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Making the Most of Your Materials
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Contract Washing
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Making the most of your materials.
CDE are global leaders in the design and manufacture of
customised equipment for the quarrying, mining, recycling
and waste management industries.
Our systems deliver increased efficiency and maximum
commercial output from your processing operation. These
results are delivered through a focus on the use of high
quality components and the customisation of your plant set
up to cope with the individual requirements of your project.
Our expertise is extensive and extends across a number of
Sand Washing
Quarry Dust Washing
Iron Ore Beneficiation
Lignite Removal
Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling
Waste Water Treatment
Municipal Waste Management
Our expertise and experience in the delivery of full turnkey processing plants is extensive and
has been utilised by many of the major operators in the global market.
Our turnkey service includes the following elements:
Civils design
Plant design & layout
Materials testing
Equipment customised to your specific feed material and output requirements
Full plant installation & commissioning
Single point of contact (SPOC) throughout the project
Dedicated Project Management Team to ensure on-time delivery
Full CDE ServiceMax After Care Program
Genuine CDE Spare Parts available ex-stock
Recommended spares lists to ensure minimum down time
Comprehensive Operator Training
Turnkey Plant Installations
We can offer turnkey plant installations for the processing of a wide range of materials:
Sand Washing
Quarry Dust Washing
Lignite Removal
Iron Ore Beneficiation
Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling
We have purchased a number of processing plants from CDE since 2006. The decision to give CDE
the orders were based on their technical approach to the plant design process which looked at our
specific requirements and created systems to deliver the results we required.
Since installation the plants have performed as promised by CDE and they have continued to work with
us to ensure optimum performance in maintained.
We are very impressed with the company's partnership approach and have no hesitation providing this
David Searle, Aggregate Industries
Our Contract Washing service offers you significant benefits and has been proven with some of
the worlds leading producers to deliver highly efficient plant installations.
Minimal Capital Outlay
The vast majority of initial equipment costs are borne by CDE as the plant is installed on a price
per ton basis.
No Capital Expenditure Approval Required
Contract Washing allows projects to be funded through the plant maintenance or revenue
Reduced Risk for You
The onus is on us to ensure production remains at an optimum level, as we are only paid
depending on successful operation of the plant.
Reduced Management Costs
CDE retain responsibility for the ongoing management and maintenance of the plant, including
service and spares.
Experienced Suppliers
Our expertise in this area is extensive and ensures the delivery of an efficient washing plant
that will deliver the quantities and specification of materials required for you to maximise your
Option to Purchase
All CDE Contract Washing Plants include an Option to Purchase Agreement which details the
length of the contract, and the purchase price for the plant, once the initial contract has been
CDE worked closely with us to tailor this system to our particular process requirements. Their
fines recovery, water and waste management system is critical to the overall performance of the
complete system. They introduced considerable expertise to the overall plant design and
project management; in my opinion offering the most complete service available. On final
commissioning of the system, their back up and product support has never been brought into
David Coleman, Coleman & Co.
We offer a wide range of equipment with a focus in high quality, efficiency and minimum wear.
All of our equipment includes high performance components to ensure it performs at maximum
efficiency, guaranteeing you maximum profitability.
Many components offered as optional extras on alternative equipment comes as standard on all
CDE plant including:
Warman pumps
Polyurethane screen decks
Extensive use of hot vulcanised rubber lining
Marshmallow screen mounts to harness vibration on screens
Hydrocyclone technology to ensure maximum fines recovery
Chrome molybdenum blades on RotoMax attrition system
Transfer Point Technology
All transfer points with connecting plant and equipment are designed to ensure the efficient
transition of materials, minimising spillage and therefore maximising production.
We approach all processing operations as one single system, rather than a collection of
individual pieces of equipment. This approach creates a synergy where all products work in
Modular Systems
We recognise that your requirements in relation to feed material and output can often change over
time. Each piece of CDE equipment is designed to easily accommodate these changes through a
focus on modularity.
We offer a wide range of equipment with a focus in high quality efficiency
Another key advantage of the CDE plant is the modular nature of the system. This new plant is
able to accommodate any future changes in requirements whether they relate to capacity or
final product specification. This gives us comfort that the new plant provides us with a long term
processing solution.
Paul Rudkin, Yorkshire Aggregates
We offer a range of feed hoppers designed to
cope with a variety of capacity requirements.
These heavy duty units can be used for the
loading of recyclable and aggregate type materials
such as:
Sand, chalk, ore, topsoil, green waste,
construction & demolition waste
The integrated belt feeder mechanism allows for
the efficient transfer of feed materials to the
discharge system, reducing spillage and ultimately
increasing production.
The AtroFeed unit is an attrition system for the
treatment of clay bound materials with a restriction
on the top size of 40mm.
A high pressure jet of water is applied to the
material within the unit and the cleaned material
can then be sent to the primary screening stage.
The introduction of the AtroFeed system also
reduces the footprint of the plant by removing the
requirement for a transfer conveyor between the
feed system and processing phase. The slurried
material is pumped to the primary screening
phase where products can then be separated as
1: Hopper Bin
2: Belt Feeder
3: Transfer Conveyor
1: Hopper Bin
2: High Pressure Jet Sump
3: Pipework
Our Systems Explained :
We offer a range of standard conveyors to meet all your material transfer and
stockpiling requirements.
We can also customise our conveyor systems to meet the specific requirements of your
project as part of our turnkey plant design process.
The AggMax system allows for the screening
and washing of clay bound material through
a combination of our Prograde screening
technology and the RotoMax attrition system.
This compact, portable system allows for
initial removal of the -5mm fraction to the
sand washing phase, while delivering the
+5mm material to the integrated RotoMax
Our previous processing system included a log
washer but the RotoMax system represents
substantial progress in relation to attrition
Paul Rudkin, Yorkshire Aggregates.
The ProGrade screen range includes a wide variety of heavy duty machines designed
to cope with the most harsh conditions. Many features offered as optional extras from
other suppliers are included as standard on the ProGrade range as we seek to bring
you the most efficient, high performance screening system available.
Our range includes:
Dewatering screens
Rinsing screens
Dry screens
The SG150 is a portable system facilitating the simultaneous production of sand and
aggregates. This unique system integrates the ProGrade screening system and
EvoWash sand washing technology.
There are a number of flexible options available allowing the system to accommodate
your specific requirements in relation to final product specification. The sand washing
phase can also be adapted to allow both single and dual sand production.
On paper the CDE plant offered the best
performance available and once installed we
realized that this level of performance was
indeed possible. We have since ordered
another 3 EvoWash sand plants from CDE
based on the excellent performance of this
first plant Kazmierz Rupinski, ZPK.
The EvoWash sand plant offers unrivalled control of
silt cut points, effectively eliminating the loss of
quality fines to your settling ponds or water
treatment phase.
Proven to deliver significantly higher performance
than other sand washing systems.
Maximum commercial output within target
Consistently dewatered sand output (12%
moisture content) ensures product ready for
market straight from the belts.
Compact design for rapid installation and
minimum downtime.
Low running costs due to high specification
Dual & Multi Sand Options
Allows for the production of 2 or more quality sands
Unrivalled ability to handle variable feed without
compromising output specification
Specialist sand production USPGA Golf Sands,
Filter Sand, Lignite Removal
I believe that this is the most advanced aggregate recycling system in the UK . I know of
no other manufacturer capable of delivering such a complete system, specifically
designed around my individual feed characteristics and output requirements. CDE
offered the complete turnkey package from design to commissioning. We were regularly
consulted and made important contributions throughout the project which, when coupled
with CDE's experience, rewarded us with this Jewel in the Crown'. When it came to
selecting the supplier for a heavy-duty filter press to compliment this system CDE was
the natural choice. Mike Broad, Gaskell Bros.
The AquaCycle Thickener range offers efficient primary
stage water treatment specifically for sand, quarry and
recycling processes. The introduction of this system brings
significant cost savings as it reduces the space required to accommodate ponds or lagoons
while also reducing the volume of fresh water required to feed the washing plant by up to
Our range of filter presses are the most advanced
secondary stage water treatment systems on the market.
These units completely eliminate the requirement for
ponds or lagoons by providing maximum water recycling.
The introduction of a CDE Diemme filter press will reduce the requirement for fresh water
to feed your washing plant by some 90%. These systems have been employed effectively
on a large number of worldwide quarrying and mining projects and are widely recognised to
be the most effective means of tailings management.
We offer the full range of high quality spare parts for all of the equipment in our range. By
choosing genuine CDE spare parts you can ensure that your plant continues to operate at
maximum efficiency, guaranteeing maximum production.
Our range is extensive and is provided ex-stock to ensure plant downtime is kept to an
absolute minimum.
Recommended spares lists
As part of our pro-active approach to ensure maximum plant production we provide detailed
recommended spares lists for all equipment installations.
Hopper spares belt feeder head drums, tail drums, gearboxes, belt scrapers, plough
scrapers, skirting rubbers, bearings
Conveyor spares rollers, replacement belts, head & tail drums, belt scrapers
ProGrade screen spares Screening media (Rubber, PU and wire mesh), spray nozzles,
impact mats, vibrating motors
RotoMax spares chrome molybdenum blades, bearings
EvoWash spares cyclones, cyclone parts (apexs, vortex finders, diaphragms, final cones,
feed sections), modular PU screen mats and accessories, vibrating motors
Filter press spares filter cloths, proximity switches, pressure tranducers
Pipework rubber hoses, sigma hoses and flanges to suit
Warman spares shaft sleeves & o-rings, bearings & seals, impellers & liners (for heavily
abrasive material)
Warman Pumps
Warman Pumps offer a comprehensive range for use in mining,
chemical and industrial applications. The horizontal and vertical
slurry pumps are designed for ultra heavy duty applications such
as mill discharge, process plant & tailings, pipelines as well as
other speciality applications.
Range includes:
Horizontal slurry pumps
Vertical slurry pumps
Submersible slurry pumps
Water Storage & Pumping System
The AquaStore system is a skid framed pumping system for use
in the water treatment phase of sand washing, quarrying and
recycling operations. A variety of capacities are available to suit
the individual requirements of your project.
Belt Feeder
Our belt feeder has been designed to ensure that once material
is loaded into our hopper, it is transferred quickly and efficiently
to the next stage of the feed system.
The CDE belt feeder is an integral part of our range of feed
hoppers and is proven in many applications to be the most
efficient belt feeder system available to the market.
Poly Plants
The poly dosing system is widely used throughout the quarrying
industry for waste water control. The basic operation of the poly
plant is to take water from a storage tank, mix in a
polyelectrolyte material, transfer the mixed poly to a storage
tank and then dose it out to an external thickening process. The
operation sequence of the poly plant is fully automatic and is
controlled by level probes located inside each tank.
I would like to put on record how happy we are with both the plant and CDE. All in all it has
been a good experience dealing with a professional company and the product is excellent.
John Curtin, Hartwell Sand & Gravel
The CDE Service Commitment
Our core purpose is to continue to exceed customer expectations
We will provide a world class service throughout every stage of the project and beyond to
ensure the delivery of world class installations
We will continue to work in partnership with our customers to ensure your plant operates at
maximum efficiency, therefore ensuring maximum profitability
Plant Handover
As part of our service we will monitor the performance of your new CDE plant for a period of 6
months post commissioning. This service includes the development of a full plant survey
document and recommended spares list.
Our optional ServiceMax+ package allows for a senior member of our service and maintenance
team to be allocated to your plant for a period of 6 months, which can be extended if required.
This service includes regular site visits by your Service Manager. The output of these visits
includes extensive reports focusing on equipment performance and maintenance schedules.
Preventative Maintenance Contracts
Our range of preventative maintenance contracts have been proven to have a dramatic positive
impact on plant production time, with improvements of +10% being achieved within the first 6
months. This service ensures regular and detailed plant inspections and reports from a senior
member of our service and installation team.
QPMC - Qatar Primary Materials Company
QNCC - Qatar National Cement Company
1,200tph Sand Washing Plant
Doha, Qatar, Middle East
1,200tph Sand Washing Plant
Doha, Qatar, Middle East
120tph Dust Washing Plant
Peterburi tee, Tallinn, Estonia
480tph Sand Washing Plant with Lignite Removal
Ayrshire, Scotland
Prior to awarding an order with CDE ltd, myself and other
colleagues visited some of their installations and were
impressed with the design, quality, flexibility and performance
of the plant. We compared the CDE product to others in the
industry and after a detailed adjudication decided to place the
contract with them. David Chalmers, Tarmac Ltd.
Paekivitoodete Tehase
Tarmac, Snabe Quarry
Nick Brookes Group
Seamus Ryan
120tph Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Plant
Cheshire, England, United Kingdom
300tph Sand Washing Plant
Co. Tipperary, Ireland
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