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Craft of Writing

MariaFatirnaA. Villena
Live. LoveandServe. . . A Personal
Profileof N,ls.Rosemarie

"The basic d"ifferencebetu'eenan ordinan llliur aud a *arrior is that a rvarrior takeseverything as a challenge.
while an ordinan' l'tlultltakeserterytltingeitheras a blcssingor il cursc.

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;:t:r" t grodrrnfufrotrege.
, Mts
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Don Juan
(ChickenSoupfor the SoulI)

rnanasers. ir.r,
"bosses"porr.Atl air of superiori6'. the ML il\d Ms klou,-ir all in a u'orkplace. That there is a certain level of distance

or rvall tlrevcreatein terursof their ,"tot o#r{rheir subordinates.lt neveroccurredto rne that one dal,. I would meet

amrnunitio rfrnorvledge. nisdotn" goodjudgemc'rt anclfaith. Lilic any rvarrior. sheis ready to face her daily battles

in life. Shenever startsa da1'u ithout a pmver as if it is hcr su'orclanctshield. But unlike a deadly rverrrior.sheexudesa

cheerfrrlaua that stlggestslter dlnauric and vouthful sidc. She u'cursa smile that gives peopletheir much neededlift.

An appropriaternodel for all. she is a ker' figure in the conrpzln\u here I arn working. At SkvCom Philippines

Incorporated, it tr ill ncvcr be a cliill morncnt if auvoneheurs t',c, ta.rgtKl,renarne

of Ms. RosemarieAlix. the
co.mpan\"sMarketiilg Manager. A l'en'respectable auclresponsiblcnlanagerJlafshe is, finding tirne for other equ,all.v

rvortln' activities also dcscribesher flesibilitv anclpclsisieircein rnuking herself a well-rounded person. She makes

herselfvisible and approachablelo all etnploveesso that they trill knou' that sheis opento possibilitiesof quality

coordinationu,itlt other departurentsand can acconrmodatetheir reclrrcsts

for prornotionalmaterials.

A versatiletalent. she startedout her careerbr attencliugvirriouscourseson/rr^nlisrn and speechporverand

went to setninarsabout cotttmuuication. Theseuere to clerrelopher oral and rvritten communicationskills more and to
enablelrerselfto be nlore competrtiveund be ahcacll}om all her conrlretitorc to her. shebecamea
researcher-u'riterat tlte Civil Military Operationsof the AFP. This u as her first fonnal job and stayedthere for two

years. Then callle her opportunit-r'to becomea u'riter for a urag:rz-ine

at WheelersClub Internationala1d n'on the race
for tlre position. Her careerwent on frour thereuntil shebecaurean Advertisingand PR Manager.f"ltfirst. I was hired
as a Marketing SpecialProjectsheadnt S\'Coru Philipprnesin 1996 furd sincethere was no orgamizedrnarketilg

departruent.I rvastaskedto hi'urdlelnore of marketingancladvcrtisirrgprojects. Errentually.u'henthey decidedto put

up a rnarketingdep:trtrnent.I u'as umde to handle the rvhole Marlieting ServicesDepartment." she stated. For her.
strugglesin her careerlife are but naturalobstaclesshehasto overcou)anned with a strongheartand faith in God. She

managgito maintainlwmonious relationshipsr,rith her co-ernplolees/manage

rc Aesptte
gfffingx", b"ing tloown,;pong
Nttr^ peoptcandthehoslilityot old,/pionccl
helfy @ne
v curplorees./Sg>tctcomes
clean. frrncompetitions
with co-managers
t- L'/'
and is readih' open to suggestionsand ideas. As an cruplo.\'ee.I an clirectlyreporting to her since I am her assistant.

am ven' tnuch comfortable in opening urf ideasu'hiuh I think rvoulclcontributeto our projects. Its a frurny but warm

hernotasMa'rnRosebutas"nanal." I feelthatshcis my secondmothersinceweworktogether (

tlringto address
*tAt ;
closelyin tlreofiiceandshareoneroom.Like a friend. I canrelar'roherpersonal
"\l ,n"! "t
wordsofwisdornandencouragernenl. Al present.I amtakingupm].'Master'sDegreein Joumalism of her ( n?i
sinceshelterselfduringhertine rvasableto takeup her MA degreetluoughherirnrnediate

me to widenmv horizonthoughthat

would be added pressureand stresson mv part. Shc saicitirat I u'orrlclhave lessertirne to do researchpaperssince I have
to attendto rny u'ork first and forernostas rny top priontl'. But that should not be enoughto discouragelne. "It is just a

lnatter of tirne rnanagetnent.settingTour goals aud focusing on it." sheenthused. Through her support. I carneto

rnusterluore and utore courageeven'dAvto pursue nn'dreams. "Thc best way to handle pressuresand intngues is

stick to what tnust be done: do 1'ourbest. no conrplaiuisand pror ccl vour worth." Ms. Alix reurarked. As a manager"

shebest exemplifics her rvordsand declarations. As a r.r'itness

of hcr remarkableexample, she seesto it that everl.thing

she delegatesto her people must be done and she carel'ullr monitors thern. Sheis responsibleand answersthe questions

and needsof the cornpalrywith no complaints.

she cloesher rvork the best wal' she can think of to prove her
worth and to win the respectof the higher bosses. But shebravelr strggestsideas if sheflrinks that they can do

sotnethingfor the bcttennentof the cornpany. According to her. it is irnportantto love your rvork and recognizeit as a

blessingand a clullenge. And rvork as if vou erreu'orking for God and not rnan.
Aside frotn being a versatiletalent in her u'orkplace. Ms Ali.r is a true blooded Clvtstry;fiifuWan to intensi$'
her sen'iceto the Lord just last 1'ear.Her primarr outlooh in lifc is to pleaseGod in everythingYfatshedoes. Shesaid.

"as a Christian. vour priorifi should be horv to plcaseGod in ever.rclavof your life. Everl'thing elsernay fail. but if you

have God nothing clse rnatters." Manifestationsof her being a Christian are visible from her rvordsand actions. She

puts into action Jesus'commands: lor,e vour Goclu ith zrll\,our hcArt. soul and rnind and love 1,ourneighboras yourself.

One thing is to do her best in l'ork and faurih'. Btrt being tme to Gocl'sword is never easy. You have to face the reality

of being u,ith non-believersand learn to adjust iu u non-Clrristianenvironmentat work and home. Priorities lnay set in
rninistry, work andfamily. To settletheselimitations, shecommits
becauseshealsoneedsto manageher tirnebefi,v'een

herselfto God'sword" pray, worshipandwork for Godrnore. Her interestsfocusmoreon servingGodthroughthe

I musicministryin their church. ShesingsChristiansongsandinvolvesherselfin a lot of communityoutreachand
i activities of the church.

{ Being a working mom, sheseesto it that shespendstime outsidework for her family anddedicatesherselfin
t*' u with her famity
this vocationby personallyattendingto their needsespeciallyher daughters'.Shemaintainscloseness
andbe with thernwhereverthey pleaseto go. The,vspendtirne duringchurctr"while watchingTV andhuggtngtimes.

All in all" Ms. RosemarieAlix exemplifiesa positiveallrathat drawspeopleto her. Shemanifestsherselfasa

very sweetandhonestpersonwho is not ashamedto askwhat shedoesnot know. But shequickly hrunbledherselfby

andfinds difficulty in saying"no". I seeher

statingthat shehasher own shareof weaknesses

asa personrvhocontinuesto betterherselfin sen'iceof otherpeople. A comrnittedandtruly endearingcreationof God



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