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Santiago Martin - Mrs.

Leema Rose Martin

Mrs. Leema Rose Martin is a Director of the Martin Group of Companies, in addition to
being the Joint Managing Trustee of the Martin Charitable Trust as well as the Secretary&
Correspondent of the Martin Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital. She is the wife of
Mr. Santiago Martin, the Chairman of the Martin Group of Companies. Her dedication
towards the success of every endeavour of the organization, and her persistent focus
towards the fulfilling of the developmental goals of the entire group have truly made her
the driving force behind Mr. Santiago Martin's success story. Her benevolence and
compassion unto every member of the company has transformed the organization into one
corporate family, where every individual is accounted and cared for without any trace of
estrangement - thus revealing the secret behind the unity of the group. Mrs. Leema Rose
Martin ensures an equal and devout care into every aspect of the business as shared by the
head of the group, which only results in a systematic and organized progress of each
division to new levels of growth and stability. As a joint Managing Trustee of the Martin
Charitable Trust, her keen sense of understanding for humanitarian values and the practice
of good business principles and social ethics have made her a champion in the field of
charity and social work. She shares the grand vision of the organization to help promote
and consolidate a foundation of unity and sustainable progress through innovation and
industry that would help the group of companies to attain greater heights in every field and
every aspect. A pillar of strength, support and inspiration is probably the most apt
description that personifies her. Under her vision and guidance as the Secretary&
Correspondent of the Martin Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital, the institution has
steadily progressed through to new academic standards of education with student
Some of her currently held business positions would include:
Martin Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital: Secretary& Correspondent
Martin Charitable Trust: Joint Managing Trustee
Leema Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.: Managing Director
Apart from the above, she holds the position of Director in the following companies:
L&C Media Pvt. Ltd.
Martin Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Martin Housing Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Martin Realty Pvt. Ltd.
Martin Agro Farms
Martin Farms
Hall Marc Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Archi Structural Constructions India Pvt. Ltd.
InLott E Gaming Services Pvt. Ltd.
Lee martin Beach Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
Martin Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd.
Apart from her managerial and administrative duties and responsibilities, she is also a
devoted wife and a loving and compassionate mother. Some of her achievements include
degrees from both Italian and American Universities that highlight her success as an
entrepreneur as well as her social empowerment; including a Honorary Doctorate of
Humanity Science from The Yorker International University, as well as a Doctor of Letters
from The International Tamil University, Maryland, The United States of America.