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Arahan: Sila jawab dengan menggunakan rujukan teks utama dan nota kuliah.

1. Two solid cylindrical rods AB and BC are welded together at B and loaded as
shown. Determine the average normal stress at the midsection of (a) rod AB, (b)
rod BC.[ans: (a) 81.5 MPa. (b) 18.1 MPa]


2. Two steel plates are to be held together by means of 16-mm-diameter high-
strength steel bolts fitting snugly inside cylindrical brass spacers. Knowing that the
average normal stress must not exceed 200 MPa in the bolts and 130 MPa in the
spacers, determine the outer diameter of the spacers that yields the most
economical and safe design. [ans: 25.5 mm]

Fig. 2

3. Knowing that the central portion of the link BD has a uniform cross-sectional area
of 800 mm
, determine the magnitude of the load P for which the normal stress in
that portion of BD is 50 MPa. [ans: 62.7 kN]

Fig. 3

Fig. 3

4. When the force P reached 8 kN, the wooden specimen shown failed in shear along
the surface indicated by the dashed line. Determine the average shearing stress
along that surface at the time of failure. [ans: 5.93 MPa]

Fig. 4

5. A load P is applied to a steel rod supported as shown by an aluminum plate into
which a 15-mm-diameter hole has been drilled. Knowing that the shearing stress
must not exceed 126 MPa in the steel rod and 70 MPa in the aluminum plate,
determine the largest load P that may be applied to the rod. [ans: 52.8 kN]

Fig. 5

6. The axial force in the column supporting the timber beam shown is P = 75 kN.
Determine the smallest allowable length L of the bearing plate if the bearing stress
in the timber is not to exceed 3.0 MPa. [ans: 178.6 mm]

Fig. 6

7. A 0.12-mm-diameter steel rod AB is fitted to a round hole near end C of the
wooden member CD. For the loading shown, determine (a) the maximum average
normal stress in the wood, (b) the distance b for which the average shearing stress
is 620 kPa on the surfaces indicated by the dashed lines, (c) the average bearing
stress on the wood. [ans: (a) 3.97 MPa. (b) 202 mm. (c) 20.8 MPa]

Fig. 7

8. Link AB is to be made of a steel for which the ultimate normal stress is 450 MPa.
Determine the cross-sectional area for AB for which the factor of safety will be
3.50. Assume that the link will be adequately reinforced around the pins at A and
B. [ans: 168.1 mm

Fig. 8

9. Three 18-mm-diameter steel bolts are to be used to attach the steel plate shown
to a wooden beam. Knowing that the plate will support a 110-kN load and that
the ultimate shearing stress for the steel used is 360 MPa, determine the factor of
safety for this design. [ans: 2.50]

Fig. 9

10. A load P is supported as shown by a steel pin that has been inserted in a short
wooden member hanging from the ceiling. The ultimate strength of the wood used
is 60 MPa in tension and 7.5 MPa in shear, while the ultimate strength of the steel
is 145 MPa in shear. Knowing that b = 40 mm, c = 55 mm, and d = 12 mm,
determine the load P if an overall factor of safety of 3.2 is desired. [ans: 10.25

Fig. 10