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The purpose of the music ministry is to share the

gospel of Jesus Christ through song and instruments.

To encourage, exhort, reprove each other through song
and exalt, praise, and magnify our Lord.
We aim to lead the congregation in worship and
provide a way for gifted individuals to use their musical
gifts in service.
The Youth/ Young Adult choir divisions go as follows:
Sunshine Choir
Youth Choir/ Young Adult Choir
Any new additions must be approved by the pastor
before becoming official.

The Music
The use of musical
instruments in worship can
be seen both in the Old (I
Chronicles 13:8; II
Chronicles 5:12,13;
Nehemiah 12:35-41; etc.)
and in the New Testaments
(Revelation 5:8, 9; 14:2, 3;
15:20; 18:22).
The scriptures repeatedly
exhort us to "sing unto the
Lord! Exodus 15:21,Psalms
33:3; 81:1; 149:1; etc.
Ephesians 5:18, 19 Singing
was a very prominent part
of worship in the Old
Testament. I Chronicles 16:9
Ezra 2:41Nehemiah 7:6 7 Psalms
66:2, 4; 68:4, 25, 32; etc.
Whether by the use of
instruments or song music
is a very scriptural means of
expression towards God.
Hundreds of scripture verses describe
or make reference to the purest form
of music the spiritual worship that
will fill all eternity. Psalms 150; etc.
Revelation 5:8-14; 7:15; etc. This
liberty of expression is a delight
to God (Psalms 149:3, 4). It is
the very purpose for which man
was created (Revelation 4:11
Youth/Young Adult and Sunshine Choir
Members are chosen by either choir musicians or choir leaders (i.e. president) and are expected
to be active in any choir activities. Each member shouldve accepted Jesus into their heart and
possess a desire to serve God in the music ministry.
All choir members names will be recorded as an active choir member and will be expected to
meet all choir activities.
Absence will be promptly followed through with a phone call, visit, text, etc. Excessive absences
may result in meeting with president, referral to pastor or minister, or even suspension. Each
absence will be checked into in case of emergency and every member will be given opportunity
to explain excuses for absence or tardiness.
A member must attend rehearsals when a new song is being introduced and practiced; if not
then that member cannot participate with the choir during next performance.
Members are expected to be on time for all events.
Members are expected to refrain from gum chewing, eating, and unnecessary talking, or
playing during practice, performance, or any event.
Noncompliance or disrespect will not be tolerated.
Choir Discipline
Any event concerning the choir must be approved by pastor.
Every member, if in school, must maintain a conduct no less than S.
Each member must maintain a good report amongst church members.
Every member is expected to maintain proper dress code ordained in church.

Job Descriptions______________________
Assist musicians and choir director in planning congregational services and aid in selecting
Keeps choir members and musicians aware of upcoming events and rehearsals.
Aids the musicians in decisions involving choir member selection and song selection
Supervise all other work by other members in choir besides musicians and directors.
Responsible for maintaining self-integrity and example before all members
Vice President
Aid president in his/her duties and maintain same example.
Choir Director(s)
Direct music during rehearsal and services
Select music for choir to sing
Direct musicians during service and rehearsals
Plan choir events
Oversee member admittance and dismissal
Choir Officers
Conduct meetings involving choir
Communicate with all members holding office
Aid in planning events and services
Aid in setting rehearsal times
Maintain all events and members are within the guidelines approved by the pastor
Vote for new president and vice-president if ever needed

Maintain up-to-date membership roll for the choir
Record attendance of members and advise president or repeat absences.
Collect money and maintain records of purchases.
Musicians Aid
Aid musicians in note keeping on songs
Keep tablets during rehearsals
Provide members with lyric sheets to any new songs

Sign if you agree with all statements written and promise to do your best to comply and serve
the Lord with your whole heart in music.

X____________________________________________ Date___/______/________
All officers and members are expected to behave in constant Godliness and be of a good report. If any deviate
from this or testify that they have fallen from the faith, then dismissal may be in order till further notice. The
choir will minister in the form of music, thus must maintain a certain standard in order to continue ministering
for the Lord.