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For Carmel News

TBCMP focuses on Community Development in Palawan

TBCMP sees the need for media education training of community development workers
to assist them in their work in organizing and mobilizing the community. Thus, TBCMP
developed a module on, “The State of Philippine Media and the Challenges for
Community Development Workers” and “Film Dialogue and Social

These modules will aid community development workers on how media influences and
how it can be used to its maximum potential for their causes and advocacies.

Attendees of the course were representatives from different NGOs in Palawan, total
fifteen attendees. Some from LGUs or have government positions like barabgay
kagawads and SK Chairman. The following are the participating NGOs: Environmental
Legal Assistance Center, Inc. (ELAC), Palawan Conservation Corps, Nagkakaisang
Tribu ng Palawan (NATRIPAL), Bangsa Palawan-Philippines, Inc. (BPPI) and Haribon

The seminar was held last April 6-7 at Bulwagang Prinsesa, Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan.

‘Musta na ang Pinoy Media?’

Bros. Arnulfo Alindayu and Junel Ryan Denolo, O. Carm with Jofti Villena, program
coordinator of TBCMP attended a seminar-workshop on Basic Media Appreciation
entitled, ‘Musta na ang Pinoy Media?’ last April 26-30, 2005 at the CCP Dream Theatre.
This was organized by the Media Arts Division of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
Facilitator was Ms. Minda Casagan and a set of CCP student volunteers.

The seminar-workshop discussed more or less the history and importance of print media,
television and radio and the telenovelas as a new religion. Facilitators were known media
practitioners in the field like: Ms. Leah Manto-Beltran (KABAYAN), Prof. Josefina M.
C. Santos (UP broadcast professor), Ms. Jean Manipol-Lanzona (Line Producer, GMA 7)
and Dr. Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr. (Writer/Chairman of Dept. of Communication, La
Salle University)

During the last day of the seminar, TBCMP representatives were assigned to write the
synthesis/statement and present it to the participants of various workshops conducted by
CCP. Here are some of the excerpts:

“Transforming pinoy media is rooted in the acceptance of the

true and sorry condition of the industry that is systemic and
which cannot be outdone by one or two efforts but collaborative
efforts of the owners and major decision-makers and of course,
the audience.

…All together let us help each other and transform pinoy media
to stop it from being a tool of oppression of the people but to be a
tool of empowerment and social transformation.”

TBCMP joins World Press Freedom Day!

Last May 3, 2005, TBCMP together with other media organizations like the
National Union of Journalists in the Philippines (NUJP), Philippine Center for
Photojournalists (PCP), Defense Press Corps, Metro Manila Radio Reporters
Organization (MMRRO), Press Fund for Filipino Journalists (FFFJ), Center for
Community Journalism and Development (CCJD), Antonio Zumel Center for
Press Freedom, College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) and UP
College of Mass Communication students joined the World Press Freedom Day.

It was supposed to be a celebration of freedom but with eyes wide open, the
situation of the journalists here in the Philippines is getting worse as journalists
are being killed one after the other making this country the second most
dangerous place to live for a journalist next to Iraq. This day was the day of
condemnation of the killings of journalists. The group showed solidarity by
building the human chain for press freedom and lighting of torches. An
ecumenical liturgy was prepared for all the martyrs of press freedom and each
representative gave their statements with conviction.

In support of this condemnation, TBCMP has come up with a statement on the

killings. Here are some of the excerpts:

The Titus Brandsma Center – Media Program, the Carmelite

Media Ministry in the Philippines, together with the entire
members of the Order of Carmelites in the Philippines join the
world in condemning this shameful act of killing of media
practitioners; journalists and publishers.

We remind each one to respect and protect human life. In one

We urge our government authorities to act immediately to stop the

The complete statement can be found at www.tbcmedia.org.

TBA-Philippines on its third Award Season

Next year 2006 will be the Titus Brandsma Award-Philippines third season. For
this year, the award will focus on Community Communication.

The award will be given to two model communities which best exemplifies the
spirit of unity, participation, vigilance, sustainability and the effective use of
communication in responding to local issues.

A special award will be given to a community media who took effective

initiatives to connect with the communities their servicing via partnerships and

This focus was suggested by the members of the Foundation Board of TBA last
May 16, 2005 composed of: Frs. Tim Jusayan, Bernard Roosendaal, O. Carm,
Dr. Florangel Braid and Ms. Carolina Malay. Policies and other important
undecided matters will still be approved by the Board.

Launching of the Award and accepting nominees will start on November 2005
to May 2006.

Other Seminars

• Last June 1, 2005, TBCMP had conducted the modular courses on

“Teaching in the Multimedia Age” and “Media and Spirituality through
Film Dialogue” to the elementary faculty of Colegio del Buen Consejo in

• At the Parish of the Our Lady of the Abandoned (POLA) in Hulo,

Mandaluyong City, catechists were the beneficiaries of the course,
“Teaching in the Multimedia Age” last June 19, 2005.