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Campaign Work and

Back Panel Heading Coordinating

Panel Heading Members

Study Sessions & Training Programs

Promotions, Media Work
• Association of Major Religious Superiors in
& Solidarity Actions
the Philippines-Secretariat (AMRSP-Sec’t)
Lobbying & Postcard Campaign • Institute of Spirituality in Asia (ISA)
• Institute for Studies in Asian Church & Cul-
ture (ISACC)
• Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Com-
mission (JPICC-AMRSP)
• Kaalagad Katipunang Kristiyano (KKK)
educating, organizing, &
• Women & Gender Commission (WGC- mobilizing the faith-based sector
How to get involved? AMRSP)

You may check one or more box/es: • Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC)
A network of faith-
 Make a donation in cash or in kind.
based groups working
 Send your postcard/letter via courier or person- toward the under-
ally deliver your postcard/letter to Representa- CHOOSE standing of the debt
tives of Senate/Congress of your choice and get issue and action
the chance to discuss and pressure them to push LIFE OVER against the immorali-
for concrete policy reforms on the debt.
ties of debt.
 Request materials and documents on the debt The Project Coordinator
issue and share them with your community. c/o KAALAGAD Office
Rm. 232 St. Anthony’s Building
 Organize a dialogue/education session/forum on
the issue of debt and morality.
Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, Philippines
(in between Cambridge & Oxford Streets) - fcaid
Telefax No.: +63-2-4381322
 Be a volunteer and help in the work of the core E-mail: fcaid@yahoo.com
group (individual/organization). (back-up: fcaid101507@gmail.com)
Website: www.fcaid.ph
IM: fcaid (YM) & fcaid101507 (Skype)
International Debt Campaign Faith-based Congress Against Immoral
Faith-based Involvement
Main Inside Heading
Debts (FCAID Network)
The Jubilee Year 2000
Global Debt Campaign FCAID was founded on October 15, 2007 in
• Release of the Statement of the Catholic intensified and popu- a “faith-based unity congress” attended by
Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines larized the involvement various faith-based groups and individuals
(CBCP) on the Foreign Debt Problem, 19 Sep- of faith-based sector on the debt issue. The in agreement with the basic calls of the
tember 1990. Campaign pursued a collective push for debt event.
• In the Philippine Jubi- relief and policy reforms directed to lending
lee 2000 Debt Campaign, institutions and governments to demand an
various faith-based or- end to the debt bondage.
ganizations, Christians With concerted efforts coming from different
and other faith denomina- parts of the world, the Campaign succeeded
tions alike, joined hands in in putting the debt issue as a main agenda in
gathering 800,000++ sig- the discourse of poverty reduction. Thus,
natures in support of the debt relief initiatives were developed such as
call for the Repeal of the Automatic Appro- the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) FCAID is the lead implementor of the Philip-
priations on Debt Service. and the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative pine Sabbath Year Campaign and likewise a
• The 2007 Philippine Sabbath Year Campaign (MIDRI). Moreover, it paved the way for a joint project with the Freedom from Debt
aims to continue what has been started strong global movement on Coalition.
seven years earlier and go beyond. It is a the debt involving cam-
The general thrusts of the project is to:
comprehensive debt campaign to be led by a paigners from the South
and North. • build a strong faith-based network
strong faith-based constituency that will fo-
cus on the moral dimen- • promote & popularize the moral dimen-
sion of debt and how this sion of the debt issue
is related to the concept
• push for concrete policy reforms on the
of illegitimacy of debt.
debt. Repeal PD 1177

Repudiate the Austrian

Incinerator Loan