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In an essay of no more than 500 words
N.B. This is an Essay, so essay format must be
attempted showing an introduction, body, and
A possible introduction can be: Research has
shown that motivation is the main ingredient
needed for acquisition, retention and
performance in Natasha’s case there are
many possible factors motivating her....
a. Natasha’s possible motivation for
achieving a good command of the English
language...so in essence they are asking
for factors/elements that motivate persons
to want to speak and understand Standard
 Personal belief that SE is superior
 SE is an internationally accepted
 SE is perceived as the language of the
educated, the rich, the professionals,
 That Creole is the direct opposite of
the SE
 A good command of SE affords one a
sense of upward mobility which Creole
does not give
 That she has seen what her parent has
had to go through and that she never
wants that for herself
 To take her mother out of the lower
 Her mother’s ambition to see her
daughter achieve
 The lack thereof in her community
drives/motivates her

b. Any possible justification for Andrea’s

surprise that Natasha spoke English
well...why and what make people
surprised at how well another person
spoke Standard English
Possible entry into this point: In many
cases the habit of stereotyping makes
people jump to wrong conclusions and
thus Andrea is no exception as she quickly
 Like many persons Andrea labelled
Natasha because of where she came
from, and also the fact that she was
coming to Natasha for academic help
 The fact that Natasha was a child
(children are not supposed to be so
self assured having a good command
of SE)
 She may have communicated with
Natasha’s mother and realised that the
mother’s first language is Creole and
that she was struggling to speak SE so
she assumed that like mother like

c.What Mrs. Jackson’s behaviour reveals

about her attitude to the use of Creole ...
what does a person’s behaviour
says/reveals about their attitude towards
something (in this case Creole)
Possible entry into this point: A person’s
behaviour manifests what their attitude
towards the situation really is....
 Like so many persons Mrs Jackson’s
behaviour is in keeping with the
widespread perception that Creole is
not a language
 Creole is associated with poverty,
backwardness, uneducated and
originated as the language of the
slaves/lower class of a society
 That she has higher goals for her child
and Creole language is not one of
d. How can communication be enhanced
through video presentation
 Technology via a video presentation
can be used to enhance
communication in that the audience
will be better able to in an effort to
understand what is being
communicated...the audience
interprets facial expressions, hears
tone of voice (whether angry, self
determined, shock, confusion etc), can
see how characters utilize space. In
some cases a video presentation helps
the audience to be able to hear how to
pronounce certain words.
 Here is where you can write about
vocalic, proxemics etc
 Natasha’s determination and
 Andrea’s shock and snobbishness
 Mother’s look of insult
 Andrea’s laughter at Natasha’s big