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Above and Beyond" solution by pjg

This is not the "official" solution

Feel free to write and upload a better solution
if you want to do so, otherwise, corrective modifications
to this solution are welcomed and encouraged.
6/16/2000 - MjS - Added 2 alternate puzzle solutions, noted
scoring bug (fixed in 1.1) and added to amusing list.
Good job, PJG.
6/20/2000 - pjg - corrected cumulative point totals for version 1.1
For game version 1.0 or 1.1
Other game versions may be slightly different.
This game is very linear and a lot of snooping around
is required to solve it. Knowledge of future events
is required for some of the puzzles.
Examine and Search do different things.
If you get stuck then consult the relevant
section of the solution for help.
Also, this game has the very nice "Winnable" command
and some built in hints.

Save game files are named according to the score.
Takes about 600 moves.
Comments and points are in ()
(your purpose in this game is to investigate
the disappearance of your coworkers)
Part I
The Beginning, in front of building
(this solution is for game version 1.0 or 1.1)
E. Open car
Search clutter then get package (1/1)
Exit. W
(usually, Bill will be escorted out of the building
talking about losing his ID card in the forest.
you must find that ID card)
N, W
Listen (1/2)
(you will start chewing your gum,
you will use it near the end of the game)
G. g. g. g. g. g.
The UPS man
(a delivery truck will show up)
W, S
Read sign
(you must pretend to be a delivery man)
Enter truck then open locker
Get uniform then wear it
N, E, N
(you will be chased SW by the UPS man)
E, N
N, W, N
Get clipboard (1/3)
W. Get plank
SE, S, E
The Forest
save "s3"
(a brief informative detour...)
SE, E, E
X structure
Open door then pull vines
(oh well...)
(x large tree then x branch)
W, W, NW
X stream then x banks
Get card then x it
Drop all
SW then get boulder
NE then put boulder in stream
Get all
Put plank on boulder
W (5/8)
Get hat then wear it
SW, W, W, S
X uniform then put card in pocket
(you can also hide the card in your hat)
save "s8"
The Warehouse
(you need the uniform, hat, clipboard, package, and ID card)
Ring bell (5/13)
(the game should still be in a winnable state)
Get faded card then put it on bench
Search papers
Get key, Steve's card.
Read sign then swipe card in slot (3/16)
E then read plate
Unlock door with key
Open door. S. Close door
Remove uniform, hat
Drop all but card
Open door
N, E
(let's try the other way...)
W, N
(you can stay and listen for awhile if you want to ...)
U (3/19)
save "s18"
The Foyer
(not much to do here)
(some clues here...)
G. g. g.
G. g. g.
G. g. g.
Part II
Your cubicle
X desk then open drawer
Get memo then read it
save "s19"
(task #1 is the only task that you can do)
NE, S, S
SE. Look at picture. NW
Show memo to Brian (3/22)
The Form
NW, W, N
N, N, W
Search tray then get form
E, S, S
S, E, SE
Give form to Brian
save "s22"
The Stamp
NW, W, W
N, N, W
X desk then open drawer
Get stamp then x it
Stamp form
The Ink and Supply room key
E, N, N
E, E
Knock on door
(I guess Pat's with the 2 FBI guys)
save "s23"
(you have about 29 moves to wait so you
may as well go and explore the office areas
and find out where people's office's are)
(also, you can save some time by asking your
coworkers about the abductions now)
Ask <name> about abductions
(until Pat finds you)
(from outside Pat's office)
Ask Pat about supplies
(Pat will give you the name (random)
of one of your coworkers.
you must go to his/her office and...)
Ask <name> about key
(you will be given another name,
got to that person's office and...)
Ask <name> about key
(eventually, you will be given the supply room key.
you must go to the supply room.
starting from outside Pat's office...)
save "s24"
W, W, S
S, S, S, S
Unlock door with key
Open door
X supplies then get case
X case then read it then open it
Put stamp in case then stamp form
Close case then drop it
Close door then lock it with key
(up until now, you could not enter this meeting room)
Look in window
(hmmm, something strange with the gazebo)
X couches
Search red then search blue
(you will find a book)
N, E
(a nice chat with the FBI guys)
N, E, E, SE
(Brian is stuck on the phone)
Show book to Brian
Show form to Brian
(you must get the form signed...)
save "s25"
Form signature
NW, N, N
N, N, NE
Give key to Pat
Pat, sign form
(lots of people can sign the form)
SW, S, S
S, S, SE
Show form to Brian
save "s26"
Form Notary
NW, W, W
N, N
(Bob should leave his office,
let's go ask him about finding a notary...)
N, N, E
S, S, S, W
Ask Bob about notary
(oh, good!)
Bob, notarize form
X screen
X panel
save "s27"
The Smart card
(Bob should ask you to hold his
smart card for a few moments)
Get card
E, N, W
(you are hiding from Bob, stay here
until he reenters the previous lab)
E, S, S
W, S, W, NE
X equipment
X copier
Read sign then get it
Open copier then read paper (1/23)
X shredder then turn it on
Put card in shredder
Get pen
SW, N, E
E, N, W
(Bob should leave the lab.
you can wait for the repair techs, or ...)
Put sign on machine
(fake it!)
Wait (5/28)
(Bob should reenter the lab, see the sign,
and then head for his office)
save "s28"
E, S, W
N, N, N, W
Bob, notarize form
(notice that Bob did not lock his drawer...)
S, S
(Bob will leave with the FBI agents,
lets go and look in his drawer...)
N, N, W
Open drawer then get book
E, S, S
S, E, E, SE
Show book to Brian
Give form to Brian
The Secret note
NW, W, W
W, S, NE
Wait (5/33)
(again until Brian gives you the book)
Open book
Get scrap then read it
Put scrap in shredder (2/35)
save "s35"
Asking coworkers
SW, N, E
E, E, N
N, N, NW
Ask steve about abductions
(you must keep moving around and ask 8 or so of your coworkers about
the abductions to move the game along to the next section...)
(when you have talked to enough people,
the FBI guys will escort you outside to ...)
Part III
The Gazebo
W, S (1/36)
Open door
save "s36"
The Guard Dummy
Read sign then look in window
X guard door then turn switch
Look in window then open guard door
E then x dummy
Get gun, dummy
W, U
Drop dummy
W, S, D
Open closet door then W
X flashlight then get battery, broom
E, E
Stand on stool then get bulb
Get off stool
Sweep glass with broom
Drop battery
W, W
Drop broom
E then close closet door
save "s37"
Open metal door
E then close door then lock door
Sit on stool
(wait until you hear footsteps approach then...)
Aim gun at window (8/44)
save "s44"
The Metal Door
Get off
Unlock door then open it
Open large door
Close large door then lock it (1/45)
Wait. Z. Z
(wait until the guards return and then leave again)
Unlock door then open it
N then get cracker
Open closet door
W then get mop, bottle, cap
E, S
Close door then lock it
save "s45"
The Mouse House
E, S
Pull first block
Pull second block
Pull third block
Put cracker on gum
Put gum in bottle
Put cap on bottle
Put bottle in hole
Put mop on pile
Drop all
Enter hole
Search rubbish
Get box, bottle
Get cap
(the mouse will investigate the cracker smell,
when the mouse leaves the mouse hole then...)
Block mouse hole with box
Drop bottle
(the mouse will, eventually, enter the bottle)
Put cap on bottle
Get bottle, box
Put bottle in box
Put box in large hole
Enter large hole
Look in box then get bottle
W, S
save "s46"
The Access area
(listen to the mouse and age clues...)
Remove cap (5/50)
(the mouse will scare away the guard)
N, N, E
N, W
Close large door then lock it
Wait. Z. Z (2/52)
(listen for password clue)
E then get card
S, W, S
S, E
save "s52"
S, S, S
W, W, U
(listen to the vine-exit and swiper clues...)
D, E, E
N, N, N
X device then read display
Swipe card in slot then read display
Smack unit
(2000-33 is ...)
Type 1967 on keypad (3/55)
(you will get a double beep and the door will click)
Open door
Get radio
X radio then open it
save "s55"
The Prison Cell and Tunnels
E, E, E
Get gloves
Unlock door then open it
Cut vines with card (3/58)
(or use the CD found in the radio)
W, W, W
Swipe card in slot
Smack unit
X radio then extend antenna
(or pull it)
Wear gloves
Put antenna in circuitry
Open cell door (3/61)
save "s61"
The Final Escape
W, W, NW, W
(N. Z. Z. Z. S)
Surprise Ending
Wait. Z. Z. Z (4/65)
For fun have you...
-- tried to kiss Lori the receptionist?
-- tried to put the supply key in the shredder?
-- locked yourself in the supply room?
-- stamp me?
-- understood the lab names?
-- asked Paul, Bill, Brian about the abductions?
-- snuck back to visit the prison cell after
letting everyone go free?
-- standing on your desk?
-- putting gum in shredder?
-- chew the cracker/gum combo?
-- aiming the gun at you? The fbi guys? The mouse?
-- draining the battery in the flashlight and watching Ed test it?
-- kiss/hug/screw cube workers?
-- catch the fish in the stream?
-- getting off track in the janitor's closet?

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