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The Oneness of God

Genesis 1:1.In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Isaiah 44:24.Thus saith the Lord, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from
the womb, I am the Lord that maeth a!! things" that stretcheth forth the
heavens #LO$%" that s&readeth abroad the earth by '()%L*"
In reading these two scri&tures together, we +nd two im&ortant truths. These
are, +rst of a!! that God is the creator of a!!. )econd, we see he created a!!
things a!one and by himse!f. There were no co,creators with him.
-ohn 1:1../e was in the wor!d, and the wor!d was made by him, and the wor!d
new him not.
/ere the a&ost!e -ohn informs us (ahshua 0-esus1 is the 2reator. God created
a!! things a!one and by himse!f yet now we +nd (ahshua is the 2reator. The
on!y thing this cou!d mean is that (ahshua a!one is God. (ahshua a!one is
2reator. /e had no other he!&ers .
%4odus 5:15,16.#nd 'oses said unto God, 7eho!d, when I come unto the
chi!dren of Israe!, and sha!! say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent
me unto you" and they sha!! say to me, 8hat is his name9 8hat sha!! I say
unto them9 #nd God said unto 'oses, I #' T/#T I #': and he said, Thus
sha!t thou say unto the chi!dren of Israe!, I #' hath sent me unto you, #nd
God said moreover unto 'oses, Thus sha!t thou say unto the chi!dren of
Israe!, The Lord God of your fathers, the God of #braham, the God of Isaac,
and the God of -acob, hath sent me unto you: this is my name forever" and
this is my memoria! unto a!! generations.
The God of #braham, Isaac and -acob wants to be remembered as I #'.
-ohn ::6;,6:.Then said the -ews unto him, Thou art not yet +fty years o!d,
and hast thou seen #braham9 -esus said unto them, <eri!y, veri!y, I say unto
you, 7efore #braham was, I #'.
(ahshua bo!d!y &roc!aimed to his friends and enemies that he is himse!f the
one who is I #'.
=euteronomy >:4,6./ear, O Israe!: The Lord our God is one Lord: #nd thou
sha!t !ove the Lord thy God with a!! thine heart, and with a!! thy sou!, and with
a!! thy might.
8e are ca!!ed u&on to be!ieve in and worshi& the one true God of Israe!. 8e
are a!!owed to serve no other.
-ohn 2.:2>,51.#nd after eight days again his disci&!es were within, and
Thomas with them: then came -esus, the doors being shut, and stood in the
midst, and said, ?eace be unto you. Then saith he to Thomas, @each hither
thy +nger, and beho!d my hands" and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into
my side" and be not faith!ess, but be!ieving. #nd Thomas answered and said
unto him, 'y Lord and my God. -esus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou
hast seen me, thou has be!ieved: b!essed are they that have not seen, and
yet have be!ieved. #nd many other signs tru!y did -esus in the &resence of
his disci&!es, which are not written in this boo: 7ut these are written, that ye
might be!ieve that -esus is the 2hrist, the )on of God" and that be!ieving ye
might have !ife through his name.
8e are to !ove and serve the God of Israe! and to have no other gods before
him. (ahshua revea!ed himse!f to a!! of the a&ost!es as their Lord and their
God. Therefore, he is e4a!ted to the highest &!ace of honor in the universe.
#!so note, in -ohnAs comments verses 2>,51 (ahshua is referred to as Lord,
God, 2hrist and the )on of God. 8e are to be!ieve he is a!! that -ohn says he
=euteronomy 52:5,> and verse 1:.7ecause I wi!! &ub!ish the name of the
Lord: ascribe ye greatness unto our God. /e is the @oc, his wor is &erfect:
for a!! his ways are Budgment: a God of truth and without iniCuity, Bust and
right is he. They have corru&ted themse!ves, their s&ot is not the s&ot of his
chi!dren: they are a &erverse and crooed generation. =o ye thus reCuite the
Lord, O foo!ish &eo&!e and unwise9 is not he thy *#T/%@ that hath bought
thee9 hath he not made thee, and estab!ished thee9
<erse 1:.Of the @oc that begat thee thou art unmindfu!, and hast forgotten
God that formed thee.
'oses refers to God as the @oc. /e says &!ain!y the @oc is their father in
verse >. )ince he is the one in verse 1: who has begotten them again he
con+rms the @oc is their father.
?sa!ms :D:2>./e sha!! cry unto me, thou art my father, my God, and the @oc
of my sa!vation.
/ere we are shown by God himse!f how he was addressed by =avid. 'y
*#T/%@, 'y GO=, and the @O2E of my sa!vation.
1 2orinthians 1.:1,4.'oreover, brethren, I wou!d not that ye shou!d be
ignorant, how that a!! our fathers were under the c!oud, and a!! &assed
through the sea" #nd were a!! ba&tiFed unto 'oses in the c!oud and in the
sea: #nd did a!! eat the same s&iritua! meat" #nd did a!! drin the same
s&iritua! drin: for they dran of that s&iritua! @oc that fo!!owed them: and
that @O2E 8#) 2/@I)T.
The a&ost!e ?au! to!d the 2orinthians that @O2E 8#) 2/@I)T. Therefore it is
c!ear ?au! be!ieved before his coming to earth as a man (ahshua was in fact
God the father.
Isaiah 45:1.,11.(e are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I
have chosen: that ye may now and be!ieve me, and understand that I am
he: before me there was no God formed, neither sha!! there be after me. I,
even I, am the Lord" and beside me there is no saviour.
God is em&hatic that he is the on!y saviour.
-ohn 4:42.#nd said unto the woman, $ow we be!ieve, not because of thy
saying: for we have heard him ourse!ves, and now that this is indeed the
2hrist, the )aviour of the wor!d.
8e gather from these severa! verses that God a!one is the saviour. (et the
&eo&!e said 2hrist was the )aviour of the wor!d. $o doubt 2hrist is God
coming as the saviour of his &eo&!e.
Isaiah 44:>.Thus saith the Lord the Eing of Israe!, and his redeemer the Lord
of hosts, I am the +rst, and I am the !ast" and 7%)I=% '% T/%@% I) $O GO=.
The same one who says he is the +rst and the !ast says, there is no God
beside him. /e did not now anything about a mu!ti,&erson godhead. /e
said I am God and no one e!se.
@eve!ation 2::.#nd unto the ange! of the church in )myrna write" These
things saith the +rst and the !ast, which was dead, and is a!ive"
(ahshua is the one who died and rose again. /e c!aims to be the one who is
the on!y God &eriod. If there is no god e4ce&t the +rst and the !ast nobody
e!se can be God e4ce&t (ahshua. 'any be!ieve (ahshua is mere!y the second
of three &ersons who are God. They wou!d have him as the one in the
midd!e. (et he says he is both the +rst and the !ast. )o if God the father is
the +rst &erson then (ahshua is God the father. If the /o!y Ghost is the third
0!ast1 &erson then (ahshua is the /o!y Ghost, because he is the +rst and !ast.
Isaiah 46:21,22.Te!! ye, and bring them near" yea, !et them tae counse!
together: who hath dec!ared this from ancient time9 8ho hath to!d it from
that time9 /ave not I the Lord9 #nd there is no God e!se beside me" a Bust
God and a )aviour" there is none beside me. Loo unto me, and be ye saved,
a!! the ends of the earth: for I am God, there is none e!se.
If God is &!ain about anything it is the fact there is no God but he. If he is
&!ain about anything it is that there is no )aviour e4ce&t himse!f. #nd a!so
notice he is the )aviour of a!! nations. If anyone on earth desires to be saved
it must be through him a!one.
Titus 2:11,15.*or grace of God that bringeth sa!vation hath a&&eared to a!!
men, Teaching us that, denying ungod!iness and wor!d!y !usts, we shou!d !ive
sober!y, righteous!y, and god!y, in this &resent wor!d" Looing for that
b!essed ho&e, and the g!orious a&&earing of the great God and our )aviour
-esus 2hrist.
?au! is very strong in his assertion that (ahshua is both our God and )aviour.
#s in creation he needs no one besides himse!f to accom&!ish his &ur&ose.
Isaiah D:>,;.*or unto us a chi!d is born, unto us a son is given: and the
government sha!! be u&on his shou!der: and his name sha!! be ca!!ed
8onderfu! 2ounse!!or, The mighty God, The ever!asting *ather, The ?rince of
?eace. Of the increase of his government and &eace there sha!! be no end,
u&on the throne of =avid and u&on his ingdom, to order it, and to estab!ish it
with Budgment and with Bustice from henceforth even for ever. The Fea! of the
Lord of hosts wi!! &erform this.
#!! 2hristians agree this is a &ro&hecy of the coming of 2hrist into the wor!d
as the )aviour and ru!er. It indicates that this son who is given unto us as
)aviour and ru!er is in rea!ity the one true God himse!f. /is name sha!! be
ca!!ed 'IG/T( GO=,%<%@L#)TI$G *#T/%@ &ut very &!ain!y God the *ather.
The 2hrist is both the chi!d who was born and the ever!asting *atherG )o the
mystery of 2hrist is that he is both the *ather and the )on.
1 Timothy 5:1>.#nd without controversy great is the mystery of god!iness:
God was manifest in the Hesh, Busti+ed in the )&irit, seen of ange!s, &reached
unto the Genti!es, be!ieved on in the wor!d, received u& into g!ory.
)o my friends when was God manifest in the Hesh9 8as it not when (ahshua
was born the )on of God9 That was the fu!+!!ment of the 'IG/T( GO=,
%<%@L#)TI$G *#T/%@ coming in the Hesh.
1 Timothy 1:1;.$ow unto the Eing eterna!, immorta!, invisib!e, the on!y wise
God, be honour and g!ory for ever and ever. #men
/ere we see ?au! be!ieved in one who was the O$L( 8I)% GO=. /e is the
Eing eterna! who is immorta!. $ow !et us see who ?au! be!ieved was the on!y
true GodG
1 Timothy >:14,1>.That thou ee& this commandment without s&ot,
unrebueab!e, unti! the a&&earing of our Lord -esus 2hrist: 8hich in his times
he sha!! shew, who is the b!essed and on!y ?otentate, the Eing of ings, and
Lord of !ords" 8ho on!y hath immorta!i!ty, dwe!!ing in the !ight which no man
can a&&roach unto" whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be
honour and &ower ever!asting. #men
If (ahshua is indeed the Eing eterna! 0Eings of ings1 he is the on!y wise God.
If (ahshua is indeed immorta! he is the on!y true God, for he O$L( has
@eve!ation 22:>.#nd he said unto me, These sayings are faithfu! and true: and
the Lord God of the ho!y &ro&hets sent his ange! to shew unto his servants
the things which must short!y be done.
8ho did -ohn be!ieve was the LO@= GO= of the ho!y &ro&hets9
@eve!ation 22:1>.I -esus have sent mine ange! to testify unto you these things
in the churches. I am the root and the oIs&ring of =avid, and the bright and
morning star.
)o again (ahshua im&resses u&on the a&ost!e -ohn he is both our Lord and
'a!achi 2:1../ave we not a!! one father9 /ath not one God created us9 8hy
do we dea! treacherous!y every man against his brother, by &rofaning the
covenant of our fathers9
The one God wou!d have a!ways been God if he had never created anything.
7ut he a!so became the father of a!! things by the mirac!e of creation. )o if
there is on!y one God and (ahshua is the 'IG/T( GO= there can be no other.
If we a!! have but one father and (ahshua is the %<%@L#)TI$G *#T/%@ then
he a!one is God the *atherG It is my earnest desire through this study many
wi!! see there is on!y one God who is the *ather of the universe and that
(ahshua is himse!f God.
1 -ohn 4:12.$o man hath seen God at any time. If we !ove one another, God
dwe!!eth in us, and his !ove is &erfected in us.
1 Timothy >:1>.8ho on!y hath immorta!ity, dwe!!ing in the !ight which no man
can a&&roach unto" whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be
honour and &ower ever!asting. #men
)evera! &!aces in the word of God we are to!d God has never been seen.
Isaiah >:1,6. In the year that Eing JFFiah died I saw a!so the Lord sitting u&on
a throne high and !ifted u& and his train +!!ed the tem&!e. #bove it stood the
sera&hims, each one had si4 wings, with twain he covered his face and with
twain he covered his feet and with twain he did Hy. #nd one cried unto
another and said /o!y /o!y /o!y is the Lord of /osts: the who!e earth is fu!! of
his g!ory. #nd the &osts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and
the house with +!!ed with smoe. Then said I 8oe is meG *or I am undone,
because I am a man of unc!ean !i&s, and I dwe!! in the midst of a &eo&!e of
unc!ean !i&s for mine eyes have seen T/% EI$G T/% LO@= O* /O)T).
)o the Cuestion must be ased who or what did Isaiah and various others see
when they &roc!aimed they had seen God9 In the reve!ation of this mystery
we wi!! discover a truth that wi!! honor (ahshua to the highest &!ace in the
1 Eings ::2;.7ut wi!! God indeed dwe!! on the earth9 7eho!d the heaven and
heaven of heavens cannot contain thee" how much !ess this house that I have
)o!omon recogniFed that in his essence as omni&resent s&irit God was bigger
than the universe he had created. 7efore creation he dwe!t a!one in
indescribab!e &ower and g!ory with himse!f. )ince he never had a beginning
he had an eternity to &!an the creation of the universe. )ince he as
omni&resent s&irit wou!d be bigger than creation itse!f he desired to +nd a
way to come inside what he wou!d mae and be &art of it.
-ohn 1:1,5.In the beginning was the 8ord, and the 8ord was with God, and
the 8ord was God. The same was in the beginning with God. #!! things were
made by him" and without him was not any thing made that was made.
7efore the beginning God had no need of a form. /e was omni&resent s&irit
dwe!!ing a!one so there was no one e!se to have seen him. 7ut since he
desired to be seen in his creation it was necessary for him to create a visib!e
manifestation of himse!f.
This form or visib!e manifestation wou!d be everything that he himse!f was
e4ce&t in reduced, visib!e form. This was not another &erson who was God
but God himse!f dwe!!ing in the visib!e form. This form he too wou!d be the
same form as the ange!s who wou!d be the +rst of his !iving creation. That
way when they were created he wou!d be sitting there on his throne and
wou!d e4&!ain to them who they were and what he was. )o they wou!d not be
seeing him as omni&resent s&irit, they wou!d be seeing him in ange!ic form as
the image of the invisib!e God.
The Gree for 8O@= in these scri&tures is LOGO). 'any meanings are given
for this word in the )trongAs concordance. In conte4t the one that seems to
+t here is T/% =I<I$% %K?@%))IO$. *or this visib!e ange!ic manifestation of
the omni&resent s&irit of God wou!d be the fu!! e4&ression of his character
and g!ory. Today certain com&anies wi!! have a !itt!e &icture or design
stam&ed on their &roduct and we ca!!ed that a !ogo. The &ur&ose of the !ogo
is that when &eo&!e see it the actua! com&any itse!f wi!! come to mind. In
the same way GodAs 0!ogos1 or 8O@= is what he has given creation as a sma!!
yet a!!,&owerfu! e4&ression of his own &erson.
)o when we are to!d in the beginning was the 8ord it means the beginning of
time. The 8ord e4isted from the beginning of time but the one who dwe!t in
the 8ord e4isted from eternity. )o at creation the 8O@= s&oe and the
omni&resent s&irit moved to bring a!! things into being. 8e are to!d the 8ord
was with God. It was a se&arate ?O@TIO$ of his own being. )o when -ohn
says and the 8O@= was God he is not im&!ying the e4istence of two GodAs.
@ather he is showing that the image of the invisib!e God is the %T%@$#L GO=
/I')%L*. $ow we wi!! show &owerfu! &roof that the 8O@= was an ange!ic
form that God used to manifest himse!f visib!y to creation.
%4odus 5:1,4.$ow 'oses e&t the Hoc of -ethro his father in !aw, the &riest of
'idian: and he !ed the Hoc to the bacside of the desert, and came to the
mountain of God,even to /oreb. #nd the #$G%L O* T/% LO@= a&&eared unto
him in a Hame of +re out of the midst of a bush: and he !ooed, and, beho!d,
the bush burned with +re, and the bush was not consumed. #nd 'oses said, I
wi!! now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. #nd
when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God ca!!ed unto him out of
the midst of the bush, and said, 'oses, 'oses. #nd he said, /ere am I. #nd
he said, =raw not nigh hither: &ut oI thy shoes from oI thy feet, for the &!ace
where on thou standest is ho!y ground. 'orever he said, I am the God of thy
father, the God of #braham, the God of Isaac, and the God of -acob. #nd
'oses hid his face" for he was afraid to !oo u&on God.
8hen God introduced himse!f to 'oses we are to!d the #nge! of the Lord is
what he saw in the bush. (et, even though what he saw was the #nge! of the
Lord yet we are to!d it was God who ca!!ed to him out of the bush. )o this is
how 'oses new God face to face. /e saw him in the &erson of the #nge! of
the Lord.
Isaiah >5:;,D.I wi!! mention the !ovingindnesses of the Lord, and the &raises
of the Lord, according to a!! that the Lord hath bestowed on us, and the great
goodness toward the house of Israe!, which he hath bestowed on them
according to his mercies, and according to the mu!titude of his
!ovingindnesses. *or he said, )ure!y they are my &eo&!e, chi!dren that wi!!
not !ie: so he was their )aviour. In a!! their aLiction he was aLicted, and the
ange! of his &resence saved them: in his !ove and in his &ity he redeemed
them" and he bare them, and carried them a!! the days of o!d.
8ho was it that carried Israe!9 8ho was it that was aLicted in a!! their
aLictions9 8ho was their )aviour9 Isaiah the &ro&het te!!s us it was the
Lord. (et, it was the Lord doing a!! these things through the #$G%L O* /I)
?@%)%$2%. 8hen the ange! of the Lord was &resent, the Lord /imse!f was
&resent. #s Israe! saw the ange! of his &resence, they saw him, that is God
Genesis 52:24,5..#nd -acob was !eft a!one" and there wrest!ed a man with
him unti! the breaing of the day. #nd when he saw that he &revai!ed not
against him, he touched the ho!!ow of -acobAs thigh and the ho!!ow of -acobAs
thigh was out of Boint, as he wrest!ed with him. #nd he said, Let me go, for
the day breaeth. #nd he said, I wi!! not !et thee go, e4ce&t thou b!ess me.
#nd he said unto him, 8hat is thy name9 #nd he said, -acob. #nd he said,
Thy name sha!! be ca!!ed no more -acob, but Israe!: for as a &rince hast thou
&ower with God and with men, and hast &revai!ed. #nd -acob ased him, and
said, Te!! me, I &ray thee, thy name. #nd he said, 8herefore is it that thou
dost as after my name9 #nd he b!essed him there.
#nd -acob ca!!ed the name of the &!ace ?enie! for I have seen God face to
face, and my !ife is &reserved.
)o here we have the story of -acob wrest!ing with an ange!. (et u&on
remembering this event, he said he had seen God face to face. 8hy9
7ecause the ange! of God 8#) GO=.
/osea 12:5,6./e too his brother by the hee! in the womb, and by his
strength he had &ower with God. (ea, he had &ower over the ange!, and
&revai!ed: he we&t, and made su&&!ication unto him: he found him in 7ethe!,
and there he s&ae with us" %ven the Lord God of hosts" the Lord is his
/ere /osea reiterates the story of -acob wrest!ing with the ange!. It says by
his strength he had &ower 8IT/ GO=. #nd why did he mae su&&!ication to
the ange!9 7ecause he was T/% LO@= GO= O* /O)T).
Genesis 4::16,1>.#nd he b!essed -ose&h, and said, God, before whom my
fathers #braham and Isaac did wa!, the God which fed me a!! my !ife !ong
unto this day, The #nge! which redeemed me from a!! evi!, b!ess the !ads:
and !et my name be named on them, and the name of my fathers #braham
and Isaac" and !et them grow into a mu!titude in the midst of the earth.
On his death bed -acob says &!ain!y the #$G%L O* GO= who had been with
him a!! his !ife was God himse!f. )o what is our &oint in a!! of these
scri&tures9 The bib!ica! writers te!!s us Mno man hath seen God at any timeM.
)o what is it about God no one has ever seen9 Is it not his essence of omni,
&resent s&irit9 In his omni,&resence God +!!s the who!e universe and even
beyond, because it is too sma!! to contain himG
)o what is it about God that men c!aim to have seen9 In his wisdom the
omni&resent creator formed an ange!ic image of himse!f as his visib!e
e4&ression that he may have &ersona!, face to face, communication with that
which he has created.
-ohn 1:1.In the beginning was the 8ord, and the 8ord was with God, and the
8ord was God.
The #nge! of the Lord was the 8ord. The 8ord was the #nge! of the Lord in
O!d Testament times.
-ohn 1:14.#nd the 8ord was made Hesh, and dwe!t among us, 0and we behe!d
his g!ory, the g!ory as of the on!y begotten of the *ather,1 fu!! of grace and
8hen the time came for God to redeem fa!!en manind, something ha&&ened
to the 8ord. The 8ord had a!ways dwe!t in una&&roachab!e !ight 0omni,
&resent s&irit1. To become our )aviour he wou!d have to have a human
nature inc!uding a body of Hesh. #t Bust the right moment, the omni,&resent
/o!y )&irit transformed the 8ord into a seed sma!! enough to +t into the
womb of a young virgin named 'ary.
'atthew 1:1:.$ow the birth of -esus 2hrist was on this wise: 8hen as his
mother 'ary was es&oused to -ose&h, before they came together, she was
found with chi!d of the /o!y Ghost.
Lue 1:56.#nd the ange! 0Gabrie!1 answered and said unto her, The /o!y
Ghost sha!! come u&on thee, and the &ower of the /ighest sha!! overshadow
thee: therefore a!so that ho!y thing which sha!! be born of thee sha!! be ca!!ed
the )on of God.
$otice that in both of these verses it is the /o!y Ghost 0omni,&resent s&irit1
who is the father of our Lord -esus 2hrist. #!! during the years of his !ife when
he s&oe of, and &rayed to his father he was ta!ing about the /o!y Ghost.
$ow the 8ord which was GodAs visib!e image had been changed from s&irit to
Hesh. #nd Gabrie! to!d 'ary that ho!y thing sha!! be ca!!ed T/% )O$ O* GO=.
)o this chi!d who was born, this son who was given, had &re,e4isted as the
'ighty God, the %ver!asting *ather. $ow (ahshua had two natures. Or two
modes of e4istence.
-ohn 5:15.#nd no man hath ascended u& to heaven, but he that came down
from heaven, even the )on of man which is in heaven.
#s a human being on earth he was a man, the )on of God. #t the same time
in heaven he sti!! remained God,the %ver!asting *ather. /e was what is ca!!ed
fu!!y man and fu!!y God both at the same time. 8hi!e he was here as a
human being he new the same !imitations and tem&tations as any other
man yet without sin. (et the nature of the heaven!y *ather a!so dwe!t in the
body of the )on. )o even though in 2hrist there are two se&arate natures or
modes of e4istence he sti!! te!!s us there are somehow !ined together. The
mighty wors hea!ing and casting out of devi!s and &ro&hetic visions were
done through his connection to the *ather.
-ohn 14:1..7e!ievest thou not that I am in the *ather, and the *ather in me9
The words that I s&ea unto you I s&ea not of myse!f: but the *ather that
dwe!!eth in me, he doeth the wors.
This is what (ahshua meant when he said '( *#T/%@ I) G@%#T%@ T/#$ I.
The God nature that he sti!! he!d in his heaven!y e4istence in which a!so was
!ined to and dwe!!ing in his human body was greater than his human nature.
(ahshua !ived a !ife of overcoming tem&tation and sin. /e was now ready to
be oIered to bear the &unishment of GodAs wrath against sin. On the cross
his *ather withdrew from him a!!owing him to die and &ay the fu!! &rice for
gui!ty sinners.
Lue 24:5>,5D.#nd as they thus s&ae, -esus himse!f stood in the midst of
them, and saith unto them, ?eace be unto you. 7ut they were terri+ed and
aIrighted, and su&&osed that they had seen a s&irit. #nd he said unto them,
8hy are ye troub!ed9 #nd why do thoughts arise in your hearts9 7eho!d my
hands and my feet, that it is I myse!f: hand!e me, and see" for a s&irit hath
not Hesh and bones, as ye see me have.
/is disci&!es feared when (ahshua a&&eared to them after the resurrection.
$ot understanding how this cou!d be some thought they were seeing some
s&irit entity. /e ca!med their fears by &roving to them he was indeed
(ahshua. )howing them his human body convinced them that this was not
some other s&irit. /is immediate intent was sim&!y that the disci&!es wou!d
not be mistaen about who he was.
7ut when he ascended we are c!ear!y to!d 2hrist did become a Cuicening
12orinthians 16:46.#nd so it is written, The +rst man #dam was made a !iving
sou!" The !ast #dam was made a Cuicening s&irit.
There was a reason why this had to ha&&en.
%&hesians 4:1../e that descended is the same a!so that ascended u& far
above a!! heavens, that he might +!! a!! things.1
#s a human being (ahshua cou!d not +!! a!! things. /e was once again now to
tae bac his ro!e as T/% 8O@= O* GO=. /e wou!d be made s&irit again. (et
as being #!mighty God he is sti!! ab!e within his s&irit nature as God to
maintain his human body to manifest as he so desires. 7ut now as s&irit he is
ab!e to come into the hearts of those who be!ieve on him, fu!+!!ing the ro!e of
the 2omforter 0/o!y )&irit1 in our !ives. *or the /o!y )&irit is 2hrist in you, the
ho&e of g!ory. 2o!ossians 1:2;
@eve!ation 1D:11,15.#nd I saw heaven o&ened, and beho!d a white horse" and
he that sat u&on him was ca!!ed *aithfu! and True, and in righteousness he
doth Budge and mae war. /is eyes were as a Hame of +re, and on his head
were many crowns, and he had a name written, that no man new, but he
himse!f. #nd he was c!othed with a vesture di&&ed in b!ood: and his name is
ca!!ed The 8ord of God.
#nd the armies which were in heaven fo!!owed him u&on white horses,
c!othed in +ne !inen, white and c!ean. #nd out of his mouth goeth a shar&
sword, that with it he shou!d smite the nations: and he sha!! ru!e them with a
rod of iron: and he treadeth the wine&ress of the +erceness and wrath of
#!mighty God. #nd he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written,
EI$G O* EI$G), #$= LO@= #$= LO@=).
)o the human being (ahshua has once again become The 8ord of God and
wi!! be revea!ed from heaven in great g!ory and a!mighty &owerG /e is once
again T/% I'#G% O* T/% I$<I)I7L% GO=. The 8ord of God is EI$G O* EI$G),
#$= LO@= O* LO@=), #$= T/% #L'IG/T( GO=. /e is now revea!ed as the
)on of God -esus 2hrist.
1 Timothy >:14,1>.That thou ee& this commandment without s&ot,
unrebueab!e, unti! the a&&earing of our Lord -esus 2hrist: 8hich in his times
he sha!! shew, who is the b!essed and on!y ?otentate, the Eing of ings, and
Lord of !ords" 8ho on!y hath immorta!ity, dwe!!ing in the !ight which no man
can a&&roach unto" whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be
honour and &ower ever!asting. #men
$ow we can understand the meaning of this verse. $o man has ever or wi!!
ever be ab!e to see the omni,&resent )&irit of God. In O!d Testament times he
manifested himse!f as the #nge! of /is ?resence. The 8ord of God. $ow in
$ew Testament times he manifests himse!f through /is )on (ahshua the
'essiah. The #nge! of /is ?resence is no more. *or now we have 2hrist and
in him dwe!!eth a!! the fu!!ness of the Godhead bodi!y. 2o!ossians 2:D /is
bodi!y &resence dwe!!s within the una&&roachab!e !ight that is the omni,
&resent )&irit. God has no bodi!y &resence e4ce&t for that which is revea!ed
as the &erson of -esus 2hrist. /e is the on!y God we wi!! ever see. ?raise /is
G!orious $ame *oreverG #men.
'atthew 1.:1D,2..7ut when they de!iver you u&, tae no thought how or
what ye sha!! s&ea: for it sha!! be given you in that same hour what ye sha!!
s&ea. *or it is not ye that s&ea, but the )&irit of your *ather which
s&eaeth in you.
'ar 15:11.7ut when they sha!! !ead you, and de!iver you u&, tae no thought
beforehand what ye sha!! s&ea, neither do ye &remeditate: but whatsoever
sha!! be given you in that hour, that s&ea ye: for it is not ye that s&ea, but
the /o!y Ghost.
If the *ather and the /o!y Ghost are se&arate and distinct &ersons which
ins&ired writer is correct9 'atthew te!!s us the )&irit of the *ather wi!! s&ea,
but 'ar says it wi!! be the /o!y Ghost.
Lue 21:14,16.)ett!e it therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what
ye sha!! answer: *or I wi!! give you a mouth and wisdom, which a!! your
adversaries sha!! not be ab!e to gainsay nor resist.
#nd now to add fue! to the +re Lue records the same discourse by saying it
is (ahshua who wi!! do the s&eaingG Is it not very !ie!y they were a!! three
ins&ired to write what they wrote because T/%)% T/@%% #@% O$%9
@omans >:4.Therefore we are buried with him by ba&tism into death: that !ie
as 2hrist was raised u& from the dead by the g!ory of T/% *#T/%@, even so
we a!so shou!d wa! in the newness of !ife.
1 ?eter 5:1:.*or 2hrist a!so hath suIered for sins, the Bust for the unBust, that
he might bring us to God, being &ut to death in the Hesh, but Cuicened by
T/% )?I@IT
#s concerning the resurrection we see the a&ost!e ?au! states 2hrist was
raised from the dead by the *ather. Then ?eter says he was raised 0or
Cuicened1 by the /o!y Ghost. =id it tae two se&arate and distinct &ersons
who are both God to raise one man from the dead9
-ohn 2:1:,21.Then answered the -ews and said unto him, 8hat sign shewest
thou unto us, seeing that thou doest these things9 -esus answered and said
unto to them, =estroy this tem&!e, and in three days I 8ILL @#I)% IT J?. Then
said the -ews, *orty and si4 years was this tem&!e in bui!ding, and wi!t thou
rear it u& in three days9 7ut he s&ae of the tem&!e of his body.
$ow we have the #)TOJ$=I$G statement by (ahshua that it is /% /I')%L*
who wi!! resurrect /I')%L*G )aints of God, It wou!d not tae three divine
&ersons to raise O$% '#$ from the deadG $o doubt the /o!y )&irit wants us
to see that these three are one and the )#'% )?I@IT.
1 2orinthians 12:4,>.$ow there are diversities of gifts, but the )#'% )?I@IT,
#nd there diIerences of administrations, but the )#'% LO@=. #nd there are
diversities of o&erations, but it is the )#'% GO= which woreth a!! in a!!.
)o who is woring the gifts in the be!iever9 <erse 4 says the )#'% )?I@IT.
<erse 6 says the )#'% LO@=. <erse > says the )#'% GO=.
1 2orinthians 12:11.7ut a!! these woreth that O$% #$= T/% )%L*)#'%
)?I@IT, dividing to every man severa!!y as /% 8ILL.
)o evident!y the same Lord, the same )&irit and same God is a /%. /e is one
and the )%L*)#'% )?I@IT. God never says he is three, but a!ways that he is
%&hesians 4:4,>.There is one body, and one )&irit, even as ye are ca!!ed in
one ho&e of your ca!!ing" One Lord, one faith, one ba&tism, One God and
*ather of a!!, who is above a!!, and through a!!, and in you a!!.
The a&ost!e ?au! new on!y one Lord. 8ho was he9
#cts D:6.#nd he said, 8ho art thou, Lord9 #nd the Lord said, I #' -%)J)
whom thou &ersecutest: it is hard for thee to ic against the &rics.
The O$L( LO@= ?au! new was -esus .
The a&ost!e ?au! new on!y one )&irit. 8ho was he9
2 2orinthians 5:1>,1;.$everthe!ess when it sha!! turn to the Lord, the vei!
sha!! be taen away. $ow T/% LO@= I) T/#T )?I@IT: and where the )&irit of
the Lord is, there is !iberty.
)o to ?au! -esus was the on!y Lord. #nd now the same man writing under
ins&iration says, T/% LO@= I) T/#T )?I@ITG -esus himse!f is O$% )?I@IT ?au!
?au! new on!y one who was both God and *ather. 8ho as he9
Isaiah D:>.*or unto us a chi!d is born, unto us a son is given: and the
government sha!! be u&on his shou!der: and his name sha!! be ca!!ed
8onderfu!, 2ounse!!or, The mighty God, The ever!asting *ather, The ?rince of
$ow we see the a!! &owerfu! truth that it is T/% )O$ 0-esus1 who is both T/%
'IG/T( GO= T/% %<%@L#)TI$G *#T/%@G )o if -esus is both God and *ather,
then he is the O$L( GO= #$= *#T/%@. 7ecause the a&ost!e ?au! said there is
O$L( O$% who is both God and *ather.
1 -ohn 6:;,:.*or there are three that bear record in heaven, the *ather, the
8ord, and the /o!y Ghost: and these three are one. #nd there are three that
bear witness in earth, the )&irit, and the water, and the b!ood: and these
three agree in one.
The b!ood, water, and s&irit #G@%% I$ O$%. The *ather, the 8ord, and the
/o!y Ghost #@% O$%. 2an you see there is a diIerence between agreeing in
one, and 7%I$G O$%9 If the s&irit wanted us to be!ieve there are three divine
&ersons each one God I$ /I) O8$ @IG/T he wou!d have said these three
agree in one. /e did notG /e said these three #@% O$%.
'atthew 2::1D.Go ye therefore, and teach a!! nations, ba&tiFing them in the
name of the *ather, and of the )on, and of the /o!y Ghost:
This command of 2hrist is cited as a basis for Trinitarian doctrine. 8as 2hrist
commanding the a&ost!es to &reach three se&arate, co,eterna!, co,eCua!
members of the Godhead9 $otice he says to ba&tiFe in T/% $#'%. )ingu!ar.
Let us see how the a&ost!es obeyed this command.
#cts 2:5:.Then ?eter said unto them, @e&ent, and be ba&tiFed every one of
you in the name of -esus 2hrist for the remission of sins, and ye sha!! receive
the gift of the /o!y Ghost.
#cts ::1>.*or as yet he was fa!!en u&on none of them: on!y they were
ba&tiFed in the name of the Lord -esus.
#cts 1.:4:.#nd he commanded them to be ba&tiFed in the name of the Lord.
Then &rayed they him to tarry certain days.
#cts 1D:6.8hen they heard this, they were ba&tiFed in the name of the Lord
The a&ost!es in every case in the boo of acts ba&tiFed converts into the
name of -esus 2hrist 0(ahshua1.
8hy did they do this9 They had s&ent some three years wa!ing with him
and hearing his teachings before he was cruci+ed. They wa!ed with him
fourty days after his resurrection. T/%( E$%8 T/% T@JT/G
The *ather, )on, and /o!y Ghost are three manifestations of the O$% 7%I$G
8/O I) GO=.
There is one name that now brings sa!vation to the wor!d.
#cts 4:12.$either is there sa!vation in any other: for there is none other name
under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
2o!ossians 2:2,5.That their hearts might be comforted, being nit together in
!ove, and unto a!! riches of the fu!! assurance of understanding, to the
acnow!edgement of the mystery of God, and of the *ather, and of 2hrist" In
whom are hid a!! the treasures of wisdom and now!edge.
?au! says there is a mystery concerning God. That is why sometimes it
seems diNcu!t to reconci!e statements of scri&ture about the identity of the
*ather and 2hrist.
Lue 1.:21,22.In that hour -esus reBoiced in s&irit and said, I than thee, O
*ather, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the
wise and &rudent, and hast revea!ed them unto babes: even so, *ather" so it
seemed good in thy sight. #!! things are de!ivered to me of my *ather: and no
man noweth who the )on is, but the *ather" and who the *ather is, but the
)on, and he to whom the )on wi!! revea! him.
(ahshua says that the *ather has /I==%$ the truth about the *ather and the
)on from some. /e doesnAt a!!ow those who are fu!! of their own wisdom so
see him in a!! of /is s&!endor. On the other hand it is his Boy to be nown by
the humb!e. (ahshua says we can on!y understand the mystery of both the
*ather and the )on by divine reve!ation given by /imse!f.
2 2orinthians >:1>,1:.#nd what agreement hath the tem&!e of God with
ido!s9 *or ye are the tem&!e of the !iving God" as God hath said, I wi!! dwe!! in
them, and wa! in them" and I wi!! be their God, and they sha!! be my &eo&!e.
8herefore come out from among them, and be ye se&arate, saith the Lord,
and touch not the unc!ean thing" and I wi!! receive you, #nd wi!! be a *ather
unto you, and ye sha!! be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord #!mighty.
/ere the Lord #!mighty says if we se&arate ourse!ves to him he wi!! be our
*ather. )o if the Lord wi!! a!!ow us to see who is the Lord #!mighty is we wi!!
now the identity of our *ather.
@eve!ation 1:;,:.7eho!d, he cometh with c!ouds" and every eye sha!! see him.
#nd they a!so which &ierced him: and a!! indreds of the earth sha!! wai!
because of him. %ven so, #men. I am #!&ha and Omega, the beginning and
the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the
The subBect of verse ; is the coming of 2hrist. 8e note it is he who was
&ierced for us. /e ca!!s himse!f the #!&ha and Omega. /e is the Lord 0which
was and which is and which is to come1 T/% #L'IG/T(. )o if (ahshua himse!f
is the Lord #!mighty then we understand that he is T/% *#T/%@ of the
@eve!ation 21:6,;. #nd he that sat u&on the throne said, 7eho!d, I mae a!!
things new. #nd he said unto me, 8rite: for these words are true and faithfu!.
#nd he said unto me, It is done. I am #!&ha and Omega, the beginning and
the end. I wi!! give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of !ife
free!y. /e that overcometh sha!! inherit a!! things" and I wi!! be his God, and
he sha!! be my son. O
8e have a!ready seen in @eve!ation 1:;,:, that the #!&ha and Omega, the
beginning and the ending is (ahshua. 8e are to!d in @eve!ation 21:; the
overcomers are his sons. If the overcomers are his sons that means (ahshua
is the *atherG
Titus 1:1,4.?au!, a servant of God, and an a&ost!e of -esus 2hrist, according to
the faith of GodAs e!ect, and the acnow!edging of the truth which is after
god!iness" In ho&e of eterna! !ife, which God, that cannot !ie, &romised before
the wor!d began" 7ut hath in due times manifested his word through
&reaching, which is committed unto me according to the commandment of
God our )aviour" To Titus, mine own son after the common faith: Grace,
mercy, and &eace, from God the *ather and the Lord -esus 2hrist our )aviour.
/ere the a&ost!e ?au! im&arts b!essings to Titus from God the *ather and the
Lord -esus 2hrist our )aviour. )o we have God who is the *#T/%@ and we
have the Lord -esus 2hrist who is the )#<IOJ@. Is ?au! im&!ying these are two
se&arate and distinct beings of God9 In that very same e&ist!e, the same
man writing, says the fo!!owing.
Titus 2:15.Looing for that b!essed ho&e, and the g!orious a&&earing of the
G@%#T GO= and our )#<IOJ@ -esus 2hrist"
Therefore if God is the *ather and -esus 2hrist is the )aviour, then -esus 2hrist
must be both, for ?au! says our great God and our )aviour is -%)J) 2/@I)T.
1 2orinthians ::4,>.#s concerning therefore the eating of those things that
are oIered in sacri+ce unto ido!s, we now that an ido! is nothing in the
wor!d, and that there is none other God but one. *or though there be that are
ca!!ed gods, whether in heaven or in earth, 0as there be gods many, and !ords
many,1 7ut to us there is but one God, the *ather, of whom are a!! things, and
we in him" and one Lord -esus 2hrist, by whom are a!! things, and we by him.
)ome see a shar& se&aration between the one God who is the *ather and the
one Lord who is -esus 2hrist. 8e must remember that the /o!y )&irit has &ut
a c!oa of mystery over the identity of the *ather and the )on. True enough
there is on!y one God and there is on!y one Lord. $ow !et us !oo and see
who the a&ost!es of the $ew Testament 2hurch be!ieved they were.
-ohn 2.:2;,2:.Then saith he to Thomas, @each hither thy +nger, and beho!d
my hands" and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not
faith!ess, but be!ieving. #nd Thomas answered and said unto him, '( LO@=
#$= '( GO=.
#!! the a&ost!es were gathered together when Thomas &roc!aimed (ahshua
was both his Lord and his God. This was the truth that was &!ain!y revea!ed
to the a&ost!es. )o for those who have ears to hear there is one God and
that is (ahshua and a!so there is one Lord who is a!so (ahshua. *or the Lord
our God I) O$%.
@eve!ation 22:5,6.#nd there sha!! be no more curse: but the throne of God
and of the Lamb sha!! be in it" and his servants sha!! serve him: #nd they
sha!! see his face" and his name sha!! be in their foreheads. #nd there sha!!
be no night there" and they need no cand!e, neither !ight of the sun" for the
Lord God giveth them !ight: and they sha!! reign for ever and ever.
$otice that the throne of God and the Lamb I) )I$GJL#@. #!so his servants
sha!! serve him not them. They sha!! see /I) *#2%, $OT T/%I@ *#2%). #nd
/I) $#'%, $OT T/%I@ $#'%) sha!! be in their foreheads. It is ca!!ed the
throne of God and of the Lamb. 8e now the Lamb is (ahshua. 8ho is the
Lord God that giveth them !ight9 Thomas answered and said unto him,
0(ahshua1 '( LO@= #$= '( GO=. )o the throne of God is occu&ied by O$%
who is 7OT/ God and the Lamb.
%&hesians 6::.*or ye were sometimes darness, but now are ye !ight in the
Lord: wa! as chi!dren of !ight:
If 2hristians are the chi!dren of !ight then the !ight is their father. 8/O I) T/%
-ohn 12:44,4>.-esus cried and said, /e that be!ieveth on me, be!ieveth not on
me, but on him that sent me. #nd he that seeth me seeth him that sent me.
I am come a !ight into the wor!d, that whosoever be!ieveth on me shou!d not
abide in darness.
(ahshua is the !ight. 8e are the chi!dren of !ight. 2onc!usion9 (ahshua is our
1 -ohn 2:2:,2D.#nd now, !itt!e chi!dren, abide in him" that, when he sha!!
a&&ear, we may have con+dence, and not be ashamed before him at his
coming. If ye now that he is righteous, ye now that every one that doeth
righteousness I) 7O@$ O* /I'.
#re we not to abide in (ahshua9 #re we not to be ready for /I) 2O'I$G9
-ohn is &!ain!y writing about /im. /e says we are 0born of him1. If we are
born of him we are his chi!dren and he is our *ather.
-ohn 14:>,D.-esus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the !ife: no
man cometh unto the *ather but by me. If ye had nown me, ye shou!d have
nown my *ather a!so: and from henceforth ye now him, and have seen him.
?hi!i& saith unto him, Lord, shew us the *ather, and it suNceth us. -esus saith
unto him, /ave I been so !ong time with you, and yet hast thou not nown
me, ?hi!i&9 /e that hath seen me hath seen the *ather" and how sayest thou
then, )hew us the *ather9
%ar!y in our study (ahshua said no man can now who the *ather is un!ess the
)on revea!s it to them. /ere the a&ost!e ?hi!i& wanted to now the *ather
a&art from (ahshua. 'any &eo&!e today see the same thing ?hi!i& sought.
7ut (ahshuaAs answer was Mhave I been so !ong time with you, and yet hast
thou not nown me9M
/e says if you have seen me (OJ /#<% )%%$ T/% *#T/%@G
/onest!y friends, if you were there that day what wou!d you have thought9
#gain a reminder this truth is hidden from some. To others it is revea!ed. If
you can see the same thing ?hi!i& saw that day it is because of divine
reve!ation. The )on has revea!ed the *ather to you.