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5-7 Sidewall Standard Spray Sprinklers.

5-7.2 Protection Areas per Sprinkler (Standard Sidewall

Spray Sprinklers).
5-7.2.1 Definition of the protection Aria of Coera!e.
5- The protection area of coverage per sprinkler (A
) shall be determined as
a) Along the !all. "etermine the distance between sprinklers along the wall (or to
the end or obstr#ction in the case of the end sprinkler on the branch line)
#pstream and downstream. $hoose the larger of either twice the distance to
the end wall or the distance to the ne%t sprinkler. This dimension will be
defined as &.
b) Across the 'oom. "etermine the distance from the sprinkler to the wall
opposite the sprinklers or to the midpoint of the room where sprinklers are
installed on two opposite walls (see 5-7.(.1) This dimension will be defined as
5- The protection area of the sprinkler shall be established b* m#ltipl*ing the &
dimension b* the ) dimension+ as follows A
" S # $
5-7.2.2 %a#i&'& Protection Area of Coera!e. The ma%im#m allowable
protection area of coverage for a sprinkler (As) shell be accordance with the val#e
indicated in the table 5-7.2.2. ,n an* case+ the ma%im#m area of coverage of a
sprinkler shall not e%ceed 1-. ft
(5-.7 m
)ight /a0ard 1rdinar* /a0ard
ble or
ble or
4a%im#m distance
along the wall (&)
15ft 15ft 16ft 16ft
4a%im#m room width
12ft 15ft 16ft 16ft
4a%im#m protection
126 ft
1-. ft
76 ft
166 ft
(a)le 5-7.2.2
5-7.* Sprinkler Spacin! (Standard Sidewall Spray
5-7.*.1 %a#i&'& distance )etween sprinklers.
5-7.(.1.1 The ma%im#m distance permitted between sprinklers shall be based on the
centerline distance between sprinklers on the branch line. The ma%im#m distance
shall be meas#red along the slope of the ceiling.
5-7.(.1.2 &idewall spra* sprinklers shall be installed along the length of a single wall
of rooms or ba*s in accordance with the ma%im#m spacing provisions of Table 5-
8%ception 91 &idewall sprinklers shall not be installed back-to-back witho#t being
separated b* a contin#o#s lintel or soffit.
8%ception 92 !here the width of the room or ba* e%ceeds the ma%im#m allowed+ #p
to 25ft (7.(2m) for light ha0ard occ#panc* or 26ft (..1m) for ordinar* ha0ard
occ#panc* sidewall sprinklers shall be provided on two opposite walls or sides of ba*s
with spacing as re:#ired b* Table 5-7.2.2.
8%ception 9( &idewall sprinklers shall be permitted to be installed on opposing or
ad;acent wall provided no sprinkler is located within the ma%im#m protection area of
another sprinkler.
5-7.(.2 4a%im#m "istance from !all. The distance from sprinklers to the and walls
shall not e%ceed one-half of the allowable distance permitted between sprinklers as in
Table 5-7.2.2.
5-7.(.( 4inim#m "istance from !all. 4in 5in (162mm) from an end wall.
5-7.(.5 4inim#m "istance <etween &prinklers. 3ot less than .ft (1.7m) on center.
5-7.+ Deflector Position fro& Ceilin! and ,all (Standard
Sidewall Spray Sprinklers).
5-7.5.1 "istance <elow $eiling and from !alls.
5- &idewall sprinkler deflectors shell be located not more than .in. (152mm)
or less than 5in. (162mm) for ceilings.
Exception: Horizontal sidewall sprinklers shall be permitted to be located in a zone
6in. to 12in. (152mm to 305mm below noncomb!stible and limited"comb!stible
ceilin# listed $or s!ch !se.
8%hibit 5.21 ,nstallation of sidewall sprinkler along the soffit.
-leation .iew
? @ 2in. (51mm) A >
> (see 5-
= @ 7in (26(mm) (see 5-
5- 7.5.1.( &idewall sprinklers shall onl* be installed along wall+ lintels+ or
soffits where the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the lintel or soffit is at
least 2in (51mm) greater than the distance from the ceiling to sidewall sprinkler
5- !here soffits are #sed for the installation of sidewall sprinklers+ the* shall
not e%ceed 7in (26(mm) in width or pro;ection from the wall.
Exception: %o$$it shall be permitted to exceed &in (203mm where additional
sprinklers are installed bellow the so$$it.
5-7.5.2 "eflector 1rientation.
5- "eflectors of sprinklers shall be aligned parallel to ceilings or roofs.
5- &idewall sprinklers+ where installed #nder a sloped ceiling+ shall be located
at the high point of the slope and positioned to discharge downward along the slope.
5-7.5 /)str'ctions to Sprinkler Dischar!e (Standard
Sidewall Spray Sprinklers).
5-7.5.1 Berformance 1b;ective.
5- &prinklers shall be located so as to minimi0e obstr#ctions to discharge as
defined in 5-5.5.2 and 5-5.5.(+ or additional sprinklers shall be provided to ens#re
ade:#ate coverage of ha0ard.
5- &idewall sprinklers shall be installed no closer than 5ft (1.2m) from light
fi%t#res or similar obstr#ctions. The distance between light fi%t#res or similar
obstr#ctions located more than 5ft (1.2m) from the sprinkler shall be in conformit*
with Table 5- and 2ig#re 5-
'able 5"(.5.1.2 )ositionin# o$ %prinklers to *+oid ,bstr!ctions (%tandard %idewall
%pra- %prinklers
"istance from &idewall &prinkler to &ide
of 1b;ection (A)
4a%im#m Allowable "istance of "eflector
above <ottom of 1b;ection (in.)(<)
)ess than 5ft
5ft to less than 5ft
5ft to less than 5ft .in
5ft .in to less than .ft
0i!'re 5- Positionin! of sprinklers to aoid o)str'ctions (standard sidewall spray sprinklers).
-leation .iew
&idewall sprinkler on wall
$eiling or 'oofing
.ft to less than .ft .in
.ft .in to less than 7ft
7ft to less than 7ft .in
7ft .in to less than 7ft
7ft to less than 7ft .in
7ft .in or greater
-leation .iew
5-7.5.1.( 1bstr#ction pro;ecting from the same wall as the one on which the sidewall
sprinkler is mo#nted shall be in accordance with Table 5-7.5.1.( and 2ig#re 5-7.5.1.(.
Table 5-7.5.1.( Bositioning of &prinklers to Avoid 1bstr#ctions Along the !all
(&tandard &idewall &pra* &prinklers).
"istance from &idewall &prinkler to &ide
of 1bstr#ction (A)
4a%im#m Allowable "istance of "eflector
above <ottom of 1bstr#ction (in.)(<)
)ess than .in.
.in to less than 1ft
1ft to less than 1ft .in
1ft .in to less than 2ft
2ft in to less than 2ft .in
2ft .in to less than (ft
(ft to less than (ft .in
(ft .in to less than 5ft
5ft to less than 5ft .in
5ft .in to less than 5ft
5ft to less than 5ft .in
5ft .in to less than .ft
.ft to less than .ft .in
.ft .in to less than 7ft
7ft to less than 7ft .in
5 C
5 D
- E
11 C
12 D
1. E
17 C
A 1 *C or *D A 1 2+in
2ig#re 5-7.5.1.( Bositioning of sprinklers to avoid obstr#ctions along
the wall (standard sidewall spra* sprinklers).
5-7.5.2 1bstr#ctions to &prinkler "ischarge Battern "evelopment.
5- $ontin#o#s or noncontin#o#s obstr#ctions less than or e:#al to 17in.
(557mm) below the sprinkler deflector that that prevent the pattern from f#ll*
developing shall compl* with this section. 'egardless of the r#les of this
section+ solid contin#o#s obstr#ctions shall meet the re:#irements of 5-
A-5- The r#les of 5- (known as the GThree Times '#leH) have been
written to appl* to obstr#ctions where the sprinkler can be e%pected to get water to
both sides of the obstr#ction witho#t allowing a significant dr* shadow on the other
side of the obstr#ction. This works for small noncontin#o#s obstr#ctions and for
contin#o#s obstr#ctions where the sprinkler can throw water over and #nder the
obstr#ction+ s#ch as the bottom chord of an open tr#ss or ;oist. 2or solid contin#o#s
obstr#ctions+ s#ch as abeam+ the GThree Times '#leH is ineffective since the sprinkler
cannot throw water over and #nder the obstr#ction. &#fficient water m#st be thrown
#nder the obstr#ction to ade:#atel* cover the floor area on the other side of the
obstr#ction. To ens#re this+ compliance with the r#les of 5- is necessar*.
5- &prinklers shall be positioned s#ch that the* are located at a distance
three times greater than the ma%im#m dimension of an obstr#ction #p to a ma%im#m
of 25in. (.6-mm) (e.g.+ tr#ss webs and chords+ pipe+ col#mns+ and fi%t#res). &idewall
sprinklers shall be positioned in accordance with 2ig#re 5- where obstr#ctions
are present.
8%ception 91 Biping to which sidewall sprinklers are directl* attached.
8%ception 92 &prinklers positioned with respect to obstr#ctions in accordance with 5- and 5-7.5.1.(.
Blan Iiew of $ol#mn 8levation Iiew of Bipe
$ond#it or )ight 2i%t#re
1bstr#ction !all

(Jse dimension $ or "+ whichever is greater)
5-7.5.2.( &#spended or 2loor-4o#nted Iertical 1bstr#ctions. The distance from
sprinklers to privac* c#rtains+ free-standing partition+ room dividers+ and similar
obstr#ctions in light ha0ard occ#pancies shall be in accordance with Table 5-7.5.2.(
and 2ig#re 5-7.5.2.(.
Table 5-7.5.2.( &#spended or 2loor-4o#nted 1bstr#ctions (&tandard &pra*
/ori0ontal "istance (A) 4inim#m Iertical "istance below
"eflector (in)(<)
.in. or less
4ore than .in. to -in
4ore than .in. to 12in
4ore than 12in. to 15in
4ore than 15in. to 17in
4ore than 17in. to 25in
4ore than 25in. to (6in
4ore than (6in.
- C
12 C
15 C
2ig#re 5-7.5.2.( &#spended or 2loor-4o#nted 1bstr#ctions (&tandard &idewall &pra*
5-7.5.(F 1bstr#ctions that Brevent &prinkler "ischarge from 'eaching the /a0ard.
A-5-7.5.( &ee A-5-5.5.(.
5-7.5.(.1 $ontin#o#s or noncontin#o#s obstr#ctions that interr#pt the water
discharge in a hori0ontal plane more than 17in. (557mm) below the sprinkler
deflector in a manner to limit the distrib#tion from reaching the protected ha0ard
shall compl* with this section.
5-7.5.(.2 &prinklers shall be installed #nder fi%ed obstr#ctions over 5ft (1.2m) wide
s#ch as d#ct+ desk+ open grate flooring c#tting tables+ and overhead door.
8%ception 1bstr#ctions that are not fi%ed in place s#ch as conference tables.
5-7.2 Clearance to stora!e (Standard Sidewall Spray
The clearance between the deflector and the top of storage shall be 17in (557mm) or