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Turn Sequence

Phase Action
Event Both players must draw one card from each event deck and may hold a maximum of 6 cards in
their hand. After use, cards are discarded face down and are not recycled back into the game.
Recover A! add or subtract dice based on which "haracters#$inons are currently in the %ame.
&ellowship '&()* +he &ree )eoples )layer '&)* may both!
,eclare- the position of the &() on the game board!
move the figure regions ./ current progress counter,
reset progress counter to 0 'remain hidden*,
1f in a &) city#stronghold, the nation is activated,
+he &() heals 23 corruption#turn 'beginning the first turn of arrival* in &)
city#stronghold not under enemy control,
1f forced to draw a 4unt +ile, ignore reveal icon if the &() is declared in a &) "ity or
(4 controlled by the &)
and#or "hange the &() guide 'must be one of the companions with the highest level*.
+he guide must change immediately when the composition of the &() changes, e.g. as a
result of a successful ,4unt-.
Entering Mordor: 5hen the &() reaches $orannon or $inas $orgul, they can decide during
this phase to enter $ordor and need not be hidden to do so. +hen!
place &() on the first step of the $ordor +rack,
return drawn ,eye- tiles to the 4unt )ool
Add (pecial 4unt +iles called for by previously played Event "ards to the 4unt )ool
4unt Allocation () allocates A to the 4unt Box! max / the 6 of "ompanions in the &(). $ust allocated at
least one die if the &() attempted to move on the previous turn. $ay always allocate one.
&) Action Roll &) rolls A. $inimum 7 with one extra each if Aragorn: Heir to Isuldur or Gandalf the White
have entered and remain in play.8
() Action Roll () rolls A. $inimum 9 with one extra for each $inion 'Witch King, Mouth of Sauron and
Saruman* that has entered and remains in play.8 ,Eye- results are placed in the 4unt Box.
Action Resolution
+he players alternate spending A to take actions '&) goes first*.
A player may pass if he has fewer unused A than the opposing player.
1f &() )rogress "ounter moves 'or the &() game piece attempts to move while in
$ordor*, the () player may ,4unt-.
A used by the &) to move or attempt to move the &() are added to the 4unt Box and
count :3 to future 4unt rolls.
;ictory "heck "heck if victory conditions have been fulfilled
8 an A is added or removed from play at the beginning of the turn following the addition or elimination.
Victory Conditions
# Condition When Measured
3 "orruption "ounter reaches 3< on the &() +rack After the current A is resolved
< +he &() enters the last space on the $ordor +rack 1mmediately
= +he () control &) (ettlements worth 30 ;ictory )oints ';)* end of any %ame +urn
7 +he &) control () Settlements worth 7 ;) end of any %ame +urn
>ower2number victory conditions take precedence.
(ettlement "ontrol $arkers are place or removed when an Army Unit 'not a >eader, "haracter or ?a@gul* enters
an enemy2controlled Region or (tronghold.
Action Dice
Die Options (choose one Die Options (choose one
o $ove into or Attack an adAacent Region
with one Army %roup containing a
>eader or ,$inion-
o )lay a "4ARA"+ER Event "ard from
your hand8
o $ove all ?a@gul and $inions
o $ove into or Attack an adAacent Region
with one Army %roup containing a >eader
or ,"ompanion-
o )lay a "4ARA"+ER Event "ard from
your hand8
o $ove all "ompanions not in the &()
o $ove the &()88 'only if ,hidden-*.
o 4ide the &()88
o (eparate "ompanions from the &()
o $ove up to two different Army %roups
into adAacent Region's*B no Army Cnit
may move twice
o Attack an AdAacent Region with one
Army %roup
o )lay an AR$D Event "ard from your
o $ove up to two different Army %roups
into adAacent Region's*B no Army Cnit
may move twice
o Attack an AdAacent Region with one Army
o )lay an AR$D Event "ard from your
o $ove one ?ationEs counter one box
closer to the ,At 5ar- box on the
)olitical +rack
o )lay a $C(+ER Event "ard from your
o 1f At 5ar Recruit Reinforcements
o Recruit a $inion 'prereFuisites apply*
o $ove one ?ationEs counter one box closer
to the ,At 5ar- box on the )olitical +rack
o )lay a $C(+ER Event "ard from your
o 1f At 5ar Recruit Reinforcements
o Recruit a "haracter 'prereFuisites apply*
o raw an Event "ard from either deck
o )lay A?D Event "ard from your hand8
o raw an Event "ard from either deck
o )lay A?D Event "ard from your hand8
o Add all dice showing the ,eye- to the
4unt Box
,5ill of the 5est-
o Cse as any other Action ie result
o Recruit %andalf the 5hite or )romote
Aragorn to 4eir to 1sildur
8(ome Event "ards are ,played face2up on the table- and then do not count against the 6-card hand limit. +he effects of
these cards last until a particular condition or reFuirement is subseFuently met. iscard after use. "ards that add +iles to
the 4unt )ool add them upon entry to $ordor, not before.
88 +he &() is moved by advancing the &() )rogress "ounter on the &() +rack, or if in $ordor, by declaring an attempt
to move the &() game piece on the $ordor +rack. +o ,hide- the &(), flip the &() )rogress counter from the ,revealed-
to the ,hidden- side.
E!"en #ings
Who When$ E%%ect Condition
&)8 Gnce per %ame +urn immediately efore
ta!ing an Action
"hange one of his A results, then
pass the ring to the ()
?ot to ,5ill of the 5est-
() Gnce per %ame +urn immediately efore
ta!ing an Action
"hange one of his A results, then
remove the ring from the game
"e#er from an $%ye&
"ot to an %ye immediately
after a successful Hunt
8 +he &) has all three rings at the beginning of the %ameB each ring may be used a maximum of once by each player.
&a'e Pieces
'3* (aruman ?ation Elite Army Cnits function as leaders for all purposes as long as (aruman is in play.
'<* $ay not enter a Region occupied by enemy Army Cnits unless those Cnits have retreated into a (tronghold. >eaders
and Cnits of ?ations that are not ,At 5ar- may not move across the border of any other ?ation 'except to retreat*B
however, they may move into neutral territory. $ay not enter or leave a (tronghold under siege.
'=* (tacking#$ovement rules for "haracters, the ?a@gul#5itch Hing!
o All! 1f not moving with an Army, may enter, move through or occupy the same Region as enemy game pieces, and
vice versa.
o "ompanions I the $outh of (auron! $ust stop upon entering a Region containing an enemy (tronghold, ut may
then continue on their 'ay y using a suse(uent A) result. $ay not enter or leave a (tronghold under siege.
o Any () $inion! may not enter a &)2controlled (tronghold Region unless he is with an () Army.
o *nce a +haracter ,oins 'ith an Army- he functions as a .eader and can only se/arate from that Army using a
character die- card- or non-Retreating mo#ement of the Army a'ay from the +haracter0
o "*1%: "one of the ao#e guidelines a//ly to the 2ello'shi/0
'7* >eaders, () $inions and &) "ompanions (eparated from the &() are eliminated when involved in a Battle in which
all the friendly Armies are destroyed. +hey are not separately targeted during Battle. If Saruman is alone in *rthanc and
a 2ree 3eo/les army mo#es into *rthanc- Saruman is not eliminated- "* units can then e recruited in *rthanc0 Saruman
is remo#ed only y %nt %#ent +ard0 1he S3 /layer still gets the e4tra A) until Saruman is eliminated0
'J* +he (am#&rodo game piece indicates on the game board the last known position of the &() 'starts in Rivendell*. +he
&() is moved on the board up to the number of Regions indicated by the &() )rogress "ounter from its last known
position when!
o the () player draws a 4unt +ile with a ,revealed- symbol on it, in which case the &() progress counter is
flipped to the ,revealed- side and is placed in a Region not containing a &) "ity or (tronghold.
o the &() ,eclares- in any location of his choice within range 'in this case- it stays hidden*.
(te' Stac)ing Mo"e Co'*at E%%ect
Elite + Regular
Army Cnit '3*
30 in Region
J in (tronghold
3 '<* 2 Adds 3 die to "ombat (trength
of an Army to maximum of J
2 5hen hit, becomes Regular +
when hit, is eliminated
&) >eaders Cnlimited 3 '<*
must be accompanied by Army Cnit's*
2 $ay re2roll 3 miss for each
2 Eliminated when not w#Army
&) "ompanions
not with the &()
Cnlimited '=* / to greatest level in the group if not
moving with an Army '=*
$ay re2roll 3 miss for each I < for
Aragorn '7*
$outh of (auron Cnlimited '=* = if moving alone '=* $ay re2roll < misses '7*
?a@gul I 5itch
Cnlimited '=* Cnlimited if moving alone '=* $ay re2roll 3 miss for each ?a@gul
I < for 5itch Hing '7*
(aruman Cnlimited '=* $ay not leave Grthanc ut may lead
attac!s into ad,acent Regions 567
$ay re2roll 3 miss '7*
+he &() Cnlimited 5henever the &() moves, the () may
4unt 'note J*
$ay only be eliminated by ,+he
Gnly if a nation is ,At 5ar- may it use a $uster A result to recruit!
o Any combination of two '<*! Regular Army Cnit's*, >eader's* or ?a@gul GR
o one '3* of! either an Elite Army Cnit or an 1sengard Elite Cnit
in a (ettlement of the ?ation to which the unit belongs '?a@gul in the (auron ?ation*
May not recruit 8 game figures in the same Settlement using A) 9 i0e0 ma4imum of : figure /er Region0
$ay never recruit any Cnits in a (ettlement captured by the enemy 'even with an event card*.
$ay not recruit in a Besieged (tronghold 5also: may not use the $#oice of Saruman& to /romote regulars to elites
'hen *rthanc is under siege70
Exception! Event "ard2based recruiting may occur in a Besieged (tronghold, or if not ,At 5ar-.
Type VP #ecruit
Co'panion-s or .SP-s
Acti"ates /ation$
.SP #eco"ers
0att!e E%%ect
(tronghold < D D '3* D '<* o ?o Effect
< '=* D '3*
"ompanions canEt (eparate
unless the &() was there
before the siege started and
the &() counter is at ,0-
D '<* o ?eed 6 to hit a efender if he
has ,retreated into (iege-
o Cnits inside may not assist a
relieving attack from a friendly
Army %roup
o Battle lasts only 3 round '7*
"ity 3 D D '3* D '<* o ?eed 6 to hit efender on first
round of Battle
+own 0 D ? ? o ?one
&ortification 0 ? ? ? o ?eed 6 to hit efender on first
round of Battle
'3* Gnly if that particular "haracter is eligible to do so. &ellowship is always eligible.
'<* "orruption is reduced by 3 for each turn of rest in a friendly "ity or (tronghold, beginning the first turn of arrival.
'=* $ay not Recruit with an A, but may recruit with an Event "ard.
'7* Battle may be extended by an Attacker after the first and in each subseFuent round if the Attacker reduces 3 Elite Army
Cnit to a Regular.
Action ,o1+When
$ove 3 o4 toward ,At 5ar-8
Cse ,$uster- A result
Cse any A to advance the home ?ation when Boromir, >egolas or %imli are
in a "ity or (tronghold of their home ?ation '%ondor, Elven, warven*
each time an Action ie is used to initiate a battle against a ?ationEs Army
'per Battle, not per round*
When an %#ent card that could inflict casualties is /layed on a "ation
each time a ?ationEs "ity, +own or (tronghold is captured
&lip to ,Activated-
when a Region of the ?ation is entered by an enemy Army Cnit.
when a battle is initiated against a ?ationEs Armies using an Action ie
'hen an %#ent +ard that could inflict casualties is /layed on a "ation;;
when the &ellowship is ,eclared- in one of its "ities or (trongholds
when a "ompanion who can activate that ?ation ends its mo#e in one of its
"ities or (trongholds
8?ations must be Activated in order to move into the ,At 5ar- box on the )olitical +rack.
Progress Counters
(te' Description
&() )rogress "ounter 'not used
when the &() is in $ordor*
indicates the 6 of Regions the &() has moved since the last know position
indicates whether the &() is ,hidden- 'one side* or ,revealed- 'the other*.
"orruption "ounter
indicates the amount of "orruption the &() has sustained
)olitical +rack "ounters
indicates how close each nation is to being At 5ar
indicates whether each &) ?ation is ,activated- 'one side* or ,passive- 'the
other*. All &) ?ations start )assive except the Elves
The ,unt
# Who E"ent+Action When$
() Put a nu'*er o% AD in the ,unt 0o3 45
the # o% Co'panions in the .SP
(n the ,unt A!!ocation Phase6 Must a!!ocate at !east 2
die i% the .SP 'o"ed in the pre"ious turn6
() Add any 8Eye9 AD resu!ts that are ro!!ed
to the ,unt *o3
Action #o!! Phase
() 2 Roll a 6 of dice / to the number of () A
in the 4unt Box
2 Add :3 for each &) A in the 4unt Box
'after the first &() move of each turn*
Every time &) moves the &() )rogress "ounter on the
&() +rack
() Re2roll 3 die for each condition, to a
maximum of = re2rolls. %ach missed hunt
roll may only e re-rolled once0
if the last known location of the &() contained!
a (tronghold controlled by the (),
one or more (hadow Army Cnits or
one or more ?a@gul # 5itch Hing,
e#en if there are 23 Armies in the same Region.
&) )ut the &) A in the 4unt Box After the &() uses a "haracter A to move
() #ando'!y dra1 a ,unt Ti!e %ro' the
8,unt Poo!9 and set the ti!e aside (do not
return it to the poo!6 App!y the resu!t per
the ta*!e *e!o16
1f a modified ,6- is rolled on any one of the dice
that were rolled in steps = and 7
1f the ,revealed- &() moves through, from or into
a (hadow (tronghold '3 per (tronghold, in
addition to the result of a successful 4unt roll*
0e%ore 'o"ing? each ti'e the .SP atte'pts to
'o"e 1hi!e in Mordor
; Steps :? < and = are not done 1hen the .SP is in Mordor@ do on!y the (te's in &reen6
,unt Ti!es and Corruption
Ti!e Contains #esu!t
A number 1nflict 4unt amage on the &() eFual to the number. 1f negative, then reduce the amount of
"orruption accordingly.88
An ,eye- symbol8 1nflict 4unt amage eFual to the number of ,6-s rolled in steps = and 7 above.88
An ,eye- symbol8
while in $ordor
1nflict 4unt amage eFual to the number A in the 4unt Box, including &) A previously used
for moving the &() in the same turn.88
A ,reveal- symbol &lip the &() )rogress counter to its ,revealed- side and place the &() on the board in a Region
not containing a &) (ettlement controlled by the &).
A ,stop- symbol +he &() does not advance to the next space. +he attempt to move in $ordor failed.
8 1f an ,eye- is drawn in response to an Event "ard or because the &() is moving through a () (tronghold then the ,eye-
result is considered to have a value of 0.
88 ,unt Da'age Steps 'execute in order*:
(2 &) )layer may use one relevant ,play on the table- event card to cancel or reduce the damageB
(7 &) )layer may use the %uideKs (pecial AbilityB
(: Eliminate one "ompanion 'either the guide, or one randomly selected "ompanion! include the guide in the random
draw* absorbing 4unt amage eFual to the "ompanionEs >evelB
(< +ake remaining 4unt amage on the "orruption +rackB "orruption ,hits- less than the "ompanionEs >evel still kill
him and have no other effect. 1f at any time during 4unt resolution a new %uide is appointed 'e.g. when the guide is
eliminated or when $eriadoc or )eregrinKs ability is used*, the %uide ability of the new %uied may be used
immediately, if applicable.
1f the &() fails to attempt to move or hide during an entire game turn while in $ordor, increase corruption by 3.
Gnly Army Cnits of nations ,At 5ar- may start a Battle.
5hen attacked in a battle, the efending ?ationEs counter on the political track is flipped to
,active- 'if not already* and advanced 3 box 'per battle, not per round*.
Cnits inside a single Region form an Army that may attack adAacent Regions not separated by
impassible terrain. Armies may consist of Cnits#>eaders from multiple friendly ?ations.
+he Attacker may use a portion of the Cnits of an Army in a BattleB +he efender must defend
with all Cnits. Attac!ing Units not /artici/ating cannot suffer casualties and must contain at
least : Regular or %lite Army Unit0 1hey may not ,oin the <attle in suse(uent rounds0 If using
a +haracter die to attac!- the Attac!ing force must contain a : +haracter or .eader0
(iege Battles
An attacker must be in the same Region as the attacked (tronghold in order to Battle with
Cnits that have ,Retreated into (iege-.
Cnits that have Retreated into (iege may choose to start a Battle with Cnits that are in the same
Region '(ortie*, but if they do, the siege2bound Cnits are hit on a J or 6 rather than a 6 'they
are fighting a ,&ield Battle-*. +haracters in a <esieged Stronghold need to remain 'ith an
Army Unit - lea#ing them ehind alone during a Sortie is not allo'ed0
"asualties I
() Army Cnits and ?a@gul casualties can return as reinforcements.
All &) game pieces are removed from the game when taken as casualties and cannot return as
reinforcements. 4owever, &) Regular Army Cnits previously taken as casualties may be used
when reducing Elite to Regular status in Battle.
Cnits removed from the board for exceeding stacking limits may return as reinforcements.
Conducting a #ound o% 0att!e
Cnits defending in a Region containing a
(tronghold may choose to ,Retreat into
(iege-. +he Battle ends and the Attacker may
advance into the Region. 1f the Attacker does
not advance, then the efender does not
retreat and does not lose units due to the
reduced stacking limitations of a (tronghold.
1f attacker is already in a Region under (iege,
then proceed with the first round of Battle.
Remove 3 Regular Cnit per hit or
an Elite Cnit may be reduced to Regular in
order to absorb 3 hit 'Attacker Removes hits
1f there are no Regular Army Cnits in the
Battle and there are no figures available to
substitute a Regular for an Elite then the Elite
is removed with no substitution.
iscard "ombat "ard Csed this round.
Each side may play 3 Event "ard as a "ombat "ard
'first Attacker, then efender*.
Attacker may choose to cease the attack.
(imultaneously reveal "ombat "ards, 'hich a//ly for
only one round of comat. "ard with lower initiative
number is applied first, if tie then efenderEs first. &or
additional attacks granted by combat cards, the die
roll $odifiers granted by opponentKs cards are ?A.
If not under Siege, the efender may retreat into an
adAacent Region free of enemy Army Cnits and
enemy2controlled (ettlements.
Each side rolls one die per Regular or Elite Army Cnit
to a max of J dice.
Attacker may advance into the efenderEs unoccupied
Region with all or a portion of the remaining Cnits
that participated in the Battle.
Each side re2rolls up to 3 ,miss- per >eader or ?a@gul
and 3 ,miss- per leadership rating of participating
"haracters 'max of J dice*. %ach miss may only e
re-rolled once0 ?A for additional attacks granted by
"ombat "ards.
Repeat until Attacker ceases 'step L above*, efender
retreats 'step M above* or all Cnits of one side are
eliminated. Advance a ?ationEs counter one box
toward 5ar 'per Battle, not per Round* and another
box if capturing a +own, "ity or (tronghold.
4its normally occur on a J or 6. 'Exception!
efenders in (trongholds '6*, "ities or
&ortifications '6 on first round**.
A 3 is always a miss, a 6 is always a hit.
1f Attacking Cnits in a (tronghold, Attacker must
reduce 3 Elite unit to Regular in order do each
additional Round of Battle 'after the first Round*.
Co'panions and Minions
Character (n%or'ation
(trider =#3 Ese any AD to hide the .SP6 Adds 3 to the combat strength of an Army 'max J dice6
%andalf the %rey =#3 (% you use an E"ent AD to p!ay any E"ent Card? you 'ay dra1 another card 'atching the
typed p!ayed6 Adds 3 to the combat strength of an Army 'max J dice*.
Boromir <#3 Adds 3 to the combat strength of an Army 'max J dice*. 1f in any %ondor "ity or (tronghold use
any A to advance the %ondor ?ation 3 box on the )olitical +rack.
>egolas <#3 (ame as Boromir, except can only Advance the Elven ?ation )olitically.
%imli <#3 (ame as Boromir, except can only Advance the warven ?ation )olitically.
)ipin 3#3
$erry 3#3
(% ,unt da'age is 2 or 'ore? separate %ro' the .SP to reduce hunt da'age *y 26 1f
eliminated while in the &(), immediately put him in play again as if he Aust separated. "either
S/ecial aility may e used if the 2S3 is in Mordor0
%ollum Standard nu'*ered ,unt ti!es 1ith a 8#e"ea!9 icon do not re"ea! the .SP6 1f the 4unt +ile
does not reveal the &() you may reveal it to reduce 4unt damage by 3. As soon as there are no
"ompanions in the &() %ollum is immediately added and becomes the %uide.
%andalf the 5hite =#3 Add 3 A. 1f %andalf the %rey 'or keeper of ?arya* is dead or has left the &() and any (hadow
$inion 'not >esser $inion* is in play, use 3 5ill of the 5est A to replace him with %t5, or if
dead place %t5 in an Elven (tronghold 'even if under siege* or in &angorn. $ay move 7 if
traveling alone or with one 4obbit. 1n Battle, may forfeit his leadership to cancel all leadership
of the ?a@gul in that Battle.
Aragorn =#< Add 3 A. 1f (trider has left the &() and is in friendly2controlled $inas +irith, ol Amroth or
)elagir use a 5ill of the 5est A to replace with Aragorn. Adds 3 combat strength to an Army.
$outh of (auron =#< Add 3 A. 1f the &() is in $ordor GR if all &) nations are Nat 5arN. )lace in any Region with a
(auron (tronghold by using 3 $uster A. "an change one $uster A to ,Army- each turn.
(aruman 0#3 Add 3 A. 1senguard is Nat 5arN. )lace in Grthanc by using 3 $uster A0 (aruman cannot
leave Grthanc. Cse a $uster A to either a* recruit 3 Regular 1sengard unit in every 1sengard
(ettlement or b* replace < Regular 1sengard units in the Grthanc Region with < Elites. Each
1sengard Elite is considered a >eader as well as an Army Cnit.
+he 5itch Hing O#< Add 3 A. (auron ?ation A? any one &) ?ation are Nat 5arN. Cse 3 $uster A to place in
any region containing a (auron Cnit. 1mmediately Activate all &) ?ations. 1f you use a combat
card in the first round of the battle, you may immediately draw a matching Event card.
#+#: Fe"e! + Feadership@ Red! "onditions for Entering )layB &reen: App!ies on!y i% &uiding the .SP
(te' #u!e
+he %uide
+he %uide is %andalf at start, and then the "ompanion with the highest >evel '&) choice if eFual*.
A new guide is selected immediately when the &() composition changes.
1f, at any time during 4unt resolution a new %uide is appointed the ability of the new %uide may
be used immediately, if applicable.
?o "ompanion abilities are available until they separate 'exc! ,1f %uiding the &ellowship-*.
"ompanions separated with the same "haracter A mo#e as a grou/ up to a number of Regions
eFual to the current number on the &() +rack plus the highest "ompanion >evel of the group.
In suse(uent turns- Se/arated +om/anions may mo#e se/arately to different destinations or may
continue to move in a group or groups a number of Regions eFual to the highest level "ompanion
in each group.
If +om/anions Se/arate 'hile the 2S3 counter is in a <esieged Stronghold- the Se/arated
+om/anions can=t lea#e until the Siege is ro!en0
5hen separated, their special abilities are in play. +hey may never reAoin the &().
A "ompanion that separates from the &() while in $ordor is eliminated.