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Dear Sirs,

Application Reference: XXXXX/001

I write with reference to my recent application for a credit based facility provided by you, and your
subsequent refusal of the facility. Whilst I appreciate I may not have met your specific criteria for the
product itself, I would like to appeal your decision because I feel I have underlying facts that may
make you reconsider.

I currently bank with XX Bank and have a XX overdraft facility which is hardly ever used, as can be
confirmed by my bank statements. I regularly utilise their direct banking facilities such as Direct
Debits and Standing Orders. I also regularly use their Bill Payment service to transfer ad-hoc
payments into my credit card account. I have banked with XX Bank for the last XX years and to date
have never had any returned items or unauthorised charges posted against my account. I also have
a secondary bank account, with XX Bank, which is primarily used as a general spending account and
this comes with a XX overdraft facility which is also, rarely used.

I also use a Visa/Master Card, issued by XX Bank as my primary credit card, which carries an account
limit of XXX, a copy of my most recent credit card statement is attached for your perusal. My
balance on this account currently sits at XXX and usually fluctuates between XXX and XXX; I
generally pay the minimum balance due each month by Direct Debit, as can be confirmed from my
bank statements, with additional ad-hoc payments also made, at regular intervals, to help reduce my

I do have a couple of additional (sub-prime / mainstream) cards that I am happy to close, upon
acceptance with you. I only carry these cards as back-up should I have a financial emergency and am
more than happy to carry the two cards that I intend on using regularly and frequently.

I have lived at my address for XX years which clearly show I am a responsible adult, with a Mortgage
who regularly makes the contractual payment to my Mortgage Account each month. My current
mortgage balance is approx XXX and my contractual monthly payment amount is XXX. The
Mortgage is taken via Direct Debit each month and I have never missed a payment to date. Full
details can be referred by using the Acorn Demographic Classification System, should you feel it
necessary to apportion risk to postcode.

I have lived at my current address since [Month] [Year], prior to that I lived at 1 Any Street, Anytown,
AN11 1AA. This can be confirmed by a simple check of the Electoral Register however any additional
correspondence you may deem necessary can be provided upon request. My reason for moving was
[enter a brief reason] such as for a better job or to be close to my parents or similar.

I note that your reason for declination was due to the fact my credit report contained adverse
information obtained from Experian/Equifax; to clarify, I have had a lot of searches because I was
looking to transfer my credit card balance and made some applications which Ive since learned was
not the wisest decision. The accounts that were offered were immediately closed down.

I trust my appeal will be looked at more favourably than my original application and remember, Im
only a phone call away should you require anything clarifying or require sight of additional
documentation; which will assist in you reversing the original decision and allow me the facility
applied for, or an alternative as you may see fit.

Id be more than happy to close an existing account down to lower my liabilities but personally I
think my situation is extremely good, all things considered, and I do lead a very comfortable lifestyle
as you can see from my bank statements.

Please spend a few moments looking at the additional information attached with my appeal. In the
meantime, I look forward to your response, hopefully with better news than last time, and to a
future working relationship as my main credit card provider. If, in the meantime you require any
additional info please get back to me.

Yours faithfully,

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