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October 26, 2005

Rhijngeesterstraatweg 40
P.O. Box 75
2340 AB Oegstgeest
The Netherlands

Thru: Mrs. Dorien Verbeek

CMC-AMA/Asia Desk

Ref. #: AMA/Fil – 1218.5

Dear Mrs. Verbeek:

Growth in the Spirit of the Lord!

The Titus Brandsma Center-

Center-Media Program (TBCMP) team has been overwhelmed with
happiness and contentment as a price for service. We believe that we have given relentless and
unconditional service not only to those people who have been supporting the Roman Catholic
Church over the years but also those outside the Catholic faith who in the same way needs
guidance, support and love.

Our second year- second phase of the project entitled: REVIVAL OF TRADITIONAL MEDIA
MINISTRY IN CARMELITE MISSION AREAS revolved much on strengthening our research program
this year and continuing on the Media Education Program: 1) to intensify the seminar and
workshop aspect of the courses, 2) improve and develop other modular courses to cater other
audiences and of course 3) reach more beneficiaries. TBCMP continues with the other major
programs as well especially that next year will be the launching of the third Titus Brandsma

Our beneficiaries have shown vigilance and enthusiasm because they were empowered by the
seminars-workshops we conducted in their area. They have renewed their spirit and planned
for what is coming in their dioceses, schools, parishes and communities.

As promised, we have returned to some of the areas to give intensive seminar-workshops on

the same courses they have a year ago with productive results.
With these accomplishments and countless service we gave, we only have words of appreciation
to give you and the CMC-AMA family for supporting us through the years. We also include your
generous benefactors for without them you will not be able to continue your mission to support
Churches in Asia among others.

This second-phase report of the approved three-year funding will inform you of the TBCMP
program implementations for this year. This annual narrative report, includes 1.) program
summary report TBCMP Programs with the summary listings of beneficiaries of the detailed
activity; 2.) report with photos, 3.) follow-up and forthcoming set of activities; 4) complete
financial report and 4) CD of compiled photos from the activities held.

We are also requesting for the last installment of our three year approved fund for the last year
of program implementation

We hope the report will satisfy your good office and should you have some inquiries or
clarifications, please you can reach us through our email address or via postal mail.

Thank you very much and we hope to hear from you soon.

Very truly yours,

Ms. Maria Fatima A. Villena

Program Coordinator, TBCMP

Rev. Fr. Christian B. Buenafe, O. Carm

Director, TBCMP