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Real Estate

Investing 101
The rich either made their money in real
estate or park their money in real estate
Robert Kiyosaki
Forbes Top 10 in the Philippines
1. Henry Sy
2. Lucio Tan
3. Andrew Tan
4. Enrique Razon
5. John Gokongwei
Forbes Top 10 in the Philippines
6. Jaime Zobel De Ayala
7. Aboitiz Family
8. David Consunji
9. George Ty
10.Lucio and Susan Co
Challenges in Investing Today
My Story
Myths of RE Investing
Real Ways To Make Money
Strategy in the 21
Deadly Mistakes of New RE Investors
Next Steps
Joint Venture Opportunity
Company Introduction
RE/MAX is the #1 real estate franchise
company in the world
Founded in Denver, Colorado in 1973
93,228 Agents in 97 Countries
#1 in Residential Sales, Brand
Awareness, Advertising
The Average RE/MAX agent outsells
the competition 3.5 is to 1
My Personal Mission
Share my knowledge and expertise to
investors so you can make smart
investment decisions decisions
that will preserve capital, generate
passive income and build wealth.
Challenges in Investing Today
Banks dont give high returns
You can lose money to business
You can lose money to scams
You can lose money to pre-need and
even insurance
I Had The Same Challenges And...
I didnt have much money in the bank
I lost money in a forex-trading scam
I lost money in pre-need plans
How Did I Solve The Challenges
Found Mentors
Moved forward despite mistakes
Became a Broker to better understand
the market
6 Door Townhouse
3 Condos
Brokered many transactions (22
properties, Php109M total value)
Myths of RE Investing
Buy then Wait 20 years
before cashing out
Buy Value Now And In
The Near Future
Save Up To Buy Cash Use OPM or Strategic
Buy When I Get My
Retirement Lump-Sum
Real Estate is only for the
Real Estate is for
everyone who wants to be
Real Ways To Make Money In RE
#1. Appreciation
In 1990s, a client bought a house in
a squatter infested area for Php500,000.
In time, the squatters disappeared and a
highway was built in front of their house.
After 20 years, she was able to sell the
property for Php9,000,000.
Real Ways To Make Money In RE
#2. Negotiation
In 2010, we negotiated an option to
purchase for a condo in Alabang for
Php2.5M. After 8 weeks, the next door
neighbor bought the unit for Php3.5M.
Real Ways To Make Money In RE
Equity Buildup
Buy a property with financing
Rent it out
Your loan will be paid by the rents.
Even if the property doesnt appreciate
in value, you will have equity to use to
purchase another property
Real Ways To Make Money In RE
Rent Passive Income!
Rental Income increases with inflation
In 1994, rents in Sitio Rizal, Alabang
for a 2-bedroom apartment were
Php7,000. Today, rents are now at
Simple Strategy for the 21
Accumulate Assets that have passive
Sell Assets that have appreciated in
Value or Equity to buy bigger Assets
Retire with Passive Income more than
twice your expenses
Deadly Mistakes
Falling In Love With The Property
Buying Cheap
Cutting Corners
Not Enough Due Diligence
No Focus Area
Not Prepared To Manage Risks
Ignoring Trends
What Investors Must Do
Falling In Love With The Numbers
Buying What You Can Sell
Invest in Quality and Durability
Be Diligent in Due Diligence
Have a Focus Area
Be Prepared To Manage Risks
Watch Trends
Next Steps
Determine Your Financial Capability
> How much Initial Investment
> How much Monthly Investment
Decide on an Area
Build your Investment Team
> Talk to a RE/MAX Agent
> Talk to your banker to get pre-qualified
Next Steps
Talk To Me For Your Real
Estate Investment Needs
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