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Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary
i. Vision and Mission Statement
II. The Industry and the Company
The Industry
The Company and Concept
The Product(s)
III. Market Research and Analysis
Competition and Competitive edge
IV. Marketing Plan
Marketing Strategy
Advertising and Promotions
V. Design and Development Plan
Product Improvement and New Products
VI. Management Team
Key Management Personnel
VII. Overall Schedule

I. Introduction


To be recognized for providing great food and be the best IHAW-IHAW in


To achieve and maintain distinction in food, service, atmosphere and setting
that gains a first class reputation for informed Hospitality, and comfort.

II. The Industry

According to our own Statistical Matters, that the basic needs of our
product will only came from our backyard or resources.

There are some fertilizers (organic) which can help to grow the
plants/vegetables faster, so that it will be use for the menu. And even Poultry
and Livestock.

III. The Business

OFFAL Gangnam Style food cart is an Ihaw-Ihaw express where there are
different sauces that will surely fit to our product. Offal Gangnam Style Food
Cart is managed by five people. Offal Gangnam Style (Offal means edible
organs of an animal) is our business name. The proponents are produced by
well kind employees and have an extraordinary impact to the customers.

It was all started from planning during College days until it was built. The
Establishment needs more space for expansion, but before that we need a
higher profit for that.

OFFAL Gangnam Style had been serving for almost 1 year. Located
Inside the Bulacan State University. All the owners of this business have
participation and role in managing the business. Each position has authority that
makes the decision making fast and easy. Each partner also has PHP 5,000 share
in the business. Each partner has strengths that will make this business become

We decided to have our own visualization of design for our Food Cart
Including Interior and exterior decoration. Offal Gangnam Style is a modern
Food Cart style inspired by the famous song oppa gangnam style. The
Advocacy of this Food Cart is to introduce how authentic Filipino is.

IV. The Product

Sample dishes of International cuisine:

Japanese Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

V. The Market

The Food Cart is concerned of providing premium quality of foods and

Target Customers

Students- We knew that BSU student are heavy eaters especially
Engineering, Criminology students, reason why we included them as our
target customer. Some of the students are looking for something new
because they are unsatisfied of what the competitors can give. Since
Maseva Lamogna is an Eat-all-you-can restaurant they will get confuse if
the food/service is good.

Barkadahan/Peer- Eat-all-you-can restaurant is in demand when there is a
celebration like birthday, anniversary, monthsary, friendsary even holidays.
And it is good to have lunch in an eat all you can resto while having a
conversation regarding your childhood, past relationship and other topics.

Workers/Professors- Malolos is now a city. It has a lot of workers that needs
a perfect place to have lunch or dinner. And we included workers to our
target customer because we knew that they are tired enough to prepare

Tourists- Theres a lot of tourist came to malolos just to see the one of the
famous church in the country and it is Barasoain Church that attracts
many vacationers during the summer months of April through May.

Market Analysis (Pie)

Market Analysis

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Customers Growth
Students 17% 6,422.94 5,667.3 6,834.00 17%
Peers 15% 5,499.45 5,132.82 6,234.56 15%
Workers 14% 5,132.82 4,235.67 5,634.23 14%
Tourist 10% 3,666.30 3,109.45 4,032.89 10%
Total 14% 20,721.51 18,145.24 22,735.68 14%

We want the Students, Peers, Workers and Tourists with money, wealthy
image seekers and compulsive spenders. We focus on these specific groups
because these are the types of people who frequent other restaurants in the
area. They are the ones that are willing to spend their money on good dining
and service at a value price. We generally know the characteristics of our
clientele with the available demographics.

Our geographics include people from Branch area, restaurant patrons
from neighboring cities, and tourists from other cities and states. The
characteristics of our clientele will be people who are creative, entertaining and
sophisticated diners.

There are two competitors of Maseva Lamogna


Mang Inasal offered only unlimited rice together with a piece of chicken
bbq or pork bbq. They also have solo meal where in you can afford for only
P49.00-P85.00 per order.

How many are satisfied with mang inasal?
Satisfied 20
Unsatisfied 30

In this table, you can see the amount of satisfied and unsatisfied with their
service. (Based on a Survey)


This is a Japanese inspired Restaurant, obviously they are serving
Japanese cuisine and they also offer unlimited rice.

How many are satisfied with karate kid?
Satisfied 25
Unsatisfied 25

As you can see to the table it is even. Meaning some people will still be their
customer and some were not. (Based on a survey)

VI. Marketing Strategy


To develop the image of Maseva Lamogna we think of a new technique
where in we could still satisfy our guaranteed customers. We do have
promotions for our beloved customer. The promo goes like this, Birthday
celebrant will blow a candle in a cake with back-up singers for FREE, not only for
birthday celebration it could be anniversary etc.

Purchasing more than P2,500.00, there will be a corresponding souvenir, a gift
certificate or other token that will be given for all the customer who will reach
the certain amount.

To have more customer, we will be giving coupons that can be use as your
discount card.

Our sales plan is to establish and maintain position with our local
customers. The strategy is to build more customers in order to increase revenue.
Sales in our business is client service. It is repeat business. We will focus on making
all our customers happy with our food, service and entertainment options.

Our strategy in the restaurant is to have an experienced staff that know the
food, dessert and beverage. We will train every new employee so they will fit in
with Gabri's concept, which is "Wonderful food, reasonably-priced wine and
knowledgeable service in an outstanding atmosphere."

Sales Forecast


Will be giving a brochures
Tarpaulin with the restaurant name and location
Will post an ad through internet
Endorse Via TV commercial
Endorsement by an Artist
Post an Ad in a Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical



The principals of MASEVA LAMOGNA are Mr. Louie Andred dela Pea, Mr.
Raymond Salazar and Ms. Camille Eugenio.

Louie Andre dela Pea- Owner/Chef

Mr. dela Pea was born in Quezon City in 1994 but he came to Malolos
Main Dish Beverage Dessert Fritters
Lebanese Cuisine
Mexican Cuisine
Spanish Cuisine
Japanese Cuisne
Filipino Cuisine
Bulacan to Study. He took up BS Home Economics major in Food Production
Entrepreneurship. He has 5 years of experience in the food and hospitality
industry, receiving his culinary training at several leading restaurants in the

Raymond Salazar- Managing Partner/Financial Supervisor

Mr. Salazar was born in Pandi in 1994. He is active in modeling and found
his passion in food industry. He is in charge of recruiting and selecting people,
and stays in kitchen sometimes. This has provided experience in issues of small
business taxation, bookkeeping, lease arrangements, inventory management,
personnel management, property ownership, margins, re-selling and a myriad of
other situations pertaining to the small businessman.

Camille Eugenio- Managing Partner/Executive Chef

Ms. Eugenio is particularly well experienced chef that can compete with
other international chef. She is not afraid when it comes to cooking. The
principals went to the same college and course. They started from joining a
cooking competition in school and to other schools. They are all competent to
face the challenge of food industry. Back in times, they have their own small
businesses where they were trying their luck in business. Ms. Eugenio is
responsible for the training and development of our employees.

Management Team

Our management team is well compensated. We have a team that has
considerable experience together and shares knowledge in many different
fields of business and in life. In Year 2 we will hire a General Manager to assist
Maseva Lamogna to grow even further.

Overall schedule

We will be open 7 days a week. Serving lunch Monday - Friday 11:30 AM -
2:30 PM. Dinner Sunday - Thursday, between 5 PM - 10 PM. Friday and Saturday
Dinner 5 PM - 11 PM. The Restaurant will be open until 2 AM Friday and Saturday.
Sunday - Thursday the Restaurant will stay open till 12 AM. Saturday and Sunday
we will serve brunch between 11 AM - 3 PM. We will be open on large holidays
such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekend. These are three
big weekends 'down the shore' that brings many tourists to the area.


Submitted by:

Louie Andre T. dela Pea
Raymond M. Salazar
Ma. Camille R. Eugenio


Submitted to:

Mr. Jose Miguel Luis Reyes

March 28, 2014