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A Bi-monthly Publication of Carmel Philippines

A Continuingfourncyto Scrvcand GiueLifc...

Th" first week of December 2003 Friars,novices,co-workersof the
I ushered in an exciting time for Commissariat,and membersof the
Carmel Philippines. Deacons Rico Tertiary acrossthe country joined
Sabanaland Emmanuel Vallega were Frs.Ricoand Emmanuel'srespective
ordained priests in the Island of families and friends in marking
Negros. Bro. Rico was ordained on theseeventswell worth celebrating!
December 5,2003 in La Libertad, The Philippine Carmelite Order
Negros Oriental. The next day, wishes to thank everyone who
December 6th, Bro. Emmanuel was helped in making Frs Rico and
also ordained in Kabankalan City in Emmanuel'sordination memorable
Negros Occidental. and meaningful.
It was a joyous occasion as the
brothers embraced the next stage of
their religious life. Their aptly
chosen theme for the occasion
"Paghalad... Pag-alagad...Paghatag
ug Kinabuhi..." (Offering...Serving...
Giving Life..) echoesthe impetus that
led them to their vocadon.
Bro. Rico's La Libertad ordination Bro. Rico Sabanal,O,Carm

was a memorable one. At the San gational Theological Center - Our

Sebastian Parish Church, the whole Lady of the Angels Seminary Eccle-
community of La Libertad poured siastical Graduate School in Quezon Bro. Emannuel Vallega,O.Carm
out to witness and celebrate Bro. City on March 12,2003.
Rico's solemn offering of himself to Fr. Rico Sabanal was born on
God's Community as their firstpriest
ordained in the parish.
December 27, 1973 in Cantupa,
La Libertad, Negros Oriental. He
XUA^ti l"'ar;/*
The Kabankalan ordination was obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree tr Bonwoon
likewise eventful. The whole in Sociology under the Carmelite
Carmelite family joined in the cel- Collegiate Formation and is now
ebration at the St. Francis Xavier assigned at the Spring of Carmel
tr A "DucInAhum"
Cathedral. Bro. Emmanuel was Novitiate House as Assistant Novice Expericnce
warmly welcomed as another son of Master.
Kabankalan who has given himself Fr. Emmanuel Vallega was born n NewsUpdotes finom the
to God and His People and to God. ']..6,
on November 1970 and hails
Frs. Rico and Emman had their from Azcuna, Kabankalan City. He YCPF
fficc .........r..............
temporary profession on June 1.3, finished his Liberal Arts degree in
1999. Tiogetherthey celebrated their Social Sciencesat Kabankalan Catho- tr pelikulc@liturbrundsmo
solemn profession to the Carmelite lic College and is now assigned at toqrcdHighthk 20O3.....,. 39
Order on ]une 7,2003. They both the San Alberto College Formation
finished their Master's degree in Center in Cebu Citv as Vocation
Pastoral Ministry at the Inter-Congre- Animator. D TOC .........40

m Fm**s
SoarcdHighthis 2003
Starting from early 2003to late Octo- entitled "Battle Royale."
ber,pelikula@titusbrandsma (p@tb) Dwelling on the collaboration
was the "saving grace" of the Tifus with UR last December 2-5,
BrandsmaMedia Program.Honestly, p elikul a@titu sbranilsma hrou ght
it was the "most" active program in its controversialbest sellersfor the
the whole mammoth of activities of UP audience to devour. This was
TBC Media. It has been a rewarding entitled: UP Film Institute fi.JPFI)
year for this "film club", as the com- presents p elikul a@titusbrun dstna
mittee members - all volunteers Sneak peeks:Sexuality in Cinema,
would want to call it. These are the the X FACTOR. A conservative
people who stand by TBC Media estimate of audience reach was
through its trying times eventhough 500++sincethe otherswere not able
theywouldn't like tobe named. to registerbut watched. The venue
Its wings started flapping at the end of last year when (videotheque)used was originally good for 70 people only
the pelikula committee noticed an unstable attendance.The but was tested and accommodatedmore than a hundred
committee decided to look for possibleways to attract new viewers. An open forum and "talk-back" sessionfollowed
facesand at the same time maintain the regulars.This was after each viewing. The controversial flicks were: Irrevers-
also due to the conviction of the group to offer films, even ible, Pola X,Intimacy, RomanceX, Caligul4 Baise-Moi and
those uncensoredand unrated to be readily accessibleto a the rising FrancoisOzon with his X2000Collection of Short
n'ide varietl' of audiences.A "not so" far-fetchedgoal,after Films. All are true to their "controversial" stafure,with their
the fust film dialogpe sessiorywith the newly constructed "sexpliciteness".Discussioru evolved on issuessuch as pro
website, brochure and regular press releasesinmajorbroad- to anti-womerl acceptanceof sexualiry porn or vice versa
sheetsand Lrquirer Libre, the committee observed a trend. and explorations of desires.
That is, p@tb'saverageattendeesincreasedto an averageof More of thesecollaborationsand tie-ups will be coming
fifty. Not only that, it reacheda maximum of 130at TBC and this 2004.Pelikula@titusbrandsma has agreed with the
274,two consecutivesessionscombined, at the recently con- people of UPFI to organize a monthly film dialogue session
cluded stint of p@tb attheUniversity of the Philippines (UP), in the videotheque every last Wednesday,aside from the
Diliman. With this trend reaching its maximum t,afilm regular monthly sessionheld at TBC every secondSaturday.
director (sorry, can't name him) First quarter will be film directors' auteur,First in the row is
soon called the attention of a film Ventura Pons, a Spanish director. Moreover, p@tb is
Soup which is within the roaster planning to collaboratewith other collegesand universities
of p@tb filmassociatesnetwork and for the special quarterly film dialogue sessionsor a film
even p@tb as well, indirectly festival of the 2003BestFilipino Films.Atwice-a-year forum
thougtU to exercisecaution due to is also being considered,a tie-up of TBC Media and Spiritu-
the "illegitimacy" of these groups ality programs. Out-of-town film festivals are also in the
existence,perhaps a real threat to plans and a fund raising activity featuring an anti-war
the film director. From then on, the documentary.
group becamemore cautious at the Moving beyond the physical manifestations, p@tb is
same time assuredof p@tb's inde- also on its way to reformatting, a deepening of the dialogue
pendence from other agencys'/ sessions.More of the TBC audiencesare gradually opening
institutions' interference.Fr. Bemard Roosendaal,O.Carm to the idea of dialogue and have contributed "meat" to the
explained to the group its nature as a religious ministry and sessions.Issuesconceming women, perversions,sexuality,
its commitment to academic freedom. Others ceasedto gender, life, family and relationships are often the main
continue but p@tb remains vigilant. subject of discussions. Though, the group still needs to
All these developments led the pelikula committee to improve more on this level especially to moderate and
endeavorsoutside thewalls of Titus BrandsmaCenter.Such facilitate the discussions well especially on Media and
as the special film dialogue sessions- Thrkovsky's Solaris/ Spirituality
Despentes'scontroversial Baise-Moi (Rape Me), Polanski TBC Media can do even more.Pelikula@titusbrandsma
Film Festival, Gay and Lesbian Part II and the weeklong has proven the capacity of the program to do better with
Sexuality in Cinema - all held at UP Diliman. The group what is left within its hands and now it is back with a
also organized a film critics' forum at BrashYoung Cinema surprise. Just wait and see!

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