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Product Description

New generation Mobilgard 570 is a superior quality marine

diesel engine cylinder oil. This bold new approach in
cylinder lubricant technology provides maximum protection
from adhesive and corrosive wear at the higher operating
temperatures and pressures of todays modern crosshead
engines. It employs new additives with substantially greater
thermal stability and an optimum viscosity of 21 cSt at
100C for best lubricant distribution and film retention.
Through new refining technology, this higher viscosity is
attained with little or no bright stock. Unique technology at
the 70 TBN alkalinity level in new generation Mobilgard
570 has demonstrated superior ring and liner protection
and cleanliness under sustained operation with fuel sulfur
levels from less than 0.5% up to 5.0%.
A p p l i c a t i o n s
New generation Mobilgard 570 has been developed for
marine crosshead engines with increased power and fuel
efficiency. Such engines exhibit higher temperatures and
pressures in the cylinder, which reduce the lubricant's
viscosity and increase the loads which it must withstand.
Longer piston strokes have greatly increased the amount
of surface to be protected and the amount of time the
lubricant must withstand the severe cylinder temperatures
and corrosive sulfur acids. New Mobilgard 570s perform-
ance has also demonstrated superior protection in earlier
engine designs.
To ensure achieving the maximum equipment life possible,
particular attention should be paid to the manufacturers
special recommendations regarding the running-in of new
rings and liners. Consult your Mobil territory manager for
assistance and recommendations for run-in.
Appropriate feed rates should be verified in all cases by
through-the-ports inspection of liners for adequate oil film.
B e n e f i t s
Reduced ring wear
Reduced liner wear
Extended periods between piston overhauls
Reduced lay-up time due to overhauls
Wide fuel sulfur level capability
Minimized cylinder oil consumption
Superior piston and liner cleanliness
Health and Safety
Based on available toxicological information, this product
produces no adverse effects on health when properly
handled and used. No special precautions are suggested
beyond attention to good personal hygiene, including
laundering oil-soaked clothing and washing skin-contact
areas with soap and water. Material Safety Data Sheets
are available upon request from your Mobil lubricants
sales office, or via the Internet on www.mobil.com.
M o b i l g a r d

5 7 0
New Generation Diesel Engine Cylinder Oil
Typical Characteristics Mobilgard 570
SAE Grade 5 0
Specific Gravity at 15C 0 . 9 4 2
Flash Point, C 2 4 1
Pour Point, C - 9
cSt, at 40C 2 4 7
cSt, at 100C 21
Viscosity Index 1 0 0
TBN, (mg. KOH/g.) 7 0
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