers to fight against Prithviraj. The ayurvedic doctor loses hope and tells Jaichand that only a miracle can save his
daughter's life. Meanwhile Bhimdev's soldiers attack Prithviraj.
Prithviraj and Bhimdev's soldiers fight and Prithviraj wins over Bhimdev, but Aryan dies in the battle. Aryan's father performs Aryan's death rites. Bhimdev decides to
fight against Prithviraj, but his son stops him and plots against Prithviraj with the help of Vibheeshan. King Jaichand is worried about his daughter Sanyogita and
prays to lord "Shiv" to save her life.
Sanyogita dreams about Prithviraj and takes his name. Prithviraj dreams about Sanyogita and is worried about her. Prithviraj gets a note from Bhimdev that he is
ready to fight him. Bhimdev and Prithviraj fight against each other. Naryan dies in the battle and Bhimdev reveals to Prithviraj that Vibheeshan is with him. Prithviraj
kills Bhimdev and tells his son to become the successor of Gujurat's throne. Sanyogita recovers from the sickness and the soldier informs Jaichand that Prithviraj won
against Bhimdev.
Sanyogita's grandmother sees Sanyogita celebrating Prithviraj's victory and tells her to welcome Prithviraj and congratulate him on his victory. Prithviraj comes to
Geetapur. Prithviraj and Sanyogita express their love to each other. Sayali informs Prithviraj that after knowing the truth from Sanyogita they both will separate from
each other and it forces him to take the decision which helps him in future. Sanyogita feels sad and leaves the place. Prithviraj and Sayogita recall their past.
Prithviraj returns to his palace and is happy to see his sister and Anandpal who tell him to become the next successor of Delhi. Jaichand wants to obtain the Delhi
territory and hence decides to meet Anandpal. Sanyogita overhears the conversation and remembers Sayali's words. Sanyogita is worried about Prithviraj. Jaichand
comes to Ajmer and questions Anandpal's decision and tells him that it's his right to become the next successor of Delhi not Prithviraj. Prithviraj accepts Anandpal's
proposal. Jaichand shares his feelings with Sanyogita and tells her that Prithviraj insulted him. Prithviraj dreams about Sanyogita.
Jaichand is tensed thinking about Prithviraj's confrontation and that he has accepted Anandpal's offer ruling on Delhi. One of the musicians tells Jaichand that he can
imitate anyone's voice, hearing this Jaichand is pleased and plots against Prithviraj. Meanwhile, Prithviraj and his friends start walking to a temple. When Prithviraj
searches for some food for his friends, he hears Pundir calling him for help. It was actually the musician who imitates his voice to trap Prithviraj. With the help of the
musician and few of the soldiers, Prithviraj and his friends are trapped and dumped into a cave. Jaichand is happy and gets Prithviraj's ring and sends it to Anangpal
with a letter with his signature on it. Anangpal reads out the letter and becomes sad to know that Prithviraj does not want to rule on Delhi instead wants Jaichand at
his place.
In the palace, Sanyogita thinks that the enmity between Kannauj and Ajmer has ended and she can meet Prithviraj. Prithviraj and his friends decide to face Jaichand.
They come out of the cave and come to know that Jaichand with his family has gone into the woods on hunting. Prithviraj and his friends disguise themselves so
Jaichand cannot recognize them and he goes with them towards the dense woods. Prithviraj fights with Jaichand but Sanyogita comes and stops Prithviraj.
Sanyogita scolds Prithviraj for fighting with her father Jaichand and breaks her relation with him. Prithviraj stood silently when Sanyogita reveals that she is Jaichand's
daughter, whom he knows as Nandini. Prithviraj recalls the past time spent with her. In the palace Sanyogita also recalls him and becomes sad. Prithviraj tells his
friends that he loves Sanyogita and does not want to lose her so he mounts a horse and goes out to meet her.
Prithviraj expresses his love towards Sanyogita. She gives Prithviraj options to either choose her or the Delhi Kingdom. Jaichand gets jealous with Prithviraj as he is
going to be the king of Delhi and tries to conspire against him. Prithviraj denies going to Delhi to take charge of Delhi's kingdom while King Anangpal arranges to
welcome Prithviraj. Prithviraj comes to save King Anangpal while he is fighting with bandit.
King Anangpal gives Delhi's responsibilities to Prithviraj. Sanyogita gets shocked by Prithviraj's decision of taking charge of Delhi. Prithviraj worries about Sanyogita
and regrets. Sanyogita meets Prithviraj and breaks her relationship with him. Sanyogita feels insulted by Prithviraj for ignoring her. She gets emotional while Jaichand
scolds her for going to Delhi.
King Anangpal elevates Prithviraj as his successor of Delhi while Prithviraj misses Sanyogita. Prithviraj decides to go and convince Sanyogita while his friends try to
stop him. Prithviraj comes in disguise to meet Sanyogita at Vikram's sister's wedding. Jaichand spots Prithviraj with Sanyogita and beats him and warns him not to
meet Sanyogita again.
Vaishali tells Sanyogita about Prithviraj being chained in a secret place. Sanyogita saves Prithviraj. She slaps Prithviraj and requests him not to disturb her anymore
while he tries to convince her. Vikram saves Sanyogita from Jaichand and he asks her about previous night's whereabouts. Anangpal finds that Prithviraj is in a worry
and tries to find out about it from Prithviraj's friends.
Jaichand worries about Sanyogita and agrees her request as she wants to go to Mayama's ""Ashram"" to spend some time alone. Astrologer tells Prithviraj to go
towards eastside to get whatever he wants. Prithviraj goes towards ""Parvat Garh"" in the forest with the help of Suraj. Prithviraj helps Suraj and his blind mother from
the bandit group. He comes to know about Suraj's cureless disease.
Prithviraj brings the doctor for Suraj. The doctor tells Prithviraj that the medicine can be found in a deep forest, which is dangerous. Mayama wants to help Sanyogita
and asks Vaisali about her while Sanyogita leaves her ornaments and dresses as a saint. Mayama tries to help Sanyogita as she feels lonely. Taking doctor
Chakravarti's guidelines, Prithviraj goes into the caves and gets the plant by killing the crocodile. Doctor Charkravarti runs away with the plant as Prithviraj asks him
to prepare the medicine out of it.
Prithviraj realises that he's cheated by Chakravarti and goes in search of him. Residential School children make fun of Sanyogita as she comes to meet the head
master. Prithviraj finds the original doctor Chakravarti and rescues him from the bandit group. Prithviraj leaves with the medicine with the help of Chakravarti.
Prithviraj comes with the medicine and saves Suraj. Sarkar searches for Prithviraj to kill him. ""Bade Guruji"" tells Sanyogita about the rules of the residential school
while the students try to make fun of Sanyogita. Prithviraj remembers astrologer's words and moves towards ""Parvat garh"".
Sanyogita starts teaching the students. Prithviraj finds Anusuya stealing from her home in disguise and she challenges Prithviraj to catch her red handed. Chandra
tries to comfort Sanyogita as she decides to leave the residential school because of students ragging. Anusuya tries to divert Prithviraj from her way before she goes
to steal. Sarkar kidnaps Suraj and his mother to find Prithviraj.
Suraj's mother reveals Sarkar about Prithviraj's whereabouts as Sarkar blackmails her. Residential school's students trap Sanyogita and ""Bade Guruji"" gets angry at
her. Prithviraj catches Anusuya red-handed and brings her in front of her father and the villagers. Prithviraj comes to know about Anusuya helping the poor people by
stealing from the rich ones. Prithviraj supports Anusuya and convinces the villagers.
Prithviraj starts his journey to visit a temple to complete his desire of getting Sanyogita back in his life. Sanyogita decides to stay at the Ashram to teach a lesson to
the kids, who have troubled her. Prithviraj reaches at a village where he comes to know about a man who is known as "Sarkar Sahab". The villagers are harassed by
Sarkar Sahab's men. Prithviraj motivates the villagers to defend themselves fighting in a group. Sarkar Sahab does not like Prithviraj interfering in his matters and
both fight. Prithviraj wins the fight and the villagers lift him up joyfully.
The villagers give warm welcome to Prithviraj and celebrate the day. Sarkar Sahab is very angry and reaches the village with his men to take revenge on Prithviraj.
He blackmails Prithviraj telling that he will kill a kid if Prithviraj raises hand against him and then he beats Prithviraj badly. In order to save the kid Prithviraj does not
raise his hand against him and gets unconscious and later on he is thrown in the water. A stranger saves Prithviraj but he is unable to walk for few days as Sarkar
Sahab broke one of his legs. The stranger comforts Prithviraj that he will teach how to fight using one leg only. On the other side Sarkar Sahab has planned to kill the
In the Ashram Sanyogita decides to mend the kids as they are mischievous. Sooraj and Anusuiya escape from the village and reach at the place where Prithviraj
takes training from the stranger man. Anusuiya dies when she tries to protect herself. Sanyogita wins kid's faith at the Ashram. Prithviraj recovers soon and practices
the weaponry art. Sanyogita visits the place ""Sargoshi Jharna"" with kids. Prithviraj sees her and recalls about Delhi's people and their expectations from him. He
decides not to think emotionally and wants to protect his people from danger.
In the village Sarkar Sahab starts hanging the villagers but before anybody is killed by him Prithviraj reaches there and defeats him in a fight. In the Ashram Guruji is
happy to see drastic change in the kids by Sanyogita's efforts. Prithviraj and Sooraj with his mother leave the village and they pass through a dense wood. Some
unknown people chase him and when he falls asleep, they place a sign on his hand. Prithviraj reaches at the Palace and is given a warm welcome by the people.
Anangpal is tensed to see a sign on his hand.
Anandpal is worried after seeing the sign on Prithviraj's hand. Anangpal narrates a past incident to Prithviraj about a group of wild people, who thinks that Anangpal
killed their prince and also stolen the sword they were protecting for years. Prithviraj decides to face them at their island and clear the misunderstanding between
them and Anangpal. The king of Mora tribe does not want any heir for Anangpal's estate. One person named Birju who is a boat man, draws the same sign on his
hand which he sees on Prithviraj's hand, while crossing the river. At night Birju's friend teases him and scares him. He keeps on running in dense wood and is
attacked by one weird man.
Birju dies as one insane man attacked him. On the island Prithviraj, Chander and the rest of the other boats men are stuck. Jaichand asks Sanyogita that some guests
will arrive the next day to celebrate her birthday. One of the men Hariya also dies. The insane man is killed by Prithviraj when he attacks on him. The king of Mora
tribe orders to arrest Prithviraj and punish by himself. While passing through the woods Prithviraj and Chander are trapped by some men.
Prithviraj requests the King of Mora tribe to search the sword for which he blames Anandpal. In order to prove Anandpal innocent, he wants two days. The King
agrees and asks his men to release Prithviraj. In the palace Sanyogita celebrates her birthday with Jaichand and prince Vikram and his father. She is upset to hear
that Jaichand wants Vikram to marry her. Vikram likes Sanyogita and initiates chatting with her. Prithviraj and prince Dasa reach at the bank of the river and one
mysterious person meets them guiding them further. Dasa competes with Prithviraj to get the sword.
Sanyogita unwillingly gets ready to go out with Vikram. Prithviraj faces all the problems coming across his way and reaches at the cave with Dasa. Dasa claims to be
winner but the mysterious person hands over the sword to Prithviraj. The mysterious man reveals that he is the Prince of Mora tribe, who was missing for many years.
It is proved that Anangpal is innocent and Prithviraj is the right person to get the sword.
Prithviraj hands over the sword to Anangpal after reaching the palace. In the palace with the help of the kids Sanyogita scares Vikram. He is afraid of ghost's
existence. Prithviraj makes an announcement of "Digvijay", according to which all the small city nearby Delhi will have to follow his rules or will face Prithviraj. King
Keerath kills Prithviraj's messenger informing him that he will not follow his rules. Prithviraj with his friends and soldiers try to enter in his city climbing a mountain.
Prithviraj and his soldiers try to climb the mountain but get injured. In spite of getting injured the soldiers do not leave courage and climb the mountain again. King
Keerath surrenders and promises to be with Prithviraj. In the palace Sanyogita tells Vikram that she hates him. Sanyogita recalls the past memories related to
Prithviraj. Prithviraj's soldiers reach at the royal garden of the city of Mahoba, which is run by King Parmar. On the other side Prithviraj and his friend reach
Samastipur to see the fight of two famous fighters Alha and Udal.
Prithviraj comes to see Udal and Alha's power and he challenges Alha. Prithviraj's soldiers kills Parmar's soldier and Parmar asks his commander to bring Alha to
fight the soldiers. After the challenge Alha praises Prithviraj for his bravery. Prithviraj and Sanjam wait for the second group of soldier but in the meantime Aala kills
all his soldiers. Sanyogita remembers her past with Prithviraj. Sanyogita's uncle informs her that they are going for outing. Prithviraj, Sanjam and their soldiers go to
the jungle where an old man threatens Sanjam.
In the jungle an old man threatens Sanjam about his death. Prithviraj, Sanjam and Chander somehow manage to cross the river in the jungle along with their soldiers.
The entire jungle catches fire and Prithviraj and his soldiers escape from there. Some children in Sanyogita's palace throw marbles on the floor to make uncle fall
down but Prince Vikram falls instead of the uncle. Parmar and his commander discuss about Prithviraj's power. Prtihviraj is concerned about Sanjam as the old man
predicted his death. Sanjam remembers the word of the old man about his death.
Chander searches for Prithviraj and Sanjam in the jungle but he does not find them. Sanyogita gets angry when he hears Prithviraj's name and her uncle feels happy
about that as he wants to separate them. Udal refuses to give his horse for the war against Prithviraj. Sanjam is badly injured and he asks Prithviraj to leave him in
that condition but he refuses. Chander is happy to find Prithviraj and Sanjam in the jungle. Sanyogita's uncle locks the children inside the treasure house and
Sanyogita worries about the children.
Prithviraj comes to know that Alha and Udal have killed all of his soldiers. ""Chachaji"" schemes against the kids and as a result Sanyogita does not find them. King
Parmar thinks that Alha and Udal have become dishonest to him. The kids are locked up in the basement by ""Chachaji"" but all of them try to escape and succeed.
King Parmar searches for Alha and Udal to take their help against Prithviraj. Alha and Udal have decided not to fight for Mahoba.
Prithviraj and Parmar prepare to fight each other. Sikander informs Prithviraj that Udal and Aala is not there for the fight. Udal and Aala join the Kannauj regiment
under Jaichand. Prithviraj is concerned about Sanjam as he remembers the prediction of the old man about his death. Sanyogita and Prithviraj feel the presence of
each other. Prince of Mahoba asks Prithviraj that they need some time to prepare for the fight against them. Parmar feels happy as they get some time to prepare for
the war. Vikram loves Sanyogita and wants to spend time with her but she refuses.
All the children ties Sanyogita's uncle with a rope and he gets irritated. Sanyogita and Prithviraj are in the same jungles but they do not see each other over there.
Sahayak and Karanam kidnap the king of Daulatpur so that he is unable to support Prithviraj in the fight. Prithviraj goes to rescue the king but they cheat him and lock
him in the prison. Prithviraj comes to know about the conspiracy against him. Sahayak and Karanam ask Sanjam to concede their defeat in the war as they have
kidnapped Prithviraj.
Prithviraj and his soldiers are trapped by the king of Daulatpur and put into prison, where they are asked to do some work. On the other hand Sanyogita performs puja
at the temple with some children. One man is given money by Jaimal to murder children. Those children address Sanyogita as "Guruma". When that man tries to kill
the children, Sanyogita interrupts him. Meanwhile Prithviraj manages to get the key of the lockup and escapes to search his army, but his friends are still inside the
A stranger kidnaps Sanyogita and the children. Prithviraj impersonates as Raichand's soldier and tries to escape from his prison. Prithviraj distributes some
adulterated sweets to the soldiers so that they wouldn't recognize him as Prithviraj. After consuming the sweets all the soldier faints. All the soldiers come to know
about Prithviraj's escape and they ask Sanjam and Chander about him.
Raichand's army tortures Prithviraj's friend but Prithviraj come and rescue them. The army chief tortures and kills a prisoner who tried to escape from the jail. King
Karanam and Raichand are happy that they think that they can acquire Delhi province as King Prithviraj is under their captivity. The soldier informs Raichand that
Prithviraj rescued his friends. The soldier from Mahoba tell Aala and Udal that king Parmar wants them at his palace but they refuses the king's proposal. King
Jaichand tells the brothers that he will go to Kanchi village to get her daughter. Sanyogita and her students are tortured by the army men. Vijay escapes from the jail
and sees Prithviraj and shouts for help. Meanwhile Vikram and his uncle come in search of Sanyogita.
Vijay tells Prithviraj and Sanjam that Mangal has kept Sanyogita and the other kids at the basement of the temple. Prithviraj and Sanjam with the soldiers reach at the
basement through a cave but Mangal's hidden men attack on them. Prithviraj and the soldiers fight with them bravely and take out all the kids and Sanyogita one by
one gradually. Mangal orders his men to demolish the place so that nobody can go out. Sanjam faces Mangal, while Prithviraj tries to protect others.
Sanyogita gets traped inside a cave and gets injured but Prithviraj rescues her. Prithviraj wants to bring back Sanyogita to her palace and insist her to be seated in
the cart but she refuses. Prithviraj and Sanyogita tend to each other but it turned out to be a dream. Jaichand is happy to see Sanyogita back at the palace. Prithviraj's
messenger tells him that his enemy is staying as a guest with Jaichand.
Prithviraj comes to Jaichand and asks him to surrender his enemy who is staying at his palace as a guest. Sanyogita and Prithviraj recalls the moment they spent with
each other. Prithviraj's enemy sends an assassin who looks like Sanjam, so they capture Sanjam. During a target practice, the fake Sanjam comes and holds the
target board and asks Prithviraj to hit the target and he hits the target blind folded, then the fake Sanjam asks for his turn and tries to hit Prithviraj.
The fake Sanjam tries to kill Prithviraj during the target practice but he misses the target and apologies to Prithviraj. Sanjam finds out about the plan to kill Prithviraj
and manages to escape. The fake Sanjam tries another attempt to kill Prithviraj but in vain. Vaisali tells Sanyogita that she is still in love with Prithviraj but she denies
and meanwhile Jaichand orders Sanyogita to get ready for the wedding. Sanjam escapes and runs towards Prithviraj to save him but he falls down and hit his head
on a rock and gets unconscious. The fake Sanjam stealthily comes to kill Prithviraj.
As Sanyogita is getting married with Vikram, Vaishali adds drugs in the sweets. The palace catches fire accidentally but Vikram runs away instead of helping
Sanyogita so Jaichand defies Vikram and cancels the marriage. The fake Sanjam sneaks in while Prithviraj is sleeping and tries to stab him but Sanjam gets there in
time stops him, then Prithviraj wakes up and kills the fake Sanjam. Vikram swears on his blood that he will have Sanyogita as his wife. Prithviraj and his men
celebrate the original Sanjam's return.
Sanyogita is afraid that Jaichand is supporting Parmar, who is the King of Mahoba, against Prithviraj. Prithviraj has declared a war against Parmar. Jaichand
convinces Udal and Alha to help Parmar to fight against Prithviraj. Prithviraj is angry to know that Jaichand will support Parmar with his army fighting against him.
Alha and Udal plot against Prithviraj. Sanyogita and some children are kidnapped by Vikram as her father insulted him. Pundir meets Prithviraj to help him in the war.
According to a war strategy, Prithviraj reaches at a place with his army to fight against Parmar.
Prithviraj and his men prepare for battle and reach the battlefield and find no one but then they find their enemy is hiding and fires on them and the great battle begins.
Vikram forces Sanyogita to marry him and take away the children to keep with him until he gets married to Sanyogita. Prithviraj commands his man to fall back so that
they can fight the battle together. Pundir gets beaten up badly in the battle.
Prithviraj fights Udal with his bare hands. Vikram brings food for Sanyogita but she refuses then he threatens her that he will hurt the children so Sanyogita agrees to
marry him if he frees the children. Prithviraj kills Udal and defeats his enemy. Alah rages on hearing the news of his brother's death and wants to avenge his brother's
death but his guruji stops him and ask him to fight on the break of dawn. Alah performs the final rites of Udal and swears to kill Prithviraj and avenge his brother's
The words of the old saint, bothers Prithviraj concerning the death of Sanjam. Alha prepares for battle and takes the blessing of guruji. Prithviraj and his men battle
with Alha and his men. Sanyogita and the children plan to escape. Prithviraj and his men struggle in the battle and get hurt. As Alha is about to swing his sword on
Prithviraj, Alha's guruji stops him and tells him to spare their lives. Prithviraj and Sanjam roll down the mountain and fall unconscious.
Chander searches for Pundir in the battlefield and looks out for help, Pundir hears him but he is badly hurt that he can't speak even when he tries to and gives up.
Sanjam calls out Prithviraj's name and tries to wake him up as a flock of eagles surrounds them. Sanjam recalls his childhood on how he became friend with Prithviraj
and his loyalty between them so he sacrifices his life to save Prithviraj from the cruelties of the eagles.
Sanjam allows the crows to feed on him and not on Prithviraj, thus Prithviraj is saved by Sanjam, who dies a slow death. As Vikram has kidnapped Sanyogita and the
children, they all plan to escape and get a duplicate key. Prithviraj bursts out into tears as he could not save Sanjam's life. While performing the funeral rites of
Sanjam, Prithviraj recalls the time he spent with Sanjam since his childhood. On the other side, Sanyogita and the children fool Vikram and Arpita and according to a
plan go out. The enemy comes to know that Prithviraj is not able to move his body and cannot wield the sword.
Vikram is looking for Sanyogita. Prithviraj Chauhan is surrounded by the enemies. Enemies trick the villagers and infiltrate Prithvi's hut, where he is lying ill. However,
their strategy backfires and they get killed. Prithviraj regains his health. Vikram finds Sanyogita. However, her father reaches on time and kills Vikram. Prithviraj rises
and starts occupying the territories for years.
King Kaal sends his men and pretends to be the King and provokes Prithviraj. Prithviraj kills them one after another but they all turn out to be fake. King Kaal and his
men trap Chander and Pundir and capture both of them. Prithviraj takes one of Kaal's men captive and asks force to lead him to their King but he escapes and lead
Prithviraj into their trap. King Kaal takes him to Chander and Pundir then King Kaal challenge Prithviraj to fight with him in disguise among their soldiers and Prithviraj
identifies King Kaal and kills him. Prithviraj rescues Chander and Pundir and when they return back they find their camp has burned down.
At night, Prithviraj and his friends arrive at a village which is burnt down by some robbers. Prithviraj gets some information related to those goons from a girl, who
belongs to the village and is still alive. In the morning Prithviraj and his friends try to search for them and they get some clue. They come to know that a village named
Sawangarh is about to be attacked by those people so Prithviraj and his friend move towards their next destination Sawangarh.
Jaava and his men come to a village and challenge the villagers to a fight but Prithviraj gets there and accepts the challenge. Prithviraj defeats Jaava and slaughters
all his soldiers. Pundir and Chander tell Prithviraj to go back to Delhi and Prithviraj recalls the moments he spent with Sanyogita. Soldiers from the enemy's gang
come at night and kidnap a girl but Prithviraj and his men rescue the girl and tell the soldiers to give a message to their King to meet him in the battlefield but as soon
as their king gets the message he kills them.
Prithviraj meditates and recalls the moments with his father and misses him. Jaichand makes arrangements for the marriage of Sanyogita with Karan. Foreign enemy
soldiers come to India in search of Prithviraj's sister Pratha. Pratha encounters Prithviraj in a fest and takes him to the palace. Sanyogita disguises as a cart driver
and misguides Karan into a jungle and frightens him away. The foreign enemy soldiers kill the guards and break into the palace of Prithviraj and ask for Pratha.
Pasha arrives with his men at the palace and searches for Pratha. Prithviraj kills all of Pasha's men and is injured. Vaishali tells Sanyogita that she still loves
Prithviraj. Sanyogita recalls the time when she decided to break her relationship with Prithviraj. Pasha wants Prithviraj to accept that none of the Hindustanis can
defeat his Sultan in the battle. Pasha finds out Pratha at the palace and wants Prithviraj to accept Sultan as a great ruler. Prithviraj and Pratha seem to be scared.
The foreign enemy holds a person hostage and forces him to kneel and accept that their Sultan is their ruler. Prithviraj and Pratha defy the enemy and fight them then
they run away. Sanyogita can't stop thinking about Prithviraj and recalls those moments. Prithviraj chases the foreign enemy and asks to reveal who their Sultan is but
he refuses and kills himself. The Sultan tells his minister to go to India and invade a temple in Delhi. The foreign enemy soldiers come to India and invade the temple
and take away the idol of the Goddess.
Prithviraj sits on the throne of Delhi. Prithviraj and Arjun get emotional when they meet. Prithviraj gets to know that some unknown person has stolen an idol from a
temple. Sanyogita recalls the time when Prithviraj met her last time. Jaichand tells Sanyogita that they have to visit a temple to perform a puja. Prithviraj and his
friends disguise themselves and enter the city of Kannauj to get the idol back. Prithviraj chases some soldiers those who belong to Sultan's kingdom. Prithviraj and
his friends reach a temple where Jaichand arrives to perform the puja.
Prithviraj recalls that the last time he met Jaichand was when Someshwar died. Prithviraj plans to steal the idol of the Goddess from the temple, so he and his friends
disguise themselves as priests. Prithviraj steals the idol. Jaichand orders to find out the fake priests. Prithviraj succeedes in bringing back the idol to the temple after
killing Sultan's soldiers. Sanyogita comes to know about Prithviraj's arrival after conquering several kingdoms. Anandpal and Prithviraj want to know about the man
who is addressed as Sultan. Sultan Mohammad Ghori is known as Sultan who wants to rule over India.
Mohammad Ghori decides to learn about Prithviraj Chauhan's weakness in order to defeat him. Prithviraj recalls his times with Sanyogita. Prithviraj is determined to
get back with Sanyogita, whereas Sanyogita wants to forget Prithviraj. Mohammad Ghori's men infiltrate Prithviraj's fort and steal his military strategies.
Prithviraj wants to know about the object which is stolen by the magician. Sanyogita and Vaishali visit a place together. Prithviraj and his friends arrive at a place to
find out about the Sultan. Prithviraj fights with Mohammad Ghori's soldiers then moves towards Chandrapur. Vaishali takes Sanyogita to a mysterious lady in order to
forget Prithviraj. Sanyogita tries hard to forget Prithviraj. Prithviraj is angry as the Sultan is destroying his kingdom. Mohammad Ghori wants to fight with Prithviraj and
win his kingdom by taking advantage of his weakness.
Sanyogita desires to visit a few temples before her wedding. Prithviraj thinks that the Sultan may attack Devigarh village so he visits the temple and saves many
villagers when some soldiers destroy the bridge. Mohammad Ghori tries to distract Prithviraj's mind by creating small problems but his main intention is to rule Delhi.
After the bridge is destroyed, Prithviraj and his friends are stuck with the villagers on the other side of the Devigarh village as they cannot cross the distance without
the bridge. Meanwhile Mohammad Ghori captures Prithviraj's weapons and the royal seal.
Chander insists Prithviraj to leave with Arjun but Prithviraj refuses to leave and decides to stay and protect his people. Jaichand's enemy plans to kill Sanyogita.
Prithviraj and his men manage to build a bridge for his people and help them to cross the mountain. Jaichand's enemy misguides Sanyogita on her way and lay a trap
to capture her. Prithviraj and his men follow the foreign enemy but they lose them. The foreign enemy comes disguised in a wedding procession but Prithviraj
identifies them and follows them.
During the pilgrimage, some people attack Sanyogita and Vaishali. According to Jaimal's plan, Sanyogita gets kidnapped. Prithviraj and his friend search for the
robbers who robbed their weapons and wealth. They enter a house that is made of wax. When an arrow is shot at them, they faint. The Sultan's soldiers set the wax
house on fire. Prithviraj gains consciousness and comes out of the house to fight with the soldiers. Due to the effect of sedatives, he is unable to fight. The subjects of
Prithviraj fight against the Sultan's soldiers. They rescue Prithviraj's friends as well. Prithviraj frees the soldiers so that he can come to know about their Sultan.
Prithiviraj and his bodyguards follow Muhammad Ghori's men in order to locate his hideout. Nandini is kidnapped by the tribal people. Nandini's friends, find clues and
reach the location where Nandini is imprisoned. An old man takes a disguised Prithviraj to his house, assuming Prithviraj as his son Mahesh.
Mahesh's family members have a misconception that Prithviraj is Mahesh. Inder is sure that Prithviraj is not Mahesh because he had killed Mahesh for property.
Chander keeps an eye on Sultan's soldiers as directed by Prithviraj.Sultan Mohammad Ghori's "gadiga",Sahara tells the soldier that the person whom they think to
be Mahesh is actually Prithviraj Chauhan. She asks them to let Prithviraj follow them along a long route. Sanyogita is rescued from the kidnappers. During a
swimming competition, Inder proves that Prithviraj is not Mahesh, because Mahesh never knew how to swim.
When Inder tells the village chief and the villagers that Prithviraj is not Mahesh, his parents doesn't believe him. In frustration, he reveals that he killed Mahesh. His
parents tell him that they knew the truth that Prithviraj is not Mahesh. Jaimal tells to himself that he will take over Jaichand's kingdom when Jaichand goes to search
for Sanyogita. He is shocked to see that Sanyogita is rescued from the kidnappers.Sultan Mohammad Ghori's "gadiga",Sahara tells him about her plan against
Prithviraj. Prithviraj and his friends follow the Sultan's soldiers. Prithviraj and Sanyogita come to the Koteshwar temple, and pray to God. They both don't recognize
each other.
Sanyogita starts her pilgrimage of Koteshwar to forget Prithviraj. Prithviraj and Sanyogita recall their time with each other. According to Sultan Mohammad Ghori's
plan, soldiers intend to kidnap Prithviraj's friends to separate them from Prithviraj and make them play the game of "War of Death". There is chaos due to fire lit by the
soldiers. Prithviraj saves Sanyogita from the fire. The soldiers make attempts to kidnap Prithviraj's friends. They kidnap Pundir. Prithviraj and his friends are worried
when they don't find Pundir.
Prithviraj and his friend search for Pundir, but cannot find him. Pundir is injured badly when he fights against Kalia in the "War of Death" game. Sanyogita collects the
mud of the place where she had first met Prithviraj and decides that she will forget him. Prithviraj and his friend find Pundir with a physician who is treating his injury.
The doctor tells Prithviraj about the "War of Death" game. Prithviraj goes to the place where the game is played. When he sees that a person is forced to fight with
Kalia, he interrupts. He fights with Kalia. Bhushan interrupts and schedules Kalia and Prithviraj's fight after three days.
The physician tells Prithviraj to go to Guru Karnik and get trained for the "War of Death" game. Jaimal asks a dacoit to kidnap Sanyogita and get a quarter of the
kingdom of Kannauj. Jaimal introduces the dacoit to Sanyogita and lies that she is a physician. Prithviraj goes to Guru Karnik to get trained. Initially Guru Karnik
refuses to teach him. When Prithviraj tries to convince him to train him, Guru Karnik tells him that he has to pass three tests to get the training. Sanyogita cooks food
and tells Vaishali that she will forget Prithviraj before the pilgrimage ends.
Sanyogita recalls her past with Prithviraj. Guddi and her friends are ill and Sanyogita decides to continue her journey without them. Prithviraj proves to Guruji that he
can help the villagers.
Guru Karnik tells Prithviraj that he has completed all his training. The tests that he had to pass were his training. He expresses his desire to go with Prithviraj to see
his "War of Death" game. Sanyogita is happy as she recalls her good time with Prithviraj. The dacoit and Jaimal want to side Vaishali from the way. Prithviraj fights
with Kalia in the "War of Death" game. Bhushan comes to know during the fight that the person with whom Kalia is fighting is Prithviraj Chauhan. He fears that
Prithviraj Chauhan will win. So he plans to threaten Prithviraj. Kalia tells Prithviraj that if he wins, his friends Chander and Pundir will be killed.
Kalia threatens Prithviraj that if he wins, his friends will be killed. Guru Karnik rescues Prithviraj's friends when he sees that Prithviraj wants to lose the game of "War
of Death" to save his friends. Prithviraj wins the fight against Kalia and kills Bhushan. He comes to know that the soldiers knew their identity. Jaimal and the dacoit
make Vaishali unconscious. When Sanyogita goes to collect water that had touched her and Prithviraj for the first time, she falls. Prithviraj helps her. Prithviraj sees
Sanyogita go behind Vaishali. He comes to know that someone has plans against her when he sees the real Vaishali unconscious.
Prithviraj sees Sanyogita go behind Vaishali. He comes to know that someone has plans against her when he sees the real Vaishali unconscious. Sanyogita follows
the girl who is dressed like Vaishali. Prithviraj fails to convince Sanyogita that someone is trying to trap her. Pritviraj's friend in the disguise of a sage tells the Sultan's
soldiers that they will be killed by the person who is following them. Sanyogita is attacked by the dacoit. She comes to know that the girl that she thought was
Vaishali, was someone else. Jaimal sends a message related to Sanyogita's kidnap to Jaichand. Prithviraj comes to rescue Sanyogita.
Prithviraj kills the dacoit and rescues Sanyogita. Sanyogita walks with Prithviraj as it is dark. The Sultan's soldiers stand on one foot to avoid their death from
Prithviraj. Sultan Mohammad Ghori comes to the place of the pilgrimage camp at Koteshwar for Prithviraj. Prithviraj and Sanyogita see the moon and recollect their
time spent with each other. Prithviraj's friend in the disguise of a sage, tries to collect information from the Sultan's soldiers. When he asks them about their Sultan,
the soldiers doubt him and attack him. Other friends of Prithviraj come to his rescue. Prithviraj comes to know about Sanyogita when Vaishali calls out her name.
Sanyogita apologizes to Prithviraj. Prithviraj asks Sanyogita's uncle about the person who attacked Sanyogita. Prithviraj, Sanyogita and her uncle, continue with their
"Yatra". Sanyogita's uncle tries to find out Prithviraj in the "yatra" but Prithviraj does not reveal his identity. Sanyogita's uncle scares her by saying that the place
where she is staying is a mortuary and also suggests her to stop the "yatra" and come back to the palace. Sanyogita remembers her memories with Prithviraj and
becomes emotional. Prithviraj tells Sanyogita that her uncle tried to kill her but she does not agree to his words.
Sanyogita's uncle tells her that Prithviraj is also in the same ""yatra"".Sanyogita prays to god and tells that she wants to forget Prithviraj. Sanyogita tells Vaishali that
she is ready to face Prithviraj. Sultan Mohammad Ghori decides to ruin Prithviraj's kingdom and tells him to kill Sanyogita. Meanwhile Prithviraj reveals his identity.
Sanyogita's uncle and Prithviraj start to fight. Sanyogita is tensed about her uncle as she does not find him in the ""yatra"". Sultan Mohammad Ghori kidnaps
Sanyogita and other people from the ""yatra"".
Mohammad Ghori traps Sanyogita and the villagers and takes them hostage then asks for Prithviraj and starts to kill the villagers one by one but he comes to know
that he is not with them. Prithviraj and his men come in search of Sanyogita and his people. Prithviraj comes to know about the old men who know the secret passage
that leads to Mohammad Ghori's den. Jaichand's enemy comes to meet Jaichand and accuses Prithviraj in the kidnapping of Sanyogita. Prithviraj asks the old man to
help him to find Mohammad Ghori and agrees to help and lead them the way.
Prithviraj reaches the fortress of Sultan Mohammad Ghori. Prithviraj sees Sanyogita and other people from the ""yatra"" in jail. Prithviraj plans to rescue Sanyogita
and other people. Sanyogita tells Vaishali that she will not take any help from Prithviraj to escape from the same fortress. Prithviraj and Sultan Mohammad Ghori start
to fight. Prithviraj rescues Sanyogita from Mohammad Ghori's hand. Jaichand decides to ruin Prithviraj's kingdom.
Sanyogita asks Arjun, Sanjam and Pundir that whether Karan is Prithviraj or not. Sultan Mohammad Ghori and Prithviraj start to fight. Karan (Prithviraj) meets
Sanyogita and Sanyogita thanks Karan (Prithviraj).Vaishali praises Kannauj in front of Sanyogita and Karan (Prithviraj). Jaichand searches for Prithviraj. Sanyogita
tells Karan (Prithviraj) that Prithviraj tried to kill Jaichand and she does not want to see his face again. Sultan Mohammad Ghori gets angry at Prithviraj and decides to
kill him.
Jaichand searches for Prithviraj and Sanyogita. Sanyogita decides not to stop the ""yatra"" even though if the road is closed to the Koteshwar temple. Prithviraj tries to
stop Sanyogita. Meanwhile Jaichand also reaches the same place. Karan (Prithviraj) and Sanyogita fall down from the hill. Jaichand follows Prithviraj and Sanyogita
and tells his solders to find them as soon as possible. Prithviraj and Sanyogita continue their ""Yatra"" by travelling day and night in a forest. Prithviraj and Sanyogita
take rest in an old building. Suddenly a snake bites Sanyogita.
Sanyogita gets bitten by a snake. Prithviraj leaves Sanyogita in search of a doctor but he encounters Jaichand's soldiers and he presumes them to be Mohammad
Ghori's soldiers. He tackles them and manages to bring the doctor to cure Sanyogita. Meanwhile Jaichand and Prithviraj's friend reach the forest in search of
Prithviraj (Karan) requests the doctor to save Sanyogita. Sanyogita regains consciousness. Meanwhile, Jaichand is searching for her. Prithviraj and Sanyogita attend
the Zamindar's daughter's wedding ceremony. Sanyogita recalls her past with Prithviraj. She realizes that she made a mistake and wants to apologise to Prithviraj.
Mohammad Ghori invades Prithviraj's provinces.
Prithviraj decides to take Sanyogita away from the palace before Jaichand reaches there. Meanwhile Jaichand reaches the same place and starts searching for Karan
(Prithviraj). The palace is decorated for the marriage. Karan (Prithviraj) marries Sanyogita and takes blessings from Jaichand. Jaichand fails to recognize them. Karan
reveals his identity as Prithviraj in front of Sanyogita. Sanyogita gets angry at Prithviraj. Jaichand calls Prithviraj for a war. Prithviraj is totally devastated.
Sanyogita gets angry at Prithviraj and goes away from his life. Sanyogita is totally devastated. Sanyogita blames Prithviraj because she thinks that he cheated on her.
Sanyogita tells Prithviraj that she hates him. Sanyogita remembers her memories with Prithviraj. Sultan Mohammad Ghori gets news that Sanyogita is away from
Prithviraj's life and he feels happy to hear that. Jaichand decides to kill Prithviraj. Prithviraj decides to go back to Delhi. Enemies attack Prithviraj on the road.
Enemies attack Prithviraj on the road. Prithviraj starts to fight with them. Meanwhile Sanyogita reaches the same place. Enemies hit Pundir and Arjun badly. Some
enemies hit Prithviraj also from behind. Prithviraj brings Sanyogita back to Jaichand's palace. Prithviraj breaks his relationship with Sanyogita. Prithviraj is
heartbroken. Jaichand apologizes to Sanyogita for his deeds and also tells her that he did all those things for Delhi's kingdom. Jaichand starts preparation for
Sanyogita's ""Swayamvar"".
Jaichand tells Sanyogita to get ready for the ""swayamvar"" as he has invited the king for the same ceremony. Sanyogita prays to god and performs a ritual dance.
Prithviraj is totally devastated as Sanyogita agrees for the ""Swayamvar"". Samar Singh meets Prithviraj and asks his help to fight against Sultan Mohammad Ghori.
Sanyogita tells Vaishali that she can't leave without Prithviraj. Vaishali suggests Sanyogita go to Delhi. Prithviraj's solders prepares for the battle.
Sanyogita leaves for Delhi to meet Prithviraj. Prithviraj's servant tells Sanyogita that Prithviraj left to Chittod. Sanyogita meets Pratha in the palace and tells Pratha
that she loves Prithviraj a lot. Pratha suggests Sanyogita to take Jaichand's permission to meet Prithviraj. Jaichand gets ready to attack Delhi. Prithviraj also plans for
the battle. One of the solders, Kadam reveals Prithviraj's plan to Jaichand's party. Sanyogita takes an oath that she will get back her love. Prithviraj prisons Kadam.
Jaichand's palace is decorated for Sanyogita's "Swayamvar".
Vaishali comforts Jaichand while he gets angry at Sanyogita for rejecting her ""Swayamvar"". Prithviraj with his friends wins the war with Ghori and celebrates their
victory. Prithviraj comes to know about Ghori's attack and then plans to trap Ghori's troop. Vaishali convinces Sanyogita for ""Swayamvar"". Prithviraj finds out Ghori's
strength and decides to attack while his friends support him.
Jaichand decides to arrange a ""Swayamvar"" for Sanyogita and she pretends to agree. Prithviraj decides to attack Mohammad Ghori's army. In the ""Swayamvar""
Sanyogita goes unconscious. The doctor tells Jaichand that Sanyogita needs rest also asks him to cancel the ""Swayamvar"" and he agrees. It is later revealed that it
was her friend's plan to cancel the ""Swayamvar"". Prithviraj's army destroys Mohammad Ghori's army and saves Chittor.
The Victorious Prithviraj receives a warm welcome from the people of Chittor. Mohammad Ghori gets furious to know about the Prithviraj's victory. A mob attacks the
"Gurukul" and takes all the students into their custody. The mob offers the people of Chittor either to save the students or to leave them Scott free. Prithviraj along
with his friends attack and kills the mob. As Prithviraj approaches, the leader of the mob threatens to kill two students.
Prithviraj rescues the students of ""Gurukul"". Prithviraj sees two orphan students at the ""Gurukul"" and takes them to his palace. It is later revealed that the students
were inducted in the Gurukul by Mohammad Ghori. Disguised Sanyogita manages to get out of the palace and passes her message about the cancellation of
""Swayamvar"" to Pratha through a vendor. Pratha receives the message and informs the same to Prithviraj and he is delighted to know.
Prithviraj learns that Sanyogita is visiting a fair and he goes to the fair in disguise. Doubting if her message has been passed on to Prithviraj, Sanyogita goes to a tarot
reader. The tarot reader tells her that she will meet her lover in the fair. Prithviraj meets Sanyogita and they are delighted to see each other. Jaimal plots to kill
Jaichand and sends his men to the fair.
Prithviraj saves Jaichand from Jaimal's men but he doesn't reveal his identity to Jaichand. Jaimal makes Jaichand believe that Prithviraj tried to kill Jaichand.
Prithviraj receives a message from Santaram asking Prithviraj to meet him to know the information about Mohammad Ghori. A messenger tells Mohammad Ghori that
Santaram has learnt about two orphans in Prithviraj's palace. Mohammad Ghori tells the messenger that the orphans have already informed him. Mohammad Ghori
kills the messenger for his delay. An unknown man disguised as a woman stabs Prithviraj when he goes to the river banks.
Prithviraj gets surrounded by Mohammad Ghoris men and being injured, Prithviraj fails to counteract. Prithviraj's friends come to his rescue and drive back
Mohammad Ghori's men. Prithviraj encounters Santaram and gets a hint about the threat to the throne of Delhi. Sanyogita explains that Jaichand was the man in
disguise who saved him. The two orphan children are perplexed about the failure of their plan.
A soldier overhears the orphan children's conversation and tries informing the same to Prithviraj. The children stop the soldier by killing him. Prithviraj is shocked to
see his man dead. He asks his friends to be vigilant. Jaimal tells Jaichand that Sanyogita deeply loves Prithviraj and Jaichand orders Jaimal to spy Sanyogita.
Sanyogita feels dejected to know about Prithviraj's injury.
Sanyogita plots and escapes from Jaichand's soldiers. Prithviraj decides to get Samar Singh married to Pratha. Nandu and Chandu's attempt of killing Prithviraj fails
and they decide to kill Prithviraj at any cost. Mohammad Ghori gets furious to know that Prithviraj is alive. Sanyogita meets Prithviraj and is overjoyed to see Prithviraj
being fine.
Prithviraj finds his men dead and he is puzzled by the serial death of his soldiers. Prithviraj, Chand and Pundir accompany Sanyogita to Kannauj. Arjun finds an
earring in the place where Prithviraj's soldiers were found dead. He is stunned to see Nandu wearing the similar ear ring. Arjun leaves the place to inform Prithviraj.
Nandu and Chandu decide to kill Arjun and follow him.
Chandu and Nandu make Arjun unconscious. They pack Arjun in a trunk and put the trunk in a river. Prithviraj finds Arjun missing and manages to saves him. Arjun
tells Prithviraj that Chandu and Nandu are Mohammad Ghori's spies but he doesn't believe Arjun's words. Jaimal hires a woman to spy Sanyogita.
Sultan Mohammad Ghori comes to know that Prithviraj's sister Pratha will marry Samar. He invites Angad, the King of Mahua to his kingdom to take revenge against
Prithviraj. Prithviraj fights with Chandu and Nandu and defeats them. On being asked by Prithviraj, they inform him that they work for Sultan Mohammad Ghori. Jaimal
finalizes a lady bodyguard Mouli, for Sanyogita and informs about her to Jaichand. Pratha doesn't like Jaichand's decision of hiring a bodyguard for her. Sultan
Mohammad Ghori and Angad plot a game to kill Samar. Samar leaves for Chittor and Prithviraj joins him till Delhi.
Prithviraj saves Samar's life when Samar loses his control over his horse. Sultan Mohammad Ghori gets angry on knowing that Samar is saved because of Prithviraj.
Prithviraj and his mother get emotional when they discuss about Pratha's marriage. Prithviraj's mother tells Prithviraj to invite Jaichand on Pratha's marriage. Prithviraj
catches Chandu and Nandu when they try to escape from his kingdom. He insists them to stay till Pratha's marriage. Vaishali and Sanyogita worry about how to
escape from Mouli to attend Pratha's marriage. Mouli keeps an eye on Sanyogita's activities.
Jaichand rejects Prithviraj's invitation to attend Pratha's marriage. Mouli informs Jaichand that Sanyogita wants to marry a spoiled brat in the name of visiting
Mahamaya's ashram. Jaichand gets angry and tells Mouli to spy on Sanyogita's activities over there. Prithviraj recollects his childhood days with Pratha. Sultan
Mohammad Ghori and Angad plan to kill Samar Singh. Sanyogita comes to know that Mouli is scared of fire. She takes advantage of her weakness, plans, and
escapes from her to attend Pratha's marriage. Prithviraj and Pratha get emotional.
Sanyogita comes to Prithviraj's palace to attend Pratha's marriage. Sultan Mohammad Ghori's women manage to enter Samar's kingdom and plan to kill Samar.
Pratha tells Kamalavati that Sanyogita came to attend her marriage against Jaichand's wish. Kamalavati worries when she comes to know that Prithviraj and
Sanyogita love each other. Prithviraj goes to Chittor with the "Shagun" for Samar. While Prithviraj performs some pre-wedding rituals at Samar's palace, he saves
Samar's life from a heavy statue falling on him. Prithviraj feels that this incident might not be an accident.
In spite of Delhi and Kannauj's bad relation, Sanyogita comes to Delhi where Kamalavati sees Sanyogita and asks Prithviraj about her presence in the palace.
Prithviraj tells her that he wants to marry Sanyogita at any cost. Sanyogita overhears Prithviraj and Kamalavati's conversation and is very sad. Prithviraj makes her
understand that everything will be fine and tells her to enjoy Pratha's marriage. Jaichand warns Nayantara not to attend Pratha's marriage. Prithviraj's grandfather
worries when he comes to know from Prithviraj that Sanyogita came to attend Pratha's marriage without Jaichand's knowledge. Pratha's pre-wedding marriage rituals
goes on at Prithviraj's palace.
Prithviraj is busy with the arrangements for Pratha's marriage. Sanyogita also attends the pre wedding rituals. Mohammad Ghori wants to kill Samar. Jaichand is
angry to know that Princess Sanyogita is in Delhi. Mohammad Ghori takes the help of a King to kill Samar during the wedding. Prithviraj and the people of his
kingdom celebrate ""Holi"" before the wedding. On the other side Samar is ready to arrive at the wedding place. He is unaware about the planned attack on him.
Jaichand's spy tries to search Sanyogita.
Moli comes to Delhi to spy on Sanyogita but Prithviraj and his friends outsmart Moli. Samar Singh is attacked by a band of soldiers hired by Mohammad Ghori.
Prithviraj's family involve in a pre-marriage celebrations. The leader of the Mob stabs Samar Singh. Prithvi learns about it and feels crest fallen and he tells the same
to Sanyogita.
Pratha is unaware about the incident which took place with Samar. Prithviraj bursts out in tears after not finding Samar but his friend gives him the hope of his being
alive. Samar fights with King Angad and suddenly Prithviraj arrives at the spot and protects him from King Angad. A lady who is the messenger of Jaichand, searches
for Sanyogita at Prithviraj's palace. Pratha is very happy to see Samar with Prithviraj. Prithviraj does not want to reveal the incident to Pratha so he happily dances in
the wedding procession .
Samar is married to Pratha. Prithviraj is injured but he does not reveal his pain during the wedding rituals. He sends off Pratha in a palanquin after the marriage. He
falls down on the ground and gets unconscious. Jaichand's messenger comes to know about princess Sanyogita's presence at Prithviraj's palace. The messenger
gives all the information to Jaichand and he wants to kill his daughter. Mohammad Ghori plans to destroy Prithviraj and his kingdom as he wants to rule over
""Hindustan"". Prithviraj is given medical treatment.
Someshwar reaches Ajmer with his family after attending a function. He decides to send Prithviraj far away to a residential school, where he wants an expert teacher
to provide him the best education on the art of using weaponry, fine art, and physical forms of exercising and defense. He calls Prithviraj and makes him aware of his
ancestors' contributions in ruling the country. Prithviraj is highly motivated and is ready to go away from his parents so that he can become a strong warrior and a
great ruler. Maharani Kamalavati permits him to go with a heavy heart.
Prithviraj tells Chand and Pundir that he felt guilty for talking rude with Arjun and worries about him for not coming back. Muhammed Ghori tells to his partners that
Arjun will be the person who they will use against Prithviraj to destroy him. Nayantara tries to understand Jaichand that if he will be harsh with Sanyogita, the love will
increase more in Sanyogita's so she makes a plan that "guru maa" will help them to remove the love from Sanyogita's life of Prithviraj. Muhammed Ghori has sent his
soldiers to steal the statue from the temple in the name of Prithviraj, so that the villagers start hating him and to believe they bring Arjun along with them so that the
villagers believe that Prithviraj is behind this all. Muhammed Ghori tells Dadar Khan that he will soon destroy India.
Prithviraj, Pundir and Chand visit the Mandawa village to meet the chief of the village so that he can clear the misunderstanding between them. Prithviraj is surprised
to know that someone in his name is destroying the village and Arjun too is a part of it. Prithviraj is worried and tells Pundir and Chand that who is defaming his name;
meanwhile Pundir doubts at Arjun behind this all, but Prithviraj refuse to believe it. Muhammed Ghori's soldiers converse among them about their plan of ruing
Prithviraj's names by doing robbery the temples which Arjun covertly hears it. Prithviraj, Pundir and Chand disguise themselves and go to find the truth behind this.
Muhammed Ghori along with his soldier's attack the villagers and take them hostage.
Prithviraj in disguise fights the band of soldiers dressed as Prithviraj's soldiers. He is shocked to find Arjun in the band. Pundir questions Prithviraj of saving Arjun.
Mohammad Ghori conquers a village and does not permit the villagers to go out of the village. Prithviraj and his friends manage to meet Arjun and question his deeds
but Arjun doesn't reply.
Prithviraj, Pundir and Chand goes to save Arjun from the trap, meanwhile Mohammad Ghori Ghori and soldiers comes there and attack them and combat with them.
Arjun tells Prithviraj and his friends that how he has been trap and felt guilty for not stopping the soldier’s for stealing the temple and apologize in front of
Prithviraj. “Guru maa” tells Sanyogita that her and Prithviraj’s horoscope is not matching and tells that there will come so many difficulties in their
life. Vikrant goes to meet Muhammed Ghori to gives the information that Prithviraj along with his friends has saved Arjun from their trap.
The disguised Prithviraj, Pundir and Chand catch Arjun and brings in front of the villagers, seeing him the villagers get wild. mohammad ghori makes a plan to capture
the village to rule his kingdom, which one of the villager covertly hears their conversation. One of the soldiers tells Vikrant that Suraj (Prithviraj) and his friends caught
Arjun and plans to attack the Mandawa village to take Arjun from there. Jaichand tells Sanyogita that he has fixed her marriage with Samastipur king Anand
Singh’s son Rajveer, hearing this Sanyogita refuses to marry with him against her will. Prithviraj comes to know that Vikrant is not a villager; he is a soldier and
catches him. Vikrant lies to Suraj (Prithviraj) that Prithviraj is behind all this destruction, meanwhile Suraj reveals that he is only Prithviraj. Vikrant kidnaps the village
children to escape from there.
The Villagers apologize to Prithviraj for mistaking him. Jaichand pretends to be diseased to separate Sanyogita and Prithviraj. Mohammad Ghori conquers the village
of Vijayanagar and he learns about the death of Vikraant.
Prithviraj decides to find the conspirer who is conquering his country by defaming his name. Sanyogita unveils Jaichand's plan and rebukes him for cheating her.
Prithviraj finds that the officials are misusing their powers against the public and decides to take necessary action. Prithviraj and his friends disguise as trespassers
for the surveillance. Prithviraj notices illegal activities in his country.
Prithviraj in disguise sees the citizens starving for food as the grains are stolen. Prithviraj goes in search of stolen grains. Jaichand vows to kill Prithviraj if he comes
to meet Sanyogita.
Prithviraj vows to get back the stolen grains at any cost. The citizens decide to commit suicide due to starvation. Prithviraj finds the stolen grains and the citizens feel
happy about the same. Jaichand appoints Kadambari to mesmerize Sanyogita to forget Prithviraj. Prithviraj's name is misused to instigate the citizens.
Prithviraj fights with Bhujangnath for the villager's land and wins. The king challenges Prithviraj to fight one more time for more land. Sanyogita prays to God for her
love Prithviraj. Prithviraj is badly hurt but decides to fight for the villagers. Sanyogita plays sitar and remembers Prithviraj. Jaichand succeeds in his plan of making
Sanyogita to befriend with Kadambari so that someday Kadambari can mske Sanyogita meet the king Uday. The king challenges Prithviraj to fight with him and offers
to return all the land of the villagers incase if Prithvi wins. Though Prithviraj's hand is fractured, he accepts the challange.
Prithviraj is worried as his hand is fractured and he has to fight for the villagers land. The king instructs Bhujangnath to hit on Prithviraj's hand. Prithviraj is sad as he is
not able to hold stick for the fight. The villagers pray for Prithviraj to win the fight. Prithviraj's hand is badly hurt during the fight. Prithviraj wins the fight and the lands
are returned to the villagers. The king offers Prithviraj to fight from his side in return of wealth and he accepts it.
Prithviraj comes to know that Ghori is behind the blaming of his name for cheating the people. Ghori plots to defeat Prithviraj and sends a message challenging him to
fight face to face. Prithviraj accepts Ghori's challenge and declares war on him. Gaurav who works in Ghori's territory tries to warn Prithviraj about Ghori's plan and
gets killed by the soldiers.
Prithviraj (Suraj) helps the king to hide in a tunnel. Prithviraj plays a mind game to show the king that Suraj is killed by Prithviraj and comes in front of the king. The
king reveals to Prithviraj that Sultan Mohammad Ghori told him to snatch all the land from the villagers. Prithviraj asks the king about Sultan Mohammad Ghori's
whereabouts in return of his life. Sultan Mohammad Ghori challenges Prithviraj for the battle. A villager gives a letter to Prithviraj about Sultan Mohammad Ghori's
plan and escapes from his kingdom. He is killed by Sultan Mohammad Ghori's men.
Prithviraj with his friends leave for the Lohagarh. Arjun informs Samar to leave for Lohagarh with his soldier. Sultan Mohammad Ghori tells his messenger that he will
kill Prithviraj before he reaches Lohagarh. Prithviraj sees the villager's dead body and reads the letter containing Sultan Mohammad Ghori's conspiracy. Sultan
Mohammad Ghori's men prevent Prithviraj and his friends from reaching Lohagarh and trap them in the jungle. Arjun and Samar go in search of Prithviraj and his
Muhammed Ghori's soldiers captivate Prithviraj, Pundir and Chand. Arjun along with Samar goes to find Prithviraj, Pundir and Chand, in between Arjun finds an
injured villager who tells him that Prithviraj and his friends life is in danger. Prithviraj escapes from the trap and saves Pundir and Chand from the soldiers, but again
the soldiers catches Prithviraj, meanwhile Arjun and Samar comes there and save Prithviraj and his friends from the soldiers. Prithviraj along with his friends goes to
save Vijayanagar from Muhammed Ghori. Dacoit Dhara along with his companions attacks Sanyogita and his soldiers, in between she tries to escape from there, and
meanwhile she meets Prithviraj there and tells the entire incident. Prithviraj tells Sanyogita that Muhammed Ghori has attacked the Vijayanagar and has to go for a
Ghori comes to know about Prithviraj's plan to attack him. So he constructs a wall to stop Prithviraj from entering into his territory. Prithviraj decides to break the doors
and enter with his troop as Ghori challenges him. Rajpur prince Udayraj receives Sanyogita as she comes as a guest. Prithviraj fails to break the wall and saves one
of his soldiers. Jaichand plans Sanyogita's wedding with Udayraj.
Prithviraj gathers the Indian kings for a meeting and seeks their help to attack Ghori. The Indian Kings cheat Prithviraj and he loses his soldiers and Samar gets hurt.
Prithviraj kills the Indian kings who had cheated on him. The people and the soldiers support Prithviraj and comes forward to fight against Ghori.
Sanyogita suspects Jaichand as he tries to get her married with Udayraj. Sanyogita declares her love towards Prithviraj. Prithviraj plans to dig a tunnel to enter
Ghori's territory and at the same time, attack Ghori's troop at the wall. Kadambari tries to help Udayraj to win Sanyogita's heart. Prithviraj attacks Ghori's troop while
Arjun and Samar lead the soldiers in digging the tunnel.
Vaishali comforts Jaichand while he gets angry at Sanyogita for rejecting her ""Swayamvar"". Prithviraj with his friends wins the war with Ghori and celebrates their
victory. Prithviraj comes to know about Ghori's attack and then plans to trap Ghori's troop
Prithviraj doesn't lose hope even after his troops die. The villagers start throwing bricks on Sultan Mohammad Ghori's army. Sanyogita doubts on Kadambari for
mixing pills in her drink. Samar takes Prithviraj with him out of the battle field. Sultan Mohammad Ghori imprisons the villagers who threw bricks on him. The villagers
decide to fight for Prithviraj. Prithviraj comes to know about Lohar's conspiracy who is his soldier. Sanyogita pretends to love Uday in front of Kadambari to misguide
her. Kadambari informs the same to Uday and also tells that Jaichand will come and fix their marriage without informing Sanyogita. Sanyogita becomes angry and
shouts at both of them. Prithviraj plans to go towards the fort.
Sultan Mohammad Ghori takes the children hostage and threatens the villagers to fight against their King Prithviraj. Prithviraj challenges Sultan Mohammad Ghori but
instead, the villager's attacks on them. Prithviraj and his men break in into the palace through the tunnel from the west and rescue the children and the villagers.
Prithviraj battles and beat up Sultan Mohammad Ghori with his bare hands but at the end Sultan Mohammed Gori manages to grab the sword.
Prithviraj and Sultan Mohammad Ghori fight with each other. Sultan Mohammad Ghori escapes from Prithviraj. Sanyogita argues with Jaichand for Prithviraj's love.
Jaichand locks her inside a room. Prithviraj searches for Sultan Mohammad Ghori. Sultan Mohammad Ghori wears a mask to hide himself from Prithviraj. Vaishali
informs Sanyogita that Prithviraj will come after two days and asks her to plan to escape with him.
Mohammad Ghori held's a boy hostage and threatens Prithviraj to let him go. Prithviraj is disappointed that Mohammad Ghori gets away but his men tends him.
Mohammad Ghori asks his men to prepare for battle with Prithviraj. Prithviraj and his men, on their way meet some villagers who fight for grains and sells in a low
price so he decides to meet their landlady Gayatri Devi. Sanyogita and Vaisali plans for escape. Gayatri Devi tells Prithviraj that the people are afraid of the wild
animal that comes from the jungle and creates terror. Prithviraj promises that he will kill that wild animal for them and make the village a save place.
Chander and Arjun ask Prithviraj to stay and meanwhile they will go and kill that wild animal. Jaichand tells Sanyogita that she has to marry Uday Singh the next
night. Arjun and Chander take off to kill the wild animal but instead they are brutally attacked by the wild animal. Chander comes back badly injured and Prithviraj
goes and rescues Arjun. Jaichand sends the maids to apply ""mehndi"" to Sanyogita but she resists so he decides to get her married without any ""mehndi"".
Prithviraj suspects a foul play on the killings in the jungle by the wild animal so he vows to uncover the truth at any cost. kadambari tries to convince Sanyogita that
everything happens for good. Prithviraj fights and capture the imposter who disguise as a wild animal that brings terror to the villagers and Gayatri is the main culprit
behind all. Vaishali comes in disguise to help Sanyogita get out of the palace. Gayatri Devi waits for prithviraj and his men in the jungle and lays a trap to capture
Gayatri Devi and her men wait for Prithviraj and his men and attack them. Gayatri devi lost the battle however their weapons were layered with poison and Prithviraj
and his men were already injured by those weapons. Sanyogita and Vaishali manags to escape from the palace and Jaichand sets his men all over in search of them.
The poison starts reacting and Chander falls down from his horse and faints. Prithviraj ask his men to go to an Ayurveda doctor but he refuse to stop and moves
ahead. Jaichand commands his men to find Sanyogita before Uday Singh gets there. prithviraj on his way hits his head on a tree and faints.
Sanyogita waits for Prithviraj but he could not come as he gets unconscious. Jaichand gets angry as Sanyogita leaves the house for Prithviraj without informing him.
Sanyogita waits for Prithviraj but he faints and the physician takes him to his house. Jaichand informs Uday that he will attack Delhi as Sanyogita leaves the house.
Prithviraj gets his consciousness back and goes to search Sanyogita in Kannauj. Sanyogita returns home and Jaichand asks her to marry Uday. Prithvraj does not
find Sanyogita and decides to meet her in the palace.
Sanyogita gets ready to marry Uday. Jaichand tells Uday that after their marriage he will attack and kill everyone in Delhi. Prithviraj comes to Jaichand's palace to
meet Sanyogita. Jaichand fights with Prithviraj. Sanyogita misunderstands Prithviraj and asks him to leave her. Mohammad Ghori feels happy that Prithviraj is in
Jaichand's palace. Mohammad Ghori asks Kadar Khan to enquire about Pratha as he wants to take revenge from Prithviraj. Prithviraj who is in Jaichand's custody
remembers Sanyogita. Uday refuses to marry Sanyogita as she loves Prithviraj.
Vaishali comforts Jaichand while he gets angry at Sanyogita for rejecting her ""Swayamvar"". Prithviraj with his friends wins the war with Ghori and celebrates their
victory. Prithviraj comes to know about Ghori's attack and then plans to trap Ghori's troop
Vanraj impersonates Samer's chief and comes to his palace to kill Pratha. Someshwar's friend informs Prithviraj that Sanyogita is alive and he feels happy about it.
Someshwar's friend gives wrong information to Prithviraj about Sanyogita to trap him. Sanyogita remembers Prithviraj and gets upset. Jaichand plots against
Prithviraj to kill him at Jaigarh. Prithviraj goes to Jaigarh in search of Sanyogita but some villagers warn him not to go there. Some peoples cordon Prithviraj and he
fights with them.
Prithviraj searches Sanyogita in Jaigarh. One man pretends to be a statue and tries to kill Prithviraj but he fights and kills him. Jaichand's soldier informs him that they
have failed to kill Prithviraj and he gets angry. Nayantara asks Jaichand not to kill Prithviraj but he refuses. Pratha remembers Prithviraj and Samer ask her to go and
meet him. Prithviraj and Sanyogita pray to god for each other. Nayantara tries to realise Jaichand about his feelings for Sanyogita and he permits her to meet
Pratha is concerned for Prithviraj as she gets a nightmare. A girl attacks Prithviraj. Prithviraj grabs that girl and she informs him that Jaichand sent her to kill him.
Sanyogita is sad and remembers Prithviraj. Prithviraj gets angry on Jaichand and fights with him. Jaichand tells Prithviraj that if he is able to bring a special sword
from a specified place then only he will allow him to marry Sanyogita.
Jaichand sends his spies to keep an eye on Prithviraj and plans to treachery on Jaichand. Nayantara and Vaishali come to meet Sanyogita and hide to her about
Jaichand's conspiracy against Prithviraj. Pratha is worried as Samar goes for the hunting. Prithviraj impersonates as a priest to get to know about Sanyogita from the
Jaichand's spies. Pratha searches Samar in the jungle.
Ballu knows about Sanyogita's presence. Prithviraj decides to fight against Ballu and wants to defeat himself because if Ballu loses the match then he will not talk to
anyone for ten days. Vanraj reveals to Samar about his original identity and tells him that he wants to take revenge on Prithviraj so he wants to kill Pratha. Pratha
listens to his conversation and escapes out from the tent. Prithviraj fights with Ballu and loses the match. He is hurt badly. Sanyogita remembers her past with
Pratha is able to escape from Vanraj's soldiers and goes to Delhi. A stranger stabs Ballu and he dies. Prithviraj becomes sad as he is not able to get Sanyogita's
whereabouts. Jaichand tells his soldier to remove all the evidence which would help Prithviraj to get Sanyogita's address. A small girl informs Prithviraj that one day
Sanyogita came to the same temple where they are present at that moment. She also informs that some people were talking about a river. Jaichand's soldier kills the
boater and impersonates himself as the boater. He takes Prithviraj and his friends to kill them.
Sanyogita takes an oath in front of God that she will not take food and water till she meets Prithviraj. Prithviraj and his friends come to an ashram. The priest of that
ashram is the soldier of Jaichand and mixes sleeping pills in their food. Vanraj tells Mohammad Ghori that he has sent his soldiers to Delhi to catch Pratha. Pratha
starts searching for Prithviraj. Prithviraj and his friends fight with Jaichand's soldiers. Prithviraj and his friends get unconscious. A snake bites Sanyogita's leg.
Jaichand's soldiers bury Prithviraj and his friends.
Sanyogita, Prithviraj and his friends have a narrow escape. Arjun is severely injured and Prithvi asks his friends to take care of Arjun. Prithviraj moves ahead in his
mission. Pratha decides to find Prithviraj fooling Jaichnad's soldiers. Sanyogita's health deteriorates day by day. Prithviraj plans to steal a boat to cross the river so
that he can move a leap ahead in his mission.
Pratha comes in search of Prithviraj. Prithviraj is stabbed while fighting his enemies. Prithviraj and his friends escape from the enemy camp. Prithviraj's friends'
comfort him while he feels sad thinking about Sanyogita. Sanyogita resorts to fasting and is lying sick. The seer informs Prithviraj to meet Sasha inside the cave to
know Sanyogita's whereabouts.
Pratha finds Prithviraj's chain and pendant and goes in search of him. Jaichand is concerned about Sanyogita's health and vows to bring back Prithviraj. Sasha
reveals Sanyogita's whereabouts to Prithviraj. Pratha finds Prithviraj on her way to meet Sasha. Sanyogita comes to know about Jaichand's plot to kill Prithviraj.
Prithviraj agrees to save Samar on Pratha's request.
Ghori tortures Samar in the jail. Ghori vows to kill Samar before Prithviraj arrives to save him. Pratha insists on accompanying Prithviraj to save Samar. Pratha sees a
dead body and suspects it to be Samar. Sanyogita realizes that Prithviraj loves her. Jaichand comes to know about Sanyogita sending a message to Prithviraj
through Vaisali.
Prithviraj comes to know about Samar's existence after seeing the dead body. Pratha requests the citizens to join hands with Prithviraj to save their State. Jaichand
insists Sanyogita to go out of the town to avoid meeting Prithviraj. Chand informs Prithviraj that he has found Samar's whereabouts.
Jaichand brings Ambika to mesmerize Sanyogita to forget Prithviraj. Ghori sends a message to Prithviraj about exchanging the State for Samar and threatening to kill
Samar if Prithviraj plays a trick against Ghori. Prithviraj decides to hand over the State to Ghori on Pratha's request. Prithviraj and Pundir disguise as Ghori's soldiers
to reach to Ghori. Zuber questions Pundir about his identity.
Prithviraj saves Pundir while Zuber suspects Pundir's identity. Ghori in front of disguised Prithviraj reveals about killing Samar after acquiring the State. Ghori plots to
involve Prithviraj in Samar's killing. Prithviraj and Pundir kill Ghori's soldiers. Sanyogita writes Prithviraj's name all over the wall, which irks Ambika.
Prithviraj and Pundir find Samar in the jail. Ghori sees his soldiers' dead. Prithviraj and Pundir take away Samar and tie up Vanraj in his place. Ghori kills Vanraj
mistaking him for Samar. Prithviraj encounters Ghori and reveals his identity.
Prithviraj is in deep pain as Kamalavati has asked him to forget Sanyogita. Pundir promises to himself that he will try to bring Prithviraj and Sanyogita closer.
Mohammad Ghori gets angry to know that Mir has eloped with Chitralekha. Pratha is sad to know about the condition of Prithviraj. At the ashram Sanyogita's heart is
heavy, recalling Prithviraj. Mir meets Prithviraj and tells him that he wants a shelter for him and Chitralekha as Mohammad Ghori is after their lives.
Prithviraj decides to attack on Kannauj in order to find Sanyogita. Mohammad Ghori and his brother Mir have some conflictions between them. Mohammad Ghori
plans to attack on Delhi as he wants to take revenge from Prithviraj. Jaichand visits Prithviraj's palace to tell him that he is organizing Sanyogita's ""swayamvar"".
Prithviraj vows that he will forget Sanyogita for the sake of Kamalavati and will never marry. Mir frees his beloved Chitralekha from Mohammad Ghori's imprisonment
and starts his journey to meet Prithviraj. At the ashram Ambika continues harassing Sanyogita.
Prithviraj is in deep pain as Kamalavati has asked him to forget Sanyogita. Pundir promises to himself that he will try to bring Prithviraj and Sanyogita closer.
Mohammad Ghori gets angry to know that Mir has eloped with Chitralekha. Pratha is sad to know about the condition of Prithviraj. At the ashram Sanyogita's heart is
heavy, recalling Prithviraj. Mir meets Prithviraj and tells him that he wants a shelter for him and Chitralekha as Mohammad Ghori is after their lives.
Pundir suspects Ghori behind sending Chitralekha and Mirto seek Prithviraj's shelter. Ghori is irked after hearing about Mir taking Prithviraj's shelter. Sanyogita tells
Ambika that she sees ""God"" in Prithviraj. Pundir warns Mir not to take advantage of Prithviraj's good nature
Ghori's man orders Prithviraj to send back Mihir and Chitralekha which he refuses. Arjun informs Sanyogita about Prithviraj's decision not to marry. Ghori decides to
wage a battle against Prithviraj for refusing to send back Mihir. Pundir is upset with Prithviraj for sheltering Mihir and Chitralekha. Ghori decides to seek Roshan Ali's
help to destroy Prithviraj. Pratha requests Kamalavati to reunite Sanyogita and Prithviraj, which she refuses.
Ambika tortures Sanyogita to forget Prithviraj. Prithviraj participates in ""Krishnashtami"" celebrations on Kamalavati's insistence to satisfy the citizens of Delhi. Ghori
is informed about Roshan Ali gaining entry into Prithviraj's palace.
Arjun informs Prithviraj about Sanyogita's decision not to marry. Jaichand forces Sanyogita for her "Swayamvar", which she refuses. Kamalavati claims Prithviraj
selfish. Prithviraj is informed about someone robbing State's armory route map. Pundir suspects Mihir's involvement in the robbery of the armory route map. Jaichand
sees Ambika beating Sanyogita and decides to take her back home. Prithviraj and his friends search for the person who robbed the armory route map.
Prithviraj plots to exchange the weapons with duplicate ones to trap the robber, which Roshan Ali overhears. Sanyogita vows not to marry and reveals to Jaichand
about Prithviraj swearing to Kamalavati not to meet her. Roshan Ali escapes from Prithviraj. Prithviraj informs his friends about the robber destroying the weapons.
Sanyogita and Prithviraj remember each other. Prithviraj informs his friends that their weapons are safe. He asks his friends to search for the spy who belongs to
Mohammad Ghori's camp and informs him about their activities. Sanyogita and her friend plan to postpone her wedding by creating problems. Prithviraj and his
friends reach at a place at night to get the key of their treasure. A spy of Mohammad Ghori keeps an eye on Prithviraj's activities and snatches the keys. As he has
disguised himself, nobody recognizes him.
Prithviraj and his friends try to search the spy who snatched the keys of the treasure. Jaichand is happy to know that Sanyogita is ready for "Swayamvar". Jaichand is
unaware about her intentions. Prithviraj tries to catch the spy but that spy injures Pundir. Prithviraj and Sanyogita arrive at a temple where they met for the first time
and their eyes search for each other. In the temple Roshan Ali disguises himself as a priest and offers to treat Pundir. Prithviraj is unaware of Roshan Ali's evil
intention, who wants to mix the poison in the paste which he has to apply on Pundir's wound.
In the temple, Sanyogita is sad that she cannot forget Prithviraj. She decides to stay back for a ritual. The physician treats Pundir who is injured, with poisoned
medicine to kill him. Prithviraj is unaware of his intentions. Sanyogita and Prithviraj see each other at the temple, but they don't talk because Prithviraj had promised
his mother that he will forget Sanyogita. Prithviraj applies medicine on Pundir unaware that the medicine is poisoned. Jaichand comes to meet Sanyogita when he
comes to know that she is not well. When Prithviraj sits beside Sanyogita, she runs away from the temple. When she is about to fall inside the water, Prithviraj holds
her hand
Jaichand questions Roopali about Sanyogita's whereabouts. Sanyogita assures Prithviraj that she shall stand by him, till death. Jaichand searches for Sanyogita.
Sanyogita lies to Jaichand that she went out to get some fresh air. Prithviraj learns that the pundit in disguise is Roshan Ali. Roshan Ali tells Prithviraj that he has
poisoned the latter's friend and escapes. Prithviraj takes his friend to the doctor. He learns that by a special medicine, his friend may either get cured completely or
Sanyogita decides to stop her ""Swayamvar"". Pundir recovers from illness. Pundir feels guilty for getting cheated by Roshan Ali. Pundir is concerned about Roshan
Ali gaining access to the treasury. Roshan Ali acquires about the treasury. Sanyogita escapes from the palace after giving sedatives to Jaichand.
Prithviraj traps Roshan Ali and recovers the treasury. Ghori tells Chand to inform Prithviraj about his launching an attack on Delhi. Pundir refuses Mihir joining hands
with Prithviraj to fight Ghori. Sanyogita tells her mother about spoiling her "Swayamvar" robe, which Jaichand overhears. Mihir overhears Prithviraj's plan to attack
Ghori. Mihir comes to suggest a plan to Prithviraj to attack Ghori. Pundir tells Prithviraj that he has to choose between Mihir and him to accompany him to the
Prithviraj gets a nightmare about Pundir's death. Sanyogita tells Jaichand that she is happy about her "Swayamvar" preparations. The astrologer predicts about
Pundir's death. Prithviraj denies Pundir accompanying him to the battlefield. Prithviraj reveals to Pundir getting a nightmare about Pundir's death, hence does want
him accompanying to the battlefield. Prithviraj finds that Neel is appointed by Ghori as a plot against him.
Prithviraj informs his friend that Neel is Ghori's spy. He plans to defeat Mohammad Ghori by using his spy. Prithviraj gets ready for the battle with Ghori. Sanyogita
and Rupali steal acid bottle from the jewellery room. Prithviraj and Pundir argue over his participation in the battle with Ghori. Jaichand overhears Sanyogita and
Rupali's conversation of stealing acid. Ghori informs his minister about Prithviraj's plan. He plans to destroy Prithiviraj and his army.
Sanyogita argues with Jaichand over her "Swayamvar" with Prithviraj. Jaichand informs Sanyogita about Ghori and Prithviraj's battle. Ghori gets ready for the fight
with Prithviraj. Prithviraj and Chander go to the temple where Ghori and his army await for the attack on Prithviraj and his army. Prithviraj threatens Ghori. Prithviraj
changes his plan as he comes to know about Ghori's plan. Jaichand incarcerations Sanyogita.
Neel successfully comes out from Prithviraj's captivity. Neel informs Ghori about Prithviraj's plan. Ghori sends his army to add poison in Daana Village's Lake and
wells so that he can kill Prithviraj and his army. Jaichand is busy in Sanyogita's "Swayamvar" preparations. All the villagers and Prithviraj's army faint after drinking
poisoned water. Prithviraj asks the doctor to treat his people first and then his army. Sanyogita prays for Prithviraj. The priest informs Jaichand that a full moon night
is not lucky for Sanyogita's "Swayamvar". Prithviraj goes to the forest to get medicine for the villagers and his army.
Prithviraj gets confused on seeing many of the identical medicines. Neel goes to the forest to kill Prithviraj. Prithviraj fights with Neel. Daana villagers pray for
Prithviraj and his army. Prithviraj brings medicine for his army. The doctor treats Prithviraj and his army. Sanyogita prays for Prithviraj's victory. Prithviraj and his
friends regain their senses. Prithviraj decides to take revenge on Ghori.
Prithviraj decides to kill Ghori before the actual battle. Pundir goes to Daana village to help Prithviraj. Prithviraj agrees to take Pundir with him for the battle.
Prithviraj's friend gets shocked on seeing Ghori's army. Sanyogita's mother informs her that Jaichand has changed the "Swayamvar" date. Sanyogita decides to send
a message for Prithviraj to Pratha. Prithviraj and his army fights with Ghori's troup. Ghori gets shocked on seeing Prithviraj in his army camp.
Prithviraj scolds Ghori for his act and defeats him in the fight. Sanyogita requests the doctor to deliver her message to Pratha. Jaichand goes to meet Sanyogita.
Pundir apologizes to Mihir for his rude behaviour. Mihir dies. Sanyogita's doctor delivers Sanyogita's message to Pratha. Prithviraj dreams of Sanyogita. Prithviraj
returns to his kingdom. The priest informs Prithviraj about Sanyogita's "Swayamvar".
The priest informs Prithviraj about Sanyogita's "Swayamvar". Sanyogita and her friend discuss about Prithviraj. Prithviraj recalls his old memories with Sanyogita.
Prithviraj gets shocked on seeing Kamalavati. Kamalavati and Prithviraj discuss about Sanyogita's marriage. Prithviraj reads Sanyogita's message. Kamalavati
releases Prithviraj from all his bondages. Jaichand makes fun of Prithviraj. Prithviraj and his friend discuss about Sanyogita. Prithviraj and Sanyogita recall their old
memories with each other. Jaichand and Sanyogita argue over her "Swayamvar". Prithviraj explains his friends about his plan to enter into Kannauj.
Prithviraj and his friends get ready to participate in Sanyogita's "Swayamvar". Sanyogita and Rupali discuss about her "Swayamvar". Sanyogita decides to kill herself
before her "Swayamvar". Prithviraj and Pundir argue over his participation in rescuing Sanyogita from jaichand's captivity. Jaichand's guard informs him about the
guest coming for Sanyogita's "Swayamvar". He also informs him about Prithviraj's win over Ghori. Prithviraj dreams of somebody killing Pundir. Prithviraj and his
friend fight with Angaara and his army and they defeat them.
Jaichand asks his craftsman to make an idol of Prithviraj. Prithviraj and Chander change their identity and enter into Jaichand's kingdom. Jaichand's guard informs
Jaichand about Chander. Sanyogita recalls her old memories with Prithviraj. Sanyogita argues with Jaichand over her "Swayamvar". Jaichand welcomes Chander.
Jaichand asks his gaurds to keep an eye on Chander. Prithviraj explains his plan to Chander to find Sanyogita. Rupali informs Sanyogita about Chander.
While Chander narrates a poem in the court, Prithviraj goes in search of Sanyogita. Prithviraj seesNayantarapray to God to send Prithviraj. He collects information
about Sanyogita fromNayantara. Meanwhile Jaichand doubts Prithviraj in Kanhaiya's disguise. When Karnataki sees Prithviraj, she hides her face. Jaichand doubts
and asks her as to why she hid her face when she saw Kanhaiya. She lies to him on this that Chander is Prithviraj's friend, so she gave respect to him. Prithviraj takes
a decision that in any circumstance, he will take Sanyogita from Kannauj.
Chander and Prithviraj in Kanhaiya's disguise agree to stay when Jaichand expresses his desire to spend time with them. Sanyogita thinks that she will kill herself
when she comes to know that Prithviraj sent Chander to congratulate Jaichand for her ""Swayamvar"". Jaichand asks Prithviraj disguised as Kanhaiya to play a game
to know as to whether he is Prithviraj or not. Prithviraj in Kanhiya's disguise loses the game so that Jaichand does not come to know about his truth. Sanyogita is
upset with Prithviraj. Jaichand comes to know that Kanhaiya is Prithviraj.
There is a conflict between Prithviraj and Jaichand in relation to Sanyogita's wedding. Prithviraj challenges Jaichand that he will take Sanyogita with him. There is a
sword fight between them. Prithviraj and Chander escape from the place. Sanyogita writes a letter for Prithviraj that she will kill herself as she cannot live without him.
Chander and Prithviraj in a sage's disguise come to the place where Sanyogita is present. Prithviraj, Chander and the others rush to prevent Sanyogita from
committing suicide. Sanyogita is happy to see Prithviraj.
Sanyogita is happy to see Prithviraj. She expresses her desire to go with him. Prithviraj tells her on this that he will take her with pride in front of everyone at the
""Swayamvar"". Jaichand is angry as he recalls the words said by Prithviraj. He comes with all preparations to the place where Sanyogita is present. Pundir decides
that he will stop Jaichand and asks Arjun to inform Prithviraj about him. Sanyogita is upset with Prithviraj. She expresses her desire to Prithviraj that she wants to
marry him. Prithviraj and Sanyogita get married.
Prithviraj marries Sanyogita. Jaichand argues with Pundir. Prithviraj and Chander successfully come out of Jaichand's kingdom. Arjun informs Prithviraj about
Jaichand. Prithviraj and his friends fight with Jaichand's army. Sanyogita recalls her old memories with Prithviraj. Rupali informs Sanyogita about Jaichand's attack on
Prithviraj and his friend. Arjun, Chander and Prithviraj get hurt in the fight. Prithviraj gets unconscious.
Sanyogita prays for Prithviraj. Pundir comes with his army to save Prithviraj and his friend. Rupali informs Sanyogita about Prithviraj's army. Jaichand's warriors get
scared of Pundir and run away. Pundir saves his friends life. He also informs them about Jaichand's attack on his army. Prithviraj and Sanyogita recall their old
memories with each other. Arjun plays a prank with prithviraj. Sanyogita informs Jaichand about her and Prithviraj's marriage. Jaichand introduces Sanyogita to his
Sanyogita informs Jaichand's guest about her and Prithviraj's marriage. Prithviraj and his friend stop Surya Pratap Singh and his army and change their identity with
them. Sanyogita and Rupali discuss about Prithviraj. Prithviraj enters Jaichand's kingdom as Surya Pratap Singh. Jaichand welcomes him. He takes him to
Sanyogita's room. Sanyogita refuses to come for her ""Swayamvar"". Prithviraj's friends make fun of Jaichand's guest.
Jaichand's guest kings argue with each other over Sanyogita. Sanyogita comes for her ""Swayamvar"". Jaichand asks all the kings to aim at the fish's eye. Prithviraj
as Surya Pratap Singh teases Sanyogita. Prithviraj eats all the chillies for Sanyogita. Prithviraj reveals his identity to Sanyogita. Prithviraj wins Jaichand's bet of
aiming fish eye. Jaichand's minister misbehaves with Prithviraj.
Prithviraj goes to meet Sanyogita in her room. Jaichand's guest king back bites him against Surya Pratap Singh. Jaichand goes to Sanyogita's room in search of
Surya Pratap Singh. Jaichand scolds the king for giving wrong information. Jaichand's family performs the pre wedding rituals for Sanyogita. Prithviraj and Sanyogita
recall their old memories with each other. Prithviraj explains his plan to Sanyogita.
Sanyogita gets ready for her ""Swayamvar"". Jaichand's family does Sanyogita's pre marriage rituals. Servant of Prithviraj informs him that Suryapratam ran away
from jail. Servant informs Jaichand that Prithviraj is fake Suryapratam. Jaichand orders his servants to kill Prithviraj. Real Suryapratam reaches the ""swayamvar""
place. Sanyogita tells Prithviraj that she will marry only Prithviraj. Prithviraj reaches the same place and he starts to fight with Jaichand.
Prithviraj reaches the ""Swayamvar"" place and starts to fight with Jaichand. Prithviraj takes Sanyogita and runs away. Jaichand decides to kill both Prithviraj and
Sanyogita. Pundir plans to escape from Jaichand and suggests him to reach Delhi safely. Jaichand shouts at his servants for not finding Sanyogita and Prithviraj.
Prithviraj is tensed about Pundir as he feels Pundir will die in upcoming battle and discusses the same with Sanyogita.
Jaichand goes to the forest in search of Sanyogita and Prithviraj. Prithviraj's informer informs Prithviraj about Jaichand's attack. Prithviraj sends Sanyogita with Arjun
and Chander to a safe place. Prithviraj fights with Jaichand. Arjun and Chander fight with Jaichand's army. Pundir informs Prithviraj about the attack on Sanyogita.
Prithviraj is tensed after seeing his soldier's dead bodies and goes to find Sanyogita, Arjun and Chand. Jaichand is angry at his soldier's for not finding Sanyogita,
Arjun and Chand, meanwhile Jaichand finds Sanyogita. Jaichand is angry at Sanyogita for running from the palace with Prithviraj. Arjun tries to save Sanyogita from
Jaichand but gets injured and tells Chand to run away from there to save Sanyogita's life. Arjun fights with Jaichand's soldiers, in between one of the soldier's stab
him in the back due to which he gets unconscious.
Jaichand searches for Prithviraj in a deep forest. Arjun is injured in the battle and he tries to go near to Prithviraj to inform him about Chand and Sanyogita. Jaichand
shouts at his servant and tells him to find out Sanyogita. Prithviraj and Pundir see blood stains of Arjun and follows the same. Prithviraj finds Arjun. Jaichand finds an
anklet of Sanyogita. Sanyogita hears fake Prithviraj's voice and tries to meet him but Chand stops her. Sanyogita sees Jaichand instead of Prithviraj. Jaichand orders
his servants to kill Chand.
Jaichand is totally devastated. Jaichand orders his servant to kill Prithviraj. Prithviraj, Arjun and Pundir search for Sanyogita and Chand, everywhere in the jungle.
Prithviraj sees Chand with injuries. Chand informs about Sanyogita and also tells him to save her. Jaichand forcefully takes Sanyogita with him. Prithviraj, Arjun and
Pundir sees footprints of Jaichand's solder. Prithviraj thinks that Sanyogita is somewhere nearby. Sanyogita sees a tiger in the jungle and gets afraid.
Sanyogita tries to escape from Jaichand's trap, but Jaichand catches her again. Prithviraj along with Arjun and Chand goes to find Sanyogita. Jaichand along with
Sanyogita and his soldier's reach the "nandan" village for rest. Jaichand thinks that the tiger in the jungle has killed Prithviraj and his friends and gets happy.
Prithviraj along with Arjun and Chand reach the ""nandan"" village where the chief of the village tells them that Jaichand has gone to the north side of the jungle.
Jaichand tells Sanyogita to forget Prithviraj. The chief of the village tells Prithviraj that every night a tiger comes to the village and kills one person. Prithviraj decides
to save the villagers and goes to the jungle; meanwhile the tiger attacks Pundir and Arjun.
The tigers attacks Arjun and Pundir and takes them from there, hearing their scream Prithviraj and Chand go to find them, meanwhile Prithviraj and Chand find them
injured. Prithviraj goes to find the tigers and kills them. The villagers are happy and thankful to Prithviraj for saving them from the tigers.
Jaichand tells Sanyogita that he has decided to leave her in "khoonkhar" a tribal place; meanwhile Sanyogita decides to leave a clue of hers in the temple so that
Prithviraj can get help to find her. In between Jaichand sees Sanyogita leaving the clue and takes her from there forcefully. Jaichand reaches the "khoonkhar" tribals
place; meanwhile Prithviraj along with his friends reach the tribal place. The tribal's traps Prithviraj and his friend, in between Prithviraj along with his friends kills them
and disguises themselves as the tribal's. The chief of the tribe comes to know that Prithviraj and his friends have disguised themselves and tells it to Jaichand.
Prithviraj comes into Jaichand's territory. Jaichand has a grudge to kill Prithviraj but Anangpal stops him. Prithviraj wonders as to why the people of Anangpal show
respect to Anangpal. Sanyogita misses Prithviraj and she feels his presence. Jaichand and Anangpal come to know that Prithviraj has come to rescue Sanyogita.
Anangpal tells Jaichand that his mind is diverted in the tribal dance, so he won't rescue Sanyogita. Prithviraj goes to the tent where Sanyogita is captured, but he finds
someone else. Sanyogita escapes into the forest, and she is captured again. Jaichand suspects something wrong and he faces Prithviraj. Prithviraj asks Jaichand
where he has kept Sanyogita. He and Jaichand fight each other. Anangpal tells Prithviraj that Sanyogita's life is in danger. He tells Prithviraj and warns him that if
Pritviraj doesn't find Sanyogita then his friends' life will be in danger. Prithviraj agrees to go in search of Sanyogita.
Sanyogita is captured by Jagraj. When he releases her, he warns her that if she escapes from him then she is free to go but if she doesn't, then her life is in danger.
Prithviraj goes in search of Sanyogita in the forest and he hears her scream. Sanyogita hides in the bushes when she hears footsteps. She faces Jagraj and screams
for Prithviraj. Before Jagraj could stab Sanyogita, Prithviraj stabs him from behind. Anangpal tells Jaichand that Sanyogita's life is in danger. Prithviraj's friend assures
Jaichand that Sanyogita will be safe in Prithviraj's hands. Prithviraj and Sanyogita find Jagraj missing. Sanyogita notices blood on Prithviraj's forehead. Before he
could see on the tree top, Jagraj stabs him. Prithviraj and Jagraj fight each other and he rescues Sanyogita.
Prithviraj kills Anangpal in the fight. Sanyogita and Prithviraj seek Jaichand's blessings but he doesn't bless them. Prithviraj's friends assure Sanyogita and him that
before they leave for Delhi, Jaichand will forgive them. When Sanyogita's mother sees Jaichand angry then she thinks that Sanyogita and Prithviraj are alive.
Jaichand tells Sanyogita's mother that he will kill Prithviraj. Sanyogita is taken in the palanquin and Prithviraj rides a horse and his friends enjoy. Jaichand plans with
his people to trap Prithviraj. Prithviraj's friends leave for Delhi with half of the people, for the preparation to greet Sanyogita grandly. In the forest, Prithviraj and
Sanyogita see a woman escaping from the villagers. The villagers inform Prithviraj that she's a devil who killed her husband. Prithviraj introduces himself as the King
of Delhi to the villagers.
Prithviraj proves the woman innocent. The villagers still doesn't trust her. The villager shows the dead bodies, and he tells Prithviraj that this woman has served
poisoned water to them. Prithviraj drinks the water given by the woman, and he tells the villager that he will give justice to her. Sanyogita's worried for Prithviraj after
he drinks the water. Prithviraj feels uneasiness and falls down. The physician informs Sanyogita that Prithviraj will not live long and he has no idea which poison has
been given to him. The physician gives a medicine and Sanyogita prays for Prithviraj's life. Prithviraj gains his consciousness. He meets that woman to give her
justice. The woman informs Prithviraj about the well and says that she collects water from that well and the rest of the villagers collect water from outskirts of the
The villagers become agaitated with Niharika as they assume that Niharika has fed poison to Prithviraj and so they decide to burn her. Sanyogita informs Prithviraj
about the same. Meanwhile, Prithviraj faints in the jungle. Later, Prithviraj comes in rescue of Niharika and saves her. Prithviraj finds out the reason behind the
poisonous water of the well and proves it in front of the villagers; how dead skin of the animals are spreading virus in the water, resulting to fatal deaths.
The village doctor recovers Prithviraj as he faints. The villagers apologise to Prithviraj for blaming Niharika. Prithviraj decide to leave the village in the middle of the
night and so asks Chand to arrange for their journey. Maharaj Jaichand trickily attacks Pundir and his associates on the way to Kannuj.
Maharaj Jaichand trickily attacks Pundir and his associates on the way to Kannuj. Arjun sacrifices his life for Pundir when Maharaj Jaichand attacks Pundir from
behind. Prithviraj sets out along with Sanyogita and Chand for Kannuj. Meanwhile, Maharaj Jaichand's army attacks Pundir and he dies a fatal death. Before dying
Pundir informs Prithviraj about Maharaj Jaichand's cruel intention and advises him to return back to his estate.
Arjun and Chand suggest Prithviraj to take back Sanyogita to Delhi safely while he agrees. Later, they set out on journey for Delhi but on the way Sanyogita advises
Prithviraj to get back to the battle field and help Arjun and Chand. Meanwhile, Maharaj Jaichand stages conspiracies with his army to attack Prithviraj's army
beforehand only. Prithviraj comes back to the battlefield.
Prithviraj remembers what Guruji said to him and heads to the battlefield with his army. The battle begins. Raja Jaichand's spies see Prithviraj's soldiers in the
jungles. Raja Jaichand orders his men to slaughter Prithviraj's friends Chand and Pundir and fights Prithviraaj. Raja Jaichand taunts Prithviraj. Prithviraj remembers
his promise made to Raja Jaichand's daughter. Prithviraj's friends receive Chand's signal and run to the battlefield. They are hit by arrows.
Raja Jaichand's soldiers attack Arjun and Pundir. Prithviraj kills the soldiers and asks Chand to save Arjun. Raja Jaichand taunts Prithviraj. Prithviraj remembers the
past and attacks Raja Jaichand. He stops himself from killing him because of the promise made to Sanyogita. Raja Jaichand's daughter. Raja Jaichand throws a
spear and kills Pundir. Prithviraj screams seeing Pundir's death. Raja Jaichand stops himself from killing Prithviraj.
Prithviraj carries Pundir's corpse to his camp. Prithviraj learns Arjun is critical and goes to see him. Prithiviraj recalls the time spent with his friends. Sanyogita tells
her maid to close the windows. Prithviraj asks Chand to preserve Pundir's corpse. Raja Jaichand declares he will behead Prithviraj. He learns Sanyogita has gone to
Delhi, and Arjun will die soon. Prithviraj urges Arjun to hold on.
Prithviraj remembers Arjun's words. Sanyogita waits for news. Prithviraj slaughters Raja Jaichand's soldiers. He remembers his promise made to Sanyogita and
stops himself from killing Raja Jaichand. Prithviraj asks Raja Jaichand to leave. Sanyogita learns about Prithviraj's victory and asks her maids to make all
preparations, for welcoming Prithviraj. Prithviraj puts flowers on Pundir's corpse and urges Arjun to hold on.
Arjun respectfully salutes Pundir's corpse and weeps. Sanyogita is excited learning Prithviraj is coming. Prithviraj urges Arjun to hold on until they reach Delhi. He
remembers the time spent with his friends in the past. Arjun breathes his last. Sanyogita is shocked to see the corpses of Arjun and Pundir being brought in. She
urges Prithviraj to speak. Sanyogita remembers the time she spent with Prithviraj's friends. The last rites are arranged. An assassin stabs Prithviraj and runs.
Prithviraj tells Chand the assassin could be one amongst the people inside the palace. Prithviraj carries the pier to the cremation ground and watches Arjun and
Pundir's sons cremate the corpses. Prithviraj sees the assassin and chases him. Raja Jaichand tells Maharani Nayantara he cannot forgive Prithviraj. The assassin
sees Prithviraj and Saiyogita. Prithviraj forces the assassin to remove his disguise. He is shocked learning the assassin is Arjun's son.
Prithviraj tells Arjun's son he promised Sanyogita, to spare her father's life. Raja Jaichand remembers Sanyogita. Prithviraj performs the peace rites for his friends.
Chand urges Prithvi to be strong. Raja Jaichand sends gifts to Sanyogita with her mother Maharani Nayantara. Dadar Khan informs Mohammed Ghori about
Prithviraj's weakness. Sanyogita convinces Prithviraj to go for a trip. Prithviraj runs behind a lion and hits a sage. The sage declares Prithviraj will die.
Prithviraj consoles Chand. Mohammed Ghori tells Dadar Khan to make preparations for attack. Prithviraj assures Sanyogita and prays to God. Mohammed Ghori
orders his soldiers to disguise themselves and hide weapons. Prithviraj practices hitting arrows being blindfolded. Sanyogita overhears Chand tell Prithviraj's sister
Pratha about the threat to his life. Mohammed Ghori stabs a fruit seller.Chand and Samar Singh are warned.
Samar Singh decides his move. Sanyogita tries to stop Prithviraj from leaving. Samar Singh makes enquiries. He watches Mohammed Ghori talk with Dadar Khan.
Prithviraj prays to God. Samar Singh defies Mohammed Ghori. Pratha sees bad omen. Chand and Prithviraj search for Samar Singh and find his corpse. Sanyogita
consoles Pratha and learns about Samar's death. Pratha shocked to see Samar's corpse faints. Prithviraj reads Mohammed Ghori's message.
Mohammed Ghori declares Prithviraj's death. Sanyogita urges Prithviraj to be safe. Prithviraj receives his sword from Sanyogita and promises Pratha he will return
only after killing Mohammed Ghori. Mohammed Ghori attacks Prithviraj. Prithviraj spares his life. Mohammed Ghori makes plans to attack Prithviraj in the night.
Prithviraj tells Chand to send news to Saiyogita. Sanyogita panics seeing bad omen. Prithviraj is surprised to see Mohammed Ghori in his camp.
Dadar Khan stabs Prithviraj. Chand receives the news. Mohammed Ghori whips Prithviraj and drags him to his kingdom Ghor. Chand learns about Prithviraj's capture
and informs Saiyogita. Mohammed Ghori enjoys seeing Prithviraj suffer and offers to bring him food and drink. Chand takes Saiyogita's message to Prithviraj.
Prithviraj taunts Mohammed Ghori and looks angrily at him. Mohammed Ghori blinds him.
Dadar Khan stabs Prithviraj. Chand receives the news. Mohammed Ghori whips Prithviraj and drags him to his kingdom Ghor. Chand learns about Prithviraj's capture
and informs Saiyogita. Mohammed Ghori enjoys seeing Prithviraj suffer and offers to bring him food and drink. Chand takes Saiyogita's message to Prithviraj.
Prithviraj taunts Mohammed Ghori and looks angrily at him. Mohammed Ghori blinds him.
Chand tells Mohammed Ghori, Prithviraj can shoot arrows by hearing the sound alone. Sanyogita reads Prithviraj's message. Prithviraj refuses to obey the soldier. He
declares he is a king, and will only obey a king's orders. Mohammed Ghori is pleased and asks him to show his skill. Chand informs Prithviraj about Mohammed
Ghori's location. Prithviraj kills Mohammed Ghori.Chand and Prithviraj kill themselves. Sanyogita suddenly gasps and faints.