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Shale Justice Coalition - Volume 2 Issue 3 - June-July 2014
Shale Justice Coaltion
Groundswell Rising
The Williams Company is proposing the construction of
a new pipeline. They have dubbed it the the Atlantic
Sunrise Expansion Project. The pipeline will connect
producing regions in northeastern Pennsylvania to
markets in the Mid-Atlantic and southeastern states, as
far south as Georgia and Alabama.
Additionally, Transco has received an additional binding
commitment from an anchor shipper for 850,000 Dth/d
of firm transportation capacity to go further than the
connection at Transco's mainline near station 195 in
southeastern Pennsylvania, as called for in the original
The new commitment is to ship from an interconnection
in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, to Transco's
existing Zone 5 Pleasant Valley point in northern North
Carolina. That point is situated between Transco's
mainline and Dominion Transmission's Cove Point
Pipeline located in Fairfax County, Virginia, the notice
said. The additional commitment will require Transco to
extend the Central Penn Line northward from the Leidy
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Line to the Susquehanna County interconnection.
The new pipeline will include expansion or construction
of new midstream facilities such as compressor stations,
metering stations, regulator plants and glycol
dehydration plants.
Williams Partners Plans to Further Expand Transco
Pipeline Capacity by 1.2 MMdth to Deliver Natural Gas
to LNG Export Facility at Sabine Pass. Williams
Partners L.P. (NYSE: WPZ) and its wholly-owned
subsidiary Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company,
LLC (Transco) today announced Gulf Trace, a 1.2 million
dekatherm per day expansion of the Transco pipeline
system to serve the Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P.
(NYSE: CQP) Sabine Pass Liquefaction project being
developed in Cameron Parish, La. The Sabine Pass
LNG terminal will connect U.S. natural gas supplies with
global LNG markets.
Transco has executed an agreement with Sabine Pass
Liquefaction L.C. as the anchor shipper, which provides
a transportation contract quantity that is sufficient to
proceed with execution of the Gulf Trace project. A
binding open season to gauge additional market interest
in the expansion is scheduled to conclude on May 8,
Williams will be having a series of "Public Meetings"
over the next 3 months. Williams is touting them as
"Open Houses" and and designed to provide interested
parties an opportunity to meet project personnel, review
maps, learn more about the regulatory process, ask
questions and share feedback. Find a meeing in your
area, attend it and ASK QUESTIONS.
May 20, 6-8 p.m. (Luzerne County) Lake
Lehman High School, 1128 Old Route 115, Dallas,
May 21, 6-8 p.m. (Lycoming County)
Hughesville Fire Department Railroad & Water
Street, Hughesville, PA
May 22, 6-8 p.m. (Clinton County) Chapman
Township, 79 Parks Ave
North Bend, PA
June 2, 6-8 p.m. (Susquehanna County) Mount
View School District, 11748 State Route 106,
Kingsley, PA
June 3, 6-8 p.m. (Wyoming County) Keystone
College, 1 College Road, La Plume, PA
June 4, 6-8 p.m. (Northumberland County) The
Wayside Inn, 6638 State Route 61, Shamokin, PA
June 5, 6-8 p.m. (Columbia County)
Bloomsburg Fire Department Social Hall, 911
Market Street, Bloomsburg, PA
June 9, 6-8 p.m. (Schuykill County) Tremont
Fire Co. #1, 21 Millcreek Rd., Tremont, PA
June 10, 6-8 p.m. (Lebanon County) Anneville-
Cleona High School, 500 South White Oak Street,
Annville, PA
June 11, 6-8 p.m. (Lancaster County)
Columbia No 1 Fire Department, 137 South Front
Street, Columbia, PA
Saturday June 28,
Clean and Green
Energy Fair
Sunday July 13, All
Grassroots Rally -
Washington DC
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Legislative Alert
SB 1047:
Endangered Species
Coordination Act. An
Act providing a
process for the
designation of certain
SB 738:
An Act providing for
distribution system
extension and
expansion plans to
increase natural gas
usage in this
SB 739:
An Act amending the
act of July 9, 2008 (1st
Sp.Sess., P.L.1873,
No.1), known as the
Alternative Energy
Investment Act, further
providing for pollution
control technology
projects and for
Financing Authority.
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Remember how the Natural Gas Industry ask us to
"THINK ABOUT" lower utility rates because electric
corporations were now using Natural Gas?
Electric Rates to Rise Sharply on June 1 at
Pennsylvania FirstEnergy Utilities
Commercial and residential electric rates at
FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities -- Met-Ed, Penelec,
Penn Power, and West Penn Power -- will rise sharply
for customers who continue to buy their electricity supply
from their utility instead of shopping for a competing
electric supplier.
The Penelec residential default electric rate will increase
20 percent from 7.734/kWh to 9.284/kWh. The
Penelec commercial default electric rate will increase 20
percent from 7.361/kWh to 8.844/kWh.
Who's Tough Now?
Governor Corbett appeared on CNBC's Kudlow Report
last year to talk about Pennsylvania's natural gas boom.
Corbett touted the jobs brought by the industry, and said
fracking technology has been demonstrated to be safe.
"We passed a law last year, which is the toughest
environmental law in the nation, when it comes to
fracking" said Corbett, referring to Act 13. "We are
following what the industry is doing and they have so far
been safe. When there's been accidents, they have
been penalized for it."
A frequent talking point of the fossil fuel industry in
Pennsylvania also touts that Pennsylvania has the
toughest environmental laws.
Move Over Pennsylvania! Colorado now says they
have have the toughest fracking rules in the nation.
Colorado approved new groundbreaking rules for the oil
and gas industry that will reduce fugitive methane leaks
and also rein in gases that can cause health problems,
including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like
benzene, a known carcinogen. The rules exceed
regulations issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency in 2012.
The question to ask isn't which state has the toughest
regulations when it comes to fossil fuel extraction. The
question to ask is "ARE THEY TOUGH ENOUGH TO
COMMUNITIES?" Given the track record in
Pennsylvania, Colorado or any other state with shale
plays, the answer to that is a resounding NO.
The larger, yet to be answered question is, "If fracking is
so safe, why are the fossil fuel industries exempt from
many provision of the Clean Water, Clean Air and
Superfund regulations?"
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Waveco Energy Services has withdrawn its variance
request to construct a Natural Gas Liquid Waste facility
in the Luzerne County community of Lake Township.
The site is just west of Meeker Outlet Road and about a
mile north of state Route 118. The property is zoned for
agriculture, which is why the company needed a
variance from the county zoning hearing board.
Expected truck traffic routes would meander through a
number of small communities in the Back Mountain area
of Luzerne County. Additionally, truck routes and the
plant proposed location would be along waterways,
including Harvey's Creek, which feeds into the
Ceasetown Reservoir. The Ceasetown Reservoir
supplies water to many Luzerne County communities.
Leaks and spills either from the proposed plant itself or
as a result of truck accidents could endanger the
drinking water supply to more than 100,000 homes and
Waveco Energy Services reason for withdrawal is the
current roads and bridges were not rated to handle the
heavy traffic. A typical empty truck weighs
approximately 10-tons, which is the the same limit for
existing bridges and roads. A fully loaded truck could
weigh twice as much and carry up to 5,000 gallons of
toxic liquids into and from the plant.
While the withdrawal of the variance request is good
news in the short run, Waveco Energy Services has
indicated it will consider reapplying once roads and
bridges are upgraded to handle the truck traffic.
Upgrades and repairs are currently underway on some
of the roads and bridges in the area.
Waveco Energy Services said in a letter to the Luzerne
County Planning Commission it would consider
reapplying for the variance once the roadwork is
finished, according to state Department of
Environmental Protection spokeswoman Colleen
Connolly, who had a copy of the letter.
"They withdrew yesterday (Monday)," Connolly said.
"There are several state bridges and highways that are
in Lake Township which will be undergoing
Waveco Energy Services had previously submitted an
application to DEP for a waste permit, but DEP found
deficiencies in the application, such as missing detail on
how sludge would be removed from the "produced
water," fluid that returns with the gas during drilling. That
water can contain such elements as chloride, barium
and magnesium, according to the federal Environmental
Protection Agency. DEP also requested references in
the application to "sediment" be changed to "treatment
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